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Seal structure for fuel cell separator
Method for the production of perylen-3,4:9,10-tetracarboxylic acid diimides and perylen-3,4:9,10-tet...
Tooth shade analyzer system and methods
Fuser temperature control providing faster wake up from cold start by optimizing standby temperature...
Systems and methods for adaptive bit loading in a multiple antenna orthogonal frequency division mul...
Mobile phone
Biodegradable pet mat
Solid electrolytic capacitor with an improved mounting property, and manufacturing method of the sam...
Methods and apparatus for multiple bit rate serial communication
Method for attaching two surfaces to each other using a bioadhesive polyphenolic protein and perioda...
Firefighting agent delivery system
Automated air conditioner drain line clean-out system
Method of, and system for, adjusting a document configuration
Room decontamination with hydrogen peroxide vapor
Anisotropic conductive sheet, its manufacturing method, and its application
Defructosylation method
Peach tree named `NJF16`
Techniques for searching for best matches in tables of information
Method and system for authenticating user of data transfer device
Nonvolatile memory device with write error suppressed in reading data
Personal portable integrator for music player and mobile phone
Plasma display panel
Method and apparatus for efficiently developing encoded instructions by tracking multiple unverified...
Network synchronization system and method using synchronous mobile terminal as external reference cl...
Map-updating-data creating method
Navigation apparatus
Vehicle communication apparatus and system for supporting vehicles passing through narrow road
Location signaling for transport system
Bending machine
Detection of Spindle Motor Degradation
Low complexity pseudo-random interleaver
Weak antiferromagnetically coupled media with a five element magnetic alloy and a low moment stabili...
Multi-Platform Portable-Booting Systems and Architectures
Portable Multi-Platform Booting
Hybrid mask and method of making same
Analog Voltage Generator with Self-Biased Capacitive Feedback Stage
Generation of Analog Voltage Using Self-Biased Capacitive Feedback Stage
Disposable media player
Flash memory device and system with randomizing for suppressing errors
Method of limiting the play back of multimedia content
Ablation Catheter With Sensor Array And Discrimination Circuit To Minimize Variation In Power Densit...
Genetic Constructs Having Heterologous 3' Polyadenylation Signal Sequence Motifs that Function in Pl...
Genetic Constructs Having Heterologous 3' Polyadenylation Signal Sequence Motifs that Function in Pl...
Genetic Constructs Having Heterologous 3' Polyadenylation Signal Sequence Motifs that Function in Pl...
Plants with improved water deficit and cold tolerance
Plant genes encoding Dr1 and DRAP1, a global repressor complex of transcription
Expression Cassettes for Regulation of Expression in Monocotyledonous Plants
Plants Having Increased Yield And Method For Making The Same
Plant Cad1-Like Genes and Their Use
Herbicide-tolerant plants through bypassing metabolic pathway
Carrageenan Based Antimicrobial Compositions
Process for the preparation of 4'-Azido cytidine derivatives
siRNA targeting serine/threonine protein kinase AKT
Glycomimetic replacements for hexoses and N-acetyl hexosamines
Modified Clostridial Toxins With Altered Targeting Capabilities For Clostridial Toxin Target Cells
Fusion proteins of Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Screening methods and sequences relating thereto
Placental organic anion transporter and gene thereof
Process for the production of pentostatin aglycone and pentostatin
Antisense oligonucleotide having anticancerous activity
N-acetylglucosamine derivatives and use thereof
Timezone-shifting IP-based video broadcasting system
Parallel asynchronous order-preserving transaction processing
System and method for backing up and restoring data
Method of controlling a database management system by changing allocation of cache memory
Suspension and reinstatement of reference handles
Network management system, apparatus to be managed, management apparatus and program
Garbage collection system
storage system
Method and apparatus for making independent data copies in a data processing system
Hierarchical backup and retrieval system
Incrementally sychronizing occasionally-connected mobile databases, preserving horizontal filter sco...
System and method for achieving different levels of data consistency
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yorivendell`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yoalisha`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yotheresa`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yomary`
Kalanchoe plant named `Kelly`
Bidens ferulifolia plant named `Bidori`
Encryption apparatus, decryption apparatus and encryption system
Method for exchanging authentication information between a communication entity and an operator serv...
Method and apparatus for preventing the interception of data being transmitted to a web site by a mo...
Common interface controller and method of descrambling transport stream channels
Imaging disturbing method and system
Mission adaptable portable cart/utility table arrangement
Alstroemeria plant named `Zalsanyx`
Eryngium plant named `Sunny Jackpot`
Radio receiver and signal amplifying method in radio receiver
Paging apparatus and method for MBMS service in a mobile communication system
Radio resource management in a communication system
Systems and methods of distributed self-configuration for wireless networks
Method and device for a shared radio network
Remote sensing system
Adaptive control apparatus
Content distributing method
Ambidextrous earpiece
Enhancing signals in a two-way radio system
Mobile phone and method of updating radio channel settings
Radio receiver and/or transmitter including a programmable equalizer
Organic electroluminescence device
Data drive integrated circuit with reduced size and display apparatus having the same
Organic EL display device and substrate for the same
Tiled display
Organic electroluminescence device and method for fabricating thereof
Field effect transistor and method of manufacturing the same
Organic light-emitting device and method of fabricating the same
Manufacturing method of thin-film transistor, thin-film transistor sheet, and electric circuit
Encapsulated organic semiconductor device and method
Luminescent compounds with carbene ligands
Light emitting molecules and organic light emitting devices including light emitting molecules
Anti-counterfeiting identification system and method for consumables
Mobile phone
Mobile phone
Lamp for oven
Light-emitting diode (LED)
Wall-mounted projector
Control panel for a composite device
Main frame for MP3 player
Appliance handle
Portable telephone
Appliance handle
Portable phone
Appliance handle
Mobile phone
Method and apparatus for synchronizing a smart antenna apparatus with a base station transceiver
Bistable display device having plural cavities containing rotatable bicolored particles within a liq...
Fee allocator system and method
Online reactivation of an account or service
3-Hydroxypropionic acid and other organic compounds
Corynebacterium glutamicum genes encoding proteins involved in carbon metabolism and energy producti...
S99T C-11 Truncated polynucleotides encoding interferon gamma polypeptide variants
Simmondsin for use as angiogenesis inhibitor
Method of detecting micrometastasis
Terminal-phosphate-labeled nucleotides with new linkers
Methods for producing secreted polypeptides
Method for managing SIP registrations in a telecommunications network
Multiplierless correlators for HIPERLAN/2 and IEEE 802.11A wireless local area networks
System and method for the dimension checking of mechanical pieces
Implantable medical device having long-term wireless capabilities
System and method to conduct idle mode paging channel monitoring within a cellular wireless
Communications device with low energy notification
Method and system for handling events in an application framework for a wireless device
Character input system and communication terminal
Data link layer tunneling technique for high-speed data in a noisy wireless environment
Electronic apparatus and wireless network system
Genotyping kit for diagnosis of human papillomavirus infection
Low temperature CVD process with selected stress of the CVD layer on CMOS devices
Semiconductor devices and method of fabrication
Methods of forming hybrid fin field-effect transistor structures
Reduced dielectric breakdown/leakage semiconductor device and a method of manufacturing the same, in...
Keyhole communication device for tracking and monitoring shipping container and contents thereof
Ion implantation system and control method
Field emission cathode gating for RF electron guns and planar focusing cathodes
Micron-size polymer particles comprising polyamide compound, production and uses thereof
Process for the production of a multilayer vehicle repair coating
Packaging tape and dispensing tape gun system
Use of aluminum in perforating and stimulating a subterranean formation and other engineering applic...
Vapor deposition process and apparatus therefor
Hydraulic control apparatus and hydraulic control method for automatic transmission
Hybrid driving unit and vehicle carrying the same
Torque control of turbocharged engine
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus with cleaning device for removing remaining toner from outer surface of phot...
Image-forming device with control of developer bias
Optical modulator
Data processing method and data processing apparatus
Light emitting device for visual applications
Twin insulator charge storage device operation and its fabrication method
NAND type non-volatile memory device and method of forming the same
Programmable structure including discontinuous storage elements and spacer control gates in a trench
Query-based identification of user interface elements
System and method for splitting an image across multiple computer readable media
Systems and methods for the implementation of a peer-to-peer rule-based pull autonomous synchronizat...
Delegating certificate validation
Extending non-volatile storage at a computer system
Systems and methods for enhanced stored data verification utilizing pageable pool memory
Method and system for detecting a dead server
Optical system and optical apparatus including the same
Multiple power mode amplifier with bias modulation option and without bypass switches
Resonant magnetometer device
Preparation of integrated circuit device samples for observation and analysis
Micro column electron beam apparatus formed in low temperature co-fired ceramic substrate
Pattern forming method, arranged fine particle pattern forming method, conductive pattern forming me...
Organo-metal compounds
Flexible electrically conductive film
Emissive polymers and devices incorporating these polymers
Energy usage estimation for climate control system
Modular field planting system
Method for caching and delivery of compressed content in a content delivery network
10-gigabit Ethernet line interface apparatus and method of controlling the same
System having configurable interfaces for flexible system configurations
Satellite IP multicasting system and method
Method and apparatus for route discovery within a communication system
Use of synchronized clocks to provide input and output time stamps for performance measurement of tr...
Method, system and article for rapid detection and avoidance of high data corrupting routes within a...
Training premable in multipoint-to-point communication using orthogonal frequency division multiplex...
Display changeover control in image sensing apparatus
Methods and systems for thermal-based laser processing a multi-material device
CML to CMOS signal converter
Dynamic transmission line termination
Systems and methods for generating and evaluating high frequency, low voltage swing signals at in-ci...
Use of multiple recombination sites with unique specificity in recombinational cloning
Method of binding a compound to a sensor surface
Demultiplexers using transistors for accessing memory cell arrays
Methods for production of FGM net shaped body for various applications
Crosslinkable polymeric materials and their applications
Apparatus and methods for treating cervical inter-vertebral discs
Tooth preparation instrument and system of its use
Pure pearl powder preparation method
Electromotion ice-cream disher
Locking device for silicone packings of household bean milk and bean curd makers
Method, system and devices for converting venous blood values to arterial blood values
Method using 3-(4-amino-1-oxo-1,3-dihydro-isoindol-2-yl)-piperidine-2,6-dione for treatment of certa...
Heterocyclic compounds useful for the treatment of inflammatory and allergic disorders
Systems and methods for measuring fluid properties
Multi-lumen catheter with separate distal tips
Inverter and inverter unit thereof
Radio amplifier for a digital media player
Sealed rechargeable battery and battery module
Fuel cell end unit with integrated heat exchanger
Fork sunglasses
Segment tip for a grinding wheel
Pull tab for a slide fastener slider
Cigarette box holder
Method and system for identifying expertise
Object lens drive device, and disc recording and/or reproducing apparatus
Camera with variable aperture member
Exposure system
Elastic boundary wave apparatus
System and method for controlling public transportation
Display apparatus
Wireless sensor, rolling bearing with sensor, management apparatus and monitoring system
Light guide plate, surface light source device and display
Microdose therapy
Methods and compositions for risk stratification
Analyzer and computer program product
High-efficiency modulating RF amplifier
Printing machine with a control unit that displays a plurality of key operation switches to control ...
Display device
Reflective stereoscopic display with first and second liquid crystal cells
Micro-cavity MEMS device and method of fabricating same
Radioisotope production apparatus and radiopharmaceutical production apparatus
Technique for ion beam angle spread control for advanced applications
Chemical probe using field-induced droplet ionization mass spectrometry
Light-emitting device and method of fabricating the same
Thin multichip flex-module
Thin multichip flex-module
Method to begin coolant circulation to prevent MEA overheating during cold start
Temperature-based breakthrough detection and pressure swing adsorption systems and fuel processing s...
Apparatus, system, and method for generating hydrogen
Coating apparatus and organic electronic device fabricating method
Operation microscope apparatus
Powered toothbrush
Container apparatus and related systems and methods
Clamp for bicycle seat post
Trailer presence detection system and method
Shoe box
Locking device for electronic equipment
Bicycle shift control mechanism
Metabolically efficient leg brace
Fabric article treating method using electrically charged liquid in a clothes drying appliance
Continuously variable planetary gear set
Combination of bicycle frame and battery
Spoked wheel for a bicycle
Seat with adjustable omnidirectional suspension
Bicycle with rear suspension
Material for gland packing and the gland packing
Conversion of 2,5-(hydroxymethyl)furaldehyde to industrial derivatives, purification of the derivati...
Fischer-tropsch catalysts
Catalyst treatment useful for aromatics conversion process
Method of forming closed air gap interconnects and structures formed thereby
Manufacturing method of monocrystalline gallium nitride localized substrate
Sputtering target, sintered article, conductive film fabricated by utilizing the same, organic EL de...
Integrated circuit inductors
Apparatus for treating a waste gas using plasma torch
Integration of strained Ge into advanced CMOS technology
Apparatus and method using smart antenna in FDD wireless communication system
Longitudinal folding apparatus
Folding former for a press
Devices for supporting and adjusting a form cylinder in a printing group of a rotary printing press
Web fed rotary printing unit
Iterative method of determining a spatial distribution of values of a property
Wrist coil for magnetic resonance imaging
Single-sided magnetic resonance magnet assembly
Radio frequency coil assembly and magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
Media device
Biological test strip
Body wrap
Medical cart assembly
Portable liquid oxygen unit
Implantable housing
Surgical clip
Nasal dilator
Breathing air filtration device
Sign for vehicles
Apparatus for depositing cell samples on microscopic slide
Icon for a portion of a display screen
Icon for a portion of a display screen
Cat restraint and carrier
Implantable electrode assembly having reverse electrode configuration
Lead body-to-connector transition zone
Collecting activity information to evaluate therapy
Peptide inhibitors of protein kinase C
Diagnosis and treatment of cancer: I
Methods for identifying a chemical compound that directly enhances binding of FKBP12.6 to PKA-phosph...
Antimicrobial elastomer composition and method for making
Method for manufacturing copper wires on substrate of flat panel display device
Use of hepatitis B X-interacting protein (HBXIP) in modulation of apoptosis
Compositions for the electronic detection of analytes utilizing monolayers
Apparatus for producing metal powder by electrowinning
System for determining unreturned standby resource usage
Electronic product identifier system
Methods and apparatus for moving data elements within a data communications device
Environmentally controllable storage system
Digital frequency determining apparatus and methods using matched filters
Device behavior based on surrounding devices
Wave antenna wireless communication device and method
Everyday wireless vehicle notification and vehicle location systems and methods related thereto
System and method for providing visual and physiological cues in a matching system
Comprehensive monitoring system
Battery-assisted backscatter RFID transponder
Marine asset security and tracking (MAST) system
System and method for improved item tracking
Unique method for embedding business process into RFID grid
Electronic tagged box
RFID edge server with security plug-ins
Coupler with radio frequency identification tag
Image forming apparatus
Method and apparatus for aggregating and communicating tracking information
Method for producing 3,3-dimethyl-2-(1-propenyl) cyclopropanecarboxylate
(Meth)acrylate-terminated polyphenylene ether
Aqueous flame retardant resin composition
Phosphorus-containing coated magnesium oxide powder, method for producing same, and resin compositio...
Method for manufacturing compound semiconductor epitaxial substrate
Tire condition monitor device and method of manufacturing the same
Chum device and method
Birdcage feeder
Method for site-specific application of topical medicants to aquatic animals
Photothermographic material and method for producing silver halide used for it
Photothermographic material
Multiple layer laminate with moisture barrier
Forming concentrate of poly(arylene ether), thermosetting resin and compatibilizer
Magnetic fine particles and process for producing the same
System for, and method of, monitoring heartbeats of a patient
Wearable physiological signal detection module and measurement apparatus having the same
Wearable device for bioelectrical interaction with motion artifact correction means
Portable clean molding apparatus and method of use
Electrode arrangement for use in a medical instrument
Method of embedding/detecting digital watermark and apparatus for using thereof
Image forming device, image forming method, and program
System and method for automatic linguistic indexing of images by a statistical modeling approach
Method of reducing a blocking artifact when coding moving picture
Method and system for finding spatial medians in a sliding window environment
Variable length coding method and apparatus for video compression
Image predictive coding method
Digital video media duplication or transmission quality measurement
Automated techniques for comparing contents of images
Vision system and method for process monitoring
System and method for curve recognition in a hand-drawn chart in ink input
System and method for editing a hand-drawn chart in ink input
Recognition of electronic ink with late strokes
Video signal processor and method of processing video signal
Optical receiver circuit
Flat top optical filtering component
Photosensitive resin composition for optical waveguide formation and optical waveguide
Holder for optical fibres
Optical waveguide for transmitting surface plasmon-polariton wave
Waveguide having low index substrate
Method of manufacturing an optical fibre having variations in the refractive index
All-optical logic gates using nonlinear elements-claim set II
Fiberoptic cable bead mark system and method
Optical transmission device and optical module
High speed optical intensity modulator
Optical signal level control apparatus
High speed optical phase modulator
Electrowetting optical switch
LED warning signal light and light support having at least one sector
Display assembly with horn configuration for vehicle
Illuminating device and image display device using the same
Cable assembly with light emitting diode
Surface light source having light guide plate with prisms
Optical substrate, manufacturing method thereof, planar lighting device and electrooptical device
Optical film assemblies and methods of making same
Planar light source device and display device using the same
Light-guiding structure
Vehicle headlamp
Architectural mast-mounted support system
Diffuser shield and lighting system for uniform illumination
Laser guidance emergency navigation method and system
Multi-switch flashlight
Method and apparatus for constant light output pulsed L.E.D. illumination
Light assembly having decorative member
Bullet composition
Fluid warming cassette and system capable of operation under negative pressure
Method for dicing glass substrate
Stabilizer system for stabilizing halogen-containing polymers
Wood sizing agents for PVC composites
Napkin holder
Durable plastic mini card and method for testing its durability
Process for producing synthesis gas for the fischer-tropsch synthesis and producing apparatus thereo...
System and method for electroporating a sample
Method and devices for transferring biological cells between a carrier and a probe
Process and kit-of-parts for improved hair conditioning after coloring bleaching or perming
Clostridial toxin treatment for dermatillomania
Botulinum toxin for treatment of obsessive compulsive finger biting disorder
Computer-implemented land planning system and method designed to generate at least one conceptual fi...
Process for the preparation of cinacalcet base
Agents for coloring keratin fibers
Hybrid winder
Method for unwinding rolls of web material
Catalyst for purification of diesel engine exhaust gas
SERS method for rapid pharmacokinetic analysis of drugs in saliva
SERS method and apparatus for rapid extraction and analysis of drugs in saliva
Chub packaging film
High surface area, small crystallite size catalyst for Fischer-Tropsch synthesis
Hydroconversion catalysts and methods of making and using same
No VOC radiation curable resin compositions with enhanced flexibility
Mutant carotenoid ketolases
Spinning low fluorosurfactant fluoropolymer dispersions
Horizontal rotary hook for sewing machine
Yield profile manipulator
Method and system for sustainable digital watermarking
Methods and apparatus for responding to a request cluster
Data transfer control system, electronic instrument, program, and data transfer control method
Control system for an IC network
Steel tube for bearing element parts and method of manufacturing as well as machining the same
Bearing arrangement for a vehicle differential
Rolling bearing for a wheel of vehicle and a semi-float type bearing apparatus having it
Linear guiding unit
Device for combating targets
Apparatus and method for firearm takedown
Secure hidden route in a data network
Image forming apparatus and developer cartridge
Method and apparatus for detecting optical switch fault by monitoring optical output transitions
Optical storage system optical storage medium and use of such a medium
Liquid crystal display device
Process for producing optically active 1-alkyl-substituted 2,2,2-trifluoroethylamine
Method and device for collecting biometric data
Method of manufacturing light emitting device
Electroactive polymer devices for moving fluid
Polymeric acyl derivatives of indoles
Integrated microfeature workpiece processing tools with registration systems for paddle reactors
Electrosurgical device having hollow tissue cutting member and transducer assembly
Light-beam scanning device
Porous, molecularly imprinted polymer and a process for the preparation thereof
Method of manufacturing thin film device electro-optic device, and electronic instrument
Fluidic MEMS device
Methods and procedures for stabilization and performance optimization of multi-layer sol-gel chemica...
Highly oxidation-resistant copper powder for conductive paste and process for producing the powder
Method for manufacturing an electro-optical device
Systems and methods for implementing an acknowledgement mechanism for transmission of a real-time da...
Display evaluation method and apparatus
Decoding circuit for decoding multibit data, and a display apparatus utilizing the same
Image display device having a long-life phosphor layer
Method of generating image and illumination device for inspecting substrate
Whiteboard clip
Portable terminal and method of controlling the same
Multilayer capacitor
High voltage tolerant output buffer
Polymerizable liquid crystal composition and polymer thereof
Pressure sensor device
System and method for customized document selection
Feeding device and feeding method, and image forming device
Frame for image formation device
Image forming apparatus and output image density correction method
Signal transmission device
Rotary deflector, optical scanning unit and image forming apparatus
System for authenticating hardcopy documents
Method for multi-color, clustered, dot-off-dot halftoning
Calibration of color devices
Comparative object shooting condition judging device, image quality adjustment device, and image sho...
Oiling roller assembly for a drum maintenance unit
Sheet feed device and image forming apparatus
Cellular communications system for providing non-real time subscription data and related methods
Location-based notifications
Esters and their use in perfumery
Fragrance bottle
Polymodal biological detection system
Transparent abrasive cleaning product, especially manual dishwashing liquid
Oil containing starch granules for delivering benefit-additives to a substrate
Oil containing starch granules for delivering benefit-additives to a substrate
Method of collecting highly pure polyhydroxyalkanoate from microbial cells
Method and apparatus for detecting a packet error in a wireless communications system with minimum o...
Using reassembly queue sets for packet reassembly
Routing for networks with content filtering
Incorporation of markings in optical media
Biodegradable poly(lactic acid) polymer composition and films, coatings and products comprising Biod...
Conductive adhesive rework method
Removing siloxanes from a gas stream using a mineral based adsorption media
Methods of using tires and scrap rubber in the manufacture and melting of steel and other metals
System and method for providing a flash memory assembly
Method for manufacturing olefinic thermoplastic elastomer composition
Stereoselective reduction process for the preparation of pyrrolotriazine compounds
Mandrel, method of use thereof and production method thereof
Method of refilling an ink cartridge for use in ink jet recorder
Spin-injection magnetic random access memory
Method of manufacturing carrier wafer and resulting carrier wafer structures
LSI apparatus
System and method for efficient use of memory device bandwidth
Data storage systems
Removing the effects of unknown test values from compacted test responses
Switch control apparatus, semiconductor device test apparatus and sequence pattern generating progra...
Method and a unit for programming a memory
System, method and storage medium for providing a high speed test interface to a memory subsystem
Method, apparatus, and computer program product for diagnosing a scan chain failure employing fuses ...
Graft copolymer latex and method for preparing dried powder thereof
Data read/write systems comprising a tip
System and method for driving an industrial control device
Method for mounting an electronic part on a substrate using a liquid containing metal particles
Cleaning and decontamination formula for surfaces contaminated with prion-infected material
High temperature magnetorheological fluid compositions and devices
Method for automatic determination of substrates states in plasma processing chambers
RLAN wireless telecommunication system with RAN IP gateway and methods
Space- and time-adaptive nonblocking algorithms
Human T2R54 taste receptor and use for identifying bitter taste modulators
Method, apparatus and system for quantifying the content of genetically modified material in a sampl...
Methods and primers for diagnosing idiopathic congenital central hypoventilation syndrome
Mycobacterial vaccine
Mycobacterial antigens expressed during latency
Mycobacterial antigens expressed under low oxygen tension
H3L envelope protein immunization methods and H3L envelope passive protection methods
Methods and compositions for inhibiting binding of IgE to a high affinity receptor
Method for reversibly transforming data format, image processing apparatus, program for reversibly t...
Using protected/hidden region of a magnetic media under firmware control
Modulating one or more parameters of an audio or video perceptual coding system in response to suppl...
Information processing apparatus and method
System and method for audio encoding and counterfeit tracking a motion picture
Foot measurement kiosk
Method and platform for term extraction from large collection of documents
Internal combustion engine shut-down for engine having adjustable valves
Helical cam device and method
Method for controlling valve overlap of a variable valvetrain engine
Lift-variable valve-operating system for internal combustion engine
Primary and offset actuator rocker arms for engine valve actuation
Adjusting output image of image data
Displaying an image using memory control unit
Wireless remote controller using time division protocol and satellite radio receiver including the s...
Drive system for a vehicle moving along a trackway, particularly a magnetic levitation train
Device and method for preventing speeding
Method for monitoring tire pressure variation of automobile tire and system for realizing the same
Apparatus and method for calculating initial correction coefficient, and program for calculating ini...
Combined rear view mirror and telephone
Device for automatically controlling audio volume based on vehicle speed and method for operating th...
Adaptive driver workload estimator
Installation construction of radio communication module on vehicular license plate
Security system with wireless RF portable monitor
Multimode wireless local area network/radio frequency identification asset tag
Retail signage management system
System and methods for determining the location dynamics of a portable computing device
Security system including a method and system for acquiring GPS satellite position
Surveillance system with identification correlation
Method and system for collaborative and fail-tolerant deployment of automatic identification and dat...
Method and system for integrated processing of automatically collected interaction data
Pedal for playing an instrument and pedal components
Self-inflating cushion and footwear including same
Structural member
Orthopaedic device for correcting abnormal positions of the toes
Powered orthotic device
Cleaning shoe spreaders
Jack with an optional pivoting foot
Height-adjustable support for semitrailers or the like
Stocking aid device
Fertilizer spike injection tool
Air passage device for inflatable shoe bladders
Article of footwear with a pivoting sole element
Pumping device of shoes
Intelligent footwear
Footwear sole
Reciprocating saw
Apparatus for controlling a compression zone in a compressively shrinking fabric web
Shoelace retention device
Self-contained articulated mattress
Articulated support surface for a stretcher or gurney
Method and apparatus for treating or preventing a medical condition
Antimicrobial transcutaneous access shield and kit
Slipper insole, slipper, and method for manufacturing a slipper
Method of Making an Article of Footwear
Nanostructure-based solid state charging device
Ordered array of nanoparticles for efficient nanoenhanced Raman scattering detection and methods of ...
Method of forming nano-sized MTJ cell without contact hole
Apparatus and method for measuring the signal from a fluorescing nanodrop contained by surface tensi...
Nano-structure coated coronodes for low voltage charging devices
Method for preparing catalyst supports and supported catalysts from single walled carbon nanotubes
Low temperature preparation of supported nanoparticle catalysts having increased dispersion
Method for manufacturing super bright light emitting diode of nanorod array having InGaN quantum wel...
Core-shell magnetic nanoparticles comprising an inner-transition element
Method and apparatus for controlling the length of a carbon nanotube
Heat transfer fluids with hetero-nanocapsules
Method of producing nano-sized Fe powder having polymer coated layer
Strain detection for automated nano-manipulation
Three-dimensional nanoscale metrology using FIRAT probe
Method and arrangement for taking a camera into use in a mobile device
Backlight compensation using threshold detection
Digital camera and method of controlling same
Imaging apparatus
Camera device and method and program for starting the camera device
Image sensor module with optical path delimiter and accurate alignment
Light quantity adjusting device and photographing device having the same
Rotation system with three degrees of freedom and application of the same
Lens retracting structure
Device and system for assisting printer selection through a network
Scanning Display Apparatus
Color OLED display system having improved performance
Liquid crystal display backplane layouts and addressing for non-standard subpixel arrangements
System and method for tuning channels using a central point of control
Wearable electronic device
Digital video segment identification
Dedicated wireless digital video disc (DVD) controller for video game consoles
Flexible sheet having at least one region of electroluminescence
Method of playing a poker-type game
Couples interactive relationship question and answer board game
Lottery device
Check-valve for reduction of leakage caused by valve flapping
Flat folding promotional structure
Method and system for clustering optimization and applications
Method and system for managing and tracking semantic objects
Effector machine computation
Training of a physical neural network
Dimensional reduction using data matching in high dimensional space
Multiobjective optimization apparatus, multiobjective optimization method and multiobjective optimiz...
Dynamical brain model for use in data processing applications
Neural prosthesis with fuzzy logic control system
Representation of sheet metal part models
Audio visual player apparatus and system and method of content distribution using the same
Osteospermum plant named `DEL COM WH`
Baptisia plant named `Twilite`
Saxifraga plant named `Rockwhite`
Thuja plant named `Congabe`
Grapevine plant named `Sugrathirtythree`
Apple tree named `McLaughlin Gala`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yohollister`
Hydrangea plant named `Fantasy`
Hybrid tea rose plant named `JACgodde`
Hosta plant named `Great Escape`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yorichmond`
Petunia plant named `Petnitbl`
Information system
Automated group payment
Internet stamp
Optimal engine operating power management strategy for a hybrid electric vehicle powertrain
Winding control method of seatbelt retractor and seatbelt device
Impact absorption device for vehicles
Seat switch
Safety lever system in cab of excavator
Four-wheel drive hybrid vehicle
Cycle suspension assembly
Engine torque truncation method for a four-wheel drive vehicle
Snowmobile track suspension
Hybrid drive unit for vehicles
Vehicle drive device
Complementary regenerative torque system and method of controlling same
Dual row cart collector and method
Heat exchanger assembly for a motor vehicle
Air separator for low flow rate cooling systems
Electronic television program guide schedule system and method
Methods and systems for determining audio loudness levels in programming
Security messenger system
Satellite radio receiver that displays information regarding one or more channels that are not curre...
Method for controlling interpolation direction and related device
System and method for tone composition
Gaussian blur approximation suitable for GPU
Discrete wavelet transform unit and method for adaptively encoding still image based on energy of ea...
"Don't care" pixel interpolation
Processing pipeline of pixel data of a color image acquired by a digital sensor
Method and arrangement for touchless detection of data of uneven surfaces
Collusion resistant desynchronization for digital video fingerprinting
Human identification apparatus and human searching/tracking apparatus
Position and orientation estimating method and apparatus
Process for providing a pilot aided phase recovery of a carrier
Generation of hue slice table for gamut mapping
Display system and signal processing using diamond-shaped DMDs
Television broadcast receiver
Method and system for cross-chrominance removal using motion detection
Associating application states with a physical object
Slant top slot machine with LEDs to illuminate front surface
Gaming using terminating roaming wild positions
Dual injection of two polymeric filtration aids for gypsum removal from phosphoric acid/gypsum slurr...
Integrated heavy hydrocarbon removal, amine treating and dehydration
Hydrogen storage battery; positive nickel electrode; positive electrode active material and methods ...
Method and apparatus for local fluorine and nitrogen trifluoride production
Efficient method and apparatus for generating singlet delta oxygen at an elevated pressure
Technique for boron implantation
Exhaust gas purifying catalyst and process for purifying exhaust gas
Method for the detection of fluoride or hydrogen fluoride and detection kit
Lithium and vanadium oxide, a preparation method thereof and the use of same as an active electrode ...
Catalyst useful for removal of hydrogen sulphide from gas stream and its conversion to sulphur, a pr...
Method for combustion synthesis of fullerenes
Preparation of a high purity and high concentration hydroxylamine free base
High-temperature denitration catalysts and processes for preparing same
Reduction of NOx emissions using a staged silver/alumina catalyst system
Manganese containing oxygen storage component comprising three-way catalyst composition
Method for broadcasting multimedia signals towards a plurality of terminals
Apparatus and method for subtractive installation
Method and apparatus for data recovery system using storage based journaling
Image display method and image display system
Method of manufacturing a hard precious metal alloy member
Hot-dip galvanized hot-rolled and cold-rolled steel sheets excellent in strain age hardening propert...
Electronic keyboard instrument
Transmission of MIDI using TCP and UDP
Tone synthesis apparatus and method
Electronic percussion instrument, system and method with rim shot detection
Automatic music mood detection
Waveform generating device
Method and apparatus for music composition
Portable keyboard musical instrument
Musical instrument grip
Flute pads
Quick release percussion instrument arm adapter
Mobile wireless communications device with reduced microphone noise from radio frequency communicati...
Loop filter with gear shift for improved fractional-N PLL settling time
Navigation morse decode display
Multiple intermediate frequencies receiver and a method thereof
Transmitting apparatus
Method and a system for detecting communication relaying network elements
Optical interface devices having balanced amplification
Method and system for decoding low density parity check (LDPC) codes
Programmable logic device integrated circuits with wireless programming
Online wardrobe
Portable wireless apparatus
Mobile communication system, radio base station apparatus, operation control method therefor and pro...
Dynamic readjustment of power
System and method for speed indication through transmit power control commands
Mobile content delivery system
Radio wave reception device and radio wave clock
Method and apparatus for processing air-borne digital data received in a motor vehicle
Low noise mixer
Direct conversion RF transceiver for wireless communications
System and method for managing copyrighted electronic media
Resource scheduling in workflow management systems
System and method for remote assistance
Content addressable information encapsulation, representation, and transfer
Method for providing access control for data items in a data repository in which storage space used ...
Systems and methods that facilitate data mining
Component cost estimation system, component cost estimation method, cost standard data providing sys...
System and method for performing an on-line transaction using a single-use payment instrument
Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving a decoding key encoded with specific information...
Method and system for restricting the usage of payment accounts
ACH debit blocking method and system
System and method for using cards for sponsored programs
Secure tax meter and certified service provider center for collecting sales and/or use taxes on sale...
Method and system for managing a mortgage rebate transaction card account
Systems and methods for providing loan management from cash or deferred income arrangements
Automated order book with crowd price improvement
Method for managing an investment portfolio
Risk stripping system and method
Method and system for portable retirement investment
Monitoring and control of processes for making 1-hexene
Process for preparing short chain alkyl aromatic compounds
Process and apparatus for alkylation of aromatic with olefin using impure aromatic recycle
Manufacture of xylenes using reformate
Olefinic feedstock treatment processes
Liquid contacting of post-quench effluent vapor streams from oxygenate to olefins conversion to capt...
Method of reducing amount of peroxides, reducing fuel sediments and enhancing fuel system elastomer ...
Olefin production utilizing condensate feedstock
Simulated moving bed adsorptive separation process for handling multiple feedstocks
Methanol feed for producing olefin streams
Two stage hydrocarbon conversion reaction system
Information processing device and method, and recording medium
Access control method and storage apparatus
Dynamically shifting control word
Method and apparatus for generating a cryptographic key
System and method for protecting computer software from a white box attack
Method and apparatus for controlling a user's pc through a broadcast communication to archive inform...
User data management device having a notification determination device that determines who is provid...
Accessing in a rights locker system for digital content access control
Authenticated and metered flow control method
Using multiple watermarks to protect content material
Method for using communication channel round-trip response time for digital asset management
Increasing peer privacy
Copy protection for analog video signals from computing devices
Insertion and extraction of a message in an image
Group security
Receiving apparatus
Belt conveyor
Cleaning tool
Flexible hand held duster with lambs wool dusting head
Multi-purpose cleaning tool
Portion of a laundry appliance
Spray gun washer console
Grooming tool
Bird feeder
Nail file
Chandelier pendant
Light display fixture
Light object
Light fixture
Recessed fluorescent luminaire
Roadway luminaire
Work lamp
Flashlight body portion
Sediment control drain and method of construction
Extended width retaining wall block
Cubic marine impact-absorbing structure
Leaching chamber having varying slotted wall thickness
Anchoring system for installing in a surface moved according to high-frequency movements
Sampling method and sampling device, and logD measuring method and logD measuring system
Apparatus for controlling fluid-heating using polymer disk
Efficient electron transfer dissociation for mass spectrometry
Soybean variety 4959932
Soybean cultivar S050232
Soybean cultivar 5333301
Defensin polynucleotides and methods of use
Nucleotide sequences and polypeptides encoded thereby useful for modifying plant characteristics and...
Seed coat gene and gene product
Method of elevating photosynthesis speed of plant by improving pyruvate phosphate dikinase
Beta-lactamase substrates having phenolic ethers
Compositions and kits for detecting a sequence mutation in cinnamyl alcohol dehydrogenase gene assoc...
Charge reversal of polyion complexes
Monoclonal antibody and gene encoding the same, hybridoma, pharmaceutical composition, and diagnosti...
Chimeric polypeptides containing chemokine domains
Calcipressins: endogenous inhibitors of calcineurin, uses and reagents related thereto
2-O sulfatase nucleic acid compositions
Immunogenic minicells and methods of use
Intravascular delivery of nucleic acid
Methods and reagents for treating glucose metabolic disorders
Method and device for detecting degradation of performance of an aircraft
Aircraft fuselage and corresponding aircraft
Rotor wing aircraft having an adjustable tail nozzle
Apparatus and appertaining method for upfinding in spinning projectiles using a phase-lock-loop or c...
Fuel tank for spacecraft
Variable-force payload ejecting system
Flade gas turbine engine with fixed geometry inlet
Superconducting magnet configuration with reduced heat input in the low temperature regions
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and magnetic resonance image data processing method
Radio frequency coil assembly and magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
Optical Decoupling, Tuning and Shimming of Magnetic Resonance Coils
Quantum photodetectors, imaging apparatus and systems, and related methods
Toner, developer including the toner, and method for fixing toner image
Method of preparing a toner, developer including the toner, container containing the toner, and imag...
Display device
Antibody to a polypeptide overexpressed in tumors
Erythropoietin receptor binding antibodies
Antibodies that bind PRO6182 polypeptides
Pro4399 Polypeptides
5'-carbamoyl-1,1'-biphenyl-4-carboxamide derivatives and their use as p38 kinase inhibitors
Biologically active peptides comprising Isoleucyl-valyl-threonyl-asparaginyl-threonyl-threonine (IVT...
Subcellular targeting of therapeutic proteins
Method of treating granuloma annulare or sarcoid
Loudspeaker suspension
Discharge tube of hermetic compressor
Sound attenuating structures
Accelerated weight drop configurable for use as a shear wave seismic energy source and a method of o...
Primary housing assembly for a motorcycle engine
Multi-sided bridge game cube die indicator with legends therefor
Method and apparatus for providing spelling analysis
Identify indicators in a data processing system
Method and apparatus for relating device name to physical location of device on a network
Self-calibrating time code generator
Method and apparatus for authenticating nodes in a communications network
Apparatus and method for target address replacement in speculative branch target address cache
Active termination control
Configuring a network router
Proton beam therapy control system
Method and apparatus for facilitating distributed delivery of content across a computer network
One shot RDMA having a 2-bit state
Application server component that notifies one or more communication devices of one or more invitati...
Method and system for diagnosing pathological phenomenon using a voice signal
Method and apparatus for computing a distance metric between computer system workloads
Analyzing equipment performance and optimizing operating costs
Providing nonlinear temperature compensation for sensing means by use of Pade approximant function e...
Operator warning system and method for improving locomotive operator vigilance
Portion of a shoe midsole
Shoe upper
Shoe upper
Portion of a shoe
Shoe upper
Shoe upper
Shoe upper
Footwear footbed
Footwear sole
Footwear sole
Footwear sole
Footwear sole
Cooler module and its fastening structure
Wedge lock
Heatspreader for single-device and multi-device modules
Clip for heat dissipation device
Electronic card unit and method for removing heat from a heat-generating component on a printed circ...
Cooled electronics system and method employing air-to-liquid heat exchange and bifurcated air flow
Systems and methods for controlling cooling fluid temperature in a fuel cell engine
Enhanced energy concentrator composition
Heat dissipation device
Device, system and method for on-line explosive deslagging
Method for ranking web page search results
Reducing unwanted and unsolicited electronic messages by preventing connection hijacking and domain ...
Method and apparatus for providing expanded telecommunications service
Diffusion barrier coatings having graded compositions and devices incorporating the same
Ultrasonic wave generating device
Electroactive polymer-actuated peristaltic pump and medical lead incorporating such a pump
Volatilizable solid phase supports for compound synthesis
IGF-I fusion polypeptides and therapeutic uses thereof
Branched polyarylene ethers and processes for the preparation thereof
Coated polydivinylbenzene beads
Polyethylene compositions for rotational molding
Blend of ionic (co)polymer resins and matrix (co)polymers
Polyethylene compositions for injection molding
Composition for a tire tread and process for its preparation
Ink jet ink composition and method of printing
Dental composite filler particles
Pharmaceutically active uridine esters
Film ink support media and sublimation decoration process
Fibrous structure and absorbent article comprising said fibrous structure
Laminated absorbent product with increased material strength in defined areas
Method for synthesizing polymeric material, method for forming polymer thin film and method for form...
Seal arrangement for filter element; filter element assembly; and, methods
Wrapped absorbent core
Liquid container and liquid ejecting cartridge
Reinforced polymer panel and method for building construction
Methods of using foamed settable compositions comprising cement kiln dust
Method for growth of a hydraulic fracture along a well bore annulus and creating a permeable well bo...
Treatment agent, method and device for treating hazardous substances
Isolated polynucleotide encoding a G-protein coupled receptor
Electrochemical generator and method for its utilisation
Pore forming material for porous body, manufacturing method of pore forming material for porous body...
Absorbent article comprising coated water-swellable material
Hydrophilicity promoting and maintaining agent for polysilazane-containing coating films and method ...
Load leveling and electrolysis system
Method for producing metal foam bodies
Method and apparatus for the measurement of the acoustic impedance
Device and method for obtaining appearance information
Music posture chair
Pyrazole derivative as PPAR modulator
4-(Condensed cyclicmethyl)-imidazole-2-thiones acting as .alpha..sub.2 adrenergic agonists
Neurotrophin production/secretion promoting agent
Oxazolidinone and/or isoxazoline as antibacterial agents
Growth hormone secretagogues
Benzamidine derivatives
N-.alpha.- and N-.epsilon.-lysine and ornithine compounds comprising a thiol function and cosmetic u...
Use of rasagiline with or without riluzole to treat amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
Perturbed membrane-binding compounds
Biguanide derivative and therapeutic agent for diabetes containing the same
Therapeutic combinations for the treatment or prevention of depression
Benzopyran analogs and their use for the treatment of glaucoma
Compositions and products containing S-equol, and methods for their making
Use of serotonergic compound for a method of treatment of hot flushes in post-menopausal women
2-phenyl-3,3,3-trifluoro-2-hydroxy-propionic acid derivatives
Compound having indolocarbazole moiety and divalent linkage
Heterocyclic and benzoheterocyclic polyamides structurally related to the natural antibiotic distamy...
Five-membered cyclic compounds
Gate driver for Class D audio amplifier with adaptive dV/dt control
Class-D amplifier with noise-immunity feedback
Multi-mode communication device operable in GSM/WCDMA
A/D Conversion circuit with carrier frequency removing feature
Discharge lamp lighting circuit
Power supply unit and portable apparatus using the same