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User interface for a portion of a display screen
User interface for a portion of a display screen
User interface for a portion of a display screen
Portion of a cabling assembly
Multi-piece desk clock
Ribbed bottle
Tumbler mug with grips
Rubberized tumbler mug
Diamond pattern tumbler mug
Rapid application security threat analysis
Method and system for integrating security mechanisms into session initiation protocol request messa...
Uniform resource locator access management and control system and method
Access control system and method for a networked computer system
Interactive entertainment network system and method for customizing operation thereof according to v...
Remote method invocation with secure messaging in a distributed computing environment
Distributed process runner
Speculative execution for java hardware accelerator
System and method to decrease program analysis overhead
System and method of extending application types in a centrally managed desktop environment
Method and apparatus for providing self-implementing hardware-software libraries
Method and apparatus for generating a wafer map
Method and apparatus for power optimization during an integrated circuit design process
Interface accelerator
Common annotation framework
Automatic failure detection and recovery of applications
Systems and methods for using cryptography to protect secure and insecure computing environments
Method and system for enabling content security in a distributed system
Fragment storage for data alignment and merger
Data flow management apparatus, systems, and methods
Identifiable bullet which is unduplicatable
Projectile and method for sealing a projectile in a barrel
Bean bag baton
Method, device, and computer program for determining a range to a target
Expanded volume less lethal ball type projectile
Firearms having a locked breech
Sound suppressor
Reticle for telescopic gunsight and method for using
Projectile for an electrical discharge weapon
Clear walled containers with lenticular inserts
Biodegradable polymer blends for use in making films, sheets and other articles of manufacture
Protective film for glass
Bone grafting materials
Methods and apparatus for mining attribute associations
Computer-implemented method, system, apparatus for generating user's insight selection by showing an...
Method and apparatus for solving bit-slice operators
Methods and systems for automatically generating provably correct computer program code
Hybrid personalization architecture
Strategy parameter adaptation in evolution strategies
Apparatus and method for batch property estimation
Mounting and dicing process for wafers
Optical pulse calibration for quantum key distribution
Quantum cryptography based on phase entangled photons
Multiple partial encryption using retuning
Encryption apparatus and method for synchronizing multiple encryption keys with a data stream
Contents management system
Secure encryption/decryption for elevators
Enciphering apparatus and method, deciphering apparatus and method as well as information processing...
Super secure migratable keys in TCPA
Recording medium, data recording method and apparatus, data regenerating method and apparatus, and c...
Method and system for encrypting and decrypting data using an external agent
Output reporting techniques for hard intellectual property blocks
Key agreement and transport protocol
Transferring application secrets in a trusted operating system environment
Data handling in IPSec enabled network stack
Subsurface material property measurement
Method and apparatus for facilitating a chemical reaction
Module for supplying hydrogen to a fuel mini-cell with sequential control of pyrotechnic elements
Regenerative electrochemical cell system and method for use thereof
Hydrogen/hydrogen peroxide fuel cell
Process for the production of synthesis gas
Pyrolysis process for producing fuel gas
Thermophilic hydrophobin proteins and applications for surface modification
Enzyme-mediated modification of fibrin for tissue engineering: fibrin formulations with peptides
Methods and compositions for the treatment of asthma and related disorders
Modular pier system
Underwater installation apparatus
Method and device for repairing or reinforcing an underground pipe
Test masks for lithographic and etch processes
Apparatus and method for updating a status register in an out of order execution pipeline based on m...
Software managed cache optimization system and method for multi-processing systems
Storage of program code in arbitrary locations in memory
System and method for network vulnerability detection and reporting
Enhanced video programming system and method for incorporating and displaying retrieved integrated I...
Notification platform architecture
Architecture for general purpose near real-time business intelligence system with client devices and...
System and method for dividing computations
Stochastic analysis process optimization for integrated circuit design and manufacture
Systems and methods for broadcasting information additive codes
Limiting number of retransmission attempts for data transfer via network interface controller
Entertainment system, picture display apparatus, information processing apparatus and synchronizatio...
Tamper resistant fastener for sports netting
Methods and apparatus for providing entertainment content at a gaming device
Golf board game
No glue puzzle frame
System and method for providing cooling in a three-dimensional infrastructure for massively scalable...
Predictive control system and method
Method and apparatus for detecting charge and proximity
Recombinant anti-osteopontin antibody and use thereof
Secreted and transmembrane polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding the same
Substituted acid derivatives useful as antidiabetic and antiobesity agents and method
17,20(E)-dehydro vitamin D analogs and their uses
2.alpha.-methyl-19-nor-(20S)-1.alpha.-hydroxy-bishomopregnacalciferol and its uses
2-methylene-19-nor-1alpha-hydroxy-17-ene-homopregnacalciferol and its uses
2.alpha.-Methyl and 2.beta.-methyl analogs of 19,26,27-trinor-(20S)-1.alpha.-hydroxyvitamin D.sub.3 ...
17,20(Z)-dehydro vitamin D analogs and their uses
2-propylidene-19-nor-vitamin D compounds
Compositions and methods involved in bone growth
Materials and methods for preparing dimeric growth factors
Devices and methods using an expandable body with internal restraint for compressing cancellous bone
Metal injection molded turbine rotor and metal injection molded shaft connection attachment thereto
Sanitary napkins
Container with cap
Papermaking belt and product produced therefor
System and method for controlling an implantable medical device subject to magnetic field or radio f...
Mobile communication system terminating communications at high speeds
Method of optimizing performance of mobile terminal
Mobile communication terminal apparatus
Mobile communication terminal
System and method for providing voice and data communications between persons onboard a mobile platf...
Multimedia broadcast and multicast service paging
Timing based LNA gain adjustment in an RF receiver to compensate for intermodulation interference
Circuit arrangement for frequency conversion and mobile radio device with the circuit arrangement
Partitioning of radio-frequency apparatus
Self-calibrating radio
Digital receiver with aural interface
OFDM signal communication system, OFDM signal transmitting device and OFDM signal receiving device
System and method of controlling multimedia call in mobile communication system
Method for controlling retransmission of information using state variables in radio communication sy...
Mobile packet communications system, mobile packet communications method, and radio network controll...
Penetration resistant life protection articles
Electroconductive paste composition
Process for the manufacture of halocarbons and selected compounds and azeotropes with HF
Quinazoline(di)ones for invertebrate pest control
Method to produce para-hydroxybenzoic acid in the stem tissue of green plants by using a tissue-spec...
Filtration media for filtering particulate material from gas streams
Planarizing element for thermal printing of color filter
Zoom lens system
Actuator, light quantity adjusting apparatus, and stepping motor
Coating and developing system and coating and developing method
Self leveling camera support apparatus
Fundus imaging system
Self contained device for displaying electronic information
Bearing cleaning composition and method of use
Connection device for connecting a rolling contact bearing to a wheel hub unit
Rolling bearing unit with sensor
Monitored roller bearing
Radial capillary seal for fluid dynamic bearing motors
Hydrodynamic bearing device
Micropore engagement surfaces for earth boring bit
Linear guide device, chain body, and method of producing a chain body
Linear guide unit, in particular gantry axis
Connecting rod with profiled bore for increased load capability
Rolling part and power transmission part
Prestressed bearing for electrical machines
Rolling bearing
Magnetic encoder and wheel support bearing assembly utilizing the same
Breakable coupling system for a turbojet fan shaft
Bearing stiff plate pedestal
Journal bearing having self-retaining shoes and method of using the same to support a rotating shaft
Hydrodynamic bearing and disc rotation apparatus using the same
Hydrodynamic bearing and disc rotation apparatus using the same
Rolling element retainer for a linear guideway
Bearing and lubrication system for earth boring bit
High wing monoplane aerospace plane based fighter
Hydro test apparatus and method for ammunition
Projectile firing device
Gun magazine with two-stage spring
Passive vibration isolation of implanted microphone
Methods and apparatus for switching N optical input signals to M optical outputs
Stabilized frequency-converted laser system
Note skew detector
Apparatus and methods for surface contour measurement
Aldolase, and method for producing optically active IHOG and monatin
Optical connector apparatus having a light shielding device of a simple structure
Method and associated apparatus for capturing, servicing and de-orbiting earth satellites using robo...
Strip ejector
Fiber optic rotary joint and associated alignment method
Light modulation using the Franz-Keldysh effect
Compact high power laser dazzling device
Wide angle lens system and camera
Display drivers
Nuclear imaging system using scintillation bar detectors and method for event position calculation u...
Triboluminescent materials and devices
Integrated fuses for OLED lighting device
Light emitting device
High-efficiency polymer electroluminescent device with a polymer insulating nanolayer
Electroluminescent materials and methods of manufacture and use
Method and apparatus for infusing a liquid with a flavoring or a scent
Cabinet design of filter holder for pressurized espresso machines
Handle collar for a bat
Method and apparatus for testing circuit boards
System and method of deactivating a fluid receptacle deicer
System and method for assessing fluid distribution
1-calcium phosphate-uracil and method for preparing thereof
Ruthenium compounds
19,26,27-trinor-1.alpha.,25-dihydroxyvitamin D.sub.3 compounds
Textured grout composition, dispenser therefor, and method of use
Method for the purification of Piribedil
Methods and compositions for modulating sphingosine-1-phosphate (S1P) receptor activity
6-formyl-tetrahydropteridines, process for their manufacture and use thereof as medicaments
Amide compounds for the potentiation of cholinergic activity
Birth simulator
Method and apparatus for temporarily marking a point of contact
Short-hole, sand-trap, golf game
Game for using remainder and partial credits
Gaming device having pivoting symbol indicator
Method and apparatus for facilitating power state control and awareness of an autonomous subsystem i...
Signal processing of multi-channel data
Panoramic camera
Distributed on-demand media transcoding system and method
Root-based tooth moving sequencing
Reduction in polystyrene foams with dibasic esters
Information input/output system, method and terminal therefor
Method for transmitting short messages over the internet
Home gateway apparatus
Method for finding an Internet or E-mail address
Method and apparatus for customization of information content provided to a requestor over a network...
Devices and systems for remote and automated monitoring and control of water removal, mold remediati...
Wireless market place for multiple access internet portal
System for communicating signaling system 7 messages over an internet protocol network
Wireless LAN authentication, authorization, and accounting system and method utilizing a telecommuni...
Transaction-based enterprise application integration (EAI) and development system
Storage system
System and method for asynchronous mirroring of snapshots at a destination using a purgatory directo...
Electronic document system, electronic document management apparatus, computer program product, and ...
Information management system, information management method, and storage medium for managing execut...
Biopesticide compositions
Method and apparatus for molding a semiconductor device
Exhaust volume
Flapper finger valve
Fixing structure of tail pipe of exhaust pipe
Sound dampening pad
Customized hearing protection earplug with an acoustic filter and method for manufacturing the same
Barrier film integrity on porous low k dielectrics by application of a hydrocarbon plasma treatment
Dielectric information apparatus, tape-like medium recording/reproducing apparatus and disc-like med...
Method for manufacturing electro-optical device, and electro-optical device and electronic device ma...
Compositions for thin-film capacitance device, high-dielectric constant insulating film, thin-film c...
Bioabsorbable adhesive compounds and compositions
Dimethyl ether steam reforming catalyst and method for producing the same
Detectable labels, methods of manufacture and use
Rubber-based composite material and the rubber article using the same
Hybrid sol for the production of abrasion-resistant SiO.sub.2 antireflection coatings
Polyimide metal laminate
Process of fabricating polymer sustained microelectrodes
Devices and methods for treating defects in the tissue of a living being
Liquid delivering apparatus
Method for casting core removal
Method and apparatus for downhole detection of CO2 and H2S using resonators coated with CO2 and H2S ...
Method for manufacturing a piezoelectric resonator
Process of making a piezoelectric thin film component
Timepiece dial and production method therefor
Display device
Encapsulated electrophoretic displays having a monolayer of capsules and materials and methods for m...
Light emitting apparatus including resin banks and electronic device having same
Color filter substrate, transflective substrate, method for producing the color filter substrate, el...
Semiconductor device and display element using semiconductor device
Active matrix substrate, display apparatus, and method for producing the same
Porphines-platinum metal complex compounds for organic electroluminescent device and organic electro...
Laser irradiation method that includes moving a center of rotation along a straight line in order to...
Method for fabricating organic thin film transistor
Light quantity adjustment device and method and exposure apparatus
Optical head
Resin composition, optical filter and plasma display
Display device
Liquid droplet ejecting apparatus, electro-optical device, method of manufacturing the electro-optic...
Surface pattern for substrate
Paper sheet
IC layout physical verification method
Automatic clean device
Substrate carrier handler that unloads substrate carriers directly from a moving conveyor
Material for a facility for the production of anhydrous formic acid
Transformer-free waveguide circulator
Temperature-compensated crystal oscillator
Low noise amplifier
Small wall-mount shelf assembly
Light emitting device
Document image scanning device
Semiconductor device and method for producing the same
Image forming apparatus with changeover control for development cartridges
Assembling method for mosaics of tesserae made of transparent glass and mosaic portion
Memory device with reduced leakage current
Method of controlling tape processing apparatus, apparatus for processing tape, and program
Hard magnetic garnet material, faraday rotator, optical device, optical communication system, method...
Ball mounting method
Plasma gun nozzle retention ring
Plasma gun with angled feed couplings
Plasma gun nozzle holder
Large wall-mount shelf assembly
Remote services system service module interface
Methods and apparatus for texture compression and computer program product therefor
Umbilical-member managing system for industrial robot
Navigation bar for a browser-based user interface for an image processing machine
Constraint-optimization system and method for document component layout generation
Method and apparatus for presenting e-mail threads as semi-connected text by removing redundant mate...
Scheme for creating a ranked subject matter expert index
Failure diagnosis method, failure diagnosis apparatus, image forming apparatus, program, and storage...
Oil-less fuser member
Fixing unit image forming apparatus with interior crown-shaped roll
Fixing device and image forming apparatus
Xerographic transfer station using a belt
Image forming apparatus mounted with replaceable unit, image forming system, and method of controlli...
Segmentation method and system for Multiple Raster Content (MRC) representation of documents
Printing device, printing method, and computer-readable storage medium for printing using multiple p...
Printing agent service method and system
Image forming device
Ink jet printhead having two dimensional shuttle architecture
Ink-jet line printer and image forming apparatus using the same
Sheet feeding device and sheet processing apparatus
System and method for a large format collaborative display for sharing information
Attention economy for attention to messages, tasks and resources
Feed apparatus and binding device
Videophone system and method
Automated manufacturing system
Mobile wireless communications device comprising a satellite positioning system antenna and electric...
Linoleum-based floor covering with improved flame-retardant properties and a method for producing th...
Flask of perfume
Systems and methods of controlling light systems
Mineral compounds, method for preparing same and use thereof in thermoplastics materials
Water-disintegratable sheet and manufacturing method thereof
Benzylimidazolyl substituted 2-quinoline and quinazoline derivatives for use as farnesyl transferase...
Fragrance release paper
Skin and hair care agents
Foldform label laminate
Method and apparatus aiding in the management of multiple medications
Information organization product and method
Method and apparatus for multiphase, fast-locking clock and data recovery
Method of determining transmit power for transmit eigenbeams in a multiple-input multiple-output com...
Method and apparatus for transmitting signals in a multi-antenna mobile communications system that c...
Laser wavelength control arrangement and method
Optimal load balancing across multiple switching fabrics
Network monitoring system responsive to changes in packet arrival variance and mean
Hybrid protection using mesh restoration and 1:1 protection
Field-effect transistors with weakly coupled layered inorganic semiconductors
Managing process state information in an operating system environment
Opportunistic beamforming and scheduling of users in a communication system
Computer implemented method and apparatus for fulfilling a request for information content with a us...
Shaping of EM field for transmission to multiple terminals
Transmitting a control message on a forward access channel (FACH) in a network for mobile telecommun...
Providing location based directory numbers for personalized services
Methods and devices for partial upper layer frame loss detection based retransmission
Crew overboard retrieval system
Multi-level skimming of multimedia content using playlists
Content analysis apparatus
Multimedia information and information inquiry download service
Support-separators for high performance communications cable with optional hollow tubes for; blown o...
Multi-engined aircraft with lowering shaft
Independent divan door and drawer assembly
Electromechanical actuator and methods of providing same
Niobium compound
Process for the direct synthesis of hydrogen peroxide
Polymer and method for using the polymer for noncovalently functionalizing nanotubes
Methods to partially reduce certain metal oxides and oxygen reduced metal oxides
System and process for producing halogen oxides
High pressure and high temperature production of diamonds
Process for the preparation of coated granular sodium percarbonate, and product obtainable by the pr...
Low temperature synthesis of semiconductor fibers
Method and emission control system for catalytically reducing nitrogen oxides in the exhaust gas of ...
Activated carbon for odor control and method for making same
Gas permeable flexible graphite sheet material and process therefor
Nitrogen treating method
Pyrogenically produced aluminum-silicon mixed oxides
Single nucleotide polymorphism markers in the bovine CAPN1 gene to identify meat tenderness
Non-volatile memory cell device, programming element and method for programming data into a pluralit...
Circuits for the control of output current in an electronic device for performing active biological ...
Screen, its manufacturing method and image display system
Modified Harvard architecture processor having data memory space mapped to program memory space with...
Method and system for maintaining firmware versions in a data processing system
Multi-thread executing method and parallel processing system
Representation of core files in a generic format
Method for automatically routing connections between top side conductors and bottom side conductors ...
Client-specific circuit board with isolated redundant systems
Integrated circuit chip design
Integrated test processor (ITP) for a system on chip (SOC) that includes a network on chip (NOC)
Parameter checking method for on-chip ESD protection circuit physical design layout verification
System and method for reducing the size of RC circuits
Method and apparatus for supporting development of integrated circuit and a transactional business m...
Methods and devices for recording changes in visual stimuli observed through browser-based interface...
Clock frequency monitor
Wood-gluing and clamping system and products
Electro-optical device and electronic apparatus
Liquid crystal display device and electronic apparatus having two elliptically polarizing plates
Flux for solder paste and solder paste
Pneumatic tire
Radiation-curable adhesive compositions
Vibration damper composition
Optical information-recording medium, novel oxonol compound and method of recording information
Phenolic novolaks and process for production thereof
Pressure sensitive adhesive film for protection of semiconductor wafer surface and method of protect...
Multilayer imageable element containing sulfonamido resin
Multilayered surface-enhanced Raman scattering substrates
Method of amplitude modulated electrostatic polymer nanolithography
Polypeptides that induce cell proliferation or induce fetal hemoglobin
Dental resins, dental composite materials, and method of manufacture thereof
Exfoliated polyolefin/clay nanocomposites using chain end functionalized polyolefin as the polymeric...
Preparation of metallic nanoparticles with shell-crosslinked micelle as mold
Formamide derivatives for the treatment of diseases
Methods for producing low stress porous low-k dielectric materials using precursors with organic fun...
Method for producing an exposed substrate
Synthesis of nanoparticles
Reverse tone patterning on surfaces having planarity perturbations
Method of levelling a floor
Ink-jet recording method, ink-jet ink, ink-jet recording unit, ink cartridge for ink-jet recording a...
Support covered with a chitosan-based coating and method for the production thereof
Degradable particulates as friction reducers for the flow of solid particulates and associated metho...
Sanitary tampon
Organosilicate polymer and insulating film therefrom
Means to miniaturize diffusion filters for particulate removal
High-pressure discharge lamp, high-pressure discharge lamp lighting device and automotive headlamp a...
Method for transporting compressed natural gas to prevent explosions
Process for preparing cyanine dye labeling reagents
Method to provide inventory for expedited loading, transporting, and unloading of compressed natural...
Glycosyl-etoposide prodrugs, a process for preparation thereof and the use thereof in combination wi...
Power supply apparatus for high pressure discharge lamp
Device, system and method for monitoring vital signs
Ink-jet recording apparatus
Method for processing and transporting compressed natural gas
Database component packet manager
Network resource categorization and tracking apparatus, method and computer-medium
Peer to peer enterprise storage system with lexical recovery sub-system
Machine directed improvement of ranking algorithms
Methods and apparatus for displaying multiple contexts in electronic documents
Error correction using finite fields of odd characteristics on binary hardware
Data encoding for fast CAM and TCAM access times
Information distribution method and system
Searchable archive
Prose feedback in information access system
Electronic musical instrument
Stringed musical instrument device
Singing voice synthesizing method and apparatus, program, recording medium and robot apparatus
Method and device for music format switching
Morpheus music notation system
Human metabotropic glutamate receptor
Acyl CoA:cholesterol acyltransferase (ACAT-2)
Method and apparatus for disrupting cells in a fluid suspension by means of a continuous process
Methods for producing polypeptides in Aspergillus mutant cells
T227-1 flanking sequence
Visual content browsing using rasterized representations
Method of using a mask programmed key to securely configure a field programmable gate array
Methods of invisibly embedding and hiding data into soft-copy text documents
Information signal copy managing method, information signal recording method, information signal out...
Managing peripheral device address space resources using a tunable bin-packing/knapsack algorithm
Method and unit for storing a radiation image
Lossless embedding of data in digital objects
Data insertion device and method of inserting data
Insect repelling point of sale terminal
Method and system for intelligent storage management
Federated query management
Taxonomy generation for electronic documents
Search network for searching services on the internet
System and method for specification tracking in a Java compatibility testing environment
Multidimensional biodata integration and relationship inference
Method, system, and program for optimizing aggregate processing
Extending relational database systems to automatically enforce privacy policies
Method and system in an electronic data table for managing order oriented criteria
System and method for efficiently processing information in a multithread environment
Scripting language for processing typed structured data
Method and system for reducing coding complexity by providing intelligent manipulable defaults
Method and computer-readable medium for previewing and performing actions on attachments to electron...
Method of forward error correction
Digital audio player
Audio player
Digital audio player
Audio sound system
Decoding LDPC (Low Density Parity Check) code and graphs using multiplication (or addition in log-do...
Battery pack
Computer system and detecting method for detecting a sign of failure of the computer system
Variable valve type internal combustion engine and control method thereof
Variable cam timing damper
Valve timing adjusting apparatus
Method of modifying exhaust valve timing to improve engine performance
Oil filter for continuous variable valve timing apparatus in engine
Camshaft adjuster of an internal combustion engine
Method for controlling an actuator, using a retaining mark space ratio
Nearest neighbor approach for improved training of real-time health monitors for data processing sys...
Digital camera with a music playback function
Methods and apparatus for sub-harmonic generation, stereo expansion and distortion
Vehicle traveling control device
Method of identifying noncompliant fuel in an automotive vehicle
Vehicle integrated control system
Electronic apparatuses having vehicle-information determining function, and vehicle-information shar...
Hybrid transmission launch algorithm
Customizable remote transceiver for a vehicle
Communication terminal unit, connection control method and program for the method
Wideband glass antenna for vehicle
Antenna for vehicle
Key fob with directional vehicle locator
Modular rearview mirror assembly
Vehicle warning system and method
Seat belt tension indicator
Automobile steering lock with an alarm
Location determination using historical data
Hinged weatherproof electrical box cover
Female electrical terminal and electrical connector comprising the same
Electrical connector contact
Electrical connector assembly with connection assist
Electrical stimulation device and method for the treatment of dysphagia
Methods and systems for treating osteoarthritis
Multi-channel and multi dimensional system and method
Device for treating carpal tunnel syndrome
Dynamic cervical support brace
Assessment of medical conditions
Process for producing piperidine-2,6 diones heterocyclically substituted in the 3-position
Cycloalkylidene compounds as modulators of estrogen receptor
Phenylpropanoic acid derivatives
Methods for treating cutaneous lupus using aminoisoindoline compounds
Hydroxamic acid compounds and methods of use thereof
Pseudo-sequence method for comparing 7tm receptors with respect to the physico-chemical properties o...
Bioerodible self-deployable intragastric implants
Blood glucose level control
Method and device for use in endoscopic organ procedures
Medical device insertion system and related methods
Self-regulating gastric band with pressure data processing
Amylin aggregation inhibitors and use thereof
Use of sulfonamide compounds for the treatment of diabetes and/or obesity
Triazole compounds that modulate HSP90 activity
Method, compiler and platform independent framework for parsing and generating data structures
System and method for determining probing locations on IC
Method and apparatus for representing items in a design layout
Searching for packet identifiers
Method and apparatus for maintaining inventory of logical volumes stored on storage elements
Personal mobile internet
Parts supply system problem detection support system and method, and program for the same
Device and method for a self-attaching suture sleeve
Overmold for a modular implantable medical device
Memory module and method having improved signal routing topology
System and method for testing one or more dies on a semiconductor wafer
Etching operation management systems and methods
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device with plural semiconductor chips
Stacked semiconductor packages and method therefor
Electrically programmable fuse for silicon-on-insulator (SOI) technology
Deep trench isolation structure of a high-voltage device and method for forming thereof
Thin wafer detectors with improved radiation damage and crosstalk characteristics
MRAM sense layer isolation
Vertical transistor structures having vertical-surrounding-gates with self-aligned features
Nitrogen-containing field effect transistor gate stack containing a threshold voltage control layer ...
Non-volatile memory
Magnetic memory adopting synthetic antiferromagnet as free magnetic layer
Magnetic random access memory designs with controlled magnetic switching mechanism by magnetostatic ...
Imaging device and manufacturing method thereof
Solid state image sensing device and manufacturing and driving methods thereof
Lateral trench field-effect transistors in wide bandgap semiconductor materials, methods of making, ...
Side view LED package having lead frame structure designed to improve resin flow
Wafer level package fabrication method using laser illumination
Golf green repair device method and apparatus
Foldable golf swing training aid for use by a right-handed golfer and a left-handed golfer
Golf swing training apparatus and method for using the same
Roadway-transportable artificial golf practice green apparatus
Ink jet recording medium, its manufacturing method, ink jet image forming method and image formed th...
Leadframe with die pad
Reinforced profile
Method of manufacturing a guidewire with an extrusion jacket
Roller adjustment apparatus for an extrusion mill
Continuous-time delta-sigma ADC for a radio receiver employing 200 kHz IF
Wireless receiver circuit with merged ADC and filter
Dynamic compensation of analog-to-digital converter (ADC) offset errors using filtered PWM
Anhydrous amorphous form of fluvastatin sodium
Discharge lamp driving circuit
Race condition detection and expression
Isoxazole and isothiazole compounds for the treatment of neurodegenerative disorders
Toner cartridge for printer
Polycarboxyl/polyol fiberglass binder
Non-metallic article and a method for making the same
Method for fabricating high-strength golf club head parts
Shingle with a rendered shadow design
Nucleic acid binding proteins
Method for reducing the altitudinal errors and run-out of a spindle motor and a slim-type spindle mo...
Polymorphic forms of 5-[4-[2-[n-methyl-n-(2-pyridyl)amino[ethoxy]benzyl] thiazolidine-2,4-dione male...
Processing network communication control messages
System and method for manufacturing semiconductor devices using a vacuum chamber
Methods of identifying compounds that modulate IL-4 receptor-mediated IgE synthesis utilizing a c-MY...
Actuator systems and methods for aerosol wall texturing
Rewriteable electronic fuses
MEMS Fabry Perot filter for integrated spectroscopy system
Apparatus and method for driving plasma display panel using adaptive waveform mechanism
Program search device
Signal transmitting method and transmitter in radio multiplex transmission system
Method and device for calculating bit error rate of received signal
Method and System for Distribution and Use of Coupons
Autonomous control system apparatus and program for a small, unmanned helicopter
Distance Measurement for Building Automation Devices with Wireless Data Communications
Endoscope image pick-up apparatus
Radio operated communication terminal
Co-channel handover in a cellular network
Method for joint use of a radio access network by several mobile radio providers
Method of transmitting data and discontinuous coverage network
Interference rejection in telecommunication system
Method and apparatus for improved carrier feed thru rejection for a linear amplifier
Resonant frequency filtered arrays for discrete addressing of a matrix
Method and system for providing a selectable audio signal
Secure transmission system for a digital trunked radio system
Apparatus and method for signal phase control in an integrated radio circuit
Integrated circuit having radio receiver and methods for use therewith
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
Power converter circuit and method for power conversion
Battery pack including engagement concave portion for engagement with battery-using equipment
Control circuit having error amplifier for DC-DC converter and control method therefor
Switched-voltage control of the magnetization of current transforms and other magnetic bodies
Method and apparatus for voltage compensation for parasitic impedance
Electric engine start with two motors and single motor drive
Wide input range buck/boost switching regulator
System for assisting a main engine start-up
Fault tolerant architecture for permanent magnet starter generator subsystem
Apparatus for isolated switching power supply with coupled output inductors
Electric machine
Search coil mount for facilitating inspection of a generator rotor in situ
FM transmitter and power supply/charging assembly for MP3 player
DC-to-DC converter with improved transient response
Rectifier circuit and vision regeneration assisting apparatus having the same
Reference circuit
Low noise bandgap circuit
Microprocessor die with integrated voltage regulation control circuit
Method and apparatus to provide temporary peak power from a switching regulator
Block set and managing method thereof
Water cleaner as immersed in water tank
Tools for polishing and associated methods
Polymerizable biodegradable polymers including carbonate or dioxanone linkages
Look-up table based logic macro-cells
Programmable interconnect structures
Growth of textured gallium nitride thin films on polycrystalline substrates
Respirator containing filter cases
Transpedicular intervertebral disk access methods and devices
Reducing axon degeneration with proteasome inhibitors
Morphogenic protein
Apparatus and method for electrostatic spray coating of medical devices
Image forming apparatus with processing unit that can be removed from the image forming apparatus wi...
Optical element, and its manufacturing method
Organic injection laser
Thin-film large-area coherent light source, filter and amplifier apparatus and method
Laser device
Fiber ringdown pressure/force sensors
Wavelength tunable semiconductor laser apparatus
Wavelength selection device, wavelength selection laser, and tunable laser
Optical recording system with optimal recording laser beam power control, and method and device for ...
Disk reproduction device
Method for optimizing output in ultrashort-pulse multipass laser amplifiers with selective use of a ...
Smart spacecraft structures based on laser metrology
Vehicular radar system
Substituted cyclohexylcarboxylic acid amide compounds
Phenylalkyloxy-phenyl derivatives
Phenyloxyalkanonic acid derivatives as hPPAR activators
Process for preparing thiazole derivative and the intermediate compounds for preparing the same
Compounds active in spinigosine 1-phosphate signaling
Cannabinoid receptor ligands and uses thereof
Substituted N-cycloexylimidazolinones, process for their preparation and their use as medicaments
Carboxylic acid derivative and a pharmaceutical composition containing the derivative as active ingr...
Non-imidazole aryloxypiperidines
Thermal yellow donor and dyes
Medical site connection
Method and circuit for operating a voice coil actuator of a mass data storage device
CPP differential GMR sensor having antiparallel stabilized free layers for perpendicular recording
Inertial latching mechanism for disk drive actuator
Hard disk drive fixing structure
Cushioning material and information storage device using the same
Method for inspecting track pitch in a magnetic disk
Magnetic disk apparatus suppressing adjacent track influence
Media cartridge autoloader
Tape recording/reproducing apparatus
Magnetic head device, rotary head device, magnetic tape device, magnetic disc device, and magnetic r...
Determining a location based on a cyclic bit sequence containing consecutively-placed identical bit-...
Asymmetric compensation circuit
Apparatus and method for applying write signals for driving a write head
Piezoelectric and electrostatic microelectromechanical system actuator
Electrode layer for thin-film magnetic heads
Method of manufacturing slider of thin-film magnetic head
Collocated metal frame PZT micro-actuator with a lower stiffness suspension design and method of man...
Circuit arrangement and method for operation of lamps
Viral polymerase inhibitors
Product state display system, and program and recording medium for the same
Toner container
Nucleic acid binding proteins
Process for the preparation of L-amino acids using strains of the enterobacteriaceae family
Turbomachine blade, in particular a fan blade, and its method of manufacture
Method and apparatus for starting up a network or fabric
Rule assembly with increased blade standout
Transgenic mice containing Lrp5 gene disruptions
Leptin-related peptides
STARS-a muscle-specific actin-binding protein
Diagnostic and therapeutic use of the human sgpl1 gene and protein for neurodegenerative diseases
Adjusted sparse linear programming method for classifying multi-dimensional biological data
Securities aid
Prosthetic sock providing graduated thickness and tibial crest load reduction for an amputee limb re...
Resorbable macroporous bioactive glass scaffold and method of manufacture
Prosthesis for replacing the surface in the area of the ball of ball-and-socket joints
Orthopaedic joint assembly with rigidly locked fastener, kit and associated method
Acetabular implant and method for the production of said implant
Biologic modular tibial and femoral component augments for use with total knee arthroplasty
Biologic modular tibial and femoral component augments for use with total knee arthroplasty
Knee surgery method and apparatus
Modular humeral prostheisis and method
Method and apparatus for reconstructing a joint
Trial intervertebral distraction spacers
Vertebral implant and insertion tool
Intervertebral disk implant
Method and system for providing redundant power to a disk drive system
Computer system using disk controller and operating service thereof
Extracted-index addressing of byte-addressable memories
Apparatus and method for speeding up access time of a large register file with wrap capability
Data processor and IP module for data processor
Technique for translating a pure virtual file system data stream into a hybrid virtual volume
Method and apparatus for using a RAM memory block to remap ROM access requests
Buffered memory module with implicit to explicit memory command expansion
Reducing bus width by data compaction
Pipeline circuit for low latency memory
Application-based commit for local storage subsystems and remote storage subsystems
Establishing command order in an out of order DMA command queue
Memory data protection system
Method and system for transporting data content on a storage area network
Methods and apparatus for determining if a user-defined software function is a memory allocation fun...
Low power memory controller that is adaptable to either double data rate DRAM or single data rate sy...
Disk array apparatus, and method for avoiding data corruption by simultaneous access by local and re...
Bridged bi-aromatic ligands, catalysts, processes for polymerizing and polymers therefrom
Processing system for manufacturing composite cementitious materials with reduced carbon dioxide emi...
Compliant walled combustion devices II
Wet combustion engine
Design of instantaneously restartable clocks and their use such as in connecting clocked subsystems ...
Anti-fibroblast growth factor-8 monoclonal antibody
Diode-based memory including floating-plate capacitor and its applications
Semiconductor light emitting apparatus and its manufacturing method
Device for inputting names into navigation system and a corresponding navigation system for motor ve...
Parameter optimization method, parameter optimization apparatus, parameter optimization program, and...
Optical navigation chip
Spatial image information system and method for supporting efficient storage and retrieval of spatia...
Method and device for inputting a sequence of characters
Method and apparatus for displaying a map
Method and apparatus for DVD-video playback and automatic disc change control
Method and apparatus for displaying navigation information
Computer-implemented method and system for managing keyword bidding prices
Anti-phishing communication system
System and method for seller and item filters
Product-based advertising
Milk and milk products for preventing or treating heart disease
Diabetes-mediating proteins and therapeutic uses thereof
Drug for preventing and treating atherosclerosis
Foaming preparation with a yield point
Agricultural pesticide compositions
Colonies of nostoc commune, methods for cultivating edible nostoc commune and edible nostoc commune ...
Method of using guava extract and composition including guava extract
Hemostatic mistura of ipomoea balatas leaves, methods of preparation and use thereof
Composition comprising hovenia dulcis thunb. extract, lindera obtusiloba blume extract, or herbal mi...
Muscular strength enhancing agent
Cancer metastasis inhibitory composition
Compositions and methods useful for prevention or treatment of respiratory illness
Pharmaceutical preparations for treating hypertension and dyslipidemia with Allium ursinum and Alliu...
Comparative genomic hybridization
Release agent, toner, and method for manufacturing same
Hemocompatible polymer systems and related devices
Method for the manufacturing of a green tea product
Fluid composition used to stimulate human synovial fluid
Anti-microbial and oxidative co-polymer
Skin disinfectant composition and methods for using
UV-radiation protectant compositions
Methods and products of amino acid isolation
Antireflective member, optical element, display device, method of making stamper and method of makin...
Object transfer apparatus, exposure apparatus, object temperature control apparatus, object transfer...
Aqueous solution for removing post-etch residue
Exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
Method of DNA analysis using micro/nanochannel
Ink composition for ink jet recording, recording method and recorded matter
Sprayable, strain-hardening cementitious compositions
Dispersant compositions for cement compositions and related methods
Molding for drywall ceiling grid
Joist support apparatus
Process for the recovery of lactic acid from aqueous lactate salt solutions, involving the use of io...
Water-soluble or water-swellable, associatively thickening copolymers containing sulfo groups, metho...
Process to produce silica-filled elastomeric compounds
Handle for trigger operated tool
Fire-control sprinkler riser systems
Copolymers based on unsaturated mono-or dicarboxylic acid derivatives and oxyalkyleneglycol-alkenyl ...
Production processes and systems, compositions, surfactants, monomer units, metal complexes, phospha...
Matte film
Mold inhibiting waterproofing coating
Apparatus and method for manufacturing ceramic ware
Method for producing calcium component powder containing oil-soluble substance
Production of lithium compounds directly from lithium containing brines
Over-current protector
Cathodic protection system for non-isolated structures including a microprocessor control
Use of the Flue Gas Desulfurization Byproduct from Thermal Power Plants and Facilities and a Method ...
Modular curb assembly of pre-cast pre-finished components
Method of controlling termites
Method and composition for removing uremic toxins in dialysis processes
New Guinea Impatiens plant named 'Fisnics Salmgold'
New Guinea Impatiens plant named 'Fisnics Mang'
Poinsettia plant named 'Fismars Pink'
Raspberry plant named 'Driscoll Pacifica'
Raspberry plant name 'Driscoll Sevillana'
Raspberry plant named 'Driscoll Estrella'
Plum tree named 'suplumthirtyone'
Plum tree named 'Suplumthirtysix'
Alfalfa plants with detectable tannin levels and methods for producing same
Method for improving plant transformation efficiency by adding copper ion
Cinnamic acid 4-hydroxylase
Fatty acid desaturases and mutant sequences thereof
Bacillus thuringiensis CryET29 compositions toxic to coleopteran insects and Ctenocephalides SPP.
Crop Plant Cystatin Proteinase Inhibitors and Methods of Use
Genetic markers linked to fusarium head blight-resistance factor and utilization thereof
Inbred Corn Line PH8JV
Nitrogen-efficient monocot plants
Container closure
Method and apparatus for identifying a manufacturing problem area in a layout using a gradient-magni...
Computer-implemented system and method for wayfinding
Apparatus and method for processing of security capabilities through in-field upgrades
Boron Nitride Based Lubricant Additive
Brewable coffee product
Methods and materials for inhibiting the development of warmed-over flavor in meat
Method Of Processing Garlic
Beverage emulsion
Animal feed additives based on fermentation broth and production process thereof by granulation
Production of Expanded Food Crackers
Method of dry fractionation of fat or oil
Process for purification of sucralose
Stabilised emulsion
Aspartame stability in edible compositions
Use of Decalepis hamiltonii in flavor compositions
Gluten-free food products including deflavored bean powder
Process for preparation of expanded millet
Coffee drink composition
Use of extracts and compounds of allium-genus plants as preservatives in the food and agri-food indu...
MP3 player
MP3 player
PDA display panel with icons
PDA display panel video image
LCD monitor
Front cover portion of a handset
Stereo headset
Remote control
Mobile phone
Cellular phone
Mobile phone
Portable phone
Mobile phone
Mobile phone
Mobile phone
Mobile phone
Mobile phone
Mobile phone
Portable phone
LCD television receiver
Low power detection and compensation for satellite systems
Method for immobilizing conjugates in diagnostic tests
Method for immobilizing conjugates in diagnostic tests
Clean-in-place mill housing
Channel reciprocity matrix determination in a wireless MIMO communication system
Method and apparatus for detecting abnormal pattern candidates
Methods and systems for dynamic pitch helical scanning
X-ray transmissive optical mirror apparatus
Method for manufacturing a reflector for X-ray radiation
X-ray diffraction screening system convertible between reflection and transmission modes
X-ray diffraction apparatus and method
Lithography device for semiconductor circuit pattern generator
Radiation image forming unit and cassette
Radiation detecting cassette and radiation image data management system
Crystallization of 11-Beta-Hydroxysteroid Dehydrogenase type 1
Stereoradiography device and method for the use thereof
Semiconductor device and integral image recognition/display apparatus
Liquid crystal display apparatus
Display device having flexibility with a contact member allowing the first and second plates to be s...
Star shaped chewable pet treat
Image heating apparatus having a flexible sleeve
Wet type image forming apparatus
Radiotherapy apparatus
Tunable capacitors using fluid dielectrics
Fresnel optical element and projection display device
Inflatable sports ball in the style of a tennis ball
Gas chromatograph
Tube and valve assembly
Bungee cord terminus
Wheeled shovel
Vehicular seat
Video encoding method and apparatus and video decoding method and apparatus
Dual-axis confocal microscope having improved performance for thick samples
Infrared modulator for spectrometer
Process for translating instructions for an arm-type processor into instructions for a LX-type proce...
Automatic selection of cranial remodeling device configuration
Apparatus and methods for detecting overlay errors using scatterometry
Method and apparatus for identifying virtual body profiles
Osmotically driven active agent delivery device providing an ascending release profile
Method and apparatus for tail cancellation equalization
Method and apparatus for noise reduction by spectral and subcarrier averaging
System and method for increasing concentration of sterilant in region
Thermally resistant adhesive
Reticulated webs and method of making
Method and system for filtering sediment-bearing fluids
Intradermal needle
Image-distorting endoscopes and methods of making and using such endoscope
Appendage wrap
Sample processing device with unvented channel
Static drill-through modelling
GUID, PnPID, isochronous bandwidth based mechanism for achieving memory controller thermal throttlin...
Deterministic addressing of nanoscale devices assembled at sublithographic pitches
Fabrication of MEMS zoom lens structure
Nanoscale latches and impedance-encoded logic for use in nanoscale state machines, nanoscale pipelin...
Active interconnects and control points in integrated circuits
Luminescence brightness compensation structure of field-emission display
Superconducting X-ray detection apparatus and superconducting X-ray analyzer using the apparatus
Probe for near-field microscope, the method for manufacturing the probe and scanning probe microscop...
Method for shielding the magnetic field generated by an electrical power transmission line, and magn...
Pyridyl alkene and pyridyl alkine acid amides as cytostatics and immunosupressives
Thermal CVD synthesis of nanostructures
Multiple lamp balance transformer and drive circuit
Method and system for configurable network intrusion detection
Semiconductor device with self-test circuits and test method thereof
Cathode catalyst for fuel cell
Method and system for providing work machine multi-functional user interface
Resist composition comprising photosensitive polymer having lactone in its backbone
Image-forming device and process cartridge
Method of coating the surface of an inorganic substrates with an organic material and the product ob...
Packaging handle
Optical connection board and optical signal transmission
Noninvasive characterization of a flowing multiphase fluid using ultrasonic interferometry
Recombinant photoproteins and their conjugates
Distributed computer system enhancing a protocol service to a highly available service
Engine valve assembly
Method and apparatus for notifying end user of excess power demand
Telecommunication service registry
Storage apparatus and semiconductor apparatus
Plasma display panel
Method and apparatus for providing a proof of delivery verification for freight transportation syste...
Failure prediction system, failure prediction program, failure prediction method, device printer and...
Thermally insulated suspension load beam
Preconditioning an elastomeric stop member for use as a reference position
Apparatus for rotating magnet cathode sputtering with uniform process gas distribution
Method & apparatus for cathode sputtering with uniform process gas distribution
Tool for certifying a head-gimbal assembly