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Heat sink with heat pipes
Vertically oriented direct exchange/geothermal heating/cooling system sub-surface tubing installatio...
Modular heating or cooling system
Methods of fabrication of wafer-level vacuum packaged devices
Semiconductor device having wires that vary in wiring pitch
Semiconductor package, method for fabricating the same, and semiconductor device
Vertical system integration
System and method for improved auto-boating
Method for symmetric capacitor formation
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Input protection circuit preventing electrostatic discharge damage of semiconductor integrated circu...
Semiconductor device having fuse area surrounded by protection means
Method and system for advanced process control including tool dependent machine constants
Semiconductor device having resistor and method of fabricating the same
Method for forming a DRAM semiconductor device with a sense amplifier
Memory cells and select gates of NAND memory arrays
Field effect semiconductor switch and method for fabricating it
Split-channel antifuse array architecture
BST integration using thin buffer layer grown directly onto SiO.sub.2/Si substrate
Magnification of indirection textures
Process control monitors for interferometric modulators
Bumper with attachment means
Apparatus and method for controlling operation of reciprocating motor compressor
Rotating group of a hydraulic machine
Double-acting valve unit
Pump sealing apparatus
Data distribution server
Method for the providing of a design, test and development environment and system for carrying out s...
System and method for saving and restoring a processor state without executing any instructions from...
Branch prediction combining static and dynamic prediction techniques
Method and a system for indexing and tracking digital images
Method for identifying and tracking grouped content in e-mail campaigns
Non-magnetic nickel powders and method for preparing the same
Apparatus and methods for evaluating plant stalk strength
Image capture and identification system and process
Method and apparatus for noncontact relative rail displacement, track modulus and stiffness measurem...
Target visualization system
Rear mirror mounting assembly
Fuel composition containing a medium substantially free of sulphur and process thereof
Ceiling fan light unit
Audio speaker utilizing an unanchored magnet for primary force generation
Information processing apparatus, its control method and control program
Rear light for a motor vehicle
Video game console cooling mechanism
Arcade video game machine
Remote controller for video camera
Network security devices and methods
Method of using support device to coat a stent
Desaturases and methods of using them for synthesis of polyunsaturated fatty acids
Transgenic mice expressing human CD20 and/or CD16
Molecules designated LDCAM
Perfluorocyclobutane copolymers
System level applications of adaptive computing (SLAAC) technology
System and method for balancing delay of signal communication paths through well voltage adjustment
Phase-locked loop having dynamically adjustable up/down pulse widths
Modem with power manager
Method and apparatus for efficient utilization for prescient instruction prefetch
System and method for performing virtual device I/O operations
Method and apparatus for endianness control in a data processing system
Read latency control circuit
Distributed database system providing data and space management methodology
Reduced comparison coordinate-value sorting process
Parasympathetic nerve stimulation for control of AV conduction
System and method for cardiac rhythm management with synchronized pacing protection period
Systems and methods for detection of VT and VF from remote sensing electrodes
Image forming apparatus, image forming system, and image forming method
Contactor having contact electrodes of metal springs embedded in a plate-like structure
Methods and apparatus for measuring morphology of a conductive film on a substrate
Methods for stacking wire-bonded integrated circuit dice on flip-chip bonded integrated circuit dice
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Semiconductor device substrate, semiconductor device, and manufacturing method thereof
Hermetically sealable silicon system and method of making same
Semiconductor package structure and method of manufacture
Packaging method for microstructure and semiconductor devices
Micromachine and method of manufacturing the micromachine
Flip FERAM cell and method to form same
Image forming apparatus featuring first and second cleaning members wherein a voltage applied to the...
Image forming apparatus and density adjusting method thereof
Ink ribbon cassette for printer
Encoding/decoding device using a reed-solomon encoder/decoder
Recording apparatus, reproducing apparatus, recording method, and reproducing method
File recording system
Moving picture system and moving picture extraction method
Image forming apparatus having control codes and rewrite control method for the same
Manufacturing apparatus, processing method and device manufacturing method
Sheet feeding unit and image forming apparatus
Zoom lens and image projection apparatus having the same
Ultrasonic welded initiator and connector socket
Transducer assembly and loudspeaker including rheological material
Medical electrode with peripheral edge of conductor sealed from electrolyte
Exhaust system of image forming device
Optical waveguide module
Optical fiber polarimetric chemical sensor
Integrated linear polarizer
Recording medium having position recognition structure, and position recognition apparatus and metho...
Storage device and method for scanning a storage medium
Low inductance multilayer capacitor
Microlens for projection lithography and method of preparation thereof
Metal making lance slag detection system
Process for producing sintering feedstock and apparatus therefor
System and methods of driving an electroluminescent lamp
Photothermographic material
Power inverter system and method of correcting supply voltage of the same
DC-AC converter and method of supplying AC power
Optical pickup actuator, optical pickup, and optical recording and/or reproducing apparatus
Compact circular polarized antenna
Method and arrangement for reducing the radar cross section of integrated antennas
Electrical switching apparatus and method employing acoustic and current signals to distinguish betw...
Correlation method for measurements of total and fractional immiscible media flow rates and a device...
Method, apparatus, and computer program product for assessment of attentional impairments
RF module
Broadband hybrid junction and associated methods
Transmission line apparatus having conductive strips coupled by at least one additional capacitance ...
Information recording medium on which sector data generated from ECC block is recorded, information ...
Systems and method for rapid presentation of structured digital content items
Methods, systems, and storage mediums for implementing voice-commanded computer functions
System and method for transmitting and distributing audio or video data over a network system having...
Integrated media and media tray sensing in an image forming device
Feedback control for free-space optical systems
Quantum source coding apparatus and quantum information communication system
Transient controls to improve fuel cell performance and stack durability
Reverse activity bit setting system and method
Integrated circuit for code acquisition
Interferometry method for ellipsometry, reflectometry, and scatterometry measurements, including cha...
Method and device for the detection of counterfeit documents and banknotes
Method for producing liquid-jet head
Method and apparatus for driving passive matrix liquid crystal
Umbilical cord clamp and cutter
Enhanced area separation in wireless location systems and method
Mono azo iron complex compound, and charge controlling agent and toner using the same
Ink-jet head with ink blockage prevention device
Quick connector
Flexible transfer installation and foodstuff transfer system provided with the flexible transfer ins...
Method and apparatus for bending a glass sheet
Baclofen conjugate and a pharmaceutical composition for treatment of neuronal disorders
Thermally tunable optical dispersion compensation devices
Central vacuum cleaning system control subsystems
Double substrate reflective spatial light modulator with self-limiting micro-mechanical elements
MEMS-based alignment of optical components
Hybrid color synthesis for multistate reflective modulator displays
Differential transimpedance amplifier circuit for correlated differential amplification
Particle beam nozzle
Cooling method for fuel cell
Soluble polyfunctional vinyl aromatic polymer and method of producing the same
Carboxylic acid-based ionomer fuel cells
Apparatus and methods for producing hydrogen
Carbon dioxide adsorption-desorption material and adsorption-desorption apparatus
Fuel cell stack
Thin film support substrate for use in hydrogen production filter and production method of hydrogen ...
Polyoxometalate material for gaseous stream purification at high temperature
Electro-active multi-focal spectacle lens
Remotely readable gas meter and method of using the same
Method and apparatus for reducing or eliminating the progression of myopia
Method, device and arrangement for measuring the dynamic behavior of an optical system
Hardware support system for accelerated disk I/O
Methods of using G-CSF analog compositions
Pipe member and manufacturing method of the same
2-Component crosslink of end-functionalized polyacrylates
Graft copolymers with segmented arms and their preparation and use
Method of manufacturing electron-emitting device and electron source
Apparatus for supplying a shingled or overlapping sheet stream
Printing plate cartridge for a press and press
Folding-box gluing machine for producing folding boxes from blanks
Ink jet device with ink deaerator
Apparatus for aligning sheets which are deposited on a sheet stack
Inline measurement and closed loop control method in printing machines
Press containing an oscillating doctor and oscillating roller moved together
Blade for work machine, and construction and earth-moving machine provided with the same blade
Magnet assemblies
Adaptive dynamic range receiver for MRI
Magnetic gradient winding system comprising circular solenoid coils
Assembly for generating magnetic fields in a magnetic resonance tomography apparatus that allows use...
Residual magnetic devices and methods for an ignition actuation blockage device
Light source of light-emitting diode
Measuring receptor homodimerization
Detecting and profiling molecular complexes
Bait cutting table for adjustable drink holder
Lubricious coating
Apparatus for the detection of pepsin
Composition and method for treating non-bacterial cystitis
Secondary battery and method for producing the same
Battery separator
Method and system for enhanced messaging
System and method to initiate a mobile data communication utilizing a trigger system
Self-associating wireless personal area network
RFID tag circuits operable at different speeds
Particle beam system including exchangeable particle beam nozzle
Particle beam nozzle transport system
Device and system for heating a mobile electronic device
Compound with indolocarbazole moieties and devices containing such compound
Proportioning system and process for operating a proportioning system
Organic EL devices and production process thereof
Method of separately collecting optically active amino acid amide and optically active amino acid
Process for removal of benzoic acid from an oxidizer purge stream
Process of producing dioxane glycol
Method and apparatus for decreasing polymer deposition
Compositions of polypropylene and polyamide
Waterless waterwashable offset printing ink and method of production thereof
Additives for fuel compositions to reduce formation of combustion chamber deposits
Modification of plant lignin content
Methods and compositions for screening for modulators of Parkinson's disease
Longevity and PAPP-A
Spool assembly for spinning reel
Channeled floor covering
Lure latching system
Linear functional copolymers of ethylene with precise and minimum run length distributions and metho...
Molecular chemical compounds with structures allowing electron displacement and capable of emitting ...
Polymeric hydrogen diffusion barrier, high-pressure storage tank so equipped, method of fabricating ...
Methods for controlling particulate migration
Method and apparatus for analyzing bioelectrical response waveform information, and diagnostic appar...
System for prefiltering a plethysmographic signal
Biomagnetic field measuring method and apparatus
Counter pressure device for ophthalmic drug delivery
Bio-filter pad for facilitating the detection of an occurrence of a physiological action and method ...
Method and processor for obtaining moments and torques in a biped walking system
Catheter guidewire system using concentric wires
Image signal analysis for watermark detection and decoding
Automatic work apparatus and automatic work control program
Land mark, land mark detecting apparatus, land mark detection method and computer program of the sam...
Method of reducing a blocking artifact when coding moving picture
Apparatus and method of filtering digital information
Deblocking method and apparatus using edge flow-directed filter and curvelet transform
Method and device for condensed image recording and reproduction
Systems and methods for generating high compression image data files having multiple foreground plan...
Method and apparatus for differentiating pedestrians, vehicles, and other objects
Method and apparatus for character string search in image
Method and apparatus for recognition of character string in scene image
Fiberoptic reconfigurable devices with beam shaping for low-voltage operation
Light guide plate having high-density dots
Overmold zip strip
Dispersion compensation apparatus
Housing and display device provided with the housing
Tactical integrated illumination countermeasure system
Induction heating cooler
Power supply devices with illuminated receptacles
Backlight assembly with improved strength and display device having the same
Prism sheet and backlight module incorporating same
Light guide plate having high-density dots
Backlight module with light guide protrusion and liquid crystal display with same
Light-guiding system comprising a plate-like light-emitting element
Light module with rearside introduction of light for simulation and/or as supplement of conventional...
Light deflection element and light source apparatus using the same
Luminous wire rope
Light emitting diode headlamp
Turn signal lamp for a vehicle
Vehicle headlamp
Temporary set structure for headlamp to bumper datum
Trim and lamp or lamp cluster for motor vehicle
Light shield for a vehicle mirror
Control panel assembly with bulb vibration dampener
Trigger actuated stabilization device
Surgical kit with accessory item container
Espresso coffee machine
Dicing sheet, manufacturing method thereof, and manufacturing method of semiconductor apparatus
Uncorrelated adaptive predistorter
Vehicle surroundings monitoring apparatus
Disk drive
Disc apparatus
Automated fault diagnosis method and system for engine-compressor sets
RF power delivery diagnostic system
Imaging device
Framework for template-based retrieval of information from managed entities in a communication netwo...
Twist-grip bicycle shifter
Position determination system for movable objects or personnel using GPS/TV location technology inte...
Mammalian sweet taste receptors
Perfume bottle
Applicator for applying a sheet material to a substrate
Cleaning brush with a color scheme for household inanimate surfaces and fabric
Absorbent article having perception of depth
Soap wrappers
Disposable nonwoven cleansing mitt
Electronic storage apparatus, authentication apparatus and authentication method
Directory-based data transfer protocol for multiprocessor system
Cache memory to support a processor's power mode of operation
Estimating network management bandwidth
Symmetrical bi-directional communication
System and method for highly-scalable real-time and time-based data delivery using server clusters
Software administration in an application service provider scenario via configuration directives
Catalyst formulation, exhaust system, and gas treatment device
Rolling bearing
Sanitary mixing assembly for vessels and tanks
Bearing with pass or fail wear gauge
Bearing damper having coiled wire
Axial bearing
Dynamic pressure bearing device
Linear motion guiding apparatus
High precision gantry machine with expansion joint
Paraquat resistance gene and a vascular tissue--and trichome-specific promoter
Solid-state light sources for curing and surface modification
Optical digital-to-analog converter and method of optically converting digital data to analog form
Method and system for implementing a card product with multiple customized relationships
Method and apparatus for optimizing variable liquid temperatures
Static timing slacks analysis and modification
Iris valve ring
Method and system for updating attachment files
Systems and methods for repeatable database performance testing
Methods and apparatus for a dynamic messaging engine
Numa system resource descriptors including performance characteristics
System and method for measuring SVG document similarity
Query processing method for stream data processing systems
Synchronization-replication concurrency using non-shared snapshot query on a history table at read-u...
Elimination of redundant objects in storage systems
Electrostatic image developing toner and image forming method
Semiconductor memory device and method of manufacturing the same
Method of manufacturing an electroluminescence device
Use of perfluoro-n-alkanes in vacuum ultraviolet applications
Phase change ink imaging component with thermoset layer
Ink jet break-off length controlled dynamically by individual jet stimulation
Droplet discharge apparatus
Anti-cancer vaccine
Digital camera
Image-forming apparatus having process cartridge and color shift estimation
Communication terminal device
Photoelectric conversion device and method of manufacturing the device
Engine control device and control method thereof
Fuel supply device for motorcycle and motorcycle
Trouble sensing device
Calibration apparatus and method for charging unit of image forming device
Image forming apparatus with measuring technique
Rapid, cost effective method for synthesis of diarylamine compounds
Process for arylamine production
Paper path calibration and diagnostic system
Printing mode for a printer
Dual friction region separation pad, and media separator and media separator mechanism using same
Videophone and method for a video call
Mobile wireless communications device comprising non-planar internal antenna without ground plane ov...
Process for synthesizing heliotropine and its derivatives
Highly-neutralized acid polymers and their use in golf balls
Phosphinic acid analogs of glutamate
Compositions useful as fabric softeners
Organoleptic compounds and their use in perfume compositions
Optimal configuration method
Methods for signaling broadcast and multicast information in communication networks
Channel quality predictor and method of estimating a channel condition in a wireless communications ...
Modulation phase shift to compensate for optical passband shift
Compact optical modulator
Method of data communication using a control message
Enabling packet switched calls to a wireless telephone user
Effusion cell and method for use in molecular beam deposition
Highly neutralized polymer material with heavy mass fillers for a golf ball
Dust-free low pressure mixing system
Rack height cooling
Water-absorbent resin having treated surface and process for producing the same
Tube-like plastic container and preform therefor
Tenter device and method for drying film
Nitride semiconductor device
Transition film of flat panel display and a method using the same
Precursor colorant composition for latex paint
Microelectronic imaging units and methods of manufacturing microelectronic imaging units
Programmable mask and method of fabricating biomolecule array using the same
Semiconductor package fabrication
Systems and methods for detecting and analyzing polymers
Methods and compositions for printable surface pre-treatment
Crosslinked polyamine coating on superabsorbent hydrogels
Image recording device
Method for preparing a buffered acid composition
Systems and methods for asynchronous processing of electronic shelf label communication responses
Identification of seeds or plants using phenotypic markers
Process for producing chiral hydroxyaldehyde compounds
Method for identifying and killing cancer cells
Digital information recording/playback system and digital information recording medium
Information recording medium, method for recording information, and method for reproduction informat...
Steganographically encoding metallic, shiny or specular surfaces
System and method for multiple channel video transcoding
Querying of copyright host, printing of copyright information and host registration of copyright dat...
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device and semiconductor device
Printed articles and methods and systems of producing same
Apparatus and method for recognizing biological named entity from biological literature based on UML...
Electronic dictionary with example sentences
Portable telephone with bookmark sort function
Method for generating nodes in multiway search tree and search method using the same
Adjustable valve timing system
Camshaft phaser having designated contact vane
Method to control electromechanical valves
Variable valve apparatus for internal combustion engine
Valve timing control device
System and method for music synchronization in a mobile device
Apparatus and method for managing data
Vehicle rollover detection method
Device and method for detection of an object or a person in the interior of a motor vehicle
Active vibration insulator
Driving lane recognizer and driving lane recognizing method
Antenna device and communications system using the same
Vehicle driver guarding system using vehicle telematics service and control method thereof
Driving support equipment for vehicles
Lighting control circuit for vehicle lighting equipment
Obstacle detection apparatus
Collision avoidance of unattended vehicles
ECU identification retention across reprogramming events
Detection of trailer presence and type by means of current detection
Drum pedal
Orthotic device and methods of use
Apparatus and method to net food products in shirred tubular casing
Method and device to aid tying of lace-up shoes
Disc brake caliper
Air conditioner for vehicle use
Portable hookah system and hookah containment device
Mandrel anchor for tube bending
Footwear with force sensing device
Mono-diameter wellbore casing
Walking aid device and method of using same
Skate boot
Device to secure shoe laces
Toilet seat structure that can be lifted up through a pedal
Growth stimulating wound dressing with improved contact surfaces
Wound dressing with a bacterial adsorbing composition and moisture holding system
Fixing Structure for Treatment Head and Medical Apparatus Having the Fixing Structure
Machine and Method for Vertical Human Stretching
Medical splinting apparatus and methods for using same
Emergency transport back support apparatus and method
Skate boot
Storage elements using nanotube switching elements
Method and system for chalcogenide-based nanowire memory
Device comprising doped nano-component and method of forming the device
Coated water-soluble nanoparticles comprising semiconductor core and silica coating
Surface modified nanoparticle and method of preparing same
Lipid nanoparticle based compositions and methods for the delivery of biologically active molecules
Solid-phase nano extraction device
Thiol terminated monodisperse ethylene oxide oligomer capped gold nanoclusters
Automatically powering on an electronic device such as a camcorder or camera by determining the real...
Pop-up flash of a camera
Video presenter including table with curved contour
Automated portrait studio
Camera having AF function
Position-detecting apparatus
Coating methods and apparatus for coating
Dynamic subscription and message routing on a topic between publishing nodes and subscribing nodes
Word based lottery game
Priority system and method for processing standardized tests
Operating element for a heating and air conditioning system
Rule based body mechanics calculation
Interface apparatus with cable-driven force feedback and four grounded actuators
Device for simulating a rod-shaped surgical instrument for generating a feedback signal
System and method for accessing electronic documents via a document processing device
System and Method For Providing Mobile Document Processing Services
Cushioned User Interface Or Control Device
Four-party credit/debit payment protocol
Methods and systems for accessing networks methods and systems for accessing the internet
Fault monitoring and notification system for automated banking machines
Method and apparatus for protecting information and privacy
Accounting method and system in a packet communication network
Capturing advertising requests from a user
Automated voter registration and tabulation system
Software tool for heuristic search methods
Integrated import/export system
Network-based management of airline customer data
System and methods for ranking the relative value of terms in a multi-term search query using deleti...
Dynamic location based cost minimization
Opening price process for trading system
System and method for trustworthy metering and deactivation
Method and system for banking
Order price threshold for automated market system
Method and system for multi-dimensional trading
System and method for providing a credit card with multiple credit lines
System and method for online human resource outsourcing and portal access
Systems and methods to support approval to settle an international trade from a credit facility, suc...
Inventory controls with radio frequency identification
Low powered activation electronic device
Application of gate edge liner to maintain gate length CD in a replacement gate transistor flow
Modified playing cards and method of use
Electronic video poker games
Furniture system enclosing entertainment electronics in range of widths
Quick detachable basketball machine
Lemonade stand playing card game and method
Blackjack'n baccarat with jokers (B and BJ)
Minimizing complex decisions to allocate additional resources to a job submitted to a grid environme...
Construction of trainable semantic vectors and clustering, classification, and searching using train...
Automatic recognition and flagging of anomalous items within sets of automatically classified items
Configurable hierarchical content filtering system
Large-scale information collection and mining
Machine learning
Method for training neural networks
Spread kernel support vector machine
Multiattribute specification of preferences about people, priorities, and privacy for guiding messag...
Fuzzy logic based LCD overdrive control method
System and methods for linking television viewers with advertisers and broadcasters
System and method for recording and reproducing multimedia based on an audio signal
Fully scalable encryption for scalable multimedia
User interface for a display screen of a programmable multimedia controller
Method of describing multiple level digest segment information scheme for multimedia contents and ap...
Method and apparatus for tunneling data through a single port
Water treatment system
Seafloor-surface connecting installation of a submarine pipeline installed at great depth
Method and device for stabilizing a cavity excavated in underground construction
Method and system for a containment system, such as a seamless containment cap for solid waste const...
Breakwater generating structure
Pile driving control apparatus and pile driving system
Masonry wall anchoring system
Preparation of functionalized anionic polymerization initiators
System and method for controlling devices at a location
System and method for providing user input information to multiple independent, concurrent applicati...
Electronically implemented dynamic start up method for ports with inrush current limiting functional...
System and method for automated and customizable agent availability and task assignment management
Method and system for situation tracking and notification
Method and system for the processing of voice data and for the recognition of a language
Systems and methods for securing personal or private content stored in the internal memory of a mobi...
Radiotelephone terminal with chip card provided with browser
Method and system for extending IP PBX services to cellular wireless communication devices
Cellular radio system
System and method for providing interoperable and on-demand telecommunications service
Method for billing in a telecommunications network
Headphone with behind-the-head headband
Reversible behind-the-head mounted personal audio set with pivoting earphone
Agent scheduler incorporating agent profiles
Architecture and implementation for control of context aware call processing with local feature defi...
Method and system for automated unit service requests from a telematics unit
Connection manager for integrating legacy telephony environments and IP networks
Exchange system and method using icons for controlling communications between plurality of terminals
Message conversion system
Direct route ISDN primary route interface
Dimming device and display device incorporating the same
Catalyst for selective opening of cyclic naphtha and process for using the catalyst
Catalyst and method for clarifying exhaust gas
Sulfate removal from ethanol
Methods for solubilizing and recovering fluorinated compounds
Process for the production of hydrogen and the co-production of carbon dioxide
Medium purity metallurgical silicon and method for preparing same
Method for flue-gas reduction of pollutants in combustion processes
Mercury removal sorbent
Emission control system
Production of synthetic rutile by continuous leaching
Superabrasive particle synthesis with controlled placement of crystalline seeds
Method for producing cubic boron nitride abrasive grains
System and method for consensus-calling with per-base quality values for sample assemblies
Acoustic ejection into small openings
Soybean variety 4684181
Soybean cultivar 1000642
Genes conferring herbicide resistance
Gene capable of imparting salt stress resistance
Plant seed specific promoters
Elevation of oil levels in Brassica plants
Methyl-D-erythritol phosphate pathway genes
Nucleic acid and amino acid sequences relating to Streptococcus pneumoniae for diagnostics and thera...
Nucleic acid and corresponding protein entitled 161P2F10B useful in treatment and detection of cance...
Pancreatic islet transcription factor and uses thereof
V-like domain binding molecules and polynucleotides encoding therefor
Method of treating a cancer
Reducing cellular dysfunction caused by mitochondrial gene mutations
UTR tag assay for gene function discovery
Fluorescent nucleotide analogs and uses therefor
Chromogenic substances and use thereof for the determination of carboxypeptidase activities
Antibodies which bind human CXCR3
Alkaline protease
Secreted and transmembrane polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding the same
System and method for video assisted music instrument collaboration over distance
Music ensemble system, controller used therefor, and program
Input device, game machine, simulated percussion instrument, and program
Event activated wind chime system and method of use
Automatic player musical instrument with velocity conversion tables selectively accessed and electro...
Method for characterizing the timbre of a sound signal in accordance with at least a descriptor
Method for generating playback sound, electronic device, and entertainment system for generating pla...
Passive safety system and determination device
Electric power steering apparatus and method for controlling the electric power steering apparatus
Steering ratio control system of vehicle
Electric power steering system
Electrical energy management system on a more electric vehicle
Input circuit for bicycle component
Flip-down footrests for an all-terrain vehicle
Device for transferring two-wheel motorbike into three-wheel vehicle
Locking pin locator
Cruise control system for electric wheelchair
Vacuum traction device
Motorcycle radiator arranging construction
Fuel cell electric vehicle
Electrical power train for a fuel cell vehicle, comprising an electrical dissipation element
Mode switch control apparatus and method for hybrid transmission
Electric vehicle
Transmission system for tractor
Vehicular control device
Flow Measurement Using NMR
Apparatus of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Measurement By Using Circulation Flow for Sample Condition C...
Method for operating a hybrid medical imaging unit comprising a first imaging device of high spatial...
Phosphate-bearing prodrugs of sulfonyl hydrazines as hypoxia-selective antineoplastic agents
Substituted quinoline compounds for use as selective estrogen receptor modulator
Method of producing bispecific molecules by protein trans-splicing
Selectin ligand interactor cytoplasmic (SLIC-1), a P-selectin glycoprotein ligand (PSGL-1) binding p...
Secreted and transmembrane polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding the same
Anti-inflammatory androstane derivatives
Therapeutic agents and methods of use thereof for the treatment of melanoma
System and method for improving the performance of electronic media advertising campaigns through mu...
Method and system for location estimation in wireless networks
Maintaining a communications session with a mobile station
Wireless transmit receive unit having a transition state for transitioning from monitoring to duplex...
Wireless communication terminal for identifying and indicating short message types using indicator i...
Extending wireless communication RF coverage inside building
Co-located radio operation
Waste toner transporting apparatus and toner cartridge having the same
Image forming apparatus using a cleaning device and cleaning method thereof
Desktop color image forming apparatus and method of making the same
Semiconductive rubber member
Data input panel character conversion
Translation lookaside buffer (TLB) suppression for intra-page program counter relative or absolute a...
Method and system for storing data
Auto control of network monitoring and simulation
Client-server communications system and method using a semi-connectionless protocol
Method and system for connecting virtual circuits across an ethernet switch
System and method for instant messaging using an e-mail protocol
Reducing metal corrosion of hydrocarbons using acidic fischer-tropsch products
LNG facility providing enhanced liquid recovery and product flexibility
Process for recovering paraxylene utilizing ammonia absorption refrigeration
Catalyst composition comprising a heteropoly acid, zinc, and a support component and processes there...
Dehydrogenation reactions in narrow reaction chambers and integrated reactors
Conversion of oxygenate to propylene with selective hydrogen treatment of heavy olefin recycle strea...
Promoters for controlling acidity and pore size of zeolite catalysts for use in alkylation
Integrated process for producing xylenes and high purity benzene
Hydrocarbon thermal cracking using atmospheric distillation
Shoe upper
Shoe upper
Shoe upper
Footwear sole
Shoe outsole
Circuit for controlling a plurality of light-emitting devices disposed on an object in a sequence
Vinyl chloride resin composition
Anti-traction, mobility denial methods and products
Lace securing apparatus
Silent surface fastener
Therapeutic and diagnostic conjugates for use with multispecific antibodies
Method for producing polyurethane emulsion for aqueous one-component coating agent
Stacked plate heat exchangers and heat exchanger plates
Liquid cooled heat sink
Plate-shaped heating panel in which connecting members are fastened by resin
Ultra-low temperature regenerator and refrigerator
Apparatus and method for removing non-condensing gas in heat pipe
Heat sink clip
Heat sink module for dual heat sources
Hybrid cooling system for a multi-component electronics system
Service tray for a thermal management system
Fan and cooling apparatus
System and method for cooling electronic devices
Electronic apparatus
Heat-transfer media having improved thermal stability and based on higher polyglycols
Composite evanescent waveguides and associated methods
Bicyclic modulators of androgen receptor function
Process for making risperidone and intermediates therefor
Biphenylcarboxamides useful as lipid lowering agents
Hand held laser for medical treatment
Nucleoside compounds for treating viral infections
Method, system, and apparatus for efficient evaluation of boolean expressions
Salicylamide-lanthanide complexes for use as luminescent markers
Sensor manager device, computer program for controlling sensor manager device, computer-readable sto...
Toner cartridge
Gauge and method for indicating one or more properties of a loose-fill insulation
Amplifier for car
Alkaline dry battery
Communication apparatus, communication method, and recording medium used therewith
Light emitting diode (LED) device and method of making same
Polymer electrolyte fuel cell
Popcorn maker
Portable battery recharge station
Method of manufacturing nonvolatile organic memory device and nonvolatile organic memory device manu...
Stars--A muscle-specific actin-binding protein
Pharmaceutical compositions including low dosages of desmopressin
Induced activation in dendritic cell
Fiber optic cable having a dry insert with a fold
High flow polyester composition, method of manufacture, and uses thereof
Wireless network card with antenna selection option
Frame structure for construction machine
Transgenic mice expressing heterologous complement receptor type 1 (CR1) molecules on erythrocytes a...
Non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors
Cellular genes regulated by HIV-1 infection and methods of use thereof
CD40-Ligand lacking native-pattern glycosylation
Isoindoline compounds and methods of their use
Ureido substituted benzoic acid compounds and their use for nonsense suppression and the treatment o...
Treatment of cancer
Antitumor antisense sequences directed against R1 and R2 components of ribonucleotide reductase
Acoustic radiation for ejecting and monitoring pathogenic fluids
Protein disulfide isomerase and ABC transporter homologous proteins involved in the regulation of en...
Cyanocobalamin low viscosity aqueous formulations for intranasal delivery
Reduced malto-oligosaccharides
Method of recycling fracturing fluids using a self-degrading foaming composition
Mobile GPS alarm device
Drill driver with chuck-mounted drill accessories
Mass spectrometer interface
Removal and recovery of ammonium perfluorooctanoate (APFO) from contaminated water
Icon for a portion of a display screen
Method to sustain TCP connection
Method and apparatus for monitoring and determining the functional status of an electromagnetic valv...
Error reporting network in multiprocessor computer
Pegboard module and assembly thereof
Pet collar with an embossed slogan for encouraging charitable contributions
Receiver collar
Information recording medium, manufacturing method of its recording medium, information process unit...
Enhanced runtime hosting
Device to permit offpump beating heart coronary bypass surgery
Driver framework component for synchronizing interactions between a multi-threaded environment and a...
Activity sensing for stimulator control
Methods of targeting agents to cells expressing the polymeric immunoglobulin receptor
Method and device for predicting physiological values
Stent configurations
Phormium plant named `Jubilee`
Solid main catalyst component for ethylene polymerization, a process for preparing the same and a ca...
Polycarboxylic acid copolymer, production method and use thereof
Coin bin
Laminated electrode for a cochlear implant
Protease inhibitors
Long acting beta-2 agonists and their use as medicaments
Ultra-high magnetic flux density grain-oriented electrical steel sheet excellent in iron loss at a h...
Printed circuit board retaining device
System and method for controlling services provided to multi-mode mobile stations
Use of N.sub.2O in the treatment of post-ischemic brain cell deterioration
Thermoelectric conversion of heat released during use of a power-plant or hydrogen storage material
Alumina-titanium oxide-zirconia fused grain
Monitoring a thermal processing system
Exhaust gas purifying apparatus for internal combustion engine
Automated banking machine and method
Terrestrial digital multimedia/television broadcasting system
Auto configuration for asynchronous transfer mode based access device
Repeater and an inter-network repeating method
Method and system for resolving between geographic information and network addresses in a wide area ...
Wireless packet communications system and method
TDD-RLAN wireless telecommunication system with RAN IP gateway and methods
Method for providing voice-over-IP service
System and method for serving content over a wide area network
Method, apparatus, and program for creating bookmark symlinks
Data transfer and management system
Delta caching
Automatic conversion of source code from 32-bit to 64-bit
Computer code intrusion detection system based on acceptable retrievals
Contamination-control mat assembly with adhesive-coated sheets and composite polystyrene frame membe...
Method for the production of particles
Software IP providing system and method, software IP obtaining method, and IP core designing and man...
Laser scanning interferometric surface metrology
Workpiece regrasping system for robot
Wave power assembly
Controlling and remotely monitoring accessed network data
System and method for processing transactions in a multisystem database environment
Aerosol delivery systems
Systems and methods for software performance tuning
Water-retaining anode structure for a fuel cell
Communication system and method, information processing terminal and method, and information process...
Wafer half-shell, a method for its preparation, and a food product including it
Systems and methods for responding to a data transfer
Aromatic amine derivatives and electroluminescence device using the same
Flash memory device with improved read speed
Universal memory circuit architecture supporting multiple memory interface options
Light-emitting semiconductor device having an overvoltage protector
Remote radio spectrum information acquisition
System and method for providing on-chip delay measurements in serializer / deserializer systems
Electroluminescent multilayer optical information storage medium with integrated readout and composi...
Shared scans utilizing query monitor during query execution to improve buffer cache utilization acro...
Systems and methods for distributed network protection
Data protection systems and methods
Method for responding to a control module failure
Memory device with quantum dot and method for manufacturing the same
Abrasive composite, method for making the same, and polishing apparatus using the same
Switching power supply unit and voltage converting method
Switching power supply device
Voltage detector and insulator interface
Methods and apparatuses for determining battery capacity
Semiconductor temperature sensor with high sensitivity
Method and an apparatus to adjust duty cycle for voltage supply regulation
Control input circuit for an electrical device
Soft start circuit, power supply unit and electric equipment
Circuit for generating a supply voltage
Stabilized DC power supply circuit having a current limiting circuit and a correction circuit
Standard CMOS low-noise high PSRR low drop-out regulator with new dynamic compensation
Voltage-regulator and power supply having current sharing circuit
Voltage regulating circuit for uninterruptible power supply
Device for regulating the power output of an electrical generator in motor vehicles
Generator synchronization method on a common drive source and apparatus therefor
Control apparatus for automotive alternator having capability of reliably detecting disconnection be...
Secondary power supply system and method of activating subsystems from a vehicle steering wheel
Battery charger for preventing charging currents from overshooting during mode transition and method...
Method and system for charging a NiMH or NiCd battery
Apparatus and methods for estimating the state-of-charge of a power source
Battery pack-detecting charger
Intelligent email detection and auto reply email technique to emails destined to no reply email addr...
Automated electronic telecommunications order translation and processing
Multi-point predictive foveation for bandwidth reduction of moving images
System and method for real-time fraud detection within a telecommunication network
Method and system for service control point billing
Method and system for playing packetized announcements to telephone network end office switching sys...
Method and apparatus for modifying fuel injection scheme
Method of providing percutaneous intramuscular stimulation
Interspinous process distraction device
Modified Green Tea Polyphenol Formulations
Methods and compositions for treatment of ocular neovascularization and neural injury
Management of Ophthalmologic Disorders, Including Macular Degeneration
Nonsedating Alpha-2 Agonists
Modulators of ATP-Binding Cassette transporters
Crystalline rosuvastatin calcium
Substituted 2-Alkyl Quinazolinone Derivatives as Parp Inhibitors
Novel Pharmaceutical Compositions for Treating Acquired Chronic Pain and Associated Dysphoria
Preparation and use of compounds as protease inhibitors
Method for transmitting cash register information by the internet
Methods for Developing and Conducting a Nutritional Treatment Program
Method for treating a subject having neuromuscular impairment of the diaphragm
Remote Suturing Device
Ultrasensitive amperometric saliva glucose sensor strip
Monoclonal antibodies against ANGPTL3
Selective Linear Peptides with Melanocortin-4 Receptor (MC4-R) Agonist Activity
Plant PR-5 proteins as mammalian therapeutic agents
Treatments Using Venlafaxine
Modulation of pathogenicity
Use Of Diosmetin Compounds In The Treatment And Prevention Of Thrombotic Pathologies
Methods and devices for the installation of the fiber optic cable to a house or other building struc...
Method and system for generating foam for the manufacture of gypsum products
Multispeed power tool transmission
Wall and partition construction and method including a laterally adjustable flanged stud
Puzzle device for teaching
Cognitive / Non-cognitive ability analysis Engine
Augmenting Lectures Based on Prior Exams
Breathing Apparatus Simulator
Prompting System For CPR Delivery
System and method for dental education simulation
Natural process and new techniques for sterilization
Educational restaurant and travel game system
Concurrent web based multi-task support for control management system
Torque-position transformer for task control of position controlled robots
Method of rearing, cultivating or stocking crustacea and crustacea reared, cultivated or stocked by ...
Floating leisure platform
Steerable diverter for towed seismic streamer arrays
Watercraft steer-by-wireless system
Modular beverage can interlocking device
Wireless communication system
Picked up image recording system, signal recording device, and signal recording method
Image processing apparatus and method, and computer program
Event capture and filtering system
Image processing method and image processing apparatus for making luminance correction
Computer controllable LED light source for device for inspecting microscopic objects
Image capturing apparatus, image capturing method, and machine readable medium storing thereon image...
Carrier recovery system and method thereof
Display system timing control method
Scalable test target and method for measurement of camera image quality
System and method for Pulfrich Filter Spectacles
Display retract mechanism
Broadcasting receiver
Method and device for independent color management
Adaptive equalization method and system for reducing noise and distortion in a sampled video signal
Method and system for 3D comb synchronization and alignment of standard and non-standard video signa...
Apparatus and method for determining image region
Video image conversion method for interlaced image to progressive image and system thereof
Method and apparatus for per-pixel motion adaptive de-interlacing of interlaced video fields
User interface for a portion of a display screen
Portion of an electronic mouse
Pair of ear phones
Pair of ear phones
Remote controller
System and method including a merging driver for accessing multiple data sources
Method and system for tracking kernel resource usage
Flow lookahead in an ordered semaphore management subsystem
Jobstream planner considering network contention & resource availability
Sharing runtime representation of software component methods across component loaders
System and method for whole-system program analysis
Compiler, dynamic compiler, and replay compiler
Forward Chien search type Reed-Solomon decoder circuit
Indicating status for digital signatures
Method and system for secure content distribution
Resolving crossing requests in multi-node configurations
Role-based message addressing for a computer network
System and method for distributed management of shared computers
Dynamic integration of web sites
Concept network
System and method for directing customers to product locations within a store
Instructions to load and store containing words in a computer system emulator with host word size la...
System, method, and computer product for detection instrument calibration
Accurate dynamic gravity measurement method and apparatus
System for interferometric sensing
Determining approximate locations of network devices that are inaccessible to GPS signals
Apparatus and method for positioning mobile station
Location information erase on SIM cards
System and method for recording reflection Bragg Gratings
Optical integrated device
Method and apparatus for removing encapsulating material from a packaged microelectronic device
Asymmetric alignment of substrate interconnect to semiconductor die
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Plastic package and method of fabricating the same
Power module package structure
Method of fabricating microelectromechanical system structures
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Asymmetric field transistors (FETs)
High temperature thermistors
Semiconductor device including MIS transistors
Semiconductor device having a resistance for equalizing the current distribution
Memory cell structure and semiconductor memory device
Memory device electrode with a surface structure
Stressed field effect transistors on hybrid orientation substrate
Method and apparatus for patterning a workpiece
Processing apparatus using laser beam
Solar cell
Plural treatment step process for treating dielectric films
Non-volatile memory array
Cure system, adhesive system, electronic device
Catalysts for manufacturing carbon substances
Device and methodology for reducing effective dielectric constant in semiconductor devices
Methods for fabricating a capacitor
Method and installation for the production of lime water from deionised water
Golf putter
System and method for updating a geographic database using satellite imagery
Ground effects compensated angle of attack command system and method
Apparatus, system and method for aircraft security and anti-hijacking intervention
Fluidized bed technology for security enhancement
Control of a drogue body
Occupant restraining device
Airbag apparatus and airbag folding method
Tube connection assembly
Airbag folding method and folding device
Steering wheel
Air bag apparatus
Material composition for producing optical waveguide and method for producing optical waveguide
Weather strip
Knee protection airbag device
Glass run for motor vehicle with door glass shock absorber
Head protecting airbag device
Airbag module canister
Knee protecting airbag device
Shield member
Knee protecting airbag device
Fusible conductive ink for use in manufacturing microfluidic analytical systems
Ink jet head and method of manufacturing the ink jet head
Method for manufacturing a flexographic printing master
Catheter having highly radiopaque embedded segment
Apparatus for extruding a profile on a glazing
Method and device for producing and packaging sausage-type products
Manufacturing method for the hole-punching assembly of a hole-punching unit
A/D converter calibration test sequence insertion
Flat-type light source apparatus, liquid crystal display apparatus using the same, and method of ins...
View matching for materialized outer-join views
Toner cartridge
Digital audio disk player with tuner and amplifier
Carbonized charcoal electrode
Method and apparatus for generating microcontroller configuration information
Ionomer for use in fuel cells and method of making same
Method for the continuous production of an amine
Liquid crystal display with offset viewing cone
Transcription factor modulating compounds and methods of use thereof
System and process for providing at least one opening in dosage forms
Non-round fiber optic cable having improved major axis crush resistance
High flow polyester composition, method of manufacture, and uses thereof
Wireless communication system and method using multiple antennas
Construction machine and projecting object of the same
Multivalent vaccine composition having increased stability of capsular polysaccharide
Method for operating a control device
Reconfigurable processor element utilizing both coarse and fine grained reconfigurable elements
Pearl culture method and product
Fixing device and image forming apparatus including a heating roller with multiple heaters
Mapping between structured data and a visual surface
System and method for sharing a common communication channel between multiple systems of implantable...
Broadcasting method and broadcast receiver
Method and device for analyzing the intracellular chemical state of living cells by nuclear magnetic...
Method for purifying teicoplanin A.sub.2
Method and system of programming at least one appliance to change state upon the occurrence of a tri...
Plant maintenance technology architecture
Exhaust system for an internal combustion engine
Testing environment for database server side logic
Apparatus and method for allowing peer-to-peer network traffic across enterprise firewalls
System and method providing for interaction between programming languages
Sensing circuit
Systems, devices, and methods for controlling non-linear optical interactions
Metering and packaging of controlled release medication
Pelargonium plant named `Fistansal`
Gaming machine having a main display and a magnified sub display
System and method for identifying networks or ternary relationships in complex data systems
Architecture for partition computation and propagation of changes in data replication
Spacer device for inhaler
Sliding member and method for manufacture thereof
Portable safe
Error-detectable license key fragmentation to facilitate errorless manual entry
Non-volatile memory cell using high-K material and inter-gate programming
Layer capacitor element and production process as well as electronic device
Information read/write device