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Breather device of engine
Float-responsive valve with premature closure prevention
Mesh screen apparatus and method of manufacture
Drill pipe screen
Tool arrangement and application of said tool arrangement
Switching power supply circuit
Satellite broadcasting converter, control circuit incorporated therein, and detector circuit used in...
Inverter capable of switching working frequency
Intelligent RF power control for wireless modem devices
Method and apparatus for conditional response to a fault condition in a switching power supply
Compositions and methods for prolonging survival of platelets
Method of inhibiting restenosis
Circumferential ablation device assembly and methods of use and manufacture providing an ablative ci...
Components, systems and methods for forming anastomoses using magnetism or other coupling means
Hydronopol derivatives as agonists on human ORL1 receptors
Polymorph V of torasemide
Substituted indoles and their use as integrin antagonists
High density lipoprotein-reactive peptides
Communications system for retrieving instruction files from a server
Dialog fragmentation for mobile devices
Method of storing compressed data
System and methods for tag library generation
Sharing classes between programs
Computer-implemented trademark brokerage network
System for and method of performing corporate mileage service
System and method for identifying skills and tools needed to support a process utilizing pre-defined...
System for scheduling multiple time dependent events
System and methods for graphically representing purchase profiles and sales guidance to a customer s...
Method of predicting initial input of new product, system for predicting initial input of new produc...
System and method for targeted marketing of goods and/or services to specific customers
Method and apparatus for controlling motor-driven throttle valve, automobile, method of measuring te...
Color measurement apparatus operable as a pointing device, a computer display measurement device and...
Semiconductor memory device including an SOI substrate
Wireless well communication system and method
Portion of a keyboard
Portion of a keyboard
Icon for a portion of a display screen
Icon for a portion of a display screen
Icon for a portion of a display screen
Lossless adaptive encoding and decoding of integer data
Image coding with scalable context quantization
Method and apparatus for computer input using six degrees of freedom
Rendering volumetric fog and other gaseous phenomena
Allowing IPv4 clients to communicate over an IPv6 network when behind a network address translator w...
Edge contour of a keyboard housing opening
Portion of a keyboard
Portion of a keyboard
Body shape for keyboard
Tyre for motorcycle
Iron type golf club set
Rubber composition and racing tire having tread comprising thereof
Golf club head and method of making the same
Rubber composition for tread
Method and apparatus for capturing paper-based information on a mobile computing device
Pneumatic tire including zigzag sipes
Producing method of high speed FV reducing tire
Underground mine tire
Self-luminescent pneumatic tire
Tire for automobile
Tire sidewall
Tire tread
Cable bead and method of manufacture
Tire tread
Apparatus and associated methods to perform intelligent transmit power control with subcarrier punct...
Transmit power control within a wireless transmitter
Wireless mobile communication device having a speaker vibration alert and method of using same
Method and system for noise floor calibration and receive signal strength detection
Handset mode selection based on user preferences
Operation data creating method and apparatus for mobile communication system and storage medium
Layer three quality of service aware trigger
Method for operating a mobile radiotelephone network
Method of tracking finger assignment
System and method to facilitate wireless communication in a welding environment
System and method for secure wireless connection
Wireless local area network detection
Distributed data server and an operating method thereof
Glucose dehydrogenase
Regulatory protein for Nox enzymes
Gene and uses therefor to modify pasture qualities of crops
Polymerase chimeras
Purified HpyC1I and its use as a restriction endonuclease
Polypeptides having beta-glucosidase activity and polynucleotides encoding same
Synthetic genes and bacterial plasmids devoid of CpG
Nucleotide sequences promoting the trans-membrane transport of nucleic acids
Methods and compositions for cholesterol reduction in mammals
Methods and compositions for joint lubrication
Chitosan oligosaccharides and uses thereof
Novel cyclodextrin derivatives, method for the preparation thereof and use thereof for the solubiliz...
Use of soluble forms of cd83 and nucleic acids encoding them for the treatment or prevention of dise...
Recombinant soluble adenovirus receptor
Macrocyclic oligonucleotide labeling reactants and conjugates derived thereof
Method of making a diisocyanate terminated macromer
Manipulation of organic acid biosynthesis and secretion
Method rubisco large subunit n-methyltransferase useful for targeting molecules to the active-site v...
Geranylgeranyl pyrophosphate synthases
EPSP synthase domains conferring glyphosate resistance
Thermal interconnect and interface systems, methods of production and uses thereof
Compositions and methods for genetic analysis of polycystic kidney disease
Image transfer apparatus and image transfer method
Magnetic memory device and write method of magnetic memory device
Multi-gate transistor formed with active patterns of uniform critical dimension
Thermal drop generator
Member excellent in antibacterial antimold and/or antialgae effects and process for producing the sa...
Join protocol for a primary-backup group with backup resources in clustered computer system
Method and apparatus for bringing bus lanes in a computer system using a jumper board
Laminated electronic component
Animal collar
Dynamic composition and maintenance of applications
Travel toothbrush assembly
Process for the infiltration of porous carbon composites
Mobile-power system utilizing propane generator, fuel cell and super capacitors
Static dense multicast path and bandwidth management
Programmable controller with CPU and communication units and method of controlling same
Photosensitive member cartridge
Method and apparatus for a signal selective RF transceiver system
Mobility management
Managing apparatus for managing assisting work to assist substrate-related-work performing system, a...
Alkaline dry battery
Integration type input circuit and method of testing it
Zoom lens and image pickup
NROM flash memory devices on ultrathin silicon
Capacitor applicable to a device requiring large capacitance
Surface inspection by double pass laser doppler vibrometry
Address mark detection with error threshold that varies with timing jitter
Servo positioning adjustment
Acoustic Damping Pad That Reduces Deflection of a Circuit Board
Method and apparatus for increasing storage capacity
Surface inspection by amplitude modulated specular light detection
In-situ UV curing of media lubricants
System and method for internet appliance data entry and navigation
Method and system for voice recognition menu navigation with error prevention and recovery
Method, computer program product, and system for performing automated linking between sheets of a dr...
Navigation system, abridged map distribution apparatus and vehicle guiding method
Intelligent modular navigation information capability
Vehicular brake control apparatus and vehicular brake control method
Semiconductor inspection system
Method and apparatus for providing access to maps on a thin client
Lightweight marine buoy and method of handling the same
GPS position-finding system and method of finding position of GPS terminal
Combined parallel and sequential detection for GPS signal acquisition
Coplanar waveguide filter and method of forming same
Fractal and space-filling transmission lines, resonators, filters and passive network elements
Method of differential-phase/absolute-amplitude QAM
Method of differential-phase/absolute-amplitude QAM
Computer-based value-bearing item customization security
Method of selective peptide isolation for the identification and quantitative analysis of proteins i...
DNA molecules encoding ligand-gated ion channels from Drosophila melanogaster
Human machine interface for an energy analytics system
Reconfiguration of programmable components in an electronic apparatus
System and method for reselling a previously sold product
Apparatus, system and method for measuring and monitoring supply chain risk
Methods of encoding and combining integer lists in a computer system, and computer software product ...
Apparatus and method for detecting sector sync signal on an optical storage medium
Surface mount module
Remote monitor for steam traps
Detecting voiced and unvoiced speech using both acoustic and nonacoustic sensors
Electroacoustic transducer with small dimensions
Gradation processing method
X-ray image acquisition apparatus
Scintillator panel, radiation detector and manufacture methods thereof
Miniature multinuclide detection system and methods
Collector having unused region for illumination systems using a wavelength .ltoreq.193 nm
Computed radiography systems and methods of use
Lens array sheet and molding method
Radiation tomographic imaging apparatus and imaging method using it
X-ray imaging systems and methods using temporal digital signal processing for reducing noise and fo...
X-ray inspection system having on-axis and off-axis sensors
X-ray mammography/tomosynthesis of patient's breast
4-dimensional digital tomosynthesis and its applications in radiation therapy
X-ray optical system with adjustable convergence
Method and system of compensating wave reflections in transmission lines
Electronics cabinet with internal air-to-air heat exchanger
Apparatus and method for enhancing accuracy of sensor signal
Memory device controls delay time of data input buffer in response to delay control information base...
Method and apparatus for firmware restoration in modems
Memory module with parallel testing
Apparatus for improving reception sensitivity of public wave receiver by reducing noise externally-e...
UI content creating method, UI content creating apparatus and UI content creating system
Mobile terminal for automatically managing country code and method for storing/finding phone number ...
System and method for using location information to execute an action
Apparatus and method for inputting characters in a mobile communication terminal
Method for supressing post-harvest biological infestation and disease in fruit
Absorbent Release Sheet
Method and system for recapturing and reusing unreacted antimicrobial solutions in spray application...
Methods for selecting compounds using antibodies with activity as antagonist, antagonist or alloster...
Formulations and uses of 2-hydroxy-5-phenylazobenzoic acid derivatives
Process for the production of a sterol-rich composition
Dynamic food orders during travel
Method for coloring beverages by means of light sources
Method and apparatus for a promotional couponing system
Method for producing a gluten-based baked product
Edible manually holdable food product with hydrophilic liquid absorbent insert
Methods and compositions for thickening, stabilizing and emulsifying foods
Process of manufacturing laminated packing materials
Internally reinforced tubular food casing containing protein
Method and apparatus for cross organizational sharing of software applications using host platform
Transflective liquid crystal display and driving method of the same
Method for extrapolating model parameters of spice
Secure online dating support system and method
Computerized system for combining insurance company and credit card transactions
Methods and compositions for modulating gamete adhesion
Rice cultivar 'Spring'
Novel Cucurbita plants
Nucleotide sequences and corresponding polypeptides conferring improved nitrogen use efficiency char...
Soybean Variety 98Y11
Novel Bt toxin receptors from lepidopteran insects and methods of use
Nucleic Acids Encoding Anthelmintic Agents And Plants Made Therefrom
Non-denaturing process to purify recombinant proteins from plants
Methods and Compositions for Modifying Flower Development
Early Endosperm Promoter eep1
Dominant Gene Suppression Transgenes and Methods of Using Same
Botanical classification Rosa hybrid variety denomination 'Poulcas020'
Peach tree named 'NJF16'
Late seedless mandarin
Apparatus for delivery of sorbent to a furnace during combustion
Rework bracket for electrical outlet boxes
Woody electric wave absorber
Laser oscillation elements
Method for producing products from source materials by leaching with functional electrolytic water
Method for manufacturing biomedical bone material with concrete characteristic
Adsorptivity imparting agent containing porous silica
Reflective film
Needle-like single-crystal inorganic powder-containing powder material, coating composition, powder ...
Composition and method for making a proppant
Trophy display medium, method, and kit
Spray dried emulsifier compositions, methods for their preparation, and their use in oil-based drill...
Voc free latex coalescent system
Crystalline thermoplastic polyester resin composition for clear transparent products and process the...
Process for preparing vinyl chloride copolymer
Prepolymers with alkoxysilane end groups
Polyurethanes prepared from polycaprolactone polyols, articles and coatings prepared therefrom and m...
Polyurethanes prepared from polycarbonate polyols, articles and coatings prepared therefrom and meth...
Methods of operating a coal burning facility
Access door
Gypsum-containing board and tile, and method for producing same
Antibacterial gypsum composition for dental surgery
Shaped wall plate for wiring device
Set retarder compositions, cement compositions, and associated methods
Method for zymotic production of fine chemicals (metA) containing sulphur
Fusion proteins for use in enzymatic synthesis of oligosaccharides
Silver halide color photographic light-sensitive material
Magenta metal chelate dyes and their use ink-jet printers
System and method for treatment of ballast water
Apparatus for separation of constituents from matrices
Fluorinated compound, fluoropolymer and process for its production
Plating apparatus and plating liquid removing method
System and Method of Fluid Filtration Utilizing Cross-Flow Currents
Chlorine resistant desalination membranes based on directly sulfonated poly(Arylene Ether Sulfone) c...
Water Treatment Techniques
System for monitoring discharges into a waste water collection system
Liquid for immersion exposure and immersion exposure method
Methods for cleaning and sterilizing devices
Dairy compositions and method of making
Fluid transfer member
Metal oxide phosphor microparticle and process for producing the same; utilizing the same, dispersio...
Novel composition
Dietary and pharmaceutical compositions for management and treatment of oxidative stress
Systems and methods for controlling and forming polymer gels
Manufacture of cellulose esters: recycle of caustic and/or acid from pre-treatment of pulp
Concentrating mass spectrometer ion guide, spectrometer and method
Composition and method to augment and sustain neurotransmitter production
Therapeutic compositions containing trimethoprim and cranberry extract and methods for treating and ...
Follicle-stimulating hormone releasing agent
Nutritional supplement containing long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids
Cholestrol-reducing agent containing an n-3 fatty acid
Safe medicine for treating and preventing cancer and method of use
Formulations and Methods for Preventing and Treating Substance Abuse and Addiction
Formulation and Methods for Use of Morinda Citrifolia Seed Oil
Treatment modalities for autoimmune diseases
Combination of anti-hpv-16 and 18 antibodies and uses thereof
Juvenile hemochromatosis gene (hfe2a), expression products and uses thereof
Biodegradable bag containing superabsorbent polymers
Superabsorbent polymer applicator
Pharmaceutical composition comprising proteins and/or polypeptides and colloidal particles
Compositions and methods for enhanced mucosal delivery of parathyroid hormone
Remedy for cardiac failure containing ask1 inhibitor as active ingredient and method for screening t...
Viral hepatitis treatment
Lipid metabolism improving agent
Grid-like guided user interface for video selection and display
Method and apparatus for auditing service level agreements by test packet insertion
GaN-based semiconductor junction structure
Nonvolatile memory system using magneto-resistive random access memory (MRAM)
Nonvolatile memory device and method of programming same
Methods of manufacturing semiconductor devices
Device and method for multiple analyte detection
Organic electroluminescent light source with anti-reflection coating
Method for controlling internal combustion engine emissions
User name and profile information management
Optical information recording apparatus and optical information recording medium
Optical head device for absorbing vibrations in an objective lens
System and method for assessing the functional ability or medical condition of an actor
Digital wireless receiver using antenna diversity method
Transfer apparatus and image forming apparatus
Expression vectors encoding bacteriophage signal peptides
Method and apparatus for computing cost of a path expansion to a surface
Catalysts for polymerization or copolymerization of .alpha.-olefins, catalyst components thereof, an...
Disk player for allocating pointers to frames of CD data and storing pointers in memory and method o...
Pyrazole-amine compounds for the treatment of neurodegenerative disorders
Human monoclonal antibody against hepatitis C virus E2 glycoprotein
Vehicle electronic key system
Cooling system
Nuclear reactor internal structure
Architecture for dynamic connectivity in an edge photonic network architecture
Photonic channelized RF receiver employing dense wavelength division multiplexing
System and architecture that supports a multi-function semiconductor device between networks and por...
Web site content change management
Individual authentication device and cellular terminal apparatus
fixture for manual functional testing of wireless devices
Method and apparatus for data encoding
Race avoidance in disk head read circuit
Magnetic read/write apparatus having a write inhibit slice setting circuit
Information recording apparatus and data writing control device therefor
Timing analysis of read back signals in magnetic recording devices
Synchronous servo channel for longitudinal position detection and position error signal generation i...
Methods using extended servo patterns with variable multi-pass servowriting and self-servowriting
Servo track having periodic frames of tone field and embedded synchronization marks
System and method for improving the electrical connection of a hard drive relay flexible circuit ass...
Critically exposed lapping of magnetic sensors for target signal output
Magnetoresistive effective type element, method for fabricating the same, thin film magnetic head, m...
Magnetoresistance effect element having a pillar electrode
Magnetoresistive element having reduced spin transfer induced noise
Apparatus for extended self-pinned layer for a current perpendicular to plane head
Magnetic memory having a ferromagnetic tunneling junction
Method for designing envelope detecting circuit for video signal processing integrated circuit and i...
Method and apparatus for calculation of production quantities
Thermal print assembly
Fused bicyclic nitrogen-containing heterocycles
Pyrrolotriazine inhibitors of kinases
Hexa- and octahydro-pyrido[1,2-a]pyrazine derivatives with NK.sub.1 antagonistic activity
Compounds and uses thereof in modulating amyloid beta
Non-peptidic BRS-3 agonists
Heterocyclic compounds, methods for the preparation thereof, and uses thereof
Imidazolyl derivatives as corticotropin releasing factor inhibitors
Biphenylcarboxamides useful as lipid lowering agents
Process for preparing a thiazole PPAR-ligand and polymorphs thereof
Process for preparing 2-methylpyrrolidine and specific enantiomers thereof
Method and system for characterizing porous materials
Basic quencher/developer solutions for photoresists
Method and device for surface inspection
Burst mode for printing devices
On-the-fly laser beam path error correction for specimen target location processing
Wavelength-stabilized pump diodes for pumping gain media in an ultrashort pulsed laser system
Master-oscillator power-amplifier (MOPA) excimer or molecular fluorine laser system with long optics...
Collimator lens for optical pickup
Optical head and optical disk unit
Optical recording medium
Broadband external cavity diode laser
Semiconductor laser module and method of manufacturing the same
Surface emitting and receiving photonic device with lens
Method and apparatus for estimating the volume of toner consumption in consideration of overlapping ...
Visor assembly with integrated storage receptacles
Automotive open base foam armrest assembly
Modular convertible top
Module battery
Drive circuit for voltage driven type semiconductor element
Method and system for assessing energy performance
Twin-clutch manual transmission
Vehicle body panel structure
Power folding seat
Vehicle brake system
Method of forming a vehicle component
Vehicular mirror with heater circuit module
Controller of pulse width modulation signal-driven device, and method of reducing noise of the devic...
Coupler with edge and broadside coupled sections
Exchangeable catheter
Fiber-reinforced composite for protective armor, and method for producing the fiber-reinforced compo...
Angle beam shear wave through-transmission ultrasonic testing apparatus and method
Non-slip conveyor and method for producing same
Laminated structures having modified rubber-based adhesives
Molded breast pad
Apparatus and method for bending glass sheets
Security device for a syringe
Insulating unitless window sash
Organic solvent-free film-forming compositions, multi-layer composite coatings, and related methods
Low-cure powder coatings and methods for using the same
Internet video player
Double buffering of serial transfers
Queuing cache for vectors with elements in predictable order
Pre-fetch control device, data processing apparatus and pre-fetch control method
System and method for quickly accessing user permissions in an access control list
Software controlled dynamic push cache
Method and device for storing a computer program in a program memory of a control unit
Memory device system and method for copying data in memory device system
Data address security device and method
Systolic memory arrays
Dynamic partitioning of storage media for mixed applications
Coated implantable medical device
Porous three dimensional nest scaffolding
Prostheses, tools and methods for replacement of natural facet joints with artificial facet joint su...
Osteoimplant and Method for Making Same
Devices and methods for disc replacement
Flexible vertebral implant
Prosthetic intervertebral discs having substantially rigid end plates and fibers between those end p...
Prosthetic intervertebral discs having stiff end plates and a compressible polymeric core
Prosthetic facet and facet joint replacement device
Spinal motion preservation assemblies
Orthopedic implant
Materials, devices and methods for treating multiple spinal regions including the interbody region
Materials, devices and methods for treating multiple spinal regions including vertebral body and end...
Method and instruments for intervertebral disc augmentation through a pedicular approach
Devices and methods for disc replacement
Percutaneous cervical disc reconstruction
Self-aligning tissue growth guide
System and method for facilitating automated dental measurements and diagnostics
Non-glycosylated human alpha-fetoprotein, methods of production, and uses thereof
Thiol methyltransferase-based selection
Wheelchair having a pivot provision adjacent the knee of a user
Glass material for use at high frequencies
Method of fabricating an image sensor
Method of managing a plurality of electronic microcircuit chip readers and equipments for implementi...
Radio communication system
Mobile phone for controlling diversity
Handsfree car mounting kit
Method and systems using prediction of outcome for launched objects
Systems, methods and apparatus for an endo-rectal receive-only probe
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and imaging method in the same
Tubular compliant mechanisms for ultrasonic imaging systems and intravascular interventional devices
Management method and system for device requiring maintenance
Method and apparatus for automatic detection and identification of broadcast audio and video signals
Arq control in an hsdpa communications system
Harq protocol with synchronous retransmissions
Telephone handset, base and associated method for updating the software of the handset
Hierarchical communications network with upstream signal controllable from head end
Transmitting method and transmitting device, receiving method and receiving device, and transfer met...
Satellite digital audio radio receiver with playback capability
Holographic louver device for a light guide screen
Novel grip for writing instruments
Resin composition containing ultrafine particles
Lithographic apparatus, immersion projection apparatus and device manufacturing method
Ceramic hybrid lens and method for manufacturing the same
Multi-platform optimization model
Automatic generation of software code to facilitate interoperability
Optical disc drive
Digital cable TV receiver, diagnostic method for the digital cable TV receiver, and data structure o...
Method and system for expediting payment delivery
Tunable-inductance thin-layered superconductor components, method for the production thereof an devi...
Product information management device
Data translation apparatus of ATM in mobile communication system
High-intensity discharge lamp with particular metal halide gas filling and lighting device
Data read circuit for use in a semiconductor memory and a method therefor
Intubation device
Using an electroacoustic resonator
Static random access memory (SRAM) unit and method for operating the same
Isolated bovine IgG heavy chain protein and its use as an antimicrobial
Electrical treatment to treat shoulder subluxation
System for pain-reduced withdrawal of blood
System and method for detection using ultrasonic waves
Hydraulic valve arrangement
Structure for connecting compressor wheel and shaft
Receiving apparatus and transceiver
Low CTE metal-ceramic composite articles, and methods for making same
Defibrillation electrode pad assembly including CPR pad
Modular energy-generating system
Biomolecule arrays
Decoding architecture for low density parity check codes
Apparatus and method for loading a packaging station of an insulation batt packager
Waste toner collecting apparatus and electrophotographic image forming device including the same
Modified BACE
Method of identifying optical disc type, and optical disc device
MEMS sensor systems and methods
Resettable latching MEMS temperature sensor apparatus and method
Vehicle-mounted drive control apparatus
Dialog system for warning and information systems
Menu sign system
Prism device and combined optical and radio frequency beam steering system
Method and apparatus for automatic implantable medical lead recognition and configuration
Method and apparatus for measuring a conductive film at the edge of a substrate
Bed status information system for hospital beds
Super-resolution based on frequency domain interferometric processing of sparse multi-sensor measure...
Downhole optical sensor system with reference
System and method for resolution enhancement of a distributed sensor
Benzene compound and salt thereof
A/D converter and a microcontroller including the same
Modular building system
Shot pattern control wad structure for shotshell
Kneading apparatus
Extruder for producing bodies of consolidated particulate material
Process for producing hollow bodies of thermoplastic material and apparatus for same
Foamed article with absorbing characteristics on one side and non-absorbing characteristics on the o...
Method of producing alumina-silica catalyst supports
Thermal transfer image receiving sheet and method for manufacturing the same
Mounting structure and mounting method for vehicle interior parts
Airbag apparatus
Storage box with opening/closing mechanism
Crystalline biodegradable resin composition
Glass run for motor vehicle
Airbag for rear-end collision and airbag apparatus for rear-end collision
Airbag with vent hole
Vehicular shock absorbing body
golf putting training device
Golf club with heel and toe weighting
Golf putter
Putter head
Rubber composition for golf ball
Method and apparatus for dynamically locating neutral shaft plane
Non-volatile memory array
Apparatus for cleaning lines on a playing surface and associated methods, enhancements
Construction machine having location based auto-start
High resolution tracking of mobile assets
Pipeline locator/coordinate mapping device
Cache controller, cache control method, and computer system
System for secure erasing of files
Method and apparatus rendering user accounts portable
Logic analyzer having a disassembler employing symbol table information for identifying op-codes
System and method for calculating a projectile impact coordinates
System and method for software training from a bootable media
Candidate evaluation tool
Child reward center
Mannequin with more skin-like properties
Apparatus and methods for mounting a specimen in a solid material
Time-Management Teaching Device
Method and Apparatus for Associating User Evaluations with Independent Content Sources
Method and system for asynchronous online distributed problem solving including problems in educatio...
Method for Automated Examination Testing and Scoring
Hydrazide type compounds and the use thereof in pharmaceutical compositions for the treatment of car...
4-oxo-4,5-dihydro-furan-2-carboxylic acid derivatives and methods of treatment of metabolic-related ...
Abca1 stabilizer
Process for the preparation of pyrazolo[1,5-a]-1,3,5-triazines and intermediates thereof
3-Phenylpropionic acid derivatives
Method and system for determining whether additional laboratory tests will yield values beyond a thr...
Noninvasive measuring device for substance in blood via nail and a nail evaporation device
Bio-accurate temperature measurement device and method of quantitatively normalizing a body temperat...
Single fold system for tissue approximation and fixation
Methods and devices for maintaining a space occupying device in a relatively fixed location within a...
Compounds which potentiate glutamate receptor and uses thereof in medicine
1,2,4-Oxadiazole benzoic acid compositions and their use for nonsense suppression and the treatment ...
Analogs of Salinosporamide A
Hydroisoindoline tachykinin receptor antagonists
Methods of using and compositions comprising selective cytokine inhibitory drugs for treatment, modi...
Inhibitor for the formation of y-secretase complex
Use of highly concentrated compositions of selected n-3 fatty acids for the treatment of central ner...
Wound treatment-dressing and method of manufacture
Apparatus and method for colonoscopic appendectomy
Electrode implant tool
Method, apparatus, surgical technique, and stimulation parameters for autonomic neuromodulation for ...
Therapeutic laser treatment
Switching LED driver
Semiconductor integrated circuit device, contactless electronic device, and handheld terminal
Switching LED driver with temperature compensation to program LED current
Digitally programmable capacitor array
Control circuit of rotational speed of a fan
System and method for battery charge control based on a cycle life parameter
Circuits and methods for current measurements referred to a precision impedance
System for using polarized device with an AC induction motor
Regulator system for alternator
Energy discharge apparatus
High light load efficiency synchronous buck regulator with pulse skipping control
DC-to-DC step-up converter and conversion method thereof
Low drop out voltage regulator
Power supply device and switching power supply device
Voltage regulator
Resistor dropper power supply with surge protection
PID based controller for DC--DC converter with post-processing filters
Flat display
Non-volatile programmable memory cell for programmable logic array
Method of making a polarizer plate
Method of making a polarizer plate
Emergency vehicle alert system
Method and system for telematic data transfer
Satellite diversity antenna system
Fault-tolerant vehicle stability control
Image display controller
Programmable foot switch useable in a communications user interface in a vehicle
Power distribution system
Harsh braking warning system and method, vehicle warning apparatus and method utilizing same, inform...
Alternator tester
Pedometer for pets
Information terminal
Velocity control of exhaust valve actuation
Electrically operated valve for controlling flow of hydraulic fluid
Variable valve control system and method for internal combustion engine
Engine rotation condition detecting system and engine control method
Apparatus and method for assembling crankshaft-sprocket
Method and apparatus for browsing using position information
Capturing database system information
Searching apparatus and searching method
Automated discovery, assignment, and submission of image metadata to a network-based photosharing se...
System and method for automated coordination and communication of sporting event information via the...
System and method for creating a data file for use in searching a database
Materialized view signature and efficient identification of materialized view candidates for queries
Method, system and article of manufacturing for converting data values quantified using a first meas...
Algorithm for fast disk based text mining
Method and system for automated collaboration using electronic book highlights and notations
Apparatus configured for illuminating paper-based forms of payment and cash register comprising same
Method and apparatus to process substrates with megasonic energy
Personal authentication medium issuing method
Data generating device capable of appending different watermarks to corresponding pages
Information recording apparatus and method, information reproducing apparatus and method, informatio...
Method for sensing the orientation of an object
Electronic watermark embedding device, electronic watermark detection device, electronic watermark e...
System and method for encoding and decoding data files
Template reporter bacteriophage platform and multiple bacterial detection assays based thereon
Polypeptide nucleic sequences exported from mycobacteria, vectors comprising same and uses for diagn...
Use of molecular chaperones for the enhanced production of secreted, recombinant proteins in mammali...
Dried blood factor composition trehalose
Methods for therapy of neurodegenerative disease of the brain
Circovirus sequences associated with piglet weight loss disease (PWD)
Modulators of angiogenesis
Method of screening for modulator of LRP5 activity
Recording device for recording an index file having a hierarchical structure of index data, and reco...
Data storage, retrieval, manipulation and display tools enabling multiple hierarchical points of vie...
Advice provided for offering highly targeted advice without compromising individual privacy
Duplicate network address detection
Unified viterbi/turbo decoder for mobile communication systems
Rear projection type image display device
Dimmable metal halide HID lamp with good color consistency
Total internal reflection illumination apparatus and microscope using this total internal reflection...
Self-sealing PTFE vascular graft and manufacturing methods
Phenol-free decorative laminates and method of producing the same
Method for the production of aqueous polymer dispersions containing very few residual monomers and u...
Method of compensating for a volumetric shrinkage of a material disposed upon a substrate to form a ...
Pharmaceutical compositions and methods for peptide treatment
Composition, for use in coatings, based on a mixture of emulsion(s) and of dispersion(s) of polyolpo...
Microfluidic protein crystallography
Binder resin for toner and toners
Thermoplastic elastomer composition
Liposome-entrapped topoisomerase inhibitors
Display device including adhesive film with transparent support
Topological analysis based method for identifying state nodes in a sequential digital circuit at the...
Method and apparatus for estimating random jitter (RJ) and deterministic jitter (DJ) from bit error ...
Organometallic precursor compounds
Silver halide color photosensitive material
Method and device for detecting container movement
Methods and apparatus for heating oil production reservoirs
Filter assembly having a bypass passageway and method
System for removing plastic from recycled material
Filler reinforced polyether imide resin composition and molded article thereof
Coin recycling machine and method
Golf ball which includes fast-chemical-reaction-produced component and method of making same
Resin recycling system
Automatically identifying links displayed by a browser that is being used by a user that point to pa...
Split-night sleep diagnostic system
Bottle-dispenser combination
Buffer management based on buffer sharing across ports and per-port minimum buffer guarantee
Wireless media gateway with bearer path control and tone allocation
Upstream data transmission
Portability of subscriber features in a telecommunication system
Method and apparatus for scheduling transmission of data bursts in an optical burst switching networ...
Real time administration of shared communication plan arrangements
Device for dispensing a volatile liquid using a wick in an ambient air stream
Stabilized photoprotective composition
Cleaning compositions containing chitosan salt
Method for classifying wine and coffee
Cleaning apparatus for a rotatable brush
Vaccines containing ribavirin and methods of use thereof
Cosmetic composition
Anti-chlorine shampoo composition
HDAC9 polypeptides and polynucleotides and uses thereof
Mobile wireless communications device with reduced interfering energy from the keyboard
Method and process for signaling, communication and administration of networked objects
Method and apparatus for queue-based automated staff scheduling
Print media registration using active tracking of idler rotation
Capacitive load driving circuit, droplet ejection device, droplet ejection unit and inkjet head driv...
Composite and method of manufacturing the same
Imageable seamed belts having polyamide adhesive between interlocking seaming members
Gray component replacement as part of marking process control algorithm
Printing system
Modular work surface of an image forming apparatus
System and method for fitness evaluation for optimization in document assembly
Methods and apparatuses for interactive similarity searching, retrieval and browsing of video
Digital camera
Contactless identification tag, data communication system and contactless identification tag control...
Suction catheter
Method of manufacturing piezoelectric ceramics
Image forming device
Unsafe voltage shutoff control
Bypassing a device in a scan chain
System and methods for facilitating adaptive grid-based document layout
Method for optimizing integrated circuit device design and service
Apparatus and method for unified debug for simulation
Method and apparatus for using print jobs for downloading and executing printer controller code
System for generating a virtual map to a plurality of files necessary for installing software from m...
Bonding of strain gauges to the deformable body of a force-measuring cell
Method for manufacturing coated sheet, optical functional layer, optical element, and image display ...
Method for casting core removal
Holographic recording medium
Ink jet head and its manufacturing method, and ink jet printer
Magnetic carrier and two-component developer
Semiconductor memory device and method for manufacturing the same
Hybrid anti-fouling coating compositions and methods for preventing the fouling of surfaces subjecte...
Composite and method of manufacturing the same
Controlling a power converter
Method and apparatus for bundling insurance coverages in order to gain a pricing advantage
Color steel sheet with embossed patterns on one side thereof
System and method for content lifecycles in a virtual content repository that integrates a plurality...
File system for enabling the restoration of a deffective file
Method and apparatus for storage system to provide distributed data storage and protection
Method and apparatus for skewing a bi-directional object layout to improve cache performance
System and method for configuring a network device
Codec aware adaptive playout method and playout device
Internet call waiting with voicemail system that provides monitoring during recording
Wireless internet access with enhanced bandwidth capabilities
Compression scheme for IP mobile user
Optical packet switching
System and method for sorting data
Systems and methods for generating highly responsive prospect lists
System of assigning domain names (DNS) providing access to databases
Collaborative audit framework
Content distribution reservation method, content distribution method, reservation management device,...
Method and apparatus for classifying IP data
Method for preparing sulfonated polystyrene for polymer electrolyte of fuel cell
Method for producing .delta.-aminopentadienoate derivatives
Internalizing ERB2 antibodies
Benzimidazole derivatives, compositions containing them, preparation thereof and uses thereof
Inhibitors of IAP
Process for preparing benzhydrylthioacetamide
Unit for the preparation of a foamy beverage from a capsule and an opening plunger
Cartridge for the preparation of beverages
Method and apparatus for routing integrated data, voice, and video traffic
All-dielectric optically variable pigments
Method and system for a processor controlled illumination system for reading and analyzing materials
Fiber optic receptacle and plug assembly including alignment sleeve insert
Optical connector
Compact and low profile optical navigation device
Microresonator-based high-performance high-pressure sensor and system
Gas sensor
Method of manufacturing liquid crystal display panel
Image-processing device independently controlling each of functions that correct density of image
Optical recording medium and optical recording-reproducing method
Radio communication apparatus
System and method for providing lifeline telecommunication service to line-powered customer premises...
Integrated system with modular microfluidic components
Substrate support system
Method for forming fine concavo-convex patterns, method for producing optical diffraction structure,...
Methods and apparatus for automatically generating presentations
Light-diffusing sheet, optical element and image viewing display
Cut away vest
Variable volume chamber cannon
Dry powder service unit and method of use thereof
Storage rack for a vehicle
Manufacture of oxalic acid dihydrate
Computer assisted bag screening system
Friction applying apparatus and linear guide apparatus having the same
Camshaft adjuster
Roller shaft mount
Wheel support bearing assembly and angular ball bearing
Bearings produced from silicon nitride substances containing sintering additives and SiO.sub.2
Rolling element bearing unit with sensor and hub unit with sensor
EGR fuzzy logic pintle positioning system
Directing data network communications based on geographic location of a user
Method and computer program product for monitoring an industrial network
Distributed data gathering and storage for use in a fault and performance monitoring system
Managing method for optimizing capacity of storage
Communication multiplexor using listener process to detect newly active client connections and passe...
Data storage management for flash memory devices
Provisioning and snapshotting using copy on read/write and transient virtual machine technology
Interconnection arrangement of routers of processor boards in array of cabinets supporting secure ph...
Apparatus and method for securely realizing cooperative processing
Minimizing resynchronization time after backup system failures in an appliance-based business contin...
Package for a hair treatment product
Package for a hair treatment product
Dry cleaning process
Container with a surface indicia
Silicone polymers for lipophilic fluid systems
Sanitary napkin
Hair treatment applicator
PVD coated ruthenium featured cutting tools
T2R, a novel family of taste receptors
Yeast transformant producing recombinant human parathyroid hormone and method for producing the horm...
Ligand screening and discovery
2-methylene-19,26,27-trinor-(20S)-1.alpha.-hydroxyvitamin D.sub.3 and its uses
Motor control system and vacuum pump equipped with the motor control system
Anesthesia administration mask and eye shield
Mobile device and geographic information system background and summary of the related art
Heterocyclic compounds possessing affinity at 5HT.sub.1 -type receptors and use thereof in therapy
Device for testing a test specimen for surface faults by magnetization means and by means of inducti...
Secure device
Method and system for data capture with hidden applets
System and method for functional elements
System and procedure for providing a user interface display
Method and apparatus for loading class files into non-volatile memory
System and method for deploying and implementing software applications over a distributed network
NMS CORBA listener for EMS signals
Semiconductor monolithic integrated optical transmitter
Digital and programmable control of optical transceiver elements
Image forming apparatus with wheelchair accessibility
Paper supply unit and an image forming apparatus having the same
High frequency variable gain amplification device, control device, high frequency variable gain freq...
Implantable cardiac device providing mode switching and automatic atrial sensitivity control and met...
Methods and apparatus for an improved signal monitor
Remote ultrasound system diagnostics
Method of, apparatus and graphical user interface for automatic diagnostics
Sequential flow-control and FIFO memory devices having error detection and correction capability wit...
Disk changer having provision for visibility of stored disk
Methods for modeling infectious disease and chemosensitivity in cultured cells and tissues
Method for dicing and singulating substrates
Multilayered package with barrier properties
Pistol with firing pin locking mechanism
Power-based core for ammunition projective
Protective ballistic weapons stands and transparent shields useable therewith
Drop-in high intensity discharge lamp assembly, and retrofit method of deploying same
Underwater pool light
Light assembly for vehicle
Full cutoff area light fixture
Decorative lamp
Mounting foot for light bar
Direction indication light installed on a handle of a car door
Headlight for motor vehicle
Vehicle lamp
Interior lamp
Optical waveguide, illumination device, electro-optical device, and electronic apparatus
Energy application with cooling
Incandescent lamp with integral controlling means
Methods and systems for diagnosing projection device failure
Portable electronic apparatus with controlled light sources
Linear led array
Automatic front light optical axis direction adjusting system for vehicles
Camera and display device for use with vehicles
Remote controller
Digital image shooting device with lens characteristic correction unit
Method and apparatus for automatic gain and exposure control for maintaining target image brightness...
Readout circuit with gain and analog-to-digital conversion for image sensor
Imaging apparatus
Transferring method of electric charge from image sensing device and the image sensing device
Photographing device with light quantity adjustment
Method of edge based interpolation
Pulse width modulated display with equalized pulse width segments
Method and apparatus for displaying three-dimensional stereo image using light deflector
Panoramic attachment optical system, and panoramic optical system
Method and system for maintaining even tube burn-in
Imaging device having a luminous profile detecting element
Optical device incorporating a tilted bragg grating
Optical waveguide grating coupler
Method and apparatus for producing a multiple optical channel source from a supercontinuum generator...
Method for manufacturing an optical fibre having variations in the refractive index
Optical element
Splitter modules for fiber distribution hubs
Fiber optic cable fastener
Optical connector readily capable of connecting an optical fiber without damaging the optical fiber
Structure for connecting optical fiber
Dust cap for an optical ferrule
Line attenuation device for monomode fibres and associated method for the production thereof
Apparatus for redirecting optical signals in free space
Fiber optic interconnect with visible laser indicator and fault detector
Apparatus with a series of resonator structures situated near an optical waveguide for manipulating ...
Depth map compression technique
Group average filter algorithm for digital image processing
Archival of transformed and compressed data
Applying a tone scale function to a digital image
Method of describing object region data, apparatus for generating object region data, video processi...
Spatial smoothing process and device for dark regions of an image
Method of describing object region data, apparatus for generating object region data, video processi...
System and method for estimating, synthesizing and matching noise in digital images and image sequen...
Suppression of ringing artifacts during image resizing
Method and system for coding or decoding of a series of images
Image processing apparatus
Image processing apparatus for compositing images
Method for efficient coding of shape descriptor parameters
Methods, devices and systems for compressing images
Image enhancement employing partial template matching
Apparatus for holding and arranging threads in surgical operations
Method and apparatus for penetrating tissue
Snap electrode
Ventricular event filtering for an implantable medical device
Noninvasive birefringence compensated sensing polarimeter
System and method for applying therapy during hyperpnea phase of periodic breathing using an implant...
image diagnosis supporting device
Reusable pulse oximeter probe and disposable bandage apparatii
Method and apparatus for online health monitoring
Cosmetic and dermatological hair-treatment agents
Process for treating a polyolefin discharged from an olefin polymerization reactor
Migration support mechanism in open service and open mobile architecture
Oxime derivatives and the use thereof as latent acids
Methods and devices for hybridization and binding assays using thermophoresis
Methods of purifying polymeric material
Algorithm for image reconstruction and image noise analysis in computed tomography
Trigonometric depth gauge for biopsy needle
Method and system for selecting optimal fishing equipment
Variable stretch horse blanket
Drinking trough with elongated actuator and method of dispensing water therefrom
Device introduced in toilet for pets
Multi-chamber selective-exposure aquarium
Modular animal enclosure
Dual-control dog collar
LED illuminated necklace
Frictional forced power transmission belt and belt drive system with the same
Sago fluidity starch and use thereof
Optical recording medium and optical recording method
Electrophotographic photoreceptor
Toner for developing an electrostatic charge image and method for its production
Elastic blends of semicrystalline propylene polymers and high glass transition temperature materials
Aromatic polyester film and production process thereof
Process for producing (meth)acrylic acid compound
Spectrometer system for optical reflectance measurements
Gene shinc-3 and diagnostic and therapeutic uses thereof
Handheld coded data reader
Inventory control
Ferroelectric memory
Clock modulation systems
Archival cartridge management system with auto-refresh
Transfer assembly for manufacturing electronic devices
Smart label web and a method for its manufacture
Mono-, oligo- and polymers comprising dithienothiophene and aryl groups
Logic circuitry powered by partially rectified AC waveform
Electronic tag, system and method for selecting component
RFID readers and RFID tags exchanging encrypted password
Position-tracking device for position-tracking system
RFID tag for an object having metallic portions, tag coupler and method thereof
Radio frequency identification (RFID) controller
Artificial dermis and production method therefor
3' Sequence of the GB virus B (GBV-B) genome
Chromobacterium subtsugae sp. nov. for control of insect pests
Humanized antibodies
Pharmaceutical compositions for inhalation containing an anticholinergic, corticosteroid and betamim...
Gelling agent for oil
Anti-seize composition in solid form
Method and apparatus for enhanced detection of a specie using a gas chromatograph
Aluminum negative electrode battery
Ink jet recording device and method for ink jet recording using the same
Non-aqueous electrolyte and lithium battery using the same
Method and apparatus for fluorine generation and recirculation
Photosensitive composition and image recording material using the same
Temperature sensitive power converter
Desulfurization process of hydrocarbon feeds with electrolytic hydrogen
Fuel cell structure
Adjustable position limb support for surgical tables
Cradle for an electronic device
Electrophysiology/ablation catheter having deflection assembly
Imaging catheter for use inside a guiding catheter
System and method for determining reentrant ventricular tachycardia isthmus location and shape for c...
Parasympathetic nerve stimulation for termination of supraventricular arrhythmias
Cardiac rhythm management system selecting A-V delay based on interval between atrial depolarization...
Capture verification for cardiac resynchronization pacing optimization
Comb cutter
Nail clipper
Commando helmet
Ear-protective covering
Oven mitt with fabric liner
Small oven mitt
Dual-sided automotive wash mitt