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Continuous crystallization process
Process for producing azine compounds and oxime compounds
Continuous slurry polymerization volatile removal
Blends made from propylene ethylene polymers
Heat conductive silicone composition and shaped article
Insecticidal Paecilomyces tenuipes strain FERM BP-7861
Slurry polymerization reactor having large length/diameter ratio
Process for producing continuous alumina fiber blanket
Fire retardant foam and gel compositions
Slotted multimode interference device
Frequency conversion efficiency
Semiconductor memory device having memory cells including ferromagnetic films and control method the...
Animal waste scooper and bagging system
Methods and apparatus for harvesting vaccine from eggs
Developmental animal model of temporal lobe epilepsy
Basolateral sorting signal and inhibitors thereof
Product and process for stabilizing Aloe vera gel
Animal habitat and display system
Bi-modal seed port with pivoting trough
Collapsible feeder
Method and housing assembly for farming members of the phylum arthropoda
Fishing lure enhancement
Ice fishing tip-up strike indicator
Systems and methods of implanting a lead for brain stimulation
Methods for reducing or preventing transplant rejection in the eye and intraocular implants for use ...
Multiple stimulus reversible hydrogels
Process and composition for making multi-layer golf balls using rigid uncrosslinked shells
Methods for enhancing the consolidation strength of resin coated particulates
Apparatus and method for measuring electroencephalogram
Wavelet-based analysis of pulse oximetry signals
Awakening level estimation apparatus for a vehicle and method thereof
Body motion detector
Image processing
Methods and apparatus for archiving, indexing and accessing audio and video data
Method and system for processing images for themed imaging services
Image search apparatus
Image interpolation method and apparatus therefor
Image composition evaluation
Methods and systems for improving display resolution using sub-pixel sampling and visual error compe...
Non-traditional adaptive non-uniformity compensation (ADNUC) system employing adaptive feedforward s...
System and method for recompressing a digital image using requantization
Distortion-adaptive visual frequency weighting
Image compression device and image uncompression apparatus utilizing the same
Data processing device and data processing method and recorded medium
Systems and methods for automatic scale selection in real-time imaging
Variable optical attenuator
Joint between fibre and support with cold weld for an optical module
Splicing cassette management system
Integrated demultiplexer/photoreceiver for optical networks and method of controlling transparency o...
Optical performance monitor
Flat display
Direct type backlight unit of liquid crystal display
Multi-lamp arrangement for optical systems
Emergency light system
Lamp assembly with peripheral auxiliary function
High/low beam adjuster bracket assembly
Vehicular lamp
Infrared ray irradiation apparatus for night vision system
Adjustable rear sight for firearms
Lateral projection muzzle brake
Imaging members
Transaction card with shaped edge
Device and method for brewing coffee and espresso beverages
Filtering device for espresso maker
Method of making a package structure by dicing a wafer from the backside surface thereof
Fuel cell system
Method for internal heating reformation by oxidation
Digital printing system
Method for maximizing scalp health and inducing enhanced visual and tactile hair quality
Half toner and compositor circuit for a printer
Composition and method to whiten and exfoliate skin
Compositions and methods for transdermal oxybutynin therapy
Mascara comprising solid particles
Waterman's sunglass lens
Compositions and methods for non-targeted activation of endogenous genes
Methods for diagnosis and treatment of MDK1 signal transduction disorders
Method for the treatment of vitamin D related disease
Screening assays for G protein coupled receptor agonists and antagonists
Genes regulating programmed cell death
Method of adjusting a process output value
Methods and composition for modulating flavonols content
Domestic fabric article refreshment in integrated cleaning and treatment processes
Process for applying a stable skin care composition to a substrate
Method of treating hair with heat and a cap which provides a signal regarding treatment
Anhydrous antiperspirant and deodorant compositions containing solid vitamin B3 particulates and gly...
Dispenser for cosmetics
Capacitors including a cavity containing a buried layer
Bump structure of a scattering reflective board and method for manufacturing the bump structure
Laser-markable laminate
Process for converting α-angelica lactone to 5-methyl-N-alkyl-2-pyrrolidone using alkyl amines
Method for improving the mechanical strength of cement matrices, and cement matrices produced thereb...
Water-based spray marking composition
Low-cost, steerable, phased array antenna with controllable high permittivity phase shifters
Method and apparatus for producing titanium dioxide
Polarization independent waveguide optical isolator and circulator
Catalysts for olefin polymerization
High resistance polyaniline blend for use in high efficiency pixellated polymer electroluminescent d...
Process for preparing poly(trimethylene terephthalate) bicomponent fibers
Halogenated optical polymer composition
Plant sorbitol biosynthetic enzymes
Methods and systems for promoting security in a computer system employing attached storage devices
Server-based message protocol translation
System and method of wireless proximity awareness
Multi-stroke cylinder operation in an internal combustion engine
Wheel speed detector having stationary seal member for mounting magnetic sensor
Toroidal-type continuously variable transmission
Angular contact ball bearing and spindle device
Ball bearing
Vehicle-use bearing device having rotation detecting device
Hydrodynamic bearing assembly and spindle motor having the same
Rotating instrumented suspension stop for measuring vertical forces
Device for supporting a material web
Cargo unit for submunitions
Rocket launcher system and method for controlling a rocket launcher system
Label switch network system
Target support with pattern recognition sites
Long working distance incoherent interference microscope
Automated fluid-jet tilt compensation for lag and taper
Chromatic dispersion device
Method of logically erasing contents of a CD-RW disc while preserving disc ID
Support surface of a device for optically capturing objects
High performance miniature spectrometer
Rain sensor, especially for a motor vehicle
Laminated heat-reflecting windshield with detecting device
Water-borne base coating composition for automobiles
Static dissipation treatments for optical package windows
Portable printer having automatic print alignment
Two-dimensional code, methods and apparatuses for generating, displaying and reading the same
Electric beverage maker
Brew station for coffee drinks
Tunable microwave apparatus
Synthesis of pyrroles
Primer for diagnosis of one or more kinds of cancer
Modular backup and retrieval system used in conjunction with a storage area network
Ferroelectric transistor for storing two data bits
Processes for the manufacture of supported materials
Semiconductor device and process for producing the same
Reaction calorimeter and differential scanning calorimeter for the high-throughput synthesis, screen...
Method for combinatorial material development using differential thermal images
Defect-free patterning of sol-gel-coated substrates for magnetic recording media
Erosion-resistant silicone coatings for protection of fluid-handling parts
Method for forming microstructures on a substrate using a mold
Piezoelectric actuator, ink jet head, and discharge apparatus
Picture composing apparatus and method
System and method for driving a display device
Electrode driving apparatus and electronic equipment
Display device and method for manufacturing the same
Starting controller
Dual-type organic electroluminescence display and manufacturing method thereof
Self light emitting display device
Process for forming pattern and method for producing liquid crystal display apparatus
Silicon carbide on diamond substrates and related devices and methods
Thin film transistor and method of fabricating the same
Electrically conductive polymers capable of being covalently grafted on by light, method for obtaini...
Method for detecting cockroach allergens and determining total allergen level
Method and materials for purifying hydride gases, inert gases, and non-reactive gases
Semiconductor memory with self fuse programming
Color liquid crystal display
Ferrite material, ferrite sintered body, and inductor
System and method for preventing a copy of a protected window
Computer, computer security setting method, and program
Secure remote configuration of targeted devices using a standard message transport protocol
Method and system for ensuring that computer programs are trustworthy
Object models enabling hosting content in a plurality of environments
Printing interface for a computer platform
Supporting cross-component references in an object-oriented programming system
Process to not disturb a user when performing critical activities
Administering return data from execution of commands by a computer operating system
Program agent initiated processing of enqueued event actions
Object cloning for demand events
Method, system, and apparatus for establishing a software configurable computing environment
System and method for contributing remote object content to an integrated development environment ty...
Systems and methods for configuring a user interface having a menu
Collection view objects for displaying data collection items in user interface elements
Chat user interface for threaded text chat systems
Methods and apparatus for implementing a virtualized computer system
System and method for styling content in a graphical user interface control
Importing and exporting markup language data in a spreadsheet application document
Method, system, and storage medium for providing instant text character identification
Re-ordering a first request within a FIFO request queue to a different queue position when the first...
Container for disk drives
Modular rearview mirror assembly including an electronic control module
Power saving in mobile stations
Cellular phone system and mobile communication terminals and base station controlling apparatus in t...
Miniature 1×2 magneto-optic switch
Compact precision beam manipulators
Imaging lens
Observation optical system and optical apparatus
Zoom lens
Imaging lens
System and method for telecentric projection lenses
Tip optical element for immersion microscope objectives
Device for collimating light emanating from a laser light source and beam transformer for said arran...
Apparatus and method for controlling polarization in an optical communications medium
Identification of fire signatures for shipboard multi-criteria fire detection systems
Device to detect and measure the concentration and characterization of airborne conductive or dielec...
Isostatic piezoresistive pressure transducer with temperature output
Method and apparatus for micromachining using a magnetic field and plasma etching
Wireless digital data transmission from a passive transceiver
Narrow bandwidth, high resolution video surveillance system and frequency hopped, spread spectrum tr...
Method and system for obtaining road grade data
System powered via signal on gas pipe
Method for polymeric surface modification
Method for preparing oligonucleotides
Novel gene targets and ligands that bind thereto for treatment and diagnosis of colon carcinomas
Promoters having a modified transcription efficiency and derived from methyltrophic yeast
Method of producing Ethyl (3R, 5S, 6E)-7-[2 cyclopropyl-4-(fluorophenyl) quinoline-3-yl]-3, 5-dihydr...
Solid-phase and solution-phase synthesis of glycosylphosphatidylinositol glycans
Antisense oligonucleotides for identifying drug targets and enhancing cancer therapies
Inhibitors of adp-ribosyl transferases, cyclases, and hydrolases
New epilepsy mutations
Pectate lyase variants
Methods and compositions for use in spliceosome mediated RNA trans-splicing in plants
GSK3 polypeptides
Microbial production of coq10
IL-17 homologous polypeptides and therapeutic uses thereof
IL-17 homologous polypeptides and therapeutic uses thereof
Novel physiologically active peptide and use thereof
Mutation associated with epilepsy
Method to improve translation of polypeptides by using untranslated regions from heat-shock proteins
Storage control apparatus, storage system, and control method for storage system
Phase cycling method in SSFP pulse sequence and magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
Magnetic Resonance System Response Method
Parallel MR imaging with use of multi-coil made of plural element coils
Poly(aralkyl ketone)s and methods of preparing the same
Proteins and nucleic acids encoding same
Pro1340 nucleic acids
PRO1347 nucleic acids
Method and apparatus for a secure communications session with a remote system via an access-controll...
Method and apparatus for optimizing cache hit ratio in non L1 caches
Maintaining an average erase count in a non-volatile storage system
Telematics unit access method
Method of manufacturing a moulded article and a product of the method
Arrangement applied in package
Golf putter and method for manufacturing the golf putter
Clothes fastening system
Side element of a shoe upper
Footwear upper
Portion of a footwear upper
Portion of a shoe midsole
Portion of a shoe sole
Cord-winding exercise apparatus
Orbital exercise machine with arm exercise
Methods and apparatus for generating force and torque
Wireless motion monitoring device incorporating equipment control module of an exercise equipment
Methods and apparatus for supporting exercise dumbbells
Surgical fastener, particularly for the endoluminal treatment of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GE...
Optical recording medium and method for producing such an optical recording medium
Image forming apparatus
Toner having specific relation between absorption spectra, and developer, image forming method and i...
Inexpensive fabrication of large-area pixel arrays for displays and sensors
Ink stick for phase change ink jet printer
Diode array architecture for addressing nanoscale resistive memory arrays
Polymer-based nanocomposite materials and methods of production thereof
Anti-tumor pharmaceutical composition comprising N-vanillyl fatty acid amide
Nonwoven car wash glove or mitt
Method of converting a recording element
Preventive agent for ascites in poultry
Data-driven method simulator and simulation process
Methods for mitigating impact on non-privileged users of potential resource limitations in a communi...
Biased phase sweep transmit diversity
Method and apparatus for desensitization of a wireless receiver
Doppler corrected communications receiver and method of removing doppler frequency shift
Pilot signal cycling technique for a control system that reduces distortion produced by electrical c...
Code assignment in a CDMA wireless system
Reverse statistical multiplexing to achieve efficient digital packing with link protection
Compact multiple-band antenna arrangement
Rate loop processor for perceptual encoder/decoder
Metering device for anesthetics
System and method for tissue treatment
Triazole derivative
Use of insulin response modulators in the treatment of diabetes and insulin resistance
Method for molding a synthetic pallet, composition and product by process
Process and apparatus for producing a golf ball with deep dimples
Chip seal method with heating step
Coffee maker
Ink cartridge, ink-jet type printing apparatus using the same, and ink cartridge change control meth...
Package biochemical hazard and contraband detector
Bag stand
Techniques for designing and manufacturing precision-folded, high strength, fatigue-resistant struct...
Corticotropin-releasing factor2 receptors
RAD51 polypeptides and uses thereof
Structure to achieve sensitivity and linear density in tunneling GMR heads using orthogonal magnetic...
Structure and manufacturing method for nitride-based light-emitting diodes
Error detection using data block mapping
Synchronization point across different memory BIST controllers
Single board DFT integrated circuit tester
Automated processor generation system for designing a configurable processor and method for the same
Detailed placer for optimizing high density cell placement in a linear runtime
Process and apparatus for placement of cells in an IC during floorplan creation
Front panel structure of plasma display panel
Super broad-band polarizing reflective material
Liquid crystal display apparatus
Polypeptides having xyloglucanase activity and nucleic acids encoding same
Infrared-sensitive photosensitive composition
Toner and image forming apparatus using the toner
Electrically conductive, preferably unbacked adhesive tape with permanent full-area pressure sensiti...
Nucleic acids encoding protein tyrosine kinases
Process for surface functionalsation of polymeric substrates using diaryl carbenes as reactive inter...
Aqueous dispersions of water-soluble polymers of N-vinyl carboxylic acid amides, method for the prod...
Matrix protein compositions for guided connective tissue growth
Antimycotic nail varnish composition
Screen for image display apparatus, method for manufacturing screen for image display apparatus, and...
Planographic printing method, original printing plate and printing press
Method and system for facilitating automated interaction of marketable retail orders and professiona...
Method for recovering proteins from the interstitial fluid of plant tissues
Peptides and methods for the control of obesity
Production of peptides in plants as viral coat protein fusions
Polynucleotides encoding carnation senescense-induced EIF-5A
Pseudotyped retroviruses and stable cell lines for their production
Immunologically privileged cells and uses thereof
Film forming compositions comprising modified starches and iota-carrageenan and methods for manufact...
Information signal reception and transmission apparatus and method
Detecting collusion among multiple recipients of fingerprinted information
Determining redundancies in content object directories
Method and system for managing, accessing and paying for the use of copyrighted electronic media
Media pack, printer, and camera with printer
Method and system for purchasing personal recording media
Ketogulonigenium shuttle vectors
Portion of a multi-handled bag
Method for processing information from an information repository
Trusted access by an extendible framework method, system, article of manufacture, and computer progr...
Method and system for intra-table referential integrity for relational database systems
Methods, computer programs and apparatus for caching directory queries
Camshaft adjuster with an electrical drive
Adjusting mechanism adjusting method of valve-lift amount of internal combustion engine
Valve lift sensor
Road curvature estimation and automotive target state estimation system
Vehicle high security piggyback modules
Active magnetostrictive sensor for automotive horn or occupant weight sensor
Active noise attenuation system
Method and device for securing data when altering the storage contents of control units
Apparatus and method of controlling vehicle creep control under braking
Method and system for capturing a note-taking session
Scan apparatus capable of identifying users
Printer with a web server embedded therein and printing method thereof
Methods and systems for imaging device credential submission and receipt
Method and apparatus for building multimedia applications using interactive multimedia viewers
Method and system for collecting and providing multimedia content
System and method for providing index data of multimedia contents
Hyper video: information retrieval using multimedia
Interactive multimedia book
Method and apparatus for training foreign languages
Method and apparatus for personalization of a public multimedia communications terminal
Method for searching multimedia using progressive histogram
Call center administration manager with rules-based routing prioritization
Automated data transfer in association with a voice call
Moving image packet decoding and reproducing apparatus, reproduction time control method thereof, co...
Method for adjusting parameters for the presentation of multimedia objects
Mounting system reeved to move an object in two-dimensions and methods relating to same
Portable multimedia player
Carriageable multimedia player
Method and telecommunication system for transmitting a facsimile message
Gaming device having a bonus round with a win, lose or draw outcome
Gaming device having multiple pay slots
Power connector with safety feature
Dual reel unwinder/rewinder with a slack take-up mechanism
Gaming device having symbol displays
Methods and systems for drug screening and computational modeling
Process for the preparation of rosuvastatin
New monocyclic compounds and their use in medicine: process for their preparation and pharmaceutical...
Pyrazolopyrimidines and the use thereof for controlling harmful organisms
Survival motor neuron (SMN) gene: a Gene for spinal muscular atrophy
Treatment of Stargardt's disease and other lipofuscin disorders with combined retinaldehyde inhibito...
8-Hydroxy quinoline derivatives
Enantiomeric compositions of cicletanine, alone and in combination with other agents, for the treatm...
Methods for treating retinal diseases
Novel compounds and compositions as cathepsin inhibitors
Carboxylic acid, phosphate or phosphonate substituted quinazolin-4-ylamine analogues as capsaicin re...
11beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type 1 active compounds
Estrogen replacement regimen
Aminoalkylphosphonates and related compounds as edg receptor agonists
Protease inhibitors
3-ether and 3-thioether substituted cyclosporin derivatives for the treatment and prevention of hepa...
Mild acyl isethionate toilet bar composition
Raav expression systems for genetic modification of specific capsid proteins
Medical device delivery catheter
Obesity treatment systems
Method, medium, and apparatus generating health state based avatars
Pyrazolobenzamides and derivatives as factor Xa inhibitors
Pharmaceutical composition for the treatment of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
Asymmetric synthesis of dihydrobenzofuran derivatives
Abdominally implanted stimulator and method
Ppar alpha selective compounds for the treatment of dyslipidemia and other lipid disorders
Implantable medical lead
Isoxazole carboxamide derivatives as ghrelin receptor modulators
Implantable medical lead with reinforced outer jacket
Nf-kb activation inhibitors
Implantable medical lead with helical reinforcement
Phenylalkanoic acid and phenyloxyalkanoic acid derivatives as hppar activators
Implantable medical lead with stylet guide tube
Ester derivatives and medicinal use thereof
Implantable medical lead with axially oriented coiled wire conductors
Fixation of a medical implant to the exterior of a body organ
Use of parathyroid hormone-related protein (PTHrP) in the diagnosis and treatment of chronic lung di...
System and method for scalable and redundant sip message routing in an IP multimedia subsystem
Automatic document classification using text and images
Notification device interaction
Computer program and data structure for use in knowledge enhance electronic logic
Computer-implemented knowledge repository interface system and method
System, method, and computer program product for representing object relationships in a multidimensi...
CAI system and readable-by-computer recording medium recorded with program
Utilized nanotechnology apparatus using a neutral network, a solution and a connection gap
Rapid valuation of portfolios of assets such as financial instruments
System identification method
Method of reducing finite controlling automata and corresponding computer-readable medium
System and method for adaptive control of uncertain nonlinear processes
Method for determining location and gain settings of amplifiers in an optical network by using a gen...
Apparatus and method for managing multivariant assembly data models
Security element
Security element, thermal transfer sheet, intermediate transfer recording medium, and method for for...
Ink-receptive card substrate
Method of improving airline luggage inspection
Methodology for performing caching procedures in an electronic network
Devices, software and methods for encoding abbreviated voice data for redundant transmission through...
Method and apparatus for conducting subscriber's phone testing remotely via the internet
Method and system for searching recorded speech and retrieving relevant segments
Wireless rechargeable money card
Cover body sliding/location structure of subscriber identity module connector
Server processing of interactive screens for a wireless device
Method and apparatus for wireless auto-conferencing
Systems, methods and computer program products for responding to AMBER alerts
Transmitting and amplifying unit for wireless communication device
Techniques for audio transducer switching under programmatic and off hook interrupt control
Termination block
Echo canceller having improved noise immunity
Consolidated voice activity detection and noise estimation
Method and apparatus for enabling multiple protocol communication over a network
Echo reduction for a headset or handset
System and method for generating a simultaneous mixed audio output through a single output interface
Automatic update of a directory entry within a directory of an electronic communication device by el...
System and method for confidence based incremental access authentication
Configurable digit collection for various signaling protocols
Solution phase biopolymer synthesis
Liquid contacting of post-quench effluent vapor streams from oxygenate to olefins conversion to capt...
Method for product separation and purification in iso-butylene dimerization process
Aromatics alkylation
Environmentally safe alkylation of aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons with olefins using solid HF-e...
Method for dehydrogenating C2-C30-alkanes
Dual bed process using two different catalysts for selective hydrogenation of acetylene and dienes
Hydrocarbon hydrogenation catalyst composition, a process of treating such catalyst composition, and...
Mid-range vinylidene content polyisobutylene polymer product and process for producing the same
Process for the co-oligomerisation of ethylene and alpha olefins
Process for burning off oil spills
Process for producing high RON gasoline using CFI Zeolite
Gasoline fuel
Shrub rose plant named 'BAIngo'
New Guinea Impatiens plant named 'Fisupnic Hotpink'
Miniature rose plant named 'Poulpar033'
Climbing rose plant named 'Poulcy012'
Angelonia plant named 'Balangwitim'
Double impatiens plant named 'Balolepurp'
Azalea plant named 'YBAZ1812'
Grandiflora rose plant named 'Jactourn'
Miniature rose plant named 'Poulpah028'
Walnut tree named 'Sexton'
Walnut tree named 'Forde'
Nectarine tree named 'Grand Bright'
Hybrid Tea Rose plant named 'Meivanthou'
Chrysanthemum plant named 'Grace Time Pearl Improved'
Interspecific tree named: 'Flavor Rouge'
Nectarine tree 'S 6817'
Artichoke plant named 'BCP 20-18'
Zoysiagrass plant named 'Z-89'
Embedded blacklisting for digital broadcast system security
Piggy-backed key exchange protocol for providing secure, low-overhead browser connections when a cli...
Selective encryption for video on demand
Data recording medium, data recording method and apparatus, data playback method and apparatus, and ...
Using smartcards or other cryptographic modules for enabling connected devices to access encrypted a...
System and method for user authentication
Method for broadcast encryption and key revocation of stateless receivers
Conditional access system for set-top boxes
Translator terminal for two or more wireless networks
Currency and float ID tracking in an electronic purse
Method for proof of transaction
Retail transactions involving digital content in a digital rights management (DRM) system
Method for simulcrypting scrambled data to a plurality of conditional access devices
System and method for controlling distribution and use of digital works using price specifications
User-assisted programmable appliance control
Method and apparatus for modifying the effects of color burst modifications to a video signal
Methods for data encryption using multiple layer steganography
Chaining key broadcasting reception system and chaining key broadcasting reception method
Wireless LAN WEP initialization vector partitioning scheme
Stream continuity enforcement
Optical disc authentication method and apparatus
Decorative urn
Handle and chassis combination for shopping cart
Garbage can
Ironing board with stand
Multi-functional paint mixer
Chimney cleaning apparatus
Pan scraper
Scraper blade
Accessory for a cleaning appliance
Accessory for a cleaning appliance
Vacuum cleaning nozzle
Portion of a floor cleaner foot
Vacuum cleaner
Vacuum cleaner
Steam cleaner
Extractor base portion
Drum type washing machine
Washing machine with a clothing drier
Feed port for bird feeder
Animal brisket board
Combined tool container and pet carrier
Method and device for obtaining audience data on TV program
Method of initiating a telecommunication session between a resource provider and a patron
Method and system of creating floating windows for displaying sponsor information, messages or progr...
Data communication control apparatus and method adapted to control distribution of data correspondin...
Creating web pages category list prior to the list being served to a browser
System, method and apparatus for converting and integrating media files
Method for securing software via late stage processor instruction decryption
Portable health care history information system
Method and apparatus for translating web addresses and using numerically entered web addresses
Method and device for viewing, archiving and transmitting a garment model over a computer network
Internet modem streaming socket method
Physical private mobile telecommunications network
Apparatus and method for establishing communication in a computer network
Facial image verification utilizing smart-card with integrated video camera
Arrangement for converting ATM cells to infiniband packets
Headend cherrypicker multiplexer with switched front end
Voice-over-IP enabled chat
System, device and computer readable medium for providing a managed wireless network using short-ran...
Architecture for implementation of radio access bearer manager (RABM) and packet data convergence pr...
3D stereo browser for the internet
Pad adjustable equalizer for two way cable transmission
Queue-based head-end advertisement scheduling method and apparatus
Unification-based points-to-analysis using multilevel typing
Software shared memory bus
Adjustment of masks for integrated circuit fabrication
Method and apparatus for scrollable cross-point navigation in a user interface
Protection of streaming A/V data
Enhanced turbo product code decoder system utilizing a codeword organization method
Method and apparatus to enable cross platform configuration
Very long instruction word microprocessor with execution packet spanning two or more fetch packets w...
Video distribution system using dynamic disk load balancing with variable sub-segmenting
Patch memory system for a ROM-based processor
Extension of the BOOTP protocol towards automatic reconfiguration
Combining entries in a card object table
Coordinated dirty block tracking
Substrate profile analysis
Method for detecting heat exchanger tube failures and their location when using input/loss performan...
Method for measuring diffusivities of compounds using microchips
Method for operating a navigation system for a vehicle and corresponding navigation system
Method for determining a position of a robot
Method for obtaining a random sampling
Method of estimating a lifetime of hot carrier of MOS transistor, and simulation of hot carrier degr...
Method of determining remaining film thickness in polishing process
Fabrication of optical waveguides for reduction of minimum waveguide spacing
Display device with a narrow frame
Anti-reflective compositions comprising triazine compounds
Wafer stacking using interconnect structures of substantially uniform height
Multi-chip module
Method of attaching a flip chip device and circuit assembly formed thereby
Apparatus and method to reduce signal cross-talk
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing same
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Package for integrated circuit die
Selective synthesis of semiconducting carbon nanotubes
Electrical component structure
Deep insulating trench
Front side illuminated photodiode with backside bump
Magnetoresistive memory device assemblies
Method for forming a channel zone of a transistor and NMOS transistor
Non-volatile memory cell and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device having a localized halo implant therein and method of manufacture therefor
Sole construction for energy storage and rebound
Bi-modal ionomers
Multi-piece golf ball
Golf club
Golf alignment device
Compact golf facility and a method of playing a golf game
Recording game information into a server
System and method for tracking and assessing movement skills in multidimensional space
Pest control method for grass family plants using endophytic bacteria, pest control material, and se...
Vehicle body configurations
Man-made island resort complex with surface and underwater entertainment, educational and lodging fa...
Entertainment and pacification system for car seat
Apparatus for determining projectile's velocity
Modules creating magnetic anchorage assemblies and relevant assemblies
Motor stop control device utilizable for reel-type gaming machine
Sports play pool
Baby carrier having an integral swinging mechanism
Portable toy, portable information terminal, entertainment system, and recording medium
Method and device for playing a game
Electronic multi-hand stud poker games with payout multipliers
Entertainment device
Toy accessory
Rotating toy with rotation measurement means
Removable game tray for baby walkers
Whistle game call apparatus and method
Adventure figure system and method
Container for holding component parts of a construction toy
Flying toy apparatus
Motorized flapping costume wings
Poker game suitable for gaming
Card game
Communications using unmanned surface vehicles and unmanned micro-aerial vehicles
Joining member for mechanically joining a skin to a supporting rib
Compact external launcher for small space payloads
Spacecraft with extensible radiators
Kite safety, control, and rapid depowering apparatus
Methods and apparatus for illumination of refueling hoses
Microstructures using carbon fiber composite honeycomb beams
Multi-purpose airship
Projectile seeker
Released control release mechanism in particular for use in the space industry
Light emitting apparatus
Method of manufacture of active matrix substrate and liquid crystal display device
Ink-jet printhead
Damascene method capable of avoiding copper extrusion
Process of rapidly preparing a fermented dry or semi-dry sausage product and products therefrom
Methods of making compositions comprising thermoplastic and curable polymers and articles made from ...
Medical stent with variable coil and related methods
Co-extruded taper shaft
Inter-proximal contact dental matrix band
Plunger molding machine with tapered bore and thermal transfer fins
Device for producing plastic pipes
Methods and apparatus for controlling airflow in a fiber extrusion system
Cellulose extrusion
Mixing device for extruders
Continuous extrusion molding system for a weatherstrip
Heat dissipation assembly including heat sink and fan
Push-pull dual fan fansink
System and method for removing heat from a subscriber optical interface
Potable water heater and method of using same
Hydraulic friction fluid heater and method of using same
Automotive air conditioner
Forced air bed warmer/cooler
Heat sink
Polymer with solder pre-coated fillers for thermal interface materials
Oil cooler structure of an automatic transmission
Compound type heat exchanger
Multiple row heat exchanger using "end-to-end" or "tube touching" positioning of the tubes for row s...
End cap with integral partial reinforcement
Heat exchanger having projecting fluid passage
Heat exchanger for cooling air
Heat dissipating module
Exhaust heat exchanger
Cleaning system
Tubesheet support arrangement for a FGTT (flue-gas-through-the-tubes)heat exchanger
Heat exchanger with core and support structure coupling for reduced thermal stress
Method for the encoding of prosody for a speech encoder working at very low bit rates
Method and apparatus for reading and controlling utility consumption
Fluid measurement
Method of determining salinity of an area of soil
Light system for defining line of approach
Compression utility for use with smart label printing and pre-loading
Method of energizing wireless sensors in an automated tool and associated apparatus
Device for shaping infarcted heart tissue and method of using the device
Voltage independent measurement apparatus, system, and method
Toner supply container and image forming apparatus
Flexible toner container and toner delivery apparatus
Toner cartridge having a sifting agitator
Sealing member for sealing magnetic particles and developing apparatus using the sealing member
Optical communication apparatus
Integrated optic devices and processes for the fabrication of integrated optic devices
Method of manufacturing photonic crystal, mask, method of manufacturing mask and method of manufactu...
Fixed-rate block based image compression
Apparatus and method for generating monochromatic X-ray radiation
X-ray microscope apparatus
M-ary signal constellations suitable for non-linear amplification
Enhancement of chemical lasers via control of the ambient radiation environment
Integration type A/D converter, and battery charger utilizing such converter
Glove mouse with virtual tracking ball
Fingerless glove for interacting with data processing system
Golf glove and method of forming same
System and method for controlling host system interface with point-of-interest data
Data input glove having conductive finger pads and thumb pad, and uses therefor
Haptic computer output device
Method and apparatus for determining position and orientation of a moveable object using acceleromet...
Apparatus for robotic force simulation
Method and apparatus for determining position and orientation of a moveable object using acceleromet...
Porous materials embedded with nanospecies, methods of fabrication thereof, and methods of use there...
Implantable system for cell growth control
Antenna duplexer
Stereoisomers of p-hydroxy-milnacipran, and methods of use thereof
Transgenic mouse EDG2 knockout model
Tools and techniques for instrumenting interfaces of units of a software program
End pumped slab laser cavity
Television advertising automated billing system
Active measurement and control system for a material cutting apparatus
Rhythm identification in compression corrupted ECG signal
Image forming apparatus, replacement unit and cleaner
Refuse collection vehicle having multiple collection assemblies
Method for conveying printed circuit boards
Method of and device for collating data, and computer product
Glass fiber insulation bonded with a UV cured system
Shingle with a rendered shadow design
Audio visual architecture
High pressure discharge lamp and method for sealing a bulb thereof
Miniature ingestible capsule
Method and apparatus for rejuvenating fuel cells
Human extracellular signal regulated kinases
Platinum compounds
Norbornene-based ring-opening polymerization polymer, product of hydrogenation of norbornene-based r...
Electrical cable having a hardgrade-EPR insulation
Photosensitive polyimide resin precursor composition, optical polyimide obtained from the compositio...
Isozyme of autoclavable superoxide dismutase (SOD), a process for the identification and extraction ...
Polyolefin film compositions with permanent antifog properties
Indication device and article incorporating same
Microwave oven cooking process
Circuit board and method for fabricating the same, and electronic device
N-heteroarylnicotinamide derivatives
Variable semiconductor all-optical buffer using slow light based on electromagnetically induced tran...
Method for preparing silicone oils by hydrosilylation with polyorganohydrogenosiloxanes and units co...
Method and means of sealing an electrical conductor through the housing of a fluid filled motor
Machine tool
Method of cleaning water pollution trap
Method and system for controlling an operator interface with display fields containing graphics and ...
RFID interrogator having customized radio parameters with local memory storage
System and method for biometric verification in a delivery process
Three directional opening/closing chuck
Technique for associating execution characteristics with instructions or operations of program code
Cellulose absorbent
Apparatus and method for removing magnetic resonance imaging-induced noise from ECG signals
Systems and methods enabling automated return to and/or repair of defects with a material placement ...
Powertrain dynamic tilt test rig
Detection of neural activity
Method and system for executing tools in a service control manager module
Process for the preparation of porous crystalline silicoaluminophosphate molecular sieves
Oral delivery of a botanical
Pyrazolotriazines as kinase inhibitors
Muskmelon (Cucumis melo) hydroperoxide lyase and uses thereof
Drosophila tumor necrosis factor class molecule polynucleotides and variants thereof
Method and apparatus for Raman imaging of macular pigments
Polycation-sensing receptor in aquatic species and methods of use thereof
Artificial bone graft substitute using calcium phosphate compounds and method of manufacturing the s...
Hierarchical correlation of intrusion detection events
Olefin copolymers containing hydrolytically cleavable linkages and use thereof in degradable product...
Cell line and screening method with the use of the same
Substituted 6-(2-methoxyphenyl) triazolopyrimides as fungicides
Steel wire excellent in descalability in mechanical descaling and method for production thereof
Solid electrolytic capacitor and a fabrication method therefor
Card rack
Hydrogenation of highly contaminated methylenedianiline
Succinoylamino hydroxyethylamino sulfonamides useful as retroviral protease inhibitors
Immersion plating and plated structures
Device for the continuous casting of metals, in particular steel material, to form elongated product...
Logical volume administration method, the service using the method and the memory medium storing the...
Compensated open-loop control of oxygen sensor heater
Cotton cultivar PHY 78 acala
Weather resistant porting
Zero corrected optical blood analyte detector
Device and method for processing tone data by controlling sampling rate
Method, system and program product for specifying and using dials having phased default values to co...
Fatty acid elongases
Method and apparatus for software-based allocation and scheduling of hardware resources in an electr...
B7-4 polypeptides and uses therefor
Rotation transfer mechanism and a zoom camera incorporating the rotation transfer mechanism
Optical waveguide incorporating submedia
Cytokine protein family
Method and device for detecting physical bottom contact for objects on a sea bottom
Method and apparatus for providing dynamic force sensations for force feedback computer applications
Modeling a target system by interpolating
Method for enabling a network-addressable device to detect use of its identity by a spoofer
Method and apparatus for providing a search engine for optimizing a decentralized or emergent model ...
Capacitor and method of producing same
Handheld option pack identification scheme
Occupant classification method based on seated weight measurement
Methods for making a dielectric stack in an integrated circuit
Nonvolatile ferroelectric memory device and method for storing multiple bit using the same
Semiconductor device
Communication system, communication apparatus, and communication method
ESD protection circuit that can tolerate a negative input voltage during normal (non-ESD) operation
Method and apparatus for maintaining alignment of a cyclotron dee
Data backup method in a network storage system
System for evaluating a company's customer equity
Vehicle occupant detection apparatus providing status information concerning occupant of vehicle sea...
Fixing device including a screw arranged with clearance in a fixing hole, and a weight measuring app...
Speed transmission apparatus
Theft prevention method and apparatus of personal watercraft
Tandem drive for tracked vehicles
Rear wing for a motor vehicle
Automobile instrument panel structure
Method of triggering at least one airbag in a vehicle
Motorcycle rear frame mounting system
Vehicle steering system for controlling a steering or steering lock angle of at least one wheel of a...
Integrated hydraulic control system
Power steering system
Control configuration for a utility vehicle having, e.g., an extendable utility boom
Tractor frame and method of manufacture therefor
Pedestrian-vehicle collision detecting apparatus
Continuously variable transmission
Snowmobile four-cycle engine arrangement
Hood assembly
Radiator fastener
Hydrogen-electric hybrid vehicle construction
Method and apparatus for a home network auto-tree builder
Polynucleotide encoding lysyl-tRNA synthetase from Zea mays
Method for separating ip packets which can be allocated to specific groups and corresponding ip pack...
Connector for satellite radio-computer interface
Means and method of applying RFID and PKI technologies for patient safety
Vehicle diagnostic system
Radio communications system for controlling a vehicle
An installed Vehicle Personal Computing (VPC) system with touch interaction, voice interaction or se...
Radio-frequency device for passivation of vascular plaque and method of using same
Acoustic device for vehicle
Combination wireless communications device and portable stereo
Radio communication system
Method of managing processing resources in a mobile radio system
Radio communication apparatus and radio communication method
Active set update (ASU) with high speed downlink shared channel (HS-DSCH) information
Method for reducing wireless communication procedure failure
Radio control receiver system for multiple bands, frequencies and modulation protocol coverage
Polar modulator and method for determining an amplitude offset in a polar modulator
Wireless adaptor
Wireless interference detector
Method and apparatus for allowing communication units to utilize non-licensed spectrum
Hit detection sensor module for battlefield simulations
Multichannel spectral vector mapping audio apparatus and method
Systems and methods for detecting x-rays
Polymer composition and method of making the same
Method and apparatus for oxidizing nitrides
Method for fabricating a self-aligned nanocolumnar airbridge and structure produced thereby
Angioplasty super balloon fabrication with composite materials
Rotary cutting tool and high speed machining method with nano-lubrication using such a tool
Display device and method for driving the same
Charging monitoring systems
Battery test module
Low power band-gap current reference
Serial interface for a battery management system
Surge current suppression in power-factor-corrected AC-to-DC converter with capacitive load
Startup circuit for a DC-DC converter
Method and apparatus for battery reconfiguration for radio control application
Method of limiting the noise bandwidth of a bandgap voltage generator and relative bandgap voltage g...
Off-line converter with digital control
Controller for a power converter and a method of controlling a switch thereof
Programmable power supply having digitally implemented slew rate controller
Switching type dc-dc converter for generating a constant output voltage
Method for input current regulation and active-power filter with input voltage feedforward and outpu...
Voltage regulator
Active ORing controller for redundant power systems
Linear predictive controller
Zero tracking for low drop output regulators
Power control circuit
Control system for electromechanical arrangements having open-loop instability
Control apparatus for automotive generator
Method for supplying power in an electrical power supply system having a supercapacitor
Memory device and recording and/or reproducing apparatus employing this memory device
Detachably mounted removable data storage device
Memory device and recording and/or reproducing apparatus using the same
Receiving system for digital broadcasting, data transmitting method in digital broadcasting receivin...
Recording system
Intelligent device having background caching of web pages from a digital television broadcast signal...
Optical disc, method of writing to an optical disc, and method of reading from an optical disc
Circuit design method, apparatus and program using polynomial primitive root
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, storage medium, and program
Settlement intermediation processing apparatus, storage medium in which a program for settlement int...
Data recording and reproducing apparatus including supporting means
Method and electronic equipment for transmitting data to other electronic equipment on a network
Graphic codec for network transmission
Signal reproducing/recording/transmitting method and apparatus and signal record medium
Demodulator structure utilizing DC switches
Error concealment of video data using texture data recovery
Electrical fitting and system for installation of electrical boxes in poured concrete
Electrical outlet safety cover
Trough-edge building panel and method of manufacture
Rolling electronic length measuring device
System and method for providing virtual online engineering of a production environment
Briefcase or carrying case with integrated loudspeaker system
Stethoscope with removable light assembly
Energy attenuation device for a fluid-conveying line and method of attenuating energy in such a line
Air conditioner
Method of producing a hood, and a hood produced according to the method
Viewfinder display apparatus
Drive source of a camera lens
Cam mechanism of a photographing lens
Digital still camera, imaging method, and exposure decision method
Film canister device for use in a film package assembly and a method for loading a camera therewith ...
Electronic camera
Lens hood, and imaging device
Camera crane
Pan and tilt apparatus using achromatic prisms
Zero backlash positioning device
Digital data file management method and recording medium for recording digital data file management ...
Asymmetric encrypted pin
Tracking usage behavior in computer systems
Intranet platform system
Managing attempts to initiate authentication of electronic commerce card transactions
Implied market trading system
Auction system, auction server, user terminal, auction method, bidding method, storage media and pro...
Method for programming operator system interface with a simulator
Print media receiving unit including platform and print media
Virtual arm for measurement of humidity, temperature, and water vapor transmission rate in materials
Modified tooth positioning appliances and methods and systems for their manufacture
Multiple arm robot arrangement
Robotic storage buffer system for substrate carrier pods
Robot end effector position error correction using auto-teach methodology
Apparatus for performing operation on circuit substrate
Recombinant light chains of botulinum neurotoxins and light chain fusion proteins for use in ...
Emollient carrier gel
Method and apparatus for controlling a waterjet-driven marine vessel
Deck-to-column connection for extendable draft platform
Rock-climbing machinery
Method and apparatus for cutting underwater structures
Apparatus for mounting underwater marine detection equipment on a waterborne vessel
Method and device for operating an underwater vehicle
Dock bumper
Jet-propulsion personal watercraft
Marine steering assembly
Watercraft steer-by-wire system
Retinal treatment method
Stabilized proteins
Glycopeptides, their preparation and use in the diagnosis or therapeutic treatment of multiple scler...
Triazine derivatives and their use as sunscreens
Synthesis of 5-azacytidine
Vaccine-induced hepatitis B viral strain and uses thereof
BIVM (basic, immunoglobulin-like variable motif-containing) gene, transcriptional products, and uses...
Immunostimulatory oligonucleotides and uses thereof
Polypeptides capable of forming antigen binding structures with specificity for the Rhesus D antigen...
Methods for purification of an activated PEG solution and for the synthesis of a modified hemoglobin...
Interferon gamma polypeptide variants
DNA encoding ovine adenovirus (OAV287) and its use as a viral vector
Process for producing a culture of Antrodia camphorata and product obtained thereby
Dried microorganism cultures and method for producing same
Method for generating influenza viruses and vaccines
Enrichment process for H. pylori neutrophil activating protein (NAP) utilizing metal chelate ...
Guerbet capped polyesters
Low distortion passthrough circuit arrangement for cable television set top converter terminals
Digital camera memory system
Using video image analysis to automatically transmit gestures over a network in a chat or instant me...
System and method for three-dimensional surface inspection
Method and system for enhancing portrait images that are processed in a batch mode
System and method providing improved head motion estimations for animation
Motion correction and compensation for image sensor motion estimation
System and process for time delay estimation in the presence of correlated noise and reverberation
System and process for locating a speaker using 360 degree sound source localization
Acoustic source localization system and method
Methods and apparatus for embedding and format conversion of compressed video data
Film mode detecting apparatus and method thereof
Methods of and units for motion or depth estimation and image processing apparatus provided with suc...
Automatic exposure control for an image sensor
Remote-controllable media device and method of operating peripheral devices using the same
Image processing device
Using patterns to perform personal identification data substitution
Service control manager security manager lookup