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Run-flat tire
Golf club and method of making golf club
Golf club head
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
Pneumatic tire having built-in colored sealant layer and preparation thereof
Tire preparation ply manufacturing apparatus and method
Modified silane compounds
Synthesis of functionalized high vinyl rubber
Tire tread
Tire tread
Modified silane compounds
Modified silane compounds
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
Seawater suction hose and method
Synthesis of 1,4-polybutadiene
Low power dissipation tracking architecture for GPS navigation systems
Method and apparatus for transmitting position data using control channels in wireless networks
Housing for a GPS vehicle location device
GPS rover station for synthesizing synthetic reference phases for controlling accuracy of high integ...
Systems and methods for navigating based on GPS and terrestrial location information
Mobile communications device with GPS receiver and common clock source
Anterior cervical plate system
Adipose tissue-derived adult stem or stromal cells for the repair of articular cartilage fractures a...
Multiple facet joint replacement
Thioester-terminated water soluble polymers and method of modifying the N-terminus of a polypeptide ...
Resorbable posterior spinal fusion system
Supplemented and unsupplemented tissue sealants, methods of their production and use
Protein purification
Protein mixtures for wound healing
Pharmaceutical composition
Hemostatic compositions and methods
Method of detecting growth differentiation factor-7 (GDF-7) using GDF-7 antibodies
Segmentable skeletal plating system
Resorbable interbody spinal fusion devices
Treatment of bone diseases
Solutions and aerosols of metal-containing compounds
Chimeric promoters
Methods, compositions and kits for biomarker extraction
Cellulose sulfate and other sulfated polysaccharides to prevent and treat papilloma virus infection ...
Equipment and method of manufacturing a holographic recording medium and precursors thereof
Photosensitive paste composition and plasma display panel manufactured using the same
Lithographic materials based on polymers containing polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxanes
Fluorinated polymers useful as photoresists, and processes for microlithography
Photoresist composition and method for forming resist pattern using the same
Positive photoresist composition and method of forming resist pattern
Ultraviolet light transparent nanoparticles for photoresists
Negative resist composition and patterning process
Photoresist composition and method of forming a pattern using the same
Photosensitive composition, compound for use in the photosensitive composition and pattern forming m...
Positive resist composition for immersion exposure and pattern-forming method using the same
Lithographic printing plate precursor, lithographic printing method and packaged body of lithographi...
Radiation-sensitive resin composition
Organic anti-reflective coating composition and method for forming photoresist patterns using the sa...
Gene causative of Rothmund-Thomson syndrome and gene product
Real time high accuracy geospatial database for onboard intelligent vehicle applications
Vehicle front-view monitoring system
Phosphodiesterase 2a and methods of use
Gene silencing
Gene families associated with cancers
Injection of caprine sperm factor (cSF), phospholipase C zeta (PLCzeta) and adenophostin A as altern...
Transgenic animals as models for neurodegenerative disease
Mouse cardiac conduction system model
Novel inducible genes from alfalfa and methods of use thereof
Transcriptional termination of transgene expression using host genomic terminators
Soybean cultivar S040125
Nucleic acids that enhance the synthesis of 2-acetyl-1-pyrroline in plants and fungi
Anthranilate synthase gene and method for increasing tryptophan production
Plant peptide with antimicrobial activity
Method for the production of polyunsaturated fatty acids
Transgenic pineapple plants with modified carotenoid levels and methods of their production
Plant producing hyaluronic acid
Compositions and methods of use of response regulators
Male sterility restoration as a selectable marker in plant transformation
Nucleotide sequences and corresponding polypeptides conferring modulated plant size and biomass and ...
Method for preparing transformed cucumis melo
Enhanced pollenizer and method for increasing seedless watermelon yield
System and method for determining freight container locations
System and methods for obtaining advantages and transacting the same in a computer gaming environmen...
Digital interactive system for providing full interactivity with live programming events
Method for using a wireless motorized camera mount for tracking in augmented reality
Golf swing training device method and apparatus
Soil aerator assembly
Golf putter having spaced weight member in a chamber
Adjustable length golf putter with self locking design
Golf ball
Apparatus for holding and carrying selected golf clubs
Curvilinear golf club-head path assisting indicator and method
Golf putter with improved moment of inertia, aim and feel
Golf putting training device
Light-based golf swing trainer
Adjustable golf putter
Divot tool
Biodegradable starch resin and method for making same
Golf shoe with sole profile
Shoe having an inner sole incorporating microspheres
Cleat for golf shoes
Spike for golf shoes
System for human physical evaluation and accomplish improved physical performance
Malt extract or spent grain liquor based fertilizer
Reversible cleat system
Combination golf bag travel cover and suitcase
Exercise device
52906 Potassium channel nucleic acids and uses therefor
Method for producing optically active amines
Human pancreatic epithelial progenitor cells and methods of isolation and use thereof
Methods of inducing ovulation
Method of regulating glucose metabolism, and reagents related thereto
1,3-bis-(substituted-phenyl)-2-propen-1-ones and their use to treat VCAM-1 mediated disorders
Robust, inducible cardiac preferred expression system for transgenesis
Segment electrophoretic displays and methods for their manufacture
Structured fluid compositions for electrophoretically frustrated total internal reflection displays
Electrophoretic medium and process for the production thereof
Cell adhesion-inhibiting antiinflammatory and immune-suppressive compounds
Temperature mapping balloon
Methods for screening compounds that bind human COE-2
PRO1347 polypeptides
Anti-pro 1570 antibodies
Printed bandpass filter for a double conversion tuner
Apparatus and method to generate an adaptive slicer threshold for binary data
Filter coefficient setting technique for variable filtering process and variable sampling frequency ...
Adaptive threshold selection system and method for detection of a signal in the presence of interfer...
Differentiating acute myocardial infarction from other ECG abnormalities
Method and apparatus for determining alternans data of an ECG signal
Constellation design for modem receiver
Integrated frequency translation and selectivity
Method and apparatus for tracking signals in a wireless communication system
Digital filter circuit
Passive redundant digital data receiver with schmitt-trigger
Feedforward amplitude cancellation topology for multi-carrier applications
Osmotic delivery system with early zero order push power engine
Burp gas filtering and deodorizing device
Barium titanate film synthesizing process
Fan seat and method for producing it
System and method of electrically loading radio-frequency coils using conductive polymers
Multi-layered oxygen electrode with peroxide decomposition catalyst
Electron and hole modulating electrodes in organic light emitting diodes
Temperature compensation device for optical instruments
Magnetic memory having synthetic antiferromagnetic pinned layer
Method for applying a coating that acts as an electrolytic barrier and a cathodic corrosion preventi...
Semiconductor device and wiring forming method in semiconductor device
Reduced instruction set baseband controller
Communication semiconductor integrated circuit, a wireless communication apparatus, and a loop gain ...
Using a mobile device to compose an electronic message that includes audio content
Method and system for triggering handoff of a call between networks
Dialog facilitation system for generating contextual order-preserving dialog postings and posting su...
System and method of controlling access by a wireless client to a network that utilizes a challenge/...
High throughput Reed-Solomon encoder
Anti-PRO788 antibodies
Elongase genes and uses thereof
Peptide and polypeptide inhibitors of complement C1s
Methods of purifying authentic IGF from yeast hosts
Tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinase type three (TIMP-3) composition and methods
PRO 703 nucleic acids
Peptides and production and use thereof
Phytases, nucleic acids encoding them and methods for making and using them
Malaria vaccine
Modified phytases
Potassium channel interactors and uses therefor
Antibodies to human IL-13bc and methods of their use in inhibiting IL-13 binding
Canineil-4nucleic acid molecules and uses thereof
Image reconstruction method and X-ray CT system
Computed tomography system for imaging of human and small animal
Computed tomography dose indexing phantom selection for dose reporting
Tomosynthesis imaging method and apparatus for suppressing unnecessary irradiation
Portable imaging system method and apparatus
Power source for regulated operation of the deflection coil of an x-ray tube
X-ray distribution adjusting filter apparatus and X-ray CT apparatus using the same
Protected optical fiber cable and hydrogen gettering agent
Seismic event correlation and V.sub.p-V.sub.s estimation
Computer user interface using a physical manipulatory grammar
Fail-safe, resistive-film, immersion heater
Radiation image storage panel
Radiation image storage panel
Multilayered anisotropic conductive adhesive for fine pitch
Airbag deployment monitor and sensing electronics
Re-locatable partial discharge transducer head
Motion detection apparatus employing millimeter wave detector
Electronic fence system and controlling method thereof
Apparatus and method for testing electrode structure for thin display device using FET function
Memory module with hierarchical functionality
Phase shifting applications of universal frequency translation
Toner replenishment device for use in electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Method and apparatus for examining a substance, particularly tissue, to characterize its type
Implantable medical device employing sonomicrometer output signals for detection and measurement of ...
Wake wash severity monitor for high speed vessels
Head-worn, trimodal device to increase transcription accuracy in a voice recognition system and to p...
Method and apparatus for bar code data interchange
System and method for collection, distribution, and use of information in connection with commercial...
System and method for performing soft handoff in a wireless data network
Document data structure and method for integrating broadcast television with web pages
Portable electronic authorization system and method
Localized access
Content aggregation method and apparatus for an on-line product catalog
Methods and systems for context-aware policy determination and enforcement
System and method for providing integrated voice, video and data to customer premises over a single ...
Dense mode IP multicast call scoping in a wireless communication system
Context aware computing devices having a common interface and related methods
Context-aware and location-aware cellular phones and methods
Extracorporeal blood processing information management system
System, method and computer program product for error checking in a supply chain management framewor...
Objects and methods for accessing a data source and enhancing an application
Incremental plotting of network topologies and other graphs through use of markup language
System and method for pushing information to a mobile device
Methods and apparatus for audio data monitoring and evaluation using speech recognition
Copyright protection of digital images transmitted over networks
Browser for use in accessing hypertext documents in a multi-user computer environment
Method for adding a plurality of user selectable functions to a hyperlink
Digital online exchange
Digital media resource messaging
Guided mode resonant filter biosensor using a linear grating surface structure
Inhibitors to tubulin polymerization
Antibodies having specificity for 2'-C-allyl nucleic acids
System and method for resolving network addresses for network devices on distributed network subnets
Multi-mode interference optical waveguide device
System and method for accessing customized information over the internet using a browser for a plura...
System and method for providing distributed and dynamic network services for remote access server us...
Packaging for beverage containers
Drive configuration for a skid steered vehicle
Biosensor electrophoresis
Detection of West Nile Virus
Substantially cell membrane impermeable compound and use thereof
Method of fabrication of an infrared radiation detector and infrared detector device
Method and system for testing XDSL wiring
Light tunnel retention and adjustment apparatus
Methods for selective integration of airgaps and devices made by such methods
Preparation of phosphatase inhibitors
Method and system for mobile IP home agent redundancy by using home agent control nodes for managing...
Method and workstation for generating virtual tooth models from three-dimensional tooth data
Method of forming a low voltage drive ferroelectric capacitor
Glass composite including dispersed rare earth iron garnet nanoparticles
Oxynitride compounds, methods of preparation, and uses thereof
Gas-phase purification of biomolecules by ion mobility for patterning microarrays and protein crysta...
Composition based on nanoparticles or a nanolatex of polymers for fabric care
Rubber composition containing resinous nanopractice
Aqueous composition containing polymeric nanoparticles
Thermotherapy via targeted delivery of nanoscale magnetic particles
Methods of manufacturing particles
Durable optical element
Treatment method, which promotes the removal of dirt, for the surfaces of textiles and non-textiles
High-throughput, dual probe biological assays based on single molecule detection
Method of treating hematologic tumors and cancers
Recombinant A2-specific TNF.alpha. specific antibodies
Small molecular weight TNF receptor multimeric molecule
Triazolone and triazolethione derivatives as inhibitors of matrix metalloproteinases and/or TNF-.alp...
Human endokine alpha
Video conferencing interface
Software based single agent multipoint conference capability
Conference table base
Communication system, user equipment and method of performing a conference call thereof
Personal conferencing node
Control of video conferencing using activity detection
Tandem OLEDs having low drive voltage
Organic light emitting display and display unit thereof
Control of electroluminescent displays
Molecular electric wire, molecular electric wire circuit using the same and process for producing th...
Organic light emitting devices having carrier transporting layers comprising metal complexes
Phosphorescence compound and electro field light emitting device having the same
Metal coordination compound and electroluminescence device
Organic compounds having a core-shell structure
Electroluminescent iridium compounds with fluorinated phenylpyridines, phenylpyrimidines, and phenyl...
Sealing of electronic device using absorbing layer for glue line
Compensating for aging in OLED devices
Organic light-emitting diode (OLED) pre-charge circuit for use in a common anode large-screen displa...
Organic light emitting diodes display
Current supply circuit and display apparatus including the same
Liquid crystal display device
Illumination apparatus and projector display apparatus
Light emitter for a display
Organic semiconductor element having high insulation strength and fabrication method thereof
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Light emitting panel and light emitting apparatus having the same
Light-emitting device having a plurality of emission layers
Superparamagnetic field sensing devices
NMR gyroscope
Apparatus for use in nmr system
System and method for diagnosing manufacturing defects in a hearing instrument
Compensation of magnetic field disturbances due to vibrations in an mri system
NMR MAS Probe with Cryogenically Cooled Critical Circuit Components
Precision gradient amplifier with multiple output voltage levels
Phased array MRI coil with controllable coupled ring resonator
NMR RF coils with improved low-frequency efficiency
High field head coil for dual-mode operation in magnetic resonance imaging
High-field mode-stable resonator for magnetic resonance imaging
Microstrip coil design for MRI apparatus
Nmr apparatus for concurrent analysis of multiple samples using a receiver coil array
Magnetic resonance imaging receive circuit
Spectroscopic imaging method, device comprising elements for carrying out said method and use of sai...
Moving table mri with subsampling
Shimming of mri scanner involving fat suppression and/or black blood preparation
Probe coil for detecting nqr-responsive materials in large volumes
Method of monitoring a magnetic field drift of a magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
Method for detection and imaging of synchronous spin and charged particle motion
Method and system for enabling adaptive measurement of spin-lattice and spin-spin relaxation times
Coil element selection method and magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
Method for filtering spurious resonances from an NMR dataset
Multidimensional liquid chromatography/spectrometry
Method for planning and performing a magnetic resonance examination, magnetic resonance appliance an...
Method and apparatus for accelerated spiral-coded imaging in magnetic resonance tomography
Magnetic resonance method and device
NMR measurement method and apparatus for same
Real time total asset visibility system
Methods, systems and computer program products for ride matching based on current location informati...
Point of interest spatial rating search method and system
System for producing high-resolution, real-time synthetic meteorological conditions for a specified ...
System and method for providing error analysis and correlation in a network element
Method and system for enhancing portrait images
Fiber-optic cable attenuator device
Machine optimization methodology
Performing authentication
Sound processor for a cochlear implant
Implantable intravascular device for defibrillation and/or pacing
Enhanced oil recovery methods
Microtunneling systems and methods of use
Apparatus and method
Reinforcement unit for a reinforcing a footing element when laying pile foundations with a pile, and...
Corner building block, system and method
Pole clamp for partition mount
Under-dispenser containment system
Lightweight catenary system
Method and apparatus for performing sewer maintenance with a thermal sensor
Rock stabilizer
Film holder for an advanced photo system
Apparatus and method for accommodative stimulation of an eye and simultaneous ipsilateral accommodat...
Sector drive assembly for camera
Production process of light amount adjustment member, light amount adjustment device and photographi...
Video augmented orientation sensor
Digital camera having multiple image taking modes
Musical player-motion sensing game system
Gaming machine with free game play
Gaming apparatus with displaying symbols on display regions where a plurality of types of symbols ar...
Method for community event wagering
Video game system
Racket for ball games
Integrated display of gauges
Putting trainer
Aerated polymeric composition
Wine aging method and system
Apparatus and method for providing treatment to a continuous supply of food product by impingement
Bakery product which is protected against spoilage and process for preventing mould spoilage of bake...
Novel process for treating fermented foods under alternating atmospheres
Method for controlling bulk density of fried snack pieces
Methods and apparatuses for cutting dough utilizing a shaped opening
Method of kneading an olive paste
Method of making bacon pieces
Flavour compositions
Food containing sweetener mixture
Instant food
Dry fractionation method for fat
Method of manufacturing soybean-derived food material and processed food
Process for producing dried powdery soybean and dried powdery soybean produced thereby
Soybean product with reduced fat and soluble sugar content
Fatty acid composition for treatment of alzheimer's disease and cognitive dysfunction
Methods of treating obesity and related disorders using tellurium selenium compounds
Pharmaceutical composition of metaxalone with enhanced oral bioavailability
Transgenic expression cassettes for expressing nucleic acids in non-reproductive floral tissues of p...
RFID tag with embedded Internet address
Gaming device
Ball game
Archery target with covering layer
System and method for providing pinball machine tournament play
Athlete training device
Portable entertainment device
Support structure for spa speakers
Gaming device
Hand forming shuffler with on demand hand delivery
Method of playing a game that promotes interactive communication and scoring between players
Soundhole insert for a stringed instrument
Instrument support with two adjustable arms
Tunable drumhead
Unique sounding drum
Drum head assembly and method of tensioning a drum head
Electronic drum pedal
Stringed instrument tuner holder
System and method for prediction of musical preferences
Keyboard guitar musical instrument apparatus
Personalized audio system and method
Adjustable bridge system for a stringed instrument
Mouthpiece, barrel and reed table
Percussion cow bell support apparatus
Carrier assembly for percussion instruments
Automatic soundtrack generator in an image record/playback device
Method of enabling MIDI functions in a portable device
Laser activated synthesizer system
Digital audio signal playback apparatus with scratch effect control device
Processor with tagging buffer and methods for avoiding memory collisions
Free sector manager for data stored in flash memory devices
Updating stack pointer based on instruction bit indicator without executing an update microinstructi...
Autonomic rollback
Method and device for creating and using pre-internalized program files
Pageable filter driver for prospective implementation of disk space quotas
Apparatus and method for memory efficient, programmable, pattern matching finite state machine hardw...
Soft programming for recovery of overerasure
Cache control method and apparatus
Advanced storage controller
Method and storage and manipulation of storage system metrics
Method and system of managing an access to a private logical unit of a storage system
Method and system for enhancing the endurance of memory cells
Associative memory entries with force no-hit and priority indications of particular use in implement...
CAM-based search engines and packet coprocessors having results status signaling for completed conte...
Disk drive executing a preemptive multitasking operating system comprising tasks of varying priority
Bone implant, in particular, an inter-vertebral implant
High precision manufacture of polyurethane products such as spinal disc implants having a gradual mo...
Cervical intervertebral prosthesis
Spinal disc annulus reconstruction method and deformable spinal disc annulus stent
Modular implant system and method with diaphyseal implant
Modular diaphyseal and collar implant
Cotyloid implant for a hip prosthesis
Prosthesis including a mechanism for attaching a first component to a second component
Femoral implant for hip arthroplasty
Modular implant system and method with diaphyseal implant and adapter
Methods for repairing and regenerating human dura mater
Limb and digit movement system
System and methods for optimized drug delivery and progression of diseased and normal cells
Photon-based modeling of the human eye and visual perception
Methods for patient care using acuity templates
Scaleable data itemsets and association rules
Methods and systems for providing data across a network
Autoimmune disease model animal
Minibrain homologous proteins involved in the regulation of energy homeostasis
B7-like molecules and uses thereof
Compressed standardized keyboard
Image data communications device and method
Facsimile machine and facsimile communications method
Silent redial system for VoIP modem
Communication model for linecard modems
Voice and data exchange over a packet based network with DTMF
Residual echo reduction for a full duplex transceiver
System and method for interfacing a privacy management service with a voice mail system
Telephone usage control
Locale based call forwarding
Call waiting calling party defined content
Feedback control of call processing in a communication system switch with script selection based on ...
Flexible structure, hinge, shutter, mobile communications apparatus and mobile telephone
Folder driving device for portable device
Testing loops for channel codecs
Roaming virtual long distance
System for and method of creating and browsing a voice web
Digital subscriber line network deployment method
Electronic endoscope selector
Automatic collimation surveying apparatus having image pick-up device
Image processing method, image processing apparatus and recording medium storing program therefor
Green reconstruction for image sensors
Illumination light color estimating method of obtaining white balance and image sensing apparatus
Method and apparatus for processing front end signal for image sensor
Apparatus and method for obtaining average scene intensity information from a photo detector array
Method and system for adjusting image brightness based on color saturation components
Optical projection apparatus, transmission type screen, and projection type image display apparatus
Electronic camera with battery capacity detection capability
Optical system for full color, video projector using single light valve with plural sub-pixel reflec...
Method and apparatus for adapting chromatic compensation
Television/cinema scheme identification apparatus and identification method
Digital signal gating apparatus and method in a pulse receiver system
Object detecting method and object detecting apparatus and intruding object monitoring apparatus emp...
Moving object detector and image monitoring system
Image processing method and apparatus
Bandwidth determination for multiple layer digital video
Producing printed images having personalized features
Direction finding
Method for production of chip-integrated antennae with an improved emission efficiency
Antenna using inductively coupled feeding method, RFID tag using the same and antenna impedence matc...
System for storing RFID information for an image in a data file
TV tuner providing FM radio reception
Apparatus for projecting a light beam through a transparent structure
Uplink congestion detection and control between nodes in a radio access network
Wireless communication system, base station, packet control function apparatus, node apparatus and a...
Reverse link rate and stability control
Space division multiplex wireless communication system, device and method for the same
Use of IPv6 in access networks
Method for improving the qos mechanisms in the bandwidth allocation in cdma mobile communication sys...
Transmitter synchronization in a distributed transmission system
Radio transmitter with variable amplifier units in the baseband section and in the radio-frequency s...
Receiver for receiving radio frequency signals
Method and system for converting streaming digital data to FM modulated data
VSAT block up converter (BUC) chip
Multi-mode power amplifier module for wireless communication devices
System-in-package wireless communication device comprising prepackaged power amplifier
System-in-package wireless communication device comprising prepackaged power amplifier
Millimeter wave-band radio communication method and system
Adjustable-tone deer call having a metal slider
Propulsion system for model airplane
User-propelled riding toys and methods
Detachable driving assembly for a toy gun
Toy water gun
Mars unit lamp driver
Floating drive-on-watercraft dock
Watercraft with inflatable stabilization ring
Davit-launched life raft
Apparatus and methods for providing VIV suppression to a riser system comprising umbilical elements
Multi-hull watercraft with amidships-mounted propellers
Adhesive composition, method for preparing the same, adhesive film using the same, substrate for car...
Duplex yoke mooring system
Method of drilling and operating a subsea well
Direct sequestration of chloride ions
Identification of a new cytotoxic activity from the ink of Aplysia punctata
System for multiple harnessing and complemented conversion of energy from sea waves
Double-hull ore carrying vessel conversion from single-hull oil tanker and method of performing the ...
Unmanned underwater vehicle turbine powered charging system and method
Boat misting system
Apparatus to convert an all terrain vehicle into a boat, and methods of constructing and utilizing s...
Universal seismic data acquisition module
Mooring line device
Seismic data acquisiton equipment control system
Container inspection system using cobalt-60 .gamma.-ray source and cesium iodide or cadmium tungstat...
Table/floor lamp
Device having a non-shaving head
Non-shaving scraper tool
Hair trimmer
Blade holder for hair clipper
Preformed artificial nail having flared free edge
Cosmetic case
Ball-catching piece
Basket web
Polisher with handgrip
Dryer door having see-through portion
Handle for upright vacuum cleaner
Wand for a domestic appliance
Trash can assembly
Garbage can
Portion of a container
Cylindrical tank holder
Vehicle power steering apparatus capable of suppressing vibration of EPS motor during changes in ste...
Method for controlling starting of an engine in a hybrid electric vehicle powertrain
System and method for detecting an object using pulsed light
Pedestrian truck
Heat exchanger system
Apparatus and method for data communication
Adjustable snowmobile footholds
Torque vectoring drive axle assembly
Skid loader door protection apparatus and method
Utility vehicle having hydrostatic drive
Wheelchair control sensor using movement of shoulders and wheelchair drive control apparatus using t...
Motor-driven power steering apparatus
Device for climbing stairs for a wheelchair
Power transmission system
Power electronics apparatuses for double-fed induction generator to induction motor drive system
Audible warning system for vehicles outfitted with extensible structures
Fault detecting apparatus for four-wheel drive vehicle
Method and system for determining weight and position of a vehicle seat occupant
Composite material-stiffened panel and manufacturing method thereof
Omni-directional radiation source and object locator
Autonomous manoeuvring for spinning spacecraft
Attitude sensing apparatus for determining the attitude of a mobile unit
Helicopter with torque-correcting thruster device
Passenger sitting/sleeping arrangement
Micro-optics concentrator for solar power satellites
Lifejacket pouch
Cable raceway
Ram air turbine with speed increasing gearbox
Heater mat made of electrically-conductive fibers
Energy storage flywheel voltage regulation and load sharing system and method
Radar-filtered projectile
Heat pipe component deployed from a compact volume
Stiffened structures and associated methods
Overhead space access conversion monument and service area staircase and stowage system
Window frame/seal assembly and method of forming the same
Space transportation system
Variable-structure diagnostics approach achieving optimized low-frequency data sampling for EMA moto...
System and method for managing customer productivity through central repository
Method of calculating mailroom chargeback cost for incoming mails
System and method for electronic message notification
Multi-stage accounting system for a fueling environment
Purchase notification service for assisting users in selecting items from an electronic catalog
Fully integrated on-line interactive purchasing club incorporating extremely rapid fulfillment
Line handler
Methods and systems for optimizing return and present value
Electronic factoring
Image encrypting method and device, image decrypting method and device, and recording medium
System and method for biometrically-initiated refund transactions
Compressor suction gas feed assembly
Two-stage phasing plug system in a compression driver
Sound suppressor
Silencer for perforated plate flow conditioner
Loudspeaker baffle isolation system
Exhaust gas muffler and flow director
Engine exhaust muffler with guide vanes imparting a successively alternating spiral swirl gas flow
In-ear hearing aid and method for its manufacture
Articulating vehicle speaker assembly
Technique to fill silencers
Manufacturing method of acoustic sensor
High frequency dynamics resonator assembly
Air intake apparatus
Sound pickup sensor
Network security system appliance and systems based thereon
Product packaging having a remanent value
Scannable article having a signature section with alignment bars
Insulating label stock
Business model for recovery of missing goods, persons, of fugitives or disbursements of unclaimed go...
Lottery ticket bar code
Optical encoding
Label structure and method of forming the label structure
Notebook with two-way pocket
Decorative foil
Method and apparatus for implementing occlusion glyph code tilings
Supply chain demand forecasting and planning
Certified message delivery and queuing in multipoint publish/subscribe communications
Authentication using near-field optical imaging
Method and apparatus for testing a joystick control circuit
Network-based method and system for transmitting digital data to a client computer and charging only...
Slot machine with win completion feature
Voucher-based gaming system
Dynamic weather simulation
Portable and stationary game machine system
Flexible fishing lure tails and appendages
Method of playing a multi-player game
Controller and expansion unit for controller
Method and apparatus for image compression in block units
Point anchor coated mine roof bolt
Open bottom box culvert
Earthen retaining wall having flat soil reinforcing mats which may be variably spaced
Pipe puller
Retaining wall construction element and shear key
Vibratory pile driver/extractor with two-stage vibration/tension load suppressor
Pipeline support
Adjustable scaffold shoring accessory
Plant biomass management system and method
Ovalized concrete block-out tube with tear away nailing flange
In situ recovery from a hydrocarbon containing formation using barriers
Water treatment method for heavy oil production
Method and system for directing fluid flow
Method and system for containment, such as a containment cap for solid waste constructed of modified...
Stress limiting device for offshore oil reservoir production pipe
Processes for water treatment
Irrigation method
Integrated tree root and storm water system
Instrumentation assembly for an offshore riser
Method and device for drilling a hole and for securing an anchorage in a bore hole
Methods and apparatus for protecting information
Electronic image visualization system and management and communication methodologies
Fast lighting processors
Method and apparatus for local image quantification verification
System and methods to effect return of a consumer product
Upward and downward compatible data processing system
Sharing a centralized profile
Systems and methods for secure transaction management and electronic rights protection
Method and apparatus for sharing many thought databases among many clients
Patent application for a computer motional command interface
Interactive methods for design of automobiles
Systems and methods for creating and updating an interactive 3D visualization of media indices
Method and program solving LCPs for rigid body dynamics
Portable authentication device and method of authenticating products or product packaging
Multi-mode quadrature amplitude modulation receiver for high rate wireless personal area networks
System and method for scheduling medical examinations utilizing queues and providing medical examina...
Housing space-related commodity sale assisting system, housing space-related commodity sale assistin...
Collaboration planning in a collaborative work tool architecture
Distributed haptic interface system and method
Method and apparatus for stabilizing a skateboard for training novice users of skateboard
Balance training device
Arm positioning training tool
Educational tracks and apparatuses
Memory tests using item-specific weighted memory measurements and uses thereof
Front face erasable microcapsule magnetophoretic display sheet, erasing magnet and writing magnet
Portable easel for assisting in tracing and drawing of figures
Mobile firefighting flashover training unit and arson investigation lab & method of fabricating same
Method and system for enhancing memorization by using a mnemonic display
Visual math teaching method
Calculation training tool, and calculation training system
Adaptive interactive preceptored teaching system incorporating remote image monitoring
Method and system for approximating value functions for cooperative games
Information display media with concealable portion
Flipbook for making words according to orthographic patterns
Simulated disposable foreskin for training surgical procedure of infant circumcision
Articulating exercise bicycle platform
Dynamic quality of service monitor
Agent-based multimedia communication system that supports web telephony call model
System and method for providing multimedia service using a mobile communication terminal
Method for controlling a multimedia messaging service between a telecommunication device and a telec...
Substantially integrated digital network and broadcast radio method and apparatus
Browser rewind and replay feature for transient messages by periodically capturing screen images
Medical multimedia database system
Method and apparatus for multiple agent commitment tracking and notification
Real-time shared disk system for computer clusters
Multi-level skimming of multimedia content using playlists
Universal QoS adaptation framework for mobile multimedia applications
Multimedia storage device having digital write-only area
Multimedia storage support
Computer-based multi-media communications system and method
Multimedia compression system with additive temporal layers
Method for providing user-adaptive multi-level digest stream
Multimedia search system
System and method for distributed storage and presentation of multimedia in a cable network environm...
Apparatus system and method for gas well site monitoring
Apparatus for providing an electronic display with selectable viewing orientations
Method and system for connecting to a proxy server with the lowest workload through a load balancing...
Refrigeration monitor
Method of using prepaid cash card for making purchases on the world wide web
Text indexing system to index, query the archive database document by keyword data representing the ...
Medical image service method, medical software service method, medical image central management serv...
Accelerating responses to requests made by users to an internet
System and method for providing multimedia electronic mail service in a portable terminal
Network management system
Web based management of host computers in an open protocol network
Method for accessing a service platform via an internet browser session
Method and system for electronic song dedication
User interface for dynamic computing environment using allocateable resources
System and method for tracking programmable devices that use intellectual property
Method for displaying an internet web page with an area of focus
Petunia plant named `Dancasblu`
Petunia plant named `Danpetblu`
Petunia plant named `Danpetyel`
Poinsettia plant named `PER7102`
Poinsettia plant named `PER1056`
Poinsettia plant named `PER975`
Lacebark elm tree named `Whit XXX`
Skimmia plant named `Magic Marlot`
Rose plant named `Evera 126`
Geranium plant named `Dueamarostar`
Geranium plant named `Dueamaro`
Sedum plant named `Xenox`
Viburnum plant named `C.A. Hildebrant's`
Hybrid tea rose plant named `Meitravia`
Pelargonium plant named `Fisorangtan`
Pelargonium plant named `Fismopink`
Osteospermum plant named `Kakegawa AU15`
Physocarpus plant named `Center Glow`
Hosta plant names `Journey's End`
Osteospermum plant named `Kakegawa AU18`
Fittonia plant named `Forest Flame`
Analogs of indole-3-carbinol metabolites as chemotherapeutic and chemopreventive agents
Natural killer cell activating factor II
Antibodies to human tumor necrosis factor receptor-like genes
Genetic immunization with nonstructural proteins of hepatitis C virus
Class BI and CI scavenger receptors
Nucleic acid encoding feline CD86
Imidazole derivatives
Substituted aromatic-ring compounds, process for producing the same, and use
Nucleic acids encoding coleopteran-toxic polypeptides and insect-resistant transgenic plants compris...
Extracellular rage binding protein (EN-RAGE) and uses thereof
Rhabdoviruses with reengineered coats
Neisserial vaccine compositions and methods
.alpha.-Glucosidase inhibitors from a natural source
Dual resonance energy transfer nucleic acid probes
Methods for modulating transcriptional activation using mint proteins
Methods for identifying modulators of NF-KB activity
Topical compositions of cyclic amides as immunotherapeutic agents
Nucleic acids encoding (poly) peptides having chips activity
Optically active (R)-1-(4-trifluoromethylphenyl)ethylamine
Hydrogen sulfide scrubber using polymeric amine and associated methods
Process for converting alkanes to carbon filaments
Method for treating aqueous systems with locally generated chlorine dioxide
Lepidocrocite type lithium potassium titanate, method for preparation thereof, and friction material
Diesel oxidation catalyst
Method for producing .alpha.-alumina powder
Method and system for the combination of non-thermal plasma and metal/metal oxide doped .gamma.-alum...
Process for the reduction or elimination of hydrogen sulphide
Method of storing and supplying hydrogen to a pipeline
Method and apparatus for degassing liquid sulfur
Carbon material for producing metal-including fullerene in high yield
Method of producing a high pressure gas
Cathode materials for primary batteries
Methods for coagulating collagen using phosphate brine solutions
Preparation of a crystalline, zeolitic solid
Method for producing positive electrode material of Li-ion secondary battery
Uniform bead dosing from a stable dispersion
Gas decomposing unit, electrode for a fuel cell, and method of manufacturing the gas decomposing uni...
Ferritic and martensitic stainless steels excellent in machinability
Aluminum alloy material for forging and continuous casting process therefor
Sn-Zn lead-free solder alloy and soldered bond
Nickel aluminide coating with improved oxide stability
Low alloy steel
Wrought Cr--W--V bainitic/ferritic steel compositions
Brazing filler metal
Method for production of hydrogen storage alloy for use in alkaline storage batteries
Alloy and method for producing same
Nodular graphite cast iron with high strength and high toughness
Robot control algorithm constructing apparatus
Bipedal robot with storage battery
Method and apparatus for performing minimally invasive cardiac procedures
Multi-axis motor control device resonance frequency detection device
Robot, method of robot control, and program recording medium
System and method for invoking execution of a sequence of operations that includes motion control, m...
Releasable, repeatable electrical connection employing compression
Robot apparatus and method and system for controlling the action of the robot apparatus
Method for inspection of objects using surface adhering robot
Hardware abstraction layer (HAL) for a robot
Ambulation control apparatus and ambulation control method of robot
Motion unit generating method for legged mobile robot
Finger unit for robot hand
Continuous motion robotic manipulator
Dual powered actuator system
Robotic vacuum cleaner
Vision-based obstacle avoidance
Robot system
Group robot system, and sensing robot and base station used therefor
Arrangement for connecting additional antenna to radio device
Test fixture for assembled wireless devices
Automatic gain control apparatus for video signal and adjusting method thereof
Handheld mobile communications device with integral internal printer incorporating capping mechanism
Radio telecommunications system with improved use of timeslots
Methods and systems implementing mobility support in a packet-based wireless access network
System, device, and method for interworking between a broadband SS7 network and an internet protocol...
Wireless audio transmission method and apparatus for coupling audio players to audio receivers
Radio communication system, received signal strength indicator compensating method for radio communi...
Method for supporting rescue channels in a communications system
Radio communication system, base station device, mobile terminal device, and radio link switching me...
Method, computer useable medium, and system for analyzing media exposure
Ready-to-eat fudge dessert
Film structures and packages therefrom useful for packaging respiring food products
Novel buffer formulations for isolating purifying and recovering long-chain and short-chain nucleic ...
Process for the heterotrophic production of microbial products with high concentrations of omega-3 h...
Flavor and fragrance compositions
Lipid metabolism improving agent
Micronutrient formulation for cognitive & mood benefits
Method of providing food product with prolonged energy release
Thermoformed polystyrene products
Thermoplastic sheet containing a styrenic copolymer
Food product contamination event management system and method
Plants having changed development and a method for making the same
System and user interface supporting concurrent application initiation and interoperability
Systems and methods for altering behavior by issuing messages
Enclosed vapor pressure rotation device
Iron buck antler mount
Test preparation device
Learning support systems
Electronic classroom
Computer Forced Focus on Training Material
Model for demonstrating pathological physiological conditions
System and method for automatically generating, collecting, monitoring and acting on information in ...
Flight simulator panel with active graphic display instrumentation
System for controlled nutrition consumption
Educational lunch bag with question and answer indicia
Mathematics manipulative board
Psychological development system
Automatic grading apparatus, method and storage medium of automatic grading
Learning program, method and apparatus therefor
System for electronically administering a certification program
Item management system
I.Q. and aptitude testing and evaluation system
User education and management system and method
Educational children's video
Process for the production of alkylbenzene with ethane stripping
Mordenite zeolite alkylation catalyst
Gel catalysts and methods for their use in catalytic dehydrogenation processes
Process to remove sulfur contaminants from hydrocarbon streams
Crystalline molecular sieves
Continuous process for the removal of water from a hydrocarbon stream
Recovery of ethylene and propylene from a methanol to olefin reaction system
Metallic mesoporous transition metal oxide molecular sieves, room temperature activation of dinitrog...
Propylene production
DihydroDicyclopentadiene production
Reactor and process for converting alkanes to alkenes
Process for conversion of oxygenates to hydrocarbons and composition for use therein
Process for the production of alkylbenzene
Process for the isomerization of a vinylidene olefin
Processing a contaminated oxygenate-containing feed stream in an oxygenate to olefin reaction system
Process for separating aromatics by extractive distillation and a composite solvent used therein
Process for hydrogenation of aromatics in hydrocarbon feedstocks containing thiopheneic compounds
Aromatics conversion with ITQ-13
Method for the oligomerization of olefins using a cycloalkylalkyl-substituted triazacyclohexane
Process for recovering hydrogen in a gaseous hydrocarbon effluent by chemical reaction
Chemiluminescent influenza diagnostic kit
Interleukin and albumin fusion protein
Recombinant bacillus proteases and uses thereof
Expression of G protein-coupled receptors with altered ligand binding and/or coupling properties
Better emergence characteristics and improved seedling growth under low-light environments
Pyrido[2,3-d]pyrimidine and pyrimido[4,5-d]pyrimidine nucleosides
CIDE-B polypeptides
Methods for categorizing patients
Anti-mesothelin antibodies having high binding affinity
Crystal forms of azithromycin
Process for manufacturing morpholino-nucleotides, and use thereof for the analysis of and labelling ...
Compositions, methods and kits for determining the presence of Cryptosporidium parvum organisms in a...
Isolated nucleic acid molecules encoding T cell derived inducible factors
Recombinant vaccine against botulinum neurotoxin
Nucleic acid and amino acid sequences relating to Streptococcus pneumoniae for diagnostics and thera...
Thermotolerant phytase for animal feed
Plant fatty acid desaturases and alleles therefor
Plant seed specific promoters
Seed preferred regulatory elements
RNA interference mediated inhibition hairless of (HR) gene expression using short interfering nuclei...
Antisense modulation of CD40 ligand expression
Influenza therapeutic
Modulation of glucocorticoid receptor expression
Regulation of vascular endothelium using BMX tyrosine kinase
System for delivering therapeutic agents into living cells and cells nuclei
Inhibitors of nucleoside phosphorylases and nucleosidases
Therapy-enhancing glucan
Novel polysaccharides with antithrombotic activity comprising at least one covalent bond with biotin...
Method for the synthesis of 3-substituted indolizine and benzoindolizine compounds
Fluorescent protein and chromoprotein
Genes and polypeptides relating to prostate cancers
Method of identifying cells expressing a protein having pre-B cell growth-supporting ability
Reagents and methods for preparing lps antagonist b1287 and stereoisomers thereof
Enzymes and polynucleotides encoding the same
Amino polyol amine oxidase polynucleotides and related polypeptides and methods of use
Pollen or insect screen for applying to openings in buildings such as windows, doors or similar
Selection by compartmentalised screening
Functional polymers via surface modifying agents, and methods for polymeric surface modification
Method of synthesis and testing of combinatorial libraries using microcapsules
Polyfluorinated nucleoside analogs and methods of use thereof
Enhancing the watertightness of textile sheetlike constructions, textile sheetlike constructions thu...
First responder communications system
Monitoring system, method of sampling datagrams, and apparatus therefor
Method to configure a bluetooth logical link control and adaptation protocol channel
Method and apparatus to reduce power consumption and improve read/write performance of hard disk dri...
System and method for managing a moveable media library with library partitions
Scan capable dual edge-triggered state element for application of combinational and sequential scan ...
System and process for dynamically displaying prioritized data objects
Representation of objects in a Java programming environment
System for identification of smart cards
Hydraulic plumber's friend
Concrete stamping apparatus
Acrylamide derivative, process for producing the same, and use
Pyridinyl carbamates
3-Phenylpropionic acid derivatives
3-phenylpropionic acid derivatives
Antidepressant cycloalkylamine derivatives of 2,3-dihydro-1,4-benzodioxan
Benzamides as ppar modulators
Method of using catalpic acid to treat and prevent type 2 diabetes and associated disorders
Articulating arm
Resistive anti-obesity devices
Methods of treatment using a bariatric sleeve
Methods and apparatus for transmitting force to an end effector over an elongate member
Eversion resistant sleeves
Inflatable occlusion devices, methods, and systems
Methods and systems for treating obesity
Bariatric sleeve
Drug model explorer
Amino acid and peptide conjugates of amiloride and methods of use thereof
Compounds for delivering amino acids or peptides with antioxidant activity into mitochondria and use...
Tachykinin receptor antagonists
Phosphodiesterase 10 inhibitors
Method for treating neuropathic pain and associated syndromes
Aminophenyl derivatives as selective androgen receptor modulators
2-[(4-Benzyl)-1-piperidinyl)methyl]benzimidazole-5-ol derivatives as nr2b receptor antagonists
Spinal disc annulus reconstruction method and spinal disc annulus stent
Synthesis of polyamine compounds
Non-traumatic model for neurogenic pain
Caspase inhibitors and uses thereof
Methods for modulating PPAR biological activity for the treatment of diseases caused by mutations in...
Indole derivatives
Therapeutic treatment
Polyamine analogs as therapeutic agents for ocular diseases
Novel compounds
1-(Amino)indanes and (1,2-dihydro-3-amino)-benzofurans, benzothiophenes and indoles as edg receptor ...
Method and system for simulating a business process using historical execution data
Decision management system providing qualitative account/customer assessment via point in time simul...
Method and apparatus for filtering email
Thematic response to a computer user's context, such as by a wearable personal computer
Method and system for sample data selection to test and train predictive algorithms of customer beha...
Neural network device for evolving appropriate connections
Biomimic artificial neuron
Backlash compensation with filtered prediction in discrete time nonlinear systems by dynamic inversi...
Automatic programming
Electronic employee selection systems and methods
System and method for finding the acceleration of an information aggregate
First failure data capture
Thematic response to a computer user's context, such as by a wearable personal computer
System and method for optimizing control parameter settings in a chain of video processing algorithm...
System and method for network-based personalized education environment
Neural processing element for use in a neural network
Convexification method of training neural networks and estimating regression models
System and method for automatic transmission of audible on-line analytical processing system report ...
Enhanced process for conducting potential problem analysis
Method and mechanism for implementing and accessing virtual database table structures
System and method for survey-based bonus game
Gliding device for surfboards
Lighted toy for pets
Duck call
Puck-deflecting training device
Exercise apparatus and method
Dynamic mapping of broadcast resources
Apparatus, and associated method, for distributing revenue generated pursuant to distribution of con...
Pneumatically launched folding wing glider toy
Chip collecting machine
Game with associable playing pieces
Lighted balloons
Doll with angled and jointed torso
Glass laminate system and methods for hockey rinks
Game board for a domino game
Method and apparatus for a dice game
Blackjack variations
Grabber machine with enhanced design
Flying disc having contoured features
Toy figure for use with multiple, different game systems
Foldable swing having rotatable handles
Online RAID migration without non-volatile memory