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Angelonia plant named `Balangpikim`
Angelonia plant named `Balangdarla`
Geranium plant named `Tikvio`
Method for predictive determination of financial investment performance
Method for protecting a security module and arrangement for the implementation of the method
Computerized method, apparatus and system for issuing surety bonds
Multi-layer surveying systems and methods with multi-layer incentives
Method and system for internet based financial auto credit application
Optimized a priori techniques
Computer-based funds transfer system
Correction of address information
Electronic payment schemes in a mobile environment for short-range transactions
Method for the assured and enduring archival of intellectual property
Method and system for correlating job accounting information with software license information
Method and apparatus for setting communication parameter in information terminal
Billing method using SSL/TLS
Method and apparatus for wirelessly networked distributed resource usage for data gathering
System for viewing content over a network and method therefor
Data authentication
Method and system to convert paper documents to electronic documents and manage the electronic docum...
Information management system and information management method for network
Used trusted co-servers to enhance security of web interaction
System and method for automated, iterative development negotiations
Time division multiplexing over broadband modulation method and apparatus
Apparatus for searching multipath in spread spectrum communications system and method thereof
Method for data communication between a wireless device and an electric device, and a data communica...
Multimode terminal and method of synchronizing such terminal
Image capture device and methods
System and method for acquiring information relating to geographic location
System and method for multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) radio communication
Radio communication apparatus
Product order method and system
Method and system for determining antenna of radio base station at moving target area during handove...
Transport channel control in a UMTS network
Calculation method in a radio system for calculating the geometrical time difference between transmi...
Method and arrangement for transferring positioning information between controlling units in a mobil...
Position determination of mobile stations
Method and apparatus for communication using multiple communication protocols
Container tracking system
Universal occupant detection and discrimination system for a multi-place vehicle
Pressure sensor
Speech activated door operator system
Online wardrobe
Shopping and payment/credit handling
Water-soluble luminescent quantum dots and biomolecular conjugates thereof and related compositions ...
Fraud-resistant merchandise redemption coupons
Birthday calendar
Aryl-ureido benzoxazinone compounds
Image forming system and its control method
Method for managing product information and method for requesting repairs
Self propelled gurney and related structure confidential and proprietary document
Rotary engine with improved hybrid features
Power transmission system for hybrid vehicle
Hybrid vehicle and method for controlling the same
Thermal management system
Driving apparatus for an electric vehicle
Apparatus for vehicle hood
Electromagnet propelled wheeled vehicle
Apparatus for stopping a vehicle
Apparatus for preventing erroneous operation of electro-motion pedal device in automobile and method...
Steering device
Off road vehicle
Electric power steering apparatus
One-way clutch device and motorcycle using the same
Drive mechanism for vehicle
Electrically variable transmission having two planetary gear sets with one fixed interconnection
Methods and apparatus for generating power from vehicles
Wiring structure of hybrid vehicle motor
Vehicle control unit and vehicle
System and method to control a switchable powertrain mount
Method and arrangement for controlling the speed of a vehicle
Business model for providing on demand digital content
Method of updating a configuration editing system for generating configuration data for an automated...
Method for implementing indirect controller
Method and system for object oriented approach and data model for configure-to-order manufacturing s...
Method and configurator for creating a plant concept from a number of plant components
Method for estimating damage to an object, and method and system for controlling the use of the obje...
Goal based flow of a control presentation system
Adaptive problem determination and recovery in a computer system
Location-based execution of software/HMI
System and method for processing welding data
Ultraviolet sensor and method for manufacturing the same
Nitride semiconductor device
Enclosure system allowing for hot work within the vicinity of flammable and combustible material
Electronic lock system and method for its use with a secure memory card
Portable security system
Load safeguard systems
Apparatus and circuit for use with capacitive presence detection systems
Systems and methods for a portable walk-through metal detector
Roof antenna for motor vehicles
Automatic detection of dynamic message sign display panel configuration
Methods for driving electro-optic displays, and apparatus for use therein
Electrochemical/electrocon trollable device electrode
Interference display cell
Power scalable optical systems for generating, transporting, and delivering high power, high quality...
Solar array inverter with maximum power tracking
Write once read only memory employing floating gates
Automated system and method for processing of astronomical images
Organic devices having a fiber structure
Nozzle-based, vapor-phase, plume delivery structure for use in production of thin-film deposition la...
RFID Transponder Dispenser and Authorizer
Onboard indicator
Precursor soot synthesis of fullerenes and nanotubes without formation of carbonaceous soot
Method for doping quantum dots
Method of manufacturing nano scale semiconductor device using nano particles
Inorganic compound sol modified by organic compound
Quantum supercapacitor
Treatment of congestive heart failure
Methods of treating hormone-related conditions using cyclothiocarbamate derivatives
4-Heteroaryl-tetrahydroquinolines and their use as inhibitors of the cholesterin-ester transfer prot...
Hemiasterlin derivatives and uses thereof
Small molecule modulators of hepatocyte growth factor (scatter factor) activity
Synthesis of a potent parmagnetic agonist (epm-3) of the melanocyte stimulating hormone containing a...
Polypeptides that induce cell proliferation
Polypeptide encoded by a nucleic acid overexpressed in esophageal and lung tumor, and underexpresses...
Polypeptide encoded by a nucleic acid underexpressed in esophageal tumor
Secreted and transmembrane polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding the same
PRO862 polypeptides
Secreted and transmembrane polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding the same
Antibodies to a polypeptide encoded by a nucleic acid underexpressed in rectal tumor
Antibodies that recognize a polypeptide overexpressed in rectal tumors
Antibodies to a polypeptides encoded by a nucleic acid overexpressed in kidney tumor and underexpres...
Antibodies to a polypeptide encoded by a nucleic acid underexpressed in esophageal tumor and melanom...
Antibodies to a polypeptide encoded by a nucleic acid over expressed in esoprageal and lung tumor, a...
Antibodies to a polypeptide encoded by a nucleic acid overexpressed in esophageal tumor, normal stom...
Secreted and transmembrane polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding the same
Process for preparation of cyclic prodrugs of PMEA and PMPA
Method for screening and treating patients at risk of medical disorders
Massage machine, information recorded medium, program writing method
Audio modulated light system for personal electronic devices
Information processing apparatus and method, information processing system, and transmission medium
Modular lateral heat press machine
Controller for automobile
Apparatus and method for controlling variable valve actuation mechanism
Vane-type camshaft adjuster
Variable valve control apparatus for internal combustion engine and method thereof
Fail-safe control apparatus for internal combustion engine equipped with variable valve characterist...
Method of generating Huffman code length information
Software interaction using an interface surface
Print option configurations specific to a service or device for printing in a distributed environmen...
System and method for data encryption/decryption
Digital watermark extracting method, apparatus, program and storage medium
Method for watermarking recordings based on atmospheric conditions
Method of in vitro preconditioning healthy donor's myoblasts before transplantation thereof in compa...
Modified sarcosine oxidases, genes and recombinant DNAs thereof, and methods for preparing the same
Modulation of cell division by an early mitotic inhibitor protein
Herbicidal 3-amino-2-thiomethylbenzoylpyrazoles
Integrin-linked kinase and its uses
Method and system for generating optimal solutions for open pairings through one-way fixes and match...
Dielectric ceramic and multilayer ceramic substrate
Method and apparatus for determining concentration of defects and/or impurities in a semiconductor w...
Method for the recuperation of decayed agricultural plantations
Nonabsorbent surge layer having discrete regions of superabsorbent and method for making
Method of positioning the epidermis
Use of material based on organic and/or inorganic fibres and chitosan for fixing metal ions
Method and compositions for bleaching hair
Secreted and transmembrane polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding the same
Microelectronic imagers with optical devices and methods of manufacturing such microelectronic image...
Microelectronic imagers with shaped image sensors and methods for manufacturing microelectronic imag...
Techniques to create low K ILD for beol
Incandescent lamp having a carbide-containing luminous element
LED modifying apparatus and method
Circuitry for use in current switching a magnetic cell
Methods for variation detection
Spacer device
Method of determining database search path
Cardiac rhythm management systems and methods for rule-illustrative parameter entry
Organic semiconductor device having an active dielectric layer comprising silsesquioxanes
Control information transmission in a wireless communication system
Method and apparatus for adaptive setting of initial traffic power
Flexible application of mapping algorithms within a packet distributor
Error convergence measurement circuit for providing convergence of a filter
Multilevel coding with unequal error protection and time diversity for bandwidth efficient transmiss...
Optical channel operating parameters monitoring
Wavelength exerciser
Method for stable and controlled delivery of (-)-hydroxycitric acid
Method for extracting lipid mixture containing phospholipids comprising polyunsaturated fatty acids ...
Use of active extracts to lighten skin, lips, hair, and/or nails
Water soluble sachet containing hard surface cleaner
Softener composition
Compositions for the treatment of pigmentation disorders and methods for their manufacture
Iodine/iodide-containing hot melt coatable adhesive, methods and uses therefor
Composition containing mixture of dihydroxybutane sulfonates
Method of adjusting the vaporization rate of a device
Handheld computer based system for collection, display and analysis of engine/vehicle data
Previewing and manipulating a framed image print
Parallel printing architecture with containerized image marking engines
Electrostatic gating
Valve for a printing apparatus
Data link module
Ink jet recording head and method for manufacturing the same
Optical address type spatial light modulator
Image forming apparatus and method
Toner monitoring systems and methods
Intermediate transfer device and image forming device
Universal mount for a small flat panel display
Universal mount for a large flat panel display
Electrical apparatus
Polyimide precursor, manufacturing method thereof, and resin composition using polyimide precursor
Semiconductor device equipped with a voltage step-up circuit
Display control system to view intended pages
Self-monitoring metals, alloys and materials
Real-time biofilm monitoring system
Electrostatic actuator, droplet ejection head and droplet ejection device
Active matrix electroluminescence device having a metallic protective layer and method for fabricati...
Circuit for inspecting semiconductor device and inspecting method
2D/3D display apparatus
Manufacturing method for crystalline semiconductor material and manufacturing method for semiconduct...
Arylamine derivatives having fluorene skeleton, synthetic intermediates thereof, processes of produc...
Organic electroluminescence display device and method for fabricating the same
Information processing apparatus and method, recording medium and program
Display device and method of driving the same
Method for displaying an image having a maximal brightness
Production control system, production control method and production control program
Light modulator device
Method for synthesizing thin film electrodes
Solid oxide MEMS-based fuel cells
Method for measuring substance and testing piece
Process for forming a direct build-up layer on an encapsulated die packages utilizing intermediate s...
Polishing composition and method for forming wiring structure using the same
Method of modifying crosslinked rubber
Transistor structures having a transparent channel
ISFET using PbTiO.sub.3 as sensing film
Switched-capacitor power supply system and method
Liquefied gas transfer installation and use thereof
Read-write device for a smart card for use with a housing
Metadirectory agents having extensible functions
Automatic digital music library builder
Tuning electrodes used in a reactor for electrochemically processing a microelectronic workpiece
Organic light-emitting element and display device
Display panel, display panel inspection method, and display panel manufacturing method
Liquid crystal display device, display device and backlight device
Method for racemization of (S)-(+)- and (R)-(-)-10,11-dihydro-10-hydroxy-5h-dibenz[B,F]azepine-5-car...
Optically addressed MEMS
Electronic timepiece with radio communication function
Traffic manager, gateway signaling and provisioning service for all packetized networks with total s...
Supervisory control plane over wavelength routed networks
Tandem type color image forming apparatus
Hazardous material detector for detecting hazardous material in a mailstream
Fabrication of interleaved metallic and intermetallic composite laminate materials
Adjustable firearm trigger mechanism and method of adjustment
Liner motion device, rolling device and separator for rolling device
Metal seal with impact-absorbing ring
Hydrostatic gas bearing, hydrostatic gas bearing device for use in vacuum environment, and gas recov...
Thrust cap
Bearing system for a turbocharger
Rolling bearing for belt driven continuously variable transmission
Use of conductor compositions in electronic circuits
Polybenzazole fibers and processes for their preparation
Use of PET film primed with polyallylamine coatings in laminated glass glazing constructions
Nucleic acid encoding plant sugar transport proteins
Mortierella alpina lysophosphatidic acid acyltransferase homolog for alteration of polyunsaturated f...
Cosmetic product
Hair treatment applicator device
Container closure arrangement
Sprayer with water purifier
Antiperspirant or deodorant compositions comprising activated aluminium chlorohydrate
Piperidine derivatives
Oxyethylenated based hair pre-treatment anti-penetration composition and method using such a composi...
Mascara comprising solid particles
Composition for external use
Bacillus odysseyi isolate
Physical methods of dispersing characteristic use particles and compositions thereof
Peptides and peptidomimetics with structural similarity to human p53 that activate p53 function
Tissue material and process for bioprosthesis
Method for producing multiple MR images with different contrast from a single image acquisition
Method and apparatus for gasification-based power generation
Ion sensor and clinical analyzer using the same
Orthodontic appliances having a contoured bonding surface
Secure card package for transaction cards and method of activating the same
Balloon alignment and collapsing system
Method and device for cleaning raw material gas introduction tube used in CVD film forming apparatus
Thermal-dye-transfer label capable of reproducing flesh tones
Cantilevered gun rest
Front sight with rotary elevation adjustment
Self-calibrating shooter estimation
Optical time delay apparatus incorporating diffractive element sets
Distributed optical structures in a planar waveguide coupling in-plane and out-of-plane optical sign...
Light-pipe arrangement with reduced fresnel-reflection losses
Image input scanner having a waveguide platen
Predominant color identification in digital images
Method and system for authenticating content distribution and content reproduction requests based on...
Embedding auxiliary data in a signal
Methods for finding and characterizing a deformed pattern in an image
Efficient ordering of data for compression and visualization
Compression of mixed raster content (MRC) image data
Methods and apparatus for generating multi-level graphics data
Transform coefficient compression using multiple scans
Image noise reduction circuit
Elementary cell of a linear filter for image processing
Integrated approach to brightness and contrast normalization in appearance-based object detection
Image processing method, storage medium, image processor and image recorder
Image reader
Method, system, and program for fractionally shifting data subject to a previous transformation
Method for using acoustic shock waves in the treatment of a diabetic foot ulcer or a pressure sore
Medical instrument holding device
System and method for polygon-smoothing in texture-based volume rendering
Communication system using sheet light guide
Spiral waveguide slow wave resonator structure
Detecting concealed security threats
Method for effecting ticket-based transactions using a wristband
Laser scanner using rotating holographic optical element
Method and apparatus for making articles
Controlling printing in response to print media characteristics
Data encoding in radio frequency identification transponders
System and method for detecting transponders used with printer media
Joint endoprosthesis with ambient condition sensing
Wave antenna wireless communication device and method
Direct reading stadia rod for use with laser level
Facilitating printing to a local printing device from a portable computing device
Apparatus for detecting arc faults
Method for detecting arc faults
Image forming apparatus, control method for the same, and program
Dynamic line configuration
Antibodies to a polypeptide encoded by a nucleic acid underexpressed in lung tumor
Method and apparatus for copper film quality enhancement with two-step deposition
Peptide antagonists of zonulin and methods for use of the same
Medicinal compositions promoting bowel movement
Functional surface member
Enantiomerically pure opioid diarylmethylpiperazine as a cardioprotection agent
Prodrugs of imidazopyridine derivatives
Synthesis of acyclic nucleoside derivatives
Access port indicator for implantable medical device
Devices and methods for transluminal or transthoracic interstitial electrode placement
Two-part implantable cardiac lead
Scanning beam device with detector assembly
Information recording medium
Human airway clearing tool
Medical assembly
Fluoride-releasing pellet kit
Pivotable strap-buckle assembly
Rotary float
Variable tool
Fastener for fixing a prosthesis, and device for delivering this fastener
Equine dental grinding apparatus
Deep endoscopic staple and stapler
Catheter for cardiovascular application
Method for applying tissue fastener
Endoscopic suture apparatus
Rotary float with friction-engaged cap
Guidewire system with exposed midsection
Dynamic bioabsorbable fastener for use in wound closure
Multi-zoned catalyst and trap
Tensioner equipped with a no-return device and method of disabling anti-rotation device
Tunable superconducting resonator and methods of tuning thereof
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and magnetic resonance imaging method
Nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer for liquid-solution
Receptor ligands and methods of modulating receptors
Carbon coated high luster materials
Group III nitride semiconductor substrate and its manufacturing method
Process for manufacturing vertically insulated structural components on SOI material of various thic...
Conductive composite material and fuel cell electrode using same
Method and apparatus for the processing of carbon-containing polymeric materials
Method for producing a molding sand that is in particular recirculated, for foundry purposes
Curable compositions and abrasive articles therefrom
Light emitting display device with thin film transistor having organic and inorganic insulating film...
Chip capacitor and method for the production thereof
Tapecast electro-conductive cermets for high temperature resistive heating systems
Curved honeycomb article, EUV apparatus having a curved honeycomb article, and method of making a cu...
Processes to produce water-dispersible polyester stabilized, acid-treated, fluoroalkyl compositions
Free spinning rim for motorcycles
Bicycle hub assembly
Automatic dual-control light emitting assembly for vehicle wheels
Method for the determination of a nucleic acid using a control
Control of toys and devices by sounds
Method and system for determining displacement time of a mobile user terminal equipment
Electronically servo-assisted bicycle gearshift and related method
Cyclopropanated macrocyclic ketones and lactones
Vehicle environment monitoring device, vehicle environment monitoring method, control program and co...
Rotary mechanical field assembly
Bicycle with improved composite frame
Rear derailleur with a threaded member for mounting the derailleur to a bicycle frame
Front derailleur for a bicycle
Apparatus for physical training of persons
Reconfigurable tools and/or dies, reconfigurable inserts for tools and/or dies, and methods of use
Catalyst composition II
Oral hygiene products dispenser stand and dispensing station
Varying conductance out of a process region to control gas flux in an ALD reactor
PRO792 nucleic acids
PRO347 nucleic acids
Orthogonal microwave imaging probe
Controlled release oral drug delivery system
Aryl spirohydantoin CGRP receptor antagonists
Methods of diagnosis of ovarian cancer, compositions and methods of screening for modulators of ovar...
Human enzymes of the metalloprotease family
DNA binding compound-mediated molecular switch system
Human protooncogene KG-20 and protein encoded therein
Fabrication method of semiconductor integrated circuit device
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device having a multi-layered wiring structure
Aromatic polycarbonate resin composition
Electronic component with bump electrodes, and manufacturing method thereof
Device and method for starting brushless direct current motor
Method and apparatus of electrotactile panel with pointing system
Liquid crystal display apparatus having wide transparent electrode and stripe electrodes
Liquid crystal device and manufacturing method therefor
Diffusion film comprising transparent substrate and diffusion layer
Method, system and apparatuses for transferring audio and/or video signals between synchronous and a...
Method of and system for image processing and recording medium for carrying out the method
Image forming apparatus
Developing cartridge, photosensitive member cartridge, process unit, and image forming apparatus
Non-contact heater and method for non-contact heating of a substrate for material deposition
Method and apparatus for reducing DC offsets in communication systems using universal frequency tran...
Semiconductor optical amplifier and optical module using the same
System and method for selection of materialized views
Method and system for high-speed multiplication
Method and system for providing instantaneous media-on-demand services by transmitting contents in p...
Method and apparatus for fast integer within-range compare
Electronic device system, controlling device and controlling method
Method and apparatus for calculating a multiplicative inverse of an element of a prime field
Error correction in a locating method and system
Information recording method and medium having optimum erasing power
Multi-phase multi-lamp driving system
Method of treating noninflammatory cartilage damage
Bicyclic protein kinase inhibitors
Methods and compositions as protein kinase inhibitors
Substituted 7-azaquinazoline compounds useful as p38 kinase inhibitors
Compositions and methods for inhibiting TGF-.beta.
Anilinoquinazaolines as protein tyrosine kianse inhibitors
Substituted isoindoles and their use thereof
Prodrugs of 1-methyl-2-(4-amidinophenylaminomethyl)-benzimidazol-5-yl-carboxylic acid-(N-2-pyridyl-N...
Baboon TAFI polypeptides
Processes for preparing amorphous atorvastatin hemi-calcium
Nitric oxide donor composition and method for treatment of anal disorders
Tetrapeptide stimulating functional activity of neurons pharmacological agent based thereon and meth...
Treatment and diagnosis of alzheimer's disease
Botulinum toxin production method
Magnetic force devices, systems, and methods for resisting tissue collapse within the pharyngeal con...
Injectable carrier formulations of hyaluronic acid derivatives for delivery of osteogenic proteins
IC card, information processing terminal, trilateral data communication system, and method
Firearm orientation and drop sensor system
Liquid discharge method and apparatus using individually controllable nozzles
Magnetic sensor
Signal line drive circuit, image display device, and portable apparatus
Bit-wise optical data storage utilizing aluminum oxide single crystal medium
Phase-locked loop circuitry for programmable logic devices
Dynamic loading and creation of functional objects in a wireless device
Two level multi-tier system bus
Detection of support for security protocol and address translation integration
Multi-step transmission
Transmission clutch control system
Tractor with improved valve system
Physical condition or environmental threat detection appliance system
Reservoir with refill inlet for hand-held spray guns
Rapid medical evacuation system for trauma patients
Light mountable on a mounting rail
Biopsy system having a single use loading unit operable with a trocar driver, a knife driver and fir...
Electron gun
Apparatus and method for asynchronously analyzing data to detect radioactive material
System and methods for detecting harmful agents within contents of mail
Driving method and driving apparatus for a field emission device
Electrical detection of selected species
Display device having sealing film
Molecular electronics arrangement and method for producing a molecular electronics arrangement
Display device with a narrow frame
Light emitting element
Light emitting device and method of manufacturing the same
Electro luminescence display device
Electronic devices comprising conductive members that connect electrodes to other conductive members...
Light-emitting device with coating film on portions of substrates and sealing member
Organic electroluminescent device employing multi-layered anode
Photoresist mask/smoothing layer ensuring the field homogeneity and better step-coverage in OLED dis...
Salix plant named `Flamingo`
Hummingbird feeder
Pressure cleaner
Portable power sprayer for spraying wax onto vehicles
Laundry appliance
Laundry appliance
Cordless car polisher
Electric blower
Floor treatment device
Wall vacuum
Combined squeegee water blade with guard
Single axis joint
Dish rack
Sink grid
Pin bank
Garbage can
Shopping cart
Internet news system
Pichia methanolica secretory signal
Nucleic acids encoding.beta. 1,4-N-acetylgalactosaminyltransferases from C. jejuni
Nucleic acids encoding phloem small RNA-binding proteins and transgenic plants comprising them
Methods and compositions for inhibiting viral infections
2' and 3'-nucleoside prodrugs for treating Flaviviridae infections
Aminated complex-type sugar chain derivatives and process for the production thereof
4-Nitro-2-[(4'-methoxy)-phenoxy]-methanesulfonanilide derivatives and their pharmaceutical use
Novel compounds
Novel nucleic acids and polypeptides
Process for the synthesis of pyrazolopyrimidines
Process for the preparation of fludarabine phosphate
Human T2R64 taste receptor and related assays for identifying human bitter taste modulators
Human T2R54 taste receptor and related assays for identifying human bitter taste modulators
Human T2R65 taste receptor and related assays for identifying human bitter taste modulators
Human T2R51 taste receptor and related assays for identifying bitter taste modulators
Human T2R75 taste receptor and related assays for identifying human bitter taste modulators
Method for obtaining improved fertility restorer lines for transgenic male sterile crop plants and a...
Promoter and construct for plant transformation
Nucleotide sequences and polypeptides encoded thereby useful for modifying plant characteristics
Nucleic acid molecules and other molecules associated with plants and uses thereof for plant improve...
Lepidopteran-active bacillus thuringiensis delta-endotoxin polynucleotides, compositions, and method...
Artificial chromosomes, uses thereof and methods for preparing artificial chromosomes
Polypeptides having antimicrobial activity and polynucleotides encoding same
Light emitting device
Low profile automobile jack
Determination of smoothness of canisters containing inhalable medicaments
Method, query optimizer, and computer program product for implementing live switchover to temporary ...
Dynamic wavelength management method in OBS networks
Devices and methods for maintaining collateral channels in tissue
Clock synchronization backup mechanism for circuit emulation service
Antibodies to a polypeptide encoded by a nucleic acid underexpressed in stomach and lung tumor
System and method for managing architectural layers within a software model
D-tagatose as an anti-biofilm agent
Substituted sulfonylaminomethylbenzoic acid (derivatives) and their preparation
Particle doped magnetic coil
Operation scheme for programming charge trapping non-volatile memory
In-service reconfigurable DRAM and flash memory device
Method and apparatus for optimization of digital integrated circuits using detection of bottlenecks
Boehmite particles and polymer materials incorporating same
Prostate cancer gene
Trifluoromethylcarbinol terminated thiols
Storage device for molecular detector
Methods and systems for controlling motion of and tracking a mechanically unattached probe
Electro-optic displays, and components for use therein
Pointing device reporting utilizing scaling
Application programming interface for changing the visual style
Rendering ink strokes of variable width and angle
Speedup of face detection in digital images
Customizing the display of a mobile computing device
Statistical method and apparatus for learning translation relationships among words
Database aggregation query result estimator
Containment hierarchy in a database system
Method and computer-readable medium for importing and exporting hierarchically structured data
Meta data management for media content objects
Scheduling and multiplexing data for broadcast transmission over multiple streams
Communication stack for network communication and routing
Enhanced input using packet switching over a PS/2 or other interface
Method and system for an atomically updated, central cache memory
Fast reacquisition of a GPS signal
GPS-based underwater cable positioning system
Wireless communication apparatus, wireless communication network and software upgrading method
Apparatus for wirelessly-coupling a Bluetooth-wireless cellular mobile handset to a docking station ...
Method and system for adjusting coverage areas of a wireless telecommunications network
Networked wireless communications device programmed to identify and eliminate probable multipath err...
Method and apparatus for a wireless network
Shared antenna control
Method and system for power control in wireless portable devices using wireless channel characterist...
Remote management of field devices in a manufacturing plant
Server computer system utilizing an asynchronous messaging technique having separate request and res...
Mode lookup tables for data transmission in wireless communication channels based on statistical par...
Method and apparatus for forward error correction
Detachable unit, image forming apparatus, server computer, computer program, and client system
Goodpasture antigen binding protein
Manufacturable single-chip hydrogen sensor
Substituted phenoxyacetic acids
Self-healing liquid contact switch
Image processing
Guided underwater object
Novel 4H-S-triazolo[4,3-A] [1,5]benzodiazepin-5-ones
Antihypertensive I-substituted cyclic lactam-2-carboxylic acids
Pharmaceutical preparation for remedy of periodontal disease and process for production thereof
Treatment of mammals suffering from damage to the central nervous system
Anhydrous cosmetic compositions for thermal skin treatments
3-phenylthiomethylstyrene derivative, process for preparing the same, and antiallergic agent and tyr...
Device for exposing colorant to be transferred
Derivative of D.25, process for its preparation, its use as an immunostimulant, and pharmaceutical c...
Use of butyl-4-diphenyl-1,2-pyrazolidine-dione-3,5 as an antiviral agent in humans and animals
Aryloxyphenylpropylamines and their preparation and use
Cleaner and disinfectant with dye
Method for treating benign prostatic hypertrophy
Low-misting antiperspirant aerosol compositions
Flowable demineralized bone powder composition and its use in bone repair
Bacterial antigens, antibodies, vaccines and methods of manufacture
Microparticulate pharmaceutical delivery system
Physiological activating material extracted from coral sand
Methods of inhibiting pulmonary hypertensive diseases with raloxifene and related benzothiophenes
9H-imidazo[1,2-A]benzimidazole-3-acetamide derivatives, their preparation and their therapeutic appl...
Pharmaceutical for the treatment of skin disorders
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yocupertino`
Hibiscus plant named `Starry Wind`
Hibiscus plant named `Belize Breeze`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Deep Yopresidio`
Gaura plant named `Pink Lady`
Carnation plant named `Yoder Fox`
Carnation plant named `Yoder Point`
Aglaonema plant named `Gold Dust`
Hypericum plant named `Verocla`
Alstroemeria plant named `Maestro`
Shrub rose plant named `AUSrumba`
Diascia plant named `Balwingarn`
Gypsophila plant named `DANGYP39`
Tiarella plant named `Morning Star`
Strawberry plant named `PS-4634`
Dieffenbachia plant named `Ely`
Colorants, dispersants, dispersions, and inks
Electrically conducting organic polymer/nanoparticle composites and methods for use thereof
Retransmission control method and apparatus for use in OFDM radio communication system
Method for managing radio resource in mobile communication system
Multiple lobe dot product detector for M-code GPS receivers
Radio communication system, communication terminal apparatus, base station apparatus, and transmissi...
Circuit arrangement for a predistorted feedback coupling from a transmitter to a receiver in a multi...
Method for determining the frequency of a radio signal and monitoring communications with a radio re...
Broadcast receiver
System and method for frequency translation with harmonic suppression using mixer stages
Apparatus and methods of handling simultaneous universal terrestrial radio access network radio reso...
Base station connection method, radio network controller, and mobile station
Method for performing frequency synchronization of a base station and a network part
Apparatus and method for stabilization of the transmission power of radios
Radio communication system, communication terminal, and method for transmitting burst signals
Apparatus, and associated method, for selectably extending a time period in which a mobile station i...
Radio heads and methods and systems for communicating data between radio heads
Method and system for UMTS packet transmission scheduling on shared downlink channels
Digital television receiving system
Controlling compressive force using pressure sensitive film
Acoustical noise reduction for a data storage device
Method and apparatus for additive trellis encoding
Motor housing for small form factor drives
Magnetoresistive stack with enhanced pinned layer
Thin film structure with decreased C-axis distribution
Method and system for maintaining forward and backward compatibility in flattened object streams
Methods and compositions to improve the palatability of foods
Disaccharide sweetener compounds, process for manufacture, and method of selecting components for di...
Compositions for improving flavor and safety of marinated meat products
Preparation process of purified green-tea extract
Fat composition for bakery product and bakery product
Extended refrigerated shelf life mashed potatoes
Protein powder and protein-containing drink obtained therefrom
Translucent food
Resistant starch compositions
Production of Crystalline Short Chain Amylose
Marbled surface chocolate product
Nutrition tracking systems and methods
Novel inhibitor of the formation of advanced glycation end product and aldose reductase inhibitor
Identification and Use of Growth Hormone Secretagogue Receptor Type 1A Antagonists
Therapeutic agent
Gene expression regulating agent
Compressive device for percutaneous treatment of obesity
Restaurant electronic menu, ordering and payment system and method
Access of Internet use for a selected user
System for remote evaluation of ultrasound information obtained by a programmed application-specific...
Metal halide lamp having ionizable iodide salt
Radio frequency device
Staged process for producing linear 2-phenyl-alkanes
GaN LED with solderable backside metal
Magnetic random access memory device having thermal agitation property and high write efficiency
Lithium secondary battery
Front cover for a material handling vehicle
Blind orolaryngeal and oroesophageal guiding and aiming device
Otacanthus plant named `Calanda`
Non-ionic surfactants based upon alkyl polyglucoside
Method and apparatus for stimulating the sphenopalatine ganglion to modify properties of the BBB and...
Method and apparatus for signaling an error condition to an agent not expecting a completion
Compositions and methods for detecting and quantifying COX-2 activity and 2-arachidonylglycerol meta...
Shunt barrier in pulse oximeter sensor
Litter box
Oral-care device and system
Directional enhancement/range extending devices
Tooth whitening compositions
Cell surface molecule-induced macrophage activation
Catalyst component for olefin polymerization, catalyst for .alpha.-olefin polymerization and process...
System and method for sequential testing of high speed serial link core
Image forming apparatus that eliminates the inadvertence of mixed color toners and image forming met...
Lamp wires of a liquid crystal display secured in trenches extending at an angle to a plate sidewall
Fiber laser system with increased optical damage threshold
Fiber and wire communication system
Optical differential quadrature phase-shift keyed decoder
Ultra-wideband pulse modulation system and method
Structured approach for risk-informing deterministic safety analyses
PMD emulator
Fiber collimating lenses and method
Hermaphroditic u-guide alignment structures and method thereof
Distribution fiber optic cables having at least one access location and methods of making the same
Functionally strained optical fibers
Optical transmission line
Two-mode photonic crystal fiber and applications thereof
Wiring device for optical fiber
Fiber demarcation box with cable management
Bacterial oxidation of sulphide ores and concentrates
Use of offline servo track writer together with single pass servo writing process
Mobile computer system having a navigation mode to optimize system performance and power management ...
Systems using extended servo patterns with variable multi-pass servowriting and self-servowriting
Disc driving device and cam for disc driving device
Methods for detecting contact between a read-write head and the accessed disk surface in a hard disk...
Encapsulated miniature hard disc drive
Slim spindle motor and micro-drive apparatus comprising the same
Air bearing slider having a bearing profile contoured for pressurization proximate to nodal regions ...
Composite magnetic head and process for producing the same
Magnetic head having a damascene-fabricated write coil structure with coil layers extending between ...
Thin-film magnetic head having lower magnetic pole layer and insulator layer behind the lower magnet...
Magnetic head suspension
Micro-hub swage mount for attachment of suspension assembly in hard disk drive
Method for suppressing tribocharge in the assembly of magnetic heads
Current-in-the-plane spin valve magnetoresistive sensor with dual metal oxide capping layers
Magnetoresistive effect element, magnetic head and magnetic reproducing apparatus
Thin-film magnetic head having the length of the pinned and antiferromagnetic layers greater than th...
Self-pinned CPP sensor using Fe/Cr/Fe structure
Hard disk drive system and keying method
Editing video data
Crosslinked copolymer dye-receiving layer
Method for vacuum assisted resin transfer molding
Garments having edible components and methods for making same
Closure system for a brassiere
Breast protection device for a nursing mother
Natural shape enhancing brassiere
Composite garment and method to manufacture same
Breast saver comfort band
Protected underwire
Breast cup construction
Clothing for woman
Seamless circular knit garment with differential tightness areas and method of making same
Backless, strapless bra
Brassiere for improved breast support and enhancement
Bra with a massaging function
Prosthetic brassiere
Absorbent breast pad
Postoperative bilateral augmentation mammaplasty brassiere
Substantially seamless brassiere, and blank and method for making same
Areola pad
Shaped anti-roll supports and garments incorporating such supports
Method and apparatus for processing a circuit description for logic simulation
Digital device, task management method and program therefor
Parsing test results having diverse formats
XML server pages language
Methods for generating and viewing hyperlinked pages
Managing information display
Secreted and transmembrane polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding the same
Scavenger receptors
Topical composition for skin
Polypeptides, use thereof and process for producing the same
Human gene critical to fertility
Secreted and transmembrane polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding the same
Humanized antibodies that recognize beta amyloid peptide
Tumor vessel endothelial cell-binding monoclonal antibodies
Cancerous disease modifying antibodies
Glycosulfopeptide inhibitors of leukocyte rolling and methods of use thereof
Oligoribonucleotides alert the immune system of animals to the imminence of microbial infection
Method of slip compensation for integer frequency offset correction in a wireless communication syst...
Mixed technology MEMS/SiGe BiCMOS digitalized analog front end with direct RF sampling
System and method for arranging concept clusters in thematic neighborhood relationships in a two-dim...
Reciprocal data file publishing and matching system
Methods and systems for determining a language of a document
System and method for real-time alerts
Method and apparatus for providing an application on a smart card
Print by reference service communication protocol and interface
Mobile device and transmission system
Apparatus and method for selecting a mechanical seal
Automated management of development project files over a network
Predicate indexing of data stored in a computer with application to indexing cached data
Focusing optics for small spot optical metrology
Implantable medical device having optical fiber for sensing electrical activity
Methods for determining enantiomeric purity
Method and system for predicting multi-variable outcomes
Optical properties restoration apparatus, the restoration method, and an optical system used in the ...
Semiconductor memory device having self refresh mode and related method of operation
Registration of nuclear medicine images
Fiber waveguide formed from chalcogenide glass and polymer
Method of determining value change for placement variable
Market based control of structural movement
Computer implemented system and method for registering websites and for displaying registration indi...
Self-destructing document and e-mail messaging system
Method for embedding information in an image
Compiler for computer programming language including instruction statements for handling network pac...
Magnetic resonance imaging using technique of positioning multi-slabs to be imaged
Method and system for accomplishing product detection
Method and apparatus for distinguishing foliage from buildings for topographical modeling
Electric power monitoring and response system
Techniques for positioning therapy delivery elements within a spinal cord or brain
Judgment lock for occupant detection air bag control
Proteomic analysis of biological fluids
Method and apparatus for calibrating data-dependent noise prediction
Method and system for predictive physiological gating of radiation therapy
Electronic document processing apparatus
Method and device for processing a coded digital signal
Image forming apparatus, method for forming an image, computer-readable storage medium, and computer...
Developer supply container
Analyte monitoring device and methods of use
Oxime ester photoiniators having a combined structure
Photosensitive composition and pattern forming method using the same
Radiographic materials with antifoggant precursors
Claudin polypeptides, polynucleotides, and methods of making and use thereof
Method for production of MRAM elements
Oxidation process in fluidized bed reactor
Radiation imaging device and system
X-ray detector with impact absorbing cover
Method of and system for computing effective atomic number images in multi-energy computed tomograph...
X-ray CT system
Support structure for Z-extensible CT detectors and methods of making same
X-ray image radiographing method and radiographing apparatus
Scanning line detector for two-dimensional x-ray diffractometer
Exposure calculation method and radiography system
Bearing temperature and focal spot position controlled anode for a CT system
Multi-mode internal imaging
Computer tomography unit with a data recording system
High quality audio conferencing with adaptive beamforming
Conference system and its participation method
Household food warmer
Treated paper product
Probiotics for pet food applications
Method for reduction of acrylamide in cocoa products, cocoa products having reduced levels of acryla...
pH control of sauces used on acidified pasta or rice
Rice-based snack chip and method of making same
Compositions and methods for detecting animal byproduct in feed
Enzymatic modification of lecithin
CO.sub.2 generating absorbent pads
Creating secure interactive connections with remote resources
Recovering pending trace data within a data processing system
Storage controller
Method for synchronizing processors in a multiprocessor system
Flash memory, and flash memory access method and apparatus
Memory device with preread data management
Double shift instruction for micro engine used in multithreaded parallel processor architecture
Method and intelligent slave device transfer control unit for implementing seamless error resumption...
Method and device for interleaving and method and device for de-interleaving
Data writing apparatus, data writing method, and program
ROM addressing method for an ADPCM decoder implementation
Memory control device for controlling transmission of data signals
Database synchronization for mobile computing devices
Storage control sub-system comprising virtual storage units
Flexible system and method for mirroring data
Method and system of providing periodic replication
Parallel memory compaction
Efficient and reliable virtual volume mapping
Method and apparatus for seamless management for disaster recovery
Method of data backup and recovery
Stream cipher having a combiner function with storage based shuffle unit
Methods and apparatus for encrypting a binary string
Method and apparatus for finite field basis conversion
Multiple module encryption method
Method of encryption using multi-key process to create a variable-length key
Key generation in a communication system
Method of and system for edge watermarking of an image
Method and apparatus for encrypted transmission
Generation of a secret quantity based on an identifier of an integrated circuit
Flexure-type suspension system providing for three degrees of freedom and flexure-type positioning a...
Wireless terminal, base device, wireless system, wireless terminal control method, wireless terminal...
Direct transition to cell dch
Method and apparatus for radio resource allocation in a wireless communication system
Radio communication apparatus
Radio communication using OFDMA and IFDMA
Multiplexing and feedback support for wireless communication systems
Method and apparatus for using single-radio nodes and multi-radio nodes in a network
Locating a Mobile Computing Unit
Method of assigning radio channel
Adjusting transmission power
Method for setting communication mode in wireless terminal
Speaker voice coil antenna
Implantable pulse generator systems and methods for providing functional and / or therapeutic stimul...
Implantable pulse generator systems and methods for providing functional and/or therapeutic stimulat...
Radio-frequency thermal balloon catheter
Mobile robot with wireless location sensing apparatus
Anti-terrorism interoperable radio communications
Audio playlist creation system and method
Priority email alert system
User interface for an electronic device
Wireless communication method and apparatus for decoding enhanced dedicated channel absolute grant c...
Stress wave sensor
Preference information-based metrics
Method and apparatus for detecting and transferring data of different formats
OLED display with improved active matrix circuitry
Process for producing alkylbenzene
Test mode control device using nonvolatile ferroelectric memory
Non-planar flash memory having shielding between floating gates
Electric oven
Method of producing electroluminescent element
Method and system for controlling access to data stored on a data storage device
Parking device for pallet jacks
Conductive element for a movable electric circuit and a vibration gyroscope
Distributed profile storage and management in a telecommunication network
Nemesia plant named `Intraiwhi`
Peptides for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease and other beta-amyloid protein fibrillogenesis dis...
Modular deck structure of a pontoon boat
Imaging of fugitive gas leaks
Computer functional architecture and a locked down environment in a client-server architecture
Enhanced environment visualization using holographic stereograms
Measuring the location of objects arranged on a surface, using multi-camera photogrammetry
Method of real-time collision detection between solid geometric models
Haptic authoring
3D stereo browser for the internet
User interface for augmented and virtual reality systems
Managing transfers of information in a communications network
Methods and apparatus for monitoring and encouraging health and fitness
Apparatus, system, and method for calibrating a particulate production estimate
Data security system and method adjunct to e-mail, browser or telecom program
Mobile safety compliance apparatus
Process for making heterogeneous joints under shielding gas
Methods of and apparatus for forming hollow metal articles
Process for trapping residual monomer with an epoxide functional group in a thermoplastic compositio...
Low coherence interferometry for detecting and characterizing plaques
Tetrafluorobenzyl derivatives and pharmaceutical composition for preventing and treating acute and c...
Portable ventilator system
Loading object-oriented computer programs
Neonatal bootie wrap
Removable cup feeder assembly and improved cup
BCA writer serialization management
Method and hydromachine for controlling a displacement
Complexes of immunoglobulins and polysaccharides for oral and transmucosal absorption
Space-time coded transmissions within a wireless communication network
Thermally conductive polymer molded article and method for producing the same
Turntable and optical disk using the turntable
Physiological cooling compositions containing highly purified ethyl ester of N-[[5-methyl-2-(1-methy...
PRO9834 nucleic acids
Process for producing light-emitting semiconductor device
Method for measuring water content of fuel cell based on conductivity of electrolyte
Bead-based detection of ligand-GPCR-G protein complexes
Low temperature electrochemical cells
Diphenylamine alkylated with olefin mixtures containing fractions with varying degrees of activity
Image forming apparatus with intermediate transfer belt rollers disposed on an imaginary plane throu...
Remote fire extinguisher station inspection
Computing system using newton-raphson method
Liquid crystal display module
Resistor ladder interpolation for subranging ADC
Treatment of inflammatory bowel disease using fibroblast growth factor CX polypeptides
Compositions and uses of a galectin for treatment of dry eye syndrome
Glucopyranosyloxypyrazole derivatives and medicinal use thereof
Method and pharmaceutical compositions for treating or inhibiting renal dysfunctions, diseases or di...
Selective NPY (Y5) antagonists
Guanidino compounds
Cocaine receptor binding ligands
Compounds and methods for treating insulin resistance and cardiomyopathy
Pyrrolidine melanocortin-specific compounds
Glucocorticoid mimetics, methods of making them, pharmaceutical formulations, and uses thereof
Pro 1384 polypeptides
PRO4994 polypeptides
PRO1338 polypeptides
Secreted and transmembrane polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding the same
Modified peptides as therapeutic agents
Anti-KSA/IL-2 fusion proteins with reduced immunogenicity
Thiomolybdate analogues and uses thereof
System and method for analysis of respiratory cycle-related EEG changes in sleep-disordered breathin...
Spatially decoupled twin secondary coils for optimizing transcutaneous energy transfer (TET) power t...
Flexible film packaging having removable strip
Laser measurement system
Waveguide-based optical chemical sensor
Image recorder
Method for providing high connectivity communications over a packet-switched optical ring network us...
Optical scanning apparatus and image forming apparatus using the same
Laser scanning unit
Confocal scanning microscope
System and method for multi-beam laser vibrometry triangulation mapping of underground acoustic sour...
Optical recording, producing apparatus, and method with peak-hold voltage features
Land pre-pit address demodulating device
Device and method for recording data to optical disk using recording pulse with corrected edge posit...
Pulse shape modulation and information recording and reproducing technique using pulsed laser beam
Disc burner and its control method
Optical information recording method and optical information recording medium
Pulsed laser sources
Soft metal heat transfer for transceivers
Gas discharge laser light source beam delivery unit
Annealed copper alloy electrodes for fluorine containing gas discharge lasers
Low power modulating clutch control system with combination accumulator and piston actuator
Two way locking rotary drive clutch assembly
Engine mount
Direct injection internal combustion engine
Power supply method for electrical equipment
Internal combustion engine air intake structure
Modular trim assembly with air curtain for a motor vehicle
Sliding load floor system with levitation mechanism
Multi-purpose holder installed in a vehicle
Front end module assembly structure
Trigger mechanism for impact response devices in a seat
On-demand two-speed transfer case with sliding annulus planetary gearset
Fuel reforming system
Carbon monoxide removal from reformate gas