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Method and mechanism for rolling back a transaction on a row of data
Test head utilized in a test system to perform automated at-speed testing of multiple gigabit per se...
Dynamic reassignment of data ownership
Method and apparatus for storing and managing data
Measuring layer thickness or composition changes
Method and system for performing effective resistance calculation for a network of resistors
Polymerization catalyst for .alpha.-olefins and process for production of .alpha.-olefin polymers th...
Video camera with digital video disc player
Electrolyte membrane for a fuel cell, electrolyte membrane electrode assembly for a fuel cell, and a...
Method and device for measuring multiple physiological properties of cells
Saxophone tone enhancer
Home theater assembly including video display panel suspendable on associated wall surface and opera...
Wearable band with fitting for logo or advertisement
Star-shaped loose fill packing material
Heart-shaped loose fill packing material
Bone-shaped loose fill packing material
Tree-shaped loose fill packing material
Circuit for protecting a motherboard by removing power to the motherboard based on the status of an ...
Boundary representation per feature methods and systems
Image retouching method, apparatus, and program storage medium, image correcting method, apparatus, ...
Portable DVD player with built-in battery
Zoom lens and imaging system incorporating it
Single-pole multi-throw switch having low parasitic reactance, and an antenna incorporating the same
High frequency line-to-waveguide converter and high frequency package
Small grain size, conformal aluminum interconnects and method for their formation
Laminated semiconductor substrate and optical semiconductor element
Use of ACE inhibitors for treatment of patients suffering from behavioral disorders
DNA encoding mammalian neuropeptide FF (NPFF) receptors and uses thereof
Apparatus and method for testing gas detection instruments
Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
Apparatus and methods for analyzing samples
Advanced pattern definition for particle-beam processing
Thermal-type infra-red ray solid-state image sensor and method of fabricating the same
Paint shields for covers of wall mounted controls
Method for testing catalytic converter durability
Method and apparatus of a semiconductor-based fast intelligent NxN photonic switch module with an op...
Contactor draw out tray
System and method for controlling a light source for cavity ring-down spectroscopy
System and method for automatically mounting a pellicle assembly on a photomask
Drive control apparatus and method for matrix panel
Probe of under side of component through opening in a printed circuit board
Printed capacitive sensor
Moving control apparatus and moving control method
Microelectromechanical systems using thermocompression bonding
Method for the production of 2,3-cis-substituted 2-aryl propenals
Method for producing epoxy resin composition for semiconductor encapsulation and epoxy resin composi...
Functionalization of carbon nanotubes
Detection with evanescent wave probe
Method of shutting down a reaction system
Methods and devices for controlling flow and particle fluidization in a fuel cell
Method and apparatus for controlling a combined heat and power fuel cell system
Method of operating fuel cell
Direct methanol fuel cell system, portable electronic appliance, and method of detecting an amount o...
Chemical reactor
Hydrogen gas sensor
Fuel processor dewar and methods
Fuel processor module for hydrogen production for a fuel cell engine using pressure swing adsorption
Coordinated multivariable control of fuel and air in engines
Process for manufacturing intraocular lenses with blue light absorption characteristics
Intraocular lens
Intraocular lens injector
Surgical handpiece tip
Flexible toothbrush head
Image forming apparatus with cleaning blade lubrication
Carbon fiber reinforced coke from the delayed coker
Radio telecommunications network, and a method of selecting base station antennas for connection wit...
Turning device
Apparatus with springs for conveying sheets in a printing press
Apparatus for positioning a non-imaged extremity during a magnetic imaging process
RF transmission method, MRI apparatus, and auxiliary coil
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus with suppressed noise
Magnetic resonance imaging system
Self-shielded gradient field coil for magnetic resonance imaging
Method for generating T1-weighted magnetic resonance images and quantitative T1 maps
Mobile phone
Exhaust articles for internal combustion engines
Method for cleaning separation membrane
Cleaning head
Illuminated air freshener
Isolated nucleic acid molecules encoding the Br2 P-glycoprotein of maize and methods of modifying gr...
Aesthetic, stable chromatic emulsions
Oil containing starch granules for delivering benefit-additives to a substrate
Hydrofluorocarbon refrigerant compositions and uses thereof
Dispenser capable of dispensing sheet-like articles
Enhanced activity alcohol-based antimicrobial compositions
Shampoo composition comprising a mixture of glyceryl esters
Composition for dyeing keratinous fibers, comprising a hydroxycarboxylic acid or a salt, ready-to-us...
Portable animal containment device
Cross platform file system emulation
Package manager
Hardware/software design tool and language specification mechanism enabling efficient technology ret...
Adhesive components and process for manufacture
Fibre mats
Aqueous ink, ink-jet recording method, ink cartridge, recording unit, ink-jet recording apparatus an...
Inkjet recording method and inkjet recording apparatus
Compositions for golf equipment
Reinforced silica/elastomer composite
Method for making a road base material using treated oil and gas waste material
Glassware corrosion inhibitor
Visual pattern (combination of flowers and leafs) to be used on an absorbent article
Removal of contaminants from a lipophilic fluid
Keratin dyeing compounds, keratin dyeing compositions containing them, and use thereof
Product package
Product package
Product package
Product package
Product package
Use of hydroxyl-functional polyalkylorganosiloxanes as solvents for cationic photoinitiators for use...
Modeling of the workspace and active pending behavior of an endscope using filter functions
Radiopague marking of lead electrode zone in a continuous conductor construction
Vagal stimulation for improving cardiac function in heart failure or CHF patients
Method and system of tracking an intracorporeal device with MR imaging
Shielded treatment environment for brachytherapy source
Remedies for vesical hyperactivity
Methods for identification, and compounds useful for the treatment of degenerative & inflammatory di...
Laminated ceramic capacitor
Method of fabricating a dry electro-active polymeric synthetic muscle
Methods and apparatus to diagnose software
Self-emulsifying pigments
High heat polyethersulfone compositions
Dissolvable backing layer for use with a transmucosal delivery device
Visual graphical indication of the number of remaining characters in an edit field of an electronic ...
Information processing apparatus and information processing method
Systems and methods for recognition of individuals using multiple biometric searches
Method for transmitting data between a base station and a transponder
Image recording apparatus and method
RFID tag
System and method for disabling RFID tags
Networked RF tag for tracking animals
Circuit and method for stable fuse detection
Inspection system, inspection method, and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Textile product having an integrated sensor for measuring pressure and temperature
Plug error insertion prevention systems, plugs, plug insertion sections, plug control programs, cont...
System and method of determining unprocessed items
Baggage check-in using short message device
Process for production of a carboxylic acid/diol mixture suitable for use in polyester production
Production of di-(2-ethylhexyl) terephthalate
Organic tellurium compound, process for producing the same, living radical polymerization initiator,...
Carbohydrate esters and polyol esters as plasticizers for polymers, compositions and articles includ...
Copolymer, adhesive containing the same and laminate
Process for production of a recombinant protein and a fusion protein
Heterocyclic substituted metallocene compounds for olefin polymerization
Nitrogen-containing organic compound, resist composition and patterning process
Polyphenylene ether oligomer compound, derivatives thereof and use thereof
Poly-azo compound, and polarization film having said compound
Epoxy-silicone mixed resin composition and light-emitting semiconductor device
Polymer composition and film thereof
Monoclonal antibody recognizing phosphatidylinositol-3,4,5-triphosphate
Transgenic mouse comprising a myosin heavy chain atpase loop 1 mutation
Spool for spinning reel
Spinning reel having two-piece frame and leg assembly with concealable attachment points
Bird feeder
Method and apparatus for the in-vitro evaluation of substances as mosquito repellents
Toner for electrostatic latent image development and image forming method
Melt-processible poly(tetrafluoroethylene)
Building packets of data for testing a communication network
Apparatus and method for generating a complementary cumulative distribution function (CCDF) curve
Sync bursts for frequency offset compensation
Inter private network communications between IPv4 hosts using IPv6
Timing recovery and cross talk prevention in the presence of co-channel interference
Reduced order model node location method for multi-hop networks
Non interfering group based wireless network protocols
Method and apparatus for managing the usage of data link resources
Apparatus and method for updating data in a dual port memory
Systems and methods for wavelength selective measurement of properties of small volume liquid sample...
Wireless communication device antenna for improved communication with a satellite
Method for providing location aiding among peers operating in a direct communication mode
Universal colorimetric imaging array device
Increasing ionization efficiency in mass spectrometry
Methods of fabricating an addressable array of biopolymer probes
Instrument case
Extensible spiral for flex circuit
Piezoelectric transducer including a plurality of piezoelectric members
Risk of death indicator
Method and system for removing pacing artifacts from subcutaneous electrocardiograms
Arrhythmia memory for tachyarrhythmia discrimination
Cortical electrode support assembly
Bi-directional deflectable resistor
Skew detection
System and method for three-dimensional video imaging using a single camera
Image processing apparatus, certification photograph taking apparatus, and certification photograph ...
Apparatus configured to eliminate image data show-through
Method and apparatus for digital image manipulation to remove image blemishes
System and method for preparing an image corrected for the presence of a gravity induced distortion
Method of reducing a blocking artifact when coding moving picture
Spacial deblocking method using limited edge differences only to linearly correct blocking artifact
Edge smoothing on raster images
Quantization and compression of information in a direct acyclic graph
System and method for lossless video coding
Method for inputting and permuting original scripts to external mobile phone and the device for perf...
Images combination processing system, images combination processing method, and images combination p...
Method and system for pixel bus signaling in CMOS image sensors
Image encoding method, image encoding apparatus and storage medium
Optical add/drop multiplexing systems
Fiber optic splitter
Optical pulse compressor based on integrated planar lightwave circuit: method, device, and systems
Optical fiber bundle and method of manufacturing the same
Fiber optic cable having a dry insert and methods of making the same
Tether assembly having individual connector ports
Optical multiplexer/demultiplexer, optical communication system and method of manufacturing the opti...
Optical apparatus including pump guiding fiber and receiving fiber
Optical interconnect platform including Bragg diffractive gratings in a bulk material
Methods for manipulating light extraction from a light guide
Optical transmitter
Optical multiplexer/demultiplexer, optical device, and optical transmission system
Optical switch device
Silicon fiber optic sensors
Method and apparatus for inducing an index of refraction change on a substrate sensitive to electrom...
Outdoor signaling apparatus
Decorative lighting string with stacked rectification
Decorative lamp and lighting system for vehicles
Industrial ethernet switch
Vehicle Lamp
Machine for optical assistance in reading checks
Lamp and lampholder with peripheral locking means
Illuminating device, light guide body and liquid crystal display device
Backlight unit and LCD display apparatus having the same
Radiating member, illuminating device, electro-optical device, and electronic device
Backlight unit
LED replacement bulb
Headlamp assembly having cooling channel
Headlamp optical axis adjusting method
Adaptive head light and lens assemblies
Illuminatable windshield assembly
Single transmit multi-receiver modulation radar, multi-modulation receiver and method
Anti-ballistic fabric or other substrate
Targeted tethered tire capture projectile
Gas ring for firearm
Mounting assembly and methods of using same
Riflescope with recessed bottom surface for reduced mounting height
Compositions for vaginal treatment
Method for manufacturing a doormat
Accessory hanger
Method for determining pressure capability in conduit
Adaptation algorithm based on signal statistics for automatic gain control
Apparatus and method for locking tray of disc drive
Diagnostic data capture within an integrated circuit
System and method for on-board diagnostics of memory modules
Position sensing device
Portable diagnostic handset
Automatic gain control of multiple antenna OFDM receiver
Antenna amplifier and shared antenna amplifier
Fast closed-loop power control for non-constant envelope modulation
Systems and methods for simplex and duplex image on paper registration
Sheet feeding unit and image forming apparatus
Outer cover attachment structure, fixation member of apparatus, transportation method of apparatus, ...
Method and system for controlling refresh to avoid memory cell data losses
Semiconductor memory device
Piperidine derivatives and their use as antagonists of tachykinins
Method and an apparatus for aggressively detecting media errors on storage devices with negligible p...
Completion table configured to track a larger number of outstanding instructions without increasing ...
Method and apparatus providing efficient queue descriptor memory access
Methods, apparatus and computer programs for scheduling storage requests
DRAM access command queuing structure
Runtime flash device detection and configuration for flash data management software
Systems and methods for cross-hatching biometrics with other identifying data
Utility holder for headwear
Automatic fieldbus device load-mode identification
Automated hang detection in Java thread dumps
System and method for virtual router failover in a network routing system
Apparatus and method for deterministically performing active-active failover of redundant servers in...
Cache eviction technique for reducing cache eviction traffic
Coordinated thwarting of denial of service attacks
Content propagation in interactive television
Management method for network device
Exhaust pressure-raising device for an internal combustion engine
Adjustable bearing
Fluid dynamic bearing structure and method of adjusting bearing gap
Air bearing structure and linear driving device using said air bearing structure
Rolling element bearing having starved lubrication conditions
Ammunition clip protector
Image forming apparatus and control method with power controlled in accordance with remaining amount...
Method for measuring and quantizing document quality
Lightning protection system for composite structure
Radial multiview three-dimensional displays
Hologram recording and reproduction apparatus, hologram recording and reproduction method and hologr...
Method of infrared-optically determining the concentration of at least one analyte in a liquid sampl...
Method for detecting a substance and microtiter plate
Optical module having individual housing for an optical processing unit and an optical sub-assembly
Eye refractive power measurement apparatus
Single-pass magnetic reading and optical reading apparatus and method
Antibody of human mitochondrial voltage dependent anion channel
Silicon chip carrier with conductive through-vias and method for fabricating same
Conformable coating
Technique for determining multi-path latency in multi-homed transport protocol
Method and system for managing intellectual property aspects of software code
Method and apparatus for comparing and synchronizing programmable logic device user configuration da...
Collaborative file update system
Method and computer program for reducing storage space requirements in a file system comprising link...
Method for producing monoesters and diesters of polytetrahydrofuran and of tetrahydrofuran copolymer...
Method and materials for patterning of an amorphous, non-polymeric, organic matrix with electrically...
Process for producing low reflection glass plate, and low reflection glass plate
Semiconductor device fabrication method
Sensor in vivo measurement of osmotic changes
Abrasive articles with novel structures and methods for grinding
Projection method including pupillary filtering and a projection lens therefor
Coil-embedded dust core
Ultrasonic printed circuit board transducer
Fabric with wave pattern
Icon for a digital camera
Portion of interface for a digital camera having multiple selection icons
Erase method to reduce erase time and to prevent over-erase
Semiconductor integrated circuit having current detection functionality and power supply unit equipp...
Gain control for cartesian loop transmitter with digital processing
Continuous miniemulsion polymerization process
Surface particle attachment process, and particles made therefrom
Systems and methods for designing digital anamorphic line screens
Iterative printer control and color balancing system and method using a high quantization resolution...
Fast efficient window region coalescing in a two-pass auto-windowing environment
Method and system for compensating for parallax in multiple camera systems
Image forming apparatus
Formation of novel ink jet filter printhead using transferable photopatterned filter layer
Business method and user interface for representing business analysis information side-by-side with ...
System and method of message transport selection
Hierarchical scheduler inter-layer eligibility deferral
Stretch releasing adhesive article for fragile surfaces
Microwave oven
Graphical user interface for managing network elements
Method, system and computer program product for improving system reliability
System and method of optical transmission
High-bit-rate long-haul fiber optic communication system techniques and arrangements
Multiple stage cross connect switch
Proxy modem for voice over internet protocol based communication system
Method of monitoring state of a telecommunications network comprising a plurality of nodes, and a co...
Active optical alignment using MEMS mirrors
Apparatus for trapping uncharged multi-pole particles
Settling grid separator
Method for determining the concentration of an analyte in a liquid sample using small volume samples...
Electrodes, methods, apparatuses comprising micro-electrode arrays
Stimulation of hematopoietic cells in vitro
Trench isolation structures for integrated circuits
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device having improved redundancy relieving rate
III-V group nitride system semiconductor substrate
Low-pressure mercury vapor discharge lamp
Amide-modified resin or hydrocarbyl moiety for dispersing a pigment
Microelectronic imaging units and methods of manufacturing microelectronic imaging units
Retaining microfluidic microcavity and other microfluidic structures
High nozzle density inkjet printhead
Stable drug form for oral administration with benzimidazole derivatives as active ingredient and pro...
Method and form of a drug delivery device, such as encapsulating a toxic core within a non-toxic reg...
Apparatus for forming a striation reduced chemical mechanical polishing pad
Method for discerning colorless and near colorless diamonds and arrangement for carrying out this me...
Discharge lamp device and backlight having external electrode unit
Absorptance enhancing coating for MWIR detectors
Carbonylation process using metal-tridentate ligand catalysts
Method of acquiring immunological tolerance
Methods of treating neoplasia with combinations of target cell-specific adenovirus and chemotherapy
Data processing apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for recording and/or reproducing data and record medium
Digital watermarking apparatus and application apparatus using the same
Method, system and storage medium for commercial and musical composition recognition and storage
Orientation sensing device
Handheld medical waste sorting device
Production of enzyme-resistant starch by extrusion
Information management system
System and method for network element database population
Document retrieval system and search server
Variable length file header apparatus and system
Portable information apparatus
Method, system and program product for managing windows in a network-based collaborative meeting
Storage case and audio accessory for video gaming device
Digital audio player
Audio player
Audio jack
Control device for internal combustion engine
Method of HCCI and SI combustion control for a direct injection internal combustion engine
Device for the variable setting of the control times of gas-exchange valves of an internal combustio...
System and method for desensitizing the activation criteria of a rollover control system
Chassis-supported secondary braking system or emergency braking system
Method for controlling the outputting of messages
Method and system for managing a telematics unit based on vehicle power level
Multiple inverter system with single controller and related operating method
Driving-operation assist and recording medium
Method and system for inter-vehicular communications and information reporting
Sensor unit, method, device and sensor system for determining a side of a vehicle on which a wheel w...
Keyless smart start system
Sensor and apparatus for measuring the flow electric potential
Fault-handling system for electric power steering system
Method for fabricating sliding vacuum cups
Ultra wide bandwidth communications method and system
Composite carpet cushion and process
Foot prosthesis having cushioned ankle
Prosthetic knee joint structure
Body vibrating facility
Exercise device for cross training
LED keyboard of a notebook computer
Movable table stand
Adjustable skate
Shoe having an inflatable bladder
Floating flexible firewall seal
Plant root characterization system
Conditioning shoe and method of use
Footwear with enhanced impact protection
Foot drying device
Device and method for alerting a runner when a new pair of running shoes is needed
Reclining exercise chair
Device for facilitating medical examination
Power generating leg
Decorative bandages and covers
Chest wound seal for preventing pneumothorax and including means for relieving a tension pneumothora...
Flexible tether member connecting a knee brace to a boot
Tether member connecting a knee brace to a boot
Tether member connecting a knee brace to a boot
Padded orthopaedic splint device
Diagnosis and classification of disease and disability using low frequency magnetic field designed p...
Prime ring substituted thyroid receptor antagonists for the treatment of cardiac and metabolic disor...
Polymorphic forms of naltrexone
Nucleic acid and corresponding protein entitled 161P2F10B useful in treatment and detection of cance...
PRO1083 polypeptides
Pro1782 polypeptides
Pro1556 Polypeptide
Methods for identifying a candidate for treatment of obesity
Methods and kits for diagnosing or monitoring autoimmune and chronic inflammatory diseases
Curcuminoid compositions exhibiting synergistic inhibition of the expression and/or activity of cycl...
Treatment of autoimmune conditions with copolymer 1 and related copolymers
Chimeric proteins that induce effects directed against viruses
Isolated broadly reactive opsonic immunoglobulin for treating a pathogenic coagulase-negative staphy...
Combinations of DR5 antibodies and other therapeutic agents
Inhalation device and method
Field effect devices having a drain controlled via a nanotube switching element
Nanotube relay device
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device having nano-dots on a tunnel insulating film
Integrated sub-nanometer-scale electron beam systems
Nanoscale discotic liquid crystalline porphyrins
Nylon nanocomposites
Nanocomposite surgical materials and method of producing them
Deposition and patterning of boron nitride nanotube ILD
Block contact architectures for nanoscale channel transistors
Carbon nanotube pastes and methods of use
Burners and combustion apparatus for carbon nanomaterial production
Gated nanorod field emitter structures and associated methods of fabrication
Carbon nanotube-based sensor and method for detection of crack growth in a structure
Nanotube fabrication basis
Display apparatus, image processing apparatus, and image processing system
Network address routing using multiple routing identifiers
In-finder display device
Combined optical fiber wheel, beamsplitter, switch, and logic gate
Movable lens mechanism
Zoom lens apparatus
Video camera with a rotatable grip unit
Optical control system
Image stitching methods and systems
Method and apparatus for forecasting earthquakes and making informed risk management decisions
Earthquake prediction method and system thereof
Integrated sap flow monitoring, data logging, automatic irrigation control scheduling system
Optically-connected implants and related systems and methods of use
Communication system
Apparatus and method for detecting pupils
Electronic timepiece with an internal antenna
Timepiece with a calendar display
Interferometric modulation of radiation
Distinguishing mirror speckle from target images in weak signal applications
Accessory module for handheld devices
Bistable electro-optic display, and method for addressing same
Standoff security and real-time vendor verification system and apparatus
Surface wave power line communications system and method
Self-contained breaker reset system and method
Radio frequency filter systems and methods
Circuit for controlling the time duration of a signal
Charger/jumper method and apparatus
Enhanced atomic layer deposition
Ferroelectric liquid crystal and goggle type display devices
Complexes with tridentate ligands
Aircraft in-flight entertainment system including low power transceivers and associated methods
Playing surface structure and method of construction of a playing surface
Pedaling exerciser with a twister device
Sports goal
Smart discard rack for playing cards
Gaming machine having multi-ended pointer for quasi-deterministic play ("pick-a-prize")
System and method of betting on a sporting event which awards pay outs based on the difference betwe...
Fencing training sword
Gaming device having display with award reel and rotating and translating indicator therefore
Underwater matching game
Method and apparatus for playing a dice game
Game apparatus with rotary indicator and bonus multiplier
Data quality system
Enhanced air travel security method and apparatus
Reachability-based verification of a circuit using one or more multiply rooted binary decision diagr...
Method for processing medically relevant data
Creating collaborative simulations for creating collaborative simulations with multiple roles for a ...
Method and system for designing and modeling a product in a knowledge based engineering environment
Phase-locked loop oscillatory neurocomputer
Method and system for analyzing and predicting the performance of computer network using time series...
Genetic algorithm based selection of neural network ensemble for processing well logging data
Methods and program products for optimizing problem clustering
Logic arrangement, data structure, system and method for multilinear representation of multimodal da...
Particulate detection and air advice provision
Systems and methods for visualizing bit errors
Pen-based transponder identity verification system
Method and system for suppressing receiver audio regeneration
System and method for coexistence in wireless networks
Radio communication system
Method for identification of base stations and for checking measurement values of an observed time d...
Method, system and apparatus for providing security in an unlicensed mobile access network or a gene...
Wireless communication system
Variable delay radio receiver
Method for adjusting transmission parameters from a transmitter for digital radio signals
Metropolitan networks based on fiber and free space access distribution system
Time-shifting data in digital radio system
Digital RF correlator for multipurpose digital signal processing
Digital baseband receiver including a high pass filter compensation module for suppressing group del...
Method to compensate for a step DC disturbance in a digital baseband signal in a homodyne radio rece...
Method to inject hierarchical data onto single carrier stream
Laser coherence control using homogeneous linewidth broadening
Receiver controlled isochronous transmission
Virtual wireless local area networks
Core network allocation for GSM/UMTS
Method and arrangement for implementing fast signalling in an asymmetric communication connection
Method of transmission of a data frame from a first station to a second station, and a CDMA telecomm...
Operation suppression program, operation suppression method, and video game device
Participant search method in online game or online chat, participant searching device, participant n...
Theater-based gaming system enabling a multi-player game throughout a system of the theaters
Gaming device having multiple interrelated secondary games
Multi-station gaming system and method
Game machine
Racing game program and video game device
Blended learning experience tool and method
Automatic page detector
Automatically updating user programmable input sensors to perform user specified functions
Systems and methods for playing, browsing and interacting with MPEG-4 coded audio-visual objects
Methods and systems for selection of multimedia presentations
Memory access system including support for multiple bus widths
Method and apparatus to manage a conference
Corrugated asymmetrical retaining wall panel
Device for raising and supporting the foundation of a building
Method for deploying floating platform
Method of installing subsurface barrier
Method and system for concurrent error identification in resource scheduling
Bank structure storage control device and paper matter authentication device
SAN infrastructure on demand service system
Protecting content on medium from unfettered distribution
Software audit system
Using a digital fingerprint to commit loaded data in a device
Computer controlled system for modularizing the information technology structure of a business enter...
Hash compact XML parser
Money card system, method and apparatus
Information recording medium having reproduction control program recorded thereon and reproduction c...
System and method for a fee address system
Method and system for facilitating payment transactions using access devices
Algorithm for explaining credit scores
Methods and apparatus for intelligent, purpose-based selection of goods and services in telephonic a...
Apparatus and method for providing and/or for fulfilling subscription services
System and model for performance value based collaborative relationships
Method for generating a rating for assessing accessibility standards compliance
System and method for determining and/or transmitting and/or establishing communication with a mobil...
Method and system for selecting potential purchasers using purchase history
System, method, and computer software for genotyping analysis and identification of allelic imbalanc...
Methods for determining therapeutic resonant frequencies
Micro-well and methods of fabricating and selectively blackening the same
Method and apparatus for observing three-dimensional localizations of in vivo expressed genes as wel...
Hybrid corn line G1103
Plants and seeds of corn variety I015011
Soybean cultivar S050215
Soybean cultivar 1336024
Soybean cultivar S040133
Soybean cultivar 4921237
Methods and compositions for modifying levels of secondary metabolic compounds in plants
Promoter, promoter control elements, and combinations, and uses thereof
Method for improving corn starch extractability
Floral transition genes in maize and uses thereof
Highly efficient eukaryotic expression vector comprising an exogenous transcription regulatory eleme...
Polynucleotides-encoding B7-related polypeptide, BSL2-L165-35B
Centrosome proteins and uses thereof
Molecular regulatory circuits to achieve sustained activation of genes of interest by a single stres...
Expression in filamentous fungi of protease inhibitors and variants thereof
Compounds for protecting hydroxyls and methods for their use
Anti-rapamycin monoclonal antibodies
Stringed instrument with embedded DSP modeling for modeling acoustic stringed instruments
Automatic player musical instrument, automatic player used therein and method for exactly controllin...
Classification and use of classifications in searching and retrieval of information
Editing apparatus of setting information for electronic music apparatuses
Action for piano
Suspension device for strings on a stringed instrument
Solid-state hydrogen storage systems
Oxidizer and oxidation process for a desulphurization process
Method of producing an adsorbent from rice hull ash
Horizontal chemical reactor, in particular for methanol synthesis
Catalytic electrode, cell, system and process for storing hydrogen/deuterium
Process for preparation of inorganic colorants from mixed rare earth compounds
Hybrid construction machine having auxiliary battery and control apparatus thereof
Solid-oxide fuel cell system having an integrated air/fuel manifold
Powertrain with electrically variable transmission providing improved gradeability
Rake and telescope column lock safety function
Method and apparatus for controlling an actuatable occupant protection device using an ultrasonic se...
Wheelchair, particularly electric wheelchair
Variable gear ratio hydraulic power steering device
Controller for steering a vehicle
Shifting system for an automobile automatic transmission
Counterbalanced forklift truck with a device for electro-hydraulic or electric steering
Control system of industrial truck and controlling method of the same
Collapsible personal transportation vehicle
Snow vehicle suspension system
Control device for starting motion of mobile body
Integrated fan shroud air intake system
Operating apparatus for a working industrial vehicle
Implement and power take off attachment system
Legged walking robot and motion control method therefor
Method for operating a hybrid vehicle and hybrid vehicle with a multi-cylinder internal combustion e...
Electric power steering apparatus
Apparatus, method, and computer program for managing resources in a communication system
Mobile communications device having rotating display and camera
Portable information terminal cradle apparatus
System and method for mobile transactions using the bearer independent protocol
Mobile phone with SIM card holder
Method for simplifying the exchange of a SIM card of subscribers of a digital mobile communications ...
Wristwatch type cellular phone
Outgoing call handling system and method
Network based archiving of user-specific information in a communication system
Techniques for monitoring mobile telecommunications for shared accounts
Moveable device component with acoustic porting
Holder for an electronic device
DSL protector having a detachable wire interface
Modified affine projection algorithm for non-stationary signal
Telephone system for making call to telephone number read from a sheet
Handheld electronic device having improved phone call log, and associated method
Method and system for performing automated telemarketing
Personal auto attendant apparatus and method
Display method of multiple types of incoming-call histories
Method and Device for High-Resolution Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Using a Hyperpolarised...
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and magnetic resonance imaging method
Electro-Optical Magnetic Resonance Transducer
Magnetic Resonance Imaging System Provided with an Electrical Accessory Device
Device and method using magnetic pattern on disk
Coil apparatus and nuclear magnetic resonance apparatus using the same
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and magnetic resonance imaging method
Antibodies that bind to interleukin-22
Visual indicator chronograph and the use of the same
Electrophoretic display medium and device
Benzimidazol- or indol-aminoacetonitrile derivatives for parasite control
Pyrazolopyridazine derivatives
Diaminotriazoles useful as inhibitors of protein kinases
Foam regulating granulate
Substituted benzoylpyrazoles
Mucosal DTPa vaccines
Process for producing electrophoretic microcapsules
Method of sealing an array of cell microstructures using microencapsulated adhesive
Temperature indicator using thermochromic materials
Ceramic metal matrix diaphragm for loudspeakers
Floor covering having a strong noise-reducing properties
Acoustic noise filter
Internal lens system for loudspeaker waveguides
Method and apparatus for decoding multiword information
System and method of checking a computer system for proper operation
User-customizable input error handling
Method and apparatus to quiesce USB activities using interrupt descriptor caching and asynchronous n...
Proprietary information identification, management and protection
Data updating method and related information processing device
Method and apparatus for automated selection of correct image for quantitative analysis
Interrogate-response communication system with privacy indication
IM conversation counter and indicator
Object selection using hit test tracks
FM transmitter and power supply/charging assembly for MP3 player
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Media pass through mode for multi-engine system
Video detection/verification system
Method, code, and system for assaying joint deformity
Electronic device including fingerprint sensor and display having selectable menu items and associat...
Muscle stimulation systems
Non-food warmer appliance
Modified hydrogenated copolymer
Footwear sole
Outsole for a shoe
Electrospraying apparatus and method for coating particles
Multi-processor module with redundant power
Apparatus for controlling thermal interface between cold plate and integrated circuit chip
Clamping tool
Socket adapted for compressive loading
Heat-radiating structure of electronic apparatus
Liquid loop with multiple heat exchangers for efficient space utilization
Pump and electronic device having the pump
Apparatus and test device for the application and measurement of prescribed, predicted and controlle...
Microelectronic complex having clustered conductive members
Thermal treatment apparatus and thermal treatment method
Control arrangement for cooling power electronic components
Heat exchanger
Exhaust gas heat exchanger and method for the production thereof
Internally mounted radial flow intercooler for a combustion air changer
Multi-layered micro-channel heat sink
Heat dissipation device
Thin sheet type heat pipe
Heat sink with multiple coolant inlets
Liquid-cooled heat radiator kit
Semiconductor device cooling apparatus
Heat exchange system
Trusted and secure techniques, systems and methods for item delivery and execution
Methods and apparatus for formatting information for a communication
Scalable method and architecture for an active switch defining a network edge having multiple uplink...
Nonwoven amorphous fibrous webs and methods for making them
Coated insulation board or batt
Nucleic acid encoding G-protein coupled receptor with modified DRY motif
Method for conducting receptor-ligand association reaction and reactor used therefor
Method of reversibly disrupting a conjugate comprising a biotin compound and a biotin-binding compou...
Cobalamin assay
Lithium secondary battery comprising a super fine fibrous polymer separator film and its fabrication...
Bipolar battery and related method
Particle analyzer and methods for use thereof
Phosphor materials and illumination devices made therefrom
Polymer production at supercritical conditions
Poly(heteroaromatic) block copolymers with electrical conductivity
Adhesive components and process for manufacture
Antibacterial composition for medical tool
Therapeutic agents useful for treating pain
Rug structure
Porous calcium phosphate ceramic and method for producing same
Formulation for spray-drying large porous particles
Wound treatment apparatus employing reduced pressure
Hemostatic wound dressings and methods of making same
Crystal growth devices and systems, and methods for using same
Blood component processing system, apparatus, and method
Paper machine clothing
Polymer/WUCS mat for use in automotive applications
Wet coating improvement station
Ink jet and ink jet recording method
Electrostatic filter
Process for the alkoxylation of organic compounds in the presence of novel framework materials
Spiraltrap: devices and methods for the trapping particulate matter in exhaust and of other pollutan...
Systems and methods for controlling a landing position of sensors deployed from an air vehicle
Process and device for constructing a synthetic image of the environment of an aircraft and presenti...
Method and system for regulating fluid over an airfoil or a hydrofoil
Swaged cable deployment in space
Pulsed detonation engines for reaction control systems
Aircraft wing with electrothermal deicing and/or anti-icing device
Movable nose cap and control strut assembly for supersonic aircraft
Reinforced insulation product and system suitable for use in an aircraft
Solar-powered aircraft
Helicopter having a fusilage section and a tail section coupled thereto
Turbojet electromechanical thrust reverser with synchronized locking devices
Cargo door lock
Anchoring system
Marine vessel steering wheel with integrated throttle control device
Method and apparatus for increasing sail efficiency
Mechanically welded structure with stress-relieving slit and liquefied gas transport ship equipped w...
Reconfigurable attack and reconnaissance vessel I
Method for treating a surface bounding a space within a cargo hold in a floating vessel
Marine vessel
Method and apparatus for treatment of cutaneous and subcutaneous conditions
Dinuclear metal complex and pyrophosphate assay using the same
Antibody fragments to JTT-1 protein and cells secreting such antibody fragments
Advanced antigen presentation platform
Polyamine analog conjugates and quinone conjugates as therapies for cancers and prostate diseases
Pharmaceutical composition useful in prevention and treatment of beta-amyloid protein-induced diseas...
Sulfonamide cannabinoid agonists and antagonists
Substituted benzopyrans as selective estrogen receptor-beta agonists
Substituted aryl amides as IP antagonists
Benzopyran derivatives substituted with secondary amines including imidazole, their preparation and ...
Dihydroimidazo[4,5-e]indole and 7h-pyrrolo[3,2-f]quinoxaline derivatives as nicotinic acetylcholine ...
Antimicrobial [3.1.0] bicyclohexylphenyl-oxazolidinone derivatives and analogues
S-(-)-amlodipine nicotinate and process for the preparation thereof
Phenylpiperidines and phenylpyrrolidines
Ophthalmic compositions for treating ocular hypertension
Compounds and methods for modulation of estrogen receptors
Imidazopyridine-derivatives as inducible no-synthase inhibitors
Hydroxynaphthyridinone carboxamides useful as HIV integrase inhibitors
Alpha aryl or heteroaryl methyl beta piperidino propanoic acid compounds as ORL1-receptor antagonist...
Substituted heterocyclic derivatives useful as antidiabetic and antiobesity agents and method
Membrane modules and integrated membrane cassettes
Adsorbent and method for adsorbing a chemokine in body fluid
Arrangement and method for performing chromatography
Waste treatment method
Process for the purification of acidic metal-bearing waste waters to permissible discharge levels wi...
Method of treating wastewater
Anaerobic biological wastewater treatment system and process
Methods and apparatus for treating wastewater employing a high rate clarifier and a membrane
Sludge treatment process
Water treatment apparatus
Composite semipermeable membrane, and production process thereof
Polymer based permeable membrane for removal of ions
Fuel supply device
Chromatography methods and chromatography apparatus
Module for removing organic compounds from foaming wastewater by oxidation
UV wastewater treatment device
Filter device
Apparatus and method for handling easily polymerizable substance, apparatus for extracting liquid fr...
Distributor for rotary filter and rotary filter equipped therewith
Planar ceramic membrane assembly and oxidation reactor system
Virtual SCSI bus for SCSI-based storage area network
Elastic buffer module for PCI express devices
Method and apparatus for encryption or compression devices inside a storage area network fabric
Process for control of standby currents in a direct conversion type of frequency transposition devic...
Implantable hearing aid transducer with advanceable actuator to facilitate coupling with the auditor...
Dynamic range compression using digital frequency warping
Object segmentation from images acquired by handheld cameras
Hierarchical methods for generating force feedback effects
Waste oil electrical generation systems
Method and apparatus for plasma generation
Compositions containing fluorine substituted olefins
Endothermic reaction process and an apparatus therefor
Remedies to prevent cracking in a liquid system
Window assembly
Capture management improvements
Formation of cleaved grooves in a passivation layer formed over a surface of a wafer prior to wafer ...
Transflective liquid crystal display and method of fabricating the same
System and method for manufacturing semiconductor devices using an anti-reflective coating layer
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing same
Stacked die package system
Quad flat no-lead (QFN) grid array package, method of making and memory module and computer system i...
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device and semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
CMOS image sensor having photodiode and method for manufacturing the same
Magnetoresistive memory device assemblies, and methods of forming magnetoresistive memory device ass...
Post-release capacitance enhancement in micromachined devices and a method of performing the same
Semiconductor laser device and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor device with an analog capacitor
Nonvolatile memory device and methods of fabricating and driving the same
Variable capacitance device with high accuracy
Single-chip LED with three luminescent spectrums of red, blue and green wavelengths
Organic electroluminescent display device
Electroluminescence display device and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device with electrode pad having probe mark
Computerized methods and systems related to the detection of malignancy-associated changes (MAC) to ...
Image forming apparatus and method of controlling the apparatus
Active color correction to compensate for near field color cast
Microscope system
Method of reconstructing a high-resolution 3D image
Method and apparatus for inspecting an edge exposure area of a wafer
Photothermal system with spectroscopic pump and probe
Measuring method, analyzing method, measuring apparatus, analyzing apparatus, ellipsometer, and comp...
Method and apparatus for improved ellipsometric measurement of ultrathin films
Optical characteristic analysis method, sample measuring apparatus and spectroscopic ellipsometer
Measuring overlay and profile asymmetry using symmetric and anti-symmetric scatterometry signals
Flying mobile on-board ellipsometer, polarimeter, reflectometer and the like systems
Process and station for inspecting the painting of motor vehicle bodywork parts
Noninvasive living body measuring apparatuses
Physiological monitoring device for controlling a medication infusion device
System and methods for processing analyte sensor data
Paper articles exhibiting water resistance and method for making same
Reclosable container lid
Dispenser/receptacle system
Dispenser housing
Dispenser housing
Method for the treatment of heart failure
DNA vaccines encoding CEA and a CD40 ligand and methods of use thereof
Surfactant mixtures
Hair shampoo containing pregelatinized, cross-linked starch derivatives
Methods for producing recombinant coronavirus
Method of evaluating myelosuppressive state
Methods of administering anti-inflammatory cyclooxygenase-2 selective inhibitors
Methods and compositions comprising Ilex
Method of reducing thrombosis and complications after arterial angioplasty using stent coated with m...
Method for preparation of particles from solution-in-supercritical fluid or compressed gas emulsions
Stable emulsions and dry powders of mixtures of fat-soluble vitamins, their preparation and use
Liposome-entrapped topoisomerase inhibitors
Therapeutic system containing an active substance for the application on the skin which contains at ...
Paraffin dehydrogenation catalyst
Method for the preparation of lower olefines by steam cracking
Method for alpha-olefin trimerization
Toluene methylation process with increased methanol selectivity
Fuel composition for a diesel engine
Process for producing olefins
Dual-use pantiliner
Lubricious coating for medical devices
Method of forming a waist band on an absorbent article
Absorbent insert for use with an outer absorbent garment
Personal care absorbent article having spliced absorbent material
Adjustable sheet dispenser
Image display apparatus
Disposable cartridge for a blood perfusion system
Inlet check valve with removable seat
Damper device for a piston pump
Metering pump
Piston pump
Compressor assemblies with improved mounting support and method of mounting such compressor assembli...
Hybrid compressor
Scroll compressor with enlarged vapor injection port area
Apparatus and method for control, pumping and abatement for vacuum process chambers
Gas turbine for oil lifting
Retrievable stress and torque reducing tool
Pulsation causing valve for a plural piston pump
Charge pump for a hydraulic pump
Resistor for controlling a fan motor rotating speed for use in an air conditioner
Arrangement for overload protection and method for reducing the current consumption in the event of ...
Frame unit of compressor and manufacturing method thereof
Safety device for hydraulic pump
Integrated engine/compressor control for gas transmission compressors
Fan drive for fluid cooler with evaporative heat exchanger
Bow for stringed musical instruments
Selective vertical and horizontal dependency resolution via split-bit propagation in a mixed-archite...
Communication system and communication apparatus building the system
Method and system for optimized instruction fetch to protect against soft and hard errors
Integrated SDA and ebullated-bed process
Stripping apparatus and process
Oxidative desulfurization and denitrogenation of petroleum oils
Multi-conduit, multi-nozzle fluid distributor
Streaming media publishing system and method
Using error checking bits to communicated an address or other bits
Autonomic parity exchange
Determining signal quality and selecting a slice level via a forbidden zone
Method and apparatus for controlling access to debugging software
Domain isolation through virtual network machines
Dynamic binding of network services
Distributed processing system and network monitoring system
Backward and forward non-normalized link weight analysis method, system, and computer program produc...
Numerical information retrieving device for transforming the form in which numerical information is ...
Indexing pulse positions and signs in algebraic codebooks for coding of wideband signals
Universal system component emulator with human readable output
Method for data communication between a vehicle and a remote terminal
Communication system for communication between in-vehicle terminals and center, and in-vehicle termi...
Wireless communication with implantable medical device
Biological measurement probe, biological optical measurement instrument using the same, and brain fu...
Chemokine TECK polypeptides
Process for producing sugar chains using .beta.1,3-N-acetylglucosaminyltransferase
Asset tracking method
System for limiting an increase in the inside air temperature of passenger compartment of vehicle
Navigation device and method of presenting information corresponding to travel course stage
Motor vehicle navigation device having a programmable automatic notification operating mode
Method of control of light beams emitted by a lighting apparatus of a vehicle and a system for perfo...
Alarm display system for vehicles
Systems and methods for self-service dispatch
Method and apparatus for determining the context of a handheld device
Extractive sampling system and method for measuring one or more molecular species
Virus envelope vector for gene transfer
Laundry detergent formulation including dirt suspending agent comprising benzalkonium chloride and i...
Automated creation of phonemic variations
Washing a cored lettuce head
Achillea plant named `Gipi Whit`
Sample rate converter having distributed filtering
RFID activated paperclip tag
Dual wavelength thermal flux laser anneal
3D MMIC VCO and methods of making the same
Waste treatment apparatus with integral membrane apparatus
Electronic media distribution system
Method and system for copyright protection of digital images
Exception handling validation system and method
Methods, data structures, and systems to remotely validate a message
System, method and computer program product for detection of unwanted processes
Personal computer internet security system
System and method for communicating packets in a network environment
System and method for managing security access for users to network systems
Universal remote control system
Remotely accessing and programming a set top box
Channel selection device for use in a digital/analog broadcasting receiver for reception of main and...
Cooling device used in an optical recording and/or reproducing apparatus
Disk transport mechanism for a disk drive
Optical disc drive having a traverse holder that is rotatable around an axis that is mutually differ...
Recording or reproducing apparatus to which recording medium is detachably attached
Method, system, and apparatus for implementing object interfaces at runtime
Device status monitoring system, device status monitoring method, and a data storage medium and obje...
Computer forming logical partitions
Rapid acting drug delivery compositions
Sustained-release composition of drugs encapsulated in microparticles of hyaluronic acid
Genes associated with the maintenance of differentiation of smooth muscle cells
Notch receptor ligands and uses thereof