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Optical transmission module
Packaging for semiconductor laser device and method for producing the same
Calibration of a multi-channel optoelectronic module with integrated temperature control
Image forming apparatus
Continuous wave sodium beacon excitation source
Optical recording medium, recording apparatus and method for optical recording medium, and reproduci...
Optical head device and optical recording and reproducing apparatus having lasers aligned in a tange...
Laser diode drive circuit and amplifying circuit for optical disc recording and/or reproducing appar...
Optical pickup apparatus for reading and recording information on recording media
Optical pickup, optical information recording/reproducing apparatus using the same, and phase variab...
Method of recording/reproducing information on a recording medium with plural phase change recording...
Optical disk apparatus with optimal erasing speed
Therapeutic polypeptides, nucleic acids encoding same, and methods of use
Lactoferrin in the treatment of diabetes mellitus
Anti-PRO1347 antibodies
Device to protect an active implantable medical device feedthrough capacitor from stray laser weld s...
Antibodies to PRO1159 polypeptides
Tricyclic and heterocyclic derivative compounds and drugs containing these compounds as the active i...
Pro1159 polypeptides
Polycosanols from Ericerus pela wax
Aryl and biaryl compounds having MCH modulatory activity
Phenethanolamine derivatives, compositions, and their use as agonists at atypical beta-adrenorecepto...
Pseudopeptides growth hormone secretagogues
NR1H4 nuclear receptor binding compounds
Fused heterocyclic compounds
Substituted 2-cyclohexyl-4-phenyl-1H-imidazole derivatives
Substituted quinazolinone compounds
Use of cysteine derivatives for the preparation of a medicament intended to treat pathologies which ...
Product inhibiting transduction of G heterotrimeric protein signals combined with another anti-cance...
Solid state electronic pressure switch
Quality management and intelligent manufacturing with labels and smart tags in event-based product m...
Color-based neurofeedback
ON/OFF optical switching using combined acousto-optic and electro-optic switches
Activity detection in a star node with a plurality of coupled network nodes
Non-specific sensor array detectors
Communication between machines and feed-forward control in event-based product manufacturing
Apparatus and method for measuring parameters of a mixture having liquid droplets suspended in a vap...
Sensor system and method for determining system states
Electronically controlled prosthetic system
Automated condition evaluator
Linearity semi-conductive pressure sensor
Highly sensitive gene detection and localization using in situ branched-DNA hybridization
Re-configurable combinational logic device
Fixing device provided in an image forming apparatus and having a mechanism for positioning a peelin...
Rotary fiberization spinner disc
Mineral fiber insulation assembly
Jamb extender for wall finishing system
Practical coding and metric calculation for the lattice interfered channel
Polycationic peptide coatings and methods of coating implantable medical devices
Particulate electrode including electrolyte for a rechargeable lithium battery
17867, a novel human aminopeptidase
Epoxy-functional hybrid copolymers
Method for the production of butadiene from n-butane
Developing device, image forming apparatus, and process cartridge
Methods and apparatus for enhanced and controlled delivery of a biologically active agent into the c...
Prostate-specific polynucleotide compositions
Blade mounting structure of bulldozer
Process of making phosphordiamidite compounds
Tablets comprising micro-organisms and method for preparation of the tablets
Islet cells from human embryonic stem cells
Mastitis detection method
High-frequency composite switch component
All plastic clip
Method and apparatus for scalable interconnect solution
Molecules of the NBS/LRR protein family and uses thereof
Parsing navigation information to identify interactions based on the times of their occurrences
Inter-cylinder variation detection device and inter-bank variation detection device of internal comb...
Personal digital assistant with integrated printer with cutter assembly
Switching the modes of operation for voice-recognition applications
Estimating capacitances using information including feature sizes extracted from a netlist
Method and apparatus for scheduling broadcast information
Antibodies against CTLA4
Optical element retracting mechanism for a retractable photographing lens
Folded plate electrode assemblies for battery cathodes
Reliability of diskless network-bootable computers using non-volatile memory cache
Synthetic virus-like particles with heterologous epitopes
Calamagrostis plant named 'Eldorado'
Hand microphone interfaced to game controller port of personal computer
Apparatus and method for controlling display of database search items
Delivery of physiologically active compounds through an inhalation route
Microprocessor configuration with encryption
Use of natriuretic peptides as antibiotically active substances for the treatment of bacterial infec...
Anti-carcinogenic lights and lighting
Magnetoresistive effect element and magnetic memory device
Magnetic storage cell and magnetic memory device using same
Group-III nitride semiconductor device, production method thereof and light-emitting diode
Federated multiprotocol communication
Ceramic arc tube with internal ridge
Data storage system
Methods and apparatus for processing cash advance requests
Techniques for mitigating, detecting and correcting single event upset effects in systems using SRAM...
Resin composition for semiconductor encapsulation, semiconductor device obtained with the same, and ...
Rocker paddle switch with semi-rigid cam driver
Aqueous coating composition
Multi-component system containing solvents, hardenable by thermal and actinic radiation and the use ...
Fungicidal mono-, bi-, and tri-cycloheteroalkyl amides and their compositions, methods of use and pr...
Heated trough for molten aluminum
Process for recovering platinum group metals from material containing base metals
Plaster composition and method of making same
Surfactant composition for gypsum plaster boards
Cement-containing compositions and method of use
Compositions and methods for preventing coagulation of water-in-oil emulsion polymers in aqueous sal...
Permeable cement and sand control methods utilizing permeable cement in subterranean well bores
Method for determining the extent of recovery of materials injected into oil wells or subsurface for...
Acrylic syrup and method of producing the same
Curable composition
Biodegradable resin composition
Thieno-pyrimidine compounds having fungicidal activity
Moisture transmissive laminate
Method of ex vitro sowing, germination, growth and conversion of plant somatic embryos or germinants...
Print media and methods for making the same
Melanogenesis inhibitor and skin preparation containing the same
Method for metal heap and dump leaching coupled with metal solvent extraction
Exhaust gas processing device, and method of using the same
Linear spring clip for securing lighting reflectors or housings into mounting frames
Stackable dolly
Composite material and method of manufacture
Casing strings and methods of using such strings in subterranean cementing operations
Casing strings and methods of using such strings in subterranean cementing operations
Amine-containing cement processing additives
Low-dusting investment composition material
Water repellent cellulose preservative
Novelty footwear and method of using same
Suspension ski boot
High heel shoe insert
Molded foot support
Shoe sole with air cushion
Wearable reusable shoe covers
Malus 'Summer Wonder'
Wheat variety YW03W
Cotton cultivar DP 6226 BG/RR Acala
Method for accumulating arbitrary peptide in plant protein granules
Diacylglycerol acyltransferase gene from plants
Desaturases and methods of using them for synthesis of polyunsaturated fatty acids
Polypeptide having larvae growth inhibiting or insecticidal effect on scarabaeidae insects and polyn...
Methods for producing plants with improved growth under nitrogen-limited conditions
Method of controlling gene expression and gene silencing
Isolation of proteins involved in posttranscriptional gene silencing and methods of use
Promoter, promoter control elements, and combinations, and uses thereof
Low allergen plant and animal genotypes
Method of treatment and an animal model useful for same
Transgenic mice containing Kir5.1 inwardly rectifying potassium channel gene disruptions
Novel human genes and proteins encoded thereby
Enhanced information and presence service
Enhanced information and presence service
System and method for modifying documents sent over a communications network
Computer system and process for aiding in an outsourcing environment
Human-implantable-neurostimulator user interface having multiple levels of abstraction
Full sized scattering bar alt-PSM technique for IC manufacturing in sub-resolution era
Rules analyzer system and method for evaluating and ranking exact and probabilistic search rules in ...
Method of offering wall-thickness thinning prediction information, and computer-readable recording m...
Appendable system and devices for data acquisition, analysis and control
Statistical test method for objective verification of auditory steady-state responses (ASSR) in the ...
Systems and methods for accurately measuring fluid
System for controlling medical imaging equipment motion
Implantable cardiac stimulation system providing capture threshold stability assessment and method
Electronic delivery systems and methods with feedback
High strength osteoarticular allograft and a method of making the same
Method for bone augmentation
Bone prosthesis with multilayer interface
Intervertebral disc prosthesis and methods of implantation
Dynamic spinal implant or joint replacement
In situ formation of intervertebral disc implants
Interspinous process implant and method of implantation
Spinal prosthesis and facet joint prosthesis
Surgical implant
Implants and methods for treating bone
Multifilament anchor for reducing a compass of a lumen or structure in mammalian body
Biopolymers modified with superoxide dismutase mimics
Medical implant with average surface charge density
In situ molded stent and method and system for delivery
Electrode array for a cochlear implant having one or more adjustable electrodes
Method and apparatus for performing a high speed binary search in time critical environments
Storage device, information processing system having storage device, format method for storage devic...
Flash memory data access method and configuration employing logical-to-virtual and virtual-to-physic...
High-speed translation lookaside buffer
Surface computer and computing method using the same
Method for dynamic memory management
Adaptive memory allocation
Managing storage in processor-based systems
System and method for simultaneous access of the same line in cache storage
Method and apparatus for accessing a memory core multiple times in a single clock cycle
Memory arbiter with grace and ceiling periods and intelligent page gathering logic
System and method for facilitating communication across an asynchronous clock boundary
Device virtualization and assignment of interconnect devices
Data processor with a built-in memory
Method and apparatus for modifying the contents of revision identification register
Asynchronous input/output cache having reduced latency
Power up initialization for memory
Effects of prefetching on I/O requests in an information processing system
Secure network management solution for Internet/computer equipment
Retail restaurant business
Device for diabetes management
Substituted imidazoles as cannabinoid receptor modulators
Indole derivative compounds and drugs containing the compounds as the active ingredient
Stabilized chlorine bleach in alkaline detergent composition and method of making and using the same
Enzyme granulate production method and resulting enzyme granulates
Methods and materials for the identification of antifungal substrates in filamentous fungi
Composition and coated bakery products
Protein fortifying composition for fortifying meats and process for preparing same
Palatable vegetarian pet food
Ingredient systems comprising trehalose, food products containing trehalose, and methods of making s...
Microwave popcorn with thaumatin and method of preparation
Baked products containing rice flour
Tomato product and method for obtaining same
Omega-3 food product and related method of manufacture
Specialty palm oil products and other specialty vegetable oil products
Neutraceutical composition containing mangosteen pericarp extract
Method and device for producing whey powder
Method for mass producing whole-seed cracker
Peanut flour cracker
Low cholesterol, functional, animal muscle protein composition and process
Aqueous composition useful for stabilizing and texturizing dairy products and process for preparing ...
Whipped yogurt products and method of preparation
Process of forming a refrigerated dough
Casting food products to controlled dimensions
Apparatus and method for declustering cherries
Calcium-fortified, grape-based products and methods for making them
Nutritional frozen dessert and methods of manufacture
Method of preparing a food product
Production of enzymes in seeds and their use
Production of edible products
Labelless, rolled food item and its fabrication
Isoflavone compositions produced from legumes
Feeding Thraustochytriales to poultry for increasing omega-3 highly unsaturated fatty acids in eggs
Roller manifold for forming a continuous sheet of viscous material
Gas-liquid contact apparatus, gas-liquid contact method, liquid deodorizing method, aromatic compone...
Sealed package for pourable food products
Integrated dispenser
Tamper evident food packaging
Photographic lightmeter-remote, system, and method
Lens apparatus
Image capturing apparatus with a lens barrier that is a portion of a body of the image capturing app...
Digital camera LCD screen protector accessory
Dental positioning grid
Method of developing a resist film and a resist development processor
Camera rig
Keyboard with elevated keys
Illuminating heel for a shoe
Grind rail apparatus
Composite reinforced toecap and a method of making the same
Multi-layer honeycomb sole
Method and system for remote conferencing via launching a web-based presentation sharing application...
System and method for bandwidth and conference resource reservation
Method and apparatus for dynamic allocation of conferencing resources in a telecommunications system
Method and apparatus for video conferencing having dynamic picture layout
X-ray tube with graphite window
X-ray generator and adjusting method of the same
X-ray examination apparatus and method
Optical device for directing x-rays having a plurality of optical crystals
Precision endoscopic imaging system
Method for examining a body region of an examination object, which body region performs a periodic m...
Balanced positioning system for use in lithographic apparatus
Pixel defect correction in a CMOS active pixel image sensor
CT detector fabrication process
Radiation detector
Method and apparatus for radiation detection
System and method of image reconstruction for optical tomography with limited data
Method of forming a sample image and charged particle beam apparatus
Photoemission electron microscopy and measuring method using the microscopy
Method of fabricating multi layer MEMS and microfluidic devices
Whole cell engineering by mutagenizing a substantial portion of a starting genome, combining mutatio...
Active hardmask for lithographic patterning
Two-stage milling process for preparing cocrystals of titanyl fluorophthalocyanine and titanyl phtha...
Uniform cocrystals of titanyl fluorophthalocyanine and titanyl phthalocyanine formed in trichloroeth...
Developer container and image forming apparatus
Method and apparatus for preventing fire in printing machines
Method and device for addressing mail items
Method and device for medical imaging
3-D forward looking sonar with fixed frame of reference for navigation
Asynchronously-resettable decoder with redundancy
Generic proxy for representing search engine partner
Communication apparatus, communication method and program storage medium
Method of assaying downhole occurrences and conditions
Method and system for measuring the energy of a signal
Color detection using spectroscopic imaging and processing in random array of microspheres
Liquid crystal display device having flexible substrates
Method for respiration-dependent triggering of a medical image exposure
Integrated circuit capable of locating failure process layers
Clock generation system for a prototyping apparatus
Method for gestural interpretation in a system for selecting and arranging visible material in docum...
Secure distributed time service in the fabric environment
Autonomic determination of configuration settings by walking the configuration space
Systems and methods for the discovery and presentation of electronic messages that are related to an...
Machinist calculating apparatus
Method for automatic wrapper repair
Methods and systems for organizing information stored within a computer network-based system
Method of judging hydrogen embrittlement cracking of material used in high-temperature, high-pressur...
Vehicular control device and method of controlling the same
Qualified and targeted lead selection and delivery system
Image position matching method, apparatus and storage medium
System and method for measuring and quantizing document quality
Computer system architecture with hot pluggable main memory boards
Method and apparatus for placing an integrated circuit into a default mode of operation
Method and apparatus for poly gate CD control
Wavelength architecture and implementation for a photonically switched network
Polymer waveguides and process for producing the same
Semiconductor memory device with a bypass circuit for verifying the characteristics of an internal c...
Output driver capable of controlling slew rate of output signal according to operating frequency inf...
Feedthrough filter capacitor assembly with internally grounded hermetic insulator
System and method for enabling multi-element bidding for influencing a position on a search result l...
Design failure mode effect analysis (DFMEA)
Integrated circuits with at least one layer that has more than one preferred interconnect direction,...
Graphic-information flow method and system for visually analyzing patterns and relationships
System and method for evaluating a structured message store for message redundancy
Hierarchical data-driven navigation system and method for information retrieval
FFS search and edit pipeline separation
Method of sharing a memory between a browser mode and a video mode to reduce memory usage in a video...
Method for clock-pulse selection in a baseband combiner and related baseband combiner
Adaptive noise filtering and equalization for optimal high speed multilevel signal decoding
Device and method for reducing the amplitude of signals
Signal compensation circuit and demodulating circuit with high-speed and low-speed feedback loops
Compositions comprising decamantanes and processes for their separation
Bicyclic conjugated diene polymer and bicyclic conjugated diene copolymer
Residuum conversion process
Thermally stable blends of highly paraffinic distillate fuel component with conventional distillate ...
System and method for providing GPS-enabled wireless communications
L1/L2 GPS receiver
System and method for wirelessly linking a GPS device and a portable electronic device
Method and apparatus for detecting conception in animals
Methyltransferase gene and enzyme
Bacteriocin-metal complexes in the detection of pathogens and other biological analytes
Non-thrombogenic and anti-thrombogenic polymers
Composition and method for prevention and treatment of arrhythmias
Use of recombinant gene delivery vectors for treating or preventing lysosomal storage disorders
Somatostatin and somatostatin agonists for decreasing body weight
Alcohol-free transdermal insulin composition and processes for manufacture and use thereof
Methods and means for targeted gene delivery
Mimotopes of hypervariable region 1 of the E2 glycoprotein of HCV and uses thereof
High throughput assays for the proteolytic activities of clostridial neurotoxins
System and method for annotating and capturing chart data
Systems and methods for digital document processing
Method and apparatus for declarative updating of self-describing, structured documents
Method and system for isolating exception related errors in Java JVM
Method and system for stack-caching method frames
Physical zone table for use with surface-based serpentine format
Adapter for controlling a measuring device, a measuring device, a controller for a measuring device,...
Programmatic management of software resources in a content framework environment
Displaying software keyboard images
Intrusion detection system including over-under passive infrared optics and a microwave transceiver
Vehicle-mounted intrusion detection apparatus
Thermal transfer sheet
Support means for sublimation decorations and relative method
Barrier layers for use in substantially light-insensitive thermographic recording materials
3.5 inch hot-swappable docking module
Magnetic tunnel junction sensor with nickel-oxide longitudinal bias layer abutting opposite sides of...
Magnetoresistive transducer with low magnetic moment, high coercivity stabilizing magnets
Easily manufactured exchange bias stabilization scheme
Head with self-pinned structure having pinned layer extending beyond track edges of the free layer
Magneto-resistive effect element, magnetic sensor using magneto-resistive effect, magnetic head usin...
Magnetoresistive effect thin-film magnetic head and manufacturing method of magnetoresistive effect ...
Piezoelectric actuator and a lithographic apparatus and a device manufacturing method
Magnetic disk apparatus and head-supporting mechanism for the same
Magnetic head apparatus, magnetic head supporting mechanism and magnetic recording apparatus having ...
Disk drive employing a constant contact inertial latch
Magnetic head parking apparatus using deformable member
Low stiffness, high torsion suspension for disk drives
Flexible circuit laminate shunt for disk drive suspensions
Glass substrate for a magnetic disk, a magnetic disk which can be formed with a stable texture and a...
Magnetic tape cassettes and processes for producing them
Magnetic recording heads having thin thermally conductive undercoating
System and method for minimizing thermal pole tip protrusion
Balance clip holder feature on a spindle motor with nickel-teflon coating on balance clips for reduc...
Displacement resetting systems and methods for the second stage of a hard disk drive dual-stage actu...
Method of manufacturing and disk drive produced by measuring the read and write widths and varying t...
Methods and apparatuses for correcting mechanical twist in optical fiber
Inexpensive fiber optic attenuation
Fiber optic connector removal tool
Optical waveguide and method for creating an asymmetrical optical filter device
Glass base material, optical fiber, method for manufacturing thereof, and method for determining cau...
Fiber optic drop cables suitable for outdoor fiber to the subscriber applications
Protective casing for optical fibers and a fan-out assembly using same
Fiberoptic furcation device with crimp
Optical module using gradient index rod lens
Optical communication system
Photonic integrated device
Disk array and method for reading/writing data from/into disk unit
Interconnection between telecommunication MS-SPRING and SNCP ring networks
Importation of automatically generated content
Electronic circuits
Ribonuclease resistant RNA preparation and utilization
Image shifting in a digital printer to reduce image artifacts
Efficient location determination for mobile units
Filler extended fiberglass binder
Glass fiber insulation and process
Epoxy film former string binder
Structural input levels testing using on-die levels generators
Ring-expansion of cyclic olefins metathesis reactions with an acyclic diene
Human wingless-like gene
Fuel cell separator
Phase change inks
Preparation of an amine
Growth-promoting agent
Releasable fastener system
Grid, scorotoron charger having the grid, process unit having the scorotoron charge, and image formi...
Method of operation for a mobile communication terminal capable of providing a high-speed data rate ...
Use of a high structure and dispersible precipitated silica as a thickening or texturing agent in to...
Holding needle comprising gripping cheeks
Double take-off needle and method for producing it
Graft copolymers
Composition and method for making silicon-containing products
Erythropoietin: remodeling and glycoconjugation of erythropoietin
Viral purification methods
Method for isolation of independent, parallel chemical micro-reactions using a porous filter
Purified beverage products and processes for making the same
Morinda citrifolia-based formulations and methods for weight management
Loadable polymeric particles for therapeutic and/or diagnostic applications and methods of preparing...
Treatment screening methods
Process for reducing contaminants in condensate resulting from the conversion of bauxite to alumina
Removal of arsenic from drinking and process water
Waste treatment systems
Method for reducing sludge of a biological ozone treatment system
Method for digestion of sludge in water purification
Process of forming multilayered structures
Apparatus for filtering substances out of liquids
Fluid heater and fluid heating apparatus
Magnesium alloy producing negative potential
Device and method for water treatment by foaming
System for executing computer programs on a limited-memory computing machine
Arrangements for self-measurement of I/O specifications
Method and system for decreasing noise from wireless repeaters
Volatile metal β-ketoiminate complexes
Manipulating content objects to control their display
Piston guides for a free piston engine
Systems and methods using multiple solvents for the removal of lipids from fluids
Biochip for the capacitive stimulation and/or detection of biological tissue and a method for its pr...
FabK variant
Nemesia plant named 'Balaroyal'
Integrated remote control unit for operating a television and a video game unit
Cardiopulmonary resuscitation device and method
Method and apparatus for securing a list of passwords and personal identification numbers
Semiconductor device having contact plug and buried conductive film therein
Magnetic random access memory having perpendicular magnetic films switched by magnetic fields from a...
Vertical geometry InGaN LED
High pressure discharge lamp
Organization of read-write snapshot copies in a data storage system
Error detection for multi-stream communications
Method to inhibit cell growth using oligonucleotides
Secreted and transmembrane polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding the same
In vitro prediction of sunscreen PFA values
System and method for the management of distributed personalized information
System and method for document isolation
Homepage access method, product, and apparatus
Non-invasive latency monitoring in a store-and-forward replication system
Placement of allocation trains in the train algorithm
Storage control apparatus and method for controlling logical volumes by referring to mounting inform...
Content addressable memory with range compare function
Method, program and system for managing operation
Inactivated vaccines for aids and other infectious diseases
Compositions and methods for rapidly generating recombinant nucleic acid molecules
Polynucleotide encoding IL-1 zeta polypeptide
Nucleic acid derivatives
7-Amido-isoindolyl compounds and their pharmaceutical uses
Pyralopyridines, process for their preparation and use as therapeutic compounds
Pyrrolo[1,2-B]pyridazine compounds and their uses
Prodrugs of HIV replication inhibiting pyrimidines
Use of lipid conjugates in the treatment of disease
Use of agent for suppressing infection and proliferation of human immunodeficiency syndrome virus
WLAN error control
Encryption method and apparatus encrypting and adding signature information to qubits
Method and apparatus for enhanced security in a broadband telephony network
Multiple transform utilization and applications for secure digital watermarking
Method to generate pseudo-random sequence of multi-carrier data symbols, and related transmitter and...
Data transmission system for prevention of unauthorized copy of data from recording medium
Signature authenticating apparatus, signature authenticating method, signature authenticating progra...
Method for establishing a common key between a central station and a group of subscribers
Method and apparatus for shuffle with proof, method and apparatus for shuffle verification, method a...
Verification protocol
Method and system for secure cashless gaming
Method and apparatus for embedding data in audio signals
System for handling errors related to IDCT data and method thereof
User authenticating system and method using one-time fingerprint template
Method and system for adapting casino games to playing preferences
Game device, game processing method and recording medium having a program recorded thereon
Protected slot machine
Method for implementing a secondary game in a gaming machine
Input method and apparatus for a baseball game including simultaneous input of a directional input a...
Web burster/inserter
Chrysanthemum plant named 'High Five Sunny'
Miniature rose plant named 'BENfebu'
Kalanchoe plant named 'Milos'
Chrysanthemum plant named 'Sizzleness Salmon'
Strawberry plant named 'L'Amour'
Lily plant named 'Conca D'or'
Grape plant named 'Frontenac gris'
Osteospermum plant named 'Balserpurp'
Blueberry plant called 'Abundance'
Strawberry plant named 'Driscoll Atlantis'
Mint plant named 'Cim Indus'
Osteospermum plant named 'Sunny Philip'
New Guinea Impatiens plant named 'Visinfdkp'
Clematis plant named 'Evipo029'
Chrysanthemum plant named 'Starlet White'
Peach tree named 'V75024'
Method and apparatus for managing power in a mobile communication system
Method for allocating radio channel for radio communication
Method for planning mobile radio coverage inside buildings
Method and system for analysis, design, and optimization of communication networks
Base station transmission power control system, mobile station and base station
Radio control apparatus and link securing method
System and method for controlling packet data service in mobile communication network
Method for transmitting signals in a radio communications system
Method for retransmitting data efficiently in mobile communication system
Portable personal data processing device
MIMO wireless communication system and wireless communication apparatuses
Mobile communications system, radio base station control system, and radio base station control meth...
Apparatus and method for front-end circuitry in radio-frequency apparatus
Organic element for electroluminescent devices
Device and method for driving display panel
Electroluminescent element
Methods and systems for driving displays including capacitive display elements
Organic electroluminescent display and method of manufacturing the same
Organic light emitting device with reverse intersystem crossing light emitting molecules
Organic EL display device with arrangement to suppress degradation of the light emitting region
Fluorescent lamp composed of arrayed glass structures
Compounds for the treatment of inflammatory disorders
Modulators of TNF-α signaling
Use of surface-modified nanoparticles for oil recovery
Low temperature synthesis of metallic nanoparticles
Methods of controlling nanoparticle growth
Digital sampling rate converter for compensation for drop of in-band signal
Recognition system using lexical trees
System and method for measuring and quantizing document quality
Voice mailbox management method using short message service in voice mail system and computer-readab...
Headset having a short-range mobile system
Fusing device for an electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Sheet separating apparatus for a fusing unit and method for using the same
Method and apparatus for preventing transfer roller from being contaminated in image forming system
Movable process cartridge usable in a one-property contact developing process and an image forming a...
Apparatus and method for line interpolating of image signal
Color temperature conversion apparatus for variably changing color temperature of input image and me...
Providing audience flow in a personal television device
Enzymatic nucleic acid-mediated treatment of ocular diseases or conditions related to levels of vasc...
Identification of microbial polynucleotides expressed during infection of a host
Illumination unit, projecting engine and method for generating illumination light
Passive real-time vehicle classification system utilizing unattended ground sensors
Devices and methods for simplifying OCR -based enforcement in automatic toll systems
Warning system with vibration and lane deviation prevention system with the warning system for autom...
Electronic vehicle product and personnel monitoring
Standby lighting control for high intensity discharge lamp
Light source device and light source device for image reading device
Radiation system, contamination barrier, lithographic apparatus, device manufacturing method and dev...
Keysheet module
Metal film and metal film-coated member, metal oxide film and metal oxide film-coated member, thin f...
Lamp retainer assembly
Area light source apparatus
Liquid crystal display device having a container module with a novel structure
Light source device with optical guiding member and planar light source device employing same
Backlight module and lens thereof
Method and apparatus for irradiation of plants using light emitting diodes
Light guide apparatus for enhancing light source utilization efficiency
System and method for reduced cost purchasing
Method for dynamically allocating IP addresses for time sensitive hosts based on priorities and guar...
Text message delivery features for an interactive wireless network
System and method for synchronizing data of wireless devices
Calendar-enhanced awareness for instant messaging systems and electronic status boards
Implementing a message queuing interface (MQI) indexed queue support that adds a key to the index on...
Document management extension software
Portable terminal and message notifying system using the same
Device for automating and/or controlling of machine tools or production machines
System and method for reducing power consumption in a wireless communications network
Methods and systems for enabling address book selection and communication with a wireless device
Method and apparatus for intelligent noise reduction in a distributed communication system
Wireless telecommunications overlay system
Mobile communication system, base station apparatus, and method of controlling mobile communication ...
Estimation of forward link signal-to-noise ratio
Wireless communication device and network controller for affiliation with associated groups and meth...
Electron beam exposure apparatus and electron beam measurement module
System and method for interfacing satellite communications with aircraft
Methods for optimizing and evaluating network access techniques
Combinatorial synthesis and screening of non-biological polymers
Method and device of alignment of a video image with an edge of a display screen
Holographic arrays for threat detection and human feature removal
Method and system for limiting use of electronic equipment
Method for discovering one or more peptides adapted for specific binding to a microorganism of inter...
Planet pinion carrier assembly for Ravigneaux gearset
X-ray scattering with a polychromatic source
Information recording medium
Sound on sound-annotations
Systems and methods for selecting training data and generating fault models for use in use sensor-ba...
Method and System for detecting and reducing draft tube pressure fluctuations
Method and apparatus of developing a latent image formed on a surface of an image carrier
Electrical resistance heating element with a honeycomb body
Optical waveguide element
Optical waveguide device, and a travelling wave form optical modulator
Method for identifying brilliant material in paint
Audio segmentation and classification
System and method providing diffgram format
Speech recognition using dual-pass pitch tracking
Language model sharing
Scalability test and analysis
Highlight rendering services component for an extensible editor
System and method for supporting non-native XML in native XML of a word-processor document
Remote error detection by preserving errors generated throughout a software stack within a message
Systems and methods for detecting tampering of a computer system by calculating a boot signature
System and method for implementing polling agents in a client management tool
Coupling a filter graph space to a network driver space
Permanent magnetic rotating machine
Antisense modulation of MyD88 expression
Method for sequencing nucleic acid molecules
Metallic solid supports modified with nucleic acids
Electrical devices employing molten compositions of biomolecules
Printed circuits on shrink film
Semiconductor memory devices and methods for making the same
Chemical mechanical polishing composition and process
Dynamic memory management
Method for controlling electro-optic display
Method of identifying chemical compounds having selected properties for a particular application
Apparatus and methods for direct conversion of gaseous hydrocarbons to liquids
Separation and counting of single molecules through nanofluidics, programmable electrophoresis, and ...
Method of producing a laminated packaging material
High throughput screening with parallel vibrational spectroscopy
Electrical-energy-storage unit (EESU) utilizing ceramic and integrated-circuit technologies for repl...
Photodynamic stimulation device and method
Energy management system, method, and apparatus
Light emitting device and manufacturing method thereof
Selective alignment of stators in axial airgap electric devices comprising low-loss materials
Application of low-temperature and solid-state pyroelectric energy converter
Material systems for semiconductor tunnel-junction structures
Laminated glazing and means for its peripheral sealing
Hydrophilic DLC on substrate with UV exposure
Zircon/zirconia mix for refractory coatings and inks
Linked network switch configuration
Linked network switch configuration
Array architecture and operating methods for digital multilevel nonvolatile memory integrated circui...
Electronic camera
System and method for mobile router cost metric updates for routing protocols
I/O cell configuration for multiple I/O standards
Methods for modifying friction between an object and ice or snow
Compressing and using a concatenative speech database in text-to-speech systems
Directed growth of nanotubes on a catalyst
Rotary apparatus for grafting and collecting bone
Prosthetic mounting device
Ceramic center pin for compaction tooling and method for making same
Mixture of and method of making a trancutaneous pain relief composition
Metal product cleaning composition
Apparatus, methods and kits for simultaneous delivery of a substance to multiple breast milk ducts
Milking device
Method for treatment of indwelling catheter occlusion using fibrinolytic metalloproteinases
Determination of recombinant glycosylated proteins and peptides in biological fluids
Mineral absorption enhancer
Crystalline forms of a factor Xa inhibitor
Methods for the prevention and treatment of cerebral ischemia using non-alpha tocopherols
Cyclopentan-2-ol-1-yl-[1,2,3]triazolo[4,5-D]pyrimidine compounds
Substituted oxazolidinones and their use in the field of blood coagulation
Cardiac arrhythmia treatment methods
Nitrosated and nitrosylated heme proteins
Isolated human secreted proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human secreted proteins, and uses ...
Protein derived from Agkistrodon saxatilis emelianov and process preparing the same
Methods of administering gaultherin-containing compositions
Factor IX/factor IXa activating antibodies and antibody derivatives
In-flight e-mail system
Composition and method for coloring the surface of a porous substrate
Cell-cultivating device
Spinal disc annulus reconstruction method and spinal disc annulus stent
Device for monitoring cell motility in real-time
System for monitoring cell motility in real-time
Modified silane compounds
Surface roughness frequency to control pits on foam core imaging supports
Modified silane compounds
Flap-equipped interlabial pad
Disposable absorbent article having reduced impact on surface tension of acquired liquid
Use of glatiramer acetate (copolymer 1) in the treatment of central nervous system disorders
Pharmaceutical compositions comprising 1-isopropyl-3-[(4-m-toluidino-3-pyridyl)sulphonyl]-urea as ac...
Oligonucleotide analogues
Hydrophilic biopolymer-drug conjugates, their preparation and use
Method and installation for reducing orefines in a multi-stage suspension gas stream using a cyclone...
Switching power supply and control method for the same
Switching circuits
Data converter
Isolated DC-to-DC converter
Switching constant-current power device
Apparatus and method for converting multi-source input images
Analog-to-digital converting apparatus for processing a plurality of analog input signals at high ra...
Switched mode power amplifier
Timing circuit for separate positive and negative edge placement in a switching DC-DC converter
Self-contained and streamlined methane and/or high purity hydrogen generation system
Graphical user interface for automated dialysis system
Method and apparatus for filtering tap changer oil
Fluid separation devices, systems and/or methods using a centrifuge and roller pump
Stabilized hypobromous acid solutions
Methods and processes for iodine disinfection
Contaminant flushing device, system, and method, particularly suited for refrigeration system servic...
Method for removing metals from acid mine drainage
Packings for liquid chromatography, process for preparing and usage
Method for recovering water soluble surfactants
Municipal wastewater treatment apparatus and process with a continuous feed and cyclic aeration
UV lamp supported filter cartridge
Centrifuge apparatus and method with improved temperature control
Flexible disposable vessel
Cartridges useful in cleaning dialysis solutions
Filter cartridge
Water clarification system with weir
Surgically implantable hearing aid
Method for high temperature mercury capture from gas streams
Support structure carrying thrust load of transmission, method of manufacturing thereof and thrust n...
Communications signal amplifiers having independent power control and amplitude modulation
Method for low-energy adaptive clustering hierarchy
Optical pulse duration extender
Electroactive polymer generators
Method for locating an element of interest contained in a three-dimensional object, in particular du...
Method of monitoring sleeping infant
Transmission electron microscope system and method of inspecting a specimen using the same
Method for evaluating displaying element of liquid crystal, information storage medium for storing c...
Non-scanning computed tomography imaging spectrophotometer
Deposit detector and controller using the detector
Implantable sensor
Method for designing a cascade of digital filters for use in controling an electrolysis cell
Aldehyde scavengers for preparing temporary wet strength resins with longer shelf life
Hermetic type compressor
Medium pump adapted for ease of disassembly and assembly
Electromagnetic pump
Centrifugal fluid pump assembly with flow rate calculating section
Sealed magnetic drive sealless pump
Centrifugal pump for electrical household appliance or the like
Cooling fan for a screw compressor drive motor
Pumping system with clutch and associated by-pass
Vacuum pump system for light gases
Linear compressor and method for controlling the same
Bladeless pump
Integrated control system for beam pump systems
Secondary air supply system
Partition reconfiguration system, partition reconfiguration method, and partition reconfiguration pr...
Method and system for instruction of a computer using processing sensor
Metallocenyl phthalocyanines as optical recording media
Process and apparatus for contacting hydrocarbons with catalyst
FCC catalyst for reducing the sulfur content in gasoline and diesel
Method for expanding in friendly manner the functionality of a portable electronic device and corres...
Methods and apparatus for selective comment assertion
User interface for exploring a graph of information
Concentric curvilinear menus for a graphical user interface
Concentric polygonal menus for a graphical user interface
Responsive virtual routing system
PLD debugging hub
First responder communications system
Anti-theft device installation structure for motorcycle
System and method for providing automatic power control and torque boost
Expendable oceanographic digital communications system
System and method for automatically guiding a gantry crane
Detergent tablets comprising solubility aids
Detergent composition
Detergent compositions
Detergent compositions
Alkaline cellulase variants
Automatic dishwashing detergent composition comprising encapsulated glasscare active salt
Detergent compositions
Computer system layout and cooling configuration
Base rolling engine for data transfer and synchronization system
Server for synchronization of files
Computer controlled display device
Simultaneous screening of multiple analytes
Embellished vehicle trailer hitch-ball assembly
Methods of making tungsten carbide-based annular jewelry rings
Microphone boom for a communications headset
System and method for secure group transactions
Selective prevention of undesired communications within a computer network
Methods and apparatus for virtual private network based mobility
Method and apparatus for remote control of a distributed television broadcasting system
Method and apparatus for providing unified program guide information to a media subscriber
Bismuth oxychloride compositions and methods of rinsing
Rice gene for controlling tolerance to salt stress
Delivery of quasi-periodic pulses of EM energy utilizing the principle of beating-wave amplification
Underground exploration apparatus, system and method
Pressure activated driver for magnetic resonance elastography
Technique for simultaneous acquisition of multiple independent MR imaging volumes with optimization ...
Semiconductor device having integrally sealed integrated circuit chips arranged for improved testing
Converter circuit for synchronizing bus control signals according to a ratio of clock frequencies be...
Method of self-synchronization of configurable elements of a programmable module
Method, system, and program for policies for improving throughput in remote mirroring systems
System and method for USB controllers
Print engine simulator
Circuit testing with ring-connected test instrument modules
Nonvolatile memory microcomputer chip, and a method for testing the nonvolatile memory microcomputer...
Etching solution, etching method and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Information processing device
Semiconductor device
Magnetic disk device having a low-profile motor without deterioration in the strength of the enclosu...
Optical function device using photonic crystal, variable wavelength optical filter and variable wave...
Device with segmented ball limiting metallurgy
Packaging substrates for integrated circuits and soldering methods
Flip chip package, circuit board thereof and packaging method thereof
Device for photoelectric detection and in particular of x or y radiation
Coating composition, fluorine-containing laminate and resin composition
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Post-planarization clean-up
Method of production of semiconductor package
Self contained dissolved air flotation system
Face detection in color images with complex background
Image processing method and apparatus, and profile management method
Image processing apparatus, image processing method and a computer program product for judging wheth...
Communication system, information processing apparatus, output apparatus, control method, and memory...
Method for entering characters
Speech processing system
Coding/decoding apparatus in accordance with an order opposite to the inputting order
Method of assaying fluorite sample and method of producing fluorite crystal
Spread-spectrum communication method and apparatus
Position detecting method and apparatus
Developing apparatus having developer carrying screw with a plurality of inclination angles
Image forming device
Image forming apparatus with a changeable transfer bias for transferring a toner patch image
Image forming apparatus having charging member supplied with a plurality of alternating voltages and...
Lens system
Valves and methods for manufacturing the valves
Method and apparatus for ultrasonically stomping slider end stops on zipper
Method and apparatus for automatically identifying an antenna connected to a radio transmitter and f...
Ceramic microelectromechanical structure
Hard imaging device charging systems, electrophotography charging systems, hard imaging apparatuses,...
Image forming device including image reader
Integrated optics polarization beam splitter using form birefringence
Tunable optical filter
Pressure-sensitive adhesive and patch employing the same
Controller for suppressing temperature of screen
Method and apparatus for machine-vision
Sensors for dynamically detecting substrate breakage and misalignment of a moving substrate
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Robot cleaner system and a method for returning to external recharging apparatus
Food container with interchangeable lid—base seal provided with undercut sealing profile and a...
Generating a cyclic sequence of frequencies
Systems and methods for controlling pilot arc current in an arc cutting or welding machine
Switch assembly
Method and device for voice recognition
System for reducing noise in the reproduction of recorded sound signals
Apparatus and method employing an optical fiber for closed-loop feedback detection of arcing faults
Temperature compensating circuit
Method for producing electrophotographic photosensitive member, electrophotographic photosensitive m...
Floating-gate reference circuit
Process for producing electrophotographic photosensitive member, and electrophotographic photosensit...
Automatic gate operator
Ultrasonic water content monitor and methods for monitoring tissue hydration
Barrier operator controller with user adjustable force setpoint
Multi-mode damper actuator
Phase-control power controller for converting a line voltage to an RMS load voltage
Image projection lighting device
Phase-control power controller with analog RMS load voltage regulation
Coded welding consumable
Developing apparatus, image forming apparatus and toner replenishing method
Biaxial actuator for optical pickup and optical pickup
Frequency response enhancements for electro-dynamic loudspeakers
Helical coil, Magnetic core antenna
Broadcast receiving antenna and television broadcast receiver
Antenna device
Antenna coil device
Equipment and duct liner insulation and method
Ceramic fiber insulation structure with readily repairable perimeter insulation
Process for forming composite insulator
Semiconductor memory device having time reduced in testing of memory cell data reading or writing, o...
Method and apparatus for creating a network topograph that includes all select objects that are in a...
Evaluation of database hierarchical cubes by nesting rollup operators associated with multiple group...
Approach for resolving printer driver incompatibility problems
Capacity management system and method
System and method for determining workload characteristics for one or more applications operating in...
Multipurpose processor, system and method
Apparatus and method for detecting consumable product engagement in a printing device
Interconnecting circuit boards using free space optics
Optical wireless multiport hub
Bidirectional multichannel optical telecommunication system
Method and system for demultiplexing non-intensity modulated wavelength division multiplexed (WDM) s...
Process for producing bimodal polyethylene resins
Distribution of application windows in a computing device display
Decoding of array sensors with microspheres
Resin component for encapsulating semiconductor and semiconductor device using it
Semiconductor device, manufacturing method thereof, and CMOS integrated circuit device
Nonvolatile semiconductor storage and its manufacturing method
Optical sensor having light projecting prism
Data storage device, control device, off-track control method, and control method
Antenna mounting printed-circuit board
Wireless sensor, rolling bearing with sensor, management apparatus and monitoring system
Adaptive communication methods and systems for facilitating the gathering, distribution and delivery...
Polylactic acid resin composition and molded article thereof, and process of producing the molded ar...
Semiconductor device including p-channel type transistor, and production method for manufacturing su...
Fused bicyclic carboxamide derivatives and methods of their use
Low adenosine anti-sense oligonucleotide, compositions, kit & method for treatment of airway disorde...
Angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor
Optical transmission apparatus
System for programming a factory automation device using a web browser
System and methods for providing data management and document data retrieval
Method and system for reporting and diagnosing components of a bulk fuel distribution facility
Apparatus and process for dustless handling of powdered clay to produce a clay/water slurry
Integrated conveyor bed
Numerical control device
Access control systems and methods for motion control
Systems and methods for providing an adjustable reference signal to RF circuitry
Image forming device, color calibration method and storage medium storing its program
Semiconductor optical waveguide device
Synchronization of mobile station location measurement with CDMA service
Two-stage variable-gain mixer employing shunt feedback
Multi-mode interference waveguide based switch
Exposure apparatus and exposure method
Power supply apparatus for traveling-wave tube which eliminates high voltage relay
Serially connecting OLED devices for area illumination
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Two-dimensional quadrupole ion trap operated as a mass spectrometer
Linear ion trap apparatus and method utilizing an asymmetrical trapping field
MEMS-based fuel cell and methods
Method for producing o-chloromethyl benzoic acid chlorides
"Signalin" family of TGFβ signal transduction proteins, and uses related thereto
Tunable filters having variable bandwidth and variable delay
Method for using stabilizing catalyst activity during MTO unit operation
Apparatus and method for controlling a fuel cell system
Fuel cell power generation system and method of controlling fuel cell power generation
Upgrading Fischer-Tropsch and petroleum-derived naphthas and distillates
Solid multi-component membranes, electrochemical reactor components, electrochemical reactors and us...
High refractive index silicone-containing prepolymers with blue light absorption capability
Stepped IOL insertion cartridge inserting an intraocular lens in an eye
Method for polymerizing ethylenically unsaturated monomers by degenerative iodine transfer
Gastrin and cholecystokinin receptor ligands (III)
Process for improving interfacial adhesion in a laminate
Exercise methods and apparatus
Bicycle rear derailleur guard
Sport ball with self-contained inflation mechanism having pressure indication
Device for detecting the rotation speed of a rotating element
Structural foam and urethane composite for use in a motorcycle seat and method of manufacturing the ...
Cart to transport equipment or the like
Stabilizer training wheel with integral suspension
Continuously visible transmission
Bicycle hub with an outside-accessible brake force adjusting mechanism
Connector for an inflation device compatible with several types of valve
Dual use air chuck
Hydraulic gear shift mechanism
Wheel accessory
Sonographers extension
Tagging content for different activities
Aqueous primary dispersions and coating agents, methods for producing them and their use
Image forming machine
Mechanically stable, porous shaped activated carbon article and filtering system
Electron-emitting device, electron source and image-forming apparatus, and method for manufacturing ...
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device and process for fabricating the same
Method for decomposing plastic
Method for producing a fluorinated ester compound
Method of attaching a die to a substrate using a hybrid oxetane compound
Method of making a long wavelength indium gallium arsenide nitride (InGaAsN) active region
Method for fabricating a silicon carbide interconnect for semiconductor components
Coating solutions for titanium and titanium alloy machining
Method for producing an anti-wetting barrier, and anode comprising one such anti-wetting barrier
Highly porous ceramics fabricated from preceramic polymer and expandable microspheres, and method fo...
Method and installation for separating constituents of used tires
Pressure vessel and process for producing the same
Sitosterolemia susceptibility gene (SSG): compositions and methods of use
Mounting for cylinders of a printing machines
Quick-extraction punch-holder adapter for converting punching machines from a single-punch to a mult...
Method and system of setting and/or controlling of a food product dispensing machine using a tag-typ...
MRI apparatus correcting vibratory static magnetic field fluctuations, by utilizing the static magne...
Three-dimensional positioning of the patient couch at the center of the static or gradient magnetic ...
Method and system for rapid magnetic resonance imaging of gases with reduced diffusion-induced signa...
Programmable one-pot oligosaccharide synthesis
Electronic device and its power control method
Leak resistant seal
Aquarium filter
2-aminoindane analogs
Catheter lead placement system and method
Method and apparatus for generating unique ID packets in a distributed processing system
FLT4 (VEGFR-3) as a target for tumor imaging and anti-tumor therapy
Flexible cathodes
Heterogeneous reaction method for preparing functionalized polyanilines
Epitaxial thin films
Lithium secondary battery and method for manufacturing thereof
Web server content replication
Vandal resistant bathroom partition
Discovery and isolation of misbehaving devices in a data storage system
Apparatus for detecting position information of a moving object
Secure product packaging system
Garment incorporating antenna for identifying articles to be sorted
Personal item monitor using radio frequency identification
Mono-, oligo- and polymers comprising a 2,6-azulene group and their use as charge transport material...
Memory tag, read/write device and method of operating a memory tag
System and method for utilizing RF tags to collect data concerning post-consumer resources
Ammunition articles comprising light-curable moisture-preventative sealant and method of manufacturi...
Photoresist polymeric compound and photoresist resin composition
System and method for managing electronic transmission of color data
Inclined magnetic field generation coil and magnetic field generator for MRI