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Method for preparing a 7-quinolinyl-3,5-dihydroxyhept-6-enoate
Polyamide and resin composition
Tertiary (meth)acrylates having lactone structure, polymers, resist compositions and patterning proc...
Monovinylarene/conjugated diene copolymers having lower glass transition temperatures
Radiation curable aqueous compositions
3-arylphenyl sulfide derivative and insecticide and miticide
Phase shift mask blank and method of manufacture
System and method of adaptive control of processes with varying dynamics
Method for production of tomographic section images of a periodically moving object with a number of...
Elimination of endogenous porcine retrovirus
Umbrella and leash for pets
Throat support device and methods of using same
Leash assembly
Portable animal carrier and litter box system
Rodent housing rack
Litter box
Animal feeding device and facility for housing the same
Insect holder
Sporting apparatus suited for fishing and hunting
Weighted shank fish hooks
Fishing fly and method of fly fishing
Fishing lure with oscillating and bubbling action
Snag-free and stress-free fish catcher
Fundamental frequency estimation of Electro-Islet Graphy
Biodegradable polymer compositions methods for making same and articles therefrom
Mesoporous membrane collector and separator for airborne pathogen detection
Nanotube paper-based medical device
Methods of diverting treating fluids in subterranean zones and degradable diverting materials
Apparatus, system and/or method for converting a serial test to a parallel test
Method for maintaining automatic gain control settings for a multi-frequency communication device
Up/down converter
Control loop apparatus and method therefor
Method for correcting periodic sampling errors
Polymer thick film resistor, layout cell, and method
System and method for calibrating balanced signals
Amorphous semiconductor open base phototransistor array
Valve for liquid separation
Earphone pod and similar articles
Mobile radio
Housing for a communication device or similar article
Radio telephone
Communication device
Communication device
Charger device
Scanning optical apparatus and image forming apparatus using the same
Efficient verification of recognition results
Image interpolating method
Image display device, image display method, program, and projection system
Method for transforming video data by wavelet transform signal processing
Video encoding techniques
Processing of digital picture data in a decoder
Quantization and compression of information in a direct acyclic graph
Spectral encoding of information
Image processing device and image processing method
Method and apparatus for compression and decompression of color data
Optical routers based on surface plasmons
Optical routers based on surface plasmons
Vehicle headlamp apparatus and method of setting optical axis position thereof
Vehicle light apparatus
Light-up accessory
Recessed lighting fixture with battery backup
Light louver post
Method of producing a module
Polyester or copolyester/polyolefin laminate structures and methods of making the same
Method for producing fluoroalkyl iodide telomer mixture and method for producing mixture fluorine-co...
Photoconductive imaging members
Non-slip horse saddle pad
Method for improving adhesion of water-based inks to halogen-containing resin articles
Lid holder stand
Bentonite nodules
Moisture sensor based on evanescent wave light scattering by porous sol-gel silica coating
Antenna system
Apparatus and methods for treatment of morbid obesity
Movable lead access member for handheld field maintenance tool
Flexographic simulator and diagnostic system
Device and method for the early recognition and prediction of unit damage
Internal broadcast reception system for mobile phones
Dynamic upstream attenuation for ingress noise reduction
Method and apparatus for estimating and controlling initial time slot gain in a wireless communicati...
Switchable gain amplifier
AGC amplifier circuit for use in a digital satellite broadcast receiver apparatus
Wireless communication apparatus and transmission power control method thereof
Infrared communication system utilizing receiver with multiple photo-sensors
Compiler device and computer-readable recording medium recorded with compiler program
Method and apparatus for enhancing the performance of event driven dynamic simulation of digital cir...
Method of and apparatus for correcting errors in data packet flow streams as in closed ring sequenti...
Robust system reliability via systolic manufacturing level chip test operating real time on micropro...
Calibrating return time with cross-coupled arbiter/delay circuits to compare clock signals
Apparatus and method for initiating a sleep state in a system on a chip device
Method and apparatus for processing an event occurrence for a least one thread within a multithreade...
Instruction cache association crossbar switch
Method and device for the application and removal of disposable corrective optical film to an eyegla...
Antibodies to insulin-like growth factor I receptor
System and method for network quality of service protection on security breach detection
Cluster with multiple paths between hosts and I/O controllers
Integrated computer testing and task management systems
Hardware for configuring and delivering power
Method for detecting and powering off unused I/O slots in a computer system
Method and system for handling device driver interrupts
Dense virtual router packet switching
Distributed system with an efficient atomic broadcast mechanism
Multiprocess computer system
Method and apparatus for providing multi-client support in a SIP-enabled terminal
Method for measuring network delay using gap time
Mobile AC-to-DC power conversion system
Rolling bearing for continuously variable transmission
Universal joint washer baffle
Method for mounting a sleeve on a shaft and a sleeve device for such mounting
Power roller bearing for toroidal-type continuously variable transmission
High-precision spindle assembly for a davenport automatic screw machine
Rotary bearing assembly having a preset breaking point
Roller bearing oil feed device
Fifth wheel lube plate having a perforated support member
Differential unit
Explosive round with controlled explosive-formed fragments
Electrophoretic display with dual mode switching
Electrophoretic display with dual-mode switching
Systems and methods for non-destructively detecting material abnormalities beneath a coated surface
Non-demolition photon detector that preserves input state characteristics
Containment plenum for laser irradiation and removal of material from a surface of a structure
Laser head for irradiation and removal of material from a surface of a structure
Table lamp
Process for the production of optically active amino alcohols
Optical disk with prerecorded control information
Method for optically recording information
High power 938 nanometer fiber laser and amplifier
Backside contamination inspection device
Method of optically measuring black carbon in the atmosphere and apparatus for carrying out the meth...
Liquid crystal display element, optically anisotropic film, and production methods of the same
Mechanical-to-acoustical transformer and multi-media flat film speaker
Optical sensor method, system and apparatus
Remote sensing apparatus and method
Image sensor device comprising central locking
Kinase mimic catalysts for asymmetric synthesis of phosphorylated inositols and cycloalkanols
Self-light emitting device and method of manufacturing the same
System for whipping a fluid slurry and method therefore
System and method for sensing variations in a strand
Process for producing cyclic compound
Compressor drive
Prodrugs of excitatory amino acids
Dibenzoflourenone based chromophores
Method for the preparation of highly pure 1-androstene derivatives
Techniques for adding a master in a distributed database without suspending database operations at e...
Directory server system for storing history information
System and method for checkpointing and restarting an asynchronous transfer of data between a source...
Method and apparatus of media management on disk-subsystem
Ignition aid for high intensity discharge lamp
Integrated circuit devices including an intaglio pattern
Wiring board, fabrication method of wiring board, and semiconductor device
Process and catalyst for producing hydroperoxides
Manufacturing method of circuit substrate, circuit substrate and manufacturing device of circuit sub...
Thin-film transistor, thin-film transistor sheet and their manufacturing method
Ferroelectric capacitor, method of manufacturing the same, ferroelectric memory, and piezoelectric d...
Methods of manufacturing a lithography template
Nonwoven product having patterned indicia
Removing compounds from blood products with porous particles immobilized in a matrix
Developing unit and image forming device having the developing unit
Method and arrangement for synchronizing a receiver to a quadrature amplitude modulated signal
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device
Memory device with function to perform operation, and method of performing operation and storage
Coding-decoding device and method for conversion of binary sequences
Integrated circuit memory architecture with selectively offset data and address delays to minimize s...
Cluster membership monitor
Image forming device which determines if the number of lines to be formed after converting image dat...
Tape printing apparatus, method of controlling printing thereby, program, and storage medium
Display apparatus having temperature compensation function
Surface mounting type antenna, antenna apparatus and radio communication apparatus
Semiconductor light emitting device having angled side surface
Chemical mechanical polishing in forming semiconductor device
Encapsulated bichromal balls
Macro uniformity correction for x-y separable non-uniform
Print control method for a tandem printing system
System for graphical display and interactive exploratory analysis of data and data relationships
Toner processes
Photoconductive members
Filtering of ink debris in reclaimed liquid in an imaging device
Registration system paper path length compensation
Belt cartridge
Optimization of system performance based on communication relationship
Calendar overlays
Proximity regulation system for use with a portable cell phone and a method of operation thereof
Method of forming semiconductor constructions
Mass spectrometer and method of mass spectrometry
Household electric appliances
Olefinic polymer and process for producing the same
Protein-free defined media for the growth of normal human keratinocytes
Cytochrome P450 reductases from poppy plants
Method and composition for neutralizing house dust mite feces
Anhydrous insect repellent composition
Ultraviolet ray curable ink, ink composition for ink jet and process for preparing ink jet printed m...
System and method for accessing registers of PHY device in network
Method of handoff at the border between CDMA underlay and overlay systems
Cellular base station broadcast method and system
Code branch allocation for CDMA systems
Priority access for real-time traffic in contention-based networks
High quality audio and video over digital subscriber lines (DSLs)
Method and system for reducing Raman gain tilt error
Micromirror apparatus with improved in-plane rotation tolerance
Apparatus with improved layers of group III-nitride semiconductor
Document retrieval method and document retrieval system
Device for administering doses of particulate material
Cell, cell production method, welded article production method and pedestal
Image forming apparatus using a developing liquid
Universal drum cover for xerographic device cartridges
Sterilization of packages and their contents using light
Heterologous expression of an Aspergillus kawachi acid-stable alpha amylase and applications ...
Process and apparatus for preparation of a no-jam vending machine plastic card
Device for gasifying combustible materials, residues and waste materials containing carbon
Method and apparatus for forming billets from metallic chip scraps
Buoyant media flotation
Free flowing powder
Process and apparatus for destructive distillation of rubber
Process for regenerating resins
Cross-machine direction embossing of absorbent paper products having an undulatory structure includi...
Magneto-resistance effect element and magnetic memory
Compound semiconductor optoelectronic device
High pressure discharge lamp, method for producing the same and lamp unit
Polarizing plate having a stretched film on a side thereof and liquid crystal display employing the ...
Half reflection type liquid crystal display device having matched phase of transmitted and reflected...
Magnetic particle coated material containing magnetic particles having CuAu type or Cu3Au...
Reactive hot melt adhesive with non-polymeric aromatic difunctionals
Underfill encapsulant for wafer packaging and method for its application
Composition for forming piezoelectric film, producing method for piezoelectric film, piezoelectric e...
Quasi-interpenetrating networks used as separation media
Amides that inhibit vanilloid receptor subtype 1 (VR1) receptor
Plasma immersion ion implantation process using a capacitively coupled plasma source having low diss...
Planar spiral inductor structure with patterned microelectronic structure integral thereto
Method for reducing proximity effects in electron beam lithography
Antibody purification
Process for producing high-solids aqueous polymer dispersions
Water vapor-permeable coating composite
Accelerated weathering test apparatus with full spectrum calibration, monitoring and control
Process for a continuous polymerization for the production of high molecular weight polybenzimidazol...
Method and system for creating a mercury halide standard for use in testing a mercury analyzer syste...
Digital projector control method and apparatus
Electronic voting apparatus, system and method
Computer generation of documents using layout elements and content elements
Methods and compositions for enhancing detection in determinations employing cleavable electrophoret...
Somatic transfer of modified genes to predict drug effects
Immunologically significant herpes simplex virus antigens and methods for using same
Recombinant adenoviruses for gene therapy in cancers
Watermark information embedment device and watermark information detection device
Embedding watermark components during separate printing stages
Method and system for delivery of mail
Dynamic summary module
Method for enabling a trusted dialog for collection of sensitive data
Efficient white listing of user-modifiable files
Network security device and method for protecting a computing device in a networked environment
Document stamping antivirus manifest
Method and system for implementing privacy notice, consent, and preference with a privacy proxy
Proxy for video on demand server control
Response Time to Process Desired Transaction Requests in Event Based Network Servers
On-demand application resource allocation through dynamic reconfiguration of application cluster siz...
Apparatus and method for autonomic problem isolation for a software application
Methods and apparatus for project management
Information processing device and compiler
Method for integrating multiple object files from heterogeneous architectures into a set of files
Method and apparatus for inserting code
System and method for providing an embedded complete controller specification through explicit contr...
Scheduling software
Cursor locator on a display device
System and method for improved scroll mouse operation
Hierarchical dataset dashboard view
Data delivery system for adjusting assignment of connection requests to nodes based upon the tracked...
Method and apparatus for providing seamless hooking and intercepting of selected kernel and HAL expo...
Adjuvant for transcutaneous immunization
Pattern Build Software System
Thermoplastic polyolefin compositions and methods of preparing thermoplastic polyolefin compositions...
Integrated circuit device
Data carrier having means for synchronization with a received data stream
Controlled charge neutralization of ion-implanted articles
Method for observing high-altitude neutral air and device for observing high-altitude neutral air
Clear glass composition
Three dimensional device integration method and integrated device
Method and apparatus for the separation of data from digital broadcast signals for distribution via ...
Magnetic resonance imaging device
Keyhole echo-planar imaging with double (t1 and t2*) contrast (dc-epic)
Low esr switch for nuclear resonance measurements
NMR spectrometer with flowthrough sample container
Pulse sequences for exciting nuclear quadrupole resonance
TRI-, TETRA-, and penta-peptides having antiangiogenic activity
Therapeutic agents and methods of use thereof for the modulation of angiogenesis
Electrophoretic ink composed of particles with field dependent mobilities
Method for encapsulating phase transitional paraffin compound that can undergo phase transition and ...
Energy bar
Film preparation for biphasic release of pharmacologically active or other substances
Nocturnal muscle enhancing composition and method
Vehicle backward movement assist device and vehicle parking assist device
Floating process flow control system to handle operation events in a full automation plant
Method and apparatus for calculating an operator distraction level
Method and system for determining a value of a first counter of a wireless communication system serv...
Method and apparatus for localizing biomagnetic signals
Interface for modifying data fields in a mark-up language environment
Electronic signature method
Methods and structure for BIOS reconfiguration
System and method for monitoring and analyzing communications
Method and system for blocking unwanted communications
Backup/recovery system and methods for protecting a computer system
Process for making bisphosphonic acids using diluents other than halogenated hydrocarbons
Vinyl monomer, support matrix and its preparation
Highly viscous coating material for porous substrates
Environmental control system including ozone-destroying catalytic converter having anodized and wash...
Metallocene catalysts containing a cyclopentadienyl ligand substituted by a siloxy or germiloxy grou...
Purification of chemical 1,3-propanediol
Method of determining the nucleotide sequence of oligonucleotides and DNA molecules
Wiring tape for semiconductor device including a buffer layer having interconnected foams
Presensitized plate
Polymer composite fibrous coating on dipped rubber articles and method
Production scale method of forming microparticles
Substituted 1H-dihydropyrazoles, their preparation and use
Sulfone derivatives and their use in the treatment of autoimmune diseases and allergies
Diazabicyclononane scaffold for combinatorial synthesis
Apparatus and method for searching target position and recording medium
Communication system and method for compressing information sent by a communication device to a targ...
Locating regions in a target image using color match, luminance pattern match and hill-climbing tech...
Method and system for automatically scanning and imaging the contents of a moving target
Target identification from a pool of targets using a new adaptive transmitter-receiver design
Automated system for isolating and amplifying a target nucleic acid sequence
Method for increasing fracture penetration into target formation
System and method for executing image computation associated with a target circuit
Nonlinear target recognition
Rod target for arc evaporation source, manufacturing method therefor, and arc deposition device
Radar apparatus having function of estimating target's width
Connector apparatus and system including connector apparatus
Apparatus and method for handling easily polymerizable substance, apparatus for extracting liquid fr...
Method for removing acid from an aprotic liquid
Filter device for clarifying contaminated liquids
Immersed membrane apparatus
Method for the processing of a liquid reaction discharge of the cationic polymerization of isobutene
Dual filter system for filtering of injector fluids
Method and apparatus using super absorbent polymers for dehydration of oil
Fuel circuit of the fuel cell system
Method for operating rotary hearth type reducing furnace and rotary hearth type reducing furnace fac...
Capacity control valve and control method therefor
Fast digital image dithering method that maintains a substantially constant value of luminance
Polarimeter to simultaneously measure the stokes vector components of light
Optical measuring method for semiconductor multiple layer structures and apparatus therefor
Surface treatment with texturized microcrystalline cellulose microfibrils for improved paper and pap...
Offset dove tail locks
Durable press cellulosic fibrous substrates with improved physical properties
Package and method for storing and dispensing wet wipes in a pop-up format
Tab for a labial pad
Method for changing the orientation of the plies within a multi-ply product
Dispensing assembly for single piece face mask
Crosslinking agent for coated elastomeric articles
Roller pump with housing having integrated reduction gear housing
Crankcase heater mounting for a compressor
Crankcase sealing apparatus
Cooling fan having dual blade sets
Dual balance shaft pump assembly
Self-priming centrifugal pump
Dual gear single outlet material pump and method of constructing such a pump
Blower units
Radiation shielding coating
Corbino disc electroosmotic flow pump
High pressure reciprocating pump and control of the same
Warm air blower for medical warming blankets
Electric powered pump
Hot water heater recirculation system and method
Method of protecting entry addresses
Pyrroloquinoline quinone-dependent glucose dehydrogenase
Process for producing polypeptide having disulfide bond
Automobile operating key and electronic control device dore automobiles
Washing machine with pay activated bulk detergent dispenser
Container providing a controlled hydrated environment
Method of enabling an intermediary server to impersonate a client user's identity to a plurality of ...
Modular surface mount manifold assemblies
Method and apparatus for automatic network configuration
Passive safety block
Audio driven self-generating objects
System and method for a programmable threshold detector for automatically switching to an active mod...
Program guide system with flip and browse advertisements
Method and device for controlling the time which a user spends connected to a data communication net...
Method and system for distributing video content over a network
Oxacarbazepine film-coated tablets
On-chip reset circuitry and method
Low latency request dispatcher
Session admission control for communication systems that use point-to-point protocol over ethernet
Optical disk apparatus with fine tracking mechanism
Multi-layer optical information recording medium with pits or grooves
Optical deflector and method of producing same
Phase shifting waveguide and module utilizing the waveguides for beam phase shifting and steering
Stress relieved contact array
Contactor having conductive particles in a hole as a contact electrode
Connector for measuring electric resistance, apparatus and method for measuring electric resistance ...
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same, circuit board, and electronic instrument
Single damascene integration scheme for preventing copper contamination of dielectric layer
Semiconductor chip package
Power module with improved heat dissipation
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and method of manufacturing the same
User interface for image acquisition devices
Synthesis unit selection apparatus and method, and storage medium
Charge process upon effecting predetermined process by using plural data processing apparatus, and d...
Process cartridge and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Fixing device and image forming apparatus
Heating method, heating apparatus, and production method of image display apparatus
Pattern recognition apparatus for detecting predetermined pattern contained in input signal
Device and method for the dynamic allocation of frequencies for multicarrier modulation systems
Device for evaluating signals
Electrooptic assembly
Behind-the-ear housing functioning as a switch
Dual diaphragm speaker
Ear terminal
Method and apparatus for reading an array of thermal resistance sensors
2-terminal trapped charge memory device with voltage switchable multi-level resistance
Lamp control system
Hand/eye calibration method using projective invariant shape descriptor of 2-dimensional image
System and method for identifying objects in a space
System and method for controlling modular robots
Robot controller
Robot control system and robot control method thereof
Fuel cell for microcapsule-type robot and microcapsule-type robot powered by the same
Factory line system for robot-arm work stations
Container with hinged lids and method of molding the container and assembling the hinged lids on the...
Robotic all terrain surveyor
Substrate processing apparatus
Method and system for top loading of containers such as cartons, cases and trays, etc.
Method and device for displaying driving instructions, especially in car navigation systems
Multimeric forms of members of the steroid/thyroid superfamily of receptors
Optical filter, optical device, and projector
Miter saw for displaying angle of cutter blade cutting workpiece
Detection and discrimination of instabilities in process control loops
Reduced complexity audio mixing apparatus
Audio signal phase detection system and method
Mechanisms for control knobs and other interface devices
Wheel motion control input device for animation system
Vehicle horn actuation mechanism and method
Method and apparatus for measuring a fluid level and a motor vehicle provided with such apparatus
Carrier line oriented spin high voltage leak detection system and method
System and method for detecting an underground object using magnetic field sensing
Dual coil probe for detecting geometric differences while stationary with respect to threaded apertu...
Horn-loaded compression driver system
Spray-applied ceramic fiber insulation
Method and apparatus for maintaining data integrity
Manufacturing management system and method
Humidification of reactant streams in fuel cells
Data transfer apparatus
Semiconductor device and testing apparatus for semiconductor device
Optical recording disk having land and groove wobbled at outer circumference side
Optical deflection device and optical deflection method that control occurrence of alignment defect
Fixing device, method of fixing substrate and apparatus and method for manufacturing a liquid crysta...
DTV signal with GCR components in plural-data-segment frame headers and receiver apparatus for such ...
Adaptive equalizer method and apparatus for American ATSC system
Halogen lamp and method of its manufacture
Methodology for design of oscillator delay stage and corresponding applications
Thin film transistor device, method of manufacturing the same and liquid crystal panel
Clock reproducing method and receiving clock producing apparatus allowing for absorption of transmis...
Semiconductor optical devices and optical modules
Oxidizing undesired compounds resident within liquid absorbent compounds, reducing atmospheric pollu...
Apparatus for contacting large volumes of gas and liquid across microscopic interfaces
Compositions comprising SNORF36 receptor compounds
Semiconductor storage device
Control arrangement and method for testing the operation of a control arrangement of this type for o...
Test apparatus with loading device
Conductive coatings for PEM fuel cell electrodes
Printed circuit board noise attenuation using lossy conductors
Ion-exchange resin membrane and method for producing the same
Fuel cell system having drain for condensed water stored in reforming reactor
Electrolyte composition, solid electrolyte membrane, solid polymer fuel cell and manufacturing metho...
Temperature zones in a solid oxide fuel cell auxiliary power unit
Moisture stabilization for a fuel cell power plant system
Single-pipe cylinder-type reformer
Method and apparatus for fuel/air preparation in a fuel cell
Pin-deposition of conductive inks for microelectrodes and contact via filling
Ocular lens material
Intraocular ring assembly and artificial lens kit
Implant for altering the iris color and method of locating and fixing an implant for altering the ir...
Injector for an intraocular lens
Insertion device for deformable intraocular lens
Wavefront sensor having multi-power modes, independent adjustment camera, and accommodation range me...
Ophthalmic lenses
Semiconductor laser device having a high characteristic temperature
Long wavelength vertical cavity surface emitting laser
Npn double heterostructure bipolar transistor with ingaasn base region
Long wavelength vertical cavity surface emitting laser
Method for obtaining high quality InGaAsN semiconductor devices
Methods for annealing a substrate and article produced by such methods
Method for producing a long wavelength indium gallium arsenide nitride(InGaAsN) active region
Bipolar transistor with lattice matched base layer
High output power semiconductor laser diode
Long wavelength vertical cavity surface emitting laser
Gallium arsenide HBT having increased performance and method for its fabrication
Tubular assembly having an internal plug
Method and apparatus for combining transponders on multiple satellites into virtual channels
Rubber blanket cylinder sleeve for web fed rotary printing machines
Device for the transverse cutting of at least one web in a folding apparatus
False drum with a variable area vacuum-surface
Use of helium/nitrogen gas mixtures in up to 12 kW laser welding
Spring pack
Catalyst support
Data output system and document read system
Portion of a multi-handled bag
Semantic querying a peer-to-peer network
Method for inputting data into a system
Technique to improve network routing using best-match and exact-match techniques
Semantic user interface
Control device and method for adjusting the angular velocity ratio between a camshaft and a cranksha...
Adjustable cam shaft
Method for determining the phase position of at least one camshaft
Four-cycle engine
Music-data reproducing system using a download program
Vehicle electrical installation configuration system
Method of transmitting vehicle data
Method for controlling a test bench
Belt type continuously variable transmission
Method for controlling an automated gearbox, electronic safety system and adapter plug
Motor vehicle sound system
Nanometer scale data storage device and associated positioning system
Tunable electronic lens and prisms using inhomogeneous nano scale liquid crystal droplets
Light receiving element using interconnected nanoparticles
Enhancement of fabrication yields of nanomechanical devices by thin film deposition
Method of production of nano particle dispersed composite material
Low-temperature formation method for emitter tip including copper oxide nanowire or copper nanowire ...
Photoresist based on polycondensates and having an increased resolution for use in 157 nanometer lit...
Anti-ballistic nanotube structures
Polyethylene glycol-modified semiconductor nanoparticles, method for producing the same, and materia...
Enhanced field emission from carbon nanotubes mixed with particles
Image signal output method, image signal output device, rangefinder, and imaging device
Image sensing element for sensing an image formed by an image sensing lens
Index prints for photofinishing services
Strobe light emitting apparatus and camera
Control apparatus for optical apparatus
Photographing lens having an optical element retracting mechanism
Image capturing unit and image capturing device
Eye image pickup device
Lens barrel holding apparatus, lens barrel and camera system
Apparatus for conveying substrates
Setting operation device and electronic apparatus
Image sensing apparatus, method and program for distance measurement
Electronic camera achieving higher frame speed
Digital camera including power supply controller responsive to connection detection
System, method, and service for automatically and dynamically composing document management applicat...
Printer driver system for remote printing
Print job workflow system
Image forming apparatus, image forming system, sheet feeding source designation control method, imag...
Encryption in a secure computerized gaming system
Vertical-mount electrical power distribution plugstrip
System and method for optimizing prompts for speech-enabled applications
Flexible call alerting
Redundant array water delivery system for water rides
Gaming device having a selection game with building awards
Gaming device having a multi-round, multi-characteristic matching game
Financial trading game
Adjustable countertop monitor
Intramedullary nail and associated method
Movement facilitation device
System, software arrangement and method for segmenting an image
Targeted infusion of agents for treatment of ALS
Use of sphingosine kinase activator as skin disease treating agent and method for treating skin dise...
Use of amino acids for treatment of various conditions
Dual antiplatelet/anticoagulant pyridoxine analogs
N-substituted piperidine derivatives as serotonin receptor agents
Thieno[2,3-c] isoquinolines for use as inhibitors of PARP
Remedies for neuropathic pain and model animals of neuropathic pain
Novel uracil derivatives and medicinal use thereof
Quinoline derivatives as nk-2 and nk-3 receptor antagonists
Combination drug
Pyrazolopyrimidines as protein kinase inhibitors
Combination therapy using an 11beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type 1 inhibitor and a glucocortico...
Methods of simultaneously treating ocular rosacea and acne rosacea
Medicinal composition for drug-induced neuropathy
Techniques for data reporting in an implantable medical device
Apparatus for data retention in an implantable medical device
New stimulation design for neuromodulation
Methods and apparatus for sensing cardiac activity via neurological stimulation therapy system or me...
Devices, systems and methods for treating disorders of the ear, nose and throat
Ultrasonic apparatus and method for treating obesity or fat-deposits or for delivering cosmetic or o...
Body impedance measurement apparatus
Division approximation for implantable medical devices
Techniques for user-activated data retention in an implantable medical device
Techniques for data retention upon detection of an event in an implantable medical device
Techniques for selective channel processing and data retention in an implantable medical device
Distal portion of an endoscopic delivery system
System and method to reduce discomfort using nerve stimulation
Benzothiazepine and benzothiepine derivatives
Treating syndrome X with substituted tetralins and indanes
Estrogen receptor modulators
Thiophene derivative ppar modulators
Novel piperdine derivatives and their use as monoamine neurotransmitter re-uptake inhibitors
Use of inhibitors of Jun N-terminal kinases for the treatment of glaucomatous retinopathy and ocular...
Distributed electronic design automation environment
Halogenated calixpyrroles and uses thereof
Canine herpes virus alpha transinducing factor nucleic acid molecules
Antibodies to a YYX epitope of a mammalian prion protein
Galectin 11
Hepatitis C virus inhibitors
Interleukin-1β converting enzyme inhibitors
Indazole compounds useful as protein kinase inhibitors
(R) and (S) isomers of substituted 2-(2,6-dioxopiperidin-3-yl) phthalimides and 1-oxoisoindolines an...
Substituted aryl 1, 4-pyrazine derivatives
Pyrrolo[1,2-b]pyridazine compounds and their uses
1,4-benzofused urea compounds useful in treating cytokine mediated diseases
CCR5 modulators
Methods and compositions for inducing tumor-specific cytotoxicity
Cellular uptake of bioactive agents
Methods of treating type 2 diabetes with peptides acting as both GLP-1 receptor agonists and glucago...
Molecules of the PYRIN/NBS/LRR protein family and uses thereof
Modified myelin basic protein molecules
Methods of screening for toxicity of test compounds
Insect cell line
DNA encoding Slo2 and Slo4, potassium channel
NOD nucleic acids and polypeptides
Amusement device
Thermal energy-actuated toy water globe
Flexible connector
Expandable home entertainment cabinet
Carrier sheet with integrated detachable die-cut card having a magnet material backing
Gaming device base and method of use
Card game
Game with multi-level game board
Game scoring kit
Board game with wedding anniversary theme and method for playing the same
Intellectual building base plate assembling game device
Reel mechanism
Game machine
Single pull control horn
Mat for timing competitions
Hanging chair stand
Amusement device with concealed images
Method and apparatus for selecting wild symbols by a player
Method for identifying bad frames
Method and system for measuring the quality of a hierarchy
Wire-speed multi-dimensional packet classifier
Neural network processing system using semiconductor memories
Method and device for perception of an object by its shape, its size and/or its orientation
Method and system for recommending electronic component connectivity configurations and other inform...
Methods and systems for interactive evolutionary computing (IEC)
Approximate fitness functions
Process and system for developing a predictive model
Web browser-based object oriented application component test client
Method and apparatus for predicting vehicle air system performance and recommending air system compo...
Distributed actuation allocation for large assemblies of implementation units
Computer vision system and method employing hierarchical object classification scheme
Download status indicators in wireless short range devices
Clock system capable of synchronizing clock frequencies of power processing devices and digital sign...
Device and process for operation of automation components
Ruggedized tradesworkers radio
Radio communication apparatus using adaptive antenna
Diversity branch delay alignment in radio base station
Radio communication system
Method and system for selectively reducing call-setup latency through management of paging frequency
Message transmission system in a GPRS environment
Two-way pager and method for communicating preset messages over the global system for mobile communi...
Positioning apparatus, positioning method, and positioning system
Method and controlling the selection of base stations in a cellular radio telecommunications system
Packet data serving node initiated updates for a mobile communications system
System and method for providing telecommunication services
Call processing method during termination busy state of terminal in radio intelligent network system
Method and apparatus for changing radio link configurations in a mobile telecommunications system wi...
Communication apparatus
Super-regenerative radio frequency receiver and its data receiving method
FSK modulator using IQ up-mixers and sinewave coded DACs
Portable radio terminal and AFC control method
Hand manipulated data apparatus for computers and video games
Golf putting game with means for automatically monitoring the movement of the ball
Information processing apparatus, information storing medium and program thereof, and operating devi...
Handicapped sporting platform and turntable
Monitoring and analysis
Learning system
Versatile resource computer-based training system
Method of producing a decorative plate
Basketball shooting aid
Portable presentation display
Computer software and portable memory for an electronic educational toy
Audio-video packet synchronization at network gateway
Low power scheduling for multimedia systems
Systems and methods for connecting video conferencing to a distributed network
Method, system, and program product to support multiple content-management data models
System, mobile station and method for delivering services
Method and system for sending personalized outgoing voicemail/multimedia mail messages based on the ...
Method of distributing multimedia presentations in different formats on optical discs
Apparatus and method for monitoring streamed multimedia quality using digital watermark
Method for parametrizing the greeting message of a voice mailbox
Interactive two-way transfer multimedia messaging service
Techniques for acquiring a parent multimedia asset (digital negative) from any of a plurality of mul...
Method and device for making a foundation member
Shallow water riser support
Sewage effluent distribution means
Subsurface irrigation of plants, trees and landscape with water containing gas micro-bubbles
High capacity catch basin filtration system with adjustable deflector ring
Shield tunneling method and shield tunneling machine
Porous thin film time-varying reflectivity analysis of samples
Hybrid maize 33D63
Hybrid maize 33F36
Inbred corn line KWU7104
Inbred maize line 291B
Potato cultivar FL 2048
Soybean cultivar S010136
Soybean cultivar S030150
Soybean cultivar 0491712
Soybean cultivar SO22215
Oomycete-resistant transgenic plants by virtue of pathogen-induced expression of a heterologous hype...
Genetic engineering salt tolerance in crop plants
Isolated nucleic acid molecules encoding the Br2 P-glycoprotein of maize and methods of modifying gr...
Compositions and methods for promoting expression of nucleic acids in plants
Acyl CoA:cholesterol acyltransferase related nucleic acid sequences
Transgenic non-human animals capable of producing heterologous antibodies
Synthesis, deprotection, analysis and purification of RNA and ribozymes
Sporamin promoter and uses thereof
Nucleic acid and amino acid sequences relating to Enterobacter cloacae for diagnostics and th...
Labeled nucleoside polyphosphates
Method and apparatus for publishing and monitoring entities providing services in a distributed data...
Matching image characteristics of stamps and personal images to aesthetically fit into a personal po...
Security paper
Laminate sheet for security booklets and method for making same
Self-verifying security documents
Value document
Stamping devices and methods
Integrated electronic gift card packet
Architecture and/or method for using input/output affinity region for flexible use of hard macro I/O...
User interface for semiconductor evaluation device
Method and system for identifying and locating defects in an integrated circuit
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device utilizing monitor wafers
Method of in-wafer testing of monolithic photonic integrated circuits (PICs) formed in a semiconduct...
Method to produce data cell region and system region for semiconductor memory
Sidewall structure and method of fabrication for reducing oxygen diffusion to contact plugs during C...
High-voltage CMOS-compatible capacitors
Magnetoresistive element and method for producing the same
Pre-deflected bias ribbons
Wafer inspection methods and an optical inspection tool
Overlapping color filter structure and method of making the same
Scalable two transistor memory devices
Methods for dicing wafer stacks to provide access to interior structures
Group III nitride compound semiconductor device
Semiconductor interconnect having compliant conductive contacts
Variable rotational assignment of interconnect levels in integrated circuit fabrication
Integrated circuit package with low modulus layer and capacitor/interposer
Electronic device sealed under vacuum containing a getter and method of operation
Semiconductor package and method of manufacturing the same which reduces warpage
Dual-trench isolated crosspoint memory array
Highly neutralized polymer golf ball compositions including oxa acids and methods of making same
Method for matching a golfer with a particular golf club style
Shoe cleat
Man machine interfaces and applications
Noninvasive measurement of chemical substances
Low spin golf ball utilizing perimeter weighting
Putter with rotatable shaft for converting from practice to play
Golf club rest
Swivel or rotating golf club head
Rotor type sprinkler with reversing mechanism including sliding clutch and driven bevel gears
Multisource target correlation
System and method with adaptive angle-of-attack autopilot
Method for testing a missile time-space-position unit for missile
Solid body with microstructured surface
Automatic activation device for deploying a parachute and methods thereof
Auxiliary fuel tank systems for aircraft and methods for their manufacture and use
Locking the cowl doors of a turbojet
Attachment apparatus for injection-molded frameless canopies
Fire shield apparatus and method
Foam composite insulation for aircraft
Aircraft and watercraft adapted to float on main wing
Landplane to flying boat conversion
Lighter-than-air aircraft with air cushion landing gear means
Weather-agile reconfigurable automatic target recognition system
Stabilizing surface for flight deck or other uses
Apparatus and method for restraining and releasing a control surface
Intelligent vehicle apparatus and method for using the apparatus
Laminate material for the protection of body parts and device comprising such laminate
Vinyl chloride polymer composition
Shock absorbing compound
Polymer materials with electrostatic dissipative properties
Orthotic foot devices for bare feet and methods for stabilizing feet
Bench cabinet for changing shoes
Holder for beverage container
Athletic shoe with plate
Midsole for athletic shoe
Contoured skate boot
Side element of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Footwear upper
Chair with attached footrest for putting on and removing footwear
Portion of a footwear upper
Retractable skates and method therefor
Footwear sole
Shoe lace
Thermal interface apparatus, systems, and fabrication methods
Clamping structure and heat dissipating module using same
Heat sink mounting and interface mechanism and method of assembling same
Low momentum loss fluid manifold system
Power switching module and inverter equipped therewith
Cooled computer casing display frame
Cooling arrangement for an integrated circuit
Fuel cell battery with an integrated heat exchanger
Integral compact heat exchanger and catalytic reactor for scavenging contaminants from air
Heat generator
Integrated heat dissipation apparatus
Heat sink, method of manufacturing the same and cooling apparatus using the same
Heat transfer device
Heat exchanger
Evaporator and vehicle provided with refrigeration cycle having the same
Heat dissipation device
Telecommunication device including a housing having improved heat conductivity
End surface capillary structure of heat pipe
Cooling device
Bracket for motor vehicle air conditioner heat exchanger
Low-temperature dryer
Method of time synchronization of multiple A/D sample data records
Error measuring method for digitally self-calibrating pipeline ADC and apparatus thereof
Electronic endoscope for highlighting blood vessel
Osteogenic devices and methods of use thereof for repair of endochondral bone and osteochondral defe...
Surface acoustic wave device and method of adjusting a temperature characteristic of the same
Fluorinated phenyl thiophenyl derivatives and their use for imaging serotonin transporters
Method for treating crohn's disease
(-)-1-(3,4-dichlorophenyl)-3-azabicyclo[3.1.0]hexane, compositions thereof, and uses as a dopamine-r...
Heterocyclic compounds having hypolipidemic, hypocholesteremic activities process for their preparat...
Component self-deactivation while client holds a returned reference
Wafer heating using edge-on illumination
Mixed language expression loading and execution methods and apparatuses
Integrated speech synthesizer with an automatic identification of speaker connections and identifica...
Method of secure personal identification, information processing, and precise point of contact locat...
Single or multi-mode cardiac activity data collection, processing and display obtained in a non-inva...
Method and apparatus for waveform assessment
Image forming apparatus employing electro-photographic process and controlling method of the same
Method and system for electronic braking of an electric motor having no permanent magnets
Method for improving pick reliability in a component placement machine
Utility-based archiving
Insulation batt and package
Spray-applied ceramic fiber insulation
Set-top box with out-of band modem and cable modem
Process for surface modifying substrates and modified substrates resulting therefrom
Process for the isomerization of an olefin
Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery
System and method for re-assuring delivery of television advertisements non-intrusively in real-time...
Apparatus and method for printing using a light emissive array
Method for producing a catalyst support and compositions thereof
Potassium channel interacting polypeptides and uses thereof
Method for the preparation of well-defined metal acetamidinate-based catalysts on solid supports
Grafting apparatus and method of using
Method and apparatus for collecting condensate from combustible gas streams in an integrated fuel ce...
Cold flow improvers for fuel oils of vegetable or animal origin
Process for the production of dinitrotoluene
Electrooptical devices, electrooptical thin crystal films and methods making same
Surface electrode for electrical stimulation of tissue
Method, compositions and kits for increasing the oral bioavailability of pharmaceutical agents
Image forming method and apparatus
Data retrieval and report generation system for foodstuffs
Method for cleaning crude terephthalic acid and catalysts suitable for the same and containing carbo...
Polymers and their synthesis
Solid state heterojunction and solid state sensitized photovoltaic cell
Rubber dam
Method for oxidizing hydrocarbons into acids
Server application components with control over state duration
Chromatography column
High efficiency ion exchanges system for removing contaminants from water
Portable shopping and order fulfillment system
Vacuum suction device and driving method thereof
Plastic tube, especially a pneumatic tube
Compute node to mesh interface for highly scalable parallel processing system and method of exchangi...
Pectin film compositions
Methods and apparatus for selectively processing eggs having identified characteristics
Substitution-box for symmetric-key ciphers
Iontophoretic drug delivery device and reservoir and method of making same
Binding of processes in network systems
Wireless monitor cradle having a TV tuner
Information display apparatus
System and method for reproducing a video session using accelerated frame recording
Sulfided catalysts for improved performance in hydrocarbon processing
Apparatus for delivering ions from a grounded electrospray assembly to a vacuum chamber
Method and apparatus for data mining to discover associations and covariances associated with data
Apparatus and method for spectroscopic analysis of tissue to detect diabetes in an individual
Methods and apparatus for cementing drill strings in place for one pass drilling and completion of o...
Artificial dura mater
Method for adaptive segment refinement in optical proximity correction
2-phenyl-1-[4-(2-aminoethoxy)-benzyl]-indoles as estrogenic agents
Decorative urn
Bioengineered vascular graft support prostheses
Insulating member using abrasion-resistant resin composition
Plug type connector
System and method for establishing and managing relationships between pseudonymous identifications a...
Solid electrolytic capacitor and solid electrolytic capacitor device
Method and system for managing data traffic in wireless networks
Quality assurance during thermal spray coating by means of computer processing or encoding of digita...
Copper base alloy
Method and device for local processing of casting data arising from measurement data obtained from a...
System and method for multiple level architecture by use of abstract application notation
Method for manufacturing an electroacoustical transducer comprising a membrane configuration
Method and apparatus for cas-based ring limiting of FXS ports
Method for modulating light penetration depth in tissue and diagnostic applications using same
Information playback apparatus
System and method for intelligent control of power consumption of distributed services during period...
Method and device for model resolution and its use for detecting attacks against computer systems
Use of remote controls for audio-video equipment to control other devices
Nemesia plant named 'Nemhabar'
Method and apparatus for managing a data imaging system using CIM providers in a distributed compute...
Enhancements to optical flat panel displays
System and method for defining semiconductor device layout parameters
Recombinant α-L-iduronidase, methods for producing and purifying the same and methods for trea...
Topology-based reasoning apparatus for root-cause analysis of network faults
Machine interface
Method and system for provisioning authorization for use of a service in a communications network
Secondary data encoded along with original data for generating responses to requests from wireless d...
Messaging protocol over internet protocol
System and method for determining tariffs for real-time calls involving ported directory numbers
Method and system for billing a call that is forwarded to a prepaid subscriber's voicemail
Data conversion in telecommunication systems
Apparatus and method for time-alignment of two signals
Method for adaptive control of multichannel acoustic echo cancellation system and device therefor
Method and apparatus for ring again feature for a telephone system
Long distance telephonic access assembly and method for conducting telephonic transactions
Smart phonebook search
Providing customer data to an automatic call distribution system agent
Selective conversation recording using speech heuristics
System and method to allocate transactions
Distributed call progress tone detection system and method of operation thereof
Call processing with statistical weighting of scripts in a communication system switch
Fuchsia plant named 'Rose Quartet'
Armored foldaway inflatable floating device
Semiconductor light-emitting device
Method for producing p-type group III nitride compound semiconductor
Head protecting airbag device
Group III nitride compound semiconductor light emitting element
Interior finish member for an automobile with an air bag device
Precursor silk feedstock for forming filaments
Methods and apparatus for information broadcasting and reception
Systems and methods for controlling fluid feed to an aerosol generator
System and user interface supporting concurrent application initiation and interoperability
Web-based customer lead generator system with pre-emptive profiling
System, method and apparatus for communicating via instant messaging
Anti-theft device in motorcycle
Universal modulator
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory and method of managing information in information distribution syst...
Thermally-assisted magnetic recording head, method of manufacturing the same, and thermally-assisted...
Solid-acid isomerization catalyst and process
System and method for visualizing the use of resources in a process system
OLED display and touch screen
Process for producing crystalline poly-α-olefins with a monocyclopentadienyl transition metal ...
Internet moving image linking system and link recognition method
Organizing and managing transaction-related tax information
Vehicle mounted animal alerting device
Electric power steering apparatus
Backup power system
Method of estimating the risk of a vehicle overturning
Wheel assembly for a vehicle
Occupant-propelled fluid powered rotary device, truck, wheeled platform, or vehicle
Transfer case with controllable clutch
Power-assisted steering system
Power steering gearbox mechanism for a vehicle including a hydraulic fluid flow control device depen...
Hand control mechanism to produce a selectively changeable effect on a continuously variable input s...
Pedal pusher
Power train support apparatus
Hydraulic driving apparatus for a wheeled vehicle
Automotive passenger restraint and protection apparatus
Motorized scooter
Motorcycle foot controls
Motorized vehicle and manufacturing methods therefor
Electric assisted bicycle
Hybrid car control apparatus
Snow vehicle suspension system
Architecture to thwart denial of service attacks
Process to manage data in a chip card
Allocation of data-encoding pattern