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Method and system for internet performance monitoring and analysis including user interface and peri...
Targeted network video download interface
System and method for managing states and user context over stateless protocols
Application server and method to perform hierarchical configurable data validation
Transaction processing using intermediate server architecture
Method and receiver for providing audio translation data on demand
Automation of customer premises equipment provisioning in a telecommunications network
Exchange and computer readable medium storing exchange control program
Offloading data traffic from facilities designed to handle voice call traffic
Optimized routing of VoIP emergency calls
Method and device for transmitting information formed of a speech part and a data part
Methods and devices for maximizing the throughput of TCP/IP data along wireless links
Compounds for treatment of cardiac arrhythmia and methods of use
Substituted ureas and carbamates
Breastpump housing
Combined dual fan assembly and shroud with spiderweb support
Combined dual fan assembly and shroud
System and apparatus for collecting information for use in a smart antenna system
Graphical display with integrated recent period zoom and historical period context data
Heteroaryl fused aminoalkyl imidazole derivatives: selective modulators of GABA.sub.a receptors
Nucleic acids encoding fibroblast growth factor receptor-like proteins and uses thereof
Dispersion management system for soliton optical transmission system
System for electronic file collaboration among multiple users using peer-to-peer network topology
Customized user interface based on user record information
Computer assisted and/or implemented method and system for layered access and/or supervisory control...
Method and apparatus for authoring and playing back lighting sequences
System and method for enterprise application interactions
Local client database for remote support
Method, apparatus and medium for obtaining shipping information
Systems and methods for a programming environment for a simulation of a computer application
River assessment, monitoring and design system
System and method for distributed facility management and operational control
Authentication and authorization mapping for a computer network
Determining a minimum price
System and method for providing an addressing and proxy scheme for facilitating mobility of wireless...
Scatter rejection for composite medical imaging systems
Method and system for multi-energy tomosynthesis
Combined mobile container inspection system with low target
Folded array CT baggage scanner
Micro CT scanners incorporating internal gain charge-coupled devices
Quantum resonance analytical instrument
Four-dimensional volume of interest
Scanning electron microscope
Multi-pixel electron emission die-to-die inspection
Electron-emmiting material and manufacturing method therefor
Method of preparing storage phosphors from dedicated precursors
Porous membrane of vinylidene fluoride resin and process for producing the same
System and method for fabricating a crystalline thin structure
Powdered material and ceramic material manufactured therefrom
Container for agitating and injecting a multi-component medium
Data management system for patient data
Pet bed
Pet bed
Aquarium filter cartridge element
Plant base
Secure exchange of information in electronic design automation
System and method for managing recurring orders in a computer network
Shoe-based weight measuring system
Electronic drink coaster
Computation of wall thickness
Drill bit having an improved seal and lubrication method using same
Generator controller
Method and a system for programming an industrial robot
Method and a system for programming an industrial robot
Vending system for personalized pet collars and method therefor
Responsive therapy for psychiatric disorders
Systems and methods for enhancing or optimizing neural stimulation therapy for treating symptoms of ...
Optimized switching configurations for reconfigurable arrays of sensor elements
Clothes data recording card
Battery charger
Telescopic leveling device
Coffee filter
Cookware handle
Handle portion for a utensil
Flexible cap
Reliable disk drive and method
Mobile applications and content provisioning using web services technology
System and method supporting configurable object definitions
Interface for multifunctional system having multiple services
System and method using hardware buffers for processing microcode trace data
Apparatus and method for data virtualization in a storage processing device
Method and system for tracking clients
Apparatus and method for detecting atrial fibrillation
Non-invasive analysis system
Optical measurement apparatus for living body
Dielectric microcavity sensors
Enhanced data storage and retrieval devices and systems and methods for utilizing the same
Semiconductor memory with reset function
Configurable inputs and outputs for memory stacking system and method
Magnetic recording medium and magnetic recording and reproducing device using a magnetic recording l...
Fourier transform spectrometry with a single-aperture interferometer
Method and device for electrochemical immunoassay of multiple analytes
Electronic design for integrated circuits based on process related variations
Computer systems, methods and programs for providing uniform access to configurable objects derived ...
Method and system for modeling bone structure
Method and system for monitoring component consumption
Cavity ring-down detection of surface plasmon resonance in an optical fiber resonator
Methods and systems for storing predetermined multimedia information
Mobile communication peripheral device
Location sharing and tracking using mobile phones or other wireless devices
Method for estimating the location of a wireless device in a communication network
Seamless handoff in mobile IP
Peer-to-peer messaging system
Apparatus, method and system for matching subscriber states in network in which public land mobile n...
Querying applications using online messenger service
Method and apparatus for delivering messages to wireless devices
PVR-support video decoding system
System and method for providing a perspective-corrected representation of a multi-dimensional cluste...
Method for data interchange
Method and apparatus for coordinating routing parameters via a back-channel communication medium
System and method for enabling information associations
Methods, systems and computer program products for establishing a trusted network
Internet-based employee stock option planner
Graphical user interface for accessing data
Method of moderating external access to an electronic document authoring development and distributio...
Method and apparatus for redirecting network traffic
Automated call launching
Markup language for an interactive geographic information system
Method for coordinating actions among a group of servers
Apparatus and method for digitally filtering spurious transitions on a digital signal
Demodulation apparatus for a network transceiver and method thereof
Two-particle electrophoretic ink for microencapsulated flexible electronic display
Electrostatically addressable electrophoretic display
Fc.gamma.RIIa transgenic animal model for autoimmune disease
(1S,5S)-3-(5,6-dichloropyridin-3-yl)-3,6-diazabicyclo[3.2.0]heptane benzenesulfonate
Benzimidazoles that are useful in treating sexual dysfunction
Antibodies against PRO4421
PRO19672 antibodies
PRO9904 polypeptides
PRO19563 polypeptides
PRO1754 polypeptides
PRO1286 polypeptide
PRO19624 polypeptides
Therapeutic compositions (II)
Two-part self-adhering dental compositions
Tetrahydrocarbazole derivatives and their pharmaceutical use
Therapeutic guanidines
Substituted oxadiazolidinediones
Compositions and methods for less immunogenic protein formulations
Method and apparatus for segregating shared and non-shared data in cache memory banks
Method of accessing information and system therefor
Method and system for managing and closing a real estate transaction
Method and apparatus for computer modeling diabetes
Fuel system performance monitor
Bio-impedance sensing device for homecare and eHealth
Convertible cleaning kit
Legibility of selected content
Method and device for authenticating digital data by means of an authentication extension module
Method and apparatus for indicating an expected level of quality in a private push to talk (PTT) net...
Use of inactive immunosuppressive and/or angiogenic immunogenic proteins, for producing secretory Ig...
In vitro method for disassmbly/reassembly of papillomavirus virus-like particles (VLPs). Homogeneous...
Single nucleotide polymorphism analysis of highly polymorphic target sequences
Antigen modified cancer cell vaccines for cancer therapy
Vacuum processing method and vacuum processing apparatus
Mobile robotic system and battery charging method therefor
Footwear upper
Footwear sole
Laser light irradiation apparatus and laser light irradiation method
Magnetic resonance detector for detecting non-authorized materials in footwear
Photochromic material
Structural element for a shoe sole
Method and apparatus for controlling a welding system
Method and probe for identifying bacterial virulence modifying agents, agents thus identified, and t...
Surface modification of metals for biomolecule detection using surface enhanced Raman scattering (SE...
Tubular structures with coated interior surfaces
Deglycosylated ricin toxin a-chain vaccine
Methods and devices for enhancing bonded substrate yields and regulating temperature
Apparatus for communication and reconnaissance coupled with protection of the auditory system
Methods and systems utilizing Doppler prediction to enable fusing
Real-time, three-dimensional synthetic vision display of sensor-validated terrain data
System and method for intruder tracking using advanced correlation in a network security system
Cordless, self-contained, handheld spray gun
Well completion with merged influx of well fluids
Electricity-inducing immobilization cartridge attachment
Extended range less lethal projectile
Hybrid drive unit and vehicle mounted therewith
Electro-mechanical transmission with six speed ratios and a method of redesigning a transmission
Bicycle with improved frame configuration
Optical recording medium and its manufacturing method
Computer implemented method for designing a semiconductor integrated circuit and a semiconductor int...
Method for reducing power consumption and emissions for an internal combustion engine having a varia...
Trouble diagnosis apparatus for supercharger of internal combustion engine
Method for effecting kickdown shift
Vanadium redox battery energy storage and power generation system incorporating and optimizing diese...
Image forming apparatus capable of suppressing deterioration of image when toner image on image bear...
Electrophotographic endless belt, electrophotographic apparatus having electrophotographic endless b...
Developer removal method and developer removal device
Fiber sub-system for a shelf
Photoelectronic device and production method of the same
Reactor pressure vessel of a boiling water reactor and method for water vapor separation in a reacto...
Nitride semiconductor vertical cavity surface emitting laser
Information storage medium, recording method, reproducing method, and reproducing apparatus
Storage medium including a burst cutting area (BCA)
Storage medium, reproducing method, and recording method
Optical element, optical head, optical recording reproducing apparatus and optical recording/reprodu...
Use of DHEA or precursors or metabolic derivatives thereof as a depigmenting agent
Tumor-specific vector for gene therapy
Topiramate salts and compositions comprising and methods of making and using the same
Method for neuronal protection in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis by a vaccine comprising Copolymer-1 ...
Hepatocyte bioreactor system for long term culture of functional hepatocyte spheroids
In vivo method for producing female offsprings in bovines
Microorganism strain GM-090 of Lactobacillus fermentum and its use for stimulating IFN-.gamma. secr...
HDV nucleic acid molecules and applications thereof
Solventless extraction process
Exoenzyme toxin of Aeromonas salmonicida, and uses thereof
Labeled peptides, and processes and intermediates useful for their preparation
Skin treatment for relief of itch
Naphthalene derivatives as termite repellents and toxicants
Unit dosage forms for the treatment of herpes simplex
Methods of modulating tubulin deacetylase activity
Flexible, selectable, and fine-grained network trust policies
Method of sharing a parcer
Generic wrapper scheme
System and method for generating message notification objects on dynamically scaled timeline
Business intelligence monitor method and system
Gaming machine with hinge construction for rotatably supporting door
Standard peripheral communication
Gaming device and method for activating multiple paylines upon the wager of a single credit
Method and apparatus for rewarding multiple game players for a single win
Method and apparatus for employee access to a gaming system
Slot machine shaped toaster
Paper motion detector in a gaming machine
Gaming machine system having automatic reporting feature
Gaming machine with selectable ways to win
Optical sensor with layered plasmon structure for enhanced detection of chemical groups by SERS
Sulfonamide derivatives for the treatment of diseases
Tricyclic indanyls as integrin inhibitors
Method of forming a substantially closed void
Composition and associated method for catalyzing removal rates of dielectric films during chemical m...
Method of identifying paths with delays dominated by a particular factor
Call intercept methods, such as for customer self-support on a mobile device
Visual display with electro-optical addressing architecture
USB flash memory device
Tool head comprising piezoelectric actuators
Polymer encapsulated electrical devices
Semiconductor devices with buried isolation regions
Apparatus and method to generate and control optical traps to manipulate small particles
Method for forming a bottom gate thin film transistor using a blend solution to form a semiconductin...
Displays with integrated photovoltaic cells
Methods and apparatus for a direct connect on-off controller
Methods and apparatus for a direct connect on-off controller
Object oriented distributed software system with methodology for piggybacked reflective callbacks
Computer software method for administering batch jobs
System and method for comparing objects
Accessing information at object creation
System and method for efficiently generating native code calls from byte code in virtual machines
System and method for creation of software components
Multiple instruction dispatch tables for application program obfuscation
Apparatus, system, and method for designing via pads having extended contours
Caller initiated distinctive presence alerting and auto-response messaging
Secure program execution depending on predictable error correction
External RAID-enabling cache
General input/output architecture, protocol and related methods to manage data integrity
Printing sub-system for java and internet applications
Throttling distributed statistical data retrieval in a network device
Distributed temperature sensor using optical reflectometry
System for multi-frame alignment
Link aggregation
Ranging and round trip delay timing adjustment in a multi-point to point bidirectional communication...
Method for printing a near field photoinduced stable structure, and optical fibre tip for implementi...
Active matrix-type display device and method of driving the same
Diffuse illumination systems and methods
Broadband step attenuator with improved time domain performance
Efficient back-end channel matched filter (CMF)
Differentiated services for a network processor
Content distribution system
Printing-object image designation device
Pre-aligning a substrate in a lithographic apparatus, device manufacturing method, and device manufa...
Secure activation of a downhole device
Low power consumption latch circuit including a time delay for a fuel vapor pressure management appa...
Bariatric treatment system and related methods
Non-photolithographic method for forming a wire grid polarizer for optical and infrared wavelengths
Microfluidic systems and components
Optimization and design method for configurable analog circuits and devices
Multiple power mode amplifier with bias modulation option and without bypass switches
Method for producing polymeric sol of calcium phosphate compound and method for coating the same on ...
Shape-retentive hydrogel particle aggregates and their uses
Drug-eluting stent having collagen drug carrier chemically treated with genipin
Macroporous, resorbable and injectible calcium phosphate-based cements (MCPC) for bone repair, augme...
CMOS imager with selectively silicided gates
Cycloalkyl derivatives as inhibitors of bone resorption and vitronectin receptor antagonists
Immunostimulating coating for surgical devices
Optical position sensing component, optical position sensing device, and manufacturing method thereo...
Auxiliary supporting structure of circuit board and assembling method for the same
Flip chip heat sink package and method
Cooling device and electronic apparatus
CPU cooler
Apparatus and system for cooling heat producing components
Liquid-cooled heat dissipation module
Dynamic air moving system
Assembly and heat-dissipating device having the same assembly
Heat sink with combined fins
Heat exchangers
Simulated breast pacifying comfort aide system
Method and system for monitoring physiological conditions of, and/or suitability of animal feed for ...
Method and apparatus for applying external coating to grid array packages for increased reliability ...
Device and method for hygienically delivering a liquid food
Stabilization of radiopharmaceutical compositions using hydrophilic thioethers
Process for the preparation of 1,2,3,4,8,9,10, 10a-octahydro-7bH-cyclopenta[b][1,4]diazepino-[6,7,1-...
Stabilization of radiopharmaceutical compositions using hydrophilic 6-hydroxy chromans
Serine protease inhibitors
Frame based unidirectional flow prosthetic implant
Substituted naphthyl indole derivatives as inhibitors of plasminogen activator inhibitor type-1 (PAI...
Method and device for patient temperature control employing optimized rewarming
Inhibitors of 15-lipoxygenase
N-(benzyl)aminoalkylcarboxylates, phosphinates, phosphonates and tetrazoles as Edg receptor agonists
Spiroazacyclic compounds as monoamine receptor modulators
Switching circuit implementing variable string matching
System and method for disaster recovery and management of an email system
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
Method, medium and system for recovering data using a timeline-based computing environment
Search engine spam detection using external data
Oxygen sensor for aircraft fuel inerting systems
Transition metal polymerization catalysts, their synthesis and use in olefin polymerization
Peptide-based compounds
Acyloxyalkyl carbamate prodrugs of tranexamic acid, methods of synthesis and use
Benzofuran and benzothiophene derivatives useful in the treatment of hyper-proliferative disorders
Solid oxide type fuel cell-use electrode support substrate and production method therefor
Musculo-skeletal implant having a bioactive gradient
Particle filter having a catalytically active coating to accelerate burning off accumulated soot par...
Method of manufacturing a hybrid structure
Recreational spa including a bromine generator
Method for electrochemical fabrication
Femur traction leg support apparatus
Testing device for acoustic probes and systems
Device and method for converting an optical frequency
Iron and hydrogen sulfide removal apparatus
Method and apparatus for photothermal treatment of tissue at depth
Bronchodilating .beta.-agonist compositions and methods
Inspirational bracelet
Acrylic adhesive sheet
Stepping motor driving apparatus and stepping motor driving method
Feedback controller for PWM amplifier
Method of operating a resonant push-pull converter in an above resonant frequency mode
DC-DC converter with reduced surge voltage and an electronic ballast including the converter for a d...
Circuit to improve motor phase current reconstruction via DC link
Lighting circuit for high-pressure discharge lamp
Discharge lamp lighting circuit and method
Method for recovering fluorine-containing emulsifier
Descaling method and descaling apparatus
Methods for providing kidney dialysis equipment and services
Method for the separation of acids from chemical reaction mixtures by means of ionic fluids
Magnetic fuel conditioning apparatus
Ballast water treatment systems including related apparatus and methods
Filter module
Liquid chromatographic method and system
Chromatography cartridge and method for manufacturing a chromatography cartridge
Potable water station sanitizing system and method
System for enabling landfill disposal of kitchen waste oil/grease
Method for manufacturing a module for treating a fluid
Sterile system and method for filtering biological or medical liquids, especially blood or blood con...
System and method for access control on a storage router
Error protecting groups of data words
Residue-based encoding of packet lengths of particular use in processing and scheduling packets
Time slot memory management in a switch having back end memories stored equal-size frame portions in...
Extent-based fibre channel zoning in hardware
Buffer to buffer credit recovery for in-line fibre channel credit extension devices
Liquid crystal display and manufacturing method thereof
Method of fabricating anti-warp package
Multiple layer resist scheme implementing etch recipe particular to each layer
Semiconductor structure that includes a cooling structure formed on a semiconductor surface and meth...
Semiconductor module having an internal semiconductor chip stack, and method for producing said semi...
Fuse region of a semiconductor region
Adhesion and/or encapsulation of silicon carbide-based semiconductor devices on ceramic substrates
Radiation-emitting semiconductor device and method of manufacturing such a device
Semiconductor power device having a top-side drain using a sinker trench
Flash memory devices and methods for fabricating flash memory devices
Semiconductor structures integrating damascene-body FinFET's and planar devices on a common substrat...
Constructions comprising hafnium oxide
Magnetic random access memory devices having titanium-rich lower electrodes with oxide layer and ori...
Capacitance reduction by tunnel formation for use with a semiconductor device
Non-volatile memory cells and methods for fabricating non-volatile memory cells
Nitride semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Apparatus for and method of color compensation
Video/graphics text mode enhancement method for digitally processed data
Pattern inspection method and apparatus, and pattern alignment method
System and method for polyp visualization
Scan method
Surface plasmon resonance imaging system and method
Light source apparatus and projection apparatus
System for reducing stress induced effects during determination of fluid optical constants
Optical object discriminating device
Process monitoring system, process monitoring method, and method for manufacturing semiconductor dev...
Method for determining stokes parameters
Systems and methods for optical measurement
Living body light measuring device
Fluorescent image obtaining apparatus
Polarized in vivo imaging device, system and method
Apparatus and method for controlling stroke of reciprocating compressor
Gas injection port structure of flat fluorescent lamp
Electroactive polymer pumping system
Multi-stage piston type compressor
Horizontal compressor end cap
Structure of scroll of variable-throat exhaust turbocharger and method for manufacturing the turboch...
Method of preventing inadvertent inflation of an inflatable prosthesis
Vane rotary expansion engine
Fluid machine served as expansion device and compression device
High-pressure pump for a fuel, with sump in communication with the fuel
Tracing the execution path of a computer program
Disk array optimizing the drive operation time
Chemical array with test dependent signal reading or processing
Diagnostic system for watercraft
Method and system using hardware assistance for continuance of trap mode during or after interruptio...
Method, system and storage medium for accessing dynamic content
Method for managing personal and work-related matters
Meta data creation apparatus and meta data creation method
Synchronization code methods
Methods and apparatus for provisioning phantom power to remote devices
Methods and apparatus for variable latency support
Method and apparatus for assigning communication nodes to CMTS cards
Disk drive with airflow channeling enclosure
Method and apparatus of storage anti-piracy key encryption (SAKE) device to control data access for ...
Data flow control for adaptive integrated circuitry
Repurposing digitally signed information
Method and apparatus for establishing a bound on the effect of task interference in a cache memory
Key server for securing IP telephony registration, control, and maintenance
Tumor antigens and CTL clones isolated by a novel procedure
Adenovirus formulations
Systems, methods, and compositions for achieving closure of suture sites
Detachable shower liner
Animated holiday bear
Utility lighter
SRAM circuitry
Simple time domain pulse generator
Electronically generating an outline indicating the size of an energy zone imaged onto the IR detect...
Multi-functional NMR probe
Oral solid preparation
Self-reversible reverse microlatex, process for preparing the same and cosmetic and industrial uses ...
Blood centrifuge having clamshell blood reservoir holder with index line
Adjustable contaminated liquid mixing apparatus
Method for inhibiting microbial growth in liquid nutrients
Method and an installation for separating out multiphase effluents
Network status server, information distribution system, control method, and storage medium for stori...
Apparatus, method, and program for speech synthesis with capability of providing word meaning immedi...
Developer supplying apparatus
Diagnostic device, diagnostic system, diagnostic method, program and storage medium
Management of reproduction duration of information data
Method and means for dividing an image into character image lines, and method and apparatus for char...
Position detecting method
X-ray generator and exposure apparatus having the same
Image display optical system and image display apparatus
Holding device and exposure apparatus using the same
Lens apparatus and camera
Image reading apparatus
Print control system, print control method, memory medium, and program
Printing system and management method therefor
Measuring method and apparatus using shearing interferometry, exposure method and apparatus using th...
Method for welding tape cartridge reel
Ortho-substituted benzoic acid derivatives for the treatment of insulin resistance
Multi-channel broadband content distribution system
Backlight assembly and direct lighting type liquid crystal display apparatus
Hanging utensil carton
Multipurpose folding tool with tool bit holder and blade lock
Integrated spot monitoring device with fluid sensor
Blood acquisition suspension system
Diagnostic instrument
Data logger
Vaccines comprising aluminium adjuvants and histidine
Synchronized analyte testing system
Spreading layers and their use in test strips
Mixing in microfluidic devices
Concentrated processing composition for silver halide color paper and method of processing
Planographic printing plate precursor, substrate for the same and surface hydrophilic material
Durable EMI shielding film
Aromatic disiloxane compositions
Toner cartridge
Laminates including two or more layers of organic synthetic filament non-wovens and glass fiber webs...
Method and apparatus for updating serial devices
File security management
Memory management system for preventing program execution when CPU fetches execution code from unocc...
Mechanism for comparing content in data structures
Method and apparatus to eliminate discontinuities in adaptively filtered signals
Method for correcting a mask pattern, a computer program product, a method for producing a photomask...
Reviewing and changing the outcome of a digital signal processing operation
Moisture absorber
Optimization of memory accesses in a circuit design
Selectable communication control between devices communicating using a serial attached SCSI (SAS) pr...
Method for implementing trickplay modes in a data stream recorder
Fresnel lens sheet and transmission type screen comprising it
Apparatus for and method of inputting alphabets using a reduced keypad
Electron beam apparatus with detailed observation function and sample inspecting and observing metho...
Electro-motive machine using Halbach array
Electronic component unit
Process for the preparation of thiazolidinedione derivatives
Polymerizable composition
Plasma etching method, plasma etching apparatus, control program, computer recording medium and reco...
Process of fabricating a semiconductor device
Optical information recording medium
Confectionary product containing functional ingredients
Hemostatic soluble cellulose fibers containing coagulating protein for treating wound and process fo...
Circumferential medical closure device and method
Knockout identification of target-specific sites in peptides
Ion optics systems
Aryl acid pyrimidinyl methyl amides, pyridazinyl methyl amides and related compounds
Induction cured powder coatings for temperature sensitive substrates
Cleansing bar with distributed polymeric network providing enhanced delivery
Plasma doping method
Gas detection and photonic crystal devices design using predicted spectral responses
Micro-oscillator, semiconductor device and communication apparatus
Arc discharge flashlamp
Synthesis of vinyl polymers by controlled radical polymerization
Method for separating transition metals from polymers
Cache error handling in a multithreaded/multi-core processor
Automatic speed changing device
Bicycle hub outer and bicycle hub
Releasably locking device for a bicycle component, in particular for a wheel, and clamping element f...
Bicycle rim
Chair having movable thigh levers
Rear bicycle suspension
Steel wire of a bicycle
Crank apparatus for bicycles and the like
Bicycle handlebar grip
Rubber composition for a tire comprising a coupling agent having a polythiosulfenamide function
Resistance and power monitoring device and system for exercise equipment
Dry particle based capacitor and methods of making same
Method for producing conductive polyaniline and organic polymer composition
Solid electrolytic capacitor and method for manufacturing same
Ultrasonic probe
Processes for halogenating compounds
Toner, method for manufacturing the toner, developer including the toner, toner container containing...
Union fabric with flame resistance
Toner, method for manufacturing the toner, developer including the toner, toner container containing...
Prodrugs for phosphorus-containing compounds
Fuel cell with integral manifold
Modacrylic/aramid fiber blends for arc and flame protection and reduced shrinkage
Cutting device for the transverse cutting of at least one material web
Modular printing unit
Method for carrying out a production change on a printing press with automated change of a printing ...
Method for controlling a quantity of medium transferable between two rollers
Apparatus for transporting a printing material sheet
Nuclear magnetic resonance probe coil
MRI apparatus with high-resistance magnet
Method and apparatus for locally shielding MR superconducting magnet coil
Asymmetric radio frequency coils for magnetic resonance
Magnetic resonance imaging method and system
System and apparatus for a high resolution peripheral vascular coil array
Thermal shield to coldhead sleeve thermal contact
Method and device for assessing ambient conditions of an installation site of a magnetic resonance i...
Method and apparatus for interconnecting electrodes with partial titanium coating
Instrument for ocular surgery
Needle shield
Valve for medical instruments
Portable electronic terminal apparatus having a plurality of displays
Catheter information clip
Surgical container with applicators
Catheter information clip
Microfluidic cartridge
Universal dialyzer cap
Mixing tube
Tanning aid
Electrode headset
Portion of an interface for a digital camera
Clamping mechanism for an elongated workpiece
Ultrapure water quality--point of delivery unit
Methods to identify and quantify oligosaccharide modifications of glycoproteins
System and method of providing conversational visual prosody for talking heads
Bottom portion of a housing of a mobile device
Pneumatic flash calciner thermally insulated in feed storage silo
Tire with tread of rubber and carbon black with silica domains on its surface prepared by extended r...
Animal insemination sheath
Livestock blow dryer
Developing apparatus, process cartridge and image forming apparatus having toner leakage prevention ...
Self-sealing insulation employed on a catheter or lead
Portable ultrasound unit and docking station
JNK inhibitors for use in combination therapy for treating or managing proliferative disorders and c...
Flexible printed circuit board for catheter, catheter using same, and production method of catheter
Substituted pyrrolidine and related compounds
Efficient nuclear transfer with primordial gametes
Substituted pyrrolidine and related compounds
Oxabispidine compounds useful in the treatment of cardiac arrhythmias
Compounds and compositions for delivering active agents
Mouse cytokine receptor Zcytor16
Method for diagnosing a renal disorder
Compositions and methods for increasing cholesterol efflux and raising HDL using ATP binding cassett...
Industrial mixer stand
Capacitor assembly
Lithium-containing composite oxide and nonaqueous secondary cell using the same, and method for manu...
Cathode material for battery
Lithium ion polymer secondary battery its electrode and method for synthesizing polymer compound in ...
Method of adding electrolyte to a gap between the cathode and separator of an alkaline cell
Polyfluorinated boron cluster anions for lithium electrolytes
Stabilized albumin preparations
Methods for processing biological materials using peelable and resealable devices
Electrolyte for rechargeable lithium battery and rechargeable lithium battery comprising same
Electric separator, method for producing the same and the use thereof
Tire with electrically non-conductive tread which contains a self locking electrically conductive ru...
Negative working, heat-sensitive lithographic printing plate precursor
Apparatus for and method of forming seals in fuel cells and fuel stacks
Dual-compartment, dual-function cosmetic container and therapeutic device
Packaging and applicator device for applying a substance, in particular a cosmetic
Mirrored lipstick holder
Double-ended lipstick container
Dermatological preparations
Silica-coated mixed crystal oxide particle, production process thereof and cosmetic material using t...
Applicator dispenser for a powder product
Ion funnel with extended mass range and reduced conductance limit aperture
Data collision detection device and method
System and method for detecting a delay in a computer network
High speed array pipeline architecture
IC tag mounting on a harness and harness mounting method
Terminal, method and computer program product for interacting with a service provider via a signalin...
Computing platform security apparatus, systems, and methods
Image processing method, image processing apparatus, and image enlarging method
Ac powered logic circuitry
Method and electronic device connector with band and angle encoding
Printing container fill indicator
Tracking electronic devices
Device for digitizing and processing checks and driver licenses
Low temperature radio frequency identification tracking system
Device for dispensing a liquid active substance
Electrostatic chuck
Furancarbonylguanidine derivatives, their preparation and pharmaceutical compositions containing the...
Heterocyclic compounds and thrombopoietin receptor activators
Polymerization process and reactor system
Phase shift mask blank, phase shift mask, and pattern transfer method
Catalyst component for olefin polymerization and catalyst comprising the same
Photomask blank substrate, photomask blank and photomask
Composition for monovinylrenic-based shrink label films
Antifouling coating compositions and coated articles
Thermoplastic resin composition and its injection molded article
Portable electric fence systems
System and method for controlling growth of aquatic plants utilizing bio-eroding means implanted in ...
Valved teatcup assembly
Fishing rod holder
Sealing jaw
Mouse model for fatty acid amide-related neurobehaviors
Side cover detachable apparatus of dual bearing reel for fishing
Rotor assembly for fishing reels
Tortoise bathing facility
Foldable/collapsible structures
Microbial feedstock for filter feeding aquatic organisms
Squirrel proof bird feeder
Cattle management method and system
Radiation modulator positioner
Magnetic resonance imaging of different chemical species in a system having magnetic field heterogen...
Imaging internal structures
Apparatus for positioning a medical instrument relative to a patient
Introduction system for minimally invasive surgical instruments
Methods of preparing and using coated particulates
Dynamic vulcanization of elastomers with in-situ polymerization
Electrophotographic photoconductor comprising a polycarbonate resin having a dihydroxy diphenyl ethe...
Polymeric composition for seals and gaskets
Magnetic recording medium
Bone implants and methods of making same
Method of reducing the risk of bone fracture
Polarizing agents for dynamic nuclear polarization
Plunger rod for arterial blood collection syringes
Steerable balloon catheter
System and method for handling the acquisition and analysis of medical data over a network
Apparatus and method for detection and quantification of oscillatory signals
Tissue localizing and separating assembly
Biopsy device with piston advance
Apparatus for inspecting allergic reaction
Respiration monitoring system and method
Extraction of one or more discrete heart sounds from heart sound information
Data processing apparatus
Method for automatically determining a region of interest for text and data overlay
Method for bilateral filtering of digital images
System and method for representing compressed information
Weighted overcomplete de-noising
Managing images of microscopic specimens
Image compression device, image decompression device, image compression/decompression device, progra...
Method and system of generating a high-resolution image from a set of low-resolution images
Code conversion apparatus, code conversion method and storage medium
Method and circuits for scaling images using neural networks
Continuous transform method for wavelets
Method of coding artifacts reduction
Chroma motion vector derivation
Image processing method, image processing apparatus and image pickup apparatus and display apparatus...
Block decoding method and system capable of decoding and outputting data in a longitudinal direction
Method for displaying advertisements
Lightpipe with multiple projections
Fiber used in wideband amplified spontaneous emission light source and the method of making the same
Service blocker device and method
Cable management support system
Outside plant enclosure with pivoting fiber trays
Laser alignment device
Method and apparatus for electromagnetic resonance and amplification using negative index material
Waveguide design incorporating reflective optics
Polarization insensitive microbend fiber gratings and devices using the same
Drive for system for processing fiber optic connectors
Broadband control of polarization mode dispersion
Devices, systems and methods for connecting a single mode fiber to a legacy multi-mode fiber
Fiber optic communication assembly
Optical aerial line and method of installation thereof
Method and apparatus for capacity-efficient restoration in an optical communication system
Optoelectronic conversion header, LSI package with interface module, method of manufacturing optoele...
Light guide plate, surface light source having same, and related display device
Backlight unit and liquid-crystal display device using the same
Back light source module
Display apparatus
Phosphor based illumination system having a short pass reflector and method of making same
Illumination system and display device using the same
Planar light source device and display device using the same device
Light-pipe integrator for uniform irradiance and intensity
Device and method for controlling optical axis of headlamps
Controlling color temperature of lighting fixture
LED lamp with light-emitting junction arranged in three-dimensional array
Light recycling illumination systems utilizing light emitting diodes
Optimized ultraviolet reflecting multi-layer coating for energy efficient lamps
Light guide plate of LED backlight unit
Vehicle headlamp
Countermass weaponry
Scope adjustment method and apparatus
Bead dispensing system
Interlayers comprising modified fumed silica
Implantable leads, electrode portions and methods for securing
Espresso coffeemaker with removable water reservoir
Oxaliplatin with a low content of accompanying impurities and a method for preparation thereof
Fuel cell system
High strength bioresorbables containing poly-glycolic acid
Process for manufacturing fibrin membranes and fibrin membranes obtained according to this process
Bioreactor with plurality of chambers for conditioning intravascular tissue engineered medical produ...
Adhesion barriers applicable by minimally invasive surgery and methods of use thereof
Silky feel cosmetic emulsion chassis
Foam cleaning and brightening composition comprising a sulfate/bisulfate salt mixture
Stick compositions
Stick compositions
Cosmetic composition comprising a polymer blend
Sunscreen reagents from unsaturated waxes and triglycerides
Paper products having a tropical composition applied in discrete droplets
Weighted sunscreen
Aminoindane derivatives as serotonin and norepinephrine uptake inhibitors
Vacuum process apparatus
System and method for providing environmental impact information, recording medium recording the inf...
Androgen receptor modulators and methods of use thereof
Cell lines
Keratin dyeing compounds, keratin dyeing compositions containing them, and use thereof
Container for a candle
Shade for decorative luminary
Box for cosmetics
Box for cosmetics
Process for manufacture of personal care products utilizing a concentrate water phase
Laundry additive sachet
Mild, low soluble soap bars which have non-slimy quick rinse perception in use
Bottle transition piece
Methods of cleansing skin or hair with cleansing articles
Hair treatment composition
Multilayered housing for electronics enclosures
Fluorescence measurement apparatus
Homogeneous modified-alumina Fischer-Tropsch catalyst supports
Catalyst composition
Non-magnetic monocomponent toner having excellent developing property at low temperature condition
Composite paperboards and method of making composite paperboards
Chronotherapeutic diltiazem formulations and the administration thereof
Gasoline sulfur reduction using hydrotalcite like compounds
Spin on memory cell active layer doped with metal ions
Surface cleaner
Method for fabricating a Johnsen-Rahbek electrostatic wafer clamp
Signal level propagation mechanism for distribution of a payload to vulnerable systems
Disk recording and/or reproducing device apparatus including a pair of transport rollers, with at le...
Polled automatic virus fix
Credit-based activity regulation within a microprocessor based on an allowable activity level
Implementing check instructions in each thread within a redundant multithreading environments
External observation and control of data in a computing processor
System and method for canceling write back operation during simultaneous snoop push or snoop kill op...
Shaft bearing retainer
Taper roller bearing
Double-row ball bearing and bearing device for supporting pinion shaft
Bearing for a wheel of vehicle
Hydrodynamic bearing device and spindle motor
Multi-part energizer for mechanical seal assembly
Crane bearing assembly
Bearing assembly spacer adjustment system and method for adjusting spacer
Tote device having a distributed weight load for reducing the total weight load borne by a user
Firearm with improved salvo accuracy and similar device for a firearm
Barrel measuring device
Method of detecting run-dry conditions in fuel systems
Sheet for forming an image, image forming method, and image forming apparatus
Physical access control
Fuser member including an electrically conductive polymer layer, a resistive layer, an electrically ...
Limited play optical devices with interstitial reactive layer and methods of making same
Apparatus and methods for optically-coupled memory systems
Altering surface of display screen from matt to optically smooth
Optoelectronic semiconductor device and method of manufacturing such a device
Process for producing optically active .beta.-amino acid derivatives
Integrated active flux microfluidic devices and methods
Optical fourier transform device and method
Optical transceiver having an optical receptacle optionally fixed to a frame
Method and apparatus for routing messages in hybridized optical/wireless networks
Driving method of light emitting device
Light emitting device
Peeling method and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Organic electroluminescent device
Luminescent material, especially for LED application
Light-emitting polymer and organoelectroluminescent display using the same
Complex fluorene-containing compounds and use
Coffee maker
Device for producing beverage by infusion
Central portion of a sports racquet
Chambers, systems, and methods for electrochemically processing microfeature workpieces
Chambers, systems, and methods for electrochemically processing microfeature workpieces
File server for long term data archive
Method and storage system that enable sharing files among multiple servers
Method for damascene process
Chemical vapor deposition methods for making powders and coatings, and coatings made using these met...
Substrate mounted with electronic element thereon and liquid ejection head including the substrate
Sample conditioning and environmental control techniques for gas sensor
Silicon based optical vias
Micro-lens array and manufacturing method thereof
Overcoat for a polymer sleeve member for a blanket cylinder and a method for making the overcoat
Process for treating a surface
Optical element, optical circuit provided with the optical element, and method for producing the opt...
Display device
Methods and apparatus for providing power to lighting devices
Method of irradiating a laser beam, apparatus for irradiating a laser beam and method of fabricating...
Semiconductor device and a method of manufacturing the same
Discharge apparatus, material application method, manufacturing method for color filter substrate, m...
Electro-optical device and electronic instrument
Energy sensing light emitting diode display
Vehicle barrier advertisement system
Manufacturing system and controller, controlling method, controlling system, and control program for...
Aligner, exposing method, method for manufacturing thin-film transistor, display device, and electro...
Electrode-wiring substrate and display device
Data processing machine
Fuel cell
Compound tiltable mount for flat panel displays
Two-bit per I/O line write data bus for DDR1 and DDR2 operating modes in a DRAM
Liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal display device
Antenna for tire pressure information sending apparatus and tire pressure information sending appara...
Surface-acoustic-wave-device mount substrate, high-frequency module using the same, and communicatio...
Gun and method for assembling a gun
Sub-mount for mounting optical component and light transmission and reception module
Image sensor module architecture
User-data relating apparatus with respect to continuous data
Low mass fuser apparatus with substantially uniform axial temperature distribution
Image processing apparatus, image processing method and program product therefor
Conjugate cluster screens for embedding digital watermarks into printed halftone documents
Vertical cavity surface emitting laser diode and process for producing the same
Apparatus for driving light emitting element and system for driving light emitting element
Surface emitting semiconductor laser and communication system using the same
Electrophoretic caps prepared from encapsulated electrophoretic particles
Peripheral device driver installing device, peripheral device, system and method for transferring a ...
Enhancement of glossmark images at low and high densities
Method for compensating for printer characteristics
System and method for selecting the best set of devices for rendering color documents
Method and system for generating contone encoded binary print data streams
Systems and methods for integration of heterogeneous circuit devices
Data store management system and method for wireless devices
Multiple calendar schedule reservation structure and method
Simultaneous display of multiple calendar systems
Method and apparatus for fair queueing of data packets
Hydrangea plant named `Zebra`
Interspecific tree named `Plumsweet VI`
Method and apparatus for providing random access detection in a communication system
High-speed memory having a modular structure
Distributing unused allocated bandwidth using a borrow vector
System and method of network traffic assignment on multiple parallel links between IP/MPLS routers
Performing network control at active base transceiver stations and a base station controller
Methods and apparatuses for allocating time slots to half duplex wireless mobile stations
Protection scheme for a communications network under multiple failures
Formatter, method of formatting encoded symbols and wireless communication system employing the same
Overlap mitigation in wireless LANs using a central medium access control
Method for determining a master ring for an optical communications network
Scheduler and method for scheduling transmissions in a communication network
Random early drop with per hop behavior biasing
Digital multimedia memory card
Multimedia storage viewer
System and method for event notifications in a multimedia network
Dynamic load balancing of video requests
System and method for efficiently finding near-similar images in massive databases
Valve for aerosol container
Aromatic fragrance dispenser
Discrimination method of target base in DNA, and allele specific primer used in the method of the sa...
DNA sequence analysis
Discrimination method of target base in DNA, and allele specific primer used in the method of the sa...
Hybridization beacon and method of rapid sequence detection and discrimination
Nonvolatile memory and card reader provided with the same
Semiconductor storage device and method of controlling the same
Filament for X-ray tube and X-ray tube having the same
Probe-base storage apparatus having redundancy cantilevers
Full-color electrochromic display with stacked in cell monochromic electrochromes
Liquid crystal cell platform
Methods and apparatuses for microelectronic assembly having a material with a variable viscosity aro...
Printed circuit board including embedded capacitor having high dielectric constant and method of fab...
Integrated fog free mirror and weather station
High-pressure gas discharge lamp with an asymmetrical discharge space
Metal halide lamp and luminaire
Liquid metal thermal interface for an integrated circuit device
Metal halide lamp and metal halide lamp lighting device with improved emission power maintenance rat...
Electric lamp comprising a lead-free glass component
Method and apparatus for preparing a dialkyl carbonate, and its use in the preparation of diaryl car...
Reflector and light source apparatus having reflector
Oxygen producing non-polluting engine
Retrofit suction sanitation safety cover
Minimization of ligand degradation products, of reversion of same to useful phosphine ligands
Chemically defined non-polymeric valency platform molecules and conjugates thereof
Method, use and kit for separating albumin from contaminants in a liquid
Method for producing metabolites from plants cultivated in soil-less medium
Method of non-targeted complex sample analysis
Circovirus sequences associated with piglet weight loss disease (PWD)
Modified pro-.alpha. peptides and their uses
Adipocyte differentiation-associated gene and protein
N-acetylglucosaminyltransferase Vb coding sequences, recombinant cells and methods
Method and apparatus for reordering memory requests for page coherency
Information storage medium and information recording/playback system
Information storage medium and information recording/playback system
Human perceptual model applied to rendering of watermarked signals
Digital-watermark-embedding and picture compression unit
Method of enrolling in an electronic toll or payment collection system
System and method for multilevel government information accessing kiosk with uniform display
Directed graph for distribution of time-constrained data
System and method for the storage, indexing and retrieval of XML documents using relational database...
Method for the automatic retrieval of engineering data of systems
Determining validity ranges of query plans based on suboptimality
Method and system for searching binary files
Information organization using markup languages
Storage platform for organizing, searching, and sharing data
Method and apparatus for managing access to set of converged entitlement resources
Structured indexes on results of function applications over data
Query routing
Hierarchical user interface query automation
System and method for automatically organizing and classifying businesses on the World-Wide Web
Pre-qualifying sellers during the matching phase of an electronic commerce transaction
Image processing method and image processing system
Lash adjuster and valve system
Method for reducing phaser rotational instability in an internal combustion engine
Variable valve actuation mechanism
Method for operating an internal combustion engine
System and method for controlling auto-ignition
Valve timing control system for internal combustion engine
Engine valve actuator providing Miller cycle benefits
Jewelry clasp
Server resource management, analysis, and intrusion negation
Use of small electronic circuit cards with different interfaces in an electronic system
Media and advertisement distribution and tracking system and method of operation thereof
Literary work royalty accounting method, network system therefor and recording medium on which contr...
Single photon receptor
Magnetic device
USB (Universal Serial Bus) interface device
Power converters with limited operation to conserve power and with adjustments that overcome ringing
Comprehensive power quality controller for substation in power system
Method and apparatus for providing a remedial strategy for an electrical circuit
Device and method for voltage regulator with stable and fast response and low standby current
Time aligned bussed triggering using synchronized time-stamps and programmable delays
Early effect cancelling circuit, differential amplifier, linear regulator, and early effect cancelin...
PWM boost system and start-up method thereof
Burst-mode switching voltage regulator with ESR compensation
Step-down switching regulator
System and method for managing negative voltage in a power supply overvoltage failure event
SEPIC synchronous rectification
Voltage regulator with improved protection and warning system
State-of-charge estimating device of secondary battery
Apparatus and method for detecting battery pack voltage
Electrical system control for a vehicle
Portable electronic appliance with a battery having a wireless tag containing battery information
Reducing battery terminal contact resistance stemming from insulating contaminant layer on same
Motor, especially a gear motor or a selector motor of a transmission actuating system, and method fo...
Small wind turbine system
Fluid dispensing apparatus