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Score based decisioning
Method of controlling liquid production utilizing an expert system controller
System and Method of Mobile Anti-Pharming and Improving Two Factor Usage
Digital media delivery with local cache and streaming tokens
Method to use a virtual private network using a public network
System and method for concurrently demodulating and decoding multiple data streams
System and method for allocating resources across a plurality of distributed nodes
"Transformer" aerobic digestion method, a system for treating biodegradable waste material through a...
Method of site preparation in environmentally sensitive areas
High-flow sediment-free fish ladder
Temporary platform or roadway and method of assembling same
Landfill conduit servicing systems and methods for servicing landfill conduits
Secure streaming container
Meeting information
Method and system of providing access privileges to records of members of a community
Computerized product improvement apparatus and method
Electronic payments using multiple unique payee identifiers
Web based resource distribution system
Method and apparatus for managing a key management system
Data scanning network security technique
Method or system for executing deferred transactions
Machine dependent login for on-line value-bearing item system
Automated banking machine system using internet address customer input
Distributed bid processing method for open-cry and descending price auctions
Automated trading system in an electronic trading exchange
Automated purchasing agent system and method
Method of identifying a universe of stocks for inclusion into an investment portfolio
Apparatus and method for indicating the status of transaction function devices in an automated banki...
Customer identification system and method
Method for managing a financial security
System and method for searching for information on inventory with virtual warehouses
Method and apparatus for the home delivery of local retail e-commerce orders
Methods and compositions for regulating bone and cartilage formation
Treatment of arrhythmias via inhibition of a multifunctional calcium/calmodulin-dependent protein ki...
Method for triggering through disc grooves and related optical analysis discs and system
Optical resonance analysis system
Plants and seeds of hybrid corn variety CH956311
Cotton variety 170001G
Lettuce variety designated "Sturgis"
Chimera gene with several herbicide resistant genes, plant cell and plant resistant to several herbi...
Increasing salt tolerance in plants by overexpression of vacuolar NA.sup.+/H.sup.+ transporters
Nucleic acids encoding glucosinolate biosynthesis enzymes and methods of their use
Disease resistance factors
Plastidic phosphoglucomutase genes
Transposable elements in rice and methods of use
Methods for enhancing a plant stress response
Precise breeding
Transgenic mice expressing inducible human p25
Luminescent compounds
Inhibitory Pellino nucleic acids
Oligonucleotides and methods for detecting hepatitis C viral nucleic acids
Isolation and expression of a disabled protein gene mDab1 and methods
Class II human histone deacetylases, and uses related thereto
Automatic musical composition classification device and method
Evaluating and correcting rhythm in audio data
Automated musical instrument
Methods of conducting simultaneous endothermic and exothermic reactions
Chemical reactor with pressure swing adsorption
Sulfur gas treatment process
Method for making single-wall carbon nanotubes using supported catalysts
Process for derivatizing carbon nanotubes with diazonium species
Method for producing a reversible hydrogen storage medium with high storage capacity and ultrafast k...
Device for spraying water
Removal of sulfur-containing impurities from volatile metal hydrides
Method for dissolving nanostructural materials
Inhibition of catalytically active impurities in polycarbonate by the melt transesterification proce...
Process for reducing the concentration of undesired compounds in a composition
Method and apparatus for stopping and parking a commercial vehicle
Vehicular safety apparatus
Hydraulic motor and brake control system and method of controlling the same
Camber tube level
Wheel suspension
Vehicle steering device
Occupant sensor for a vehicle restraint system
Motorized vehicle, and related frame structure
Snowmobile steering and suspension for improved performance in turns
Industrial truck with a lateral frame opening and a door with a double hinge
Electric vehicle
Hub motor
Control apparatus for controlling vehicle drive apparatus, and vehicle drive system including the co...
Crawler type traveling apparatus and pivot shaft
Highly mobile robots that run and jump
Flow control for power steering
System and methods enabling a mix of human and automated initiatives in the control of communication...
Signature loop authorizing method and apparatus
Water-proof collapsible cellular terminal apparatus
Wireless communication terminal and mobile type wireless communication terminal
Base unit for communicating with a cellular telephone
Method and system of sending a voice message in a wireless communication network
Method for storing and reproducing a voice message in a mobile telephone
Emergency phone with single button activation
Method and system for providing secure subscriber content data
Holder for minicomputers or similar apparatus
Bi-stable hinge and systems using same
Systems and methods for echo cancellation with arbitrary playback sampling rates
Crescendo telephone ringer
Call initiation via calendar
Method and system for application initiated teleconferencing
Method and apparatus for improved personal communication devices and systems
Methods and systems for making telephone calls
Methods and systems for enabling conversations about task-centric physical objects
Speech processing for telephony API
Voice message transfer between a sender and a receiver
Method and system for returning a call based on information in a voicemail message
Shielded treatment room and device suitable for recording images on the basis of magnetic resonance
Magnetic resonance imaging with real-time magnetic filed mapping
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
Planar rf resonator for open mri systems
Opsonic monoclonal and chimeric antibodies specific for lipoteichoic acid of Gram positive bacteria
Dental compositions and methods with arylsulfinate salts
Acylsulfamide inhibitors of factor VIIa
Indazole-aminoacetonitrile derivatives having special pesticidal activity
C-25 carbamate rifamycin derivatives with activity against drug-resistant microbes
Methods for identifying compounds which modulate hematopoiests
EspFu nucleic acids and proteins and uses thereof
Toner and process for producing toner
Histone deacetylase inhibitors
Medical devices for occlusion of blood flow
Heat insulating acoustical structure and carbody shell structure using the same
Acoustic attenuation materials
Fluid guideline, especially in the form of a tube for taking up untreated air in an air filter of a ...
Swiveling sound-gathering ear guard for masks and helmets
Energy attenuation device
Flexing multiple function interactive massage and reflexology unit
Universal footwear including removable cleats
Footwear structure
Shoe sole having soft cushioning device
Portion of a shoe midsole
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Performance of energy storage devices: potential areas for dendritic chemistry involvement
Conductive nanocomposite films
Thermal management arrangement for standardized peripherals
Thermal managed interconnect system for a circuit board
Electronic component cooling apparatus
Heat dissipation device having a ventilating duct
Easy release server cooling fan with integrated spring and method for using same
Extended fin array
Device with an external heat sink arrangement
Coolant cooled type semiconductor device
Temperature adjustment apparatus, exposure apparatus having the same, and device fabricating method
Aluminum heat exchanger excellent in corrosion resistance
Apparatus for conditioning the temperature of a fluid
Cooling device of hybrid-type
Heat dissipation device
Water-cooling heat dissipation device
Single metal nanoparticle scattering interferometer
Device for mixing and distributing a dense fluid and a light fluid, placed upstream from a granular ...
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method utilizing a continuous light beam in combinat...
Carbazole and cyclopentaindole derivatives to treat infection with Hepatitis C virus
Apparatus and method for determining cardiac output in a living subject
Tomogram creating device and radiation examining apparatus
Fibrous nonwoven mats containing polyethermid fibers
Pessimism reduction in crosstalk noise aware static timing analysis
Dermatological compositions and methods
Liquid crystal cell with compensator layer and process
Method and apparatus for determining material breakdown and product compliance
Nanoparticles having oligonucleotides attached thereto and uses therefor
Bioinformatically detectable group of novel regulatory genes and uses thereof
Compositions and methods for inhibition of cancer invasion and angiogenesis
Tetrazole and oxadiazolone substituted .beta.-amino acid derivatives
8-aza-bicyclo[3.2.1]octane derivatives and their use as monoamine neurotransmitter re-uptake inhibit...
Methods for synthesizing heterocycles and therapeutic use of the heterocycles for cancers
Diketo acids with nucleobase scaffolds: anti-HIV replication inhibitors targeted at HIV integrase
Compounds as CRF.sub.1 receptor antagonists
Azacytosine analogs and derivatives
Modified pituitary gland development in offspring from expectant mother animals treated with growth ...
Biodegradable immunomodulatory formulations and methods for use thereof
Therapeutic compositions
Method and means for producing high titer, safe, recombinant lentivirus vectors
Tumor antigens and uses thereof
Human cyclin-dependent kinase (hPNQALRE)
Processes for preparing pyrroles
Virion-based fusion assay
Medicament containing Epimedium extract for treatment of prostatic hyperplasia and prostatitis
Drill accessory
Filtering a permission set using permission requests associated with a code assembly
Computer based summarization of natural language documents
Sensor attachment mechanism for fluid pressure cylinder
Yield on multithreaded processors
Heating apparatus
Method and system for architecting a secure solution
Swing down fuel tank bracket method
Method for increasing performance of select and poll applications without recompilation
System and method for processing a substrate using supercritical carbon dioxide processing
Treatment of vision disorders using electrical, light, and/or sound energy
System for describing markup language for mobile use, and information processing apparatus and progr...
Process for the isomerisation of a cyclohexenyl alkyl or alkenyl ketone
MR-method for the in vivo measurement of temperature or pH-value by means of a hyperpolarised contra...
Electric shock bird and animal deterrent
Hybrid intervertebral disc system
Boundary layer transition model
System and methods providing enhanced security model
Polypropylene films and multilayered laminate
Amphoteric water-soluble polymer dispersion and use thereof
Substrate-related-operation performing system including operation-performing-program judging device,...
Correlation of vent tile settings and rack temperatures
Method of producing clad metal products
System and method for surely but conveniently causing reset of a computerized device
Serializer/deserializer circuit for jitter sensitivity characterization
System, apparatus, and method for user tunable and selectable searching of a database using a weight...
Patch-like infusion device
Juvenile hormone compositions and methods for making same
Polyester resin composition for toner and toner
Variable optical attenuator and optical filter
Cosmetic, personal care, cleaning agent, and nutritional supplement compositions and methods of maki...
Verbascum plant named `Royalty`
Rotatably retractable image display system
Methods and apparatus for simulating dental procedures and for training dental students
Method and apparatus for providing an interface mechanism for a computer simulation
Display apparatus for teaching writing
Gaming device having separately changeable value and modifier bonus scheme
Satellite antenna positioning system
Technique for accessing location-dependent information sources in a vehicle
Method for click-stream analysis using web directory reverse categorization
Device to control an electronic or computer system utilizing a fluid flow and a method of manufactur...
Pb-free solder alloy
Flexible method of security data backup
System and method for visual history presentation and management
Method of separating olefins from mixtures with paraffins
Safe balloon neck closure device and method
Method for simultaneously toasting bread and steaming
Media browsing system displaying thumbnails images based on preferences of plurality of users and pl...
Skiing run with means for preserving snow
Capacitor of a memory device and fabrication method thereof
ASICs having more features than generally usable at one time and methods of use
Dynamic generation of program execution trace files in a standard markup language
Call set-up from a mobile radio telephone terminal with biometric authentication
Analog-to-digital converters for control loop applications
Absorptive clad fiber optic faceplate tube
Method for separating a multicomponent stream
Three-piece garment having an absorbent insert secured with variable adhesive regions
Determining a known character string equivalent to a query string
Combined bracelet or ring jewelry linkage
Method, system and devices for transferring accounting information
Panel grip with cut-outs and inserts
Panel grip with cut-outs and inserts
Panel grip with cut-outs and inserts
Optimizing a printing process for subsequent finishing procedure
Optimum usage of processing solution in printing
Integrated 1/f noise removal method for a magneto-resistive nano-particle sensor
SONOS memory device having nano-sized trap elements
Organic solvent dispersed nano-talc slurry
Integrated circuit current regulator
Current mode switching regulator with predetermined on time
Control circuit of DC-DC converter and its control method
Quasi average current mode control scheme for switching power converter
Voltage control system
Digital control of bridgeless power factor correction circuit
Method and system for calculating available power of a battery
Driving circuit of a fan
Common composition engine control unit and voltage regulator
Devices and methods capable of authenticating batteries
Electric vehicle with secondary battery power storage system
Methods for mounting surface-mounted electrical components
Online marketplace for animal genetics
System and Method for Centering Surgical Cutting Tools About the Spinous Process or Other Bone Struc...
System and method for treating the structure of the human lens with a laser
Joint stimulator
Analyte sensor
Water-in-oil emulsion composition
Selective androgen receptor modulators and method of use thereof
A2a adenosine receptor antagonists
Agents for preventing and treating disorders involving modulation of the RyR receptors
Methods of treating inflammatory diseases associated with bone destruction
Expression of zeta negative and zeta positive nucleic acids using a dystrophin gene
Combination therapy with glatiramer acetate and mitoxantrone for the treatment of multiple schlerosi...
Methods and pharmaceutical compositions for the treatment and prevention of hepatitis C infection
Interleukin-18 binding proteins, their preparation and use
Methods of identifying anti-inflammatory macrolides
Lipid-nucleic acid particles prepared via a hydrophobic lipid-nucleic acid complex intermediate and ...
Microfluidic device for cell separation and uses thereof
Human Zven polypeptides
Transcutaneous trigeminal nerve stimulation to treat motion sickness
Medical imaging feedback for an implantable medical device
Treatment of reproductive endocrine disorders by vagus nerve stimulation
Apparatus and method for volume adjustment of intragastric balloons
Magnetic anchoring devices
Thin-film nitinol based drug eluting stent
Bio-signal detection device and method of managing health of user using the device
Method of measuring superficial chemical species and apparatus for measuring the same
Method, apparatus, and medium for managing weight by using calorie consumption information
Disease risk information display device and program
Method of implating a medical device using a suture tab extender
Malonamic acids and derivatives thereof as thyroid receptor ligands
Compounds for the treatment of metabolic disorders
6-Aminoisoquinoline Compounds
Compounds and methods for treating dyslipidemia
Systems and methods for generating reading diagnostic assessments
Adaptive diagnostic assessment engine
Generating student profiles based on assessment/diagnostic test and student prescription
Grading students using teacher workbook
Birthing Simulator
Portable early learning sensory toy set for babies and infants
Method for teaching verbs of foreign language
Learning kits and method for tutoring and teaching learners
Program for controlling display of simulation video digest
Information Distributing System, Information Processing Terminal Device, Information Center, And Inf...
Inaudible midi interpretation device
Method for teaching
Coffin and trailer
Cart handle
Handle set for a golf cart
Ladder cart
Computer cart
Shopping cart
Spring-loaded closure lid for a hazardous waste container
Trash can
Steam iron
Washing machine
Portion of a laundry appliance
Portion of a laundry appliance
Dispensing Container
Building window wiper
Wrestler headgear pad
Wrestler headgear ear cup
Sports helmet
Foot and toe washer
Syringe shaped nail clipper
Cuticle nipper
Underwater vehicle deceleration and positive buoyancy assembly
Air intake device for watercraft
Apparatus for production in oil wells
Boat camper
Submarine short-range defense system
Hatch assembly
Supplying supplementary information for printed books
Boot process for a computer, a boot ROM and a computer having a boot ROM
Method for generating a network map
Web browser system
Method and apparatus for facsimile capable of communicating with data processing and facsimile machi...
Method for playing interactive contents for standby mode in a mobile communication terminal, and a m...
System for secure decryption of streaming media using selective decryption of header information and...
Telecommunication network system and method in communication services using session initiation proto...
Translator for IP networks, network system using the translator, and IP network coupling method ther...
System and method for routing data between different types of nodes in a wireless network
Method and computer program product for internet protocol (IP)-flow classification in a wireless poi...
Automatic panel configuration upload to a central station automation system
Scalable Flash/NV structures and devices with extended endurance
Storage medium with overcoat layer for enhanced heating
Hard disc device
Thermoset composite composition, method, and article
Organic formulations of conductive polymers made with polymeric acid colloids for electronics applic...
Golf accessory
Electromotive eradication of moss
Detection of undesired objects on surfaces
Low-profile, multi-axis, highly passively damped, vibration isolation mount
Cell door system for aircraft security
Process for landing a tailless aircraft
Translating conduit apparatus for an airplane or equipment
Aerodynamic vehicle having a variable geometry, co-planar, joined wing
Lighter-than-air aircraft including a closed loop combustion generating system and related methods f...
Aerodynamically stable, VTOL aircraft
System and method for in-flight trajectory path synthesis using the time sampled output of onboard s...
Portable rebounding ball game
Quoit board
Method of playing a card game
Board game
Multi-package module with heat spreader
Anti-bacterial composite particles and anti-bacterial resin composition
Extrusion process, apparatus and product
Dual hardness composite screen frame
A/D converter
Methods and apparatus for detecting leaks in fluorescent lamps
Human monoclonal antibodies that bind hepatitis C virus (HCV) E1
Analysis engine and work space manager for use with gene expression data
Paper separator and processor cartridge
X-ray image-assisted navigation using original, two-dimensional x-ray images
Circuit arrangement having a number of integrated circuit components on a carrier substrate and meth...
Active matrix display device and digital-to-analog converter
Non-linear optical device material composition
Cetylpyridinium salt of an anti-inflammatory agent and pharmaceutical compositions containing it
Image forming apparatus with loop detection and conveying speed control based thereon
Diagnostic display unit including replaceable display protector
Floss dispenser cap
Method of fabricating quantum features
Minimal instrumentation for lossless call profiling
Powered sterile solution device
Seal for pet collar antenna
Graphical debugger with loadmap display manager and custom record display manager displaying user se...
Controlling compatibility levels of binary translations between instruction set architectures
Convergence device with dynamic program throttling that replaces noncritical programs with alternate...
Process for producing indenol esters or ethers
Nucleic acid molecules encoding clot-specific streptokinase fusion proteins possessing altered plasm...
Selective download of corridor map data
Vehicle powder coating system
Memory testing
Method and system for automated structuring of textual documents
Method for retrieving product information over a communication network
Process-based selection of virus detection actions system, method and computer program product
Apparatus for providing optical communication between integrated circuits of different PC boards and...
Use of parasitic biological agents for prevention and control of autoimmune diseases
Nectarine tree `Burnectwentythree`
Marking 3D locations from ultrasound images
Method and apparatus for determining if stored memory range overlaps key memory ranges where the mem...
Medicament dispenser
Light-activated illuminating device
Realtime power mask trigger
Ferroelectric rare-earth manganese-titanium oxides
Thin film capacitor and method of manufacturing the same
Current sense amplifier
Transparent active-matrix display
Process for selective hydrogenation using a catalytic reactor with a hydrogen-selective membrane
Radio headset system
Plasma display apparatus
Volume allocation within a storage management system
Process and product for determining an amount of posting payment
System and method for efficiently and flexibly utilizing spreadsheet information
Method and system for accessing media content via the Internet
Radio communication apparatus and control
Computerized news preparatory service
Online Wardrobe
Sensing needle for ablation therapy
Apparatuses and methods to treat biological external tissue
Event sequencer used for controlling the sequence and timing of events in software defined radio
Method and system for powering an electronic device via a wireless link
Method for reducing radio interference between wireless access points
Apparatus and method for changing operation mode of dual mode terminal
Fast hard handover scheme and mobile station and base station supporting such scheme
Radio communication system
Portable terminal, portable telephone and master slave portable telephone system using the portable ...
Distributed base station controller
Auto Sensing Home Base Station For Mobile Telephone with Remote Answering Capabilities
Systems and methods for downloading information to a mobile device
Communication Terminal and Communication Method Thereof
Tuner module for radio receiver
Production of a transgenic avian by cytoplasmic injection
TAT-031 and methods of assessing and treating cancer
Culture conditions and growth factors affecting fate determination, self-renewal and expansion of ra...
Method for transporting medical diagnostic information over a wireless communications system
Vending system for personalized pet collars and method therefor
Apparatus for inspecting food items
Hip stem centralizer cap and method
Acetabular cup assembly and cup revising method
Tibial component with a conversion module for a knee implant
Functional joint arthroplasty method
Shoulder prosthesis and a system for implanting a shoulder prosthesis
Method and apparatus for performing a shoulder implant procedure
Annulus repair systems and techniques
Method and composition for repair and reconstruction of intervertebral discs and other reconstructiv...
Intervertebral prosthetic disc
Fault resilient booting for multiprocessor system using appliance server management
Recording medium playback apparatus
Apparatus, system, and method for managing addresses and data storage media within a data storage li...
Semiconductor memory device
Method and system for data processing with recovery capability
Double data rate scheme for data output
Method and system for capturing and bypassing memory transactions in a hub-based memory system
System and method to transport data snapshots
Semiconductor memory device
Apparatus and methods having a command sequence
Cache memory subsystem including a fixed latency R/W pipeline
Storage device having a lateral storage director
System and method for maintaining and reporting a log of multi-threaded backups
Content based content addressable memory block enabling using search key
System and method for updating firmware in a non-volatile memory without using a processor
Embeddable flash memory system for non-volatile storage of code, data and bit-streams for embedded F...
Disk array apparatus
Time-to-live timeout on a logical connection from a connection cache
Address space management in systems having multiple multi-processor clusters
Peer-to peer name resolution protocol (PNRP) security infrastructure and method
Content routing services protocol
Dynamic network security system and control method thereof
Noninvasive glucose sensor
Process for the synthesis and crystalline form of agomelatine
Mercaptophenyl naphthyl methane compounds and synthesis thereof
Pyrrole-based HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors
Dihydroindol-2-one derivatives as steroid hormone nuclear receptor modulators
CCK-1 receptor modulators
Thiazole derivatives
1,1-Disubstitutedcycloalkyl-, glycinamidyl-, sulfonyl-amidino-, and tetrahydropyrimidinyl-containing...
Cyclic nucleotide phosphodiesterase inhibitors, preparation and uses thereof
PGC-1 isoforms and uses therefor
.alpha.-keto acid reductase, method for producing the same, and method for producing optically activ...
Methods and compositions for identifying receptor effectors
Mammalian galanin receptors
Controlled release formulations having rapid onset and rapid decline of effective plasma drug concen...
Control panel for exercise equipment
Exercise log
System comprising magnetically actuated motion control device
Exercise device with removable weight
Isolation of nucleic acid
Storage system
Ruggedized host module
GMR sensor having layers treated with nitrogen for increased magnetoresistance
Magnetoresistive head
Dovetails for positive retention in an over-molded actuator
Method and apparatus for providing an air bearing pad having improved roll angle sigma
Magnetic head slider having protrusion-compensated air bearing surface design
Negative pressure type head slider and disk drive
Recording medium cartridge
Perpendicular pole having and adjacent non-magnetic CMP resistant structure
ABS through aggressive stitching
Magnetic head for recording/reproduction, magnetic recording medium, and recording/reproduction appa...
Mounting interface for a spindle motor
Hard disk drive tray structure with flex circuit extending between exposed sides and connected to me...
Disk drive adjusting write clock frequency to compensate for eccentricity in disk rotation
Written-in error compensation method for coherent repeatable runout
Shock induced cleaning for hard disk drives
Method and apparatus for performing best head detection in a disk drive using reference tracks
Recording medium apparatus
Tape system with adjustable wrap angles and method for adjusting tape wrap angle
Data transfer apparatus and method for transferring data
Synthetic bone substitute material
High pressure discharge lamp control system and method
Method for measuring curved surface of workpiece, program and medium thereof
Color image forming apparatus having advanced transfer system
3-(1-hydroxy-pentylidene)-5-nitro-3H-benzofuran-2-one a process for the preparation thereof and the ...
Modular conveyor system having multiple moving elements under independent control
Paraffin alkylation
Mobile aerial communications antenna and associated methods
Method and means for the determination of total acid
Methods of incorporating encapsulated chemical leavening agent into dough ingredients, and compositi...
Composition and method for tenderizing meat
Cream cheese made from whey protein polymers
Jasmonic acid and jasmonic acid ester stereoisomers and compositions
Cooking serving tongs
Food serving tray with draining compartments
Synthetic antimicrobial polypeptides
Retardation film and optical device employing it
Surface heating system and method for producing it and a heatable object
Diversity receiving apparatus and wireless receiving apparatus using the same
Travel control device for self-propelled recycle machine
Phosphoric esters and their use as dispersants
Data analysis and security system
Icon for a portion of a display screen
Babyfood container
Aquarium having improved filtration system
Method and apparatus for an integrated process modeller
Confocal microscope apparatus and photographing apparatus for confocal microscope
Formaldehyde dehydrogenase genes from methylotrophic yeasts
Benzamide derivatives and pharmaceutical compositions containing same
Network assisted pseudolite acquisition for enhanced GPS navigation
Computer-implemented system and method for generating forecasts
Engine exhaust gas cleaning apparatus
Method and apparatus for validating user input fields in a graphical display
Method and apparatus for obtaining position data relating to a probe in the ear canal
Geographic view of a modelling system
Force-feedback supply apparatus and image correcting method
Device by gioniometric measurements
Method and system for automatically locating set-top terminals within a cable television system
Integrated photonic-electronic circuits and systems
Vaccine and compositions for the prevention and treatment of neisserial infections
Botanical classification Rosa hybrid variety denomination `Poulpar041`
Method and apparatus for sending and tracking resume data sent via URL
Vehicle mounted compressed air distribution system
Lithium-sulfur batteries
Automated apparatus and method for producing a bus-controlled television
Adhesive preparations
Semiconductor device
Portable information apparatus and method of driving the same
Magnetic memory architecture with shared current line
Wavelength converted semiconductor light emitting devices
Preparation of catalyst and use for high yield conversion of methane to ethylene
CDMA transmitting apparatus and CDMA transmitting method
Plasma display panel including dummy electrodes in non-display area
Computer implemented method, computer program product, and system for gem evaluation
Dynamic web content unfolding in wireless information gateways
Injectable crosslinked and uncrosslinked alginates and the use thereof in medicine and in cosmetic s...
Method and means for treating solid tumors
Immunostimulatory oligonucleotide multimers
Methods of cholesterol reduction using isoflavones
Pharmaceutical composition for treatment of diabetes and dyslipidemia
Beverage and medicament containing bamboo extract as a main ingredient
Composition and method for promoting weight loss
Lipase activity inhibitors containing high-molecular weight polyphenol fractions, tea extracts, and ...
Neuroprotective/neurostimulatory use of Cistanche extract
Suppressing microbial growth in pulp and paper
Composition for reducing blood lipids
Composite Bone Graft Substitute Cement and Articles Produced Therefrom
Extraction method of active molecular structures from natural resins and/or essential oils
Storage-stable cellular whole blood composition containing elevated amounts of D-dimer
Peritoneal dialysis methods and apparatus
Process for manufacture of fluorinated olefins
Inkjet ink compositions comprising polymeric dispersants having attached chromophore groups
Inkjet ink compositions comprising polymeric dispersants having attached chromophore groups
Inkjet ink compositions comprising polymeric dispersants having attached chromophore groups
Sorbent for removal of trace hazardous air pollutants from combustion flue gas and preparation metho...
Patterning and aligning semiconducting nanoparticles
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device and cleaning apparatus
Enzymatic production of Glycolic acid
Gm1 promoter and use thereof
Silicon-containing liquid composition
Substrate for labo-on-a-chip
Process for drying high-lactose aqueous fluids
Process for drying high-lactose aqueous fluids
Method for preparing hypoallergenic fruit and/or vegetable derivatives
Analyte system
Substrate holding unit, exposure apparatus having same, exposure method, method for producing device...
Polishing composition and polishing method
Environmentally benign anti-icing or deicing fluids employing industrial streams comprising hydroxyc...
Imageable members with improved chemical resistance
Electrodeionization apparatus
Reverse osmosis cartridge
Switchable polymer printing plates with carbon bearing ionic and steric stabilizing groups
Reverse osmosis cartridge
Equine GM-CSF
Reverse osmosis cartridge end
Device to alternately supply a fluid to an analyzer
Water base ink for ink-jet recording
Switch with shaped face
Resin molded product and fuel tank
Polyvinyl-alcohol-stabilized redispersible powders with plasticizing properties
Antimicrobial ceramic glaze
Method for controlling spore producing fungi and bacteria
Pelletized organopolysiloxane material
Composite materials and techniques for neutron and gamma radiation shielding
Vacuum sander
Fire resistant barrier
Trithiocarbonate derivatives and the use thereof in the form of transfer agents for acrylic acid con...
Magnetically-attractable non-clumping animal litter
Method for production of mixed polymers containing silicon
Board construction assembly for reducing sound transmission and method
Additional heteropolycyclic compounds and their use as metabotropic glutamate receptor antagonists
Method and System For Inspecting A Home For Energy Efficiency
Stud with lengthwise indented ribs and method
Process for upgrading an ore or concentrate
Lath with Barrier Material
Materials handling technology
Fire stop system for wallboard and metal fluted deck construction
Reinforced Cementitious Shear Panels
Starch as a fuel or fuel component
Coreopsis plant named 'Strawberry Lemonade'
Coreopsis plant named 'Cherry Lemonade'
Coreopsis plant named 'Pink Lemonade'
Floribunda rose named 'Meiguimov'
Botanical designation
Expression control elements from the lemnaceae family
Resistance to physiological disorders in lettuce
Lipases and Methods of Use
Lipases and Methods of Use
Lipases and Methods of Use
Methods for breeding glyphosate resistant plants and compositions thereof
Screening method for selecting plants that show reduced wound-induced surface discolouration and pla...
Novel tomato plants
Imaging system patient bed
Adhesive patient-contact strip for intravenous catheter anchoring devices
Method and apparatus for identifying a manufacturing problem area in a layout using a process-sensit...
Clinical documentation system for use by multiple caregivers
Model-based two-dimensional interpretation filtering
Rose plant `Poulpah030`
Colocasia plant named `Midnight`
Sutera plant named `Danova906`
Aglaonema plant named `Decora`
Poinsettia plant named `PER101`
Medical lead fixation
Color Flat Panel Display Arrangements and Layouts With Reduced Blue Luminance Well Visibility
Portion of a game controller
In-line sign in
Multiple virtual machines sharing processor and work queue in memory having program/dispatch functio...
Dynamic software update
Simulation testing of digital logic circuit designs
Large area storage display
Method for sensing and recovery against buffer overflow attacks and apparatus thereof
Novel aerated milk compositions
Healthy city living guide and related functionality for managing health
Colloidal dispersion of calcium phosphate tablets and method of obtaining the same
Detergent composition for removing polymerized food soils and method for cleaning polymerized food s...
Apparatus for cleaning orthodontic and dental appliances
Binder with barrier properties
Method of manufacturing of low-odor packaging materials
Method for Reducing Acrylamide Formation
Aerated food product and a process for preparing the same
Legume Products, Compositions Including the Legume Products and Methods of Distributing the Legume P...
Method of reducing voids in dough
Prepared soymilk and soymilk beverages
Process for the preparation of colored icing sweetners, products obtainable by said processs and use...
Composition and method for promoting weight loss
Anhydrous flavor delivery composition and method
Microprocessor and mobile communication terminal
System and method for improved blackfield detection
Method and system for compressing digitized fingerprint images by a uniform degree of compression
Pixel-based data modifying method and device
Method, apparatus and recording medium for setting background image
Three-dimensional labeling apparatus and method
Fast fourier transform correlation tracking algorithm with background correction
Apparatus of motion estimation and mode decision and method thereof
Procedure and system for performing motion estimation
Operation screen controlling method, operation screen controlling program, and display device
Cabinet cord eject structure
Method and system for an integrated VSB/QAM/NTSC/OOB plug-and-play DTV receiver
Image correction using a microlens array as a unit
External output video signal processor
Color demodulation circuit
VDT stress mitigating device and method, VDT stress risk quantifying device and method, and recordin...
Authentication method for establishing connection between devices
Secure and reliable document delivery using routing lists
Wireless network perimeter security system using overlaying radio frequency signals
Method and arrangement for controlling access
Content playback system, content playback method, content playback requesting apparatus, and tempora...
Data transmission apparatus, data transmission method, and data recording medium
Method and apparatus for data encryption
Public key cryptosystem using finite non abelian groups
MP3 player
Set of icons for display screen
Generated image for a portable telephone
Mobile phone
Portable phone
Mobile phone
Dispenser housing
Disposable endcap display case
Method for creating defect management information in an recording medium, and apparatus and medium b...
Network controller and method of controlling transmitting and receiving buffers of the same
Dual-architecture microserver card
Method for controlling home automation system
Portable communication apparatus with data-inputting expansion
Apparatus and method for alerting a user of increased battery power consumption in mobile terminal
Method for providing an optical interface and devices according to such methods
Method and system for creating an image mask
Password synchronization in a sign-on management system
Charge read-out method and solid-state imaging device capable of shortening read-out time charges st...
Three-dimensional image rendering devices and methods
Method and system for visualizing three-dimensional data
Method and apparatus for recording and reading out radiation images
Scintillator crystals, method for making same, use thereof
Buried object evaluating method, underground resources evaluating method, underground waste evaluati...
QTL controlling sclerotinia stem rot resistance in soybean
Automated method of patient recognition using chest radiographs
Method and apparatus for detecting contraband using radiated compound signatures
Mammography cushioning devices and methods
X-ray computed tomography apparatus
Fan-beam and cone-beam image reconstruction using filtered backprojection of differentiated projecti...
Methods, apparatus, and software to facilitate iterative reconstruction of images
In-situ reticle contamination detection system at exposure wavelength
Synthesis of photoresist polymers
Active matrix substrate, method of manufacturing the same, and image sensor incorporating the same
Black and white photothermographic material
Ultrasound probe for medical imaging
Robot device with changing dialogue and control method therefor and storage medium
Flexible scanning and sensing platform
Processing of work piece based on desired end physical criteria
Image forming apparatus using a contact or a proximity type of charging system including a protectio...
System for collecting an unfixed developer with an airflow
Image forming apparatus for performing calibration without reducing throughput in printing
Optical dry-films and methods of forming optical devices with dry films
Optical dry-films and methods of forming optical devices with dry films
System and method for hierarchical analysis of contrast enhanced medical imaging information
Brightness enhancement film, and methods of making and using the same
Polarizers coated with optically functional layers
Curling iron
Backplate for a wall light fixture
Board for practicing chip tricks
Game board
Bi-directional print driver application icon for a display screen
Installer application icon for a display screen
Resource management application icon for a display screen
Variable information suite get host ID application icon for a display screen
Stepped pin base connector
Snap lock lamp base connector
Animated illuminated ornament
Ice cream wrapper
T-handle hex wrench
Razor holder
Garment sizer ring
Memory re-implementation for field programmable gate arrays
Determining fluid composition from fluid properties
Motion sensing MRI local coil
Method and apparatus of slice selective magnetization preparation for moving table MRI
Distributed vector processing of the S transform for medical applications
Fast high-accuracy multi-dimensional pattern inspection
Temperature tuning the wavelength of a semiconductor laser using a variable thermal impedance
Femtosecond ytterbium fiber laser with photonic crystal fiber for dispersion control
Register read for volatile memory
Semiconductor memory and system apparatus
Diffuse reflector and method
Methods, articles and apparatus for advertising based on an attribute of a computer network resource
System and method for ranking nodes in a network
Automatically ranking answers to database queries
Disambiguation language model
Mobile device with cell array
Content comparator memory (CCM) device and method of operation
System for functional gene discovery in plants
Imido-tethered carbenes of molybdenum for ring-opening metathesis polymerization and ring-closing me...
Transition metal complexes of N-heterocyclic carbenes, method of preparation and use in transition m...
High temperature hydrocarbon cracking
Flexible method for producing oil bases and distillates from feedstock containing heteroatoms
Flexible process for the production of oil bases and middle distillates with a converting pretreatme...
GPS spoofer and repeater mitigation system using digital spatial nulling
GPS receiver with improved immunity to collocated transmissions and method therefor
Multiblock biodegradable hydrogels for drug delivery and tissue treatment
Method of treating a bacterial infection
Synergistic and residual pesticidal compositions containing plant essential oils
Hemolytic active proteins and genes encoding the same
Lipid-mediated polynucleotide administration to deliver a biologically active peptide and to induce ...
Surfactant blend for cleansing wipes
Complementing cell lines
Methods for the in vitro culture of Sporozoea sp. and uses thereof
Polyherbal compositions and methods for treating viral infections
Anti-prostate cancer composition and therapeutic uses therefor
Capillary discharge x-ray laser
Magnetostrictive thin film actuator
Microfluidic devices and methods based on measurements of electrical admittance
Magnetically lined conductors
Probe device
Hybrid Bacillus thuringiensis Cry1A/Cry1F DNA and plants and host cells transformed with same
Inorganic-organic polymer nanocomposite and methods for making and using
Meeting system and information storage medium
Internationalization of the web services infrastructure
Method and system for garbage collection wherein resetting the mark/allocation bit, and switching th...
Configuration management file rename utility
Unicode input method editor
Computer network communication method and apparatus
System and method for data quality management and control of heterogeneous data sources
Method and apparatus for providing simplified access to the internet
Active electronic mail
Active electronic mail
Method for realizing surface acoustic wave filter arrangements and filter arrangement obtained in ac...
Primary side current balancing scheme for multiple CCF lamp operation
Wavelength modulation spectroscopy method
Developing apparatus including magnetic field generating means, for use with a developer which inclu...
Physical blends of polyethylenes
Lithium battery with retained gel-electrolyte
Water filter for an electrochemical fuel cell system
Distributed power generation system using a fuel cell and a method of controlling the same
Method and device for selecting between internal and external antennas
Process for producing single-crystal semiconductor and apparatus for producing single-crystal semico...
Process for producing tertiary phosphine
Disposable nonskid absorbent pad
Organizing and installation device for icicle lights
Data integrity in a mesh network
Methods and apparatus for communication using generalized low density parity check codes
Electrode compositions and configurations for electrochemical bioreactor systems
Method of and system for transmitting a plurality of messages
Construction and use of recombinant parainfluenza viruses expressing a chimeric glycoprotein
Medicament packaging and dispenser
Processing techniques for the fabrication of solid acid fuel cell membrane electrode assemblies
Method of forming metal oxide using an atomic layer deposition process
Method and apparatus providing a cross-point memory array using a variable resistance memory cell an...
Method of fabricating vertical structure LEDs
Dynamically matched mixer system with improved in-phase and quadrature (I/Q) balance and second orde...
Cathode luminescence light source for broadband applications in the visible spectrum
System and method for manipulating a registry
Method and system for purchasing a memory upgrade for a computer system
Device and system for toll payment
Systems and method for archiving and retrieving navigation points in a voice command platform
Data structure and operation method for A/V disks
Storage device for providing flexible protected access for security applications
Dynamic partition mapping in a hot-pluggable data storage apparatus
Methods and apparatus for modifying a backup data stream including a set of validation bytes for eac...
Disk drive load arm structure having a strain sensor and method of its fabrication
Transducer including an element of a transducer and a sidewall in an electrically conductive magneti...
Minimal difference query and view matching
Method of controlling signal generator
Full swath analysis
Method, system, and software for calculating a multi factor temperature index
Image-reading apparatus and image forming apparatus
Method and apparatus for using wind turbines to generate and supply uninterrupted power to locations...
Anti-reflection coating for the pass-band of photonic bandgap crystal
Portable sanitization system and method
Static random access memory having a memory cell operating voltage larger than an operating voltage ...
Radiographic image detector and radiographic imaging system
Photochromic/vitroceramic window assembly
Multi-purpose electromagnetic radiation interface system and method
False alarm mitigation using a sensor network
Method for the production of arylamines
Transcription factor gene induced by water deficit conditions and abscisic acid from helianthus annu...
Tissue specific promoters
Methods and compositions for autism spectrum disorders
Production of low molecular weight ethylcellulose
Starch network as absorbent or superabsorbent materials and their preparation by extrusion
Production method of fluorinated purine nucleoside derivative, intermediate therefor and production ...
Compositions and methods for the use of FMOC derivatives in DNA/RNA synthesis
Triphosphate oligonucleotide modification reagents and uses thereof
Sequence-determined DNA fragments encoding SRF-type transcription factor proteins
siRNA targeting testis-specific serine kinase 4
Fused Pentacyclic Polyethers
Purinenucleoside derivative modified in 8-position and medical use thereof
Novel 2'-C methyl nucleoside derivatives
RNA interference mediated inhibition of winged helix nude (WHN) gene expression using short interfer...
Immunostimulatory oligonucleotide that induces interferon alpha
Protected monomers
Treatment of functional dyspepsia using asimadoline
Modulation of MDL-1 activity for treatment of inflammatory disease
Nematode PAN and ZP receptor-like sequences
Large deletions in human BRCA1 gene and use thereof
Gene therapy approaches to supply apolipoprotein A-I agonists and their use to treat dyslipidemic di...
Denial of Service Defense by Proxy
System and method for determining a global ordering of events using timestamps
Methods and apparatus for replicating a catalog in a content distribution network
System and method for database versioning
Method and apparatus for producing mobile radio signals
Wireless communications system, wireless transmitter, and wireless receiver
Radio communication system
Dual frequency band wireless LAN
Directional wire antennas for radio frequency identification tag system
Techniques for antenna tracking
Placing of components on an antenna arrangement
Mobile marine communications apparatus and method for use of same
Antenna and method of making the same
Self contained MP3 player and earphones
System and methods for determining the location dynamics of a portable computing device
Apparatus and method for fine synchronization when sampling spread-coded received signals
Methods and apparatus for identifying asset location in communication networks
CDMA mobile communication system and communication method
Virtual antenna technology (VAT) and applications
Manufacture of RFID tags and intermediate products therefor
OLED device
Organic EL element and organic EL display panel
Display device
Organic light emitting diode with brightness enhancer
Actively driven organic EL device and manufacturing method thereof
Display apparatus and method for producing the same
Polythiophenes and electronic devices generated therefrom
Electroluminescent iridium compounds having red-orange or red emission and devices made with such co...
Light emitting device, method of driving a light emitting device, and electronic equipment
Organic electroluminescent element, material for positive hole injecting layer, and organic electrol...
Phosphorescent compound, a phosphorescent composition and an organic light-emitting device
Light emitting device formed using rare earth complex and luminescent medium
Agglomerated nanoparticles having a rutile-like crystalline phase
Method and device for inserting a food stuff into a pliable bag
Portable vacuum food storage system
Food preparation station
Desaturase genes and uses thereof
Soybean raffinose synthase and a method for producing raffinose
Flea peritrophin nucleic acid molecules, proteins and uses thereof
Secondary liquefaction in ethanol production
On-vehicle handsfree system and mobile terminal thereof
Enterprise access configuration
Wireless communication system having error-control coder and linear precoder
Method and apparatus for detailed protocol analysis of frames captured in an IEEE 802.11(b) wireless...
Signal-to-interference ratio estimation for CDMA
Command based group SMS with mobile message receiver and server