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Unmanned aerial vehicle catcher
Spider actuated thrust reverser
Tri-cycloidal airship
Process for reducing the aerodynamic loads applied to the elevators of an aircraft during takeoff
System and method for improved rotor tip performance
Unloaded lift offset rotor system for a helicopter
Time-to-go missile guidance method and system
Simplified elevated sailing apparatus
Sliding element for seals and their process of manufacturing
Absorbent articles comprising a bodily exudate modifying agent and a film-forming skin care formulat...
Monodisperse anion exchangers
Substituted pyrrole-indoles
Pyridine, pyrimidine, quinoline, quinazoline, and naphthalene urotensin-II receptor antagonists
Diazabicyclic CNS active agents
Methods and compositions of novel triazine compounds
9N-substituted 6-11 bicyclic erythromycin derivatives
Glycoconjugation methods and proteins/peptides produced by the methods
Glycopegylation methods and proteins/peptides produced by the methods
Latent image developing systems and devices
Method of sequencing a nucleic acid
Nucleoside Phosphatase
Microcapsules and processes for producing the same
Use of heparinases to decrease inflammatory response
Method for bioeradication using fine mist of biocide solutions
Speaker grill
Hearing protection earplug
Muffler device with catalysts for improving purifying exhaust gas of nitrogen oxides within a motorc...
Footwear covert alarm and locator apparatus
Process for producing synthetic-grass structures and corresponding synthetic-grass structure
Curable off-loading footwear and methods
Massaging bathing shoe
Binding device having a pivotable arm
Escalator with step brushes, step of such an escalator, and method of modernizing an escalator
Weaved article or garment and method of making weaved article or garment
Sole-mounted footwear stability system
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Shoe outsole
Footwear sole
Footwear sole
Footwear sole
Footwear sole
Footwear sole
Footwear sole
Methods of nanotubes films and articles
Durable high index nanocomposites for AR coatings
Secure message system with remote decryption service
System and method for automatically categorizing objects using an empirically based goodness of fit ...
Group interaction modes for mobile devices
Jacket suitable for machine washing and tumble drying
Auditory aid device for the rehabilitation of patients suffering from partial neurosensory hearing l...
Heat sink and component support assembly
Heat dissipation device for electronic equipment
Power unit comprising a heat sink, and assembly method
Power supply with heat sink
Control apparatus having fluid passage for cooling purpose
Active liquid metal thermal spreader
CPU heat dissipating device structure
Multi-heatsink integrated cooling device
Power adapter with fan assembly
Tiles and method of making same
Cooling apparatus
Foam spraying rig
Thermostat with parameter adjustment
Air-conditioning system
Plate-type evaporator to suppress noise and maintain thermal performance
Heat exchange structure
Condenser for vehicles and integrated radiator-condenser body including said condenser
Spray cooling system for extreme environments
Compliant thermal interface structure with vapor chamber
Exhaust gas heat exchanger and bypass assembly
Apparatus for cleaning heat exchanger plates and a bulk material heat exchanger using the same
Comparing images
Systems and methods for minimizing aberrating effects in imaging systems
Methods for detecting ice and liquid water on surfaces
Surface corrugation enhanced magneto-optical indicator film
Horizontal surface plasmon resonance instrument with improved light path
Optical detector device for a counter
Horizontal attenuated total reflection system
Method of calibrating effects of multi-AOI-system for easy changing angles-of-incidence in ellipsome...
Sensitive polarization monitoring and controlling
System for implementing variable retarder capability in ellipsometer, polarimeter or the like system...
Polarization analyzer
Level sensor for lithographic apparatus
Horizontal scroll compressor having a connecting passage on the opposite side of a suction port for ...
Frame of reciprocating compressor
Pump unit and method for operating a pump unit
Automatic liquid collection and disposal assembly
Hydraulic unit
Vacuum-assisted pump
Automated system setup
Voice user interface with personality
Speaker box
Systems and methods that facilitate motion control through coordinate system transformations
Walking robot using simple ground reaction force sensors and a method of controlling the same
Robot-guidance assembly for providing a precision motion of an object
Articulated robotic serial mechanism and method
Method for treating heavy-metal-containing wastewater using sulfidizing agent
Removal of non-water soluble substances from solutions of aqueous metal extracts
Method of separating components in a sample using silane-treated silica filter media
Apparatus for treating organic wastewater and sludge
Gas/liquid separation in water injection into hydrocarbon reservoir
Host system that provides device driver for connected external peripheral if device driver type is a...
Method and apparatus for managing network devices
Fixing roller, and method of producing the same, fixing device and image forming device
Developer supply container with shutter movement prevention feature
Toner image carrying member and manufacturing method thereof, and electrophotographic apparatus
Process cartridge remanufacturing method
Image forming apparatus and image stabilization processing method
Image forming apparatus and fixing device used therein
Data processing apparatus, image processing apparatus, and method therefor
Method and apparatus for processing image data, storage medium and program
Color management architecture using phantom profiles to transfer data between transform modules
Lens device and photographing apparatus including the same
Image processing apparatus and method
Controlled print size for image data
Image forming system, image forming device, function setting method and storage medium
Information processing apparatus for color printer and method of controlling same
Image processing apparatus and control method thereof
Position detecting method
Illumination optical system, exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method with modified illum...
Mirror holding method and optical apparatus
Cooling apparatus
Process for xylene production
Methods for inhibiting hydrate blockage in oil and gas pipelines using simple quaternary ammonium an...
Method for improving the performance of engines powered by liquid hydrocarbon fuel
Fast dynamic measurement of bandwidth in a TCP network environment
Quasi-high availability hosted applications
Method and apparatus for supplying information, and storage medium on which an information supplying...
Providing content delivery during a call hold condition
Method of performing an interactive photographic assignment
System and method for establishing business to business connections via the internet
System and method for combining interactive game with infomercial
Method and system to compensate for the effects of packet delays on speech quality in a Voice-over I...
Integrated information communication system
Integrated information communication system
Dial access stack architecture
Apparatus and method for hybrid telecommunications switching
System and method for conferencing in inter/intranet telephony
Security and communications module
Method and apparatus for processing jobs on an enterprise-wide computer system
Valproic acid and derivatives thereof as histone deacetylase inhibitors
Biphenyl compounds useful as muscarinic receptor antagonists
High throughput functional genomics
Cyclopentyl derivatives
Micro-structured illumination system for providing polarized light
Namespace based function invocation
In-ceiling speaker
Image-forming device
Time-based disablement of equipment
Rotary separator for mineral fibers
Sealing structure for display devices
High clarity, low friction polyethylene compositions for films
Nucleic acids encoding a novel Cry2Ae bacillus thuringiensis insecticidal protein
Epoxy resin composition for semiconductor encapsulation, and semiconductor device using the same
Methods to identify biologically active agents and synergistic combinations
Method of reducing complement - mediated disruption of cells
Method and article of manufacture for determining a rate of change of orientation of a plurality of ...
Vehicular object detection system, tracking control system, and vehicle control system
Loaded weight measurement method and loaded weight measurement device for dump truck
Human chemotactic cytokine
Monoclonal antibody 3F1H10 neutralising VHSV (viral haemorrhagic septicaemia virus)
Method for producing or enhancing a T-cell response against a target cell using a complex comprising...
Method for obtaining a purified viral preparation
Activity dependent neurotrophic factor III (ADNF III)
BAV packaging regions and E1 transcriptional control regions
Process for producing a recombinant protein in a mycobacterium host plasmid pJAM2
Piperidine derivatives useful as modulators of chemokine receptor activity
Composition and method for treating cancer using herpes virus
Germinal center kinase proteins, compositions and methods of use
Methods and pharmaceutical formulations for the treatment of pulmonary hypertension
Human cytokine receptor
Method for determining ion channel activity of a substance
Genes for galactomannan production in plants and methods of use
Method and apparatus for sorting biological cells with a MEMS device
Starter for a line start electric motor
Address space priority arbitration
Magnetically levitated high-speed spindle for shaping irregular surfaces
Control of water treatment system with low level boron detection
Method for killing organisms in the course of conveying ballast water in ships and apparatus thereof
Method and apparatus for generating a graphical display report
Method and system for learning linguistically valid word pronunciations from acoustic data
Asymmetrical scanner
Position-measuring device for fluidic cylinder-and-piston arrangements
Housing cage for holding built-in modules
System and method for prioritizing and communicating subscriber voice and data information
Method and apparatus for upgrading managed application state for a java based application
Automatic pet trainer
Semiconductive belt and image forming apparatus using the semiconductive belt
Publish-subscribe architecture using information objects in a computer network
Dispenser assembly for dispensing liquid onto a removable sheet contained by an implement
Insecticidal proteins derived from Bacillus thuringiensis
Determining how many class-type checks to inline
GSK-3.beta. expressed in a transgenic mouse
Tune alerts for remotely adjusting a tuner
Measuring analytes from an electromagnetic spectrum using a wavelength router
Recombinant MHC molecules useful for manipulation of antigen-specific T-cells
Method and instrumentation for osteochondral repair using preformed implants
Apparatus and method of dynamically repartitioning a computer system in response to partition worklo...
Catalyzer for clean pulping and process for using the same
Multi-functional admixtures for hydraulic cement compositions
Mattress mover
Absorbent articles with nits and free-flowing particles
Surgical connector systems and methods of use
Audio speaker and method for assembling an audio speaker
Apparatus and method for inspecting containers
Health promoting appliance
Projector connected to a network, a display system, and a method for displaying images and/or image ...
Implementing a second computer system as an interface for first computer system
Method for automation of software upgrade
Sweetpotato plant named `Stokes purple`
System and method for setting an image capture device to an operational mode
Secure resource
Flexible inductive resistivity device
Method and system for accessing a plurality of storage devices
Pharmaceutical compositions of cell lysate and processes for the production and use thereof
Torenia plant named `DANMOON15`
IP based service architecture
DNA or RNA encoding a recombinant dengue envelope protein
Anti-CD45RB antibodies
CE7-specific chimeric T cell receptor
Poly-tri-fluoro-ethoxypolyphosphazene coverings and films
Multi-arm block copolymers as drug delivery vehicles
Separation of regioisomers of metal phthalocyanines
Methods and compositions for treating male erectile dysfunction
Anti-CD14 monoclonal antibody having effect of inhibiting CD14/TLR binding
Surface exposed proteins from Chlamydia pneumoniae
Cyclooxygenase-2 inhibitory withanolide compositions and method
Cyclooxygenase-2 inhibitory withanolide compositions and method
Cyclooxygenase-2 inhibitory withanolide compositions and method
Process for effecting the relaxation of muscles of a human by means of fragrance
Morinda citrifolia leaf extract compositions and methods of obtaining the same
Process of extracting small molecular ingredients from biological materials under super high pressur...
Weather resistant granular bait with synergistic broad spectrum attractant, system
Recessed lift gate latch
Method and apparatus for automated authoring and marketing
Method and system for distributed autonomous maintenance of bidirectional hyperlink metadata on the ...
Top cone for an aerosol can, and aerosol can provided with the same
Drug container and drug infusion device comprising the same
Maintaining virus detection software
System and method for utilizing EPG database for modifying advertisements
Organic electronic device and methods for manufacturing a device of this kind
Toys with driven characters
Remote monitoring device and process
Oven enclosure for a broiling oven with microwave capability
Dimming apparatus of light emitting unit
Interconnect with composite layers and method for fabricating the same
System and method for reducing instability in an information handling system
MRAM with controller
BioMAP analysis
Opamp and capacitor sharing scheme for low-power pipeline ADC
Mercury-free compositions and radiation sources incorporating same
Polymerization process
Accessing network device data through user profiles
Control function implementing selective transparent data authentication within an integrated system
Authentication, authorization, and accounting (AAA) server
Incorporating shared randomness into distributed cryptography
Network communications security agent
Techniques for generating a coversheet for a paper-based interface for multimedia information
System, method and computer program product for configuring power supply apparatus
Controlled inrush current limiter
Housing for monitor
Apparatus and method for indicating onset of high-voltage at an output locus of a signal converter d...
Power factor correction rectifier having independent inductive components
Margin tracking cascode current mirror system and method
Current mode trimming apparatus
Voltage regulator
Adaptive gate drive voltage circuit
Zero power start-up circuit
High-frequency power apparatus
Semiconductor device
Self-driven scheme for synchronous rectifier having no body diode
Adaptive control for inducer based buck-boost voltage regulators
Control loop for switching power converters
Dynamic multiphase operation
Reactive power compensation to minimize step voltage changes and transients
Electronic apparatus and method of controlling the electronic apparatus
Method of automatically cutting off power in case of low battery voltage in mobile electronic unit
Charger unit for an electronic device including a system for protective storage of an adapter plug
Next high frequency improvement using hybrid substrates of two materials with different dielectric c...
Gaming device having selectable revealed award values
Pickup cap for electrical connector
Method and system for enabling mobile users to manage cells
Phosphodiesterase 4 inhibitors
Ion channel modulators
Substituted Quinoline Compounds For Use As Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator
Stable formulations, and methods of their preparation and use
Isomers and 42-epimers of rapamycin alkyl ether analogs, methods of making and using the same
Combination of rapamycin and its tetrazole isomers and epimers, methods of making and using the same
Rapamycin analogs containing an antioxidant moiety
Isomers and 42-epimers of rapamycin ester analogs, methods of making and using the same
Isomers of rapamycin and 42-Epi-rapamycin, methods of making and using the same
Heterocyclic dihydropyrimidine compounds
Low hygroscopic aripiprazole drug substance and processes for the preparation thereof
Low hygroscopic aripiprazole drug substance and processes for the preparation thereof
Low hygroscopic aripiprazole drug substance and processes for the preparation thereof
Use of Memantine and Brimonidine to Attenuate Vitreoretinal Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF...
N-hydroxyguanidines as modulators of indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase
Novel Compounds and Compositions as Cathepsin S Inhibitors
New Salt
Substituted 5,12-diaza-benzoanthracene analogues
Use of acetylamino benzoic acid compounds for nonsense suppression and the treatment of disease
Pharmaceutical composition
Pyrazole Amide Derivatives, Compositions Containing Such Compounds And Methods Of Use
Diaryl piperidines as CB1 modulators
Azadecalin Glucocorticoid Receptor Modulators
Compounds And Compositions As Ppar Modulators
Benzimidazole Acetonitriles
Triazole derivatives which inhibit vasopressin antagonistic activity
Authentication in communications networks
Method and apparatus for maintaining a unified view of multiple mailboxes
Expanded display and input-output device for mobile wireless telephone
System and method of accessing contact information on a communication device
Wireless communications unauthorized use verification system
Virtual subscriber network
Telephone mouthpiece and earpiece cover system
Surge clamp protection circuit
Self-lighting type push button input device
Adaptive feedback arrangement for controlling agent availability service level in a predictive diale...
Retrieval of data related to a call center
Method for handling telephone calls directed to telephone numbers of terminated users that have been...
System and method for managing communications
Who said that? teleconference speaker identification apparatus and method
Apparatus and method for securing a conference call via personal user ID and passcode
Caller ID system with retransmitted caller ID information
Methods and apparatus for returning a call over a telephony system
Securely sending notification of a new incoming e-mail message by way of a public network
Apparatus and method for adaptation of time synchronization of a plurality of multimedia streams
Method and system for improved transcoding of information through a telecommunication network
Techniques for storing multimedia information with source documents
Procedures, system and computer program product for the presentation of multimedia contents in eleva...
Multimedia racing experience system
Achieving laser-quality medical hardcopy output from thermal print devices
Petunia plant named `Jam Bluintwo`
Alstroemeria plant named `Zalsalix`
Alstroemeria plant named `Zalsatai`
Alstroemeria plant named `Zalsapaz`
Alstroemeria plant named `Zaprifabi`
Lobelia plant named `Grulo 04`
Alstroemeria plant named `Zalsachap`
Penstemon plant named `Pheni Reeda`
Penstemon plant named `Pheni Magna`
Raspberry plant named `Joan Irene`
Raspberry cultivar `Cascade Dawn`
Mushroom named `Hokuto NT-100`
Blackberry plant named `Driscoll Thornless Sleeping Beauty`
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `KLEI04074`
Kalanchoe plant named `JODIE`
Poinsettia plant named `Gala White`
Nemesia plant named `Inuprasp`
Salvia plant named `Golden Delicious`
Single-pass cryptographic processor and method
Stealthy audio watermarking
Contents providing system
Method and apparatus for storing and distributing encryption keys
Multicasting method and apparatus
Time certification in a wireless communications network
Selective encryption of application session packets
System for secure optical transmission of binary code
Information recording/reproducing system being able to limit an access and a method thereof
Information processing device and method, and program storage medium
Non-disruptive authentication administration
Method and apparatus for encryption of data
System and method for providing authorized access to digital content
Method, system, device for proving the authenticity of an entity and/or the integrity and/or the aut...
Shopping cart directory
Shopping cart
Aerator for a composting bin
Trash receptacle
Trash receptacle
Trash receptacle
Combination mop wringer and bucket
Gasket scraper
Liquid dispenser
Dust remover
Abrasive wipe
Cleaning appliance
Vacuum cleaner base
High-pressure cleaner
Vacuum cleaner unit
Laundry appliance
Pet mat
Equine ground feeder
Pet bed with overlay
Fish tank
Suppression of leakage current in image acquisition
Semiconductor component having dummy segments with trapped corner air
Semiconductor and method for producing a semiconductor
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Integrated circuit package
Stacked package integrated circuit
Stackable single package and stacked multi-chip assembly
Methods and apparatus for packaging integrated circuit devices
Non-repeated and non-uniform width seal ring structure
Method for implanting atomic species through an uneven surface of a semiconductor layer
High-voltage MOS transistor and corresponding manufacturing method
Semiconductor devices having field effect transistors
Method for controlling one or more temperature dependent optical properties of a structure and a sys...
Method of fabricating semiconductor side wall fin
High breakdown voltage low on-resistance lateral DMOS transistor
Capacitor with conducting nanostructure
Method for fabricating contacts for integrated circuits, and semiconductor component having such con...
Asymetric layout structures for transistors and methods of fabricating the same
Light emitting diode and fabricating method thereof
Thin film transistor and organic electroluminescence display using the same
Domino analog to digital conversion architecture
Inductive component and method for the production thereof
Integrated circuits with RAM and ROM fabrication options
Light source with wavelength converting material
Light emitting semiconductor device
Composition comprising nanoparticle TiO2 and ethylene copolymer
Deposition of nano-crystal silicon using a single wafer chamber
Method for manufacturing wafer level chip scale package using redistribution substrate
Method of driving electron-emitting device, electron source, and image-forming apparatus
Anion emission and anti-dust nose mask
Golf putter with concave cylindrical or spherical striking surface
Seat unit for a small-sized vehicle
Method of collecting information for a geographic database for use with a navigation system
High-frequency oscillator, high-frequency transmission-reception apparatus using the same, radar app...
Method of manufacturing a wiring substrate for a display panel
Pressure regulation by transfer of a calibrated gas volume
Method of manufacturing a bubble-jet type ink-jet printhead
Method for manufacturing an ink-jet head
Barrier stretch film particularly for the packaging of food products and method for the production t...
Production of triple coextruded baked bar goods
Externally adjustable insert for extrusion manifold
Plastic coated metal fuel rail
Successive approximation type A/D converter
Minimized SAR-type column-wide ADC for image sensors
Illuminated ribbon shield
Memory card authentication system, capacity switching-type memory card host device, capacity switchi...
Compact electrode assembly for a portable ECG signaling device
Resist composition for liquid immersion exposure process and method of forming resist pattern therew...
Method of removing unnecessary matter from semiconductor wafer, and apparatus using the same
Laser marking method
Locking case for a toothbrush
Hydraulic axial piston machine
Apparatus and method of making a pet chew toy
Optical device, optical device manufacturing method, and optical integrated device
Remotely-adjustable support apparatus and methods
Methods of in vivo cytometry
Recombinant mistletoe lectin
High-strength hydraulic cement compositions
Information processing device, system thereof, method thereof, program thereof and recording medium ...
System and method for controlling and managing computer farms
Automated control of a licensed internal code update on a storage controller
Runtime profiling of platform-independent software applications
Portlet template based on a state design pattern
Strategy for selectively making non-public resources of one assembly visible to another
Designer's intent tolerance bands for proximity correction and checking
Automated and electrically robust method for placing power gating switches in voltage islands
System and method for engine-controlled case splitting within multiple-engine based verification fra...
Method and apparatus of optimizing the IO collar of a peripheral image
Showing ancestors in tree view while scrolling
Method and apparatus for generating and managing parts-configuration information
Application sharing security
Organizing, editing, and rendering digital ink
Method and compositions for altering mucus secretion
Botanical classification Rosa hybrid variety denomination `Poulpar036`
Camera with flange back adjusting mechanism
Medical applications in telematics
Method of storing bit-pattern in plural devices
Pharmaceutical preparation with retarding active ingredient release, method for its production and i...
Four dimensional billiards
Systems, methods and computer program products for standardizing expert-driven assessments
System and method for processing version content
Light-scattering color-conversion material layer
Multilevel print masking method
Personalized color reproduction
Electro-optical modulating display and method of making the same
Optoelectonic devices having arrays of quantum-dot compound semiconductor superlattices therein
Multiple nano-spray delivery system for FAIMS
Diascia plant named `Divoro`
Gimbal system
Method for safely and efficiently navigating magnetic devices in the body
Method and system for athletic motion analysis and instruction
Underwater drawing tablet
Magnetic teaching aid with replaceable name tag
Curriculum management
Personality style method
Replaceable faceplates for peripheral devices
Analog demonstrator showing qualitative weight loss or gain resulting from diet and exercise
Personalized wireless video game system
Subsea intervention
System for measuring chain or rope deployment
Pontoon for watercraft
Portable universal ski boat pylon
Outboard motor steering system
Fin stabilizer for vessel and control method and control program therefor
Sail furling device
Pontoon frame and adjustable motor mount
Bubble-squeezing toy
Cup structure
Method and apparatus for facilitating the construction of a snow man/woman
Via/BSM pattern optimization to reduce DC gradients and pin current density on single and multi-chip...
Method and system for digital rendering over a network
Aerosol product dispenser
Respiratory apparatus having an instrument introduction section and manifold
Sulfonated polyarylenethioethersulfone polymer and copolymer compositions
Polynucleotides encoding carnation senescence-induced DHS
Image forming apparatus and copy management system
NROM memory device with a high-permittivity gate dielectric formed by the low temperature oxidation ...
Least mean square dynamic cache-locking
Light-emitting-diode chip comprising a sequence of GaN-based epitaxial layers which emit radiation a...
Plasma display panel with discharge cells having curved concave-shaped walls
Billing system with authenticated wireless device transaction event data
Radio Base Station Controlled by a Monitor Coordinating Xml-Defined Tasks, Method of Operating Such ...
Expandable irrigation controller
Radio communication method and radio base transmission station
Systems and methods for RF communication between processors
Cross-technology coverage mapping system and method for modulating scanning behavior of a wireless u...
Telecommunications Method and System
System for determining RF path loss between an RF source and an RF receiver and related methods
RFID reader operating system and associated architecture
Radio resource control
Method, Apparatus And Computer Program Product For Monitoring Data Transmission Connections
Radio communication system
System for determining radiated radio frequency (RF) receiver sensitivity and related methods
System for determining total isotropic sensitivity (TIS) and related methods
Variable inductance LC resonant circuit and radio receiver using the same
Broadcasting signal processing apparatus and control method thereof
Radio Receiver with shared low noise amplifier for multi-standard operation in a single antenna syst...
Carbon Nanotubes Aggregate, Method for Forming Same, and Biocompatible Material
Yield-related polynucleotides and polypeptides in plants
Cell and transgenic animal modelling human antigenic presentation and their uses
Txr1 and enhanced taxane sensitivity based on the modulation of a pathway mediated thereby
Array Element Mesh System devices for medical, maintenance, and other small form factor applications
Double Shell Implant for Cementless Anchorage of Joint Prostheses
Spinal implant with improved surface properties for delivery
Intervertebral Implant for Transforminal Posterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion Procedure
Stent-graft having flexible geometries and methods of producing the same
Functionalizing implantable devices with a poly (diol co-citrate) polymer
Methods of reducing retrograde flow
Dual Cochlear/Vestibular Stimulator with Control Signals Derived from Motion and Speech Signals
Transparent electromegnetic applicator and hyperthermia treatment method
Suture Method
Method for synchronizing program sections of a computer program
Methods and systems for implementing shared disk array management functions
Register addressing
Method of determining whether a virtual address corresponds to a physical address in a translation l...
File system with file management function and file management method
Protection of content stored on portable memory from unauthorized usage
Memory access using multiple sets of address/data lines
Memory device system, storage device, and log recording method
Method for fast verification of sector addresses
System, method, and computer program product for prohibiting unauthorized access to protected memory...
Method, system, and article of manufacture for remote copying of data
Data protection device and method of securing data
Memory device for controlling nonvolatile and volatile memories
Minimizing system downtime through intelligent data caching in an appliance-based business continuan...
Automatic cache activation and deactivation for power reduction
Synthesized backup set catalog
Input/output data pipeline circuit of semiconductor memory device and the semiconductor memory devic...
Storage system, server apparatus, and method for creating a plurality of snapshots
Remote data mirroring with acknowledgment upon writing copied data to volatile cache memory
Search Hit URL Modification for Secure Application Integration
Game apparatus, game image preparation method and information storage medium
Apparatus and method for field dressing game
Magnetic toss game
Entertainment and refreshment assembly
Projectile retrieval system
Portable ball retriever
Ace to king solitaire
Six-card poker game
Light-reflecting board game
Intelligent baccarat shoe
Stored-value card with game
Gaming device for operating in a reverse payout mode and a method of operating same
Soybean cultivar 5023230
Soybean cultivar S050238
Cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitors and uses thereof
Transgenic evaluation of activated mutant alleles of SOS2 reveals a critical requirement for its kin...
Potato transcription factors, methods of use thereof, and a method for enhancing tuber development
Telomerizing nuclear donor cells and improving the efficiency on nuclear transfer
Auxin-repressed, dormancy-associated promoter and uses thereof
Inbred maize line PH54M
Soybean cultivar 5802205
Soybean cultivar S050223
Soybean cultivar 5826376
Soybean cultivar 5624126
Soybean cultivar 5019225
Compositions isolated from forage grasses and methods for their use
Plants and seeds of hybrid corn variety CH616860
Polynucleotides encoding chimeric chemokine receptors
Dermatophagoides proteins and uses thereof
Soybean cultivar S050235
Treatment of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis using IP-10
Norovirus infected cell cultures and uses therefor
Protein beverage
KGF polypeptide compositions
Method of inducing and maintaining neuronal cells
Thermoanaerobacter brockii alcohol dehydrogenase promoter for expression of heterologous proteins
Multi-layer windshield moisture detector
Filament wound crew rest enclosure structure
Mechanoluminescence material and process for producing the same
Imaging member with vacuous core base
Fluid system and method of assessing a property of a fluid flowing therein
Adjustable rail assembly for exterior door still assembly and components for the same
Apparatus and method for conducting fluid in a fuel cell and fuel cell employing same
Multi-axis machine tool
Methods and devices for modifying a substrate surface
Composite ball joint bearing for a ball joint assembly
Method and vessel for the delivery of precursor materials
Multi-functional screwdriver
Multiple choke coil and electronic equipment using the same
High-strength, low-cost, recyclable backing for fabrics
Termite resistant and fungal resistant oriented strand board and methods for manufacturing
Obstacle detection apparatus and method for automotive vehicle
Electronic unit casing
Axial gap electric motor
Display system for vehicle and method of controlling the same
Fuel cell power plant system for moving bodies and control method thereof
Battery system with excellent controllability for temperature
Torque converter lockup capacity control device
Method and apparatus for adjusting visibility of vehicle
Adjustable side bolsters
Vehicular electrical disengaging door latch apparatus
Assembly for supporting an article in a vehicle
Engine control device and control method
Vehicle latch with partially decoupled key cylinder lever
Internal combustion engine with auxiliary combustion chamber
Apparatus for projecting a line of light from a diode-laser array
Semiconductor optical amplifier using laser cavity energy to amplify signal and method of fabricatio...
Multi-beam emitting device and light scanning unit employing the same
Electrophoretic system with multi-notch filter and laser excitation source
Apparatus for measuring fluorescence lifetime
Display connector for electronic device
Method and a system for navigating around real site by creating and accessing database of positional...
Image-forming device having a removable process cartridge
Optically pumped stepped multi-well laser
Nonlinear optical fibre method of its production and use thereof
Optical fiber microcoil, resonant structure and method of making the same
Two-photon absorption generated carrier lifetime reduction in semiconductor waveguide for semiconduc...
Optical semiconductor device module and bidirectional module
Pump arrangement for transversally pumping an active medium
Laser gas replenishment method
Temperature compensation for fiber optic transceivers using optimized convergence algorithms
Method for producing laser with resonant reflector
Optical disc apparatus, camera apparatus, and method for controlling light emission operation
Semiconductor laser unit and optical head device
Optical disk apparatus and method of controlling the optical disk apparatus
Device for collecting skin permeable gas and apparatus for measuring skin permeable gas
Indane derivates as muscarinic receptor agonists
NPY Y5 antagonist
3-amino-4-phenylbutanoic acid derivatives as dipeptidyl peptidase inhibitors for the treatment or pr...
3,6-disubstituted azabicyclo [3.1.0]hexane derivatives useful as muscarinic receptor antagonists
.beta..sub.3 adrenergic agonists
Anilinopyrazole derivatives useful for the treatment of diabetes
Neuropeptide Y antagonists
RXR activating molecules
Pyrazine derivatives and pharmaceutical use thereof
Activator of peroxisome proliferator-activated re-ceptor .delta.
Tartrate salts of 5,8,14-triazatetracyclo[,11.0.sup.4.9]-hexadeca-2(11),3,5,7- ,9-pent...
2-oxy, 2-amino, and 2-thio-imidazole compounds
Aryl and heteroaryl substituted tetrahydroisoquinolines and use thereof
Inhibitors of kinases
Adenosine analogues and their use as pharmaceutical agents
Using background audio change detection for segmenting video
Fixing mechanism for fixing a disc drive and a locking device thereof
Hard bias structure with enhanced Hc
Magnetoresistance effect element, its manufacturing method, magnetic reproducing element and magneti...
Magneto-resistance effect element, magneto-resistance effect head, magneto-resistance transducer sys...
Magnetoresistive element with oxide magnetic layers and metal magnetic films deposited thereon
Stitching of AFM and channeling layers for in-stack biasing CPP
Multilayer self-pinned structure for CPP GMR
Head drive device including head support mechanism having support arm rotatable relative to base arm...
Load beam spring portion with enhanced resistance to plastic deformation in manufacturing processes
Air bearing for a head to provide reduced cross-curve sensitivity
Inductive magnetic head with non-magnetic seed layer gap structure and method for the fabrication th...
Self-aligned, notched trailing shield for perpendicular recording
Magnetic tape head having offset recording/ reproducing sections for simultaneous recording/ reprodu...
Spindle motor and disk drive unit
Magazine-based data cartridge library
Positioning of a head array over a data storage medium
Algorithm for DSA/microactuator total loop gain calibration
Velocity adaptive compensator for a synchronous sampling time-based servo system
Head position control method, head position control device, and disk device
Disk drive computing repeatable run out while actuator arm is pressed against crash stop
Method and system for operating a virtual shopping mall or seller-engaged type
Knitwear modeling
Combining a marker with contextual information to deliver domain-specific content
System and method for delayed transmission of bundled command messages
System and method for the creation and automatic deployment of personalized dynamic and interactive ...
Wireless banking system and wireless banking method using mobile phones
Handheld computing device with power-saving notification
System and method for monitoring events in a computing environment
Early auto-on mobile communications device
Automatic lease renewal with message gates in a distributed computing environment
Method, arrangement and computer program for determining standardized rod types for nuclear reactors
Charging device, and process cartridge and image forming apparatus using the charging device
Digital compensation for optical transmission system
Optical Communication module, manufacturing method thereof, and electronic apparatus
Asymetric optical network traffic flow control
Modular reconfigurable multi-server system and method for high-speed networking within photonic burs...
Fiber optic storing and dispensing apparatus
Fiber array for optical communication and method of manufacturing the fiber array
Optical fiber patch box
Cable storage device providing continuous adjustability with controlled bend radius
Communication system using sheet-shaped light guide
Optical fibers with improved resistance to ingressing molecules
Pre-connectorized fiber optic distribution cable having overmolded access location
Low-loss shared FTTH distribution network
Fiber optics differential pressure transducer
SAW identification tag discrimination methods
Process and device for contactless measurement of rotational speed
Waste toner pulverizing apparatus and toner cartridge with the same
Methods and devices for creating electrical block at specific sites in cardiac tissue with targeted ...
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and error checking and correcting method thereof
Bromine, chlorine or iodine functional polymer electrolytes crosslinked by e-beam
Rolling bearing, rolling bearing for fuel cell, compressor for fuel cell system and fuel cell system
Liquid crystal panel and liquid crystal display apparatus
Optical diffusing layer, optical diffusing sheet, and optical element
Molecular antigen array
Image forming apparatus having a cleaning mechanism
Multi-functional electro-mechanical interconnect, sensor, and mounting and method of mounting and bi...
Food-additive slurry composition and powder composition, and food composition containing these
Quantum dot white and colored light-emitting devices
Self cleaning litter box mechanism
Magnetoresistive effect element and magnetic memory
Secure transmission of data within a distributed computer system
Bus bicycle rack having a spring operated wheel lock
Computer boot operation utilizing targeted boot diagnostics
Detecting network denial of service attacks
Transmembrane serine protease overexpressed in ovarian carcinoma and uses thereof
Method for producing vinyl chloride monomer
Line backup method and system
Systems and methods for solar distillation
Continuous explosive charge assembly for use in an elongated cavity
Massage thumb tool
System and method of wireless proximity awareness
Intake system of engine
Method for developing a custom tagbean
Color-stabilized electrochromic devices
Simulation method and apparatus for use in enterprise controls
Face direction estimation using a single gray-level image
Three-dimensional display apparatus
Haptic feedback stylus and other devices
Systems and processes for decoding a chain reaction code through inactivation
Vibration type gyrosensor device
Facilitating communications between computer users across a network
Schlumbergera plant named `THOR-KIRI`
Networks with sensors for air safety and security
N-way broadcast/narrowcast optical combiner demultiplexing a multiplexed narrowcast input signal
Oral dosage form
Database management system
Method of use of gas mixtures to achieve washout of nitrogen from the body and mitochondria
Fibrous substrates
Configurable width buffered module having flyby elements
Plasma display panel bus electrode structure
Service-portal enabled automation control module (ACM)
Spare parts inventory management
Parcelized geographic data medium with internal spatial indices and method and system for use and fo...
Method for graphically representing clickstream data of a shopping session on a network with a paral...
Method for searching return path of moving object for use in navigation system
Disk reproducing apparatus and disk reproducing method
Integral vessel hardtop and marine navigation lighting system
Expansion of database search queries
Methods and systems to communicate information
Methods and systems to generate rules to identify data items
Method and system to analyze rules based on aspect coverage
Method and system to analyze rules based on aspect-value coverage
Method and system to analyze rules based on domain coverage
Polarization state detector systems and methods for read-out of multilevel oriented nano-structure o...
Multilevel nano-structure optical media with oriented tracking marks
Flexure including controlled static attitude and load point contact
Stiffness Reducing Features in a Top Layer of a Laminated Top Cover
Radial position seek tuning for acoustic performance
Error recovery strategies for iterative decoders
Diffraction grating
Vasculostatic agents and methods of use thereof
Novel Compositions And Methods Of Treatment
Long Acting Biologically Active Conjugates
Rhamnolipid compositions and related methods of use
Composition and use of phyto-percolate for treatment of disease
Composition for Regulating the Trophism of Hair Follicles and the Cutaneous Production of Sebum and ...
Composition for enhancing muscle mass development in animals
Health Care Product containing Isoflavone Aglycones and Method of Producing the Same
Means for improving cardiovascular health
Method for improving sleep behaviors
Method for Producing Mallotus Philippinensis Dye Composition and the Composition
Combinations of vanadium with antidiabetics for glucose metabolism disorders
Affinity chromatography matrices and methods of making and using the same
Polycarboxylic acid production system employing cooled mother liquor from oxidative digestion as fee...
Polycarboxylic acid production system employing hot liquor removal downstream of oxidative digestion
Polycarboxylic acid production system employing enhanced multistage oxidative digestion
Polycarboxylic acid production system employing oxidative digestion with reduced or eliminated upstr...
Functionalized Main Chain Polymers
Cellulose Nonwoven Fabric
Polishing agent
Tungsten Plug Corrosion Prevention Method Using Water
Methods for improving the storage and handling characteristics of condensed whey permeate
Synthetic polypeptide-containing bioapplicable material and film-forming material
Processes for Producing Cellooligosaccharide
Systems and methods of reducing metal compounds from fluids using alginate beads
Water control valve
Method For Evaluating Crystal Defects Of Silicon Wafer
Wastewater Purification Method
Water Supply Apparatus And Cleaning System For Cleaning The Water Supply Apparatus
Porous Body Having Biocompatibility And Method For Producing The Same
Systems and methods with treated water
Ink composition containing cationic water-soluble polymer
Appetite-suppressing compositions and methods
Polynucleic acids isolated from a porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (PRRSV), prote...
Rocker paddle switch with semi-rigid cam driver
Polyurethane-polymer hybrid-dispersion with enhanced surface properties, method for the production a...
Method and apparatus for the manufacture of compacts
System and method for forming surfaces using tiled components and product resulting therefrom
Fragranced cast applicant and method of application
Low mooney nitrile rubber thermoplastic elastomer composition with improved processability
Scrub and stain-resistant coating
Additive building material mixtures containing swellable polymeric formations
Additive building material mixtures containing microparticles swollen in the building material mixtu...
Norovirus and sapovirus antigens
Pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet
Composite fiberboard
Compositions for Topical Applications Comprising Boron Nitride
Novel catalyst useful for removal of hydrogen sulphide from gas and its conversion to sulphur, a pro...
Container for transporting three-dimensional dentition models
Planar filter frame with corner latch and method of folding
Structural building panels, apparatus and method for fabricating structural building panels
Additive building material mixtures containing solid microparticles
Service Level Management System
Syzygium australe named '4tune8one'
Soybean cultivar 5733056
Soybean cultivar 90501911
Sugar and lipid metabolism regulators in plants VI
Zea mays ribulose bisphosphate carboxylase activase promoter
Adrenergic Receptor SNP for Improved Milking Characteristics
Generic electronic laboratory notebook
SLM Lithography: Printing to below K1=.30 without previous OPC processing
Method and system for access to distributed data
Interface Unit For Dentist's or Dental Treatment/Workstation For Passing On Signals Containing Image...
Instruction conversion apparatus and instruction conversion method providing power control informati...
Update detecting apparatus
Method and Apparatus For Complex RFID Event Processing
Video processing methods for improving visual acuity and/or perceived image resolution
Generation of multiple neurostimulation therapy programs
Implantable cardiac stimulation device and method providing dynamic sensing configurations for bicha...
Method and system for the prediction of cardiac arrhythmias, myocardial ischemia, and other diseased...
Method and apparatus for determining oversensing in a medical device
System and method for providing discriminated content to network users
Design pattern correction method and mask pattern producing method
Method and system for designing manufacturable patterns that account for the pattern- and position-d...
Random number generator which can generate a random number based on an uniform distribution
Techniques for early detection of localized exposure to an agent active on a biological population
Rapid scattering simulation of objects in imaging using edge domain decomposition
Fast microarray expression data analysis method for network exploration
Multi-frequency microwave-induced thermoacoustic imaging of biological tissue
Methods and Systems For Sub-Pixel Rendering With Gamma Adjustment
Apparatuses and Method for Controlling Access to an ip Multimedia System from an Application Server
Low-linolenic soybean oil process
Use of Sphingolipids in the Treatment and Prevention of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus, Insulin Resistance...
Method for Mesurement of Apoliporotein B-48 and its Use
Pasteurized refrigerated liquid egg and stable meat product and a method for making such a product
Stable meat product for a food product environment and a method for making such a product
Synthetic biodegradable northern quahog shell for food preparation, food presentation, and food stor...
Method of Inhibiting 2,3-Butanedione Formation From Processed Cacao Bean Product
Method for making a food product from a hulled grain kernel
Color stable meat product for an egg product
Frying fats and oils
Method of Sucralose Synthesis Yield
Method of creating perforations in a dough layer
Pouch containers having advertising media and methods for their dissemination
Customer registration system and corresponding method of use
Dendrimer fluid purification method
Belt for body weight control
Savory gluten-free foods
Device for keeping a mold plate square, perpendicular and driving for a food product molding machine
Process of making a scrambled egg snack food
Hand-held food processor
Method for reducing acrylamide levels in food products and food products produced thereby
Noise baffle for food waste disposer
Resin deacidification of citrus juice and high acid maintenance
Food ingredient grinder with tool-less removable ingredient hopper and method
Food product and method of preparation
Container lid information dial kit
TNF receptors, TNF binding proteins and DNAs coding for them
Cancer immunotherapy using autologous tumor cells combined with cells expressing a membrane cytoklin...
Nanoparticles for paracellular drug delivery
Exendin improves .beta.-cell response in subjects with impaired glucose tolerance
Remotely activated bridge device for use with a home network and methods for programming and using t...
Method of configuring transmission in mobile communication system
Apparatus and method for determining blood sugar level without blood using dark adaptation of optic ...
Method and apparatus for correcting C1/PI word errors using error locations detected by EFM/EFM+ dec...
Method for performing packet flooding at wireless ad hoc network
Recording medium having spare area for defect management and information on defect management, and m...
DSCH power control method for WCDMA
Method and apparatus for accommodating primary content audio and secondary content remaining audio c...
Communication system and method in wireless infrastructure network environments
System and method for provisioning or updating a mobile station using over-the-air transfer of inter...
Low noise amplifier for wireless communications
Method of personalizing an ornamental ring in real-time
Integrated set/reset driver and magneto-resistive sensor
Materials and methods for the treatment of hypertension and angina
Label-free methods for performing assays using a colorimetric resonant optical biosensor
Self scanning flat display
Method and system for acquiring full spine and full leg images using flat panel digital radiography
Integrated multi-spectral imaging systems and methods of tissue analyses using same
Photodetecting sensor array