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Method of locating areas in an image such as a photo mask layout that are sensitive to residual proc...
Techniques for binding an application with a data exchange format based on tags in comments
Method and apparatus for gaming device software configuration
Efficient data buffering in a multithreaded environment
Eyeglass display
Eyepiece for optical instruments
Wireless receiver with amplifier
Method and system for caching network data
Patient positioning assembly for therapeutic radiation system
Two-dimensional optical deflector
Switch for a body-worn electronic device
System and method for detection of fiber optic cable using static and induced charge
System and method for magnetic-resonance-guided electrophysiologic and ablation procedures
Method to control a unit of a technical apparatus
Method and system of measuring characteristics of an organ
Method and apparatus for managing memory in a workstation
Fixing device and image forming apparatus
Autonomous non-destructive inspection
Strapless respiratory face mask
Tire for a vehicle wheel and process for producing the tire
Hard coat film
Flat-cell read-only memory
Controlling proteolytic action in natural rubber latex
Virtual method protection
FOUP loading load lock
Method and system for determining a servicing requirement
Robot multi-arm control system
Device and method for programming an industrial robot
Apparatus and method for notifying state of self-moving robot
Image reader
Icon for a portion of a display screen
Composition for fluororesin powder coating material
Process for the upgrading of raw hydrocarbon streams
Liquid crystal display device
Benzamide derivatives as thyroid receptor ligands
Magnetic source and ferromagnetic device for ultrasonic welding
Method and apparatus for advanced leadership training simulation and gaming applications
Satellite communications data distribution system capable of providing a lot of data in response to ...
Method and apparatus for conserving home agent resources in mobile IP deployment
System and method for designing a logical model of a distributed computer system and deploying physi...
Method and apparatus for managing information and communications related to municipal bonds and othe...
System, method, apparatus, and program for providing electronic manual
Method and apparatus for improved internet navigation
Systems and methods for enhancing connectivity between a mobile workforce and a remote scheduling ap...
Document authoring system and authoring management program
Platform-independent distributed user interface server architecture
Olefin metathesis
Atomized polysulfide used in ethylene steam cracker
Alumina guard bed for aromatics transalkylation process
Light scanning optical system, image projection apparatus, and image display system
Image forming apparatus with mode having prolonged rotation time of image bearing member at non-imag...
Image heating apparatus having heater for externally heating fixing roller
Process cartridge, developing cartridge and developing roller
Developer supply container
Process cartridge and image forming apparatus
Electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Speech information processing method and apparatus and storage medium using a segment pitch pattern ...
Print system, printing method, and storage medium
Communication system and method of controlling same
Dynamic reordering of memory requests
System, method and apparatus for changing output size of an electronically transmitted document
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, image processing program, and computer-readable...
Coincidence detection apparatus and method
Image processing apparatus and method of controlling same
Moving image data management apparatus and method
Facsimile transmitter-receiver
Apparatus for removing radioactive antimony from waste streams
Liquid treating device
Water purification by polymer colloids
Microwave-emitting rotor, separator apparatus including same, methods of operation and design thereo...
Microsurgical robot system
Roller folding head
Multi-modal package handling tool and system
Therapeutic uses of SMR1 peptides
.alpha.v integrin receptor antagonists
Method and apparatus for manufacturing photovoltaic device
Metal barrier cap fabrication by polymer lift-off
Flat cable conductor, method of making the same and flat cable using the same
Flexible dielectric electronic substrate and method for making same
Nitride-based semiconductor light-emitting device and manufacturing method thereof
Low profile ball-grid array package for high power
Flip chip in leaded molded package and method of manufacture thereof
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method of the same
Interconnection structure of semiconductor device
Multi-flip chip on lead frame on over molded IC package and method of assembly
Semiconductor chip and semiconductor device, and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Thin-film magnetic head and method of manufacturing same
Power amplifier module
Optical information medium with recording layer that is prevented from being exposed
Developer carrier, developing device, image forming apparatus and computer system
Closed loop control on liquid delivery system ECP slim cell
Nucleic acid molecules and other molecules associated with soybean cyst nematode resistance
Method for retrieving local near-surface material information
User interface having analysis status indicators
Treatment of movement disorders with drug therapy
Treatment of hypertension
Methods and apparatus for providing a sufficiently stable power to a load in an energy transfer syst...
Cardiac harness for treating congestive heart failure and for defibrillating and/or pacing/sensing
Camera referenced control in a minimally invasive surgical apparatus
Remoting features
Method and system for displaying transient notifications
System and method for the broadcast dissemination of time-ordered data
Image transmission apparatus, image transmission system, and communication apparatus
Integrating user specified extensions into an information access system
Method and apparatus for robust NAT interoperation with IPSEC'S IKE and ESP tunnel mode
Alteration of module load locations
Countering infections to communications modules
Method and system for controlling use of a dynamically linked software library
Copyright protection of digital images transmitted over networks
Video camera
Electronic cutter
Electronic cutter
Hosta plant named `High Society`
Callistemon plant named `Matthew Flinders`
Optical recording/reproducing apparatus for optical disks with various disk substrate thicknesses
Class AB enhanced transconductance source follower
Materials with enhanced properties for shallow trench isolation/premetal dielectric applications
Internet delivery of digitized photographs
Avalanche photodiode controller circuit for fiber optics transceiver
Method for providing cycle-by-cycle ad HOC verification in a hardware-accelerated environment
Calibrachoa plant named `Cal Goldey`
Calibrachoa plant named `Cal Corink`
Strawberry plant named `PS-5016`
Flushing and flow guiding device for electric nose hair cutter
Dishwasher detergent with improved protection against glass corrosion
Solid detergent composition and method for solidifying a detergent composition
Use of graft polymers in fabric cleaning
Polyvinylpyrridinium derivatives as anti-dye transfer agents
Method and apparatus for applying railway ballast
Modular pivot arrangement
Dynamic mobile advertising system
Vehicle theft protection system, a method of protecting a vehicle from theft, a vehicle-onboard devi...
System for tracking and locating an object using a cellular network
System, method and computer program product for remote vehicle diagnostics, monitoring, configuring ...
Vehicle information collection system and method thereof
Traffic data management and simulation system
Biologically absorbable polyhydroxycarboxylic acid and production method thereof
Method for improving adsorption of a drug from ethylene oxide derivative
Treatment of gastrointestinal infections
Iodine-propylene glycol teat dip
Process for preparation of hypoglycemic foods and formulations thereof
Adult-onset diabetes treatment method
Methods and compositions for screening for modulators of IgE synthesis, secretion and switch rearran...
Methods and compositions for determination of glycated proteins
Method of protecting erythricytes, in particular for improvement of blood cytopenia
Pyrrolopyridazine derivatives
Memory management system and method for a mobile device
Software management systems and methods for automotive computing devices
Apparatus, method and system for generating a unique hardware adaptation inseparable from correspond...
System and method for the management of power supplied over data lines
HDD defect list searching method
Adaptive hybrid ARQ algorithms
Apparatus and method for transmitting/receiving error detection information in a communication syste...
Representing an entity as a document using a data source having active properties
Creating and displaying document undo configuration using nested test modes
Method and system for dynamic font subsetting
Portal for supplying supplementary information for printed books
Digital media frame
Communication terminal having a predictive editor application
Administrative tool environment
Weighted and prioritized task scheduler
System and method for process load balancing in a multi-processor environment
System and method for expiration reminders of rentable media offerings
Process and apparatus for quick feed contacting with immediate vapor disengagement
Gasoline sulfur reduction in fluid catalytic cracking
Downflow catalytic cracking reactor and its application
Catalyst regenerator with a centerwell
Process for the production of propylene from olefinic streams
Electronic equipment including a touch pad and a method for controlling usage of the touch pad
Adaptive prefetch for irregular access patterns
Method and apparatus for an energy efficient operation of multiple processors in a memory
Interface for integrating reconfigurable processors into a general purpose computing system
Clustered computer system utilizing separate servers for redundancy in which the host computers are ...
Compiling computer programs including branch instructions
Method and apparatus to suspend and resume on next instruction for a microcontroller
Variable capacity rotary compressor
Electric box for compressor assembly
Reciprocating compressor
Electromagnetic fuel pump
Uniform flow displacement pump
Variable capacity rotary compressor
Method for controlling an assist pump for fluid delivery systems with pulsatile pressure
Linear compressor
Inflatable product provided with electric air pump
Variable capacity rotary compressor
Vacuum station and the method for operating the same
Printed circuit board having cooling means incorporated therein
Method for introducing and activating a getter in a vacuum vessel and getter unit
Compressor with swash plate housing inlet port
Air compressor unit inlet control
Low triggering N MOS transistor for ESD protection working under fully silicided process without sil...
Container base structure responsive to vacuum related forces
Paper product with embossed surface pattern
Optical computed tomography scanner for small laboratory animals
Imaging apparatus and an imaging head used therefor
Anti-inflammatory biosensor for reduced biofouling and enhanced sensor performance
Wireless communication and global location enabled intelligent health monitoring system
Optical wavelength standard and optical wavelength calibration system and method
Methodology for providing good data at all wavelengths over a spectroscopic range
Multiwavelength readhead for use in the determination of analytes in body fluids
Method and apparatus for measuring blood sugar
Excitation and imaging of fluorescent arrays
Testing method for a polarizing plate
Flat spectrum illumination source for optical metrology
Testing of spatial light modulators (SLM)
Method and system for correcting direction or orientation of document image
Motion adaptive frame averaging for ultrasound doppler color flow imaging
Anomalous shadow detection system
Automatic white balance technique
CVD plasma assisted lower dielectric constant SICOH film
Method and apparatus for attaching a workpiece to a workpiece support
Common electrode wire for plating
Zoom in pin nest structure, test vehicle having the structure, and method of fabricating the structu...
Rewiring substrate strip with a number of semiconductor component positions
Semiconductor device and method of manufacture
Adjustable CCD charge splitter
Embedded capacitors using conductor filled vias
Non-volatile memory device and manufacturing method and operating method thereof
Semiconductor device
Composite ground shield for passive components in a semiconductor die
Substrate for IC package
Semiconductor device with edge structure
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor device having multilevel interconnection
Exposure apparatus including a controller configured to read electrical signals from an array of pho...
Camera system, control method thereof, device manufacturing apparatus, exposure apparatus, and devic...
Method and semi-product for producing a chip card with a coil
Method for using data regarding manufacturing procedures integrated circuits (IC's) have undergone, ...
Using feedback to select transmitting voltage
Process variation detector and process variation detecting method
Organic waste processing method and device therefor
Laser output beam wavefront splitter for bandwidth spectrum control
Fixing apparatus
Led white light optical system
Integrated process condition sensing wafer and data analysis system
1,1,1,2,2,4,5,5,5-nonafluoro-4-(trifluoromethyl)-3-pentanone compositions comprising a hydrofluoroca...
Ceramic-metal composite body, composite structure for transporting oxide ion, and composite body hav...
Digital hearing aid battery conservation method and apparatus
Modular hearing aid device
Implantable hearing aid transducer system
Adaptive microphone matching in multi-microphone directional system
Method for synchronizing a receiver, a positioning system, a receiver and an electronic device
Method and system for synchronizing storage system data
Method and system for primary blade selection in a multi-module fiber channel switch
Recharging power storage devices with power over a network
Brain retraction sensor
Apparatus for inducing energies of alpha rhythm to the human body
Charged filtration membranes and uses therefor
Flooded densified leachbed anaerobic digestion
Method of optimizing influent conditions and chemical addition control for biological denitrificatio...
Biological digestion of waste fluids with particles comminuting step
Method and system for utilizing activated sludge in a ballasted flocculation process to remove BOD a...
Method of purifying Fischer-Tropsch derived water
Use of functionalized porous membranes or matrices for purification of nucleic acids and correspondi...
Methods for removing contaminants from water and silica from filter media beds
Magnetic process for removing heavy metals from water employing magnetites
Method for enhancing cyclonic vessel efficiency with polymeric additives
Controlling corrosion in process water systems
Water treatment compositions with masking agent
Grease separator for kitchen sinks and other applications
Large capacity acid or base generator apparatus
Device and method for separating components of a fluid sample
Diagnostic methods for determining susceptibility to convulsive conditions
Field-deployable cartridge method and test kit for arsenic
Multi-purpose peripheral interface for computing systems
Successive approximation A/D converter comparing analog input voltage to reference voltages and a co...
Analog-digital converter with advanced scheduling
Push-pull switching power converter
Compensation of nonlinearity introduced by dead time in switching output stage
Target defense system comprising a projectile launcher device
Target tissue localization assembly and method
Sputtering target and method for fabricating the same
Ion beam for target recovery
Catheter for target specific drug delivery
Oxide sintered body, sputtering target, transparent conductive thin film and manufacturing method th...
Mo-W material for formation of wiring, Mo-W target and method for production thereof, and Mo-W wirin...
Target information generation and ad server
Rock assay for predicting oil or gas in target reservoirs
Electronic device, method of manufacture of the same, and sputtering target
Target molecules detection by waveguiding in a photonic silicon membrane
Heterocyclic derivatives for the treatment of cancer and other proliferative diseases
Malonamid and malonamic ester derivatives with antithrombotic activity, their preparation, and their...
Carboxylic acids and carboxylic acid isosteres of N-heterocyclic compounds
C-2' methylated derivatives of paclitaxel for use as antitumour agents
Peroxisome proliferator activated receptor modulators
Polymorphs of an epothilone analog
Method for treatment of peripheral inflammation of a loop ileal artificial anus
Compounds acting as melanocortin receptor ligands
Use of 15-deoxyspergualin for the treatment of ANCA associated vasculitis
Stabilization of benzoyl peroxide in solution
Peptide, novel adsorbent, adsorption unit and adsorption method
Method of determining physical parameters of bodily structures
System and method for billing calls over a wireless network
Defensive shield
Boom vang for sailboats
Ballast system for tension leg platform
Manual hydraulic steering apparatus
Boat drain plug system
Seismic vessel having motion-stabilized helicopter landing platform
Boat with dive elevator
Flame arrester
Fuel reforming system of a fuel cell
Method and system for ultrafast photoelectron microscope
Flux orientation locating in a drilling system
Pressure sensitive sensor for real-time reconfigurable sonar applications
Children's washable paint
Fuel cell cooled by latent heat of water evaporation
Preservation and formulation of bioactive materials for storage and delivery in hydrophobic carriers
Nucleic acids encoding MK61 receptors
Hyaluronan-binding proteins and encoding genes
Flexible composites and applications including the flexible composites
Detergent tablet
Element for protein microarrays
Peroxide cured fluorocarbon elastomer compositions
High density ethylene homopolymers and blend compositions
Precision fragmentation assemblages and olefin polymerization catalysts made therefrom
Mammalian cytokine-like factor 7
Cross-linked apatite/collagen porous body containing self-organized apatite/collagen composite and i...
C-type lectin transmembrane antigen expressed in human prostate cancer and uses thereof
Substituted pyrazoles as p38 kinase inhibitors
Method for producing a wound dressing
Absorbent article
Diffusion barrier coatings having graded compositions and devices incorporating the same
Flat capacitor having an active case
Medical electrical lead employing load bearing sleeve
Techniques for detecting and preventing unintentional disclosures of sensitive data
Intermediary network system and method for facilitating message exchange between wireless networks
Methods, systems, and computer program products for content-based screening of messaging service mes...
Method and system for continuous interactive communication in an electronic network
Apparatus and method for conserving bandwidth by batch processing data transactions
Filtering email messages corresponding to undesirable geographical regions
Foreign network SPAM blocker
System and method for managing a trusted email datastore
Operating unit comprising at least one operating element
Plate heat exchanger
Incubation and storage device, in particular for specimens of organic material
Pressure tank
Heat sink
Tower type finned heat pipe type heat sink
Heat exchanger for vehicles
End cap with an integral flow diverter
Plate-type heat exchanger
Exhaust gas heat exchanger
Programmable thermostat incorporating a liquid crystal display and having a feature for mounting hor...
Passive thermal switch
System for efficiently cooling a processor
Interface module-mounted LSI package
Cooled high power laser lens array
Air conditioning unit control to reduce moisture varying operations
Devices and methods for programmable microscale manipulation of fluids
Shoe clip
Footwear having a heel and heel breast
Footwear system
Anti-skid boot having crampon
Combination check valve and release valve
Method for providing custom fit therapeutic footwear
Systems for spectral multiplexing of source images to provide a composite image, for rendering the c...
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Blanching response pressure sore detector apparatus and method
Robot obstacle detection system
Area coverage with an autonomous robot
Context free grammar engine for speech recognition system
Method and apparatus for distribution of fashion and seasonal goods
Method and apparatus for recording data and recovering recorded data
Plant information management system
Methods and systems for ticket voucher flow control in response to signaling link failure
Backoff protocols and methods for distributed mutual exclusion and ordering
Providing access to a raw data storage unit in a computer system
Automatic learning in a CAM
FIFO write/LIFO read trace buffer with software and hardware loop compression
Pre-fetching and invalidating packet information in a cache memory
Low power system and method for a data processing system
Method and unit for selectively enabling an input buffer based on an indication of a clock transitio...
Method and apparatus for testing embedded memory on devices with multiple processor cores
Low complexity error concealment for wireless transmission
Displaying user readable information during linking
Componentized operating system
Cleaning accessory basket
Power filter circuit responsive to supply system fault conditions
Self-powered, heat-activated LED vehicle exhaust tip assembly
Compressor muffler assembly
Loudspeaker having an acoustic panel and an electrical driver
Home theater in a box speaker mount with integrated mounting tool
Porous beads and method of production thereof
Transparent invisible conductive grid
Electrostatic charge image developing toner, producing method therefor, image forming method and ima...
HPV CD8+ T-cell epitopes
Tamoxifen and 4-hydroxytamoxifen-activated system for regulated production of proteins in eukaryotic...
Encapsulation of MEMS devices using pillar-supported caps
Methods for forming porous insulators from "void" creating materials and structures and semiconducto...
Heat-sensitive recording material
Substituted aryl ketones
Amidoacetonitrile derivatives
Inhibitors of HCV replication
Polyglutamic acid-camptothecin conjugates and methods of preparation
Agents useful for reducing amyloid precursor protein and treating demantia and methods of use thereo...
Bicyclic-substituted amines as histamine-3 receptor ligands
Process for making polymorphic form A of 4-[6-acetyl-3-[3-(4-acetyl-3-hydroxy-2-propylphenylthio)pro...
Histone deacetylase inhibitors
Method for spectrally selective B1 insensitive T2 preparation contrast enhancement for high field ma...
System and method for adaptive cancellation of disturbances
Commercial aircraft on-board inerting system
Methods and apparatuses for launching, capturing, and storing unmanned aircraft, including a contain...
Method and apparatus for the hookup of unmanned/manned ("hum") multi purpose vehicles with each othe...
Perforated skin structure for laminar-flow systems
Device for protecting military vehicles from infrared guided munitions
Ligands and methods for preparing same
Method for obtaining plants exhibiting enhanced resistance to water stress
Inbred maize line PH726
Plants and seeds of corn variety I119148
Method of analyzing cell samples, by creating and analyzing a resultant image
System for regulating the handling of milk during the milking process and a method for regulating sa...
Crystal structure of yqeJ and uses thereof
Apparatus for cryopreservation and recovery of red blood cells
Systems and methods for pipeline rehabilitation
Subterranean hydrogen storage process
Boat ramp improvements
Systems and methods for environmental stabilization of a body of water
Method of in situ retrieval of contaminants or other substances using a barrier system and leaching ...
Apparatus for securely supporting scuba tanks via a vehicle hitch
Portable and adjustable boat dock bumper assembly
Pipe sleeve for a floating dock
Systems and methods for linking orders in electronic trading systems
Integrating payment accounts and an electronic wallet
Method for resolving issues within a team environment
Modular and customizable process and system for capturing field documentation data in a complex proj...
Common index securities
Method for continous, frame-specific click-stream recording
System and method for forecasting information using collective intelligence from diverse sources
System and method for single sign on process for websites with multiples applications and services
Technique for implementing browser-initiated user-transparent network-distributed advertising and fo...
Load balancing service
Method and system for secure registration, storage, management and linkage of personal authenticatio...
Electronic apparatus and management system of the same
System and method for detecting fraud in prepaid accounts
License compliance verification system
Electronic cash system
Secure digital content licensing system and method
Agreement management system and method
Multi-carrier transmission system and associated method of reducing the effect of multi-path interfe...
Methods of operating a data broadcast service
Method and radio station for the transmission of predistored signals via several radio channels
Wireless LAN monitoring device
Reduction of parasitic impedances in a phase-locked loop
Varactor with extended tuning range
Triple band receiving apparatus for a mobile communication terminal
Radio apparatus and link loss recovery method
Approval test method and an approval test system for a software-defined radio terminal, a software-d...
Functionality test in a base transceiver station
System and method of providing access to intelligent network services from a plurality of telecommun...
Method and system for analysis, design, and optimization of communication networks
Radio communication system for reducing interferences with respect to other communication system usi...
Connection acceptance control scheme by obtaining available quality value
Method and system for determining position of a mobile terminal utilizing time of arrival calculatio...
Method of determining the position of a target using transmitters of opportunity
Mobile radio apparatus and radio unit
Apparatus and method for programming motor vehicle electronic control units
String attachment system apparatus and method for a stringed musical instrument
Keyboard for musical instrument
Heat and corrosion resistant cast CF8C stainless steel with improved high temperature strength and d...
Magnesium alloy
Precious metal solder
Yttrium modified amorphous alloy
Vehicle securing mechanism for a dynamometer
Device for working sheet-like material
System, method, and computer program product for media publishing request processing
Gait-locomotor apparatus
System and method of interactive evaluation of a geometric model
Hybrid circuit and electronic device using same
Apparatus and method for providing virtual world customized for user
Method and apparatus for three-dimensional parallax drawing
Distributed software system visualization
3D stereo browser for the internet
Fragrance delivery for multimedia systems
System and method for automatically collecting images of objects at geographic locations and display...
Method for establishing fixation employing speech recognition
Method for providing data inquiry service and data inquiry service system
Sulfur oxide adsorbents and emissions control
Coating material, related production method and use
Method for producing fullerene-containing carbon and device for carrying out said method
Nitrogen recovery system and method using heated air as stripping gas
Method and device for separating sulphur dioxide from a gas
Rod shaped apatite crystals having a specific length-to-width ratio
Crystalline molecular sieve SSZ-51 composition of matter and synthesis thereof
Porous Si.sub.3N.sub.4 producing method
Method for preparing single crystalline zinc sulfide powder for phosphor
Wetproofed catalysts for hydrogen isotope exchange
Using condensed chemicals to precondition lithium niobate and lithium tantalate crystals
Suppression of the formation of noxious substances during chloride processes
Method of producing hydrogen
Method for inhibiting oxidation of metal sulfide-containing material
Silver doped catalysts for treatment of exhaust
Polarizing electrode for electric double layer capacitor and electric double layer capacitor therewi...
Fuel reforming system and method of operation
Child's high chair that rotates as a unit to present a rocker or a desk
Gaming device having related multi-game bonus scheme
Lottery tickets with variable and static prizes where the variable redemption values change under ce...
Gaming device having a die or dice directly associated with the reels in the primary game
Gaming device having a die or dice directly associated with the reels in the primary game
Method and system to optimize group achievement employing group members' collective intelligence
System and method for playing a lottery-type game
Distributed load balancing for single entry-point systems
Methods and circuits for implementing programmable gamma correction
Automatic brightness limitation for avoiding video signal clipping
Method for controlling channel tuning of digital TV
Programmable universal remote control unit and method of programming same
Projection lens regulator for rear projection television
Video codec system, method for processing data between system and host system, and encoding/decoding...
Method and apparatus of detecting fire by flame imaging
Method for pattern inspection
Image transmission method
Information recording apparatus and method, information reading apparatus and method, magnetic tape ...
Foldable cellular telephone having image pick up unit and external display operable in folded state
Robot apparatus
Robot apparatus
Robot apparatus
Robot apparatus
Robot apparatus
Preprinted print rolls for postal use in an image processing device
Client-server conference and user seeking through a server storing a list comprising active conferen...
Integrated forms and method of making such forms
Security document with marker
Absorbent article with graphic design thereon
Watermarking of digital image data
Automated browsing system for publishers and users on networks serving internet and remote devices
Dual motorcycle exhaust system
Bolted pilot web with precision machined bearing stop
Air intake system and forklift equipped with it
Four-wheel drive work vehicle
Dual engine electric drive system
Induction system for a four cycle engine
Vehicle driving force control apparatus and method
Propshaft with improved crash-worthiness
Industrial vehicle
Automated inter-axle differential lock actuation sensing method
Steerable and liftable independent suspension system
Mobile carriage
Radiator grille for mounting in a radiator grille arrangement and method of producing it
Control system for hybrid powertrain
Steering apparatus
Electric power steering system having failure detection apparatus
Authorized personnel biometric detection system preventing unauthorized use of aircraft and other po...
Surface adhering tool carrying robot
Parking assist apparatus
Control apparatus for an electric power steering system
Snap-on steering column shroud
Transparent user and session management for web applications
Method for quantitatively detecting antigen
Amylolytic enzyme extracted from bacillus sp. A 7-7 (DSM 12368) and washing and cleaning agents cont...
Aqueous fludarabine phosphate composition
Molecular conjugates for use in treatment of cancer
High-affinity oligonucleotide ligands to vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF)
Nucleic acid encoding poly-zinc finger proteins with improved linkers
Bioactive peptides and peptide derivatives of parathyroid hormone (PTH) and parathyroid hormone-rela...
Nucleic acid and amino acid sequences relating to Streptococcus pneumoniae for diagnostics and thera...
Leaf specific gene promoter of coffee
Method for preparation of LNA phosphoramidites
Pentopyranosyl nucleic acid arrays, and uses thereof
Cyanine dye having multifunctional peripheral groups
Divinyl ether synthase gene, and protein and uses thereof
Transgenic plants with altered levels of phenolic compounds
Male tissue-preferred regulatory sequences of Ms45 gene and method of using same
Manipulation of cellulose and/or .beta.-1,4,-glucan
Compositions isolated from forage grasses and methods for their use
Gibberellin 2-oxidase gene, functions and uses thereof
Compositions and methods for altering tocotrienol content
Retinoid X receptor-interacting polypeptides and related molecules and methods
Method for separating and concentrating biological materials using continuous-flow ultracentrifugati...
Method of controlling the content of selected component(s) from polymer(s) using molecular sieve(s)
Compositions and methods for the therapy and diagnosis of breast cancer
Leaf-specific chlorophyll A/B binding protein promoter
Chemical synthesis of low molecular weight polyglucosamines and polygalactosamines
Plant genes encoding pantothenate synthetase
Aminoalkyl-containing guar derivatives
Plant N-acylethanolamine binding proteins
Preparation of wood pulps with caustic pretreatment for use in the manufacture of cellulose acetates...
Sucrose-inducible promoter from sweetpotato
Methods for preparing alkali cellulose and cellulose ether
Ethersuccinylated hydroxyl polymers
Boronium-ion-based ionic liquids and methods of use thereof
Insulated perfluoropolyether alkyl alcohols
Methods and Systems for Providing enhanced Capital Advantaged Preferred Securities
Boosted perceptron
Method and system for dynamic variation of decision tree architecture
Medical information system, method and article of manufacture
Multi-criterial decision making system and method
Method and system for providing environmental information on network
Garden trellis
Building with triangular facades
Biohazard mask suitable for civilians
Intelligent toy ball
Game of chance
Toy support structure
Gaming device having independently linearly moveable symbol indicators
Light attachment for portable electronic device
Ambidextrous pitching screen system
Magnetic connector apparatus
Power distribution and timing device
Remote control with selective key illumination
Fluid powered bubble machine with spill-proof capability
Patient point-of-care computer system
Method and apparatus for assessing the integrity of a jewellery setting
Apparatus and method for monitoring the output of a warning or indicator light
Communication satellite cellular coverage pointing correction using uplink beacon signal
Large aperture rectenna based on planar lens structures
Telemetry-based flight vehicle visualization system and method
Apparatus and method for determining the viability of eggs
Cavity enhanced optical detector
Electrochromic windows and method of making the same
Astronomical timepiece
Method and apparatus for locating faults in an optical network
Nonaqueous electrolyte, electrical double-layer capacitors, and nonaqueous electrolyte secondary cel...
Electronic watch and electronic watch control method
Communications apparatus and method
Substituted poly(alkylenedioxythiophenes) as solid electrolytes in electrolytic capacitors
Configuration method for an installation comprising solar protection and/or lighting devices
Method and system for calculating the spatial-temporal effects of climate and other environmental co...
Biometric based authentication system with random generated PIN
Solar cell and solar cell unit
Miniature axisymmetric streamline tensile (MAST) specimen
Seal integrity detection system
Hyperbranched chemoselective silicon-based polymers for chemical sensor applications
Method of tuning threshold voltages of interdiffusible structures
Synthesis of elastomeric carborane-siloxanes by hydrosilation reactions
Fire detection method
Signal synthesizer and method therefor
Discriminating speech to touch translator assembly and method
Multiple position press
Light irradiator
Image display apparatus
Very-high aperture projection objective
Projection objective for microlithography
Projection objective having adjacently mounted aspheric lens surfaces
Optical arrangement with a telecentric beam region
Zoom lens and electronic imaging system using the same
Subminiature optical system
Five-element optical device
Optical element holding apparatus
Manufacturing method of rod with optical thin film and rod block for use in the method
Broad-band variable-wavelength laser beam generator
Camera calibration system using planar concentric circles and method thereof
Moving object detection method
Device for Mach-Zehnder modulator bias control for duobinary optical transmission and associated sys...
Polarization element and optical device using polarization element
Amplifying wavelength division mux/demux
Method and structure of electric field poling of Ti indiffused LiNbO.sub.3 substrates without the us...
Steerable free space optical interconnect apparatus
Communication equipment, transcoder device and method for processing frames associated with a plural...
Radio communication network system
Communication station with automatic cable loss compensation
System for transmitting to a wireless service provider physical information related to a moving vehi...
Method and apparatus for saving battery power in a mobile device using recovery mechanism for cell u...
Battery-conserving transmission and encoding method for wireless ad hoc networks
Systems and methods having LPRF device wake up using wireless tag
Retractable telephone holding unit
Apparatus and method for monitoring antenna state of mobile station
System and methods for home appliance identification and control in a networked environment
Network-assisted global positioning systems, methods and terminals including doppler shift and code ...
Billing for use of a telephony device
Mobile web services
Extranet workgroup formation across multiple mobile virtual private networks
Method and system for transparently and securely interconnecting a WLAN radio access network into a ...
Electro-mechanical system and method for mixing replenishment for plate precursor developers
Driving apparatus for moving member to be moved
System and method for enabling a person to view images of the person wearing an accessory before pur...
Composite system capable of switching between separate power sources
Optical apparatus
Visual cell phone notification of processed film images
Portable terminal
Multi-processing of a picture to speed up mathematics and calculation for one picture
Nano-crystalline and/or metastable metal hydrides as hydrogen source for sensor calibration and self...
Process for manufacturing nano-phase TaC-transition metal based complex powder
Mesophase pitch-based carbon fibers with carbon nanotube reinforcements
Ringing nanogel compositions
Microemulsions as precursors to solid nanoparticles
Synthesis of stable colloidal nanocrystals using organic dendrons
Method of assembling soldered packages utilizing selective solder deposition by self-assembly of nan...
Metal oxide sols as nanoscale additives for polymers
Carbon nanotube-filled composites prepared by in-situ polymerization
Rochow-Muller direct synthesis using nanosized copper catalyst precursors
Nanocrystalline core antenna for EAS and RFID applications
Nanocrystal write once read only memory for archival storage
Nanocircuitry for sensing, recording and outputting data
Hemostatic system and components for extracorporeal circuit
Human antibodies specific for interleukin 15 (IL-15)
Treatment of congestive heart failure
Polynucleotides encoding the novel human phosphatase, RET31, and variants thereof
Methods of use of fibroblast growth factor, vascular endothelial growth factor and related proteins ...
Methods for glucagon suppression using modified exendins
Vascular endothelial growth factor 2 and methods of use
Anti-inflammatory peptides
Pharmacologically acceptable solvent vehicles
Antidepressant arylpiperazine derivatives of hetrocycle-fused benzodioxans
Method and composition for preventing or reducing the symptoms of insulin resistance syndrome
Substituted diphenyl heterocycles useful for treating HCV infection
PRO354 antibodies
Antibodies that bind PRO4994 polypeptides
Vascular endothelial growth factor 2
Derivatives of growth hormone and related proteins, and methods of use thereof
High affinity integrin polypeptides and uses thereof
Ixodes salivary anticomplement protein
Nucleic acids encoding an immune related polypeptide
Method and system for myocardial infarction repair
Device for improving the visibility conditions in a motor vehicle
Wireless vehicle burglar-alarm system
Optical trailer hitch locator
Vehicle occupant sensing system
Stop alert warning system
Distributed driver system for locomotive or OHV
Twin-clutch gearbox and method for shifting an initial gear upwards into a target gear in the twin-c...
Method for controlling an automated gearbox, electronic safety system and adapter plug
Externally activated non-negative acceleration system
Navigation apparatus and navigation system
Expanded functionality protocol adapter for in-vehicle networks
Mobile device
Apparatus and method for displaying an item
Protective covering for landscape ties and timbers and other building materials
Landscape lighting transformer having increased loading features
Valve and fueling strategy for operating a controlled auto-ignition four-stroke internal combustion ...
Valve timing control apparatus
Control apparatus for internal combustion engine
Construction, manipulation, and comparison of a multi-dimensional semantic space
Method and system for assisting a shopper in navigating through a store
User interface for a networked printer and computer system
Method and system for listing classified advertising
Method for adjusting data insertion degree and data insertion circuit
Watermark embedding and extracting method and embedding hardware structure used in image compression...
Pattern recognition of objects in image streams
Computing distortion of media signals embedded data with repetitive structure and log-polar mapping
Z-transform implementation of digital watermarks
Nucleic acids encoding non-aggregating fluorescent proteins and methods for using the same
Catalytic filtering of a Fischer-Tropsch derived hydrocarbon stream
Calibration system for a spectral luminometer and a method for calibrating a spectral luminometer
Lensed tapered optical waveguide
Method for reducing or completely eliminating water influx in an underground formation, and crosslin...
Composite, ordered material having sharp surface features
Optical system
System and method of correcting a branch misprediction
Low-power SRAM E-fuse repair methodology
Method and circuit for scan testing latch based random access memory
Scan test circuit
Adaptive multi-mode HARQ system and method
System and method for preventing detection of a computer connection to an external device
Method for separating sapphire wafer into chips using dry-etching
Multiplexed active biologic array
Cleaning solution for removing damaged portion of ferroelectric layer and cleaning method using the ...
Neuroprotective dietary supplement
Process for the production of mercaptoalkylalkoxysilanes
Method and apparatus for abrasive recycling and waste separation system
Leg bag accessory
Method and apparatus for manufacturing metallic parts by die casting
Method for safe handling of unstable hydride gases
Cash dispensing automated banking machine with user interface illumination devices
Cleaning system for a continuous ink jet printer
Method for disassembling image display apparatus, method for producing image display apparatus, meth...
Fluorescent agents
Pelletized nitrocellulose (PNC) manufacture and long term storage
Dynamic vulcanization of polyurethane elastomeric material in the presence of thermoplastics
Blends containing macrocyclic polyester oligomer and high molecular weight polymer
Endotracheal tube system and method of use
Animal litter box
Fatty acid-free liquid dye composition comprising at least one oxidation base and 2-methyl-1, 3-prop...
Five degrees for separation
Composition for blending to hair treating agent and hair treating agent
Stability assessment of dispersions and emulsions
Pressure sensitive adhesive composition and sheet
Image synthesizing apparatus
Ink stick for phase change ink jet printer
Display panel and method of manufacturing the same
Photosensitive member having ground strip with lignin sulfonic acid doped polyaniline
Method for the handling of print job banner sheet output
Voice recording/reproducing apparatus
Voice recording/reproducing apparatus
Optical device
Drug container entry mechanisms and method
Liquid crystal driver circuits
Self-addressed subarray precharge
Compositions containing creatine and creatinine and a methyl xanthine
Microelectrical mechanical structure (MEMS) optical modulator and optical display system
Monitored laser shock peening
Droplet ejection apparatus and ejection failure recovery method
Droplet applying method and droplet applying device, and device and electronic equipment
Liquid crystal display
Display driver, electro-optical device, and method of setting display driver parameters
Display device and projection type display device
OLED driver circuit with selectable LCD controller interface and drive strength
Liquid crystal display with light transmission regions and light reflection regions
Inorganic electroluminescent device with controlled hole and electron injection
Doped organic semiconductor materials and process for their preparation
Organic photosensitive optoelectronic devices with transparent electrodes
Display device using light-emitting elements
Power supply voltage converting circuit, control method thereof, display apparatus, and portable ter...
Method for manufacturing probe needle, method for manufacturing probe card, and probe card
Process for transesterification of vegetable oils or animal oils by means of heterogeneous catalysts...
Method for driving piezoelectric ink jet head
Multifunctional multilayer optical film
Coated abrasive article with tie layer, and method of making and using the same
Coated abrasive article with composite tie layer, and method of making and using the same
Process for producing cold field-emission cathodes
Dry passivation process for stamper/imprinter family making for patterned recording media
Modified copolyesters and improved multilayer reflective films
Toner for developing electrostatic image and producing method therefor
Telomerase immortalized neural progenitor cells
Method for highly available transaction recovery for transaction processing systems
Method for forming coating film on plastic substrate
System and method for integrating and accessing multiple data sources within a data warehouse archit...
Shape-based geometric database and methods and systems for construction and use thereof
Methods and apparatus for importing device data into a database system used in a process plant
Apparatus and method for deposition of an electrophoretic emulsion
Thiourea- and cyanide-free bath and process for electrolytic etching of gold
[3,4-a:3,4-c]carbazole compounds
Apoptolidin analogs and derivatives for inducing apoptosis in transformed cells
Pyrrolotriazine compounds
Potassium channel modulators
Radiation phantom with humanoid shape and adjustable thickness
Discreet bed-wetting alarm and method of use thereof
Method and apparatus for real time monitoring of user presence to prolong a portable computer batter...
Optical device mounted substrate assembly
Recording apparatus for recording data on optically readable discs
Data transmission system, transmission method of optical network monitor control signal, and node
System and methodology providing open interface and distributed processing in an industrial controll...
Use of the BNM3 transcriptional activator to control plant embryogenesis and regeneration processes
Process for the preparation of 3,5-diethyl-1,2-dihydro-1-phenyl-2-propylpyridine
Vibration limiter for coaxial shafts and compound turbocharger using same
Formable bearings and bearing devices
Structure of linear sliding rail circulating device
Cylindrical roller bearing
Motorcycle seat structure
Apparatus and method for data bus power control
Method and apparatus for a client connection manager
Techniques for dynamic host configuration using overlapping network
Method and apparatus for erasing data after tampering
Information sharing device
Data transfer system and method with secure mapping of local system access rights to global identiti...
Variable stiffness bellows
Terminal electrode compositions for multilayer ceramic capacitors
Poly(trimethylene terephthalate) bicomponent fiber process
Catalyst for olefin polymerization
Multiple component coating composition utilizing dilution stable polyisocyanates
Hydroxy amide acetals
Perfluoropolyether primary bromides and lodides
Polymeric microfabricated fluidic device suitable for ultraviolet detection
Gas phase synthesis of methylene lactones using oxynitride catalyst
Pigment-containing gel mass vased on lipids
Extended duration insect repellent composition and method of application to the skin
Full dull polyamide 6 yarn, and a process of preparing for the same
Catalyst support
Laser-sintering powder containing titanium dioxide particles, process for its preparation, and moldi...
Air freshener device
In-line marking system
Bipolar plate and method of fabricating it
Beta-phase nickel aluminide overlay coatings and process therefor
Thermal barrier coating with stabilized compliant microstructure
Composition for stripping coatings from substrates
Environmentally friendly, 100% solids, actinic radiation curable coating compositions and coated sur...
Motor having reciprocating and rotating permanent magnets
Permanent magnet type rotor and method of manufacturing the rotor
Permanent magnet rotating electric machine and electric car using the same
Calculation of air charge amount in internal combustion engine
Resampling system and method for graphics data including sine-wave components
Capacitor module and semiconductor device using the same
Digital micromirror device mounting system
Mold-type electronic control unit
Parathyroid hormone receptor binding method
Indicator layout on an auto-darkening lens for use in welding
Process for producing polyester resin
Virtual private networks
Method for providing power management on multi-threaded processor by using SMM mode to place a physi...
Behavioral synthesis system, behavioral synthesis method, control program, readable recording medium...
Boundary acoustic wave device
Low residue well treatment fluids and methods of use
Method for measuring impurity metal concentration
Radar sensor for motor vehicles
Electron-emitting device, electron source, and image display apparatus
Optical disc apparatus and recording power determining method thereof
Double-layered fluid container
Process for the preparation of highly pure triethylene diamine
Lithium ion secondary battery
Numerical control apparatus
Image forming apparatus and associated method of detecting developer deterioration
Dark look LED automotive lighting
High Q factor sensor
Thromboresistant coated medical device
Medical device including guide wire and balloon catheter for curing a coronary artery
Cerebral perfusion augmentation
Treatment of acute lung injury, fibrosis and metastasis with antagonists of .alpha.v.beta.6
Crystal modification of a N-phenyl-2-pyrimidineamine derivative, processes for its manufacture and i...
Pharmaceutical uses and synthesis of nicotinamides
Processes for preparing amorphous atorvastatin hemi-calcium
Truncated aggrecanase molecules
Compounds and compositions for delivering active agents
Immunoregulatory compounds and derivatives and methods of treating diseases therewith
Bag system
Dual chamber infant bottle
Air venting apparatus for milk bottle
Systems for magnification and distortion correction for imprint lithography processes
System and method for connectionless/connection oriented signal transport
System, method and computer program product for caching domain name system information on a network ...
Methods and apparatuses for navigating the subarachnoid space
Heat treatable coated article with diamond-like carbon (DLC) and/or zirconium in coating
On-line wizard entry point management computer system and method
Information exchange between non-networked devices through an intermediary device via a piconet
Non-delegable client requests to servers storing local information only
Logical semantic compression
Photoelectric conversion device, and image sensor and image input system making use of the same
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Integrated protection, monitoring, and control system
Latching micro magnetic relay packages and methods of packaging
Quadrifilar helix antenna
Thin film transistor array substrate and repairing method of the same
Lithographic apparatus and patterning device transport
Optoelectronic devices and methods of production
Auto-eject gun-lock device with ring-mounted key
Sliding window track system
Mechanically activated shape memory device
Gas pressure switch
Protective garment
Powder coating for generator stator bar end fitting and method for applying the powder coating
Push-pull stripper-scraper
Active part
Jacketed boat-tail bullet
Bi-directional ball seat system and method
Method and apparatus for electrostatic spray
Horizontal memory devices with vertical gates
Thin film transistor type display device, method of manufacturing thin film element, thin film trans...
Poly/silicide stack and method of forming the same
Selective etching of silicon carbide films
Fully-depleted (FD) (SOI) MOSFET access transistor
Method and system for re-establishing communication link in a network by using viral communication
Wireless microphone information displaying apparatus and method thereof
Method for configuring technical systems via mobile telephone terminals
Element outage monitoring in a wireless telecommunication system
Method and system enabling roaming between different wireless networks
Method of handoff within a telecommunications system containing digital base stations with different...
Method for initiative setting up calls by service control point in mobile intelligent network
Method and system for reducing wireless multi-cell interferences through segregated channel assignme...
System for protecting pictures used in wireless communication messages
Method and apparatus for clock synchronization in a wireless network
Using beamforming and closed loop transmit diversity in a multi-beam antenna system
Measurement data processor and measurement data processing method
Middleware brokering system adapter
Dual panel type organic electroluminescent device
Reducing the contact resistance in organic field-effect transistors with palladium contacts by using...