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Process for producing a gas stream depleted of hydrogen sulphide
Semiconducting aerogels from cahacogenido clusters with broad applications
Method for purifying silicon
Process for the production of medium and high purity silicon from metallurgical grade silicon
Compacted granular potassium chloride, and method and apparatus for production of same
Process for producing metal peroxide films
Ammonia oxidation catalyst for power utilities
Method for removing soot particles from an exhaust gas, associated collecting element and system
Method for producing particles, particles, and sintered body
Solvent extraction of impurity metals from a valuable metal sulphate solution
Method for determining scan line misalignments
Enterprise video intelligence and analytics management system and method
Broadcast receiving apparatus and starting method thereof
Event-based digital content record organization
Integrated switchless programmable attenuator and low noise amplifier
Image and sound output system, image and sound data output device, and recording medium
Image signal, processing device and processing method, coefficient data generation device and genera...
Video noise reduction method using adaptive spatial and motion-compensation temporal filters
Display apparatus and control method thereof
Imaging apparatus
System for image analysis in a network that is structured with multiple layers and differentially we...
Ranging device utilizing image processing
Method and device for safeguarding a hazardous area
System and method for stabilizing a rear view image
Method for mounting pattern in actual machine
Travel time display device and method for industrial robot
Robot controller and robot control method for synchronous operation and adjusting robot movement bas...
Pipe handling boom pretensioning apparatus
Suspension irregularity detecting system
Chopper circuit topologies for adapting an electrical braking system in a traction vehicle
Two speed transmission and belt drive system
Agricultural machine with PTO torque limiting feature
Hybrid powertrain with efficient electric-only mode
Track assembly with bogie wheel structure
Motor retractor and drive control thereof
Anti-tip system for a power wheelchair
Suspension system
Apparatus for steering a vehicle
Hydraulic system
Vehicle steering controller and method
Electronic four-wheel drive control
Torque control element for a steering system in a motor vehicle
Method and device for predicting the travelling trajectories of a motor vehicle
Construction machine
Method of controlling a working machine
Holding device and method for detecting a vehicle environment with at least one camera
Vehicle control system
Airbag device for vehicle
System and method of foiling buffer-overflow and alien-code attacks
Provisional signature schemes
Cryptosystem based on a Jacobian of a curve
Method and apparatus for electronic commerce using digital ticket to provide anonymity
Tamper resistant module certification authority
Key transformation unit for a tamper resistant module
Key transformation unit for a tamper resistant module
Method and system for key management in voice over internet protocol
Authentication method for link protection in Ethernet passive optical network
Method and apparatus for translating information between computers having different security managem...
Method and system for providing synchronous running encoding and encryption
Compression of encrypted data in database management systems
Efficient key updates in encrypted database systems
System and method for detecting unauthorized copying of encrypted data
Squared Weil and Tate pairing techniques for use with elliptic curves
Printing management system, printing apparatus, print information output apparatus, and printing met...
Management of physical security credentials at a multi-function device
Anticamcorder media projection using enhanced frame rate
Controlling database copyrights
Method and apparatus for authenticating and verifying communication on a network of gaming devices
Soybean cultivar 7925118
Soybean cultivar 7821295
Soybean cultivar 7811336
Soybean cultivar S07-03KG212421
Soybean cultivar 6419156
Canola cultivar DN040856
Method of determining level of specified component in blood sample and apparatus for level determina...
Computerized method and system for automated correlation of genetic test results
Methods and materials for canine breed identification
Mass spectrometry
Plants and seeds of hybrid corn variety CH456030
Cotton variety 05T103
Soybean cultivar 04RM822242
Soybean cultivar 7401262
Soybean variety A1007978
Soybean cultivar 7614385
Adsorbent and process for the separation of meta-xylene from aromatic hydrocarbons
Production of aromatics from methane
Integration of olefin cracking with metathesis to increase light olefins production
Process for the dehydrogenation of alkyl-aromatic hydrocarbons for the production of vinyl-aromatic ...
Process for producing liquefied petroleum gas
Process and catalyst for the selective hydrogenation of diolefins contained in an olefin containing ...
Aromatic production apparatus
Selective purification of mono-terpenes for removal of oxygen containing species
Process to continuously prepare two or more base oil grades and middle distillates
Process to prepare base oil from a Fisher-Tropsch synthesis product
Low molecular weight fuel additive
Nemesia plant named `Kirine-44`
Lobelia plant named `Tech Hepdab`
Helleborus plant named `COSEH210`
Coreopsis plant named `Sangria`
Calibrachoa plant named `KLECA08167`
Hybrid variety of Texas.times.Kentucky bluegrass designated `HB 128`
Caladium plant named `White Wonder`
Petunia plant named `Kerminiblue`
Gypsophila plant named `Esm Rena`
Gypsophila plant named `Esm Grial`
Pelargonium plant named `Dueparest`
Pelargonium plant named `Duevipich`
Pelargonium plant named `Dueviapblos`
Dahlia plant named `DASYTTEN`
Dahlia plant named `Daseksten`
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Fisupnic Li`
Verbena plant named `KLEVP08385`
Verbena plant named `KLEVP08381`
Coprosma plant named `Pina Colada`
Punica granatum plant named `PIIPG-I`
Kiwi plant named `Tsechelidis`
System and method for data collection, management, and analysis
Method for enabling an online social community account for banking services
Telephone interface to internet payment processing system
Method and system for encrypting transmissions of communication data streams via a packet-oriented c...
Virtual MAC address system and method
System for distributing load over multiple servers at an internet site
Remote domain name service
Method of using a code to track user access to content
Private base station with exclusivity
Method and apparatus for enabling a network device to asynchronously access a set top box in a way t...
Methods and apparatus for controlling signaling associated with a private branch exchange within a s...
Privacy preservation for voice over internet protocol calling
IP telephone apparatus
Home terminal apparatus and communication system
Method and apparatus for response system
Systems and methods for creating a playlist
Data binding in a word-processing application
System for automatically integrating a digital map system
Method and system for managing memory in a communication system using hybrid automatic repeat reques...
Parallel instruction processing and operand integrity verification
Enhanced content resolution method
Parallel subword instructions for directing results to selected subword locations of data processor ...
Data processing system with partial bypass reorder buffer and combined load/store arithmetic logic u...
Detecting entry-portal-only network connections
Automated time zone based grouping
Controlling publication of presence information
System and method for updating and sharing private library profile data to facilitate delivery of el...
Techniques of rewriting descendant and wildcard XPath using one or more of SQL OR, UNION ALL, and XM...
Identification of false ambiguous roots in a stack conservative garbage collector
Method of Visualizing Segmented MR Images
Systems and Methods for Selecting Components for Use in RF Filters Within Implantable Medical Device...
Method for Installing a Radio System in a Building
Method of Transmitting Down Link Data
Method and Radio Base Station for Effective Spectrum Utilization
Precision targeting
Device and process for heating an aircraft cabin
Active rudder pedal mechanism with foreign object strike tolerance and articulating brake
Systems and methods for providing differential motion to wing high lift device
High-performance low-noise aircraft exhaust systems and methods
Device to reduce the lateral force generated by aerial refueling boom cross-section
Flight passenger seat with an integrated spring element
Luggage compartment that can be lowered comprising a hydraulic cylinder locking mechanism
Aerial sensor pod deployment system
Aerial sensor pod deployment system
Sandwich-structure flat actuator and application to structural torsion
Arrangement for mounting an engine on the airframe of an aircraft
Device and method for affecting local climatic parameters
Fire suppression systems
Lightning conductor system for wind generator blades comprising carbon fibre laminates
Methods and apparatus for adjustable surfaces
Exhaust assembly for missile system, and method
Net throwing device
Multi-Stage Mechanical Delay Mechanisms For Electrical Switching and the like
Detonator System
Method for accurizing a firearm
Vertical Fore Grip with Bipod
Grip Enhancer Assembly for Handguns
Step and repeat imprint lithography processes
Method of manipulating matter in a mammalian body
Method of Fabricating Bioinsecticide Obtained from Mammalian Galectin
Method for Producing Stem Cells or Stel Cell-Like Cells from Mammalian Embryos
Surgical Navigation Enabled Imaging Table Environment
Physologically Movable Intervertebral Disc Prosthesis for the Lumbar and Cervical Spine
Porous Substrates for Implantation
Method and system for dynamic distributed data caching
Multicore memory management system
Delete recycling of holographic data storage
Method, computer and system for managing a storage subsystem configuration
Method and computer program product to increase I/O write performance in a redundant array
Dual work queue disk drive controller
Apparatus, method, and program for recording
Memory buffer for an FB-DIMM
System and method for controlling access to a memory device of an electronic device
Method, apparatus and system for serial attached SCSI (SAS) zoning management of a domain using conn...
Translation of commands in an interconnection of an embedded processor block core in an integrated c...
Command decoding system and method of decoding a command including a device controller configured to...
Method and system for fragment linking and fragment caching
Efficient use of NVRAM during takeover in a node cluster
Backfilling a local email archive store
Prioritizing archived email requests
Local email archive store size management
Method, system and program product for managing a file system that includes an archive
Countering Against Distributed Denial-Of-Service (DDOS) Attack Using Content Delivery Network
Flexible, reversible and adjustable flash snoot
Multi-functional storage apparatus
Unit circuit, control method thereof, electronic device, electro-optical device, and electronic appa...
Organic electroluminescence display apparatus, method of producing the same, and method of repairing...
Organic electroluminescence device and method of driving the same
Light emitting device
Intermediate electrodes for stacked OLEDs
Organic EL display
Light-emitting circuit board and light-emitting display device
Illumination source providing enhanced color mixing
Display device and method for manufacturing thereof
Organic light emitting device having an external microcavity
Organic thin film transistor, method of manufacturing the same, and flat display apparatus comprisin...
Organic light emitting display with auxiliary electrode line and method of fabricating the same
Organic electroluminescent display device and method of fabricating the same
Light emitting device and electronic apparatus
Display device
Dye-sensitized photoelectric conversion device
Precursor, thin layer prepared including the precursor, method of preparing the thin layer and phase...
Method for manufacturing organic thin film transistor substrate
Exponentially doped layers in inverted metamorphic multijunction solar cells
Compound for organic electroluminescence and organic electroluminescent device
Compound for organic electroluminescence and organic electroluminescent device
Efficient error response in a video conferencing system
Video conference system
Composition comprising beta-mannanase
Anti-p55 TNF receptor antibody
Process for correction of a disulfide misfold in Fc molecules
Compositions and methods for treatment of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS)
Pigment spacing
Bonding apparatus and bonding method
Method of forming a magnetic-field sensor having magnetic nanoparticles
Abrasion resistant coating compositions and coated articles
Solar control glazing laminates
Inhibition of reactive oxygen species and protection of mammalian cells
Methanol oxidation catalyst
High performance anode material for lithium-ion battery
Bulk synthesis of carbon nanotubes from metallic and ethynyl compounds
Thin film transistor substrate
DVD player
Mobile phone cover
Mobile phone
Handheld electronic device
Mobile phone
Mobile phone
Mobile phone
Mobile phone
Mobile phone
Mobile phone
Mobile phone
Mobile phone
Mobile phone
Communication device
TV receiver
PDP television receiver
Cellular phone accessary
System and method for dynamically changing an electronic trade order quantity
Method of and a device for generating a signal having a predetermined quality criterion for use in o...
Efficiency improvement for shared communications networks
Dual mode communication systems and methods
N,N'-substituted-1,3-diamino-2-hydroxypropane derivatives
Manual breastpump with stimulation feature
Universal ball and socket mount
Contraceptive sheath with integrated bead construction
Embedded piezoelectric microcantilever sensors
Drainage systems for use in masonry block construction
Click based trading with intuitive grid display of market depth
Method for effective refractive index trimming of optical waveguiding structures and optical wavegui...
Computer system and network interface supporting class of service queues
Method of manufacturing a thermoelectric generator and thermoelectric generator thus obtained
Compositions and methods for detection of Wolbachia
Antibodies that bind canine pancreatic lipase
Concurrent data entry for a portable device
Display method for multiple layered screens
Touch screen with user interface enhancement
Electronic web sticky
Providing on-demand access to services in a wide area network
Method and system for user enrollment of user attribute storage in a federated environment
Proxy server collection of data for module incorporation into a container document
Extensible interface for inter-module communication
Electronic mail system with functionality to include both private and public messages in a communica...
Remote module incorporation into a container document
Searching based on messages
System and a method for presenting related items to a user
Systems and methods for providing searchable prior history
Providing information regarding the use of web services in an electronic marketplace
Providing paid access to remote web service in an electronic marketplace
Method and system for custom gift basket assembly
Calibration of wireless communication device
Method for offering representation and warranty insurance for mortgage loans
Pet brush
Pet brush
Interrupt control circuit, circuit board, electro-optic device, and electronic apparatus
Networked system for interactive communication and remote monitoring of individuals
Methods and systems for designing and/or selecting drilling equipment with desired drill bit steerab...
Laser intensity noise rejection for interferometric apparatus
Drilling system powered by energy-harvesting sensor
Method and device for detecting objects in the surroundings of a vehicle
System, method and apparatus for evaluating tissue temperature
Neural stimulation and optical monitoring systems and methods
Method and apparatus for stimulating the sphenopalatine ganglion to modify properties of the BBB and...
Questions and control paradigms for detecting deception by measuring brain activity
Non-contact cardiac mapping, including resolution map
Method and apparatus for high resolution spatially modulated fluorescence imaging and tomography
Three-dimensional co-registration between intravascular and angiographic data
Rugby jumper support grip
Rolling shutter slat
Outdoor office
Pencil sharpener
Safety goggle
T5 step base
Warning light and flange
Transparent tire gauge
Device for supporting an object
Circular wedge spacer
Magnetic mini-basket
Dispenser for lottery playing card packages
Stacking chair
Covered storage container
Intelligent secure data manipulation apparatus and method
Dynamic collation of domain for user authentication on existing devices
Audio and video transmission and receiving system
Verifying lesion characteristics using beam shapes
Multiple resource planning system
Computer systems and methods for identifying surrogate markers
Magnetic resonance imaging interference immune device
Isolation circuitry and method for gradient field safety in an implantable medical device
Magnetically coupled microstimulators
Method and apparatus for evaluating connective tissue conditions
Method of assessing tissue viability using near-infrared spectroscopy
Method of multi-region contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance arteriography
Non-invasive biothermophotonic sensor for blood glucose monitoring
Configurable physiological measurement system
Clock signal distribution system and method
Method and apparatus for verifying a site-dependent wafer
Computer-implemented methods for detecting and/or sorting defects in a design pattern of a reticle
Multiple select gate architecture with select gates of different lengths
Mounting device for high frequency microwave devices
Determining photoresist parameters using optical metrology
Semiconductor device production method and semiconductor device
Wiring board
Semiconductor components with through wire interconnects
Semiconductor device and a method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device, wiring substrate, and method for manufacturing wiring substrate
Electronic component, semiconductor device employing same, and method for manufacturing electronic c...
Assembling stacked substrates that can form cylindrical inductors and adjustable transformers
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Integrated circuit package system including shield
Resin mold type semiconductor device
COL-TSOP with nonconductive material for reducing package capacitance
Verticle BJT, manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor device and method of cutting electrical fuse
Method for decoding a received control channel message with a priori information
Aggregation of error messaging in multifunction PCI express devices
System and method for detecting free and open wireless networks
Network-initiated session recovery
Wireless input control of multiple computing devices
Collaborative communication platforms
Apparatus and method for efficient encoding of application definition using contiguous arrays
Systems and methods for enabling customer care assistance with self-service transactions
Wireless vehicle service systems using addressable devices
Security sensor-transmitter for detecting wind in a home automation installation
Forced beam switching in wireless communication systems having smart antennas
Antenna integrated speaker assembly, manufacturing method thereof, and wireless communication device...
Reducing interference from closely proximate wireless units
Method and system for extracting and visualizing graph-structured relations from unstructured text
Accelerated large scale optimization
Automated adaptive classification system for knowledge networks
Data management system and data management method
Digital receiver demultiplexer
System and method providing on-demand generation of specialized executables
Methods and systems for displaying information on a graphical user interface
Method and system to present video content
Systems and methods for converting legacy and proprietary documents into extended mark-up language f...
Method for document fingerprinting
Systems and methods for identifying the services of a network
Accessing deep web information associated with hospitality services using a search engine
Automatic creation of bidirectional online album links in a peer-to-peer photo sharing network
Effortless registration with content providers and methods thereof
Device for measuring the profile of very short single pulses
Electron emission device having curved surface electron emission region
Maskless lithography system and method using optical signals
Lubricant coated sheet metal with improved deformation properties
Catalyst, membrane electrode assembly and fuel cell
Method of manufacturing display device using LED chips formed in a porous template
Structure for cell culture, cell culture vessel, structure with spheroid, vessel with spheroid, and ...
Mask and manufacturing method thereof
Structure of coating layer for heat-cooker
Apparatus and method for analyzing heat-transferring fluid
Process for the catalytic control of radial reaction
Thermally assisted recording of magnetic media using an optical resonant cavity
In-situ defect reduction techniques for nonpolar and semipolar (Al, Ga, In)N
System and method for tracking ST shift data utilizing histograms
Fast mode switching frequency synthesizing apparatus and method for operating in low power consumpti...
Method and apparatus for a programmably terminated receiver
Narrow-band interference canceller
Signal processing method, receiver and equalizing method in receiver
Channel equalizer, method and computer program for equalizing a channel
Shielding of integrated circuit package with high-permeability magnetic material
Oxadiazoanthracene compounds for the treatment of diabetes
Components and methods for use in electro-optic displays
Method of manufacturing information display panel
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
Adhesive backed displays
Pharmaceutical compositions of isolated orthorhombic crystalline 4-[6-acetyl-3-[3-(4-acetyl-3-hydrox...
Antibodies to SARS coronavirus
PRO1550 polypeptides
Mycophenolate mofetil in diabetic nephropathy
2-ethyl-4,6-dimethyl-phenyl-substituted spirocyclic tetramic acid derivatives
Octahydro-pyrrolo[3,4-b]pyrrole derivatives
Inhibitors of c-Met and uses thereof
Method of modulating stress-activated protein kinase system
Display panel for a combined clock, calendar and weather indicator
Method and apparatus for authenticating usage of an application
Object space with active objects
Method and system for organizing document information
Optimization of port link recovery
Method and system for updating firmware stored in non-volatile memory
Broadcasting communication within a rendezvous federation
Dynamic definition for concurrent computing environments
Restricting the volume of outbound electronic messages originated by a single entity
System and method for a floating point unit with feedback prior to normalization and rounding
System and method for managing models and model dependencies within a computerized simulation enviro...
Golf shoe outsole with bristles
Laser golf alignment device and method
Cleats and footwear for providing customized traction
Studded footwear
Method for conducting business on the golf course incorporating the use of golf ball markers
Golf swing guide
Pendulum putting stroke training aid
Golf glove with club handle stop
Aircraft engine inlet having zone of deformation
Nucleic acid molecules encoding fibroblast growth factor-like polypeptides
Compositions for weight management
Method of inducing the differentiation of stem cells into myocardial cells
Partially roll coated workpiece and methods and systems for making the same
Method for forming inorganic coatings
Bioactive materials, methods of making bioactive materials and method of use thereof
Medical devices having polymeric regions based on vinyl ether block copolymers
Method for producing tissue scaffold having aligned fibrils
Articulating spinal implant
Medical fixation devices with improved torsional drive head
Method for removal of water associated with bone while diminishing the dimensional changes associate...
Monoclonal antibodies to secreted and transmembrane polypeptides
Antibodies to TGF-.beta.
Extracellular matrix binding chimeric proteins and methods of use thereof
Haloaryl substituted aminopurines, compositions thereof, and methods of treatment therewith
GPS tracker
Spread spectrum receiver with multi-bit correlator
Side scan sonar imaging system with associated GPS data
Wi-Fi, GPS and MIMO systems
Method for reducing auto-correlation or cross-correlation in weak signals
System and method for providing aiding information to a satellite positioning system receiver over s...
Luminous display for automotive satellite navigation systems
Enhanced aiding in GPS systems
Organic solvent-free film-forming compositions, multi-layer composite coatings, and related methods
Stabilized tissue penetrating catheters
Electron emission element, charging device, process cartridge, and image forming apparatus
Structures and methods for measuring beam angle in an ion implanter
Reactive gettering in phase change solders to inhibit oxidation at contact surfaces
Method for quantitative analysis of metal element contained in resin material
Method and apparatus for making plate-like fiber-reinforced products
Polymeric bioresorbable composites containing an amorphous calcium phosphate polymer ceramic for bon...
Metallic double repair of composite arcuate flanges
Polymeric structures with patterned reactivity
Composition for application to a surface
Absorbent article with unitary elastomeric waistband with multiple extension zones
Disposable article with centrally located zones of elasticity
Devices, systems and methods for diagnosing and treating sinusitis and other disorders of the ears, ...
Passenger conveyor step having an acoustic barrier
Safety cutting apparatus
Method of making metal components
Liquid crystal display
Touch sensors incorporating capacitively coupled electrodes
Adhesive having aromatic diisocyanates and aromatic petroleum distillates with low volatility for us...
Systems for attaching wood products
Light source apparatus with modulation function and its driving method
Fibre optic cable and method for producing the same
Optically-enabled integrated circuit package
Optical beam flattening using multi-mode fiber
Method for the monitoring and control of a process
Method, apparatus and system for high-speed transmission on fiber optic channel
Method for aligning optical packages
High-order harmonic generation in a capillary discharge
Semiconductor laser assembly
Semiconductor laser device and fabrication method for the same
External cavity type semiconductor laser
Semiconductor laser driving circuit less susceptible to noise interference
Error control for high-power laser system employing diffractive optical element beam combiner
Multi-variable control methods for optical packages
Laser diode device
Wavelength conversion module
Conversion efficiency expansion in wavelength converting optical packages
Surface emitting laser with an integrated absorber
Shoe and foot cleaning and disinfecting system
Shoe outsole
Adhesive pads for footwear
Method and apparatus for the treatment of plantar ulcers and foot deformities
LED track light device
LED light device with changeable geometric system
LED light device with changeable features of geometric dimension
Outer tubular reinforcement member
Absorbent pad for entrapping small and coarse particles, retaining liquids and eliminating odors
Foot pressure alert and sensing system
Clock sandal
Cushioning foot insert
Protective element
Optical microlabels: shapes and reflectors
Droplet-based pyrosequencing
Apparatus and method for fabricating a liquid crystal display panel
Frequency autonormalisation reservoir mapping
Field deployable power distribution system and method thereof
Angular animation of a physical model
ID label, ID tag, and ID card
Portable electronic device and computer software product
ZnO layer and semiconductor light emitting device
Process using cold-water soluble extruded starch
Thermobaric explosives and compositions, and articles of manufacture and methods regarding the same
Sterile surgical drape
Methods and apparatus for monitoring a condition of a material
Controller and control method of vehicle
High efficiency neurostimulation lead
Implantable medical device with improved back-fill member and methods of manufacture thereof
Device for carrying out rotablation
Developing roller having specific surface layer, developing device provided with the developing roll...
Jet cleaner for a water sprinkler
Stress-reduceable transport unit and image forming apparatus using the same
Air bridge structures and methods of making and using air bridge structures
Charging apparatus and image forming apparatus
Engine control method and engine control system
Image forming apparatus, image forming method, and process cartridge
Control apparatus and method for continuously variable transmission
Waveguide type optical device and manufacturing method of the waveguide type optical device
Systems and methods for utility grid power averaging, long term uninterruptible power supply, power ...
Illuminator method and device
Apparatus and methods for vacuum- and mechanically-assisted fixation of medical electrical leads
Photoelectric circuit board and device for optical communication
Method of producing electronically readable documents with updatable pie charts
Object-oriented pull model XML parser
Mixed types
Code compilation management service
Generalized comprehension in imperative languages
Built-in diagnostics
Source server
Layered type systems
Report system and method using prompt object abstraction
Manufacturing method of substrate for ink jet head and manufacturing method of ink jet recording hea...
Ink tank for liquid printing apparatus, method of manufacturing same, liquid printing apparatus with...
Inkjet print head and method of fabricating the same
Method for manufacturing inkjet head
Method of manufacturing alloy circuit board
Process for the recycling of expanded polystyrene
Porous synthetic vascular grafts with oriented ingrowth channels
Temperature exchanging element made by extrusion and incorporating an infrared radiation diffuser
Fabrication of small diameter continuous fibers
Apparatus and die cartridge assembly adapted for use therewith, and process for producing fibrous ma...
Sign holding extrusion-attachment arrangement
Method of making a piston
Pigment compositions for inks with improved rheology
Transparent conductors and methods for fabricating transparent conductors
Self-assembled electrical networks
Composition and methods of RNAi therapeutics for treatment of cancer and other neovascularization di...
Nanolithography methods and products therefor and produced thereby
Crystalline lens drug delivery
Photodiode and method for fabricating same
Mapping in mobile data collection systems, such as for utility meter reading and related application...
Plasmon router
Detection of magnetic beads using a magnetoresistive device together with ferromagnetic resonance
Method and device for characterizing analyte using electro-optically modulated surface plasmon reson...
Peptides impairing PBX dependent gene regulation
Fluorochemical composition comprising fluorinated oligomeric silane
Systems and methods for flow-through treatment of contaminated fluids
System and method for producing a hover surface
System and method for producing a slide lock mechanism
Medical devices
Procedure for controlling access to a source terminal network using a block mode tunnel and computer...
System and method for propagation in a web portal system
Relieving data marshalling overhead
Binary code instrumentation to reduce effective memory latency
Method and system for code optimization
System and method for manipulating source code in a text editor
Efficient generation of SIMD code in presence of multi-threading and other false sharing conditions ...
Code execution visualization using software fingerprinting
Method for molding lofted material with decorative support panel and garment made
Removing carbon dioxide from waste streams through co-generation of carbonate and/or bicarbonate min...
Method of producing a polarizing optical element
Semiconductor device having a first base, a thin film transistor, and a second base
Metal complexes
Weatherable resinous compositions with low heat storage and method
Zirconium-doped zinc oxide structures and methods
Method for manufacturing display device
Method and apparatus for fabricating self-assembling microstructures
Method and apparatus for performing spectroscopy downhole within a wellbore
Apparatus for refueling on-board metal hydride hydrogen storage tank
Condition assessment method for a structure including a semiconductor material
Reactor for chlorosilane compound
System for converting kinetic energy from Brownian motion of gases or liquids to useful energy, forc...
Method for operating an internal combustion engine utilizing a carbohydrate-based fuel mixture
Method and apparatus for controlling operating modes of an electronic device
Data transfer control device and electronic instrument
System and method for searching peer-to-peer computer networks
Signal-driven recovery of a digital pulse stream
Apparatus and methods for processing mailpiece information in a mail processing device using sorter ...
Optical tapped time delay modules and arrays
Mapping of bit streams into MPEG frames
Node and control method thereof
Pipelined packet switching and queuing architecture
Protocol for the determination of network topology
Method for supporting mobility for dynamic windows clients in a wireless LAN network
Method for routing information over a network employing centralized control
Broadcast messaging in peer to peer overlay network
Detection method for abnormal traffic and packet relay apparatus
Method and apparatus for quality of service determination
Test method for network relay apparatus and network relay apparatus
Coaxial catheter systems for transference of medium
Fine treatment agent and fine treatment method using same
Chemical compounds 572
Actuator systems for oral-based appliances
Proximity-based X-Ray fluorescence visualizer, imager, or information provider
N-substituted imides as polymerization initiators
Difunctional photoinitiators
Cyclopropyl aryl amide derivatives and uses thereof
Fused heterocyclic compounds useful as kinase modulators
Biologically active native biomatrix composition
Biodegradable carrier and method for preparation thereof
Minimally invasive apparatus to manipulate and revitalize spinal column disc
Three-dimensional modeling of the oral cavity
Image sensor for detecting wide spectrum and method of manufacturing the same
Reactive near infrared absorbing polymeric particles, methods of preparation and uses thereof
Mounting apparatus for heat sink
Heat dissipating assembly and electronic device having same
Removable package underside device attach
Heat sink apparatus
Heat dissipation device
Miniature liquid cooling device having an integral pump
Housing for cooling electronic control units in motor vehicles
Electrical apparatus and cooling system
Plate-type heat exchanger
Air conditioner for vehicle
Hollow chamber profile made of metal, especially for heat exchangers
Heat exchanger
Heat exchangers
Burner port shield
Heat dissipation interface for semiconductor chip structures
Heat pipe
Metallic strip and methods and structures incorporating the same
Implantable neuromodulation system and method
Nerve stimulation and blocking for treatment of gastrointestinal disorders
Patient management system for providing parameter data for an implantable medical device
PPAR activity regulators
Dihydrobenzofuranyl alkanamines and methods for using same as cns agents
Method for the asymmetric synthesis of beta-lactone compounds
Bicyclic substituted indole-derivative steroid hormone nuclear receptor modulators
Enzyme inhibitors
Substituted naphthyridinone derivatives
Processes for the preparation of piperazinyl and diazapanyl benzamide derivatives
Methods for chelation therapy
Adamantyl-pyrazole carboxamides as inhibitors of 11.beta.-hdroxysteroid dehydrogenase
2-heteroaryl-substituted benzimidazole derivative
Sulfonylpyrazole and sulfonylpyrazoline carboxamidine derivatives as 5-HT.sub.6 antagonists
Linked stretch tubing
Handicapped accessible exercise machine
Seated row exercise system
Versatile abdominal exercise bed
Partially stabilized exercise device with valve mechanism
Recumbent stepper exercise machine
Method for measuring physical fitness and creating athletic training regimens for particular sports
System and method for automating an exercise routine
Interventive-diagnostic device
Gynecology exercise device
Exercise device with pivoting assembly
Isokinetic exercise equipment
Exercise system and components
Recreational rope turning device and associated method
Continuously variable transmission
Dual back pad tilting mechanism
Abdominal exerciser with electronic coaching device
Powder comprising new compositions of oligosaccharides and methods for their preparation
Spray-dried powder comprising at least one 1,4 O-linked saccharose-derivative and methods for their ...
Isokinetic sampling
Device for milking animals
Transgenic proteins from multi-gene systems, methods, compositions, uses and the like relating there...
Method for evaluating quality of beef such as taste and texture on the basis of genotype of stearoyl...
Inline intrusion detection
Method and device for producing fiber-reinforced plastic components
Methods to increase recovery of treatment fluid following stimulation of a subterranean formation co...
Coaxial catheter system
Safety catheter for injecting fluid
Plasma display panel
Industrial hollow cathode
Maize variety X6P908
Hermetically sealed head disk assembly
Control microcomputer verification device and vehicle-mounted control device
Method for distinguishing a smoke condition from a dust condition using video images
Optical retro-reflective apparatus with modulation capability
Flexible penetration resistant article
System and method of manufacture of multi-resin composite articles
Drug delivery technology
Golf ball
Stanchion containment system
Converted high mobility vehicle and conversion method therefor
Method for the production of a soldered joint
Fixing apparatus for hard disk drive
Clip for mounting a flex cable within a head stack assembly
Disk drive device, actuator lock mechanism, inertia latch mechanism and inertia lever
Head-gimbal assembly including a flexure tongue with stand-offs arranged to facilitate lateral light...
Magnetic disk apparatus with heating device and magnetic head slider used therefor
Magnetic recording head with resistive heating element located near the write coil
Perpendicular magnetic recording head with dynamic flying height heating element disposed below turn...
Formation of low resistance damascene coils
Application of PFPES for HDD screw lubricant
On-line bias estimator in hard disk drives
Head control apparatus, head control method, and magnetic disk apparatus
Disk drive estimating fly height using a PLL tuned by a fly height capacitance
Information storage device
Disk drive write driver and associated control logic circuitry
Low-power read channel for magnetic mass storage systems
Nonvolatile phase change memory cell having a reduced contact area
Method of fabricating a perpendicular recording write head having a gap with two portions
Portable mass storage device with virtual machine activation
Using multiple communication channels to synchronize a mobile terminal based on data type
Segmented bitscan for verification of programming
Determining head non-linearity in a disk drive
Method, system and computer-readable code for testing of flash memory
Updating firmware of a peripheral device
Multilevel nonvolatile memory device containing a carbon storage material and methods of making and ...
Method and system for facilitating fast wake-up of a flash memory system
Enhanced bit-line pre-charge scheme for increasing channel boosting in non-volatile storage
Data protection for write abort
Methods of programming multilevel cell nonvolatile memory
Compositions and methods useful for the diagnosis and treatment of heparin induced thrombocytopenia/...
Treating neurological disorders using selective antagonists of persistent sodium current
Phenoxymethylalkyne inhibitors of LTA4H for treating inflammation
Heteroaromatic compounds having sphingosine-1-phosphate (S1P) receptor agonist biological activity
N-linked heterocyclic antagonists of P2Y.sub.1 receptor useful in the treatment of thrombotic condit...
Use of pyrrolopyridine compounds for activating PPAR receptors and treatment of conditions involving...
Spiroazacyclic compounds as monoamine receptor modulators
Benzamides and related inhibitors of factor Xa
Benzamides and related inhibitors of factor Xa
Method and apparatus for controlled gene or protein delivery
Method for sequence determination using NMR
Synthetic peptide amides
Methods and reagents for assaying protein kinase activity
Differentiation of multi-lineage progenitor cells to respiratory epithelial cells
Image stitching for mobile electronic devices
Interrupt morphing and configuration, circuits, systems and processes
Performing automatically authorized programmatic transactions
Monitoring of computer-related resources and associated methods and systems for disbursing compensat...
Method and apparatus for processing credit card transactions
Method and system for grouping merchandise, services and users and for trading merchandise and servi...
Item attribute preverification
Systems and methods for insurance coverage
System and method for facilitating real time transactions between a user and multiple entities
Partial speech processing device and method for use in distributed systems
Digital camera with interactive printer
Wireless video surveillance system & method with input capture and data transmission prioritization ...
Method for producing indicators and processing apparatus and system utilizing the indicators
System for vending physical and information items
Fire-protective packaging system and method
Integrated circuit chip with communication means enabling remote control of testing means of IP core...
System for classifying words
Method and apparatus for filtering short message system spam
Backup and restore of user data for mobile telephone
Anti-UCE system and method using class-based certificates
Prohibiting mobile forwarding
System and method for filtering message
Graphical interface for defining mutually exclusive destinations
System and method for granting deposit-contingent e-mailing rights
Bifurcation of messages in an extensible message transfer system
Dual use counters for routing loops and spam detection
Copolymers as dewaxing additives
Polymerization process
Conductive resin molding
Ink formulations, modified pigment-based ink formulations and methods of making
Saponified fatty acids as breakers for viscoelastic surfactant-gelled fluids
Information handling systems having coatings with porous particles and processes of forming the same
Process for making functionalized films for cleaning products
Dielectric barrier layer for increasing electromigration lifetimes in copper interconnect structures
Non-aqueous gels for consolidating and stabilizing wellbore formations
Programmable metallization cell structures including an oxide electrolyte, devices including the str...
Organopolysiloxanes containing phosphonic groups, method for the production and use thereof
Materials, methods, and kits for reducing nonspecific binding of molecules to a surface
Low temperature alkaline fuel cell
Method for joining laser transmitting resin member and porous member, method for joining thermoplast...
Liquid compositions containing solubilized benzoyl peroxide
Image forming apparatus, charger, and image carrier unit
Tacky allergen trap and filter medium, and method for containing allergens
Method of manufacturing an SOI substrate and method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Reusable sorbing coalescing agent
Method of manufacturing honeycomb and foam composite material
Multi-component piston stopper
Brightness preserving laser beam shaper
Process for the simultaneous co-production of 2,2,4,4-tetramethylcyclobutane-1,3-diol and 1,4-cycloh...
Pancreatic polypeptide family motifs, polypeptides and methods comprising the same
Assembly for removing mineral contaminants
Jewelry bracelet
Protecting software from unauthorized use by converting source code modules to byte codes
Security perimeters
Cache hint correction for security scanning
Automatic tracking cookie detection
Method of operating a computer system and computer system
Information processing apparatus, information processing method and program for the same
Stream reproducing device
Internationalization of objects executable in a supervisory process control and manufacturing inform...
Binding agents for radiation-cured aqueous paints
Adhesive compositions for flexible circuit materials, circuits, multi-layer circuits, and methods of...
Adhesive composition and adhesive film therefrom
Automated simultaneous separation system for radionuclides in multiple samples and a method for auto...
Dual-chamber chromatographic cartridge
Method for producing D-pantothenic acid and/or salts thereof via purification by anion exchange as a...
Reovirus clearance of ras-mediated neoplastic cells from mixed cellular compositions
Micro total analysis system
Low water recovery rate desalination system and method
System and method for producing massive amounts of elemental iodine
Systems and methods of microfluidic membraneless exchange using filtration of extraction outlet stre...
Membranes and methods of treating membranes
Colored wastewater discoloration method
Ultraviolet water sterilizer
Wastewater treatment apparatus
Method for demineralizing condensate
Anaerobic reactor with auger in the effluent line
Method for removal of materials from a liquid stream
Method and apparatus for processing organic waste
Zone management in a multi-module fibre channel switch
Waveguide-based MEMS tunable filters and phase shifters
Clock recovery circuit and receiver using the circuit
Hearing aid tube molding heater
Hearing aid battery removal tool and associated method
System and method for programming a hearing aid
Lateral coupling of an implantable hearing aid actuator to an auditory component
Surgically implantable hearing aid
Image reading apparatus and image reading method
Ultrasonic blood vessel measurement apparatus and method
Minimally invasive surgical system
Method and apparatus for visualizing anatomical structures
System and method for extracting physiological data using ultra-wideband radar and improved signal p...
Estimation of lighting conditions based on near-gray pixel detection using cylindrical boundaries
Adaptive contrast control systems and methods
Method for encoding and serving geospatial or other vector data as images
Method and system for interactive image segmentation
Advanced chroma enhancement
Systems and methods for volumetric tissue scanning microscopy
Correction of artifacts caused by the heel effect
Gradation conversion processing
Functional dissipation classification of retinal images
Method and apparatus for evaluating a 3D image of a laterally-symmetric organ system
Systems and methods for automatic change quantification for medical decision support
System and method for myocardium segmentation in realtime cardiac MR data
Device, system and method for motility measurement and analysis
Optical unit
Method for describing, evaluating and improving optical polarization properties of a microlithograph...
Sub-micron surface plasmon resonance sensor systems
Electronic endoscopic apparatus
Optical in-vivo monitoring systems
Method and apparatus for background current arrangements for a biosensor
Sensing system with auxiliary display
Method and system for implantable glucose monitoring and control of a glycemic state of a subject
Breast carcinoma detector
Apparatus and method for delivering ablative laser energy and determining the volume of tumor mass d...
Extended optical range system for monitoring motion of a member
Determination of disease state using raman spectroscopy of tissue
Method of photodynamically diagnosing or treating a contoured surface
Method and apparatus for detection of multiple analytes
Compact fluorescence endoscopy video system
Momentary switch integrated in packaging of an article
Packaging for cosmetic products
Display tray
Method of playing a card game
Method of playing a card game
System and method for playing a game including a mortgaging option
Suspension assembly
Cast trailing arm assembly for trailer suspension
Hollow piston hammer device with air equilibration and idle openings
Tool holder for a powered hammer
Suspension system for a belt pickup header in an agricultural harvester
Knock down signpost
Vehicle suspension system with roll stiffness distribution control
Saddle post supporting device
Bicycle suspension system
Extension coupling for interconnecting trailer and tow hitch
Tapered joint for vehicle suspension components
Vehicle front end suspension
System and method for determining appropriate conditions for leveling a vehicle having an air suspen...
Electric hammer
Suspension system having a composite axle
Suspension system having high strength arm to axle connection
Volume measuring device and method
Concrete placement vehicle control system and method
Reversible airflow fan tray for an electronic device
Microfluidic device and methods for focusing fluid streams using electroosmotically induced pressure...
Machine for extracorporeal blood treatment coupled to a support element
Combination assembly for managing a hose or like elastic pump tube in a positive displacement pump
Pump system
Diaphragm pump
Pump ring
Arrangement and method for compressed air systems in vehicles
Fuel control module
Fluid supply unit having an integral pressure generator and pressure booster
Variable displacement compressor
Hydraulic pump with variable flow and variable pressure and electric control
System, device, and method for mixing a substance with a liquid
Air core filling system
Diesel engine and supercharger
Pressure booster arrangement
Method of manufacturing a compressor
Gradient pump apparatus
Guitar headstock
Distributed dispatch with concurrent, out-of-order dispatch
System and method for saving and restoring a processor state without executing any instructions from...
Method and apparatus for associating a received command with a control for performing actions with a...
Method to raise the solid content of catalytic cracking catalyst slurry
Non-magnetic nickel powders and method for preparing the same
Spiroindolines as modulators of chemokine receptors
Apparatus for heating regeneration gas
Hydrocracking catalyst and method of hydrocracking heavy oil
Process for heating regeneration gas
Antioxidant constituents
Methods for treating spinal and bulbar muscular atrophy using LHRH analogs
Biochips including ion transport detecting structures and methods of use
Travel safety apparatus for vehicle
Computer system and method for monitoring hydrogen vehicles
Informing a user of gestures made by others out of the user's line of sight
Method and system for monitoring tyres
Applying speech recognition adaptation in an automated speech recognition system of a telematics-equ...
Track identification system
Providing traffic information relating to a prediction of congestion status and using the same
Accessory system suitable for use in a vehicle
Method and system for assisting a driver of a vehicle operating a vehicle traveling on a road
Copolymers comprising N-heterocyclic groups, and use thereof as an additive in detergents
Process for the preparation of a solid laundry detergent composition comprising light density silica...
Water-soluble amphoteric copolymer, production method thereof, and application thereof
Liquid detergent composition
Soft tissue processing
Expression of spider silk proteins
Seat assemblies for vehicles
Electrodes for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator
Optical networks for consumer electronics
Flexible, dense line card architecture
Method for transmitting overhead information for wavelength division multiplex networks for fibre-op...
Data distribution system and method
Optical fiber, manufacturing method of the same, and optical amplifier
Method of providing mid-span access to an optical fiber ribbon cable and the optical fiber ribbon ca...
Single mode (SM) fiber optical reader system and method for interrogating resonant waveguide-grating...
Optical transmitter and/or receiver assembly comprising a planar optical circuit
Fiber optic transducer for simultaneous pressure and temperature measurement in fluid flow
Fiber sensor and fiber sensor device
Optical fiber provided with reliable coating layers