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Stacked display with shared electrode addressing
Electromechanical device treatment with water vapor
Dual film light guide for illuminating displays
Solid oxide fuel cell system
Fuel cell system and method for operating a fuel cell system
Proton conducting polymer membrane comprising phosphonic acid groups containing polyazoles and the u...
Proton-conducting polymer membrane containing polyazole blends, and application thereof in fuel cell...
Fuel cell membrane containing zirconium phosphate
Proton conductive polymer and fuel cell
Injection nozzle assembly and fuel cell system having the same
Fuel cell
Composition for fuel cell bipolar plate
Pattern molding of polymeric flow channels for micro fuel cells
Platinum and tungsten containing electrocatalysts
Method of operating a fuel cell system by detecting leakage of a combustible gas
Fuel cell stack
Process to prepare stable trifluorostyrene containing compounds grafted to base polymers using a sol...
Power consumption management
Manufacturing method of semiconductor device and laser processing apparatus
Compositions for treating amyloid associated diseases
Coupling energy in a plasmon wave to an electron beam
Systems and methods for reducing the influence of plasma-generated debris on the internal components...
Apparatus, systems and methods for producing coherent symbols in a single frequency network
Technique and apparatus for depositing layers of semiconductors for solar cell and module fabricatio...
Advanced multilayer dielectric cap with improved mechanical and electrical properties
Benzimidazolone carboxylic acid derivatives
Method of assembly using array of programmable magnets
Diamond electron emission cathode, electron emission source, electron microscope, and electron beam ...
Optical device for measuring modulated signal light
Electrochromic mirrors and other electrooptic devices
Electromagnetic compression apparatus, methods, and systems
Display device
Method for consolidating tough coated hard powders
Projection system
Live trap for trapping rodents
Polymer composition
Method and device for supporting the alternating current frequency in an electricity network
Double dipped gloves
Multi-purpose firefighting tool
Introducer for a cardiac harness delivery
Powdery composition for nasal administration
Chromone derivatives useful as antagonists of VR1 receptors
Use of anti-histaminics for acute reduction of elevated intracranial pressure
CGRP receptor antagonists
Selective serotonin 2A/2C receptor inverse agonists as therapeutics for neurodegenerative diseases
Use of silylated sulfonate monomers to improve contact lens wettability
N-(4-fluorobenzyl)-N-(1-methylpiperidin-4-yl)-N'-(4-(2-methylpropyloxy)phe- nylmethyl)carbamide and ...
Functional biopolymer modification reagents and uses thereof
Controlled release therapeutic wound dressings
Clostridial toxin derivatives and methods for treating pain
Anionically substituted 7-nitroindoline derivatives and their uses
Magnesium compound, catalyst for olefin polymerization and method for producing olefin polymer
Scratch-resistant flameproof thermoplastic resin composition
Techniques of optimizing queries using NULL expression analysis
Programming system for occasionally-connected mobile business applications
Incremental maintenance of an XML index on binary XML data
Global hints
Method and apparatus for browsing a management information base
Managing network-enabled devices
Buffer management method and system with data displayed directly from buffers
System and method for managing storage networks and providing virtualization of resources in such a ...
Method and apparatus for rectifying errors in the presence of known trapping sets in iterative decod...
Data protection system
Method and mechanism for implementing electronic designs having power information specifications bac...
Process for producing a photoelectric conversion device
Process for the manufacturing of 1,2-dichloroethane
Agitation system for blowing insulation machine
Nozzle assembly, delivery system and method for conveying insulation material
Magnetic memory device
Method and system for enhanced display of temporal data on portable devices
Adjustable phantom
Method of outputting audio signal for the hard-of-hearing and mobile communication terminal using th...
Low noise figure radiofrequency device
Toner cartridge holder
Method and apparatus for improving the accuracy of atrial fibrillation detection in lossy data syste...
Receiving data in a sensor network
Method for making fog resistant thermoplastic articles and articles made therefrom
Silver halide color photographic light-sensitive material and color image-forming method
Image forming apparatus
Protective layer setting unit, process cartridge, and image forming apparatus using same
Retardation plate and its manufacturing method, circularly polarizing plate and 1/2 wave plate using...
Human FGF-21 gene and gene expression products
Electrochemical sensor and method for continuous analyte monitoring
Mutants of pyrroloquinoline quinone dependent soluble glucose dehydrogenase
Reagent card
Reagent container assembly and analyzer comprising such assembly
Differentiation of acute and chronic myocardial necrosis in symptomatic patients
Methods and apparatus for sampling and analyzing body fluid
Body fluid testing device
Substituted benzimidazoles and methods of their use
Reagent stripe for test strip
System for automatic opening of reagent vessels
Precision depth control lancing tip
Substituted benz-azoles and methods of their use as inhibitors of Raf kinase
CYFRA 21-1 as a marker for colorectal cancer
Method for verifying fitness of an analysis element
Keypad for a portable electronic device
Assays for cancer patient monitoring based on levels of analyte components of the plasminogen activa...
Methods and apparatus for sampling and analyzing body fluid
Methamphetamine derivatives and conjugates for immunoassay
Method and apparatus to detect malicious software
Compositions for inducing immune responses
Automatic door for dishwasher
Anhydrous silver dihydrogen citrate compositions
Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery
Method for adjusting a critical dimension in a high aspect ratio feature
Optical systems and methods using microelectromechanical-systems mirrors exceeding thirty microns
Multi-sensor mapping omnidirectional sonde and line locators and transmitter used therewith
Method for data transmission in RFID or remote sensor systems
System and method for generating weather radar information
Handheld synthetic vision device
Increasing fill-factor on pixelated sensors
Optical method and system for generating calibration data for use in calibrating a part inspection s...
Method and inspection head apparatus for optically measuring geometric dimensions of a part
Sensor surface with 3D curvature formed by electronics on a continuous 2D flexible substrate
Optical occupant sensing techniques
Multiple RF read zone system
Thermal mass flow meter and method for its operation
Biometric sensor
Method for manufacturing grinding wheel containing hollow particles along with abrasive grains
Light source
Apparatus and method for transmitting data in multi-input multi-output system
Method for manufacturing a mixer-settler and mixer-settler
Proppants and anti-flowback additives made from sillimanite minerals, methods of manufacture, and me...
Capillary viscometers for use with Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluids
Copy-forgery-inhibited pattern or stamp image combined with image data based on user actions
Image pickup optical system and image pickup apparatus including the same
Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus having the same
Alignment apparatus
Optical information reproducing method
Image processing apparatus and method for extracting a document area
Image processing apparatus, control method therefor, and program
Image processing apparatus and image processing method capable of executing high-performance process...
Image distribution apparatus, communication terminal apparatus, and control method thereof
Information processing apparatus and method for handling forms
Image processing apparatus, and control method and program of the same
Image processing apparatus for resizing of images, image processing method for resizing images, prog...
Method and apparatus for processing video data containing a plurality of video tracks
Developer supply container and image forming apparatus
Developer supply container
Image forming apparatus for realizing downsizing of a main body of the apparatus
Pattern matching method and apparatus and speech information retrieval system
Detecting whether a connection between apparatuses includes a predetermined transmission medium
Rotor unit of a centrifugal separator
Apparatus for removing hydrocarbons and contaminates
Ozone delivery system including a variable pitch gas-fluid contact device
System and process for concentrating hydrocarbons in a bitumen feed
Method and apparatus for treatment of water for an injection well
Situ system and method for treating an oil and gas well drilling fluid
Method and system for treating waste matter from animals, urea-rich and urea-lean waste-matter produ...
Process for conditioning sewage sludge
Separating mixtures of oil and water
Attachment for underwater surface cleaner
Medical sensor and technique for using the same
Pacing schemes for revealing T-wave alternans (TWA) at low to moderate heart rates
Non-steroidal androgen receptor modulators, preparation process, pharmaceutical composition and use ...
Composition comprising a liquid absorbed on a support based on precipitated silica
Methods of making medical devices
Printed web and method for making
Process for the preparation of antimicrobial powder coating composition
Earbud for a communications headset
Inspection plan optimization based on layout attributes and process variance
Projectile resistant material
Method and apparatus for creating, assembling, and organizing compound media objects
Parallelism with variable partitioning and threading
Front face of a vehicle wheel
Front face of a vehicle wheel
Front face of a vehicle wheel
Front face of a vehicle wheel
Front face of a vehicle wheel
Front face of a vehicle wheel
Front face of a vehicle wheel
Set-top box remote control
Adjustable LED desk lamp
Surgical instruments for accessing and stabilizing a localized portion of a beating heart
Perpendicular magnetic recording medium having an interlayer formed from a NiWCr alloy
Integrated circuit fabrication process with minimal post-laser annealing dopant deactivation
Apparatuses, methods and compositions for ionization of samples and mass calibrants
Control and management of a wired or wireless headset
Mobile computing device interface
Modified two-component gelation systems, methods of use and methods of manufacture
Method for rapid typification of microorganisms and set of reagents used
Solid laundry detergent composition comprising light density silicate salt
Process for producing a granular anionic surfactant
Drum type washing machine
Continuously variable transmission fluids comprising a combination of calcium-and magnesium-overbase...
Engine wear protection in engines operated using ethanol-based fuel
Therapeutic and diagnostic methods and compositions targeting 4Ig-B7-H3 and its counterpart NK cell ...
Inhibitors of glutaminyl cyclase for treating neurodegenerative diseases
Neomycin-phosphotransferase-genes and methods for the selection of recombinant cells producing high ...
Methods and compositions for RNA interference using recombinant Dicer and Argonaut
Treatment of breast cancer with a PARP inhibitor alone or in combination with anti-tumor agents
Modulation of diacylglycerol acyltransferase 2 expression
Fused heterocycle derivative, medicinal composition containing the same, and medicinal use thereof
Peptides and related molecules that bind to TALL-1
Methods and system for configurable domain specific abstract core
Information processing apparatus, executability determining method, and computer program for the sam...
Methods and apparatus to analyze processor systems
Minimizing the dependency of source code on the in-band resources of a set-top box
Parental controls using view limits
Client-server based interactive television program guide system with remote server recording
Portable device for accessing host computer via remote computer
Mechanism for automatically configuring integrated access device for use in voice over digital subsc...
Method and apparatus for network security
HC adsorbing material and device for judging deterioration of the HC adsorbing material
Using geothermal energy to heat a portion of a formation for an in situ heat treatment process
Process for the fluid catalytic cracking of mixed feedstocks of hydrocarbons from different sources
Treating tar sands formations with dolomite
Selective hydrogenation process employing a catalyst with a specific support
Creating fluid injectivity in tar sands formations
Hydroprocessing bulk catalyst and uses thereof
Process for the desulfurization of gasolines comprising a desulfurization by adsorption of the light...
Hydroprocessing bulk catalyst and uses thereof
Oxidatively regenerable adsorbents for sulfur removal
Epitaxial layer structures and precursors for topotactic anion exchange oxide films
Preparation of aromatic polysulfonic acid compositions from light cat cycle oil
Adapting RCU for real-time operating system usage
Computer configuration virtual topology discovery and instruction therefore
System and method for maintaining a constant processor service level in a computer
File content display device, file content display method, and computer program therefore
Printer driver filter and method of printing with the same
Performing a configuration virtual topology change and instruction therefore
High-performance, superscalar-based computer system with out-of-order instruction execution
Foldable and height adjustable support for musical instrument used in seated position
Air compression apparatus and method of use
Pressure driven pumping system
Discharge check valve assembly for use with hermetic scroll compressor
Power steering system frequency suppressor
Control system for air-compressing apparatus
Composite dry vacuum pump having roots rotor and screw rotor
Portable dry air compressor system
Compressor and overload protecting apparatus
Linear compressor
Compressor wheel
Capsule for two downhole pump modules
Vane machine, in particular vane pump
Buoyancy pump power system
Peristaltic pump providing simplified loading and improved tubing kink resistance
Pump set with safety interlock
Vacuum pump control device and vacuum device
Reciprocating cylinder swash plate pump
Determining power
Buoyancy pump power system
Video poker game having second draw option
Wagering game with post-reveal alteration of the award
Multi-player bingo game with multiple alternative outcome displays
Gaming device having an offer and acceptance game with multiple offers
Gaming display with moveable indicator and methods of use
System and process for throughdrying tissue products
Package for consumable products with separately sealed compartments
Stretch activated article for delivering various compositions or functional elements
Face mask with offset folding for improved fluid resistance
Mechanical fastener
Tissue products having high durability and a deep discontinuous pocket structure
Optional hanging dispenser
Apparatus and method for dispensing sheet material
Dispenser assembly for dispensing gloves including a cartridge and a dispenser with a glove pusher
Absorbent article with stabilized absorbent structure having non-uniform lateral compression stiffne...
Micro powered warming container
Methods and systems for monitoring position and movement of human beings
Methods and system for allocating shelf space
Mop assembly with reversible head
Ultrasonic liquid delivery device
Electric dispenser for dispensing sheets from a roll of perforated web material
Air driven delivery system for sprayable media
Systems and methods for single integrated substrate cleaning and rinsing
Method of making creped towel and tissue incorporating high yield fiber
Method of making absorbent sheet from recycle furnish
Paper substrates containing high surface sizing and low internal sizing and having high dimensional ...
Binding wood using a thermosetting adhesive composition comprising a protein-based component and a p...
Analyte sensor introducer and methods of use
Glycemic control monitoring using implantable medical device
Method for predicting a user's future glycemic state
Apparatus and method for measuring biological information
Blood volume determination and sensor calibration
Correction factor testing using frequent blood glucose input
Apparatus and method for multi-modal imaging
Implantable sensor method and system
On-body medical device securement
Sensor device and testing method utilizing localized plasmon resonance
Roughness evaluation method and system
Infrared Mueller matrix acquisition and preprocessing system and method
Device and method for in vitro determination of analyte concentration within body fluids
Method, system, and compositions for cell counting and analysis
Pathogen and particle detector system and method
Layered film fabrication method, layered film defect detection method, layered film defect detection...
System and method of applying horizontally oriented arc-lamps in ellipsometer or the like systems
Method and system for estimating surface plasmon resonance shift
Surface plasmon enhanced fluorescence sensor and fluorescence detecting method
Image processing system and method for controlling gains for color flow images
Tissue engineered construct analytical imaging system and method of obtaining and analyzing images o...
Phase selection for cardiac contrast assessment
Method and apparatus for adjusting contrast of image
Contrast-invariant registration of cardiac and renal magnetic resonance perfusion images
Material decomposition image noise reduction
Method of assessing localized shape and temperature of the human body
System and method for generating composite substraction images for magnetic resonance imaging
Reducing ghosting in holographic stereograms
Method and apparatus for bit resolution extension
Intelligent saturation of video data
Detecting and classifying lesions in ultrasound images
Transmission of a power loss condition over a network
End-to-end congestion control in a Fibre Channel network
Methods and devices for transmitting data between storage area networks
Method for setting switching times, in particular idle times, of an inverter based on detected power...
Signal acquisition in PET scanners
Battery packs having a charging mode and a discharging mode
Isolated DC-DC converter
Method for thermal protection of frequency converter and a frequency converter
Communication conversion system for switching first communication lines to second communication line...
Switching power converter with controlled startup mechanism
Switching device for linking various electrical voltage levels in a motor vehicle
DC-DC converter
Multi-output type DC/DC converter
Step-down/step-up DC/DC converter apparatus and method with inductor current threshold value adjusti...
Digital-to-analog converter with logarithmic selectable response and methods
Bidirectional active power conditioner with DC/AC inverter in low-frequency switching
PWN modulator in multi-phase converter
Output power switching vector scaling system and method
Power factor correction boost converter with continuous, discontinuous, or critical mode selection
Low-noise, low-distortion digital PWM amplifier
Arrangement for amplifying a PWM input signal
Class D amplifier having PWM circuit with look-up table
Power efficient amplifier
Sustained release formulations
Roller mill safety system
Method for imaging the mechanical properties of tissue
Laser diode assemblies
Protected IP telephony calls using encryption
Forehead rest for respiratory masks
Disposable absorbent article having deployable chassis ears
Blast energy mitigating composite
Tubular solid oxide fuel cell stack
Very thin, light bipolar plates
Fuel cell having unit cells arranged to merge gases generated in the unit cells
Enzyme-based time temperature indicator
Method of forming display device that includes removing mask to form opening in insulating film
Catalyst for purifying exhaust gas
Process for the preparation, under subcritical conditions, of monolithic xerogels and aerogels of si...
Personal care products with microchemical sensors for odor detection
Document similarity detection
Listwise ranking
Real-time detection and prevention of bulk messages
Controlling computer response message traffic
Method of semi-automatic data collection, data analysis, and model generation for the performance an...
Systems and methods for monitoring components of a remote access server farm
Translating switch and method
Portable terminal having motion-recognition capability and motion recognition method therefor
System and method for unified threat management with a relational rules methodology
In-line scanning of network data in an asymmetric routing environment
Source independent file attribute tracking
System utilizing updated spam signatures for performing secondary signature-based analysis of a held...
DRAM power management in a memory controller
SSL validation and stripping using trustworthiness factors
Condensed furan compounds
Indole-3-carboxylic acid amide, ester, thioamide and thiol ester compounds bearing aryl or heteroary...
Histone deacetylase inhibitors
Azole derivatives and fused bicyclic azole derivatives as therapeutic agents
Method for sequence determination using NMR
Apparatus and methods for monitoring and modifying anticoagulation therapy of remotely located patie...
Antiarrhythmic peptides
Biphenyloxyacetic acid derivatives for the treatment of respiratory disease
Therapeutic compounds
Magnetic recording medium Formatted with ROM and RAM regions
Disk drive with multi-protocol channel to controller interface and method
Recording disk drive and method of managing defective regions in the same
Optical storage system using an antenna for recording information data to a phase-change type medium
Data recovery through eliminating adjacent track interference
Recording medium driving device
Position control method of inertial drive actuator and inertial drive actuator
Magnetic disk apparatus and magnetic disk apparatus control method
Methods, systems, and apparatus for reducing the effects of tape dimensional stability
Magnetic disk medium, reticle and magnetic recording and reproducing apparatus
Thin film magnetic head
Magnetic head slider having spherical of ellipsoidal projection formed thereon
Thin film magnetic head having a thermal plastic deformation portion and manufacturing the same
EMR magnetic head having a magnetic flux guide and a body formed at a tail end of a slider
Magnetic detection head and method for manufacturing the same
Narrow track extraordinary magneto resistive [EMR] device with wide voltage tabs and diad lead struc...
Magnetoresistance effect element, magnetic head, magnetic head assembly, magnetic storage system
Keystroke monitoring apparatus and method
Command switching for multiple initiator access to a SATA drive
Hollow tube paintball marker
Non-fragmenting pressure relief apparatus
Backpack for carrying weapons
Concrete rebound shield and method of use
Electromuscular incapacitation device and methods
High tenacity polyethylene yarn
Apparatus and method for generating and using multi-direction DC and AC electrical currents
Catheter system with attachable catheter hub
Dialysis system having supply container autoconnection
Reversible thermosensitive recording medium, as well as reversible thermosensitive recording label, ...
Image fading preventing agent, image forming element, recording medium, image forming method and ima...
A/D converter for wideband digital communication
A/D convertion controlling device and image forming apparatus
Flash A/D converter
Time interpolation flash ADC having automatic feedback calibration
Infrared intrusion detection device
Hardware-based intrusion detection accelerator
Method and apparatus for storing intrusion rule
Crushing and grinding device, a soybean milk maker including said device and a method for making soy...
Interleukin-6 suppressive agent
Composition for treating a dermal anomaly
Powdered inhalants based on modified lactose mixtures as excipient
Topical deodorant composition, and method of its manufacture and use
Detection of inflammation
Reproductive management
Device for sealing tray-shaped or pot-shaped receptacles
Synergistic composition for the treatment of diabetes mellitus
Insulin secretion by anthocyanins and anthocyanidins
Pyrimido[5,4-e][1,2,4]triazine-5-7-diones, processes for preparing them and their use
Compound, useful for pancreatic lipase inhibition and the process for isolation thereof
Methods and compositions to enhance the efficacy of phosphodiesterase inhibitors
Pyrazine kinase inhibitors
Nitrogen-containing heterocyclic compounds and methods of use thereof
Processes for regulating blood glucose in a mammal
Substituted arylhexadienoic acids and esters thereof which can be used for the treatment and prevent...
CETP inhibitors
Method and apparatus for treatment of the gastrointestinal tract
Heat exchange reactor
Method of gasifying carbonaceous materials and a device for implementing it
Electronic device, loop heat pipe and cooling device
Circuitized substrate with internal cooling structure and electrical assembly utilizing same
Water-cooling radiator for a computer chip
Modular computing environments
Method and apparatus for thermal management of computer memory modules
Method of fabrication of a portable computer apparatus with thermal enhancements and multiple modes ...
Vapor chamber heat sink having a carbon nanotube fluid interface
Linear or curved mobile motor and its radiator
Motor controller
Heat sink arrangement, electric motor, housing part, and springy clip
Heat sink assembly for a pluggable module
Heat radiating member mounting structure
Heat dissipation module
Heat sink unit, circuit board unit, and electronic device
Tubular flapper valves
System and apparatus for non-powered cleaning of tubular heat exchange systems
Heat exchanger bypass valve having temperature insensitive pressure bypass function
Control of coolant flow rate for vehicle heating
Implant for subcutaneous or intradermal injection
Volumetric type compton scattered X-ray visualization, imaging, or information provider
Integrin CD18 is a novel stromal stem cell marker and functions to promote osteogenesis
Support structure for a printed model in multi-component dental appliances
Materials and methods for nerve grafting, selection of nerve grafts, and in vitro nerve tissue cultu...
Reagent and method for providing coatings on surfaces
Functionalized photoinitiators
System for communicating management information and method of operation
Global load balancing across mirrored data centers
Edge side components and application programming environment for building and delivering highly dist...
Content transmission control device, content distribution device and content receiving device
Communication processing apparatus, communication processing method, and computer program
Method and system to implement a deploy service to perform deployment services to extend and enhance...
Multipoint digital temperature acquisition system
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Method and apparatus for transmission of wireless signals in a mobile platform
Image processing method, imaging apparatus, and storage medium storing control program of image proc...
Optical lens system for taking image
Flexible power interface control system and method of optical disk drive
Method and apparatus for anonymous IP datagram exchange using dynamic network address translation
Method, network element and modules therefore, and computer program for use in prioritizing a plural...
Traceroute using address request messages
System and method for configuring communication systems
System and method for identifying target systems
Telecommunications control apparatus and a method for determining a communicating node with electric...
Method and apparatus for switching between shared and individual channels to provide broadcast conte...
Delivery, organization, and management of data capture elements
System and/or method relating to managing a network
Generating asynchronous interfaces and methods from synchronous interfaces and methods
Web server for remote user devices service and web page generation
Collection and detection of differences of values of expressions/variables when debugging a computer...
System and method for transforming information between data formats
Information processor, information processing method, and programs therefor
Method and apparatus for selectively optimizing interpreted language code
Function values in computer programming languages having dynamic types and overloading
Internal monitoring of applications in a distributed management framework
Methods for driving bistable electro-optic displays, and apparatus for use therein
Methods for driving bistable electro-optic displays, and apparatus for use therein
Method of mounting electronic circuit constituting member and relevant mounting apparatus
Stabilised aluminium zirconium mixed oxide powder
Methods of processing nanocrystals, and compositions, devices and systems including same
Compositions of carbon nanotubes
Multifunctional and biologically active matrices from multicomponent polymeric solutions
Modified acrylic block copolymers for hydrogels and pressure sensitive wet adhesives
Plasmon energy converter
Non-linear optical device with long grating persistency
Process of producing permanent magnet and permanent magnet
Split body swelling packer
Extrusion of peroxide crosslinkable polymer parts
Cellulosic-thermoplastic composite and method of making the same
Compositions of ethylene/alpha-olefin multi-block interpolymer for elastic films and laminates
Die assembly and production process for profile extrusion
Electrically insulating film and method
Compositions of ethylene/alpha-olefin multi-block interpolymer for elastic films and laminates
Sulfur tolerant noble metal containing aromatics hydrogenation catalyst and a method of making and u...
Hydrogenated nitrile rubber with narrow molecular weight distribution, a process for its preparation...
Compositions of ethylene/.alpha.-olefin multi-block interpolymer for elastic films and laminates
Method for removing excess uncured build material in solid imaging
Manufacturing method of insulating film and semiconductor device
Inkjet head and process of manufacturing the inkjet head
System, method, and apparatus for managing wastewater treatment installation
Method and apparatus to enhance hydrocarbon production from wells
Method of dyeing a substrate with a reactive dyestuff in supercritical or near supercritical carbon ...
Method of producing a porous dielectric element and corresponding dielectric element
Multi-stage propylene polymer, process for producing the same, and propylene resin composition
Encoding of markup language data
Leveraging markup language data for semantically labeling text strings and data and for providing ac...
Structuring graphics with placeholders
Automatic capturing and editing of a video
Media authoring and presentation
Graphics tiering strategy incorporating bitmaps and window geometries
Representing software development item relationships via a graph
Methods and systems for planning and tracking software reliability and availability
Development apparatus, image-forming apparatus and developing method using reverse polarity particle...
Image forming method and apparatus, and developing device and process cartridge therefor
Image forming apparatus and image forming method using a protective agent
Image forming apparatus with toner image fixing unit, and the fixing method thereof
Fixing device, fixing apparatus and image forming apparatus
Semiconductor device and driving method thereof
Methods and devices for reduction of motion-induced noise in pulse oximetry
Catheter and method for mapping a pulmonary vein
Method and device for preventing plaque formation in coronary arteries
Method and apparatus for performing stimulation threshold searches
Automatic engine fuel flow monitoring and alerting fuel leak detection method
Device for controlling functions of a mobile vehicle, and method for controlling said functions
Control apparatus for combustion engine of premixed compression self-ignition type
Method of operation of internal combustion engine with permanent fault code implementation
Methods and systems for generating and evaluating peptides
In-service calibration of temperature measurement devices using plant monitoring system data
Rotor assembly system and method
Automation of a dental environment
Automatic transmission
Automatic transmission
Control apparatus for vehicle and method of controlling vehicle
Control apparatus for vehicle and method of controlling vehicle
Coated conductors
Treating radioactive materials
Enhanced amplitude piezoelectric motor apparatus and method
Hierarchical data storage manager, anonymous tip processing engine, and a vehicle information proces...
Container security system
Context-aware and real-time item tracking system architecture and scenarios
Video-rate holographic surveillance system
Split aperture array for increased short range target coverage
Illumination device for a monitoring camera
System and method for measuring a size of a distant object
Particle counting and DNA uptake system and method for detection, assessment and further analysis of...
Method for determination of diffractor locations at sea bottom for the purpose of attenuating such e...
Vertical fore grip top, handle and bipod
Cleanup kit for compact fluorescent light bulbs and associated methods
Method for making a tread assembly
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method using an ink-jet method of the same
Show outsole
Shoe outsole
Shoe upper
Method and system for processing recurring payments
Microclimate regulating garment and composite structure
Footwear toe pad
Electrical signal analysis to assess the physical condition of a human or animal
High performance adsorbents based on activated carbon of high microporosity
Micro-optic security and image presentation system providing modulated appearance of an in-plane ima...
Laser assembly
Method and apparatus for recording information on an optical recording medium
Apparatus and method for optical information recording and reproducing
Optical disk device and information recording/reproducing method
Optical pickup device and optical disk drive
Very high power pulsed fiber laser
Quasi-CW UV laser with low peak pulse-power
Small form factor transmitter optical subassembly (TOSA) having functionality for controlling the te...
Laser driver automatic power control circuit using non-linear impedance circuit
Optical semiconductor device and optical semiconductor integrated circuit
Semiconductor laser device
Optical phase conjugation laser diode
Semiconductor laser device
Surface emitting semiconductor laser
Wavelength switchable semiconductor laser using half-wave coupled active double-ring resonator
Optical transmitter
Method and apparatus for digital signal processing enhanced laser performance compensation
Frequency tunable resonant scanner and method of making
Resonant beam scanner with raster pinch compensation
Method of manufacturing terminal assembly of alternator for vehicles and terminal assembly manufactu...
Power converter control and power conversion method
Contact time calculation apparatus, obstacle detection apparatus, contact time calculation method, a...
Method and system for assessing performance of control systems
Oil pump driving control device for a hybrid vehicle
Vehicle seat side air bag assembly
Motor vehicle seat featuring coupling between the backrest movement and the seat part movement, and ...
Abnormality diagnostic device
Power conversion apparatus for converting direct current to polyphase alternating current
Shift control system of a hybrid transmission with a motor torque correction
Image processing device and method for parking support
Vehicle driving assist system
Infinitely adjustable two-way head restraint
Catalyst and producing method thereof
Drive circuit for voltage driven electronic element
Lithium ion capacitor
Drillable down hole tool
Lawn perforating tool and method of using same
Removable bearing arrangement for a wind turbine generator
Absorbent article with improved containment flaps
Method of making particles for use in a pharmaceutical composition
Coated substrates and methods for their preparation
Coating for components requiring hydrogen peroxide compatibility
Cathode material and non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery using it
Liquid processing device including gas trap, and system and method
Adhesion preventive material
Sensor system having a substrate and a housing, and method for manufacturing a sensor system
Process and device for electromagnetically based detection of field-influencing parts in a material ...
System and method for a MEMS device
Method and apparatus for measuring the rate of permeation of gases and vapours through materials
Urethane polyol precursors for coating compositions
Aqueous resinous binders
Coated non-metallic sheet having a brushed metal appearance, and coatings for and method of making s...
Bonding of powder coating compositions
Coating compositions containing amine-hydroxy functional polymer and/or amine-carbamate functional p...
Knee airbag device
Resin product having a metallic coating
Semiconductor light emitting element
Head protection airbag device
Weather strip for motor vehicle
Light source unit
Method of preparing an osteogenic protein fraction
Sheaths for implantable fixation devices
Composition and dosage form comprising an interferon particle formulation and suspending vehicle
Methods of increasing muscle mass or muscle strength using antibody inhibitors of GDF-8
Process for making transplantable cardiomyocytes from human embryonic stem cells
Medical devices containing multi-component fibers
Oxygen tension for the parthenogenic activation of human oocytes for the production of human embryon...
Chicken growth differentiation factor-8
Adjustable height access device for treating the spine of a patient
Xanthohumol and tetrahydro-isoalpha acid based protein kinase modulation cancer treatment
Methods of reducing weight gain associated with olanzapine treatment
Human cancer stem cell culture compositions comprising Erbb2 variants and methods of use thereof
Mutant forms of streptolysin O
Method for the production and purification of adenoviral vectors
Detection method for human pappilomavirus (HPV) and its application in cervical cancer
Compounds, compositions, and methods for treatment and prevention of orthopoxvirus infections and as...
Closure tape tab for absorbent article, prelaminated closure tape, and method of manufacturing a clo...
Hemostatic forceps for endoscope
Living body wall fixing tool used in endoscope
Apparatus for optical stimulation of nerves and other animal tissue
Endoscope washer disinfector equipped with nozzle connectable to endoscopic channels automatically
Method to treat collagenous connective tissue for implant remodeled by host cells into living tissue
Release coating containing thermoplastic silicone-containing polymer
Method of cleaning and disinfecting beverage dispensing systems
Obesity controlling method
Pharmaceutical compositions for topical use in treatment of skin or mucous injuries
Distance adjusting apparatus and method, and object examining apparatus and method
Adapting short-wavelength LED's for polychromatic, broadband, or "white" emission
Optical fiber cable inlet device
Carbon nanotube transistor process with transferred carbon nanotubes
Link-based content ratings of pages
Self righting container
Golf club with slope indicator
Guide assembly for a golf putter and its associated method of use
True alignment putter system
Pitch-mark repair tool for a golf club
Golf green repair device method and apparatus
Method for forming an interactive image of indoor and outdoor spaces
Miniature golf hole system
Impact-attenuation members and products containing such members
Modular shoe
Engaging element useful for securing objects, such as footwear and other foot-receiving devices
Soil stabilizer carrier
Method for enhancing stability of prime mover having an auxiliary vehicle
Integrated search and find user interface
Reviewing user-created content before website presentation
Method, system, and program for collecting statistics of data stored in a database
Method and system for handling large data sets in a statistical language
Sharing bandwidth of a single port SRAM between at least one DMA peripheral and a CPU operating with...
Avoiding livelock using a cache manager in multiple core processors
Alert options for electronic-paper verification
User interface with connectable elements
Blended editing of literal and non-literal values
Method and apparatus for determining a process model using a 2-D-pattern detecting kernel
Method for controlling the use of an audiovisual display device, display device for implementing the...
Electronic television program guide with calendar tool
Enabling clean file cache persistence using dual-boot detection
Printer and ink cartridge attached thereto
Electro-optic displays, and materials and methods for production thereof
Controlled release compositions for interferon based on PEGT/PBT block copolymers
Cosmetic and reconstructive prostheses with a microencapsulated biologically compatible rupture indi...
Oil-in-water capsule manufacture process and microcapsules produced by such process
Methods of identifying compounds for the treatment of sterile inflammation
Composition for enzyme inhibition
HGF beta chain variants
Modified and stabilized GDF propeptides and uses thereof
Multidrug resistant anticancer anthracyclines
Inhibitors of the 11-beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase Type 1 enzyme
Aspirin-triggered lipid mediators
Anisotropic conductive adhesive
EG-VEGF nucleic acids and polypeptides and methods of use
T-wave alternans train spotter
Cardiac tachyarrhythmia therapy selection based on patient response information
Pulse wave data analyzing method, system, and program product
Active replica transformer hybrid
Device having communication function, method for automatically adjusting transmitter, system and pro...
System and method for improved channel estimation for wireless OFDM systems
Noise filter and filtering method
System and method for fast dynamic adjustment of slicing level for burst mode optical receivers
Joint space-time optimum filters (JSTOF) for interference cancellation
Dynamic bandwidth filter for an FM receiver
Signal adjustment receiver circuitry
System and method for programmably adjusting gain and frequency response in a 10-gigabit Ethernet/fi...
Narrow-band detections of a received signal
Method for producing recording medium, recording medium employing said method, and information recor...
Method for manufacturing a semiconductor device
Simplified pitch doubling process flow
Biologically active methylene blue derivatives
Low VOC epoxy silane oligomer and compositions containing same
Multi-bit nonvolatile memory devices including nano-crystals and trench
Semiconductor memory device including recessed control gate electrode
Current-confined effect of magnetic nano-current-channel (NCC) for magnetic random access memory (MR...
Flexible electrophoretic display and method of fabricating the same
Magnetoresistance effect element comprising nano-contact portion not more than a mean free path and ...
Probe system comprising an electric-field-aligned probe tip and method for fabricating the same
Self-sensing tweezer devices and associated methods for micro and nano-scale manipulation and assemb...
Apparatus and method for continuous particle separation
Imprint manufacture method
Dual seal deposition process chamber and process
Electron-emitting device, electron source, image display apparatus and television apparatus
EMC filtering device in a variable speed drive
Method for computing crystal shapes from X-ray diffraction data (XRD) of a substance
Searching for user interface objects
Methods and systems for providing a response to a query
Method, system, and medium for retrieving photo using multimodal information
System and method for incorporating anchor text into ranking search results
Systems and methods for ranking documents based upon structurally interrelated information
Topic specific language models built from large numbers of documents
Method for creating a topical reading list
System and method for general search parameters having quantized relevance values that are associate...
System and method to enable processor management policy in a multi-processor environment
System and method for revenue based advertisement placement
Viewer selection of programs to be subsequently delivered
In-vehicle hand-free apparatus
Method and apparatus reporting a vehicular sensor waveform in a wireless vehicular sensor network
Generic application program interface for native drivers
Automated creation/deletion of messaging resources during deployment/un-deployment of proxies for th...
Media engine user interface for managing media
Electronic settlement system, electronic settlement method and cash paying method using LCD barcode ...
Instant message method to provide a delayed alarm/reminder
Alert notification engine
Methods for providing a report database for a plurality of localized devices using an abstraction la...
Gateway for wireless mobile clients
Method using access authorization differentiation in wireless access network and secure roaming meth...
Display system, access point of display system, and power control method
Electronic messaging synchronized to media presentation
Compositions of aminoacyl-TRNA synthetase and uses thereof
Activity-based probes for protein tyrosine phosphatases
Cotton variety 05Z855
Cotton variety 00H29
Maize variety 35K02
Methods of diagnosis of androgen-dependent prostate cancer, prostate cancer undergoing androgen with...
FRT recombination sites and methods of use
Kinase and phosphatase assays
Methods for identifying lysophosphatidylcholine acyltransferases
Production of isoprenoids
Oligoadenylate Synthetase (OAS)
Plants and seeds of corn variety CV886161
Plants and seeds of corn variety CV827360
Methods and systems to identify operational reaction pathways
Yeast-based vaccine for inducing an immune response
Total ionizing dose suppression transistor architecture
Semiconductor package
Integrated circuit package system including honeycomb molding
Surface mountable semiconductor package with solder bonding features
Semiconductor die package including heat sinks
Circuit module with thermal casing systems
Optimization of electronic package geometry for thermal dissipation
Device having a bonding structure for two elements
Metallization layer for a power semiconductor device
Semiconductor chip with reinforcement structure
Alignment devices and methods for providing phase depth control
Method and apparatus for wafer marking
Apparatus for wafer level arc detection at an electrostatic chuck electrode
System and apparatus for electrically testing lead-to-lead shorting during magnetoresistive sensor f...
Optical components, illumination systems, and methods
Semiconductor laser and method for fabricating the same
CMOS compatible integrated dielectric optical waveguide coupler and fabrication
Method for determining best and worst cases for interconnects in timing analysis
Voltage identifier sorting
Design structure incorporating semiconductor device structures that shield a bond pad from electrica...
Abnormality detection in medical images
Method and device for 3 dimensional imaging of suspended micro-objects providing high-resolution mic...
Process cartridge including photoconductor pre-coated with protective agent and image forming appara...
Device and method for preventing magnetic-resonance imaging induced damage
Whole body MRI scanning with moving table and interactive control
Method and apparatus for spectrum estimation
Extrusion of articles
Method and system for 3D blood vessel localization
System and method for natural language processing and using ontological searches
Mutual commit people matching process
Gripper for reaching and grasping tool
Child-proof lock system
Bottle in the form of a dollar sign symbol
Truckers table
Compact base
Top load CDG player
Supporting stand for tilting inversion exerciser
Folding device for male child urination
Razor cartridge
Razor cartridge
Razor cartridge
Razor cartridge
Blade set for a safety razor with trimmer
Composite polymer fibers
Devices and methods for selective surgical removal of tissue
Xerography methods and systems employing addressable fusing of unfused toner image
Devices and methods for selective surgical removal of tissue
Endless belt having deformation prevention qualities, and image forming apparatus that uses the endl...
Post-sterilization programming of surgical instruments
Methods and systems for reducing data acquisition, power and/or processing for pulse oximetry applic...
Method of collecting information for a geographic database for use with a navigation system
Medical image recording system
Method and system for insuring against investment loss
Image diagnostic system and processing method therefor
System and method for identifying periodic motion complexes for MR imaging triggering
Interactive 3D data editing via 2D graphical drawing tools
Methods and apparatus for enhancing cardiac pacing
Apparatus and method for detection of radiation
Electron microscope phase enhancement
Central dryer for electron beam curing
Test structure for charged particle beam inspection and method for fabricating the same
Method and system to grant indefinite use of software options resident on a device
Vessel for rare gas filling, and method for polarization of rare gas atomic nucleus using said vesse...
Systems and methods for digital volumetric laminar tomography
X-ray CT apparatus
Geometric X-ray fluorescence visualizer, imager, or information provider
X-ray focusing optic having multiple layers with respective crystal orientations
Energy discriminating scatter imaging system
X-ray tube with transmission anode
Light modulation techniques for imaging objects in or around a vehicle
System and method for displaying images on a PACS workstation based on level of significance
Method for optimizing the display of flat slices of a cyclically and complexly moving examination ob...
Method of registration in a contraband detection system
Color transformation method and apparatus with minimized transformation errors
Medical image processing apparatus, ROI extracting method and program
Stylized rendering using a multi-flash camera
RF transmitter front-end and applications thereof
Push communications architecture for intelligent electronic devices
Ad server system with click fraud protection
Managing on-line advertising using metrics such as return on investment and/or profit
Generating new invocable composite network services based on multiple other invocable constituent ne...
Systems and methods for securitized financing of assets
Content distribution system for operation over an internetwork including content peering arrangement...
System and method for providing forms on a user interface
Electronic vulnerability and reliability assessment
DAC module and applications thereof
Multiple stream cyclic-shifted delay transmitter
Methods and apparatus to provide services over integrated broadband communication systems
Reduced feedback for beamforming in a wireless communication
Beamforming in a wireless communication with a partial estimation to reduce overhead
Reporting metrics for online marketplace sales channels
Sending a message to a number via a coded surface
Link object to card
Retrieving contact details using a printed medium
Automated utility supply management system integrating data sources including geographic information...
Recurrent billing maintenance with radio frequency payment devices
Method, apparatus, and system for searching based on search visibility rules
System and method for generating normalized relevance measure for analysis of search results
Method and system for remote gaming
Interactive funds transfer interface
Decentralised web annotation
Serving advertisements based on content
Adding and removing white space from a document
Methods, systems, and programming for producing and displaying subpixel-optimized images and digital...
Retrieving location data by sensing coded data on a surface
System and method for viewing virtual slides
Retrieve information via card on mobile device
System and method for community centric resource sharing based on a publishing subscription model
Battery cooling system
Ultrafast chirped optical waveform recording using referenced heterodyning and a time microscope
Method and apparatus for detecting and avoiding multiple-pulse states in ultra-short-pulse laser
Methods for evaluating drug-resistance gene expression in the cancer patient
Method for refolding enzymes
Method and system for immersing face images into a video sequence
System and method for event-based trading
System and method for electronic spread trading in real and synthetically generated markets
Method and system for quantity entry
Method and device for tunnel switching
Method for stream based compressed file download with interruption recovery and further decompressin...
System and method for navigation of indexed video content
Branched molecular scaffolds for linking polymer residues to biologically active moieties
Roundworm coproantigen detection
Method and system for determining whether a drug will be effective on a patient with a disease
Photonic crystal sensors with integrated fluid containment structure, sample handling devices incorp...
Time delay beamformer and method of time delay beamforming
Crosstalk identification for spectrum management in broadband telecommunications systems
System and method for displaying risk data in an electronic trading environment
System and method for providing market data in an electronic trading environment
Method and apparatus for hardware enforced virtual sequentiality
Mobile phone
Mobile phone
Mobile phone
Mobile phone
Electronic device
Desktop computer
Stylus pen
Blu-ray disk home theater system
Journal with elastic closure
Body shower panel
Portable lamp
Magnetic nanoscale particle compositions, and therapeutic methods related thereto
Nano particle-reinforced Mo alloys for x-ray targets and method to make
Process for preparing dispersible nanoparticles
Method of producing thermoelectric material
Resistive nonvolatile memory element, and production method of the same
Optical waveguide system
Belts and roll coverings having a nanocomposite coating
Method and device for producing nanoparticles
Method for preparing functional organic particle
Methods and apparatus to form electronic components with at least one N- or P-doped portion
RNAI-mediated inhibition of tumor necrosis factor .alpha.-related conditions
Preparation of hymenialdisine derivatives and use thereof
Methods for facilitating metabolic control
Subscriber identity module (SIM) enabling advanced voice services (AVS) including push-to-talk, push...
Electroluminescent bis-cyclometalled iridium compounds and devices made with such compounds
Electronic junction devices featuring redox electrodes
Light-emitting diode illumination source
Organic semiconductor composition comprising oligomer compounds, composition for patterning organic ...
Light emitting device
Thin film transistor array panel and manufacture thereof
Light emitting composition, light source device, and display device
Organic electroluminescent device
Organic electroluminescent device with carrier blocking layer interposed between two emitting layers
Light emitting element
Aromatic amine derivative and organic electroluminescence device using the same
Electroluminescence element and a light emitting device using the same
Flat panel display with repellant and border areas and method of manufacturing the same
Organic EL element with lamination structure and its manufacturing method
Light emitting device
Display device and driving method of display device
Image signal display apparatus
PWM driver for a passive matrix display and corresponding method
Display device using demultiplexer
RF Coils for Magnetic Resonance Tomography
System and Method For Ghost Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Method For Reducing Maximum Local Specific Absorption Rate In Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Method for acquiring and displaying medical image data
Perfusion Adaptive MR Image Data Processing System
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Apparatus, Methods and Associated Technology
Systems and methods for determining relevant information based on document structure
System and method for distributed management of shared computers
Interactive media frame display
Synchronization with partial memory replication
Dynamic extension of network-accessible services
Creating a voice response grammar from a presentation grammar
Locating devices in a data network
Method and apparatus for managing windows
Bulk transfer of information on network device
Disk apparatus having traverse and spindle cam members and method of operating same
System and method for enhancing I2C bus data rate
Methods and apparatus for using location information to manage spillover in an audience monitoring s...
Policy based data shredding for storage controller
Adding data to text pages by means of an intermediary proxy
Method and apparatus for obtaining a scalar value directly from a vector register
System and method for transmitting pollution information over an integrated wireless network
Encoding and displaying default landing page content
Inbred corn line NPAF4467
Golf glove
Batting helmet
Wall for beehive
Animal toilet
Laundry appliance