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Precision insert for molding ferrules and associated methods of manufacture
Automobile pet bed construction
Waste collection devices
Pet transporter construction defining interior space for pet
Cage for transporting and stunning livestock
Method and apparatus for tracking an internal target region without an implanted fiducial
Method for correction of relative object-detector motion between successive views
X-ray computed tomographic apparatus, image processing apparatus, and image processing method
Processes for making temporary wet strength additives
Tire compositions comprising surface-modified silica
Electroactive fluorene polymers having perfluoralkyl groups, process for preparing such polymers and...
Directed assembly of functional heterostructures
Photothermographic material and image forming method for the photothermographic material
Imageable element with solvent-resistant polymeric binder
Dendritic poly (amino acid) carriers and methods of use
Co-injection nozzle
Methods using particulates coated with treatment chemical partitioning agents
Polyamide resin composition and process for producing the same
Biofeedback ring sensors
Ultrasound radiation device into a material
Endoscopic device with independently actuated legs
Ultrasound imaging system having computer virus protection
Apparatus and methods for analysis of cardiac device stored episodes containing sensed signals and w...
Method and apparatus for measuring cardiac output via an extracorporeal cardiopulmonary support circ...
Trigger extraction from ultrasound doppler signals
Ear sensor assembly
Unauthorized usage monitoring system for image forming apparatus
Apparatus and method for detecting embedded watermarks
Curve tracing system
Hidden markov model based object tracking and similarity metrics
Method and apparatus for correlating semiconductor process data with known prior process data
Method of image registration using mutual information
Method for detecting repetitive surfaces in an optical mouse
Region based illumination-normalization method and system
Method, system, and software for improving signal quality using pyramidal decomposition
Method for resizing images using the inverse discrete cosine transform
System and method for incremental and continuous data compression
Transformation to increase the Lempel-Ziv compressibility of images with minimal visual distortion
Method and apparatus for encoding and decoding three-dimensional object data
Image processing method and apparatus, and computer product
System and method for video encoding according to degree of macroblock distortion
Apparatus and method for data compressibility test
Method and apparatus for performing video image decoding
Narrow field abstract meta-data image compression
Method and apparatus for assessing performance of optical systems
Fast testing system for optical transceiver and testing method thereof
Mounting case for electro-optical device, method of manufacturing mounting case for electro-optical ...
Precision fiber attachment
Convertible fiber closure platform
Method of manufacturing optical waveguide
Method for monitoring spin imparted on optical fiber and method for making optical fiber by using th...
Programmable optical grating device and method
Optical connection block, optical module, and optical axis alignment method using the same
Optical switch and control method therefor
Optical switch and method of controlling optical switch
Optical switch having photonic crystal structure
Backlight module and brightness enhancement film thereof
Illumination apparatus for an optical system and microscope
Stochastic halftone screening method
Exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method
Fueling station electronic pricing sign
Combined vehicle display and method
Vehicle light heater
Light source device and projector
Semiconductor chip with container and contact elements for use in a light socket
Surface light source device
Illuminated traffic wand
System and method for generating a flickering flame effect
System and method for forming a back-lighted array using an omni-directional light source
LED polarizing optics for color illumination system and method of using same
LED headlight
Colored headlamp
Dual function console lamp with integrated switching
Lighting module giving a light beam with cut-off line for a motor vehicle headlight, and a headlight...
Vehicular headlamp
Pyrotechnic animal dispersal device
Laser gunsight system for a firearm handgrip
Molded semi-universal holster
Paintball marker featuring a structurally independent ram
Device to recuperate the energy produced during the recoiling of a weapon
Magazine loader
Preform molds incorporating high heat conductivity material
Air sampler
Clear walled containers with lenticular inserts and wraparound labels
Multilayered articles and method of manufacture thereof
Point of purchase display carton
Thermosensitive poly (organophosphazenes), preparation method thereof and injectable thermosensitive...
Heparin-binding peptides and uses thereof
Compositions and methods for the therapy and diagnosis of lung cancer
Methods for diagnosing and treatment of hyperphosphatemic conditions using FGF20 polypeptides
Method of extending the dose range of vitamin D compounds
Easy-open, re-closable package for disposable diapers
Fabric care compositions for lipophilic fluid systems containing an antimicrobial agent
Methods of assessing characteristics of fibrous substrates and treating fibrous substrates
Portion of a fabric conditioning article
Product package
Brewing device
Filter for removing water and/or surfactants from a lipophilic fluid
Temporary wet strength additives
Multi-motion stainbrush
System and method for processing recursive invocations within a program build
Network manager SNMP trap suppression
Agent-based event-driven web server architecture
Database architecture for an air traffic information system
Cultural simulation model for modeling of agent behavioral expression and simulation data visualizat...
Copper based sintered contact material and double-layered sintered contact member
Hydrodynamic foil face seal
Lube oil distribution apparatus
Actuating device
Differential gear for vehicles
Self-locking structure of split roller bearing cage
Bearing seal assembly for agricultural applications
Gasket unit for a bearing bushing
Thrust washer and method of manufacture
Fluid bearing module
Bearing unit, and motor and electronic apparatus having the bearing unit
Linear motion guide unit
Protective garment for use in sporting games
Coherence-gated optical glucose monitor
Front-projection screens including reflecting layers and optically absorbing layers having apertures...
High gain resonant modulator system and method
Method and its apparatus for inspecting particles or defects of a semiconductor device
Optically blocked reference pixels for focal plane arrays
Process for producing optically active azetidine-2-carboxylic acids
Anisotropic films based on 1,8-naphthoylene-1',2'-benzimidazole sulfonates and lyotropic liquid crys...
Trench isolation structure and method of formation
Systems and methods for thin film thermal diagnostics with scanning thermal microstructures
Test element analysis system
Pivotal and illuminated saphenous vein retractor with tapered design
Forward scanning imaging optical fiber probe
Optical sub assembly
Three-dimensional integral imaging and display system using variable focal length lens
Chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) slurry quality control process and particle size distributio...
Image-information detecting device and image forming apparatus
Asynchronous chirped systems, apparatuses, and methods
All optical time division multiplexer and packet switch using optical codewords and optically actuat...
Charge compensated nitride phosphors for use in lighting applications
Polymeric fluorescent substrate and polymer light-emitting device using the same
Semi-automatic beverage making apparatus
Method and apparatus for avoiding read-after-write hazards in an execute-ahead processor
Method for screening combinational bead library; ligands for cancer cells
Aromatic heterocyclic non-covalent inhibitors of urokinase and blood vessel formation
Quinazoline derivatives
Compounds useful as motilin agonists and method
Medical device programmer with selective disablement of display during telemetry
Prefabricated housings for microelectronic imagers
Zinc-chelating ratiometric fluorescent probes and related methods
System and method for validating a memory file that links speculative results of load operations to ...
File transfer system
Method and apparatus for embedding chat functions in a web page
Oxygen detection using evanescent fields
Electrochemically controlled optical devices
Method of forming inorganic alignment film, inorganic alignment film, substrate for electronic devic...
Methods of forming layers
Dielectric element, piezoelectric element, ink jet head and method for producing the same head
Methods for making integrated-circuit wiring from copper, silver, gold, and other metals
MFS type field effect transistor, its manufacturing method, ferroelectric memory and semiconductor d...
Ferroelectric memory and its manufacturing method
Strained Si/SiGe/SOI islands and processes of making same
Methods of forming lanthanum-modified lead zirconium titanate (PLZT) layers
Photochromic compositions, preparation thereof and articles made therefrom or coated therewith
Ceramic electrolyte coating and methods
Out-of-plane pre-aligned refractive micro lens
System and method for three-dimensional visualization and postprocessing of a system model
Directed non-cyclic graph walking system for data processing and analysis in software application
Mechanism for safe byte code in a tracing framework
Display interface to a computer controlled display system with variable comprehensiveness levels of ...
System and method for graceful shutdown of host processor cards in a server system
Bus management system
Data processing machine
Digital camera
Drive force control apparatus of riding vehicle, its control method and riding type vehicle
Liquid crystal display device and partial transmission type liquid crystal display device
Image sensor with designatable read-out range
System for driving columns of a liquid crystal display
Contactless identification tag
Step-up / step-down circuit
Pseudo true single phase clock latch with feedback mechanism
Acrylic matt thermoplastic resin films and process for producing the same
Support for hanging objects displayed on a wall
Medication dosage regimen communication device
Method of changing the setting of mobile unit by broadcasting message
Multi-path gateway communications device
Combination food cutting, storage, and shredder apparatus
Portable big game hoist assembly
Process for making intermediates for fragrance components from .alpha.-campholenic aldehyde
Resin composition
Odor elimination composition for use on soft surfaces
Microdevices having a preferential axis of magnetization and uses thereof
Thick film composition yielding magnetic properties
Vaccines containing ribavirin and methods of use thereof
Colorimetric artificial nose having an array of dyes and method for artificial olfaction
System and method for interconnecting different SS7 network domains
Capacity allocation for fast path restoration
Apparatus, system and method for managing circuit and packet-switched calls on a network
Apparatus for reducing drops in a transmission spectrum due to inter-pixel gaps
Cyclic buffering of a datastream
Method and apparatus for performing network routing based on queue lengths
Insect larva aerosol infection method for producing recombinant proteins and baculovirus bio-insecti...
Breathing circuits having unconventional respiratory conduits and systems and methods for optimizing...
Battery pack and method for manufacturing the same
Multiple stage electroless deposition of a metal layer
Memory having test circuit
Apparatuses and methods for utilizing non-ideal light sources
Driving method for a plasma display panel
Semiconductor device fabrication method
Microfeature workpieces and methods for forming interconnects in microfeature workpieces
Method for dyeing or coloring human keratin materials with lightening effect using a composition com...
Yellow cationic dyes for dyeing of organic material
X-ray examination apparatus
Zinc/air cell
Optical projection device and adjusting method thereof
Information management system with authenticity check
Image processor
Blind watermarking method by grouping codewords for VQ-quantized images
Digital watermarks
Record carrier with watermark
Method, apparatus and computer program product for managing customer information
System for and method of storing and elaborating user preferences
Content enhancement in an electronic marketplace
Efficient object query processing technique on object's dynamic properties via pushdown
Accessing and updating views and relations in a relational database
Recording/playback device, and recording medium access method
Fast aggregation of compressed data using full table scans
Retrieving matching documents by queries in any national language
Arrangement and method for controlling a combustion engine
Arrangement and method for controlling combustion in a combustion engine
Continuously variable valve lift system for engines
Valve drive
Device for altering the control times of gas exchange valves of an internal combustion engine
Intake air amount control apparatus for internal combustion engine
Four-cylinder, four-cycle, free piston, premixed charge compression ignition, internal combustion re...
Text-to-speech conversion system
Wait-time service in a telecommunications network
Folding sheet music stand
Method and device for ascertaining the center-of-gravity height of a vehicle
Cruise idle speed control to enhance low speed and light throttle drivability
Method and system for controlling a mobile machine
Vehicle backward movement assist device and vehicle parking assist device
User adaptive automated pre-trip inspection system
Electrical control unit for an automobile
Electronic drawbar
Portable electronic information device
Method and apparatus for optically powering and multiplexing distributed fiber optic sensors
Vehicular vision system
Mobile enforcement platform with aimable violation identification and documentation system for multi...
Magnetic storage media with Ag, Au-containing magnetic layers
Storage system with alterable background behaviors
Enhanced data integrity using parallel volatile and non-volatile transfer buffers
Lubricative and protective thin film
Writeable optical recording of multilevel oriented nano-structure discs
Method of fabricating a suspension load beam with a composite damping core
Magnetic field sensor based on the extraordinary hall effect
Transducer-data storage medium spacing adjustment
Random number generation using back electromotive force (BEMF) values
Composition and method for the efficacious and safe administration of halopyruvate for the treatment...
Morinda Citrifolia Leaf Juice And Leaf Extract Based Formulations
Method For Enhancing The Content Of Soybean Seed Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid
Compositions for Enhancing Sexual Responsiveness
Process of obtaining thylakoids from photosynthetic organisms; plant fractions obtained from the pro...
PAWPAW and/or peach derived composition
Delivery Of Functional Ingredients
Inhibition of reactive oxygen species and protection of mammalian cells
Fungical Mixtures For Controlling Rice Pathogens
Bone graft materials derived from mineralized gelatin
Acellular bioabsorbable tissue regeneration matrices
Use of alkene carboxlic acid n alkylamides as flavouring agents
Apparatus and formulations for suprachoroidal drug delivery
Microencapsulated Delivery Vehicles Having Fugitive Layers
Liquid Compositions Including Microencapsulated Delivery Vehicles
High-throughput asymmetric membrane
One Step Oligochromatographic Device And Method Of Use
Two-Part Implant with a Hydroxylated Soft Tissue Contact Surface
One-Part Implant with a Hydroxylated Soft Tissue Contact Surface
Abutment with a Hydroxylated Surface
Silver Halide Color Photographic Light-Sensitive Material
Method of manufacturing toner
Fuel cell
Anisotropic Shaped Bodies, Method For The Production And Utilization Of Anisotropic Shaped Bodies
Useful indole compounds
Cytotoxicity mediation of cells evidencing surface expression of TROP-2
Use of antibodies to the gamma 2 chain of laminin 5 to inhibit tumor growth and metastasis
Production Method and Filter Comprising Non Woven Fabric and/or Filtering Injector Structures or She...
Diaphragm pump of constant pressure type
Process For Recycling Solid Supports For Cultivation Of Anchorage-Dependent Cells
By-products from fermentation still bottoms
DNA diagnostics based on mass spectrometry
Method for producing hollow fiber membranes
Semiconductor device with single crystal semiconductor layer(s) bonded to insulating surface of subs...
Coating composition, antireflection film, photoresist and pattern formation method using it
Method for preparing dehydrocyclodimerization catalyst
Silver halide emulsion and silver halide color photographic light-sensitive material
EDI module with stabilizing DC current
Flow rate measurement for industrial sensing applications using unsteady pressures
Silver halide emulsion, method of preparing the same, and silver halide color photographic photosens...
Printing plates comprising modified pigment products
Porous membrane and method for manufacturing the same
Controlled eutrophication system and process
Solar dew tube
Package coating, processes of making, and packaging systems
Solventborne coating substance that can be cured physically, thermally or thermally and by using act...
Self-drilling anchor
Bucket brace and method for use
Offset handle for taping knife
Set-on demand, ester-based wellbore fluids and methods of using the same
M. canis-containing ringworm vaccine
Cementing compositions including salts
Method for recycling concrete waste
Polycarboxylic acid mixture
Rubber composition for tire tread
Abrasive article and methods of making same
Banana Resistance Genes And Uses Thereof
Potato cultivar FL 2101
Soybean cultivar S050221
Soybean cultivar 1000642
Soybean cultivar 5420128
Process for producing normal parenchymal cells, tissues or organs by bioincubator
PiggyBac constructs in vertebrates
Anigozanthos hybrid plant named 'AMBER VELVET'
Transgenic animals and methods of monitoring hedgehog responding cells
System, Method and Apparatus for Electronically Protecting Data Associated with RFID Tags
Multi-function device having graphical user interface incorporating customizable icons
Multi-dimensional multi-parameter time series processing for seizure warning and prediction
Visual restoration aiding device
Retinal prosthesis
System and method of rapid, comfortable parameter switching in spinal cord stimulation
Methods, apparatus, and systems for providing media content over a communications network
Methods, Systems, and Computer Program Products for Automatic Group Ordering of Food from Restaurant...
Retail facility
Baby safe feeder with integrally fitted food container
Food compositions comprising biologically-based biodegradable 1,3-propanediol esters
Antistress Agent
Cleaning wipe with variable loft working surface
Resin-Coated Metal Sheet
Cost-effective, sanitary, high-barrier microwavable wrapper
Organoleptically Improved, In Particular, Storage Stable Hard Candy
Process For Manufacturing Chocolate Mass, Machine And Compact Installation For The Chocolate Mass Pr...
Accelerated Method For Drying And Maturing Sliced Food Products
Agarobiose-containing composition
Flavored cheese slices and methods for flavoring cheese
Intermediate Dairy Mixture and a Method of Manufacture Thereof
Fast-growing willow shrub named `Tully Champion`
Carnation plant named `Cristal`
Panicum plant named `RR1`
Geranium plant named `Tanya Rendall`
Kalanchoe plant named `Don Frederico`
Phygelius plant named `Blacher`
Avocado rootstock named `Merensky 1`
Liquid dispensing systems and apparatus
Automated condiment dispensing system
Food product timing system
Hot dog slicer
Disk cartridge and disk player using the same
Disc drive cartridge and disc drive apparatus to prevent scratching of a disc when the disc is loade...
Data transmitting/receiving system and method thereof
Interleaver and interleaving method in a communication system
Multi-bus driver apparatus and method for driving a plurality of buses
Data communication method for mobile communication system
High frequency wireless receiver circuits and methods
Image forming apparatus having scan unit and controlling method thereof
Housing assembly of OPC unit
Detector for detecting abnormality in developer passage, image forming device having the same and de...
Direct conversion X-ray detector with over-range and pile-up correction
Imaging system to compensate for x-ray scatter
Method and device for examining an object
Intermediate density marker and a method using such a marker for radiographic examination
X-ray CT apparatus
Resonator device and circuits for 3-D detection/receiving sonic waves, even of a very low amplitude/...
Method, apparatus and program for image data correction
Production method of radiation image conversion panel
Direct collection transmission electron microscopy
Automatic exposure control method of image and automatic exposure control system using the method
Determination of characteristics of material
Thin film device supply body, method of fabricating thin film device, method of transfer, method of ...
Method to make a weight compensating/tuning layer on a substrate
Computer aided diagnosis from multiple energy images
Beam diaphragm and X-ray imaging apparatus
Electrode arrangement for circuit energy conditioning
Reflex-type screen assembly
Electrophoretic device, method of manufacturing the same, and electronic apparatus
3D pointing devices with orientation compensation and improved usability
System for housing an audio system in an aquatic environment
Compact non-volatile memory cell and array system
Variable energy development station
Inline purge capability (purge while run) to improve system productivity during low area coverage ru...
Radiation therapy system featuring rotatable filter assembly
X-ray computed tomography apparatus with beam-gating diaphragm
Method and apparatus for controlling a calibration cycle or a metrology tool
Multi-angle colorimeter
Computing water saturation in laminated sand-shale when the shale are anisotropic
X-ray lens
Semiconductor memory device for stably controlling power mode at high frequency and method of contro...
Synchronous memory device capable of controlling write recovery time
Microfabricated lenses, method of manufacture thereof, and applications therefor
Light beam conditioner
Method of producing piezoelectric component and piezoelectric component
Lamp current control device
Pipeline integrity management process
.beta.-secretase enzyme compositions and methods
Method and apparatus for varying lengths of low density party check codewords
Proton exchange membrane (PEM) electrochemical cell having an integral, electrically-conductive, res...
Determining non-nucleic acid molecule binding to target by competition with nucleic acid ligands
Multifunctional, intelligent power and communication device
Method and apparatus for reading and controlling electric power consumption
Multilayer printed wiring board
Machine gun mount
Noninvasive method for characterizing and identifying embedded micropatterns
Combined use of oil and emulsion for the cold rolling of strip
Method for the recovery and recycle of helium and chlorine
Control strategy for an internal combustion engine
Near-field photomask and near-field exposure apparatus including the photomask
Valve for aerosol can
Combined tongue depressor and oral spray device
Compensating a long read time of a memory device in data comparison and write operations
Wafer-level package for integrated circuits
High efficacy metal halide lamp with configured discharge chamber
TLR3 Glycosylation Site Muteins and Methods of Use
Adiponectin expression-inducing agents and uses thereof
Altered superantigen toxins
Production Of Isoprenoids
Method For The Production Of Hyperbranched Polysaccharide Fractions
Novel Saccharothrix Strain an Antibiotics Derived Therefrom, i.e. Mutactimycins and Aldgamycins
Soluble fusion proteins comprising heterologous polypeptides
Enzyme composition, low molecular weight hyaluronan and process for preparing the same
Insertion of Furin Protease Cleavage Sites in Membrane Proteins and Uses Thereof
Hydrolases, Nucleic Acids Encoding Them And Methods For Making And Using Them
Binding Polypeptides and Uses Thereof
Novel G protein-coupled receptor protein, its DNA and ligand thereof
Nucleic acid purification method and purification apparatus
Single Molecule DNA Sequencing Using Fret Based Dynamic Labeling
Novel lipase
Simplified eukaryotic nitrate reductase
Method for the production of D-(-)-3-hydroxybutyric acid by recombinant Escherichia coli
Process for the preparation of l-amino acids
Method for producing L-glutamine by fermentation and L-glutamine producing bacterium
Process for the fermentative preparation of D-pantothenic acid and/or salts thereof
Dye-labeled ribonucleotide triphosphates
Hematopoietic stem cell proliferation regulators and polynucleotides encoding the same
Streptococcus antigens
Identification and characterization of racemases, definition of protein signatures, and a test for d...
Bisulfite method
Dye-labeled oligonucleotide for labeling a nucleic acid molecule
Network map
Organic electronic device and method for manufacturing the same
Wireless ultra wideband network having frequency bin transmission level setting and related methods
Indoor wireless voice and data distribution system
Source synchronous CDMA bus interface
Semiconductor integrated circuit device, wireless LAN system, and auto gain control system
Adaptive space-time transmit diversity coding for MIMO systems
WLAN device and method for interfacing between a MAC sublayer and a physical layer
Control method
Method and system for providing location-based services in multiple coverage area environments
Architecture of an integrated circuit for streaming media over wireless networks
System and methods for joining the correct wireless network
Method and apparatus for scanning in wireless computing devices
Systems and methods for enabling a mobile user to notify an automated monitoring system of an emerge...
System and method for selecting a communication band
Ink editing architecture
System supporting animation of graphical display elements through animation object instances
Multiple chart user interface
Systems and methods for all-frequency relighting using spherical harmonics and point light distribut...
Graphics image rendering with radiance self-transfer for low-frequency lighting environments
Systems and methods for optimizing geometric stretch of a parametrization scheme
UV feature illumination
Automatic installation of printers in a distributed environment
Icon for a Portion of a Display Screen
Icon for a portion of a display screen
Icon for a portion of a display screen
Icon for a portion of a display screen
User interface for a portion of a display screen
User interface for a portion of a display screen
User interface for a portion of a display screen
User interface for a portion of a display screen
Method of providing an ink catcher in an ATM
Data access methods and multifunction device therefor
System and method for user adaptive software interface
Communication system, communication method, distribution apparatus, distribution method and terminal...
Postural awareness apparatus
Multi-function swing apparatus for total-body exercise, stretching, yoga, spinal traction, gymnastic...
Therapy weight system
Support arm
Lamp with integral voltage converter having phase-controlled dimming circuit with hysteresis control...
Rapid and efficient capture of DNA from sample without using cell lysing reagent
Method and device for the qualitative and/or quantitative analysis of a protein and/or peptide patte...
Sample testing device
Surround dipole speaker
Image forming apparatus with speed detector for detecting rotational speed of a tension roller
Fixing apparatus and image forming apparatus
Read/write position controller for optical pickup
Low thermal drift, tunable frequency voltage controlled oscillator
Antenna frame, antenna structure, and watch type wave clock having the antenna structure
Tire pressure estimation
Method and system for adding IP routes to a routing mobile terminal with 3G messages
Techniques for cooling multiple sets of circuit boards connected by a midplane
Blazed diffractive optical element and projection objective for a microlithographic projection expos...
Wraparound swimsuit
Active matrix LCD device with image signal lines having a multilayered structure
User interface for an electronic trading system for a computer screen
Portion of a shoe upper
Thermoplastic resin composition having improved impact resistance
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Biochemical analysis unit
Expression of granular starch hydrolyzing enzyme in Trichoderma
Method for in vitro molecular evolution of protein function using varied exonuclease digestion in tw...
Toner particles for image forming apparatus
Golf ball
Connector for flexible printed circuit
Injection molding device with outside air inlet part
Interchangeable clock having the appearance of a floor clock and kits for providing same
Pelvis remedial seating device
Method for carrying a semiconductor device
Graphics processing unit used for cryptographic processing
Asymmetric multi-GPU processing
Electromagnetic radiation emitting toothbrush and dentifrice system
Discrete active seal assemblies
Bicycle with adjustable orientation of the seat and the pedals with respect to the handlebars
Cycle accessory system for child strollers
Swing-away hitch mounted equipment carrier
Vehicle hitch rack
Luggage rack apparatus
Bicycle suspension assembly with isolated inertia mass
Bicycle brake caliper assembly
Bicycle helmet
Hand guard
Post mounted attachment to function as a bicycle lock
Power supply unit
Color agent for road marking material and road marking material using the same
Sprocket of a chain transmission for a bicycle
Bicycle transmission
Substrate for growing electro-optical single crystal thin film and method of manufacturing the same
Explosives detection using differential mobility spectrometry
Toner for developing electrostatic images, developer, image forming method, and image forming appara...
Fiber-reinforced ceramic brake linings
Method of deodorizing a textile
Control of cyclone burner
Odor absorbing system and method
On-chip vacuum tube device and process for making device
Graphitized-carbon fiber/carbon char fuel
Encapsulated graphite heater and process
Integrated passive devices
Toner for electrophotography and image forming apparatus
Process for producing packing for resolving optical isomers
System and method for software-pipelining of loops with sparse matrix routines
Parsing structured data
Method and apparatus for dynamic data-type management
Synchronizing use of a device by multiple software components in accordance with information stored ...
Methods, systems, and data models for describing an electrical device
Locking arrangement for radial entry turbine blades
Power conversion module device and power unit using the same
Cable connector
Stent mounted valve
Phototherapy device and system
Method and apparatus for follicular extraction and transplantation
Electrosurgical instrument
Transurethral needle ablation system
Transurethral needle ablation system with automatic needle retraction
Removable catheter hub
Package for an ostomy appliance
Implantable dialysis access port
Vascular blood containment device
Personalized emergency medical monitoring and transmission system
Universal, programmable guide catheter
C-arm holding apparatus and X-ray diagnostic apparatus
Diversion system and method
Targeted chromosomal genomic alterations with modified single stranded oligonucleotides
Method and system for charging multi-cell lithium-based batteries
Non-aqueous electrolytic solution and lithium secondary battery using the same
Organic electrolytic solution and lithium battery using the same
Tire air pressure monitoring system
Frequency agile RF circuit
Electronic unit having identification information thereof
Mode-diversity RFAID tag and interrogator system and method for identifying an RFAID transponder
Radio frequency identification method and system of distributing products
Anti-theft arrangement, method and program
Radio frequency identification transponder
Defining, administering, and managing automatic identification information, such as bar codes
Medical item storage cabinet and method
Flame retardants with high halogen content and low viscosity
Vacuum appliance
Vacuum appliance with wall mount
Clothes dryer
Drum washing machine
Drum washing machine
Drum type washing machine
Drum type washing machine
Drum type washing machine
Drum type washing machine
Portion of a laundry appliance
Laundry appliance
Portable washing machine for vehicles
Dust collector
Artificial fish eye
Artificial boar eye
Pet toy
Bird bath
Cage for holding laboratory animals
Reusable cuff barrier
Full face motorcycle helmet
CO remover that is simple in structure and performs a selective reaction of CO at a high CO selectiv...
Polymer electrolyte fuel cell
Gas humidification for cathode supply of a PEM fuel cell
Hydrogen generator and fuel cell system having the same
Compact water vaporizer for dynamic steam generation and uniform temperature control
Distance measuring device for acoustically measuring distance
Transmitting method and transmitter apparatus
Method and system for pre-charging and biasing a latch-type sense amplifier
System and method for discovering identities and capabilities of nearby telephones
Semiconductor memory device using read data bus for writing data during high-speed writing
Two-transistor flash memory device using replica cell array to control the precharge/discharge and s...
Image lens array
Optical amplifier
Photochromic optical article
Soft and strong webs from highly refined cellulosic fibres
Compositions for use in golf balls
Gas-barrier multi-layer structure
Use of brighteners for the preparation of coating slips
Polycarbonate resin compositions and articles therefrom
Dye product and method of treating clothing for UV blocking
Bacillus pumilus SAFR-032 isolate
Treatment of vitiligo
Cosmetic compositions containing a methacrylic acid copolymer and an oil, and uses thereof
Apparatus and method for dynamic sharing of server network interface resources
Method and system for performing resource pool maintenance by refreshing resources based on the pool...
Diagnostic for scleroderma
Enhancing intermolecular integration of nucleic acids using integrator complexes
Terraced film stack
Use of biscistronic DNA constructs for identifying compounds that inhibit IRES-dependent translation
Aerobic succinate production in bacteria
Method of forming high-luminescence silicon electroluminescence device
Method for manufacturing a diffuser for a backlight module
Multilayer system with protecting layer system and production method
Compositions and methods comprising pigments and polyprotic dispersing agents
LED device and method for directing LED light
Process for producing alkenyl alcohols
Pigments treated with organo-phosphoric acids and their salts
Apparatus and method for real time determination of density and related parameters in manufacturing ...
Magnetic mono-component toner composition
Multifunctional acrylate oligomers as pigment grinding vehicles for radiation-curable ink applicatio...
Endodontic obturator
Co-extrudable multi-layer polymer
Thick film conductor case compositions for LTCC tape
Methods for forming patterns on a filled dielectric material on substrates
Fluorochemical finishes for paint applicators
Refrigerant composition
System and method for automatic application profile and policy creation
Developing device and image forming apparatus for suppressing toner-clumps
Pressure releasing device and image forming device
Desktop color image forming apparatus and method of making the same
Cylinder deactivation method to minimize drivetrain torsional disturbances
Plants having mutant delta-12 desaturase sequences that confer altered fatty acid profiles
Indeno-fused photochromic naphthopyrans, naphthols and photochromic articles
Distributed optical structures exhibiting reduced optical loss
Control device for a conveyor
Image sensor and method for implementing optical summing using selectively transmissive filters
Image processing system for high performance digital imaging devices
Magnetic planarization of pigment flakes
Device for imaging and observing an eye at a selectable image scale
Method and system for asymmetric handoff of wireless communication sessions
Mobile communication system for performing hand-off based on communication resources in base station...
Antenna gain specifying device and radio communication device
Constant gain digital predistortion controller for linearization of non-linear amplifiers
Method and apparatus for wirelessly coupling a source signal to a radio frequency receiver
Radio frequency power amplifier
Standing-wave electron linear accelerator
System and method for low temperature plasma-enhanced bonding
Wireless remote control porch light
Radio frequency-based particulate loading monitoring system
Card type device capable of reading fingerprint and fingerprint identification system
Optical system for micro analyzing system
Color filter substrate having reflecting and transmitting components, liquid crystal display device ...
Liquid crystal display apparatus having insulated reflective layer and manufacturing method thereof
Multi-tone display device
System for controlling starting and stopping of engine
Electroluminescent phosphor
Image signal processing device
Display device and semiconductor device
Printing system and method for network containing printers with pull-printing and printers without p...
3-iodopropylmethyldiisopropoxysilane and imaging members including the same
Systems and methods for dissipating heat into a fluid ejector carriage device
Multi-function office machine
Variable information suite secure web server application icon for a display screen
Finisher for an image producing office machine
Cooperative processing system, cooperative processing apparatus, and cooperative processing method
Image forming apparatus mounted with replaceable unit, image forming system, and method of controlli...
Hologram reconstruction method and device
Systems and methods for dynamically determining the attitude of a natural language speaker
Design aid apparatus and design evaluation method for electronic device
Systems and methods for the automatic extraction of audio excerpts
Semiconductor integrated circuit and semiconductor integrated circuit arrangement device and process
Breath-enhanced ultrasonic nebulizer and dedicated unit dose ampoule
Device and method to expand operating range of a fuel cell stack
Saw blade lubricating apparatus
Apparatus and method for using pure dry biomass carbohydrates as fuels, fuel extenders, and fuel oxy...
Process for preparing value-added RPET containing polymer blend component
Closed loop continuous polymerization reactor and polymerization process
Method and apparatus for abrasive recycling and waste separation system
Automated banking machine which dispenses, receives and stores notes and other financial instrument ...
Folded box
Method of attaching a transmission oil cooler to an aluminum tank
Method for fine tuned automatic zoom
System and method for automatic zoom
Television-watchable refrigerator system and method for operating the same
Apparatus and method for generating coefficients, apparatus and method for generating class configur...
Signal processing device for providing multiple output images in one pass
System and method for aligned compression of interlaced video
Focus detecting system
Camera with adjustable auto-focus detection area
Charge-coupled device sensing apparatus with dual photo sensor sets
Image processing apparatus having multiple resolutions
Image sensing apparatus and its control method, control program, and storage medium
Method and system for storing calibration data within image files
Processing of color signals in a color camera
Image processing method for generating weighted interpolated pixel data
Method of making digital photograph and digital photograph made by that method
Imager and image quality correcting method performing correction based on the output of different re...
Communication apparatus and method, and storage medium
Anti human ovarian cancer-anti CD3 bispecific antibody
Polypeptide mediating cell permeability
Method of forming DRAM device having capacitor and DRAM device so formed
Multiple sequencible and ligatible structures for genomic analysis
One-transistor composite-gate memory
AC sensing for a resistive memory
Light emitting diode utilizing a physical pattern
Correcting a mask pattern by selectively updating the positions of specific segments
Semiconductor integrated circuit device with boundary scan test and design automation apparatus, bou...
Method and apparatus for detecting and analyzing the propagation of noise through an integrated circ...
Maximum likelihood detector and/or decoder
Testing replicated sub-systems in a yield-enhancing chip-test environment using on-chip compare to e...
Integrated circuit, in particular integrated memory, and methods for operating an integrated circuit
System and method having strapping with override functions
Methods and apparatus for power control in a scalable array of processor elements
Plasma display apparatus
Amplifier circuit with reduced power-on transients and method thereof
Method for producing disazo pigments
Semiconductor device with lead-free solder
Method for preparing curable amide gellant compounds
Thermally developable materials with buried conductive backside coatings
Acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive and pressure sensitive adhesive tape
Method for connecting electrodes, surface-treated wiring board and adhesive film used in the method,...
Photothermographic materials containing print stabilizers
Method of forming mirrors by surface transformation of empty spaces in solid state materials
Etching technique to planarize a multi-layer structure
Microfluidic device and surface decoration process for solid phase affinity binding assays
Organic nonlinear optical material and nonlinear optical element using the same
Bridges for electroosmotic flow systems
Reversible emulsions stabilized by amphiphilic polymers and application to drilling fluid
Screening method for selection of insect tolerant plants
Live genetically attenuated malaria vaccine
Natural herbicide resistance in wheat
RBP1L1, a novel retinoblastoma binding protein-related gene encoding an antigenic epitope and method...
Methods for eliminating mannosylphosphorylation of glycans in the production of glycoproteins
Flow control by supplying a remote start bit onto a single-wire bus
Enhancing compression while transcoding JPEG images
Information processing method and information processor
Digital watermark embedding method, apparatus, digital watermark extraction method and apparatus
Method and system for generating data of an application with a picture
Computer system for delivering a brochure including coded data
Image processing apparatus effective for preventing counterfeiting of a copy-prohibition object
Information processing apparatus, print data forming method, print control program, and memory mediu...
Method of limiting access to network sites for a network kiosk
System and method for generating horizontal view for SQL queries to vertical database
Method and apparatus for high speed table search
Efficient costing for inclusion merge join
Device and method for processing and printing information
Reduction of hair growth
Method for folding an occupant protection device
Apparatus for controlling automatic transmission
Method and system for controlling rate of change of ratio in a continuously variable transmission
Hybrid vehicle powertrain with a multiple-ratio power transmission mechanism
Vehicle and method for controlling an engine in a vehicle
Inverted electric motor and method for using such to propel a vehicle
Mechanical interfaced system
Combination switch for vehicle and assembly method of same
Switch control device for vehicle
Headliner having integrated energy absorbing foam
Structurally efficient airbag cushion exhibiting low seam usage and simultaneously high available in...
Methods and Devices for Rotator Cuff Repair
Method and apparatus for therapeutic treatment of back pain
CPM pad with fiber filling
Collaspible gel articles
Ankle-foot orthosis having an orthotic footplate
Breast and bottle feeding infant head support
Adjustable hinge joint support
Wound Covering
Orthotic Device and Segemented Liner
Semi-Custom Ankle Brace System
Hip and pelvic splint
Fluid operated actuators and pneumatic unloading orthoses
Apparatus for reshaping footwear and the method thereof
System and method for creating a custom article
Article and method for laser-etching stratified materials
Removable liner and inflatable bladder for snowboard boots and method of manufacture
Stitch and turn footwear construction
Methods for producing a shoe and a shoe that can be produced according thereto
Shoe cushioning system and related method of manufacture
Apparatus and method for fitting shoes
Treating a variety of pathological conditions, including spasticity and convulsions, by effecting a ...
Treatment of neurotic disorders
Substituted piperidines and pyrrolidines as calcium sensing receptor modulators and method
Isoquinolinone derivatives and their use as therapeutic agents
Small molecule modulators of hepatocyte growth factor (scatter factor) activity
Immunogenic composition based on a truncated derivative of a membrane bound protein and process for ...
Methods of inhibiting platelet activation and recruitment
EG-VEGF nucleic acids and polypeptides and method of use
Photodynamic therapy for the treatment of hair loss
Method for detection and improving visual attention deficit in humans and system for implementation ...
System and methods for optimized drug delivery and progression of diseased and normal cells
Anti-IL-TIF antibodies and methods of making
Anti-PRO9821 antibodies
Fusion molecules and treatment of IgE-mediated allergic diseases
Methods and pharmaceutical compositions for treatment of anti-estrogen resistant breast cancer using...
Stable warfarin sodium liquid formulation and method of making same
Irrigation controller water management with temperature budgeting
Telescope mount having locator system and drive mechanism for locating objects and positioning teles...
Electrochemical device, such as an electrically controlled system with variable optical and/or energ...
Reconfigurable logic through deposition of organic pathways
Roadside-based communication system and method
Self-calibrating corrosion measurement field device with improved signal measurement and excitation ...
Direct current multiplier
Apparatus and process for generating energy
Device to prevent the risk of overexposure to harmful solar radiation
Electrically conductive heated glass panel assembly, control system, and method for producing panels
Gene for a Dof transcription factor capable of altering the size and stature of a plant
Method for producing halosilanes by impinging microwave energy
Transparent polymer articles of low thickness
Aqueous polymer composition
Polyacid/polyalkylene oxide gels and methods for their delivery
Nanowire array and nanowire solar cells and methods for forming the same
Fluorinated polymers having polycyclic groups with fused 4-membered carbocyclic rings, useful as pho...
Preparation of metal chalcogenide nanoparticles and nanocomposites therefrom
Laminate film
Roll-vortex plasma chemical vapor deposition method
Sunscreen composition
Method and apparatus for adapting a search classifier based on user queries
Predictive selection of content transformation in predictive modeling systems
Calibrated classifiers with threshold comparisons
System and method for electronic communication management
System and method and product of manufacture for automated test generation via constraint satisfacti...
Electronic gift greeting
Reconfigurable autonomous device networks
Methods of and systems for personalizing and publishing online content
Temperature dependent trigger control for a traction control system
Method and arrangement for signalizing a deactivation of a driver assistance system
Electric power steering apparatus
Selective catalytic reduction
Vehicle body
Vehicle cockpit attachment structure with integrated plastic composite functional molded features
Integrated center stack for a motor vehicle
Bi-directional anti-tip system for powered wheelchairs
Rechargeable sailing recumbent tricycle
Motorcycle transmission shifting mechanism
Electric preload for variable effort steering system
Steerable rear tractor suspension
Calibration method for inter-axle differential control system
Drive force control method for four-wheel drive vehicle
Passing lamp assembly
Snowmobile with a turbocharged four-stroke engine
After-market dashboard bezel for an automobile having a number of instrument holders and associated ...
Battery mounting structure for an electric vehicle, and vehicle incorporating same
Air intake device for two-wheeled motor vehicle
Hybrid powertrain
Vehicle drive system
Time stamping system for electronic documents and program medium for the same
Internet third-party authentication using electronic tickets
System for mediating printing on network
Network service system and method including a channel generator
Cross-system update method and system
Mail processing system with unique mailpiece authorization assigned in advance of mailpieces enterin...
Terminal device, accounting system and data processing method
Method and apparatus for executing code in accordance with usage rights
Method for computer network operation basis for usage fees
Method and device for preventing check fraud
Automated banking machine system with multiple browsers
Invoiceless trading and settlement method and system
Method, software program, and system for isolating risk in a financial transaction
Method and apparatus for allocating interviews based on dynamic pricing or auctions using electronic...
System and method of facilitating compliance with information sharing regulations
Method and system in electronic commerce for uniquely identifying products to improve reliability an...
Malware scanning to create clean storage locations
Method and system of managing mutual early termination terms for the electronic trading of financial...
Method and apparatus for secure transactions in an interactive television ticker
Digital computer system and methods for managing an auction market for preferred-return securities
Freezable projection display
Configurable controlling device having an associated editing program
Picture distribution system and method, picture distribution apparatus and a method therefor, pictur...
Lane-keep control system and method for vehicle
Method and apparatus for presenting assistance data in a communication conference system
Device and method for recording video signal
Editing system and method and distribution medium
Method and apparatus for generating data representative of an image
Image signal compression method and system
Pattern inspection method and apparatus
Apparatus and method for inspecting pattern
Ranging device utilizing image processing
Monitoring device, monitoring method and program for monitoring
Monitoring system
Micromirror array devices with light blocking areas
Spectroscopy imager methods and apparatus having extended dynamic range
Optical system for projection television
Tuner capable of receiving analog and digital broadcasting signal and integrated DTV having the tune...
Television tuner in which power is supplied to external circuit connected to connector
Video signal processing circuit, video display apparatus, and video display method
Managing the color temperature for a light source array
Method for treating exhaust gas
Calcining plant and method
Rare earth silicate single crystal and process for production of rare earth silicate single crystals
Coated microbubbles for treating an aquifer or soil formations
Process for reducing contaminants in condensate resulting from the conversion of bauxite to alumina
Diamond manufacturing method
Sulfur-modified zinc oxide
Method for distillation of sulfur for the preparing radioactive phosphorous nuclide
Waste processing method, waste processing system, integrated waste processing method, and integrated...
Methodology of conjugating chelators to biomolecules
Non-metal aerogel materials and detectors, liquid and gas absorbing objects, and optical devices com...
Hydro-refining catalyst, carrier for use therein and method for production thereof
Laminated carbon foam sandwich for naval decking
Crystalline molecular sieves
Fuel reformer catalyst and absorbent materials
Cerium oxide powder
Method of scavenging hydrogen sulfide and/or mercaptans from fluid and gas streams
Steel for steel pipes
Key structure
Support device for percussion instruments
Plectrum with grip and method of manufacture
Violin or the like shoulder rest
String-striking device for piano
Universal tuner mount with spring-loaded link
Automatic player musical instrument having playback table partially prepared through transcription f...
Musical information recording and reproducing technique for use with a recording medium having a UTO...
Network interface cassette adapter and method
Device for selective power management for a hand held host
System and method for verifying and measuring traffic
Radio network controller and radio communications method
Multimode receiver
Low complexity equalizer for radio receiver
Transconductance / C complex band-pass filter
Tire air pressure detection system
System and method for receiving broad-band signals
Satellite to vehicle data communication method
Method and apparatus for improved paging receiver and system
Method for joint DC offset correction and channel coefficient estimation in a receiver
Radio communication equipment and method for controlling same
Method and apparatus for receiving diversity signals for use in OFDM radio communication system
Frame size adaptation in real-time transport protocol
Time division protocol for an AD-HOC, peer-to-peer radio network having coordinating channel access ...
Digital time clock for operation in conjunction with mechanical time clock
Data storage cartridge with worm write-protection
Communications assembly and antenna assembly with a switched tuning line
Multistatic antenna configuration for radio frequency identification (RFID) systems
Thin flexible, RFID labels, and method and apparatus for use
Method for treating dredged material
Apparatus, system and method for remediation of contamination
Floating overturn prevention device
System and method for remediating contaminated soil and groundwater in situ
Modular slotted drain assembly
Slot cavity
Leading edge flap apparatuses and associated methods
Parachute release apparatus