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Substituted Imidazole-4-Carboxamides as Cholecystokinin -1 Receptor Modulators
Compounds II
Azetidine Derivatives as G-Protein Coupled Receptor (GPR119) Agonists
System and Method for Transferring Information Through a Trusted Network
Method for guiding a remote vehicle via lagged communication channel
Control system, method and computer program for synchronizing several robots
Robotic intelligence kernel
Autonomous surface cleaning robot for dry cleaning
Method and apparatus for detection of hazardous or potentially hazardous conditions
Self-propelled robot for the handling of explosive charges
Digital broadcast receiving/recording apparatus and method
Multimedia system game tray
Method for transmitting multimedia information elements, receiver of multimedia information elements...
System and method for fast activation and playing using a multimedia playback control module to load...
Shape matching method for indexing and retrieving multimedia data
Method of real time optimizing multimedia packet transmission rate
Method for scheduling transmission of MBMS data in UMTS
Interlocking retainer ties
Post-tension pile anchor foundation and method therefor
Method and system for cleaning a soil containing contaminants
Containment boom guide system and method
Drainage geocomposite and its method of manufacture
Bumper assembly for posts and pilings
Channel simulator for mobile systems
Device control management apparatus
Information recorded medium, information display, information providing device, and information prov...
Terahertz detection using a multi-mode signal
Portable terminal device
Antenna apparatus enabling easy reception of a satellite signal and a mobile object equipped with th...
Mobile station, mobile communication system, and program
Monitoring for radio frequency activity violations in a licensed frequency band
Adjustable automatic gain control
Radio frequency tuner
System and method of transmitting data from an aircraft
Apparatus and method for calibration of gain and/or phase imbalance and/or DC offset in a communicat...
Transmitter signal strength indicator
Adaptive frame durations for time-hopped impulse radio systems
Frequency domain unscheduled transmission in a TDD wireless communications system
Internet based digital satellite radio system and associated methods for providing indoor reception
Method for transmitting encrypted data, associated decrypting method, device for carrying out said m...
Method for establishing a connection between a terminal and an operating mobile radio network, mobil...
High availability digital radio architecture
Universal registration system
System and method to monitor amount of usage of applications in logical partitions
System and method for distributing data
Method of using configuration files for configuring technical devices
Method and system for registering and retrieving production information
System and method providing user definable on-line wage and salary reports
System for dynamic product summary based on consumer-contributed keywords
Comparison of models of a complex system
Method and apparatus for collecting and storing information about individuals in a charitable donati...
Method and apparatus for secure and small credits for verifiable service provider metering
System and method for processing tokenless biometric electronic transmissions using an electronic ru...
Systems and methods of check re-presentment deterrent
Systems and methods using paperless check 21 items
System and method for secure third-party development and hosting within a financial services network
Internet charging system
Systems and methods for multiple sessions during an on-line transaction
System and method for detecting fraudulent calls
Mortgage loan and financial services data processing system
Online loan application system using borrower profile information
Systems and methods for evaluating financial transaction risk
System, method, and computer program product for distributing cash flow or asset interests of a fina...
Methods for identifying sets of oligonucleotides for use in an in vitro recombination procedure
Spectrometer chip assembly
Plants and seeds or corn variety CV024085
Plants and seeds of corn variety CV341132
Plants and seeds of corn variety CV614443
Plants and seeds of corn variety CV227310
Soybean variety XB22Y08
Plants and seeds of corn variety CV449242
Method for modifying plant morphology, biochemistry and physiology
Cotton variety 03Y056
Cotton variety 02T15
Soybean variety D4223057
Soybean variety D4102536
Soybean variety D4825495
Soybean variety D4659251
Soybean variety D4572906
Precise breeding
Transcription factor stress-related proteins and methods of use in plants
Technique for extending biological sugar chain via introduction of glycosyltransferase gene
Seed-specific promoter from the rice glutelin GluB-4 gene and uses thereof
Starches produced by the expression of heterologous granule bound starch synthase genes
Watermark coding method and recording medium thereof
Photoengraved printed data carrier
Method and apparatus for conveying unique visual communication
Electronic keyboard instrument and processing method of the same
Position correction for an electronic musical instrument
Method and apparatus for determining musical notes from sounds
Instructional device and method for piano or other musical keyboard
Fiber composite material and method of producing the same
Heat-insulating material, production method and use thereof
Carbon-coated Li-containing powders and process for production thereof
Selective removal of oligosaccharides from aqueous mixtures using zeolites
Recovery of isoflavones and removal of oligosaccharides from aqueous mixtures using zeolites
Method for the preparation of aqueous solutions of reactive chlorine compounds
Low-temperature hydrogen production from oxygenated hydrocarbons
Hydrogen storage materials
Niobium suboxide powder
Method to prepare defective metal oxides with increased specific capacity
Aerogel and method of manufacturing same
XLi.sub.3N.sub.2 compounds and their hydrides as hydrogen storage materials
Separation of carbon dioxide (CO.sub.2) from gas mixtures
Exhaust emission control device and method for internal combustion engine, and engine control unit
Method and apparatus for removing gaseous mercury in flue gas
Mercury oxidation of flue gas using catalytic barrier filters
Process for removing SO.sub.3/H.sub.2SO.sub.4 from flue gases
Process for enrichment of anatase mechanical concentrates in order to obtain synthetic rutile with l...
Organic silver compound and it's preparation method, organic silver ink and it's direct wiring metho...
Process for cleaning gases from gasification units
Method and device for informing a driver or for reacting when the vehicle leaves a lane
Systems for providing an automobile electronic transmission control monitoring unit with a latchdown...
Method for regulating driving stability
Electric power steering device
Vehicle body frame structure for all-terrain vehicle
Shock absorber spring seat
Axle pivot steering device of a vehicle
Hydraulic steering system with a variable flow device
Hydraulic steering device
Transmission for vehicle
Pivoting engine mount for a model vehicle
Biasing drive torque to a secondary axle in a motor vehicle powertrain
Vehicle frame including protective cage structure for housing a fuel pump, and motorcycle incorporat...
U-joint progressive steering arrangement
Shifting gear system and method
System configured to lift hood of vehicle
Vehicle engine cooling system
Control device for an electric vehicle
Method of determination of driving mode of hybrid vehicle
Control mechanism and display for hybrid vehicle
Charging system
Portable communication device with global positioning system antenna
Mobile terminal for interoperating with a standard or push-button enabled headset
Casing for a handheld device
Intelligent messaging
Establishing a call session during an advertisement time period
Adjustable view stand
Handset device with audio porting
Headset with integrated boom clip
Method and system for eliminating noises and echo in voice signals
Method and apparatus for powering a DS3 device
Waiting but not ready
Targeted disaster warning system and method
Secure memory device for smart cards with a modem interface
Apparatus to override the redirect or reject feature at an SIP end point
Method and system for muting audio based on a call event
Method to plate C4 to copper stud
Method for determining plasma characteristics
Method for fabricating thin film pattern, liquid crystal display panel and method for fabricating th...
Solid-state image taking apparatus with photoelectric converting and vertical charge transferring se...
Wafer level burn-in and electrical test system and method
Method and apparatus for precisely aligning integrated circuit chips
Memory cell device with coplanar electrode surface and method
Semiconductor interconnect and method of making same
Integrated connection arrangements
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Pinched poly fuse
Liquid crystal display device and method of fabricating the same
Semiconductor memory device
Process for forming an electronic device including discontinuous storage elements
Molecular single electron transistor (MSET) detector device
Method and device for electrostatic discharge protection
Display device
Devices including graphene layers epitaxially grown on single crystal substrates
Electro-optical device and electronic apparatus
Layer-stacked wiring and method for manufacturing same and semiconductor device using same and metho...
Crystalline semiconductor thin film, method of fabricating the same, semiconductor device, and metho...
Driving method of liquid crystal device and driving device of liquid crystal device
Synthetic compounds useful as nodulation agents of leguminous plants and preparation processes there...
Antibodies that bind interleukin-17 receptor homologue
Humanized antibodies to interferon alpha receptor-1 (IFNAR-1)
PRO214 polypeptides
Methods for treating cognitive impairment in humans with Multiple Sclerosis
Infectious cDNA clone of North American porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (PRRS) virus a...
Methods of detecting cancer with antibodies to cytokine receptor ZCYTOR19
Combination of a hypnotic agent and substituted bis aryl and heteroaryl compound and therapeutic app...
Expression cassettes encoding modified human immunodeficiency virus type 1 subtype C envelope glycop...
Antibodies that bind CD40 and methods of treating cancer and enhancing immune responses
Manipulation of cytokine levels using CD83 gene products
Combination treatment for non-hematologic malignancies
Downhole seismic source
One piece horn cover
Catalyst chamber
Wheel nut indicator device
Dynamic summary module
Protocol identification by heuristic content analysis
Method and apparatus for facilitating recognition of an open event window during operation of guest ...
Graphical assignment of object behaviors
Collaboration spaces
Simultaneous input across multiple applications
Method and apparatus for ordering objects in an electronic document
System and method of dynamically mapping out faulty memory areas
Framework for automated testing of enterprise computer systems
Distributed system and redundancy control method
Methods and apparatus for cooling integrated circuits
Low power microprocessor cache memory and method of operation
Method and apparatus for prefetching data from a data structure
Isolated persistent storage
Method and apparatus for measuring the availability of a network element or service
Method and system for managing high-bandwidth data sharing
Progress mode for electronic mail component
Real-time construction of a selection representation for items in tree structures
Pyramid view
System and method for displaying market data in an electronic trading environment
Golf shoe upper
Attitude adjusting device for sphere and golf ball manufacturing method
Golf ball
Two-wire power and communications for irrigation systems
Artificial satellite equipment panel
Apparatus for attachment of a unit to attachment devices in a vehicle
Air supply for an aircraft
Force balancing actuator
Ram air inlets for use with aircraft environmental control systems and other aircraft and non-aircra...
Stealth bomber, transporter, air-to-air fueling tanker, and space plane
Flow control redistribution to mitigate high cycle fatigue
Footwear sole
Footwear sole
Footwear sole
Insole and shoe having an insole
Method and apparatus for a self-powered RFID-readable pedometer
Adjustable fit insole system for shoes
Method for manufacturing thin film heaters
Thermoelectric device having P-type and N-type materials
Apparatus and method for blow moulding
Production method of weather strip for automobile
Magnetic scale manufacturing method and magnetic scale
Subwavelength-diameter silica wires for low-loss optical waveguiding
Hydrogenation promoter, hydrogenation catalyst, and process for producing alkene compound
Peptidomimetic polymers for antifouling surfaces
Using bucky paper as a therapeutic aid in medical applications
Electrical junction box
Heat dissipation device
Heat spreader for electronic modules
Positioning device for heatsink
Heat dissipation module
Controllable heat transfer medium system and method for use with a circuit board
Flat heat column and heat dissipating apparatus thereof
Arrangement for cooling electronic modular units in equipment and network cabinets
Card fixing structure
Heat exchanger and method of connecting
Thermally actuated valve assembly
In-ground geothermal heat pump system
Method and system for blocking unwanted communications
Defenses against software attacks in distributed computing environments
Distributed traffic scanning through data stream security tagging
Online syndicated content feed metrics
Filtering electronic messages while permitting delivery of solicited electronics messages
Privacy control system for electronic communication
Smart shares and transports
Method for performing classical Bayesian net calculations using a quantum computer
Systems and methods of using application and protocol specific parsing for compression
Identifying and using identities deemed to be known to a user
Apparatus and method for linguistic scoring
Method and apparatus for controlling unsolicited messaging
Conductive adhesives and biomedical articles including same
Addressing and sustaining of plasma display with plasma-shells
Degradable breathable multilayer film with improved properties and method of making same
Ketoamides with cyclic P4's as inhibitors of NS3 serine protease of hepatitis C virus
Ovr110 antibody compositions and methods of use
IL-1ra variants
Antigen constructs useful in the detection and differentiation of antibodies to HIV
High build dispersions
Copolymers of fluorinated polydienes and sulfonated polystyrene
Aqueous polymer dispersions with high unsaturated flow promoter content
Encapsulated amyloid-beta peptides
Treating degenerative joint disorders with tribonectins
Methods for treating and diagnosing cancer with WNT inhibitory Factor-1 (WIF-1)
Catalyst and method for preparing phthalic anhydride
Preparation of supported catalyst systems
Dual damascene fabrication with low k materials
Membrane suppressor with an outlet substantially non-retentive for ionic species
Metering strip and method for lateral flow assay devices
Apparatus for electrophoretic in situ tissue staining
Catalyst support and method of producing the same
Plasma display apparatus
Porous ceramic heating element and method of manufacturing thereof
Homogeneous polymer blend and articles therefrom
Plasticized polyolefin compositions
Plasticized polyolefin compositions
Imidazopyridinyl-benzamide anti-cancer agents
System, method and apparatus for lost foam casting analysis
Composition and method for array hybridization
Method for coating substrates
Treatment of Parkinson's disease and related disorders using postpartum derived cells
Image-size dependent facial caricaturing
Optically amplified critical wavelength refractometer
Groundwater treatment system with air injection into vadose zone
Iron catalysis in oxidation by ozone
Method for treating ship ballast water
Fiber film reactors to effect separation and reaction between two immiscible reaction components
Blood purifying device and method of operating the same
Method of de-watering a slurry mixture from a jet-grouting operation and aqueous suspension for use ...
Flocculant for separating and flocculating oil and water
Simulated moving bed chromatography for strongly retained compounds
Procedure for elimination of boron from sea-water by reverse osmosis membranes
Membrane biofilm reactor method for reducing the concentration of oxidized contaminants in ground wa...
Method of treating a marine object
Suppressed chromatography and salt conversion system
Aquarium filter
Filter system for an automobile engine
Aromatic drain device
Hemodialysis treatment apparatus and method for hemodialysis treatment
Filter assembly and method
Gas driven solids discharge and pumping piston for a centrifugal separator
Injector fuel filter with built-in orifice for flow restriction
Write capture for fibre channel fabric snapshot service
Method and apparatus for accelerating receive-modify-send frames in a fibre channel network
Frame traffic balancing across trunk groups
Rechargeable hearing aid
Digital hearing aid battery conservation method and apparatus
System, method and apparatus for providing navigational assistance
Virtual reality color sampler
Image processing device and method, and distribution medium
Variable optical arrays and variable manufacturing methods
Three-dimensional optical mouse system
Hybrid circuit and electronic device using same
Automated transaction machine
Semi-local active contour for a faint region detection in knee CT images
Method for simple geometric visualization of tubular anatomical structures
Image display method and image display program
Method and system for registering pre-procedural images with intra-procedural images using a pre-com...
Method, apparatus, and program for judging images
Tilting adjustable surface profilometer
System and method for enhancing an object of interest in noisy medical images
Minutia detection from measurement of a human skull and identifying and profiling individuals from t...
Scan conversion of medical imaging data from polar format to cartesian format
System and method for sensor device manufacturer oriented calibration
Scale selection for anisotropic scale-space: application to volumetric tumor characterization
Confidence determination
Optimized grating based biosensor and substrate combination
Lithographic apparatus, analyzer plate, subassembly, method of measuring a parameter of a projection...
Modulated reflectance measurement system with multiple wavelengths
Microgloss measurement of paper and board
Detection and identification of biological agents using Bragg filters
Marker structure for optical alignment of a substrate, a substrate including such a marker structure...
Apparatus and method for obtaining sample information by detecting electromagnetic wave
Device and method for detecting changes in the refractive index of a dielectric medium
Apparatus for acquiring tomographic image formed by ultrasound-modulated fluorescence
Method and system for powering an electronic device
Method and apparatus for providing rechargeable power in data monitoring and management systems
Method and system for dynamically updating calibration parameters for an analyte sensor
Method for developing gaming programs compatible with a computerized gaming operating system and app...
Motor control device and setting method thereof
Brushless motor, brushless type fan motor and electric device comprising a brushless type fan motor
Fluid delivery system with pump cassette
Cooled pump pulley
Fluid machine
Compressor valve plate
Linear compressor controller
Hermetic sealed compressor
Fuel pump
Flexible matrix composite actuator for use in subsurface wellbores
Fuel pump module having a direct mounted jet pump and methods of assembly
Water-cooled internal combustion engine
Apparatus for fixing a stator of a motor of a reciprocal compressor
Device and method for controlling a thick matter pump
Device and method for controlling a two cylinder thick matter pump
Discharge valve for downhole pumps
Low noise fuel injection pump
Method for detecting compressor surge in a fuel cell system using a mass flow meter
Roller vane pump
Fluid compressing system having oil-releasing port being between oil chamber and oil-adjusting tank ...
Stator tube removal and installation device
Hiding memory latency
Stabilizing catalyst activity during catalyst regeneration
Design of slurry bubble column reactors: novel technique for optimum catalyst size selection contrac...
Transportation fuels
Sulfonamide compound
Method of treating dermatitis comprising administering a chymase inhibitor
Inhibitors of 11-beta-hydroxy steroid dehydrogenase type 1
Devices, systems and methods for improving and/or cognitive function through brain delivery of siRNA
Streptomyces protease
System and method of supporting adaptive misrecognition in conversational speech
Dynamic weight sensing and classification of vehicular occupants
Methods and apparatus for organizing and presenting contact information in a mobile communication sy...
System and method for geographically locating a mobile device
Video mirror system for a vehicle
Consist manager for managing two or more locomotives of a consist
Rear platform geometry
Process for producing a shaped detergent body with a high builder content
Stabilized body care products, household products, textiles and fabrics
Stabilized body care products, household products, textiles and fabrics
Detergent / anti-oxidant additives for fuels and lubricants
Blueberry plant named `DrisBlueTwo`
Multiprocessor system with cache controlled scatter-gather operations
Cascading index method and apparatus
Programmable loss of signal detect hardware and method
Equalizer circuit, communication system, and method that is adaptive to varying launch amplitudes fo...
Reporting communication link information
Adaptive variable-length coding and decoding methods for image data
Adaptive variable-length coding and decoding methods for image data
Communication system
Direct drive programmable high speed power digital-to-analog converter
Peach tree named `FLATPRINCESSE`
Quick release attachment device for a support head of video and photographic apparatus
Video camera
Icon for a display screen
Video graphic user interface for a display screen
Audio video cable
Fast cyclic redundancy check (CRC) generation
Identifying dependencies of an application upon a given security context
Atomic operations on data structures
Data recording system and data access method
Method and device for prompt and efficient service discovery in wireless networks
Copyright protection system, key generation apparatus, recording apparatus, reproduction apparatus, ...
Utilization of dialkylfumarates
Systems and methods for processing x-ray images
Maize variety PHWSF
Modified cottonseed oil
Db, the receptor for leptin, nucleic acids encoding the receptor, and uses thereof
Nucleic acids encoding a galacturonosyl tranferase enzyme (GALAT1) from arabidopsis
Purification method for recombinant glucose binding protein
Ligands of the neuropeptide receptor HFGAN72
Method and apparatus for synthesizing and analyzing patterns utilizing novel "super-formula" operato...
Optimization of crossover points for directed evolution
Gastro-electric stimulation for reducing the acidity of gastric secretions or reducing the amounts t...
Methods and apparatus for pulsed electric field neuromodulation via an intra-to-extravascular approa...
Data transmission across asynchronous time domains using phase-shifted data packet
Transaction interoperability using host-initiated processing
Methods and apparatuses for automated circuit design
Network based system which provides a database of measurement solutions
Automatic generation of documentation for component-based computing solution
Techniques for mitigating, detecting, and correcting single event upset effects
Scan string segmentation for digital test compression
Jitter tolerant delay-locked loop circuit
Methods to randomly or pseudo-randomly, without bias, select instruction for performance analysis in...
Mapping memory in a parallel processing environment
High speed nonvolatile memory device using parallel writing among a plurality of interfaces
Method and apparatus for obtaining memory status information cross-reference to related applications
System and method for managing storage networks and providing virtualization of resources in such a ...
System and method for managing storage networks and providing virtualization of resources in such a ...
Memory chip having an apportionable data bus
Circuit for and method of processing data input to a first-in first-out memory
System and method for implementing multiple instantiated configurable peripherals in a circuit desig...
Dynamic system control method
Providing real-time control data for a network processor
System and method for tracking infiniband RDMA read responses
Client in a client-server network and a method of operation
Integrated structures and fabrication methods thereof implementing a cell phone or other electronic ...
Head gimbal assembly provided with solder ball connecting structure allowing re-utilization of suspe...
Methods and apparatus for spatial light modulation
Electrostatic relay
Selectable frequency light emitter
Stack type semiconductor chip package having different type of chips and fabrication method thereof
Semiconductor device having projecting electrode formed by electrolytic plating, and manufacturing m...
Semiconductor package-on-package (POP) device avoiding crack at solder joints of micro contacts duri...
Highly efficient both-side-cooled discrete power package, especially basic element for innovative po...
Super hybrid SOI CMOS devices
Electronic device including an inductor
Semiconductor device
MOS transistor with self-aligned source and drain, and method for making the same
Structure for amorphous carbon based non-volatile memory
Directly connected magnetron powered self starting plasma plume igniter
Temperature-controlled metallic dry-fill process
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device and laser irradiation apparatus
Phased array systems
Image forming apparatus and control method therefor
Fixing apparatus and image forming apparatus having the same
Glossiness processing apparatus and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus including first and second charge removing members connected to a grounding ...
Developer supplying cartridge, developer receiving cartridge, process cartridge, and image forming a...
Image forming apparatus with cleaning blade lubrication
Image forming apparatus including first and second cleaning members
Image heating apparatus and image forming apparatus with controlled switch out of stand-by state
Image forming apparatus having disablement of image formation based on detection of developer
Program information display control apparatus and method, remote control device, program, and storag...
Information processing apparatus storing driver, control program, and medium storing control program
Image display method and program with usage of numeric keys and cursor keys
Reproducing apparatus
Display apparatus and method for displaying screen where dragging and dropping of object can be exec...
Image processing apparatus and method of controlling same, computer program and computer-readable st...
Image capture device
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, program, and storage medium
Information processing apparatus having a virtual file folder structure converter and method therefo...
Image processing method and apparatus
Rewelded cartridge and method of manufacture
Image forming apparatus with obtuse-edge cleaning blade
Developing device and image forming apparatus having a gear holder
Optical waveguide with a colored layer and method for manufacturing the same
Low bend loss single mode optical fiber
Optical waveguide device
Fiber pigtails and method for fabricating the same
Apparatus for updating program in a fuel cell unit
Cranial nerve stimulation to treat eating disorders
Methods and devices for monitoring myocardial mechanical stability
Electret covered with an insulated film and an electret condenser having the electret
Mobile terminal having a plurality of displays
Optical disc and method of producing the same
Method and apparatus for drug product tracking using encoded optical identification elements
Intermediates for the synthesis of (R)-tamsulosin and of its pharmaceutically acceptable salts and p...
Amino acid derived prodrugs of propofol, compositions, uses and crystalline forms thereof
Conditioning system and method for use in the measurement of mercury in gaseous emissions
Method and system for frequency up-conversion with modulation embodiments
Projection lens unit having reflection mirror in projection lens system and method of and equipment ...
Decorative element for a shoe
8-hydroxy quinoline derivatives
Cyclosporin with improved activity profile
Curved sensor array apparatus and methods
Differentiating ischemic from non-ischemic T-wave inversion
Toner cartridge
Method and apparatus for enhanced estimation of an analyte property through multiple region transfor...
MRI system center and MRI system
System for facilitating medical waste disposal
Artery-vein separation and vessel modeling
Systems and methods for reducing the likelihood of inducing collateral neural activity during neural...
Method for assessing the contraction synchronization of a heart
Head suspension with resonance feedback transducer
Systems and methods for improving usability of images for medical applications
Electronic document editing employing multiple cursors
Colonography on an unprepared colon
Method and device for improved ECG triggering
Direct temporal encoding of spatial information
Method and apparatus for aiding image interpretation and computer-readable recording medium storing ...
Computer-aided detection system utilizing temporal analysis as a precursor to spatial analysis
Low porosity facings for acoustic applications
Simulation of aerial images
Method, program product and apparatus for model based scattering bar placement for enhanced depth of...
Systems and methods of reporting multiple threads involved in a potential data race
Method of diagnosing and repairing network devices based on scenarios
Lockless access to a ring buffer
System and method to provide integrated device, user, and account information to users
Method and system for remote diagnostic, control and information collection based on various communi...
Efficient knowledge representation in data synchronization systems
Systems and methods for indexing content for fast and scalable retrieval
Methods and system for providing context sensitive information
Basing directory contents on a query that is associated with a file identifier
Method, system and computer program product for grouping items in a grocery store
Process for the separation of olefins and paraffins
Liquid crystal driver and liquid crystal display device using the same
Display apparatus having precharge capability
Composition containing proton-conductive copolymer, polymer electrolyte membrane, method of producin...
Cystine-knot fold protein
System and method for performing spinal fusion
Multi-layer wound dressing formed as a single unit
Processes for the preparation of diphenylsulfone compounds
Apparatus for selecting image of specific scene, program therefor, and recording medium storing the ...
Wireless communications apparatus, and routing control and packet transmission technique in wireless...
Hardware self-sorting scheduling queue
Interleaved soft switching bridge power converter
Desk lamp
Combined headset and ear loop clip with interchangeable accessories and interchangeable accessories
Hydrotreating catalyst for gas oil, process for producing the same, and method of hydrotreating gas ...
Identification bracelet
Win, lose or draw fixed-payoff derivative
Photomask blank, photomask and method for producing those
Anti-microbial agent and anti-microbial composition
Imprint lithography utilizing silated acidic polymers
Diaminofluorescein derivatives
Fluoro substituted cycloalkanoindoles, compositions containing such compounds and methods of treatme...
Pyridopyrrolizine and pyridoindolizine derivatives
Bacterial leader sequences for increased expression
Anti-arthritic herbal composition and method thereof
Elliptically polarizing plate and image display
Meter cover for automated meter reading
Processor including general-purpose and cryptographic functionality in which cryptographic operation...
Method and system for creating beamformed channels in a multi-input multi-output network
Toothpaste tube
Product including filmed screw
3-Aminopyrrolidines as inhibitors of monoamine uptake
HIV integrase inhibitors
Nucleic acid molecules encoding B7-1
Evolved interferon-alpha polypeptides
Epitope/peptide recognized by HLA-A2402-restricted Ep-CAM-specific CTL and use of the same
3-aminocyclopentanecarboxamides as modulators of chemokine receptors
MHC class II restricted T cell epitopes from the cancer antigen, NY ESO-1
Method of detecting multiple analytes
Genetically modified human natural killer cell lines
Proteome epitope tags and methods of use thereof in protein modification analysis
Use of mass labelled probes to detect target nucleic acids using mass spectrometry
Materials and methods for identifying genes and/or agents that alter replicative lifespan
Mammalian myeloid progenitor cell subsets
Functionally reconstituted viral membranes containing adjuvant
Heat shock protein-based vaccines and immunotherapies
Antigenic meningococcal peptides
Heterostructure self-assembled quantum dot
Stereoselective method for preparing a chiral fluorinated molecule
Rotor for an electrical motor
Rotary tool
Generating programmatic interfaces from natural language expressions of authorizations for request o...
Method of generating CAD files and delivering CAD files to customers
Multi-adaptive processing systems and techniques for enhancing parallelism and performance of comput...
Ball organizer
Credential production using a secured consumable supply
Combined digital camera and cradle
Portable cradle
Indane compounds
Perfuming ingredients with odor of the pheromone type
Weight control using an anti-lipase antibody
Method and composition for reducing E. coli disease and enhancing performance
Composite intervertebral disc implants and methods for forming the same
Monocyclopentadienyl complexes comprising a condensed heterocycle
Isoflavone derivatives and pharmaceutical compositions comprising the same
Apparatus for the collection and management of rainwater
Reinforced molded implant formed of cortical bone
Casing of condenser microphone
Gas cylinders monitoring by wireless tags
Method and apparatus for temperature control in a continuous casting furnace
Methods and systems for tracking and managing livestock through the production process
Method for determining and representing food products based on nutrient density rating and predicted...
Financial instrument portfolio credit exposure evaluation
Common source EEPROM and flash memory
Top surface of an incontinence pad
Computer-implemented method for grouping medical claims with clinically representative dynamic clean...
Orthovoltage radiotherapy
Transmit-receive array for high field MRI
Radiotherapy system for performing radiotherapy with presice irradiation
Articles comprising transparent/translucent polymer composition
Physiologically active substances
siRNA targeting coatomer protein complex, subunit beta 2 (COPB2)
Organic light emitting compound and organic light emitting device comprising the same
Electronic word puzzle
Worksheet wizard--system and method for creating educational worksheets
Decontamination of animal feed containing prion (eg BSE agent)
Trans free non-hydrogenated hard structural fat and non-hydrogenated hard palm oil fraction componen...
Low-lactose partially hydrolyzed infant formula
Heat tolerant farinaceous-based food product
High protein, low carbohydrate dough and bread products, and method for making same
Edible candy confection with improved shelf-life and method of making thereof
Process for preparing Ukon for food
Method for preparing calcium gluconate
Apparatus and method for cooking dehydrated powdered food
Intelligent user interface for multi-purpose oven using infrared heating for reduced cooking time
Method and apparatus for cooking using a combustible gas produced with an electrolyzer
Oxazolidone derivatives as PR modulators
Tricyclic oxazolidone derivatives useful as PR modulators
Satiety inducing composition
Use of prebiotics, preferably glucooligosaccharide, for the prevention of the onset of type II diabe...
Heat-insulating container and apparatus for producing the same
System and method for computer-controlled animal toy
Data communicating apparatus, data communicating method, and program
Control method for network system
Terminal device, information viewing method, information viewing method of information server system...
Sporting event statistics tracking and computation system and method
Communication device, method for controlling communication, game machine, and game system
Collapsible ball game practice device
Gaming machine system having a gesture-sensing mechanism
Network game system, and game terminal device and storage medium used therefor
Image alignment gaming device and method
Method, apparatus, and program for data management
Method and apparatus for facilitating shipment of packages
Automotive mobile diagnostics
Methods and apparatuses for programming user-defined information into electronic devices
Method for implementing push-to-talk over SIP and multicast RTP related system
Proximity synchronization of audio content among multiple playback and storage devices
System and method for automatic selection of service provider for efficient use of bandwidth and res...
Topical service provides context information for a home network
Method and system for diagnosis and control of machines using connection and connectionless modes of...
Method and apparatus for providing an integrated network of processors
Metadata collection within a trusted relationship to increase search relevance
iSCSI receiver implementation
Method and system for issuing information over a communications network
Accessory for the transport or handling of goods
Recycling bin cart
Dual compartment receptacle for trash and recyclables
Hand-held container
Handle used for mop holder
Web material adapted to connect to a mop
Dispensing device
Washing machine feature
Portable cyclonic dust collector
Heatable canine blanket
Animal bed
Suspension system and chin strap assembly for a helmet
Arm protective overlay
Callus rasp
Hand dryer
Razor handle
Elliptical lamp housing
Low bake melamine cured coating compositions
Metallic inkjet ink and method for forming the same
Presenting user interface elements to a screen reader using placeholders
Quality enhancement systems and methods for technical documentation
System and method of evaluating the integrity of a set of files
Flood attack projection model
Secure data broker
System and method for improved managing of profiles in a web portal environment
Portable memory storage devices with application layers
System and method for allocating resources of a core space among a plurality of core virtual machine...
Client side software updating
Using class properties to segregate objects in a generation managed by the train algorithm
Method and system for parameterization of imperative-language functions intended as hardware generat...
System and method for debugging programs
System and method for a Web service definition
Tree visualization system and method based upon a compressed half-plane model of hyperbolic geometry
Managing a user interface
Eliding web page content
Method of using broad-spectrum delta-endotoxins
1D and 2D composite lenticular films and fabrication methods
Systems and methods of providing a light guiding layer
Optical element having anti-reflection coating
Electrochromic display element and full-color electrochromic display element
Metallically gross layer decorative molded article for use in the beam path of a radar device
Electroluminescent display device
Diene rubber composition and process for producing the same
Photocurable ink composition
Systems and methods for controlling and forming polymer gels
Method for making a superconductor with improved microstructure
Image formation material
Polymer having polymerizable group, polymerizable composition, planographic printing plate precursor...
Thin film lithium battery
Electronic apparatus
Display device for vehicle
Parallax barrier and three-dimensional display device using the same
Liquid crystal display device
Electronic camera adjusting size of image to fit display area
Driver for an OLED passive-matrix display
Image processing apparatus and method of same
Display device
Power allocation methods for lighting devices having multiple source spectrums, and apparatus employ...
ITO film treated by nitrogen plasma and the organic luminescent device using the same
Laser crystallization method suppressing propagation of cracks forming a display device
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof, SOI substrate and display device using the sa...
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Light-emitting material and organic electroluminescent device using the same
Semiconductor light emitting device and manufacturing method therefor
Integrated circuit device and electronic instrument
Electronic circuit wiring and display device
Non-woven fabric
Absorbing pad
Configuration of an atmospheric pressure ion source
Transitional image for a portion of a display screen
Animated image for a portion of a display screen
Transitional image for a portion of a display screen
Animated image for a portion of a display screen
Transitional image for a portion of a display screen
Transitional image for a portion of a display screen
User interface for a portion of a display screen
User interface for a portion of a display screen
User interface for a portion of a display screen
User interface for a portion of a display screen
User interface for a portion of a display screen
Grapevine plant named `Sugrathirtyfive`
Type font
Type font
Animated image for a portion of a display screen
Animated image for a portion of a display screen
Animated image for a portion of a display screen
Solder compositions; method of soldering, and a laminated transparency having bus bars
Dock to boat transfer aid for handicapped boaters
Vessel provided with a foil situated below the waterline
Simulated wood surface covering for decks and floors
System and method for providing improved passenger amenities on a cruise ship
Identifying agents for decreasing cellular toxicity associated with huntingin polypeptide
Container for developing agent, and image forming apparatus incorporating the same
Image processor and image processing program for binary processing
Communication apparatus including a demodulator having a tone detection mechanism
Correlated noise and spurious signal reduction
High speed voltage translator circuit
Semiconductor integrated device having solid-state image sensor packaged within and production metho...
Electrophotographic photosensitive member, and image forming apparatus using same
Data processing device and electronic equipment using pipeline control
Liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal compound having lactone ring, liquid crystal composition, and liquid crystal display ...
R-T-B based rare earth permanent magnet and method for production thereof
Liquid discharge apparatus and liquid discharge method
Method for compression of image data and corresponding apparatus and computer-program product
Support frame for wall mounting an electrical apparatus
Straddle-type vehicle
Tubular footrest for a straddle-type vehicle
Methods for enhancing the morphology, tone, texture and/or appearance of skin or hair using a meadow...
System and method for controlling network access in wireless environment
Portable authentication and access control involving multiple identities
Internal routing protocol support for distributing encryption information
Content data processing method, recording device, and reproduction device
System for authenticating remotely generated optical control signals
Method and apparatus for ad hoc cryptographic key transfer
Server device and program management system
Method for establishing an encrypted communication by means of keys
Method and network for ensuring secure forwarding of messages
Preview of payable broadcasts
Method and system for device registration within a digital rights management framework
Encrypted communication for selectively delivering a message to multiple decrypting devices
Steganographic systems and methods
Method and apparatus for processing images in a layered structure
Image reading apparatus and reference member foreign matter detecting method
Image processing and medium management with medium ID code image superimposed on document image
Printing system
Image processing apparatus and image processing method that interrupts deletion and overwrites image...
Display device and display method
Celluloses and devices thereof
Server based image processing for client display of documents
Colorant compositions
Methods, apparatus, and program products for abstract applications/components in a ubiquitous comput...
Linked arylamine polymers and electronic devices generated therefrom
Methods and apparatuses for identifying bilingual lexicons in comparable corpora using geometric pro...
Resin particles and producing method thereof, toner for developing electrostatic latent image and pr...
Developing device having a projection portion for inhibiting scattering a developer and image formin...
Toner for electrostatic image development, manufacturing method thereof, electrostatic image develop...
Silanol containing perylene photoconductors
Imaging member having first and second charge transport layers
Photoconductors containing chelating components
Web conveyance mechanism and image forming apparatus
Echinacea plant named `Mistral`
Open-architecture file system
System and method for providing advanced reservations in a compute environment
System and method of sending video and audio data over a network
Method and system for reducing contexts for context based compression systems
Liquid crystal material, method for producing liquid crystal material and liquid crystal device
Manufacturing method for a reinforced liquid elastomer tire
Generating planning-level time and capacity requirement formulas for manufacturing processes
Display headset
Methods and apparatus for controlling applications of a mobile device by using a pivoting input swit...
Providing video of a venue activity to a hand held device through a cellular communications network
Entering contacts in a communication message on a mobile device
Method for creating and using affective information in a digital imaging system
Juniperus chinesis plant named `Nedsyelo`
Floribunda rose plant named `BAIsuhe`
Calibrachoa plant named `SAKCAL094`
Fragrance bottle
Perfume bottle
System for security checking or transport of persons by an elevator installation and a method for op...
Methods and apparatus for detecting and identifying improper antitheft device deactivation
Process for the preparation of propylene glycol
Method for producing phthalic anhydride that conforms to specifications
Euphorbia plant named `Autumn Sunset`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Orange Yochatham`
Variety of bidens plant named `Sumbid 05`
Metrosideros plant named `Tahitian Sunset`
Calibrachoa plant named `SAKCAL093`
Method and apparatus for establishing communication
Telecommunications system for broadcasting and receiving information whose pertinence is at least pa...
Inter-system message delivery for SMS text messages
Converged service control for IMS networks and legacy networks
Integrated polarization splitter/combiner
Methods and devices for providing optical, serviced-enabled cross-connections
Authentication mechanisms for call control message integrity and origin verification
Method for optimal path selection in traversal of packets through network address translators
Methods of power overload control in communication systems
Low latency working VPLS
Two tiered packet labeling for data network traceback
Routing configuration validation apparatus and methods
Hybrid virtual private LAN extensions
Method and apparatus for providing a common support services infrastructure for a network element
Light wave front construction
Current switched circuit for switch mode power amplifiers
Method and apparatus for multi-modulation frame synchronization in a digital communication system
Dry powder inhaler and method for pulmonary inhalation of dry powder
Conversion of nitrogen dioxide (NO.sub.2) to nitric oxide (NO)
Wiper with encapsulated agent
Firing device
Optical scanning device, optical scanning method, and image forming apparatus
Automated document processing system using full image scanning
Cable with thermoplastic insulation
Reclaimed resin composition produced from pulverized waste plastic material containing solid foreign...
Method for histoprocessing
Method and apparatus for monitoring liquid and solid contents in a froth
Thermal cycling device
Disposable spirometer with plastic injection moulded turbine
Dust-free low pressure mixing system with jet ring adapter
Ink stick with electronically-readable memory device
Inkjet printing system with push priming
Set-top box allowing key command input while displaying animation sequence on OSD screen and method ...
Wireless transmission system
Edge-based correlation image registration for multispectral imaging
Robust and efficient foreground analysis for real-time video surveillance
History adding device for generating history-added image file, electronic camera, and image processi...
Apparatus and method for motion-vector-aided interpolation of a pixel of an intermediate image of an...
Artifact reduction in a digital video
Position detecting apparatus and method of correcting data therein
Polynucleotides and methods for making plants resistant to fungal pathogens
Oligonucleotides of a chicken leukemia inhibitory factor (LIF) gene
Antibodies to TGF-beta 1
Bacillus thuringiensis gene with coleopteran activity
Structures for polarization and beam control
Chromosome 1p36 polymorphisms and low bone mineral density
Methods for detecting a cyclophilin B SNP associated with HERDA
Mechanism for handling load lock/store conditional primitives in directory-based distributed shared ...
Method and apparatus for synthesizing a hardware system from a software description
Program slicing for codesign of embedded systems
Method and apparatus for performing post-placement routability optimization
Method of adding fabrication monitors to integrated circuit chips
Base platforms with combined ASIC and FPGA features and process of using the same
IC chip at-functional-speed testing with process coverage evaluation
Time separated signals
Memory checking device and method for checking a memory
Housing for test chip
Reducing false positives in configuration error detection for programmable devices
Semiconductor integrated circuit and BIST circuit design method
IP core design supporting user-added scan register option
Test access architecture and method of testing a module in an electronic circuit
Regulator short-circuit protection circuit and method
Pultruded trim members
Use of polyunsaturated fatty acids for the primary prevention of major cardiovascular events
S-dimethylarsino-thiosuccinic acid S-dimethylarsino-2-thiobenzoic acid S-(dimethylarsino) glutathion...
Reduction of hair growth
Treatment of follicular lymphomas using inhibitors of the LT pathway
Compositions of coronaviruses with a recombination-resistant genome
Method for controlling environmental allergens
Plasma display panel and module thereof
Polarizer-alignment dual function film, fabrication method thereof and LCD containing the same
Liquid crystal displays
Transparent resin composition
Polymer emulsions resistant to biodeterioration
Method for treatment and prevention of herpes zoster by topical application
Release-treated substrate and method of producing the same
Ink composition containing red luminous material
Nickel powder, conductive paste, and multilayer electronic component using same
Radiation curable ink and preparation method and image forming method using the same
Ink, ink jet recording method, ink cartridge, recording unit, and ink jet recording apparatus
Method and apparatus for placing conductive balls
Treatment compositions for fresh concrete or mortar surfaces which offer improved adhesion capacity ...
Moisture-curable polyurethane hot-melt adhesive
Polyisocyanide derivative having controlled helical main chain structure
No-flow underfill composition and method
Solid-state imaging device
Substituted triazole derivatives as oxytocin antagonists
Composite catalysts supported on modified carbon substrates and methods of making the same
Conductive polymer solution, antistatic coating material, antistatic hard coat layer, optical filter...
Inkjet printing recording material
Redispersing agents for redispersible polymer powders and redispersible polymer powders including sa...
Low-VOC aqueous coating compositions with excellent freeze-thaw stability
Ink jet recording ink, recording method and recording apparatus
Anti-foam compositions
Process for preparing an aqueous dispersion of a quaternary ammonium salt containing vinyl copolymer
Process for removing fluorosurfactant from aqueous fluoropolymer dispersions and reducing scum forma...
Hair cleansing composition
Method of operating a riser reactor
Method for obtaining crude 1,3-butadiene from a C.sub.4 fraction
Matrix, cell implant and method for their production and use
Biodegradable compositions, articles prepared from biodegradable compositions and manufacturing meth...
Pharmaceutical composition for transdermal or transmucous administration
Tissue treatment
Fluid management device with fluid transport element for use within a body
Ceramic lamps and methods of making same
High energy dissociation for mercury control systems
Optical projection apparatus
Sorbent trap cartridge for mercury emissions monitoring
Ultraviolet monitoring system
Process for producing optically active compound
Mediated electrochemical oxidation of organic waste materials
System and method for generating aggregated data views in a computer network
Rebuilding a storage system
Efficient Bloom filter
Pre-existing content replication
System and method for performing multi-path storage operations
Storing fibre channel information on an Infiniband administration data base
Distributed request routing
Behavior profiling
Virtual devices and virtual bus tunnels, modules and methods
Schema-oriented content management system
Language binding system
Mammalian multipotent neural stem cells and compositions, methods of preparation and methods of admi...
Process and apparatus for manufacture of fertilizer products from manure and sewage
Inositol pyrophosphates, and methods of use thereof
Verbena plant named `Duempstraw`
Geranium plant named `Penton`
Vinca minor plant named `Parvin`
Hydrangea plant named `Magical Opal`
Pelargonium plant named `Cante Fir09`
Pelargonium plant named `Amri Pikegs`
Calathea plant named `PP0005`
Pelargonium plant named `Clip Salcon`
Ageratum plant named `Agadeft`
Authentication of identification documents
Input complexity adaptive quantization watermarking
Configuration of a directory system
Information storage medium and information recording/playback system
Embedding a pattern design onto a liquid crystal display
Shopping receptacle for receiving interactive product items
Method and system for monitoring and providing notification regarding identity document usage
Information processing device, information processing method, program, and storage medium
Fault isolation in a network
Video system
Image processing apparatus and method for combining different images and highest security level imag...
Printer incorporating a binding assembly
Automated vision screening apparatus and method
Beverage dispensing system and method
Digital imaging-based code symbol reading system permitting modification of system features and func...
Conditional purchase offer management system
Abstraction layer for presenting configuration information to a caller
Method, program and apparatus for document retrieval system
Technique for accessing a database of serializable objects using field values corresponding to field...
Service for retrieving and aggregating data used to generate web pages or other content items
Process for selecting an object in a PLM database and apparatus implementing this process
Data mining agents for efficient hardware utilization
Generating keywords
Method and apparatus for communication efficient private information retrieval and oblivious transfe...
Directory services searching system and methods
Method and system for indexing information and providing results for a search including objects havi...