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Mobile communication system and access control method
Locating system and method
Locating system and method
Locating system and method
Architectural model of a radio base station
Method for synchronization in a mobile radio terminal
Mobile terminal having display unit separable from main unit and method thereof
Embedded bio-sensor system
Method for producing MR (magnetic resonance) images of a moving object using navigator signals
Daytime stellar imager
Systems, methods, and computer program products for enabling an advertiser to measure user viewing o...
Network equipment for supplying multimode mobile terminals with data necessary for automatically sel...
Radio resource management
Apparatus system and method for conducting a data storage library inventory
RF based display control system
Display calibration method for optimum angular performance
Image quality control in an imaging system
Dual mode filter based on smoothed contour resonators
Portable electronic devices, methods and computer program products using activity-triggered GPS upda...
Dynamic decorrelator for audio signals
Continuous time delta sigma ADC with dithering
Electrical double layer capacitor
Disk drive apparatus, and data processing method for use with disk drive apparatus
Solid electrolytic capacitor element, manufacturing method therefor, and solid electrolytic capacito...
Integrated toner cartridge with toner agitator and sensing device
Programmable fuse and antifuse and method therefor
Method and apparatus for enhancing signal quality within a wireless receiver
Optical recording medium, manufacturing method thereof, optical recording method, optical reproducti...
Field stimulation about a discontinuity of the myocardium to capture the heart at reduced pacing thr...
Space-time trellis code for orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM)
Operation-assisting system and operation-assisting computer program
Integrated circuit test apparatus
Method and system for document component importation and reconciliation
Far infrared tandem low energy optical power limiter device
Moulding system, in particular a calibration die
Process for producing dish-shaped moldings of thermoplastic material
Biodegradable polymeric compositions comprising starch and a thermoplastic polymer
Method for manufacturing sensor frame for image sensor
Ink-jet printhead with droplet ejecting portion provided in a hydrophobic layer
Ink jet recording head and method for manufacturing the same
Aqueous ink composition, manufacturing method therefor and image forming method using the same
Air intake apparatus
Occupant protection device
Method of manufacturing weather strip
Group III nitride compound semiconductor
Light emitting device
Golf data management system, data center, and method of managing golf data
Apparatus and method for inputting coordinate information to a computing device
Golf putter with lift angle
Golf putter
Golf cart foldable canopy
Wireless communication device with call screening
Method and system for handling multiple registration
Mobile user position locating system
System and method for developing and processing building system control solutions
Method, system and program for direct client file access in a data management system
Georaster physical data model for storing georeferenced raster data
Message reception device, message reception method, and program for receiving message is recorded
Method for load balancing of requests for service by devices on a network and a device and a network...
Cache storage system and method
Power failure detection and correction in a flash memory device
Memory image verification system and method
Methods and apparatus for storing and manipulating variable length and fixed length data elements as...
Executable file system for an embedded computer
Narrowband noise mitigation in location-determining signal processing
Methods and devices for providing links to experts
Handling packet-based data despite packet call collisions in mobile communications
Determining the geographical location from which an emergency call originates in a packet-based comm...
TTY communication over packet networks
System and method for selecting and transmitting images of interest to a user
Method and system for providing pulsed electrical stimulation to sacral plexus of a patient to provi...
System and method for an interactive shopping news and price information service
Maintenance information management system and method of providing a maintenance plan
System and method for performing a progressive second price auction technique
Method and apparatus for a conference call mediation service
System and method for communicating in a point-to-multipoint DSL network
Method and apparatus for DNS resolution
Method and apparatus for providing calculated and solution-oriented personalized summary-reports to ...
Digital camera and pixel compensation system
Diastereomeric dynamic kinetic resolution process for preparing (+)-(2s,3s)-2-(3-chlorophenyl)-3,5,5...
5-Substituted 2h-pyrazole-3-carboxylic acid derivatives as agonists for the acid receptor rup25 for ...
Use of compounds
Combinations of substituted 1,3-diphenylprop-2-EN-1-one derivatives with other therapeutically activ...
Salt of dimethylaminomethyl-phenyl-cyclohexane and crystalline forms thereof
Salt of dimethylaminomethyl-phenyl-cyclohexane and crystalline forms thereof
Novel aryloxyphenyl-propanamines
Method and apparatus for endoscopically performing gastric reduction surgery
Disposable Light Source Patch for Enhanced Visualization of Subcutaneous Structures
Adaptive patient training routine for biological interface system
Single pass gastric restriction with a corkscrew style wall anchor
Apparatus for single pass gastric restriction
Method and clamp for gastric reduction surgery
Fasteners for use with gastic restriction
Anti-buckling sleeve
Disease simulation system and method
Therapy for Alzheimer's disease
Novel methods for the preparation of dhea derivatives
Use of a compound of formula 1 for making a pharmaceutical composition
Pteridine derivatives useful for making pharmaceutical compositions
Treatment of inflammatory disorders of the epithelium with low dose 2,3-benzodiazepines
Cytokine Inhibitors
Pyrazolotriazines as kinase inhibitors
Therapeutic agents useful for treating pain
Compounds and methods of use
Systems and methods for replacing signal artifacts in a glucose sensor data stream
Dual electrode system for a continuous analyte sensor
Percutaneous electrode assemblies, systems, and methods for providing highly selective functional or...
Portable percutaneous assemblies, systems and methods for providing highly selective functional or t...
Organic anion transporting (oat)-like protein ust3-like1 and uses thereof
Human secreted proteins
Human secreted proteins
Soft nitrile medical gloves having improved glove relaxation properties
Acoustic absorption radiation sensing in SiC
Flexible probe for measuring moisture content in soil
Systems and methods for directory and file manipulation using a multifunction device
Method for multi-tasking multiple Java virtual machines in a secure environment
Method and apparatus for providing scalable resource discovery
Assembling pressure sensitive labels with RFID tags
Remote online information back-up system
Method for optimizing performance in wireless networks
High-performance absorbent structure
Plasma display panel
Beneficiated fiber and composite
Reed solomon encoder
White light source based on nonlinear-optical processes
Method of scanning channel of digital television
Lifestyle management system
Audiovisual information management system with identification prescriptions
Shift device and method for shifting
Nasal support device for domestic mammals and method
Method and apparatus for enhancing online searching
Universal-tagged oligonucleotide primers and methods of use
Method for designing of aproximate elliptical structure and the same
Method and apparatus of detecting pooling of fluid in disposable or non-disposable absorbent article...
Fast typing system and method
Training device for extinguishing fires, method and system of use thereof
Ezee boy equine therapeutic and instructional riding aid
Swimming exerciser
Wearable keyboard apparatus
Ageratum plant named `Sage85015`
Operational optimization after powering on a robotic data storage library
Sensoring absorbing article
Camera lens positioning device using shape memory alloy and camera using the positioning device
Multi-version hosting of application services
Representing latent data in an extensible markup language document
Couplers of 2,3,5-triaminopyridine and use of the same for dyeing keratin fibers
Turboscreen assembly for diesel exhaust systems
Software distribution via stages
Pre-treatment process for feed material for direct reduction process
Capacitor having a feedthrough assembly with a coupling member
Visualization of information with an established order
Tire board for transporting a vehicle
SLC19A2 amino acid transporter gene disruptions, and compositions and methods related thereto
Polyamide graft copolymers
Gonadotropin-releasing hormone receptor antagonists and methods relating thereto
Isolated human protein having esterase activity and DNA encoding the same
Mutant cells with altered sialic acid
Low-viscosity opacifiers without anionic surface-active agents
Methods of enhancing functioning of the large intestine
Stimulation of cell-mediated immune responses by targeted particulate genetic immunization
Low dose pharmaceutical composition having uniform drug distribution and potency
Drag-and drop dynamic distributed object model
Device and method for securing information associated with a subscriber in a communication apparatus
Oxazolyl-aryloxyacetic acid derivatives and their use as PPAR agonists
Drill set case
Non-vinyl flooring and method for making same
System and method for extending viewing angle of light emitted from light pipe
Handwriting data input device with multiple character sets
System and method for determining internal parameters of a data clustering program
Type font
Process for producing activated thrombin-activatable fibrinolysis inhibitor
Sunscreen composition with enhanced SPF and water resistant properties
Process for the production of low benzene gasoline
Zeolite sol and method for preparing the same, composition for forming porous film, porous film and ...
Manufacture of xylenes using reformate
Continuous process for the alkylation of hydrocarbons
Method and devices for producing naphthalene from coke produced from coke oven crude gas
Method for the preparation of hydrogenated hydrocarbons
Machine tool
Edible pet chew
Circuit constructions
TCL-1 protein and related methods
Modified corin molecules having substitute activation sequences and uses thereof
Nuclear targeting by means of bacterial proteins
Methods for treating and preventing damage to mucosal tissue
Fusion proteins based upon somatostatin receptors
Antimicrobial compounds and methods for their use
Bicyclic heterocycles as HIV integrase inhibitors
1H-pyrazole and 1H-pyrrole-azabicyclic compounds for the treatment of disease
Ghrelin variant protein
Imidazo-fused oxazolo[4,5-.beta.]pyridine and imidazo-fused thiazolo[4,5-.beta.]pyridine based tricy...
Bicyclic oxopyridine and oxopyrimidine derivatives
4-oxoquinoline compound and use thereof as pharmaceutical agent
Amine compounds and use thereof
Cyclic AMP-specific phosphodiesterase inhibitors
Aryl-containing 5-acylindolinones, the preparation thereof and their use as medicaments
Nuclear spin resonance clock arrangements
Generator for generating time-variable magnetic fields and magnetic resonance device
System and methods for testing operation of a radio frequency device
Nuclear magnetic resonance apparatus
Method and apparatus to generate a circular polarized RF field independent of subject asymmetry
Magnetically shielded container
T1-weighted multiecho magnetic resonance imaging
RF coil and MRI apparatus
Parallel MR imaging with use of multi-coil made of plural element coils
Crawler track tension adjusting device
Independent direct drive for paper processing machines
Method of producing traps in a print page
Device for feeding suction air or blowing air in a sheet-processing machine
Variable-circumference folder
Inflammation modulators
Calcium receptor modulating agents
Radar display unit for vehicle reversing
Gymnastics springboard with adjustable elasticity designed for training and competition
Portulaca plant named `Balriowite`
Efficient implementation of timers in a multithreaded processor
Shampoo comprising at least one silicone and at least one anionic or nonionic, amphiphilic linear bl...
Antimicrobial peptide and use thereof
Apparatus and method for improving vision utilizing a cornea-supported artificial intraocular lens
Methods for regeneration of a mammalian lens
Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
Combination insulator and organic semiconductor formed from self-assembling block co-polymers
Method for producing a fluid treatment device having a honeycomb member
Method and apparatus for electrorefining impure hydrogen
Compact chemical reactor and chemical reaction system
Hydrogen supplying apparatus for fuel cell
Fuel cell, method of manufacturing the same, and fuel cell stack including the same
Conducting polymer-grafted carbon material for fuel cell applications
Fuel cell system and vehicle with fuel cell system mounted thereon
Method of operating fuel cell and power supply system
Optical-interference type display panel and method for making the same
System and method for impedance matching an antenna to sub-bands in a communication band
Composite structure body and method for manufacturing thereof
Plasma detemplating and silanol capping of porous dielectric films
Moisture sensor device and self-diagnosing method therefor
Multi-junction waveguide circulator with elements having no discontinuities
Physical key to facilitate an inactive mode for a state-of-charge indicator within a battery
Display device and electronic equipment using the same
Exposure apparatus and method
High contrast grating light valve type device
Limited play optical devices with interstitial reactive layer and methods of making same
Optical wave guide and the method of propagating light using the same
System and method for controlling heating and ventilating systems
Exhaust gas recirculation apparatus
Method and system for electron density measurement
Process/viewer interface
Isolated polypeptides and compositions from the venom of P. transvaalicus and methods of use
Polynucleotides encoding metal ion affinity peptides and related products
Slide member
Process for the production of .gamma.-keto acetals
Integrated microwaveable heat storage device
Configuration and fabrication of semiconductor structure having n-channel channel-junction field-eff...
Spark plug
Precision low noise-delta-sigma ADC with AC feed forward and merged coarse and fine results
Display apparatus
Device and method for pointer system of digitizer tablet
Method and apparatus for analyzing the state of generation of foreign particles in semiconductor fab...
Optical lens adjusting device and adjusting method thereof
Magnetoresistive sensor with random crystal orientation underlayer and magnetic domain control film ...
Semiconductor memory device, display device, and portable electronic apparatus
Optical module and optical switch constituting the same
Access network for mobile telecommunications and method for developing radio coverage
Frame validation
Histidine phosphatase interacting protein with 120kD
Single pump fuel cell system
Pixel structure with optimized subpixel sizes for emissive displays
Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery
Polymerization catalyst composition
Optical control device and method
Two-by-two optical routing element using two-position MEMS mirrors
Symbology for encoding energy stream
Four-port optical filter fabricated from tapered optical fiber
MEMS-based actuator devices using electrets
Frequency agile telemetry system for implantable medical device
Managing data processing rates at a network adapter using a temperature sensor
Compile-time optimizations of queries with SQL spreadsheet
Method and apparatus for storage network management
Method and apparatus for extending communications over a universal serial bus through domain transfo...
Transmitting data reliably and efficiently
Method for time-evolving rectilinear contours representing photo masks
Alternating phase shift mask design conflict resolution
Reticle for a gunsight or other projectile weapon aiming device
Disk cartridge having identification element and disk drive apparatus which recognizes the identific...
Apparatus for measuring a fluid level and methods
System and method for anti-moire imaging in a one dimensional sensor array
Multiplex illuminator and device reader for microcantilever array
Reusable, high stiffness, magnetic shield for fiber optic gyroscopes
Bouncing mode operated scanning micro-mirror
Disk storage apparatus
Living organism conductive actuator
Electromagnetic transducer with asymmetric diaphragm
Method and apparatus for partitioning a volume
Determination of particle size by image analysis
System, probe and methods for colorimetric testing
Apparatus for fixing toner on transferred material
RF coil, RF signal transmitter receiver, RF signal receiver, and magnetic resonance imaging system f...
Patient-specific parameter selection for neurological event detection
Apparatus and method of forming image using rotary developer
Method and apparatus for dynamic measuring three-dimensional parameters of tire with laser vision
Retardation film and compound
Combination of optical elements
Self-luminescence image display unit
Liquid crystal display device with birefringence compensator and volume hologram
Chemical amplification type positive resist composition and a resin therefor
Curable composition and its use
Selection of sites for targeting by zinc finger proteins and methods of designing zinc finger protei...
Transformer and lamp driving system utilizing the same
Stripper rubber adapter
Electronic component
Power mosfet having conductor plug structured contacts
Method of controlling leachable mercury in lamps
Manufacturable connectorization process for optical chip-to-chip interconnects
Process for cleaning and image forming apparatus therefor
Method for forming an aligned optical sub-assembly
Optical tube assembly having a dry insert and methods of making the same
Optical fiber, optical fiber filter, and optical amplifier
Solid type polarization maintaining fiber and apparatus
Optical waveguide material and optical waveguide
Surface plasmon devices
Functional multilayer film and method for manufacturing the same
Image forming process and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus using electrophotography and process cartridge
Image forming apparatus and copier
Implantable pulse generators using rechargeable zero-volt technology lithium-ion batteries
Collapsible/expandable electrode leads
Methods and apparatus for material control system interface
Biased charge roller with embedded electrodes with post-nip breakdown to enable improved charge unif...
Opacity based interference texture
Image processing apparatus and method
Exposure apparatus and method
Image reproduction apparatus
Data communication apparatus and method
Temperature adjustment apparatus, exposure apparatus having the temperature adjustment apparatus, an...
Signal processing apparatus
Information signal processing apparatus and method
Print managing apparatus and print managing method
Main frame construction for an image forming apparatus
Multifunctional apparatus having facsimile and copying functions wherein both functions share the sa...
Zoom lens and imaging apparatus having the same
Image heating apparatus
Peripheral apparatus, server, information processing system, and control method
Image forming apparatus
Peripheral driver forward compatibility
Remote control system, remote control apparatus, remote control method, program for implementing the...
Device and method for transmission in a switch
Video feature tracking with loss-of-track detection
Surface acoustic wave device and method of producing the same
Flywheel assembly for internal combustion engine
Azabicyclo compound matrix metalloprotease inhibitor and skin preparation
Pressure sensor
Semiconductor system-in-package
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device with a multi-level interconnect structure and method for making the same
Semiconductor module
Structures and methods for wire bonding over active, brittle and low K dielectric areas of an IC chi...
Damascene patterning of barrier layer metal for C4 solder bumps
High emission low voltage electron emitter
LED device and portable telephone, digital camera and LCD apparatus using the same
Inductor element containing circuit board and power amplifier module
High density inductor and method for producing same
Optical element, thin film structure, optical switch, and method of manufacturing optical element
Magnetic recording and reading device
Reproducing system and corresponding information recording medium having wobbled land portions
Measurement of frictional resistance of photoconductor against belt in image forming apparatus, proc...
Method and structure for federated web service discovery search over multiple registries with result...
Framework system
Scaleable message system
Address management in PNNI hierarchical networks
Managing access, by operating system images of a computing environment, of input/output resources of...
System and method for low-overhead monitoring of transmit queue empty status
Linking addressable shadow port and protocol for serial bus networks
General input/output architecture, protocol and related methods to provide isochronous channels
Top/bottom symmetrical protection scheme for flash
Microprocessor with improved data stream prefetching
Method and system for synchronizing processor and DMA using ownership flags
Semiconductor memory asynchronous pipeline
Method for allowing a clustered computer systems manager to use disparate hardware on each of the se...
Device for and method of examining the signal performance of semiconductor circuits
Method for performing timing closure on VLSI chips in a distributed environment
Application programming interface for communication between audio/video file system and audio video ...
Method and mechanism for implementing an access interface infrastructure
Cardiac rhythm management system for edema
System for permanent electrode placement utilizing microelectrode recording methods
Transgenic Lemnaceae
Three-dimensional paint projection weighting of diffuse and scattered illumination methods and appar...
Automated detection of objects in a biological sample
Calcium phosphate cements and methods for using the same
Incorporating graphics and interactive triggers in a video stream
Cross platform network authentication and authorization model
System and method for ensuring proper implementation of computer security policies
Additional layer in operating system to protect system from hacking
Vulnerability assessment and authentication of a computer by a local scanner
Method for preventing unauthorized access to information equipment
Method and apparatus for securing transfer of and access to digital content
Housing for electronic device
Housing for electronic device
Home video phone
Blu-ray disk player
DVD recorder
Gaming system dome cap for a shared symbol display
Vital signs monitor
Vital signs monitor
Gaura plant named `Gaudwwhi`
Koelreuteria plant named `CORAL SUN`
Bicycle front fork assembly
Golf club grip
Storage area network methods and apparatus with hierarchical file system extension policy
Acyclic enol ethers, isomers thereof, organoleptic uses thereof and processes for preparing same
Easy ejector seat with skeletal crash safety beam
Vehicle theft prevention system and method thereof
Article management system and method
Satellite positioning system enabled media measurement system and method
Method of voice access for vehicle services
Programming model for subscription services
Compositions and methods of using galectin-8 as an inhibitor of tumor cell growth
Early stage wound healing using electromagnetic radiation
Method and apparatus for determining and representing continuous resource loading profiles and overl...
Driving control device for vehicle
Methods and arrangements for capturing runtime information
Efficiency metric system for a quick-service restaurant
Integrated system for ordering, fulfillment, and delivery of consumer products using a data network
Method and system for automatically configuring a client-server network
Method for changing fibre channel speed of a drive loop with ESM-controlled drive boxes using redund...
Direct access mode for a cache
Information processing apparatus and method, recording medium, and program
Method and system for ensuring data consistency after a failover event in a redundant data storage s...
Reception data synchronizing apparatus and method, and recording medium with recorded reception data...
Method and apparatus for turbo coding and decoding in read and write channel of disk drive
System and method for generating structured documents in a non-linear manner
Methods, algorithms, software, architectures and system for placing clocked components and routing t...
Abrasive article with holes
Portion of a fabric conditioning article
Systems and methods for handling aircraft information received from an off-board source
Speculative load of look up table entries based upon coarse index calculation in parallel with fine ...
Fault tolerant computer and transaction synchronization control method
Digital processing architecture using compiled dataflow definition
Debugging step-back button
Apparatus for supporting a stringed musical instrument
Gas turbine engine with seal assembly
Rotational speed control system, rotatingly driving system, air blow system, clean bench, outdoor un...
Vehicular air-conditioner
Efficient food slicer
Mounting clip for thrust bearing
Submerged electric fluid pump
Hydraulic multiphase pump
Pressure enhancer value system
Effervescent gas bleeder apparatus
Integrally molded sound housing for blower motor
Serial ventilation device
Compressor assembly with reciprocating piston and vented cylinder
Device for treating working fluid for electric discharge machining
Adjustable flat-type cooling device
High voltage pulse driver with capacitive coupling
Compact objective optical system and examination apparatus
Measuring specular reflectance of a sample
BRDF analyzer
Fiber-based optical low coherence tomography
Redeye reduction of digital images
Method and apparatus for processing digital pixel output signals
Apparatus, method, and program for personal identification
Covert tracer round
Missile steering using laser scattering by atmosphere
Deployment and drive device for projectile control surfaces
Mechanism for eliminating limit cycle oscillations on servocontrolled aerodynamic control surfaces
Wing driving apparatus
Hydraulic damper for shimmy of aircraft landing gear
Methods and apparatuses for capturing unmanned aircraft and constraining motion of the captured airc...
Method and apparatus for detecting conditions conducive to ice formation
Wing positioner for installing and removing an aircraft wing
Memory cell, memory cell arrangement and method for the production of a memory cell
Semiconductor device, method for producing the same, and information processing apparatus
CMOS gates formed by integrating metals having different work functions and having a high-k gate die...
Thin film transistor array gate electrode for liquid crystal display device
Semiconductor device having metal silicide layer on source/drain region and gate electrode and metho...
High voltage MOSFET having doped buried layer
Method of eliminating curl for devices on thin flexible substrates, and devices made thereby
Apparatus and methods for maskless pattern generation
Fuse structure for a semiconductor device
Methods for producing a semiconductor entity
Flip chip package with reduced thermal stress
Single chip and stack-type chip semiconductor package and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device, method for manufacturing the same, circuit board, and electronic equipment
Electronically grounded heat spreader
Semiconductor device and its manufacturing method, electronic module, and electronic unit
Semiconductor wafer, semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same, circuit board, and e...
Method for processing a thin film substrate
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing same
Semiconductor device having a nonvolatile memory array and an authentication circuit arranged in a v...
Silicon-insulator-silicon thin-film structures for optical modulators and methods of manufacture
Vehicle with electric motor mounted thereon
Light fixture with reflective polymeric composition and pigment package
System for spatially adjustable excitation of leadless miniature marker
Air-hybrid and utility engine
Method of producing stainless steel by re-using waste material of stainless steel producing process
Heating method for a band-shaped body and heating apparatus for a band-shaped body
Portable equipment for measuring and/or monitoring the heart rate
Semiconductor memory device operating at high speed and low power consumption
Semiconductor production system
Generating and merging lookup results to apply multiple features
Treatment liquid supply system
Method and apparatus for recycling wash chemicals
Apparatus and a method for controlling the alkalinity and pH of an industrial process
Water dispensing apparatus with water recirculation line
Fluid filter assembly
Multi-stage centrifugal debris trap
Micro-organism inactivation system
Block copolymer processing for mesostructured inorganic oxide materials
Feedback control of ultrafiltration to prevent hypotension
Membrane supported biofilm process for autotrophic reduction
Method and device for purifying wastewaters
Method for treating for-treatment water containing organic matter and nitrogen compound
Apparatus and method for performing tertiary treatment of sewage based on porous filtering media
Preparation of a metal chelating separation medium
Method and device for clarification of liquids, particularly water, loaded with material in suspensi...
Method of filtering debris from refrigerant
Method of connecting terminal and electric wire
Asynchronous coordinated commit replication and dual write with replication transmission and locking...
Identification and applications of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus host suscepti...
Salinosporamides and methods for use thereof
Salinosporamides and methods for use thereof
Derivatives of gambogic acid and analogs as activators of caspases and inducers of apoptosis
Epothilone derivatives and methods for making and using the same
Water-soluble etoposide analogs and methods of use thereof
Tricyclic-bis-enone derivatives and methods of use thereof
Nitrostated and nitrosylated prostaglandins, compositions and methods of use
Methods and compositions for treatment of Ataxia-telangeictasia
Pentanoic acid derivatives
CaR receptor as a mediator of migratory cell chemotaxis and/or chemokinesis
Use of 2-nitropropanol, 2-nitroethane, and 2-nitroethanol for control of microbial pathogens
Biocompatible crosslinked composition
Anthrax and small pox replikins and methods of use
Modified transferrin fusion proteins
Antigen fragments for the diagnosis of Toxoplasma gondii
Human coagulation factor VII variants
Modulation of oligonucleotide CpG-mediated immune stimulation by positional modification of nucleosi...
Split shroud exhaust nozzle
Test probe with thermally activated grip and release
Method and an arrangement for reducing the weight and optimizing the longitudinal strength of a wate...
Boat propulsion system
Hydrofoil unit for attaching to the stern of the hull of a boat
Locking water ski and boating equipment storage rack
Connector for articulated hydrocarbon fluid transfer arm
Capstan winch
Control apparatus for a hull with a four-cycle engine installed thereon
Synthetic covering systems for safety areas of airports
Seal arrangement for reducing the seal gaps within a rotary flow machine
Loop structures for positioning a diagnostic or therapeutic element on the epicardium or other organ...
Process for producing a lightweight molded part and molded part made of metal foam
Foam and method of manufacturing the same
Shaped absorbent pads and associated method for making
Solid electrolytic capacitor and method for producing the same
Method for producing a porous titanium material article
Enhanced submucosal tissue graft constructs
Implant and process for producing it
Anti-depression pharmaceutical composition containing Polygala extract
Emulsion and coating liquid and recording medium using the same
Triphasic bioreactor and process for gas effluent treatment
Cleansing processing agent, cleansing method employing the agent and a molded structural member
2,4-diamino pyrimidine compounds having anti-cell proliferative activity
Photoactivatable silane compounds and methods for their synthesis and use
Process for the synthesis of unsaturated alcohols
Electromagnetic susceptors for artificial dielectric systems and devices
Implantable medical device having flat electrolytic capacitor with porous gas vent within electrolyt...
Pacing method and apparatus
Surface electrode for electrical stimulation of tissue
Water and aqueous base soluble antireflective coating/hardmask materials
Taxol immunoassay
High throughput method and system for screening candidate compounds for activity against target ion ...
Electroactive microspheres and methods
Microelectronic packages and methods therefor
Internally tufted laminates
Anode structure
Catalyst and sorbent material for the production of hydrogen
Smear resistant inkjet inks
Method for producing aqueous polymer dispersions containing colorants
Functionalized porous poly(aryl ether ketone) materials and their use
Osteogenic proteins
System for computer-based, calendar-controlled message creation and delivery
System and method for secret communication
Techniques for sharing content information with members of a virtual user group in a network environ...
Remote data acquisition system and method
Refrigeration plant for parts of installation, which are to be chilled
Computer cooling apparatus
Air conditioner
Flexible bearing damping system, energy storage system using such a system, and a method related the...
Heat exchanger
Heatable calender roll
Heat transfer system for a satellite including an evaporator
Radiator module structure
Heat dissipation device
Stacking-type, multi-flow, heat exchanger
Heat exchanger
Heat sink
Base material having thereon polyaniline-containing film surface, and process for forming film surfa...
Heat dissipating fan assembly with an AC-to-DC converter
Cooling devices and systems
Collective and restrictive inhalant and radiating device for appliances
Vehicle drive module having improved cooling configuration
Method of making a molecule-surface interface
Electromechanical three-trace junction devices
Shoe with interchangeable strap system
Shoe sole structures
Sole for a boot, and a boot having such sole
Horse boot sleeve for pastern protection
Method for forming a transportable container for bulk goods
Wheeled skate with step-in binding and brakes
Portion of a shoe outsole
Pair of footwear insoles
Portion of a shoe upper
Installation kit for after-market autosound head unit with HVAC control emulation
Different register data indicators for each of a plurality of central processing units
Automatic coupling of locomotive to railcars
Content template system
Map display for a navigation system
Systems and methods for storing configuration data in process control systems
Method for predicting performance of a future product
Method and apparatus for automated circuit design
Implementing a model on programmable hardware
Method and apparatus for resolving memory allocation trace data in a computer system
System and method for selecting and purchasing stocks via a global computer network
Device for receiving satellite broadcast and a receiving method therefor
Gaming system combined light candle and indicator for a shared symbol display
Spraying system for cleaning wiper or cleaning mop
High-efficiency saturating operator
Method and system for content driven electronic messaging
Method and system for efficiently processing multiframe data in a client/server computing environmen...
Ingress processing optimization via traffic classification and grouping
Checkpoint and consistency markers
Tangential stress reduction system in a loudspeaker suspension
Muffler for internal combustion engine
Muffler with secondary flow path
Heat-peelable adhesive sheet
Modulators of .beta.-amyloid peptide aggregation comprising D-amino acids
Contrast-enhanced diagnostic imaging method for monitoring interventional therapies
Methods of modulating hair growth
Methods of modulating fibrosis
Monoclonal antibodies against ricin toxin and methods of making and using thereof
Formulation for topical non-invasive application in vivo
Pharmaceutical preparation comprising an active dispersed on a matrix
Palatable oral suspension and method
Permanent, removable tissue markings
Type 2 cytokine receptor and nucleic acids encoding same
Short peptide carrier system for cellular delivery of agent
Quinoxalinyl macrocyclic hepatitis C serine protease inhibitors
Crystal modification II of 2-[2-(1-chloro-cyclopropyl)-3-(2-chlorophenyl)-2-hydroxy-propyl]-2,4-dihy...
Pyrazole biphenylcarboxamides
N,N'-substituted-1,3-diamino-2-hydroxypropane derivatives
Interpenetrating polymer network
Transgenic animals expressing light-emitting fusion proteins and diagnostic and therapeutic methods ...
Method for the production of alkyl lithium compounds by using reduced pressure
Rf surface coil for use in mri with reduce sensitivity close to the conductors
Magnetic resonance imaging scanner with molded fixed shims
Probe head for nuclear magnetic resonance measurements
Method, computer program, and system for intrinsic timescale decomposition, filtering, and automated...
Devices, softwares and methods for selectively limiting the duration of an individual Modem-On-Hold ...
Systems and methods for providing calling plan information
Local control of call features in a telephone system
System for implementing telephone services, control unit for an automatic switch and telephone and c...
Head position based telephone conference system and associated method
Call forwarding based on determination of status of destination
Telephone number searching system supporting automatic telephone connection and method therefor
Channel control and post filter for acoustic echo cancellation
Telephone handset with user-adjustable amplitude, default amplitude and automatic post-call amplitud...
Power efficient ADSL central office downstream class G power switch
Methods and apparatuses for detecting and reducing non-linear echo in a multi-carrier communication ...
Carrier with built-in amplification for personal audio device
Localized cellular awareness and tracking of emergencies
Method and apparatus for providing images for caller identification over a mobile network
Method of instantly receiving and playing back audio data from wireless network by wireless terminal
Access monitoring via piconet connection to telephone
Mobile communication terminal provided with handsfree function and controlling method thereof
Trans-compression selection and configuration in modem over packet networks
Optimizing exit latency from an active power management state
High availability virtual switch
Externally developed airbag device
End of travel feature for steer by wire vehicle
Power steering system
Electric power steering apparatus
Hydraulic fluid feeder
Booster axle pivot mount
Wheel bracket mechanism for an electric wheelchair equipped with auxiliary wheels
Cab arrangement for harvesting combine
Energy absorbing propeller shaft system
Torque vectoring axle assembly
EMI protection and fuel cell systems employing the same
Capacitive load cell with multi-layer dielectric for extended range
Starter drive device
Device for identifying authorization and triggering, enabling an action, preferably an electronic lo...
Meter for vehicle
Control device for fuel cell vehicle
Car-mounted device control system
Elastic support assembly for electric power steering apparatus
Steering control apparatus
Occupant-classifying system
System for influencing the speed of a motor vehicle
Modulation of STAT5 expression
RNA interference mediated inhibition of vascular endothelial growth factor and vascular endothelial ...
Production method for purine nucleotide derivative disodium crystals and alcohol removing method
Kinase inhibitor scaffolds and methods for their preparation
Vegetative growth specific promoter and transgenic plant obtained with the same
Cocoa polypeptides and their use in the production of cocoa and chocolate flavor
Production of polyhydroxyalkanoate in plants
Potatoes having an increased yield of starch per plant body and method for producing the same
Genes encoding sulfate assimilation proteins
Genes encoding sulfate assimilation proteins
Plastid rRNA operon promoter elements for construction of chimeric promoters for transgene expressio...
Soybean variety XB19U04
Soybean cultivar 90362421
Soybean cultivar 90897327
Soybean cultivar 90046112
Soybean variety XB14N06
Inbred corn line BE9514
Inbred maize line PH5HK
Inbred maize line PH6WG
Inbred corn line PH77N
Plants and seed of corn variety I059908
Method and system for facilitating financial transactions between consumers over the internet
Computer-implemented method and system for managing accounting and billing of transactions over publ...
Method and apparatus for conducting electronic commerce transactions using electronic tokens
Reliance manager for electronic transaction system
Method and system for processing images for a check sorter
Digital contents distribution system, digital contents distribution method, roaming server, informat...
Rights expression system
Apparatus and method for activation of a security module in a set-top retail environment
Copy detection for digitally-formatted works
Technique for account authentication
Authorization token accompanying request and including constraint tied to request
Method and system for conducting secure payments over a computer network without a pseudo or proxy a...
Method for validating an electronic payment by a credit/debit card
Method and apparatus for determining a portion of total costs of an entity
Apparatus and method for creating distribution content
Content delivery system, content delivery method, and content reproducing device
Automated input determination
Access system utilizing multiple factor identification and authentication
System and method for securely copying a cryptographic key
Method and system for using a communications network to archive and retrieve bibliography informatio...
System and method for implementing a retransmission bridge
Radio communication apparatus and radio communication method, radio communication system, recording ...
Constant gain digital predistortion controller for linearization of non-linear amplifiers
Personal spectrum recorder
Chopper-direct-conversion (CDC) radio architecture
Dual gate FinFET radio frequency switch and mixer
Method and arrangement for exchanging capability information in a cellular radio system
Method and radio communication system for transmitting useful information as a service for several u...
Radio terminal, radio terminal controlling apparatus and location registration auxiliary apparatus
Dual site supervision for a control channel cellular radio used in a fire alarm reporting system
Spectrum sharing between wireless systems
Apparatus and method for delivering paging messages
Radio communication system
Multimode wireless communication device
Bluetooth interface between cellular and wired telephone networks
Medical telemetry system
Multiple selectable field/current-voltage pads having individually powered and controlled cells
Vehicle management system
Method and device for monitoring a physical variable on a wheel of a vehicle
Aircraft data communications services for users
Ergonomic rings for drum sticks, method of installation, and method of use
Key structure and keyboard apparatus
Algorithmic combo-instrument slide ruler for musical reference
Interactive performance interface for electronic sound device
Music synthesizer and a method of generating a synthesizer output with a constant beat
CPR mask with compression timing metronome and methods
Adjustable musician's equipment stand
Pen instrument with controllable whistle
Quick release nut assembly for percussion instrument
Rare earth element permanent magnet material
Extruded aluminum alloy which excels in machinability, caulking properties, and wear resistance
Method for preparing Cr-Ti-V type hydrogen occlusion alloy
Sn-Zn lead-free solder alloy, and solder junction portion
Tin-zinc lead-free solder, its mixture, and solder-joined part
Aluminum composite material, manufacturing method therefor, and basket and cask using the same
Fishing lure with bait cavity
Casino game
Method of playing a twenty-one game using unknown shared cards ("Suspense 21")
Method for playing Blackjack with a three card poker wager ("21+3")
Gaming method, device, and system including trivia-based bonus game
Gaming machine with chain reaction selection feature
Gaming device having skill/perceived skill bonus round
Gaming apparatus and method for displaying potential results in games of chance
Multiple credit meter
Method and apparatus for RF transmitter layout in a gaming hall
Server device for net game, net game management method, net game management program and recording me...
Computer games apparatus
Apparatus for folding and applying onserts onto consumer goods
Anti-counterfeiting marker for affixing variable entries on a support to be marked, method and resul...
Interface for media publishing
Simulator and method for performing underwater submarine escape training
Method for repairing pipes
Device, system, and method for remediation of contaminated soil
Cable pulling machine
Method and test setup for determining the bearing behaviour of displacement piles
Grooved sheet pile and method for production thereof
Methods and systems for groundwater remediation
Controller for underground mining
Interactive digital music recorder and player
Graphical rewriting system for multimedia descriptions
Ensuring quality of service (QOS) for a multi-media calls through call associated individual media s...
Method and apparatus for efficient transmission of multimedia data packets
Voice-activated interactive multimedia information processing system
Event driven multi-media communication management system
Multi-media communication management system with multicast messaging capabilities
Method for sending multi-media messages using customizable background images
System and method for managing multimedia messaging platforms
Keystone correction derived from the parameters of projectors
Augmented reality guided instrument positioning with modulated guiding graphics
System, method and article of manufacture for an incremental explanatory object in a learning applic...
System and methods for generating spherical mosaic images
Camera system and display device
Information processing apparatus
Information providing apparatus
Method and apparatus for creating a connection speed detecting movie and rich media player customiza...
P-type GaAs single crystal and its production method
Recovering purified water and potassium chloride from spent basic hydrogen peroxide
Extraction of metals with diquaternary ammonium salts
Regeneration of cupric etchants and recovery of copper sulfate
Natural gas deacidizing and dehydration method
Reactor and process for reducing emissions of CO and NO.sub.x
Method for catalytic reduction of nitrogen oxides
Purification method for producing high purity niobium compound and/or tantalum compound
Manufacture of high-strength, low-salt sodium hypochlorite bleach
Method of producing titania solution
Compositions and methods for hydrogen storage and recovery
Process of producing fuel gas for fuel cell
Cold antireflection layer deposition process
Process for converting heavy crude oils and petroleum coke to syngas using external source of radiat...
System and method for the secure enrollment of devices with a clearinghouse server for internet tele...
Cranial remodeling device database
Vehicle control system having an adaptive controller
Method for modelling hydrodynamic characteristics of multiphase flows using neuronal networks
Natural language interface using constrained intermediate dictionary of results
Method and apparatus for dynamic, real-time market segmentation
Method and apparatus for extracting knowledge from software code or other structured data
Methods and devices for selecting internet servers
Portable shooting target
Automatic score dartboard assembly
Top with a lighting device
Angel wings assembly
Apparatus operable for transformation between a purse and a toy
Combination toy building block and container for holding liquids and the like
Method for creating controlled pressure release in a pneumatic device
Yo-yo having a concave bearing surface for performing string layering maneuvers
Children's car driven by swiveling operations of a steering wheel
Combination wagering game
Dice based turnover game
Passive biometric customer identification and tracking system
Challenge course
Portable playground swing seat
Golf club head
Exercising device having multiple functions
Stepped sound producing module
Satellite entertainment receiver system
Aircraft in-flight entertainment system including digital radio service and associated methods
Variable specification functional blocks integrated circuit system suitable for detecting resistor i...
Tax refund system
Wireless blade monitoring system and process
Wireless security badge
Use of a storage capacitor to enhance the performance of an active matrix driven electronic display
Distance-measuring device
System and methods for filtering electromagnetic visual, and minimizing acoustic transmissions
Sunspotter solar telescope
Display device with electrooptical focussing
Outdoor-installed power conditioner device
Two-way DC-DC converter
Low power, high voltage power supply with fast rise/fall time
Power converting apparatus and power generating apparatus
Timer with selectable alert modes
Electronic file protection using location
On-axis laser receiver wavelength demultiplexer with integral immersion lensed detectors
Wireless network for routing a signal without using a tower
Telemetry system for use with microstimulator
System and methods for maintaining power usage within a set allocation
Vehicular air-conditioner and method of controlling the same
Wireless intelligent real estate electronic lock box
Solar garden light
Method and apparatus for rendering color image on delta-structured displays
Portable electronic device and portable cellular phone
Automated portrait studio
Forming carbon nanotubes at lower temperatures suitable for an electron-emitting device
Method for making nano-scale grain metal powders having excellent high-frequency characteristic and ...
Structure having nano-fibers on annular curved surface, method of making same and method of using sa...
Nanocarpets for trapping particulates, bacteria and spores
Self-aligning QCA based nanomaterials
Hydrophilic magnetic metal oxide nanoparticles and preparing method thereof
Resist material and nanofabrication method
Fabrication of nanoelectronic circuits
MEMS differential actuated nano probe and method for fabrication
Nanotube-based vacuum devices
Oligopeptide treatment of NF-.kappa.B mediated inflammation
Methods and reagents for differential proteomic analysis
Human G-protein Chemokine Receptor (CCR5) HDGNR10
Inhibitors of proteasomal activity for stimulating hair growth
RICK3 nucleic acids and proteins
Treatment for inflammatory bowel disease with a fibronectin polypeptide
Compounds as anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory and anti-proliferatory agents
Angiotensin-(1-7) eluting polymer-coated medical device to reduce restenosis and improve endothelial...
Cyclic peptide compositions and methods for treatment of sexual dysfunction
Phospholipase A.sub.2-inhibitory peptide with anti-arthritic and neuroprotective activities
Electroencephalography based systems and methods for selecting therapies and predicting outcomes
Tire air pressure warning system and method for warning against tire air pressure
Seatbelt reminder system
Vehicular rear and side warning device
Electronic intelligent turn signal control system
On-vehicle DSRC apparatus
Vehicle active network with communication path redundancy
Suspension of a vehicle and method for controlling the same
Method and system for regulating the torque-transmission capacity of a frictionally engaged, torque ...
Method for improving the regulatory behavior of motor vehicle regulatory systems
Safe driving assisting apparatus, safe driving assisting server, and safe driving assisting system
Intelligent driver module for controlling operation of a fuel pump
Receiving traffic update information and reroute information in a mobile vehicle
Dialog processing method and apparatus for uninhabited air vehicles
System and method for product yield prediction
Location-based vehicle messaging system
Notebook computer keyboard system
Method to estimate variable valve performance degradation
Rocker arm for valve actuation in internal combustion engines
Variable valve system with control shaft actuating mechanism
Internal-combustion engine having an electronically controlled hydraulic device for variably actuati...
Control apparatus for an internal combustion engine
Animation distributing method, server and system
Method and apparatus for embedding and reproducing watermark into and from contents data
Methods and structure for improved fault tolerance during initialization of a RAID logical unit
Generating one or more XML documents from a relational database using XPath data model
Selective path signatures for query processing over a hierarchical tagged data structure
Electronic humidity chamber for vapor desorption to determine high capillary pressures
Temperature compensated strain measurement
Magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) actuator sensor
Multi-layer film cut filter and production method therefor, UV cut filter, dustproof glass, display ...
Process for producing 1-acetoxy-3-(substituted phenyl)propene compound
Lead-free solder powder material, lead-free solder paste and a method for preparing same
Biodegradable resin composition for molding and object molded or formed from the same
Salt sensitive aqueous emulsions
Flat panel display device with power supply layer
Light pipe based projection engine
Conductive roller
In-mold foam molding apparatus and method, and in-mold foam molded articles
Radiation flood source and method for producing the same
Near-net-shape polymerization process and materials suitable for use therewith
Electrostatic printers using micro electro-mechanical switching elements
Structural members fabricated from waste materials and method of making the same
Method and system for indirectly establishing a call
System and method for reverse link overload control
Apparatus for preparing pure carbon dioxide (CO.sub.2) from a gaseous carbon dioxide containing prod...
Sanitizing device and associated method
Catalytic hydrogenation over rhenium-containing catalysts supported on activated carbon
Organoleptic compounds and their use in perfume compositions
Fragrance material
Distance-based accelerated scrolling
System for event correlation in cellular networks
Internal die filters with multiple passageways which are fluidically in parallel
Systems and methods for vent path leakage prevention
Multifunction machine, server, multifunction machine/server system and program recording medium
Intercolor bleed reduction in liquid ink printers
Systems and methods for using structured representations to index recordings of activity
Image forming device having replacement units mounted thereto
Heterogeneous low energy gel ink composition
Dry sump type lubrication device for a motorcycle
Surface-coated member
Axial gap type dynamo-electric machine
Image forming device
Display system and display controller
Method and apparatus for validating security information by scattering the ID bits to plurality of l...
Modulation switching for DSL signal transmission
Storage stable powder compositions of interleukin-4 receptor
Enzyme immobilization for electroosmotic flow
Light sensitive composition, planographic printing plate material, and image formation method
Integrated portable biological detection system