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Method and apparatus for reducing combiner loss in a multi-sector, omni-base station
A Multi-functional Bluetooth Loudspeaker
Endoscope image pick-up apparatus
Electrosurgical generator and system
Surgical instrument for cutting and coagulating patient tissue
Inline system for collecting stage-by-stage manufacturing metrics
Control system and method for an equipment service vehicle
System and method for updating a playlist based upon ratings
Reporting information to a network
Method of optionally transferring information
System and method of processing a satellite signal
Optical network for bi-directional wireless communication
Method and system for automatically generating source code based on a mark-up language message defin...
Calculator with port and cover
Tree bitmap data structures and their use in performing lookup operations
Ion accelerator arrangement
Liquid crystal display device and manufacturing method thereof, and drive control method of lighting...
Serial transistor-cell array architecture
Contactless charge measurement of product wafers and control of corona generation and deposition
Defrost vessel for microwave oven
Preferential oxidation catalyst and process for preparing the same
Process for determining the particle size distribution of an aerosol and apparatus for carrying out ...
Dynamic acoustic rendering
Herbal nutritious chocolate formulation and process for preparation thereof
Fluorescence reader based on anti-resonant waveguide excitation
Self-powered elevator button
Address watch breakpoints in a hardware synchronization range
Post data processing
Method and system for reducing notification area clutter
Diesel engine with differential cylinder group operation
Managing user access of distributed resources on application servers
Gamma prime phase-containing nickel aluminide coating
Method for measuring remaining hydrogen capacity of hydrogen storage canister
System for solving diagnosis and hitting set problems
Method and apparatus for supporting read-only objects within an object-addressed memory hierarchy
Shield wire, housing connected with same, connecting method thereof and shield wire unit
Method and system for determining motion based on difference image correlation
Electromechanical transducer linear compressor and radio transmission antenna
Dual motor arrangement and control method
Device and method for measuring transient magnetic performance
3-D rendering engine with embedded memory
Method for examining shooting direction of camera apparatus, device thereof and structure for instal...
Magnetoresistive element using an organic nonmagnetic layer
Heating device for vehicle
Electronic control apparatus which responds to shut-down command by executing specific processing pr...
Air-fuel ratio sensor monitor, air-fuel ratio detector, and air-fuel ratio control
System for influencing the speed of a motor vehicle
Metrics for characterizing chemical arrays based on analysis of variance (ANOVA) factors
Supported metallocene catalyst and olefin polymerization using the same
Communication system and transfer device
Transparent distribution and execution of data in a multiprocessor environment
Method and apparatus for evaluating trust and transitivity of trust of online services
Recording medium, playback apparatus and recording/playback apparatus thereof
Chromium (III) alpha amino acid complexes
Rotor for an electric motor
Method for synthesis of block polymers by controlled free radical polymerization
Power transmission device and plate-material feeding apparatus incorporating thereinto the same
Wet friction material with pitch carbon fiber
Process cartridge and image forming apparatus
Method of polishing a tungsten-containing substrate
Non-specific binding resistant protein arrays and methods for making the same
Asymmetric gel-filled microporous membranes
Combined disc player and amplifier
Device for regulation of the sliding properties of a print substrate in an electrophotographic print...
Image display apparatus having delta arrangement type screen and image conversion method for display
Operating device and method for operating gas discharge lamps
A/D converter that is implemented using only digital circuit components and digital signal processin...
Bonded structural joints and method of assembling such joints
Rotatable head for forming spiral extrusions
Auxetic filamentary materials
Process for preparing toner particles and toner particles
Communication cable
Overhead storage system
Orbital walker with activity table
Golf club with optical indicating system
Re-positioning reminder for personal portable electronic equipment
Highly oriented perpendicular magnetic recording media
Imaging array utilizing thyristor-based pixel elements
Non-planar nitride-based heterostructure field effect transistor
Conductive line for a semiconductor device using a carbon nanotube including a memory thin film and ...
Semiconductor devices having DRAM cells and methods of fabricating the same
Bidirectional split gate NAND flash memory structure and array, method of programming, erasing and r...
Method for forming an integrated circuit with high voltage and low voltage devices
Thin film transistor and manufacturing method thereof
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory devices and methods of manufacturing the same
MOS capacitor type semiconductor device and crystal oscillation device using the same
Semiconductor apparatus and method of manufacturing same, and method of detecting defects in semicon...
Method of controlling grain size in a polysilicon layer and in semiconductor devices having polysili...
Semiconductor device with electrical connection balls between an integrated circuit chip and a suppo...
Thin multiple semiconductor die package
On-chip Cu interconnection using 1 to 5 nm thick metal cap
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Optical targets
Plasma probe systems
Monolithic vertical integration of an acoustic resonator and electronic circuitry
Transflective display panels and methods for making the same
Method to trim and smooth high index contrast waveguide structures
Method and apparatus for multivariate fault detection and classification
Implantable heart stimulator with electrodes for an infection control current
Article locating and tracking system
Obstacle detection using stereo vision
Computer code for portable sensing
Finding data dependent jitter with a DDJ calculator configured by regression
Programmable system for device testing and control
Combined feature dimensional parameter analysis
Fluid monitoring systems and methods with data communication to interested parties
International cash-on-delivery system and method
Central inventory record reconciliation
Automated layout of relational databases
Approach for caching electronic products
Methods and systems for determining local device proximity
System and method for configuration, management and monitoring of network resources
System and method for DMA transfer of data in scatter/gather mode
Memory tracking with preservation of alignment semantics
Secure IP based streaming in a format independent manner
Error evaluator for inversionless Berlekamp-Massey algorithm in Reed-Solomon decoders
System and method for monitoring weight and nutrition
Method for spatially distributing a population
Sequential reasoning testing system and method
Practice device to enable children to simulate skateboarding
Mass casualty, disaster training inflatable manikin
Intelligent feature selection and pan zoom control
Image pickup apparatus including a solid-state imager having a plurality of light receptive areas
Automatic gain control device for electronic endoscope
Integrated color pixel (ICP)
Fingerprint recognition sensor and manufacturing method thereof
Image reproducing apparatus
Camera and method of photographing good image
System and method for providing camera focus feedback
Picture signal processing
Information processing apparatus capable of displaying moving image data in full screen mode and dis...
Digital broadcast receiving apparatus
Detection method and device for detecting quality of optical element
Electronic imaging device
Method and apparatus for injecting information assets into a content stream
Image displaying apparatus and program product for displaying image
Methods, systems and data structures for timecoding media samples
Signal conversion apparatus and method
Information processing apparatus, its control method, and storage medium
Substance-dispensing pet toy
Pulse width modulation drive and method for ornaments with movable components
Rotatable entertainment device
Toy figure, in particular, functional doll
Boat hull dispersion tunnel engagement device and method
Combination surface and submersible watercraft
Remote operated vehicles
Sports board with integral laminated stiffening element
Teaching data preparing method for articulated robot
Motor control system
Method for judging communication state in a control system of linked joints
Roll-pitch-roll wrist methods for minimally invasive robotic surgery
Digitally watermarking physical media
Method and system for wireless distribution of local information
Visitor gateway in a wireless network
Self treatment device
Computer program and method for reducing HVAC demand for energy
Loyalty link method and apparatus for integrating customer information with dealer management inform...
Method and system for managing and conducting a network auction
Internet advertising system and method
Systems and methods for distributing on-line content
On-line interactive system and method for transacting business
System and method for executing deposit transactions over the internet
Service discovery access to user location
Combination compact disc recorder and player system
Electronic mail processing system and mail server
Method and system for message initiation of digital video recorders peer-to-peer video/media file de...
Enhanced data exchange and presentation/communication system
DMA transfer and hardware acceleration of PPP frame processing
Use of opioid receptor antagonist compounds for the prevention and/or treatment of diseases associat...
Novel alkyl substituted piperidine derivatives and their use as monoamine neurotransmitter re-uptake...
Imino ether derivative compounds and drugs containing the compounds as the active ingredient
Bicyclo derivative
Association between a heterocyclic compound and an antioxidant agent
Crystalline forms of duloxetine free base
Novel structural analogs of corosolic acid having anti-diabetic and anti-inflammatory properties
Thiazoles as inhibitors of 11B-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase
Thiazole-2-carboxamide derivatives for use as hippar agonists in the treatment of i.a. dyslipidemia
Cathepsin cysteine protease inhibitors
Feedback Sensing for a Mechanical Restrictive Device
Medical robotic system providing three-dimensional telestration
Devices and methods for placement of partitions within a hollow body organ
Methods and devices for maintaining a space occupying device in a relatively fixed location within a...
Obesity treatment tools and methods
System and Method for Automated Screening of Individuals for Various Weight Loss Treatment Options
Genetic analysis and authentication
Artificial cornea
Survival motor neuron (SMN) gene: a gene for spinal muscular atrophy
Test and model for Alzheimer's disease
Compositions, devices and methods for treatment of huntington's disease through intracranial deliver...
Progesterone/testosterone cream for erectile dysfunction
Neuroprotective compounds and pharmaceutical compositions comprising them
Novel therapeutic use
Novel compounds for the management of aging-related and diabetic vascular complications, process for...
Carboxylic acid compounds
Biaryl linked hydroxamates: preparation and pharmaceutical applications
Substituted benzoxazoles as estrogenic agents
Use of phenserine and analogs to treat behavioral problems and improve trainability
Branched carboxylic acid compound and use thereof
Method and apparatus for negative pressure therapy
Sorting using modular stations
Press-fit electrical contact
Gaming device having a mechanical secondary display
Router having interconnected tubular segments
Drinking fountain
T-filter for reducing disturbances generated on a power grid by an active filter
Cordless power tool
Battery-voltage monitoring integrated-circuit and battery-voltage monitoring system
Battery pack with resin integrated substrate and vent
Method and apparatus for determining the available energy of a lithium ion battery
Voltage regulator with improved power supply rejection ratio characteristics and narrow response ban...
Single-pin tracking/soft-start function with timer control
Power converters in which the input power coupling times are adjusted in conjunction with cycle skip...
Automatic on/off switch for vehicle power outlets
Low-power charge pump regulator
Method and system for communicating filter compensation coefficients for a digital power control sys...
Off-line converter with digital control
Circuit and method for controlling step-up/step-down DC-DC converter
Electric circuit and semiconductor device
One time operating state detecting method and apparatus
Powder containing Fe-Ni nano-particles and its manufacturing method
Method for manufacturing a semiconductor device
Nano-scale magnetic solid base catalyst and its preparation method
Method for rectifying stereoscopic display systems
Method and apparatus for switching between multiple programs by interacting with a hyperlinked telev...
Diamond setting
System and method for parallelized replay of an NVRAM log in a storage appliance
Glass bulb for color picture tube and the same tube
Apparatus and method for detecting an electric field
Curvature corrected bandgap circuit
Integrated sensor with electrical and optical single molecule sensitivity
Method and apparatus for removing quantization effects in a quantized signal
Semiconductor device with test circuit disconnected from power supply connection
Method of fabricating a perpendicular recording write head having a gap with two portions
Method and apparatus for interactive audience participation at a live entertainment event
Tuner apparatus
Disposable utensil for cooking, warming, and heating articles
Automatically centered scrolling in a tab-based user interface
Smartly formatted print in toolbar
Interactive personal security system
Implantable devices using rechargeable zero-volt technology lithium-ion batteries
Communications system and method
Removal of carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide from patient expired gas during anesthesia
Hand aerosol fire extinguisher
Attribute scoring for unstructured content
Object information processing apparatus, image processing system, game apparatus and image processin...
Method of using guava extract and composition including guava extract
Crude drug compositions and the process for preparing them
Fluid repellent microporous materials
Calcium binding recombinant antibody against protein C
Keratinocytes useful for the treatment of wounds
Method for determining release of a peptide from a sustained release polylactide formulation
Imaging and targeting tumors using sickle cells
FGF homolog polypeptides
Use of glutamate antagonists for the treatment of cancer
Methods of treating an inflammatory disease with a JJT-1 polypeptide
Periocular drug delivery for diabetic retinopathy
Immune reactivity to HER-2/neu protein for diagnosis and treatment of malignancies in which the HER-...
Delivery system for appetite suppressant
Method and device for determining position of an autonomous apparatus
Method and system for context-specific mask writing
Photonic band structure devices
Processes for making aerogel-electrolyte-metal composites
Method and apparatus for implementing process-based security in a computer system
Method, system and program product providing a configuration specification language having split lat...
Correlation of concurrent non-invasively acquired signals
Control system for internal combustion engine
Design software incorporating efficient 3-D rendering
System and method of creating and following URL tours
Method of manufacture of ultra-low carbon steel
Method for activating metal hydride material
Vinyl acetate/ethylene and vinyl chloride polymer blends as binders for nonwoven products
Method of operating a navigation system
Mill roll analysis system
Winding machine for rolled or drawn wire/rod with a turn clutch device for automatic winding
Dual-use sensor for rate responsive pacing and heart sound monitoring
Modified vitamin K-dependent polypeptides
2-Phenyl-1-[4-(2-aminoethoxy)-benzyl]-indoles as estrogenic agents
Solid cocatalyst component for olefin polymerization and catalyst system thereof
Catalysts for olefin polymerization
Control of a system for processing a stream of information based on information content
Coating for implantable medical devices
Tokenless electronic transaction system
Use of 1,2-decandiol for combating germs causing body odor
Firewall providing enhanced network security and user transparency
Enhancing images superimposed on uneven or partially obscured background
Disk chucking mechanism and disk drive device with increased positional accuracy
Complex of hepatitis B virus-specific antigenic peptides associated with heat shock proteins and the...
Modular conveying assembly having roller cradles
Controller and resource management system and method with improved security for independently contro...
Fixing device
Power injection system
Sealing device for medicine container or medical apparatus
System and method for client-server-based wireless intrusion detection
Integrated test-on-chip system and method and apparatus for manufacturing and operating same
Portable device for enhanced security and accessibility
Type font
Spade bit
Method and device for monitoring analyte concentration by optical detection
Monomer compound comprising several cationic groups, process for making the same, and polymers compr...
Method for producing dendritic cells
Polysaccharide aldehydes prepared by oxidation method and used as strength additives in papermaking
Methods to identify polynucleotide and polypeptide sequences which may be associated with physiologi...
Compositions and methods for detecting multidrug resistant strains of M. tuberculosis having mutatio...
Method of evaluating a patient antibody response to envelope proteins of a virus
A1 adenosine receptor antagonists
8-aza-bicyclo (3.2.1) octane derivatives and their use as monoamine neurotransmitter re-uptake inhib...
Pharmaceutical composition
Antibody recognizing a small subset of human hematopoietic cells
Simian adenovirus nucleic acid and amino acid sequences, vectors containing same, and methods of use
Viral vectors useful in induction of humoral or cellular immunity
Method of treating skin wounds with vectors encoding hepatocyte growth factor
Antiviral phosphonate compounds and methods therefor
Pyrazolopyrimidine derivatives and pharmaceutical compositions containing them
Uses of tricyclic compounds
Process for the collection and presentation of an X-ray image stored in a phosphor layer
Carbon fiber heating element assembly and methods for making
Adamantane derivatives and process for producing them
Compositions and methods for promoting internalization and degradation of urokinase-type plasminogen...
Apparatus and method for a temporary spread footing
Polarizer, optical film, and image display
Transmission type screen
Filling materials
Surgical microscopy system
Liquid crystal display device and method for fabricating the same
Combined television stand, speaker, tuner and amplifier
System and method for creating customized catalogues
System and method for determining optimal atrioventricular delay based on intrinsic conduction delay...
Method and system for bio-surveillance detection and alerting
Multi-functional residential communication approach
Pegylated interferon alfa-CCR5 antagonist combination HIV therapy
Cleaning member
IL-23p40 specific antibody
Gamma-aminoamide modulators of chemokine receptor activity
Acetylamino benzoic acid compounds and their use for nonsense suppression and the treatment of disea...
Ceramic packing element
Polychronic laser scanning system and method of use
Plate package, method of manufacturing a plate package, use of a plate package and plate heat exchan...
Heat exchanger for cooling exhaust gas and method of manufacturing same
Thermoelectric based heating and cooling system for a hybrid-electric vehicle
Self-contained flush-mount bulkhead air conditioning unit with novel evaporator/blower assembly hous...
Heat dissipating device
Heat transfer device
Method and apparatus for managing the temperature of thermal components
Vehicle air conditioner
Automatic recirculation airflow damper
Air conditioner for vehicle
System and method for inhibiting moisture and mold in an outer wall of a structure
Aluminum alloy heat exchanger and method of producing the same
PCB with forced airflow and device provided with PCB with forced airflow
Wireless device enclosure using piezoelectric cooling structures
Apparatus for air cooling of an electronic device
Fan-shaped heat-dissipating device
Coolant cooled type semiconductor device
Thermal management for hot-swappable module
Coating medical devices
Modification of silicon-containing scanning probe microscopy tips and growth of oligo-or poly (ethyl...
Electrostatic nanolithography probe actuation device and method
Footwear sole
Decorative accessory for boots and like footwear
Footwear sole
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Insoles with shock absorption flexible material
Thermally transferable protective sheet
Decorative piece for footwear
Footwear sole
Footwear sole
Footwear sole
Footwear sole
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Methods and apparatus for operating gas turbine engines
Radio frequency shielded and acoustically insulated enclosure
Systems and methods for adaptive noise cancellation
Device for treatment of a gas flow
Particle producing method and particle producing apparatus
Titanium dioxide finishing process
Method for the removal of metals from an aqueous solution using lime precipitation
Method of preparing a titanium and zirconium-based oxide, the oxides thus obtained and the use of sa...
Method and apparatus for regeneration of flue gas scrubber caustic solutions
Reduction of sulfur, nitrogen oxides and volatile trace metals from combustion in furnaces and boile...
Spinning, processing, and applications of carbon nanotube filaments, ribbons, and yarns
Process for production of sodium borohydride from sodium aluminum hydride with recycle of byproducts
Nano sized sulfide compounds of cerium and a process for the preparation thereof
Synthesis of aluminophosphates and silicoaluminophosphates
Aluminum hydroxide and production process thereof
Method of manufacturing hydroxyapatite and uses therefor in delivery of nucleic acids
Process and apparatus for the production of hydrogen and carbon dioxide from the gasification of raw...
Composite oxide, process for producing the same, and exhaust gas reducing co-catalyst
Nanotubes and methods of dispersing and separating nanotubes
Human monoclonal antibodies to epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR)
Absorbent composition of matter for controlled release of essential oils
Electrophoretic particles, and processes for the production thereof
2-O sulfatase compositions and methods of hydrolyzing therewith
Methods for the in-vitro identification, isolation and differentiation of vasculogenic progenitor ce...
Growth factor modified protein matrices for tissue engineering
Rifamycin derivatives effective against drug-resistant microbes
Cyano anthranilamide insecticides
PMI syrup phases and their use for stabilizing insoluble additives
BID polypeptides and methods of inducing apoptosis
Method of bonding cable harnesses adhesively to substrates such as the interiordecorative components...
Belt and method of making same
Processes for the production of packaging materal for transporting and storing perishable goods
Process for making high count multi-layered circuits
Configurable digital filter
Reciprocal estimate computation methods and apparatus
Multiplier device
Process control with unreliable communications
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and static magnetic field correction method
Optical interface for local MRI coils
Semiconductor memory device having memory cells requiring no refresh operation
Copper alloys
Microcrystalline Nitrocellulose Pyrotechnic Compositions
Supply voltage removal detecting circuit, display device and method for removing latent image
Method and apparatus for expanding bit resolution using local information of image
Digital photographic display device
Apparatuses for dispensing materials volumetrically and gravimetrically based on a stored formula an...
Optical fiber array
Particle concentration method
Gain setting method for optical disk reproducing apparatus
System for failsafe controlled dispensing of liquid material
Tape pressure roller with patterned surface for tape applicator
Magnetic resonance imaging at several rf frequencies
Methods and apparatus for measuring magnetic field homogeneity
Storage space for elements which are used ina medical activity
Modular assault course
Tree stand hunting blind
Method of playing a poker-type wagering game with multiple betting options
Golden rhombic pyramid-shaped building blocks
Aquatic toys
Video poker games
Gaming device having a multiplier poker game
Game machine and game system
Method and system for marketing and game selection for lottery products
Method for awarding a player responding to a hidden bonus game feature that interrupts casino game p...
Electronic sword game with input and feedback
Combination fingerprint reader and I/O devices for gaming machines
Convertible game apparatus
Multifunctional protease inhibitors and their use in treatment of disease
Double mutant alpha-7 nicotinic acetylcholine receptors
Mitogenic oxygenases
Ricin-like toxin variants for treatment of cancer, viral or parasitic infections
Recombinant sequence, its preparation and use
Primers and probes for amplification and detection of human inhibitor of DNA-binding
Compounds for generating chemiluminescence with a peroxidase
Double transgenic mice overexressing human beta secretase and human APP-London
Plants synthesizing a modified starch, a process for the generation of the plants, their use, and th...
Regulating metabolism by modifying the level of trehalose-6-phosphate
Soybean cultivar 5806063
Soybean cultivar S050226
Hammer cotton cultivar plant and seed
Cotton variety 530001G
Cotton cultivar DP 515 BG/RR
Inbred corn line G7403
Plants and seeds of hybrid corn variety CH520994
Combining multi-spectral light from spatially separated sources
Forensic and genealogical test
Guitar string case
Addressable pneumatic valve system
Pitch changing arrangements for pedal steel guitar
Wrench tremolo bar for a guitar
Interactive music application apparatus and electronic musical instrument and programs therefor
Genetic music
Cooperative musical instrument
Musical sound generator, portable terminal, musical sound generating method, and storage medium
Electronic musical instrument and method of performing the same
Song selection apparatus and method
Electronic musical instrument
Integrated computer and music keyboard module
Soundhole accessible musical instrument control platform
Singing voice-synthesizing method and apparatus and storage medium
Service hang tag
Braille signage
Secure currency
Business form with label stock and message bearing stock
Labels and method of forming the same
Work vehicle with hydrostatic steering system
Stair-climbing human transporter
Hybrid-vehicle power train
Hybrid powertrain with engine valve deactivation
Assembly support of a front end of a motor vehicle and method for detachably fixing a cooling module...
Adjustment of the speed of a motor vehicle with an automatic gearbox
Vehicle safety system
Safety arrangement for a vehicle
Satellite sensor housing
Vehicle steering apparatus and method
Sound dampening assembly for automotive exhaust system
Cab for construction machine
Drive axle with a work drive that can be driven by the electric motor of a traction drive
Control device for an at least partially four-wheel-driven motor vehicle
Apparatus and method for estimating attitude using inertial measurement equipment
Autonomous velocity estimation and navigation
System for heating an air intake of turbine engine
Apparatus for actuating a control surface
System for monitoring pilot and/or passenger oxygen saturation levels and estimating oxygen usage re...
Method and apparatus for efficient heat exchange in an aircraft or other vehicle
Vehicles particularly useful as VTOL vehicles
Aircraft with rotatable leading edge of fuselage and wings
Lifting device for a luggage compartment in an aircraft, as well as aircraft with a lifting device f...
Acoustic absorption system for an aircraft interior trim panel system
Low power, pulsed, electro-thermal ice protection system
In-flight refueling system, boom, and method for extending range of motion of an in-flight refueling...
System and method of substantially autonomous geosynchronous time-optimal orbit transfer
Method and system for CMG array singularity avoidance
Method, apparatus, and computer program product for safe exit maneuver from dimensionally extended r...
Solid motor transport trailer with rotatable chock supports
Methods and apparatus for sensor systems
Drain and a building structure having a drain
Shallow water watercraft lift
Stabilisation of submarine elongate structures
Method for use of a maritime unit and maritime unit
Vacuum cleaner cyclone separation module
Cyclone separation module
Cyclone separation module
Plunger handle
Magnetic sweeper
Sweeper material holding box
Portion of a squeegee
Cleaning implement
Ice scraper
Wheeled bucket
Half-round perforated container
Sport helmet shaped lid for trash receptacle
Multi-position mechanic's creeper
Base for a computer cart
Cart handle
Cart handle
Cart handle
Arm for a conveyor belt cleaner
Ring lift anchor
Hashing using multiple sub-hashes
Method of and apparatus for determining a key pair and for generating RSA keys
Secure network-based system for the distributed printing of documents
Access to encrypted broadcast content
Systems and methods for transmitting quantum and classical signals over an optical network
Dynamic system bus encryption using improved differential transitional encoding
Apparatus and method for scrambling and descrambling data wordwise in optical disk system
System for generating pseudorandom sequences
Encryption method using synchronized continuously calculated pseudo-random key
Device and method for calculating a result of a modular exponentiation
Semiconductor device for compressing video signals with copy protection information
Method and apparatus for encrypting and decrypting data in wireless LAN
Information processing method and apparatus and program storage medium for prohibiting duplication o...
Apparatus and method for a hash processing system using multiple hash storage areas
Encryption protocol
Digitally watermarked maps and signs and related navigational tools
Hybrid signature scheme
Method for client delegation of security to a proxy
Grapevine denominated `Black Globe`
Poinsettia plant named `Duepremmiro`
Shrub rose plant named `Meigalpio`
Torenia plant named `Dancat911`
Verbena plant named `Duefarvio`
Verbena plant named `Duefarsopi`
Plum tree named `Black Delight`
Peperomia plant named `Dapep2106`
Calibrachoa plant named `Cal Depyel`
Method for combined processing of diesel fuel
Porous aluminum fluoride
Hydrogenation palladium-silver catalyst and methods
Method for the production of aryl-aryl coupled compounds
Process for xylene isomerization and ethylbenzene conversion
Olefin oligomerization
Conversion process
Cracking hydrocarbon feedstock containing resid utilizing partial condensation of vapor phase from v...
Redistribution of rights-managed content
Validation protocol and system
Shielding manipulations of secret data
Individual authentication method, individual authentication apparatus, accounting method, accounting...
Method of assigning value codes
System and method for assigning a funding source for a radio frequency identification device
System and method for facilitating the handling of a dispute
Computerized dispute resolution system and method
Parallel selection processing for financial processing in a relational database management system
Methods and apparatus for selecting candidates to interview
Computerized system and method for acquiring and analyzing data pertaining to real estate
Collaboration system for exchanging of data between electronic participants via collaboration space ...
Method and system for marketplace social proxies
Remote order acceptance design system and elevator remote order acceptance method
Method and system for assuring an original
Creating and utilizing a wizard to capture an application's interdependencies between web pages and ...
E.sup.2 automobile dealership information management system
Delivery of financial services to remote devices
Network based document distribution method
Distributing access to a data item
Method of detecting piracy of proprietary material
Apparatus for detecting hidden nodes in a wireless network
Radio apparatus and base station apparatus
Method for reducing the out-of-band emission in AM transmitters for digital transmission
Digital baseband receiver including a time domain compensation module for suppressing group delay va...
Low power and high linearity receivers with reactively biased front ends
Digital convertible radio SNR optimization
Method for suppressing interference and arrangement for same, and radio communications receiver
Method and circuit for deriving a second clock signal from a first clock signal
Method and apparatus for controlling power of radio links
Radio frequency integrated circuit electo-static discharge circuit
Communication apparatus including dual timer units
Method for radio transmission in an alarm signaling system
Mobile communication system, mobile communication method and mobile communication program
System and method of managing incoming calls on a mobile device having an earplug
Mobile communication terminal
Method and system for improving mobile radio communications
Information storage for radio resource management
Method and system for determining the speed and position of a mobile unit
Radio device, transmission/reception directivity control method, and transmission/reception directiv...
System and method for posting available time slots to a network hub
Method and apparatus for transferring data according to an ARQ method
Computer-based method and apparatus for controlling, monitoring, recording and reporting telephone a...
System and method for real-time fraud detection within a telecommunication network
Dial plan mapper
Call hold signaling
System and method for processing conference collaboration records
Three-way call detection using steganography
System and method for routing calls using a universal access phone number
System and method for call dialing and call information collection
Virtual physician office systems and methods
Display device
Voice signal clipping circuit and telephone set therewith
Method for controlling routing information for intellectual peripherals in subscriber-based ring-bac...
System and method for enhanced message notification
Method and apparatus for retrieving calling party information in a mobile communications system
Channel power balancing in a multi-channel transceiver system
Portable terminal apparatus having an improved display drive controller
Compound ring tunes
Multi-mode power supply device of wireless earphone
Belt covering for a mobile station and method of using the same
Method for clinician house calls utilizing portable computing and communications equipment
System and method for selection of a voice user interface dialogue
Email policy manager
System and method for publishing a person's affinities
Network modelling
Machine learning
Knowledge discovery agent system and method
Drive method for piezoelectric actuator, drive apparatus for piezoelectric actuator, electronic devi...
Portable contact-less power transfer devices and rechargeable batteries
Personal renewable-energy fueling and storage station for electric-powered vehicles
Charger for lithium secondary battery and electronic apparatus including charger
Apparatus and method for state-variable synthesis in a switching power supply
Menu-driven remote control transmitter
Recursive-reflective display devices
Dynamic message sign display panel communication error detection and correction
Ornament apparatus, system and method
Integrated information presentation system with environmental controls
Three-dimension imaging lidar
Vision panel having a multi-layer primer
Optical substrate with modulated structure
Battery and inverter configuration with increased efficiency
Method and apparatus for the monitoring and control of combustion
Apparatus comprising electronic and/or optoelectronic circuitry and method for realizing said circui...
Inverter control methodology for distributed generation sources connected to a utility grid
Fog tester apparatus
Wheel-state obtaining apparatus, and vehicle-state obtaining apparatus
Solar panel fixed angle rack
Solar powered insect exterminator
Subpixel rendering filters for high brightness subpixel layouts
Sub-pixel rendering system and method for improved display viewing angles
Liquid crystal display with the red, green, blue, and yellow sub-pixels surrounding the white sub-pi...
Automatic camera lens module retracting/extending apparatus for mobile communication terminals
Apparatus for fastening a camera to an observation telescope
Meter reading system
Lens-fitted photo film unit
Remote platform multiple capture image formation method and apparatus
Image projection apparatus, projection image pattern, laser drive apparatus, camera apparatus
Imaging apparatus and method, recording medium, and program
Method of transmitting a one-dimensional signal using a two-dimensional analog medium
Methods of treating using anti-IL-15 antibodies
Preparation of microparticles having improved flowability
Transcutaneous immunization against papillomavirus with papillomavirus virus-like particles
Nucleic acid sequence and protein in addition to polypeptides coding for mannitol dehydrogenases or ...
Antibodies to HHPEN62 polypeptide
Use of interleukin-19 to treat cervical cancer
PRO34128 nucleic acids
6-amino-1,4-dihydro-benzo[d][1,3] oxazin-2-ones and analogs useful as progesterone receptor modulato...
PRO4395 antibodies
Protection against oxidative stress and inflammation by a cytoprotective response element
Polynucleotide encoding a novel human serpin secreted from lymphoid cells, LSI-01
Mouse model for psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis
3-quinuclidinyl heteroatom bridged biaryl derivatives
Grommet for a vehicle door assembly
Opening switch for vehicle doors or trunks
Control panel for a motor vehicle fascia, having at least one optically controlled rotary adjustment...
Auxiliary heating and air conditioning unit for a diesel powered transport vehicle
Device system and method for preventing vehicle theft
Turn-on interlock for propelling a vehicle, in particular a magnetic levitation train, along a track...
Door unlocking controller and control method thereof
Tire condition detecting system and method
U-turn indicator
Integrated microprocessor controlled alarm
Collision avoidance system
Within-distance query pruning in an R-tree index
Row-level security in a relational database management system
Apparatus and method for market-based document layout selection
Methods and apparatus for generating automated graphics using stored graphics examples
Automated vending kiosk
Suicidal mutant Leishmania vaccine
System configured for applying a modifying agent to a non-equidimensional substrate
Thick inner cover multi-layer golf ball
Inductor-based MEMS microphone
Plasma display panel having protective layer with magnesium oxide and magnesium carbide
Apparatus for testing a memory module
Method of automatic fault isolation in a programmable logic device
Full scan solution for latched-based design
Integrated device with an improved BIST circuit for executing a structured test
Method for localization and generation of short critical sequence
A1InGaP LED having reduced temperature dependence
Bistable magnetic device using soft magnetic intermediary material
RecA assisted detection of mutations, single nucleotide polymorphisms and specific sequences
Digital still camera for recording images in high and low sensitivity modes
X-Y address type solid-state image pickup device with an image averaging circuit disposed in the noi...
Image sensor using multiple array readout lines
Laser projector having temperature control
Method and apparatus providing a two-way shared storage gate on a four-way shared pixel
CMOS sensor array with a shared structure
Solid-state imaging device, driving method therefor, and imaging apparatus
Illuminated canopy for a refrigerated display case
Refrigerator and cooling air passage structure thereof
ATM with stack transporter for bulk note deposit
Respiratory humidification system
Predicting the health of a system that would result from the application of a proposed intervention ...
System and method for automatically and dynamically optimizing application data resources to meet bu...
Dual diffraction-grating device
Display panel and display device
Electrooptic device, liquid crystal device, and projection display device with line defects
Gear mechanism and image forming apparatus using same
Antireflection film and object having undergone antireflection treatment
Method and implementation of session-based file locking for network applications
Automatic transaction management
System and method for providing integration via a dial-up interface
Antenna structure with filter effect
Antenna down-tilting
Radio controlled liquid monitor
Connection structure or fastening structure with resonant circuit
Poultry incapacitator and method of use
Anti terrorist and homeland security public safety warning system
Facsimile device selecting transmission method appropriate for each transmission
Facsimile machine and communication result notifying method
Alarm signal interceptor, middleware processor, and re-transmitter using caller ID
Automated third party call activated when 911 dialed
Apparatus and method for telephony feature access and gatekeeper policy interaction on combined ToL/...
Apparatus and method for voice over IP traffic separation and factor determination
Methods and apparatus for suppressing signaling tones in telephony signal
System and method for verifying central office wiring associated with line sharing
Single wire dual speed signal system
System and method for unloading bulk powder from large bulk containers
Thermoplastic elastomer blend, method of manufacture and use thereof
Poly(trimethylene-ethylene ether) glycols
System for the preferential removal of silicon oxide
Creping blade
Pre-combustors for internal combustion engines and systems and methods therefor
Microorganism producing 5'-inosinic acid and process for producing 5'-inosinic acid using the same
Aerobic succinate production in bacteria
Method for quantitatively determining a reducing substance and a reagent for quantitative determinat...
Method and apparatus for information delivery with archive containing metadata in predetermined lang...
Fully distributed, scalable infrastructure, communication system
Legacy host system hot link modeling and navigation
Titanium dioxide coated with silicon dioxide
Cosmetic composition based on organic silicon compounds comprising at least a function with a cosmet...
Agent and method for oxidative coloring of keratin fibers
Wrapping materials for smoking articles
Aqueous ink for ball point pens
Method of printing page data with a pagewidth inkjet printhead
Controller for controlling printing on both surfaces of a sheet of print media
Candlestick useable with a rechargeable light
LED lamp
Vehicle taillight
Surface configuration of a headlight for a vehicle
One button remote control with flashlight
Decorative shell
Gimbal head electric light fixture suitable for a track lighting system
Ring and cube head electric light fixture suitable for a track lighting system
Deco head electric light fixture suitable for a track lighting system
Angle head electric light fixture suitable for a track lighting system
Combined motion detector and flood light
Football helmet-simulating wall sconce
One-piece coned-shaped reflector trim for recessed light housing
Light fixture gallery
Hand-held apparatus for injecting tobacco into paper tubes
Liquid and lotion applicator
Packaging release valve for refrigerated food items
Packaging and dispensing system for sandwich food products
Apparatus for food waste treatment
Air blanketed food preparation table
Overpressure valve for the content of a package
Radio frequency identification tag antenna assembly
Radio frequency identification tag antenna assembly
Radio frequency identification tag antenna assembly
Radio frequency identification tag antenna assembly
Method and system for tracking items in a shipping facility
Loading and extraction of modular belt carriers of electronic components
Omega package sorter
Media converter RFID security tag
Smart identification document
Systems and methods for event driven baggage management
Mobius time-triggered communication
Replicons of pestviruses that do not express C and or E1 protein and infectious viral particles cont...
DNA vaccine expressing HA1 of equine-2 influenza virus
Compositions and methods for treating lymphoma
Ophthalmic compositions containing a synergistic combination of three polymers
Method for providing long-lasting pain diminishment through topical or intranasal administration of ...
Liposomal antineoplastic drugs and uses thereof
Uses for polycationic compounds
Elevating operator cabin for coiled tubing injector
Legged mobile robot leg structure
Hybrid vehicle
Hybrid electric vehicle with variable displacement engine
Infectious bursal disease virus (IBDV) variant from Georgia
Methods and compositions for synthesis of nucleic acid molecules using multiple recognition sites
Dialysis solution bag stand
Ultrasound guided probe device and method of using same
Specimen trap with strainer
Catheter for treatment of severe pulmonary emboli
Trocar seal system
Needle-free medical connector with expandable valve mechanism and method of fluid flow control
Air-core microwave ablation antennas
Activatable bioactive vascular occlusive device
Filter device for embolic protection systems
Superelastic guiding member
Methods for making therapeutic elements for implantation into patient tissue
Runtime parameter mapping for system simulation
Device and method for identifying a communication interface that performs an operating parameter clo...
Method and system for automatically verifying fault hypotheses predetermined by a user
Slide drive device for a press
Optimization of radar antenna switching hybrid in response to operating frequency
Polymer-modified, vulcanized asphalt composition and its method of preparation
Method for forming fire combustion modified batt
Integration of strained Ge into advanced CMOS technology
Papermaker's forming fabric with twice as many bottom MD yarns as top MD yarns
Bicycle pedal and fastening shoe assembly and pedal and cleat for same
Bicycle derailleur
Portable work bench station
Embedding typed handbrake operating device
Vehicle-carried rack for bicycles
Bicycle rear suspension
Vehicle wheel axle centrifugal adjusting arrangement
Rubber composition for a tire comprising a coupling agent (white filler/diene elastomer) activated b...
Bicycle gear shifter
Transporter shaft coupling and uncoupling
Folding handlebar
Walker including supports for carrying oxygen bottles
Bicycle handbrake operating device
Foldable bicycle frame
Bicycle control apparatus
Device for controlling hydrogen flow of hydrogen storage canister
Multi-component conductive polymer structures and a method for producing same
Block copolymers and method for making same
Solid oxide fuel cell anodes and electrodes for other electrochemical devices
Agitator drive configuration
Sputtering apparatus
Plasma treatment apparatus and control method thereof
Multi-cell battery charge control
Exhaust gas particulate measuring system
Flame-retardant resin composition, moldings thereof and flame retardant
Device with needle penetrable and laser resealable portion and related method
Portable misting device with drinking spout and fan assist
Method of manufacturing color filter substrate, method of manufacturing electro-optical device, elec...
Liquid crystal display device bonding apparatus and method of using the same
Over-clocking in a microdeposition control system to improve resolution
Random number generator and probability generator
Disk device
Combined set of utensils and container
Clock sign
Abdominal exercise device
Multipositional apparatus for hanging things
Protection gear against harmful insects
Production method for a multilayer ceramic substrate
Free fall sensor
Ultra-precision positioning system
Throttle valve opening and closing device
Bag holder
Distribution structure, vertical shaft impact crusher having the distribution structure and method o...
Igniter gun equipped with a safety mechanism
Single and multi-engine drive system for a twin screw vessel
Method for detecting transverse vibrations in an ultrasonic hand piece
Encoding device for performing serial concatenated coding
Detection of dishing and tilting using X-ray fluorescence
Method and apparatus of image forming capable of suitably controlling transfer characteristic
Dual blade lancing test strip
Assay device
Sample inclination measuring method
Power-assisted steering with electric motor locking device
Trailer provided with manoeuvring device
Startup interlock for vehicle electric drive system
Method for performing gate coordination on a per-call basis
Processor with table-based scheduling using software-controlled interval computation
Allocation of upstream bandwidth in an ethernet passive optical network
Preprocessing signal layers in a layered modulation digital signal system to use legacy receivers
System and method for compensating for skew between a first clock signal and a second clock signal
Digital phase-locked loop device for synchronizing signal and method for generating stable synchrono...
Method and apparatus for determining and reporting the operational status of an integrated services ...
Implantable cardiac device providing rapid pacing T wave alternan pattern detection and method
Distributed architecture irrigation controller
Genes for plant fatty acid modifying enzymes associated with conjugated double bond formation
Pyridines for treating injured mammalian nerve tissue
BTL-II proteins
Analyzing substrate noise
Density driven layout for RRAM configuration module
Timing-driven synthesis with area trade-off
Processor type determination based on reset vector characteristics
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device capable of suppressing impurity concentration reduction...
Thin film circuit board device and method for manufacturing the same
Low stress STI films and methods
Integrated circuits and methods of forming a field effect transistor
Method for manufacturing a semiconductor component
Method for forming a buried diffusion layer with reducing topography in a surface of a semiconductor...
Method and device for the production of thin epitaxial semiconductor layers
Enhanced step coverage of thin films on patterned substrates by oblique angle PVD
Selective etching of organosilicate films over silicon oxide stop etch layers
Integration film scheme for copper / low-k interconnect
Wafer edge ring structures and methods of formation
Fluid treating method and apparatus
Floating strainer
Oil filter canister removal tool
Oxidizing processes by oxygen transfer within a liquid medium in a reactor under pressure
Method and system for biologic decontamination of a vessel's ballast water