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Casein Kinase Stress-Related Polypeptides and Methods of Use in Plants
Rice promoters
Method Of Controlling A Communications Device
Irrigation and aspiration devices and methods
Method and apparatus for balancing
Detecting An Increase In Thermal Resistance Of A Heat Sink In A Computer System
Circuit And Method Using Distributed Phase Change Elements For Across-Chip Temperature Profiling
Method for attaching IC tag, article with IC tag attached, and IC tag
Connecting part of conductor pattern and conductor patterns-connected structure
Electronic device and method of driving the same
Display device and driving method thereof
Image display medium, image display device, and image display method
Image reading unit and image forming apparatus comprising the same
Electrophoretic displays with improved high temperature performance
Display device, method for manufacturing display device, and electronic paper
Optical part and projection type display apparatus using same
Separator for electric double layer capacitor and electric double layer capacitor containing same
Electric double layer capacitor
Capacitor electrode member, method for manufacturing the same, and capacitor provided with the elect...
Liquid cooled window assembly in an x-ray tube
Fluid filled devices
Fabrication of fiber optic probes
Charging roller cleaning device with guiding portion and image forming device having same
Sheet cooling device, intermediate sheet conveying device and image forming apparatus having the sam...
Manufacturing methods for an apparatus for the controllable modification of compound concentration i...
Medical electrical lead for spinal cord stimulation
Negative type resist composition
Curable slurry for forming ceramic microstructures on a substrate using a mold
Antidismantling device for hand-guns
Telescoping leg
Adjustable rear pistol sight
Adjustment mechanism
Bipod firearm support
Method and apparatus for rapid mounting and dismounting of a firearm accessory
Rounds counter remotely located from gun
Image capture device mounting assembly for firearm
Method for the production of D-pantothenic acid and/or salts thereof via purification by nanofiltrat...
Functionalized carbon nanotubes
Metallized nanostructured chemicals alloyed into polymers
Switchgear with movable user interface module
Remote test facility with wireless interface to local facilities
Behavioral model based multi-threaded architecture
Technique for synchronizing deliveries of information and entertainment in a communications network
Method and device for transmission of entitlement management messages
Power mode transition in multi-threshold complementary metal oxide semiconductor (MTCMOS) circuits
Method and an apparatus for a quick retransmission of signals in a communication system
Methods for treatment, modification and management of radiculopathy using 1-oxo-2-(2,6-dioxopiperidi...
Methods and compositions for removing metal oxides
Photosensitive polymeric material for WORM optical data storage with two-photon fluorescent readout
Natural heavy duty cleaners
High solids, large particle, calcined kaolin slurries
Triazoles and methods of use
Central processor integrated circuitry for a print controller of a pagewidth printhead
Lockable dispensing head
Semiconductor memory device in which data is stored in nonvolatile state, by using semiconductor ele...
Tray load/unload control system and method
Digital signal offset adjusting apparatus and pulse pattern generator using the same
Distortion compensating apparatus and method
Binary controlled phase selector with output duty cycle correction
Optical switching device
Orthodontic prescription form, templates, and toolbar for digital orthodontics
Tray loading/unloading apparatus
Optical disk device
Tissue extraction and maceration device
Method for growth of human conjunctival tissue equivalents for research, clinical ocular surface tra...
Compact steam reformer with automatic load matching capability
Liquid-gas separator for direct liquid feed fuel cell
Pseudostatic pile load testing method
Polyamide-based water-soluble biodegradable copolymers and the use thereof
Composition of polyester, aromatic epoxy compound and epoxy-functional polyolefin and/or copolyester
Individual firearm with improved recock device
Decorating with a lighted device
Optical plate with light diffusion layer and backlight module using the same
Light source module with a thermoelectric cooler
LED lamp
Sealed acorn luminaire having a one-way outflow seal and a one-way inflow electrical grommet seal
Wheel illumination device
Headlight adjustment device with dual input gear mechanism
Snap bracket locking device
Lighthead mounting structure
Efficient light injector
Light unit for high-beam and low-beam generation
Point light source, light-emitting module and display device having the same
Light-source fixing structure for backlight module
Backlight assembly and assembling method thereof
Connecting unit for wick of cold cathode fluorescent lamp
Reflector packages and semiconductor light emitting devices including the same
Pit road display
Apparatus and method for rendering for display forward-looking image data
Mold frame and liquid crystal display having the same
Fiber optic wet connector acceleration protection and tolerance compliance
Coupling for optical-fiber connectors
Optical interface identification system
Hinge for cable trough cover
Micro resonator sensor
Optical device
Apparatus and methods for optically-coupled memory systems
Polarization mode dispersion compensator and polarization mode dispersion compensating method
Optical sensor and modulator
Mixed electrical and optical LGA interposer for facilitating chip to board communications by dual si...
Design of CMOS integrated germanium photodiodes
Optical switch and method of adjusting optical switch
Substrate guided relay with homogenizing input relay
Multi-level optical data communication circuit
Video decoder with deblocker within decoding loop
Compression encoder
Method of color image processing to eliminate shadows and reflections
Image processing device and method, recording medium, and program
Image processing device and registration data generation method in image processing
Position and orientation detection method and apparatus
Method for warped image object recognition
Method and system for reducing effects of undesired signals in an infrared imaging system
Multi-spectral fusion for video surveillance
Information processing method and device
Image warp
Image superresolution through edge extraction and contrast enhancement
Video summarization system and the method thereof
Drawing apparatus with drawing data correction function
System for reducing the number of programs necessary to render an image
Non-invasive detection of the occurrence of apneae or hypopneae in a patient
Implantable cardiac stimulation device, system and method which provides an electrogram signal facil...
Systems, methods, and computer program products for transmitting neural signal information
Biofeedback device displaying results on a cellular phone display
Implantable vagal stimulator for treating cardiac ischemia
Device for supporting a patient for computer tomographs
Method and system for concurrent localization and display of a surgical catheter and local electroph...
Device with infusion holes for imaging inside a blood vessel
Process for coating particles for generative rapid prototyping
Method and apparatus for comfort noise generation in speech communication systems
Automatic link commissioning
Digital data signal testing using arbitrary test signal
Communication device
Communication device
Communication device
Communication headset
Method and apparatus for acquiring and establishing a deployable communication system
Attachment device, attachment receiving device and system for identifying secured containers
Method and system for decimating a pulse width modulated (PWM) signal
Method for optimization of Q-Filter kernel parameters
Method for authenticating a message
Headset for a communication device
Serpentine transmembrane antigens expressed in human cancers and uses thereof
Process for preparing a support for olefin polymerization catalysts
Anti-IGF-1R antibodies and uses thereof
Transient voltage protection circuit boards and manufacturing methods
Animal control device
Production of N-(methyl aryl)-2-lactam, N-(methyl cycloalkyl)-2-lactam and N-alkyl-2-lactam by reduc...
Cleaning system
Aspirating scented oxygen enriched faucet and shower head
Methods of artificially coloring hair
Hair conditioning compositions
Additives and products including oligoesters
Shine-enhancing film formers
Controlled release using gels in a melamine foam
Rotor with a cover plate for securing a magnet in the rotor
Use of thickening agents for producing soft capsules and film production method
Cab for construction machinery
Method for producing nitride semiconductor device
Production of sodium diformate
Water controller system for direct methanol fuel cell
Method and apparatus for generating OPC rules for placement of scattering bar features utilizing int...
Nonaqueous secondary battery and electronic equipment using the same
Method of drying roving products
Medical imaging system having an apparatus for compressing image data
Macrocyclic lactams and pharmaceutical use thereof
Backlight unit having protection circuit using induced voltage detection
Device for adjusting the length of middle ear implants
Butterfly flange
Health-and-hygiene appliance comprising a dispersible component and a releasable component disposed ...
Fluid applicator with a press activated pouch
Disposable absorbent article
Disposable absorbent article with overlapping absorbent assembly secured to front and back panels
RFID system for lifting devices
Absorbent article with captured leg elastics
Surgical drape with an integral underbuttocks portion
Method for making rolls of tissue sheets having improved properties
High performance elastic materials made using styrene block copolymers and mixtures
Self-sealing regulator fill port protective/dust cover
Apparatus and method for a rotary atomizer with improved pattern control
Immunogenic compositions capable of eliciting Th1 immune responses comprising an HIV-1 MA myristate ...
Real time system for monitoring containers from a quayside crane
Method and apparatus for applying flocking to the outsole of shoe under pressure
End-fed planar type spiral antenna
Reverse leakage reduction and vertical height shrinking of diode with halo doping
Method for fabricating self-aligned complimentary pillar structures and wiring
Flash cache flushing method and system
Heat sink with heat dissipating fins and method of manufacturing heat sink
Portable devices for detachably securing cans and other objects
Internet/intranet access mechanism
Universal solvent cement
Radio frequency identification tag and manufacturing method thereof
Fluid line coupling
Liquid adhesive
Rigid polyurethane foams with increased heat performance
Polyvinylchloride/polyurethane hybrid foams with improved burn properties and reduced after-glow
Magnetic recording medium and method for manufacturing the same
Micro-muscle in biological medium
Substituted hydantoins
Interferential and neuromuscular electrical stimulation system and apparatus
Charging cradle
Flow based pressure isolation mechanism for a fluid delivery system
Adjustable cycle timer control for aerators
Packaging with surface ornamentation
Flow switch
Hitless restart mechanism for non-stop data-forwarding in the event of L3-mobility control-plane fai...
Hand-held electronic device cover
Thermostat with display
Using EMI signals to facilitate proactive fault monitoring in computer systems
Bicycle component and method for making such a component
Sensor release for a sensor dispensing instrument
Processes for separating carbon monoxide from a hydrogen chloride-containing gas
Fuel cell manufacturing method and fuel cell
Determination of characteristics during the transition between an AAL2 signalling and another signal...
Equity based incentive compensation plan computer system
Gateway having an input/output scanner
Enhanced channel access mechanisms for an HPNA network
Digital audio disc player
Ice skate holder
Game controller
Dental injection syringe
Method of filtering a pixel of an image
Installation of digital data receivers
Phase detector for comparing phases of data and a plurality of clocks
Methods of using fuel bundle groups as evaluation constraints
Single-chip color camera for high accuracy image measurements
Image forming system for executing a plurality of functions having stored sets of conditions
Vehicle remote operation device and method
Vehicular rollover prevention control device
Methods, systems and computer program products for automatically detecting leaks in a hydrant fuel p...
Voice guide system and voice guide method thereof
Liquid crystal display device
Fixing device and image forming apparatus
Method for deriving standard 12-lead electrocardiogram, and monitoring apparatus using the same
Acyl guanidines as beta-secretase inhibitors
Camshaft assembly including a target wheel
Disposable oxygen sensor and method for correcting oxygen effect on oxidase-based analytical devices
RFID--sensor system for lateral discrimination
Positioning correction system and method for single and multi-channel ground penetrating radar
Configurable radar sensor
Method and system for reliable data transmission in wireless networks
Stair climbing tread hardware for a robot
Industrial Robot Device, An Industrial Robot And A Method For Manipulating Objects
Method & system for sharing information through a mobile multimedia platform
Robot and method of building map therefor
Apparatus And Method For An Autonomous Robotic System For Performing Activities In A Well
Discharge lamp ballast apparatus comprising DC/DC converters having at least two transformers and ou...
Cerium-based oxide fiber and its fabricating method
Fiber-optic seismic sensor
Techniques for attaching a label to an electronic cable
Beam steering for optical target identification and tracking without gimbals or scanning mirrors
Apparatus and method for free space optical communications beam steering without gimbals
Wall-mounted network outlet
Coupling optical fibers
Low coupling loss photodetector/optical fiber apparatus and method for forming the same
Optical fiber and optical-fiber transmission line
Optical fiber fanout devices and methods for forming the same
Hinge for fiber optic categorization and management tray
Optical device comprising an optical component and an optical medium with different refractive indic...
Optical network termination apparatus with shared components and passive optical network system comp...
Digital headend and full service network for distribution video and audio programming
System of settlement transaction and method
Transistors, integrated circuits, systems, and processes of manufacture with improved work function ...
Scanning device for scanning interface surface of product item
Contents and information providing service system for using a code, user terminal, communication age...
System and method for provisioning a third party mobile device emulator
Method and apparatus for managing subscriptions
Anti-IL-20 antibody and its use in treating IL-20 associated inflammatory diseases
Glycoprotein VI antibodies and methods thereof
Device to lavage a blood vessel
Method for diagnosis of alzheimer's disease
Degradation-resistant mononucleoside phosphate compounds
Composition containing benzamidine derivative and method for stabilizing benzamidine derivative
Substituted oxoazaheterocyclyl compounds
Tetrahydroisoquinolines as factor Xa inhibitors
Utilization of dialkylfumarates
Modified vitamin K. dependent polypeptides
Method for preparing clopidogrel 1,5-naphthalenedisulfonate or hydrate thereof
Method of reworking disk drive
Magnetic memory device and method of fabricating the same
Method of manufacturing a vertical recording magnetic head
Magnetoresistive sensor with a free layer stabilized by direct coupling to in stack antiferromagneti...
Method to form a current confining path of a CPP GMR device
Hard drive cartridge protection
Process and device for securing the transmission, recording and viewing of digital, audiovisual pack...
Disk device for serial communication and method of controlling the same
Predictive diagnosis of a data read system
Method for correcting added and lost bits in a hard disk drive using error correction codes
Method for formatting data sectors on magnetic disk, and magnetic disk drive
Magnetic recording disk and disk drive with patterned phase-type servo fields for read/write head po...
Housing opening and closing apparatus for DVD camcorder
Perpendicular magnetic recording head with photoresist dam between write coil and air bearing surfac...
Magnetic write head having a self aligned, steep shoulder pole structure and method of manufacture t...
Thin-film magnetic head having heatsink wider on air bearing surface side
Head suspension assembly and recording medium drive
Method and apparatus coupling at least one piezoelectric device to a slider in a hard disk drive for...
Paintball marker action assembly
Pneumatically operated projectile launching device
Perforating methods and devices for high wellbore pressure applications
Mail box and mail box standard protective apparatus
Method and apparatus for an electronic equipment rack
Overhead transfer flange and support for suspending a substrate carrier
Xylanse variants having altered sensitivity to xylanse inhibitors
Weapon mounting system
Firearm having an indirect gas operating system
Sterile docking apparatus and method
A/D converter circuit and A/D conversion method
Pipeline type A/D converter apparatus provided with precharge circuit for precharging sampling capac...
Sharing operational amplifier between two stages of pipelined ADC and/or two channels of signal proc...
Method for energy efficient prospective peer discovery in an ad hoc network
Energy transfer amplification for intrabody devices
Method of processing a signal by a radio receiver and radio receiver for the implementation of the m...
Device for the detection and characterization of biological tissue
Formation of a field reversed configuration for magnetic and electrostatic confinement of plasma
Control system for a reciprocating object
Method and system for vibration avoidance for automated machinery
System and method for encoding and decoding an image using bitstream map and recording medium thereo...
Method and apparatus to detect loads associated with one of a plurality of components driven by a sh...
Fuser unit and imaging forming apparatus having the same
File formats, methods, and computer program products for representing presentations
Toner container with grippable recesses and image forming apparatus having such a toner container
Apparatus and method for display power saving
Intrusion detection in a data center environment
Network tap with interchangeable ports
Process control methods and apparatus for intrusion detection, protection and network hardening
Systems and methods for making a pizza pie having an outer cheese portion
Methods for inhibiting sterol absorption
Piperazine compounds
Amorphous form of a phosphoric acid salt of a dipeptidyl peptidase-IV inhibitor
Diazabicyclic aryl derivatives as cholinergy ligands
Piperazinyl-pyridine derivatives
Piperidinylamino-thieno[2,3-D] pyrimidine compounds
Heterocyclic compounds and their use as aldosterone synthase inhibitors
Aryl and heteroaryl substituted tetrahydroisoquinolines and use thereof
Bicyclic aryl-sulfonic acid [1,3,4]-thiadiazol-2-yl-amides, processes for their preparation, pharmac...
Fused pyrazole derivatives and methods of treatment of metabolic-related disorders thereof
Treatment and inhibition of disease conditions using flexible heteroarotinoids
Anti-IL-6 antibodies, compositions, methods and uses
Process for selective synthesis of enantiomers of substituted 1-(2-amino-1-phenyl-ethyl)-cyclohexano...
Organic amine salts of glutamic acid derivatives and their application
High frequency vagal blockage therapy
Near infrared chemiluminescent acridinium compounds and uses thereof
Instrument for noninvasively measuring blood sugar level
Amino acid derivatives
Inflatable articles that provide long term inflation and pressure control
Method for manufacturing carbon nanotubes with uniform length
Process for preparing multilayer enzyme coating on a fiber
Biocatalytic material comprising multilayer enzyme coated fiber
Integrated circuit fabrication
Single spacer process for multiplying pitch by a factor greater than two and related intermediate IC...
Rapid and accurate detection of bone quality using ultrasound critical angle reflectometry
Ion channel assay methods
Method for fabricating semiconductor wafer with enhanced alignment performance
Internal clock generator
Correlation of flight track data with other data sources
Scanned light beam display with brightness compensation
Image processing apparatus, control method thereof, program, and storage medium
System and method for egress packet marking
Managing resources for IP networking
Apparatus and methods for water regeneration from waste
Sunscreen compositions as well as dihydropyridines and dihydropyranes
Energy storage system
Zr-Sn-Ti-O films
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Polysilicon dummy wafers and process used therewith
Solar power generation apparatus and its manufacturing method
Conversion of solar energy to electrical and/or heat energy
Programmable local clock buffer capable of varying initial settings
Test executive with stack corruption detection
Method for providing bitwise constraints for test generation
Rendering hypertext markup language content
Method for seamlessly crossing GUI toolkit boundaries
System and method for automated end-user support
Structurally field-configurable semiconductor array for in-memory processing of stateful, transactio...
Backing files for portal element controls
System and method for efficiently analyzing and building interdependent resources in a software proj...
Sharing classes and class loaders
Nanopowders synthesis apparatus and method
Nanopowders synthesis apparatus
Nano-sized optical fluorescence labels and uses thereof
Formation of holes in substrates using dewetting coatings
Optoelectronic tweezers for microparticle and cell manipulation
System of phonon spectroscopy
Clock signal generation circuit and semiconductor device
Antenna for plastic window panel
Method and device for three-dimensionally determining the refractive index of transparent or partial...
Micro-electromechanical system based switching in heating-ventilation-air-conditioning systems
Objective optical system for optical recording media and optical pickup device using it
Methods and systems for removing data inconsistencies for a network simulation
Method for correcting the outputs of vehicle behavior sensor
Network load balancing with session information
Flame-retardant resin composition
Stepping motor controller and gaming machine
Carbon dioxide extraction of corn germ oil from corn germ
Method and system for protecting internet users' privacy by evaluating web site platform for privacy...
Method for controlling filename display for image and video file types
Remote media detection and presentation
Biglycan and related therapeutics and methods of use
Scavenger receptor
Compounds, compositions and methods for controlling biofilms and bacterial infections
Polymer-based sustained release device
Method for treating kidney disorders
Humanised anti-mag antibody or functional fragment thereof
Wound alternative treatment system
Powder composition, dispersion of this powder composition in oil and cosmetic material containing sa...
Pre-mixed, ready-to-use pharmaceutical compositions
Esterified fatty acid composition
Methods of treatment using a gastric retained gabapentin dosage
Polyether urethane containing allyl groups
Cardiac muscle function and manipulation
Nucleic acids and corresponding proteins entitled 282P1G3 useful in treatment and detection of cance...
Scavenger receptor
Power core devices
Phase change memory and method for driving the same
Semiconductor memory device and method for operating the same
Magnetic memory device and method of writing into the same
Phase-change memory device and method of fabricating the same
Arrangement and method for controlling a micromechanical element
Semiconductor devices having self aligned semiconductor mesas and contact layers
Systems and methods for controlling a ramp rate of a wind farm
Vehicle automatic exterior light control
System and method for demonstrating functionality of on-board diagnostics for vehicles
Pelvic disorder treatment device
System and method for performing automated testing of a merchant message
Automated systems and methods to support electronic business transactions for spare parts
Long-term digital data storage
Fault detection method and apparatus
Power train of automatic transmission
Optical coupling apparatus for a dual column charged particle beam tool for imaging and forming sili...
Scanning microscope and specimen image obtaining method in which adjacent data obtaining points are ...
Method and system for laser thermal processing of semiconductor devices
Method of determining the flatness of a foundation to which a building structure, machinery or equip...
Systems and methods for characterizing laser beam quality
Method of alignment of an optical module and an optical module using thereof
Fiber laser for ultrasonic testing
Nonresonant multiple pass nonlinear structure
Optical device and crystallization device
Non-linear optoacoustic narrowband communications technique
Adaptive high frequency laser sonar system
Reproduction apparatus and focus jump method
Optical pickup apparatus with bilaterally divided light beams
Optical pickup device and focus control method therefor
Multi-wavelength mode locked laser
High efficiency second harmonic generation vertical external cavity surface emitting laser
Laser frequency stabilizing apparatus, method and computer program product for stabilizing laser fre...
Self-pulsation nitride semiconductor laser device and method for fabricating the same
Two-wavelength semiconductor laser device and method for fabricating the same
Wavelength-tunable light source and wavelength-division multiplexed transmission system using the so...
Optical FM source based on intra-cavity phase and amplitude modulation in lasers
Surface roughening methods using cutting tools
Particulate accumulation amount estimating system
Railless window regulator
Exhaust gas purification apparatus for internal combustion engine and method thereof
Apparatus for forming microscopic recesses on a cylindrical bore surface and method of forming the m...
Control device for internal combustion engine
Seat back adjustment mechanism
Torque limiting clutches for power transfer units
Torque transfer control system for power transmission device in a motor vehicle
Electrical connector
Surface configuration of a vehicle body, toy, and/or replica
Method to control BAW resonator top electrode edge during patterning
Multiple chamber pump and method
Manufacturing and material processing for prosthetic devices
Foot warming heating element and method of manufacturing foot warming heating element
Apparatus and method of assay in utilizing attenuated total reflection
Composite wire for implantable cardiac lead conductor cable and coils
Ultrasonic probe, backing material for ultrasonic probe, and method of manufacturing the same
Power saving device for GPS device
Distributed orbit modeling and propagation method for a predicted and real-time assisted GPS system
Apparatus and method for determining GPS tracking loop parameter based on SNR estimation
Windshield mounting assembly for handheld GPS device
Side impact dynamic intrusion simulator
Micromechanical device comprising a mobile beam
Inkjet printhead that prints keep-wet dots to avoid clogging
Process for manufacturing a thin-film transistor (TFT) device and TFT device manufactured by the pro...
Gate straining in a semiconductor device
Semiconductor device having high drive current and method of manufacture therefor
Metal gates with low charge trapping and enhanced dielectric reliability characteristics for high-k ...
Multi-stage curing of low K nano-porous films
Nanoelectromechanical digital inverter
Liquid crystal display device and fabrication method thereof
Thin film transistor array substrate, liquid crystal display panel having the same, and method of ma...
IL-receptor like molecules and uses thereof
Co-stimulatory polypeptides
Greens mower data display and controller
Golf putting practice device
Golf club
Golf club handgrip elevation apparatus
Golf putter head assembly
Golf ball mark repair tool
Shoes with leveling instrument
Method and system for extracting cardiac parameters from plethysmographic signals
Cancellation systems for multicarrier transceiver arrays
Bidirectional turbo ISI canceller-based DSSS receiver for high-speed wireless LAN
Information handling system including adaptive interference suppression feature and method of operat...
Distortion measurement in optical communication systems
Method and system of nonlinear signal processing
Ultrasonic atomizing cooling apparatus
Electromagnetic radiation attenuation
Method and apparatus for controlling building component characteristics
Low power non-volatile memory and gate stack
Dual-gate device and method
Nanoelectromechanical bistable cantilever device
Spectroscopy method and apparatus for detecting low concentration gases
Methods for operating semiconductor device and semiconductor memory device
Generation and applications of negative dielectric constant materials
Participant node for a searchable distributed information network
System and method for developing a defined pension plan logic and framework
Portable browsing interface for information retrieval
Image retrieval based on relevance feedback
Systems and methods for enhancing web-based searching
Human credit resource networking method
Methods and systems for managing data
Signature searching system
Real time query trends with multi-document summarization
Methods and systems for providing blog information associated with a member of a social network
Preferential ranking of code search results
Vision-based document segmentation
Configuring search results using a layout editor
System and method for electronic submission, procurement, and access to highly varied material prope...
Organizing resources into collections to facilitate more efficient and reliable resource access
Method and system for steering antenna beam
Reliably transferring queued application messages
Telemetry for a battery operated device
Wireless user device having integrated hotspotter technology
Method and apparatus for controlling unsolicited messaging in real time messaging networks
Wireless method and apparatus for testing armament circuits
Retransmission control method and transmitter in wireless communication system
Method for wireless data transmission
System and method for privilege management and revocation
Systems and methods for managing powered industrial vehicles
Method for context based discovery and filtering of portable collaborative networks
Progressive de-featuring of electronic messages
Email SMS notification system providing enhanced charge accounting features and related methods
Method for transmitting information over a radio network and for representing the information by mea...
Proximity enforcement in heterogeneous network environments
Reliably transferring queued application messages
Reliably transferring queued application messages
Transgenic plants for mitigating introgression of genetically engineered genetic traits
Inbred maize variety PHEKN
Maize variety PHRAN
Maize variety PHGDD
Maize variety PHJ8C
Rice cultivar calmati-202
Osteoprotegerin variant proteins
DB, the receptor for leptin, nucleic acids encoding the receptor, and uses thereof
antibodies binding to a C-terminal fragment of apoliopoprotein E
Humanized L243 antibodies
Methods of using cytokine zalpha11 ligand
Biologically-active DNA-binding sites and related methods
Toxoplasma gondii nucleic acid molecules
AP1 amine oxidase variants
Non-volatile memory cell
Method of forming semiconductor device
Wafer, semiconductor chip, and semiconductor device
Method for doping a fin-based semiconductor device
Apparatus for confining inductively coupled surface currents
Chip resistor, process for producing the same, and frame for use therein
Trench polysilicon diode
Semiconductor device
Structures to enhance cooling of computer memory modules
Power module having a cooling device and semiconductor devices mounted on a resin substrate, method ...
Optimized power delivery to high speed, high pin-count devices
Semiconductor package including dummy board and method of fabricating the same
Method for manufacturing a semiconductor device and semiconductor device
Semiconductor device with improved contact fuse
Lamp for rapid thermal processing chamber
Display element, optical device, and optical device manufacturing method
Phase detector device and method thereof
Apparatus and method for in-situ monitoring of wafer bonding time
Method and structure for electrostatic discharge protection of photomasks
Cooling device for memory chips
Optimized wavelength gap for improved StO2 measurement
System, tracker, and program product to facilitate and verify proper target alignment for radiation ...
Spectroscopic cross-channel method and apparatus for improved optical measurements of tissue
Peripheral nerve stimulation to treat auditory dysfunction
Apparatus for aligning an object being scanned in multi-modality systems
Apparatus and methods for imaging using an anatomical positioning system
MRI detection and staging of Parkinson's disease and detection of progressive supranuclear palsy
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and magnetic resonance imaging method
Global shape definition method for scatterometry
Physician to patient network system for real-time electronic communications and transfer of patient ...
Methods for quantum processing
Bus architecture for quantum processing
Device and method for enabling efficient and flexible reconfigurable computing
Virtual disk drive system and method
Method and system for dataflow creation and execution
Use of multiple embedded messages in program signal streams
Protective garment
Task chair
Stacking chair
Recycled glass bottle dish
Device for supporting an object
Tape rule holder
Part of a container
Valve and tube assembly
Enhanced high visibility hand held stop sign
Strap holder
Audio component cabinet
Golf putter head
Spinal cord stimulation to treat auditory dysfunction
Aesthetic thermal sculpting of skin
Edible pet chew
Edible pet chew
Edible pet chew
Pet treat
Pet chew
Pet chew
Pet chew
Furniture pet guard
Hedgehog toy
Chipmunk toy
Method and system for biometric identification and authentication having an exception mode
Modular microprocessor-based power tool system
Compositions and methods for treating viral infections using antibodies and immunoconjugates to amin...
VEGFR-3 inhibitor materials and methods
Process for producing toner particles
Positive resist composition and pattern-forming method using the same
Methods for identifying cancer risk
Drug for the treatment of osteonecrosis and for the management of patients at risk of developing ost...
Crystalline forms of the anti-cancer compound ZD1839
Polymeric compositions and uses therefor
Methods and apparatus for assisting cardiac resynchronization therapy
Very bright scintillators
Optical bioinstrumentation for living body
Lithography system
Method and system of energy integrating and photon counting using layered photon counting detector
Method and apparatus for reducing cone beam artifacts using spatially varying weighting functions
Mammography apparatus
Methods and devices useful for analyzing color medical images
Methods and apparatus for image recognition and dictation
Secure and recoverable database for on-line value-bearing item system
Enterprise digital asset management system and method
System and method for providing three-way failover for a transactional database
Communicative and virtual battery chargers and methods
Method and system for virtual prototyping
Unified personalization
Persona-based application personalization
System and method for developing and deploying computer applications over a network
Tasting glasses having revealable indicators there on and method of conducting blind taste test
Method of making a plastic colorimetric resonant biosensor device with liquid handling capabilities
Enzymatic ammonolysis process for the preparation of intermediates for DPP IV inhibitors
Human hematopoietic growth regulatory gene product
Process for preparing 2-oxo-1-pyrrolidine derivatives by intramolecular allylation
Direction finding
Method and apparatus for PSTN-based IP active call recovery and re-routing
Suspension spring
Systems and methods for providing secure access to embedded devices using a trust manager and a secu...
Housing for a communication device
Communication device
Portable telephone
Portable telephone
Portable telephone
Portable telephone
Mobile phone
Mobile phone
Mobile phone
Mobile phone
Mobile phone
Mobile phone
Notebook computer
Notebook computer
Notebook computer
Notebook computer
Notebook computer
Apparatus, machine-readable medium, and system for the detection of atypical sequences via generaliz...
Iterative particle reduction methods and systems for localization and pattern recognition
Intelligent control with hierarchal stacked neural networks
Hierarchical computing modules for performing recognition using spatial distance and temporal sequen...
Systems and methods for determining user interests
Generating a database model from natural language expressions of business rules
Ensembles of neural networks with different input sets
Configurable framework for storing and retrieving arbitrary information from a database
Generating a class model from a business vocabulary to represent facts expressible in the business v...
Utilizing rules in a distributed information sharing system
Network message filtering using hashing and pattern matching
Apparatus, method, and product of manufacture for transforming supply chain networks using pair-wise...
Thematic response to a computer user's context, such as by a wearable personal computer
Anomaly detection system and a method of teaching it
Method and apparatus for storing pattern matching data and pattern matching method using the same
Precomputation of context-sensitive policies for automated inquiry and action under uncertainty
Approach for re-using business rules
Medical device user interface automatically resolving interaction between programmable parameters
Core-shell structure metal nanoparticles and its manufacturing method
Platinum-bismuth catalysts for treating engine exhaust
Dynamic plasmonics-enabled signal enhancement, a device comprising the same, and a method using the ...
Nanoparticle formulations of platinum compounds
Nanocomposite material and method of manufacturing the same comprising forming an inorganic matrix b...
System and method for applying digital make-up in video conferencing
Organic electroluminescent device
Photovoltaic component and production method therefor
Organic bottom emission electronic device
Active matrix type display device, active matrix type organic electroluminescent display device, and...
Organic light emitting display
Thermal interface
TFT containing coalesced nanoparticles
Organic thin film transistor comprising device insulation film and method of manufacturing the same
Lighting apparatus and system for decontamination
OLED device having improved power distribution
Organic electroluminescence device and organic electroluminescence system
Organic electroluminescence device
Polynucleic acid nanomechanical device controlled by hybridization topology
Nucleic acid biosensors
2-azapurine compounds and their uses
Method for targeting a polypeptide onto cellular surface
Polynucleotides encoding interleukin-17 receptor homologue
Nucleic acid sequences from Diabrotica virgifera virgifera LeConte and uses thereof
Nuclear transfer embryo formation method
Nucleotide sequences mediating male fertility and method of using same
Manipulation of plant polysaccharide synthases
Isolated nucleic acid molecules encoding the Br2 P-glycoprotein of maize and methods of modifying gr...
Flavonoid 3',5' hydroxylase gene sequences and uses therefor
Nucleic acid molecules associated with plant cell proliferation and growth and uses thereof
Soybean variety D4127789
Plants and seeds of corn variety LH363
Plants and seeds of hybrid corn variety CH130744
Plants and seeds of hybrid corn variety CH532435
Plants and seeds of hybrid corn variety CH042217
Method and system for the multidimensional morphological reconstruction of genome expression activit...
Pricing of the identification service by a registry which identifies prospective donors having parti...
Apparatus and method for resolving security association database update coherency in high-speed syst...
Schemas for a notification platform and related information services
Map and data location provider
Schemas for a notification platform and related information services
System for generating a data logout in a computing environment
Schemas for a notification platform and related information services
System and method of obtaining error data within an information handling system
Metadirectory namespace and method for use of the same
Apparatus, system, and method for recovering a multivolume data set
Method and apparatus for synchronizing databases connected by wireless interface
Device for aligning a data carrier plate with respect to a data transmission head
Low-complexity nonlinear filters
Monitoring apparatus, computer program and network for secure data storage
Method and system for managing a streaming media service
Method and apparatus for reducing host overhead in a socket server implementation
Data ecosystem awareness
Computer network and method of operating same to preload content of selected web pages
Apparatus for and method of executing customized interactive computing services in a broadband netwo...
Selecting a communications protocol
Method for facilitating commerce at an internet-based auction
Content display monitor
Rapid entry system for the placement of orders via the Internet
Method and apparatus for remote blood alcohol monitoring
Online remote control configuration system
Method and system for upstream priority lookup at physical interface
Method and system for managing computer networks
Distributed network communication system which selectively provides data to different network destin...
Call processing method and apparatus in a private communication system
Information processing apparatus and method, recording medium, and program
Information processing apparatus and method, recording medium, and program
Proximity service discovery in wireless networks
Modular irrigation controller
One-to-many device synchronization using downloaded/shared client software
Method for automatic control of RF output level of a repeater
Method for estimating communication conditions affecting an UWB wireless link
Synchronizing method for impulse radio network
System and method for adaptive multi-rate (AMR) vocoder rate adaptation
Dual synthesizer RF frequency plan optimized for interference avoidance
Reducing local oscillation leakage in a radio frequency transmitter
Method for providing satellite radio service in a vehicle
Method for reducing the effect of impulse noise in a motor vehicle radio
Radio wave reception device and radio wave clock
Dynamic building of monitored set
Station side apparatus, resource allocating method in station side apparatus and mobile communicatio...
System for fast macrodiversity switching in mobile wireless networks
RRC group reject method and apparatus for mobile communications
Transmission power control method of uplink packet data transmission
Method and device for transponder aided wake-up of a low power radio device
Multi-antenna for an implantable medical device
System for transmitting, processing, receiving, and displaying traffic information
Automated switching for executing tests involving electronic devices
System for providing secure access to KVM switch and other server management systems
Collecting debug data from a wireless device
Optimal amplifier performance selection method
Training device for simulating the response of a locked door to the application of a blunt force
Magnetic component connector, circuit boards for use therewith, and kits for building and designing ...
Computer-implemented method and system for collecting and communicating inspection information for a...
Method of analysis, abstraction, and delivery of electronic information
Luminous plaque
Safety razor grip
Safety razor grip
Safety razor handle
Portion of a safety razor handle
Portion of a safety razor handle
Handle for pedicure bits
Hair care caddy
Holder for beauty implement and cosmetic
Cosmetic palette
Pet water or food storage unit with stowable bowl
Breeding pen feeder
Hummingbird feeder
Front panel for drum washing machine
Cleaning head attachment for a vacuum cleaner
Attachment for a cleaning device
Air-tight paint tray
One-piece molded trash can with accessory holders molded into the top of the trash can
Corner segment of a pallet
Rain barrel
Methods for constructing underground borehole configurations and related solution mining methods
Recovery of n-propyl bromide emissions
ZnS/Zn(O,OH)S-based buffer layer deposition for solar cells
Separation method using an ITQ-29 zeolite material
Aligned nanotubule membranes
Oxide sintered body and an oxide film obtained by using it, and a transparent base material containi...
Effluent gas scrubber and method of scrubbing effluent gasses
Method for hydrogen sulphide and/or mercaptans decomposition
Materials purification by treatment with hydrogen-based plasma
Welding of carbon single-walled nanotubes by microwave treatment
Rutile titania nano sols and process for manufacturing the same
Faujasite zeolite, its preparation and use in hydrocracking
External additive for toner for electrophotography, toner for electrophotography, double-component d...
Measurement of NO and NO.sub.2 for control of selective catalytic reduction
Controller for electrical toy vehicle
Folding tiller for boats
Interlocking platform boats
Method and device for separation of a fluid, in particular oil, gas and water
Floating wind turbine system
Work positioning device
Robotic end of arm tool method and apparatus
Coating apparatus, coating method and coating-film forming apparatus
Distributed display composed of active fiducials
Offline programming device
Pickup device driving apparatus, photographing device using the same, and monitoring camera apparatu...
Method of reducing vibration in the fine movement of a precision instrument secured to a tripod
3D rover camera system and method
Electronic apparatus with orientation adjustable camera
Electric dust-proof device
Optical apparatus including diaphragm device
Imaging device
Enhancement of visual perception III
Electronic device and accessory device
Waterproof case for portable device
Focusing lens with electrowetting based macro switch
Distributed and secured method and system for protecting and distributing audiovisual flows
Cryptographic device and associated methods
M6 block cipher system and method for encoding content and authenticating a device
Method and apparatus for data encryption
System and process for adaptive and progressive scrambling of video streams
Cryptographic techniques for a communications network
Content-protected digital link over a single signal line
Data storage device and data storage method
Systems and methods for compression of key sets having multiple keys
Controlling delivery of broadcast encryption content for a network cluster from a content server out...
System and method for sending encrypted messages to a distribution list
Electronic watermark generating apparatus, method, and program for generating electronic watermark
Multiplexing communication system and crosstalk elimination method
Wireless mobile phone with authenticated mode of operation including finger print based authenticati...
Mechanism to avoid expensive double-encryption in mobile networks
Method and apparatus for remotely provisioning software-based security coprocessors
Copy protection method and system for programmable gate array
Method and system for controlling access to software features in an electronic device
System and method for service-oriented automatic remote control, remote server, and remote control a...
Automatic identification and blocking method of spam cell
Method and apparatus for providing ringback tones
Method for handling incoming calls directed to a virtual communication service subscriber via a gues...
Application based queuing via an H.323/SIP interface
Recording using proxy servers
Echo path change detection using dual sparse filtering
Adjustable earpiece
Hinge apparatus for a portable terminal and portable terminal having the same
Hands free aural device holder
Cost control system for access to mobile services
Messaging system for managing communications resources
Telephone identity association and a method of distributing telephone identity association to teleph...
System and method for providing communications services
Repeat dealing in wireless networks to busy called parties
Transcription data extraction
Apparatus and method for a web programmable telephone
Sliding module and its axle structure
Methods for diagnosing RCC and other solid tumors
Detection of cannabinoid receptor biomarkers and uses thereof
27877, 18080, 14081, 32140, 50352, 16658, 14223, 16002, 50566, 65552 and 65577 molecules and uses th...
Method and apparatus for therapeutic drug monitoring using an acoustic device
Methods for delivering compounds into a cell
Method of cell growth inhibition with agnoprotein
Lefty polypeptides and derivatives thereof
Substituted quinobenzoxazine analogs
Inhibitors of c-JUN N-terminal kinases (JNK)
Imidazopyridazine compounds
2,6,9-substituted purine derivatives and their use in the treatment of proliferative disorders
GTPase inhibitors and use thereof for controlling platelet hyperactivity
Compositions of treating hepatitis virus infections with N-substituted-1,5-dideoxy-1,5-imino-D-gluci...
2-phenylthiophene derivative
Heterobifunctional poly(ethylene glycol) and uses thereof
Modified HIV peptides, antigens, compositions, immunoassay kit and a method of detecting antibodies ...
Vaccine for prevention and treatment of HIV-infection
Dual variable domain immunoglobulin and uses thereof
Neisseria genomic sequences and methods of their use
Nosologic system of diagnosis
Electronic interface configured for displaying and identifying mixed types of information
Methods for assigning a price to an asset that is a derivative of a non-marketed variable
System and method for executing strategy security trading
Method and apparatus for enhancing the business and engineering communication between a supplier and...
System and method of implementing massive early terminations of long term financial contracts
Hybrid trading system for concurrently trading securities or derivatives through both electronic and...
Repositioning of market information on trading screens
Computer methods and apparatus for optimizing portfolios of multiple participants
Money order debit from stored value fund
Use of electronic devices for money transfer
Value transfer systems and methods
Coupon payment system
Reverse rating system for determining duration of a usage transaction
Methods and systems for redeeming a stored-value card
System and method for processing tokenless biometric electronic transmissions using an electronic ru...
System and method for mail destination address information encoding, protection and recovery in post...
Method and system for detecting duplicate printing of indicia in a metering system
Methods and systems for analyzing incident reports
Data transfer method and information processing apparatus
Drive force control method for four-wheel drive vehicle
Driving mode switching apparatus for four-wheel-drive vehicle
Front and rear drive power distribution control device for vehicle
Method for damage limitation in the event of an offset frontal collision, and motor vehicle having a...
Device for increasing the degree of occupant protection in a vehicle during a side impact
HST unit
HST unit
Power unit and saddle-ride type vehicle provided with the power unit
Hydraulic steering
Control system and a vehicle comprising the control system
On-vehicle motor control device
Pneumatic vehicle stabilization system
Protective cover for a motorbike
Cover for front compartment of vehicle body and front section structure of vehicle body
Single path road geometry predictive adaptive front lighting algorithm using vehicle positioning and...
Dual clutch hybrid powershift transmission
Propulsion system
Electronic demarcating system
Lawn-mower with sensor
Vehicle steering system
Method for automatically actuating longitudinal blocks in four wheel drive vehicles, in particular i...
Method for manufacturing a diaphragm assembly
Interrupted thread mount primarily for attaching a noise suppressor or other auxiliary device to a f...
Methods for producing acoustic sources
Speaker and method of outputting acoustic sound
Flow-through mufflers with optional thermo-electric, sound cancellation, and tuning capabilities
Active sound reduction apparatus and active noise insulation wall having same
Method for producing an integrated monolithic aluminum structure and aluminum product machined from ...
Caladium plant named `Summer Rose`
Strawberry plant named `Cristal`
Caladium plant named `Garden White`
Blueberry plant named `DrisBlueOne`
Floribunda rose plant named `MORabundant`
Variety of Phormium plant named `FIT01`
Pelargonium plant named `Amri Sal09`
Camellia plant named `Green 99-012`
Camellia plant named `Green 94-010`
Osteospermum plant named `Sunost0802`
Salvia plant named `Madeline`
Epipremnum plant named `Jade Satin`
Combined file flagging devices and label holders
Security document and security element for a security document
Method of producing maps and other objects configured for presentation of spatially-related layers o...
Intraoral aversion devices and methods
Methods for measuring growth rates of carbon nanotubes
Container-grater for a friable food product
Method for extraction and/or squeezing of edible food and drink
Extrusion die assembly for high density products
Reduced fat and carbohydrate milk product and process for manufacturing such milk product
Reversed pressure relief valve