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Process and apparatus for modifying a surface in a work region
Integrated security framework and privacy database scheme
Serially, reusable virtual machine
System and method for calculating trace lengths of a PCB layout
Customization of user interface presentation in an internet application user interface
Customization of immediate access and hotkey functionality in an internet application user interface
Multilingual input method editor for ten-key keyboards
System and method for publishing manuscripts
Method and apparatus for receiver circuit tuning
System and method for providing endorsement certificate
Distributed computing services platform
Fieldbus upgradable apparatus and method
System and method for creating multiple QUIESCE database copies at a single server
System and method for updating an index in a database
Resource list management system
Automatic set up for editing a web site
System and method for auditing and reconciliation of telephone service providers' databases with a r...
Region-based memory management for object-oriented programs
Techniques for annotating multimedia information
Paper-based interface for multimedia information
Method for description of audio-visual data content in a multimedia environment
Communications network for emergency services personnel
System and method for multi-platform, multimedia information and communication network-independent s...
Method and apparatus for providing quality of service through multiple carrier IP networks
Truss shoe
Device and method for laying and joining pipe
Method for rapidly deploying a fabric panel edge for flood control
Floatable drill cuttings bag and method and system for use in cuttings disposal
MCrAlX alloy and turbine component having protective layer made from MCrAlX alloy
Electromigration effect-insignificant alloys and the alloys' designing method
Low density, high creep resistant single crystal superalloy for turbine airfoils
Titanium alloy having high elastic deformation capacity and method for production thereof
Member having separation structure and method for manufacture thereof
Antagonistic anti-hFAS ligand human antibodies and fragments thereof
Polypeptide compositions formed using a coiled-coil template and methods of use
Synthetic peptide constructs for the diagnosis and treatment of periodontitis associated with Porphy...
Fusion protein construct and method for inducing HIV-specific serum IgG and secretory IgA antibodies...
Cosmetic rejuvenating and healing product, method of its manufacture and uses thereof
1-N-arylpyrazole derivatives in prevention of arthropod-borne and mosquito-borne diseases
Treatment for wounds
Polymeric thiol-linked prodrugs employing benzyl elimination systems
Cationic cassia derivatives and applications therefor
Methods and compositions for production of lipo-chito oligosaccharides by rhizobacteria
Humanised antibodies
Methods of producing influenza vaccine compositions
Immune responses against HPV antigens elicited by compositions comprising an HPV antigen and a stres...
Method of obtaining and treating compounds from ozonized unsaturated vegetable oils for pharmaceutic...
Method of obtaining a hydroxytyrosol-rich composition from vegetation water
Speaker module design
System and method for acquiring seismic and micro-seismic data in deviated wellbores
Composite acoustic attenuation materials
Heat-resistant filter layer, filter body, and process for producing the filter layer and the filter ...
Wide band sound diffuser with self regulated low frequency absorption and methods of mounting
Detatchable muffler apparatus for pneumatic tools
Rigging system for speaker cabinets
Intelligent access control system
Method and apparatus for skew compensation
Telephony system and a method of operating same
Detection of characteristics of human-machine interactions for dialog customization and analysis
Telecommunication services reporting system
Apparatus and method for identification of person placing a phone call
Automated communications assistant and method
Method and system for operating interactive voice response systems tandem
Diagnostic checking of an inter-messaging network
Methods, systems, and computer program products for tracking breaks in physical plant during mainten...
Predicting performance of telephone lines for data services
Evaluating performance of a voice mail system in an inter-messaging network
Network scanner system
User interface for detecting a data entry mode
System and method for deploying multi-function access points in a data network
Test apparatus and method which can simultaneously execute various tests of one or a plurality of ra...
Mobile communications terminal with flat loudspeaker disposed in the terminal housing
Method and apparatus for active reduction of speakerphone singing
Method and system for assigning tasks to workers
Process for the reduction of carbon monoxide and carbonyl sulfide emissions
Methods of generating oxygen from air via an alkali superoxide
Processes for preparing calcium carbonate
Photocatalytically-active, self-cleaning aqueous coating compositions and methods
Process and apparatus for the decomposition of fluorine compounds
Anti-cancer therapy agent of arsenic hexoxide (As.sub.4O.sub.6) of a natural chemical substance and ...
Production of silver sulfate grains using organo-sulfate or organo-sulfonate additives
Process for treating an aqueous system with chlorine dioxide
Gas phase electrolyzer process for producing hydrogen
Method for decreasing a concentration of metal in aqueous solution
Power generation from sulphur-containing fuels
Synthesis gas process comprising partial oxidation using controlled and optimized temperature profil...
Method for the autothermal reforming of a hydrocarbon
Portable hydrogen source
Cycloalkyl--containing 5-acylindolinones, the preparation thereof and their use as medicaments
Indazolinone compositions useful as kinase inhibitors
Triazaspiro[5.5]undecane derivative and pharmaceutical composition comprising the same as active ing...
Benzazepine derivative, process for producing the same, and use
Amidomethyl-substituted 1-(carboxyalkyl) cyclopentyl-carbonylamino-benzazepine-N-acetic acid compoun...
Substituted 5-membered n-heterocyclic compounds and their uses for treating or preventing neurodegen...
Pseudotyped lentiviral vectors and uses thereof
Recombinant production of mixtures of antibodies
Fusion proteins of mycobacterium tuberculosis
Methods for treating neuropathic pain by administering IL-10 polypeptides
Currency collector
Mailbox support
Support for a mailbox
Equipment mounting rack
Computer desk for a computer cart
Shopping vehicle
Aerator for a composting bin
Dumpster enclosure
Recycling bin
Scrubbing device
Combined dish rack and drain therefor
Container liner
Rear surface of a cleaning article
Electric sweeper
Surface cleaner
Surface cleaner
Surface cleaner
Surface cleaner
Handle for a vacuum cleaner
Robot self-position identification system and self-position identification method
Medical tele-robotic system with a head worn device
Medical manipulator
Negative pressure attraction device and attraction confirming sensor
Method and device as well as a control unit for monitoring a bus system
Device and method for measuring accelerations for a passenger protection system in a vehicle
Apparatus and method for controlling driving force supplied to wheels on opposite sides of vehicle
Gearless wheel motor drive system
Electrically variable transmission arrangement with transfer gear between gear sets and clutches
Truck guard assembly
Occupant-propelled fluid powered rotary device, truck, wheeled platform, or vehicle
Two stage hood lift spring assembly
Detection apparatus for occupant of a seat
Four wheel-drive vehicle
Pneumatic locking pin operating system for a trailer slider
Articulated vehicle suspension system shoulder joint
Power assisted bicycle
All-terrain vehicle
Skid steer rear door and chassis interlock
Cooling structure of electric vehicle
Apparatus and method for converting movements of a vehicle wheel to electricity for charging a batte...
Mobile machine
Collapsible pedal box
Apparatus and method for outputting digital information
Method for binding a program module
Key management for content protection
System and method of generic symbol recognition and user authentication using a communication device...
Establishing an encrypted session
Method and apparatus for encrypting data
System for securing the confidentiality of electronically stored data in the event of the physical t...
Data transmission and receiving apparatus for digital broadcast signals which include control inform...
Data delivery system, server apparatus, reproducing apparatus, data delivery method, data playback m...
Batch mode session-based encryption of video on demand content
Speed-up hardware architecture for CCMP encryption protocol
Key based decipher including its generation, distribution and usage
Method of estimating the location of a device
Storage medium for preventing an irregular use by a third party
Method for the simultaneous dissection in specific positions of filiform organic molecular chains, i...
Microstructured optical device for remote chemical sensing
Hybrid maize plant and seed 31D58
Hybrid maize plant and seed 36Y84
Hybrid maize 33N49
Inbred maize line PH5FW
Soybean cultivar 11939-38
Gibberellin 2-oxidase
Method for modifying a plant phenotype
Chemiluminescent compounds and their use
Method of depositing S-layer proteins on a carrier to immobilize functional molecules
Association of EDG5 polymorphism V286A with type II diabetes mellitus and venous thrombosis/pulmonar...
Multivalued FSK modulation system
Drifting remotely controlled toy vehicle
Stunt ramp for wheeled toy device
Reciprocating plaything and method for playing
Aquatic surface skipping toy device
Illuminated ball and mating element for forming such ball
Catalytic partial oxidation of hydrocarbons
Process for the production of phenylalkanes that use a catalyst based on silicated alumina
Process for multistage conversion of a charge comprising olefins with four, five or more carbon atom...
Process for the production of liquid fuels from biomass
Method and system for transporting flows of fluid hydrocarbons containing wax, asphaltenes, and/or o...
Removal of drag reducer additive from liquid hydrocarbon fuel using attapulgus clay
Penstemon plant named `Pheni Ablos`
Hybrid Tea rose plant named `Meigroupy`
Geranium plant named `Maestro Deep Lavender`
Kalanchoe plant named `Don Domingo`
Kalanchoe plant named `Fiveranda Red`
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Tamar Red Bicolor`
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Tamar Scarlet Red`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Mona Lisa Rosy`
Lobelia plant named `Wespinstar`
Thunbergia plant named `Sumthun 02`
Dahlia plant named `HS Romeo`
Petunia plant named `KLEC04064`
Sutera plant named `Danova912`
Argyranthemum plant named `M905`
Helleborus plant named `HGC Joshua`
Geranium plant named `Paclill`
Calibrachoa plant named `Wescaosu`
Miniature rose plant named `Poulty007`
Alstroemeria plant named `Pandora`
Hibiscus plant named `Montego Wind`
Hibiscus plant named `Freedom Wind`
Television signal distributor apparatus, receiver apparatus, television signal transmission system a...
Electronic equipment
Audio demodulating circuit and television broadcast receiver
Control signal transmitting and receiving techniques for video/audio processing IC and apparatus the...
System and method of manipulating a system time clock in an audio/video decoding system
Circuit and method for correction of defect pixel
Information processing apparatus and method, computer-readable memory, and program
Method and system for volume-specific treatment of ground and plants
Differentiating friend from foe and assessing threats in a soldier's head-mounted display
Watermarking to control video recording
Triple-buffering method for overlapped motion compensation in a video decoder
Printing apparatus and electronic camera
Photoprinter access to remote data
Broadcast receiver
Video system with de-motion-blur processing
Rear projection TV with improved micromirror array
Rear projection imaging system with image warping distortion correction system and associated method
Harmonic mixer based television tuner and method of processing a received RF signal
Method and device for installing broadcasting channels
Video output device and method
Communications terminal operable with high security protocol
Terminating enhanced television broadcasts
Method and apparatus for providing additional information in response to an application server reque...
Method and apparatus for restructuring of personalized data for transmission from a data network to ...
System and method for immediate and delayed real-time communication activities using availability da...
Method and system for creating and maintaining a database of user profiles and a related value ratin...
Method and apparatus for a web application server to provide for web user validation
System and method for providing electrical pulses to the vagus nerve(s) to provide therapy for obesi...
Provision of services via an information technology network
System and protocol for frame relay service over the internet
System and method for managing a wireless network community
Tool organizer system and methods
Accounting for non-monotonicity of quality as a function of quantization in quality and rate control...
Mobile communication terminal
Method and system for controlling an electronic device
Satellite based positioning method and system for coarse location positioning
Vehicle dispatching system and management server for the same
Method and device for visualizing a vehicle repairing
Method and apparatus for catheter navigation and location and mapping in the heart
Folding mobile phone
Personal navigation assistant system and apparatus
Anticipation of communication connectivity changes for mobile devices
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and layout method of patterns for semiconductor integrated c...
Tuple propagator and its use in analysis of mixed clock domain designs
Method and system for detecting a security violation using an error correction code
Biometric authentication of a wireless device user
Methods and apparatus for controlling multiple infrared devices
NMR measurement method
High performance security inspection system with physically isolated detection sensors
Communication system using correlation matrix, correlation matrix learning method, correlation matri...
Radio network controller and broadcast information transmission method
Method for mitigating intermodulation interference using channel power estimation and attenuation in...
Method and system for providing wireless services using an access network and a core network based o...
Portable telephone terminal device and a method for restricting pay service for using the terminal d...
Tuner comprising a voltage converter
Multi-connection, non-simultaneous frequency diversity in radio communication systems
Methods and apparatus for communicating in a vehicle and other radio environments
Method and apparatus for navigating, previewing and selecting broadband channels via a receiving use...
Extracting signal components in radio system receiver
Q-quenching super-regenerative receiver
Method for operating a mobile radio network
Handover process free of short-break and packet loss in CDMA mobile communication system on IP netwo...
Optical sensor unit provided with radio optical sensor having radio element and radio communication ...
Passive device for increasing the transmission efficiency of radio-frequency systems
Small planar antenna with enhanced bandwidth and small rectenna for RFID and wireless sensor transpo...
Monopole antennas
Snap-in antenna assembly for wireless radio circuit card
Process field device with radio frequency communication
Laminated filter with improved stop band attenuation
Display device and method of driving the same
Light-emitting device
Organic photocurrent multiplication device
Semiconductor thin film electrodes made by using organic dyes as the photosensitizer and photoelectr...
Organic light emitting devices having carrier blocking layers comprising metal complexes
Organic electroluminescent device
Red color emitting compounds for organic electroluminescent device and an organic electroluminescent...
Method for encapsulation of light emitting polymer devices
Display panel drive device
Electro-optical device, active-matrix substrate, and electronic apparatus
Multi-scanning control process and LED displaying device
Dual panel type organic electroluminescent display device and manufacturing method for the same
Digital driving method of organic electroluminescent display device
Color organic EL display and fabrication method thereof
Organic thin film transistor array panel and manufacturing method thereof
Current-driven OLED panel and related pixel structure
Electroluminescent display device having surface treated organic layer and method of fabricating the...
Vertical interconnect for organic electronic devices
Conference support system, information displaying apparatus, machine readable medium storing thereon...
TNF-derived peptides for use in treating oedema
Method for purification of paclitaxel from paclitaxel-containing materials
Heat pipe
Substituted aryl alkenoic acid heterocyclic amides
Poultry wing separator and partial deboner
Method of producing an enhanced painted appearance
Pizza box
Aerated frozen suspension with adjusted creaminess and scoop ability based on stress-controlled gene...
Steam oven
Method of producing useful products from seawater and similar microflora containing brines
Cryogenic apparatus for chilling beverages and food products and process of manufacturing the same
Separable tag for bags or other containers
Combined use of triglycerides containing medium chain fatty acids and exogenous lipolytic enzymes as...
Releasably sealable, air and liquid impermeable bags and methods for low temperature food preparatio...
Stabilized anthocyanin extract from Garcinia indica
Method to provide an operator selection service as well as a communications network and a call serve...
Fire stop
Method of displaying multi-channel waveforms
Method and apparatus for aggregating power from multiple sources
Method and apparatus for evaluating error control parameters of self-similar constellations
Hydroxypropyl amides for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease
Nucleic acid assays
Inhibitors of .beta.-lactamase
Targeted remote GUI for metadata generator
Computer-implemented image acquisition system
System for delivering and enabling interactivity with images
Systems and methods for identifying user types using multi-modal clustering and information scent
System and method for delivering targeted content
Apparatus for monitoring health, wellness and fitness
Apparatus and methods for ferroelectric ram fatigue testing
Method and system for converting tool process ability based upon work in progress characteristics
Method and apparatus for determining grid dimensions using scatterometry
Wafer-level testing of optical and optoelectronic chips
Increased yield manufacturing for integrated circuits
Methods for evaluating characteristics of a plasma or the effects of a plasma on a substrate
Bumpless assembly package
Epoxy resin composition for semiconductor encapsulation, semiconductor device using the same, and pr...
Three-dimensionally formed circuit sheet, component and method for manufacturing the same
Conductive adhesive agent with ultrafine particles
SOI substrate and method for manufacturing the same
Selective electroless-plated copper metallization
Structure and method for performance improvement in vertical bipolar transistors
Phase-change random access memory device and method for manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Drain extended PMOS transistor with increased breakdown voltage
Strained semiconductor-on-insulator structures and methods for making strained semiconductor-on-insu...
Vertical insulated gate transistor and manufacturing method
Non-volatile memory cell
Bit line structure and production method thereof
Categorizing electronic messages based on trust between electronic messaging entities
Wireless USB hardware scheduling
Wireless communication method, base station, and receiving terminal
High gain omnidirectional antenna and related method
System and method for background download of digital content to an intermittently connected peripher...
Method and apparatus for interactive audience participation at a live entertainment event
System and method of assigning priority to remote units in a collision free multiple access protocol
Received communication signal processing methods and components for wireless communication equipment
Method for controlling paging and registration of a mobile device in a wireless communications syste...
Distance determination method for use by devices in a wireless network
Handoff mechanism for CDMA wireless network using dynamically scalable traffic channels
Method for fast roaming in a wireless network
Wireless network optimization through remote device data
Velocity responsive time tracking
Web system using proxy server monitoring server and storage server for efficiently providing web acc...
Process for searching a repository of resources
Phonetic searching
Computer system diagnostic procedures performed in specified order
Computer system diagnosis with user-developed procedure
Method and apparatus for verifying the integrity of a content-addressable memory result
Method of software distribution among hand held computers via file sharing with link references to a...
Convergence events notification system
Web page connectivity server construction
Method and apparatus for error proofing
Failures of computer system diagnostic procedures addressed in specified order
Decentralized peer-to-peer advertisement
Disambiguation of term occurrences
Method for conductive film quality evaluation
Stable non-aqueous single phase viscous vehicles and formulations utilizing such vehicle
Method and apparatus for frequency tracking in a space time transmit diversity receiver
Method and system for improving dynamic range for communication systems using upstream analog inform...
Method and apparatus for channel equalization
Method and apparatus for reference symbol aided channel estimation
Receiver and receiving method capable of detecting an eye aperture size formed by reception data sig...
Pharmaceutical compositions as inhibitors of dipeptidyl peptidase-IV (DPP-IV)
Pyrimidineamines as angiogenesis modulators
Semiconductor devices and other electronic components including porous insulators created from "void...
Process for the preparation of amphiphilic poly (N-vinyl-2-pyrrolidone) block copolymers
Compounds and methods for the treatment of cancer
Carbonyloxy-cyanomethyl compounds as antiparasitic agents
Sphingosine-1-phosphate lyase polypeptides, polynucleotides and modulating agents and methods of use...
Alkaline protease from Bacillus gibsonii (DSM 14393) and washing and cleaning products comprising sa...
Methods for preventing strokes by inducing tolerance to e-selectin
Stress and/or temperature-indicating composition for roll covers
Coating compositions having antiseize properties for disassemblable socket/pin and/or threaded conne...
Graphical user interface for travel planning system
System for reducing power consumption in a microprocessor having multiple instruction decoders that ...
Interrupt system using event data structures
Multiple RF signal switching apparatus
Secure medicament dispensing cabinet, method and system
Medical item storage cabinet and method
Fixing apparatus
Fuser smart cleaning and oiling assembly
Image forming apparatus including an index feature for extending the life of a photosensitive member
Driving apparatus with power disconnecting part, image forming apparatus having the same, and method...
Cleaning member, cleaning device, charging device, transfer device, process cartridge, and image for...
Strokes localization by m-array decoding and fast image matching
High frequency loss of signal detector
Programmably sliceable switch-fabric unit and methods of use
Method of holding a putter and putting a golf ball
Faceplate groove pattern for a golf club putter head
Decorative article and timepiece
Jumping game using building block-based stepping stones
Casino flop poker
Method and apparatus for playing blackjack with a side wager
Auto racing board game
Jump for music game
Playing card shuffler with differential hand count capability
Ball game having members with passageways
Method and device for controlling the attitude of an aircraft
Modular communication fixture for installation on board of a passenger conveyance
Mortar shell ring tail and associated method
Cruciform parachute design
Cargo aircraft
Variable-duct support assembly
Transformable airship
Catalyst carrier holding material and catalytic converter
Emulsion polymerization of fluorinated monomers
Slip-rib filter gasketing
Photoinitiator systems with anthracene-based electron donors for curing cationically polymerizable r...
Biopsy forceps device and method
Flexible, formable conductive films
Apparatus and method for treating gastroesophageal reflux disease
Skin antiseptic composition dispenser and methods of use
Lamina comprising cube corner elements and retroreflective sheeting
Structured surface articles containing geometric structures with compound faces and methods for maki...
Retroreflective sheeting having high retroreflectance at low observation angles
Combined light source for projection display
Projection apparatus
Force sensing membrane
Process for producing a leached fiber bundle, and improved leached fiber bundle
Illuminating optical system for endoscope
Processor for endoscope
Methods of cytodiagnostic staging of neoplasia and squamous cell carcinoma
Allele-specific mutation detection assay using an enzyme-disabling agent
Peptide tag for monitoring and purification of proteins
Adenoviral vector with replication-dependent transgene expression
Glycoprotein synthesis
Electrohydrodynamic coating fluid delivery apparatus and method
Inflatable device for use in surgical protocol relating to fixation of bone
Bone cement and a system for mixing and delivery thereof
PTH responsive gene
Bone growth promoting implant
Apparatus and method for anterior spinal stabilization
GPS exercise monitoring device
GPS receiver with reflection amplifiers
Method and apparatus for decoding GPS satellite data at low signal to noise levels
Collision time estimation apparatus for vehicles, collision time estimation method for vehicles, col...
Efficient RKE energy monitoring strategy
Door lock/unlock system
Ion-exchange filter
Metal V-belt
Rotating shaft coupling
Powerextend mirror with manual override clutch assembly
Twin-arm vehicle mirror system with support bracket bearings
Ventilation system for an upholstery part
Automotive movable center stack panel with moving panel and four bar hidden linkage
Power release side door latch with emergency release system
Power release actuator
Power actuator for door latch
Power transfer devices with on-demand lubrication systems
Display apparatus and method for automotive vehicle
Model-based control for torque biasing system
Headlamp with beam patterns formed from semiconductor light sources
Interior mirror with a drive mechanism for adjusting a wedge mirror glass
Vehicle occupant sensing system having an upper slide member with an emitter interference member
Image forming apparatus
Image forming device that provides status of developer
Method and device for the control of the power radiated onto a transmission telescope in free-space ...
Wavelength division multiplexing source using multifunctional filters
Method, apparatus and system for the automatic provisioning of a network element
System, method and apparatus for providing uniform illumination
Dielectric coupled CO.sub.2 slab laser
Semiconductor device and a method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Semiconductor laser diode
Laser power controller and method for performing auto power control
Optical module including a Peltier device therein and having a co-axial type package
On-groove recordation type optical disc
Photo-detector amplifier circuit for optical disk device
Optical disk apparatus for optimizing laser power during recording
Method for measuring a tilt control value of a pickup head in an optical disk drive
Data read/write device for holographic WORM and method thereof
Holographic printer
Ultrasound single-element non-contacting inspection system
Laser alignment for ion source
Laser scanning unit assembly and laser printer having the same
Inspection method and inspection apparatus for inspecting electrical characteristics of inspection o...
Apparatus for illuminating footwear
Polymer composites comprising low molecular weight nitrile rubber
Iodinated anion exchange resin and process for preparing same
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Footwear upper
Method for intelligent home controller and home monitor
Method for detection of pathogenic microorganisms
Method and apparatus for providing a dynamic rotational alignment of a cathode ray tube raster
Thz detection employing modulation doped quantum well device structures
Accessory mounting system for mounting a plurality of accessories to the windshield of a vehicle
Method of pulse welding and contact tip therefor
Process for making wear-resistant coatings
Short amphipathic peptides with activity against bacteria and intracellular pathogens
Impact resistant flexible body device
Coating reinforcing underlayment and method of manufacturing same
Insensitive munition design for shrouded penetrators
Imaging inspection apparatus with directional cooling
Non-pyrotechnic explosion device
Air tool storage device
Penetrator and method of using same
Liquid cell and passivated probe for atomic force microscopy and chemical sensing
In-line muzzle loader bore sight and maintenance system
Human condition evaluation system, computer program, and computer-readable record medium
Hydraulic control apparatus for automatic transmission
Transmission arrangement for a motor vehicle
Hydraulic control apparatus for automatic transmission of vehicle
System for acquiring data from facilities and method
Method for determining poor performing cells
Computer device to calculate emission control device functionality
System for controlling fuel delivery at altitude
Method and device for operating an internal combustion engine
Implantable medical device with a nonhermetic battery
Implantable medical device configured for diagnostic emulation
Image forming apparatus, developing apparatus, and finely-divided toner particle collecting apparatu...
Infrared data communication module and method of making the same
System of sharing objects having a plurality of contents
Low cost, high precision multi-point optical component attachment
Integrated optical isolator array
Method and device for affecting the behavior of lobsters
Process for operating an electronic device including a memory array and conductive lines
Hearing aid
Magnetic memory device having flux focusing layer therein
Solid electrolytic capacitor and method for manufacturing the same
Solid electrolytic capacitor element, solid electrolytic capacitor, and manufacturing method therefo...
System and method for producing a video skim
Correction widget
System and method for generating optimized binary representation of an object tree
Programmatic computer problem diagnosis and resolution and automated reporting and updating of the s...
Method and system for describing uploaded files statement regarding federally-sponsored research or ...
System and method of enhancing server throughput by minimizing timed-wait TCP control block (TWTCB) ...
Minimum delta generator for program binaries
Method and apparatus for identifying prosodic word boundaries
Generating a task-adapted acoustic model from one or more different corpora
Spatial extrapolation of pixel values in intraframe video coding and decoding
Activity detector
Method and system for providing business intelligence web content with reduced client-side processin...
Perforating method
Method and apparatus for operating a gaming device to dispense a specified amount
Liquid jetting head, liquid jetting apparatus, and method of manufacturing the liquid jetting head
Powder preheating
Device for referencing fluorescence signals
Display device using vertical cavity laser arrays
Hybrid squid microscope with magnetic flux-guide for high resolution magnetic and current imaging by...
Linear variable differential transformers for high precision position measurements
3D interconnect with protruding contacts
Uniform thermal processing by internal impedance heating of elongated substrates
Analysis device with variably illuminated strip detector
Information recording method and information recording apparatus
Optical system and image pickup apparatus including the same
Regenerable adsorbents for purification of cleaning solvents
Methods and apparatus for an on-off controller
Obfuscation of executable code
Enabling a PC-DTV receiver to share the resource cache with multiple clients
Preparation of a software configuration using an XML type programming language
Dynamic web based jar file finder
Combined verification and compilation of bytecode
Object-oriented enumerated type facility
System and method for automated code generation using language neutral software code
Circuit-trending system and method
Network device including dedicated resources control plane
Static random access memory using thin film transistors
Strained-semiconductor-on-insulator device structures
Electronically controlled sealing, unsealing and/or bonding with metal strip or wire coated with liq...
Interconnects for solar cell devices
Method and system for monitoring events
Thermoelectric conversion apparatus
Method of preparing derivatives of polyarylene vinylene and method of preparing an electronic device...
Reactive hot-melt-type adhesive granules for fabricating insulating glass
Chemically-resistant shelter coating
Method for forming thin film, substrate having thin film formed by the method, and photoelectric con...
External combustion engine
Roll-to-roll fabricated light sheet and encapsulated semiconductor circuit devices
Resin sheet, liquid crystal cell substrate comprising the same
Printing plates using binder resins having polyethylene oxide segments
Method and apparatus for discovering network topology
Scalable routing system
Connectionless TCP/IP data exchange
Differential input buffer circuit with rail-to-rail input range
Electronic rotor pointing with high angular resolution
Remote services system communication module
Method and apparatus for supporting operations and maintenance functionality in an optical burst swi...
Transmission equipment having a packet switching function
MPLS implementation on an ATM platform
Wearable, attachable, or hand-held, super-bright, led-based, textual, safety alert sign and portable...
Recording and accessing metadata
Printing system
Method for producing a synthetic gene or other DNA sequence
Molecular memory medium and molecular memory integrated circuit
Processing method using probe of scanning probe microscope
Methods for fabricating strained layers on semiconductor substrates
Microsample treatment apparatus
High-energy cascading of abrasive wear components
AI.sub.2O.sub.3-La.sub.2O.sub.3-Y.sub.2O.sub.3-MgO ceramics, and methods of making the same
Silver alloys for use in medical, surgical and microsurgical instruments and process for producing t...
Orthodontic anchor
Thermal luminescence surface contamination detection system
Nonlinear optical materials comprising fluorine-containing polymer
Heat sink clip assembly
Systems for low cost coaxial liquid cooling
Thermal structure for electric devices
Airflow control baffle
Water-and-dust proof structure for a notebook computer heat sink
Thermostat responsive to inputs from external devices
Heating and cooling energy saving device
Suction line heat exchanger for CO.sub.2 cooling system
Apparatus for humidification and temperature control of incoming fuel cell process gas
Heat exchanger with pipe coils and helical spreader ribs
Direct expansion cooler high velocity dished head
Heat exchanger
Conductive heat-equalizing device
Snow melting panel
Bubble generator
Heat pipe excellent in reflux characteristic
Oil cooling system of an air-cooled engine
Vehicular thermostatically-controlled dual-circuit cooling system and associated method
Electrohydrodynamic condenser device
Superconductor device having superconductive magnet and refrigeration unit
Methods for comparing relative flux rates of two or more biological molecules in vivo through a sing...
System for generating a signal indicative of a state of a user's body
Screening of a novel hepatic syndrome and its uses
Gantry for geometrically configurable and non-configurable positron emission tomography detector arr...
Modulation of angiogenesis and wound healing
Tri(cyclo) substituted amide glucokinase activator compounds
Diaminopyrroloquinazolines compounds as protein tyrosine phosphatase inhibitors
Substituted pyrazolo[4,3-d]pyrimidines and their use as PDE-5 inhibitors
Urea- and urethane-substituted acylureas, process for their preparation and their use
Phenyl sulfone derivatives and their use in the treatment of CNS disorders
Skin permeable gas collector and skin permeable gas measuring apparatus
Forced hot air ice cream scoop
Process for isolation of osteopontin from milk
Method for machine milking an animal
System and method for producing foamed and steamed milk for hot beverages
Dual sensing intrusion detection method and system with state-level fusion
Intrusion detection method and system
Method and apparatus for detecting unauthorized intrusion into a container
Secure thermally imaged documents susceptible to rapid information destruction by induction
Separate read/write magnetic head
System, method, and apparatus for attaching top pole piece of a voice coil motor to a hard disk driv...
Heating device and magnetic recording head for thermally-assisted recording
Magnetic recorder/reproducer with freely detachable magnetic tape for engaging a guide post which tr...
Magnetic recording medium and magnetic recording/reproducing apparatus
Disk drive using magnetic disk medium of discrete track recording
Systems and methods for repairable servo burst patterns
Setting the rotation speed of a rotating disk memory
Method and/or apparatus for retroactive recording a currently time-shifted program
Dc-offset compensation loops for magnetic recording system
Clock offset compensator
Magnetoresistive effect element, magnetic memory element magnetic memory device and manufacturing me...
Roller guide tape path
Fastening a magnetic disk to a hub structure
Method of manufacturing a drum assembly associated with video tape machine
Fluorinated pyridine N-oxide thrombin modulators and process for N-oxidation of nitrogen containing ...
Tyrosine kinase inhibitors
Substituted oxazolo- and thizaolopyrimidinones as a mitotic kinesin inhibitor
Substituted pyrazolo[3,4-d] pyrimidinones as a mitotic kinesin inhibitor
Drug, in particular for modulating the immunological response for the control of viruses, tumors, ba...
Systems and methods for measuring fluid properties
Diagnostic markers for ischemia
Block copolymers of acrylates and methacrylates with fluoroalkenes
Surface modification of substrates
Convertible blood clot filter
Packaged system including a protective housing for a treatment device carried on a catheter
Method for preventing restenosis using a substituted adenine derivative
Questionnaire network for mobile handsets and a trading system for contracts on user commitments to ...
Multi-port autothermal reformer
NMR probe
Polypeptide and process for producing the same
Compositions and methods for the treatment of inflammatory conditions of mucosae, skin and the eye
Method and composition for enhanced hydrocarbons recovery
System and methods for detection of Bacillus anthracis related analytes in biological fluids
Nickel metal hydride battery design
Vest with air bag
Device, system, and method for applying a product
Context sensitive dynamic authentication in a cryptographic system
Process for removal of paint from plastic substrates
Piston and scraper assembly
Forms of pravastatin sodium
Compositions with anisic acid and glycerides
Benzofuran compounds and their use as antidepressants and anxiolytics
N-carbacycle monosubstituted indolocarbazoles as protein kinase inhibitors
Amidine derivatives for treating amyloidosis
Synergistic mixtures of o-phenylphenol and other nitrogen and aldehyde microbiocides
Amphiphilic star-like macromolecules for drug delivery
Remote controller for semiconductor memory card player
Water filter for refrigerator water dispenser
Non-planar media transmission filter apparatus and method
Monolithic structures comprising polymeric fibers for chemical separation by liquid chromatography
Multi-column separation devices and methods
Liquid-solid circulating fluidized bed waste water treatment system for simultaneous carbon, nitroge...
Microanalysis device
Ultrasonic transducer system
Method and apparatus for activating water
Water treatment method
Method for the fabrication of a pleated filter
Filter module and device for static filtration of fluids with such a module
Conical piston solids discharge and pumping centrifugal separator
Modified push-pull valve for filter systems and method
Control of induction system hydrocarbon emissions
Mixing chamber probe adaptor
Method and apparatus for packet quarantine processing over a secure connection
Storage apparatus having microprocessor redundancy for recovery from soft errors
Storage system having a plurality of controllers
Event notification in storage networks
Storage system, disk control cluster including channel interface units, disk interface units, local ...
High-frequency receiving apparatus having wide frequency pull-in range
Space-saving antenna arrangement for hearing aid device
Hearing aid or similar audio device and method for producing a hearing aid
Internal combustion engine hydraulic fuel pump
Rules-based approach for processing medical images
Image processing using measures of similarity
Method and system for automatically transforming CT studies to a common reference frame
Image display method, apparatus and storage medium
Voting-based video background mosaicking
Chrominance smoothing
Method and apparatus for processing video data of display device
Analytical method and apparatus
Systems and methods for measurement optimization
Apparatus and method for accessing and processing reflection image from microwell-plate-based biochi...
Device for measuring immunochromatography test piece
Method of polishing thin film formed on substrate
Fiber polarimeter, the use thereof, as well as polarimetric method
Imaging apparatus having media sensing system
Optical measurements of properties in substances using propagation modes of light
Approach to improve ellipsometer modeling accuracy for solving material optical constants N & K
High throughput darkfield/brightfield wafer inspection system using advanced optical techniques
Liquid crystal panel, apparatus for inspecting the same, and method of fabricating liquid crystal di...
Reflector with resistant surface
Method of fabricating a bare aluminum conductor
Electronic control device
Employment method of virtual tape volume
System, method, and computer program product for customizing channels, content, and data for mobile ...
High speed information processing and mass storage system and method, particularly for information a...
Method for storing access record in network communication device
Serial presence detect functionality on memory component
Information processing apparatus and method for controlling the same
Undefeatable transformation for virtual machine I/O operations
Method, apparatus and program storage device for allowing continuous availability of data during vol...
Processing method and apparatus for implementing systolic arrays
Method and apparatus for reinforcing a prefetch chain
Method and apparatus for I/O scheduling
Systems and methods for running a legacy 32-bit x86 virtual machine on a 64-bit x86 processor
Information reproducing apparatus, data management information obtaining method, data management inf...
Method, device and program for managing volume
Method and system for page initialization using off-level worker thread
Data storage device and method of erasing data stored in the data storage device
Scanning modified data during power loss
Data processor memory circuit
Methods of treating inflammatory and/or autoimmune disease
Methods for diagnosis and treatment of epithelial-derived cancers
Local anesthetic methods and kits
Disinfectant and method of making
Purified cochineal and method for its production
Lipid emulsions in the treatment of systemic poisoning
Soil amendment compositions and methods for using the same
Vaccine and compositions for the prevention and treatment of neisserial infections
Recombinant modified Bacillus anthracis protective antigen for use in vaccines
Method of producing thy A-strains of Vibrio cholerae, such strains and their use
Circovirus sequences associated with piglet weight loss disease (PWD)
Arrangement with an electronically commutated external rotor motor
Outlet check valve for fluid bladders
Rotation support with improved thrust-bearing for rotors of pump electric motors
Pump system for delivering pressurized liquid
Fluid manifold for a welder
Electrode design for electrohydrodynamic conduction pumping
Method of controlling motor drive speed
Fluid delivery device identification and loading system
Method and apparatus for scavenging energy during pump operation
Buoyancy pump device
Axial piston compressor
Buoyancy pump power system
Peptides and related molecules that bind to TALL-1
Vehicle control
Method and apparatus for providing enhanced communication capability for mobile devices on a virtual...
Method and apparatus for using thermal imaging and augmented reality
Assembly for and a method of feeding and milking animals
Shock resistant device
Method and apparatus for detecting, evaluating and identifying a stationary or moving object
Internal combustion engine control method
Photo-labile pro-fragrance conjugates
Detergent pouch
Apparatus for supplying detergent in washer
Mushroom extracts having anticancer activity
Multi-channel audio panel
Simplified optical proximity correction based on 1-dimension versus 2-dimension pattern shape classi...
Method of providing an interface to a plurality of peripheral devices using bus adapter chips
Absorber layer for DSA processing
Continuously variable planetary gear set
Surge protector with extendable cord management
Remote management mechanism to prevent illegal system commands
Providing content interruptions
System for displaying video data having a promotion module responsive to a viewer profile to entice ...
Cartridge type recording medium, associated apparatus and methodology of disc detection
Interprocess communication method and apparatus
Method and mechanism for validating legitimate software calls into secure software
System and method for implementing network security policies on a common network infrastructure
Phased upgrade of a computing environment
Security framework for supporting kernel-based hypervisors within a computing system
Composite computer program extensions
Method and apparatus for forming a nitride layer on a biomedical device
Inbred maize line PH4V6
Stress tolerance and delayed senescence in plants
Anti-HLA-DR antibody
Dielectric barrier layer films
Regulated gene expression in plants
Zinc finger proteins for DNA binding and gene regulation in plants
.alpha.-2/.delta. gene
Apparatus and method for accommodating loss of signal
Combinatorial at-speed scan testing
Method and apparatus to detect configuration information for a digital subscriber line device
Apparatus and method for generating a distributed clock signal
Ethernet transceiver with single-state decision feedback equalizer
Combining narrowband applications with broadband transport
Methods and devices for delivering orthopedic cements to a target bone site
Electrocoagulation waste water batch tank treatment system
Potable water treatment plant and method of maintaining same
Circular clarifier apparatus and method
Process for effecting mass transfer between a liquid phase and a gaseous phase
Apparatus for and method of summarising text
Robust detection and classification of objects in audio using limited training data
Image forming system, control method, recording medium, and program
Paper feed cassette for image forming apparatus
Developing apparatus having particular structural arrangement of developer carrying members
Image heating apparatus
Image heating apparatus and fixing apparatus
Image heating apparatus and glossiness increasing apparatus
Dynamic generation of color look-up tables
Radiography apparatus and radiation image processing method
Optical element and manufacturing method therefor
Head-up display device with curved optical surface having total reflection
Image input-output apparatus and method therefor
Method and device for scheduling, generating and processing a document comprising blocks of informat...
Data processing apparatus and method that notifies a user when data transferred
Communication system and management apparatus and method for restricting functions in communication ...
Image processing method for use in printer driver
CMOS image sensor and method of manufacturing same
Ultrasensitive spectrophotometer
Active geophysical prospecting system
Method for driving a fluorescent lamp and an inverter circuit for performing such a method
Tarnish inhibiting composition and article containing it
Query processing method for searching XML data
Sample mounts for microcrystal crystallography
Salt suitable for an acid generator and a chemically amplified resist composition containing the sam...
Laser-engravable flexo printing elements for the production of flexo printing forms containing blend...
Universal computing device for surface applications
Method and apparatus for providing real-time calculation and display of tissue deformation in ultras...
Auger for use in an image forming device
One-pot process for the preparation of 1,2-benzisoxazole-3-methanesulfonamide
Venous pulse oximetry
Network operating system with distributed data architecture
Optical routing using a star switching fabric
Ultra thin radiation management and distribution systems with hybrid optical waveguide
Higher order mode dispersion compensating fiber and mode converter for higher order fiber
All-optical logic gates using nonlinear elements-claim set VI
Multiple-source arrays fed by guided-wave structures and resonant guided-wave structure cavities
Gires-Tournois etalons and dispersion compensation
Optimized reconfigurable optical add-drop multiplexer architecture with MEMS-based attenuation or po...
Optical switch using polarization beam splitters
Distal protection and delivery system and method
Method and system for encrypting electronic message using secure ad hoc encryption key
Process for producing copolymer
Method and apparatus for generating and detecting duality modulated electromagnetic radiation
Apparatus for measuring biological information and method for measuring biological information
Semiconductor memory device and portable electronic apparatus
Semiconductor device
Phase shifter with reduced linear dependency
.beta. crystalline form of perindopril tert-butylamine salt
Surgical instrument and method for the treatment of urinary incontinence
Current source wave voltage inverter voltage-clamping and soft-switching techniques, and fuel cell s...
Pest control devices, systems, and methods
Method of fabrication of a microfluidic device
Method of making a microelectronic and/or optoelectronic circuitry sheet
Apparatus and method for controlled particle beam manufacturing
Cardiotrophin-1 compositions and methods for the treatment of tumor
Methods and systems for controlling temperature during microfeature workpiece processing, e.g., CVD ...
Electrically heated vapour dispensing apparatus
Methods for making electronic devices with small functional elements supported on a carriers
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Photovoltaic solar cell
Segmented urea and siloxane copolymers and their preparation methods
Accommodating intraocular lens system and method
Vision prosthesis with artificial muscle actuator
Presbyopia correction through negative high-order spherical aberration
Controlled-architecture polymers and use thereof as separation media
Telechelic polymers containing reactive functional groups
Information processing medium and information processing apparatus using the same
Modulation of CCR4 function
Chemically modified novel erythropoietin stimulating protein compositions and methods
Utilization of a printing ink in a printing group and printing group of a rotary printing press
Carrier element
Devices for adjusting the contact pressure of an adjustably mounted cylinder
Apparatus and method for creating color-calibration characteristic curves and/or process-calibration...
Method of feeding sheets to a sheet-processing machine, sheet-smoothing method and device
Sheet-processing rotary press with a delivery containing after-grippers
Method and device for imaging of a printing form
Gathering and pressing device for a folded box-gluing machine
Magnet system and MRI system
Method and control device for obtaining magnetic resonance data for imaging
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and its control method
RF coil for a highly uniform B1 amplitude for high field MRI
Generator of a time-variable magnetic field and magnetic resonance device
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and method
Compositions, methods and devices for enhancing landscaping or marker materials
Adjustable drill microstop with multiple offset depth settings
Kinase inhibitors
Structured natural language query and knowledge system
Method of locating imaged bar codes for an imaging-based bar code reader
Valve for an expandable gas or fluid distribution system
Soft error detection and recovery
Methods of making balloon catheter tip
Apparatus for measuring intravascular blood flow
Lipopeptide stereoisomers, methods for preparing same, and useful intermediates
Biphenyl compounds useful as muscarinic receptor antagonists
Therapeutic agents useful for treating pain
Microneedle array module and method of fabricating the same
Resorption-controllable medical implants
Endovascular graft with sensors design and attachment methods
Printer having interface for refill control
Carbon-containing nickel-particle powder and method for manufacturing the same
Lithium secondary cell with high charge and discharge rate capability
Lithium secondary battery
Nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery
Electrode for rechargeable lithium battery and rechargeable lithium battery
Battery used for small electric devices
Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery and manufacturing methods of an electrode used therein
Ion channel modulating compounds and uses thereof
Absorber and method for producing it
Lithium metal fluorophosphate and preparation thereof
Methods of heating energy storage devices that power downhole tools
Transfer resistant cosmetic
Integrated multiple edge gate
Integrated delivery device
Cleansing compositions comprising a liquid silicone and ester mixture
Selective hydrosilylation method
System and method for remote service information
System and methodology for tracking objects using visually sensible indicators
Extendable antenna architecture
External indicator for electronic toll communications
Antenna structures for RFID devices
Inductive powering surface for powering portable devices
Medical item storage cabinet and method
Inventory system with barcode display
Oriented, aminosilane-coated film capable of structuring by means of electromagnetic radiation and c...
Method of manufacturing thin-film antenna
Injection molding machine
RFID tag, antenna, and printer system
Systems and methods for handling defective RFID media according to available printer output options
Portable type information processing terminal device
Method for improving security and enhancing information storage capability, the system and apparatus...
Methods and systems for estimation of personal characteristics from biometric measurements
Photosensitive amine generator, photocurable composition and photoreactive adhesive composition
Catalyst for production of unsaturated aldehyde and unsaturated carboxylic acid, and process for its...
Electrolytic capacitor
Halogen-free dry film photosensitive resin composition
Process of producing aldehydes
Nitrogen-containing organic compound, chemically amplified resist composition and patterning process
Method for producing high purity terephthalic acid
Process for production of 3,3-dimethyl-2-formylcyclopropanecarboxylic acid derivatives
Process for producing aromatic nitrile compound
Photochromatic pyrano-1,3-oxazinonaphthalene derivatives
Resin composition for toner and toner
Method of preparing a treated support
Gypsum composition
Optical disk for recording information
Aromatic/acrylate tackifier resin and acrylic polymer blends
Self cleaning litter box
Bird shower
Birdfeeder and seed dispenser therefor
Bird feeding apparatus
Methods and apparatus for automatic jet injection of bird eggs
Method of making fishing jig lure
Transgenic animal
Apparatus and method for centrifugation and robotic manipulation of samples