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Jitter suppression techniques for laser driver circuits
Semiconductor laser device and optical disk recording and reproducing apparatus
Monolithically integrated high power laser optical device
Recycling system for a chemical laser system
Method and system for countering laser technology
Ultra-fast all-optical switch array
Waveguide structure having improved reflective mirror features
Method and apparatus for the integration of a VCSEL flex with a parallel optical transceiver package
All-optical, 3R regeneration using the Sagnac and Mach-Zehnder versions of the terahertz optical asy...
Collapsible footwear
Nanocomposite particulates and methods of using nanocomposite particulates
Elastic contact element
Electrodeionization water producing apparatus and method of producing deionized water using same
High coercivity perpendicular magnetic recording media on polymer substrates
Fuel cell cathodes and their fuel cells
Composite material and current collector for battery
Polymer electrolyte, rechargeable lithium battery and method of preparing rechargeable lithium batte...
Process of forming a micro-pattern of a metal or a metal oxide
ONO fabrication process for increasing oxygen content at bottom oxide-substrate interface in flash m...
Spindle motor centering device
Stable inert anodes including an oxide of nickel, iron and aluminum
Exhaust gas treating apparatus and vehicle equipped with the apparatus
System and process for removal of pollutants from a gas stream
Low temperature lithiation of mixed hydroxides
Method and apparatus for cake-forming granular-bed filtration
Method for removal of contaminants from a hydrogen processor feed stream, as in a fuel cell power pl...
Metallophosphate type IM-6 crystalized solid and the preparation method thereof
Single source mixtures of metal siloxides
Process for preparation of polycrystalline silicon
Ammonia recovery in the preparation of silazanes and polysilazanes
Method for reducing oxygen component and carbon component in fluoride
Lithium aluminum hydride-based selenating reagent and preparation methods using same
Production of sulphuric acid from a feed gas with varying concentration of sulphur dioxide
Photocatalyst and use thereof for decomposing chemical substance
α-Alumina fine powder and a method of producing the same
High Tc palladium hydride superconductor
Process for the conversion of feedstocks and apparatus for performing the same
Solar-thermal fluid-wall reaction processing
Dipolar side-emitting LED lens and LED module incorporating the same
Deep fiber network with high speed data and video on demand
Inbred corn line PHAKC
Acid gas disposal
In situ thermal processing and inhibiting migration of fluids into or out of an in situ oil shale fo...
Drilling and bolting head for a bolting machine
Pre-cast deck, dock steps and dock system
Turf playing surface aeration and drainage system
Ground anchor drainage apparatus and a method of installation of ground drainage apparatus
Drainage support matrix
Hydraulic power generating system
Water-retaining structure
Mid-line connector and method for pipe-in-pipe electrical heating
Method for installing reinforcements around a cylindrical underground pipeline
Rock anchor
Compressible welded wire retaining wall and rock face for earthen formations
Groundwater and subsurface remediation
System and method for determining timing characteristics of a circuit design
Method of and system for buffer insertion, layer assignment, and wire sizing using wire codes
Mechanism to manage the lifecycle of a resource adapter
Code verification system and method
Multi-mode specification-driven disassembler
Detection of resource exceptions
Method and apparatus for cycle-based computation
Percolating hot function store/restores to colder calling functions
Two tier clusters for representation of objects in Java programming environments
System using fair-share scheduling technique to schedule processes within each processor set based o...
Computer resource management for competing processes
Method and an apparatus for logical volume manager plug-ins
Printing optical disc player/recorder
Reconfigurable cartridge processing module for storing cartridge receiving devices in a data storage...
Method of developing educational materials based on multiple-choice questions
Radio command device
Color display device and method utilizing convergence correction
Convergence optimization in a projection display
Image display system, image display apparatus and peripheral devices of image display apparatus
Using a processor enhanced memory module to accelerate hardcopy image processing within existing pri...
Method for increasing signal to noise ratio
Divided one-dimensional solid-state imaging device, method of controlling one-dimensional solid-stat...
Lens barrel extending and retracting mechanisms
Method and apparatus for determining sound source
Intruding object detection method and intruding object monitor apparatus which automatically set a t...
Image recognition method and apparatus
Hough transform based motion detection image recording system and method
Scalable video summarization and navigation system and method
Method of generating poses and motions of a tree structure link system
Image collecting system and method thereof
Graded zooming
Solid-sate image-sensing device
Method and apparatus for content blocking
Communication apparatus and communication method
Pet chew toy for holding consumable treats
Toy water gun with variable spray patterns
Non-slip wheel for a child's toy
Cleat with gasket
Shock absorbing line device
Submarine air bag launch assembly
Watercraft cover
Windshield insert
Flexible pipe with high axial compression strength and method for making same
Temporary floatation stabilization device and method
Ion separation and removal unit with gas extraction
Large area position/proximity correction device with alarms using (D)GPS technology
Halogen-resistant, anodized aluminum for use in semiconductor processing apparatus
Telecommunications system for generating a three-level customer behavior profile and for detecting d...
Interactive system for and method of performing financial transactions from a user base
Managing relationships of parties interacting on a network
Contents distribution system for handling secondary products utilizing raw material contents
Content receiving apparatus and method, storage medium, and server
Reversible generation process of altered payment card by means of a mathematical algorithm
System and method for automatically providing shipping/transportation fees
Process and system for integrating information from disparate databases for purposes of predicting c...
System and method for tracking and routing shipped items
SMTP server, POP server, mail server, mail processing system and web server
System for collection and distribution of calendar information
License management system and method with multiple license servers
Recording medium having recording program recorded therein
Method for controlling database copyrights
Method of controlling the welding of a three-dimensional structure
Magnetic field sensing device
Advanced ruggedized augmented reality instrumented self contained breathing apparatus
System and method for converting range data to 3D models
System and method for producing 3D video images
Animated photographs
Method and system to facilitate interaction between and content delivery to users of a wireless comm...
High density polymer-based integrated electrode array
Information processing method and information processing apparatus
System and method of optimizing database queries in two or more dimensions
System and methods for providing adaptive media property classification
Controlling communications through a virtual reality environment
Interactive occlusion system
Packaging of positive-strand RNA virus replicon particles
Systems and methods for sequencing by hybridization
Molecular detection of chromosome aberrations
Nucleoside analog libraries
Non-human transgenic animals expressing platelet-derived growth factor C (PDGF-C) and uses thereof
Heavy metal phytoremediation
Plant regulatory sequences for selective control of gene expression
Peptide deformylase
Papaya (Carica papaya L) variety
Soybean cultivar 0491718
Soybean cultivar SO22220
Soybean variety XB34D04
Cotton cultivar DP 570 BGII
Hybrid maize 35Y33
Probe designing apparatus and probe designing method
Identification and characterization of an anthocyanin mutant (ANT1) in tomato
Genes involved in isoprenoid compound production
Performance apparatus
Combination cymbal fastener and drum-tuning key
Automatic music continuation method and device
Point source contact transducer
Communication system and method for enabling improved use of an electric appliance
Method and system for identifying barriers and gaps to E-learning attraction
Lesson plan organizer
Mannequin for testing and evaluating mannequin garments
Instructional center
Method for communicating using pictograms
Drawing tool for capturing and rendering colors, surface images and movement
Transitional paper and educatioal system and method
Diary type language-learning system
System and method for determining completed clinical education requirements for healthcare students
System and method for assigning and tracking clinical education requirements for healthcare students
System and method for facilitating determination and evaluation of and placing orders for nutritiona...
System and method for obtaining and exchanging career information
Mobile sculpture for displaying academic awards
System and method for assessing the employability of a job applicant
System and method of segmented language learning
Method for analyzing standards-based assessment data
Method and apparatus for online assignment and/or tests
Portable virtual reality medical demonstration and training apparatus
Channel-reinforced concrete wall panel system
Modular homes
Support device for orthogonal mounting of sheet material
Shingle remover with replacement blade
Interior wall and partition construction
Liquid leak detector and automatic shutoff system
Fastener having improved penetration capability
Hand sander vacuum attachment
Simulated stone block and aged artist's canvas articles and method
Electrical junction system
Stabilization of a vehicle network by generating short-term available power
Circuit and method of operation for an adaptive charge rate power supply
Battery status monitoring apparatus which monitors internal battery resistance, saturation polarizat...
Charging system
Emergency lighting equipment with automatic charge/discharge and monitoring system
Temperature sensing device in an integrated circuit
Control apparatus for automotive generator
Multiple voltage generating
Method for coupling inverter to alternating voltage
Multi-phase buck converter
Hysteretic controlled switch regulator with fixed off time
Power supply having efficient low power standby mode
Semiconductor integrated circuit using band-gap reference circuit
Capacitor charging methods and apparatuses that use a secure parallel monitoring circuit
Startup circuit for converter with pre-biased load
Control means for a transistor switch circuit
Damping system
Optical fiber ring communication system
Mechanism for estimating and controlling di/dt-induced power supply voltage variations
Integrated security circuit
Polarized lenses with variable transmission
Method of synthesising carbon nano tubes
LCT-epoxy polymers with HTC-oligomers and method for making the same
Optimizing nano-filler performance in polymers
Nanometer-scale memory device utilizing self-aligned rectifying elements and method of making
Fast positioning of disk drives and other physical systems
Multi-carrier transmission device, multi-carrier reception device, and multi-carrier radio communica...
Method and apparatus for improving quality of service over meshed bachaul facilities in a wireless n...
Communication system, communication device, communication terminal, and communi- cation method
Method for performing authenticated handover in a wireless local area network
Method and system for wireless networking using coordinated dynamic spectrum access
Method and apparatus for rake finger allocation in a DS-CDMA receiver
Digital broadcast sending apparatus, receiving apparatus and digital broadcast system
Multi-carrier communication bit-loading in presence of radio-frequency interferers
Apparatus for acquiring and visualizing dental radiographic images and operating method thereof
Electronic device and information processing apparatus and control method thereof, and computer prog...
Communication by radio waves and optical waveguides
Radio-labeled compounds, compositions, and methods of making the same
Method of radio-labelling biomolecules
Method of cancer therapy by in situ production of F5 antibodies
System and method for handling, organizing and storing mats
Information providing method
Method and system for selective equalization enablement based on modulation type
Method and system for collocated IEEE 802.11 B/G WLAN, and BT with FM in coexistent operation
Efficient attribute collection technique for mappers
Measurement reporting in a telecommunication system
Display device
Image data dissemination system and method
System and method
Image archiving system and method
Supply status indicator
System, method and computer program product for eliminating disk read time during virus scanning
Propulsion sulky
Vehicle drive module having improved terminal design
Electric vehicle
Drive control system for vehicles with an auxiliary driving system
Drive transmission apparatus for vehicle and a four-wheel drive vehicle
Occupant weight detecting device
Vehicle power source supporting structure
Operator control station for controlling different work machines
Electrically assisted, power steering system for motor vehicles
Oversteering/understeering compensation with active front steering using steer by wire technology
Setting method for control parameter, setting device for control parameter, and electric power steer...
Power transmission device for hybrid vehicle
Regeneration control for hybrid vehicle
Threat level identification and quantifying system
Vehicle occupant sensing system and method of electrically attaching a sensor to an electrical circu...
Method for operating a steering system for a motor vehicle and steering system
Steering characteristic control apparatus and method for a vehicle
Method of operating an intrusion detection system according to a set of business rules
Self-service terminal
Storage control system and method
Generating light from electromagnetic energy
Apparatus and method for signal acquisition in a FSK demodulator with integrated time and frequency ...
Method and apparatus for reducing decomposition byproducts in a methanol to olefin reactor system
Screen, its manufacturing method and image display system
Error correction coding and decoding in a solid-state storage device
System and method for data management in a linear-array-based microscope slide scanner
Nonvolatile magnetic memory device and method of writing data into tunnel magnetoresistance device i...
Method and device for automatically triggering a deceleration in a motor vehicle
System for reduced power consumption by phase locked loop and method thereof
Control apparatus for controlling regenerative operation of vehicle motor
Image display device
System and method for transparent early detection, warning, and intervention during a medical proced...
Holder for aerosol dispenser
Receiving cloth for thermal transfer recording, and method of thermal transfer recording using the c...
Method and system for dynamically generating digest from event footage and associated metadata
Earthquake simulating vibration table
Optical device controller in the type of imitative gun
Motion platform system and method of rotating a motion platform about plural axes
Motion simulator
Web based factory automation training on demand
Brief therapy treatment device and method
Reading product fabrication methodology
Diascia plant named 'Balwhisdarco'
Communication of intelligent network signaling between a SSP and an external intelligent peripheral
Unique repository server in an operations and maintenance center for a telecommunications system
System and method for creating a personal directory
Tone detector judging a detection of a predetermined tone signal by comparing a characteristic quant...
Digital communication system
Configurable echo canceller
System and method for updating filter coefficients and echo canceller including same
Signaling Techniques in channels with asymmetric powers and capacities
Echo cancellation processing system
Portable communication unit
Method and device for acoustic echo cancellation combined with adaptive beamforming
System and method for integrating call detail records for a multiple network environment
Communication device for reducing latency in a group communication network
Portable terminal device and wireless communication terminal device
Call handling in a communication network
Method for storing and reproducing ring tone melodies of mobile phones and system thereof
Presence information specifying communication preferences
Intelligent inbound/outbound communications blending
Communications service provider network
Endothelial cell—cell cohesion
Active-constraint robots
Generalized fault model for defects and circuit marginalities
Computer systems and methods for identifying genes and determining pathways associated with traits
Method for eliminating traces of hydrocarbons from gas streams
Flash control mechanism
On-chip signal state duration measurement and adjustment
Keyboard and method for manufacturing the same
Artificial intelligence and global normalization methods for genotyping
Intake arrangement for internal combustion engine
System to provide computing as a product using dynamic computing environments
Metal alloy and metal alloy storage product for storing radioactive materials
Directionally cloned random cDNA expression vector libraries, compositions and methods of use
Method for providing a broadband infrastructure in a building by means of optical fibers
System and method for securing workpieces to a worktable of a CNC machining system utilizing a low l...
Computer system
Light and thermal energy image-recording apparatus
Use of adipose tissue-derived stromal cells for chondrocyte differentiation and cartilage repair
Catalyst components, process for their preparation and their use as catalyst components in polymeriz...
Methods of therapy with thrombin derived peptides
Polynucleotide encoding a novel metalloprotease highly expressed in the testis, MMP-29
Check for fingerprints
Compositions able to indicate when they become inefficient in use
Bias compensating remote audience survey system and method
Isolated mammalian membrane protein genes; related reagents
Functionally graded friction material
Method of producing a nanotube layer on a substrate
Colonography of an unprepared colon
Universal portable computer stand and high speed connectivity center
Cradle for a portable electronic device
Legacy CORBA name space integration using web application servers
Encryption method and apparatus with escrow guarantees
Flow meter
Using a community of distributed electronic agents to support a highly mobile, ambient computing env...
Apparatus and method for providing a clamp on a fluid power cylinder
Valve device having a plurality of solenoids
Programmable transceiver structure of multi-rate OFDM-CDMA for wireless multimedia communications
Communications switching architecture
Apparatus and method for decode arbitration in a multi-stream multimedia system
Apparatus and method for channel-transparent multimedia broadcast messaging
Method for sending multi-media messages using customizable background images
Method of using multi-media information, system and program recording medium therefor
Wireless augmented reality communication system
System and method for transmission of data
Fault monitoring and notification system for automated banking machines
System and method for electronic inventory
Process and device for detection of straight-line segments in a stream of digital data that are repr...
Method and apparatus for implementing a speech interface for a GUI
Sustained water treatment in dental equipment
Automatic tool changing device for machine tool
Eliminating memory corruption when performing tree functions on multiple threads
Method for purifying spent acid
Production of radial glial cells
Hydrocarbon recovery
Organic EL display device having host compound and phosphorescent luminous compound, and method of d...
Phosphonate compounds
Low noise to signal evaluation
Heterogeneous composite bipolar plate of a fuel cell
Self-venting microwave cooking container for use with a vertical fill automated machine
Optical head and method of manufacturing the same
Carbide emitter mask etch stop
Methods for dental restoration
Nucleic acids encoding PRO1159 polypeptides
Ahas inhibiting herbicide resistant wheat and method for selection thereof
Colorant precursor compositions
Threaded fuel cell assembly
Methods for reducing distal embolization
Identification of new human gaba transporter
Cross-linked sulphonated polymers and their preparation process
Interfacing system for stream source apparatus and display apparatus and interfacing method thereof
Data management apparatus, storage medium having stored therein data management program, storage med...
Alkaline storage battery having a separator with pores
Preparation of dialkyl peroxides
Drug releasing biodegradable fiber for delivery of therapeutics
Surface coating for insulation pack
Method for applying a foamed fiber insulation
Glass compositions for ultrafine fiber formation
Magnetic resonance imaging method with a decay time function of sub-sampled acquisition data
Image forming apparatus and process cartridge including lubricant applying device that prevents wast...
Method and apparatus for monitoring heart function in a subcutaneously implanted device
Sensor devices for structural health monitoring
Genetically modified plants having modulated brassinosteroid signaling
Compounds to treat Alzheimer's disease
Optimal code generation for structured assembly language expressions
HCV NS3 protein fragments having helicase activity and improved solubility
Behavior recognition system
Color measurement device and color measurement method
Categorical user interface for navigation within a grid
Amorphous form of 3-[2-(dimethylamino) ethyl]-N-methyl-1H-indole-5-methane sulfonamide succinate (su...
Methods of using norfluoxetine
System and method for in vitro analysis of therapeutic agents
Flow distributor for monolith reactors
Longitudinally coupled resonator type surface acoustic wave filter and communication apparatus incor...
Compositions and medical devices utilizing bioabsorbable polymeric waxes and rapamycin
Methods and apparatus for ink delivery to nanolithographic probe systems
ADC calibration to accommodate temperature variation using vertical blanking interrupts
A/D converter apparatus and D/A converter apparatus including a digital filter
Continuous digital background calibration in pipelined ADC architecture
Exhaust gas heat exchanger
Energy transfer system for cold storage facilities
Cooling fin set
Heat exchanger
Structure of heat conductive plate
Tower-type heat pipe and method for making the same
Plate heat exchanger with enhanced surface features
Anti-vibration tube support
Heat exchanger, especially for motor vehicles
Effervescence keeper
Thermal spray application of brazing material for manufacture of heat transfer devices
Axial fan motor including a casing of laminated metal plates
Power supply architecture
Apparatus for air cooling of an electronic device
Apparatus for heat transfer and critical heat flux enhancement
Power module and method for producing the same
Heat storage apparatus with spiral electrically heated phase change material
Method for the reproduction of spot colors with primary printing inks and secondary printing inks
Method for producing organically developable, photopolymerizable flexographic printing elements on f...
Lamellar meltblowing die apparatus and method
Lamellar extrusion die apparatus and method
Porous synthetic vascular grafts with oriented ingrowth channels
Using surface microwaves for measuring and determining density and/or moisture content of a material
Airbag apparatus
Light-emitting device using a group III nitride compound semiconductor and a method of manufacture
Knee protection airbag apparatus
Modern thermal sensor upgrade for existing missile system
Multi-sensor guidance system for extreme force launch shock applications
Systems and methods for identifying targets among non-targets with a plurality of sensor vehicles
Counter rotating ducted fan having a permanent magnet drive
Emergency anti-torque thruster system
Quiet vertical takeoff and landing aircraft using ducted, magnetic induction air-impeller rotors
Method and system for mounting radio avionics
Increased security flight deck door strike apparatus and method
Wing with inflatable struts
Sliding integral proportional (SIP) controller for aircraft skid control
Augmented kinematic feedback device and method
Resonant muscle stimulator
Golf flagstick ferrule and method of use
Golf training device
Golf putter
Stroke correcting device and stroke correcting method
Semiconductor structure with lining layer partially etched on sidewall of the gate
Vertical transistor, and a method for producing a vertical transistor
High voltage transistor and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor memory device and fabrication method thereof using damascene gate and epitaxial growth
MEMS scanning mirror with tunable natural frequency
Fuse structure used in an integrated circuit device
Low-dielectric constant structure with a multilayer stack of thin films with pores
Flip chip interconnection pad layout
Oxygen bridge structures and methods to form oxygen bridge structures
Dual damascene interconnect structure using low stress fluorosilicate insulator with copper conducto...
Durable electronic assembly with conductive adhesive
Semiconductor device with alignment mark
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Substrate for electrooptic device and method of manufacturing the same, electrooptic device, and ele...
Method of improving the performance of microstructures
Multi-chip electronic package having laminate carrier and method of making same
Organic-polymer memory element
Thin film electro-optical deflector device and a method of fabrication of such a device
Manufacturing method for optical element
System and method for process contamination prevention for semiconductor manufacturing
Semiconductor test data analysis system
Process and devices for determining the radio reception direction in a mobile communications network
Wireless communication structures and methods with enhanced range and performance
Laminate of magnetic material and method of making
Method for forming container racks
Threshold-based service notification system and method
Three-dimensional position calibration of audio sensors and actuators on a distributed computing pla...
Volume location service for a distributed file system
Method for establishing a communication network based on topographic network devices and for transmi...
Hardware implementation of an N-way dynamic linked list
Resetting time-out for automatic power-off of a notebook computer upon placement of a stylus in a st...
Identifying appropriate undo during a forward pass through a log
Imaging integrated circuits with focused ion beam
Method and system for maintaining software via network
Methods of and apparatus for routing ranked critical conductors in ranked preferred tracks
Method for delivering a product to a register according to a tracked location of a mobile device
Method and apparatus for remote filing and recordation of documents
Method, system, and program for defining asset queries in a digital library
Reorganization of database records using partition merging
Recurrent billing maintenance system
Home security video system using internet technique
Computerized image system
Voice over IP service implementation for providing multimedia features
Playing of audio via voice calls initiated from visual navigation
Telephone system enabling operation of a telephone set by way of a portable terminal
Accelerated process improvement framework
Electronic catalog method
Systems and methods for trading and originating financial products using a computer network
Method and system for modifying and transmitting data between a portable computer and a network
System and method for providing temporary access to content during shipping
Techniques for managing a database system including one or more database servers
System and method for structured news release generation and distribution
Global network computers
Method for executing an object in a wireless internet access terminal
Method and system for community data caching
Method of and apparatus for providing web service using a network of servers
Method of and device for deciding network address, and computer product
Multimode interactive television chat
Capacity scaling and functional element redistribution within an in-building coax cable internet acc...
Single step network logon based on point to point protocol
Connecting duct for fluid compression system
Portable ventilator
Rear covering part with a tail pipe orifice
Acoustic isolator downhole applications
Flush mountable vibration reducing loudspeaker mounting assembly
Exhaust-gas muffler
Acoustical panel coating and process of applying same
Seismic sensor
Anti-resonant structure for speakers
Vehicle washing machine
Drum type washing machine
Washing machine
Pressure washer
Surface configuration of a steam cleaner
Carpet cleaner
Tool for a cleaning appliance
Ice scraper
Cleaning tool
Soleplate with pattern for an electronic steam iron
Refuse bag holder
Relocation device
Golf cart
Golf cart
Motorcycle jack adapter
Control handle for a material handling vehicle
Decorative urn
Decorative urn
Decorative urn
Decorative urn
Substrate which is made from paper and is provided with an integrated circuit
Method and apparatus for accessing CDMA2000 networks
Compositions and methods for intranasal, buccal, sublingual and pulmonary delivery of varenicline
(2S)-2-ethylphenylpropionic acid derivative
Piperazine derivative
Calcium channel blockers comprising two benzhydril moieties
System, method and apparatus for evaluating military personnel
Phenyl-piperazine derivatives as serotonin reuptake inhibitors
Ultrasonic doppler measuring apparatus and control method therefor
Peroxisome proliferator activated receptor modulators
Nasal congestion, obstruction relief, and drug delivery
3-aryl--3-methyl-quinoline-2, 4-diones, preparation method thereof, and pharmaceutical composition c...
Methods and systems for healthcare assessment
Quinoline derivatives as H3R inverse agonists
Indane acetic acid derivatives and their use as pharmaceutical agents, intermediates, and method of ...
Substituted pyrazoles, compositions containing such compounds and methods of use
Use of a beta-3 agonist for the treatment of disorders of the prostate and of the lower urogenital t...
Compositions for manipulating the lifespan and stress response of cells and organisms
Polynucleotide encoding a novel human G-protein coupled receptor, HGPRBMY39
Formation of Hybrid Cells by Fusion of Lineage Committed Cells with Stem Cells
Method for producing stem cells with increased developmental potential
Gripping device
Compositions, methods and kits relating to notch signaling
Substituted alkyl amido piperidines
New derivatives of amidines, their preparation, their use as medicaments and the pharmaceutical comp...
Ophthalmological use of roflumilast for the treatment of diseases of the eye
Isoxazole derivatives
Compositions and treatments for inhibiting kinase and/or HMG-CoA reductase
Methods and compositions for enhancing degradation of nuclear receptor transcription factors and use...
Albumin fusion proteins
Synthesis of thienopyridinone compounds and related intermediates
Isoindoline compounds and methods of making and using the same
Gastrostomy feeding tube cushion device
Methods of treating medical conditions by transvascular neuromodulation of the autonomic nervous sys...
Phototherapy methods and systems
Method of occupancy classification in a vehicle seat
Method and apparatus for tuning a PID controller
System and method for identifying an object
System and process for tracking an object state using a particle filter sensor fusion technique
System and method for composite customer segmentation
System which extracts feature from fuzzy information and semiconductor integrated circuit device hav...
Engine control system using a cascaded neural network
High-precision current-mode pulse-width-modulation circuit
Method and apparatus for controlling a vehicle suspension system based on sky hook approach
Code generation by matching and satisfiability search
Method, apparatus and gaming set for use in a progressive game
Lotto gaming apparatus and method
Sports training assembly and a method for using the same
Hemispheric lens for a remote-controlled retail electronic entertainment device
Talking book and interactive talking toy figure
System for noise suppression, transceiver and method for noise suppression
Method and apparatus for electronic entertainment device access control and interactive response sys...
Poker dice casino game method of play
Casino card game
Interactive apparatus with interactive device
Education set and work model, training method, work efficiency improving method, and tool employing ...
Spring novelty with rotating appendage and removable securing portion
Toy vehicle
Toy sword with contact indicator
Card interactive amusement device
Packaging machine for wrapping products in related wrapping sheets made of heat-sealable material
Vertical door locking system
Modular plug assemblies, terminated cable assemblies and methods for forming the same
Gaming device having achievement criteria for advancement
Electric devices with improved bipolar electrode
Cooperative media applications using packet network media redirection
Network interface device (NID) with elliposoidial shape and stored cable reel and associated methods
Diagnostic system integrated with device drivers of an operating system
Combined detection of position-coding pattern and bar codes
Printing system and printing method to conserve developer
Method and system for printing electronic documents
Printer device and related method for handling print-and-hold jobs
Intelligent photo printer
Post-tensioned rammed earth construction
Remote control of automobile component arrangements
Active rollover protection
Device and method for influencing the operating mode of at least one vehicle stabilizing device arra...
Exhaust pipe heater
Remote start control system for starting an engine of a vehicle based on selected vehicle data carri...
Information presentation apparatus and information presentation method
Beat density detecting apparatus and information playback apparatus
Semiconductor device including test-facilitating circuit using built-in self test circuit
Device for controlling an internal combustion engine with a variable valve timing system
Method and system for naming a cluster of words and phrases
Optimization using a multi-dimensional data model
Patterned based query optimization
Portion of a multi-handled bag
Method for securely transacting a transaction based on a transaction document
Digital video recording/playback system with entry point processing function
Digital data watermarking system using novel watermark insertion and detection methods
System for monitoring audio content available over a network
Method and system for throttling I/O request servicing on behalf of an I/O request generator to prev...
Method and system for delivery of mail using processing sensor
Isolated monkey cathepsin S proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding monkey cathepsin S proteins, a...
Router and IP-packet-transferring method
Devices and methods for hydrogen storage and generation
Arc discharge lamp containing means for reducing mercury leaching
Productive process for manufacturing an algal species-based organic complement for vegetal fertiliza...
Cosmetic composition with a fixing and/or conditioning polymer containing a specific acrylic copolym...
Rotary-drive dispenser
Hermetic container and image display apparatus using the same
Method of forming silicon carbide and silicon nitride composite
Fiber array and methods for fabricating the fiber array
Transmissive optical elements including transparent plastic shell having a phosphor dispersed therei...
Control of volatile carbonyl compound in compositions used in printing, printing methods and resulti...
Sensual label
Electrographic image formation method
Thick film dielectric compositions for use on aluminum nitride substrates
Substrate, method of manufacturing the same and display apparatus having the same
Plasma display panel
Toe cap for athletic footwear equipment
Flexible foldable multi-article storage carrier
Flashing light system with multiple voltages
Method of manufacturing self-adhering footwear
Acetoacetylated polyvinyl polymers
Moldable article, method of making and composition for making moldable articles
Thermoplastic elastomer resin composition
Polyamide and polyolefin blends with a polyamide matrix and containing nanofillers
Conductive polymeric nanocomposite materials
Process and apparatus for continuous mixing of slurry with removal of entrained bubbles
Method and apparatus for metallization of large area substrates
High traction flooring laminate
9V rechargeable battery
Photothermographic element comprising improved base precursors and methods for their use
Nucleic acids that control seed and fruit development in plants
Bis-β-hydroxyethyl terephthalate
Toner cartridge
Q-damping of a high temperature superconductor self-resonant coil in a nuclear quadrupole resonance ...
Magnet apparatus and magnetic resonance imaging system therewith
Inhaled insulin dosage control delivery enhanced by controlling total inhaled volume
Method, system, and article of manufacture for running diagnostics related to a device
Spectral parameter substitution for the frame error concealment in a speech decoder
System and method for synchronizing and/or updating an existing relational database with supplementa...
Aerosol spray tube holder
Enhanced predistortion method and apparatus
Aperture antenna element
Bi-directional scan switch matrix method and apparatus
Real-time method and apparatus for tracking a moving object experiencing a change in direction
Rate control system and method for a link within a wireless communications system
Correlation of call data for calling and called parties in wireless telecommunication networks
Method of processing nested message layers
Production of 5-methyl-N-(methyl aryl)-2-pyrrolidone, 5-methyl-N-(methyl cycloalkyl)-2-pyrrolidone a...
Hard surface cleaning and disinfecting compositions comprising a tristyrylphenolethoxylate
Fragrance composition exhibiting varying olfactive characteristics when applied on different persons
Method for presenting information to an audience
Halogen-containing vinyl polymer compositions
Rotational cable shortening device
Information collecting apparatus and information collecting/analyzing system
Systems and methods for controllably refilling a fluid quantity sensing fluid ejection head
Process for producing polymer optical waveguide
Toner processes
Real-time web inspection method and apparatus using combined reflected and transmitted light images
Web print submission from within an application
Use of e-mail for capture of document metadata
Locally-outcoupled cavity resonator having unidirectional emission
Segmentation method and system for Multiple Raster Content (MRC) representation of documents
Enhancement of compressed image data
Systems and methods for setting up grid voltages in a tandem pin charging device
Apparatus and method for non-interactive magnetic brush development
Digital camera
Polishing using multi-metal oxide nanopowders
Developing device
Micro electro mechanical system apparatus
Pediculicidal and ovacidal treatment compositions and methods for killing head lice and their eggs
Mooring system with active control
Electronic part mounting apparatus and method
Robot with learning control function and method for controlling the robot
Tele-robotic videoconferencing in a corporate environment
Robot overcurrent prevention system
Direct clamp tooling for robotic applications
Color image pickup apparatus with light source distinguishing function
High-speed fabrication of highly uniform metallic microspheres
Transdermal therapeutic system with nicotine and addition of monoterpene ketones
Controlled release formulations of anionic herbicides
Conflict resolution among multiple controllers
Algorithms for block-level code alignment of software binary files
Water cutoff structure of covered wire
Method of joining plates with weld fastened studs
Memory storing information relating to the condition of a cartridge, and image forming apparatus and...
Image forming apparatus which recovers toner by developing device
Image forming apparatus operable in plural modes of forming images on intermediate transfer member
Image forming apparatus having image forming units perpendicular to developer supply units
Image-forming apparatus having pre-charge exposure device for image carrier
Developing device
Insulation verification system, insulation verification method, and storage medium
Speech synthesizing apparatus and method, and storage medium therefor
Voice synthesizing apparatus, voice synthesizing system, voice synthesizing method and storage mediu...
Method for generating and detecting marks
Image processing apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for segmenting images
Signal processing apparatus and method, program, and storage medium
Inverse DWT method and apparatus
Method for manufacturing circuit devices
Method of forming a cap layer having anti-reflective characteristics on top of a low-k dielectric
Resistance variable device
III group nitride compound semiconductor luminescent element
Transition metal alloys for use as a gate electrode and devices incorporating these alloys
Chip scale packaging with improved heat dissipation capability
Semiconductor device having layered interconnect structure with a copper or platinum conducting film...
Semiconductor device having aluminum and metal electrodes and method for manufacturing the same
Package substrate manufactured using electrolytic leadless plating process, and method for manufactu...
Electron emission device with multi-layered fate electrode
Compliant contract structures, contactor cards and test system including same
High-frequency semiconductor device
Method for manufacturing electronic tag
Control cell management method of ATM switching system
Apparatus and method for SCDMA digital data transmission using orthogonal codes and a head end modem...
Digital to analog converter with time dithering to remove audio tones
Fully digital AGC circuit with wide dynamic range and method of operation
System for obtaining forwarding information for electronic system using speech recognition
Implantable cardiac stimulation system providing autocapture and lead impedance assessment and metho...
Service management system for configuration information
Configurable peripheral devices
Centralized memory allocation with write pointer drift correction
Thermal management for computer systems running legacy or thermal management operating systems
Method and apparatus for providing a menu structure for an interactive information distribution syst...
Mousse composition
Stable ointment containing acetylsalicylic acid
Composition for the treatment and prevention of ischemic events
Composition for the treatment of cutaneous mycosis
Providing content description and connection information in digital broadcast networks
Method for the secure and timely delivery of large messages over a distributed communication network
Common device interface
Cartridge housing a recording medium and drive device for recording medium
Recasting DVB video system to recast digital broadcasts
Headset body for communications headset
Canted manually loaded produce dryer
Methods and circuits for testing programmability of a semiconductor memory cell and memory array usi...
Tree-based ordered multicasting method
Vibration type angular velocity sensor
Device and method for supplying power to a vehicle, semi-conductor circuit device for use in the sam...
Model vehicle detection of ID and direction
Regenerative surfing
Cover device for lines in vehicles
Voice-controlled system for providing digital audio content in an automobile
Mobile communication system with position detection to facilitate hard handoff
Location-based services for a telematics service subscriber
NOx reduction compositions for use in FCC processes
Multi stage selective catalytic cracking process and a system for producing high yield of middle dis...
System and method of improved calculation of diffusely reflected light
Server based extraction, transfer, storage and processing of remote settings, files and data
Method and apparatus for reducing inrush current in a multi-stage compressor
Refrigerant cycle apparatus
Method for adjusting a volumetric flow-variable positive displacement pump in an internal combustion...
Pump controller for precision pumping apparatus
Piecewise linear control of the duty cycle of a pulse width modulated signal
Support structure for a portable air compressor
Circumferential piston compressor/pump/engine (CPC/CPP/CPE); circumferential piston machines
Gas compressor having oil separation filter
High-speed, belt-driven industrial blower
Blood pumping unit, with a coplanar disk inlet valve and an annular outlet valve
Rotor shaft bearing design and coupling mechanism
Heat-dissipating fan device with light-emitting capability
Device for venting a pump unit
Electronic micro-pump
Pulsation damper
System and method for monitoring blood glucose levels using an implantable medical device
Real time self-adjusting calibration algorithm
System and method for identifying objects
Measuring apparatus and measuring chip
Method for setting black reference data used for excess exposure, and image reading apparatus
Method and system for automatically producing a temporally processed image
Reflectometry system with compensation for specimen holder topography and with lock-rejection of sys...
Heat dissipating device with heat pipe
Heat transfer device and method of making same
Integrated circuit heat pipe heat spreader with through mounting holes
Integrated liquid cooling system for electrical components
Condenser for refrigerating machine
Cooling arrangement and method with selected surfaces configured to inhibit changes in boiling state
Parallel heat exchanger for a component in a mobile system
Refrigeration evaporator
Magnetically enhanced convection heat sink
Heat exchanger tube support
Cooling system for adjustable electric drive
Heat exchanger tubing with connecting member and fins and methods of heat exchange
Vehicle air conditioner with hot-gas heater cycle
Fluid heat exchange control system
Layover heating system for a locomotive
Blower unit and air conditioning unit including the same and method of controlling the same
Radiation-heated fluidized-bed reactor
Defroster for heat exchanger and fabrication method thereof
1,1,1,3,3-pentafluorobutane refrigerant compositions comprising fluoroether and uses thereof
Louvered rack
Hearing aid with delayed activation
Suppression of perceived occlusion
Traverse shear mode piezoelectric chemical sensor
Wind energy installation comprising a seawater or brackish water desalination plant
Fuel filter device
Hose clasp for a pool cleaner filter bag
Rotating filter
Grease trap
Water purification
Universal method and apparatus for conversion of volatile compounds
Carrier for microorganism incubation in which micro-elements and inorganic nutrient salts are diffus...
Water treatment system
Carbonyl stress-ameliorating agents
System for solid-liquid separation
Isolation of natural L-β-3-indolylalanine and enrichment of natural aliphatic amino acid mixtu...
Apparatus for concentrating sludge
Ultraviolet sterilization device
Lubricant particle collector having a connector with a ball locking mechanism
Vertical roller mill with improved hydro-pneumatic loading system
Modifications of the trometamol salt of R-thioctic acid as well as a process for their production
Piston, in particular for sampling valve
CMP slurry composition and a method for planarizing semiconductor device using the same
PGM-free washcoats for catalyzed diesel particulate filter applications
Non-aqueous injectable formulation preparation with pH adjusted for extended release of somatotropin
Sample collection and bioluminescent sample testing system
Energy-beam-curable thermal-releasable pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet and method for producing cu...
Methods for downmodulating immune cells using an antibody to PD-1
Delivery of immunogenic molecules vis HBsAg particles
Use of polyamine analogs for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
Minimally-patterned semiconductor devices for display applications
Apparatus for displaying drawings
Four-terminal methods for resistivity measurement of semiconducting materials
Verification of proper coupling of power line communication units to power circuits
Method and apparatus for detection of radioactive material
Active magnetic radome
Display device including ion generator and electronic appliance
Heat pipe cooled electronics enclosure
Starter for electricmagnetic converter, and timepiece
Satellite direct radio broadcast system
Method and apparatus for silicon oxide deposition on large area substrates
Transmission system and coding communication method for a transmission system
Large package x-ray apparatus and method
Apparatus for spreading liquid liner in rocket tube
Multiple model radar tracking filter and systems and methods employing same
Natural fiber span reflectometer providing a virtual signal sensing array capability
Power utilization enhancement system and method for mobile mesh networks units
Text masking provider
System and method for making a user interface element visible
Browsing web content using predictive navigation links
Delimiters for selection-action pen gesture phrases
Method for optimizing integrated circuit device design and service
Systems and methods for authoring and accessing computer-based materials using virtual machines
Goal based user interface for managing business solutions in an on demand environment
Method for broadcasting a condition to threads executing on a plurality of on-chip processors
Systems and methods for a disaster recovery system utilizing virtual machines running on at least tw...
Broadcast content delivery systems and methods
Method and system for secure, one-time password override during password-protected system boot
System and method for visually rendering resource policy usage information
System and methods for providing network quarantine using IPsec
Method and system for merging security policies
Systems, Methods, and Computer Readable Medium for Avoiding a Network Address Collision
System and method for detecting invalid access to computer network
Versioning component for applications
Thin film for optical applications, light-emitting structure using the same and the fabrication meth...
Single transistor rare earth manganite ferroelectric nonvolatile memory cell
Process of forming HA/ZrO2 complex coating on Co—Cr—Mo alloy
Hyperpolarizable organic chromophores
Method for applying a high-temperature bond coat on a metal substrate, and related compositions and ...
Security articles having diffractive surfaces and color shifting backgrounds
Support for lithographic printing plate and presensitized plate and method of producing lithographic...
Method for fabricating optical element
Device manufacturing method
Thin film dielectrics for capacitors and methods of making thereof
Chrysanthemum plant named 'Yokristi'
Method for producing water-soluble or water-swellable polymerizates with a very low residual monomer...
Tumor antigen based on products of the tumor suppressor gene WT1
Method and apparatus for processing an image of a tissue sample microarray
Method and apparatus for controlling temperature of infused liquids
Area sensor and display apparatus provided with an area sensor
Distortion control for a seamless tile display system
Projection display apparatus
Optical chip module and optical chip module device
Method for forming a servo pattern on a magnetic tape
Reticle with antistatic coating
Semiconductor laser diode module
Light emitting device with an incorporated optical wavelight layer
Apparatus and method for displaying image
Compact precision measuring head, which is resistant to high-pressure, for measuring the optical ref...
Optical scanning apparatus and image forming apparatus using the same
Non-moving parts add/drop device
Microlithographic illumination method and a projection lens for carrying out the method
Method and apparatus for generating summary information for hierarchically related information
Plastic optical components
Time domain equalizer for DMT modulation
Systems and methods for automatic scale selection in real-time imaging
Bearing unit, and motor using same
Flanged bushes and methods for the manufacture thereof
Rolling bearing and fan motor using the same
Linear guide apparatus
Fuel injection system for engine in small-type vehicle
Throttling electronic communications from one or more senders
Method and apparatus for simulating large scalable networks
Integrated circuit with transmit phase adjustment
Apparatus and method for topography dependent signaling
Method and mechanism to use a cache to translate from a virtual bus to a physical bus
Shared memory multiprocessing system employing mixed broadcast snooping and directory based coherenc...
System and method for adjusting storage device layout with at least one status for the adjusting
System and method for using signatures to detect computer intrusions
Method and system for managing subject device through network and information processing system perf...
Microprocessor design support for computer system and platform validation
Cleaning pads
Method and apparatus for producing elastomeric nonwoven laminates
Apparatus for unwinding rolls of web material
Forming structure for embossing and debossing polymeric webs
Electro-spinning process for making starch filaments for flexible structure
Multi-layer substrate for a premoistened wipe capable of controlled fluid release
Liquid detergent composition
Organic activator
Animal healthcare, well-being and nutrition
Composition for promoting healthy bone structure
Pseudo native chemical ligation
Methods for the treatment of neuroleptic and related disorders using ziprasidone metabolites
Tubular construct for implantation
Controlled surface-associated delivery of genes and oligonucleotides
Prevascularized contructs for implantation to provide blood perfusion
Cell culture incubating apparatus and method using the same
Medical devices and methods of making the same
Phosphor screen and imaging assembly
Motor vehicle headlight and frangible support
Motor vehicle headlight with at least two functions
Light emitting apparatus and display
Hollow backlight module
Reflector configuration of a back-light module
Light emitting apparatus
Luminaire having symmetrically opposed asymmetrical reflectors
Laser alignment device of a circular saw machine
Catadioptric light distribution system
Lamp masking method and apparatus
Lighting fixture frame and mounting panel apparatus
Optical component for free-space optical propagation between waveguides