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Center split feature and pressurization for altitude insensitivity, high pitch torque and high prelo...
Disk drive with altitude detection via analysis of non-repeatable runout components
System and method for improving corrosion resistance of magnetic media
Soft magnetic underlayer with exchange coupling induced anisotropy for perpendicular magnetic record...
Dioxanes and uses thereof
Nucleic acid and corresponding protein entitled 24P4C12 useful in treatment and detection of cancer
Pro1357 polypeptide
Secreted and transmembrane polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding the same
Methods for treating an impairment in memory consolidation
Methods and compositions for treating amyloid-related diseases
Soluble forms of amoxicillin and treatment of animals
Compositions and methods for enhanced mucosal delivery of parathyroid hormone
Chimeric immunogens
Polynucleotides and polypeptides associated with the development of rheumatoid arthritis
Methods for producing Ex vivo models for inflammatory disease and uses thereof
Method of screening modulators of Nod1 signaling
Antibody selective for a tumor necrosis factor-related apoptosis-inducing ligand receptor and uses t...
PRO1357 antibodies
Methods for manipulating upper gastrointestinal transit, blood flow, and satiety, and for treating v...
Low density lipoprotein binding proteins and their use in diagnosing and treating atherosclerosis
Cone system and structure thereof to produce super-oxygenated and structured water
System and a method for a V-indent blister opening cavity
Allylmercaptocaptopril compounds and uses thereof
Methods and apparatus for assembling docks
Wind driven sailing craft
High-lift, low drag fin for surfboard and other watercraft
Telescoping buoyancy capsule
NxM Crosspoint Switch with Band Translation
Multiple band transceiver
Circuits and methods for providing multiple phase switching regulators which employ the input capaci...
Drive system for a machine
Method and apparatus for participating in a live event
Belt drive kit and module
Device for retaining a headed pivot rod
Semiconductor light-emitting device and its manufacturing method
Cannabinoid receptor inverse agonists and neutral antagonists as therapeutic agents for the treatmen...
Jewelry setting, particularly suited for displaying multiple faces or gem stones
Random access memory including nanotube switching elements
Nanowires for surface-enhanced Raman scattering molecular sensors
Apparatus for controlled alignment of catalytically grown nanostructures
Method and device for on-chip decoupling capacitor using nanostructures as bottom electrode
Siloxanes and methods of synthesis thereof using metallic nanoparticle catalysts
Aqueous nanoparticle dispersions
Composite compositions including polymeric nanoparticles and clay nanoparticles
Damage resistant coatings, films and articles of manufacture containing crosslinked nanoparticles
Viscoelastic fluids containing nanotubes for oilfield uses
Method for in situ immobilization of water-soluble nanodispersed metal oxide colloids
Bonded structure including a carbon nanotube
Nanoparticles modified with multiple organic acids
Methods of making nanoparticulate drug compositions comprising copolymers of vinyl pyrrolidone and v...
Functionalized encapsulated fluorescent nanocrystals
Short carbon nanotubes
Polymer and method for using the polymer for solubilizing nanotubes
Nanoscale composite catalyst to reduce carbon monoxide in the mainstream smoke of a cigarette
Image recording apparatus
Document camera having zoom-indication function
Camera holder and methods
Dynamically generated schema representing multiple hierarchies of inter-object relationships
System and method for presenting a query expressed in terms of an object model
Stabilization of oxidation-sensitive or UV-sensitive active ingredients
Systems and devices for soft tissue augmentation
Controlling and tracking access to disseminated information
System for keying protected electronic data to particular media to prevent unauthorized copying usin...
Integrity protection method for radio network signaling
Quantum digital signatures
Method and apparatus for providing peer authentication for a transport layer session
Time varying presentation of items based on a key hash
Transmitter device, transmitting method, receiver device, receiving method, communication system, an...
Methods and apparatus for scalable distributed management of wireless virtual private networks
Consumable authentication protocol and system
Dual processor framer
Rekey operation with multiplexing capability
Chaotic communication system and method using modulation of nonreactive circuit elements
System and method for distributing key
Data encoding/decoding device and apparatus using the same
Method for controlling the use of a program signal in a broadcast system, and control device for a r...
Recording method and apparatus, optical disk, and computer-readable storage medium
Low bandwidth zero knowledge authentication protocol and device
Methods, systems and computer program products for maintaining association integrity of enterprise J...
Method and apparatus for partitioning of managed state for a Java based application
Interactive, menu-driven interface to database
Creation of image designation file and reproduction of image using the same
Efficiently displaying and researching information about the interrelationships between documents
Validating one or more data blocks in a computer-implemented document derived from another computer-...
Method and system for previewing and printing customized forms
Method and apparatus for managing data integrity of backup and disaster recovery data
Managing failover of J2EE compliant middleware in a high availability system
Identification system and method for authenticating user transaction requests from end terminals
System and method to enable platform personality migration
System and method for monitoring configuration changes in a document processing device
Remote copy for a storage controller with reduced data size
System and method for using file system snapshots for online data backup
Storage subsystem and storage subsystem control method
System and method for dynamically performing storage operations in a computer network
Interface module for use with a fieldbus device network and with internet and non-internet based pro...
Interface module for use with a Modbus device network and a Fieldbus device network
Method and system for accessing and managing virtual machines
Scheme for systematically registering meta-data with respect to various types of data
Distributed personal relationship information management system and methods
Microwavable flexible sheets for draping over food during microwave heating
Stearoyl CoA desaturase transgenic non-human animals
One-dimensional arrays on optical fibers
Nylon food casing having a barrier core layer
Garcinia mangostana L. enhanced animal food product
Amino acid derivative and sweetening agent
Method of preparing liquid smoke
Tripolyphosphate pet food palatability enhancers
Shock wave treatment of meat
Method of cooling a draught alcoholic beverage in a vessel
Food products of reduced density and increased perceived sweetness and process of production
Mushroom wine
Center-filled chewing gum containing a deliverable form of calcium
Chewing gum product including encapsulated aspartame and sodium bicarbonate and process of preparing
Acid- and bile salt-resistant Lactobacillus isolates having the ability to lower and assimilate chol...
Strain of micro-organism Lactobacillus fermentum ME-3 as novel anti-microbiol and anti-oxidative pro...
Marinating machine
Domed food container
Carrier and method
Food and drink managing device in circulation type carrying path
Multimode electronic calipers having ratiometric mode and simplified user interface
Enabling text messaging between a member and non-member of a community based on a common short code
Video surveillance with speckle imaging
Acoustic coupling product label
Modularly clustered radiotelephone system
Acoustic source for infrasonic electromagnetic wave exploration using induced electrokinetic effect
Variable lens
Vehicular radar system
Vehicle with control for the automatic adjustment of the transparency of vehicle window panes
Indicator apparatus and method for a vehicle using side-emitting light-emitting diode
Intrinsically safe corrosion measurement and history logging field device
Quinoxaline derivatives, and light emitting element using thereof
Apparatus and method for generating hydrogen gas through the use of wind power
Light-emitting or light-receiving semiconductor module and method of its manufacture
Solutions of organic semiconductors that contain additives
Transparent optical component for light emitting/receiving elements
Solar energy converter using a solar cell in a shallow liquid-gel layer
Commercial production of synthetic fuel from fermentation by-products system
Thermal camouflage sheet
Wafer reinforcement structure and methods of fabrication
Method and system for balanced control of backup power
Model stick plane
Non-spill container
Method providing self-dispensing additive from buffer blocks for use with a medium in a bullet trap
Slotted game board and gaming table
Card game
Extension for rotatable puzzle piece
Gift wrapping package and method of use
Game stick and ball
Portable street hockey backstop
Gaming system employing both action figure and video game play
Toy and pacifying device for infants
Entertainment toy having multiple configurations
Toy with customization feature
Toy car kit
Knowledge-based system and method for reconstructing client web page accesses from captured network ...
Classifying an analog voltage in a control system using binary classification of time segments deter...
Fault diagnosis system
Method and apparatus for object identification, classification or verification
Clustering of databases having mixed data attributes
Probabilistic model of distraction for a virtual reality environment
Method of improving the lookup performance of three-type knowledge base searches
Geranylgeranyl pyrophosphate synthases
Methods and compositions for treating motor neuron associated disorders
Plants with reduced activity of a starch phosphorylating enzyme
Plants with increased activity of multiple starch phosphorylating enzymes
CeCPI: taro cysteine protease inhibitor
C-glycoside derivatives and salts thereof
Genes encoding epsilon lycopene cyclase and method for producing bicyclic epsilon carotene
Composition for blocking hiv binding to dendritic cells and methods of use thereof
Compositions and methods for treatment of disease with acetylated disaccharides
Nucleic acid molecules encoding novel Bacillus thuringiensis Cry2Ae insecticidal proteins, plant cel...
Nucleotide sequences and polypeptides encoded thereby useful for modifying plant characteristics in ...
Increasing salt tolerance in plants by overexpression of vacuolar Na.sup.+ /H.sup.+ transporters
Methyltransferase from cotton and uses thereof
Admixture, extrudable hydraulic composition and method for the selection of admixture
Maize starch containing elevated amounts of actual amylose
Method for detecting, identifying and counting Vibrio parahaemolyticus using gene (rpoD) sequence en...
Insect monoamine transporter and methods of use thereof
Tumor necrosis factor receptor-associated factors
T1R taste receptors and genes encoding same
Nucleic acids encoding PTH functional domain conjugate peptides
Recombinant human albumin fusion proteins with long-lasting biological effects
Humanised antibodies
High fidelity detection of nucleic acid differences by ligase detection reaction
Glycopolymers and free radical polymerization methods
Compositions and processes for preparing 13-deoxy-anthracyclines
Use of Saccharomyces cerevisiae erg4 mutants for expressing mammalian glucose transporters
Mutagenic nucleoside analogs for the treatment of viral disease
Nucleoside compounds for treating viral infections
Aminoglycoside antibiotics and methods of using same
Serum marker for measuring liver fibrosis
Method and apparatus for generating video for a viewing system from multiple video elements
Hierarchical drag and drop structure editor for web sites
Digital watermarks for checking authenticity of printed objects
Device and method for recording additional information on printing medium, and image forming apparat...
Authenticatable printed matter, and method for producing the same
Durable security devices and security articles employing such devices
Vehicle system calibration and vehicle system calibration method
Portable radio communication apparatus provided with a boom portion and a part of housing operating ...
Reducing the effect of signal interference in null areas caused by overlapping antenna patterns
Power efficient channel scheduling in a wireless network
Method and system for improved short message services
Intelligent network interface
Distributing shared network access information in a shared network mobile communications system
Telephony control in the flight deck
Radio receiver and radio signal processing method with controlling gain
Device for compensating for a mismatch of a transmitter and a method of compensating for the mismatc...
Radio communication apparatus, radio communication method, antenna apparatus and first duplexer
Portable terminal, portable telephone and master slave portable telephone system using the portable ...
Dual antenna receiver
Mobile telecommunications network with distributed base stations
Method and devices for operating a radio-based telecommunications system
Method and system for performing handoff in wireless communication systems
Bus station with routing for survivable networks
Small form factor USB bluetooth dongle
Portable computer in a process control environment
Mobile radio antenna radome with integral reflector
Controlling an RFID reader by observing a change in inductance
Single control message device
Vehicle operations simulator with augmented reality
Method and device for facilitating energy psychology or tapping
Training tank for personnel entry, exit and rescue
System and apparatus for mounting a taxidermy trophy
Editing data
Interactive personal narrative agent system and method
Electronic catalogue system, server, and medium for displaying on one screen images of a commercial ...
Methods for modeling material response to applied force
Method for aiding space design using network, system therefor, and server computer of the system
Multi-player game employing dynamic re-sequencing
Interactive data view and command system
Weight measuring systems and methods for vehicles
Broadband video distribution system using segments
Method and system for facilitating comunications between an interactive multimedia client and an int...
Application programming interface for utilizing multimedia data
Apparatus and method for authoring multimedia document
Multimedia information and information inquiry download service
Multimedia transfer system
Color image processing method
Network-to-network adaptor for power line communications
Geography game show
Retaining wall system
Control gates
Game system, image drawing method for game system, and computer-readable storage medium storing game...
Multi-purpose aiming aid and method for using same
Invisible electromagnetic pickup for a stringed musical instrument
Server apparatus streaming musical composition data matching performance skill of user
Cleaning device for cleaning of metal strings of musical instruments
Drum container
Drum key
Porphyrin derivatives and their use in photodynamic therapy
Fusion polypeptides, vaccines and compositions of FKBP chaperones and target polypeptides
Interferon alpha responsive protein
Variant Tat proteins and methods for use thereof
Isoindoline compounds and methods of making and using the same
Broadspectrum 2-(substituted-amino)-benzoxazole sulfonamide HIV protease inhibitors
Imidazo-pyridine derivatives for use in the treatment of herpes viral infection
Heterocyclic protein kinase inhibitors and uses thereof
Prodrugs of heteroaryl compounds
Pharmaceutical composition of antiviral agents
Vaccines containing ribavirin and methods of use thereof
Treatment of ophthalmic infections using antimicrobial peptides
Inhibitors of memapsin 2 and use thereof
Diminishing viral gene expression by promoter replacement
Fusion proteins and assays for molecular binding
Soluble complex comprising a retroviral surface glycoprotein
Hermetic compressor with an improved cylinder head-suction muffler assembly
Exhaust muffler
Industrial robot
Three-degree-of-freedom parallel robot arm
Skew compensation
Robot for making an interface surface
Object handling apparatus
Robot arm mechanism
Method and device for determining whether the interior of a vehicle is occupied
Method for assigning wheels of a motor vehicle to the respective vehicle axle
Power output apparatus, motor vehicle equipped with power output apparatus, and control method of po...
Wheel hub drive
Activating device for occupant protection device and controlling method therefor
Speed change device and steering system
Side impact airbag disable switch
Drive train for a hybrid vehicle
Gauge display assembly
Earth moving machine
Drive mechanism for a mobile vehicle
Pedestrian airbag system
Carrier vehicle for drilling or rockbolting machine
Method for controlling the ground speed of a work machine
Device for inductively supplying power and guiding a mobile object
Apparatus for detecting rollover of vehicle and apparatus for activating occupant protective device
Mounting structure for heat exchanger
Two-wheel vehicle with side covers
Motor-driven wheel small in size and improved in ride comfort and ease of assembly
Method and apparatus for mediation of security information, and a computer product
Identity verification method using a central biometric authority
Systems and methods for underwriting coverage for data transmissions
Negotiated wireless peripheral systems
Method and system for managing a plurality of enterprise business systems
Product feature and relation comparison system
System and method for distributing electronic information
Method and system for updating electronic business cards
Methods and apparatus for generating secure endorsed transactions
Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving a decoding key encoded with specific information...
Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving a decoding key encoded with specific information...
Method of structuring a credit entailing a fixed payment component and a variable payment component
Automated exchange for trading derivative securities
Montage for an electronic market
Method and system for multi-period performance attribution
Method for detecting aberrant behavior of a financial instrument
Liability management method
Content billing method, and content billing system and content billing apparatus using the content b...
Method and apparatus for product selection assistance
Characterizing biological stimuli by response curves
Temperature regulator for microchemical chip
Soybean cultivar S050233
Process of rapid variety-independent plant transformation
Expression vectors comprising nucleic acids encoding SEBF proteins and uses thereof
Expression and use of novel pesticidal toxins
Dried blood factor composition comprising trehalose
TNF-alpha variants proteins for the treatment of TNF-alpha related disorders
Bimetallic zinc complex and process of producing polycarbonate using the same as polymerization cata...
Method for evaluating an optimal dosage of defoamers in a fermentation process
Process and apparatus for separating oxygenate modifier from oligomerization effluent by water wash
Production of olefins
Process and apparatus for removing coke formed during steam cracking of hydrocarbon feedstocks conta...
Method for producing polyisobutenes
Method of aromatic alkylation
Process for the dehydrogenation of an unsaturated hydrocarbon
Process for converting gaseous alkanes to liquid hydrocarbons
Zeolite sol and method for preparing the same, composition for forming porous film, porous film and ...
Lubricant for magnetic recording medium and use thereof
Peach tree `Super Zee`
Miniature rose plant named `SPRoheather`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Gentle Yoalberta`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yosnowmass`
Lantana plant named `Praise Hymn`
Sanvitalia plant named `Starbini`
Lantana plant named `LAX 600`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yonancy`
Rose plant named `Evera 108`
Rose plant named `Evera 117`
Strawberry plant named `BG-959`
Method for producing cubic boron nitride
Method for cleaning coke oven gas
Process for the removal of oxalate and/or sulphate from bayer liquors
Purification of Lutetium 177
Hexaboride particles, hexaboride particle dispersion, and article making use of hexaboride particles...
Enhanced breakdown voltage electrode
Process for producing synthetic zeolites with MFI structure
Earmuff structure for headset or ear protector
Noise canceling microphone system and method for designing the same
Telecommunications chassis and card
Controlling hold queue position adjustment
Integrated chat client with receiving party choice
Computer telephony integration hotelling method and system
Call monitoring
Method and apparatus for processing routing requests
Virtual interaction queuing using internet protocols
Teleconferencing system
Method for the voice-operated identification of the user of a telecommunications line in a telecommu...
Drawer-type mobile phone
Cellular phone and automatic revolution method thereof
Cellular phone and a base station thereof
Method and system for managing mobile handset portability within telematics equipped vehicles
Data network based telephone messaging system
Wireless telephone system with programming and information service
Voice response system
Method and system for using basic service set identifiers (BSSIDs) for emergency services routing
Internet protocol (IP) relay system and method
Magnetic resonance imaging system
Automatic digital preemphasis for dynamic NMR-magnetic fields by means of a digital IIR filter
Electronic device and scene skipping method
Circuit arrangement and method for generating local oscillator signals, and phase locked loop having...
Apparatus and method for indentifying the geographic location and time in a recorded sound track by ...
Cable connector type transceiver module
Fiber access terminal
Method and apparatus for providing sensor guard for data monitoring and detection systems
Fluid pressure actuator
Surgical device
Telephone minutes kiosk system
System and method utilizing virtual switching for electrical panel metering
Methods and systems for managing data
Method and apparatus for fast boot of an operating system
Consolidation Joining of Thermoplastic Laminate Ducts
Concurrent welding and severing belt forming process
Coil array for magnetic resonance imaging with reduced coupling between adjacent coils
Method and device for on-chip magnetic resonance spectroscopy
Magnetic resonance device comprising a cylindrical vacuum housing containing a magnet together with ...
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and method
MRI apparatus with high-resistance magnet
Electrically symmetric NMR coils with a plurality of windings connected in series
Methods and systems for reducing acoustic noise in a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) system
Video data processing method and video data processing apparatus
Non-linear editing device
Biosensors and methods for making and using them
Medical dilator system or dilator device
Acupuncture spring needle with induced magnetic field
Acupuncture needle guide assembly
Semiconductor devices shared element(s) apparatus and method
Anthracene compounds and organic electroluminescent device employing the same
Organic electro-luminescence apparatus and electronic equipment
Color electroluminescent display devices
Organic electroluminescence device
Electro-optical device, manufacturing method of the same, and electronic apparatus
Light emitting device and method of driving thereof
Control circuit for electronic devices, electronic circuit, electro-optical apparatus, driving metho...
Substrate having organic electroluminescent device and method of fabricating the same
Organic electroluminescent devices having improved light extraction
Reducing angular dependency in microcavity color OLEDs
Uses of THANK, a TNF homologue that activates apoptosis
Stain-etched silicon powder
System and method for efficiently visualizing and comparing communication network system performance
Resource management system, for example, tracking and management system for trucks
Method and apparatus for security management in a networked environment
Unobtrusive measurement system for bioelectric signals
Process for optimized navigation in display menus of a mobile terminal and associated mobile termina...
Method and system for power-based control of an ad hoc wireless communications network
Phase optimization for wireless KVM transmission
Optimal power saving scheduler for 802.11e APSD
PDP context distribution among multiple GGSNs
Wireless antenna traffic matrix
Acquisition mechanism for a mobile satellite system
Apparatus and method for use in allocating a channel resource in wireless multiple access communicat...
Parallel multiple measurement message handling for soft handoff in CDMA systems
System and method for IP handoff
Radio resources messaging in an unlicensed wireless communication system
Guanylhydrazone salts, compositions, processes of making and methods of using
Active substance combinations having insecticidal and acaricidal properties
Acetyl 2-hydroxy-1, 3-diaminoalkanes
Substituted benzoylcyclohexane diones for use as herbicides
Double ended sequencing
Method of sequencing a nucleic acid
Planographic printing method and planographic printing plate precursor used therein
Cellulosic fibers having enhanced reversible thermal properties and methods of forming thereof
Method for making devices using polyhydroxyalkanoate having pyrogen removed
Binding molecules capable of neutralizing West Nile virus and uses thereof
Electrochromic or electrodeposition display and novel process for their manufacture
Methods and compositions for modulating "marginally indiscriminant" hybridizations
Bladder with inverted edge seam and method of making the bladder
Method of retrofitting a finished shoe to provide additional cushioning material
Thermoformed package
Method for providing an insole for footwear for increased sensory stimulation and an insole suited f...
Ball and socket 3D cushioning system
Athletic footwear and the like with integral supinator device
Footwear sole component with a single sealed chamber
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Heel portion of a shoe
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Six-speed automatic gearbox
Hydraulic control device for automatic transmission
Sensor malfunction detection system for gas-turbine engine
Dual-architecture microserver card
Method for controlling fuel splits to gas turbine combustor
Bias adjustment method for optical SSB modulator or optical FSK modulator
Process and apparatus for improving and controlling the vulcanization of natural and synthetic rubbe...
Element-specific X-ray fluorescence microscope and method of operation
Systems and methods for mass customization
Semiconductor device
His bundle mapping, pacing, and injection lead
Magnetic memory device, method for writing magnetic memory device and method for reading magnetic me...
Color image forming apparatus in which toner on intermediate transfer member having predetermined ra...
Electrolytic capacitor and method of manufacturing the same
Developing device, image forming apparatus and process cartridge including the developing device, an...
Decoupling capacitor and method
Image forming apparatus having a rotary developing device with plural developing units
Discharge device for inductive devices
Electrophotographic apparatus
Magnetic head for vertical magnetic recording including main pole layer having varying width and thi...
Laser device and exposure device using the same
Light-diffusing sheet, optical element and image display
Web information presentation structure for web page authoring
Non-blocking concurrent queues with direct node access by threads
System and method for controlling mass storage class digital imaging devices
Journalling non-navigation activity in a navigation-based application
Schema-based services for identity-based data access to favorite website data
Natural input recognition system and method using a contextual mapping engine and adaptive user bias
Determining near-optimal block size for incremental-type expectation maximization (EM) algorithms
Enhancing computer system security via multiple user desktops
Method and system for managing the execution of threads and the processing of data
System and method for persisting dynamically generated code in a directly addressable and executable...
Drag and drop stateless data class specification and programming
Displaying information to indicate both the importance and the urgency of the information
Cross-file DVR record padding playback
Method of testing hard disk drive and computer readable medium therefor
Two label stack for transport of network layer protocols over label switched networks
System on a chip for network storage devices
Methods and systems for changing a topology of a network
Infrastructure for telephony network
External storage for modular computer systems
Electro-optic switching apparatus not requiring DC bias
Starter circuit
Parameter measurement of semiconductor device from pin with on die termination circuit
Methods for determining optical characteristics of dental objects
Electronic device
Telecommunications routing
System and method for link-state based proxy flooding of messages in a network
System, method and apparatus for communicating via sound messages and personal sound identifiers
Remote controlled audio mixing console
Capillary-channel probes for liquid pickup, transportation and dispense using stressy metal
Drive current improvement from recessed SiGe incorporation close to gate
IC chip and information processing terminal
Method for making probes for atomic force microscopy
Substituted benzofuran-2-carboxamides derivatives
Cyclooxygenase-2 selective inhibitors, compositions and methods of use
Arylamine-substituted quinazolinone compounds useful as alpha 1A/B adrenergic receptor antagonists
Heat generating biocompatible ceramic materials
Method of bone expansion and compression for receiving a dental implant using threaded expanders
Feedback controlled magneto-hydrodynamic heat sink
Thermal structure for electric devices
Heat-dissipating module and structure thereof
Cooling system, electronic equipment, and external unit
Axial fan motor and cooling unit
Communication device, cooling fan unit, and operation control method for the cooling fan unit
Fin tube assembly for air-cooled condensing system and method of making same
Efficient heat exchanger and engine using same
Vehicle heat exchanger
Heat dissipating assembly
Radiator with streamline airflow guiding structure
Flat tube exhaust heat exchanger with bypass
Heatsink for power devices
Integrated circuit coolant microchannel with compliant cover
Mechanical assembly for regulating the temperature of an electronic device, having a spring with one...
Flexible heat exchanger
Air exchange assembly
Ice making section of stream down type ice making machine
Cryogenic computer system with parallel multiple cooling temperatures
Heat exchanger and temperature control unit
Fin structure
Organically clean biomass fuel
Methods and systems for implementing shared disk array management functions
Three-dimensional measuring instrument
Methods and kits for assays of analytes of interest in tears
Multifunctional health protection device for udders of cows
Method of increasing milk production
Method for preparation of androst-4-ene-3,17-dione and androsta-1,4-diene-3,17-dione
Non-invasive detection and analysis of microorganisms in diary products packaged in paper or paperbo...
Servo motor with linear output
2-iminopyrrolidine derivatives
Substituted furopyrimidinones as a mitotic kinesin inhibitors
Amino-substituted 1H-pyrazin-2-ones and 1H-quinoxalin-2-ones
Diuretic peptide conjugate
Methods and materials for diagnosing unstable angina
Method of assaying lupus anticoagulant and assay reagent
Polymers of fluorinated monomers and hydrophilic monomers
Pharmaceutical compositions of fibrinolytic agent
Process for preparing cyclic N-substituted alpha-imino carboxylic acids
Reference standard for characterization of rosuvastatin
2-methylthiazolidine-2,4-dicarboxylic acid and salts thereof for treatment of neurodegenerative dise...
Implanted surgical drain with multiple sensing elements for monitoring internal tissue condition
Valve treatment catheter and methods
Devices and methods for non-invasively improving blood circulation
System and method using the rectal mucosal membrane for inducing hypothermia and warming
Efficient scanning of stream based data
System and method for modifying new message retransmission within a system for harvesting community ...
System and method for full wireless synchronization of a data processing apparatus with a messaging ...
Organic domain/inorganic domain complex materials and use thereof
Polymerization process using metallocene catalyst systems
Powder coating compositions
Peptides as NS3-serine protease inhibitors of hepatitis C virus
Methods of delivering aerosolized polynucleotides to the respiratory tract
Well treatment
Device for detecting bacterial contamination and method of use
Enzyme detection and measurement
Lithographic printing starting plate
Fiber reinforced thermoplastic sheets with surface coverings
Soluble fibers for use in resin coated proppant
Conformable, absorbable, solid composite preforms and their use for bone tissue engineering
Graft material, stent graft and method
Stents and intra-luminal prostheses containing map kinase inhibitors
Peptide scaffolds for transfer of molecules into eukaryotic cells
Rechargeable battery cell that is operated at normal temperatures
Electrophotographic transfer paper
Recording medium having ink-receiving layer and method of manufacturing the same
Multi-layered sports playing field with a water draining, padding layer
Diagnostic device and system
Forming discrete regions of molten resin
Denitrification of aquarium water
Inkjet recording ink
Abrasive article and methods of making same
Compositions and methods comprising prostaglandin related compounds and trefoil factor family peptid...
N-acylvanillinamide derivatives capable of activating peripheral cannabinoid receptors
Sulfonamide derivatives for the treatment of diseases
Compounds that modulate PPAR activity and methods of preparation
Antitumoral d-homoestra-1,3,5 (10)-trien-3-yl 2-substituted sulfamates
Nerve regeneration promoters containing semaphorin inhibitor as the active ingredient
Methods for preparation and use of psorospermin analogs
Cholesterol health value band
Body weight health value band
Health value band
Adhesive compositions
Dicing/die bonding adhesion tape
Metals/minerals recovery and waste treatment process
Water treatment process
Inorganic ion sorbent method
Data processor for use in chromatographic analysis
Pumps for filtration systems
Method for the treatment of polyazole films
Autotrofic sulfur denitration chamber and calcium reactor
Separation of biomass from lactic-acid containing fermentation products by means of flocculation
Organic and animal waste effluent treatment
Water filtration and recycling for stone fabrication equipment for exterior and architectural stone
Ozone irrigator
Process for safely decontaminating the chill water used in meat processing
Method of and system for fluid purification
FCC-CFD cat' fine desalting: a method and system for separating hydrocarbons and extracting catalyst...
Reservoir tank
Methods for treating heavy halide brines with permanganates
Recovery apparatus having buckets for scooping up floating matter
Water treatment by ballasted flocs and degreasing
Inlet structure for clarifiers
Boot disk replication for network booting of remote servers
IPv6 over MPLS IPv4 core
Storage subsystem and information processing system
Storage device management method, system and program
Integrated topology management method for storage and IP networks
System for creating a virtual file server to provide data files
Secondary sealing element
Method of signal acquisition and mobile station using the method
Method for synchronizing a receiver, a system, and an electronic device
Hearing aid
Device and method for communication of hearing aids
Aided ear bud
Microphone for hearing aid and communications applications having switchable polar and frequency res...
Use of poly(alkylene) carbonates in the manufacture of valve metal anodes for electrolytic capacitor...
Wellbore operations monitoring and control systems and methods
Fuel injector
Patterned textile product
Printing platform
System and method for balancing state of charge among series-connected electrical energy storage uni...
Peeling method and method for manufacturing display device using the peeling method
Group III nitride compound semiconductor light-emitting device and method for producing the same
Memory module and method having improved signal routing topology
Integration of ALD/CVD barriers with porous low k materials
Configuration and method for contacting circuit structure
Methods of removing metal-containing materials
Semiconductor device with improved wiring arrangement utilizing a projecting portion and a method of...
Methods for selective removal of material from wafer alignment marks
Display apparatus
Method of simultaneously fabricating isolation structures having rounded and unrounded corners
Ball grid array package, stacked semiconductor package and method for manufacturing the same
Methods of forming silicon quantum dots and methods of fabricating semiconductor memory devices usin...
Palladium-spot leadframes for high adhesion semiconductor devices and method of fabrication
Methods for planarization of Group VIII metal-containing surfaces using complexing agents
Multi-layer integrated circuit package
Method for filling recessed micro-structures with metallization in the production of a microelectron...
Structure of a field effect transistor having metallic silicide and manufacturing method thereof
Method for fabricating semiconductor device
Electrical connection materials and electrical connection method
Apparatus, system, and method of joining structural components with a tapered tension bond joint
Multi-function trailing edge devices and associated methods
Landing gear door assembly
Lattice fin for missiles or other fluid-born bodies and method for producing same
Regional aircraft boarding modules, and methods of using same
Method and apparatus for automatically determining the location of individual teeth within electroni...
Image acquiring display apparatus, method and apparatus for editing photographing conditions, and pr...
Apparatus for monitoring a system with time in space and method for diagnosing a condition of a pros...
Image processing method and apparatus and program for image processing
Ultrasound color characteristic mapping
Display control device and display device
System and process for generating high dynamic range video
Method for preparation of microarrays for screening of crystal growth conditions
Method for enhancing the quality of an image
Color conversion method, color conversion apparatus, color conversion matrix generation method and c...
Combined spatial filter and relay systems in rotating compensator ellipsometer/polarimeter
Optical measurement device and method
Method and apparatus for detecting contaminants on a window surface of a viewing system utilizing li...
Process for identifying cancerous and/or metastatic cells of a living organism
Roof unit and basic structure of a road-bound vehicle
Multi-posture folded towel dispenser
Universal spoon
Methods to decrease scaling in digester systems
Two wire exchange system
Compressor apparatus and method for the operation of the same
Fan hub assembly for effective motor cooling
Inside frame of compressor
Home oxygen-compression apparatus
Process and device for flow control of an electrical motor fan
Control system for variable displacement compressor
Piston machine with ported piston head
Tube pump and liquid injection apparatus
Pump of liquid based cooling device
Motor shaft assembly and method
Method of adjusting rotary machine
Methods and apparatus for determining the presence or absence of a fluid leak
Washing fluid pump
Pump having a removable cover
Air compressor having changeable structure
Method for shortening the resynchronization time following failure in a computer system utilizing se...
Method and processing unit for selective value prediction using data cache hit/miss information and/...
System and method for utilizing a scoreboard to indicate information pertaining to pending register ...
Moulded bodies consisting of core-shell particles
Salt bath refining
System and method for filtering unavailable devices in a presence and availability management system
Cable plant certification procedure using cable modems
System and method for automatically determining service groups in a subscriber network
Error detection and recovery of data in striped channels
Method for iterative hard-decision forward error correction decoding
Method and apparatus for functionally verifying a physical device under test
Error tolerant modular testing of services
Policy-driven kernel-based security implementation
Waveform measuring apparatus for measuring waveform data and writing measurement data to acquisition...
Method and system for frequency up-conversion with modulation embodiments
Device and method for a printing and/or copying device with reduced thermal stress on the support ma...
Systems and methods for reducing image registration errors
Recreational electric vehicle
Portable microdisplay system
Security tracker
Security data management system
System and method of communicating traffic information
Remote monitoring system and method
Distinguishing between fire and non-fire conditions using cameras
First responder communications system
Vehicle security system
Detergent composition comprising a silicon derivative having a group containing both a hydroxy group...
Automatic dishwashing composition with corrosion inhibitors
Lithium detection in liquid biological samples and reagents therefor
Magnification engine
Method and system for providing location based electronic device configuration and confirmation
User terminal device having spooling control function and control method thereof
System and method for tracking jobs associated with multi-function peripherals and user accounts
Font-size changing and printing method, and host and printer therefor
Delivery of Electronic Documents Into a Postal Network
Printing control device and printing control method
Method of printing an interactive document
Method and apparatus for printing document with related document
Document optimization selector
Device setup by scanning a configuration sheet and generating configuration data useable by the devi...
Remote HDSL test access system
Method and apparatus for dynamic degradation detection
Master and slave side arbitrators associated with programmable chip system components
Enhanced network services using a subnetwork of communicating processors
Optical fiber connectors and systems including optical fiber connectors
Computer system and method for decompressing video data
Integrated personal information management system
Audio limiting circuit
Microprobe tips and methods for making
Method and system for validating software code
Method for managing a secure terminal
Methods and apparatus for virtual private network based mobility
PDstudio design system and method
Synchronized service provision in a communications network
Method for identifying extender text table of electronic program guide in digital TV
Optical disk drive allowing for horizontal or vertical installation
Supporting multiple late binding objects with the same identifier
Plug-in API for protocol and payload transformation
Methods, system and articles of manufacture for providing an extensible serialization framework for ...
Device and method for initializing an applicative programme of an integrated circuit card
Transdermal administration of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs using hydroxide-releasing agents ...
Process for coating three-dimensional substrates with thin organic films and products
Strontium compound for treatment of sub-dermal soft tissue pain
Electrode assembly for constant-current electroporation and use
ECG electrode characterization and compensation
Measuring a gradient in-vivo
Systems and methods for minimally-invasive optical-acoustic imaging
Methods and devices for quantitative analysis of x-ray images
Architecture for real-time texture look-up's for volume rendering
Method for scanning discontiguous objects
Methods for creating and expanding libraries of structured ASIC logic and other functions
Methods, systems and media for functional simulation of noise and distortion on an I/O bus
Information system supporting customizable user interfaces and process flows
Testing methods and chips for preventing asnchronous sampling errors
Test bus architecture for embedded RAM and method of operating same
Adaptive data processing scheme based on delay forecast
Content addressable memory with programmable word width and programmable priority
Software controlled content addressable memory in a general purpose execution datapath
ATM customer marketing system
Optical modulator
Surface-emitting type semiconductor laser and its manufacturing method, and optical module
Ball grid array package with stepped stiffener layer
Test head assembly having paired contact structures
Post and tip design for a probe contact
Semiconductor chip assembly with solder-attached ground plane
Semiconductor device using a conductive film and method of manufacturing the same
Electron beam apparatus and device fabrication method using the electron beam apparatus
Low cost shielded cable manufactured from conductive loaded resin-based materials
Process of forming a composite diffusion barrier in copper/organic low-k damascene technology
Methods of forming conductive structures including titanium-tungsten base layers and related structu...
Patterning of devices
Method for manufacturing semiconductor integrated circuit
Paramagnetic particle detection
Plasma display panel filters comprising multiple layers
Surface acoustic wave element and electronic equipment provided with the element
Method and apparatus for separating solids from a slurry
Rotary separator and method
Biodegradable scale and corrosion inhibitor composition
Filter assembly of washing machine
Solids separator
Mixing apparatus
Reproduction control of reproduction apparatus based on remaining power of battery
Information management apparatus, device control apparatus, information management method, and memor...
Upload and retrieval by an image device of a scanned image to and from a web file server
Image forming apparatus with paper feed direction specifying means
Opening and closing device, sheet conveying apparatus, and image forming apparatus
Printing apparatus, information processing apparatus, and printing system
Image forming apparatus capable of optimizing glossiness of image formed on recording material with ...
Optical interconnection device, photoelectric mixedly mounted device and electronic equipment using ...
Image processing for correcting defects of read image
Image processing apparatus and its method, program and storage medium
Process for producing display device
Image data coding apparatus, image data decoding apparatus, image data coding method and image data ...
Control program for printer nozzle recovery
Communication apparatus for ring-type multiple address transmission/reception
Exposure apparatus
Exposure apparatus
Image pickup apparatus for photographing an object
Imaging apparatus that corrects an imbalance in output levels of image data
Image processing method, image processing apparatus, storage medium and program
Histone deacetylase inhibitors of novel benzamide derivatives with potent differentiation and anti-p...
Electrochemical sensor
Portable coordinate measurement machine with integrated line laser scanner
Developer container, developer supplying unit, and image forming apparatus
Optically marked surface
Optical fiber and method for making an optical fiber
Beam homogenizer, laser irradiation apparatus and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Optical waveguide circuit
Compaction monitoring system
Surface-emission laser diode operable in the wavelength band of 1.1-1.7mum and optical telecommunica...
Data overwriting in probe-based data storage devices
Optical pickup and disc drive apparatus
Circuit board having signal lines adapted to transmit high speed signals
Modular electronics enclosure
Analysis apparatus and method
Modulators of serotonin receptors
Magnetic particle, its production method, magnetic recording medium and its production method
Electrowetting module
Encapsulation of radioactive waste using a sodium silicate based glass matrix
Analysis method and system of lamp member for vehicle
System and method for portal infrastructure tracking
Enterprise polling system for electronic cash registers
Method and apparatus for correcting thermal displacement of machine tool
Attachment and elaboration strategies for inverse peptide synthesis
Light-generating apparatus having a reflector
(Meth) acrylic compound having an oxetanyl group and liquid crystal film produced by using same
Process of remote sensing data
Image forming apparatus and method of mounting and dismounting a waste toner bottle
Filtering artifact from fMRI data using the stockwell transform
Method and apparatus for determining a region in an image based on a user input
Method, tomography apparatus and software product for evaluation of time-varying diagnostic procedur...
Three-dimensional image capture system
Head support device and disk drive using the same
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and magnet apparatus therefor
Cervical-thoracic-lumbar spine phased array coil for horizontal field MRI systems
NMR method and apparatus
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and method wherein streak artifacts are minimized in modular k-...
Drop tube segments adapted for use with a liquid reservoir
Apparatus and method for loading a packaging station of an insulation batt packager
Apparatus and method for detecting body diode conduction in a semiconductor device
Horizontally structured manufacturing process modeling: exterior linked representational embodiment
Method for correcting position-dependent distortions in patterning of integrated circuits
Orientation dependent shielding for use with dipole illumination techniques
Multiple menus for use with a graphical user interface
Turbo decoder employing simplified log-map decoding
Enhancements to data integrity verification mechanism
System, computer program product and method for selecting an application service provider
Techniques for achieving higher availability of resources during reconfiguration of a cluster
Reusing optimized query blocks in query processing
Approach for processing electronic orders
Open system for simulation engines to communicate across multiple sites using a portal methodology
Graphical display and correlation of severity scores of system metrics
Optical pulse timing detection apparatus, optical pulse timing detection method, optical pulse timin...
Method of synthesizing trioxymethylene from formaldehyde by the catalytic action of an ionic liquid
Array substrate for liquid crystal display device having conductive patterns and fabricating method ...
Process method for attaching radio opaque markers to shape memory stent
Serial/parallel ATA controller and converter
System and method for identifying relationships between database records
Method of facial coding monitoring for the purpose of gauging the impact and appeal of commercially-...
System, method, program, and medium for measuring heart rate
Method and apparatus for reducing distortion in images
Magnetic disk drive using femto slider and having predetermined linear velocity and gram load config...
Voltage clamping circuit for a bicycle dynamo
Stimulable phosphor panel
Polycarbonate copolymer, resin composition, and molded article
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Anti-newton ring sheet
Process for producing polystyrene resin foam by extrusion
Apparatus for pulling single crystal by CZ method
Ink jet recording ink, ink jet recording method, ink cartridge, and ink jet recording apparatus
Copper alloy powder for electrically conductive paste
Benzimidazol-2-one derivatives and their use
Imidazole derivatives, processes for preparing them and their uses
Clostridial toxin derivatives and methods for treating pain
Clostridial toxin derivatives and methods for treating pain
Using amines or amino acids as mobile phase modifiers in chromatography
Intra-aortic renal delivery catheter
Method and systems for determining internal combustion engine cylinder condition
Method and apparatus for discharging a conductive brush cleaning assembly for a transfer roller
Vacuum switchgear
Variable aperture stop with no moving parts
Substrate for a liquid crystal display device comprising second thin-film transistors for applying a...
Display device and electronic device
Integration of photon emission microscope and focused ion beam
Transformer ignition circuit for a transformer coupled plasma source
Power system for a telecommunications facility
Flexographic printing
Magneto-luminescent transducer
Method of manufacturing semiconductor devices
Phone energy management for low battery voltages
Method for installing paving blocks
Metal alloy elements in micromachined devices
Method and apparatus for two dimensional assembly of particles
Composite material comprising titanium dioxide layer on titanium suboxide layer on substrate
Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
Method and apparatus for trapping and purging soot from a fuel reformer
Method for producing electrochemical device
Electrical connection of components
Catalytic electrodes and production process thereof, and electrochemical devices and fabrication pro...
Fuel cell layer with reactor frame
Preparation of patterned diffusion media
Carbon substance and method for manufacturing the same, electron emission element and composite mate...
Thin film support substrate for use in hydrogen production filter and production method of hydrogen ...
Electrophoretic display with thermal control
Polycarbonate resin composition, pellets thereof and molded article thereof
Polymeric fluorescent substance and polymer light-emitting device using the same
Method and apparatus for material indentification by means of gravitational field analysis
Surgical cassette and consumables for combined opthalmic surgical procedure
Silicone intraocular lens with blue light absorption properties
Methods of obtaining ophthalmic lenses providing the eye with reduced aberrations
Accommodating intraocular lens system with enhanced range of motion
Customized corneal profiling
Multifocal ophthalmic lens
Light adjustable lenses capable of post-fabrication power modification via multi-photon processes
Deadlock Avoidance in a Bus Fabric
Parallel Array Architecture for a Graphics Processor
Systems and methods for selecting a material that best matches a desired set of properties
System and method for antenna diversity using equal power joint maximal ratio combining
Devices for drawing in a web of material
Device for positioning further processing devices on printing machines
Device and method for pressing a tympan to a cylinder of a printing machine by means of pressing ele...
Method for influencing lateral web spreading in a printing unit in a rotary printing press
Device and method for pressing a dressing on a cylinder of a printing machine
Device for guiding a dressing on a cylinder of a printing press
Dampening systems having a dampening agent feeding and return device
Method for driving a satellite offset press and satellite offset press
Automated machine setup with modular tooling
Phosphor based light sources having a polymeric long pass reflector
Regulation of cytotrophoblast cell differentiation and cell migration
Reduction of coefficient of friction for thermal addition curable solventless silicone release coati...
Piston compressor
Anti-seismic system
Cutting head assembly
Glucose dehydrogenase
Band-division encoder utilizing a plurality of encoding units
Method and apparatus for preparing media
Static eliminator using ultraviolet light emitting diode
Exterior portions of guard assemblies for parcel door locking systems of cluster box unit mail deliv...
Combined rail member and connector
Shopping list holder
Product trolley
Swiveling hose cart
Garbage can
Cylindrical receptacle with wide aspect
Ironing board legs
Mop handle
Upper portion of spot cleaner
Dirt receptacle for a floor care appliance
Gasoline driven cleaning machine
Toy fishing wand with a set of interchangeable cat lures