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Air conditioner
Apparatus and method for inspecting patterns on wafers
Method for transferring variable isochronous data and apparatus therefor
Portable information device capable of processing input data from external device and method thereof
Devices and methods for converting remote device formats to host device formats for access to host a...
Interleaver for a turbo encoder in an UMTS and method for performing interleaving
Computer technique for providing a character mistyping conversion function
Magnetic recording media having chemically modified patterned substrate to assemble self organized m...
Functional beads, method for reading the same and bead-reading apparatus
Vaccine immunotherapy for immune suppressed patients
Peptide transport
Organic EL element and method of manufacturing the same, organic EL display device using the element...
Cyclometallated iridium carbene complexes for use as hosts
Organic electroluminescence display with adjacent blocks of luminescent layer
Spontaneous light emitting display device
Display driver circuit
Memory device including barrier layer for improved switching speed and data retention
System and Method for Concurrently Downloading Digital Content and Recording to Removable Media
Differentially methylated sequences in pancreatic cancer
Assay procedure using fluorogenic tracers
Nucleic acid sequence detection using multiplexed oligonucleotide PCR
Diagnosis and treatment of tumor-suppressor associated disorders
Methods and compositions for detecting targets
Nucleic acid fragments encoding nitrile hydratase and amidase enzymes from Comamonas testosteroni 5...
Human HAC3
Nucleic acid molecules encoding enzymes having fructosyl polymerase activity
Transacylases of the paclitaxel biosynthetic pathway
Recombinant watermelon (Citrullus lanatus) hydroperoxide lyase and uses thereof
TAO protein kinase polypeptides and methods of use therefor
Cross-linked gels of hyaluronic acid with hydrophobic polymers and processes for making for making t...
Novel therapeutic uses of glucan
Nucleotide sequences and polypeptides encoded thereby useful for modifying plant characteristics
Stabilization of triflated compounds
Water-soluble chitosan having low endotoxin concentration and methods for making and using the same
Metal complex type nucleic acid
Phosphinoamidite carboxylates and analogs thereof in the synthesis of oligonucleotides having reduce...
Novel human uncoupling proteins and polynucleotides encoding the same
Phosphoserine phosphatase gene of coryneform bacteria
Nucleotide lipid ester derivatives
Imino and amino sugar purification
Method and apparatus for testing optical network equipment
Fluoro derivative-substituted aryl pnictogens and their oxides
Nanocomposite for enhanced rectification
Process for fluoro derivative-substituted aryl pnictogens and their oxides
Parallax barrier and multiple view display
Transmissive spatial light modulator and method of manufacturing the same
Radiation absorption in electro-optical devices
Wavefront correction system
Optical depolarizers and DGD generators based on optical delay
Method and apparatus for imaging latent fingerprints
Broadband Raman amplifier
Dispersion compensating fiber for S-band discrete Raman amplifier
Apparatus and method for amplification medium performance simulation, and optical amplifier
Optical performance monitoring using a semiconductor optical amplifier
Birefringent networks
Method and system for correction of intrinsic birefringence in UV microlithography
Methods and apparatus for polarization control
Optical film having controlled scattering/transmitting characteristics
Imaging method
Account management systems and methods
System and method for provisioning broadband service in a PPPoE network using a list of stored domai...
Plasma display panel with height variations of intersecting first and second barrier ribs
Nitride semiconductor substrate and method of producing same
Memory device capable of stable data writing
Error recovery for nonvolatile memory
Method of fabricating lanthanum oxide layer and method of fabricating MOSFET and capacitor using the...
Expiratory limb for a breathing circuit
Acquiring web page information without commitment to downloading the web page
Composition for sustained delivery of hydrophobic drugs and process for the preparation thereof
Conductor gateway buffer prioritization
Thermal energy recovery device
Sales management system and method thereof
Hyperbranched dendron and methods of synthesis and use thereof
Accessing television services
Effervescent solid composition of matter
Production of megakaryocytes by the use of human mesenchymal stem cells
Liposome compositions of porphyrin photosensitizers
Dynamic frequency selection and radar detection with a wireless LAN
Birefringent optical film, elliptically polarizing plate using the same, and liquid crystal display ...
Long-term operation of a heterogeneously catalyzed gas phase partial oxidation of propene to acrolei...
Process for decreasing the resistivity of conductive flow field plates for use in fuel cells
Ballast control IC with multi-function feedback sense
Cascaded planning of an enterprise planning model
Shared circuitry for GPS and local area network systems
Quadrature multi-frequency ranging (QMFR) applied to GPS multipath mitigation
Tape dispenser
Control switch of a processor for endoscope
Surgical communication and power system
Adhesive tape attaching jig
Projection illumination system with tunnel integrator and field lens
Lamina comprising cube corner elements and retroreflective sheeting
Apparatus for making transversely drawn films with substantially uniaxial character
Devices for conveying, stretching, and taking-away polymer films
Orthodontic appliance with removable insert
Capsule type endoscope
Cholesteric liquid crystal additives
Touch sensor
Selection of orthodontic brackets
System and method for determining a reference baseline of patient information
Communicating data using wideband communications
Collecting and valuating used items for sale
Method of routing and processing document images sent using a digital scanner and transceiver
Coarse representation of visual object's shape for search/query/filtering applications
Systems and methods for an e-mail clearing house
Method and system for dynamic modeling and recipe optimization of semiconductor etch processes
Transaction generator for initialization, rebuild, and verify of memory
Stick blender
Cable stacker
Tub for cosmetic articles
Rotating TV stand
Frozen foods maker
Frozen foods maker
Marker handle and cap
Writing instrument
Air conditioner
Air conditioner
Face recognition apparatus
Image forming apparatus which detects abnormality condition in feeding of toner
Method of image transfer, method of and apparatus for image forming
Movement method, exposure method and exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method
Narrow-band spectral filter and the use thereof
High efficiency electromagnetic beam projector, and systems and methods for implementation thereof
Method and system for simulating X-ray images
Tilted gantry helical cone-beam Feldkamp reconstruction for multislice CT
Projection gating of x-ray CT scan
X-ray computed tomographic imaging apparatus
Radiological imaging apparatus
Synchronization of x-ray data acquisition
Multiscale gradation processing method
Method and apparatus for correcting the contrast density of a radiography image
Storing and recalling information to augment human memories
Method and apparatus for providing conference call announcement using SIP signalling in a communicat...
Edible container apparatus and method of manufacture
Batch rice production system and improved microwavable, commercially sterile, shelf-stable rice prod...
Feed supplement compositions
Method for the selective separation of volatile flavorings from monophase, (semi) liquid starting ma...
Alginate matrix particles
Color-Changing Alcoholic Beverages Using Plant Anthocyanins
Using reduced fat soy particulates to produce soymilk with a reduced fat content
Soy protein products having reduced off-flavor and processes for making the same
Method of providing a protein-rich composition for a canine
Specialty food products and methods of making same
Food products containing partially and/or totally denatured milk proteins
Use of expanded constituents and manufacture of products therefrom
Visually attractive, freshly prepared extruded fat-based confectionery product with temporary flexib...
Moleculary imprinted polymers for extraction of components from foodstruffs
Method of manufacturing a food container
Educational system and method for encouraging children to choose a nutritional meal
Healthcare set-top-box monitoring system
Pixel structure for flat panel display apparatus
`Ridgewood Cherry` cultivar
Geranium plant named Freedom
Zinc finger proteins for DNA binding and gene regulation in plants
Recessive plant viral resistance results from mutations in translation initiation factor eIf4e
Amylases, nucleic acids encoding them and methods for making and using them
Isolated eIF-5A and polynucleotides encoding same
Sclerotinia-resistant Brassica and methods for development of resistance to Sclerotinia
Inbred corn line G0502
Alpha1-3 galactosyltransferase gene and promoter
Apparatus for and a method of treating organic waste
Flow-reversing valve
Use of a dyestuff for ink jet printing recording materials
Wastewater treatment
Silver halide color photosensitive material
Silver halide color photographic photosensitive material and image forming method utilizing the same
Chemical mechanical polishing stopper film, process for producing the same, and method of chemical m...
Highly gas-resistant, fixable and bronzing controllable ink composition, and recording method and re...
Pharmaceutical formulations
Thermal dispersion flow meter with chronometric monitor for fluid leak detection
Integrated Advanced Simultaneous Oxidation Process (ASOP) to Defeat Chemical, Biological, and Radiol...
Method and apparatus for sensing liquid level using baseline characteristic
Electrolytic processing apparatus and method
Composition and method for reducing chemical oxygen demand in water
Faucet assembly with water quality indicator
Composition and method for reducing chemical oxygen demand in water
Water treatment method and water treatment apparatus
Composition and method for reducing chemical oxygen demand in water
Microwave fluid heating and distillation method
Removing agent composition and removing/cleaning method using same
Water treatment system and process
Polyamide-imide resin, flexible metal-clad laminate, and flexible printed wiring board
Functional Water and Method and System for Its Production
Method for the detection and multiplex quantification of analytes in a sample, using microspheres
Biomimetic systems consisting of lipid membranes bound to an electrically conducting substrate
Synergistic composition for the treatment of diabetes mellitus
Active substance combination of licochalcone A and phenoxyethanol
Orally and nasally administered appetite suppressant
Pharmaceutical and therapeutic compositions derived from Garcinia mangostana L plant
Methods of diagnosing & treating diabetes and insulin resistance
Dendritic cell co-stimulatory molecules
Method of screening for inhibitors of osteopontin
Fermentation method for the preparation of testolactone by fusarium species
Therapeutic and diagnostic applications of prostatic acid phosphatase in prostate cancer
Beer containing monascus-derived pigments
Cross-beta structures on microbial organisms
Salicylate therapeutic compound and process for controlled delivery thereof
Medicament and use thereof for tumor therapy
Method and composition to treat skin ulcers
STAT3 decoy oligonucleotides and uses therefor
Therapeutic Combinations of erb B Kinase Inhibitors and Antineoplastic Therapies
Composition containing medicine extremely slightly soluble in water being excellent in eluting prope...
Riboflavin derivative and its manufacture and uses
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Semiconductor device suitable for forming conductive film such as platinum with good coverage, and i...
Conduit overheating detection system
Data server
Multiple physical interfaces in a slot of a storage enclosure to support different storage interconn...
Method and system for performing timing analysis on a circuit
Method of manufacturing image display apparatus and apparatus for manufacturing the same
Method and system for business information networks
IEX-1 knockout animals
Wheel lift with laterally movable, rotatable swivel arm wheel scoops
Mimo and diversity front-end arrangements for multiband multimode communication engines
Composite containing reinforcing fibers comprising carbon
Laminate for container and container for adsorbent
Method for the production of 1,4- butanediol
Multi-component catalyst system for the polycondensation manufacture of polyesters
Detection in the presence of media noise
Image transfer mechanism and image forming device using the mechanism
Information recording method, information recording medium and information recording apparatus
Apparatus and method for compensating a coriolis meter
Current-biased potentiometric NOx sensor for vehicle emissions
Frequency division and/or wavelength division multiplexed recursive fiber optic telemetry scheme for...
Solar powered narrow band radiation sensing system for detecting and reporting forest fires
Back light assembly, liquid crystal display apparatus and manufacturing method thereof
Compact pressurized water nuclear reactor
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Compact protocol and solution for substantially offline messaging between portable consumer device a...
Module for developing wireless device applications using an integrated emulator
System and method for providing a web-based operating system
Method and arrangement in a digital communication system
Apparatus for writing servo bursts on a disk with servo track pitch based on read element width and ...
Dynamic shock detection in disk drive using accumulated average position error
Load/unload system and method for maximizing disk writeable area
High bandwidth large stroke spin-stand
Disk drive that stores time varying characteristics thereof with data from a host device and associa...
Head support structure
Head actuator
Data storage device with a low profile spindle motor having hub and drive member arranged on opposit...
Magnetic head for rotary head drum
Thin film magnetic head and magnetic recording apparatus
Thermal protrusion reduction in magnet heads by utilizing a heat-spreading pad
Slider with recessed pressurization surfaces
Magnetic head slider
Information recording apparatus
Wire support member and rotary disk storage device
CPP-type magnetic head with less deformation and a magnetic recording/reproducing system using the s...
Recording/reproducing separated type magnetic head having differential bias type magnetic domain con...
Magnetoresistive element and magnetic head
Tunnel valve free layer stabilization system and method using additional current in lead
Magnetoresistance effect film, magnetoresistance effect head and solid state memory
Error detection and correction circuit
Releasable tubing connector
Method of forming dye donor element
Color-developing agent resin composition, emulsion thereof and method for preparing the same
Releasing sheet
Satiation devices and methods
Mismatch repair detection
Farnesyl transferase inhibiting benzoheterocyclic derivatives
Formate salt of O-desmethyl-venlafaxine
Optical recording/reproducing apparatus with APC and ACC processes
Device and method for controlling tilt servo
Laser power selecting method, information recording medium, and information recording device
Optical recording/reproducing method and optical recording medium
Optical information recording medium
Optical fiber laser and laser light emitting method
Micro-cavity light emitting device and method for making same
Laser beam source control method and unit, exposure method and apparatus, and device manufacturing m...
Method and apparatus for providing a modulation current
Method for configuring a laser operating system
Laser with Brayton cycle outlet pump
Gas laser oscillator
Optical communication devices, light emission devices and optical communication methods
Laser diode module, laser apparatus and laser processing apparatus
Surface emitting semiconductor laser and communication system using the same
Hydraulic vehicle seat adjustment control valve assembly
Exhaust gas purifying system of internal combustion engine
System and method for providing a renewable masking surface
System and method for remote tire pressure monitoring
System and method for informing vehicle environment
Driving assist system for vehicle
Article attachment system
System and method for reducing vehicle noise
Seat assembly with automatic stow feature
Vehicle seat
Head restraint assembly for a vehicle seat assembly
Apparatus and method for repairing popped wallboard nails
Tubular hanger and method of lining a drilled bore
Inter-vane platform with lateral deflection for a vane support of a turbine engine
Apparatus and method for depositing and planarizing thin films of semiconductor wafers
Liner for a motor vehicle grille
Glass fiber forming compositions
Processed soft tissue for topical or internal application
Marker system for preparing and characterizing high-quality human embryonic stem cells
Signal transduction protein TAB2
Active hedgehog protein conjugate
Method and apparatus for automatically altering viewed segments of television broadcast
Data processing device with aliased data pointer register
Method and apparatus for providing a secure-private partition on a hard disk drive of a computer sys...
Computer network comprising network authentication facilities implemented in a disk drive
Method and system for power management including local bounding of device group power consumption
Exchange server method and system
Process for generating and reconstructing variable number of parity for byte streams independent of ...
Handling link failures in remote mirroring applications using snapshots
Method of controlling storage device controlling apparatus, and storage device controlling apparatus
Storage subsystem and performance tuning method
Memory fence with background lock release
Permanent memory block protection in a flash memory device
Method and apparatus for computer memory protection and verification
Verifying the integrity of a media key block by storing validation data in the validation area of me...
System and method for onboard HDD defragmentation and combining multiple G-list entries
AM receiver
Fuzzy relations and graph structures for compact description and modification
Electronic device and playback control method therefor
Game system having selectable startup display image wherein system processor selects between interna...
Television receiver
Speaker box
Speaker box
Arithmetic and control unit
Formed in place corpectomy device
Intervertebral Prosthesis
Vertebral body replacement implant
Interlocked modular nucleus prosthesis
Osteograft treatment to promote osteoinduction and osteograft incorporation
Implants with textured surface and methods for producing the same
Soft tissue implants with improved interfaces
Multi-sensory speech enhancement using a speech-state model
Modulation of osteoblast activity by fhl2
Compositions, organisms and methodologies employing a novel human kinase
Diagnostic and therapeutic use of a rab family gtp-binding protein for neurodegenerative diseases
Model for studying the role of genes in tumor resistance to chemotherapy
Novel human dickkopf-related protein and nucleic acid molecules and uses therefor
Human podocalyxin alternative-spliced forms and uses thereof
Novel haemopoietin receptor and genetic sequences encoding same
Production of cloned offspring from cooled carcasses
WIP, a WASP-associated protein
Mo54 Disruptions, Compositions and Methods Related Thereto
Murine genomic polynucleotide sequence encoding a G-protein coupled receptor and methods of use ther...
Design-manufacturing interface via a unified model
Methods of operating electronic devices, and methods of providing electronic devices
Radio frequency receiver including a limiter and related methods
Radio communicatiion system base station and mobile station
Radio control apparatus and link securing method
RRC Signalling for fast HS-DSCH serving cell change
Method and apparatus for transmitting/receiving downlink data for UE in soft handover region in an O...
Radio communication device and route search method
Method for estimating the position of a subscriber station of a radio communication system and netwo...
Efficient periodic location reporting in a radio access network
Energy-aware communications for a multi-radio system
Wireless communication apparatus and phase-variation correction method
Tungsten pig for radio-pharmaceuticals
Three section pig for radio-pharmaceuticals
Brian machine interface device
Remote Control of Implantable Device Through Medical Implant Communication Service Band
Double helical antenna assembly for a wireless intravascular medical device
Technique for correlating purchasing behavior of a consumer to advertisements
Preserving sessions in a wireless network
Portable VOIP wireless connector
Method of breeding azalea
Alfalfa Variety 53V52
Trade financing method, instruments and systems
Data delivery system and sending station therefor
Networks, systems and methods for routing data traffic within a telephone network based on available...
Surface light source device, method of manufacturing the same and liquid crystal display apparatus h...
Universal automated circuit board tester
Method and apparatus to generate cache data
Tracheotomy endotracheal tube
Aerosol particle analyzer for measuring the amount of analyte in airborne particles
Sorbefacients and preparations for percutaneous absorption containing the same
Ferroelectric capacitor having a substantially planar dielectric layer and a method of manufacture t...
Indole compounds, process for producing the same and drugs containing the same as the active ingredi...
Signal shielding technique using active shields for non-interacting driver design
Method and forming machine for working a workpiece
Radiation-sensitive resin composition
Methods of collecting and analyzing human breath
Cornea characteristics measuring device
Stretching apparatus
Composition comprising a liquid absorbed on a support based on precipitated silica
Pluripotential embryonic stem cells and methods of making same
Composite firearm barrel assemblies
Clear oral compositions containing potassium salt
Porous resin bead production method
Transition metal compound, catalyst for polymerization of olefin, and process for polymerization of ...
Fiber chopper apparatus and method
Fixing device and image forming device
Use of small molecule radioligands to discover inhibitors of amyloid-beta peptide production and for...
Filter using piezoelectric material
Motorcycle wheel stand for parking and transport
Vehicle suspension damper with integral height leveling valve
Air spring and jounce shock assembly
Vehicle seating system with improved vibration isolation
Automated guided vehicle
Device for producing tubes provided with cross ribs
RF ripple signal compensator used with defect detection and fingerprint detection with help of dual ...
Image forming apparatus
Modified power control for hybrid ARQ on the reverse link
Rabbiteye blueberry plant named `Ochlockonee`
Collapsible container
Speech coding and decoding apparatus and method with number of bits determination
Adaptive correlation window for open-loop pitch
Composite extrusion for trim seal strip and method for forming same
Trailer and trailer body construction and extruded panel for same
Pasta, pastry, cookie, and hors d'oeuvre maker
Chemically modified plasticized starch compositions by extrusion processing
Water-absorbent resin granule-containing composition and production process for water-absorbent resi...
Condensation polymers from N, N*-disubstituted disulfonamides
Ink-jet head and method of manufacturing the same
Method of manufacturing an ink jet print head
Power unit with reciprocating linear movement based on stirling motor, and method used in said power...
Airbag device for front passenger's seat
Fuel cut-off valve
Arcuate aeration tine
Putter alignment training system
System for removably placing a pad on a shoe
Printing cartridge with switch array identification
Template and methods for forming photonic crystals
Method of purifying Fischer-Tropsch derived water
Environmentally friendly, actinic radiation curable coating compositions for coating thermoplastic o...
Scheduling method for loading and unloading containers at the terminal and a computer readable recor...
Hardware semaphore intended for a multi-processor system
Communication mechanism
Heat assisted magnetic recording head and method
Remote liquid level gauge for remote sensing, system for employing the gauge and method of use
Determinism in a multiprocessor computer system and monitor and processor therefor
Method and apparatus for communicating information between lock stepped processors
Providing predictable scheduling of programs using repeating precomputed schedules on discretely sch...
Device interface
Device interface
Free fall simulator
Offline e-courses
Health management cuff
Language learning system and method with a visualized pronunciation suggestion
Training system and method for improving user knowledge and skills
Method for managing exercise for function recovery and muscle strengthening
Celestial body communication techniques
Electronic paper, electronic paperfile and electronic pen
Method and system for asynchronous online distributed problem solving including problems in educatio...
Optical disk apparatus and data randomizing method using for optical disk apparatus
Communication device and method for using non-self-synchronizing scrambling in a communication syste...
Method for performing RR-level registration in a wireless communication system
Method and system for accepting preverified information
Method for authentication between apparatuses using challenge and response system
Key exchange mechanism for streaming protected media content
Cryptocommunication system, transmission apparatus, and reception apparatus
Method of operating a conditional access system for broadcast applications
Signal format that facilitates easy scalability of encrypted streams
Encryption method, decryption method, and recording and reproducing apparatus
Slice mask and moat pattern partial encryption
Recording apparatus, recording method, reproducing apparatus, and reproducing method
Password security utility
Macro facilities for direction of streaming digital content
Dynamically resolving recipients to retrieve public keys during send/receive
Topically applied circulation enhancing agent and skin and hair cosmetic and bath agent containing t...
Phosphodiesterase inhibitor
Novel compounds, their preparation and use
Methods for treatment of cardiovascular disorders and diseases
Cathepsin inhibitors
Novel crystalline forms of a phosphoric acid salt of a dipeptidyl peptidase-iv inhibitor
Method of preparing amine stereoisomers
Noninvasive vital sign measurement device
Multiparameter whole blood monitor and method
Method of intra-operative coating therapeutic agents onto sutures composite sutures and methods of u...
Method of intra-operative coating therapeutic agents onto sutures, composite sutures and methods of ...
Methods for data retention in an implantable medical device
Positioning tools and methods for implanting medical devices
Interactive, internet supported health and fitness management system
Multi-user remote health monitoring system with biometrics support
Networked system for interactive communication and remote monitoring of individuals
17-Acetamido-4-azasteroid derivatives as androgen receptor modulators
Treatment of CNS disorders associated with mutations in genes encoding lysosomal enzymes
Epothilone derivatives
Small organic molecule regulators of cell proliferation
Composition and method for treating macular disorders
Crystallization of IGF-1
Methods of chemical synthesis and purification of diaminophenothiazinium compounds including methylt...
Stent having an integral ultrasonic emitter for preventing restenosis following a stent procedure
System of implantable ultrasonic emitters for preventing restenosis following a stent procedure
Administration of therapeutic or diagnostic agents using interlabial pad
Electrically Stimulating Nerve Regeneration
Use of stellate ganglion block for the treatment of post partum depression
Brush assembly
System and method for restricting and monitoring telephone calls
System and method for testing memory while an operating system is active
Load-driving device and method of driving load
Secondary battery state-of-charge estimating apparatus and method using polarization voltages, and r...
Control system for an electric machine
Energy discharge apparatus
Buck-boost DC--DC switching power conversion
Dual controlled output voltage, anti-saturation, auto-transformer circuit methodology
Converter for electronic flashlight
Digitally controlled modular power supply for automated test equipment
Apparatus and method for improving electromagnetic compatibility
Consumable product and device for identifying the same
Optical battery temperature monitoring system and method
Machine setup by scanning a configuration sheet
Apparatus and method of selecting a plurality of print settings in a print setup operation
Printing control device and method thereof
Host device, image-forming device, and print system having automatic classification function, and pr...
System and method for electronic document generation and delivery
Fingerprint capture
Printer with vacuum platen having bimetallic valve sheet providing selectable active area
Capped electric lamp and low-pressure mercury-vapor discharge lamp
Link level network protection path calculation mechanism for use in optical networks
MRAM arrays and methods for writing and reading magnetic memory devices
Method, computer system, and relay device for data transfer among plural memories to reduce the numb...
Method and apparatus for characterizing inhalation noise and calculating parameters based on the cha...
Trigger actuator for aerosol cans
Optimistic reads in a multi-node environment
Optical fiber based surface sensing system that enables spectral multiplexing
Continuous blending for gas analyzer calibration
Rotary lead-through for the coolant inflow and outflow of a back-up and/or conveyor roller which is ...
Electrical machine with cooling system
Voice coil mounting structure
Rocker arm and method of manufacturing the rocker arm
Desktop database data administration tool with row level security
Powered newcard connector
Compliance testing communication protocols implemented on resource-constrained computing devices
Extracting comment keywords from distinct design files to produce documentation
System and method for multimedia authoring and playback
Interface and stub generation for code distribution and synthesis
Data storage device provided with function for user's access right
Polymer composite particle comprising metal oxide and silicone and/or fluorine and method of produci...
Coated multifilament dental devices overcoated with imbedded particulate
Method of making a golf ball with a multi-layer core
Silicone-acrylate impact modifiers and method for their preparation
Composition for dyeing a human keratin material, comprising at least one fluorescent dye and at leas...
Silver halide color photosensitive material and image forming method
Dither volume for cell location
Laser-diode-excited laser apparatus, fiber laser apparatus, and fiber laser amplifier in which laser...
Method and apparatus for outbound wave subtraction using a variable offset amplifier
System and method for controlling audio signals for playback
Audio circuitry for dynamics reduction
Electromagnetic feedback reduction in communication device
Loss-less architecture and method for wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) optical networks
Method and apparatus for performing transmit pre-emphasis
Apparatus and methods for eliminating DC offset in a wireless communication device
Occupant Counter Control Switch for automatic turning on and off electrical appliances in a room
Electric control unit
Audio playback device that reads data encoded as dots of infra-red ink
Optical disc drive having a function of preventing an optical disc from being pushed down by turbule...
Compositions of active Wnt protein
Cogeneration device
High T.sub.g coatings
Plastic objects including lenticular lens sheets
Photoinitiator blends for high speed triggering
Projectile with a sub-caliber penetrator core
Sabot for sub-calibre projectiles
System and method for reliably purging a fault server
Method of allowing point-in-time view of data on a disk using a map on cache disk
Method for managing volume groups considering storage tiers
Data processing system and method for maintaining secure data blocks
Method for creating an embedded database in a spreadsheet
User interface for integrated spreadsheets and word processing tables
Method and system for identifying relationships between text documents and structured variables pert...
System for dynamically constructing an executable computer program
Network distributed product manager system
Method for encoding an interface index in a SNMP format
Storage system having virtualized resource
Method and apparatus for overflowing data packets to a software-controlled memory when they do not f...
System and method for communicating reference information via a wireless terminal
N-source in-kernel cache for high performance in computer operating systems
Method and system for transferring files using file transfer protocol
Automotive body inspection light support system
Illumination unit and liquid crystal display comprising it
Lamp assembly of flashlight device
Structure improvement for christmas bulb socket
Vehicle lighting apparatus
Intraoral illumination device
Object detection method and system
Vehicle deceleration warning system
Electro-optical device and electronic apparatus including the same
Vehicular headlamp
Lamp body for vehicle lighting unit and lighting unit for vehicle
Vehicle light arrangement with coloring effect
Cap for vehicle headlamp aiming mechanism
LED warning signal light and moveable row of LED's
Package for the display module with the electromagnetic module
Light deflection element and light source apparatus using the same
Optical modulator and optical modulator array
Distribution cable having overmolded mid-span access location with preferential bending
Wide-band fiber-optic tunable filter
Optical collimator for monomode fibers; monomode fiber with integrated collimator and method for mak...
Method of manufacturing optical fiber preform using modified chemical vapor deposition including deh...
Holey optical fibres of non-silica based glass
Flame-retardant optical fiber coating composition
Manufacturing method for high temperature fiber optic accelerometer
Optical wave guide and method for producing the same
Cable exit trough with insert
Thermal gradient prism for active beam steering
High efficiency multi-spectral optical splitter
Optical communication system, optical communication unit, and optical transceiving package
Image recognition apparatus, image recognition method and image recognition program for specific pat...
Color image processing method and apparatus
System and method for progressively transforming and coding digital data
Method of segmentation of a digital image and a method of controlling an implement
Apparatus for and method of processing image and apparatus for and method of encoding image
System and method for automatically detecting and correcting red eye
Color image processing apparatus and color image processing method
Image processing system, image processing method, and medium having an image processing control prog...
Method and system for searching for words and phrases in active and stored ink word documents
System and method for performing pattern matching image compression
System and method for progressively transforming and coding digital data
System and method for demosaicing raw data images with compression considerations
Adaptive edge detection and enhancement for image processing
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and image processing program
Non-invasive measurement of blood glucose level
Stress evaluation apparatus
Method and apparatus for adjusting cardiac event detection threshold based on dynamic noise estimati...
Method and apparatus to modify cranial electrical potentials to remediate psychiatric disorders and ...
Neurostimulation to treat effects of sleep apnea
Conductor arrangement for multipolar medical electrical leads
Measuring device with comment input function
Drug preparation instruction system
Compositions and methods for modulating connexin hemichannels
Transmit request signaling between transceivers
Apparatus and method for manipulating transmission power in a wireless communication device
Microwave heatable tray for frozen food, package of frozen food, package of frozen sushi, and method...
Conical valve for cryogenic media
System and methods for detection and identification of chemical substances
Carrying case for a container
Method of providing extended shelf life fresh meat products
Apparatus for extruding food dough
Method of modeling sanitation levels in food processing equipment
Food or drink product with a disinfection property of Helicobacter pylori
Closed cartridge for preparing a beverage for extraction under pressure
Food composition
Sensing gaseous substances using metal complexes
Seasoning system and method
Protein sweetener
Method for preparation of a food sauce
Acidic drinks containing tofu puree
Method and apparatus for dividing portions
Optical cable with improved tracking resistance
Method and apparatus for mechanically reconstructing ligaments in a knee prosthesis
Gel coat composition for in mold finish process
Low .kappa. dielectric inorganic/organic hybrid films and method of making
Radiation-sensitive compositions and imageable materials
Use of sulfur containing initiators for anionic polymerization of monomers
Method for producing polymers using conjugated dienes and vinyl aromatic compounds, polymers produce...
Separation process for carpets
Silver halide emulsion, silver halide photosensitive material, and photothermographic material
Gelable liquid and method for selectively inhibiting the gelation of a gelable liquid
Methods and apparatus for assessing image quality
System and method for spatio-temporal guidepoint modeling
Window adaptable pet door
Reel unit for a dual bearing reel
Fishing hook retaining apparatus and method
Fish hook setting device
Fishing lure
Trolling release device
Electronic chum dispenser
Treble hook protector apparatus
Automatic animal feeding and water providing apparatus
Hay feeder
Modular aquatic display assembly
Removable bird cage cantina
Refining and casting apparatus
Phase contrast X-ray device for creating a phase contrast image of an object and method for creating...
PCI radiation image processing apparatus, PCI radiation image detecting apparatus, PCI radiation ima...
System for creating microscopic digital montage images
Color management system
Photonic crystal reflectors/filters and displacement sensing applications
Optical device and method for manufacturing the same, optical module, and optical transmission devic...
Method for efficient four-wave mixing generation and short pulse generation equipment using the meth...
Fabrication of microstructured fibres
Laser ray transmitting colored thermoplastic resin composition and method of laser welding
Silane crosslinkable polyethylene
Particulate material having multiple curable coatings and methods for making and using same
Liquid silicone rubber coating composition and airbag
Color filter array having a blue filter layer
Pattern-forming process using photosensitive resin composition
Aromatization catalyst and methods of making and using same
Catalyst component for ethylene polymerization, the preparation thereof and catalyst comprising the ...
Catalysts for selective hydrogenation of alkynes and alkadienes
Blending of rubber compounds, fillers and plasticizers
Starch/carboxylated polymer composites
Method for purifying N-methyl-2-pyrrolidone
Method for producing propylene oxide
Method for refining 2,6-naphthalene dicarboxylic acid
Production of dimethylolcarboxylic acid
Production method of alkylbenzaldehydes
Nitride semiconductor growth method, nitride semiconductor substrate, and nitride semiconductor devi...
Method for determining charging capacitance of capacitor
Smart label web and a method for its manufacture
Apparatus and method for using RFID to track use of a component within a device
MOS electronic article surveillance, RF and/or RF identification tag/device, and methods for making ...
Ultra wideband radio frequency identification techniques
System and method for importing location information and policies as part of a rich presence environ...
Printer and ribbon cartridge
Magazine-based data cartridge library
RFID receiver apparatus and method
System and method of making payments using an electronic device cover with embedded transponder
Portable device medical assistant
Method of determining performance of RFID devices
Biometric safeguard method with a fob
System and method of delivering DSL services
Apparatus for ring-back constriction
Systems and methods for reducing noise in ADSL transmissions
Power offloading for a subscriber line interface circuit
Modem with removable DSL cartridge
System and method facilitating acoustic echo cancellation convergence detection
Circuit system for wireless communications
Method and network for emergency call services
Method and apparatus for billing for usage-based group communication between wireless devices
System and method of analyzing communications between a calling party and a called party
User controlled transaction archiving
Messaging system
Method and system for providing a picture as caller identification
Remote control system
Speech communication service providing system
Simple supplementary service protocol for H.323 systems
Adaptive forward error correction for optimizing communications over packet networks
Dispenser for lip coloring and coating fluids
Dibenzoylmethane sunscreen compositions photostabilized with amphiphilic block copolymers
Cosmetic composition structured by a thermotropic liquid crystal polymer
Method for producing an electrode for a capacitor from foil
Surface-treated steel sheet for battery container, a battery container, and a battery using same
Uses of white corn hybrids
Method for cleaning and polishing metallic alloys and articles cleaned or polished thereby
Surfactant-enhanced protection of micromechanical components from galvanic degradation
Fuel cell with embedded current collector
Photothermographic material
Real-time component monitoring and replenishment system for multicomponent fluids
Method of transferring a thin crystalline semiconductor layer
Ionic liquids II
Lithium secondary battery and method for manufacturing thereof
Resin composition for a battery case for secondary battery
Medical line securement device
Conversion cradle incandescent lamp to LED lamp
Method for inhibiting the formation of seromas using factor XIII
Rate-adaptive pacemaker with compensation for long-term variations in average exertion level
Method and system for generation of medical reports from data in a hierarchically-organized database
Double-lumen catheter
Method for measuring a dose of irradiation with a beam of ionizing radiation capable of creating Che...
Robotic member
Cycloalkyl, lactam, lactone and related compounds, pharmaceutical compositions comprising same, and ...
Catheter with multi-spine mapping assembly
Head for electric shaver
Dynamic task assignment in workflows
High-frequency module and communication apparatus
Disposable medical gown
Tire tread
Epilator case and cap
Epilator case and cap
Razor unit handle
Cosmetic palette
Die cut hair bonding strip
Hockey glove
Pet litter pan housing
Litter bag
Cordless car polisher
Surface-treating appliance
Collection device with self sealing retention system
Outdoor park box
Garbage can
Debugging and performance profiling using control-dataflow graph representations with reconfigurable...
Connector piece, fluid line and hydraulic device
System for communicating product and service related information to a user based on direction of mov...
Apparatus and method for reading embedded indicia
System and method for application text localization
Fan module
Control system for mobile NOx SCR applications
Device for generating aqueous chlorine dioxide solutions
High activity and good hydrogen response Ziegler-Natta polyethylene catalyst
Device for chip forming machining
Molten glass fining apparatus
Golf exerciser
Ophthalmologic applanation prism replacement system
RF identification apparatus for pallet conveyances
Computer front bezel
Computer front bezel
Media device
Media device
Media device
Musical instrument digital interface server
Portion of a mask frame
Processor for endoscope
Extended wear hearing device main module
Steam room spa facility
Tablet crusher
Reagent carrier for use in an automated analyzer
Monitor, menu and text images for a screen
Icon for a portion of a display screen
Icon for a portion of a display screen
Icon for a portion of a display screen
Icon for a portion of a display screen
Hydraulic steering arrangement
Recombinant vesiculoviruses and their uses
Bovine immunodeficiency virus (BIV) based vectors
Method of preventing T cell-mediated responses by the use of the major histocompatibility complex cl...
Implantable substrate coated with a macromer having free radical polymerizable substituents
Method of performing reverse transcription reaction using reverse transcriptase encoded by non-LTR r...
Pyrazolopyridinyl pyrimidine therapeutic compounds
Therapeutic compounds based on pyrazolopyridline derivatives
Immunotoxins comprising ribosome-inactivating proteins
T cell costimulatory polypeptides containing alternative domains
Salt and crystalline form thereof of a corticotropin releasing factor receptor antagonist
Antenna arrangement for acquisition of a magnetic resonance signal
Method and apparatus to improve an MRI image using regularization
Gradient coil system for a magnetic resonance tomography device having a more effective cooling
Split type NMR Superconductive magnet device and NMR apparatus for solution analysis with a permanen...
Method for controlling static magnetic field and MRI apparatus
Press machine
Sheet transport drum for a machine processing printing-material sheets
Folding box gluing machine for production of folding boxes from blanks
Printing form and method for modifying its wetting properties
Devices and methods for the alignment or mounting of a covering applied to a cylinder in a printing ...
Rubber blanket plate for clamping onto a cylinder
Apparatus for positioning a roll in an inking or damping unit of a rotary press
Folding drums of a folding device
System and method for reducing nitrogen oxides in the exhaust of an internal combustion engine
Refrigeration system
Method of forming internal gear, and internal gear
Catalyst to reduce carbon monoxide and nitric oxide from the mainstream smoke of a cigarette
Stacked laminate CMC turbine vane
Interrupter assembly for a circuit breaker
Plasma display panel
Method of producing hybrid tubular metal/ceramic composites
Premix composition for clarifying beer
Rechargeable battery with nonaqueous electrolyte
Effective solution and process to wet-etch metal-alloy films in semiconductor processing
Glass and glass-ceramic materials, articles and method of preparing the same
Rapid-cure, one-component mixtures, which contain alkoxysilane-terminated polymers
Weatherable multilayer article assemblies and method for their preparation
Pigment preparations based on diketopyrrolopyrrole pigments for the undistorted pigmentation of part...
Method and apparatus for shifting a bicycle transmission by multiple steps
Bicycle control cable fixing device
Bicycle crank fixing structure
Pet transporter
Friction stir welding using a superabrasive tool
Commodity management system
Adjustable attachment device for attaching an object to a tubular member
Chain alignment structure of bicycle transmission
Continuously variable transmission
Exercise methods and apparatus
Medical gymnastic treadmill
Underwater exerciser apparatus
Narrow weight training bench for full shoulder movement and with injury preventing spine conforming ...
N-(3-(4-substituted-1-piperidinyl)-1-phenylpropyl) substituted sulfonamides as NK-3 receptor antagon...
Vehicle-trailer backing up system using active front steer
Complimentary activity sensor network for disease monitoring and therapy modulation in an implantabl...
Bicycle derailleur
Rear derailleur
Compositions of enriched central nervous system stem cell and progenitor cell populations
Phase-separated composition comprising two miscible solvents, and use thereof in a process for makin...
Grandiflora rose plant named `WEKosupalz`
Miniature rose plant named `Poulpar038`
Osteospermum plant named `Sunny Florence`
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Ingbwit`
Hosta plant named `Prairie Sky`
Schizachyrium plant named `MinnblueA`
Hosta plant named `Mourning Dove`
Sedum plant named `Picolette`
Begonia plant named `Taurus`
Shrub rose plant named `AUSneil`
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Odyargos`
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Ingbicsawi`
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Ingmage`
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Ingscartwo`
Sedum plant named `Jaws`
Floribunda rose plant named `Meifrichty`
Calibrachoa plant named `Balcabcher`
Persicaria plant named `Chocolate Dragon`
Multi-mechanistic accommodating intraocular lenses
Accommodative intraocular lens system
Organic electroluminescent device having solar cells
UV resistant naphthalate polyester articles
Fuel cell coolers with inverse flow and condensation zone
Integrated cell voltage monitoring module
Power supply system and operating method thereof
Fuel cell assembly
Fuel cell gas separator
Liquid fuel cell device
Method of making an electrode for a membrane electrode assembly and method of making the membrane el...
Use of sensors in a state observer for a diesel engine
Electrochemical cell system and method of operation
Methods of operating fuel cells having closed reactant supply systems
Cooled turbine integrated fuel cell hybrid power plant
Thermographic recording material with improved developability
Nicotinamide derivatives useful as PDE4 inhibitors
Non-volatile memory cell using high-k material inter-gate programming
Wired circuit board
Water-resistant telecommunication cable
Ionic conductor, process for production thereof, and electrochemical device
Thin film transistor with plural channels and corresponding plural overlapping electrodes
Structure of a coplanar gate-cathode of a triode CNT-FED and method of manufacturing same
Electro luminescence display device and fabricating method and apparatus thereof
High permeability layered magnetic films to reduce noise in high speed interconnection
Interactive wireless tag location and identification system
Reservoir management system and method
Image display apparatus
Semiconductor display device and method of driving the same
Drive control apparatus and drive control method for display panel
Method and apparatus for reducing printing artifacts of stitched images
Spatial light modulator, lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Loop control for distribution systems
Test device for signaling and waveform generation and monitoring
Crystalline semiconductor thin film, method of fabricating the same, semiconductor device, and metho...
Strained Si/SiGe/SOI islands and processes of making same
Composite system of scanning electron microscope and focused ion beam
Compound and method of treating neurogenic conditions using non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug com...
Use of botulinum toxin therapy for prostatic hyperplasia and related disorders
Kallikrein-inhibitor therapies
Tire tread
Cable arranging structure
Method and apparatus for developing a latent image using toner grains constituting a developer
Information processing apparatus with pointer indicator function
Multi-line selection driving method for a super-twisted nematic liquid crystal display having low-po...
Liquid crystal display device
Wavelength dependent optical attenuator and variable attenuation profile controller
Recording medium mounting apparatus
Optical transmission network with transmitter photonic integrated circuit (TxPIC) utilizing an optic...
System and method utilizing virtual switching for electrical panel metering
Information processing system enabling dynamically loading or replacing program component in memory ...
Apparatus and method for mask free delivery of an inspired gas mixture and gas sampling
System and method for verifying subscriber data records in a telephone system
Hydraulic controlled retractable tip filter retrieval catheter
Device for and method of driving luminescent display panel
Process for making silver based epoxidation catalysts and process for preparing an olefin oxide
Distributed database for analytical instruments
Apparatus for and methods of analyzing the spectral signature of a dynamic event
Quality and condition monitoring based on spectrum separating measurement
Semiconductor test management system and method
Thermal imaging for semiconductor process monitoring
Apparatus and method for managing prescription benefits
Method and system for generating and providing rich media presentations optimized for a device over ...
Performing recursive database operations
System and method for replication of one or more databases
Configuring a network parameter to a device
Method and apparatus to modify power requirements for a system