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Video performance evaluation
In-vehicle image correcting device and night driving view field supporting device
Moving body detecting apparatus
Information recording medium drive device, information processing apparatus, data replay control sys...
Signal receiving apparatus and method and recording medium
Encoding system and encoding method
Optical system
Image sensing apparatus, image sensing method, program, and storage medium
Method and apparatus for increasing signal to noise ratio
Apple tree named `PB-148`
Coreopsis plant named `Sunbeam`
Climbing Rose plant named `Radwin`
Dahlia plant named `Baldelmim`
Spiraea plant named `Levgold`
Cherry tree named `Rosie Rainer`
Chrysogonum plant named `Quinn's Gold`
Veronica plant named `YABPIN`
Veronica plant named `YABBLU`
Dahlia plant named `VDTG31`
Ligularia plant named `Osiris Fantaisie`
Saxifraga plant named `Rockrose`
Celosia plant named `Zancelpi`
Celosia plant named `Zancelor`
Begonia plant named `Innbellab`
Petunia plant named `Dueswesurlav`
Petunia plant named `Duepotneon`
Poinsettia plant named `PER2804`
Petunia plant named `Duepotdepur`
Poinsettia plant named `PER1180`
Dahlia plant named `VDTG43`
Method for recognizing digital fingerprints by distortion and computer system for using said method
Security paper
Displaying telephone numbers as active objects
Providing telephony services in a communications network
Subscriber terminal for providing speech-text encoding and telephony service
Mobile communications equipment
Mobile terminal capable of measuring a biological signal
Mobile station for telecommunications system
Portable communication terminal
Incoming call management in a push-to-talk communication system
Method and system for providing location information for a wireless local area network (WLAN)
Speaker and manufacturing method for the same
Electrical device for adjusting the angle between a top module and a bottom module
Portable wireless terminal with ground connecting device which uses a hinge device
Radio handset
Systems and methods for providing application services
Communications systems and methods using wireline adapters
Echo cancellation and noise reduction method
Techniques for improving telephone audio quality
Method for generating a dialing directory in a network terminal and communications network for such ...
Methods of controlling link quality and transmit power in communication networks
Method for improving temporal consistency and snapshot recency in a monitored real-time software-rep...
Storage of application specific profiles correlating to document versions
Dense OPC
Method, system and program product for specifying a configuration for a digital system utilizing dia...
Accessibility system and method
Method, system, program, and computer readable medium for providing a database for object oriented o...
System and method for verifying validity of assembled PCI devices of a computer
Graceful failover using augmented stubs
Method and apparatus for indexing an inbound security association database
Combined pessimistic and optimisitic concurrency control
Associative memory
Systems, methods and computer products for profile based identity verification over the internet
Method and mechanism to multiplex multiple application server requests over a single database connec...
Dynamic configuration and self-tuning of inter-nodal communication resources in a database managemen...
Dynamic content management for wireless communication systems
Encryption error monitoring system and method for packet transmission
Computer network and method of operating same to preload content of selected web pages
Method and system for generating passwords
Information processing system and information processing method
Method and system for providing location based information to a mobile station
Methods and apparatus for providing telephone support for internet sales
Method and system for connection verification
Method for supporting mobility in wireless networks
Wireless internet access system and method
Home printing from internet sources
System and method of delivering groceries purchased over the internet
Systems, methods, and devices for selling transaction instruments via web-based tool
Method of making a flat foundation for a floor without substantial excavation and foundation made by...
Flood protection
Floating levee sheet
Membrane-covered reservoir having a hatchway therein
Wireless node location mechanism featuring definition of search region to optimize location computat...
Location beacon database
Method for dimensioning a mobile telecommunications network
System for fast macrodiversity switching in mobile wireless networks
Communication system and related supervision method
Controlling Q-factor of filters
Automatic gain control system for multiple receiving antennae
Packet transmission system, packet transmission method, packet transmission device, home agent, mobi...
Implantable biosensor
Mobile radio base station
Method of calibrating clocks for two independent radio access technologies without the use of additi...
Telecommunication method supporting multiple air interfaces
Power status for wireless communications
Adaptive signal tuning for digital radio receivers operating, in FM bands
Transmitting/receiving arrangement, and a method for bidirectional transmission of data via a digita...
Apparatus for controlling a digital signal processor for radio isolation and associated methods
Method and apparatus for maintaining communications when radio communication is unavailable
Wireless method for communication
Headphone apparatus
External memory system having programmable graphics processor for use in a video game system or the ...
Data processing method
Grid-based award method for base game and bonus top box game for use with video wagering machines or...
Wagering game with award based on sequencing of connected features
Assessing fluency based on elapsed time
Learning support method and learning support program
Whiteboard scoreboard
Visual knowledge publisher system
Transferable component that effectuates plug-and-play
Method for displaying calling party information in network telephone system, and network telephone s...
Telescopic handwriting pen
Wireless presentation system
Anti-KC4 humanized monoclonal antibody and cells that express the antibody
Biphenylene compounds
Anti-A33 antibody
Hydrolytically stable maleimide-terminated polymers
Hydrolytically stable maleimide-terminated polymers
Therapeutic compositions for the treatment of a respiratory tract disease
Method of inhibiting insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) by IGF-1-antagonist peptides
Device for treating diabetes and methods thereof
Phytases, nucleic acids encoding them and methods of making and using them
Ehrlichia disulfide bond formation proteins and uses thereof
High-affinity choline transporter
Methods of detection of MATER protein autoantibodies
Method of inhibiting influenza infection with antiviral peptides
Engine-driven work machine
Noise reduction muffler for hermetic rotary compressor
Compact noise silencer for an air blower
Steering control device and steering control method of motor vehicle
Method and equipment for moving a group of objects
Air guiding system for a vehicle
Pneumatic suspension apparatus for a vehicle seat
Hydraulic transmission assembly
Vehicle improved in steering
Hydraulic axle-drive device
Drive section of a lift truck
Operating method for vehicles
Seat belt retractor
Motorcycle floorboard apparatus
Steering control apparatus
Snow vehicle having engine with reduced vertical dimension
Robotic cart pulling vehicle
System for accessing an air box in a straddle type vehicle
Agricultural machine with energy reservoir for overcoming peak loads
Hybrid motorcycle
Hybrid power output apparatus and control method
High-torque gear assembly for personal mobility apparatus
Power supply assembly for motorized vehicles
Assembly for the selection of a gear ratio of a power take-off shaft gearbox
Identification of licensing targets using citation neighbor search process
Method and system for interfacing with accounting systems
System and method for controlling a postage metering system using data required for printing
System for carrying out a transaction
System and method for manufacturing and securing transport of postage printing devices
Method of embedding permanent identification code into musical apparatus
Data structure, method and system for generating person-to-person, person-to-business, business-to-p...
Automated banking machine currency tracking method
Methods, system, and computer-readable medium for recommending an auction structure
Method and system for effecting straight-through-processing of trades of various financial instrumen...
Method and data structure for participation in multiple negotiations
System and method for dynamic, multivariable comparison of financial products
Method and system for monitoring a workflow for an object
Total return asset contracts and associated processing systems
Password encrypting apparatus and method for encrypting password
Realizing legally binding business contracts through service management models
Systems and methods for authoring a media presentation
Solid state orientation sensor with 360 degree measurement capability
Data tracking method and system applied in semiconductor manufacturing
Method and apparatus for spatially coordinating, storing and manipulating computer aided design draw...
Conversion of voice-over-IP media control messaging into mobile control channel signaling using a vo...
Infra-red light source including a raman shifter
Haptic interface device and actuator assembly providing linear haptic sensations
Personal viewer
Radio frequency tags for use in a motion tracking system
Religious icon
Rear cover for a utility vehicle
Operation panel for a crane of an automated warehousing system
Operation panel for a crane of an automated warehousing system
Forklift truck
Horizontally divided cart
Maintenance cart
Trash can
Trash can
Painter's finishing bucket
Mop bucket and wringer
Cleaning tool
Vacuum cleaner housing feature
Rotary scrubber roller
Handheld vacuum
Grooming tool
Grooming tool
Leash lock
Bowl lifting and filling apparatus
Apparatus and methods for positioning wafers
Control apparatus of robot
Electronic device and method of controlling same
Microgripper device for a micro-mechanism
Laying device for laying line element
Digital content distribution system
MPEG-21 digital content protection system
Cryptographic processing apparatus, cryptographic processing method, and computer program
Apparatus and method for implementing the KASUMI ciphering process
Information signal recording/reproducing system, information signal recording device, information si...
Method and device for encryption/decryption of data on mass storage device
Watermark-based copy management system and method for digital media copy protection
Recording medium, recording method of recording medium, recording and/or reproducing method of recor...
Asynchronous enhanced shared secret provisioning protocol
Method and device for producing an encrypted payload data stream and method and device for decryptin...
Method and apparatus for facilitating secure cocktail effect authentication
Efficient method for providing secure remote access
System, method and computer program product for detecting a rogue member in a multicast group
Method and apparatus providing secure multicast group communication
Method and apparatus of enciphering and deciphering data using keys enciphered and deciphered with o...
Soybean variety XB30E07
Squash with improved disease resistance
Generation of plants with improved pathogen resistance
Generation of plants with improved drought tolerance
Obtaining analyte information
Method of operating liquid in the vacuum or low-pressure environment and observing the operation and...
Plants and seeds of corn variety CV109921
Plants and seeds of corn variety I516721
Isoflavonoid methylation enzyme
Soybean variety XB33G07
Soybean variety XB31H07
Soybean variety XB30G07
High temperature stable non-noble metal catalyst, process for production of syngas using said cataly...
Negative active material for a rechargeable lithium battery, a method of preparing the same, and a r...
EUO-structural-type zeolite that contains the N,N-dimethyl-N,N-di(3,3-dimethylbutyl)ammonium cation ...
Producing method for zirconia hollow particles
Barium titanate and production and process thereof
Process for preparing zirconium-cerium-based mixed oxides
Process for production of carbon black
Coated spherical tetragonal barium titanate particles and process for producing the same
Apparatus for removing vaporized unreacted isocyanate from a gaseous waste stream
Selective catalytic reduction
Catalyst system and method for the reduction of NO.sub.x
Catalyst support material, catalysts prepared therefrom and process for the treatment of a flue gas
Separation of ammonia from sulfur compounds
Apparatus for the continuous production of silicon oxide powder
Production of ammonia synthesis gas
Calcium hypochlorite composition
Liquid detergent formulation with hydrogen peroxide
Cerium oxide particles and production method therefor
Water and sulfur removal from combustion turbine exhaust
Catalytic filter for removing soot particulates from diesel engine exhaust and method of preparing t...
Method and computer program product for detecting potential failures in an integrated circuit design...
Multiple-level data compression read mode for memory testing
Network-based memory error decoding system and method
Remote module for a communications network
Selective self-healing of memory errors using allocation location information
Device and method for wireless communication selection and control
Controlling access to electronic documents
System and method for implementing self-describing RAID configurations
System and method for using co-processor hardware to accelerate highly repetitive actions
Methods and apparatus for implementing virtualization of storage within a storage area network
System for real-time communication between plural users
Methods and apparatus for shared storage journaling
Method and apparatus for storing and retrieving data stored within an associated piece of equipment
Floating debugger
Method and system for obtaining traffic sign data using navigation systems
MRI apparatus and MRI method
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and magnetic resonance imaging method
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus, shield coil, manufacturing method of shield coil, and driving ...
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus, RF coil system, and magnetic resonance imaging method
Compact and Flexible Radio Frequency Coil Arrays
Organic electroluminescent (EL) display device and method for driving the same
Polyester resin, functional device and organic electroluminescent device using polyester resin, and ...
Active matrix display
High efficiency organic electroluminescent display and method for fabricating the same
Organic EL element, organic EL display device and method for fabricating them
Method for driving a current-driven active matrix organic light emitting diode pixel
EL display and production method thereof
Organic semiconductor device
Coupled waveguides for light extraction
Display device
Microcavity electroluminescent display with partially reflective electrodes
Transistor and display device including the transistor
Plasma display apparatus
Lighting system and display
Display device
Active matrix type display apparatus, active matrix type organic electroluminescence display apparat...
Light emitting panel and light emitting display
Phenylcarbazole compounds and organic electroluminescence devices using the same
Conference support apparatus, information processor, teleconference system and computer product
TNF receptor action modulation
Ketoamide inhibitors in chronic nerve disease
Air conditioner
Air conditioner
Media player
Media player
Media player
Media player
Media player
Video image display for monitor
Home theater speaker
Cellular phone
Cellular phone
Portable phone
Mobile phone
Mobile phone
Portable phone
Portable phone
Mobile phone
Mobile phone
Portable phone
Cellular phone
Combined DVD recorder and player
Compounds for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease
Method for the preparation of olefin polymerization catalyst support and an olefin polymerization ca...
Neuronal sensor networks
Multiwell plates with integrated biosensors and membranes
Sealer for test sample devices
Safety system for a syringe
Cable strain-relieving mechanism
Interceptor for non-subscribed bulk electronic messages
Method and system for zooming in and out of paginated content
Scrolling web pages using direct interaction
Adhesive system configuration tool
Providing a marketplace for web services
Image scaling arrangement
Direct patterning of silicon by photoelectrochemical etching
Efficient data representation of teeth model
Crystallization of IGF-1
Addressable irradiation of images
Image reproduction system for removing noise of a periodic pattern
Imaging chain for digital tomosynthesis on a flat panel detector
Image capturing apparatus, control method thereof, program, and image capturing system
Vasostatin as marrow protectant
Focus-detector arrangement of an X-ray apparatus for generating projective or tomographic phase cont...
Compositions and methods relating to osteoarthritis
System and method of CT imaging with second tube/detector patching
Lithographic template and method of formation and use
Edge detection and correcting system and method
Method for protecting a medical device
Cassette for storage phosphor plate and apparatus for removing storage phosphor plate from cassette
Dosimeter based on a gas electron multiplier for dose measurements of therapeutic radiation
Radiographic imaging system
Phosphor, production method thereof and light emitting instrument
Recording and reproducing apparatus of thin optical disc
Method and apparatus for sending E-mail, method and apparatus for receiving E-mail, sending/receivin...
Method and apparatus for the parallel correlator and applications thereof
Pressure sensing systems for sports, and associated methods
Passive fixation mechanism for epicardial sensing and stimulation lead placed through pericardial ac...
Motion sensor
Dynamic metal immunity by hysteresis
Flexible toner feed member
Image forming apparatus that allows an adjustable interval for adjusting an image
Image forming apparatus including a controlling section
Distance measuring device and method for determining a distance
User interactive method for indicating a region of interest
Method and arrangement for positioning a patient in a medical diagnosis or therapy device
Hearing aid with wireless transmission system, and operating method therefor
Method and system for searching a multi-lingual database
System and method for communicating information relating to a network resource
Efficient ipv4/ipv6 best matching prefix method and apparatus
Weighted exercise apparatus
Yard game target
Finger wrap eraser
Ink stick for a phase change ink jet printer
Flower receptacle
Bulk cable dual gang wall plate
Bed depth gauge
Tabletop pizza oven
Method and system for facilitating communications in a network using on demand distribution
Virtual type interpretation, interaction and detection
Renesting interaction map into design for efficient long range calculations
Systems and methods for performing quality assurance on interactive television and software applicat...
Systems and methods for performing quality assurance on interactive television and software applicat...
System and method for controlling communication
Device with a Membrane on a Carrier, as Well as a Method for Manufacturing Such a Membrane
Method For Conditioning Milk, and the Products Obtained and Obtainable Therewith
Antistaling agent and methods
3- and 4-Methyl Dodecenal and their Use in Fragrance and Flavour Compositions
Kokumi Flavour Compounds and Use
Process for Obtaining a Soft White Milk-Based Coating and Coating So Obtained
Microwave Cooking Container With Sequential Venting Arrangement
Re-usable toy candy stick with a holding ring and a cross guard plate
Processed Meat Products Comprising Structured Protein Products
Supply Component for Liquids and Gases
On-demand meat tenderizing package
Open aquos remote control unique buttons/features
Television tuner in which unnecessary radiation is reduced
Address generation for video processing
Method of motion detection for 3D comb filter video decoder
Method and apparatus for masking of video artifacts and/or insertion of film grain in a video decode...
Image processing method
Automatic zoom apparatus and method for playing dynamic images
Moving-picture processing method and moving-picture processing apparatus with metadata processing
OSD insert circuit
Apparatus, system, and method for processing digital audio/video signals
Method for reducing analog PLL jitter in video application
Interlaced to progressive scan image conversion
Portable electronic device with built-in digital camera
Method for close-range and general-range photographing by digital camera
Image pickup device and image pickup optical system
Image processor
Random access display monitor
Frozen confection
Test mode control circuit
Command controlling different operations in different chips
Facial image processing
System, method, and computer program product using a database in a computing system to compile and c...
Controlling the curing of a rubber compound
Multi-port semiconductor device and method thereof
Posted precharge and multiple open-page RAM architecture
Method, apparatus and computer program product for read before programming process on multiple progr...
Non-volatile memory cell and fabrication method
Flash memory device with shunt
Resistance variable memory device with sputtered metal-chalcogenide region and method of fabrication
Alignment of substrates for bonding
Overlay mark, method for forming the same and application thereof
Semiconductor encapsulating epoxy resin composition and semiconductor device
Semiconductor package and fabrication process thereof
Memory module having interconnected and stacked integrated circuits
Semiconductor package assembly and method for electrically isolating modules
Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Pixel structure
Method for producing a semiconductor component and semiconductor component produced by the same
Silicide formation on SiGe
CMOS thin film transistor comprising common gate, logic device comprising the CMOS thin film transis...
Silicon lanthanide oxynitride films
Imaging method utilizing thyristor-based pixel elements
Surface-passivated zinc-oxide based sensor
Method for producing porous body
Methods of treating inflammation using mammalian CX.sub.3C chemokine antibodies
Interferon beta-like molecules
Phytase enzymes, nucleic acid sequences encoding phytase enzymes and vectors and host cells incorpor...
Methods for the determination of antibody IgG avidity
Methods and compositions for modulating hepatocyte growth factor activation
Fluorinated resorufin compounds and their application
Hybrid molecules having Factor VII/VIIa activity
Tumor suppressor gene, p28ING5
PRO1475 polypeptide
Transformants producing substance pf1022 derivatives, methods for producing the same, and novel bios...
Method of diagnosing periodontitis by determining .gamma.-glutamyltranspeptidase
Homogenous assay for enzymatic activity
Method and system for providing directions for driving
Vehicle on-board unit
Built-in antenna apparatus of portable wireless terminal
Method for allocating resources in a wireless communication system
Security management for wireless clients
Response apparatus method and system
Distributed computing infrastructure including autonomous intelligent management system
Retransmission ordering method, wireless communication system, receiver and transmitter
Method of retransmitting data frame and network apparatus using the method
Connectivity objects under a mobile device management tree
Intelligent network selection based on quality of service and applications over different wireless n...
Smart frame selection for improved backhaul bandwidth efficiency
Method and apparatus for measuring health and performance of a messaging system
Strategies for peer-to-peer instant messaging
Apparatus and method for facilitating transactions
Synchronized UWB piconets for Simultaneously Operating Piconet performance
Phrase-based indexing in an information retrieval system
System and method for transacting retrieval of real estate property listings using a remote client i...
Computer based system and method of determining a satisfaction index of a text
Generating signatures over a document
Adding dominant media elements to search results
Method and system for compression indexing and efficient proximity search of text data
Systems, methods, and media for awarding credits based on provided usage information
Enterprise information and communication system having a transaction management engine for managing ...
Ultra-wideband transceiver
Electron emission device and electron emission display using the same
Lighting device
Golf club head having a rust-resistant coating for reinforcing a surface thereof
DC compensation in direct conversion radio receivers
Feedforward equalizer for DFE based detector
Digital transmission system
Optimizing detector target polynomials in read/write channels to achieve best error rate performance...
Channel equalization in data receivers
System and method of removing discrete spurious signals in cable broadband and other RF environments
Blind detection
High frequency filter
Phase change electophoretic imaging for rewritable applications
Screening methods using B7-H2 molecules, members of the B7 family
Electrophoretic display medium and device
Information acquisition method and apparatus for information acquisition
Direct epoxidation process
Chalcone and its analogs as agents for the inhibition of angiogenesis and related disease states
5-Acylamino-1,1'-biphenyl-4-carboxamide derivatives and their use as P38 kinase inhibitors
Phosphonate analogs of antimetabolites
Anti-inflammatory phosphonate compounds
Encapsulation of sensitive components using pre-emulsification
Clear conditioning detersive compositions containing polysiloxanes with at least one cyclic side cha...
Data processing system with peripheral access protection and method therefor
Method and apparatus for automatic filter generation and maintenance
Method and apparatus for managing software processes
Performance control apparatus
User interface for adaptive document layout via manifold content
Methods, circuits, architectures, software and systems for determining a data transmission error and...
Apparatus for accessing and transferring optical data
Single event functional interrupt detection system
System and method for integrating multiple data sources into service-centric computer networking ser...
Secure verification using a set-top-box chip
Tracking register usage during multithreaded processing using a scoreboard having separate memory re...
Execution displacement read-write alias prediction
Pair of golf shoe insoles
Golf cart foldable canopy
Golf shoe spike
Golf training device
Adjustable golf putter
Golf club having replaceable striking surface attachments
Modular golf swing and putting trainer
Putter-type club head
Golf club head
Golf cup
Caddie bag with outwardly inclined dividers
Parallel putting device and method
Hydrogen peroxide vapor system with replaceable desiccant cartridge
Apparatus for sterilizing a liquid with focused acoustic standing waves
Method of monitoring operational status of sensing devices for determining the concentration of chem...
Modular ultraviolet sterilizer
Method of guiding medical devices
Method and apparatus to relax a patient to minimize the administration of anesthesia, facilitate suc...
Method for producing dentures
Frame for a full face respirator mask
Package for sterile products
Wall mountable storage basket
Hydrogel contact lenses and package systems and production methods for same
Wall mountable mail organizer
Washing machine with ozone sensor
CCD breakage prevention system
Multi-dose erythropoietin formulations
Lamination apparatus and methods
Fuel management system comprising a fluoroelastomer layer having a hydrotalcite compound
Oncogene, recombinant protein derived therefrom, and uses thereof
TFD LCD panel
Process to open carbon based hardmask
Hybrid PVD-CVD system
Integrated PVD system using designated PVD chambers
Methods for fabricating semiconductor substrates with silicon regions having differential crystallog...
Memory device and methods for its fabrication
Limited thermal budget formation of PMD layers
Cluster tool and method for process integration in manufacture of a gate structure of a field effect...
Gas distributor having directed gas flow and cleaning method
Apparatus and method for heating substrates
Self passivating transition metal nitride printhead heaters
CMOS transistor using high stress liner layer
Tungsten nitride atomic layer deposition processes
Bioadhesive directed somatic cell therapy
Expandable interbody fusion cage
Restricted glucose feed for animal cell culture
Human Kunitz-type inhibitor with enhanced antifibrinolytic activity
Methods for the culture of human embryonic stem cells on human feeder cells
Site specific incorporation of keto amino acids into proteins
Osteochondral plug graft, kit and method
Light emitting diode
Light emitting diode
Field-effect transistor
Fuel tank fueling device with tether mechanism
Flow control valve
GPS receiver with autopilot and integrated lightbar display
Device and method for calibrating and improving the accuracy of barometric altimeters with GPS-deriv...
Corner restraint for securing articles on a shipping and/or storage rack
Powder coating of amino-urea or urethane catalyst and epoxy/hydroxy and/or siloxane resin
Coated substrates that include an undercoating
High frequency thin film electrical circuit element
Plasma display panel and method for manufacturing same
Liquid processing device including gas trap, and system and method
Reinforced matrix composite containment duct
Textured composite material
Golf club head with high moment of inertia
Golf club head with high moment of inertia
Flexible substrate storage equipment and flexible substrate storing method
Temperature limited heaters using modulated DC power
Rapid prototype integrated matrix ultrasonic transducer array inspection apparatus, systems, and met...
Vehicle-mount antenna assemblies having snap-on outer cosmetic covers with compliant latching mechan...
Semiconductor device, its manufacture method and electronic component unit
Medical image recording apparatus and medical radiography cassette
Zirconia particles
Composite-oxide catalyst and process for production of acrylic acid using said catalyst
Process and machine for producing lightweight thermoplastic composite products in a continuous manne...
Fastener for assembling truss bars in a collapsible canopy frame
Ceiling panel system with non-woven panels having barrier skins
Translatable head restraint for automotive seat backrest
System and method for preventing lane deviation of vehicle
Transmit antenna multiplexing for vehicular passive entry systems
System and method for detecting a rapid leak from a tire
Concatenated light pipe
Locator assembly
Vehicle side article transporter device
Shift lever device
Apparatus for securing a trim cover with a foam pad and method of using the same
Image velocity computer and method for computing image velocity
V-type engine air intake device
Control pedal and assist mechanism
Method for verifying scan precision of a laser measurement machine
Methods, systems, and formats for data, such as data used in laser projection of fasteners used in m...
Image forming device with automatic power cutoff
Uncooled laser generation of narrowcast CATV signal
Optical device for optical communication
Optical modulator and control method therefor
InP based long wavelength VCSEL
Semiconductor laser device and method for fabricating the same
Vertical-cavity surface emitting laser
Optical element and method for manufacturing the same
Laser drive method and apparatus
Zig-zag laser with improved liquid cooling
Laser trim and compensation methodology for passively aligning optical transmitter
Frequency-doubled edge-emitting semiconductor lasers
Actively Q-switched laser system using quasi-phase-matched electro-optic Q-switch
Illuminating optical device in image display device and image display device
Illumination system to eliminate laser speckle and a single-panel projection system employing the sa...
Arrangement for and method of improving image quality, especially for image projection arrangements
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
Portion of a shoe upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Shoe outsole
Process for producing leather-like sheet
Acoustic source localization system and applications of the same
Methods and systems for determination of vertical correction of observed reflection seismic signals
Millimeter wave imaging system
Method and apparatus for optically detecting and identifying a threat
Surface cleaning and sterilization
Gun oil composition
Method for selective inactivation of viral replication
High purity tantalum, products containing the same, and methods of making the same
Solar simulator using a combination of mercury and halogen lamps
Spray gun
Carton feeding and forming machine with selectively actuated diverter and related methods
Carton feeding and forming machine with selectively actuated lugs and related methods
Sub-surface coalbed methane well enhancement through rapid oxidation
Anchor device to relieve tension from the rope socket prior to perforating a well
Multi-stage automatic transmission
Multi-speed automatic transmission for motor vehicle
Golf club head
Method of determining shape data
System and method for quantizing fuel dilution of engine motor due to post-injection fueling to rege...
Hydraulic fluid change indicating device for automatic transmission
Method for generating process chains
Implantable medical device with polymer-polymer interfaces and methods of manufacture and use
Image forming apparatus and method of manufacturing electronic circuit using the same
Image forming apparatus featuring different voltages for collecting and transferring toner from a cl...
Optical element and light irradiation apparatus
Integrated circuit, method of operating an integrated circuit, method of manufacturing an integrated...
Scalable magnetic random access memory device
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
System linking apparatus for generated electric power
Transient shared computer resource and settings change bubble for computer programs
Drag and drop metadata editing
Programmable object model for namespace or schema library support in a software application
Apparatus and method for removing photoresist from a substrate
System and method for facilitating account-based transactions
Method of playing a slot machine ("In-A-Row")
Automated banking machine with improved resistance to fraud
Cellulose reinforced resin compositions with wax blend
Method for manufacturing honeycomb structure
Low-density cellular wood plastic composite and process for formation
Detection of carbon halogen bonds
On-device data compression to increase speed and capacity of flash memory-based mass storage devices
Reversible sequential apparatuses
NAND memory array incorporating capacitance boosting of channel regions in unselected memory cells a...
Method and device for on-chip magnetic resonance spectroscopy
Optical identification element having non-waveguide photosensitive substrate with diffraction gratin...
Remote center compliant flexure device
Bridged polysesquioxane host matrices containing lanthanides chelated by organic guest ligands, and ...
Magnetic recording element and magnetic memory
Carboxylic acid, phosphate or phosphonate substituted quinazolin-4-ylamine analogues as capsaicin re...
Portable executable source code representations
Method and apparatus to guarantee type and initialization safety in multithreaded programs
Software logistics for pattern-based applications
System and method for software component dependency checking
Using incremental generation to develop software applications
Dynamic management of access rights lists in a portable electronic object
Document structures for delta handling in server pages
Method and system for distributing a software application to a specified recipient
Automatically layout of document objects using an approximate convex function model
Generator and power supply for use therein
Semiconductor component for the detection of radiation, electronic component for the detection of ra...
Quantum dots nucleation layer of lattice mismatched epitaxy
Method of forming a coating film
Apparatus, system, and method of detecting an analyte utilizing pyroelectric technology
Solar panel for water-heater
Coupling a filter graph space to a network driver space
Coupling a filter graph space to a network driver space
Image pickup apparatus and method
Methods and devices for exchanging peer parameters between network devices
Summarizing nodes in route propagation in auxiliary network for P2P overlay networks
Method of transferring packets and router device therefor
Electronic camera having white balance function
Reticle, apparatus for monitoring optical system, method for monitoring optical system, and method f...
Digital lighting control system
Substituted pyrazole derivatives and related compounds as bradykinin B.sub.1 receptor antagonists
Nitrosated and nitrosylated cyclooxygenase-2 inhibitors, compositions and methods of use
Implanted prosthetic device
Components for permanent removable and adjustable dentures and bridges
Dental implant surgical guide
Heat sink fastening assembly
Techniques for controlling a position of a transceiver module relative to a connector
Thermal contact arrangement
Liquid cooled electronic chassis having a plurality of phase change material reservoirs
Electronic device and heat dissipation module thereof
Electronic package with direct cooling of active electronic components
Vehicle air-conditioning unit, assembly structure of vehicle air-conditioning unit and link module f...
Radiator structure
Cooling system with active debris separation
Heat sink with increased cooling capacity and semiconductor device comprising the heat sink
Fluid circuit heat transfer device for plural heat sources
Liquid leak sensing structure
Apparatus and method for manufacturing heat pipe
Gas removing apparatus for removing non-condensate gas from a heat pipe and method for the same
Inorganic acid salts of sibutramine
Ester derivatives and medical use thereof
Inhibitors of macrophage migration inhibitory factor and methods for identifying the same
Processes and intermediates useful for preparing fused heterocyclic kinase inhibitors
Kinase anchor protein muteins, peptides thereof and related documents
Method for preparing novel transcription factors and use
Pyrrole-2,5-dione derivatives as Liver X receptor modulators
Heteroarylcarbamoylbenzene derivative
Estrogen receptor modulators
Amide derivatives as ion-channel ligands and pharmaceutical compositions and methods of using the sa...
Pyrazolyl inhibitors of 15-lipoxygenase
N-aroyl cyclic amines
Phosphodiesterase 4 inhibitors
Imidazopyridazinediones, their preparation and their use as pharmaceutical compositions
Morpholinyl and pyrrolidinyl analogs
1H-indol-5-yl-piperazin-1-yl-methanone derivatives
Monitoring device, method and system
Platform exercise apparatus
Reciprocation-pull static line exercising assembly
Exercise device with single resilient elongate rod and weight selector controller
Leg strength calculation device, leg strength calculation method, and program
Duct probe assembly system for multipoint air sampling
Methods and apparatus to mechanically reduce food products into irregular shapes and sizes
Cheese slicer with a cutting wire on a rotable arm and a holding arm
Vaccines for Mycoplasma bovis and methods of use
Ink jet recording apparatus and method using ink jet head having u-shaped wiring
Spindle motor including a ball cover having decelerating portion
Method for estimating damage to an object, and method and system for controlling the use of the obje...
Engine protection system and method for construction machine
Dual receive filter
Developer container including a developer movement suppression feature
Toner supply container having a coupling member for engaging and receiving a rotational force from a...
Image forming apparatus with controlled electric power supply to heating member
Hybrid waveguide sensor
Fiber optic sensors system
Intelligent array radio architecture
ADC with logarithmic response and methods for controlling RF power levels
Method and apparatus for reduced power consumption ADC conversion
Imaging compositions, imaging methods and imaging members
Reversible thermosensitive recording medium, information storage material, reversible thermosensitiv...
System and method of transfer printing an organic semiconductor
Magnetoresistive element and method of manufacturing the same
Micro-actuator unit, head gimbal assembly, and disk drive unit with vibration canceller
Shipping comb for moving actuator of hard disk drive
Method and apparatus for reducing solder pad size in an electrical lead suspension (ELS) to decrease...
Flexure for minimizing fly height modulation of near-contact recording sliders in a disk drive
Cleaning tape for cleaning a magnetic head
Soft magnetic film and thin film magnetic head using soft magnetic film, process for manufacturing s...
Perpendicular magnetic recording head, method of manufacturing the same, and magnetic recording appa...
Method of manufacturing magnetic head using magnetic head sub-structure with indicators for indicati...
Data cartridge magazine and method of operation thereof
Electronic device, video camera apparatus, and control method therefor
Recording device and method, recording medium and program
Seedlayer for high hard bias layer coercivity
Magnetoresistive sensor with antiferromagnetic exchange-coupled structure formed by use of chemical-...
Hard disk drive repeatable runout feed forward cancellation with high speed and low power phase rota...
Position control device, disk device, and position control method
Method for reducing occurrences of tape stick conditions in magnetic tape
Magnetic disk apparatus
Programming non-volatile memory with reduced program disturb by removing pre-charge dependency on wo...
Erasing non-volatile memory utilizing changing word line conditions to compensate for slower erasing...
Perpendicular magnetic recording head with dynamic flying height heating element
Non-volatile memory and method with improved sensing
Adjusting track density by changing slope of spiral tracks used to servo write a disk drive
Self-boosting method with suppression of high lateral electric fields
Large-grain p-doped polysilicon films for use in thin film transistors
Optimized non-volatile storage systems
Fumaric acid amides
Porcine CTLA-4 for xenograft-specific immunosuppression
Cytokine receptor modulators and method of modulating cytokine receptor activity
Cardiac hormones for assessing cardiovascular risk
Biocompatible chemically crosslinked hydrogels for glucose sensing
Biallelic markers derived from genomic regions carrying genes involved in arachidonic acid metabolis...
Method of promoting cervical and vaginal secretions
Truncated 24kDa basic fibroblast growth factor
Method and system for irradiation of a drug eluting implantable medical device
Keyboard for mobile devices
Method and apparatus for dynamic session placeholder for message collection user interface
Personalized assistance system and method
Image displaying and capturing devices
Methods and systems for distributing information within a dynamically defined community
Authorized email control system
Gene expressed in prostate cancer
Catalysts for propylene copolymers
Silica-rubber mixtures having improved hardness
Polyurethane foam having deodorization property or antibacterial effect
Fused cyclic modulators of nuclear hormone receptor function
Method and apparatus for using a transfer assist layer in a tandem electrophotographic process with ...
Method and apparatus for using a transfer assist layer in a multi-pass electrophotographic process w...
Low bend loss optical fiber with high modulus coating
Disposable absorbent article having side panels with structurally, functionally and visually differe...
Method for improving current distribution of a transparent electrode
Self-calibration system for a magnetic binding assay
Plasma display panel with porous panel
Non-continuous immunoassay device and immunoassay method using the same
Recording medium with glossy coating containing alumina
Cushion sheet and manufacturing method for a cushion sheet
Composite thermoplastic sheets including natural fibers
Orally disintegrable tablets
System for electromagnetic radiation dermatology and head for use therewith
Modulators of retinol-retinol binding protein (RBP)-transthyretin (TTR) complex formation
Tail variants of redox-active therapeutics for treatment of mitochondrial diseases and other conditi...
Composition containing polyamine transport inhibitor and use thereof
Use of S-nitrosothiol signaling to treat disordered control of breathing
Gossypol co-crystals and the use thereof
Method of treatment for sexual dysfunction
Fluorescent polymeric materials containing lipid soluble rhodamine dyes
Reaction product of resorcin and methyl ethyl ketone
Billiard cue
Method for the extraction of components made from organic material
Denitrification process
Low oxygen biologically mediated nutrient removal
Method and apparatus for purifying water by photo-chemical oxidation
Method for concentrating solids from drilling slurry
Method of clarifying oily waste water
Reovirus clearance of ras-mediated neoplastic cells from mixed cellular compositions
Process for the purification of silicone based solvents
Oil/grease separator with interchangeable inlet and outlet
Fat separator
Mixing vessel and method of use
Portable water quality monitoring and treatment system
Waste water and sludge treatment apparatus
Flowable material vessel
Systems for reducing water contamination
Artificial lung
System and method for interconnecting a storage area network
Synchronization of configuration data in storage-area networks
Isolation of data, control, and management traffic in a storage area network
Fault-tolerant updates to a distributed fibre channel database
Channel estimation by adaptive interpolation
Digital hearing aid system
Method for the production of a corrected x-ray image data set
Reference white plate density data adjusting image reading and forming apparatus
Digital de-screening technique for scanned documents
3D digital subtraction angiography image processing apparatus
Image understanding aiding system, image position matching apparatus, and image output device
System and method for color correction for electronic printing
System for measuring periodic structures
Spectrometer apparatus
Defect review system with 2D scanning and a ring detector
Microscope with LED illumination source
Infrared biometric finger sensor including infrared antennas and associated methods
Sheet product dispenser
System and method for controlling a design process by specifying active variables and passive variab...
Decorative film, carton, and method of making
Method of assembling personal care absorbent article
Sheet material dispenser
Compact-folded article and pouch
Ultrasonic fuel injector
Shallow speaker
Suspension system for planting unit
Piezoelectric drive device and liquid discharging device
Auto valve priming pump
Pump actuated by diaphragm
Device for generating a reducing agent/air mixture
Capillary pumps for vaporization of liquids
Hydraulic oil well pumping installation
Draft inducer having a backward curved impeller
Motor with fluid dynamic bearing and fan employing the motor
Non-tubing deployed well artificial lift system
Remote copy processing method, program, and system
Method of following the course of the flight plan of a cooperative aircraft
Method of and apparatus for controlling the printing of documents from a computer
Process control using co-ordinate space
Process for creating high internal phase polymeric emulsions
Catalyst withdrawal apparatus for regulating catalyst inventory in a fluid catalyst cracking unit
Process for the production of low sulfur, low olefin gasoline
Discarded FCC equilibrium catalyst through reclamation
Gasoline sulfur reduction using hydrotalcite like compounds
Federated management of content repositories
Schema packaging, distribution and availability
Photographic diffuser
FTTH PON that O/E converts 1310 nm for output to transmitters for E/O as 1550 nm
Unitary testing apparatus for performing bit error rate measurements on optical components
Method of analyzing serial data streams
Implicit shared bandwidth protection for fast reroute
System pre-allocating data object replicas for a distributed file sharing system
Signal analyzing method, signal synthesizing method of complex exponential modulation filter bank, p...
Complement pathway inhibitors binding to C5 and C5a without preventing formation of C5b
Route searching apparatus
Target speed control system for a vehicle
Computationally-efficient estimation of the location of a wireless terminal based on pattern matchin...
Charging method for use in service providing system, program, and storage medium
Vessel hull transducer modular mounting system
Security control system for managing registration of ID codes for portable devices
Multimode hybrid energy railway vehicle system and method
Bath brush
Adiabatic frequency modulated transmitter with negative chirp
Direct-detection optical differential 8-level phase shift keying (OD8PSK) for spectrally efficient t...
Implementation of gradual impedance gradient transmission line for optimized matching in fiber optic...
Optical node device and system including the device
Optical bypass method and architecture
Slack storage system
Multi-quantum well optical waveguide with broadband optical gain
Optical fiber microscopy launch system and method
Method of dividing a guided electromagnetic signal into two half-power signals using photonic crysta...
Temperature-compensated grating package and method of making the same
Methods for optical isolation in high power fiber-optic systems
Multi-band omni directional antenna
Fiber optic measurement of bearing surface wear
Low cost aircraft structures and avionics manufactured from conductive loaded resin-based materials
Power cord connection and strain relief device
Mounting device for a video display monitor
Method of preventing reduction of sales amount of records due to a digital music file illegally dist...
Reproducing apparatus and method, and disk reproducing apparatus
Method and communication system for controlling security association lifetime
Apparatus and method for blocking activation of tissue or conduction of action potentials while othe...
Systems and methods for reconstructing information using a Duncan and Horn formulation of the Kalman...
Max entropy optimized retinal camera
Transgenic mouse having an amyloid precursor protein with a modified beta secretase cleavage site
System and method for upgrading service class of a connection in a wireless network
Personal video recording with machine learning for messaging
Efficient processing of non-reflow content in a digital image
Multi-threaded sequenced receive for fast network port stream of packets
Method for testing sub-systems of a system-on-a-chip using a configurable external system-on-a-chip
Flexible memory built-in-self-test (MBIST) method and apparatus
Web store events
Network fault manager for maintaining alarm conditions
Method and system of determining whether a user program has made a system level call
Match server for a financial exchange having fault tolerant operation
Multi-stage clock selector
Conditional and vectored system management interrupts
Apparatus and method for processing sequenced records across multiple network connections
Scheduling in a high-performance computing (HPC) system
Optoelectronic device chip having a composite spacer structure and method making same
Display device manufacturing method and display device
Electronic device and method of manufacturing thereof
Microelectromechanical magnetic switches having rotors that rotate into a recess in a substrate
Wired circuit board
Blade probe and blade probe card
Electronic device and housing
Electric signal connecting device and probe assembly and probing device using the same
Multilayer ceramic capacitor and method for manufacturing the same
System having semiconductor component with multiple stacked dice
System and method to reduce metal series resistance of bumped chip
Integrated micro-channels for 3D through silicon architectures
Semiconductor device
Apparatus and method for thermal and electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding enhancement in die...
Semiconductor device electronic component, circuit board, and electronic device
Narrow profile speaker configurations and systems
Piezoelectric component
Method for carrying out the distillation or reactive distillation of a mixture containing at least o...
Image forming apparatus having shielded area in which non-contact wireless communication occurs
Recording apparatus
Image signal processing apparatus
Image processing apparatus and method, and image sensing apparatus
Inter-program communication apparatus, inter-program communication method, computer-readable recordi...
Document registration system, method thereof, program thereof and storage medium thereof
Server apparatus and control method therefor
Information providing method, information providing system, terminal apparatus, and storage medium s...
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
Image heating apparatus