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Fuel pump and fuel feed system for an internal combustion engine of a motor vehicle having a fuel pu...
Structure for sensing refrigerant flow rate in a compressor
Method of transition between controls for a ventilation system
Monitoring system
Pump motor
Fluid displacement apparatus having pressure sensing device
Tube pump and liquid ejection apparatus
Reciprocating drive apparatus and method
Hydraulically-actuated diaphragm pump with a leak compensation device
Mobile concrete pump and corresponding building frame
Electric fan with bearing
Hydraulic actuator for a vehicular power train
Closed loop multiphase underbalanced drilling process
Check valve and pump including check valve
Fuel pump for a fuel system of an internal combustion engine
Multi-mode computer systems and operating methods thereof
Disk array optimizing the drive operation time
Register file backup queue
Image processing system, image processing method, image processing apparatus, program for implementi...
Software life cycle availability over the internet
System for performing data searches on a network
Post-execution software debugger with performance display
Displaying user operation data
Computer-controlled lighting for video communication
Active golf instruction system
Process and device to optimize the yield of fluid catalytic cracking products
Process and apparatus for the regeneration of spent FCC catalyst
Digital voice recorder
Digital voice recorder
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, information processing system and r...
Apparatus and method for allocating resources within a security processing architecture using multip...
Secure login credentials for substantially anonymous users
Method and system for determining total code execution time in a data processor
Content based yield prediction of VLSI designs
Method and compositions for obtaining mature dendritic cells
Modified Fc molecules
Modified Fc molecules
Partial and full agonists of A.sub.1 adenosine receptors
Method of modulating the activity of functional immune molecules to GM2
Method of modulating the activity of functional immune molecules to CD52
System and methods for enhancing the experience of spectators attending a live sporting event, with ...
Vendor-driven, social-network enabled review collection system and method
In-vehicle emergency report apparatus
Electronic device and electronic system
Vehicular electronic system with crash sensors and occupant protection systems
Direct wireless polling of model trains
Vehicle device to activate a visual or audible alert and associated methods
Speed exceeded notification device for vehicle having a data bus and associated methods
Segmented antenna system for offshore radio networks and method of using same
System for dynamically determining vehicle rear/trunk loading for use in a vehicle control system
Telematic parametric speed metering system
Reaction system for performing in the amplification of nucleic acids
Optimal placement of a robust solvent/detergent process post viral ultrafiltration of an immune gamm...
Detergent supplying apparatus of washing machine
Modified polyorganosiloxanes, aqueous emulsions thereof, their production and their use
Process for producing physiologically active protein using genetically modified silkworm
Message synchronization over a stochastic network
Strawberry plant named `DrisStrawSix`
System and method for integrated circuit device design and manufacture using optical rule checking t...
Server for synchronization of files
Rearview mirror for a motor vehicle
Method and system for animating a border
Multiple directional scans of test structures on semiconductor integrated circuits
Automatically configurable chemical dosing apparatus for cleaning equipment
Salvia plant named `Shell Dancer`
Shadow frame
Shadow frame
Human activity monitoring device
Thermally assisted recording head with magnetic pole integrated into optical aperture for dual gradi...
Apparatus and method for color measurement and color grading of diamonds, gemstones and the like
Registration methods for fusing corresponding infrared and visible light images
Adhesion layer for thin film magnetic recording medium
Electrode structure and methods for making and using same
Coating solution for glucose sensing membrane and method of manufacturing optical glucose sensor chi...
System and method for remotely controlling devices
Cavity resonator for magnetic resonance systems
Method of designing physiologically active peptide and use thereof
Method for making homozygous genetic modifications
Access by distributed computers to a same hardware resource
System for error handling in a dual adaptor system where one adaptor is a master
Network storage appliance with integrated server and redundant storage controllers
Relatively unique ID in integrated circuit
Reconfigurable interface for coupling functional input/output blocks to limited number of I/O pins
Computer system and process for transferring multiple high bandwidth streams of data between multipl...
Daisy chainable self timed memory chip
Carrier having daisy chain of self timed memory chips
Emulating a USB host controller
Input/output device with configuration, fault isolation and redundant fault assist functionality
Transmission packet for performing multi-functions over network and communication method and apparat...
Lead frame, method of manufacturing the same, semiconductor device using lead frame and method of ma...
Solder joint flip chip interconnection having relief structure
Dynamic control system for manufacturing processes
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Device for removing electrostatic charges on an object using soft X-ray
Methods and systems for inspection of a wafer or setting up an inspection process
Electrical, high temperature test probe with conductive driven guard
Mechanically reconfigurable vertical tester interface for IC probing
Solder structures for out of plane connections
Substrate for a flexible microelectronic assembly and a method of fabricating thereof
High temperature, stable SiC device interconnects and packages having low thermal resistance
COF board
Embedded bonding pad for backside illuminated image sensor
Light-emitting diode
Optical coupler package
Apparatus and method for controlled particle beam manufacturing
Radiation image conversion panel and preparation method thereof
Photoelectric conversion device and solid-state imaging device
Silica film forming material, silica film and method of manufacturing the same, multilayer wiring st...
Methods for degassing one or more fluids
Pressurised water releasing nozzle for generating microbubbles in a flotation plant
Device for purifying liquid in a liquid reservoir and a transformer provided with such a device
Water aerating and dirt collecting assembly for aquarium
Chlorinator for wastewater treatment systems
Device for distributing a poly-phase mixture on a granular solid bed comprising a porous anti-splash...
Gas-liquid separation apparatus
Bubble separator
Removal of carbon dioxide from air
Document processing apparatus and control method thereof
Electronic apparatus and unit utilized in electronic system
Method of generating data servers for heterogeneous data sources
Printing apparatus, information processing apparatus, and control method therefor
Process cartridge and image forming apparatus
Electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Image processing method and image processing apparatus
Substrate holding system and exposure apparatus using the same
Image display apparatus and image display method
Stabilizing print job manager
Container and method of transporting substrate using the same
Radiographic imaging control apparatus and method for controlling the same
Structure capable of use for generation or detection of electromagnetic radiation, optical semicondu...
Near-field exposure mask, method of producing that mask, near-field exposure apparatus having that m...
Pattern forming apparatus
Histone deacetylase inhibitors
Flexible liquid container
Biphenyl compounds useful as muscarinic receptor antagonists
Film comprising organic semiconductors
Cobalt recovery process
In situ remedial alternative and aquifer properties evaluation probe system
Nickel powder comprising sulfur and carbon, and production method therefor
Method and apparatus for on-chip measurement of power amplifier AM/AM and AM/PM non-linearity
Liquid crystal display module having electrode pairs in partitioned light emitting spaces, respectiv...
Foam-generating kit containing a foam-generating dispenser and a composition containing a high level...
Systems and methods for generating markup-language based expressions from multi-modal and unimodal i...
Integrated spot monitoring device with fluid sensor
Fluorescence-based detection methods and apparatus
Biochemical markers for acute pulmonary embolism
Families of non-cross-hybridizing polynucleotides for use as tags and tag complements, manufacture a...
Erythropoietin with high specific activity
Rapid test for glycated albumin
Method for the audible output of a piece of information in an analysis system
Structure-based hepatitis C virus drug design
Depth selective pH measurement and UV exposure measurement
Nucleic acid sequencing with simultaneous quantitation
Diagnosing risk of cardiovascular complications using natiuretic peptides
Hydroxyethylene-based .beta.-secretase inhibitors and use thereof
Optical glass, precision press-molding preform, process for the production thereof, optical element ...
Optical film composite having spatially controlled adhesive strength
Apparatus and methods for loading a donor roll
Apparatus for simulated stone products
Method and system for implementing metal fill
Deploying network element management system provisioning services
Adjusting sliding window parameters in intelligent event archiving and failure analysis
Method for automatically managing disk fragmentation
Methods and systems for adjusting clock frequency
Phytometric intelligence sensors
System and method providing control of reticle stocking and sorting
Optical modulating circuit and optical modulating method
Method and system for mitigating Raman crosstalk in an Ethernet passive optical network
Apparatus for electrical and optical interconnection
Vertebral fusion device and method for using same
Garage parking signal
Table top
Beach towel
Apparatus and method for interacting with internet content via one or more applications that do not ...
Statistical, signature-based approach to IP traffic classification
Interference cancellation method and receiver
Translational optical flow sensor
Probe card capable of multi-probing
Semiconductor device
Optical lens and light emitting device using the same
Semiconductor device fabrication method and semiconductor device
Solvent tolerant microorganisms and methods of isolation
CGRP receptor antagonists
Monocyclic anilide spirolactam CGRP receptor antagonists
Anti-arthritic herbal composition and method thereof
Latent protein C assays and their uses for diagnosis and/or prognosis in systemic inflammatory respo...
Methods for treating pain by administering a nerve growth factor antagonist and an NSAID
Tissue volume reduction
Heterocyclic CETP inhibitors
Treatment and diagnosis of conditions associated with elevated arginase activity
Method of timing pulsatile flow of normothermic perfusate to the heart
Liquid crystal composition, optical compensation film and liquid crystal display device
Ceramic filters formed from photocurable pre-ceramic polymers
Multiplexed raman detection with filter set
Electron accelerator for ultra-small resonant structures
Fiber incorporating quantum dots as programmable dopants
Data on light bulb
Continuous fiber of fullerene nanotubes
Filter element and method for the production thereof
Resin composition for GHz-band electronic component and GHz-band electronic component
Low terahertz source and detector
Solid dosage form comprising a fibrate
Secure communication port redirector
Method of measuring diffractive lenses
Functionalized dyes and use thereof in ophthalmic lens material
Ocular therapeutic agent delivery devices and methods for making and using such devices
Polymeric network system for medical devices and methods of use
Lenticular refractive surgery of presbyopia, other refractive errors, and cataract retardation
Method and apparatus for determining the visual acuity of an eye
Apparatus for measuring blood glucose concentrations
Ophthalmic and otorhinolaryngological device materials
Copying Files From One Directory To Another
Rheology control agents for coating compositions
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Elastomeric compositions, air barriers, and processes for the making the same
AC Power adapter with swiveling plug having folding prongs
Vehicle handlebar grip
Computerized method and system for estimating an effect on liability based on the stopping distance ...
System for remotely monitoring a user
Hub and wheel, in particular for bicycles
Wheel with tension spokes and a method of manufacturing such wheel
Rear suspension system for bicycles
Semiconductor device
Systems and methods for power storage and management from intermittent power sources
Attachable trimmer/edger for a lawnmower
Bicycle handle bars
Summarization of soccer video content
Viewing and ordering customized resin panels through web-based interfaces
Biomass reactor for producing gas
Method for producing fluorinated organic compounds
Low water-absorptive polyimide resin and method for producing same
Hyperbranched polymers
Polymer electrolyte fuel cell
Heat spreader for emissive display device
Anodes with corner and edge modified designs
Membrane-electrode assembly for solid polymer electrolyte fuel cell
Silicon-containing composite bodies, and methods for making same
Waste treatment process and apparatus
Printable pixel structure with carbon fiber emitters
Method and device for controlling a storage voltage of a battery pack
In-chip structures and methods for removing heat from integrated circuits
Organic diodes and materials
Method and apparatus for electromagnetic logging of a formation
Low VOC universal paint colorant compositions
Turner bar for rotary presses
Printing machine having a rotation transmitter for introducing a liquid or gaseous medium
Apparatus and method for aligning sheet stacks and sheet processing machine having the apparatus
Protective panel for a printing unit
Printing press
High-pressure press
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and method of setting slice-area/slice-volume orientation at ea...
Precise multi-pole magnetic component
Sample holder for NMR measurements with field homogenization in the sample volume by means of the bo...
Integrated capacitor shield for balun in MRI receivers
Cartesian continuous sampling with unequal gradients
Conjugate symmetry in parallel imaging
Methods for the separation of streptococcus pneumoniae type 3 polysaccharides
Method for operating an electrical device
Systems and methods for selectively controlling electrical outlets using power profiling
Method for controlling vehicular electric system
Power management systems and methods for a mobile device
AC powered wireless control 3-way light switch transmitter
Voltage generation circuit and semiconductor memory device including the same
Power efficient dynamically biased buffer for low drop out regulators
Method of voltage measurement and apparatus for same
Low power bandgap voltage reference circuit having multiple reference voltages with high power suppl...
Bias generator with reduced current consumption
Switching regulator with variable slope compensation
Creating additional phase margin in the open loop gain of a negative feedback amplifier system using...
Device for regulating electrical voltage
Unipolar or bipolar chopping converter with three magnetically coupled windings
Digital voltage converter with constant off-time and variable on-time of controller
Method and apparatus for controlling rotary machines
Tool for installing electrical boxes
Methods for applying sound dampening and/or aesthetic coatings and articles made thereby
Cove lighting
Hinged doors for recessed light fixture
Recessed cove lighting apparatus for architectural surfaces
Modular temporary lighting assembly
Method, system and apparatus for guiding and supporting an elongated flexible member
Recessed fixture with hinged doors and rotatable lamp
Hanger assembly
Crown molding member having planar portion, intermediate portion, and mounting flange
Door frame with unitary head flashing, nailing fin, and tear-away construction cover
AC/DC hand portable wet/dry vacuum having improved portability and convenience
Interactive Learning Toy
Mind-Body Learning System and Methods of Use
Rotatable Drawing Device
Processing of deal tickets
Extended hours trade filtering
Method, apparatus and program for user to determine the ownership cost of a motor vehicle
Inventory control system, inventory control method, fee collection method utilized in inventory cont...
Website user account linking
Media enabled shopping cart system with point of sale identification and method
System and method for price analysis and negotiation
Method and system for integrating transaction mechanisms over multiple internet sites
System for optimization of cost management
Method of and system for processing purchase orders
Sourcing under quantity pricing rules
Visualization of collaborative portlet sequences
Using statistical signatures for testing high-speed circuits
Method and system for formal verification of partial good self test fencing structures
Method and dual interlocked storage cell latch for implementing enhanced testability
Method and dual interlocked storage cell latch for implementing enhanced testability
Method and apparatus for net-aware critical area extraction
Structure for imagers having electrically active optical elements
Method, apparatus and program product to concurrently detect, repair, verify and isolate memory fail...
Nano-structure enhancements for anisotropic conductive adhesive and thermal interposers
Solid-solution powder, method to prepare the solid-solution powder, cermet powder including the soli...
Touch panel device
Headlamp control circuit
Electrical impedance tomography using a virtual short measurement technique
Integrated assembly for delivery of air stream for optical analysis
Apparatus and methods for delivery of transcranial magnetic stimulation
Cash dispensing automated banking machine system and method
System and method for sensing flow rate and specific gravity within a wellbore
Method and apparatus for detecting and characterizing particles in a multiphase fluid
Fast Q-filter
Terminal control system
Systems and methods for analyzing acoustic waves
Gas sensor system with failure diagnostic function and failure diagnosis method for gas sensor syste...
Bed exit and patient detection system
Systems and methods for automatic proactive pattern recognition at a control center database
Vehicle-mounted monitoring arrangement and method using light-regulation
Luminescence based sensor using protuberances to redirect light
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Macrocylic inhibitors of hepatitis C virus
Resistive touch screen measurement system
Obstacle detection apparatus and a method therefor
Crosslinking hyaluronan and chitosanic polymers
Process and systems for the epoxidation of an olefin
Method for separating hydrogen chloride and phosgene
Jitter management for packet data network backhaul of call data
Method and apparatus for automatically building conversational systems
Voice processing system
Captioned telephone service
Optimised control of traffic load on switches in a communication network
Communication channel capacity estimation
Close-out test system
Managing protocol information used in exchanging communications
Megaco protocol management method using network adaptor
Method and system for efficient routing of customer and contact e-mail messages
Modern testing system and method
System and method for providing a single telephone number for use with a plurality of telephone hand...
Method and system for automatic call distribution based on customized logic relating to agent behavi...
Portable terminal, response message transmitting method and server
Distributed wireless online access system
Provision of content to mobile users
Telephone handset
Remote starter for vehicle
Indicator for A/T vehicle
Sprial cam clutch actuation system for two-speed transfer case
Vehicle window seal
Method for producing semiconductor device
Locking device for seat back
Determination of AM-binding proteins and the association of adrenomedullin (AM) therewith
Pharmaceutical compositions having a modified vehicle
Methods for genetic analysis of DNA to detect sequence variances
Surgical instrument having an articulated jaw structure and a detachable knife
Programming interface with an unwrapped 2D view of a stimulation lead with complex electrode array g...
Bioinformatically detectable group of novel regulatory oligonucleotides and uses thereof
Monoclonal antibodies against ANGPTL4
Crystallized structure of estrogen related receptor gamma in complex with bisphenol A
TNF-.alpha. converting enzyme inhibitory agents and method of using same
Compounds having selective activity for retinoid X receptors, and means for modulation of processes ...
Medical device for manipulation of a medical implant
Humeral nail
Rotating electric machine, winding machine, and rotating electric machine system
Low-HAP and zero-HAP polyester resin systems and articles prepared using same
Surface protection film-attached optical film and image display
Method and software for partitioned floating-point multiply-add operation
Personal care compositions containing quaternary ammonium trihydroxy substituted dipropyl ether
Control lever for a construction vehicle
Real time-capable control system having an sps application under a non-real time-capable operating s...
Dental materials with improved compatibility
Method of preparing organo dialkylalkoxysilane
Method for evaluating a non-measured operating variable in a refrigeration plant
Placement of idle periods
Medical tray
Shiatsu neck massager
Hand held massager
Neck brace sock
Connector for ultrasonic probe
Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) meter
X-ray imaging system
Surgical blade tip adaptor
Handle for medical instrument
Laryngoscope blade
Optical fiber terminating apparatus
Blood sampling needle
Underpants with pad
Blood sampling needle
Din cap front cover for use with a filter respirator mask
M-ARY orthogonal coded/balanced UWB transmitted reference systems
Beverage dispenser
Enterprise service delivery technical architecture
Hole saw having efficient slug removal
Methods of generating variant antibodies with increased host string content
Methods for detecting receptor modulator activity
Personal care compositions with silicones and dihydroxypropyl trialkyl ammonium salts
Cosmetic devices
Concrete cleaning and preparation composition
Lift off tank handle latch
Cycloalkylidene-(ortho substituted phenyl)-acetonitriles and their use as odorants
Triple anti-irritant composition
Biomimetic of Evodia rutaecarpa fruit extract for amelioration of inflammation
3-isopropyl-1-methylcyclopentyl derivatives and their use in fragrance applications
Solubilizing systems for flavors and fragrances
Topical composition for transdermal administration
Temperature responsive systems
Hydrolysis resistant organomodified disiloxane surfactants
Aqueous compositions containing monoester salts
Fragrance compositions comprising decamethyltetrasiloxane
Foamable alcohol compositions comprising alcohol and a silicone surfactant, systems and methods of u...
Headset for a communication device
Using a prediction algorithm on the addressee field in electronic mail systems
Speech recognition system and program thereof
Zoom lens assembly controlled by shape memory material
Infrastructure for wireless LANs
Communication system comprising a controller system and a master control means connected via a multi...
Electromagnetic valve cover
Piston and a fluid operated setting device connected therewith
Polyurethane coating cure enhancement using zinc carbonate initiators
Stuffed animal
Heating system and method
Streaming Media Service For Mobile Telephones
Examination apparatus for perfusion studies
Blip design for random sampling compressed sensing of flyback 3D-MRSI
Bandage package and dispenser
Disodium salts, monohydrates, and ethanol solvates for delivering active agents
Cradle for information terminal
Intermediates for making 2,4-pyrimidinediamine compounds
Radiation resistant polypropylene materials
Lithium rechargeable battery including a porous membrane separator formed of ceramic secondary parti...
Lithium secondary battery
Electrode assembly having super-capacitor and lithium secondary battery having the same
Method of preparing a negative active material for rechargeable lithium battery
Implantable medical device with a dual power source
Secondary battery
Positive active material composition for rechargeable lithium battery and method of preparing positi...
Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery
Method of manufacturing an electrode active material particle for a rechargeable battery
Gel electrolyte and gel electrolyte battery
Reforming catalyst and method and apparatus for making and loading same
Binding acceleration techniques for the detection of analytes
Gas sensor
Hydrogen generating apparatus
Method for fabricating a solid electrolyte memory device and solid electrolyte memory device
Integrin-linked kinase and its uses
Use of hepatitis B X-interacting protein (HBXIP) in modulation of apoptosis
Pipe shaped reformer having rugged internal surface
Molecular actuators, and methods of use thereof
Lithium secondary battery
Ionic conductor, process for production thereof, and electrochemical device
Electric separator comprising a shutdown mechanism, method for the production thereof, and use in li...
Nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery
Cylindrical lithium secondary battery
Lithium ion secondary battery and charging method therefor
Methods and systems for illuminating household products
Dispersions stabilized at temperatures of from 4 to 50 degrees celsius by means of a polymer compris...
Region detecting method and region detecting apparatus
Branched polyglycerol-modified silicone
Amphiphilic derivatives of .alpha.-C-phenyl-N-tert-butylnitrone
Pen/pencil apparatus having cosmetic application
Pigment and pigmented cosmetic preparation as well as method for production of the pigment
Device for packaging and applying at least two products, in particular two makeup products
Dispenser with one-way valve for storing and dispensing metered amounts of substances
Lavender plant named `Silver Royalty`
Cosmetic applicator with axial advance and retraction control
Keyboard height adjustment system
Eyeliner pencil
Process for preparing hydroxyalkyl(meth) acrylates using Lewis acid catalysts
Rapamycin peptides conjugates: synthesis and uses thereof
Method and device for identity check using frequency analysis
Methods and apparatus for providing a roaming support system
Tag privacy protection method, tag device, backend apparatus, updater, update solicitor and record m...
Portable reading device with mode processing
Antenna system for radio frequency identification
Paint container
Optimized liquid-phase oxidation
Monomolecular conductive complex, conductive self-assembled film and assembly of electrode composed ...
3-Hydroxy-3-(2-thienyl) propionamides and production method thereof, and production method of 3-amin...
Elastomeric blend for air barriers comprising grafted resin components
Method for producing a Group III-V compound semiconductor
Photoconductor, producing method thereof, image forming process and image forming apparatus using ph...
Liquid silicone rubber coating composition, curtain air bag, and method of producing same
Polypropylene type aqueous dispersion, polypropylene type composite aqueous emulsion composition and...
Silicone composition and a pressure sensitive adhesive film having a pressure sensitive adhesive lay...
Silicone emulsion composition and wood treatment
Antibody assay methods to assess risk for TIA/stroke
Fluid dispensing system
Apparatus for forming an asymmetric illumination beam pattern
Fiber attractor and attachment apparatus for increasing the attracting tendencies of fishing lures
Rapid-throughput teleost regeneration assay
Method of constructing nucleus-implanted egg, parthenogenetic embryo and parthenogenetic mammal
Transgenic mouse model and methods for treatment of neuro muscular disease by interfering with andro...
Disengagable adjustable drag system for a fishing reel
Domestic animal telephone
Paw sucker
Absorbent pad for entrapping small and large particles, retaining liquids and eliminating odors
Anti-bark training system for dogs
Artificial nipple for experimental animals
Recycling bird seed feeder
Method and system for positioning a tracking sensor for optimal accuracy
Imaging system, an x-ray imaging apparatus, a method and a computer program arranged for reducing an...
Focusing and shielding device for encephalic photon knife
Particle beam irradiation system
Trajectory guide with angled or patterned guide lumens or height adjustment
Synthetic elevation aperture for ultrasound systems and methods
Distance-treatment through public network
Imaging device for radiation treatment applications
Guided radiation therapy system
Guided radiation therapy system
Guided radiation therapy system
Synthesis of anhydride containing polymers by microwave radiation
Materials for photoresist, negative-tone photoresist composition, method of forming resist pattern, ...
Water-developable infrared-sensitive printing plate
Method of preparing electron deficient olefins in polar solvents
S,S'-bis-(.alpha., .alpha.'-Disubstituted-.alpha.''-Acetic acid)--trithiocarbonates and derivatives ...
Film layers made from ethylene polymer blends
Reinforced elastomeric seal
Phosphorus containing compounds for reducing acetaldehyde in polyesters polymers
Low compression, resilient golf balls with rubber core
Fused heterocyclic succinimide compounds and analogs thereof, modulators of nuclear hormone receptor...
Fused cyclic succinimide compounds and analogs thereof, modulators of nuclear hormone receptor funct...
Bridged bi-aromatic ligands, catalysts, processes for polymerizing and polymers therefrom
Nematode ATP synthase subunit E polypeptide
Methods for identifying compounds that bind to nematode ATP synthase subunit E polypeptide
Communication device
Multiple participant, time-shifted dialogue management
Frame goals for dialog system
Dual payload and adaptive modulation
Data, power and supervisory signaling over twisted pairs
Method and apparatus for MIMO transmission optimized for successive cancellation receivers
Method and apparatus for operating an AD-HOC communication system
Housing for a communication device
System and method for error recovery
System for scanning probe microscope input device
Feature selection in mass spectral data
Binary signaling assay using a split-polymerase
Method and apparatus for a sliding hinge
Insertion set for transcutaneous sensor with connector lock mechanism
System for taking wide-field beam-eye-view (BEV) x-ray-images simultaneously to the proton therapy d...
Myringopexy type titanium prosthesis
Method for implanting soft tissue
Surgical instrument and method for treating female urinary incontinence
Embedding, processing and detection of digital content, information and data
Sensing device
Sensing device having an image sensor and a movement sensor
Apparatus for removing false contour and method thereof
Method and apparatus for converting a photo to a caricature image
Practical fast mesh-free analysis
Image processing method, image processing apparatus and program for the same
Method and apparatus for coding positions of coefficients
Optical spot displacement apparatus
Multimode reflective tap
Terminal shields for protecting optical components in optical assemblies
Apparatus for transmitting optical signals between components which can be rotated relative to one a...
Latch and handle arrangement for a telecommunications panel
Structural joint strain monitoring apparatus and system
Optical waveguide structures
Fiber optic fuel detection system
Flame retardant UV cured buffered optical fibers and buffer composition
Optical modulator
Optical interconnect and connector devices
Multi-fibre arrangement for high power fibre lasers and amplifiers
Optical modulator and modulation method
Apparatus and method of dual-mode display
Device for illuminating the stope support at a longwall face
Vehicle headlight bulb
Power surface mount light emitting die package
Method of forming a candle with imbedded images
Lamp having improved vibration damping
Lamp holding tool, lighting device for display device using the same, display device using the same ...
Line illumination device and image input apparatus using the same
Portable display device
Backlight unit having improved chromatic dispersion
Backlight module
Surface light source device and liquid crystal display unit
Illumination system
Systems and methods for adjusting light output of solid state lighting panels, and adjustable solid ...
Illumination system using a plurality of light sources
Backlight assembly and LCD having the same
Vehicle mini lamp
System and method for defending against a projectile
Optical sight having an unpowered reticle illumination source
Mineral composition
Infrared light reflecting film
Multilayered package with barrier properties
Microneedle array, patch, and applicator for transdermal drug delivery
Microfluidic flow manipulation device
Battery pack case
Method and apparatus for forming transaction cards and other sheet plastic products
Method of reducing the effect of direct interference current in an electrochemical test strip
Storage bag
Impact resistant rigid vinyl chloride polymer composition and method of making the same
Thermostable vinylchloride mixed polymers
Flame-retardant poly(arylene ether) composition and its use as a covering for coated wire
Polymeric extenders for surface effects
Communications system having enhanced fault tolerance
Signalling element
Electromagnetic surveying for hydrocarbon reservoirs
Deviated drilling method for water production
Non-flammable exhaust enabler for hydrogen powered fuel cells
Fuel cell system
Air humidification for fuel cell applications
Electrochemical cells comprising laminar flow induced dynamic conducting interfaces, electronic devi...
System for generating hydrogen from a chemical hydride
Combined fuel cell system
System and method for optimizing fuel cell purge cycles
Method of improving cardiac function of a diseased heart
Polymeric stent polishing method and apparatus
Implantable medical device with enhanced biocompatibility and biostability
Methods for ex vivo propagation of somatic hair follicle stem cells
Methods of expanding stem and progenitor cells and expanded cell populations obtained thereby
Catheter-based, dual coil photopolymerization system
Graft prosthesis, materials and methods
Superhydrophobic fibers produced by electrospinning and chemical vapor deposition
Polymerizable emulsions for tissue engineering
Polymerizable emulsions for tissue engineering
Facsimile machine
Real-time software diagnostic tracing
Diagnostic operations within a switched fibre channel arbitrated loop system
System and method to provide device unique diagnostic support with a single generic command
Optical burst mode receiver
Optical transmission apparatus, optical transmission system, and optical transmission control method
Three-dimensional model construction using unstructured pattern
Semiconductor memory for disconnecting a bit line from a sense amplifier in a standby period and mem...
Integrated flash memory systems and methods for load compensation
NAND flash memory
Layout structures and methods of fabricating layout structures
Smoke sensor and electronic equipment
User interface component with a removable cover
Amidine derivatives and their applications as a medicament
Highly-neutralized thermoplastic copolymer center for improved multi-layer core golf ball
Biodegradable resin composition
Antimicrobial paint
Increasing surface-active properties of surfactants
Inkjet recording medium
Multifunctioning method utilizing multiple phases non-aqueous extraction process
Hair growth promoting agents
Method of providing stability for liquid cleansing compositions comprising selection fatty acyl iset...
Stable liquid cleansing compositions which may be prepared using fatty acyl isethionate surfactants
Method for stabilizing menthyl lactate
Method for synthesizing benzotriazole
Pharmaceutical composition for the management of tumors
2-(R)-(4-fluoro-2-methyl-phenyl)-4-(S)-((8aS)-6-oxo-hexahydro-pyrrolo[1,2-- a]-pyrazin-2-yl)-piperid...
Substituted 1H-quinazoline-2,4-diones useful as AMPA receptor ligands
Piperidine and azetidine derivatives as GlyT1 inhibitors
2-(1H-indolylsulfanyl)-benzyl amine derivatives as SSRIs
Methods and apparatus for managing a buffer of events in the background
Synchronous and asynchronous collaboration between heterogeneous applications
Task generation runtime engine
Method and system for achieving individualized protected space in an operating system
Vitamin D receptor modulators
Solid oral dosage form containing an enhancer
Anti-CD26 monoclonal antibodies as therapy for diseases associated with cells expressing CD26
Self-assembly molecules
Label for a container
Menstrual fluid simulant containing blood product, gelatin, polyacrylamide and buffer
Process of incorporating microcapsules into dryer-added fabric care articles
Letterpress application of elastomeric compositions
Coloring agents for keratin fibers
Agents for coloring keratin fibers
Air freshener case
Tongue cleaner toothbrush
Dual colored chewing gum
Superabsorbent polymer particles comprising functionalizers and method of making them
Disposable absorbent article having a patterned odor/antimicrobial reduction layer
Method of making a polymeric web exhibiting a soft and silky tactile impression
Rotary spinning processes for forming hydroxyl polymer-containing fibers
Product array having indicators
Radio receiving apparatus and radio receiving method
Method for Searching for Signals Among Interference Signals in a Multi-Channel Radio Receiver
Method, apparatus and computer program for estimating spectrum using a folding ADC
Techniques to improve the radio co-existence of wireless signals
Image processing system and viewership effect measuring method
Loss protection system for hearing aid devices
Systems and methods for fine alignment of analog and digital signal pathways
Method for distributing content to a user station
Systems and methods for multi-stage message brokering
System and method for compressing secure e-mail for exchange with a mobile data communication device
System and method for controlling an alarm for an electronic device
Electronic settlement system, settlement device, and terminal
Product item status
Systems and methods for providing personalized delivery services
System and method for establishing electronic business systems for supporting communications service...
Localized audio networks and associated digital accessories
Method and apparatus of selectively tying the opening and closing of EVDO and PPP sessions
Apparatus and method for making measurements in universal mobile telecommunications system user equi...
Systems and methods for performing data replication
Permanent chill mold
Foldable durable product, such as a patient aid device or walker, and method of forming same
RFID edge server with socket multiplexing
Electrode-supported solid state electrochemical cell
Pigment composition and process for preparation of the same
Coupling device for a light guide
Light diffusing sheet with two kinds of light diffusion particles
Stator bar components with high thermal conductivity
Ferroelectric recording medium
Electrophoretic apparatus and electronic equipment
Method for imaging with imaging member having filled overcoat layer
Photoconductive imaging members
Transparent zeolite-polymer hybrid material with tunable properties
Fusible reactive media comprising mordant
Extreme low resistivity light attenuation anti-reflection coating structure and method for manufactu...
Titania composite membrane for water/alcohol separation, and preparation thereof
Process for the preparation of 1,1,1,3,3-penta-fluoropropane and/or 1,1,1,3,3,3-hexafluoropropane
Process for the preparation of 1,1,1,3,3-pentafluoropropane and 1,1,1,2,3-pentafluoropropane
Removing fluorosurfactant from aqueous fluoropolymer dispersions using monodisperse ion exchange res...
Thermoplastic resin composition containing mesoporous powders absorbed with lubricating oils
Fluorinated sulfonamide compounds and polymer electrolyte membranes prepared therefrom for use in el...
Polymer pelletization process and apparatus
Photosensitive conductive paste for electrode formation and electrode
Alteration of embryo/endosperm size during seed development
Gene expression modulating element
Plant caffeic acid 3-O-methyltransferase homologs
Isolation and use of ryanodine receptors
Plenum cable
Cache for collecting events on a monitored computer
Method and apparatus for seamless management for disaster recovery
Air charger system diagnostic
Spindle bearing device and corresponding bearing method
Radial roller bearing comprising hollow spacer rollers of shape memory alloy
Clinch spot bearing
Bearing assembly
Fluid dynamic bearing mechanism for a motor
Compliant foil-fluid bearing support arrangement
Bearing assembly, motor and recording disk drive
Linear motion guide apparatus having changeable wiper
Hydrodynamic bearing device, motor, recording disc driving apparatus and assembly jig
Rotatable supporting module and gantry apparatus having same
Non-contacting face seals and thrust bearings
Table drive system
Sliding element
Bearing unit
Wheel bearing apparatus
Spherical slide bearing system
Semispherical shoe and manufacturing method therefor
Method of assembling air bearing, air bearing and linear drive unit equipped with the same
Bicycle crank assembly
Methods of manufacturing fluid-dynamic-pressure bearing and spindle motor incorporating the bearing,...
Illumination device for product examination via pulsed illumination
Method and system for retrieving and broadcasting updated informational data based on location
Backpack with incorporated gun scabbard
Method and system for enterprise-level unassisted customer shipping
Hit detection sensor module for battlefield simulations
Object presence analysis system and method
Product packaging with collapsible protective lid
Rocket loading and unloading tool
Case trimmer and chamfer tool
Access control
Surveying method using an arrangement of plural signal sources
Colorimetric three-dimensional microscopy
Pre-connectorized fiber optic distribution cable having overmolded access location
Light guide, method and apparatus for manufacturing the same, and illuminating system having the sam...
Method and apparatus for hemispherical retargeting
Impact-sensing thermal insulation system and missile incorporating same
Magnetic ink character recognition apparatus and magnetic ink character recognition method
Optical semiconductor element and optical semiconductor device
Tunable infrared lasers for gas-phase spectroscopy
Beam combiner employing a wedge-shaped cross-section
Optical system and method for inferring a disturbance
Overlay error measurement using fourier optics
Method and system for supporting path control
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
OLEDs utilizing macrocyclic ligand systems
OLEDs utilizing macrocyclic ligand systems
Organic light emitting device
Diarylaminofluorene-based organometallic phosphors and organic light-emitting devices made with such...
Material for organic electroluminescence device and electroluminescence device employing the same
Organic light-emitting device
Colored reinforced articles of manufacture and method of making the same
Organic electroluminescent device
Organometallic complex, and light emitting element and electronic appliance using the same
Organic electroluminescent device
Organic electroluminescent device
Organic electroluminescence device and organic light emitting medium
Coffee automat having a vertically adjustable and lockable outflow unit
Coffee machine having a drawer through which it is supplied with a coffee pad
Method and device for preparation of a drink from capsules containing a substance
Injection-molded ball bat
Calibration chamber for prostate mechanical imaging probe
Method and apparatus for testing RFID devices
Process for the allylation of n-acylhydrazones
Ink compositions containing an emulsion
Recording method and printed matter
Insect inhibitory Bacillus thuringiensis proteins, fusions, and methods of use therefor
System for receiving and forming marketplaces for working on digital information blocks
CETP inhibitors
Storage controller super capacitor dynamic voltage throttling
Chromogenically tunable photonic crystals
Method for backside surface passivation of solar cells and solar cells with such passivation
Techniques for cylindrical grinding
Piezoelectric element, droplet-ejecting head, droplet-ejecting apparatus, and method of producing a ...
Liquid transporting apparatus
Ink jet head and its manufacture method
Phase masks for use in holographic data storage
Perpendicular magnetic recording disk with a soft magnetic layer having a discrete track recording p...
Sol-gel based oxidation catalyst and coating system using same
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
User identification method in mobile communication system and mobile station, and mobile communicati...
Metal pattern and process for producing the same
Methods and apparatus for providing a controllably variable power to a load
Semiconductor device having variable thickness insulating film and method of manufacturing same
Semiconductor device including a floating gate memory cell with a superlattice channel
Thiophene-containing compound and thiophene-containing compound polymer, organic electroluminescent ...
High throughput assay system
Electro-optical device and electronic apparatus
Method of an ultra-short femtosecond pulse and KW class high average-power laser for preventing cold...
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
Integrated circuit interface with locking signal
Image processor, image processing method and image processing program
Image forming system, method of displaying various kinds of information of image forming apparatus, ...
Developer collection system and image forming apparatus using the same
Radiation-hardened programmable device
Antenna for mobile wireless data collection system
Laminated piezoelectric device
Decoding method and device
2T/2C ferroelectric random access memory with complementary bit-line loads
Omega 3 fatty acid formulations
Container, battery and electric double layer capacitor
Microdermal tone skin stimulator
Gamut selection in multi-engine systems
Image reading device and noise detecting method
UIdesign: N-up calculator user interface
Image reading apparatus capable of reading infrared and visible images
Liquid drop ejecting device, controller therefor, liquid drop ejecting method, and storage medium st...
Droplet discharge apparatus
Ink jet recording head and method of manufacturing the same
Storage medium storing program, method and apparatus presenting guide captions for categorizing file...
Image forming apparatus with drive load fluctuation correction unit
Fixing device and image forming apparatus using the same
Consumable management device, image forming apparatus, computer readable medium storing a program, a...
Communication apparatus and system handling viewer image
Display medium, display device and display method
System and method for generating a signed hardcopy document and authentication thereof
Tools to embed tampering indicator into digital visual works using two screens with halftoning eleme...
Routing client requests to back-end servers
Management of multiple client requests
Presence enhanced online processes
Method for dynamically distributing items for changes based on group membership
Data structure and method for pipeline heap-sorting
Mobile wireless communications device comprising a satellite positioning system antenna with active ...
User interface display for set-top box device
Synchronization methods and systems
Persistent tactile event notification
Method and apparatus for hierarchial scheduling of virtual paths with underutilized bandwidth
Rhododendron plant named `Hort200001`
Alstroemeria plant named `Zalsaden`
Alstroemeria plant named `Zalsalan`
Lamium maculatum plant named `Lemon Frost`
Lane departure avoidance system
Method and apparatus for allocating link bandwidth as function of QOS requirement
Method of controlling mobile unit response messages on an access channel
Method and apparatus for generating a channel estimate using a non-pilot portion of a signal
Simultaneous electrical pre-compensation of self-phase modulation and chromatic dispersion
Methods and apparatus for optimizing utilization in a ring network
Apparatus and method for embedded boundary scan testing
Method of receiver processing of CDMA signals in a CDMA system
System and method for prioritizing session initiation protocol messages
Characterizing achievable flow rates in multi-hop mesh networks with orthogonal channels
Method and system for enabling connection of a call
Method of scheduling uplink resource in a wireless communication system
Homing of user nodes to network nodes in a communication system
Method and apparatus for quality-of-service based admission control using a virtual scheduler
Method for management of voice-over IP communications
Load balancing in a virtual private network
Network data re-routing
System and method of multi-nodal APS control protocol signaling
Low latency shared data path allocation
Massaging clothing
Fluoropolymer dispersion and electrode composition containing same
Body conformable electrical network
Method of liquid filling of cartridge, liquid filling device, and cartridge
Printing apparatus, method, and program comprising a plurality of printer units using synchronized, ...
Measuring apparatus and method for recognizing foreign bodies in a product, particularly tobacco, co...
Method and apparatus for sorting contaminated glass
Hydrocyanation process with reduced yield losses
Process for maleating polymerization residues and products
Method and apparatus for sorting fine nonferrous metals and insulated wire pieces
Hepatocyte growth factor (HGF) binding antibody
Bovine CAST gene SNP and meat tenderness
Method for diagnosing and distinguishing stroke and diagnostic devices for use therein
Fault-tolerant medium access control (MAC) address assignment in network elements
Yield analysis with situations
Probabilistic noise analysis
Method and device for initializing cable card and channel list using reset menu on OSD screen
Apparatus and method for input voltage transient protection with a low-voltage reset circuit
Load-resisting truss segments for buildings
Cellulose acylate film, manufacturing method of cellulose acylate film, optically compensatory sheet...
Transparent polyolefin compositions
Binder and wood board product from maillard reactants
Stretch-cling films
Pyrithione complex compound, process for producing the same and use thereof
Stain-directed molecular analysis for cancer prognosis and diagnosis
Laminated polyester film and manufacturing process thereof
Heat-resistant label applicable at high temperature
Anticorrosive coating compositions
Adhesive compositions comprising a polyfarnesene
Triaxial through-chip connection
Semiconductor components having encapsulated through wire interconnects (TWI)
Method of fabricating a field effect transistor
High resolution silicon-containing resist
Polymer membrane for fuel cell, method of preparing the same, membrane-electrode assembly including ...
Image forming method
Recovering materials
Polymeric black pigment dispersions and ink jet ink compositions
Contact and adsorbent granules
Foaming emulsions and foaming compositions containing a polymer comprising water-soluble units and u...
Toners comprising modified pigments and processes for preparing the same
Two-part polyurethane adhesives for structural finger joints and method therefor
Use of extracts of the plant Litchi chinensis sonn
Dyeing of in particular human keratin materials by dry thermal transfer of a direct anthraquinone dy...
Method of treating inflammation of the eye
Materials and methods for treatment of allergic diseases
Process for obtaining silicon nitride (SI.sub.3N.sub.4) surface coatings on ceramic components and p...
Fusible inkjet recording materials containing hollow beads, system using the recording materials, an...
Method of purifying the used O-18 enriched cyclotron target water and apparatus for the same
Material for treating mammalian joint maladies by biological fluid transplantation
Specific-light-cured and pressure-differential embossing apparatus
Method and apparatus for methanol and other fuel production
Use of one or more metal carriers to selectively kill mammalian cells
Coal fired flue gas treatment and process
Method and device for removing inflammable gases in a closed chamber and chamber equipped with such ...
Method for purifying exhaust of waste gas using atomized fluid droplets combined with turbulent flow
Water treatment compositions and methods of making and using
Process for producing middle distillates by hydroisomerizing and hydrocracking feeds from the Fische...
Vacuum chuck and suction board
System and method for illuminating a specimen with uniform angular and spatial distribution
Light source device and display device
Broadband plasma light sources with cone-shaped electrode for substrate processing
UV fluorometric sensor and method for using the same
Perfluoroparacyclophane and methods of synthesis and use thereof
Process for the preparation of insulin or an insulin derivative in the presence of oxygen
Heterocyclic carboxamides and their use as fungicides
Production of isoprenoids
Methods for determining the presence or absence of elite event RF-BN1 in Brassica plant material
Method for identifying target epitopes of the T cell mediated immune response and for assaying epito...
Monoclonal antibodies, hybridoma cell lines, methods and kits for detecting phytase
Copy control information deciding apparatus
Method and system for copy protection of displayed data content
Digital signal watermaker
System and method for securing online chat conversations
Apparatus and method for providing data storage device security
Food kiosk
Interactive game kiosk
Virtual retail assistant
System and method for downloading software and services
System and method for passive server-to-client data delivery
Method and system for performing money transfer transactions
Systems and methods for generating revenue from banking transactions using a stored-value card
Corrosion-inhibiting deicer composition
Bacteria with increased levels of protein secretion, nucleotide sequences coding for a SecA protein ...
Deicer compositions including corrosion inhibitors for galvanized metal
Surveillance camera
Animated graphical user interface for a display screen or portion thereof
Integrated audio system for use with a multi-user audio system
Dynamic copy protection of optical media
Method and device for controlling an internal combustion engine
Camshaft adjuster