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Method and system for representing an application characteristic using a sensory perceptible represe...
Method and network for selectively controlling the utility a target
Method and system for building a location beacon database
Server for updating location beacon database
Aiding in a satellite positioning system
Hand-held laser device with base station
Method and apparatus for preventing communication link degradation due to the detrimental orientatio...
Broadcast information transmission
Base station apparatus and communication terminal apparatus
Method and apparatus for preventing communication link degradation due to the disengagement or movem...
Intelligent network interface
Method, subscriber device and radio communication system for transmitting user data messages
Method, system and mobile station for handing off communications from a cellular radio access networ...
Wireless mobile station call handoff
Mobile communication terminal test system capable of visually recognizing communication condition an...
System and method for restricting functionality of a mobile device
Apparatus and method for connecting an emergency call
Apparatus and method for connecting an emergency call
Local oscillator feedthrough cancellation scheme to remove RF and baseband offsets
Backscatter receiver maintaining sensitivity with varying power levels
Method and system for a synthesizer/local oscillator generator (LOGEN) architecture for a quad-band ...
Method and apparatus for recording/reproducing magnetization information
Wiring substrate manufacturing method
Over-current protection circuit
Reference voltage generating circuit
Regulated sleep transistor apparatus, method, and system
Method for determining the wear to a storage battery, and a monitoring device
Reference voltage generator with supply voltage and temperature immunity
Voltage source and current source with capacitor
DC-DC converter
Energy saving discontinuous mode system and method
Digital control circuit for switching power supply with pattern generator
Switching mode power conversion with digital compensation
Series connected buck-boost regulator
System using a power converter
Control circuit
Contact-less power transfer
Method of controlling photovoltaic power generation system
Power supply control system for vehicle and method
Apparatus and method for generating and using multi-direction DC and AC electrical currents
Method for prolonging the life of lithium ion batteries
Method of measuring and displaying actual quantity of electricity of rechargeable battery being char...
Fastener for use with frangible material
Drywall spray gun support stand
Wallboard mud container apparatus
Method and apparatus for communication between humans and devices
Aural rehabilitation system and a method of using the same
Method and apparatus for teaching and learning reading
Activity device
Modular material design system and method
Apparatus and method for automatically analysing a filled in questionnaire
Modified multiple-choice testing system using computer and the method of same
Karaoke audio-visual recorder/player
Shoe lace teacher for pre-schoolers
Riding device
Prayer/blessing kit
Learning integrating system and methods
Reading instruction system and method
Learning aid
Apparatus and method for tactile writing therapy
Tape cartridge and tape processing apparatus on which tape cartridge is detachably mounted
Method and system of providing dynamic dialogs
Electronic musical instrument with customization of auxiliary capability
Automatic generation of musical scratching effects
Choral keyboarding non-note reading methodology
Electronic sheet music display device
Guitar-like musical instrument with a neck-body connecting assembly
Fingering guide displaying apparatus for musical instrument and computer program therefor
Boom positioning mechanism
Marine seismic source towing apparatus and method
Automotive exhaust silencer system with variable damping characteristics
Method and system for profiling users based on their relationships with content topics
Detecting malicious alteration of stored computer files
Recording medium having recording program recorded therein and recording apparatus and method
Self-adjusting consumable order-assistance system and method
Litigation-related document repository
System and method allowing advertisers to manage search listings in a pay for placement search syste...
Method and apparatus for metering electricity usage and electronically providing information associa...
Charging process management system
System and method for managing and evaluating network commodities purchasing
Mobile electronic transaction personal proxy
Method and apparatus for securing session information of users in a web application server environme...
Method and apparatus for a cryptographically assisted commercial network system designed to facilita...
Method and system for conducting transactions between repositories using a repository transaction pr...
Lock-and-key consumer billing data protection system having data encryption capability
Method and system for merchant processing of purchase card transactions with expanded card type acce...
Paid search engine bid management
Method for charting financial market activities
Dental casting alloy
Method for joining workpieces using soldering alloy
High strength creep resistant magnesium alloys
Methods and apparatus for eliminating instability in intelligent assist devices
Method of and apparatus for operating a work robot
Robot control apparatus and control method thereof
Microrobot for surgical applications
Robot arm mechanism and robot apparatus
Load handling device
Adjustable bimini bracket
Submarine countermeasure and launch assembly
Hinge assembly for a hatch cover of a watercraft
Watercraft having plural narrow hulls and having submerged passive flotation devices
Program for processing image, recording medium of the program and method of and apparatus for proces...
"Don't care" pixel interpolation
Distortion correcting rendering techniques for autostereoscopic displays
Method of selectively storing digital images
Correcting motion vector maps for image processing
Radiographic apparatus
Method and apparatus for frame alignment in discrete multitone transceivers
Reduced complexity sliding window based equalizer
Image display
Image correction apparatus and recording medium having image correction program
Small tuner unit having shielding effect
Display retract mechanism
Field sequential display of color video picture with color breakup prevention
Worldwide television tuning system with country code based tuning
Video indexing and image retrieval system
Video data correction device and video data correction method
Video correction system and method using logarithmic conversion
Method and apparatus for managing remote data replication using CIM providers in a distributed compu...
System and method for demand oriented network resource management
Method, system, and program for checking contact information
Two tier arrangement for threads support in a virtual machine
Data compression apparatus, database system, data communication system, data compression method, sto...
Initial object capacity determination
Data transmission update technique in low power modes
Mechanism for reformatting a simple source code statement into a compound source code statement
Simple scenario builder
Method, system, and program for using objects in data stores during execution of a workflow
Firmware recovery
Methods and apparatus for extending a phase on an interconnect
Redundant clock synthesizer
Client side integration for network based and non network based application
Method and apparatus for providing adaptive self-synchronized dynamic address translation
Method and system for remote diagnostic, control and information collection based on various communi...
System for recording, editing and playing back web-based transactions using a web browser and HTML
System and method for restricting data transfers and managing software components of distributed com...
System and method for offering information service, method of assisting information release service,...
Search agent for searching the internet
Data processing method for a memory pack of an internet microwave oven
System and method for mobile configuration
Routing header based routing in internet protocol (IP)-cellular networks
Voice-over IP communication without echo cancellation
Apparatus, method, and computer program for wire-speed classification and pre-processing of data pac...
Congestion and throughput visibility and isolation
Method and system for suppressing early media in a communications network
Modem transmission over packet networks
Network based system and method for universal printing
Method, system, and program for handling a failover to a remote storage location
Arrangement and method for modifying the functionality of a security module
System and method for assigning tags to control instruction processing in a superscalar processor
Ring-topology based multiprocessor data access bus
Entity event logging
Method and apparatus for securing information access
Method for analyzing demographic data
System and method for state restoration in a diagnostic module for a high-speed microprocessor
Fast, deterministic exact match look-ups in large tables
System and method for storage of snapshot metadata in a remote file
PDA with integrated address book and electronic map waypoints
Vehicle tracking driver assistance system
Location based programming and data management in an automated environment
Apparatus, and an associated method, for paging a mobile station operable in a radio communication s...
Dynamic server managed profiles for mobile users
Plastic container with electric dissipation capability
Nonaqueous secondary battery, method for making negative electrode component therefor, and apparatus...
Aluminosilicate compositions, preparation and use
Apparatus and method of generating a carburizing atmosphere
Systems and processes for providing hydrogen to fuel cells
Integrated olefin recovery and hydrogen production from refinery off-gases
Pretreatment and regeneration of oxides of manganese
Barium titanate and production and process thereof
Process for recovery of sulphate of potash
Granular sodium carbonate obtained by fluid-bed spray granulation and a process for its production
Silicon carbide fibers essentially devoid of whiskers and products made therefrom
Alkaline earth metal-basic silicate particle
Process for purifying octafluoropropane
Catalyst composition for purifying exhaust gas
Method for separating metal ions
Method for processing elemental sulfur-bearing materials using high temperature pressure leaching
Preparation of alloys by the Armstrong method
Exchangeable component of a textile machine with a surface coating or surface treatment and a means ...
Signaling device and a motor vehicle bodywork part fitted with such a device
Composite sheet material for brazing
Composite carbon fiber material and method of making same
Energy conditioning structure
Multi-beam antenna
Composite etching stop in semiconductor process integration
Methods of preparing a polymeric material composite
Method of and apparatus for convoluting bands around rod-shaped articles
Photochromic, photochromic material and method for manufacturing the same
Apparatus and method for securing engagement between fastening components of pre-fastened garments
Internal combustion engine control device
Remote keyless entry transmitter fob with RF analyzer
Stacked semiconductor module and assembling method of the same
Sintered sprocket for silent chain and production method therefor
Ventilated seat
Integrated center stack electronic module retention system
Easy entry seat with seat back mounted floor latch
Engine speed control for a hybrid electric vehicle
Exhaust emission control system of internal combustion engine
Lapping apparatus and lapping method
Trim panel module
Automotive ashtray and method for making the same
Configurable panel for vehicle overhead console
Lock, particularly a tailgate lock for a motor vehicle
Device and method for adjusting the torque transmitted by a friction clutch
Partition plate for intake port, sand core for forming intake port, and cylinder head
Cast-in object plate member, partition plate for intake port, intake-port forming sand core and cyli...
System and method for closed-loop control of laser cladding by powder injection
Multi-channel video optical transmission system, optical transmitter and optical receiver
Optical waveguide fiber for local access
Self-healing fiber Bragg grating sensor system
Integrated optical pump module
Traveling-wave optoelectronic wavelength converter
Method for calibrating photonic crossconnect device
Phased array gratings and tunable lasers using same
Excitation module, laser oscillator, and laser amplifier
Tunable laser source
Laser apparatus with active thermal tuning of external cavity
Method for adjusting the output spectrum of a multi-output-wavelength Raman laser
Optical multi-level recording medium and optical multi-level recording method
Device and method for controlling tilt servo
Frictionless, non-destructive playback system for cylinder recordings
Scanning optical system
Device for coupling light into a microscope
Parametric amplifier with adjustable pump source
Raman amplifier and method for pumping a Raman amplifier
Power scalable optical systems for generating, transporting, and delivering high power, high quality...
Methods and apparatus for delivering a drug influencing appetite for treatment of eating disorders
Phenyl-substituted imidazopyridines
Phenyl-substituted imidazopyridines
Polynucleotides and polypeptides of the erythropoietin gene
Alpha-2 adrenergic receptor polymorphisms
Antidepressant cycloalkylamine derivatives of 2,3-dihydro-1,4-benzodioxan
Secreted and transmembrane polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding the same
Compounds for the modulation of PPARγ activity
Antibodies to PRO1387 polypeptides
Selective β3 adrenergic agonists
C3b/C4b Complement Receptor-like molecules and uses thereof
Antidepressant azaheterocyclylmethyl derivatives of 2,3-dihydro-1, 4-benzodiozan
NK1 antagonists
Method and apparatus for generating an emergent model on a computer network
Graphical program system having a single graphical user interface shared by a plurality of graphical...
Techniques for updating live objects at clients using a dynamic routing network
Registry system, database and method
Method and apparatus for remotely customizing a gaming device
System, method, and apparatus for communicating information between a mobile communications device a...
Barcode having enhanced visual quality and systems and methods thereof
Apparatus and method of uplink data during cell update in universal mobile telecommunications system...
System and services for handling computing environments as documents
System, method and apparatus for polling telecommunications nodes for real-time information
Method and system for multi-network authorization and authentication
Robust data transmission using broadcast digital television signals
Multiple views for a measurement system diagram
Method and apparatus for eliminating lamp strobing in a digital input scanner
On-line oil condition sensor system for rotating and reciprocating machinery
Compact wide-field-of-view imaging optical system
Transconductance circuit for piezoelectric transducer
Geometry for a dual level fluid quantity sensing refillable fluid container
Fail-operational internal combustion engine systems and methods
Multiple output inertial sensing device
Methods and apparatus for modular reduction circuits
Methods and devices for moving waste toner within an image forming device
System and method for measuring image similarity based on semantic meaning
Single tear pre-cut insulation blanket
Thermally matched coatings for ceramic fiber insulation
Acoustical laundry tub blanket
Computer network comprising computing systems with remotely located human interfaces
Fuel cell hybrid vehicle with automatically watered aqueous batteries
Disk cartridge and disk drive apparatus
Fuel cell stack in a pressure vessel
Anhydride polymers for use as curing agents in epoxy resin-based underfill material
Optical film and display system
Radioprotective materials and utilization thereof
Cancer cell-inhibiting culture medium produced by culturing restricted entrapped cancer cells
Image formation apparatus and photoreceptor cartridge
Sulfated fucoglucuronomannan
Compositions based on functionalised radiation-curable silicones and anti-adhesive coatings obtained...
Sampling module device and method
Methods for point compression for Jacobians of hyperelliptic curves
Optical parts coupling structure, method of manufacturing the same, optical switch, two-dimensional ...
Run-time addition of interfaces
Disk array apparatus
Antioxidant triacylglycerols and lipid compositions
Frequency division multiplex transmission signal receiving apparatus using a plurality of carriers
Peptidoglycan recognition proteins
Antimicrobial proteins, genes encoding the proteins and method of using the same
Bioabsorbable wound dressing
Swipe imager with multiple sensing arrays
Network caching system for streamed applications
Speed Writer program and device with Speed Writer program installed
System and method of RFID data tracking
Method and apparatus for establishing context among events and optimizing implanted medical device p...
Intelligent power management for a rack of servers
Technique for effectively selecting entertainment programs in a vehicle
Object positioning and display in virtual environments
Facial image processing system
High density non-volatile memory device
Wide-angle dewarping method and apparatus
Text overlay for multi-dimensional construction project models
Image generating system and program
Interlaced delay-locked loops for controlling memory-circuit timing
Cogeneration vehicle system utilizing a fuel cell car and a mobile unit as a component of the system
Osteospermum plant named 'Oste Deeppur'
Semiconductor device including an interconnect having copper as a main component
Two-dimensional magnetic resonance tomographic microscopy
Conformational and topological protein regulation
Nephrolepis plant named 'Sunjest'
Aerosol generating devices and methods for generating aerosols suitable for forming propellant-free ...
Combination artificial airway device and esophageal obturator
Pallet guard section
Reproducing apparatus, recording apparatus and display apparatus
Heating plate assembly for a cooking appliance
Programmable array logic or memory devices with asymmetrical tunnel barriers
Interactive graphical environment for drug model generation
Method and apparatus for planning a manufacturing schedule using an adaptive learning process
Organic electroluminescence display and method of fabricating the same
Method variation for collecting stability data from proprietary systems
Method for facilitating a transaction for purchasable content over an electronic network
Method and apparatus for operating a computer in a secure mode
Derivatized polyhydroxystyrenes (DPHS) with a novolak type structure and blocked DPHS (BDPHS) and pr...
Fluorinated monomer having cyclic structure, manufacturing method, polymer, photoresist composition ...
Silicon containing TARC / barrier layer
Color forming compositions and associated methods
Silver salt photothermographic dry imaging material, thermal development method of the same, and the...
Photosensitive resin composition for optical waveguides, and optical waveguide and manufacturing met...
Compressible flexographic printing plate construction
Method for curing aminoplasts
Donor substrate and fabrication method of organic light emitting display using the same
Process for the production of photomasks for structuring semiconductor substrates by optical lithogr...
Low-k dielectric functional imprinting materials
Metal oxide coating
Method for manufacture of lithographic printing plate precursor no dampening water
Photosensitive element, photosensitive element roll, process for the preparation of resist pattern u...
Positive resist composition and pattern-forming method using the same
Lithographic printing plate precursor requiring no dampening water
Positive-tone radiation-sensitive resin composition
Resist with reduced line edge roughness
Photopolymer composition suitable for lithographic printing plates
Resist pattern thickening material, resist pattern and process for forming the same, and semiconduct...
Insect resistance
Slip resistant ski boot protection apparatus
Fitting system for children's footwear
Footwear with Interchangeable Top Strap
Shoe protection device
Heel stabilizer
Shoe sole having heel cushioning member
Sand walking sandal
Waterproofed and ventilated item of footwear
Boot and liner combination
RCc3 regulatory elements for use in plants
Methods of transforming corn
Cryopreservation of cells
Eucalyptus urophylla transformation and selection
Eucalyptus urophylla transformation and regeneration
Modification of plant lignin content
Inbred corn line PH8BC
Transgenic mice containing beta3GalT2 gene disruptions
Transgenic mice containing TMEM3 beta-1,3-N-acetylglucosaminyltransferase gene disruptions
Methods for the identification of compounds for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease
Animal models of cancer development and metastasis
Rors as modifiers of the p21 pathway and methods of use
Lymphocyte surface receptor that binds CAML and methods of use thereof
Transgenic clawed frog embryos and use thereof as detectors of endocrine disrupters in the environme...
Methods and compositions for screening for modulators of parkinson's disease
User management method, and computer program having user authorization management function
Identity verification system
Method and user interface for downloading audio and video content filters to a media player
Computer interchange of knowledge hierarchies
System for and method of litigation management and support
Method and system for distributing access to group of objects based on round robin algorithm and onl...
Mobile client computer programmed to predict input
Filter bank approach to adaptive filtering method using independent component analysis
Subtractive clustering for use in analysis of data
File system with access and retrieval of XML documents
Method and system for matching potential employees and potential employers over a network
Standardized inpatient-outpatient nomenclatures and accepting both outpatient and inpatient data to ...
System and method for simulating, modeling and scheduling of solution preparation in batch process m...
Multivariate data analysis method and uses thereof
Pressure garment
Lithography apparatus and method employing non-environmental variable correction
Module class objects in a process plant configuration system
Container transport system
Image display panel
System and method for interpreting scan data
Providing standardized medical triage
Medical triage system
Providing adaptive medical triage
System and method for generating markup language text templates
System and method for generating grammatically correct text strings
System and method for generating a target language markup language text template
Body mechnics calculating method, body mechanics model, its model data, and body model producing met...
Open-pored metal coating for joint replacement implants and method for production thereof
Tibial augment connector
Mobile bearing total elbow prosthesis, ulnar component, and associated kit
Modular total elbow humeral component and associated methods
Intervertebral implant
Method for implanting cervical intervertebral disk prosthesis
Storage services and systems
Software management systems and methods for automotive computing devices
Universal synchronization clock signal derived using single forward and reverse direction clock sign...
Distributed memory computing environment and implementation thereof
Method and apparatus for handling storage requests
Sharding method and apparatus using directed graphs
Storage configurator for determining an optimal storage configuration for an application
System for memory access in a data processor
System supporting multiple memory modes including a burst extended data out mode
Method of controlling access to model specific registers of a microprocessor
Reconfigurable memory controller
System and method for maintaining cache coherency without external controller intervention
Method and apparatus for protecting a state associated with a memory structure
Methods and apparatus to manage a cache memory
Information processing system and cache flash control method used for the same
Automatic browser web cache resizing system
Distributed electronic design automation environment
Portable terminal device and life style disease patient-medical institution cooperation system
Low profile adaptor for use with a medical catheter
Coating compositions for cans and methods of coating
Use of prebiotics, preferably glucooligosaccharide, for the prevention of the onset of type II diabe...
Branched alpha-glucans for weight management
Antibacterial composition and methods thereof
High-quality lipids and methods for producing by enzymatic liberation from biomass
Simplified biological evaluation method of natural and artificial chemicals by using DNA injury inde...
Method of test for animal-derived ingredients in foods
Vegetable protein preparations and use thereof
Composition comprising viscous fibers and viscosity-lowering proteins
Method for producing an avocado unsaponifiable rich in furan lipids
Animal food additive and animal food containing said additive
Cereal based food product comprising dha and/or epa
Pan spray formulation and delivery system
Gelatin free dairy dessert
Non-tea-based, packaged beverages
Milk-coagulating enzyme originating in bacterium and process for producing cheese using the same
Gelled foods
Method for making a cake or culinary preparation that can be preserved for a long time at room tempe...
Random weight food product pricing scale with automated login capability
Ascorbate-isoquercetin compositions
Multiple layer polymeric films and process for making them
Fast cooking flours
Acid oil-in-water emulsified composition
Carbon dioxide as an aid in pasteurization
Food package
Food additive slurry compositions and powder compositions and food compositions containing the same
Drinkable omega-3 preparation and storage stabilization
Method for providing a cheese by adding a lactic acid bacterial starter culture to the cheese curd
Phloridzin-rich phenolic fraction and use thereof as a cosmetic, dietary or nutraceutical agent
Preparation for saliva flow
Chewing gum and confectionery compositions with encapsulated stain removing agent compositions, and ...
pH-sensitive amperometric biosensor
Method for the continuous production of hydrolytically broken down and possibly substituted starch, ...
Medical catheter assembly including a removable inner sleeve and method of using the same
Casingless food production methods, systems, and associated traveling matable mold shells
Modular food guard apparatus and systems and methods of use thereof
Ski boot
System for computerized processing of chest radiographic images
Non-rigid motion image analysis
X-ray tube window and surrounding enclosure cooling apparatuses
Dose control in CT-images
Radiographic imaging apparatus
Four-dimensional helical tomographic scanner
Method for reconstructing tomographic images
Radiation image read-out apparatus and stimulating light cut filter
Image read-out method and system, solid image sensor, and image detecting sheet
Inspection of common materials for radiation exposure by Atomic and/or Magnetic Force Microscopy
X-ray image detection apparatus
Image sensor and manufacturing method thereof
Transgenic luciferase mouse
Anti-bacterial compounds directed against pilus biogenesis, adhesion and activity; co-crystals of pi...
Method for the manufacture of micro structures
Light sensitive composition and light sensitive planographic printing plate material
Method and apparatus for segmentation of an object
Toner replenishing device with timing control of toner replenishing device
Flexible optical connecting part
Image processing system
Demodulation and phase estimation of two-dimensional patterns
Image processing method for displaying an image sequence of a deformable 3-D object with indications...
Determination of stress characteristics of earth formations
Multilayer ceramic capacitor
Laminated ceramic electronic component and method of manufacturing the electronic component
Interferometric modulation of radiation
Sub-aperture sidelobe and alias mitigation techniques
Child monitoring, communication and locating system
Electronic tether for portable objects
Cordless telephone system
Communication and data entry device
Systems and methods for clustering user sessions using multi-modal information including proximal cu...
Method and system for text-to-speech caching
Apparatus and methods for reduction of coherent noise in a digital signal averager
Programmable electricity consumption monitoring system and method
Method for search based character optimization
Protection system for power distribution systems
Method of manufacturing a plurality of wooden products
Lot start agent that determines quantity and timing for lot starts
Method of notifying the arrival of an event at a mobile terminal, and a mobile terminal for implemen...
Providing time sychronization to a GPS locator
Method and system for automatically prioritizing and analyzing performance data for one or more, sys...
Method for visualizing user path through a web site and a path's associated information scent
Opacity desktop with depth perception
Method and apparatus for synchronous signal transmission between at least two logic or memory compon...
Systems and methods for combined browsing and searching in a document collection based on informatio...
Fast high-accuracy multi-dimensional pattern inspection
Image processing method, image processing apparatus, MRI apparatus and recording medium
Method for characterizing shapes in medical images
Reduced multicubic database interpolation method for optical measurement of diffractive microstructu...
Fluid condition monitoring using broad spectrum impedance spectroscopy
Real time processing of multicomponent induction tool data in highly deviated and horizontal wells
Method of monitoring extent of cure
Wide bandgap semiconductor waveguide structures
High gain optical probe
System and method for communicating information relating to a network resource
System and method for connecting to a set of phrases joining multiple schemas
Automated classification of items using classification mappings
Remote-directed management of media content
Search engine account monitoring
Method and apparatus to determine and use audience affinity and aptitude
Computer-aided design neutral graphical data interface
Process for the automatic creation of a database of images accessible by semantic features
Method and apparatus for secured electronic commerce
System and method for hierarchical policing of flows and subflows of a data stream
Methods and devices for determining heart rate recovery
Fully integrated offset compensation feedback circuit
Process for re-transmitting single frequency signals and a single frequency signal repeater
Full rate error detection circuit for use with external circuitry
System for, and method of, processing quadrature amplitude modulated signals
Soft bit computation for a reduced state equalizer
Scaling using gain factors for use in data detection for wireless code division multiple access comm...
Linear and branched olefin production from cyclic olefin feedstocks
Zeolite Y alkylation catalysts
Thermal cracking of Diels-Alder adducts
Olefin metathesis
Process for the selective hydrogenation of alkynes
Coupling catalyst and process using the same
Electronic device manufacture
Methods for synthesis of liquid crystals
Membrane separation for sulfur reduction
In situ thermal processing of a relatively impermeable formation using an open wellbore
In situ thermal processing of an oil shale formation using a controlled heating rate
B1-bradykinin receptor antagonists and use thereof
Injectable aqueous dispersions of propofol
Nutrient pharmaceutical formulation comprising polyphenols and use in treatment of cancer
Capillary membrane stabilization and reduction of tissue injury through use of IV biodegradable macr...
Gene transcription and ionizing radiation: methods and compositions
Methods of inhibiting or inducing bone formation
Method of inhibiting immune system destruction of transplanted viable cells
Mild, moisturizing sulfosuccinate cleansing compositions
Peptides promoting cell adherence, growth and secretion
Netrin receptors
Method for the chromatographic fractionation of plasma or serum, preparations, so obtained, and thei...
Type F botulinum toxin and use thereof
System and method for programmatically generating a second graphical program based on a first graphi...
Windows resource file parameterization system and method
Web-content providing method and web-content providing system
System and method for providing distributed fault management policies in a network management system
System and method for flexible processing of management policies for managing network elements
Method and system for improved processing of CPU intensive communications protocols
Method and apparatus for customizing software
System and method for remote device management
Surfactants for use in substantially light-insensitive thermographic recording materials
Windshield primer mixing device
Mounting assembly for igniter in a gas turbine engine combustor having a ceramic matrix composite li...
Bi-propellant injector with flame-holding zone igniter
Charcoal igniter and method
Torch igniter
Primer casing and method of charging a blasthole
Primer composition
Gaseous oxygen resonance igniter
Transparent laminate, plastic lens for eyeglass and primer composition
Primer composition and method of using the same in the detection of Shigella sonnei
Igniter with a push-button and an elastic bar
Selective elution of immobilized multiplexed primer extension products
Priming device for the explosive charge of a sub-munition
Integrated planar switch for a munition
Munition loading device
Broadcast receiver and system for performing copy prohibition and timed recording
Aberration detection device, aberration detection method, and optical pick-up device for controlling...
Suppression of thermally activated magnetization fluctuations in magnetoresistive elements via spin ...
Structure/method to form bottom spin valves for ultra-high density
Slider-level reader isolation measurement technique for advanced GMR heads
Fully shielded perpendicular recoding writer
Dovetails for positive retention in an over-molded actuator
Swaging-optimized baseplate for disk drive head suspension
Magnetic head device having magnetic head and base plate interconnected by folding flexible wiring b...
Magnetic head slider and magnetic disc unit
Recording/producing separated type magnetic head
Hard disk clamping apparatus
Hermetically sealed mobile hard disk drive utilizing a base made of a ceramic substrate
Disk drive head resetting system using slider heater
Hard disk drive calibration method and apparatus
Velocity controlled disk drive head retraction with reduced audible noise
Disk apparatus and actuator holding method
Method for adjusting flying height of magnetic heads using an electrical charge through an electrica...
Method and apparatus for generating an index location from a spin motor of a disk drive
Manipulator for microscopy sample preparation and methods for making and use thereof
Planar multiple-tapped optical delay line
Optical ready wafers
System and method to monitor and isolate faults in a storage area network
Bidirectional optical networks
Optical device and a making method thereof
Fiber management apparatus
Multimode optical fibers with increased bandwidth
Microstructured optical fiber
Graded-index multimode fiber and manufacturing method therefor
PMD compensator based on separation of principal state of polarization control and differential grou...
Fiber collimator array
Optical communication apparatus
Optical wavelength-multiplexing technique
Light conductor, lighting apparatus, and liquid crystal display
System for automated determination of retroreflectivity of road signs and other reflective objects
Cleaning device for cleaning a moving surface
Compression-cutting and facing method
Reduced fiber insulation nozzle
Process for removing a resinous coating from fiberous products
Catalyst component comprising a metallocene with two tetrahydroindenyl ligands for producing a polyo...
Nickel-metal hydride storage battery and production method thereof
Protective cover for a data storage disc and method of use
Low equivalent weight ionomer
Varied fuel cell oxidant flow channel depth resulting in fewer cooler plates
Adhesive sheet for dicing glass substrate and method of dicing glass substrate
Aqueous 3 in 1 dishwasher products
Image forming apparatus
Method and apparatus for fabricating a bicycle wheel hub
PC-card data communication apparatus
Sphingosine-1-phosphate lyase polypeptides, polynucleotides and modulating agents and methods of use...
Retractable leash device
Optical pickup apparatus
Hydro-electric farms
Communication device that performs automatic failure recovery and automatic failure recovery method
Factor VIII polypeptide
Fluorescent bombesin-like peptides
Systems, methods and apparatus for creating stable disk images
Method and apparatus for manufacturing a dryformed fibrous web
On-disk file format for a serverless distributed file system
Piggybacking of ECC corrections behind loads
Dahlia plant named 'Baldelstrem'
Light emitting device incorporating a luminescent material
Silicon-oxycarbide high index contrast, low-loss optical waveguides and integrated thermo-optic devi...
Murine calicivirus
Chrysanthemum plant named 'Calisto'
Medicament inhalation delivery devices and methods for using the same
Motorcycle slider
Memory array with high temperature wiring
Stacked 1T-nmemory cell structure
Energy storing memory circuit
Light-emitting device, method of fabricating the device, and LED lamp using the device
Parallel plate electron multiplier with ion feedback suppression
System and method for parallel primary and secondary backup reading in recovery of multiple shared d...
Method for determining the set of winning bids in a combinatorial auction
Facilitating file access from firewall-protected nodes in a peer-to-peer network
Pichia pastoris formate dehydrogenase and uses therefor
Copolymers for avoiding deposits in water supply systems, production and use thereof
Dosage forms and related therapies
Anhydrous silver dihydrogen citrate compositions
5-Androsten-3beta-ol steroid intermediates and processes for their preparation
Wax composition, method for manufacturing, and method for waxing
Process for treating pectin containing plant material
Method and apparatus for processing inorganic acidic gas
System and method for conditioning water
Biofilm wastewater treatment devices
Water purifying system
Solid hollow fiber cooling crystallization systems and methods
Slurry dewatering and conversion of biosolids to a renewable fuel
Wave energy converter
Method and device for measuring fine particles in ultrapure water
DDS compound and method for measurement thereof
Pharmaceutical preparation for the treatment of gynecological diseases
Process for the removal of toxic metals from water
Waste water treatment system
In situ thermal processing of a relatively permeable formation in a reducing environment
Thermal processing of an oil shale formation to increase permeability of the formation
Diesel engine exhaust purification system
Duplication of lost dentures
Method of producing composition comprising thermoplastic resin and rubber
Latex paint compositions and coatings
Resin composition for vibration-damping material, vibration-damping material, and sound-insulating m...
Foamed compositions and methods of use in subterranean zones
Permeable cement composition and method for preparing the same
Process for cement extrusion that makes use of crosslinked cellulose additives
Structure formed of foaming cement and lightweight steel and a structural system and method of formi...
Additive for hydraulically setting systems, the hydraulically setting mixtures and the use thereof
Paper coating formulations for rotogravure applications
Storage stability of photoinitiators
Antipyretic compositions and methods
Strengthened ceramic restoration
Polymer-fiber composite building material with bulk and aesthetically functional fillers
Flexible facing of sandstone and method for manufacturing flexible facing of sandstone
Granular formulation of neem seed extract and its process thereof
Skin preparations for external use
Teeth whitening method, products, system and method of conducting business thereby
Method of installing subsurface barrier
Sprayable mining liner
Lime-based coating material compositions
Fire door core assembly
Roof underlayment
Construction system for erecting buildings
Prefabricated multi-layer roofing panel and system
Drywall corner bead cutting device
Spackling composition containing polyaramid fibers and ceramic microparticles, and methods of repair...
Time domain electromagnetic analysis and inspection system for conduits
Turntable barrier system
Connectivity between a scan tool and a remote device and method
System and method for validated indirect data backup using operating system I/O Operations
Method and system for efficient distribution of network event data
Controlled device, controller, information control center, initialization-allowing communication sys...
Server availability reporting using asynchronous e-mail message
Method for controlling a computer using an embedded unique code in the content of CD media
Method and apparatus for universally accessible command and control information in a network
Parallel non-contiguous allocation and card parsing
System and method for key distribution in a hierarchical tree
Software defined radio and radio system
Packet order determining method and apparatus
Digital video content transmission ciphering and deciphering method and apparatus
Smartcard for use with a receiver of encrypted broadcast signals, and receiver
Copy protection for digital motion picture image data
Prime number generation method, prime number generation apparatus, and cryptographic system
Key stream cipher device
Embedded synchronous random disposable code identification method and system
Proprietary watermark system for secure digital media and content distribution
Hydantoin derivatives as inhibitors of matrix metalloproteinases and/or TNF-α converting enzym...
Peptides for vaccinating against human CMV
Micro-lens array and method of making micro-lens array
Dental adhesive composition
Magnetic recording media having self organized magnetic arrays
Calibrachoa plant named '01C-J-6'
Nemesia plant named 'Sumnem 04'
Nemesia plant named 'Sumnem 03'
Azalea plant name 'Bittersweet'
Verbena plant named 'Balazmapurp'
Lobelia plant named 'Balobwablu'
Lantana plant named 'Balucwhit'
Osteospermum plant named 'Sunny Amanda'
Chrysanthemum plant named 'Grace Time Salmon Improved'
Lantana plant named 'Balucpea'
Geranium plant named 'Balcolvio'
Dahlia plant named 'Baldelmalo'
Limonium plant named 'Danlisablue'
Nemesia plant named 'Nemhrpur'
Daylily plant named 'Endless Heart'
Geranium plant named 'Balfanimcar'
Verbena plant named 'Liliena'
Methods and apparatus for verifying circuit board design
Method and apparatus for assisting a user to make a connection between a main device and a periphera...
Apparatus and method for coding/decoding channels in a mobile communication system
Apparatus for synthesizing speech sounds of a short message in a hands free kit for a mobile phone
Frequency error detection apparatus and method based on histogram information on input signals
Low voltage swing bus analysis method using static timing analysis tool
Automatically populated display regions for discovered access points and stations in a user interfac...
Method for controlling paging alert tone of a mobile station in a mobile communication system
Data transmitting and receiving method between a mobile terminal and an information center in a navi...
Adaptive coding and modulation
Toner/developer mixing roller and developing device for laser printer
Dual-port broadband light source with independently controllable output powers
Image processing
Ultrashort acting hypnotic barbiturates
2-aminoquinolinecarboxamides: neurokinin receptor ligands
Method for preparing free polyunsaturated fatty acids and their oxidation metabolites
Exercise equipment
Navigation device
Road traffic monitoring system
Alarming system for vehicle and alarm generating method for vehicle
Systems and methods for providing illumination in machine vision systems
Fluorescent-lamp driving apparatus adopting high-frequency inverter driving method, and compact self...
Back light device for liquid crystal displays
Outdoor electrical outlet stand with control device
LED illumination for surgical endoscopes and industrial rigid boroscopes
Methods for measuring alignment in customized vehicles
Illumination device and liquid crystal display device
Fiber optic Christmas tree stand
Programmable multi-color backlight for a liquid crystal display
Controlled deformable headlamp assembly
Method for determining organization parameters in a wireless communication system
Information transmission method for a wireless local network
Measurement method and device for activating interfrequency handover in a wireless telecommunication...
Communications system with interface for enabling communication of alerts to mobile wireless communi...
Download and display of system tags in wireless communication systems
Wireless modem processor
Mobile position fixing
Thin instant messaging proxy interface with persistent sessions
Wireless terminal with dual band antenna arrangement and RF module for use with dual band antenna ar...
Integrated cellular phone, digital camera, and PDA, with swivel mechanism providing access to the in...
Mechanically rotatable wireless RF data transmission subscriber station with multi-beam antenna
Electrochemiluminescence helicase assay
Field emission display having reduced power requirements and method
High through-put Cu CMP with significantly reduced erosion and dishing
Surface treatment using iodine plasma to improve metal deposition
Process for producing an integrated electronic component
Method for fabricating a self-aligned bipolar transistor
Thin-film solar cells and method of making
Method for vapor phase etching of silicon
Host based satellite positioning systems
GPS access system and method
Subcutaneous implantable cardioverter-defibrillator employing a telescoping lead
Developer regulating member, developing device, electrophotographic image forming process cartridge,...
Variable optical attenuator having a waveguide and an optically coupled layer with a power monitor
Image processing system
Hearing aid apparatus
Adjustment apparatus for a spindle motor of an optical disk drive
Semiconductor integrated circuit and nonvolatile memory element
Measurement unit
Magnetic element and magnetic element array
Transient fault detection system and method
Magnetic cell and magnetic memory
High-energy electrolytic capacitors for implantable defibrillators
Configurable storage device
Method of achieving high color fidelity in a digital image capture device and a capture device incor...
Tower discovery and failover
Software anti-piracy systems and methods utilizing certificates with digital content
Method and system for providing a peripheral service to a host computing device
Systems and methods for uniquely and persistently identifying networks
Navigating media content via groups within a playlist
Unbounded computing space
Method and apparatus for distribution-based language model adaptation
System and method adapted to facilitate dimensional transform
Testing using policy-based processing of test results
Apparatus for sorting mixed bills and barcoded tickets and method therefor
Method and apparatus for locating objects using universal alignment targets
Self-balancing shielded bipolar ionizer with air assist
Integrated memory circuit for storing a binary datum in a memory cell
Method of forming quantum-mechanical memory and computational devices and devices obtained thereof
Height calibration of scanning probe microscope actuators
Emissive, high charge transport polymers
Guanylate cyclase receptor agonists for the treatment of tissue inflammation and carcinogenesis
Thin-layer-covered golf ball with improved velocity
Method for fabricating crystalline-dielectric thin films and devices formed using same
Method for producing semiconductor memory devices and integrated memory device
Method for making an island of material confined between electrodes, and application to transistors
Methods of treating gastrointestinal tract disorders using sodium channel modulators
Molecular constructs and methods of use for detection of biochemical reactions
Lamp drive apparatus and drive method of a notebook computer
Method and apparatus for configuring systems
Conductive fiber brush cleaner having brush speed control
Imidazoline containing fiberglass binder
Reduced fiber insulation nozzle
Conductor trace design to reduce common mode cross-talk and timing skew
Supported metallocene catalyst and olefin polymerization using the same
Prismatic sealed battery module
Separator plate structure for fuel cell stack
Auto-detecting universal appliance communication controller
Noise damper for wire auger
Data managing method, data managing system, data managing apparatus, data handling apparatus, comput...
System and method for online specification of measurement hardware
Parking assist apparatus and parking assist method for vehicle
Mapping device
Fabrication of a waveguide taper through ion implantation
Integrateable band filter using waveguide grating routers
Thermoplastic molding compounds with improved surface properties and improved structural homogeneity
Seat and method of making same
Digital video recording/playback system with entry point processing function
Variable pitch rotor blade for shrouded rotors, in particular helicopter rotors
Diversity CDMA reception apparatus having only one CDMA receiving part
Device for changing tooling
Lubricating composition for a safety support for a tire when traveling on a flat tire
Animal control arrangement
Auxiliary eyewear display mount
Body fluid sampler
Thermo-optic plasmon-polariton devices
System real-time analysis tool
Osteospermum plant named 'Balserlabli'
Phage display of intact domains at high copy number
Arrangement for anaesthetising a living creature
Laundry cart with large diameter tubing and angular basket structure
Systems and methods for forming metal oxides using alcohols
Magnetic memory
Compact fluorescent lamp, self-ballasted fluorescent lamp and luminaire
Ditto address indicating true disk address for actual data blocks stored in one of an inode of the f...
Market determination system
Method for controlling group membership in a distributed multinode data processing system to assure ...
Gallium-nitride based multi-quantum well light-emitting diode n-type contact layer structure
Structure of GaN light-emitting diode
Car cover
Nucleic acid encoding human tango 509
Blockade of voltage dependent sodium channels
Light amount adjusting device, and optical device using the light amount adjusting device
Device for shifting the position of a swiveling holder
Optical lens, design method for the optical lens and lens system using the optical lens
Lens forchromatic aberration compensation
Filter for selectively processing optical and other signals
Electro-optical modulation and other optical applications using poled optical whispering gallery mod...
Apparatus and method for use in fulfilling illumination prescription
Optical system having a transmission optical corrector with a selectively nonuniform passive transmi...
Switching mechanism and electronic instrument using the same
Image-taking apparatus
Vari-focal optical system
Zoom lens device
Collaborative development network for widely dispersed users and methods therefor
MEMS safe arm device for microdetonation
Method for determining local inner and outer boundary layer length scales from drag measurements in ...
Instruction group formation and mechanism for SMT dispatch
Production of hydroxylated fatty acids in genetically modified plants
Process for the preparation and separation of arabinose and xylose from a mixture of saccharides
Compositions and processes for preparing 13-deoxy-anthracyclines
Cultured xenopus cell line expressing mutated apc
Isolated human transporter proteins nucleic acid molecules encoding human transporter proteins and u...
Novel substitution mutant receptors and their use in an nuclear receptor-based inducible gene expres...
Carboxylic acid diesters, methods for the production thereof and methods for the production of pharm...
Configuration of glycosaminoglycans
Compounds for modulating the activity of exchange proteins directly activated by camp (epacs)
Novel antibacterial agents
Pharmaceutically active oligosaccharide conjugates
HSulf-1 nucleic acids, polypeptides and methods of using
PM29 and LEA3 promoters and use in expression of transgenic genes in plants
Vector for improved in vivo production of proteins
Phospholipid:diacylglycerol acyltransferases
Process for the synthesis of oligomeric compounds
Method for detecting Escherichia coli
Compositions and methods for modulation of vascular structure and/or function
Defensin-encoding nucleic acid molecules derived from nicotiana alata, uses therfor and transgenic p...
Anticonvulsant derivative salts
Wide area network using internet with high quality of service
Golf cart
Shopping trolley
Garbage can
Collector bin
Outdoors refuse container
Rinse basket
Rinse basket
Dish rack
Multi-purpose interchangeable liquid and lotion scrubbing arrangement
Hamper caddy
Accessory for a cleaning appliance
Nozzle for vacuum cleaner
Tool caddy
Upright vacuum cleaner dirt cup
Control panel for laundry appliance
Portion of the upper housing of a floor care appliance
Image display apparatus and drive method
Display device
Light emitting device
Organic electroluminescent device having wiring lines under the partition walls and electronic appar...
Organic electroluminescence device including oxygen in an interface between organic layer and cathod...
Electrical equipment having light-emitting device with triplet and singlet compounds in the light-em...
Light emitting apparatus and method for manufacturing the same
Micro-electronic junctions devices containing same
Method for producing smooth indium-tin-oxide layers on substrates and a substrate coating of indium-...
Organometal complex, electroluminescence material using the complex, and electroluminescence element...
Color-converting/filter substrate, multi-color organic EL display panel using the color-converting/f...
Substituted poly(arylene vinylenes), process for their preparation and their use in electroluminesce...
Vehicle interior mirror system including a rain sensor
Beam control system with extended beacon and method
Coating powder composition, method of use thereof, and articles formed therefrom
Synthetic peptide having an ionophoric and antimicrobial activity
Fibrous solid carbon manifold assembly and method for producing the same
Method of vehicle operation in an environment of high psychological pressure
Superheated vapor generator system and method
Systems and methods using an electrified projectile
Electron beam projector provided with a linear thermionic emitting cathode for electron beam heating
Electron beam exposure apparatus and electron beam processing apparatus
Apparatus and process for forming plastic laminated panels
Swimming pool and spa heater control system and method
Wireless repeater for sensor system
Injection and compression molding with parallelism mechanism
Ambient thermal energy recovery system
Content addressable memory with priority-biased error detection sequencing
Methods and apparatus for managing network traffic using network address translation
System and method for producing storage media images
Walking stick navigator for position determination
Method and system for determining direction of transmission using multi-facet antenna
Apparatus and method for controlling drive of plural actuators
Use of bioactive glass for cutting bioactive glasses
Apparatus for imaging metrology
High temperature rapid soil removal method
Polyvalent imprinted polymer and process of preparation thereof
Antibodies binding to polypeptides encoded by developmentally-regulated endothelial cell locus-1
Fibrinogen binding moieties
Methods of treating factor VIIa-associated conditions with compounds having an amine nucleus
Methods and reagents for determining protein S
Therapeutic modulation of the tumor inflammatory response
Compositions and methods for selective dissolution of nascent intravascular blood clots
Aryl boronate functionalized polymers for treating obesity
Stent for controlled release of drug
Apparatus for suturing a blood vessel
Method and system for attaching a graft to a blood vessel
Expandable vein ligator catheter and method of use
Gas discharge lamp base comprising an ignition device