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System and method for estimating reliability of components for testing and quality optimization
Cyclic imide-substituted pyridylalkane, alkene, alkine carboxamides useful as cytostatic and immunos...
Benz-indole and benzo-quinoline derivatives as prodrugs for tumor treatment
Polyimides for use as high refractive index, thin film materials
Method and system for business intelligence over network using XML
Hard disk drive medical monitor with GPS
Inertial GPS navigation system with modified kalman filter
GPS receiver
TM microstrip antenna with GPS frequency coverage
Successive interference canceling for CMDA
Method for inputting information into a data storage medium that is optically recordable and readabl...
Gamma camera and CT system
Method and system for retrieving a medical picture
Methods and systems for down-converting a signal using a complementary transistor structure
On-line group-buying sale with increased value system and method
Method of processing test information
ASF state determination using chipset-resident watchdog timer
Dog chew treat
Pet flap
Vehicle barrier with access door
Oval pet dish
Medical tomography apparatus for generating a 2D image from a 3D dataset of a tomographic data
Method for contrast matching of multiple images of the same object or scene to a common reference im...
Network-based personal contact manager and associated methods
Method of displaying web pages to enable user access to text information that the user has difficult...
Method, product, and apparatus for requesting a network resource
Self-aligned body tie for a partially depleted SOI device structure
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device having composite buffer layer
Wide dynamic range operational amplifier
Method and system for reducing glitch effects within combinational logic
Method of querying a structure of compressed data
Display of phones on a map of a network
Vehicle louver
Nutritional food products employing gelled protein formulations
Non sweet binder for savory food product
Process for creating a thermo-irreversible konjac gel food
Semi-finished food product and a process for preparing it
Method for modifying the texture of a dairy product
Oil-in-water emulsified composition
Edible oils and methods of making edible oils
Release agent and method for use in baking applications
Method for Producing a Smoked TOFU
Barrier coating composition containing a liquid crystalline polymer as well as a device containing t...
Compositions and methods screening using populations of surrogate antibodies
Polymorphisms in mitochondrial transcription factor A ("TFAM") gene and their associations with meas...
Growth Hormone Secretagogue Receptor Type 1A Agonists
Hydrazone derivatives for combatting harmful insects and arachnids
Gelled biopolymer based foam
Rechargeable food thermometer
Access to internet data through a television system
Production of human glycosylated proteins in transgenic insects
Therapeutic agent for NGF
Therapeutic agent for NGF
Double-muscling in mammals
Novel culture systems for ex vivo development
Cloning pigs using donor nuclei from differentiated cells
Rice cultivar designated 'Trenasse'
Cytochrome P450 oxygenases and their uses
Annotated plant genes
Insect resistant cotton plants and methods of detecting the same
Safflower with elevated gamma-linolenic acid
Agronomically elite soybeans with high beta-conglycinin content
Sugar and lipid metabolism regulators in plants III
Production of Transgenic Poinsettia
Novel soybean
Novel soybean
Novel soybean
Isolation of Proteins Involved in Posttranscriptional Gene Silencing and Methods of Use
Internal medical devices having polyelectrolyte-containing extruded regions
Method and system for nerve repair, nanoknife, mems platform and uses thereof
Construction products and method of making same
Method and device for producing nitrogen fertilizer from organic waste products
Phosphate and potash(PK)-containing compound fertilizer
Lightweight concrete compositions
Methods of formulating a cement composition
Electrically conducting-inorganic substance-containing silicon carbide-based fine particles, electro...
Adjustable screen for loose fill fibrous insulation machine
Furnace and method for expanding material
Aeration system and method
Glass handling systems
Fire protection coating for FRP-reinforced structure
Abrasive filter assembly and methods of making same
Polycarboxylic acid polymer for cement admixture and cement admixture
Modified filler-containing polypropylene resins
Triazole-containing fluorinated polymers
Triazole-containing fluorinated urethanes and ureas
Plants which synthesize a modified starch, process for the production thereof and modified starch
Solvent-resistant membranes from solvent-inert polyimides and polyketones
Novel anthrapyridone compound, water-based magenta ink composition and inkjet recording method
Crystallized pellet/liquid separator
Scale inhibition in water systems
Exposure apparatus and method for producing device
2-O-(beta-D-glucopyranosyl) ascorbic acid, process for its production, and foods cosmetics containin...
Liposomal vaccine
Food composition having anti-stress action
Keratin and soluble derivatives thereof for a nutraceutical and to reduce oxidative stress and to re...
Process for the preparation of an edible emulsion
Preparation of canola protein isolate involving isoelectric precipitation
Method and apparatus for porous catalyst on a fuel cell flow field and high temperature membrane
Toner and manufacturing method thereof
Positive resist composition and pattern forming method using the same
Positive resist composition for immersion exposure and pattern forming method using the same
Polishing method for glass substrate, and glass substrate
5-androsten-3beta-ol steroid intermediates and processs for their preparation
Compounds and methods for the diagnosis and treatment of amyloid associated diseases
Binder and inkjet ink compositions
Apparatus for producing polymer
Composition improved in the solubility or oral absorbability
Modafinil Pharmaceutical Compositions
Colostrum compositions and methods
Copper ion-producing composition
Mri contrast medium composition for oral administration
Composition and method for treating iron deficiency anemia
Administration of high potency platinum compound formulations by inhalation
Pharmaceutical composition containing guaiacol derivatives and syringol derivatives extracted from n...
Extract of ogalpi, erectile dysfunction fanning healthy food and erectile dysfunction treating agent...
Methods and compositions comprising Panax species
Activated citrus peel extract
Treatment of wounds
Modulation of elf4e expression
Topical administration permitting prolonged exposure of target cells to therapeutic and prophylactic...
Molecular determinants of myeloma bone disease and use thereof
Method to control tumor progression and invasiveness
Supple tissue dressing assemblies, systems, and methods formed from hydrophilic polymer sponge struc...
Novel il-8-like polypeptides
System and method for the configuration of software products
Billing process and system in a telecommunication network
Display apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
Gallium nitride compound semiconductor device
Spin based sensor device
Magnetic memory device, a method for manufacturing a magnetic memory device, and an integrated circu...
Automated audio video messaging and answering system
Electrode for rechargeable lithium battery and rechargeable lithium battery
Method to advertise and search on television for web content using a simplified interface
Respiratory mask with an air-impermeable shield
Element having porphyrin polymer fixed on a substrate and method of preparing the same
Circuit and method of processing multiple-axis sensor output signals
Method and apparatus for use of thermally switching proteins in sensing and detecting devices
LCD support assembly
Acoustic contact detecting device
Modified milk protein concentrates and their use in making gels and dairy products
Process for recycling polyester materials
Impingement oven with radiant heating
Portable plate warming apparatus with rechargeable battery
Method for providing a heat treated filled and closed metal can
Food chopper
System and technique for ultrasonic determination of degree of cooking
Device for actuating double seat valves
Resealable tab for a drinking cup
In-line thermometer
Compound delivery systems
Disk array device, method of extending storage capacity and computer program
Memory channel with hot add/remove
Storage system using load balancing among systems of varying performance
Microprocessor with improved data stream prefetching
Memory hub with integrated non-volatile memory
Controlling the replacement of prefetched descriptors in a cache
Storage area management method and system for assigning physical storage areas to multiple applicati...
Coherency controller management of transactions
Technique for translating a hybrid virtual volume file system into a pure virtual file system data s...
Method and apparatus for implementing cache state as history of read/write shared data
Method of efficient data management with flash storage system
Localized cache block flush instruction
Method and apparatus for sharing TLB entries
Method for reproducing digital information and digital information recording or reproducing device
Attestation key memory device and bus
Reducing disk IO by full-cache write-merging
Alternate non-volatile memory for robust I/O
Multi-processing in a BIOS environment
System for extending an addressable range of memory
Communications system for and method of recovering from communications failure
Executing native code in place of non-native code
Magnification engine
Apparatus and a method for supplying information
Stripping email attachment from an email message and adding into the email message a link to fetch t...
Allium sativum bulb absolutes and therapeutic or cosmetic uses
Fast plant test for model-based control
Navigational instrument, method and computer program product for displaying ground traffic informati...
Polymerization process with mixed catalyst compositions
Dispensing structure incorporating a valve-containing fitment for mounting to a container and a pack...
Recording medium, playback apparatus and recording/playback apparatus thereof
Scorpion peptide as hypotensive agent
Devices utilizing self-assembled gel and method of manufacture
Method of testing for the presence of microorganisms in a gaseous environment comprising hydrogen pe...
Challenge-response user authentication
Compositions and methods involving methyladenosine phosphorylase in the diagnosis and treatment of p...
Method and apparatus for accommodating two mobile station antennas that operate in the same frequenc...
Clutch linings comprising fiber-reinforced ceramic materials
Optical information medium
Carrier for electrophotographic developer
Antimicrobial composition for pre-harvest and post-harvest treatment of plants and animals
Method and system for verification, calibration and simulation of a fuel cell test station
Vascular protection devices and methods of use
Histidine phosphatase interacting protein with 240kD
Fuel cell and membrane electrode assembly
Hybrid camera system with electronic album control
Method and apparatus for depopulating peripheral input/output cells
Electromagnetic induction heat generating roller, heating device, and image forming apparatus
Compositions and methods based on synergies between capsicum extracts and tea catechins for preventi...
Level gauge for oil-filled transformer, choke, or tap changer
Reusable instruments and related systems and methods
System and method for augmented thermal imagery
Input level adjust system and method
Method and apparatus to reject electrical interference in a capacitive liquid level sensor system
Position sensor apparatus and method
Floatable in vivo sensing device and method for use
Methods, apparatus and articles-of-manufacture for noninvasive measurement and monitoring of periphe...
Target activated sensor
Network browser window with adjacent identifier selector interface for storing web content
Adaptive control for mitigating interference in a multimode transmission medium
High bit rate optical communication over multimode fibers
Integrated photonic crystal structure and method of producing same
Asymmetric optical circulator
3D photonic bandgap device in SOI
Filter module
Stress-induced control of polarization dependent properties in photonic devices
Wavelength-conserving grating router for intermediate wavelength density
Optical connector insertion/extraction tool
Use of waveguide grating couplers in an optical mux/demux system
Assembly tool and optical connector assembly method
Method and apparatus for a fiber optic housing and aligning device
Fiber detector apparatus and related methods
Tight buffer optical fiber ribbon
Adapter block including connector storage
Dispersion compensating optical fiber, dispersion compensating device, optical transmission line and...
Methods and apparatuses using a fiber-flexure induction soldering station
Single polarization optical fiber and system and method for producing same
Optical transmission apparatus and optical systems
Systems and methods for determining an authorization
Systems and methods for determining a need for authorization
Apparatus and method for handling messages that relate to a cell other than the currently operating ...
Methods and apparatus for a multi-standard wireless communication and cellular telephone system
System and method for creating and managing survivable, service hosting networks
Fetch operations in a disk drive control system
Flying-type disk drive slider with micropad
Feedback control mechanism for active damping of slider air bearing vibrations in a hard disk drive ...
Method and apparatus for reducing effective track width through highly skewed head angles
Method of compensating for microjog error due to repeatable run-out
Automated storage library gripper with finger position detector
Recording head compensation for tape shrinkage and expansion
Angled flat-type recording head designed for near-constant resolution at varying type velocities
Pole piece for high track density recording
Shielded pole magnetic head for perpendicular recording
Magnetic head for perpendicular magnetic recording and method of manufacturing same
Magnetic head having heat sink structure
Magnetic head device and method for making the same
Method of assembling a disk drive including actuating a shipping comb to bend a suspension verticall...
Head actuator having dummy weight used to coincide mass and swing movement centers
Thin film magnetic head and method for manufacturing the same
Thin film magnetic head, head gimbal assembly, and hard disk drive
Magnetoresistive device exhibiting small and stable bias fields independent of device size variation
Method and apparatus for testing magnetic head with TMR element
Flexible marking of recording data by a recording unit
Locking vascular introducer assembly with adjustable hemostatic seal
Thermal recording material
Benzothiazepine derivatives
Benzothiazepine derivatives
Peptides derivatives comprising thiazepine group for the treatment of hyperlipidemic conditions
Benzazepines and related heterocyclic derivatives which are useful as orexin receptor antagonists
Heterocyclic compounds that are inhibitors of the enzyme DPP-IV
Inhibitors of macrophage migration inhibitory factor and methods for identifying the same
Xanthine phosphodiesterase V inhibitor polymorphs
4-oxoimidazolidine-2-spiropiperidine derivatives
Noncyclic 1,3-dicarbonyl compounds as dual PPAR agonists with potent antihyperglycemic and antihyper...
Homogenous compositions of polymers and crystalline solids or cross-linking agents and methods of ma...
Collaborative pointing devices
Pixel structure and method of repairing the same
Laser scanner and method for optically scanning an environment
Laser range finder and method to measure a distance
Apparatus for manufacturing flat panel display devices
Method for grading gemstone cut and symmetry
Reduction of speckle and interference patterns for laser projectors
Optical disk apparatus, optical recording method, optical recording program and storage medium
Disk device and method for controlling threshold value of disc device
Laser driver circuit for externally modulated lasers
Semiconductor laser device, semiconductor laser module, and optical fiber amplifier using the semico...
Laser oscillating apparatus and laser working machine
Laser-to-fiber coupling
Tandem type image forming apparatus
Hair comb, circuitry, and method for laser and galvanic scalp treatment
Pharmacy envelope dispensing arrangement
Objective lens driver and disk drive device comprising the same
Grab handle and bezel assembly
Vehicle compass system with continuous automatic calibration
Pin connected link mechanism
Fuel supply apparatus for fuel injection engine
Power actuator for automotive closure latch
Vehicle console with armrest extension
Movable panel assembly
Automotive compartment having an integrated spring mechanism and method of making the same
Modular lock for a door of a motor vehicle and door provided with this lock
Adjustable seat cushion thigh support system and method
Vehicle seat assembly
Automotive seat with a backrest whose position can be electrically adjusted
Dynamic damper with multiple degree of freedom
Hybrid vehicle mode shift control device
Control apparatus and method for automotive vehicle in which a belt-type continuously variable trans...
Infrared radiation detecting device
Power transfer system regulated using a dithered control signal
Sealed sensor housing and method of making
Telescoping pier foundation
Process for making a garment including an absorbent assembly
Magnetic alloy containing TiO.sub.2 for perpendicular magnetic recording application
Anti-noise pick-up
Computer-implemented method and apparatus for matching paint
Methods for promoting growth of bone, ligament, and cartilage using zvegf4
Implantable biodegradable devices for musculoskeletal repair or regeneration
Growth regulating proteins
GASP1: a follistatin domain containing protein
EP4 receptor selective agonist in the treatment of osteoporosis
Full-length cDNA
Method of culturing human chondrocytes
Medical prosthetic devices and implants having improved biocompatibility
Arthroplasty devices with resorbable component
Codeinone reductase from alkaloid poppy
Methods for generating or increasing revenues from crops
Expressing acid invertase or ADP-glucose pyrophosphorylase in floral tissue for enhanced floral sink...
Plant MYB transcription factor homologs
Soybean variety 0037209
Celery variety command
Plants and seeds of corn variety LH332
Plants and seeds of hybrid corn variety CH877148
Computer interfaced scanning fluorescence lifetime microscope applied to directed evolution
Accurate toy air gun targets
Method for garbage collection of unused methods
Non-blocking memory management mechanism for supporting dynamic-sized data structures
Information processing system, information disclosing server, and portal server
Method for remotely downloading information for printing
Network device management method, and network devices
Method and system for display of activity of users
Systems and methods for providing dynamic network authorization authentication and accounting
Compression and remote storage apparatus for data, music and video
Data exchange between a handheld device and another computer system using an exchange manager via sy...
CAM-based search engine devices having advanced search and learn instruction handling
Three data center adaptive remote copy
Method for automatically assigning priorities to documents and messages
Logistics management system presenting user interface for performing multiple freight management tas...
Network redirection control routing
Methods and apparatus for forwarding facsimiles by phone and/or E-mail
Automatically sequentially ringing alternative telephone numbers
Communication interface between PC's and auxiliary platforms in an intelligent network
Local number portability cross connect switch network
System and method for interfacing plain old telephone system (POTS) devices with cellular networks
System and method for stereo conferencing over low-bandwidth links
Mobile device having a protective user interface cover
Phone holder assembly
Methods, systems and apparatus for providing urgent public information
Automatic dialing for a wireless communications device
Cell phone with mirror
Protective mask of mobile phone
System for discovering and maintaining geographic location information in a computer network to enab...
Method and system for preventing error amplification in natural language dialogues
System and method to manage participant input for an interactive show
Accessing different types of electronic messages through a common messaging interface
Portable equipment support
Mirror apparatus
Cardanic suspension device for a camera balance device
Camera attachment for compressing pliant objects during photography thereof
Waterproof protector device and waterproof protector system using the same
Camera system, lens apparatus and camera
Lens barrel, photographic apparatus, and optical apparatus
Optical system with image producing surface control unit
Extended one-time password method and apparatus
Laser line projector with spherically rotatable support and level/plumb indicators for the support
Tapering device for removing portions of a gypsum board
Acoustical sound proofing material and methods for manufacturing same
Rolling electronic length measuring device
Drywall rasp
Torque plate tool and method for sprinkler head installation
Electrical box extender
Mixing valve mounting assembly
Apparatus and method for installation of recessed lighting fixture
Preservative compositions for materials and method of preserving same
Retainer for immobilizing a bucket during mixing
More controllable acoustic spray patch
Fungicidal composition
Stud snap & lock non-metallic electrical box
Scale with clampable protrusion for weighing bicycles and other sports-related items
Toy for simulating character motion
Multi-facet decoration assembly
Yo-yo having adjustable responsiveness
Dental flosser with floss beads
Porous low E (<2.0) thin films by transport co-polymerization
Nanofabrication using actin filaments
Method and apparatus for compensating DC level in an adaptve radio receiver
Receiver and a method of attenuating a disturbance signal by a trap circuit having its resonance fre...
Method and system for a programmable biasing mechanism for a mobile digital television environment
Method and system for operating a radio communication network
Radio communication terminal and hand-over control method
Method and system for planning and evaluation of radio networks
Computer system and method for data transmission
Method and apparatus for applications including position determination
Systems and Methods for Locating Geographical Regions of Mobile Computer Users
Transmission rate control method, mobile station, radio base station, and radio network controller
Medical device with beneficial agent delivery mechanism
Systems and methods for skin wrinkle removal
Memory access to virtual target device
Wireless system for activation by wireless
Information processing apparatus and control method for the information processing apparatus
A-frame shear assembly for walls
Curing component and curable resin composition containing the curing component
Aqueous composition
Handheld layout and marking tool
Foamed cement compositions and associated methods of use
Radiation-curable aqueous dispersions
Fire resistant barrier
Receptacle for enclosing low-voltage electronic devices in a wall
Penetration fire stop device
Sensor and method of mounting it
Electronic multi-depth object locator with self-illuminating optical element warning and detection
Method and process for co-combustion in a waste to-energy facility
Camera-printer combination
System, computer program product and method for managing documents
Data backup technique using network
Indirectly heated electrode for gas discharge tube, gas discharge tube with this, and its operating ...
Light-emitting device arranged in the light distribution pattern for a vehicle
Semiconductor memory device
Continuous high-frequency oscillation breathing treatment apparatus
System and method for recording the order of a change caused by restoring a primary volume during on...
Method for treating and extracting cork organic compounds, with a dense fluid under pressure
Weighted fair queuing scheduler
Animating images to reflect user selection
Computer based matching system for party and counterparty exchanges
Porous membranes for use with implantable devices
Image forming apparatus, image forming process, and process cartridge
Front load pressure jacket system with grooved syringe holder
Composition for powder metallurgy
LDL receptor signaling assays
.alpha.-Isomaltosyltransferase, process for producing the same and use thereof
Sand control screen assembly having fluid loss control capability and method for use of same
Method and apparatus for trend detection in an electrocardiogram monitoring signal
Correction table creation method for head position control, head position control method and disk de...
Dual liquid crystal display device
3,4-dihydroxyhydrocinnamic acid derivative
Parallel, adaptive delta sigma ADC
Differential front-end continuous-time sigma-delta ADC using chopper stabilization
Method and apparatus for equal channel angular extrusion of flat billets
Extrusion auger with removable auger segments and removal tool
Test vehicle grid array package
Tire noise reducing system
Head for golf club
Pneumatic tire
Three-piece solid golf ball
Realtime stereo and motion analysis on passive video images using an efficient image-to-image compar...
Golf ball
Runflat tire system and support ring therefor
Pneumatic tire with tread having cap layer and base layer
Pneumatic tire with noise damper
Method and apparatus for assembling narrow components onto a tire building drum
Fine wire drawing machine
Siped tire tread with high transverse stiffness
Mold for forming an annular tread belt
Hot forming system to produce pre-cured innerliners
Tire tread
Hose construction containing fluoroelastomer composition and fluoroplastic barrier
Pneumatic tire having a component containing low PCA oil
Walk reel mower
Golf practice device
Method, system, and computer program product for concept-based multi-dimensional analysis of unstruc...
Integrated circuit with tamper detection circuit
Passivation layer on aluminum surface and method thereof
Reducing plasma ignition pressure
Device and method for weapon sight
System and method for visual analysis of word frequency and distribution in a text
Interactive education system for teaching patient care
Feedback system for monitoring and measuring physical exercise related information
Means and method of providing information to a law enforcement officer regarding a stopped vehicle
Technique for providing simulated vision
System and method for one-stroke multimedia programming
Method and apparatus for automatically recognizing input audio and/or video streams
Text based markup language resource interface
Compositions and methods for improving functional vascular cellular survival integrity and reducing ...
Association between agomelatine and a noradrenaline reuptake inhibitor, and pharmaceutical compositi...
Use of agomelatine in obtaining medicaments intended for the treatment of sleep disorders in the dep...
Metabolic Monitoring, a Method and Apparatus for Indicating a Health-Related condition of a Subject
Hepatic device for treatment or glucose detection
Internally vented multi-function esophageal gastric tube
Apparatus and method for disrupting subcutaneous structures
Iontophoresis device
Remote health monitoring and maintenance system
Iontophoresis device
Management of health care data
High-aspect-ratio microdevices and methods for transdermal delivery and sampling of active substance...
Filling system and method for syringes with short needles
Devices and methods for retaining a gastro-esophageal implant
Therapeutic curcumin derivatives
Acylhydrazone derivatives and the use thereof in the inhibition, regulation and/or modulation of kin...
Novel fused heterocyclic compound and use thereof
Haloaryl substituted aminopurines, compositions thereof, and methods of treatment therewith
Compounds and methods for modulating phosphodiesterase 10A
Met kinase inhibitors
Methods of treating cancer with hdac inhibitors
Methods for treating, preventing and managing chronic lymphocytic leukemia with indazole compounds
Methods of modulating intestinal fluid balance
1-Phenylalkanecarboxylic acid derivatives for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases
Method of using spinal cord stimulation to treat neurological disorders or conditions
Combination electrode-battery and programming assembly for a miniature wireless transcutaneous elect...
Intervertebral disc annulus stent
Transgenic mammal with constitutive, tissue-specific cytokine expression and use as a cancer model
Transgenic mouse model and methods for treatment of neuro muscular disease by interfering with andro...
Solid skin care composition comprising multiple layers
Solid skin care composition comprising multiple layers
Sensor system to distinguish frozen and non-frozen liquid particulates
Coaxial connector having detachable locking sleeve
Coal-bed-methane water treatment system
Method for cell balancing for lithium battery systems
System and method for determining and balancing state of charge among series connected electrical en...
Approach for charging multiple batteries
Method of controlling charge and discharge of secondary battery for automatic guided vehicle
Systems and method for boosting output of an alternator
DC converters having buck or boost configurations
Voltage converter
Tip having active circuitry
Voltage regulator
DC converter with halt mode setting means
Control circuit and control method for DC-DC converter
Bandgap reference voltage circuit
Current driver
Load control circuit and method for achieving reduced acoustic noise
Method and device for determining the state of a vehicle battery
Magnetic element and power supply
Superconducting fault current limiter
Power supply system and apparatus
DC-DC converter circuit
Voltage collapse diagnostic and ATC system
Switching circuit and individual voltmeter apparatus
Image Processing Method
Multimedia computer
Network security planning architecture
Printer ink reservoir
Estimating the accuracy of molecular property models and predictions
Method and apparatus for efficiently copying distributed data files
Tampon with an overwrap or overwraps having both masking and wicking properties
Front filter in plasma display panel
Network interface card using physical layer microcontroller and method of operation
Nitride microlens
Magnetic switching with expanded hard-axis magnetization volume at magnetoresistive bit ends
Remote control device having wireless phone interface
Wireless image transfer from a digital still video camera to a networked computer
High-frequency heating apparatus
Ribbed core dual wall structure
Lithium polymer secondary battery
Systems and methods for provisioning a host device for enhanced services in a cable system
Respiratory suction catheter apparatus configured for releasable attachment with an artificial airwa...
Overcap with trigger actuator for aerosol cans
Method of spell-checking search queries
Diagnostics and therapy of epstein-barr virus in autoimmune disorders
Universal rapid test and method for detection of tuberculosis in multiple host species
Flagellin gene, flaC of Campylobacter
Plant promoter sequence
Synthetic urine and method of manufacturing same
Antagonists of HMG1 for treating inflammatory conditions
Derivatives of echinocandine, their preparation process and their use as antifungals
Method of treating left ventricular dysfunction
4-(3,3-dihalo-allyloxy)phenoxy alkyl derivatives
Pharmaceutical composition
Environment responsive gelling copolymer
Polyalkylene glycol acid additives
Peptide having appetite stimulating activity
Discosoma red fluorescent proteins
Anti-CD40 monoclonal antibody
Process for producing a conjugated di- or poly-unsaturated fatty acid of 12 to 24 carbon atoms or sa...
Esters with antimicrobial, bioresistant and fungal resistant properties
Methods for photopatterning hydrogels
Acoustic device
Pest controlling
Photographic firearm apparatus and method
Recombinant viral nucleic acids
Multilayer shrink film with polystyrene and polyethylene layers
User authentication
Video thumbnail
Systems and methods for monitoring or controlling the ratio of hydrogen to water vapor in heat metal...
Medical testing system and method
Method for forming material
Methods for identifying a substance which specifically binds to an osteoclastogenesis inhibitory fac...
Method of polymerization and copolymerization of ethylene
Cochlear implant including a modiolar return electrode
Plant senescence-specific gene and its promoter
Diagnosis of Smith-Lemli-Optiz syndrome
Methods for modulating bone mineralization
Pacing method and device for preserving native conduction system
Method of determining radioactive nuclides
Cradle for receiving an adapter
Method and apparatus for forming superimposed toner images of a plurality of colors
Injectors and syringe interfaces for syringes of variable size
Portion of an overhead garage door facade
Fluidic control system
Portable tendering and customer service stations and related systems and method
Method and system for retrieving confirming sentences
Portion of an electronic mouse
Depth adjustment for a clamping chuck
Oligosaccharide-containing compositions and uses thereof
Methods and compositions for treating or preventing skin disorders using binding agents specific for...
Treatment of inflammatory disorders with STIgMA immunoadhesins
Use of recombinant parainfluenza viruses (PIVs) as vectors to protect against infection and disease ...
Postweaning multisystemic wasting syndrome and porcine circovirus from pigs
Production of vaccines
Lymphoid tissue-specific cell production from hematopoietic progenitor cells in three-dimensional de...
Corticotropin releasing factor 2 receptor agonists
Corticotropin releasing factor 2 receptor agonists
Use of immunomodulating agents
Polynucleotides encoding epithelium-derived T-cell factor and uses thereof
Modified 2' and 3'-nucleoside prodrugs for treating Flaviviridae infections
Estradiol metabolites for the treatment of pulmonary hypertension
Bicyclic heterocycles as HIV integrase inhibitors
Piperidine derivatives and their use as modulators of chemokine receptor activity (especially CCR5)
Screening assays for agents that alter inhibitor of apoptosis (IAP) protein regulation of caspase ac...
Compounds and methods for regulating apoptosis, and methods of making and screening for compounds th...
Sequences upstream of the CARP gene, vectors containing them and uses thereof
Fusion of data from differing mathematical models
Nucleic acid molecules encoding cytotoxic conjugates that contain a chemokine receptor targeting age...
Nonaqueous 3 in 1 dishwasher products
Compensator for liquid crystal display with two compensation sheets
Projection screen and projection system comprising the same
Doefoot surface cosmetic applicator
Advanced coating apparatus and method
Electronic device
Compositions of polyacids and polyethers and methods for their use as dermal fillers
Automatic alignment of integrated circuit and design layout of integrated circuit to more accurately...
Container for toner of printer
Differentiating ischemic from non-ischemic T-wave inversion
Slip-coat compositions and polymeric laminates
Substituted azetidinone compounds, processes for preparing the same, formulations and uses thereof
Optically and fluidically enhanced in vitro diagnostic test chamber
Capture and detection format versatility for dipstick assays
Matrix reactor and a method for producing products in said reactor
Protease inhibitor conjugates and antibodies useful in immunoassay
Methods and systems for group authentication using the naccache-stern cryptosystem in accordance wit...
Compounds as inhibitors of hepatitis C virus NS3 serine protease
Cutlery implement
Sulfonated copolyetherester compositions from hydroxyalkanoic acids and shaped articles produced the...
Preheating bulk erasing device for magneto-optical disk
Method and system having capacity-dependent baseband gain and coverage-capacity swapping in a multi-...
Preparation of atorvastatin
Inhibitors of macrophage migration inhibitory factor and methods for identifying the same
Modulators of peroxisome proliferator activated receptors
Magnetic tape cartridge
Histone deacetylase inhibitors based on trihalomethylcarbonyl compounds
Method of optimizing the operation of a xylene separation unit using simulated countercurrent
Methods for efficient extraction of carotenoids using an esterase
Processes for making methanol streams and uses for the streams
Colloid-catalyzed gas transfer in supercritical phases
Method for producing 4-vinylcyclohexene, ethyl benzole and styrene
Stabilization of acid catalysts
Process and apparatus for cracking hydrocarbon feedstock containing resid to improve vapor yield fro...
Scanning optical apparatus and image forming apparatus using the same
Zoom lens system and image-taking apparatus having the same
Zoom lens system and image pickup apparatus having the same
Optical system
Zoom lens system and image pickup apparatus including the same
Efficient video coding
Image processing apparatus and method, and recording medium
Image processing apparatus and method which compresses image data of each region using a selected en...
Process cartridge comprising memory medium storing information for selecting one of a plurality of a...
Process cartridge having cartridge electrical contact connected to a cartridge memory element and co...
Image forming apparatus which cools an image forming cartridge
Process cartridge and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus featuring an image bearing member charged by a charging means and a develope...
Charging apparatus, process cartridge, and image forming apparatus
Image retrieval method and apparatus
Image processing method, program thereof and image processing apparatus
Multi-application execution system and method thereof
Document processing method and system
Access control for a microprocessor card
Method for processing sugar cane filter cake mud and extracting component products
Substrate conveyer robot
System, apparatus and method for managing and controlling robot competitions
Method of washing a contaminant from a surface via a robotic arm
Manipulator and its control apparatus and method
Agent-based operation of a robotic device
Method for differentiating irritable bowel syndrome from inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and for mo...
Stress-related polynucleotides and polypeptides in plants
Processes and vectors for plastid transformation of higher plants
Plastid transit peptides
Flax (Linum usitatissimum L.) fatty acid desaturase
Root-preferred, wound- and insect-inducible 2-oxoglutarate-dependent oxygenase promoter from maize a...
Root-preferred, nematode-inducible soybean promoter and its use
Soybean cultivar DP 5634 RR
Soybean cultivar 927013
Soybean cultivar 5741081
Soybean variety XB31H06
Inbred corn line PHCJP
Inbred maize line PH8KG
Methods for implementing microbeam radiation therapy
Methods and systems for image-guided placement of implants
Subcutaneous cardiac stimulator with small contact surface electrodes
H-bridge with sensing circuit
Packaging technology for non-transvenous cardioverter/defibrillator devices
Baroreflex therapy for disordered breathing
On-site analysis system with central processor and method of analyzing
Formulations for the prevention or the treatment of diseases affecting mucosae or skin, or for pregn...
Method and system for maximizing data throughput rate in a power line communications system by modif...
Two way communication using light links
Fluid dynamic bearing with non-linear damping
Characterization of individual polymer molecules based on monomer-interface interactions
Apparatus and method for process monitoring
Low-power high-performance integrated circuit and related methods
Microphone enclosure for reducing acoustical interference
SRAM circuitry
Multiple test bench optimizer
System and method for design rule creation and selection
Electrical interconnection devices incorporating redundant contact points for reducing capacitive st...
Apparatus and method for process monitoring
High power, high luminous flux light emitting diode and method of making same
Tunable, maximum power output, frequency harmonic comb generator
Extract solution for cell-free protein synthesis, method for cell-free protein synthesis using same ...
Modified subtilisins and detergent, compositions containing same
Subtilase variants
Use of recombinant gelatin-like proteins as plasma expanders and compositions suitable for plasma su...
Hand-operable pump
Peristaltic machine for depositing viscous materials
Jet pump for boosting pressure at an inlet supplied from a sump and second fluid source
Axial flow type cooling fan with shrouded blades
Variable capacity rotary compressor
Scroll fluid machine having permanent magnets mounted on respective the stationary and orbiting end ...
Turbomachine for low-temperature applications
Storage tank for easily polymerizable compound and method of storage
Plunger lift system
Variable flexure-based fluid filter
Scroll compressor having vacuum preventing structure
Pump, pump for liquid chromatography, and liquid chromatography apparatus
Method and device for desalting water
Integrated micropump analysis chip and method of making the same
Method and apparatus for pumping wells with a sealing fluid displacement device
Game machine having a plurality of ways for a user to obtain payouts based on the appearance of any ...
Method of correcting amplitude defect in multilayer film of EUVL mask
Illuminator for photodynamic therapy
Arrhythmia alarm processor
Oximeter ambient light cancellation
Simultaneous signal attenuation measurements utilizing frequency orthogonal random codes
Film measurement
Use of scanning beam for differential evaluation of adjacent regions for change in reflectivity
Multi beam scanning with bright/dark field imaging
Method and apparatus for determining a bidirectional reflectance distribution function, subsurface s...
Apparatus for monitoring the functionality of an optical element
Time efficient method for investigating sample systems with spectroscopic electromagnetic radiation
Ellipsometric investigation of thin films
Rotating or rotatable compensator spectroscopic ellipsometer system including multiple element lense...
Imaging method and apparatus
Methods and apparatus for measuring an electromagnetic radiation response property associated with a...
Image reading apparatus and image reading method
Method and apparatus for automated image analysis of biological specimens
Image-based medical device localization
System and method for performing a three-dimensional virtual examination of objects, such as interna...
System for optically sectioning and mapping surgically excised tissue
Encapsulation for organic devices
Flexure mechanism for interface device
Method and apparatus for image assisted modeling of three-dimensional scenes
Mounting/adjusting mechanism for vision enhancement system
Apparatus and method for network-initiated real-time multi-party communications
Three dimensional spatial panorama formation with a range imaging system
Flexible instrument with optical sensors
Customizing an electronic interface to the government
System and method for creating screen saver
Acoustic transducer having reduced thickness
Method for individualizing a hearing aid
Providing a single hop communication path between a storage device and a network switch
High availability synchronization architecture
Method and apparatus for humidification and warming of air
Inhalation device with a dose counting unit
Nasal dilator
Atraumatic endotracheal tube introducer and atraumatic intubation methods
Multi-axis cervical and lumbar traction table
Figure kicking toy
Ultra wideband bow-tie slot antenna
Attachment system for watercraft accessories
Stabilizer device
Method for producing a nitrification carrier and for removing nitrogen
Distributed link module architecture
Innovative hull-less naval vessel
Boat drain plug absence detector
Transom plug removal device and method
Method and system for mission module swapping in a vessel
Bow lifting body
Boat pad and boat pad assembly
System for positioning and retaining removable tubular elements to be fastened to a boat hull
Method and system for selectively blocking delivery of bulk electronic mail
Method and system for comparing information contents
Temporary messaging address system and method
Vehicular air conditioning system
Internal combustion engine having two-stage exhaust-driven supercharger and charge air cooling betwe...
Phase-change heat reservoir device for transient thermal management
Plate heat exchanger
Aluminum extruded fin set with noise reduction functionality
Optoelectronic module and a thermal switch therefor
Tubular charge air cooler
Separately air-conditionable vehicle air conditioning unit
Variable speed fan motor control for forced air heating/cooling system
Low ambient temperature refrigerator
Extrusion-sealed structure of heat pipe
Heat dissipating device
Integrated heat removal and vibration damping for avionic equipment
Assemblies for holding heat sinks and other structures in contact with electronic devices and other ...
Heat sink protecting retention module
Using a leaf spring to attach clamp plates with a heat sink to both sides of a component mounted on ...
ALD ZnO seed layer for deposition of ZnO nanostructures on a silicon substrate
Device and method for tuning an SPR device
Shoe having an outsole with bonded fibers
Skateboard shoe with sole of varying hardness
Articles of footwear with complementary and/or interlocking sole structures
Foot rollover preventive footwear sole
Surface enhanced spectroscopy-active composite nanoparticles
Dance footwear
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Periodic ranging in a wireless access system for mobile station in sleep mode
Multi-functional medical catheter and methods of use
Method of controlling the number of revolutions of fan in electronic device
Lift collision avoidance system
System and method for determining the availability of a web page
High resolution TOA circuit
Method and apparatus for scheduling requests to a resource using a configurable threshold
Predictor of minimal noise figure for wideband amplifier
Method and system for navigation using media transport controls
Power adapter and broadband line extender system and method
Apparatus and method for an energy efficient clustered micro-architecture
Protective bus interface and method
System and method for managing web page components
Method and apparatus for speculative tracing
System and method for evaluating and/or monitoring effectiveness of on-line advertising
Ultraviolet ray irradiation equipment having scraper rings fitted to light transmission tubes
Cover structure for engine
Pneumatic tool
Hearing aid device that can be worn in the ear with a housing
Combined silencer and spark arrester
Non-aqueous borate routes to boron nitride
Rare earth metal compounds for use in high critical temperature thin film super-conducting antennas
Hydrocracking catalyst
High concentration silica slurry
Method for diamond coating substrates
Cobalt oxide particles and process for producing the same, cathode active material for non-aqueous e...
Low dielectric constant material having thermal resistance, insulation film between semiconductor la...
Process for recovery of high purity uranium from fertilizer grade weak phosphoric acid
Method for recycling spent lithium metal polymer rechargeable batteries and related materials
Method of collecting mercaptans contained in a gaseous feed
Process for the catalytic decomposition of N.sub.2O to N.sub.2 and O.sub.2 carried out at high tempe...
Process for filter aid production in alumina refineries
Hydrogen generation with efficient byproduct recycle
Single-wall carbon nanotube film having high modulus and conductivity and process for making the sam...
Pestalotiopsis microsporia isolates and compounds derived therefrom
Cationically curable composition
Self-healing coating and microcapsules to make same
Hypoxia-inducible factor 1alpha variants and methods of use
High resolution display
Imaging and reconstruction of partial field of view in phase contrast MRI
Compensating for Non-Uniformity of Excitation Field in MRI
Actuated battery operated lighted garment
Crane game with ticket dispenser
Multi-reel, multi-line bonus game for a casino base game having game features and method therefor
Gaming device having an award level determination competition
Reel strip interaction
Systems and methods for skill game awards
Central determination gaming system which provides a player a choice in outcomes
Gaming device having multiple round bonus scheme with residual awards
Payout exchange method and system
Multi-player gaming machines played on-line
System and method for facilitating play of a video game via a web site
Video game apparatus, game progress method and game progress program
Magnetically interactive substrates
Operation device for game machine and hand-held game machine
Display apparatus
String-striking device for piano
Apparatus and method for generating an encoded rhythmic pattern
Audio information reproducing apparatus, movable body, and audio information reproduction controllin...
Method and apparatus for editing performance data with modifications of icons of musical symbols
Electro-hydraulic actuator system
Telescoping powered seat track cover
Floor for aircraft
Methods and systems for controlling flammability control systems in aircraft and other vehicles
Thermal design for spacecraft modules
Aircraft multi-axis modal suppression system
Engine air filter and sealing system
Anti-hijacking system for airplanes and airports
Aircraft landing gear automated inspection and life limitation escalation system and method
System and method for the measurement of full relative position and orientation of objects
Apparatus and method for installation of pipe liner
Reinforcing wrap for plastic pipe
Dry tree subsea well communications apparatus and method using variable tension large offset risers
Baffle apparatus
Direct recharge injection of underground water reservoirs
Pier boot and method for sealing a crawlspace
Apparatus and method to prepare in-situ pilings with per-selected physical properties
System for preventing seismic liquefaction of ground in urbanized area
Indicia for a floor care appliance
Vacuum machine suction applicator wand
Multi-purpose applicator
Wheeled paint tray
Steam iron
Steam iron
Trash can
Waste paper bin
Garbage can
Garbage can
Aerator for a composting bin
Equipment trolley
Lifting dolly
Cart handle
Cart handle
Cart handle
Set of creeper ends
Combined base and holder for a jack
Extendible pallet guard
Closing plug for a container-installed flange
HTTP call Recognition on a PSTN device
Content delivery and global traffic management network system
Smart card applications implementing CGI agents and directory services
Computer system, a method and a program for providing a Web page appropriate to a user
Communication network system, gateway, data communication method and program providing medium
System uses internet electronic mail for communicating status of a printing device to a remote compu...
Method for tracing application execution path in a distributed data processing system
Dynamic conversion of object-oriented programs to tag-based procedural code
System and method for efficiently tuning to channels of a variety of different broadcast types
Method and system to defer transactions conducted via interactive television
Method and apparatus for push and pull distribution of multimedia
Screened subnet having a secured utility VLAN
Method for organizing records of database search activity by topical relevance
System and method for adapting an internet filter
Method and system for changing a collaborating client behavior according to context
System and method for using an internet appliance to send/receive digital content files as E-mail at...
Method for reducing a value modulo a shared secret
Encryption apparatus, decryption apparatus, expanded key generating apparatus and method therefor, a...
Content using system
Key-based secure storage
Creating electronic forms through digital watermarking
Data processing apparatus and method
System and method for representing and maintaining redundant data sets utilizing DNA transmission an...
Data communication apparatus and method for managing memory in the same
Method and apparatus to prevent the unauthorized copying of digital information
Method for real-time data authentication
Network partitioning using encryption
Page encryption system
Apparatus for authenticating memory space of an authorized accessory
Information processing apparatus, information processing system, information processing method, stor...
Device and method with reduced information leakage
Method of creating password list for remote authentication to services
Method and apparatus for determining authentication capabilities
Method and system for a full-adder post processor for modulo arithmetic
Grapevine plant denominated `Blanc Seedless`
Plantago ovata plant named `Mayuri`
Azalea plant named `MNIOCM`
Black walnut tree named `Beineke 11`
Double Impatiens plant named `Danmubicred`
Miniature rose plant named `Poulpah033`
Limoneira seedless
Osteospermum plant named `Sunny Plum Serena`
Osteospermum plant named `Sunny Antique Serena`
Monarda plant named `Mondid 0803`
Zoysiagrass plant `TM9`