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Enhanced TV broadcasting method and system using tags for incorporating local content into a program...
System and method of providing and relocating a portable storage canister in an automated data stora...
Class dependency graph-based class loading and reloading
Methods and apparatus in a logging system for the tracking of tasks solely based on function for dat...
Service processor and system and method using a service processor
Compiler for enabling multiple signed independent data elements per register
Frameworks for generation of Java macro instructions for storing values into local variables
System and method for automatically generating a script for testing software
Fischer-Tropsch synthesis process carried out on a floatable structure
Method for removal and detoxication of dissolved metals in a rainwater discharge
Resin embedded rock bolt
Retaining wall block system
Yielding strata bolt
Modular tubular helical piering system
Methods for lining pipes and connecting the lined pipe with adjacent or lateral pipes
Device and method for laying and joining pipe
Precast concrete pipe recycling machine
Method for the placement of subterranean electrodes
Method and apparatus for an improved lock and dam assembly
Dual direction water surface skimmer and pool side docking device
Interlocking erosion control block with diagonal cable channels
Mobile barrier to control litter and wind
Process for selectively producing 1-phosphorylated sugar derivative anomer and process for producing...
Nucleotide sequences coding for the Dep33 efflux protein
Nematode neuromuscular junction GABA receptors subunits
DNA encoding FcγR receptor protein on NK cells
Gene encoding promoter domain of tumor suppressor gene P51 and use thereof
Purification of a triple heli formation with an immobilized oligonucleotide
Anti-dioxins monoclonal antibody suitable for assaying dioxins in environment and hybridoma producin...
Antibodies and ligands for "Bonzo" chemokine receptor
Soybean cultivar 010022
Soybean cultivar 0491716
Method for increasing stress tolerance in plants
Photosensitivity gene of plant and utilization thereof
Enzymatic methods for modulating the levels of organic sulfur compounds in plants
Selective nuclear receptor-targeted systems for delivery of cytotoxins to cancer cells for targeted ...
Strumpad and string array processing for musical instruments
Musical tone generation control system, musical tone generation control method, musical tone generat...
Contents reproduction system and process
Method and apparatus for designating performance notes based on synchronization information
Dynamic control of processing load in a wavetable synthesizer
Method and system for time-shortening songs
Electronic percussion instrument and vibration detection apparatus
Decorative holiday picture frame cover
Method of determining optimal voltages for operating two-side non-volatile memory and the operating ...
Clear or translucent aqueous fabric softener compositions containing high electrolyte content and op...
Post thermal treatment methods of forming high dielectric layers over interfacial layers in integrat...
Secreted and transmembrane polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding the same
Coating dispensing system and method using a solenoid head for coating medical devices
Myostatin immnoconjugate
Method of inducing neuronal production in the brain and spinal cord
Gene transfer for studying and treating a connective tissue of a mammalian host
Nucleic acids corresponding to TANGO 294 a gene encoding a lipase—like protein
Interbody spinal fusion implants with end cap for locking vertebral body penetrating members
Posterior oblique lumbar arthrodesis
Nonaqueous secondary battery, method for making negative electrode component therefor, and apparatus...
Carbonaceous material for hydrogen storage and method for preparation thereof, carbonaceous material...
Steam methane reforming method
Plasma reactor for cracking ammonia and hydrogen-rich gases to hydrogen
Process for producing high-pressure hydrogen and system for producing high-pressure hydrogen
Solvent extraction of a halide from a aqueous sulphate solution
Production of ultra pure salt
Calcium chloride purification
Method for cleaning nanomorphic carbon species
Method for continuous producing hydroxylammonium salts
Silicon carbide-based porous material and process for production thereof
Process for preparing amorphous silica from kimberlite tailing
Precipitated silica particles for cat litter
Use of sulfide-containing liquors for removing mercury from flue gases
Integrated water treatment and flue gas desulfurization process
Waste-heat boiler for a Clause plant
Timepiece comprising and annual or perpetual date display mechanism
Device for grinding of clothing in a textile machine
Piece of motor vehicle bodywork presenting a marked appearance of depth
Procedure and an apparatus for start-up spinning of the thread in an open-end spinning apparatus
Optically connecting embedded optical fibers in composite panels
Dynamic reflector array and method of making the same
Magnetron plasma source
Composite materials
Conductive silicon composite, preparation thereof, and negative electrode material for non-aqueous e...
Wrist brace
Apparatus and method for completing oil and gas wells
High strength particles and methods of their use in subterranean operations
Bed having low body pressure and alignment
Outside release handle
Cam activated extendable cupholder
Multi-purpose holder installed in a vehicle
Lash adjuster for valve gear
Intake air control apparatus and method for internal combustion engine
Exhaust gas purifying apparatus and method for internal combustion engine
Motor control apparatus and motor control method
Wireless key fob for vehicles
User interface for communication system
Information providing method for vehicle and information providing apparatus for vehicle
Method of regulating an electric motor and corresponding electric motor
Method of making an interior trim panel for a door and an article made thereby
Transfer drive mode switching control system
Clutch actuation system for two-speed active transfer case
Interchangeable horizontally and vertically laser suitable for use in small spaces
Control system for a two chamber gas discharge laser
Semiconductor laser device
Semiconductor laser and element for optical communication
High speed optical transmission assembly
Calibration of a multi-channel optoelectronic module with integrated temperature control
Cooling device for an optical crystal, or laser crystal
System and method for proportional control of multiple pump lasers
Open air optical channel
Pulsed CO2 laser including an optical damage resistant electro-optical switching arrangem...
System and method for increasing upstream communication efficiency in an optical network
Optical wavelength converting apparatus, and optical wavelength converting method
DWDM laser frequency control
Fiber amplifier system for producing visible light
Single-fiber bi-directional transceiver
Fiber extended, semiconductor laser
Nucleic acids encoding PRO1184 polypeptides
Glucose measurement utilizing non-invasive assessment methods
Process for the synthesis of derivatives of 2, 3-dihydro-1, 4-dioxino- [2, 3-f] quinoline
Antibodies to PRO1410
Combination of a CB1 receptor antagonist and of sibutramine, the pharmaceutical compositions compris...
Aminoalcohol derivatives
4-Pyrrolidino-phenyl-benzyl ether derivatives
Heteroaryloxy 3-substituted propanamines as serotonin and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors
CCK-1 receptor modulators
Aryl fused 2,4-disubstituted pyridines: NK3 receptor ligands
Inhibitors of glycogen synthase kinase 3
Carboxylic acid derivative and a pharmaceutical composition containing the derivative as active ingr...
Azabicyclic heterocycles as cannabinoid receptor modulators
Pharmaceutical use of boronic acids and esters thereof
Methods of modulating G-protein-coupled receptor kinase-associated signal transduction
Pharmaceutical compositions for sustained drug delivery
Methods for forming recombined nucleic acids
Assays for amphetamine and methamphetamine using stereospecific reagents
Failover processing in a storage system
System, method and computer program product for contract consistency in a supply chain management fr...
Network device including central and distributed switch fabric subsystems
Settlement systems and methods wherein a buyer takes possession at a retailer of a product purchased...
System and method for personalizing an interactive voice broadcast of a voice service based on autom...
System and method of converting frame-based animations into interpolator-based animations
Electronic information caching
Computer-based method and system for guiding a purchaser to select an appliance and a venting arrang...
Managing content of an electronic catalog by collaboration with another electronic catalog
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device using a laser irradiation process
Air ride suspension
Bi-state hydraulic mount with integral controller
Closed level control system for a vehicle with the system having two pressure stores
Method for sequential support-bound synthesis of conjugated oligomeric compounds
Alpha-and Beta-amino acid hydroxyethylamino sulfamic acid derivatives useful as retroviral protease ...
Compounds useful for the treatment of cancer, compositions thereof and methods therewith
HIV replication inhibiting pyrimidines
Bicyclo 4.4.0 antiviral derivatives
HIV integrase inhibitors
Composition and method for treating graft-versus-host disease
Peptide (VIRIP) which inhibits a circulating virus in humans and the use thereof
Isolated human protease proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human protease proteins, and uses ...
Claspin proteins and methods of use thereof
Megakaryocytic protein tyrosine kinase I
25312, a novel human agmatinase-like homolog
Compound and derivative of gabapentin
Operating device and method for operating gas discharge lamps
Method and apparatus to secure data transfer from medical device systems
Magnetic anomaly homing system and method using rotationally invariant scalar contractions of magnet...
Fiber grating environmental sensing system
Method for treating liquid materials
Magnetic sensing device
Methods for water and wastewater sludge treatment using floc or network strength
Method and apparatus to control an exhaust gas sensor to a predetermined termperature
High and low frequency band dual output transducer
Information search/presentation system
Transfer printing station for an electrographic printer or copier
On-line image processing and communication system
Glass compositions for ultrafine fiber information
Glass fiber insulation
Aqueous emulsification of high molecular weight functionlized polyolefins
Process for preparing propylene copolymers
Synthesis of cyclic trithiocarbonates from epoxides
Method for increasing the production in an existing processing plant and a processing plant
Hybrid power supply
Olefin polymerization catalyst and polymerization process
Antireflection film, its production method, optical device, and image display
Board-level EMI shield that adheres to and conforms with printed circuit board component and board s...
DSP-10 dual-specificity phosphatase
Methods and apparatus of providing transmit and/or receive diversity with multiple antennas in wirel...
Sprocket part for a bulldozer
Compositions of N-(methylethylaminocarbonyl)-4-(-3-methylphenylamino)-3-pyridylsulfonamide and cycli...
Driving device, particularly lifting device for a working vehicle
Method for enhancing milk production
Embedded type optical isolator and method for manufacturing the same
Base cradle for a communications headset
Exercise device
Optical system for vehicle flight control
Methods and systems to interface navigation operations
Systems and methods for ensuring correct connectivity between circuit designs
Methods and apparatus for the dimensional measurement of livestock using a single camera
System, method and computer program product for providing an IP datalink multiplexer
Power management for interface devices applying forces
Kinetic illumination system and methods
Method and apparatus for determining attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) medication dosa...
Exercise device
Infant car seat assembly for simulating a mobile vehicle
Functionalized zirconium oxide particles
Method and apparatuses for management of unconsciously captured documents
Air curtain device
Cr-based alloy excellent in balance between strength and ductility at high temperature
Partially fluorinated copolymer based on trifluorostyrene and substituted vinyl compound and ionic c...
Microwave beverage and food preparation apparatus
Methods for selective integration of airgaps and devices made by such methods
Serial bus controller using nonvolatile ferroelectric memory
MRAM sense amplifier having a precharge circuit and method for sensing
Semiconductor optical modulator and laser with optical modulator
Mobile communication system, method for making data common and program therefor
Organic EL display device
Pendant control for a welding-type system
Bi-directional communication system, display apparatus, base apparatus and bi-directional communicat...
Method and mechanism for efficient implementation of ordered records
Method for connecting computer systems
Electrophoretic display, method for making the electrophoretic display, and electronic apparatus
Multicomponent system which can be hardened by means of heat and actinic radiation, and use of the s...
Stain resistant coating
Integral waterproofing membrane
Sprayable cookware release composition with fractionated oil and method of preparing food item
Method of stretching film
Mid-kiln injection of waste-derived materials
Method and apparatus for lighting with a one-piece panel having a plurality of holes
Methods of cementing in subterranean formations using crack resistant cement compositions
Table top and process of making the same
Method for chemically stabilizing waste materials containing multivalent oxyanions
Synthetic process for trans-aminocyclohexyl ether compounds
Method of emulsifying substituted cyclic dicarboxylic acid anhydride sizing agents and emulsion for ...
Ultraviolet light curing compositions for composite repair
Measured object mounting tool and production method of three-dimensional shape data of dental prosth...
Container candle
Polyester monofilaments
Biodegradable oxidized cellulose esters
Medicament for prevention and treatment of bone fracture and osteoporosis
Using an air jacket to capture the heat of reaction for waste heat recycle in the production of alum...
System and method for mixing a slurry
Exhaust gas treatment apparatus
Subsurface materials management and containment system
Slurry mixer constrictor valve
Biodegradable retarder for cementing applications
Water shut-off valve with integrated coupling for attaching cover plate
Construction material composition, construction material and production method thereof
Fire-proof wood board used as floorboards, wallboards, and celling boards
Production method of three-dimensional shape data of dental prosthesis
Sole for footwear
Sports boot shell with comfort sock
Construction of vamp for patterned shoe
Convertible shoe and sandal
Removable footwear traction plate
Shoe replicating benefits of mountain climbing
Toe sock
Shoe sole structure having air-ventilating and waterproof features
Insole with dravite bosses on top surface
Gaura lindheimerii plant named 'Gauheha'
Wheat plants having increased resistance to imidazolinone herbicides
Inbred corn line PHBBP
Inbred corn line PHA9G
Carotenoids rich paprika cultivars
Methods and materials for conferring resistance to pests and pathogens of plants
Modified plants
Artificial chromosomes, uses thereof and methods for preparing artificial chromosomes
Zantedeschia cultivar 14091
Phytoremediation of contaminant compounds via chloroplast genetic engineering
Depletion of endogenous primordial germ cells in avian species
Transgenic mice containing CLCN4 chloride ion channel gene disruptions
Screening assay
Distributed data consolidation network
Methods and multi-screen systems for real time response to medical emergencies
Massively distributed processing system with modular client agent and associated method
Automated bot development system
Payment convergence system and method
Data collection and automatic remote transmission system
Outlier rejection method in an automatic clinical analyzer
Measuring device with comment input function
Pulse oximeter with separate ensemble averaging for oxygen saturation and heart rate
Medical lead and method for medical lead manufacture
Apparatus for processing and displaying patient medical information
Method and apparatus for treating oropharyngeal disorders with electrical stimulation
Therapeutic device and method for treating diseases of cardiac muscle
Spatial decimation stimulation in an implantable neural stimulator, such as a cochlear implant
Ceramics and/or other material insulated shell for active and non-active S-ICD can
Synthetic plant genes and method for preparation
Marketing and compensation method
Method , a system and a generator of a script for routing a script-oriented dialog between an operat...
System and method for modulating a cell mediated immune response
Composites and methods for treating bone
Nanofibrous nonwoven membrane of silk fibroin for guided bone tissue regeneration and manufacturing ...
Bone fusion device
Dual-tray prosthesis
Materials, devices and methods for implantation of transformable implants
Intervertebral prosthetic joint
Prosthetic implant and method
Expanding ligament graft fixation system and method
Ligament fixation using graft harness
Titanium incudo-stapedial joint prosthesis
Stent for delivering a therapeutic agent having increased body tissue contact surface
Extraocular device
Multichannel electrode and methods of using same
Aesthetic thermal sculpting of skin
Expandable fixation mechanism
Access monitor and access monitoring method for monitoring access between programs
Method and apparatus for managing replication volumes
Apparatus and method for controlling access to contents stored in card like electronic equipment
Method of allocating a basic input/output system to a shadow memory
Circular addressing algorithms providing increased compatibility with one or more higher-level progr...
Method and apparatus for splitting a logical block
Byte alignment circuitry
Method and apparatus for increasing an amount of memory on demand when monitoring remote mirroring p...
Dual apparatus and method thereof using concurrent write function
Memory system with channel multiplexing of multiple memory devices
Flash memory apparatus and method for merging stored data items
Method of detecting, comparing, blocking, and eliminating spam emails
Method for producing plants with suppressed photorespiration and improved c02 fixation
Novel substituted aryl alkenoic acid heterocyclic amides
Histamine release inhibitor
Pancreatic polypeptide family motifs and polypeptides comprising the same
pH indicator for solid food called PHIND
Method for altering fatty acid composition of milk
Eukaryotic biosensor making use of a calcium regulated light emitting enzyme
Disposable food preparation mats, cutting sheets, placemats, and the like
Coating composition for metal substrates
Nut butter variegate and process for preparing
Feed supplement and method of making thereof
Consumable composition with antioxidants
Frozen food
Shelf stable cheese composition and method of preparation
Method of producing stackable low-fat snack chips
French cruller products and methods of making same
Pumpable, semi-solid low calorie sugar substitute compositions
Particulate ice cream dot sandwich
Agricultural-product production with heat and moisture recovery and control
Continuous thermal process for treating a flow comprising coarse food particles, and food particles ...
Apparatus and method for cutting tofu and other foods
Beam shaping method for the downlink for base stations in radio communication systems
Multi-mode radio communications device using a common reference oscillator
Mobile communication terminal
Methods for determining times and changes of times of transmission, radio communications system and ...
Cell phone position measurement system, position measurement method, and cell phone terminal
Method and apparatus for adapting a number of bearers to a service
Method for monitoring adjacent zones in a mobile radio telephone system and a corresponding mobile r...
Radio communication method, radio base station and radio terminal
Method for controlling a connecting relay in a radio communications system
Method and apparatus for automatic center frequency tuning of tunable bandpass filters
Quadrature mixer circuit including three-input local mixers
DC offset calibration for a radio transceiver mixer
Method for controlling the formation of a downlink beam
Method for performing measurements in a wireless terminal and a wireless terminal
Coexistence techniques in wireless networks
Diversity coverage
Selecting a set of antennas for use in a wireless communication system
Thin parts made of β or quasi-β titanium alloys; manufacture by forging
Steel plate for paint use and manufacturing method thereof
Football board game and method of playing
Three-way ring puzzle
Card shuffling apparatus with automatic card size calibration
Method of play and game surface for a dice game
Training basketball
Game bird decoy apparatus
Game software and game machine
Method for playing a lottery game and system for realizing the same
Disposable shoe liner
Shoe with slip-resistant, shape-retaining fabric outsole
Rigid articulated Pointe shoe
Shoe tightening device
System and method for executing a large object fetch query against a database
Phase determination of a radiation wave field
Data relationship model
Artificial bone template selection system, artificial bone template display system, artificial bone ...
Method for automatically setting an X-ray dosage for producing an X-ray tomographic image
X-ray diagnosis apparatus
Display method and apparatus of x-ray projection image for medical use, x-ray CT apparatus for medic...
Mammographic system and apparatus
Folded array CT baggage scanner
Radiographic image processing method and radiation imaging device
Artifact removal from an electric signal
Method and magnetic resonance tomography apparatus for spatially resolved measurement of the B1...
Spark plug with marking layer composition
Photoelectric conversion device, radiation detection apparatus, image processing system and driving ...
Indirect measurement of tissue analytes through tissue properties
Method and system for frequency up-conversion with modulation embodiments
Distributed amplifier optical modulators
PET device and image generating method for pet device
Method and apparatus for modeling momentary conditions of medical objects dependent on at least one ...
Wrap around lenticular lenses and fabrication method for clear walled containers
Method and apparatus for detecting ultrasonic surface displacements using post-collection optical am...
Angle-of-rotation measuring device and angle-of-rotation measuring method
Brightness enhancing reflective polarizer
Thermal head
Information providing apparatus
Helical antenna
Sensor system and method, in particular for determining distances
Systems and methods for tracking an object
Body fat measuring system for pregnant woman and health care system for pregnant woman
Apparatus and method for patient point-of-care data management
Electropneumatic horn
PWM digital amplifier with high-order loop filter
Shear wave velocity determination using multi-pole wave
Packaging system and method therefor
Biological optical measuring instrument
Method and system for communicating with a wireless device
Method for maintaining image on image and image on paper registration
Document image decoding systems and methods using modified stack algorithm
Block level analysis of segmentation tags
System and method for implementing configurable finite state machine
Methods and systems for the evaluation of power generating facilities
Method and system for developing a numerical dynamic sanitary sewer and storm water drainage simulat...
Methods and apparatus for performing adaptive and robust prediction
Microphone unit
System and method for managing a manufacturing process operation
Phase ordering with automatic window selection (PAWS) for motion resistant MRI
Resposable pulse oximetry sensor
Nonmetallic input device for magnetic imaging and other magnetic field applications
Presentation data-generating device, presentation data-generating system, data-management device, pr...
Near-perfect, fixed-time searching algorithm using hashing, LRU and cam-based caching
Method and software system for creating customized computerized libraries
Modular packet classification
System and method for evaluating characters in an inputted search string against a character table b...
Dynamically updated quick searches and strategies
International information search and delivery system providing search results personalized to a part...
System and method for providing search results with configurable scoring formula
Method and apparatus for automatic placement of advertising
Conductance path mechanism for wireless heartbeat transmitter
Method and apparatus for bandwidth estimation
Arrangement for adaptive baseband filter selection
Systems and methods for composite webs with structured discrete polymeric regions
Integrated automatic blood processing unit
Balloon dissecting instruments
Surgical suturing instrument and method of use
Rapid exchange catheter with depressable channel
Apparatus and methods for dispensing an adhesive tissue sealant
Light source device and image capturing device
Process for imidazo[4,5-c]pyridin-4-amines
Image orientation for endoscopic video displays
Controlled environment device
Antimicrobial compositions
Apparatus for flame-perforating films and methods of flame-perforating films
Disposable paper weighing dishes
Retrochromic articles
Sterile container and lid for a sterile container
Surgical blade package
Device for measuring gas concentration having dual emitter
Hybrid threads for multiplexing virtual machine
Mechanism for enabling efficient testing of a set of computer code
Computer system for performing reusable software application development from a set of declarative e...
Secure data access in a multidimensional data environment
Generating visual editors from schema descriptions
Process for high fidelity printing of tissue substrates, and product made thereby
Positive flow needleless connector
Igniter transformer
Stable self-etching primer and adhesive bonding resin compositions, systems, and methods
Bridge-type igniter ignition element
Sensor for detection of spark in igniter in gas turbine engine
Igniter with safety lock
Coolant resistant and thermally stable primer composition
Igniter for internal combustion engines operating over a wide range of air fuel ratios
Igniter and dryer therewith
Chip resistant primer composition useful for producing two-tone finishes
Method for using unequal primer concentrations for generating nucleic acid amplification products
Igniter for inflator and method of manufacturing thereof
Paintball munition chamber and paintball gun utilizing the same
Ammunition projectile having enhanced aerodynamic profile
Method and system to prevent firing live rounds of ammunition during miles exercises
Apparatus for tracking and recording vital signs and task-related information of a vehicle to identi...
Data synchronization detection device, information recording device, information reproduction device...
Magnetoresistive element and magnetic memory device
Magnetoresistance effect element having a nonmagnetic intermediate layer having a two-dimensional fl...
Apparatus having a hard bias seedlayer structure for providing improved properties of a hard bias la...
Method and apparatus for providing precise control of magnetic coupling field in NiMn top spin valve...
Current perpendicular to the planes (CPP) sensor with a highly conductive cap structure
Method and apparatus for enhanced dual spin valve giant magnetoresistance effects having second spin...
Piezo-electric microactuator for dual stage actuator
Overmolded crash stop for a disc drive
Positioner for precisely moving an E-block of a disk drive
Balanced and damped suspension for use in a disk drive
Flying-type disk drive slider with self-blending contact pad
Magnetic head slider, support therefor and magnetic disk unit
Low moment-high moment write pole with non-magnetic layer for establishing a magnetic path discontin...
Magnetic head for perpendicular recording including a main pole having a pole tip with three tapered...
Method to make a planar writer with low D.C. coil resistance
Electric power supply device of a tape-end detecting sensor for a tape recorder
Micromover configured to move a magnetic storage medium in perpendicular directions in a plane
Head positioning apparatus
Printed circuit board assembly with power cover
One button external backup storage
External backup storage
Recovery of metals from jarosite-containing materials
Communication system
Method, device, and system for regenerating optical signal
Reconfigurable node for a hybrid fiber cable network
Automatic protection system for an optical transmission system
Distributed intelligence wavelength division multiplexed network
Display element, image observation system having display element, and image projection system
Optical amplification producing wider total gain bandwidth
Optical fiber array with an intermittent profile and method for manufacturing the same
Buffer tubes for fiber optic cables
Focusing fiber optic
Light signal transmitting device and signal processing device
Reduced element optical add-drop multiplexer
Optical transmission line and optical transmission system utilizing same
Optical device
System and method for integrating secure and non-secure software objects
Constant current Class 3 lighting system
Genetic manipulation of isoflavonoids
Image forming apparatus transferring toner images to both surfaces of a recording medium
Fire resistant polymeric film and insulation assembly
Method for treating inorganic fiber insulation to minimize dust and airborne particulates or to acco...
High performance kraft facing for fiberglass insulation
Transition metal complexes in the controlled synthesis of polyolefins substituted with functional gr...
Electrolyte for lithium battery, method of preparing the same, and lithium battery comprising same
Fuel cell electrocatalyst and method of producing the same
Process for the oligomerization of α-olefins having low unsaturation, the resulting polymers, ...
Preparation of a multimetal oxide material
Homeotropic alignment liquid crystal film
Methods of making functional biodegradable polymers
Multi-valve delivery system
Tumor antigen useful in diagnosis and therapy of prostate and colon cancer
Gas diffusion electrode and fuel cell including same
Transmit diversity gain for wireless communications networks
Lubrication system for planetary transmission
Molecular methods for detecting guar gum additions to locust bean gum
Hematopoietic stem cell proliferating agents
Method of creating feedback control in a closed hydrostatic circuit and a control system therefore
Device for monitoring a milk tank and an assembly of such a device with a milking robot and an autom...
Encryption key generation circuit
Optical filter module and manufacturing method thereof
Message processing in network forwarding engine by tracking order of assigned thread in order group
Amide compounds for the potentiation of cholinergic activity
Data decoder and method of decoding data
Agents and methods for promoting bone growth
Method and apparatus for hand drying
Method for diagnosing catalytic converter performance
Systems and methods for generating test vectors to analyze cells of electronic gates
Direct slave addressing to indirect slave addressing
Printing medium comprising aerogel materials
Fine particle film and producing method of the same
Method and apparatus for making differential independent data copies in a data processing system
Oro-pharyngeal airway with breath monitor
Multi-market broadcast tracking, management and reporting method and system
Electric oven and method of controlling the same
Process for patterning high-k dielectric material
Magnetic storage element, recording method using the same, and magnetic storage device
High-pressure discharge lamp and fabrication method of the same
System and method for selling advertising space on electronic billboards over the internet
Programmable command-line interface API for managing operation of a network device
Hydrophobically modified polymers
Gradient nanofiber materials and methods for making same
Low pH lactic acid fermentation
Process and materials for production of glucosamine
Trichoderma reesei glucoamylase and homologs thereof
Method of enhancing fluorescence
Edge cure prevention composition and process for using the same
Mineral fortified water
Food composition for recovery from fatigue
Gas/liquid mixing equipment, gas/liquid mixing method, polymer and method for its production
Concentrate recycle loop with filtration module
Blood Treatment Dialyzer/Filter Design to Remove Entrained Gas and Add Medicaments
Blood Treatment Dialyzer/Filter Design to Trap and Remove Entrained Gas
Blood Treatment Filter Design to Trap Entrained Gas in a Blood Circuit
Water purification system
Recycled irrigation water treatment system including reverse osmosis
Ion exchanger
Electric demineralizer
Electolytic processing apparatus
Method for washing a vehicle
Construction improvement of the piston valve in compressing pump
Method of deflavoring soy-derived materials for use in beverages
Microprecipitation method for preparing submicron suspensions
System and method for desalination of brackish water from an underground water supply
Water treatment unit
In situ thermal processing of a hydrocarbon containing formation to increase a porosity of the forma...
Cyan dye mixture, water-based cyan ink composition, and method of ink-jet recording
Mutation scanning array, and methods of use thereof
Preventative and treatment effects of Morinda citrifolia on osteoarthritis and its related co...
Electroionic processing system
Ink set for ink jet-jet recording, method for ink-jet recording and recorded matter
Method of installing a socket with a socket contact on an underwater plug with a plug contact
Bodywash additives
Cosmetic use of botulinum toxin for treatment of downturned mouth
Conveyorized food broiling apparatus
Cleaning-friendly apparatus with an easily cleanable, heat-resistant surface coating
Extruded granola process
Oil and fat compositions having antifoaming effect
Soybean embryo fat/oil and process for producing soybean material with high embryo concentration
Method for maintaining designed functional shape
Multi-stage thickening composition for use with packaged food items and process for using same
Method for reducing microbe content in foodstuffs by pH and physical manipulation
Method of extending color life of modified atmosphere packaged fresh red meat using Labiatae ...
Alcoholic beverages derived from animal extract, and methods for the production thereof
Method for reducing acrylamide formation in thermally processed foods
Nutritious strawberry fruit juice drink and method of making the same
Preparation of yogurt containing confectionery pieces and product thereof
Efficient process of obtaining high contents of bound-phenolic acid rich dietary fibre by activating...
System and method to provide umts and internet authentication
Method and system for obtaining digital signatures
Method and apparatus for packaging and transmitting data
Method and system to integrate existing user and group definitions in a database server with heterog...
Computer user interfaces that are generated as needed
System and method for determining the commutativity of computational operations
Self-emission display device and method for driving the same
Ramp voltage generating apparatus and active matrix drive-type display apparatus
Drive device for light-emitting display panel
Backlight device and a backlighting element
Light emitting device including plural carbon-based thin film layers
Organic light emitting diode display
Organic EL element and method of producing the same
Display apparatus and method for displaying information
Organic semiconductor device
Flat panel display device and method of fabricating the same
Integrated-optical microsystem based on organic semiconductors
Horizontal chalcogenide element defined by a pad for use in solid-state memories
White light-emitting device structures
Red-emitting organic electroluminescent elements
Organic light emitting diodes for production of polarized light
Light-emitting element and novel iridium complexes
Amide compounds and use of the same
System and method for controlling an operational mode of a MAC layer in a broadband wireless access ...
System and method for paging a mobile station in a wireless network
High-speed localized data exchange
Developing device having developing gap detecting function
Self-healing apparatus and method of optical receiver
Method and apparatus for creating virtual upstream channels for enhanced lookahead channel parameter...
Apparatus and method to share a cache memory
Method and apparatus for powering down the CPU/memory controller complex while preserving the self r...
Systems and methods for accessing bus-mastered system resources
Business platform with networked, association-based business entity access management and active con...
Method of changing program of network node remote from network management system
General remote using spoken commands
Packet filter policy verification system
Method and apparatus for PPPoE bridging in a routing CMTS
Additives and methods for reducing odor
Compounds for treatment of cardiac arrhythmia, synthesis, and methods of use
Light guide module having uniform light diffusion arrangement and method for making the same
Lighting device with central symmetry for a dial
Optical interference type of color display
Cargo lock and monitoring apparatus and process
Cooling fan with a light-emitting device
Backlight assembly and display apparatus having the same
Lighting unit for liquid crystal display device
Light guiding frame with a plurality of guiding tracks
Optical fiber layout of light decorative object
Adverse weather headlamp system
Vehicular lamp with cover including cylindrical lens step portion
Vehicle lamp
Lamp masking method and apparatus
Light bar providing illumination from inside a vehicle
Global lab software
Production planning system
Transgenic plants expressing assembled secretory antibodies
Plant desaturases compositions and uses
Method for the cellular high-throughput-detection of receptor ligand interactions
Overexpression of phytase genes in yeast systems
Separation of sugars
Methods for the treatment and diagnosis of tumorigenic and angiogenic disorders using 32616
Human zona pellucida protein 3 and uses thereof
Expression analysis of KIAA nucleic acids and polypeptides useful in the diagnosis and treatment of ...
Prostate-specific membrane antigen and uses thereof
Portable information apparatus having communications tools, a control system for controlling such po...
Wireless communication system having mobility-based content delivery
Convolutional encoding using a modified multiplier
Dynamically routing messages between software application programs using named routing nodes and nam...
Configuring architecture for mobile access to at least one business resource
Wireless supplement and/or substitute for aircraft flight recorders
Tire monitoring system with a wireless setting capability
Method and apparatus for automatically initiating a communication from a wireless communication devi...
High speed fixed wireless voice/data systems and methods
Mobile wireless communication system carrying out communication of a portable terminal, an informati...
Method of forming MIS capacitor
Semiconductor device with epitaxial C49-titanium silicide (TiSi2) layer and method for fabricating t...
Backflush chamber clean
Apparatus for reducing plasma charge damage for plasma processes
Multi-chamber deposition of silicon oxynitride film for patterning
Gap filling with a composite layer
Method for fabricating a self-aligned bipolar transistor having recessed spacers
Vertical replacement-gate junction field-effect transistor
MOS transistor and fabrication method thereof
Mask for crystallizing, method of crystallizing amorphous silicon and method of manufacturing array ...
Implantable pressure sensors
Automatic transmission
Multiple-speed transmission for automotive vehicle
Multi-technique thin film analysis tool
Pulsed write techniques for magneto-resistive memories
Telescoping catheter
Developing apparatus including first and second developer chambers and feeding member disposed in th...
Multilayered optical structures
Method and system for trend detection and analysis
Vehicle weight estimating device
Cardioverter-defibrillator having a focused shocking area and orientation thereof
System and method for controlling mass storage class digital imaging devices
Methods and systems for a receiver to allocate bandwidth among incoming communications flows
System and method of user authentication for network communication through a policy agent
Network connection setup procedure for traffic admission control and implicit network bandwidth rese...
System and method for archiving within a client management tool
Decision-theoretic methods for identifying relevant substructures of a hierarchical file structure t...
Speech recognition using dual-pass pitch tracking
Method and system for authoring a soundscape for a media application
Electronic ink as a software object
Automatic sketch generation
Color gradient paths
Hole punch quick-change die assembly with pin strap and positioning system
Slot machine featuring dogs
Content-based fused off-axis object illumination direct-to-digital holography
Linear variable differential transformers for high precision position measurements
Transferable device-containing layer for silicon-on-insulator applications
Atomic layer deposition for fabricating thin films
Contact opening metrology
Haloanilino quinazolines and therapeutic use thereof
Albumin-based colloid composition and method of use in treating hypovolemia and multiorgan dysfuncti...
Methods and tools for identifying compounds which modulate atherosclerosis by impacting LDL-proteogl...
Compounds displayed on replicable genetic packages and methods of using same
Mutant NURR1 gene in Parkinson's disease
Method of manufacturing a glazing panel
Adsorbent for heat utilization system, adsorbent for regenerator system, regenerator system comprisi...
PSA with adsorbents sensitive to contaminants
Electrochromic organic polymer synthesis and devices utilizing electrochromic organic polymers
Flow velocity measurement method and apparatus, including applications thereof for measuring heat fl...
Semiconductor device having a non-single crystalline semiconductor layer
Cooling system and cooling method
Method of replacing atmosphere of chamber apparatus, chamber apparatus, electro-optic apparatus, and...
Dual gas facility
Coated articles with nitrided layer and methods of making same
Portable greenhouse cart
Dual purpose media drive providing control path to shared robotic device in automated data storage l...
Method and apparatus for performing a radix search by selecting one of a valid table and a transitio...
Bound mode technique for accommodating high-bandwidth data flow within an intermediate network node
Selective routing of multi-recipient communications
Network-wide connection-based debug mechanism
Semiconductor wafer bearing alignment mark for use in aligning the wafer with exposure equipment, al...
System and method for providing a reference video signal
Antenna arrangement with adjustable radiation pattern and method of operation
Process parameter event monitoring system and method for process
CMOS imager with a self-aligned buried contact
Material and method to prevent low temperature degradation of zirconia in biomedical implants
Methods for correcting tooth movements midcourse in treatment
Arginine mimetics as factor Xa inhibitors
Substituted tricyclic himbacine derivatives that are useful as thrombin receptor antagonists
Pyrimidine derivatives as IL-8 receptor antagonists
Amino-bicyclic pyrazinones and pyridinones as coagulation serine protease inhibitors
Methods for modulating tumor growth and metastasis
Regulation of human ceramide kinase
Bifunctionalized polyester material for surface treatment and biomodification
Medical device with coating that promotes endothelial cell adherence
Stent with self-expanding end sections
Pledget-handling system and method for delivering hemostasis promoting material to a blood vessel pu...
System and method for delivering hemostasis promoting material to a blood vessel puncture with a sta...
Medical diagnostic methods, systems, and related equipment
Cold cathode fluorescent lamp driver circuit
Insulation package
Glass fiber insulation binder
Duct insulation having condensate wicking
Copolymers of ethylene and/or α-olefins and vicinally disubstituted olefins
Multi-cellular electrical battery
Conserving space on browser user interfaces
Apparatus and method for compressing a stack of electrochemical cells
Circuit for controlling the clock supplied to a state controller in a data transfer control device a...
Method and online system for monitoring continuous caster start-up operation and predicting start ca...
Brake control system
System and method for providing device authentication in a wireless network
Printer including recover printing control unit
Temperature sensor, heat fixing device, and image forming device
Image forming device that changes process speed according to electrical property of transfer member
Solder seals within a switching system
Method and apparatus for generating carrier suppressed optical pulse train and grating device
Electronic camera and image processing program
Code converter, encoder, image output device and method thereof
Heterogeneously catalyzed gas-phase partial oxidation of acrolein to acrylic acid
Splicing tape with separating portions
Zero-valent metal emulsion for reductive dehalogenation of DNAPLs
Transmission line capacitor
Container, sealing cap and method for sealing a nozzle tip of a curable liquid dispensing container
Closure lockdown assemblies and methods utilizing active materials
Transfer member and image forming apparatus using the same
Multilayer composite
Adaptive antenna array with programmable sensitivity
Crosslinked polymer fluids and crosslinking concentrates therefor
Neuroepithelial stem cells and glial-restricted intermediate precursors
Motor vehicle window cage
Method and system for securing a printhead in a closed system metering device
Method and apparatus for switching on a VXS payload module
Method of characterizing spectrometer instruments and providing calibration models to compensate for...
Method of extracting circuit timing parameters using picosecond-scale photon timing measurements
Gradient method of mask edge correction
Hydrogen storage and supply system
Apparatus for measuring a medical substance; a sensor for use in the apparatus; and a sensing elemen...
Dispersion discrimination and compensation system and optical switch for use therewith
Methods for identification of CDS8+ suppressor molecules
Drag and drop technique for building queries
Nebulizer with auxiliary inlet port
Constant emissivity deposition member
Magnetic memory storage device
Methods of fabricating light emitting devices using mesa regions and passivation layers
Mercury-free arc tube for discharge lamp unit
Disk subsystem, computer system, storage managing method and program
Multi-vendor integration process for internet commerce
Etalon based compact dispersion module
Fiber optical gain equalizer
Iterative approximation environments for modeling the evolution of an image propagating through a ph...
Optical pickup actuator
Filter for display system
Optical module
Photographic apparatus and lens barrel
Slim profile indicating instruments
Compact, wide-field-of-view imaging optical system
Objective lens for optical pick-up
Image pick-up lens
Preform for an optical lens, an optical lens, and a method of manufacturing an optical lens
Lens barrel and imaging device
Downsize, high performance, and wide range magnification zoom lens and camera apparatus
Display system for full face masks
Bleed air valve test set
Mounting system
Pack for carrying explosives and initiators
Methods, processes and materials for dispensing and recovering supported fluorous reaction component...
Nanoparticles and method for making the same
Microfluidic system
Ceramic-based injectable implants which are used to fill wrinkles, cutaneous depressions and scars, ...
Inosine derivatives and production methods therefor
Selective process for producing an anomer of a 1-phosphorylated saccharide derivative and process fo...
System for cell-based screening
Cat kidney disease marker
Inclusion complexes of rosiglitazone
Immunomodulatory oligonucleotides
Immunostimulatory oligonucleotide multimers
Nuclease resistant double-stranded ribonucleic acid
Inhibition of apoptosis-specific eIF-5A ("eIF-5A1") with antisense oligonucleotides and siRNA as ant...
Inhibitors of ADP-ribosyl transferases, cyclases, and hydrolases
Glucopyranosyloxypyrazole derivatives and use thereof in medicines
Deoxycholic acid derivatives for the treatment of acute dysfunctions of portal and hepatic venous ci...
Avermectins and avermectin monosaccharides substituted in the 4'-and 4"-position having pesticidal p...
Use of spliceosome mediated RNA trans-splicing for immunotherapy
Modified BACE
Mk2 interacting proteins
Mortierella alpina glycerol-3-phosphate o-acyltransferase for alteration of polyunsaturated fatty ac...
Mortierella alpina lysophosphatidic acid acyltransferase homolog for alteration of polyunsaturated f...
Acyltransferase regulation to increase the percent of polyunsaturated fatty acids in total lipids an...
Mortierella alpina diacylglycerol acyltransferase for alteration of polyunsaturated fatty acids and ...
Oligonucleotides labeled with stable isotopes and a method for detecting the same
Method of preventing modification of synthetic oligonucleotides
Method for using thymosin β-10 for gene therapy of solid malignant tumors
Derivatives of monosaccharides as cell adhesion inhibitors
Jurisdiction-wide anti-phishing network service
Television receivers and methods for processing signal sample streams synchronously with line/frame ...
System and method for detection of emitter signals using multiple intercept rules
Driving circuit for electrical nailing gun
Electron gun for cathode ray tube including electrodes with different dimensions
Spindle and spool for welding gun
Magnetic recording medium, process for producing same and magnetic disc apparatus
Decontamination of fluids or objects contaminated with chemical or biological agents using a distrib...
Radiation image storage panel
Pneumatic pump switching apparatus
Pump operated spraying device
Automated multiple point fastener driving system
Electronically programmable actively damped sensor mount
Controlling a pressure transient in a well
Method for diagnosing lactose intolerance and diagnostic kit for performing the method
Ice cream cone holding apparatus
Destacking device for ice-cream cones
Electronic high intensity discharge lamp driver
Ceramic fiber insulation module and method of assembly
Reinforcement member for a bushing tip plate and related method
Fuel cartridge for use with fuel cell
Continuous preparation of substituted oxazoles
Male coupler of pipe coupling
Method and apparatus for implementing very high density probing (VHDP) of printed circuit board sign...
Rotating table apparatus
Mutant purine nucleoside phosphorylase proteins and cellular delivery thereof
Enriched central nervous system stem cell and progenitor cell populations, and methods for identifyi...
Hunter's safety harness for tree stand
Encryption/decryption unit and storage medium
Low loss, high density array interconnection
Presensitized plate for preparing lithographic printing plate
Polymer foam surface smoothing materials and method
Golf balls comprising glass ionomers, ormocers, or other hybrid organic/inorganic compositions
Composition and process for enhancing bio-mass production in greenhouses
Process of making a liquid laundry detergent with polyanionic ammonium surfactant
Radial polymers prepared by stabilized free radical polymerization
Pretreatment agents for acidic hair dyes
Liquid dish cleaning compositions comprising a mixture of alkyl benzene sulfonates and alkyl ether s...
3-Aminophenol derivatives substituted in the 2-position, and dyes containing these compounds
Pre-formed objects
Hair wax product with reduced density
Alkaline cleaners based on alcohol ethoxy carboxylates
Ethylene derivatives and pesticides containing said derivatives
Air freshening devices
Device for remotely actuating a mechanism
Method of manufacturing soap with air bubbles
Laminate web comprising an apertured layer and method for manufacturing thereof
Sheet cosmetics
Disposable absorbent article having a raised circumferential bank
Dispensing of rinse additives into the rinse cycle during automatic machine laundering of fabrics
Sequential dispensing of laundry additives during automatic machine laundering of fabrics
Discrimination of supraventricular tachycardia and ventricular tachycardia events
Method and apparatus for detecting oscillations in cardiac rhythm
Method and apparatus for multiple patient parameter variability analysis and display
Compounds and methods for inhibiting MRP1
EMI filter terminal assembly with wire bond pads for human implant applications
Vinyl polymer and organic electroluminescent device
3H-pyridopyrimidin-4-one compounds, compositions, and methods of their use
Metal complexes of heterocyclic aromatic compounds
High molecular weight flocculant
Trapping method and system for energy conversion devices
Photoelectrolysis of water using proton exchange membranes
Ink set, ink cartridge, ink jet printer and recording method
Niobium powder for capacitor, sintered body using the powder and capacitor using the same
Cement heating tool for oil and gas well completion
Method and apparatus for performing compiler transformation of software code using fastforward regio...
Hydrous cosmetic or pharmaceutical sticks
Skin external agents and drugs
Method for manufacturing a molded detergent composition
Polymer micelle as monolayer or layer-laminated surface
Non-aqueous surfactant-containing formulations for extended release of somatotropin
Topical use of microfine calcined alumina
Control system including controller and field devices
Content delivery architecture for mobile access networks
System for guiding visually impaired pedestrian using auditory cues
Automatic and seamless vertical roaming between wireless local area network (WLAN) and wireless wide...
System using radio frequency identification (RFID) for copy management of digital media
Satellite positioning system enabled media measurement system and method
Identification device for multilayer tubular structures
Systems and methods for tracking the location of items within a controlled area
Parallel-plate capacitive element for monitoring environmental parameters in concrete
RFID tag, antenna, and printer system
Free standing column-shaped structure for housing RFID antennas and readers
Article tracking method and system
Apparatus and method for detecting photon emissions from transistors
Laminated polarizing film
Metal-graphite brush and motor including a metal-graphite brush
Process for producing acetylene compound
Production method of racemic 3-hydroxy-3-(2-phenylethyl)hexanoic acid C1-6 alkyl ester
Process for producing hydroxylactones