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Methods and apparatus for diagnosing defect locations in electrical paths of connectors of circuit a...
Block error ratio measurements
Soil and topography surveying
System and method for detecting access to shared structures and for maintaining coherence of derived...
Priority rules for reducing network message routing latency
Method of automatically generating and disbanding data mirrors according to workload conditions
Optical disc repairing device
Magnetic random access memory and data read method thereof
GaN green LED drive device and optical transmission device
Plasma display panel having barriers with varied thickness
Method of designing integrated circuit having both configurable and fixed logic circuitry
Separable cyclic redundancy check
Dynamic variable-length error correction code
System and method for testing video devices using a test fixture
Method and system for optimizing power consumption during data read/write operation in disk-based me...
Method for enhancing contrast produced by MRI
Kitchen appliance for cooking foods
Squeezable rebroadcast files
Distributed system and method for conducting a comprehensive search for malicious code in software
Method of comparing the size of a feature in sequential X-ray images
Pixel device
Method and system providing for keyboard navigation of a displayable representation of connectable o...
Thermographic recording material with improved developability
Voltage regulator operable over a wide range of supply voltage
Damping of LC ringing in IC (integrated circuit) power distribution systems
Method and apparatus for detecting shorted rectifying control elements of an engine driven power sou...
Self-starting reference circuit
Power supply apparatus
Attenuation control for digital power converters
On-chip power supply interface with load-independent current demand
Hybrid power flow controller and method
Battery charger and method of charging a battery
Web based capacity management (WBCM) system
Authentication in a secure computerized gaming system
Interactive winter recreation facility
Motion toy
Toy stuffed animal having convertible configurations
Gaming method and apparatus
Credit card debt management board game
Playing figure of table soccer
Kite slider
Bottle holder
Method and apparatus for determining colimits of hereditary diagrams
Method and system for training a recurrent network
Electrical treatment to treat shoulder subluxation
Breath test
Secondary amino anilinic piperidines as mch1 antagonists and uses thereof
Methods and compositions for the treatment of CNS-related conditions
Composition containing polyamine transport inhibitor and use thereof
Pharmaceutical compositions for metabolic insufficiencies
Dermal delivery of anti-pain agents and methods useful thereof
1, 2-Dihydropyridine compounds, manufacturing method thereof and use thereof
1-((5-aryl-1,2,4-oxadiazol-3-yl) benzyl)azetidine-3-carboxylates and 1-((5-aryl-1,2,4-oxadiazol-3-yl...
Amine derivative
Cytokine inhibitors
Monocyclic heterocycles as kinase inhibitors
Reverse-turn mimetics and compositions and methods related thereto
Treatment of ophthalmic conditions
Use of equol for treating skin diseases
System and method for improving ventricular function
Electrical nerve stimulation device
Apparatus and methods for forming and securing gastrointestinal tissue folds
Implantable device and methods for delivering drugs and other substances to treat sinusitis and othe...
Fluid manifold for endoscope system
Method and apparatus for treating pelvic organ prolapse
Inhibitors of the 11-beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase Type 1 enzyme
4-Aminomethyl-1-aryl-cyclohexylamine compounds
Pyrazole phenyl derivatives
Octahydro-2-h-naphtho[1,2-f]indole-4-carboxamide derivatives as selective glucocorticoid receptor mo...
Peroxisome proliferator activated receptor agonists
Naphthyl ether compounds and their use
Business process for delivering health behavior prevention services
Heart rate variability control of gastric electrical stimulator
Novel quinuclidine derivatives and their use
Interaction between objects and a virtual environment display
Process of relaying a story having a unique plot
Classroom polling system
Method for evaluating and pinpointing achievement needs in a school
System and method of training the proper placement of airway adjuncts in a training manikin
Device, method and program for performance tracking and improvement
Method for improving the emotional quotient in infants and children
Motion simulator with exchangeable unit
Hammer head training target
Pre-writing teaching aid and method to assist beginning writers in creating letters
Convertible podium system
Multimedia training system and apparatus
Method and system for master teacher testing in a computer environment
Client/server distribution of learning content
Interactive training system for packing
Methods and apparatus for curriculum planning
Computer-assisted apparatus
Sound system with dedicated vocal channel
Method of enunciating a prerecorded message related to toilet training in response to a contact
System and method for creating and maintaining a web site
Retaining device for a drum
Drum and head diaphragm adjustor for drum
Method and apparatus for skimming video data
Document editing processing method and apparatus and program furnishing medium
Method and apparatus for networked information dissemination through secure transcoding
Graphical user interface for creating assets
Selective processing of data embedded in a multimedia file
System and method of controlling sound in a multi-media communication application
Audio compression in a wireless remote interface tablet
Information processing apparatus for and method of transmitting and/or receiving broadcast signal
Hinge module for portable radio terminal
Method of, and signalling system for, transferring data
High-sensitivity wireless receiving device and high-frequency unit used therefor
Transmission power control method of wireless communication terminal and a base station therefore
Globally optimized channel access for wireless networks
Radio base station transceiver sub-system
Method for performing inter system handovers in mobile telecommunication system
Periodic calibration on a communications channel
Method and a device in a cellular radio system
Method for receiving a radio frequency (RF) signal and RF receiver
Signal strength display device for wireless hub
Direct-path-signal detection apparatus and associated methods
Satellite broadcasting receiving converter for receiving radio waves from plurality of satellites
Method and apparatus for receiving radio frequency signals
Apparatus for delivery of multiple media data streams, and method therefor
Microwire dynamic sequencer pipeline stall
Method of adjusting a signal quality target to be reached in power control procedures in a CDMA radi...
Multi-protocol distributed wireless system architecture
Method and system for group call service
Convertible table assembly
Paintball harness
Network game unit, game system, and recording medium
Game device
Recording medium storing game process control program, game process control program, game process co...
Method and device for visualizing images through sound
Recognition of scents in fragrances
Computer enabled training of a user to validate assumptions
Teaching aid
System for estimating attitude of leg type moving robot itself
Leg joint assist device for leg type movable robot
Devices for the ultrasonic testing of a workpiece by the transmission technique
Automatic rising caution flag
Tide buster convertible stair
Round boat
Underwater maneuvering device
Docking apparatus which secures a boat to a pier
Boiling heat transfer torpedo
System and method for activating uniform network resource locators displayed in media broadcast
Obstacle detection system and method therefor
Fingerprint collating device and fingerprint collating method
Method of detecting and measuring a moving object and apparatus therefor, and a recording medium for...
Multi-system correspondence receiver
Method for estimating the motion between two digital images with management of mesh overturning and ...
Color wheel of segment type
Devices incorporating electrochromic elements and optical sensors
System and method for calculating aerial image of a spatial light modulator
Method and system for calibrating a look-down linear array scanner utilizing a folded optical path
Focus adjustment apparatus, control method therefor, and medium for supplying control program theref...
Method and apparatus for reduction of visual content
Encoding method and device including thresholding pixel-to-pixel differences
Distance measuring device and a camera provided with the distance measuring device
Image altering device for an image producing apparatus
Method for live view display and digital camera using same
Image processing apparatus which reduces noise by adjusting the transition timing
Solid-state image sensing apparatus and method of operating the same
Image pickup apparatus including a plurality of pixels, each having a photoelectric conversion eleme...
Type descriptor language (TDLanguage) metamodel
System and method for scheduling a future event
Constant values in mixed language programming environments
Descriptive variables while debugging
Debugging an operating system kernel with debugger support in a network interface card
Application development server and a mechanism for providing different views into the same construct...
Object band customization of Java runtime environments
Pitch-based subresolution assist feature design
Method of simultaneously displaying schematic and timing data
Method of updating a semiconductor design
Auto thumbnail gallery
System and method for multi-modal focus detection, referential ambiguity resolution and mood classif...
Formatted-item list control
Electronic apparatus having improved diagnostic interface
Transaction logging and intelligent error reporting in an expectation-based memory agent checker
Managing connections to coupling facility structures
Clock generation for multiple secondary buses of a PCI bridge
Fixed point unit power reduction mechanism for superscalar loop execution
Circuits and methods for modular exponentiation
Symmetric key authenticated encryption schemes
Method and apparatus for application-independent end-to-end security in shared-link access networks
Internet e-mail add-on service system
Gateway apparatus and the method thereof
Method for file transfer restarts using standard internet protocol
Dual protocol stack for maximum speed access to a programmable logic controller (PLC) in a factor au...
Internet device operation for medical testing
Adaptive direct transaction for network client group
Network query and matching system and method
Remote maintenance system
Echo/noise canceling device for use with personal computers
Voice dialing using text names
Enhanced data switching/routing for multi-regional IP over fiber network
System and method for routing telephone calls involving internet protocol network
Pots/packet bridge
Optical disk device
Fail-over file transfer process
Chain of custody system and method
System and method for kernel mode memory management having movable kernel objects
Descriptor management systems and methods for transferring data between a host and a peripheral
Browser-based email system with user interface for audio/video capture
Method for incorporating multiple cursors in a speech recognition system
Methods, systems, and associated implantable devices for radiation dose verification for therapies u...
Whole body MRI scanning with moving table and interactive control
Radio communication terminal unit and method of transmitting location information
Mobile device locator adapter system for location based services
Method and system for saving power in mobile units
Method and system for frame and pointer alignment of SONET data channels
Method and system enabling communications between a switched telephone network and a wireless networ...
Method and system for establishing link bit rate for inverse multiplexed data streams
Optical recording medium and method for formatting the same with improved compatability and consiste...
Heat-treating methods and systems
Blind hole termination of pin to pcb
Measurement of lateral diffusion of diffused layers
Electrooptic device, driving IC, and electronic apparatus
a-C:H ISFET device, manufacturing method, and testing methods and apparatus thereof
Semiconductor device with under-fill material below a surface of a semiconductor chip
Integrated optical transducer assembly
Method of body contact for SOI MOSFET
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Recessed channel
Memory array with memory cells having reduced short channel effects
Non-volatile memory device
Non-volatile semiconductor memory having a decreased gate length
Thermally operated switch control memory cell
Semiconductor element having a semi-magnetic contact
Metal oxide semiconductor transistors having a drain punch through blocking region and methods for f...
Solid-state imaging device and method for producing the same
Solid-state display with improved color-mixing
Multi-chip package device including a semiconductor memory chip
Solar cell module and its installing module
Monitoring low temperature rapid thermal anneal process using implanted wafers
Hard mask spacer for sublithographic bitline
Adjustable pedal assembly
Mini-face blade putter
System and method for near-field electromagnetic ranging
Inflatable satellite bus
Control unit for controlling paragliders, unlatching apparatus for triggering a flaring maneuver to ...
Technique for analyzing arrayed signals using quantum expressor functions
Methods for identifying the evolutionarily conserved sequences
Chimeric expression promoters originating from commelina yellow mottle virus and cassava vein mosaic...
Fusobacterium nucleic acids, plasmids and vectors
Egg specific surface proteins
Nucleic acid molecules encoding red and green emitting luciferases
Mammalian neuralized family transcriptional regulators and uses therefor
Protein having pesticidal activity, DNA encoding the protein, and noxious organism-controlling agent...
Prion protein standard and method of making the same
Compounds and methods for modulating nonclassical cadherin-mediated functions
Oligonucleotide analogues, methods of synthesis and methods of use
Modified annexin proteins and methods for preventing thrombosis
Discrete nano-textured structures in biomolecular arrays, and method of use
Thermal cycler including a temperature gradient block
Mass defect labeling for the determination of oligomer sequences
Reference control for optical measurement of nucleated red blood cells of a blood sample
Highly controllable electroporation and applications thereof
AAV2 vectors and methods
Decellularized tissue engineered constructs and tissues
P. aeruginosa mucoid exopolysaccharide specific binding peptides
Culture medium for culture of animal cell and method for producing protein using same
Inkjet recording head, method of manufacturing the same, and inkjet printer
Textile printing substrate
Porous composite product particularly with high specific surface area, method for preparing and elec...
Aluminum alloy hollow material, aluminum alloy extruded pipe material for air conditioner piping and...
Packer with metal sealing element
Lightweight bicycle wheel rim and method for producing it
Nanoparticles having oligonucleotides attached thereto and uses therefor
Porcine α2δ-1 calcium channel subunit cDNA and soluble secreted α2δ-1 subuni...
Imidazolidine derivatives, their preparation and their use
Substituted amino carboxamides for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease
Process for the synthesis of 1,3-diols
Frequency synchronization device for LCD lamps
System and method for searching extended regular expressions
Benzothiazole derivatives with activity as adenosine receptor ligands
Medical diagnostic ultrasound instrument with ECG module, authorization mechanism and methods of use
Image forming method and image forming apparatus with toner having specific characteristic
System for the selective activation of functions in an implantable device by a magnetic field
Undermolded structures and method of making same
Data checksum method and apparatus
C13 alcohol mixture and functionalised C13 alcohol mixture
Organic laser cavity device having incoherent light as a pumping source
Method and apparatus for providing variable attenuation to data signals in an XDSL frequency range
Method and system for automated tracing of an agricultural product
Predistorter for phase modulated signals with low peak to average ratios
Ether monomers and polymers having multi-ring structures, and photosensitive polymers and resist com...
Ethylene-hexafluoropropylene copolymer elastomer
Epoxy resin composition for semiconductor encapsulation, process for producing the same, and semicon...
Soluble complexes of target proteins and peptidyl prolyl isomerase chaperones and methods of making ...
Methods and compositions relating to a cardiac-specific nuclear regulatory factor
Cosmetic or dermatological composition comprising of a combination of an elastase inhibitor of the N...
API communications for vertex and pixel shaders
Disc cartridge having annular shaped mating projections
Device for heating air, fluids and materials, in dry or wet environment, powered with low voltage cu...
Torsional vibration damper, especially a dual-mass flywheel
Inductively-coupled antenna array
Compounds comprising phosphorus-containing metal complexes
α-1,3 fucosyltransferases and expression systems for making and expressing them
Thin films and method of making them
Choke valve
System and method for partitioning control-dataflow graph representations
Multiple program storage within a programmable logic controller system
Compositions for treating animal diseases and syndromes
Heating apparatus and image forming apparatus
Apparatus for transferring containers and flat racks from a truck to a trailer
Process for production of modified carbon black for rubber reinforcement and process of production o...
Method for moving contaminants from gases
Anti-angiogenic proteins and fragments and methods of use thereof
Arrangement for simplifying the design and implementation of mobile services in a communication syst...
Expandable push-in interbody spinal fusion implant
Spherical catalyst for olefin polymerization
Integrated processes for olefin and polyolefin production
Spiritual aura angel with wings applique
Compositions and methods for the therapy and diagnosis of ovarian cancer
System and method for audio fingerprinting
Self-aligned coaxial via capacitors
Method and apparatus for housing spliced wires on siding
Process gas and method for laser welding
Process and intermediates for resolving piperidyl acetamide steroisomers
Alloy type thermal fuse and wire member for a thermal fuse element
Content providing device and system having client storage areas and a time frame based providing sch...
Automated price improvement protocol processor
Device for postoperative fixation back into the cranium of a plug of bone removed therefrom during a...
Electronic board system
Peripheral universal bus hub
Data providing system, method and computer program
Head-mounted display by integration of phase-conjugate material
Arbitration scheme for efficient parallel processing
Lens barrel
System and method for communicating using a framework
Business card as electronic mail authorization token
Pharmaceutical compositions
New Guinea Impatiens plant named 'Visinflav'
System and method for sounding a music accompanied by light or vibration
Skipping messages on message boards
Aerosol collector
Metered administration of a therapeutic gas
Cryptographic accelerator
Composite electrolyte with crosslinking agents
Modularized power take-off systems for vehicles
Electroluminescence in light emitting polymers featuring deaggregated polymers
Method for target queue time calculation in semiconductor manufacturing planning
Ferroelectric random access memory capacitor and method for manufacturing the same
Fabrication method of semiconductor device
Electrode structure for a light-emitting element
Cold cathode type flat panel display
Method and apparatus for mapping a community through user interactions on a computer network
Methods and system of obtaining consumer reviews
Polymer conjugates of interferon beta-1a and uses
Uniformly stringed magnetic and non-magnetic beads of a necklace and bracelet
Vehicle security system shock sensing siren and associated methods
Permanent magnet type electric rotating machine and hybrid electric vehicle using it
Control for vehicle including electric motor powered by engine driven generator
Hollow beams for incorporation in automotive vehicle frames
Steering device for industrial truck
Gas exhaust structure of fuel-cell-powered vehicle
Engine mount structure for vehicle
Contact detecting device and vehicle mounting the same
Torque vectoring drive axle assembly
Vehicular two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive switching system
Pipe system for a motorcycle
Hybrid vehicle employing hybrid system
Flywheel-driven vehicle
Mobile agricultural machinery
Mobile ice fishing shelter assembly
Mechanical ZTR system with steering wheel
Simple, durable and easy-to-use earthworking machine
Method and apparatus for providing non-repudiation of transaction information that includes mark up ...
System and method for executing a fast reset of a computer system
Radio frequency signal loopback in a cable modem termination system
Dual port interactive media system
Signal processing methods and systems
Dynamic audio control circuit and method
Medical device having radio-opacification and barrier layers
Transferring software over a wireless radio frequency link onto external programmers for implantable...
Electrosurgical method and apparatus
Apparatus and method having a cooling material and reduced pressure to treat biological external tis...
Apparatus and method for treating biological external tissue
Method and apparatus for health and disease management combining patient data monitoring with wirele...
Capsule type endoscope
Adaptive antenna radio communication device
WLAN radio transceiver with signal strength maximization algorithm
Method for deciding tilt angle of antenna in radio communication system and apparatus for deciding t...
Wireless base station apparatus and wireless communication control method
Push-to-talk reverse channel establishment
Local public information system
Wireless communication system and method for configuring cells with enhanced uplink services
Reduced performance mode of operation for use as needed by a wireless communication terminal
Signalling MIMO allocations
Implementation of multiple simultaneous calls in a mobile communication system
Lentiviral vectors, related reagents, and methods of use thereof
Cartilage allograft plug
Cell permeable structural implant
Biocompatible bone implant compositions and methods for repairing a bone defect
Trapezium implant for thumb and method
Subtalar implant
Operation system
Intervertebral prosthesis
Artificial intervertebral disc for lateral insertion
Controlled artificial intervertebral disc implant
Inflatable nuclear prosthesis
Vertebral interbody spacer
Spinal implants with body and insert
Facet arthroplasty devices and methods
Treatment for sleep apnea or snoring
Methods and apparatus with porous materials
Systems and methods for RF-induced hyperthermia using biological cells and nanoparticles as RF enhan...
System and method for RF-induced hyperthermia
Apparatus and methods for performing phototherapy, photodynamic therapy and diagnosis
Electromagnetic treatment apparatus and method for angiogensis modulation of living tissues and cell...
Multi-processor type storage control apparatus for performing access control through selector
Pipelined packet-oriented memory system having a unidirectional command and address bus and a bidire...
Method and apparatus for posting a computer having multiple video adapters
Caching output from an object in an application server environment
System and method for interleaving data in a communication device
Method and apparatus for detecting pipeline address conflict using parallel compares of multiple rea...
Multiprocessor system having a shared main memory accessible by all processor units
Memory system for supporting multiple parallel accesses at very high frequencies
Increasing DSP efficiency by independent issuance of store address and data
Storage system and method for reorganizing data to improve prefetch effectiveness and reduce seek di...
Backup and archiving system by means of tape volume cassettes for data processing units
Memory paging based on memory pressure and probability of use of pages
Apparatus and method for pipelined memory operations
Scattering and gathering data for faster processing
Method and apparatus for optimizing prefetching based on memory addresses
Cache device controlling a state of a corresponding cache memory according to a predetermined protoc...
Multi-session optical media and methods for recording
Partition recovery method
Integrated circuit
Method of monitoring and protecting a private network against attacks from a public network
Substituted diamino-1,3,5-triazine derivatives
Pyrazolo-pyrimidine aniline compounds useful as kinase inhibitors
Pyrazolopyridinyl pyridine and pyrimidine therapeutic compounds
Substituted pyrazolo[4,3-e]diazepines, pharmaceutical compositions containing them, use as medicinal...
Pharmaceutical being used for treating HIV infection, the composition and uses thereof
14715, a human fringe family member nucleic acids and uses therefor
Microtubule-associated proteins and tubulins
Predictive assay for immune response
Identification of a gene causing the most common form of bardet-biedl syndrome and uses thereof
Inhibitors of p38
Corynebacterium glutamicum genes encoding novel proteins
Chemokines and methods for inducing the differentiation of fibroblasts to myofibroblasts
Triazole-derived kinase inhibitors and uses thereof
Method for inhibiting p38 MAP kinase or TNF-α production using a 1,3-thiazole
Pyrimidine derivatives and methods of making and using these derivatives
Method for biosolid disposal and methane generation
Method of removal of hydrocarbons from soils using solids loaded polymer foam
Soil remediation of mercury contamination
Method for improving the environment within soil embedded culvert and bridge systems
Method for constructing a water resource recycling system
Universal bottle cap
Outdoor cooking system
Packaging machine for continuously producing sealed packages
Low temperature process for extracting principal components from plants or plant materials and plant...
Apparatus for shipping and preparing baked food products
High-mineral oyster extract
High protein corn product production and use
Use of strains of Streptococcus thermophilus which are incapable of hydrolyzing urea in dairy...
Automated shopping system
Method and apparatus for session reconstruction
Method of obtaining an electronically stored financial document
Human resources information internet accessible database
Method and system for resolution of carrier specific data utilizing a generic data model
Information recording and reproducing system and method and distribution medium
Content rendering repository
Method and apparatus for assigning consequential rights to documents and documents having such right...
Network-accessible account system
Apparatus and method for automated display of market activity
Target pricing system
Method and apparatus for calculating a return on investment for weather-related risk management
System and method for creating a defined benefit pension plan funded with a variable life insurance ...
Method and apparatus to enable consumer replenishment shopping by useful life
Computer services for assisting users in locating and evaluating items in an electronic catalog base...
Providing decision support based on past participant performance within an electronic marketplace en...
Heat-resistant, creep-resistant aluminum alloy and billet thereof as well as methods of preparing th...
Memory architecture for telephone dialer
Phone apparatus having redialing function capable of surely preventing unauthorized person from inte...
Method for using alphanumerical signs as a call number
Methods, systems, and media to capture a redialing sequence and to redial
Valuable cipher information issuing system and issuing method, telephone charge settlement system an...
Electronic equipment comprising a retractable screen
Method and system for facilitating collection of subscriber past due balance
Audio panel with wireless telephone input
Electronic-mail apparatus
Secure enterprise communication system utilizing enterprise-specific security/trust token-enabled wi...
Circuit configuration for metering pulse recognition
Method and apparatus for canceling echo in a telephone communication system
Band-by-band full duplex communication
Arrangement of local area network
Communication system and method
Apparatus, method, and computer program for supporting video conferencing in a communication system
Device for tracing electrical cable
Photographic apparatus
Arrangement of optical elements in projection systems
Lens barrel
Compact imaging head and high speed multi-head laser imaging assembly and method
Adaptive and learning setting selection process with selectable learning modes for imaging device
Camera provided with eyepiece
Shoe for a casted foot
Dress shoe with improved heel counter
Bottom surface configuration for athletic shoe
Full bearing 3D cushioning system
Synthesis of magnetite nanoparticles and the process of forming Fe-based nanomaterials
Activated alumina formed body and method for producing the same
Method of removing and recovering elemental sulfur from highly reducing gas streams containing sulfu...
Fixed-bed process for producing chlorine by catalytic gas-phase oxidation of hydrogen chloride
Methods and systems for reducing or eliminating the production of pollutants during combustion of ca...
Method and apparatus for removing sulfur compound in gas containing hydrogen sulfide, mercaptans, ca...
Processes and apparatuses for treating halogen-containing gases
Method of removing mercury from exhaust gases
Preparation of adsorbents from organic fertilizer and mineral oil and their application for removal ...
Etherified carbamate crosslinking agents and their use in curable compositions particularly film-for...
Transparent glass having blue edge color
Glass Fiber forming compositions
Method of making coated articles having an oxygen barrier coating and coated articles made thereby
Rotating station for reels
Flavoring component holding dispenser for use with consumable beverages
Method and device of piecing or starting of spinning for spinning positions of air spinning frames
Process for cutting an optical fiber
Power source for a dispersion compensation fiber optic system
System and method for a packaging a monitor photodiode with a laser in an optical subassembly
System and method for VCSEL polarization control
Grating-outcoupled surface-emitting lasers
Pre-ionizer for RF-energized gas laser
Automatic gas control system for a gas discharge laser
Semiconductor laser module and optical transmitter
Laser amplifying system
Solid state system and method for generating ultraviolet light
Near-field optical head system with integrated slider and laser
Information recording method and optical recording medium therefor
Optical head apparatus and optical information recording and reproducing apparatus
Optical parametric oscillator and method of constructing same
Low-noise, switchable RF-lightwave synthesizer
Laser counter-measure using fourier transform imaging spectrometers
Polarization modulation photoreflectance characterization of semiconductor quantum confined structur...
Laser scanning microscope
High resolution imaging lidar for detecting submerged objects
Method of high pressure treatment
Condensed indoline derivatives and their use as 5HT, in particular 5HT2C, receptor ligand...
Self-emulsifying formulations of cholesteryl ester transfer protein inhibitors
Treatment of neovascularization disorders with squalimine
Compounds for control of appetite, blood pressure, cardiovascular response, libido, and circadian rh...
Nucleic acids encoding PRO615
Image-forming material, image formation method and method for manufacturing color proof
Silver-free black-and-white thermographic materials
Reproducing apparatus
Thin film magnetic head, magnetic head and magnetic disk driving device
Head arm assembly and disk drive device with the head arm assembly having enhanced impact resistance
Flexural pivot for rotary disc drive actuator
Wiring member of a disc drive suspension having an insulating layer with thick-walled and thin-walle...
Thin film magnetic head having improved heat radiating property
Spindle motor having spindle motor stator for increased head stack assembly access
Portable storage device
Method and apparatus for compensating for media shift due to tape guide
Radial dependent low frequency repeatable run out compensation apparatus and method
Method for preventing radial error propagation during self-servowriting of tracks in a magnetic disk...
Magnetic head heating element in a disk drive
Rotational vibration velocity-based sensor for disk drives
Servo detection control system, servo detection control method and hard disk drive
Method for magnetic recording on laminated media with improved media signal-to-noise ratio
Method and apparatus for optimizing auto gain control of read channel in a disk drive
Method and apparatus for reducing the servo position error signal non-linearity during self-servo wr...
Radial winding stator structure for single phase motor
Process for manufacturing a read head
System and method for the creation and automatic deployment of personalized, dynamic and interactive...
Apparatus for controlling operation of gas discharge devices
Variable force energy dissipater and decelerator
Thin walled fuser roll with strengthened keyway
Network error display apparatus and error detection display method
Olefin polymerization catalyst and process for olefin polymerization using the olefin polymerization...
High linearity optical transmitter
Power converter and power unit
Contact metathesis polymerization
Sulfoderivatives of indanthrone, lyotropic liquid crystal system and anisotropic film on their base
Synthetic peptides containing protective epitopes for the treatment and prevention of periodontitis ...
Cement compositions with improved mechanical properties and methods of cementing in subterranean for...
Adaptive filter to reduce multipath
Triterpene compositions and methods for use thereof
Fluid filter system with secondary flow path for augmented filtration
Garden pond shelter reef
Optical fiber cable for air-blown installation
Smart internetworking operating system for low computational power microprocessors
Compounds, compositions and method suitable for amelioration of withdrawal syndromes and withdrawal-...
Methods, systems, and associated implantable devices for dynamic monitoring of physiological and bio...
Electrically measuring soil dry density
Casting wheel for continuous casting of metal
Pliable header
IC card and IC card operation method
Automated banking machine apparatus and system
Critical fluid antimicrobial compositions and their use and generation
Compositions and methods for biodegradable microspheres as carriers of bioactive substances
Chrysanthemum plant named 'Yotabitha'
Interlock/exclusion systems for multiple vaporizer anesthesia machines
Document enclosure mailing form for non-impact printing
Electronic device packaging
Apparatus and method for disturb-free programming of passive element memory cells
LED lamp
Preparation of preparing substituted indanones
Organic electro-luminescence device
Generating a focused data set from an original data set
System and method for managing ATP data in a distributed supply chain planning environment
Method for authenticating electronic documents
Vinyl alcohol polymer and process for producing vinyl alcohol polymer
Hardened calcium silicate having high strength
Gypsum board remover
Clumping compacted bicarb litter
Expansion joint cover
Universal rip guide for circular saw
Scalable suspension system for dome shaped ceilings
Polymeric foam and scrim sheathings
Theater for user selected entertainment
Apparatus and method for creating three dimensional objects
Dispersant or coatability improver
Use of copolymers stabilized with a protective colloid in cement-free or low-cement coating material...
High strength flooring compositions
Additives for water-resistant gypsum products
Refractory die with pin and sleeve for teeth restoration
Process for coating particles
Method for producing resin masking material
Method and system for generating foam for the manufacture of gypsum products
Cable components of silicone comprising glass fibers
Hyperplaty clays and their use in paper coating and filling, methods for making same, and paper prod...
Cement compositions with improved mechanical properties and methods of cementing in a subterranean f...
Polymeric foam scrim sheathings
Mold resistant exterior wall assembly
Drywall repair patch
System using a drywall board and a jointing compound
Corner guard for covering a wall corner junction
Composite for building material, and method of manufacturing building material using the same
Soil conditioning agglomerates containing calcium
Modular construction system
Conditioning shoe and method of use
Sports shoe, particularly for motorcycling
Footwear item comprising built-in dynamic element
Reusable shoe shield equipped with a zipper with a back pocket and seasoned grooves
Novel ubiquitin ligases as therapeutic targets
Chrysanthemum plant named 'Redock Yellow'
Csnk1gs as modifiers of the p21 pathway and methods of use
Animal model for raising HDL-cholesterol with niacin
Plant variety of Catharanthus roseus named "lli"
Data privacy management system and method
Strawberry plant named 'Orleans'
Method and system for providing targeted advertisements
Methods and compositions for regulating plant stress tolerance
Importance of semantic web resources and semantic associations between two resources
Methods and means for obtaining modified phenotypes
Integrated circuit layout design methodology with process variation bands
Transgenic plants with tocopherol methyltransferase
Updatable firmware having boot and/or communication redundancy
Mice lacking alpha 1G showing enhanced novelty-seeking and alcohol preference and therapeutic method...
Automatic configuration of a microprocessor influenced by an input program
Ace2 activation for treatment of heart, lung and kidney disease and hypertension
Devices, systems and methods for conditional instructions
Investment and method for hedging operational risk associated with business events of another
Arrangement of color pixels for full color imaging devices with simplified addressing
Fluid-cooled ion source
Network access using multiple authentication realms
Diagnostic data interchange
Method and system for private data networks for sharing food ingredient item attribute and event dat...
Methods and apparatus for performing endoluminal gastroplasty
Basic amino acid - methionine hydroxy analog compositions
Purified, moderately esterified polyol polyester fatty acid compositions
System for forming containers, in particular containers for food products
Method of making a corrosion-resistant non-stick coating
Protein enhanced low carbohydrate snack food
Canola protein isolate functionality I
Process for producing soy protein
Method and apparatus for vacuum-less meat processing
Meat processing system
Method and apparatus for controlling texture of meat products
Viscous food containing soybean, tofu-like basic food material and process for prodiucing the same
Functional fiber flour product and method for making same
Process for producing high-moisture, smooth-textured shaped cereal foods
Lignan complexes
Food product
Non-causal speaker selection for conference multicast
Developer supply container with a plurality of feeding projections
Imaging system adapted to partially preprocess image data
Optimized x-ray tube cooling device
Switchable electro-optical laminates
Actuated film display device
Image display medium and image display apparatus
Differential frequency down-conversion using techniques of universal frequency translation technolog...
Microcomputer bridge architecture with an embedded microcontroller
Computer-based networking service and method and system for performing the same
Outline extracting apparatus and method and computer readable memory medium
Article to be processed having ID, and production method thereof
Child alert system
Contactless IC card
Operator for a movable barrier and method of use
Organic EL display device having certain relationships among constituent element refractive indices
Radiopharmaceutical pig of two sections that enables one section to turn relative to the other secti...
Hypermedia document authoring
Combined hardware and software based encryption of databases
Multi-bit Patricia trees
Speech training method with alternative proper pronunciation database
Performance optimizer system and method
Fuser stripper baffle and a printing machine including the same
Charging system utilizing grid elements with differentiated patterns
Control system for wiping a corona wire in a xerographic printer
Heating system for a developer housing
Systems and methods for current density monitor and control in a copy substrate
Increased transmission capacity for a fiber-optic link
CT dose reduction filter with a computationally efficient implementation
Dynamic detector interlacing for computed tomography
Method of communicating between modules in a decoding system
Combination thermal wave and optical spectroscopy measurement systems
System and method for signal matching and characterization
Fluorometry and fluorometric device and substrate suitable therefor
Decreasing load on devices for mass spectrometers
Process end point detection apparatus and method, polishing apparatus, semiconductor device manufact...
Electrode substrate and production method thereof
NMR imaging system with conical permanent magnet
Rare gas polarizer apparatus and magnetic resonance imaging system
Customer services and advertising based upon device attributes and associated distributed processing...
Web-site performance analysis system and method utilizing web-site traversal counters and histograms
System and method for adaptive multi-cultural searching and matching of personal names
Search query processing to provide category-ranked presentation of search results
Method of speech recognition using empirically determined word candidates
Utility knife
OFDM receiver with adaptive equalizer
High efficiency resonant line
Interfacial trap layer to improve carrier injection
Thin film transistors using solution processed pentacene precursor as organic semiconductor
Photovoltaic element
Semiconductor device comprising a discontinuous region and/or a continuous region having trench isol...
Films doped with carbon for use in integrated circuit technology
Semiconductor device having gate electrode in which depletion layer can be generated
Enhancement mode metal-oxide-semiconductor field effect transistor
Avalanche photo-detector with high saturation power and high gain-bandwidth product
Semiconductor light-emitting device image display illuminator and its manufacturing method
Semiconductor device having a storage capacitor
Liquid crystal display device having polycrystalline TFT and fabricating method thereof
Fuel for use in a fuel cell system
Anti-ulcer pharmaceutical composition and the preparation thereof
Human TREK2, a stretch- and arachidonic acid-sensitive K+ channel activated by inhalational anesthet...
Activated polyethylene glycol compounds
Oral pharmaceutical products containing 17 β-estradiol-3-lower alkanoate, method of administer...
Pharmaceutical formulation comprising a low molecular weight thrombin inhibitor and its prodrug
Treatment or prophylaxis of diseases caused by pilus-forming bacteria
Diagnostic method for a transmissible spongiform encephalopathy or a prion disease
Vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) nucleic acid ligand complexes
Wound repair dressings and methods for their preservation
Self-assembled lipid bilayer materials
Method and apparatus for remote installation of an operating system over a network connection
System and process for management of changes and modifications in a process
System and method for iterative code optimization using adaptive size metrics
Optimizing storage and retrieval of monitoring data
Method to create optimized machine code through combined verification and translation of JAVA™...
Mask pattern generating method and manufacturing method of semiconductor apparatus
System and method of creating interactive visual content
Method and system for localizing Web pages
Automated media delivery system
Salt and polymorphs of desloratadine hemifumarate
Open circuit detection for vehicular lamp
Image forming apparatus featuring a resistance relationship between an image bearing member and a tr...
Method and apparatus for testing a system-on-a-chip
Methods of conditioning direct methanol fuel cells
Process for producing polymer optical waveguide
Use of sphingomyelinase to increase the levels of skin and mucosal ceramides, and dermatological and...
Methods for modulation of cholesterol transport
Process cartridge and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
DC/DC converter
Rationally designed polysaccharide lyases derived from chondroitinase B
Diaphragm, flat-type acoustic transducer, and flat-type diaphragm
Method, apparatus, and system to optimize frequently executed code and to use compiler transformatio...
Methods and compositions for transposition using minimal segments of the eukaryotic transformation v...
Method for removing volatiles from a block copolymer
Continuous pickling and cold-rolling equipment and operating method thereof
Wireless self-describing buildings
Enzymatic synthesis of polymers
Micro-opto-electro-mechanical switching system
Method and dosage form for dispensing a bioactive substance
New Guinea Impatiens plant named 'Visinfscar'
System and method for identifying invoices that may be duplicate prior to payment
Respiratory equipment spacer assembly
Support base
Integral variably printed special service mailing assembly and a method for using same
SOI MOSFET with multi-sided source/drain silicide
Magnetic tunneling junction cell array with shared reference layer for MRAM applications
Methods of making, positioning and orienting nanostructures, nanostructure arrays and nanostructure ...
System and method of managing registration, sale, distribution and use of regulated agricultural pro...
LED multiplex source and method of use of for sterilization, bioactivation and therapy
Recovery of organic acids
Aqueous dispersions of polyurethane-addition polymer hybrid particles especially for use in coating ...
Stabilized environmentally sensitive binders
Shaft member with vibration damping function
Aerated concrete exterior wallboard sheet and associated method for making
Method of applying a heat reflective coating to a substrate sheet
Polymeric compositions with embedded pesticidal desiccants
Stabilizers for hydrolyzable organic binders
Therapeutic cream for dermatitis
Auto-deep scan for capacitive sensing
Slurry mixer constrictor valve
Cementitious composition
Aluminum effect pigment blends
Coating for wall construction
Construction connector anchor cage system
Interior panel structure
Method, apparatus and computer program product for determining image quality
System and method for producing print order files customized for a particular printer
Determining sets of n-dimensional colorant control signals
Driving scheme for cholesteric liquid crystal display
Digital pen and paper
Two-stage exposure device for watermarking film
Method for performing quality checks on a print engine film loop
Printing to displays
Color characterization with enhanced purity
System to scan image for wallpaper display and method thereof
Variable color sneaker logo and trimmings
Disposable, one-piece, self-adhesive, all-surface, sport, game, play, work, cushioning, safety "RED ...
Uni-sex multi-sport footwear accessory
Work boot with anatomical tongue
Method for providing an insole for footwear for increased sensory stimulation and an insole suited f...
Damping element for a shoe
Convertible sandal
Waterproof and breathable sole for shoes
Managing a home network
Metering device and process to record engine hour data
System and method for dynamic alternative route geographic plotting
Tissue resurfacing
Non-magnetic medical infusion device
Polymer cement for percutaneous vertebroplasty
Radio base station device setting system and method for re-setting communication configurations for ...
Base station for a mobile telecommunications network employing diversity and method of operation
Portable telephone apparatus with camera
Power management mechanism for unlicensed wireless communication systems
System and method for coexistence in wireless networks
Method and system for controlling transmission power of a downlink signaling channel based on enhanc...
Apparatus and method for recovering disconnected communication link in mobile communication system
Locating mobile terminals
GPS-microphone for communication system
Locating mobile terminals
Dynamic data delivery apparatus and method for same
Fast handover method optimized for IEEE 802.11 Networks
System and method for providing voice and data communications between a mobile platform and a base s...
Radio communication system, and apparatus, method, and computer program for said radio communication...
Authenticating wireless phone system
New guinea impatiens plant named 'Danhardalil'
New guinea impatiens plant named 'Danharpurcrown'
Monarda plant named 'Coral Reef'
Clematis plant named 'Carnival'
Inbred corn line phace
Acala ULTIMA EF cultivar plant and seed
Hammer cotton cultivar plant and seed
Nematode fatty acid desaturase-like sequences
AP2 domain transcription factor ODP2 (ovule development protein 2) and methods of use
Vectors capable of imparting herbicide resistance and viral cross protection and methods
DNA sequence for root preferred gene expression in plants
Compositions and methods for the treatment of Pierce's disease
Transformed plants with enhanced prenylquinone biosynthesis
Plant centromere compositions
Nonhuman model animal nonresponsive to endotoxin and lipoprotein or lipopeptide
Agouti-related protein deficient cells, non-human transgenic animals and methods of selecting compou...
High impetus, high burn rate gas generant propellant and seatbelt pretensioner incorporating same
Sign sentry
Device for scanning or detecting electromagnetic waves
Ballasting circuit for optimizing the current in the take-over/warm-up phase
Discharge lamp operation apparatus
Illumination control system
Lamp monitor and lamp
Electroluminescent display device
Light emitting diodes for high AC voltage operation and general lighting
Remotely controlled lighting system and controller switch for operation on same
Backlight assembly, display device and driving apparatus of light source for display device
Fluorescent lamp driver and liquid crystal display apparatus
Circuit for driving cold cathode tubes and external electrode fluorescent lamps
Dimmable LED-based MR16 lighting apparatus methods
Lamp fault detector
Semiconductor device and display apparatus
Plasma-assisted gas production
System bridge and timeclock for RF controlled lighting systems
Light system manager
Methods and apparatus for an improved amplifier for driving a dynamic load
Light device having automatic control device
Power factor correction circuit for electronic ballast
Vehicular lamp
Electronic ballast for a lamp
Incandescent light bulb life extending apparatus
Methods and apparatus for an improved amplifier for driving a non-linear load
Secreted and transmembrane polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding the same
Secreted and transmembrane polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding the same
Pharmaceutical compositions and uses for androst-5-ene-3β, 17β-diol
Elastin peptide analogs and uses thereof
Biometric sensor
Magnetically readable card and a method of making a magnetically readable card
Serialized data plate for outdoor equipment and the like
Vehicle with compliant drive train
Time-sequential colour projection
Method for manufacturing electro-optic device and electro-optic device
Transgenic non-human animals expressing a truncated activin type II receptor
Computer systems and methods for providing health care
Method and system for measuring attributes on a three-dimenslonal object
Method of evaluating the performance of a product using a virtual environment
Decellularized tissue
Femoral head cap implant including a device for electrically stimulating tissue
Femoral head surface replacement system
Orthopaedic joint prosthesis
Shoulder prosthesis assembly
Spinal implants, including devices that reduce pressure on the annulus fibrosis
Artificial disc device
Artificial intervertebral disc
Intervertebral prosthesis
Artificial spinal disc, insertion tool, and method of insertion
Implant comprising a two-piece joint
Artificial expansile total lumbar and thoracic discs for posterior placement without supplemental in...
Methods of inserting conically-shaped fusion cages
Intervertebral allograft spacer
Cochlear implant electrode array
Mobile energy management system
Variable bandgap reference
Circuit component and transformer device with controllable impedance and with systems equipped with ...
Method and apparatus to allow rapid adjustment of the reference voltage in a switching regulator
Current controller for inductive load
Controller for DC to DC converter
System for controlling a plurality of pulse-width-modulated switching power converters
Method and apparatus for auto-interleaving synchronization in a multiphase switching power converter
Voltage regulator
Tap changing assembly for power transformer
Method and apparatus for ameliorating electrolyte stratification during rapid charging
Capacitor pulse forming network with multiple pulse inductors
Adapter for a power tool battery and a battery charger
Battery pack with vertical cells and slide in latch
Method for operating a wind turbine
Gaming device having alternate outcome presentations
Position assured connector
Electronic video poker games
Method of playing a matching bonus game
Gaming device having multiple symbol displays
Method and apparatus for communication control of mobile computers in communication network systems ...
Apparatus and method for analyzing performance of a mobile network
Method and arrangement for detecting load mismatch, and a radio device utilizing the same
Acoustic pipe for flip style cellular telephone
Portable communication device
Hands-free device
Annunciators for voice and data applications in wireless communication devices
Cooperative wireless luminescent imagery
Transreflector antenna for wireless communication system
Handheld devices
Navigation key for a handset
Obtaining an intelligent roaming database template
Reverse link outer loop power control with adaptive compensation
Method and apparatus for providing dispatch calling through a wireless communication system infrastr...
Maintenance of channel usage in a wireless communication system
Method of delivering short messages using a SMPP gateway with standard interface
Service-oriented protection scheme for a radio access network
Tilt in reverse mirror
Optical device, polarization monitor and optical switch
Amplitude and phase control in distributed optical structures
Lens and method for producing a lens
Ring optical parametric oscillator/optical parametric amplifier combination in single beamline
Zoom camera having lens barrel assembly adjustable focus and resolution power of lens
Structure and method for fixing lens of optical module
Optical imaging systems and methods using polarized illumination and coordinated pupil filter