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Fuel cell system
Voice input and output apparatus with balancing among sound pressures at control points in a sound f...
Method of and device for determination of penetration depth
Fluid treatment module having hollow membranes
Use of spatiotemporal response behavior in sensor arrays to detect analytes in fluids
Bone grafting material, method and implant
Biochemical analysis kit and method for exposing stimulable phosphor sheet
Opening device for spinning machines
Conductive frequency selective surface utilizing arc and line elements
Methods for operating gas turbine engines
Pyromechanical separating element
Weapon guidance system
Convertible aircraft provided with two tilt fans on either side of the fuselage, and with a non-tilt...
Vertical take-off and landing aircraft
Float retractable landing gear
Continuous power bus for seat power
Aircraft passenger accommodation unit with deployable bed
Refueling booms with multiple couplings and associated methods and systems
Aerialwind power generation system and method
System for providing location-based services in a wireless network, such as modifying locating privi...
Expiration indicator
Golf club head
Golfing accessory
Methods of manufacturing enhanced electrical cables
Notification systems and methods enabling user entry of notification trigger information based upon ...
Scale for severe weather risk
Interactive weather advisory system
Bearing anomaly detection and location
Mechanism to provide direct multi-node file system access to files on a single-node storage stack
Method for connecting a wireless device to a remote location on a network
Logging of level-two cache transactions into banks of the level-two cache for system rollback
Method and apparatus for address decoding of embedded DRAM devices
Memory management unit technique to detect cross-region pointer stores
System and method enabling asynchronous execution of a test executive subsequence
Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving a block of data in a communication system
Active path menu navigation system
Method and apparatus for rapidly selecting types of buffers which are inserted into the clock tree f...
Centerline-based pinch/bridge detection
Advanced cable metrology system
Method, apparatus, and system for assessing conditions
Data representation and retrieval method and apparatus for high speed data search and retrieval
Apparatus and method of realizing link access control protocol for IP multicasting packet transmissi...
Embedded WEB phone module
Method for encapsulating a signaling system seven (SS7) user part message in an internet protocol (I...
Method and system for providing a return path for signals generated by legacy terminals in an optica...
Method and system for providing pulsed electrical stimulation to a craniel nerve of a patient to pro...
Navigation system
Internet based goods delivery system
Application server and method to perform hierarchical configurable data manipulation
Portable high speed internet access device priority protocol
Instant message notification application
System for automated, mid-session, user-directed, device-to-device session transfer system
Deployment of smart card based applications via mobile terminals
Information processing apparatus and information processing method
Internet-enabled device provisioning, upgrade and recovery mechanism
Form processing device, and form processing method and program
System for transmitting video images over a computer network to a remote receiver
Method and apparatus for folding and laying out electronic circuit
Providing instruction execution hints to a processor using break instructions
System and method for selecting a translator to translate a component request using semantic typing
High frequency compound instruction mechanism and method for a compare operation in an arithmetic lo...
Method and system for optimizing software upgrades
Computer system utility facilitating dynamically providing program modifications for identified prog...
Method and apparatus for suspending a software virtual machine
Web based imaging page redirector system for accessing a redirector reference that directs a browser...
System and method for providing componentized transports and forms
Data-driven application integration adapters
Method, system, and program for processing complexes to access shared devices
Authoring arbitrary XML documents using DHTML and XSLT
Method and system for stylesheet-centric editing
System and method for mapping management objects to console neutral user interface
Method and apparatus for learning computer interface attributes
Method of timing model abstraction for circuits containing simultaneously switching internal signals
System and method for determining a carrier layout using cornered chip-to-chip input/output
Color temperature correction circuit
Gamma calibration
Video switching systems and methods
Memory video data storage structure optimized for small 2-D data transfer
Input circuit of television tuner in which interference caused by FM broadcasting signal is attenuat...
Digital broadcasting receiver
Systems for and methods of three dimensional viewing
Plate-like polarizing element, a polarizing conversion unit provided with the element, and a project...
Color filter disc and process of making the same
Enhanced background model employing object classification for improved background-foreground segment...
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and storage medium
Adaptive tracking for gesture interfaces
Image comparison apparatus and method for checking an image of an object against a stored registrati...
Method for customizing an integrated circuit element
Method for squeezing an input hue toward a region of preferred hue
Image correction according to transmission characteristics of image sensing optical system
Player and disc system for producing video signals in different formats
In-car digital video recording with MPEG-4 compression for police cruisers and other vehicles
Systems and methods for fast random access and backward playback of video frames using decoded frame...
Portable device displaying an image provided by photographing
Submersible power plant
Water jet propulsion watercraft
Watercraft with wave deflecting hull
Omni thruster for motorboats and motoryachts
Cover plate removal tool
Mooring pole line attachment device
Marine drive with integrated trim tab
Industrial robot
Slide gripper assembly
Robot unit
Exoskeletal device for rehabilitation
System and method for adjusting a PID controller in a limited rotation motor system
Article handling system and method and article management system and method
Server-based method for providing internet content to users with disabilities
Methods and systems for presenting and recording class sessions in virtual classroom
Method and system for providing interactive legal training
Software to be employed in the educational trade
Methods and system for implementing a self-improvement curriculum
Extensible context-enabled software
Educational playing surface
Behavior modification system
Method and system for teaching sound/symbol correspondences in alphabetically represented languages
Decimal-Point 1/16.TM.
Systems and Methods for Standardizing Employment Skill Sets for Use in Creating, Searching, and Upda...
Educational systems and methods for promoting writing skills
Method and kit of materials to intercept name-calling and hurtful language in school
Method and a system for teaching and guiding an individual in changing the lifestyle and a method an...
Indicator, method of teaching massage operation and method of massage operation
Medical Training Device
Method and system for periodontal charting
Mock circulatory apparatus
Singtronics AV Box
Employee assistance coaching program
Apparatus and method for charging and discharging a capacitor to a predetermined setpoint
Battery with complete discharge device
Overcharge/overdischarge detection apparatus, overcharge/overdischarge detection circuit, and semico...
Method and apparatus for determining actual reactive capability curves
DC--DC converter for power level tracking power amplifiers
High intensity discharge lamp ballast circuit
Closed-loop digital control system for a DC/DC converter
System, circuit and method for tuning a resonant circuit
Device and method for voltage regulator with stable and fast response and low standby current
Amplifier power detection circuitry
Magnetic recording medium, method of producing magnetic recording medium and magnetic storage appara...
Chromium-free metal surface treatment agent
Fuel cell, electrode for fuel cell and a method of manufacturing the same
Light interaction system
Forming display color image
Pixel element actuation
Color transforms for concave device gamuts
Method and system for detection of undesirable images
Gallium-nitride based light-emitting diode structure with high reverse withstanding voltage and anti...
High-brightness gallium-nitride based light emitting diode structure
Automatic root cause analysis and diagnostics engine
Systems and methods for retrofitting electronic appliances to accept different content formats
Vehicle accessory module
System and method for automatic document verification
Method and device for determining the swelling behavior of polymer gels under pressure
Horizontal liquid level measuring system
System and method for adjusting the ratio of deposition times to optimize via density and via fill i...
Process for removing naphthalene from alkylaromatics
Monolithic semiconductor light source with spectral controllability
Magnetic memory with error correction coding
Sensing word groups in a memory
CMOS device and method of manufacture
Precision landmark-aided navigation
Systems and methods for inspecting natural or manufactured products
Communication protocol for wireless data exchange via a packet transport based system
Implantable medical device with a dual power source
System and method for the creation of virtual information packages
BIOS lock encode/decode driver
Flexible system and method of user authentication for password based system
Self-encapsulated silver alloys for interconnects
Suction catheter assembly
Panda bear inhaler
Distributed file sharing system and a file access control method of efficiently searching for access...
Information processing device and method, and program
Game apparatus having ball drop and pick-up mechanism
System for cataloging, inventorying selecting, measuring, valuing and matching intellectual capital ...
Telepresence system and active/passive mode display for use therein
Method and system for recording the results of a psychological test
Verbena plant named `Balazvio`
Peptides for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease and other .beta.-amyloid protein fibrillogenesis d...
Motion generation system of legged mobile robot
Defect-tolerant and fault-tolerant circuit interconnections
Hand held device for wireless powering and interrogation of biomems sensors and actuators
Anisotropic conductive connector and production method therefor and inspection unit for circuit devi...
Discovery and integration of Jini services in non-Java clients
Ornamental sweetpotato plant named `Sweet Caroline Red`
System and method for optimizing iterative circuit for cyclic redundancy check (CRC) calculation
Keyword extracting device
System for cataloging, inventorying, selecting, measuring, valuing and matching intellectual capital...
Methods and devices for reconstructing visual stimuli observed through browser-based interfaces over...
Plasma-assisted melting
Methods and systems for acoustically locating computer systems
Methods to increase the isoflavonoid levels in plants and plants producing increased levels of isofl...
Automated teller machine
Condensed heterocyclic compounds as calcitonin agonists
Catalyst for synthesizing high trans polymers
Olefin polymerization catalyst on plasma-contacted support
Method for volume manager to have configurable device type and subtype for application use
System for interception and defeat of rocket propelled grenades and method of use
Filtering face mask that has a resilient seal surface in its exhalation valve
Perfuming ingredient with a floral character
Method and apparatus for adapting program guides to meet subscriber criteria
Method for creating application programming interfaces for internal applications
Positron emission tomograph apparatus
Scanner cradle
Methods and systems for controlling motion of and tracking a mechanically unattached probe
Shock absorber leash
Stream management in a multithreaded environment
Locating and clamping apparatus
Speech recognition system and method for employing the same
Code reader performing coded image decoding using non-dedicated decode processor
Method and system for automatically optimizing recognition configuration parameters for speech recog...
Interface for providing different-language versions of markup-language resources
Method and system of integrating third party authentication into internet browser code
Machine tool
Water-hydraulic machine
Method for producing a synthetic material part
Semiconductor quantum dot device
Supplemented and unsupplemented tissue sealants, methods of their production and use
Methods of treatment with antagonists of MU-1
Live attenuated viruses for use as vectors or vaccines
Live vaccine for human immunodeficiency virus
Methods of assessing HIV integrase inhibitor therapy
Analysis of gene expression profiles using sequential hybridization
Human papilloma virus immunoreactive peptides
Modified vaccinia ankara virus variant
Polynucleotide encoding a human relaxin receptor, HGPRBMY5v1
Polypeptide, cDNA encoding the same, and use of them
Albumin fusion proteins
Methods and compositions for treating leukemia
Soluble zalpha11 cytokine receptors
Methods of enhancing SPLP-mediated transfection using endosomal membrane destabilizers
Non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors
Quinoxaline derivatives having antiviral activity
Replikin peptides in rapid replication of glioma cells and in influenza epidemics
Antibodies against tumor necrosis factor delta (APRIL)
Monoclonal human natural antibodies
Gamma subunit of cytokine responsive I.kappa.B-alpha kinase complex and methods of using same
Method of preparing intermediates useful in synthesis of retroviral protease inhibitors
Pack and method for dispensing toiletries
Digital front-end for wireless communication system
Fluid line
Adapter for non-circular disc
Fast-path apparatus for receiving data corresponding to a TCP connection
Production of carrageenan and carrageenan products
Isolated polynucleotides encoding a human cytokine receptor human cytokine receptor
Liquid crystal display with touch panel having internal front polarizer
Light diffusing substrate, transmission screen, and display device
Photoresist composition for deep UV and process thereof
Electrically conductive fuel cell contact materials
Lightweight direct methanol fuel cell
Polysilane thin films for directly patternable waveguides
Diazaphospholane ligands for asymmetric catalysis
Method and apparatus for adjusting contrast and sharpness for regions in a display device
Patient specific circulation model
Image-forming apparatus employing work function relationships
Drug delivery device
Therapeutic method of treatment of alzheimer's disease
High-throughput UART interfaces
Voucher driven on-device content personalization
Single output EL driver producing reduced current spikes
Ultra-wideband high data-rate communications
Compounds and methods for the inhibition of the expression of VCAM-1
Thiazole-based nitric oxide donors having at least two thiazole moieties and uses thereof
Treatment of sleep disorders using CNS target modulators
Non-peptide somatostatin receptor ligands
Surface acoustic wave filter and communication unit
Biocompatible bone graft material
Cooling system and coolant reservoir for a cooling system
Process for joining members of a heat transfer assembly and assembly formed thereby
Apparatus and method of efficient fluid delivery for cooling a heat producing device
Radiating module and the manufacturing method thereof
Aluminum radiator tank with oil cooler clinch fitting
Heat exchanger and heat exchanger ventilator
Heat exchanger of ventilating system
Liquid cooling structure for electronic device
Vehicle air-conditioner
Zone climate control
Compressor heat regenerative system
Airflow control system
Data processing system with air purifying device
Apparatus and methods for microchannel cooling of semiconductor integrated circuit packages
Low thermal resistance power module assembly
Cooling device, electronic equipment device, and method of manufacturing cooling device
Self contained, liquid to air cooled, memory test engineering workstation
Retaining device for heat sink
Heat sink retention assembly and related methods
Fanless high-efficiency cooling device using ion wind
Heat-dissipating fin assembly for heat sink
Portion of a shoe sole
Portion of a shoe midsole
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Knock-down type dryer assembly for prosthesis liners
Step-in/step out overshoe
Intelligent footwear systems
Group program for resistance exercise training
In-vehicle clock synchronization with local time
Video signal error detection systems
Authentication mechanism for telephony devices
Methods and systems for signaling in a communications network for ported, migrated and/or dual-mode ...
Method and system for controlling service to multiple mobile stations having a common subscriber ide...
Battery economizing in a communications system
Method and system for generating a likelihood of cardiovascular disease, analyzing cardiovascular so...
Cardiac rhythm management system for edema
Stimulation arrangement with stimulation success monitoring
Automatic identification of compounds in a sample mixture by means of NMR spectroscopy
System and method for evaluating character sets to determine a best match encoding a message
Method and apparatus for high performance low bit-rate coding of unvoiced speech
Storage operation management program and method and a storage management computer
Methods of selectively distributing data in a computer network and systems using the same
Native copy instruction for file-access processor with copy-rule-based validation
System and method for preloading cache memory in response to an occurrence of a context switch
Apparatus and method for performing a detached load operation in a pipeline microprocessor
Method and network for providing backup power to networked devices
Device for establishing noise in a motor vehicle
Sound reduced rotary vane compressor
Horn loudspeaker
Capacitor structure
Integrated circuits with openings that allow electrical contact to conductive features having self-a...
Method of inspecting substrate processing apparatus, and storage medium storing inspection program f...
Non-volatile memory device having improved programming and erasing characteristics and method of fab...
Transistor mobility improvement by adjusting stress in shallow trench isolation
Self-aligned STI for narrow trenches
Bipolar transistor having reduced collector-base capacitance
Transistors and methods for making the same
Integrated circuit on corrugated substrate
Thermally enhanced component interposer: finger and net structures
Spacer die structure and method for attaching
Embedded leadframe semiconductor package
Bottom heat spreader
RFID-chip having RFID-tag or magnifying electrode
Circuit film with bump, film package using the same, and related fabrication methods
Interlocking via for package via integrity
Selective capping of copper wiring
Overlay vernier pattern for measuring multi-layer overlay alignment accuracy and method for measurin...
Overlay vernier pattern for measuring multi-layer overlay alignment accuracy and method for measurin...
Methods and apparatus for optical switching using electrically movable optical fibers
Magnetic gradient winding system comprising circular solenoid coils
Mri system with variable field of view magnet
Magnet for NMR analyzer and NMR analyzer using the same
Method and apparatus for detection improvement of a weakly-sensitive atomic nucleus type in MR spect...
Method and apparatus for diffusion magnetic resonance imaging with the effects of eddy currents comp...
Matrix shim system with grouped coils
System and method for selecting a feature
Communication system and keyset therefore capable of identifying selected user locations
Method and apparatus for handling calls requiring the support of an intelligent network
Message transfer part point code mapping method and node
Personal communication center performance display and status alert system
Integrated digital subscriber line transceiver
Method and apparatus for adaptive DC level control
Subscriber line interface circuitry
Telephone with removable DSL cartridge
Headset with foldable noise canceling and omnidirectional dual-mode boom
Howling control device and howling control method
Priority E911 call back during access class restrictions
Storage of voicemail messages at an alternate storage location
Radio modem terminal for mobile communication
Output service provision system, virtual object management terminal, mobile object, virtual object m...
System and method for data mining of contextual conversations
Script compliance using speech recognition
System and method for consistent forwarding of packets across wireless and wireline networks
Method and system for providing low density parity check (LDPC) encoding
Variable-geometry graduated surface-foil for wing-in-ground effect vehicles
Frame construction for a vehicle
All-surface vehicle
Motorcycle with a rear-mounted radiator
Power unit for vehicle with internal combustion engine
Control knob throttle modulation
Axle assembly with cooling pump
Electric power steering apparatus
Velocity compensation control for electric steering systems
Electric power steering apparatus
Auxiliary control station for a rear dispensing concrete mixing vehicle
Electrically operated vehicle drive controller, electrically operated vehicle drive control method, ...
Seat occupant load sensor
Device for detecting presence of a user for motor vehicle
Energy storage system and method for hybrid propulsion
System and method for steering a multi-wheel drive vehicle
Method for determining a trigger time for restraint means in a vehicle
Vehicle motion control apparatus
Vehicle drive assist system
Neck assembly for an acoustic guitar
Tremolo assembly
Camera assembly for finger board instruments
Musical tone signal-generating apparatus and control program therefor
Electronic musical apparatus having interface for connecting to communication network
Method and apparatus for tracking musical score
Method and apparatus for time compression and expansion of audio data with dynamic tempo change duri...
Automated music harmonizer
Singing voice synthesizing method, singing voice synthesizing device, program, recording medium, and...
Noise sensing bobbin-coil assembly for amplified stringed musical instrument pickups
Method and apparatus for sound and music mixing on a network
Method and system for distinguishing speech from music in a digital audio signal in real time
Interactive publication printer and binder
Data access
Oncosuppressive gene
Method for tapping the immunological repertoire
High density, miniaturized arrays and methods of manufacturing same
Transfection reagents
Methods for improving seed characteristics
Gene related to regeneration ability of plants and uses thereof
Isolated ferric reductase defective polypeptides and uses thereof
Cell cycle stress-related proteins and methods of use in plants
Production of gamma linolenic acid by a .DELTA.6-desaturase
Soybean variety S04-97026-N99-42648-01
Soybean cultivar 13946
Soybean cultivar 0102115
Soybean variety XB38T05
Soybean variety SE90076
Inbred maize line PH951
Inbred maize line PH9AH
Plants and seeds of corn variety I533766
Plants and seeds of corn variety I285287
Plants and seeds of hybrid corn variety CH331298
Chemical synthesis using diffraction grating-based encoded optical elements
Cellular surgery utilizing confocal microscopy
Method for estimating respondent rank order of a set stimuli
Method and system automatically to price a promotional product
Printing and delivery of digital images and merged information from a central receiving agency
Facilitating the sale of ad items via the internet
Method for structuring a state revolving fund bond program
Process for seeking authorization for present receipt of legal tender and associated system
Enhancing delinquent debt collection using statistical models of debt historical information and acc...
Instant availability of electronically transferred funds
Automated financial transaction system
Content distribution method and apparatus
Apparatus for encrypting and recording received content information on a recording medium using both...
License transmitting and distributing system under offline environment and method thereof
Digital watermarking systems
System, method and computer program product for the optimization of price to satisfy certain busines...
System and method for providing computer-based postage stamps
Analytics and data warehousing infrastructure and services
Systems and methods for facilitating access to documents via an entitlement rule
System and method for controlling access to downloadable resources
Method for providing address change notification in an electronic message forwarding system
Data transfer system, data transfer apparatus, data recording apparatus, edit controlling method and...
Managing data in compliance with regulated privacy, security, and electronic transaction standards
Multi-catenary type rising column
Mimetic gear
Cylindrical hull structural arrangement
Catchment net, especially for rockfall blocking
Portable breakwater
Corrugated leaching chamber
Underwater pipe-laying
Multimedia curriculum device
Recreational storage and multimedia apparatus
Method and apparatus for multimedia streaming in a limited bandwidth network with a bottleneck link
Error coding in asynchronous transfer mode, internet and satellites
Methods and apparatuses for transferring data
Digital rights management for multicasting content distribution
Transmitting information given constrained resources
Platform-independent data dictionary
Method for constructing composite response surfaces by combining neural networks with polynominal in...
FIFO interface for flag-initiated DMA frame synchro-burst operation
System and method for providing inferencing services
Searching for object images with reduced computation
Method for allocation of web pages using neural networks
Automated resource management using perceptron prediction
Method and apparatus for inserting extra tracks during library architecture migration
Apparatus for the retention of items
Tearing mechanism for a toy, such as a doll, having fixed or movable eyes
Portable juvenile swing
Entertainment system for a vehicle
Card game
Entertainment game
Child transport vehicle and carrier adapted therefor
Preformed foam seatback with integral opening
Reversibly metachromatic toy
Interactive beverage bottle top
Underwater fun toy
Exhaust system and methods of reducing contaminants in an exhaust stream
Combustion process
Method for eliminating mercaptan from crude gas
Use of anionic copolymers for enhanced recovery of useful coal and potassium chloride from screen bo...
Method of producing hydrogen rich water and hydrogen rich water generator
Extraction of metals with diquaternary amines
Method of scrubbing lower mass sulfides with a sulfide scrubbing medium capable of regeneration
Methods for the production of hydrogen
Method for making high thermal diffusivity boron nitride powders
Text based markup language resource interface
Remedy for down's syndrome
Pharmaceutical composition comprising valsartan
3-Azabicyclo[3.1.0]hexane derivatives
Compounds for treatment of lipase-mediated diseases
AMPK activating agent
Method for preparing novel transcription factors and use
Methods and reagents for diagnosis and treatment of diabetes
Cellulite ultrasound treatment
Method for treating subcutaneous tissues
System for treating subcutaneous tissues
Apparatus for treating subcutaneous tissues
Percutaneous Tissue Excision Devices and Methods
Tools for Percutaneous Spinal Ligament Decompression and Device for Supporting Same
Device for umbilicus protection during abdominal surgery
Method and apparatus for endoscopically performing gastric reduction surgery in a single step
Flow control method and device
External presentation of electrical stimulation parameters
External presentation of electrical stimulation parameters
Use of indole-derived compounds for the preparation of a medicament that can be used to treat diseas...
Novel pyrazolopyrimidines as cyclin dependent kinase inhibitors
Method and apparatus for measuring corneal resistance
Novel modulators of the PPAR-type receptors and pharmaceutical/cosmetic applications thereof
Retinal prosthesis with a new configuration
Inhibitors of macrophage migration inhibitory factor and methods for identifying the same
High voltage transcutaneous electrical stimulation device and method
Inhibitors of macrophage migration inhibitory factor and methods for identifying the same
Primary rat hepatocyte toxicity modeling
Inhibitors of macrophage migration inhibitory factor and methods for identifying the same
Methods of generating knock-out rodents
Novel pyrazolopyrimidines as cyclin dependent kinase inhibitors
Model for muscular dystrophy and cardiomyopathy
CXCR4 antagonists for the treatment of medical disorders
17-Heterocyclic-4-azasteroid derivatives as androgen receptor modulators
Compositions comprising novel PPAR ligands and anti-hyperlipemic agents
Topical formulations containing O-Desmethyl Venlafaxine (ODV) or its salts
Cosmetic compositions containing block copolymers, tackifiers and phenylated silicones
Slim terminal gaming system
Encapsulation with oxide bond to borosilicate mixture
Next high frequency improvement by using frequency dependent effective capacitance
Method and system for providing calling name identification requery
Method of operating a virtual private network
Production process of light amount-adjusting member, light amount-adjusting member, light amount-adj...
Method for replenishing development replenisher in automatic developing machine for photosensitive l...
Cross plane wide-gap motor system for gimbal
Camera with improved illuminator
Image pick up apparatus
Photographic imaging system for brachytherapy device verification
Nanoliter viscometer for analyzing blood plasma and other liquid samples
Cross-linked polymeric nanoparticles and metal nanoparticles derived therefrom
Miniature reaction chamber template structure for fabrication of nanoscale molecular systems and dev...
Nanometer-sized carrier medium
Directed assembly of highly-organized carbon nanotube architectures
Fused carbon nanotube-nanocrystal heterostructures and methods of making the same
Rechargeable lithium cell having an anode comprised of carbon nanotubes
Reduction of a feature dimension in a nano-scale device
Solution containing surface-modified nanoparticles
Nanocylinder arrays
Electrochromic device with nanoparticles and UV-absorbers in the protective coating
Magnetic recorder having carbon nanotubes embedded in anodic alumina for emitting electron beams to ...
Semiconductor nanocrystal composite
Methods of fabricating nanoclusters and dielectric layer having the same
Electromagnetic valve actuating device for an internal combustion engine
Control apparatus for internal combustion engine
Control system
Method and apparatus for efficient transmission of result set data
Method of rinsing and drying semiconductor substrates
Method for sensing the orientation of an object
Image processing apparatus and method, computer program, and recording medium
Multi-constraint routing system and method
Image processing methods using reversible watermarking
Digital watermark-embedding apparatus, digital watermark-embedding method, and recording medium havi...
System and method of content copy control
Digital video recording/playback system with entry point processing function
Determining the effect of a substance on sequestration, uptake, and accumulation of amyloid in brain...
Methods of RNA and protein synthesis
3'-phosphoadenosine -5'-phosphosulfate synthetase 2 (PAPSS2) sequence variants
Methods and compositions for regulating plant stress tolerance
Method and system for generating referrals for job positions based upon virtual communities comprise...
Curing unit for dental materials
Method of controlling exposure processes by monitoring photon levels, and system for accomplishing s...
Method of encapsulating an assembly with a low temperature silicone rubber compound
Mercury-heating device and method of manufacturing the same
Method of determining alignment of a template and a substrate having a liquid disposed therebetween
Polishing slurries and methods for chemical mechanical polishing
Method of forming a recessed structure employing a reverse tone process
Methods for polymerization of electronic and photonic polymers
Methods for polymerization of electronic and photonic polymers
Medicament dispenser
Filter housing assembly with leak testable aerosol injection port
Fabry-perot stepped etalon with improved transmittance characteristics
Method and apparatus for providing network protection at input/output interfaces of a cross-connect ...
Systems and methods for providing adaptive pulse position modulated code division multiple access fo...
Fluorescently labeled growth hormone secretagogue
Peptide and amine examination method using the same
Data processing device having multiple adjustable display and keyboard orientations
Weighted fair queue having extended effective range
Information notifying method and apparatus
T-type amino functional release agent for fuser members
System for managing digital printers and servers via a network
Uniform charge device with reduced edge effects
Image forming unit and manufacturing method thereof
Corona generating device having a wire composite
Integrated circuit chip, electronic device and method of manufacturing the same, and electronic inst...
High performance, integrated, MOS-type semiconductor device and related manufacturing process
Semiconductor device having a first clock signal configured to operate sychronously with a second cl...
Stand for supporting a flat panel display with shelves
Small cantilever mount for a flat panel display
Electrical apparatus
Piezoelectric element, ink jet head, angular velocity sensor, method for manufacturing the same, and...
Quartz thin film
Method for preparing a latex with photochromic properties and uses thereof, particularly in ophthalm...
Artificial finger print liquid, testing method for optical information medium using it, and optical ...
Photosensitive material, electrophotographic photoreceptor using the material, and electrophotograph...
Method of manufacturing ceramic film, method of manufacturing ferroelectric capacitor, ceramic film,...
Flip FERAM cell and method to form same
Silica-alumina catalyst support with bimodal pore distribution, catalysts, methods of making and usi...
Ferroelectric material, ferroelectric film and method of manufacturing the same, ferroelectric capac...
Optical sensor and method of manufacturing the same
Respiratory syncytial virus replication inhibitors
Process for making bicalutamide and intermediates thereof
In vitro propagation of embryonic stem cells
Camera for printing manipulated images on media
Automatic layout generation for photobooks
Information system
Optical hybrid module and manufacturing method thereof
Rotatable/removeable keyboard
System and method for safely controlling, and receiving status of, power over ethernet
Persistent data storage for metadata related to web service entities
Method of and an apparatus for distributing information, a method of and an apparatus for receiving ...
Storage operating data control system
Method for configuring a network element at a customer premise via a mobile data terminal
Data transfer method, system and computer program product
Rear combination lamp lens for an automobile
Self-powered flashlight
Flashlight with battery
Track luminaire
Wall wash luminaire
Table lamp support
Translucent glass cover sleeve for lighting fixtures
Air pressure bottle lighter
Hair iron
Visiting card clip lighter
Electric hair flat iron
Hood lighter
Machine for precision low stress coring and slicing of apples and other soft-cored or pitted fruits
Food carrier and method
Intermediate cover board with concealed security device for hard cover product
System and method for detecting access to an article or opening of a package
Traceability system
Storing configuration information and a service record for an item in an RFID tag
Adaptable bandwidth RFID tags
Closure cap with audible warning
Compact inverted-F antenna
Antenna apparatus, and communications apparatus using same
Compact antenna with directed radiation pattern
Life raft container security system and method
Secure optical information disc
Wireless communication device with tamper resistant configuration settings
Radio frequency identification reader housing
Graphical user interface for wireless communications
Viral CD30 polypeptide
Treatment of optic and otic inflammation
Taxanes having a C7 heterosubstituted acetate substituent
Expression systems and methods for detecting and isolating polypeptides regulating signal transducti...
Means and methods for monitoring protease inhibitor antiretroviral therapy and guiding therapeutic d...
Methods of detecting specific cell lysis
Substrate for assaying ribonuclease H activity
Preparation of vaccines using a photosensitizer and light
Adeno-associated virus serotype 1 nucleic acid sequences, vectors and host cells containing same
Portable wound treatment apparatus
Electrosurgical jaw structure for controlled energy delivery
Method and apparatus for improving mitral valve function
Methods for targeted drug delivery
Ultrasound catheter with utility lumen
Apparatus and system for delivery of drug therapies
Method and apparatus for positioning a diagnostic or therapeutic element within the body and tip ele...
Energy based devices and methods for treatment of patent foramen ovale
Liquid crystal panel, liquid crystal device, and electronic apparatus
Beverage container and toothbrush holder
Method for controlling airflow
Process for the preparation of di- and polyamines of the diphenylmethane series
Method for erasing non-volatile memory cells and corresponding memory device
Thin speaker and method of manufacturing the speaker
Method of compression of binary data with a random number generator
Variable attenuator system and method
Battery operated portable juicer and blender
Stacked stator core and method of manufacturing thereof, and rotary motor and method of manufacturin...
Multiple unit transparent measuring device
Automated lawn cutting and vacuum system
System with moving zero step for stairs
Radiation detecting cassette
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory and manufacturing method for the same
Printed circuit board tact switch
Display device
Imaging lens for infrared cameras
Apparatus and method for detecting a gas associated with a glowing contact and interrupting a power ...
Overload reduction in a communication system
Pipeline method and system for switching packets
Synchronizing stationary clutch of compression braking with a two spool gas turbine engine
Hydraulic servo-steering valve with steering moment superimposition
Rice sucrose transporter gene promoter
Isolated plant gene encoding a .beta. amyrin synthase
Farnesyl dibenzodiazepinones and methods of treating cancer using same
Methods and compositions relating to anti-interleukin-4 receptor antibodies
Apparatus and methods for treating tissue
Mesh graft and stent for increased flexibility
Prosthetic cardiac valves and systems and methods for implanting thereof
Prevention of brain damage in stroke
Methods employing and compositions containing defined oxidized phospholipids for prevention and trea...
Pyrrolidine derivatives as Factor Xa inhibitors
Benzamide inhibitors of the P2X.sub.7 receptor
Use of 8-amino-aryl-substituted imidazopyrazines as kinase inhibitors
Composite prosthetic bearing constructed of polyethylene and an ethylene-acrylate copolymer and meth...
Calibration of oscillator devices
Method for establishing secure communication link between computers of virtual private network
Packet data processing apparatus and packet relay apparatus
Contents transmission/reception scheme with function for limiting recipients
Method for selecting terms from vocabularies in a category-based system
Method, system, and apparatus for exposing server properties to a client application
Peer-to-peer authorization method
Selecting an appropriate transfer mechanism for transferring an object
Multi-speed gearbox
Method of verifying a monitoring and responsive infrastructure of a system
Color cathode ray tube correcting beam landing errors
Microwave transmission/reception element structure with distance-to-subject relative motion, and rel...
School crossing guard, security system
Matched maneuver detector
Chemical detoxification of vesicants and related chemicals in mobile disposal systems
Scanning charged-particle microscope
Singulation method used in image sensor packaging process and support for use therein
Liquid sampling probe and cleaning fluidics system
Systems and methods for dispensing an anti-traction, mobility denial material
Protein associated with cell stress response
MN gene and protein
Light emitting display, display panel, and driving method thereof
Transistor and sensors made from molecular materials with electric dipoles
Organic light emitting display with circuit measuring pad and method of fabricating the same
Bottom emission type electroluminescent display with partially reflecting electrodes
Dual panel type organic electro luminescent display device and manufacturing method for the same
Methods and structures for reducing lateral diffusion through cooperative barrier layers
Organic electroluminescent display panel and method of manufacturing the same
Organic luminescence device with anti-reflection layer and organic luminescence device package
Organic electroluminescent display device and driving method thereof
Method for driving plasma display panel
Active type light emitting display device
Absorption power measuring device
Use of a down-bond as a controlled inductor in integrated circuit applications
Switch device
Transferred-impedance filtering in RF receivers
Use of analog-valued floating-gate transistors for parallel and serial signal processing
System for measuring the position of a ball in a sporting event
Foot-operated controller
Full digital home cinema
Genes encoding genetic stability, gene expression and folding proteins
Genes encoding carbon metabolism and energy-producing proteins
Genes encoding carbon metabolism and energy-producing proteins
Acyltransferases for alteration of polyunsaturated fatty acids and oil content in oleaginous yeasts
Fragments of the human zn-alpha2-glycoprotein and their use in methods of treatment of obesity
Crystalline forms of 1-chloro-4-(beta-D-glucopyranos-1-yl)-2-[4-ethynyl-benzyl)-benzene, methods for...
Antisense modulation of superoxide dismutase 1, soluble expression
Heterobifunctional pan-selectin inhibitors
Beta-chitin complex and method for producing the same
Cellulose oxidation by nitrogen dioxide in a perfluorinated tertiary amine solvent
Process for supported phase synthesis
251 human secreted proteins
Water-dispersible polysaccaride derivatives of reduced glyoxal content, and a process for decreasing...
Method for modifying starch or starch derivatives
Glucosidases, nucleic acids encoding them and methods for making and using them
Rice promoters for regulation of plant expression
Methods and means for obtaining modified phenotypes
Novel toxins
Thin sheet production method and thin sheet production device
Method for attaching two surfaces to each other using a bioadhesive polyphenolic protein and perioda...
Welder with light source
Heatable glazing panel with electrically conductive coating having both heatable and non-heatable co...
Cardioelectromagnetic treatment
Fatty ester mixture for solar protection and cosmetic product containing same
Hydrogen gas sensor
Method of forming a part made of a molybdenum-copper composite material
Methods and compositions for the treatment of peripheral artery disease
Extended product configuration techniques
High pressure gas discharge lamp and method of manufacturing the same
Programmable memory address and decode circuits with low tunnel barrier interpoly insulators
Systems and methods for increasing cerebral spinal fluid flow
Method and apparatus for obtaining storage information from a transaction log
Mineral additives for improved processing of compositions containing vitamin E and saw palmetto
Biomolecules having multiple attachment moieties for binding to a substrate surface
Flywheel system with synchronous reluctance and permanent magnet generators
Exhaust purifying apparatus and exhaust purifying method for internal combustion engine
Systems and methods for designing, simulating and analyzing transportation systems
Memory device and its manufacturing method
Phosphorus-containing carboxylic acid derivatives process for preparations thereof and flame retarda...
IC card reader
Barrier units and articles made therefrom
Zinc/air cell with improved anode
Z-substituted acrylamides, methods for production thereof and agents comprising the same
Split phase inverters for CCFL backlight system
Prodrugs of GABA analogs, compositions and uses thereof
Charge-trapping memory device and method for production
Method of forming a negative differential resistance device
Quinoline derivatives as anti-inflammatory agents
Programmable logic device suitable for implementation in molecular electronics
Method and system for providing current balanced writing for memory cells and magnetic devices
Method and system for self-convergent erase in charge trapping memory cells
Fusion proteins of Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Method and device for treating gastroesophageal reflux disease
Tape sheet pads and dispenser and method of dispensing individual tape sheets from such pads
Flexible cube-corner retroflective sheeting
Optical interconnect device
Maximization of yield for web-based articles
Visual detector for vaporized hydrogen peroxide
Vapor phase decontamination of containers
Ozone containing fluid system for chemical and/or biological warfare agents
Medicinal aerosol compositions with an amide and/or ester containing excipient compound
Method for preparing human immunoglobulin concentrates for therapeutic use
Oriented polypropylene films for adhesive tape
Transparent conductive oxides for plastic flat panel displays
Silicone-based dental impression compounds
Implantable cardiac device with PVC density monitoring, and therapy control and method
Receiver with chopper stabilization and method thereof
Device and method for the digital demodulation of a signal received by selecting a filter and digita...
Seamless call switching in a dual mode environment
Access point to access point range extension
Transmission power control system
Apparatus for improving call transition efficiency in a wireless communication system
Method and system for delivering wireless telephone service to customer premises via local loop tele...
System for controlling wireless communications from a moving vehicle
Remote document viewing system, device, and method thereof
Ink stick for phase change ink jet printer
Ink stick for phase change ink jet printer
Pen with abrasive portion
Grip for a writing utensil
Finger guard
Head band
Sand brush
Barbecue grill
Four prong weed remover
Stapler hand portion
Stapler base
Handle for hand-operated tool
Container with cap
Watch casing
Decorative flat screen frame
Paint pump stand
Ice cream maker
Ink stick for phase change ink jet printer
Image transfer unit having an intermediate transfer belt to which a toner image is applied
Method and apparatus to enable efficient processing and transmission of network communications
Pet treat
X-ray CT apparatus and X-ray tube
Apparatus and method for determining measure of similarity between images
Systems and methods that employ exposure compensation to provide uniform CD control on reticle durin...
Systems and methods for the collaborative design, construction, and maintenance of fluid processing ...
Method for non-destructive trench depth measurement using electron beam source and X-ray detection
Radiation detector with converters
Mixed irradiation evaluation support system
Device and method for reading out information stored in a storage layer, and x-ray cartridge
Multidetector CT imaging method and apparatus with reducing radiation scattering
Blur compensation apparatus for X-ray image and medical X-ray imaging apparatus using the blur compe...
Method and apparatus for compensating non-uniform detector collimator plates
System and method for tracking a mobile worker
Goodpasture antigen binding protein
Write-once optical disc, and method and apparatus for recording management information on write-once...
Error correction coding apparatus and method
Container for storing food
Elastic tie down strap
Light-emitting diode
LCD monitor having image design displayed thereon
Portable telephone
Modulator of TNF/NGF superfamily receptors and soluble oligomeric TNF/NGF superfamily receptors
Ice cream cone holder
Method of manufacturing block-type freeze-dried soybean paste (miso)
Flavour modulating substance
Method for the production of a sweetener salt based on aspartame and acesulfame
High fibre bread and bread improver compositions
Novel dough methods for preparing the same and baking products thereof
Method and apparatus for making beverages
Starch hydrolysis products for size enlargement
Dietary supplements and prepared foods containing triglyceride-recrystallized non-esterified phytost...
Fiber-containing rice-based cereals and methods of preparation
Grinding and Mixing Edible Fat-Based Slurries and Emulsions Using a Vibratory Media Mill
Methods of extracting, concentrating and fractionating proteins and other chemical components
Gelled biopolymer based foam
Method for the cultivation of microorganisms of the genus thraustochytriales by using an optimized l...
Modified low molecular weight glutenin gene in plants
Method of treating textiles for resistance to odors and contaminants
Method of removing contaminants from carpet with aqueous cleaning composition
Carpet treated for resistance to odors and contaminants and method
Dichloric acids, reactive chlorine compounds, their derivatives, anions and salts, as well as proces...
System and method for nutritional information feedback at the point of sale
Medical dispensing container
Hollow fiber membrane and method of producing the same
Wastewater treatment with alkanes
Antibody immunoreactive with a 5-enolpyruvylshikimate-3-phosphate synthase
Method of plating a metal or metal compound on a semiconductor substrate that includes using the sam...
Linear polyethylenimine-sterol conjugates for gene delivery
Gas storage and delivery system for pressurized containers
Device and method for cleaning photomask
Dehydrating agent and method for dehydrating moist article using the agent and dehydrated article ob...
Water purifying system with removable storage tank
Reverse osmosis filtration systems
Diazo dyestuff compounds and their use
Methods and articles for gold nanoparticle production
Tap water purifier
Apparatus adapted for membrane-mediated electropolishing
Membrane-mediated electropolishing
Agent and method for decontaminating soil, groundwater or sediment contaminated with hexavalent chro...
Hydrophilic cross-linked polymeric membranes and sorbents
Sparse media edi apparatus and method
Activated carbon treatment of sediments contaminated with hydrophobic organic compounds
Drug product and process for making
Aqueous sanitizers, disinfectants, and/or sterilants with low peroxygen content
Taste potentiator compositions and beverages containing same
Silver halide color photographic light-sensitive material
Siliceous clay slurry
Method for producing cyclic organic silicon compound and organic silicon resin having alcoholic hydr...
Power generation system
Acquired resistance genes in plants
Treatment of Brines for Deep Well Injection
Monodispersed solid lipid particle compositions
Methods for preparing biodegradable microparticle formulations containing pharmaceutically active ag...
Pharmaceutical formulations exhibiting improved release rates
Cartilage-derived morphogenetic proteins
Inhalable gaseous medicament based on xenon and nitrous oxide
Method to predict and prevent oxygen-induced inflammatory tissue injury
Anti-inflammatory treatment
Thermal herbal applicator
Butanol extract of Bidens pilosa
Pharmaceutical composition for the treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases
Anti-obestic composition
Methods and compositions to enhance endogenous igf production and their uses
Nucleic acid and corresponding protein entitled 184P1E2 useful in treatment and detection of cancer
Composition and method for nerve regeneration
Modified annexin proteins and methods for their use in organ transplantation and in prevention of th...
Compositions and methods of using angiopoietin-like 4 protein
Method and apparatus for homeopathic provings and diagnosis
Protective dressing and methods of use thereof
Sensing contact probe
Chemically ordered, cobalt-three platinum alloys for magnetic recording
Preamplifier for use in data storage devices
Controller with fractional position algorithm
Base for data storage device with parallelism mounting features
Multiple disc array carrier
System for presenting synchronized HTML documents in digital television receivers
Splicing compressed, local video segments into fixed time slots in a network feed
Digital audio player
Digital audio player
System and method for viewing and editing multi-value properties
System and method for creating a true customer profile
Information system management
Discharge lamp with internal starting electrode
Magnetic elements having unique shapes
Systems and methods for determining a minimum effective dose of an inhaled drug for an individual pa...
Non-woven textile
Method, system, and program for generating parity data
High efficiency refractoryless kettle
Method for selecting transistor threshold voltages in an integrated circuit
Particulate trap
User name and profile information management