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Methods and compositions for treating and diagnosing mood disorders, schizophrenia, and neuro-psychi...
Methods of detection of a target nucleic acid sequence
Nucleic acid sequences having gene transcription regulatory qualities
Nucleic acid sequences having gene transcription regulatory qualities
Nucleic acid sequences having gene transcription regulatory qualities
Peptide-forming enzyme gene
Peptide-forming enzyme gene
Antibacterial and herbicidal compounds and system for screening the same
Host cells for production of isoprenoid compounds
Method and device for producing biochemical reaction supporting materials
Photoactivatable two-stage protective groups for the synthesis of biopolymers
Methods for altering mRNA splicing and treating familial dysautonomia and other mechanistically rela...
Nucleic Acids Useful in the Manufacture of Oil
Oligonucleotide Primer Set For Amplifying Target Sequence(S) Of Norovirus, Oligonucleotide Probe Or ...
siRNA targeting BCL2L1
Iodo-Hexose Compounds Useful to Treat Cancer
Compositions And Methods For The Diagnosis, Treatment, And Prevention Of Amyotrophic Lateral Scleros...
Beta-L-2'-Deoxy-Nucleosides for the Treatment of Hepatitis B
Antiviral Agents
RNA Interference Mediated Inhibition of Cyclic Nucleotide Type 4 Phosphodiesterase (PDE4B) Gene Expr...
Method and system for discovering knowledge from text documents using associating between concepts a...
Methods, software, and systems for knowledge base coordination
Transition between manual management and autonomic management of autonomic systems
Rule processing method and apparatus providing exclude cover removal to simplify selection and/or co...
Loose coupling of pattern components with interface regeneration and propagation
System and method for providing autonomic management of a networked system using an action-centric a...
Voice to text conversion with keyword parse and match to semantic and transactional concepts stored ...
Automatic invocation of computational resources without user intervention across a network
Method of data processing and program
Validation and analysis of JDF workflows using colored petri nets
Deploying a document classification system
Gaming device having regenerating multiple award opportunities
Creation of ranking table for competitive game
Concave martial arts platform with inclined constraint net
Waterslide amusement device
Multimedia home network computer
Smart appliance functionality
Universal remote control device for controlling entertainment-related functions
Shuffling apparatus and method
Pillowcase display for dolls and stuffed animals
Wearable toy with rotatable discharge pods for firing projectiles and methods
Treatment of irritable bowel syndrome using probiotic composition
Non-food and non-pharmaceutical use of a selected anhydrous dextrose composition
Pharmaceutical composition for protecting neurons comprising extract of lithospermum erythrothizon S...
Dietary regime for companion animals
Container for food products
Method for reducing protein exudate on meat product
Fat composition for coating food to be cooked and process for producing cooked food
Food intermediate having sequestered phytosteryl esters in a polysaccharide matrix
Polypropylene film and laminated material thereof
Genetic markers of food allergy
Liquid starter cultures having an improved storage stability and use thereof
Water-stabilized antimicrobial organosilane products, compositions, and methods for using the same
Soybean cultivar 7041461
Banquet cart including heat retention material
Method and apparatus for gastrointestinal stimulation via the lymphatic system
Method for hot-filling a thin-walled container
Rotary Screw blancher
Apparatus, system, and method for portable camp cooker with attachments
Food serving tray assembly having disposal opening with deep serving wells
Circulating fluid system for powder fluidization and method of performing same
Analytic substrate coating apparatus and method
Negative-working imageable elements and methods of use
Method for making soft pellicles
Method of high-speed detection for biological analyte
25869, 25934, 26335, 50365, 21117, 38692, 46508, 16816, 16839, 49937, 49931 and 49933 molecules and ...
Molded object process for producing the same product for high-frequency signal transmission and high...
Apparatus and system for stock control
System and method for monitoring a plurality of transceivers
System, method and kit for managing inventory
Location, communication and tracking systems
Method for displaying dynamically determined priority lanes to customers returning vehicles to a veh...
Information system
Image forming apparatus
Methods and apparatus for providing a packet classification protocol associated with a broadcast wir...
Techniques to map switch and router ports to physical locations
System and method for dynamically modifying synchronized business information server interfaces
Equalized modulation demodulation (modem) format selectable multi antenna system
Systems and methods for implementing advanced power line services
Advanced port-based E911 strategy for IP telephony
Coating composition and optical mar-resistant tintable coating
Vehicle with a tiltable chassis
Integrated structural member for a vehicle and method of making
Overlay for a motorcycle inner fairing
Adjustable width drive axle and drive unit
Electric vehicle system for charging and supplying electrical power
Sensor assembly
System and method for sensing soil-and curb-tripped rollover events
Driving position adjusting system
Integrated control of brake and steer by wire system using optimal control allocation methods
Automatic vehicle braking device
Sweeping machine with variable wheel tracking
Rotary slide valve
Industrial truck
Hand truck driving apparatus
Suspension system for suspending a wheel having a motor therein
Housing structure of in-wheel motor
Saddle ride, fuel cell powered vehicle
Powered wheelchair having an articulating beam and related methods of use
Lithium battery operating at very low temperature
Lithium-ion battery non-aqueous electrolytes
Cordless power system with system component identification and/or battery pack control
Lithium battery pack
Lithium reservoir system and method for rechargeable lithium ion batteries
Polymer-coated magnetic particles comprising a 2,3-hydroxypropyl group, and probe-bonded particles
Method of manufacturing conductive polymer electrolytic capacitor
Corrosion resistant aluminum alloy substrates and methods of producing the same
System and method for producing copper powder by electrowinning using the ferrous/ferric anode react...
System and method for producing metal powder by electrowinning
Catalyst for fuel cell, and membrane-electrode assembly for fuel cell and fuel cell system including...
Screening methods for biologically active ligands
Pyridone derivative
Semiconductor memory device with three dimensional solid electrolyte structure, and manufacturing me...
Display screens having optical fluorescent materials
System and method for recovery of fuel products from subterranean carbonaceous deposits via an elect...
Hand held tire pressure monitoring system
Medical device components
Rotational intrathecal analgesia
Heteroaryloxy-substituted phenylaminopyrimidines as rho-kinase inhibitors
Certificate based authentication authorization accounting scheme for loose coupling interworking
Handheld electronic device
Swashplate type axial piston device having apparatus for providing three operating displacements
Voltage controlled computing element for quantum computer
Method for using a dynamic mission replanning algorithm as an aid to assess jam effectiveness
Polarizing plate provided with optical compensation layers and image display apparatus using the sam...
Method of visualizing a color deviation
Multilayered resist systems using tuned polymer films as underlayers and methods of fabrication ther...
Method of forming an interface between components having different rates of expansion
Tissue stabilizing implant method
Methods and compositions comprising capture agents
Liquid crystal display device
Pumping apparatus and process for polymerization in loop reactors
Assessment of sleep quality and sleep disordered breathing based on cardiopulmonary coupling
Method for reducing amyloid deposition, amyloid neurotoxicity and microgliosis
Antenna sharing device
Wafer measurement system and apparatus
Holographic recording medium and method of making it
Lateral undercut of metal gate in SOI device
Spacer process for on pitch contacts and related structures
Microfabricated micro fluid channels
Quantum dot array and production method therefor, and dot array element and production method theref...
Hybrid Schottky source-drain CMOS for high mobility and low barrier
Hybrid resistor/FET-logic demultiplexer architecture design for hybrid CMOS/nanodevice circuits
System and method for virtualization of relational stored procedures in non-native relational databa...
Computerized method, system and program product for generating a data mining model
Using a calculation expression to define and control access rights for records in a database
Automated targeted and proportional investment management systems and methods
System, method and computer program product for performing a contingent claim valuation of an early-...
Automated accounting for business reply mail
Paying multiple payees through integration of a third-party on-line payment system with an enterpris...
Method and system for restricting the usage of payment accounts
Policy control and billing support for call transfer in a session initiation protocol (SIP) network
System and method for emulating a long/short hedge fund index in a trading system
System and method for selecting securities for investment
Method of managing financial instruments, equipment lease derivatives and other collateral instrumen...
Machine learning automatic order transmission system for sending self-optimized trading signals
Real-time client portfolio management system
Systems and methods for establishing and running an exchange traded fund that tracks the performance...
Method and system for modeling volatility
Method and system for providing aggregation of trading on multiple alternative trading systems
Method and system for detecting loan fraud
User navigation device with a code wheel and an encoder
Router having dual propagation paths for packets
Systems and methods for monitoring moving surfaces using light signals
Multiple quote risk management
Method and apparatus for identifying a media path in a network
Ethernet network availability
Systems and methods for modifying network map attributes
Method and system for bridging traffic in a resilient packet ring network
Method for enabling multipoint network services over a ring topology network
Obtaining path information related to a virtual private LAN services (VPLS) based network
Method and apparatus for implementing IPSec engine in IXDP2851
Node apparatus
Memory management unit for a network switch
Automatic adaptation of quality of service over packet-switched networks
Method for implementing a virtual leased line
Combined header processing for network packets
Image coding apparatus, image decoding apparatus and image processing system
Actuator and blade drive device for camera
Image input apparatus, photodetection apparatus, and image synthesis method
Apparatus and methods for use in flash detection
Intelligent battery module for multimedia device
Digital camera with detachable memory for storing image data
Illumination apparatus for image-taking
Scanning method for stitching images
Supporting mechanism
Printed board, image pickup apparatus and camera
Endoscope apparatus
Image stabilization with adaptive shutter control
Camera shaking correcting device, and image pickup device
Sensor mounting structure and image capture apparatus
Focus state detection apparatus and optical instrument
Imaging apparatus
Photographing apparatus, photographing method and a computer readable medium of instructions for con...
Infrared security system and method
Method of determining structural prototype data for a light weight technical structure
Composite structure and method for forming the same
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Implantation of multiple species to address copper reliability
Method for removing contamination from a substrate and for making a cleaning solution
Method and apparatus for wireless network security
Rubber composition and tire using same
Pneumatic tire with tread having lateral grooves provided with tie bars
Compositions for a magnetically hard layer on a piston rod
Golf club shaft
Method and apparatus for recognition of symbols in images of three-dimensional scenes
Tire for automobile
Heavy duty pneumatic tire with belt hard rubber layer
Golf club shaft and golf club
Monoply pneumatic run-flat tire with composite ply cord
Discharge apparatus for a production facility
Heavy duty tire with silica-rich polyisoprene rubber based intermediate transition layer
Method for incorporating an annular antenna and electronics into a tire
Rubber with combination of silica and partially decarboxylated rosin acid and tire with component th...
Truncation for three-level digital amplifier
Vehicle-onboard driving lane recognizing apparatus
Context adaptive approach in vehicle detection under various visibility conditions
Pipeline interposer
Interior rearview mirror system
Vehicle rearview mirror system
Three phase voltage tripler
Vehicle information display
8/10 and 64/66 aggregation
High data rate envelope detector for high speed optical storage application
Calibration correction for implicit beamforming in a wireless MIMO communication system
Amplifiers with compensation
Calibrating control loops
Assistance system for motor vehicles
Systems and methods for calibrating power regulated communication circuitry
Scan testing system for circuits under test
System and method for error correction
Repetitive feed-forward algorithm for self-servo-write PLL
Conductive assembly and electrical connector having the same
Apparatus and process for preparing sorbents for mercury control at the point of use
Method and apparatus for the enhanced removal of aerosols and vapor phase contaminants from a gas st...
Apparatus and method for cleaning, neutralizing carbon monoxide and recirculating exhaust air in a c...
Group of at least two gas-flow reactors supplied with chemical neutralization and/or sorption agent
Electrophotographic imaging member undercoat layers
High-pressure mercury vapor lamp incorporating a predetermined germanium to oxygen molar ratio withi...
Apparatus and methods to analyze downhole fluids using ionized fluid samples
Environmentally safe electrochromic mirrors
Method and apparatus for measuring the volume of an animal paw
Light source apparatus, lighting apparatus and projection display apparatus
Mercury monitoring system and reaction chamber for enhancing conversion of elemental mercury gas int...
Devolatilization of anhydride polymers
Fluorescent lamps having desirable mercury consumption and lumen run-up times
Emergency lighting system
Elastomer composition, method for producing the same, and eraser using the same
Aqueous composition for outdoor paints, indoor paints, facade paints and roof paints
Plant extract mixtures and their uses
Compositions and methods for preventing and treating corrosion of metal surfaces
Oxazine disulfide dyes
Polymeric hair dyes
Methods for treating intervals of a subterranean formation having variable permeability
Ink-jet recording method, ink-jet ink, ink-jet recording unit, ink cartridge for ink-jet recording a...
Toners comprising modified pigments and processes for preparing the same
Water-soluble polymers reduced in molecular weight, process for production thereof and usage thereof
Light emitting element with semiconductive phosphor
Method for using a photonic crystal fiber as a Raman biosensor
Toner for electrostatic development and its fabrication method by treatment of suspension with rever...
Thick film conductor case compositions for LTCC tape
Bank forming method, wiring pattern forming method, electro-optical device, and electronic apparatus
Modified nigrosine, its production method, and toner for developing electrostatic charge images usin...
Silica-based sols and their production and use
Laser light transmitting colored polyolefin resin compositions and process for laser welding
Toner, developer and image forming apparatus
Colorant compounds
Water base resin composition, process for producing the same, paint, ink, adhesive, sealant and prim...
Colorant compounds
Pressure sensitive adhesive composition for electro-magnetic shielding film and electro-magnetic shi...
Conductive paste for connecting thermoelectric conversion material
Method for producing a pigment
Display apparatus
System and method for focused navigation within a user interface
Phase change inks containing colorant compounds
Liquid crystal display device and manufacturing method thereof
Liquid crystal display device with particular phase plates having specific axis angles
Liquid crystal display device with specific compensation film
External chemical distribution system and method
Phase-locked loop including sampling phase detector and charge pump with pulse width control
Paced trace transmission
Large-Capacity semiconductor memory with improved layout for sub-amplifiers to increase operational ...
Methods, systems, and computer program products for grid-morphing techniques in placement, floorplan...
Design and layout of phase shifting photolithographic masks
Pre-bias optical proximity correction
Method and apparatus to determine if a pattern is robustly manufacturable
Combinatorial strategies for polymer synthesis
Rapid genotyping analysis and the device thereof
Multiple SNP for diagnosing cardiovascular disease, microarray and kit comprising the same, and meth...
Soluble inhibitors of vascular endothelial growth factor and use thereof
Bacillus thuringiensis crystal polypeptides, polynucleotides, and compositions thereof
Method of diagnosing, monitoring, staging, imaging and treating various cancers
Connective tissue growth factor (CTGF-3)
Method of making an artificial hollow core boulder filled with non-biodegradable waste
Axial fan motor
Disk array system
Method for the production of natural energy from waste
Viscosity control and filtration of well fluids
Apparatus and method for delivery of an aerosol
Ice fishing device
Terrestrial repeater with redistribution of pseudo-random codes on different carrier frequencies
Method and apparatus for dynamic switching of space-time coding/decoding method
Multiframe control channel detection for enhanced dedicated channel
Call control component collection of communication device identification information for internet pr...
Power reduction methods in enhanced transmitters and receivers
Configuring virtual LANs on layer 2
System and method for retrieving network management data from multiple network elements
Method for scheduling transmissions in communication systems
Information error recovery apparatus and methods
Method and apparatus for preventing bridging of secure networks and insecure networks
Coaxial cable connector interface
Mechanical switch
Shared via decoupling for area arrays components
Method of aggregate statistic computation
Interference-reducing method of forward link scheduling for wireless networks
Cell switching and packet combining in a wireless communication system
Distributed hashing mechanism for self-organizing networks
Method and apparatus for improved multicast streaming in wireless networks
Dynamic power allocation for unicast-multicast superposition in wireless broadcasting
Method for selecting a processing device
Methods of treatment of a tauopathy condition comprising the use of thioninium compounds
Pyrimidine compounds
Method for producing a footlet
Composite electrode and method for fabricating same
Input mechanism for front panel of portable computing device
Day of the month display mechanism for watch movement
Apparatus for cutting ductile materials and a method of operating the apparatus
Apparatus and method for wireless network parameter logging and reporting within a portable device h...
Coordination of calendar searches in a network scheduler
System and method for handling data transfers
System and method for notification of digital images to be shared via a service provider
Device model agent
Methods, systems and computer program products for providing application services to a user
System and method for associating message addresses with certificates
Method and apparatus for performing antivirus tasks in a mobile wireless device
System, apparatus, and method for dynamically configuring application access point settings
Synchronization methods and systems
Colorant compounds
Interlocking fastener design prevents part movement
Methods and apparatuses for finding rectangles and application to segmentation of grid-shaped tables
Network device, device link system, and device link method
Device and method for restricting display of history
Image processor, image forming device, method for image processing and storage medium for storing im...
System and method for automated spot color editor
Electronic module and electronic device
Image processing apparatus, image processing method and computer readable medium storing image proce...
Image forming apparatus and image forming system
Dynamic ESV (sensor) positioner for multi-color configuration
Fuser assemblies, xerographic apparatuses and methods of fusing toner on media
Corona charging device cleaner
Mounting system for flat panel displays
Liquid jetting device
Sheet bundle printer and sheet bundle printing system
Liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal display device
Dihydropyridine and dihydropyridazine derivatives as inhibitors of MEK and methods of use thereof
Light emitting display providing with compensated cholesteric reflective polarizer for improved cont...
Method of manufacturing sensor with photodiode and charge transfer transistor
SET and SEGR resistant delay cell and delay line for Power-On Reset circuit applications
Tape printing apparatus, data processing method for tape printing apparatus, printing system, data p...
Line head and image forming apparatus incorporating the same
Method and system for communicating video data in a packet-switched network, related network and com...
Line head and image forming device using the same
Image forming system including finisher applying punching processing and staple processing to printe...
Line head and an image forming apparatus using such a line head
Image forming apparatus and method of cooling control thereof
Communication terminal device and communication method
Laser peening for reducing hydrogen embrittlement
Varying fluence as a function of thickness during laser shock peening
Light emitting device and method of manufacturing thereof
LED power control methods and apparatus
Dual core transformer and backlight driving unit for liquid crystal display device including the sam...
Display device
Display panel and method for manufacturing the same and electro-optical device including the display...
Testing method and method for manufacturing an electronic device
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Organic electroluminescence device having input function and electronic apparatus
White LED and manufacturing method therefor
Semiconductor constructions
LED devices having improved containment for liquid encapsulant
Method for the production of water-free rare earth metal halogenides, synthesis mixtures containing ...
Composition containing siloxane compound and phenol compound
Mammalian telomerase
Facilitating electronic exchange of proprietary information
Method of allocating a service by a first peer to a second peer in a communication network
Processing an RF transaction using a routing number
Gaming device with multiple orbit award indicator
System, method, and business method for setting micropayment transaction to a pre-paid instrument
Species of fungi and their use in pest and disease control
Service offering system, management server, server provider, terminal device, storage medium issuing...
System and method for processing a prioritizing protocol
Method and apparatus for improving file system proxy performance and security by distributing inform...
Network attached device with dedicated firewall security
Method, system and program product for verifying access to a data object
Context-based community-driven suggestions for media annotation
Network appliance for data collection and processing from multiple locations and data schema therefo...
Digital asset data type definitions
Method, system, and computer-readable medium for merging data from multiple data sources for use in ...
Data containerization for reducing unused space in a file system
Method and system for finding conjunctive clusters
Scalable user clustering based on set similarity
Data storage apparatus, data storage method and image processing apparatus for secure data deletion
Hydraulic composition
Inkjet ink comprising metal-cyanine dye with improved water-solubility
colostomy alert device and method
Leak and spill containment scale
Water turbine system and method of operation
System for supporting security administration and method of doing the same
Beverage brewer
Organic electroluminescence device and organic light emitting medium
Anthracene derivative, and light-emitting element, light-emitting device, and electronic appliance u...
Anthracene derivative compound and organic light-emitting device including the same
Triazine-based compound, method of making the same, and an organic light-emitting device including t...
Display device
Plasma display panel
Light-emitting element, light-emitting device, and electronic device
Self-light-emitting device and method of manufacturing the same
Display device and electric equipment using the same
Search engine
ROF link apparatus capable of stable TDD wireless service
Method and apparatus for fast pulse harmonic fiber laser
Optoelectronic wiring board, optical communication device, and method of manufacturing the optical c...
Fiber optic connector holders
Thermal management in imaging reader
Method and device for generating ultra-high pressure
Device and method for fabricating double-sided SOI wafer scale package with optical through via conn...
Electrode structures for LEDs with increased active area
Organic light emitting apparatus
Non contact method and apparatus for measurement of sheet resistance of P-N junctions
Non contact method and apparatus for measurement of sheet resistance of P-N junctions
Fourier filters, systems for fabricating fourier filters, and systems and methods for inspecting a s...
Fiber amplifier with integrated fiber laser pump
Optical safety element and system for visualising hidden information
Lamp stand
Continuous wavelength tunable laser source with optimum positioning of pivot axis for grating
Architecture, client specification and application programming interface (API) for supporting advanc...
Method of processing the output signal of a measuring transducer, and force-measuring device
Method for managing risk in markets related to commodities delivered over a network
Extensible portlet templates
Traffic manager for distributed computing environments
Hermetically sealed pressure switch with composite actuation mechanism
EL lighted garment with tear away feature
Wheel bearing apparatus incorporated with a wheel speed detecting apparatus and method of its assemb...
Bicycle hub
Medical bag with a support member and grasping holes
Sensor-incorporated bearing assembly for wheels
Real time adaptive active fluid flow cooling
Method for providing a lubricating layer to a bearing
Double clutch transmission
Roller cone bit bearing with elastomeric seal having self break-in property and method
Linear motion guide apparatus having changeable wiper
Accommodation belt for rolling element, and linear guide apparatus
Fluid dynamic bearing motor, and recording-medium driving apparatus
Auxiliary rotary bearing system
Bearing apparatus having electrorheological fluid lubricant
Rolling bearing and motor device using the same
Supporting disk for providing bearing support to a rotor of an open-ended spinning machine, and meth...
Thrust cylindrical roller bearing
Linkage assembly
Compressor with continuously inclined surface
Retained needle thrust washer
Hydrodynamic bearing device, and spindle motor and information device using the same
Wheel speed detecting apparatus and a wheel bearing apparatus incorporated with a wheel speed detect...
Hardware-based authentication of a software program
Extending markup of a browser using a plug-in framework
Techniques for authenticated posture reporting and associated enforcement of network access
Detecting polymorphic threats
Methods and systems for multifactor authentication
Web page error reporting
Cross-linking composition and method of use
Process for stabilized zirconium triethanolamine complex and uses in oil field applications
Curable inkjet ink
Anionic functional promoter and charge control agent with improved wet to dry tensile strength ratio
Composition for reducing the transmission of infrared radiation
Electrically conductive composition for via-holes
Atomic layer deposition of tantalum-containing films using surface-activating agents and novel tanta...
Highly productive coating composition for automotive refinishing
Oxidation-stabilized CMP compositions and methods
Biological polymeric compositions and methods related thereto
Pharmaceutical compositions comprising trimegestone
Full dull polyamide 6 yarn, and a process of preparing for the same
Polymers for paper and paperboard coatings
Yttria-stabilized zirconia coating with a molten silicate resistant outer layer
Composite substrate and method of fabricating the same
Substrate, in particular glass substrate, supporting at least one stack of a photocatalytic layer an...
Methods of applying ozone-depleting catalysts to air stream components
Implantable tube for injection particularly of heat transfer fluid into all or part of a human or an...
Chemical mechanical polishing compositions for copper and associated materials and method of using s...
Glass frits
Absorbent article with lotion-containing topsheet
Package with surface indicia
Backsheet of a diaper with visual indicia
Dryer bar
Process for producing folded and compressed tampons
Apparatus and method for the concurrent converting of multiple web materials
Rotary method for forming a vaginal applicator
Absorbent article comprising an absorbent element comprising a liquid absorbent thermoplastic compos...
Simple disposable absorbent article
Process for printing actives onto articles
Ionic liquids derived from functionalized anionic surfactants
Process for making an ionic liquid comprising ion actives
Oligodendrocyte determination genes and uses thereof
Bicyclic compounds as modulators of androgen receptor function and method
Methods and compositions for modulating and detecting wisp activity
Zein-based peptide tags for the expression and purification of bioactive peptides
Dry powder inhalation system for transpulmonary administration
Pharmaceutical composition comprising an immunoglobulin Fc region as a carrier
Methods for altering cell fate
Protein complex using an immunoglobulin fragment and method for the preparation thereof
Gas curtain assemby for muffled continuous furnaces
Combination golf ball mark repair tool and ball mark
Mounting condition determination method
Multiple clock domain microprocessor
Determining actual power consumption for system power performance states
Method and system for automatic resolution and dispatching subscription service
Scan test circuitry using a state machine and a limited number of dedicated pins
Activity management system and method, active management apparatus, client terminal, and computer pr...
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, recording medium, and program
Verification of highly optimized synchronous pipelines via random simulation driven by critical reso...
Optimizing integrated circuit design through balanced combinational slack plus sequential slack
Model curation for integrated circuit designs
Parallelism performance analysis based on execution trace information
System and method for performing diagnostics for a customer IRD in a satellite television system
Use of a botulinum neurotoxin to alleviate various disorders
Gastric retained gabapentin dosage form
Quinoline and quinazoline derivatives having affinity for 5HT1-type receptors
Naphthalene derivatives
Methods for gauging the effect of a depression treatment by determining the levels of beta-arrestin ...
Multiparticulate compositions with improved stability
Pyrimidines, such as uridine, in treatments for patients with bipolar disorder
Therapeutic agents useful for treating pain
Uses of 2-(1H-indolylsulfanyl)-benzyl amine derivatives as SSRIS
Uses of 2-(1H-indolylsulfanyl)-benzyl amine derivatives as SSRIS
Method of electro-catalytic reaction to produce mono alkyl esters for renewable biodiesel
Compositions comprising a UV-absorbing chromophore
Production of CPD glycosylases
Skin lightening agents, compositions and methods
Method for making precipitated silica compositions and products thereof
Process for producing glycolic acid from formaldehyde and hydrogen cyanide
Red herbal dentifrice
Fiber size, sized reinforcements, and articles reinforced with sized reinforcements
Method of treating skin conditions
Bioartificial primarily vascularized tissue matrix, and bioartificial primarily vascularized tissue,...
Cell culture method and apparatus for mechanically stimulating cells
Compositions, devices and methods for treatment of huntington's disease through intracranial deliver...
Method, system, and apparatus for virtual modeling of biological tissue with adaptive emergent funct...
Methods and conduits for flowing blood from a heart chamber to a blood vessel
Method for enhancing effects of colorants and conditioners
Porous structures, and methods of use
Cyanopyridine antibacterial agents
Methods for producing synthesis gas
Catalyst incorporation in a microreactor
Method for simultaneously producing hydrogen and carbon monoxide
Process for humidifying synthesis gas
Methanol steam reforming catalysts, steam reformers, and fuel cell systems incorporating the same
Carbon blacks and polymers containing the same
Method and apparatus for planning and monitoring multiple tasks based on user defined criteria and p...
Wide area seabed analysis
Flow control packer (FCP) and aquifer storage and recovery (ASR) system
Treated carbon black intermediate transfer components
Smoke and fire inhibitors for PVC
Toluate ester for use as reactive and non-reactive diluent in polymer applications
Methods and systems of network management
Methacrylic resin composition, methacrylic resin film, and vinyl chloride molded article with the fi...
Napkin holder
Semiconductor wafer inspection tool and semiconductor wafer inspection method
Intrusion detection system for underground/above ground applications using radio frequency identific...
Composition comprising polyvinyl chloride and ethylene copolymer
Non-crosslinked flame-retardant resin composition, and an insulated wire and a wire harness using th...
Pigment-based non-aqueous ink-jet inks free of hazardous air polluting solvents
Liquid crystal display and method of manufacturing the same
Iontophoresis apparatus
Dialytic power generator using diffusion gradients
Release of BMP, bioactive agents and/or cells via a pump into a carrier matrix
Manufacture of display devices with ultrathin lens arrays for viewing interlaced images
Medical irrigation basin and procedural tray
Laminate film for electrophotography, information recording medium using the same, and method for pr...
Automatic reset target plate rack
Target marker having quantum cascade laser for thermally marking a target
Revolving door control system
Latch for suppressor
Magnetic damping field armor system and method
Seven inch round LED headlamp
Lamp unit of vehicle headlamp
Bi-functional lighting mechanism based on rotary actuator
Incense timer
Vehicle headlight
Method for forming a structure on a substrate and device
Vehicle lamp
Light emitting device having a straight-line shape
Vehicle headlamp system and vehicle headlamp for use therein
Light-emitting device
Lighting and/or signalling device for a motor vehicle comprising an outer wall provided with a heat ...
Backlight unit and liquid crystal display device
Back light unit
Light emitting panel assemblies
Indirect lighting device for light guide illumination
Area light source and lightguide used therefore
Optical sheet and backlight assembly having the same
Surface illuminator and liquid crystal display having the same
Illuminated optical apparatus
Optical semiconductor module
Modular all-optical cross-connect
All-fiber laser coupler with high stability
Photonic crystal having heterostructure and optical device using the photonic crystal
Optical component and backlight unit using the optical component
Optical waveguide film and photoelectric film
Energy coupled superlattice structures for silicon based lasers and modulators
Optical connection adaptors for a data communications device and methods of use
Compact optical splitter module
Optical polishing fixture
Fiber optic cable control clips and enclosure assemblies and methods incorporating the same
Attaching optical fibers to actuator tubes with beads acting as spacers and adhesives
Light emitting device package and method of manufacturing the same
Methods and systems for holographic data recovery
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
Mean preserving interpolation calculation circuit, pixel interpolation circuit, mean preserving inte...
Method and apparatus for adjusting the resolution of a digital image
Video processing system and method with dynamic tag architecture
Method and apparatus for RFID mapping to a digital camera and digital picture delivery system
Information storage medium storing graphic data and apparatus and method of processing the graphic d...
Recording and communication of handwritten information
Portable terminal device with built-in fingerprint sensor
Image processing method
Information processing device and method, program, and information processing system
Method of recognizing and tracking a spatial point
Subtitle generation and retrieval combining document with speech recognition
Media handling system
Biomedical signal instrumentation amplifier
Form parameter forecaster for analyzing signals distorted by noise
Prioritized multicomplexor sensing circuit
Features for routing conductors in medical electrical lead electrode assemblies
Method and system for secure processing of authentication key material in an ad hoc wireless network
User-specified outputs in mobile wireless communication devices and methods therefor
Method and system for providing credit for participation in an ad hoc network
Reduced complexity recursive least square lattice structure adaptive filter by means of limited recu...
Method and apparatus for authentication of mobile devices
Methods and apparatus for managing secured software for a wireless device
Method and apparatus for indicating uncorrectable errors to a target
Method and tester for verifying the electrical connection integrity of a component to a substrate
Grounding connector for an electronic device
Interference suppression for partial usage of subchannels uplink
System and method for setting phase reference points in continuous phase modulation systems by provi...
Compact, low-loss optical wavelength multiplexer/demultiplexer
Method and apparatus for uplink power control in a frequency division multiple access communication ...
Hinge mechanism for a portable electronic device
Nonlinear measurement system error correction
Standardized interfaces for proprietary instruments
Communication headset
Carotenoid ester analogs or derivatives for the inhibition and amelioration of liver disease
Serpentine transmembrane antigens expressed in human cancers and uses thereof
System and method for genetically treating cardiac conduction disturbances
Catheter positioning system
Method for capturing charged molecules traveling in a flow stream
Continuous preparation of ethylene homopolymers or copolymers
Zwitterionic block copolymers and methods
Amido-organoborate initiator systems
Polymers functionalized with nitro compounds
Arylsulfinate salts in photoinitiator systems for polymerization reactions
Polymerization catalysts for producing high molecular weight polymers with low levels of long chain ...
Wound care products containing keratin
Method for manufacturing an electro-optic device and electro-optic device, and article therefor
Composition for simultaneously bleaching and dyeing keratin fibers, comprising at least one dye chos...
Method of making an alkoxylated polyethylenimine product
Cosmetic dye composition with a lightening effect for human keratin materials, comprising at least o...
Process for the preparation of polyorganosilylated carboxylate monomers or polymers thereof
Fabric treatment compositions comprising oppositely charged polymers
Thermoplastic vulcanizates and process to prepare them
FACS solving in motion capture
Method and apparatus for real-time measurement and calculation of a fluorescent lifetime
Flexible image guided surgery marker
System and method to enhance visualization of an object in a vascular vessel
Method for pre-interventional planning of a 2D fluoroscopy projection
Atherectomy system with imaging guidewire
Acoustic monitoring system
Ultrasonic diagnosis apparatus
Trajectory guide
Method and apparatus for pseudo-projection formation for optical tomography
Methods and apparatus for image reconstruction
Method and system for progressive multi-resolution three-dimensional image reconstruction using regi...
Combined apparatus for imaging the inner part of a body, and method thereof
Double-ended fishing leader with free-sliding hook(s)
Animal feeder device
Portable animal restraint and feeding station
Chew toy with fabric or fabric layering
Edible emulsions
Composition and method for imaging cells
Controller for regulating airflow in rodent containment system
Fish lure break away system
Fishing rigging
Bird feeder with removable feeding tray
Dispenser-tube deer feeder
Heated poultry fountain
Pet vehicle safety restraint device
Tool for picking and carrying dog dung
Anti-RSV G protein antibodies
Automotive vehicle seat insert
Photomask blank, photomask, and method of manufacture
Photosensitive resin composition, photosensitive element employing it, resist pattern forming method...
Process for producing inorganic oxide organosol
Silicone lens and silicone resin composition for molding lens
Polyolefin composition with high filler loading capacity
Resin composition and flexible printed circuit board
Heat conductive silicone composition
Monovinylarene conjugated diene block copolymer compositions for shrinkable films
Process for preparing phenolic polymer by using phenothiazines mediator
Charge-transporting compound, charge-transporting material, charge-transporting varnish, charge-tran...
Production of acetic acid and mixtures of acetic acid and acetic anhydride
Light emitting device, lighting system, backlight unit for display device, and display device
System and method for managing electronic transmission of color data
Tethered vectors for cell surface immunoglobulin display
Voice, data and RF integrated circuit with on-chip transmit/receive switch and methods for use there...
Wireless address and street name locator
System and method for pallet identification based on threshold of case-level tags
Method of tracking the real time location of shoppers, associates, managers and vendors through a co...
Automated management of airport revenues
Restricting access to compromised account information
Display device with an addressable movable electrode
Polymorphic form of atorvastatin calcium
Method and apparatus for detecting and treating vulnerable plaques
System with left/right pulmonary artery electrodes
System and method for monitoring patient care
System and method for pre-admission testing
Vein filter cartridge
Cartridge for vascular device
Substituted thiophene carboxamides, process for their preparation and their use as medicaments
Fixation devices, systems and methods for engaging tissue
Mitotic kinesin inhibitors
Method for treating occlusive vascular diseases & wound healing
Nucleic acid and corresponding protein entitled 193P1E1B useful in treatment and detection of cancer
Display device having counter-twisting liquid crystal areas and method of operating and manufacturin...
Wavelength converting devices
Functional device fabrication apparatus and functional device fabricated with the same
Integrated circuit and method of operating an integrated circuit
Probe storage with doped diamond-like carbon medium and current limiter
Information recording medium
Calibration of optical patternator spray parameter measurements
Method of biasing and operating electro-optic polymer optical modulators
Copper interconnect structure having stuffed diffusion barrier
Method to increase the compressive stress of PECVD silicon nitride films
High selectivity etching process for metal gate N/P patterning
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Thin film transistor substrate and display apparatus having the same
MOS transistor and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor device fabrication method and semiconductor device fabricated thereby
MOS devices with continuous contact etch stop layer
Thin films transistor array substrate and fabricating method thereof
Cross point memory cell with distributed diodes and method of making same
Self-aligned strap for embedded trench memory on hybrid orientation substrate
Thin film microshells incorporating a getter layer
Method of manufacturing a plurality of semiconductor devices and carrier substrate
Integrated stacked capacitor and method of fabricating same
Formation of fully silicided gate with oxide barrier on the source/drain silicide regions
Method of reducing critical dimension bias during fabrication of a semiconductor device
Silicon germanium surface layer for high-k dielectric integration
Active semiconductor devices
Process for the production of plasma displays with distributed getter material and displays thus obt...
Integrated circuit, method for manufacturing an integrated circuit, memory cell array, memory module...
SRAM core cell for light-emitting display
Organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs) including a barrier layer and method of manufacture
Emission driver for organic light emitting display device
Electroluminescent device including an anthracene derivative
Electro-optical device, wiring substrate, and electronic apparatus
Organic electroluminescent device and its method of manufacture
Image display apparatus
Organic light-emitting diode with relief patterns
Shift register circuit and drive control apparatus
Organic electroluminescent device
Light emitting device containing phosphorescent complex
Light emitting material and organic light-emitting device
Light emitting device having dopants in a light emitting layer
Display apparatus
Organic electroluminescent display device having a planarizing layer and manufacturing method thereo...
Defining electrode regions of electroluminescent panel
Carbon nanotube assembly and manufacturing method thereof
Catalytic membranes for CO oxidation in fuel cells
Storage materials for hydrogen and other small molecules
Solid borozirconate and borotitanate cross-linkers
Highly porous and mechanically strong ceramic oxide aerogels
Preparation of syngas for acetic acid synthesis by partial oxidation of methanol feedstock
Electrically-heated metal vaporizer for fuel/air preparation in a hydrocarbon reformer assembly
Composition comprising a phosphate binder and its preparation
Method of producing single crystal
Insulating target material, method of manufacturing insulating target material, insulating complex o...
Titanium oxide with a rutile structure
Steam reforming
Method for manufacturing polycrystalline silicon, and polycrystalline silicon for solar cells manufa...
Sheet for treating gaseous ingredient and electroluminescent element employing the same
Process for reducing bromine index of hydrocarbon feedstocks
Biologically active complex
Primers for amplifying hsp 65 gene of mycobacterial species, hsp 65 gene fragments and method of ide...
Chemokine receptor antagonist and medical use thereof
ALK protein tyrosine kinase, cells and methods embodying and using same
Dipeptidyl peptidase inhibitors
Heteroaryl-substituted diazatricycloalkanes and methods of use thereof
CCR1 antagonists and methods of use therefor
Fused cyclic compounds
Stimulation design for neuromodulation
Method for identifying motifs and/or combinations of motifs having a boolean state of predetermined ...
Catheter insertion device with automatic safety barrier
Use of TRAIL polypeptides to induce apoptosis
Anti-CD71 monoclonal antibodies and uses thereof for treating malignant tumor cells
Methods of inhibiting human immunodeficiency virus infection through the administration of synergist...
Cloning, sequencing and expression of a gene encoding an eukaryotic amino acid racemase, and diagnos...
Tumor suppressor designated TS10Q23.3
Benzonaphthacene glycoside derivative and use thereof
Altered recombinases for genome modification
Method and Arrangement for Improved Channel Switching
Histone deacetylase inhibitors
Lighting system for a vehicle, with high-intensity power LED
Application material extruding container and forming method of application material extruding contai...
Silicone-modified water-absorbing polymer particles and method for producing the same
Isocyclomaltooligosaccharide (S) , isocyclomaltooligosaccharide-forming enzyme, their preparation an...
Pharmaceutical composition comprising low concentrations of environmental pollutants
Rod-like body feeding container with compound screw mechanism
Products for preventing penetration into the skin
Non-aqueous electrolyte battery pack comprising a liquid-absorbent composition
Lithium ion secondary battery
Case for high-power rechargeable lithium battery
Solid polymer electrolyte for lithium ion battery and lithium ion battery
Can type lithium secondary battery
Anode active material, method of manufacturing the same, and lithium battery using the same
Lithium hydride negative electrode for rechargeable lithium batteries
Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery
Battery, method of manufacturing the same, method of manufacturing weldment, and pedestal
Nonaqueous electrolyte solution and lithium secondary battery using same
Process for recovery of copper from copper-bearing material using pressure leaching, direct electrow...
Process for recovery of copper from copper-bearing material using pressure leaching, direct electrow...
Solid electrolyte and all solid state battery using the same
Method and apparatus for improved gas detection
Composition control for photovoltaic thin film manufacturing
Polymers of thieno[3,4-b]furan, method of making, and use thereof
Air battery and manufacturing method
Sealed rectangular battery
Type of non-aqueous electrolyte
Non-aqueous electrolytic solution secondary battery
Separators for winding-type lithium secondary batteries having gel-type polymer electrolytes and man...
Electrolyte for rechargeable lithium battery and rechargeable lithium battery
Propylene copolymer, polypropylene composition and uses thereof, transition metal compound and olefi...
Lithium metal oxide electrodes for lithium batteries
Passive device structure
Removable and replaceable docking unit
Shipping cradle for trays of seedlings and the like
System for the determination of vessel geometry and flow characteristics
Method and apparatus for identifying potentially misclassified arrhythmic episodes
Tachyarrhythmia therapy device with ranked therapy selection
Signal acquisition and processing method and apparatus for magnetic resonance imaging
Holster for charging pectorally implanted medical devices
Cardiac pacing using sensed coronary vein blood temperature and left ventricular flow rate
Medical electrical lead employing load bearing sleeve
Access device
Document control
Stacking connector
Lift axle control module
Apparatus and method for wireless local area networks of different countries
Packaged product applicator or personal care applicator
Cosmetic treatment for body-modelling with sun protection and modelling kit
Hair cosmetic compositions
O/W emulsifier, O/W emulsion and applications thereof
4-aminopyrimidines and their use for the antimicrobial treatment of surfaces
Liquid-absorbing base
Massaging bar soap
Pyrido[2,3-B] pyrazin-3(4H)-ones for use as stearoyl CoA desaturase inhibitors
3-aryl-6-aryl-[ 1,2,4]triazolo[3,4-b][1,3,4]thiadiazoles and related compounds as activators of casp...
Benzimidazole acetic acids exhibiting CRTH2 receptor antagonism and uses thereof
Methods of treating respiratory disorders
Nasal respiratory devices
Cosmetic and personal care compositions
Mild acyl isethionate toilet bar composition
Enhanced oil delivery from structured surfactant formulations
Trimethylcyclododecatriene derivatives, use thereof and perfumed products containing the same
Indole inhibitors of MDM2 and the uses thereof
Use of IRS-polypeptides for identifying of pharmaceutically active compounds
Substituted pyrazines as kinase inhibitors
Electrical-discharge machining apparatus and method and apparatus for dielectric-fluid quality contr...
Thread tap adapter
Separate learning system and method using two-layered neural network having target values for hidden...
Extended travel window balance
Open-top fluid-holding device
Handle for medical instrument
Handle for medical instrument
Handle for medical instrument
End effector tip with undercut bottom jaw
End effector chamfered tip
End effector tip with undercut top jaw
End effector pointed tip
Lancet device
Hinged medical instrument
X-ray production apparatus for inspection tour
Temporalmandibular joint brace
Ergonomic thumb massage device
Radiation shielding container lid
Stand for air samplers
Absorbent article
Direct acting capacitive transducer
Method of fabricating or repairing a blisk
Sealed component for an MRI scanner having an actuator for active noise control
MRI system RF coil assembly with a birdcage transmit only coil and a pseudo-chain-link receive only ...
Transportable magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) system
Probe, system and method suitable for unilateral nuclear magnetic resonance
Magnetic field coil and magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
Method and apparatus for high-gain magnetic resonance imaging
High field magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and method for obtaining high signal-to-noise by its...
Method and device for applying a pressure roller to a goods guiding roller
Extreme ultra violet light source apparatus
Method of aligning a printing plate against a stop
Method for manufacturing a printing form and printing form with thermally insulating layer
Back-edge braking system
Method and apparatus for turning a sheet during its transport through a printing press
Printing unit pertaining to a multi-color roller rotary press, and method for operating the same
Nucleic acids encoding truncated soluble tumor necrosis factor
Thermally insulated apparatus for liquid chromatographic analysis
Antibodies directed to the deletion mutants of epidermal growth factor receptor and uses thereof
Adaptive multi-beamforming systems and methods for communication systems
Flame retardant composition for cable covering material and ocean cable using the same
Particle monitors and method(s) therefor
Optical element, projection lens and associated projection exposure apparatus
Self-regulating feedstock delivery systems and hydrogen-generating fuel processing assemblies and fu...
Thermal waste recycling method and system
Battery having electrolye with high molecular weight compound
Rechargeable lithium ion battery
Rubber treatment method
Controlled structure copolymer comprising an amphoteric or zwitterionic part
Systems, methods, and catalysts for producing a crude product
High performance elastomeric compound
Relieving urban traffic congestion
Bike trainer
System and method for an expandable pushrod mold seal
Semiconductor device, and method for manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method of the same
Furo[3, 2-b] pyrrol derivatives
Viral inhibitors
Parking support device
Content reaction display
Folding bicycle
Bicycle crank arm
Rear derailleur
Method of and apparatus for lossless video encoding and decoding
Integrated control system for stability control of yaw, roll and lateral motion of a driving vehicle...
Methods and apparatus for geo-collaboration
TCP timestamp synchronization for network connections that are offloaded to network interface device...
Operating System Providing Multi-Touch Support For Applications In A Mobile Device
Techniques for Scalable Dynamic Data Encoding and Decoding
Ocular centration of visual axis and evaluation of retinal function
Staining composition for staining an ophthalmic membrane
Method and apparatus for performing optical imaging using frequency-domain interferometry
Intraocular implants
Charge transport layers and organic electron devices comprising same
MEMS cavity-coating layers and methods
Composite polymer electrolyte composition
Polarization linkage of high dielectric constant pivoted planar solar concentrator mirrors
Formation of solar cells with conductive barrier layers and foil substrates
Organic compositions for depositing onto fluorinated surfaces
Series interconnected optoelectronic device module assembly
Electrode paste for solar cell and solar cell electrode using the paste
Substrate structures for integrated series connected photovoltaic arrays and process of manufacture ...
Methods for forming an undercut region and electronic devices incorporating the same
Mesh network personal emergency response appliance
Solar cell device
Solar cell having doped semiconductor heterojunction contacts
System and method for creating a networked infrastructure distribution platform of fixed hybrid sola...