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Distribution of shared local oscillation to multiple RF intefaces of a wireless device
Power control in schedulable wireless communication terminal
Radio channel allocation and link adaption in cellular telecommunication system
System of interoperability between MMS messages and SMS/EMS messages and an associated exchange meth...
Method and system for collecting and surveying radio communications from a specific protected area o...
Transgenic mice containing TRP gene disruptions
Targeting of SALL4 for the treatment and diagnosis of proliferative disorders associated with myelod...
Methods and systems for analyzing a network of biological functions
Subtalar implant and methods of use thereof
Implant and method of producing the same, and a system for implantation
Modification of chemical forces of bone constructs
Bonding system for orthopedic implants
Porous metal cup with cobalt bearing surface
Endoprosthesis with intermediate part
Artificial nucleus pulposus and method of injecting same
Intervertebral prosthetic disc
Intervertebral prosthetic disc and method of installing same
Vertebral fusion device and method
Interbody cage system
Cervical motion preservation device
Apparatus and method for removing elements from a linked list
Disk array apparatus and method for expanding storage capacity
Disk array including plural exchangeable magnetic disk unit
Method and apparatus for placing at least one processor into a power saving mode when another proces...
Globally observing load operations prior to fence instruction and post-serialization modes
Method and apparatus for direct virtual memory address caching
Method, device and program for managing volume
Using run-time generated instructions in processors supporting wider immediate addressing than regis...
Control method for data transfer control unit
Method and system for controlling memory accesses to memory modules having a memory hub architecture
Architecture for a scalable and user-extensible heap dump analysis tool
Storage system and storage control device
Method and apparatus for overwriting data in write-once recording medium
Buffering and interleaving data transfer between a chipset and memory modules
Semiconductor memory with access protection scheme
Queue structure with validity vector and order array
Synchronous message queues
Reducing the number of block masks required for programming multiple access control list in an assoc...
System and method for zero copy block protocol write operations
Semiconductor system and memory sharing method
Remote maintenance system, mail connect confirmation method, mail connect confirmation program and m...
Methods for issuing, distributing, managing and redeeming investment instruments providing securitiz...
Proteins having glucose transporter activity
3,4-disubstituted benzamidines and benzylamines, and analogues thereof, useful as serine protease in...
2,7-substituted indoles
Benzopyranone compounds, compositions thereof, and methods of treatment therewith
8-Substituted-6,7,8,9-tetrahydropyrimido [1,2-a] pyrimidin-4-one derivatives.
Pyrimidine compounds and their use
Cannabinoid receptor ligands and uses thereof
Method of screening preventives or remedies for obesity
Leptin assay
System for locking a clock onto the frequency of data recorded on a storage medium
Magnetoresistive read sensor with reduced effective shield-to-shield spacing
Magnetoresistance effect element, magnetic head, magnetic head assembly, magnetic storage system
High Hc pinned self-pinned sensor
CPP magnetic sensing element and method for making the same
Electromagnetic heads, flexures, gimbals and actuators formed on and from a wafer substrate
Method and apparatus for a MEMS micro-actuator assembly in a hard disk drive
Integrated recording head micropositioner using off-axis flexure bending
Disk drive actuator parking method using impact rebound crash stop with bias tab and pusher and cras...
Single lever type actuator latch system of disk drive
Magnetic head supporting mechanism utilizing elongated portions of a load beam to define an opening ...
Compression zone recording head
Perpendicular magnetic recording head and method for manufacturing the same
Thin film magnetic head and method of manufacturing the same
Thin-film magnetic head with gap and pole portion layers having cross sections of the same shapes an...
Planarized perpendicular pole tip system and method for manufacturing the same
Magnetic head with stitched top pole layer and single layer coil or solenoidal coil
Inductive writer design for using a soft magnetic pedestal having a high magnetic saturation layer
Magnetic recording and reproduction apparatus
Transient detection of end of lamp life condition apparatus and method
Fusing roller device for electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Process for making monomenthyl esters
Coupling part, photosensitive drum, process cartridge and electrophotographic image forming apparatu...
Preparation of fucosylated oligosaccharides
Dental composition based on silicone crosslinkable by cation process
Silicon pressure sensor with decreased pressure equalization between measured pressure and reference...
Thrust fork
Module with built-in circuit component and method for producing the same
Unified network thread management
Method of identifying inhibitors of DHODH
Method for saving power in a user terminal after synchronization loss in broadband wireless access c...
Peptide agonists of prostate-specific antigen and uses therefor
Preparation method of copolymer
Method for operating an internal combustion engine having a plurality of cylinder banks
System and method for facilitating a subsidiary card account with controlled spending capability
Method and system for displaying a title area for a page series
Image generation system, program, information storage medium and image generation method
Low bandwidth transmission of 3D graphical data
Wireless display systems and stylii
Information processing device
Multi-featured power meter with feature key
Detection and identification of enteroviruses by semi-nested amplification of the enterovirus VP1 pr...
Materials and methods for binding nucleic acids to surfaces
Skin whitening compositions containing asparagus extract
Method and system for schema matching of web databases
Bottom dispensing aerosol device
Device for influencing gas flows
Tree view for reusable data markup language
Method of activating catalyst for carbon monoxide removal
Methods for making polyethylene terephthalate (PET) preforms and containers such as food bottles, co...
Spin-injection FET
Group III nitride compound semiconductor light-emitting element
Crevice-less end closure member comprising a feed-through
User interface for a portion of a display screen
Method and apparatus for end-to-end identity propagation
Uniformly representing and transferring security assertion and security response information
Method and apparatus for dynamically allocating processors
System and method for deploying a software build from a plurality of software builds to a target com...
Uninstrumenting in-line code instrumentation on-the-fly
Image-formation device firmware having modular upgrade capability
Non-interfering status inquiry for user threads
Software application domain and storage domain interface process and method
Quantified boolean formula (QBF) solver
Architectural level throughput based power modeling methodology and apparatus for pervasively clock-...
Translator for IP networks, network system using the translator, and IP network coupling method ther...
System and method for adaptive user settings
BORE-resistant digital goods configuration and distribution methods and arrangements
Non-forgeable objects in an object system
Tissue substitute material
Endovascular graft coatings
Test method for assessing irritation of skin
Methods for suppressing an immune response or treating a proliferative disorder
Morphogen compositions and methods of use thereof to treat heart disorders
Oral ribavirin pharmaceutical compositions
process for the selection of HIV-1 subtype C isolates, selected HIV-1 subtype isolates, their genes ...
Method for the evaluation of the functional status of the growth factor receptor protein expressed i...
Diagnostic marker for cancer
Complex Mixtures Exhibiting Selective Inhibition of Cyclooxygenase-2
Chinese traditional medicine composition for treatment of avian influenza, method for preparation, a...
Herbal formulation for the treatment of piles
Compositions containing vitamin E and saw palmetto
Environmentally compatible processes compositions and materials treated thereby
Radiopaque fibers and filtration matrices
Anti-diabetic combinations
Methods of treating or preventing peritonitis with oxidative reductive potential water solution
Methods for one-step purification of organic polymers using tangential flow filtration
Novel organosilicon compound, organosilicon resin having diol, and processes for producing these
Highly concentrated, liquid formulations of anti-egfr antibodies
Dairy components effective for fat loss
Device and method for pressure-driven plug transport and reaction
Assembly of a container filled with mineral concentrate and a dosing device
Treatment system and method for liquid concrete washout waste
Image forming method using a silver halide color photographic light-sensitive material, and silver h...
Deionization and desalination using electrostatic ion pumping
Positive photosensitive composition and method of forming pattern using the same
Process for the recovery of sucrose and/or non-sucrose components
Antireflection film composition, substrate, and patterning process
Gas purifier
Porous film and method for preparation thereof
Carbon ion pump for removal of carbon dioxide from combustion gas and other gas mixtures
Optimization of Bioleaching Process
Wall plate with one opening for one or more wiring devices
Aqueous crosslinkable coating compositions based on vinyl fluoropolymer
Particle containing solid surface material
Cement dispersant, its production process, and cement composition using the cement dispersant
Method of producing a coated fibrous web
Masking material
System for removal of pollutants from a gas stream
Pre-blend cement compositions containing non-chloride accelerators
Method of purifying a pesticide
Melting plate candles
Poly(ureaurethanes)s, articles and coatings prepared therefrom and methods of making the same
Polyurethanes, articles and coatings prepared therefrom and methods of making the same
Reinforced polyurethanes and poly(ureaurethane)s, methods of making the same and articles prepared t...
Use of vinyl chloride-ethylene copolymers for hydrophobing construction substances
Cement admixture and cement admixture composite
Flame-retardant resin composition and flame-retardant resin-molded article
Use of malonomicin and analogs in fungicidal applications
Mixtures and methods for the induction of resistance in plants
Masonry stain resistance agents
Lost circulation compositions
Decorative and durable coating having a homogeneous hue, methods for their preparation, and articles...
Phase difference film, polarizing plate, and liquid crystal display element using them
Method of resin infusion and parts formed thereby
System and method for the production of alpha type gypsum using heat recovery
Polypropylene resin compositions
Receptacle for enclosing low-voltage electronic devices in a building structure
Method for separating/refining cationic protein
Methods of using lost circulation compositions
Magnetically-attractable scoopable clumping animal litter
Magnetically-attractable scoopable clumping animal litter
Method for retarding plaster setting and plaster preparation
Alstroemeria plant named 'Mauve Majesty'
Hydrangea paniculata plant named 'HYPMAD II'
Pericarp-preferred regulatory element
Method of selectively producing male or female sterile plants
Altering levels of anti-nutrient factors in plants
Methods for controlling gibberellin levels
Transgenic expression constructs for vegetative plant tissue specific expression of nucleic acids
Sperm factor oscillogenin
Treatment models and uses thereof
Facial feature-localized and global real-time video morphing
System and method of mapping images of the spine
Strategies for Processing Annotations
Systems and methods for maintaining lock step operation
2-halogenated derivatives of 5-0 desosaminyl-erythronolide a, their preparation process and their an...
Simultaneous multi-user document editing system
Methods and apparatus for secure modification of a retention period for data in a storage system
System and method for selectively enabling access based on lineage analysis of digital information
Methods and apparatus for a personal financial service provider
Computerized medical underwriting of group life and disability insurance using medical claims data
System and method for relating syntax and semantics for a conversational speech application
Image processing apparatus including function of backing up data by storing data in another device, ...
Corporeal condition assessment and food selection
Die printing ink
Menu system for ordering food delivery from an electronic gaming device
Method for the production of flavor-active terpenes
Production of a fermentation product
Method for quantitative detection of biological toxins
Resistant Starch with Cooking Properties Similar to Untreated Starch
Restructured meat product
Cereal flour production process
Low carbohydrate fiber containing emulsion
Ready-to-drink beverage containing milk solids that can be heated without exhibiting a scalded milk ...
Ready-to-drink beverage containing milk solids that can be heated without exhibiting a scalded milk ...
Stable cola flavor emulsion and method
Thickening system for products prepared with milk
Anti-staling composition and bakery products comprising this composition
Method and system for molding chocolate utilizing an air knife and products made
Wireless network with transmission control in a half-duplex voice conference mode
Wall-installed type air conditioner
Development device for laser printer
Monitoring camera
MP3 player
MP3 player
MP3 player
MP3 player
MP3 player
Generated image for a portable telephone
LCD monitor
Notebook computer
Notebook computer
Mobile phone
Mobile phone
Portable phone
Mobile phone
Mobile phone
Portable telephone
System and method for using multiple aiding sensors in a deeply integrated navigation system
MRAM read sequence using canted bit magnetization
Method of assembling a link to a support, and a vibration-damping device manufactured by said method
System and method for arranging, manipulating and displaying objects in a graphical user interface
System and method for pushing information to a mobile device
Product information supplying method, product information acquiring method, product information regi...
Method and system for exchanging data between affiliated sites
System and method for routing power management data via XML firewall
Method and apparatus for establishing a voice call to a PSTN extension for a networked client comput...
Method and apparatus for signal-to-noise ratio dependent image processing
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, storage medium, and program
Method and apparatus for displaying images of an object
Imaging system, methodology, and applications employing reciprocal space optical design
Diaphragm unit for an x-ray device
Integrated component mounting system
X-ray diagnosis apparatus
Optical unit and associated method
Mammography compression devices and methods
X-ray computed tomography apparatus
Lithographic apparatus, level sensor, method of inspection, device manufacturing method, and device ...
Exposure apparatus, device manufacturing method, stage apparatus, and alignment method
Quality control system for irradiation apparatus
Image recording medium and method of producing the same
Systems for protecting internal components of an EUV light source from plasma-generated debris
System and method of detecting, neutralizing, and containing suspected contaminated articles
Two dimensional image production method and system using solid-state image sensing device
Radiation detection module, radiation detector and radiological imaging apparatus
Method for creating a contiguous image using multiple X-ray imagers
Scintillator having integrated collimator and method of manufacturing same
Method of navigating medical devices in the presence of radiopaque material
Direct communication and localisation of mobile end equipment and emergency handling
Developer replenishing apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Light guide plate, backlight unit, liquid crystal display and method of manufacturing the light guid...
Methods and apparatus for analyzing ultrasound images
Method and system for generating a combined retina/iris pattern biometric
Dog pet bed
Method of electronic commerce including receiving an acceptance signal indicating a change in a tran...
Waterflood control system for maximizing total oil recovery
Interchangeable computer user interface with function enabling and switching of computer display
Dynamic control system diagnostics for modular architectures
Electronic medical guide
Game board
Multi-function office machine
Shredder device
Variable Information Suite manage application icon for a display screen
Bottle for laundry liquids
Mixer stand
Semiconductor memory device with reduced package test time
Correlating genealogy records systems and methods
Method and apparatus for dynamically monitoring multiple in vivo tissue chromophores
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
Frequency scanning pulsed laser having synchronously set subthreshold current
Method of correcting inhomogeneities/discontinuities in MR perfusion images
Data transmission method for embedded data, data transmitting and reproducing apparatuses and inform...
Method of anodizing valve metal derived anode bodies and electrolyte therefore
Method and apparatus for deriving logical relations from linguistic relations with multiple relevanc...
Systems and methods for dynamically updating relevance of a selected item
Adaptive information-retrieval system
System and method for building social networks based on activity around shared virtual objects
Method and system for automatic harvesting and qualification of dynamic database content
Identification of semantic units from within a search query
Pay-per-click system and method that determine whether a requested link to a merchant website is leg...
Method for consumer referral of products to retailers
Data relay apparatus, content addressable/associative memory device, and content addressable/associa...
Web page source file transfer system and method
Method of promoting strategic documents by bias ranking of search results
Read channel apparatus for an optical storage system
Decision feedback equalizer having reduced gate count
Methods for performing channel diagnostics
Electronic endoscope apparatus which superimposes signals on power supply
Metallic chromonic compounds
Compounds, derivatives, compositions, preparation and uses
Insulated pad conditioner and method of using same
Variable resistance sterilization process challenge device and method
Composition of an oligomeric fluorosilane and surface treatment of retroreflective sheet
Masking tape applicator
Light scanning device
Calibration aid
Method for controlling microbial contamination of a vacuum-sealed food product
Shelf stable nutritional composition containing intact whey protein, process of manufacture and use
Injector with shielded needle
Electronic endoscope apparatus including brightness adjuster
Reshaping light source modules and illumination systems using the same
Protective garment with repairable integrated visibility-enhancing features
Appendage wrap
Exhalation valve filter
For golf balls with non-ionomer casing layer
Silicon pillars for vertical transistors
CMP method for copper, tungsten, titanium, polysilicon, and other substrates using organosulfonic ac...
Reduction of the hook effect in membrane-based assay devices
Motor proteins and methods for their use
Antithrombin protein and DNA sequences from black fly
Mutations in the KCNE1 gene encoding human minK which cause arrhythmia susceptibility thereby establ...
Nanocomposite photosensitive composition and use thereof
Polymeric matrices for the encapsulation of phosphorescent molecules for analytical applications
Composition and associated methods for chemical mechanical planarization having high selectivity for...
Algorithm to test LPAR I/O subsystem's adherence to LPAR I/O firewalls
Method for restricting access to a web site by remote users
Method and system for blocking e-mail having a nonexistent sender address
Method and system for executing and undoing distributed server change operations
Method for processing a request to multiple instances of a server program
Recording medium retaining data for menu control, menu control method and apparatus
Method for manufacturing surface acoustic wave device
Electroluminescent lamp driving circuit and method
System and method for sidelobe reduction using point spread function expansion
Conveyor device and image forming apparatus
Phasor transducer apparatus and system for protection, control, and management of electricity distri...
Combined disc player and amplifier
Methods for treating CIP equipment and equipment for treating CIP equipment
Portable AC power system
1,4-disubstituted benzenes as insecticides
Optical navigation device, and method for manufacturing same
Signal processing circuit and method using analog voltage signal to pulse width modulation conversio...
Navigated menuing for industrial human machine interface via speech recognition
Method and system for proxy tracking of third party interactions
Mutable association of a set of logical block addresses to a band of physical storage blocks
Electrical connector defining a contact curvature
Composite heat assisted magnetic recording media with temperature tuned intergranular exchange
Method and apparatus for reducing velocity errors when writing spiral servo information onto a disk ...
Magnetic devices having magnetic features with CMP stop layers
Meat product casing having a maximum extensible diameter
Nutrition bar with amino acid supplement
Triglyceride fat suitable for spread manufacture
Low-residue, easy-cleaning and low-viscosity structured lipid pan release compositions and methods
Stabilized milk product containing fruit and fruit juice
Mixtures of optical isomers of styralyl alcohol or styralyl acetate, processes for preparing same an...
Milk protein isolate and method for preparing same
Double sealed pizza package and method of making
Process for producing wort for fermented malt drinks
Biodegradable gum base
Antifreeze composition and method
Food grade ink jet inks for printing on edible substrates
Apparatus for molding food products
Method of preparation of anticancer taxanes using 3-[(substituted-2-trialkylsilyl) ethoxycarbonyl]-5...
Paddle positioning system
Orthodontic brackets made from polymeric materials that impart desired strength properties
Method of optimizing radiation pattern of smart antenna
Vaccines against Escherichia coli O157 infection
Oil-based drilling fluid comprising a temperature-stable and non-polluting emulsifying system
Semiconductor element, manufacturing method thereof, and high frequency integrated circuit using the...
System and method for preparing software for execution in a dynamically configurable hardware enviro...
Signal route selector and method of signal routing
Hapten-carrier conjugates for treating and preventing nicotine addiction
Method and system for providing maintenance and management services for long-term capital equipment ...
Method and apparatus for conducting electronic commerce transactions using electronic tokens
Exhaust-heat recovery system for engine
Method, system, and program for managing an out of available space condition
Atomising nozzle and filter and spray generating device
Importing and exporting markup language data in a spreadsheet application document
Fuel cell and method of controlling the same
Semiconductor device memory cell
Light emitting device
Gas discharge display
Virtual PBX based on SIP and feature servers
Method and apparatus for selecting candidate statistics to estimate the selectivity value of the con...
Solar energy conversion and transmission system
Display device
Spinning concentrator enhanced solar energy alternating current production
Photosensitive resin composition
Broad host range pBBR1-based plasmid mutant derivatives having altered plasmid copy number
Vibrionaceae replication factors and methods of use thereof
Method to measure the effect of topically applied agents using skin maintained in organ culture
Heat--developable photosensitive material containing latex polymer in outermost layer
Antimony tin oxide fine particles for sunlight shielding, and disperse liquid for formation of sunli...
Polyimide film and process for producing the same
Image display device
Combinatorial fabrication and high-throughput screening of optoelectronic devices
Optical film thickness controlling method and apparatus, dielectric multilayer film and manufacturin...
Polyacrylates coatings for implantable medical devices
Apparatus and methods for controlling insects in buildings and agricultural uses
Automated ground water monitoring and analysis system
Buffer layer in flat panel display
Low profile, pivotal connection infusion assembly
Compositions for Golf Equipment
Corn root preferential promoters and uses thereof
Nucleotide sequences and polypeptides encoded thereby useful for modifying plant characteristics
Transgenic plants synthesizing high amylose starch
Process for the purification of macrolides
Beta Secretase Polypeptides
RNA interference mediated inhibition of proprotein convertase subtilisin Kexin 9 (PCSK9) gene expres...
Modulation of immunostimulatory properties of oligonucleotide-based compounds by optimal presentatio...
Rna interference mediated inhibition of cholesteryl ester transfer protein (cetp) gene expression us...
Glycoside prodrug of 5- aminosalicylic acid
C-Terminal P53 Palindromic Peptide That Induces Apoptosis Of Cells With Aberrant P53 And Uses Thereo...
Novel variant hypocrea jercorina CBH1 cellulases
Solid cellulosic culture medium and process for producing the same
Thermally stable amidases
Process for producing saccharide oligomers
Phosphitylation process
Methods for inhibiting macrophage colony stimulating factor and c-FMS-dependent cell signaling
Sixteen-member macrolide antiinfective agents
Pyrazole derivatives and diabetic medicine containing them
Pesticidal proteins
Method for conducting binding reactions on a solid surface within an enclosed chamber
System and method for enabling site failover in an application server environment
Methods, computer program products, mobile terminals, and web pages for providing directional inform...
Imaging device, information storage server, article identification apparatus and imaging system
Computerized indelible tracking system
Method and system for integrating resource allocation between time division duplex and frequency div...
Radio frequency identification transponder
Radio tag antenna structure for an optical recording medium and a case for an optical recording medi...
Radio frequency power amplifier module
Reliability and the accuracy of position-finding methods by estimation of the Rice factor of a radio...
Fabric garment label having detectable EAS or RFID marker in pocket and method of making same
Calibration apparatus and method for array antenna
Apparatus and method for creating, maintaining, and controlling a virtual electrode used for the abl...
RF communication with downhole equipment
Apparatus for projecting a light beam through a transparent structure
Active drive type light emitting display device and drive control method thereof
Electro-optical device, method of manufacturing the same, and electronic apparatus
Display device and display device driving method
Organic light emitting diode display having shield electrodes
Display, method of manufacturing the same, and method of driving the same
Organic electro luminescent display and method for fabricating the same
Manufacturing method of light emitting element
Organic EL display device and method for manufacturing the same
Dual panel-type organic electroluminescent device
Octupolar molecules used as organic semiconductors
Tuned microcavity color OLED display
Organic electroluminescent element and process for its manufacture
Vacuum deposited, non-polymeric flexible organic light emitting devices
Distance determination apparatus for use devices in a wireless network
Voice-controlled wireless communications system and method
Method and apparatus for allocating downlink resources in a multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) co...
Personal profile sharing and management for short-range wireless terminals
Method and system for facilitating instant messaging transactions between disparate service provider...
Multiple access wireless communications architecture
Measuring of the coverage area of a base transceiver station
Mobile assisted handover using CDMA
Method, system, and program for providing information on users of wireless devices in a database to ...
Concurrent wireless/landline interface apparatus and method
Alert-me management system for telecommunications infrastructure and method of operation thereof
Method for increasing the spontaneity of an automatic transmission
Multi-speed planetary power transmission
Method for controlling a drivetrain in a motor vehicle
Method and system for backing up and restoring data of a node in a distributed system
Cheap paxos
Common feature mode for microprocessors in a multiple microprocessor system
System and method for interrupt handling
Adaptive junk message filtering system
Notification platform architecture
Integrated circuit vehicle diagnostics interface adapter apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for selectively enforcing network security policies using group identifiers
Correlation of flight track data with other data sources
Contactless IC card system
Position detection method and apparatus
Power sprayer
System and method for automatically diagnosing protocol errors from packet traces
Method for securely supporting password change
Method and system for device bootstrapping via server synchronization
Protocol for insuring exactly once semantics of transactions across an unordered, unreliable network
Address information editing apparatus and method, program, and storage medium
Dynamic disk space management by multiple database server instances in a cluster configuration
Method, system, program, and data structure for cleaning a database table
Magnetic stripe card with dynamic numbers
Subdividing a digital dentition model
Device and method for determining teat positions
Method and kit for testing a multi-channel blood assay cartridge
Albumin-free factor VIII formulations
Enforcement of compliance with network security policies
Container cap
Portion of furniture
Laser beam generating unit
Dihydropyridine derivatives
Ester derivatives of a decahydroisoquinoline-3-carboxylic acid as analgestics
Esters of 5-aminolevulinic acid as photosensitizing agents in photochemotherapy
.beta.-benzyloxyaspartate derivatives with amino group on benzene ring
Macrolides and methods for producing same
Oxazoles, their manufacture and use as pharmaceutical agents
Antibacterial optically pure benzoquinolizine carboxylic acids, processes, compositions and methods ...
Filtration cartridge and process for filtering a slurry
Water treatment processes and devices utilizing hydrodynamic cavitation
Method and device for detecting an accumulation of sand in a separator vessel
Arsenic removal from water
Process for treating lipophilic fluid
Method for treating waste water
Method for biological treatment of water by adding macromolecular carbohydrates
Poly(ethylene chlorotrifluoroethylene) membranes
Fluid cleaning filter and filter device
Pipe-connecting device
Support element for an integrated blood treatment module, integrated blood treatment module and extr...
Decanter centrifuge with wear reinforcement inlet
Storm sewer inlet grate system
Oil separator
Blow-by gas ventilation system for engine
Cylinder head
Hardware-enforced loop-level hard zoning for fibre channel switch fabric
Integrated automatic telephone switch
Integrated self-cleaning window assembly for optical transmission in combustion environments
Rolling bearing unit for supporting wheel
Method for determining dental alignment using radiographs
Apparatus and method for optical characterization of a sample over a broadband of wavelengths with a...
Method and apparatus for noninvasively measuring a concentration of a blood component
Reusable analyte sensor site and method of using the same
Solvent-poor sol-gel-systems
Cooling fan, in particular for motor vehicles
Linear compressor
Method and apparatus for sealing an ultrahigh-pressure fluid system
Oil seal arrangement
Electronically controlled actuator
Guitar pick
Input pipeline registers for a node in an adaptive computing engine
Printing apparatus, print instruction apparatus, image forming apparatus, printing method and a comp...
Enabling the use of machine-readable codes
Hydrogenation of middle distillate using a counter-current reactor
Apparatus and process for minimizing catalyst residence time in a reactor vessel
Method for screening crystallization conditions in solution crystal growth
Selected antibody CDRs for binding to aminophospholipids
Portable ice rescue craft
Active soluble cleaning composite of natural state using soybean fatty acids and the making method t...
Combined lower portion of a ceiling fan motor housing and blade holders unit
Wall tap
Travel surge protector
Style sheet generation
Display device and luminance control method therefor
Display device and luminance control method therefor
Display device and method of controlling its brightness
Print-receptive, pill-resistant, knitted fabric
Vehicle headlight
Video game console
Icon for a display screen
Digital video recorder
Copy-resistant read-only digital optical disc and adaptable player
Firewall providing enhanced network security and user transparency
Method and apparatus for microarray fabrication
Compositions comprising phenylaminothiophenacetic acid derivatives for the treatment of acute or adu...
Apparatus for magnetic resonance imaging
Method of making plant artificial chromosomes
Synthesis of cyclic combinational circuits
Bidirectional horizontal scan circuit with sub-sampling and horizontal adding functions
Method and device for testing for the occurrence of bit errors
Data transfer control device and electronic instrument
Method, apparatus, and system for variable increment multi-index looping operations
Prefetching data based on predetermined criteria
Dynamic memory allocation between inbound and outbound buffers in a protocol handler
Apparatus and methods for correlating messages sent between services
Abstracted node discovery
Intelligent modular server management system for selectively operating a plurality of computers
System and method for automatically determining modal value of non-numeric data
Fulfillment management system for managing ATP data in a distributed supply chain environment
Method and devices for performing cardiac waveform appraisal
Optical head and recording and/or reproducing apparatus employing same
Microlens array sheet of projection screen, and method for manufacturing the same
High-frequency module
Probe card and method for producing the same
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the semiconductor device
Carrier, method of manufacturing a carrier and an electronic device
Semiconductor device
Molded semiconductor device with heat conducting members
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor integrated circuit device having particular testing pad arrangement
Spatial position detection method, information input method, spatial position detection apparatus, a...
Charging device
Cartridge, process cartridge, and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Optical receiver, optical transmitter and optical transceiver
Image processing apparatus
Method, device and computer program for designing a circuit having electric wires and optical connec...
Color-image processing apparatus and method, and storage medium
Zoom lens system and image pickup apparatus including the same
Zoom lens and imaging apparatus including the same
Optical scanning system and image forming apparatus using the same
Image forming apparatus that provides insert sheet in proper order, method of controlling the same, ...
Signal processing apparatus and method for reducing jaggedness on color image edge and image sensing...
Optical scanning device and image forming apparatus using the same
Image forming apparatus
System and a method for sealing a cartridge
Method of manufacturing a speaker
Spindle motor, information recording and reproducing apparatus having a spindle motor, and manufactu...
Optical interconnection module and method of manufacturing the same
Electronic paper file
Temperature-insensitive polymeric optical AWG device and manufacturing method therefor
Real time monitoring of particulate contamination in a wafer processing chamber
Medical electrical lead
Artificial eye system
Status indicator for implantable systems
Bidirectional optical communications module
Flexible optical waveguide
Micro-speaker and method for assembling a micro-speaker
Method for producing resin particles and toner using the resin particles
Magnetic safety knob for a cabinet door
Tamperproof magnetic switch assembly with universal switch
Electrographic ribbon and method implementing a skive
Complex system serviceability design evaluation method and apparatus
DC-AC converter, and method for supplying AC power
Switch mode power supply controllers
Method, medium, and apparatus controlling track seek in a recording and/or reproducing apparatus
System and method for analyzing and imaging three-dimensional volume data sets
Down hole transmission system
Magnet structure
Methods and systems for stabilizing an amplifier
Electric power grid induced geophysical prospecting method and apparatus
Receiver coil array for a magnetic resonance imaging system
Shielding for mobile MR systems
Combined disc player and amplifier
Method and apparatus for discovering patterns in a set of sequences
System and method for stochastic aircraft flight-path modeling
Method and device for the robot-controlled cutting of workpieces to be assembled by means of laser r...
Semiconductor wafer position shift measurement and correction
Method of pre-activating network devices based upon previous usage data
System and method for generating a world wide name for use with host for enabling communication with...
Nonaqueous electrolyte battery
Cover for freight vehicle
Decorative planter for a cyclone fence
High-top shoe bag
Network routing using a driver that is registered with both operating system and network processor
Method and apparatus for providing an integrated speech recognition and natural language understandi...
Apparatus employing predictive failure analysis based on in-circuit FET on-resistance characteristic...
Wireless communication apparatus having a phase control loop shared by first and second modulation m...
Semiconductor laser device with multi-dimensional-photonic-crystallized region
Optical fiber for Raman amplification, optical fiber coil, Raman amplifier, and optical communicatio...
Adjusting subline address for burst transfer to/from computer memory
Moving mechanism using a piezoelectric actuator and a magnetic disk apparatus having such a moving m...
Solid-state image sensor with an optical black area having pixels for detecting black level
Personal computer wire management system
Handwear that improves protective apparel doffing
Electron beam apparatus and method of manufacturing semiconductor device using the apparatus
Method and system for scanning apertureless fluorescence mircroscope
Security barrier for electronic circuitry
Electrical devices
Small-spot spectrometry instrument with reduced polarization and multiple-element depolarizer theref...
Method and apparatus for inspecting samples, and method for manufacturing devices using method and a...
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
3,4-diarylpyrazoles and their use in the therapy of cancer
Polymer composition and uses thereof
Charge dissipative dielectric for cryogenic devices
System and method for selectively increasing surface temperature of an object
Method for manufacturing display device
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device, and laser irradiation apparatus
Surface modified stainless steels for PEM fuel cell bipolar plates
Method for producing macrocyclic ketones by means of dieckmann codensation in the gas phase
Coating compositions for use in golf balls
Methanation assembly using multiple reactors
System stack contingency and efficiency switching
Power generator and method for forming the same
Compact partial oxidation reactor assemblage with fast start-up capability
Biocompatible polymeric compositions for use in making anterior chamber intraocular lenses
Accommodating intraocular lens system and method
Method and an apparatus for the simultaneous determination of surface topometry and biometry of the ...
Zero valent metal initiated gas-phase deposition polymerization
Photochromic compositions and light transmissible articles
Image forming apparatus and developing unit
Composite fan containment case for turbine engines
Method and composition to minimize dishing
Printing group of a rotary printing press
Folding machine for the graphics industry
NMR apparatus
High resolution NMR probe head for small sample volumes and method for operating the same
Decoupling high temperature superconductor sensor arrays in nuclear quadrupole resonance detection s...
Curry brush for grooming an animal
Catheter connector
Cardiac rhythm management system using time-domain heart rate variability indicia
Guiding introducer system for use in medical procedures in the left ventricle
Method of treating dry eye disease with non-drying antihistamines
Biocompatible material composition adaptable to diverse therapeutic indications
Use of DF3/MUC1 regulated expression in gene therapy
Alkaline storage battery and hydrogen storage alloy electrode used therefor
Lithium anodes for electrochemical cells
Electrolyte for lithium secondary batteries and lithium secondary battery comprising the same
Filling high aspect ratio openings by enhanced electrochemical deposition (ECD)
Karl Fischer reagent
Methods and compositions for determining the sequence of nucleic acid molecules
RFID antenna
Information-sharing system, information-sharing server, information-sharing method, and information-...
Impression creating device and method for a laptop computer
Method and apparatus for automatic photograph annotation
Method and apparatus for secure traffic light interruption
RFID systems for automatically triggering and delivering stimuli
Accessing data tag information using database queries
Method and apparatus for multiple frequency RFID tag architecture
Radio frequency identification bag tracking and recycling system, and bag counting rack associated t...
User-centric event reporting
Wear detection by transponder destruction
Time limit function utilization apparatus
Methods and apparatuses for mounting a wireless network component to a fluorescent light
Late transition metal catalysts for olefin polymerization and oligomerization
Bifunctional phenylene ether oligomer, its derivatives, its use and process for the production there...
Hetero phase polymer compositions
Waterbased high abrasion resistant coating
Liquid non-aqueous dispersion and process for producing the same
Masterbatch pellet mixture
Method for producing 2,3,6,7,10,11-hexahydroxytriphenylene
Process for producing .alpha.,.alpha.-bis(hydroxymethyl)alkanal
Compatible blend systems of oxygen barrier polymers and oxygen scavenging polymers
Process for purification of crude polyether and adsorbent
Adhesive for bonding circuit members, circuit board, and method of producing the same
Livestock management system
Omnidirectionally reflective horse halter
Reusable device for release of caught fishing accessories
Energy subtraction processing method and apparatus
High shrink polyethylene films
Stabilized organoborane polymerization initiators and polymerizable compositions
Shrink resistant and wrinkle free textiles
Automated system and method for establishing a patient status reference baseline
Natural alarm clock
Physiological parameter monitoring system and sensor assembly for same
Method for measuring the concentration of a substance in a living body and device for measuring the ...
Method of and apparatus for measuring concentration
Measurement system having at least one replaceable sensor
Low capacitance measurement probe
Tissue implantable sensors for measurement of blood solutes
Direct access atherectomy devices
Apparatuses and methods for percutaneously implanting objects in patients
Image retrieving apparatus, image retrieving method and recording medium for recording program to im...
Apparatus and method for determining whether machine readable information on an item matches the ite...
Methods and apparatus for converting the resolution of binary image data
Algorithmic technique for increasing the spatial acuity of a focal plane array electro-optic imaging...
Method and arrangement for the correction of video signals
Data diffusion processing technique
Differential image adjustments
Vector quantization of images
Image processing apparatus, mobile terminal device and image processing computer readable program
Encoding and decoding method and apparatus using plus and/or minus rounding of images
Video sequences correlation and static analysis and scene changing forecasting in motion estimation
Methods and systems for preventing start code emulation at locations that include non-byte aligned a...
In-plane distribution data compression method, in-plane distribution measurement method, in-plane di...
Image clustering with metric, local linear structure, and affine symmetry
Wireless communication system within a system on a chip
Method and an improved device for controlling the power delivered at the output of a node of an opti...
Optical resonators with reduced OH-content
Optical fiber transmission system with increased effective modal bandwidth transmission
Optical fiber bundles and devices including them
Optical rotating data transmission device with coupling slide
Multimode optical fiber coupler and fabrication method
Optical switch fabric with redundancy
Wavelength division coupler and optical transceiver using the same
Optical signal switching apparatus, and controller and method for control of optical switch
Hitless tunable filter
Fluorescent flashlight
Color changing light fixture
Light modifier and lamp assembly
High performance lighting louvers and luminaires
Spread illuminating apparatus to illuminate two liquid crystal display panels different in screen si...
Systems and methods for color changing device and enclosure
Light source lamp and manufacturing method thereof, and projector
Track lighting system
Backlight unit
Spread illuminating apparatus
Data display device
LED light source
Light source and vehicle lamp
Landscape lightpost with receptacle cavity
Lamp nose cone
Back-reflecting LED light source
Portable light source including white and ultraviolet light sources
LED light bulb with active ingredient emission
Large area lighting system
Man-portable counter mortar radar system
Vehicle interdiction device and method
Valve for a cappuccino maker
Optical disc driver
Method and system for user authentication and identification using behavioral and emotional associat...
Information signal reproducing apparatus
Feedforward amplifier and radio communication apparatus with the amplifier
Variable-loss transmitter and method of operation
Image forming apparatus with accessible panels for wheelchair users
Circuit and method for compensating for nonliner distortion of power amplifier
Optical transmission device using a wide input dynamic range optical amplifier
Distortion compensator
Noise reducing headphones with sound conditioning
Static random access memory (SRAM) with replica cells and a dummy cell
Sense amplifier power-gating technique for integrated circuit memory devices and those devices incor...
Flash memory device
Processes for preparing cinacalcet hydrochloride crystal Form I
Methods for recombinant peptide production
Enzymatic fluorometric assay for cAMP and adenylate cyclase
Cosmetic product
Portion of a container for a candle
Candle and container
Product container
Container having a helical grip
User-computer interaction method for use by a population of flexible connectable computer systems
Methods and apparatus for providing early responses from a remote data cache
System and method for extending the cross-memory descriptor to describe another partition's memory
Data transfer control device electronic equipment and method data transfer control
Method and system for setting expressions in network management notifications
Investment advice systems and methods
Combination of selected opioids with other active substances for use in the therapy of urinary incon...
Cam ring bearing for fuel delivery system
Bearing assembly
Concentric radii ball bearing stack
Oil dynamic bearing, motor supported on oil dynamic bearing and disk drive carrying the motor
Self-tightening keyless chuck
Spindle motor and method of manufacturing the same
Automatic primer feed mechanism
System for managing a stable value protected investment plan
Reduction in size of column sample and hold circuitry in a CMOS imager
Certified paper discriminating apparatus
Methods for the synthesis of astaxanthin
Method for producing optically active compound
Method for producing pipecolamide derivative
Reusable pH sensor device and related methods
Method for producing optically active 1,2-diols by microorganism culturing
Method of self-assembly and optical applications of crystalline colloidal patterns on substrates
Nonlinear optical material with nano-sized dendrimer structure
Opto-electronic housing and optical assembly
Method and apparatus for assembling personalized electronic media into printed products
Baking oven charging arrangement and baking system comprising such charging arrangement and baking o...
Stable electroluminescent devices
Disposable cup lid with condiment tab
Elastomer compositions and method of making them
Method and apparatus for controlling vessel characteristics, including shape and thieving current fo...
Methods, devices and software for redundant transmission of voice data over a packet network connect...
Recording apparatus, file management method, program for file management method, and recording mediu...
System and method for managing fulfillment data associated with a fulfillment system
Curable coating composition, method for making a coated metal plate having the coating composition a...
Plastic optical components and an optical unit using the same
Surface acoustic wave device and environmental difference detecting apparatus using the surface acou...
Dielectric device having dielectric film terminated by halogen atoms
Ferroelectric capacitor, process for production thereof and semiconductor device using the same
Process for the conversion of a fluid phase substrate by dynamic heterogeneous contact with a solid ...
Stacked lamellate assembly
Lamellate CMC structure with interlock to metallic support structure
Electrostatic chuck
Ion-detecting microspheres and methods of use thereof
Digital camera
Medical balloon catheter
Optimum operator selection support system
Sheet output apparatus
Print distribution system and print distribution program
Image reader with two duplex copy modes
Magnification methods, systems, and computer program products for virtual three-dimensional books
Hand-propelled wand printer
Heater and drip plate for ink loader melt assembly
Maintenance device and recording device
Ink jet recording apparatus and ink jet recording method
Pigment epithelial cell of the eye, its production and use in therapy of an eye or CNS disease
Encapsulated active particles and methods for making and using the same
Perfume container
Translation of information between database formats understood by different user equipment component...
Automatic/timed silencing of mobile phone from a network
Radio telecommunications system operative by interactive determination of soft estimates, and a corr...
Multi-user time slots for TDMA
Ligands for metals and improved metal-catalyzed processes based thereon
Heat-shrinkable films
Micro-reactor for reactions between gases and liquids
Process for encapsulation of cellulose based substrate using non-electromagnetic heating
Method of making absorbent articles having shaped absorbent cores on a substrate
Compression molding machine
Methods for treating pluralities of discrete semiconductor substrates
Memory system having improved random write performance
Method for fabricating semiconductor devices
Plasma display panel
Liquid crystal display device and electronic apparatus
Liquid crystal display
UV-scattering inorganic/polymer composite particles and a method for preparing the same
Fire-barrier composition
Tinting agent in tubes
Eco tire
Combination airborne substance detector
Nucleic acid molecule encoding ORFA of a PUFA polyketide synthase system and uses thereof
Bacteria strain and bacteriocin produced therefrom
Method for inhibiting immunoglobulin-induced toxicity resulting from the use of immunoglobulins in t...
Treatment of brain damage
Radiation therapy by accumulation of therapeutic radionuclides in tumor-targeting bacteria
Signal processing method and apparatus, signal reproducing method and apparatus, and recording mediu...
Video signal processing apparatus, video signal playback apparatus, and video signal recording appar...
Securing media content with steganographic encoding
Devices and method for spectral measurements
Enzymatic decarboxylation of 2-keto-L-gulonic acid to produce xylose
Process of forming corn flaking grits of improved quality with minimization of production of corn do...
Method and apparatus for diagnosing valve lifter malfunction in a lift on demand system
Variable valve control apparatus and variable valve controlling method for internal combustion engin...
Variable valve timing control apparatus of internal combustion engine
Camshaft adjuster for vehicles, especially motor vehicles
Actuator for valve lift controller
Classification of audio as speech or non-speech using multiple threshold values
Mixed integer linear programming trajectory generation for autonomous nap-of-the-earth flight in a t...
Method and system for customizing hold-time content in a mobile vehicle communication system
Securities, supporting systems and methods thereof
Presentation of messages to end-users in a computer network
Vehicle-occupant fatigue-level assessment method, vehicle seat assessment method, and vehicle seat a...
Method and device for detecting a rotational speed, especially the rotational speed of the wheel of ...
Method for determining traffic conditions
Road surface state estimating apparatus, road surface friction state estimating apparatus, road surf...
Adaptation of a vehicle stabilizing system to the surface
Vehicle accessory proximity sensor slide switch
System and method for detecting a passing vehicle from dynamic background using robust information f...
Interior lining or covering element for motor vehicles
Method for conducting clinical trials over the internet
Nicotinamide acids, amides, and their mimetics active as inhibitors of PDE4 isozymes
Nucleic acids and corresponding proteins entitled 273P4B7 useful in treatment and detection of cance...
PRO20044 polypeptides
PRO1480 polypeptides
Anti-oxidant suppository for treating radiation proctopathy and other anorectal disorders
Pyrrole based inhibitors of glycogen synthase kinase 3
Small molecule modulators of hepatocyte growth factor (scatter factor) activity
CDK5 genetic markers associated with galantamine response
Anti-TNF antibodies, compositions, methods and uses
Photographic film container, film assembly and loading method
Lens driving apparatus and image pick-up apparatus including the same
Digital camera
Image-pickup apparatus with removable lens apparatus
Function control method for camera
Camera support and control device
Lens barrier opening/closing device of a movable lens barrel
Method and system for measuring interest levels of digital messages
System and method for feature selection in decision trees
Intelligent robust control system for motorcycle using soft computing optimizer
Context vector generation and retrieval
Scalable methods for learning Bayesian networks