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Optical guide comprising an amplifier medium and a method for producing said guide
Input device
Chromatic dispersion compensation by sub-band
Multi-port storage communications controller
Method and device for passive alignment of optical waveguides and optoelectronic components and opti...
Structure capable of reducing the amount of transferred digital image data of a digital display
Collision-free ideographic character coding method and apparatus for oriental languages
Encoding rate controlling apparatus and information encoding apparatus
Grayscale image de-speckle algorithm
Method and apparatus for automatically adjusting sharpening weighting value
Noise reduction method, noise reducing apparatus, medium, medium and program
User definable image reference points
Method and apparatus for filtering noise from a digital image
Systems and methods for enhancing tone reproduction
Image processing method of generating conversion data for a scanner and calibration method employing...
Adaptive post-filtering for reducing noise in highly compressed image/video coding
Perceptual similarity image retrieval
Ultrahigh speed image pickup device
Dilation catheter assembly and related methods
Excisional devices having selective cutting and atraumatic configurations and methods of using same
Catheter assembly with side wall exit lumen and method therefor
Method and apparatus for laser removal of hair
Ablation system and method of use
Method of assaying antilaminin-1 antibody and application thereof
Micromachined ultrasonic transducer cells having compliant support structure
Parallel measurement alarm processor
Cellular phone combined physiological condition examination and processing device
Algorithms for detecting atrial arrhythmias from discriminatory signatures of ventricular cycle leng...
Dual chamber method and apparatus for diagnosis and treatment of arrhythmias
Metallocene compounds, production process for olefin polymers using catalysts containing them and ol...
Oriented films from improved propylene polymers
Process for the preparation of polybutadiene with a low branching degree
Integrated tidal wastewater treatment system and method
Bridged bi-aromatic ligands, catalysts, processes for polymerizing and polymers therefrom
Low dielectric constant material having thermal resistance, insulation film between semiconductor la...
Soft tissue hydrophilic tissue products containing polysiloxane and having unique absorbent properti...
Cellulose copolymers that modify fibers and surfaces and methods of making same
Thermoplastic resin composition material and formed article comprising said material
Golf ball cores comprising a halogenated organosulfur compound
Variable weight diamond jig fishing lure
Rotatable bird feeder
Discharged waste processing material for pet animals
Animal transportation and tracking system
Preconditioning a wildlife foraging area
Pet training device
Fish grading device
Process for humidifying the useful space in an incubator and in a controlled atmosphere incubator
Reel unit for spinning reel
Caenorhabditis elegans strain HD8: a mutant exhibiting constitutive pharyngeal pumping
Method for determining a partition in order to insert a watermark, and associated insertion and deco...
Waveguide type photoreceptor device with particular thickness ratio
Multiple and multivalent DNA vaccines in ovo
Scratchable hiding layer-forming silicone composition
Tertiary alcohol compounds having alicyclic structure
Tyrosylprotein sulfotransferases and methods of use thereof
Electromagnetic wave absorbing compositions
Films prepared from plasticized polyesters
Polydithiocarbamate resin
Method for producing propylene oxide
Optical waveguide, forming material and making method
Bond testing system, method, and apparatus
Device for customizing and dispensing contactless smart tickets
Coil antenna
Rectifying charge storage memory circuit
Continuous item picking in a distribution center using coordinated item picking periods
Wireless identification systems and protocols
System and method for locating individuals and equipment, airline reservation system, communication ...
Radio frequency identification (RFID) pin detection system
Method and apparatus for ensuring reliable loading of materials on aricraft and other vehicles
Multi-resolution object location system and method
Anti-collision interrogation pulse focusing system for use with multiple surface acoustic wave ident...
Method and apparatus for fast lookup of related classification entities in a tree-ordered classifica...
Electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Post ECP multi-step anneal/H2 treatment to reduce film impurity
Mixing apparatus
Black ink for ink-jet recording
Lithium battery and electrode
Silane copolymer compositions containing active agents
Miniature x-ray catheter with retractable needles or suction means for positioning at a desired site
Cardiac rhythm management systems and methods using multiple morphology templates for discriminating...
Switch for electrode selections in Single-pass Atrial/Ventricular leads
Fused bicyclic pyridine derivatives as tachykinin receptor antagonists
Holographic recording medium and holographic recording medium manufacturing method
Spring-loaded animal tether assembly
Crane control apparatus and method
DNAs and proteins or peptides specific to bacteria of the species Neisseria meningitidis, processes ...
Active acoustic control with flexible joints in gradient coil design for MRI
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and method incorporating multi-mode gradient coil unit
Method and selector switch for switching between two antenna units
Magnetic resonance apparatus with a positioning unit
Method and apparatus for coil-less magnetoelectric magnetic flux switching for permanent magnets
RFID readers and RFID tags communicating using extensible bit vectors
Perforating apparatus with fine setting
Rewetting installation for a material web
RIP: a human protein involved in tumor necrosis factor signal transduction
Compact cellular phone
Controlled dosage drug delivery
DSP-11 dual-specificity phosphatase
Fabric care composition comprising a block copolymer having a methoxyethyl acrylate core polymer and...
Method of treating polymer
Anti-itch solution
System and method for processing RX packets in high speed network applications using an RX FIFO buff...
Accommodative intraocular lens
Methods and compositions to prevent formation of adhesions in biological tissues
Thin film solar cell and method of manufacturing the same
Fuel cell with simultaneous gas generation
Fuel cell and power chip technology
Microfuel cell having anodic and cathodic microfluidic channels and related methods
Proton exchange composite membranes, composite solutions, and method for manufacturing and fuel cell...
Selective sorbents for purification of hydrocarbons
Percutaneously absorptive preparation
Process for the preparation of silicone compounds
Nested fuel cell field plate
Method of fabricating an integrated circuit that seals a MEMS device within a cavity
Stroboscopic illuminator
Resonant optical devices incorporating multi-layer dispersion-engineered waveguides
Safe method and system for mobile or wireless computing or communication devices
Electromagnetic valve control in an internal combustion engine with an asymmetric exhaust system des...
Active matrix display device
Nuclear magnetic resonance measuring apparatus
Underwater cable locating device
Organic semiconductor inverting circuit
Dual channel air/fuel ratio gauge
Optical attenuator device, radiation system and lithographic apparatus therewith and device manufact...
Apparatus and method for reducing the risk of decubitus ulcers
Articulating camera for digital image acquisition
Electrochromic devices having an electron shuttle
Centrifugal separation apparatus and method for separating fluid components
Processes for obtaining compounds employing SNORF72 receptors
Process for producing vinyl polymer having functional group at end and vinyl polymer having function...
Angular sensor with a magneto-electric transducer and a magnetic deflection device
Image-forming apparatus having function of preventing unevenness of image formed on recording medium
Digital camera and exposure control method of digital camera
Solid state image pick-up device
Reduced package volume convectively cooled sealed electrical system and method
Super tweeter
FM transmitter
Fuel cell system
Heat sealable polyethylene film and method for its preparation
Systems and methods for manufacturing execution system integration
System and method for fabrication backup planning
System and method of coinsurance wafer management
Replicating DDL changes using streams
Proactive service request management and measurement
Lexical cache
Integrating tablespaces with different block sizes
Real time analysis of periodic structures on semiconductors
Method and system of semiconductor fabrication fault analysis
Generating a library of simulated-diffraction signals and hypothetical profiles of periodic gratings
Mechanism for recognizing and abstracting memory structures
Memory data path circuit
Cellulosic fiber insulation material
Method for controlling process variables and an optical temperature sensor assembly
Center frequency adjustment for a notch filter
Two-dimensional micro-mirror array enhancements
Apparatus and method for detecting and compensating for resonance frequency in data storage system
Acoustic correction apparatus
Precision low jitter oscillator circuit
Hearing aid comprising an array of microphones
Rotating user interface
On-vehicle electronic control unit
Sensor assembly for determining total temperature, static temperature and Mach number
Tire carrier
Vehicle cab mounting system
Low voltage decorative light string including power supply
Flameless candle
Toner kit and color-image-forming method
Controlled reluctance AC induction motor
Method and device for evaluating charge potential
Automatic photography
Reflective liquid crystal display device
Perpendicular blade aviation snips
Portion of a knife handle
Automatic dishwashing compositions comprising blooming perfume and base masking ingredients
Cell culture system for determining the cholesterol efflux potential for serum
Methods for producing modified glycoproteins
Human secreted hemopexin-related proteins
Cyclic oxyguanidine pyrazinones as protease inhibitors
Methods and reagents for protease inhibition
Isolated human protese proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human protease proteins and uses th...
Benzamidine derivatives
Inhibitors of factor Xa and other serine proteases involved in the coagulation cascade
Approach to anti-microbial host defense with molecular shields with EPA and DHA analogs
Conformationally stabilized cell adhesion peptides
Frozen food masticating machine
Image pickup apparatus of a surrounding area of a vehicle
Memory I/O driving circuit with reduced noise and driving method
Apparatus and method for flow electroporation of biological samples
White balance control apparatus and method, and image pickup apparatus
Scalable domain name system with persistence and load balancing
Information display control in image sensing apparatus
Digital multilevel memory system having multistage autozero sensing
Policy enforcement switching
Liquid crystal driver and optical head for tilt correction
High-speed stats gathering in a network switch
Relay apparatus
Method and system for a Unicast endpoint client to access a multicast internet protocol (IP) session
Single chip embedded microcontroller having multiple non-volatile erasable PROMS sharing a single hi...
Noise suppression component selecting method and program
High efficiency Brayton cycles using LNG
Air conditioning system for buildings and air-conditioned building, especially a zero energy house
Reusable vacuum bag and methods of its use
Vascular embolization with an expansible implant
Radiographic image conversion panel and method for manufacturing the same
P-type semiconductor manufacturing method and semiconductor device
Modified photocatalyst sol
Photosensitive resin composition, dry film, and workpiece using the same
Colorant compounds containing copolymerizable vinyl groups
Cover glass for a solar battery, a method for producing the cover glass and a solar battery module u...
Hot-gas engine
System and method for automatic detection of collocation mistakes in documents
Generating a task-adapted acoustic model from one or more supervised and/or unsupervised corpora
Lock-free handle resolution
Accounting for references between a client and server that use disparate e-mail storage formats
System and method for producing a video signal
Methods and systems for transparent depth sorting
Implicit page breaks for digitally represented handwriting
Optical device
Head positioner and information recording/replaying apparatus
Multi-pulse reset write scheme for phase-change memories
Semiconductor integrated circuit device, memory module, storage device and the method for repairing ...
Dosage control electrode for iontophoresis device
Cardiac vein lead with flexible anode and method for forming same
Multivariable actuator control for an internal combustion engine
Ferroelectric capacitor and process for its manufacture
Electric double layer capacitor, electrolytic cell and process for fabricating same
Neutral control for vehicular automatic transmission
Transmission with long ring planetary gearset
Latch mechanism for locker
Temperature profile determination
Apparatus and method for detecting and classifying chemicals, particles, vira, and bacteria in fluid...
Nucleic acids to PRO1387 polypeptides
Rest-breaking composition and use thereof
Method of fixing anodic arc attachments of a multiple arc plasma gun and nozzle device for same
Micromachined field asymmetric ion mobility filter and detection system
System and method for retrofit mechanism for motorizing a manual turret
Electromechanical safety for weapons, and weapon provided with the same
Detachable entrance and exit gate with a combined commodity burglarproofing and small arms detecting...
System, method, and software for testing electrical devices
Stage system, exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method
Cell regulatory genes, encoded products, and uses related thereto
System and method for connecting multicast or broadcast control information to mobile stations
Vehicle tracker cooperating with a starter interrupt and related methods
Method of providing a wireless service connection for a mobile vehicle
Communication system and method using signal to noise ratio estimation for scaling in processing rec...
Method for selecting a quality of service in a wireless communication system
Low layer paging indicator processing system and method for multi-layer communication equipment used...
Online short message service (SMS) monitoring tool
System and method for confirming short message service (SMS) message reception in mobile communicati...
Display device with passivation structure
Display device having a plurality of pixels having different luminosity characteristics
Organic EL element drive circuit and organic EL display device using the same
Electro-luminescence display device and driving method thereof
Organic electroluminescent material and electroluminescent device by using the same
Organic light emitting devices having reduced pixel shrinkage
Organic element for electroluminescent devices
Organic electroluminescent device and method for manufacturing same
Organic field effect transistor with an organic dielectric
Water-capturing agent and organic EL device
Organic semiconductor polymer for organic thin film transistor containing quinoxaline ring in the ba...
Dual-screen organic electroluminescent display
OLED device having microcavity gamut subpixels and a within gamut subpixel
Full-color organic display having improved blue emission
Transaction system for transporting media files from content provider sources to home entertainment ...
Electro-optical device and methods for hybridization and detection
Antibiotic coating for porous bodies and method for its production as well as its use
Position dependent recognition of GNN nucleotide triplets by zinc fingers
Thermostable enzyme promoting the fidelity of thermostable DNA polymerases-for improvement of nuclei...
Human gastric cancer antigen gene and gastric cancer antigen protein
Plant-derived alkaline alpha-galactosidase
Anti-hiv composition, production method thereof and medicament
Human homologues of fused gene
Novel factor viia inhibiting compounds
Puerarin derivatives and their medical uses
Inhibitors of ADP-ribosyl transferases, cyclases, and hydrolases, and uses thereof
Adiponectin promoter and use thereof
Novel neurotrophic factor protein and uses thereof
RNA interference in respiratory epitheial cells
Compositions and methods for inhibiting expression of anti-apoptotic genes
Method for synthesis of beta glucans
P-Rex1, a ptdins (3,4,5) p3-g-beta-gamma-regulated guanine-nucleotide exchange factor for rac
Purified polypeptide, isolated nucleic acids encoding said polypeptide, vectors and use thereof
Versatile platform for nanotechnology based on circular permutations of chaperonin protein
Substituted 9a-n-[n'-(benzenesulfonyl)carbamoyl-aminopropyl]and 9a-n-[n'-(b-cya-neothyl) -n-[n'-(ben...
Sequence-determined DNA encoding methyltransferases
High affinity TGFbeta nucleic acid ligands and inhibitors
cDNAs and proteins involved in hypoxia, circadian and orphan signal transduction pathways, and metho...
Human cDNA clones comprising polynucleotides encoding polypeptides and methods of their use
Synthesis of aldonolactones, aldarolactones, and aldarodilactones using azeotropic distillation
Zoom lens for digital image capturing apparatus
On-vehicle image pick-up apparatus and method of setting image pick-up direction
Zoom lens, camera, and mobile information terminal
Objective lens driving apparatus
Lens apparatus and camera
Low-pass filter transmission line with integral electroabsorption modulator
Optical reduction method with elimination of reticle diffraction induced bias
Taking lens system
Photographic lens
Matte box quick assembly system
Retainer, exposure apparatus, and device fabrication method
Digital camera module with anti-fouling lens adhesion
Imaging system using combined dichroic/high-pass filters
Cosmetic or dermatological light-protective formulation comprising a benzotriazole and a benzoxazole...
Uses for non-autologous mesenchymal stem cells
Peptide extract of lupine and pharmaceutical or cosmetic or nutritional composition comprising the s...
Retinol derivatives, the method of preparations and the uses thereof
Portable device attached to a media player for rating audio/video contents
Method for displaying the amount of storage use
Method for processing an internet protocol (IP) encapsulated signaling system seven (SS7) user part ...
System and method for ensuring merge completion in a storage area network
Plasma display panel having capability of providing priming discharge between opposing electrodes
Compound semiconductor device, production method thereof, light-emitting device and transistor
MRAM device integrated with other types of circuitry
Metal gate with composite film stack
Nonaqueous electrolyte lithium secondary cell
Filter ampoule system
Method of enhancing relaxation of penile smooth muscle by introduction of DNA encoding maxi-K potass...
Diffraction-compensated integrated WDM
Printing device having a printing fluid detector
Cupressus macrocarpa plant named 'Emerald Crest'
Error correction code parameter selection in a communication system
Torque control for engine during cylinder activation or deactivation
Data authoring device
Process for making aluminum alloy sheet having excellent bendability
Biocompatible materials and probes
Method for the production of poly(3-hydroxyalkanoates) in the presence of a nucleophile
Photodynamic treatment of targeted cells
Plural station memory data sharing system
Prefetching data in a computer system
Nightstick with handcuff
System and method for implementing a project facility
Primate embryonic stem cells
Preparation of an Auricularia auricula polysaccharide and its use in mammals
Radiolucent surgical table with low shadow accessory interface profile
Chlorinated vinyl resin/cellulosic blends: composition, processes, composites, and articles therefro...
Oral fluid absorbing compositions and system for application thereof in a method of dental arch trea...
3-Amino-2-hydroxyalkanoic acids and their prodrugs
Organic electroluminescence device, planar light source and display device using the same
Method of preparing a carbamate- or urea-functional compound
Restoring optical pulses
Optical waveguide device and method of manufacture thereof
Image forming apparatus, management method for replacement part used therefor, and management progra...
Image forming device that performs warm-up operation
Image forming apparatus including air-flow direction changing around transferring device
Radio terminal and fault detection method
Wireless terminal
Internal combustion engine controller
Vehicle navigation apparatus and program
Navigation system
Material reservation distribution system and method
OO control for injection molding machine
Vehicle wheel speed calculation device and anti-skid braking control apparatus provided therewith
Polymer electrolyte fuel cell stack and method for operating the same and gas vent valve
Method and device for judging the condition of secondary batteries and method for regenerating secon...
Systems and methods for testing integrated circuits
Polyester resin string binder
Method of manufacturing heat bonded glass fiber insulation boards
Jacketed pipe insulation with integral ruler
Transfer fixing apparatus
Integrator of optical device
Dielectrophoretic apparatus and method
Apparatus for improved light collection
Regulatory protein for Nox enzymes
Plasmodium falciparum AMA-1 protein and uses thereof
Micronized freeze-dried particles
Isotope-doped carbon nanotube and method and apparatus for forming the same
Light-emitting phosphor particles and electroluminescent devices employing same
Water-soluble derivatives of lipophilic drugs
Cooling system for a semiconductor device and method of fabricating same
Oxidation process with in-situ H202 generation and polymer-encapsulated catalysts therefor
Scanning probe microscope assembly
Molecular wire transistor (MWT)
Apparatus and method for fabricating arrays of atomic-scale contacts and gaps between electrodes and...
Variable capacitors, composite materials
Coin counter/sorter and coupon/voucher dispensing machine and method
Cash dispensing automated banking machine with improved card retention capabilities and method
Analytical server including metrics engine
Iron-type golf club head
Bead core of pneumatic tire
Tire mold
Iron-type golf club head
Viscoelastic characteristic value-measuring apparatus and method of measuring viscoelastic character...
Pneumatic tire including blocks and splitting grooves
Pneumatic tire
Tire-use rubber-covered fabric, production method therefor, production method for pneumatic tire usi...
Golf club head
Golf club head
One-piece golf ball
Method and apparatus for real-time vibration imaging
Sealing device
Reduced-overhead protocol for discovering new neighbor nodes and detecting the loss of existing neig...
Method and apparatus for recognizing text in an image sequence of scene imagery
Method and apparatus for providing speech-driven routing between spoken language applications
Golf clubhead
Tire tread
Rubber with polyethylene and phenylene bismaleimide and tire with component thereof
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
System and method for post-cure application of electronics to a tire
Tire with outside-in ply construction
Tire with rubber composition
Coupled transponder and antenna system and method
Tire sensor insertion tool and method
Pneumatic run-flat tire with porous elastomeric layer
Group III-B metal catalyst system
Apparatus and method for testing tire liner surface adhesion capability
Apparatus for monitoring a condition of a tire
Pneumatic tire having circumferentially extending rib with chamfers
Truck tire with cap/base construction tread
Hose construction containing thermoplastic fluoropolymer
System and method to estimate the location of a receiver in a multi-path environment
Grid mapping utility for a GPS device
Combinations of hydrogen storage materials including amide/imide
Heater for physiological fluids
Bis(perfluoroalkanesulfonyl)imides and their salts as surfactants/additives for applications having ...
Isoform specific inhibition for treatment of pain and reduction of anesthetic threshold
Stretch releasing adhesive article with shape retaining member
Method of reducing and treating UVB-induced immunosuppression
Contrast and brightness enhancing apertures for illumination displays
Arylsulfinate salts in initiator systems for polymeric reactions
Endoscope having multiple working segments
Conformable wound dressing
Electronic endoscope apparatus
Methods of isolation of amyloid inhibitory ingredients within Uncaria tomentosa
Reduced area imaging device incorporated within wireless endoscopic devices
Cholesteric liquid crystal additives
Method and apparatus for performing packet detection processing
Carrier phase estimation based on single-axis constant modulus cost criterion and Bussgang criteria
Digital signal processing apparatus
Deterministic distortion insensitive adaptive receiver using decision updating
Methods and devices for determining exercise diagnostic parameters
Methods and systems for detecting noise in a position sensor using minor shifts in sensing frequency
System and method for using character set matching to enhance print quality
Interfacing apparatus and method for adapting Ethernet directly to physical channel
Computer-implemented voice markup system and method
Creating a language model for a language processing system
Publication confirming method, publication information acquisition apparatus, publication informatio...
Microwave plasma source
Method and apparatus for measuring birefringent particles
Combined use of oscillating means and ellipsometry to determine uncorrelated effective thickness and...
Method and apparatus for aligning diffraction grating
Randomized superpixels to enhance multilevel image quality in economical, fast incremental-printing ...
Multi-frequency focusing for MWD resistivity tools
Apparatus and analysis method for determination of moisture in materials
Spectroscopy instrument using broadband modulation and statistical estimation techniques to account ...
MRI shoulder coil
Operator for sculpting solids with sheet bodies
Apparatus and method for estimating a turning characteristic of a vehicle
Method and device for utilization of mobile radio telephones for surveillance and/or control purpose...
Universal power measurement SoC and measuring method
System and method for analyzing data streams
Method and system for encoding and accessing linguistic frequency data
Verbal utterance rejection using a labeller with grammatical constraints
Apparatus and method for monitoring instant messaging accounts
Project management for complex construction projects by monitoring subcontractors in real time
System and method for integrating a power system over a network
Method and system for determining relative positions of networked mobile communication devices
Surface covering unit
Image display screen and image display device
Diffusing film comprising transparent resin and scatterers
Sealing member, rolling bearing, thin motor, and bearing device
Security telephone
Image data based retrospective temporal selection of medical images
Perspective with shear warp
Blade cleaner cartridge with dust and lint seal blade
Portable cellular telephone and communication system thereof
Virtual keyboard system with automatic correction
Pen base mouse
Radiopaque cationically polymerizable compositions comprising a radiopacifying filler, and method fo...
Time of flight electron detector
Methods for detecting photons, radiations or neutrons using superconductors and methods for obtainin...
Laser driven ion accelerator
Methods and apparatus for handling image recording media
Body rest for magnetic resonance imaging
Method of following the three-dimensional deformation of a deformable organ
X-ray computed tomography apparatus and picture quality simulation apparatus
CT apparatus, CT imaging method and method of providing service using the same
Methods and apparatus for generating CT scout images
Methods and system for detecting components of plaque
Substrate material for X-ray optical components
Radiological imaging apparatus and method
Method of manufacturing, and a collimator mandrel having variable attenuation characteristics for a ...
Displaying graphical objects
Pointing systems for addressing objects
Method and apparatus for providing web site preview information
Lamp wedge base
Internal sleeve in a double-lamp socket
Minidrive pen with laser and illuminating function
Liquid crystal display device having an electromagnetic-wave shielding member
Roadway incursion alert system
Notification system and method that informs a party of vehicle delay
Video-imaging apparel with user-control system
Method and apparatus for combining light paths of colored light sources through a common integration...
System and method for monitoring aircraft engine health and determining engine power available, and ...
Method and device for recognising a state of standstill of a motor vehicle
Car navigation system prioritizing automatic travel road
Interactive orthodontic care system based on intra-oral scanning of teeth
Device for electrostatic discharge protection
Operational amplifier with selectable performance characteristics
Polytrimethylene terephthalate resins with improved properties
Substituted imidazole derivatives: GABAA receptor ligands
Methods for treating diabetic neuropathy
Method of adjusting a signal power in a variable data rate mode in a mobile communication system
Forward and reverse link power control of serving and non-serving base stations in a wireless commun...
Method of processing user information inputted through touch screen panel of digital mobile station
Change management
Efficiently storing indented threads in a threaded discussion application
Home appliance networking system and method for controlling the same
Connection management method for devices connected digital interface and command structure therefor
Apparatus and method for reducing Bit Error Rates (BER) and Frame Error Rates (FER) using turbo deco...
System and method for displaying scale-down picture
Video display apparatus having hotkey functions and a method therefor
Optical pickup device
Mandevilla plant named 'Sunmanderemi'
Verbena plant named 'USBENAS26'
Astilbe plant named 'Heart and Soul'
Weigela plant named 'Kolmas'
Chrysanthemum plant named 'Sizzleness Purple'
Chrysanthemum plant named 'Syllabub Purple'
Osteospermum plant named 'Oste Pinkbic'
Kalanchoe plant named 'Fuego'
Aster plant named 'Yobeliever'
Clerodendrum plant named 'Morningstar'
Anagallis plant named 'USANG-4'
Hypericum plant named 'Vergrecla'
Interspecific tree named 'Plumsweet IV'
Peach tree named 'Candy Princess'
Hybrid tea rose plant named 'TAN01994'
Forsythia plant named 'McKCitrine'
Sutera plant named 'Maxi Mauve Blue'
Reactant delivery apparatuses
Core-shell magnetic nanoparticles and nanocomposite materials formed therefrom
Method and system for magnetic recording using self-organized magnetic nanoparticles
Solid-water detoxifying reagents for chemical and biological agents
Recording medium with nanoparticles and methods of making the same
Therapeutic compounds
Process for preparing 4-alkyl- or 4-aryl-oxycarbonyl paclitaxel analogs and novel intermediates
LPS-response gene compositions and methods
Call optimization in ad-hoc conference calls
Selectable muting on conference calls
Method and system for location-based group conference initiation
Method and device for data input
Optically variable water-based inks
Service broker for processing data from a data network
Apparatuses for generation and collection of information based on priority and predetermined collect...
Statistics aggregation for policy-based network
Handling collisions during synchronization of data between client and server computers
Forming and cooking with controlled curtain spillage
Restaurant and restaurant building
Reducing acrylamide in fried food
Multi-function customer satisfaction survey device
Flexible mould for foodstuff
Process for granulation of wet processed foods and use thereof
Flavored sugarcane juice in aseptic unit packs
Food cooking installation
Aspartame blend
High yield method of producing pure rebaudioside A
Composition for delivering a high intensity sweetener
Dough Compositions and related methods, involving high-gluten content
High expansion dough compositions and methods
Puffed cheese product and process for making same
Doughless pizza and method of making same
Dry cherry product
Easy-open dough packages and related methods of manufacture
Methods of food intake management
TV server cluster system
Spray gun for use with an all surface cleaning apparatus
Inter-folded sheet dispenser with replaceable cartridge
Ink-jet printing on surface modified edibles and products made
Automatic cover latch and pressure relief system for a dough divider
Method for producing concentrated vermicompost
Method for increasing lactose tolerance in mammals exhibiting lactose intolerance
Cold formed food bars containing fragile baked inclusions
Methods and systems for automatically extruding and cutting dough-based products having pre-selected...
Method and system for producing a dehydrated whole food product
Sucralose-containing composition and edible products containing the composition
Beverage having a concentrated or purified tea extract
Mayonnaise-like food and method of manufacturing the same
Decorticated finger millet (Eleusine coracana) and a process for preparing the decorticated f...
Food container using titanium oxide particle and production method thereof
Nucleotide sequences for detection of Bacillus anthracis
Aerated cleanser and a method of dispensing the same
Inhibitors of formation of advanced glycation endproducts (AGEs)
Tetrahydroquinoline derivatives as stat6-modulators, preparation and use thereof
Methods for improving damaged retinal cell function
Patient condition display
Equilibrium state analyzing apparatus, equilbrium state analysis method, program and recording mediu...
Deep design filter method for design
System, method, and computer program product for weather and terrestrial vegetation-based water reno...
System and method for managing objects and resources with access rights embedded in nodes within a h...
System and method for identifying relationships between database records
Method and apparatus for fast natural log(X) calculation
Hybrid replication scheme with data and actions for wireless devices
Mask pattern and method for forming resist pattern using mask pattern thereof
System and method for rules based content mining, analysis and implementation of consequences
Method and system for reducing memory faults while running an operating system
Monitoring unit for monitoring and automatic clearance of faults in medical applications
User interface display system
Creating and applying variable bias rules in rule-based optical proximity correction for reduced com...
Apparatus, system, and method for automatically minimizing real-time task latency and maximizing non...
Systems and methods providing intelligent routing of data between software systems
Interfacing disparate software applications
Method, system and computer program product for performing data access transformation with request a...
Reproductive ablation constructs
Modified Cry3A toxins
Systems and methods for clonal expression in plants
Increased plant seed yield
Plasmid vector for expression of hepatitis B virus genes in plants, transgenic cell lines for the ge...
Pistachio plant called 'PETE I'
Eastern redbud plant named 'Hearts of Gold'
Euphorbia milii plant named '2004-5'
Euphorbia milii plant named '2004-8'
Convertible sandal
Shock-absorbing shoe structure having adjustable elasticity
Footwear with enhanced cushioning
Lace system for footwear
Lace system for footwear
Uni-sex multi-sport footwear accessory
Shoe with interchangeable heel members
Footwear upper with flexible collar assembly
Bicycle pedal assembly
Articles prepared from compositions modified with organic fiber micropulp
Safety crampon with generality put on
Foot guided shoe sole and footbed
Composite shoe sole
Shoe with leg support
Bicycle shoe having protective device
Shoes with decorative outsole and/or heel
Shoe heel with liquid received therein
Call display and vibration-sensed light emitting shoe heel
Footwear orthotic with insert
Set retarder compositions, cement compositions, and associated methods
Antimicrobial additive for large animal or poultry beddings
Flexible flashing for multiplanar building surfaces
Cement compositions comprising aromatic sulfonated polymers and methods of using the same
Desulfurization and novel sorbent for same
Process for production or treatment of hollow articles
Method of stretching film and such film
Blind fastening system
Anti-termite agent
Method for applying a coating material to the surface of foam cores
Method for recovering catalyst material,catalyst material recovered by said recovering method, metho...
High calcium fertilizer composition
Methods of generating a gas in a plugging composition to improve its sealing ability in a downhole p...
Composition comprising polymer and silicone rubber
Method for biosolid disposal and methane generation
Bone drill system with highly visible depth markings
Compact ceiling isolation hanger
Cementitious exterior sheathing product with rigid support member
Filters and methods of making and using the same
Quick binder for self compacting concrete, use and application of same
System for treating material containing noxious components
Powder dispersant for hydraulic compositions
Powder dispersant for hydraulic compositions
Nitrite compositions
Storage and/or transportation method of polyalkylene glycol monomers
Alignment plate for wiring device
Document retrieval system with access control
System for multiple harnessing and complemented conversion of energy from sea waves
Solar water desalination/purification device
Method for the production of a molecule vector applicable in the field of water treatment and vector...
Ultrafiltration and microfiltration module and system
Method and system for the treatment of liquid effluents containing pollutants in a suspension
Therapeutic treatments using the direct application of antimicrobial metal compositions
Carbonated protein drink and method of making
Method for preparing a coffee extract, and the extract to be obtained therewith
Novel glycopeptide and peptide having a kokumi taste imparting function, and method of imparting the...
Method for collecting information on the primary structure of proteins, hydrophobic microparticulate...
Process for forming sharp silicon structures
Composition for selectively polishing silicon nitride layer and polishing method employing it
Appetite-suppressing compositions and methods
Hydroxyphenyl cross-linked macromolecular network and applications thereof
Dynamic power and workload management for multi-server system
Moisture adding microwave lid apparatus
High quantum efficiency x-ray detector for portal imaging
Dynamically optimizing the presentation of advertising messages
Dynamic seamless reconfiguration of executing parallel software
Point-to-multipoint passive optical network that utilizes variable-length packets
Boundary scan apparatus and interconnect test method
Shrub rose plant named 'Poultc005'
Inexpensive and easy-to-handle structure of optical information reading apparatus
Portable computing device with foldable keyboard
Method and system for generating test matrices for software programs
Full color surface discharge type plasma display device
Illuminant, and, electron beam detector, scanning electron microscope and mass spectroscope each inc...
Magnetic random access memory
Precursor for hafnium oxide layer and method for forming halnium oxide film using the precursor
System for discouraging the removal of identification labels adhered to a surface
Method and apparatus for simultaneous line-interface wiring collision detection
Positive active material of a lithium-sulfur battery and method of fabricating same
Methods and formulations for the efficient delivery of water-insoluble drugs by nebulizer
Pressurized plastic bottle for dispensing an aerosol
Optical routers using angular position amplification modules
Wavelength tunable surface plasmon resonance sensor
Catalyst attached to solid and used to promote free radical formation in CMP formulations
Calibrachoa plant named 'Sunbelhopi'
Adaptive opto-emission imaging device and method thereof
Electronic unit integrated into a flexible polymer body
Position detector
System and method for three-dimensional imaging
Data processing system, printer, image recording system and image recording method
Process for producing optically active β-trifluoromethyl-β-hydroxycarbonyl compound
Method and system for collaborative profiling for continuous detection of profile phase transitions
Methods and systems for creating a virtual work environment within which to develop ideas and perfor...
Methods and devices for prevention of hypothermia in a mammal during prolonged exposure to extreme c...
Ketogulonigenium endogeneous plasmids
Optical monitoring and control system and method for plasma reactors
Equipment protection using a partial star architecture
System and method for executing hybridized code on a dynamically configurable hardware environment
Disk packaging
Semiconductor laser device and semiconductor laser module using the device and method for low reflec...
Front-loading syringe adapter for front-loading medical injector
Aquaculture system
Leakage compensation arrangement in a control device for a fully hydraulic steering system
Method for differentiating rat hepatic stem cells to insulin-producing cells
Process of purifying phosphoramidites
Method and system of evaporative emission control using activated carbon fibers
Server blade for performing load balancing functions
Multi-phase polypropylene compositions
Liquid-crystal display device
Method for producing polyisocyanates
Low power photomultiplier tube circuit and method therefor
Fuel cell separator and production method therefor
Process for preparing a catalyst, the catalyst and a use of the catalyst
Concatenated forward error correction decoder
String binders and method for making same
Glass fiber insulation product
Roofing system and method
Image forming apparatus
Compounds which inhibit leukocyte adhesion mediated by VLA-4
Method for the preparation of citalopram
Feeding method and apparatus for dynamic separators
Technique for mitigation of polarization mode dispersion in fiber optic transmission links
Photonic input/output port
Photonic switch
Expanded beam connector system
Device and method of temperature compensating optical component
Fiber optic devices having volume Bragg grating elements
Plug-in module for providing bi-directional data transmission
High resolution display component, system and method
Wavelength division multiplexed transmission path and dispersion-compensating fiber used therein
Optical fiber cable and optical fiber cable with plug
Optical fiber unit having excellent elasticity and optical cable including the same
Using electro-magnetically induced transparency in photonic crystal cavities to obtain large non-lin...
Material for attenuating light signals with low reflectance in a fiber optic network
Method and system for monitoring performance of optical network
Optical add-drop multiplexer
Method and apparatus for automated crack behavior prediction determination
Disk subsystem
Lymphotoxin-β, lymphotoxin-β complexes, pharmaceutical preparations and therapeutic uses...
Pharmaceutical compositions of drug-oligomer conjugates and methods of treating disease therewith
Treatment of eclampsia and preeclampsia
Immune-modulating peptide
Immunostimulant compositions comprising an aminoalkyl glucosaminide phosphate and QS-21
Controlled nucleic acid delivery systems
Compounds that abrogate DNA-damage-induced cell cycle G2 checkpoint and/or augment the anti-cancer a...
Pyrrolopyridazine compounds and methods of use thereof for the treatment of proliferative disorders
Pyrazolopyridinyl pyridine and pyrimidine therapeutic compounds
Benzimidazole compounds and antiviral uses thereof
α-and β-amino acid hydroxyethylamino sulfonyl urea derivatives useful as retroviral prot...
Materials and methods for detection and quantitation of an analyte
Megakaryocyte stimulating factors
Antigen-binding fragments specific for dendritic cells, compositions and methods of use thereof anti...
E25A protein, methods for producing and use thereof
Temporary expanding integrated monitoring network
Methods, apparatus and computer program products for controlling seeking of a transducer based on ph...
Disk drive having guide-vanes
Presilicon disk model for design, development and validation
Method and apparatus for increasing the device count on a single ATA bus
Semiconductor materials used in magnetic recording head assemblies to prevent damage from electrosta...
Thin film magnetic head, magnetic head device and magnetic recording/reproducing device
Ferromagnetic tunnel magnetoresistive devices and magnetic head
Method and system for synchronization in the presence of thermal asperity
Method of processing metal plate member of disc cartridge
Method for optimizing UDMA transfer signals using CRC errors
Method and apparatus for protecting a magnetic disk within a cartridge from electrostatic charge
Conductive adhesive for magnetic head assembly
Data storage device having single actuator assembly or multiple actuator assemblies
Moving magnet voice coil motor using Halbach arrays
Modular rotary actuator assembly for a rotatable media data storage device
Carriage arm assembly for locating magnetic head, and magnetic disk apparatus using the same
CPP-type magnetic head with less deformation and a magnetic recording/reproducing system using the s...
Disk drive with magnetic head for perpendicular magnetic recording
Perpendicular recording magnetic head with a write shield magnetically coupled to a first pole piece
Magnetic shields for reduced variations of head-media spacing
Magneto resistive head and magnetic recording apparatus
Dubbing apparatus
PRO1343 nucleic acids
Serine threonine kinase member, h2520-59
Human protein phosphatase 2C
DNA encoding SNORF36 receptors
Aminobenzimidazoles as selective melanin concentrating hormone receptor antagonists for the treatmen...
Nitrogen-containing heterocyclic compounds and benzamide compounds and drugs containing the same
Pyrazolopyrazine compound and pharmaceutical use thereof
1,4-disubstituted piperazine ligands for neurotransmitter receptors
Inhibitors of 11-β-hydroxy steroid dehydrogenase type 1
Heterocyclic compounds
Pyridinyl derivatives for the treatment of depression
Systematic inflammatory markers as diagnostic tools in the prevention of atherosclerotic diseases an...
Pharmaceutical compositions, kits and methods comprising combinations of estrogen agonists/antagonis...
Propanolaminotetralines, preparation thereof and compositions containing same
Crystalline polymorph of venlafaxine hydrochloride and methods for the preparation thereof
Antidepressant azahetorocyclylmethyl derivatives of 7,8-dihydro-6H-5-oxa-1-aza-phenathrene
Methods and apparatus for representing resources in a computing system environment
Portable operating environment for information devices
Method, system, and program products for distributed content throttling in a computing environment
Method, system, and program for using buffers to provide property value information for a device
Method and apparatus for a document parser specification
Creating data structures from a form file and creating a web page in conjunction with corresponding ...
Method and system for distributing personalized editions of media programs using bookmarks
User interface rendering component environment
Immersion lithography methods using carbon dioxide
Head-up display
Digital node for hybrid fiber/coax network
Pulse laser resonator
Apparatus and method for adjusting external-cavity lasers
Stable high efficiency multiple wavelength laser sources
High efficiency single and multiple wavelength stabilized systems
High speed switching driver
High-frequency superposing module for driving laser diode
Tilted cavity semiconductor laser (TCSL) and method of making same
Edge emitting laser with circular beam
Gas laser device and exposure apparatus using the same
Using relay lens to enhance optical performance of an external cavity laser
Laser level
Bragg grating and method of producing a Bragg grating using an ultrafast laser
Method for manufacturing optical waveguide using laser direct writing method and optical waveguide m...
Optical transponders and transceivers
Optical transmission device and optical transmission system using the same
Image formation apparatus for providing a predetermined temperature lowering period in which the tem...
Wheel for an automobile
Headlamp for a vehicle
Rotor body and production method thereof
Regeneration of diesel particulate filter
Fuel property determination system
Tire pressure sensing component for detecting air pressure and related method
Direct fuel injection engine
Controlled tether arrangement for an airbag
Seatbelt apparatus for vehicle
Modular console system
Adjustable armrest
Drop down stow in floor automotive vehicle seat assembly
Vehicular state switching device
Method and apparatus for assessing performance of an environmental control system
Interior weld and improved sling
Cannula with associated filter and methods of use during cardiac surgery
Line capture system and method
Loop structures for supporting multiple electrode elements
Composite material for piezoelectric transduction
Horseshoe including calks
Composite of consolidation-hardening pile for soft ground
Battery having a terminal lead surface covering layer and related method
Silicon nitride-based composite sintered body and producing method thereof
Interconnect substrate, semiconductor device, methods of fabricating, inspecting, and mounting the s...
Device for winding a yarn on a holder driven in rotation
Method for flattening surface of oxide crystal to ultra high degree
Method for producing an aqueous hydroxylamine solution devoid of salt
Composition and control method for treating hydrocarbon
High capacity hydrogen storage material based on catalyzed alanates
Desulfurizer comprising activated carbon and method of desulfurization
Process for selective oxidation of carbon monoxide in a hydrogen containing stream
Method of making lithium borohydride
Crystalline solid UVL-1 and a process for hydroconverting/hydrocracking hydrocarbon feeds
Silicon carbide powder and method for producing the same
Method for non-reactive separation of nanomorphic carbon species
Method for cutting single-wall carbon nanotubes through fluorination
Process for producing hydrogen peroxide using microchannel technology
Process for making durable rutile titanium dioxide pigment by vapor phase deposition of surface trea...
Process for making a germanium-zeolite
Composition and method for forming doped A-site deficient thin-film manganate layers on a substrate
Electrochemical hydrogen flow rate control system
Tool to direct bone replacement material
Apparatus for mixing and dispensing components
Methods of therapy and diagnosis using immunotargeting of CD84Hy1-expressing cells
Secreted and transmembrane polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding the same
Process for production of polypeptides
Drug-oligomer conjugates with polyethylene glycol components
Moisture sensor and windshield fog detector
Media resource card with programmable caching for converged services platform
Therapeutic slipper
Integrated and hybrid sole construction for footwear
Shoe or sandal having rotatable and reversible vamp, or loop strap
Anatomically correct skating boot
Shoe with concealed compartment for retaining items
Method of constructing a concrete slab
Method for rehabilitating an existing pipe
Methods for controlling water and particulate production
Rapid-set injection system using high-speed jet fluid
Shoreline erosion barrier
Biodegradable sediment barrier
Utility line bedding for storm water management and storm water management system and method
Oxidizing solution and process for contaminants
Method for treating metal-contaminated water and soil
Method of decreasing nitrate nitrogen and volatile organic compound in soil and groundwater
Subsurface materials management and containment system, components thereof and methods relating ther...
Wall lining method and system
Apparatus for pipeline stabilization and shoreline erosion protection
Compositions to detect lesions associated with hearing loss in the cochlear gene, COCH5B2
Antisense oligonucleotides tarageting folate receptor alpha, and the use thereof
Metallocenes and processes for their preparation
Methods of inducing resistance in plants to fungal pathogens by transformation with acquired genes
Toxin gene from the bacteria photorhabdus luminescens
Soybean cultivar 900613
Soybean Variety XB43D05
Soybean cultivar 4216033
Soybean cultivar S040121
Soybean cultivar 4337175
Inbred corn line PHBBP
Hybrid maize 38B85
Cluster analysis of genetic microarray images
Programmable peak detector for use with zero-overhead Class G line drivers
Method and apparatus for isolation in a data access arrangement using analog encoded pulse signaling
Echo canceller employing dual-H architecture having improved non-linear echo path detection
Telephonic handset employing feed-forward noise cancellation
Robust adaptive filter for echo cancellation
Electronic inductor with transmit signal telephone line driver
Resistive feed rail generation in a power supply
Network interface device and method
Hinge positioning apparatus for a foldable mobile telephone
All-in-one headset
Method and system for refilling mobile telephone prepaid phone cards via electronic distribution of ...
Sending initial password through an SMS
Method and system for managing communication based on location
Mobile phone with two input modes
Mobile phone with fat measuring function and the fat measuring method thereof
Audio signal processing apparatus
Wild game feeder with collapsible reservoir
Doe Antlers
System and method for generating statistics for a user of a gaming application
Game ball cover with improved stripes and/or logos
Data processing apparatus and processing method and medium for electronic games
Electronic timepiece including a game mode
Lead-free solder alloy
Creep resistant magnesium alloy
Radio frequency transmitter having translational loop phase equalization
Rake receiver in third generation mobile radiotelephone systems
Estimating power on spatial channels
Forward link power control of multiple data streams transmitted to a mobile station using a common p...
Stop-on-station method and apparatus
Direct-conversion receiver system and method with quadrature balancing and DC offset removal
Dynamic sub-carrier assignment in OFDM systems
Timekeeper with automatic time setting and time setting method for same
Distributed smart antenna system
System for managing the identity of mobile stations roaming between mobile radio networks
Cellular radio telephone
Method and system for load sharing between a plurality of cells in a radio network system
Proactive collision avoidance system
Method of calculating exciting coefficients for circular array antenna and radio unit utilizing the ...
Pre-emptive bandwidth allocation by dynamic positioning
Radio communication terminal system automatic function setting method used in the same
Method and apparatus of header compression for broadcast services in radio telecommunication system
Method and apparatus for associating a client device with a hosted service
Musical instrument support strap and method of manufacture
Computer integrated manufacturing control system for oxide chemical mechanical polishing
Lenticular image guitar top
Electronic synthesized steelpan drum
Devices for removing and separating moisture from woodwind musical instruments
Music teaching device and method
Synchronized beat notification system and master device and slave device for use therewith
Electronic musical apparatus and program for electronic music
Advanced memory management architecture for large data volumes
Replica synchronization using copy-on-read technique
Method, system, and apparatus for releasing storage in a fast replication environment
Storage device and storage device control method
Memory controller for supporting a plurality of different memory accesse modes
On-demand allocation of physical storage for virtual volumes using a zero logical disk
Data processing system and method
Zero cycle penalty in selecting instructions in prefetch buffer in the event of a miss in the instru...
Data-driven type information processing apparatus and information processing method allowing for eff...
Simple algorithmic cryptography engine
Method and apparatus for using a dynamic random access memory in substitution of a hard disk drive
Error recovery
Method for loosely coupling metadata and data in a storage array
Method and apparatus for creating a storage pool by dynamically mapping replication schema to provis...
Method for managing computer, apparatus for managing computer, and computer readable medium storing ...