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Dive computer and method for determining gas formation
Collecting posture and activity information to evaluate therapy
Impedance monitoring for detecting pulmonary edema and thoracic congestion
Method and apparatus for performing stereotactic surgery
Cell based EUI methods & apparatuses
Decoder for pin-based scan test
Internally generating patterns for testing in an integrated circuit device
Method and apparatus for synchronizing redundant data with a volume
Implementation of a secure computing environment by using a secure bootloader, shadow memory, and pr...
Installation procedure for wireless human interface device
Methods and systems for a communications and information resource manager
Data services handler
System and method for predictive maintenance and service parts fulfillment in a supply chain
Coriolis mode processing techniques
Aggregate drivers for a configurable media-independent server
Electrical devices
Semiconductor test unit having low contact resistance with examined electronic products, semiconduct...
Organic electroluminescent device with a ceramic output coupler and method of making the same
Substrate having a built-in chip and external connection terminals on both sides and a method for ma...
Semiconductor device having an anti-oxidizing layer that inhibits corrosion of an interconnect layer
Dual damascene interconnect structure with improved electro migration lifetimes
Semiconductor device having antenna connection electrodes
Semiconductor device with electrically isolated ground structures
Semiconductor storage device and manufacturing method for the same
Method and apparatus for capturing and using design intent in an integrated circuit fabrication proc...
Electrostatic chuck
Air conditioning apparatus and ion generating device for use therein
Semiconductor batch heating assembly
Plasma method with high input power
Conductive contamination reliability solution for assembling substrates
Device for continuous real-time monitoring of ambient air
NC machine Tool
Bin-picking system for randomly positioned objects
Biomimetic motion and balance controllers for use in prosthetics, orthotics and robotics
Transferring slurry from a vessel
Method for desalination of water and removal of carbon dioxide from exhaust gases
Fine particle separation treatment system and cyclone separator
System and method for sanitizing and refilling a potable water system onboard a transport vehicle
Filter medium
Markup-language document formatting in memory-constrained environment
Information management method in network system
Server, management system, and management control method
Portable device
System for regulating entrance/exit of person and communication of wireless communication terminal, ...
Image forming apparatus including catalyst and active carbon filters
Image forming device and controlling method thereof
Image forming apparatus with variably controlled bias condition
Waveguide and device including the same
Mark embedding and detection using projective transforms
Steganographic image encoding
Radiation image pick-up device, radiation image pick-up method and program
Control method of distributed Bragg reflection semiconductor laser, and image projecting apparatus
Recording-medium identification device and method using light sensor to detect recording medium type
Magnetic domain wall displacement type magneto-optical recording medium
Optical system and optical apparatus having the same
Zoom lens system and image pickup apparatus having the same
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program
Image processing apparatus and method
Generating difference files using module information of embedded software components
Developing apparatus and image forming apparatus
Image formation apparatus and photoreceptor cartridge
Optical fiber and method for making such fiber
Plasma directing baffle and method of use
Locatable dielectric optical fiber cable having easily removable locating element
Optical device and color display unit using the optical device
Telecommunication cable comprising a jointed optical core and method for jointing said core
Method and apparatus for variable optical attenuation for an optical switch
Method of treating mood disorders and/or anxiety disorders by brain stimulation
Variable focus liquid lens with reduced driving voltage
Quaternary ammonium compounds for froth flotation of silicates from an iron ore
PCD face seal for earth-boring bit
Imaging light source with polarization and color recovery
Method for selecting one or several transponders
Duplex plug adapter module
Anatomically conforming intraoral dental radiographic sensor
Tool for controlling rotation of a bottom hole assembly with respect to a drillstring
Chat system, terminal device therefor, display method of chat system, and recording medium
Tandem incubator for clinical analyzer
Method for preparing norbornene based addition polymer containing ester or acetyl functional group
Composition, optical compensatory film and liquid crystal display
Processes for preparing phase change inks
Acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive
Liquid crystalline film with broadened reflection bandwidth and process for preparation thereof
Reflective liquid crystal display
Method and apparatus for predicting acute response to cardiac resynchronization therapy
Capacitive couplers and methods for communicating data over an electrical power delivery system
Package handling system with kickout labeling
Method and apparatus for magnetic resonance arteriography using contrast agents
Optical modulator
Controlling thick-slice viewing of breast ultrasound data
Method, apparatus and software for analyzing perfusion images
Switching power supply unit
Micro-actuator, head gimbal assembly, and disk drive unit with the same
Disk drive piezoelectric actuator with coupling portion extending across a slit between flexible sub...
Head suspension assembly and disk drive using the same
Switchable polymer-dispersed liquid crystal optical elements
Method for acquiring magnetic resonance data from a large examination region
Ballast power supply
Plasma-generation power-supply device
Hall-current ion source for ion beams of low and high energy for technological applications
Piezoelectric devices and methods and circuits for driving same
Tilting pad bearing assembly
Hook pin unit having weld slag protection
System and method for managing distributed objects as a single representation
Method of transmitting data streams on optical links and system and computer program product therefo...
Method and apparatus for partial replication of directory information in a distributed environment
All optical variable buffer queue useful in optical packet networks
Attribute partitioning for user extensibility
SONET outage impact measurement technique
Process window compliant corrections of design layout
Method and apparatus for aggregating alarms and faults of a communications network
Communications system and method
Method and apparatus for simulating a load on an application server in a network
Method and apparatus for sensing and controlling residual mass on customer images
Fiber laser, spontaneous emission light source and optical fiber amplifier
Non-aqueous electrolytic solution and lithium battery employing the same
Wafer level testing for RFID tags
Method and apparatus for measuring the angular orientation between two surfaces
Air conditioner for electric panels
Anti-alternation system for web-content
Embroidery data editor that displays usable embroidery frame
Electrode assembly for electrotherapy devices
Selective chamber ATP pacing
Image forming apparatus
Reversible DCT for lossless-lossy compression
Scan control method and X-ray CT apparatus
Optical information recording method and apparatus
Mobile communication terminal and method of reducing power consumption of a hard disk drive of a mob...
Electron beam system and method of manufacturing devices using the system
Cleaning solution for semiconductor substrate
Base support for image recording medium and method of manufacturing the same and image recording med...
Atmosperic pressure quadrupole analyzer
Collapsible, portable, easily deployed car cover
Sterilization apparatus for orthodontic bands
Image forming apparatus with another secondary power supply
Electrical switch having a mount for an electrical circuit
Antenna device, method and program for controlling directivity of the antenna device, and communicat...
Wafer-level tester with magnet to test latching micro-magnetic switches
Organic light emitting diode devices
High power liquid dielectric switch
Method of preparing inhibitors phosphodiesterase-4
Inferred water analysis in polyphenylene sulfide production
Mass polymerized rubber-modified monovinylidene aromatic copolymer composition
Integrated micro fuel processor and flow delivery infrastructure
Acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive composition and pressure sensitive adhesive tape
Resonator system with a plurality of individual mechanically coupled resonators and method of making...
Ferromagnetic-semiconductor spin polarizer of electrons in nonmagnetic semiconductors
Collector for EUV light source
Air breathing fuel cell having bi-cell unit cells
Hybrid material, use of said hybrid material and method for making same
Polycyclic polymers containing pendant ion conducting moieties
Method for preparing highly loaded, highly dispersed platinum metal on a carbon substrate
Separator for lithium ion secondary battery and lithium ion secondary battery provided therewith
Form-in-place fastening for fuel cell assemblies
Polymer membrane, process for its production and membrane-electrode assembly for solid polymer elect...
Fuel cell and a temperature control system for the fuel cell
Multi-function energy system operable as a fuel cell, reformer, or thermal plant
Device and method for supplying hydrogen to a fuel cell, and the use thereof for electric vehicle tr...
Biological process for waste treatment and energy production
Methods and compositions for desulfurization of hydrocarbon fuels
Scanning laser device and methods of use
Lens mounting fixture for accommodating IOL
System and method for communicating data utilizing multiple types of data connections
System, method, and computer program product for adjusting a programmable graphics/audio processor b...
Toothpaste dispenser unit
Acrylic block copolymer and thermoplastic resin composition
Polymeric inhibitors for enhanced planarization
Bicycle light
Subscription system for monitoring user well being
Water-based coating mixture, method for application of corrosion protection layer with said mixture,...
Fuel injection system
System and method for verifying the calibration of an exercise apparatus
Torso supporting seating system
Bicycle control apparatus that sets a bicycle transmission to a predetermined gear ratio
Wheel mounting and drive arrangement for a cycle, especially for a recumbent bicycle
Hands-free jogging stroller adaptor with shock absorber
Bicycle lock holding apparatus
Method and apparatus for forming an electrical contact with a semiconductor substrate
Disposable pouch hydration system
Aluminum flake pigment comprising aluminum flakes as basic particles, method of manufacturing the sa...
Air actuated decoration system and device
Vapor/liquid separation apparatus for use in cracking hydrocarbon feedstock containing resid
Method for producing glass-like carbon pipe, and glass-like carbon pipe produced by such method
Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery
Method and coating system for reducing carbonaceous deposits on surfaces exposed to hydrocarbon fuel...
Glazing coated with at least one layer having thermochromic properties
Processing hydrocarbons and Debye frequencies
Copolymers of ethylene and 1-heptene
Transparent pane with radar-reflecting properties
Laminated-type piezoelectric element and a manufacturing method thereof
Materials and methods to inhibit Hodgkin and Reed Sternberg cell growth
Transport device
Method for the printing-process transformation of the color print for black/white images
Drive device for a mechanical press
High-pressure press
Phosphor based light sources having a non-planar long pass reflector and method of making
Methods of controlling proliferation and differentiation of stem and progenitor cells
Synthesis of stable solutions of rare earth tris (organophosphate) in hydrocarbon solvents
Pressure sensor
Hair removal device
Container for control solution
Vibrator sleeve with multiple extensions
Post surgical chin strap with ear protectors
Multi-snap medical electrode with separate dual back connections
Ultrasound display apparatus
Portion of a monitor for an ultrasonic diagnosis apparatus
Lavage chair
Dental instrument
Periodontal scaling tip for ultrasonic dental handpiece
Periodontal scaling tip for ultrasonic dental handpiece
Intra-oral digitizer wand
Vaginal speculum
Cellulite wand
Three slot cruciform catheter section
Two slot cruciform catheter section
Cartridge holder for anesthetic
Mobile phone
Measuring device and method for detecting objects interrupting a beam of radiation
Arrangement for and method of improving image quality, especially for image projection arrangements
Tire tread
System and method for inflating a balloon catheter and delivering fluid media to a patient
Combined tracheal catheter and connector
Catheter section
Anchor for holding an implantable medical lead or catheter
Self-anchoring coronary sinus lead
Pharmaceutically active sulfanilide derivatives
Methods for the formation of hydrogels using thiosulfonate compositions and uses thereof
Medicament for prevention and/or therapy of arterial wall disorder
Organ retractor and method of using the same
Electrolytic solution for secondary battery and secondary battery containing the same
Anode for a battery and a battery using an anode
Polyfluorinated boron cluster anions for lithium electrolytes
Hydrogen storage-based electrochemical system and method of preparation
Positive active material for rechargeable lithium battery
Anode material and battery using the same
Cell electrode and electrochemical cell therewith
Layered lithium-nickel-based compound oxide powder and its production process
Electrical power source designs and components
Gas sensor and method for measuring a gas component in a gas mixture
Inkjet recording ink and method of inkjet recording
Fuel cell hose
Inkjet recording ink and method of inkjet recording
Devices and methods for biochip multiplexing
Ink composition and ink jet recording method
Make-up case
Spine assembly
Symmetrical triazine derivatives
Dispenser for fluid materials
Polymer modified porous substrate for solid phase extraction
Nonhuman model animal lacking the ability to control lymphocyte migration
Personal digital assistant, wireless communication system, and method of establishing link
Paper control of document processing
RFID system including a memory for correcting a fail cell and method for correcting a fail cell usin...
Wireless position location and tracking system
System and method for authenticating a RF transaction using a transaction account routing number
Ferrite sintered body, manufacturing method thereof, ferrite core using same, and ferrite coil
Universal doctor blade with indicia
Data acquisition device
Barcode optical character recognition
System and method of completing a transaction involving goods tagged with RFID labels
Film forming method
Chemically amplified positive resist composition and patterning process
Resist compositions
Photoreactive composition
Silicone adhesive and adhesive film
Harmful-insect-eliminating formed resin article and animal collar using the same
Norbornane lactone (meth)acrylate and polymer thereof
Agents for treating osteoporosis and inhibiting osteoclast formation
Polymerizable fluorinated ester compounds and their preparing processes
Polishing slurry for chemical mechanical polishing and method for polishing substrate
Polymerization catalysts and process for producing bimodal polymers in a single reactor
Process for producing modified ethylene-vinylcyclohexane copolymer resin
Preparation of one intermediate for pyrethroids
Mailbox support post
Automotive safety harness for pets
Milking plant and method for reducing sound emissions in a milking plant
Adjustable rattle fishing lure
Controllable fishing lure
Putty knife made of plastic material for the application of substances for mural coatings and the li...
Production of a transgenic avian by cytoplasmic injection
Nonhuman model animal suffering from Guillain-Barre syndrome and/or fisher syndrome
Flat packing and method for the production thereof
In-hive trap and attractant composition for the control of the small hive beetle, Aethina tumida
Universal clamp
Fishing reel power device
Aquarium filter
Rotating and pivoting magnet for magnetic navigation
User interface for computed tomography (CT) scan analysis
Method and apparatus for quantitative three-dimensional reconstruction in scanning electron microsco...
Marking catheter for placement using frameless stereotaxy and use thereof
Ablation technology for catheter based delivery systems
Encased stent
Photothermographic material and image forming method
Treatment composition for making acquisition fluff pulp in sheet form
Process for manufacturing polymers
Insulating thermoplastic foams made with methyl formate-based blowing agents
Primer for vulcanization bonding
Mixture of sinterable powders for rapid prototyping
Device and method for non-invasive optical measurements
Ultrasonic probe and manufacturing process thereof
Method and apparatus for controlling scanning of mosaic sensor array
Method and apparatus for predicting arrhythmias using diurnal heart rate
Bioelectric impedance measuring apparatus
Method for improving the viewing of small icons and small text on high resolution displays
Image processing method and apparatus and computer-readable storage medium using improved distortion...
Defect pixel correction in an image sensor
Method and apparatus for compressing and decompressing images captured from viewpoints throughout N-...
Method for digital quantization
Image coding apparatus, program, storage medium and image coding method
Image coding apparatus
Method and apparatus for digital signal processing
Method and related apparatus for JPEG decoding
Image processing device, image processing method, and image processing program
Hierarchical determination of feature relevancy
Content generation, extraction and distribution of image region segments from video images
Method and device for recognition of a handwritten pattern
Method of separating text and graphs in digital image data
Method and apparatus for RGB color conversion that can be used in conjunction with lossless and loss...
Automatic color constancy for image sensors
Image compression apparatus and image processing system
Color detection using grayscale and position information
Optical radiation coupling module
Optical fiber device, optical monitor and optical switch
Systems and methods for manufacturing coaxial optical components
Telescoping arm with multiple fiber-optic terminals
Tunable filter
Wavelength multi/demultiplexer
Structure with embedded opto-electric components
Optical fiber protection switch
Optical power monitoring apparatus, optical power monitoring method, and light receiving device
Movable lighting apparatus
Backlight module for an LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) system
Backlight modules and fluorescent lamp assemblies thereof
Light-emitting apparatus having a plurality of adjacent, overlapping light-guide plates
Lamp unit of vehicle headlamp
Vehicle lamp
Head-up display
Interior rearview mirror system for a vehicle
Light guiding plate, liquid crystal display device using the same, and method for displaying picture...
Covered illuminated vanity mirror assembly
Liquid crystal display device comprising a protecting unit for enclosing a fastener and holding lamp...
Adjustable beam lamp
Liquid crystal display device with touch panel
Retrofit pendant light fixture
System and method for diagnosing breakdowns of a switch by using plural LEDs
Combined adjustable work light and multi-power cord assembly
Led lamp for light source
Adjustable LED luminaire
Firearms with gas pressure loading mechanisms
Method and means for adjusting the scope of a firearm
Products and processes for archery and firearm sights
Polymer encapsulation of high aspect ratio materials and methods of making same
Illumination apparatus for a fluorescent task lamp
Approach for achieving flame retardancy while retaining physical properties in a compatible polymer ...
Ink-receptive coatings, composites and adhesive-containing facestocks and labels
Chlorohydrin and cationic compounds having high affinity for pulp or paper
Fuel cell system with fluid stream recirculation
Biologic modular tibial and femoral component augments for use with total knee arthroplasty
Prevention of myocardial infarction induced ventricular expansion and remodeling
Power amplifier linearization
Optical disk system with non-linearly controlled amplifier
Output circuit of a memory and method thereof
Error management
Thin film magnetic memory device having an improved read operation margin
System and method for managing power consumption for a plurality of processors based on a supply vol...
Sense amplifier circuit and method
System and method facilitating network diagnostics and self-healing
Dynamic sense amplifier for SRAM
Scalable power amplifier
Method for analyzing defect of SRAM cell
Intermodulation product cancellation in communications
Flash memory erase verification systems and methods
Circuit and method for eliminating pop noise in digital audio amplifier using dual power supply
Thin film magnetic memory device conducting read operation by a self-reference method
Electrolyte media for the deposition of tin alloys and methods for depositing tin alloys
Method for preparing a multi-layered polymeric composite and a multi-layered composite produced ther...
Natural sunscreen compositions and processes for producing the same
Kaolin pigment having high brightness and narrow particle size distribution and method of preparatio...
One-piece golf ball
System for sorting discarded and spent pharmaceutical items
Tissue product containing a topical composition in the form of discrete droplets
Leave-in color conditioner
Grid-enabled ANT compatible with both stand-alone and grid-based computing systems
Method, system and apparatus for constructing fully personalized and contextualized user interfaces ...
Method and expert system for deducing document structure in document conversion
Measuring microprocessor susceptibility to internal noise generation
In-line server health checking
Trust management systems and methods
Processing activity masking in a data processing system
Tool for identifying causes of memory leaks
Application-layer security method and system
Convergence-enabled DVD and web system
Methods and systems for reducing a program size
Apparatus and method for performing a preemptive reconstruct of a fault-tolerant RAID array
Method for regulating the temperature of strip metal
Amide derivatives as ion-channel ligands and pharmaceutical compositions and methods of using the sa...
Electrically conductive polymer composition and solid electrolytic capacitor using the same
Modeling of RF point source reference for analysis of wireless signal propagation
Cross-linked polyvinyl acetals
Sport safety glasses
Cathespin cysteine protease inhibitors
Epithelial tissue targeting agent
Substituted tricyclic compounds as protein kinase inhibitors
Insulin polypeptide-oligomer conjugates, proinsulin polypeptide-oligomer conjugates and methods of s...
Combined pharmaceutical preparation containing LHRH-analogous substances and anti estrogens for trea...
Method of identifying transmembrane protein-interacting compounds
Regulation system analysis method
Product dispensing package
Absorbent structures comprising coated super-absorbent polymer particles
Process for improved adhesive application
Paper softening compositions containing quaternary ammonium compound and high levels of free amine a...
Deep-nested embossed paper products
Tampon with raised portions
Absorbent article
Vectored air web handling apparatus
Silicone-coated architectural glass
Modified weatherable polyester molding composition
Method of fabricating an optical concentrator for a photovoltaic solar cell
Method and apparatus for performing SERS analysis using a chemical reference
Particle external surface additive compositions
Photoconductive imaging members
Process of direct powder rolling of blended titanium alloys, titanium matrix composites, and titaniu...
Composite co-structured or co-adsorbed, mineral or organic filler or pigment compounds and the use t...
Black toner and developer
Non-magnetic monocomponent color toner and preparation method thereof
Desiccant regenerator system
Method for protecting digital content from unauthorized use by automatically and dynamically integra...
Device, method and program for detecting unauthorized access
Firmware update network and process employing preprocessing techniques
Systems and methods for identifying erroneous transactions
Register allocation technique
Method and apparatus for optimizing data streaming in a computer system utilizing random access memo...
Stand for a flat panel television
Method and system for providing an authorization framework for applications
High pressure gaseous fuel supply system for an internal combustion engine and a method of sealing c...
Thrust bearing assembly with a stack of thrust bearing members
Linear guide
Pull out guide assembly for drawers
Sleeve bearing for railway traction motor
Seal bearing assembly for use in a solid waste comminutor
Bearing arrangement for a harvesting machine
Roller bearing
Hydrostatic bearing for linear motion guidance
Bearing apparatus for a wheel of vehicle
Pneumatic cylinder
Hub joint for transferring load from a rotating shaft to a stationary body
Ball bearing retention apparatus
Base member for swivel caster
Bullet for infantry ammunition
Wearable continuous renal replacement therapy device
System and method for tracking shipment of items utilizing RFID-tags
Container for ammunition
Bullet shell lighter
Digital printing system and digital print
Mass-spring unit for generating power by applying a cyclic force to a piezoelectric member due to an...
Trim for a light fixture
Multi-chip module and method for mounting thereof
Double pass illumination system
Optical generic switch panel
Coordinate input detection device and method for electronic blackboard
Interface module for connecting LSI packages, and LSI-incorporating apparatus
System, display apparatus and method for providing controlled illumination using internal reflection
Substituted optically active disphosphine compound
Composition, optical film, polarizing plate and liquid crystal display
Illuminated retractor for use in connection with harvesting a blood vessel from the arm
Color optical link using transparently jacketed plastic optical fiber and method for achieving the s...
Discrete optical correlation system
Adaptive framework for closed-loop protocols over photonic burst switched networks
Multi-wavelength optical source
Display device and electronic device using the same
Method of fabricating light-emitting device and apparatus for manufacturing light-emitting device
Substituted anthryl derivative and electroluminescence device using the same
El device
Bat with interchangeable sections
System for overmolding insert
Polyene oxazoles and processes for their preparation
Compounds with analgesic effect
Method and apparatus for cascading data through redundant data storage units
Method for clustering and querying media items
Diagnosis of equipment failures using an integrated approach of case based reasoning and reliability...
De-burring apparatus for a hobbing machine
Method for the detection of viable microorganisms
High-performance surface layer for photoreceptors
Filled epoxy resin compositions
Method for manufacturing a scale, a scale manufactured according to the method and a position measur...
Substrate having a light emitter and image display device
Piezoelectric element, ink jet head, angular velocity sensor, and ink jet recording apparatus
Silicate-based yellow-green phosphors
Electro-optical device, and electronic apparatus and display driver IC using the same
Image display apparatus provided with a potential supplying member shaped to be in contact with firs...
Method for forming a line pattern, line pattern, and electro-optic device
Methods of sealing micro wells
Method and apparatus for forming crystalline portions of semiconductor film
Optical member, illuminating device, and projection type video display
Wiping apparatus and imaging apparatus provided therewith, method of manufacturing electro-optical d...
Droplet ejection apparatus including recovery processing with a standby power supply
Label-free methods for performing assays using a colorimetric resonant reflectance optical biosensor
R-T-B system rare earth permanent magnet
Straddle type vehicle having an electronic throttle valve system
Idle speed controller of internal, combustion engine, and internal combustion engine controller and ...
Colored composition for color filter and display using color filters formed of the colored compositi...
Rotating electric machine and electric vehicle
Preventives and remedies for pulmonary hypertension
Negatively chargeable toner, method for producing the same, and full color image forming apparatus u...
Artificial knee joint
Display screen with a LAN fax application icon
Xerographic developer unit having variable pitch auger
Image forming unit
Image formation method and apparatus
Image forming system with peripheral device and version upgrade process
Visual determination of gamma for softcopy display
Inkjet recording head driving circuit, inkjet recording head, and inkjet printer
Shredder apparatus and shredding method
Proxy server for relaying VOIP messages
Selecting a network based on metrics for real time communication
Method and arrangement for preventing vibrations in a multi-nip calender or calender array
Network appliance for vulnerability assessment auditing over multiple networks
Mobile wireless communications device with reduced interfering RF energy into RF metal shield secure...
Rose plant named `Chewmaytime`
Bistorta plant named `Orange Field`
Campanula plant named `Emerald`
Method and system for updating boot memory that stores a fail-safe reset code and is configured to s...
Connector locking device
Packet sequence number network monitoring system
Apparatus and method for an overload control procedure against denial of service attack
Common protection architecture for optical network
Toner container and image forming apparatus
Image transfer device
Golf ball and thermoplastic material
Thermal interface adhesive and rework
Articles of manufacture made from coffee bean residue, and methods for making such articles
Discrimination method of target base in DNA, and allele specific primer used in the method of the sa...
Ferroelectric memory devices having a plate line control circuit
Method and apparatus for booting a computer system
Wide field of view and high speed scanning microscopy
Methods of genetic analysis of yeast
Disk-chucking device of disk drive
Method and apparatus for synchronization of shared memory in a multiprocessor system
System and method for designing semiconductor photomasks
Integrated circuit with relocatable processor hardmac
Method and device for simulator generation based on semantic to behavioral translation
Computing current in a digital circuit based on an accurate current model for library cells
MOSFET modeling for IC design accurate for high frequencies
Efficient soft decision demapper to minimize viterbi decoder complexity
Methods and apparatus for testing a scan chain to isolate defects
Capacitor free low drop out regulator
Thermally sensitive recording medium
Highly flowable 1-butene polymer and process for producing the same
Biaxially oriented polypropylene film
Fibers made from block copolymer
Flexible superabsorbent binder polymer composition
Water-absorbent carboxyl-containing polymers with low monomer content
Method for marking sites
Citral derivatives
Liquid dispensing brush
Denture liner, denture liner kit and method for making a denture liner
Compositions and methods for removal of toxic metals and radionuclides
Methods of using polymer-coated particulates
Process for making a bandcast tobacco sheet and smoking article therefrom
Fluorescent lamp driver system
Syngas purification process
Backlight having discharge tube, reflector and heat conduction member contacting discharge tube
Attaching substances to microorganisms
Substituted 4-(4-trifluoromethylpyrazolyl)pyrimidines
Hybrid enzymes
Total amino acid stabilization during cell-free protein synthesis
Fusion proteins of mycobacterium tuberculosis
MAGE-A4 antigenic peptides and uses thereof
Use of tetra-azapentamethine compounds as direct dyeing agents and novel tetra-azapentamethine compo...
Secure transmission using adaptive transformation and plural channels
Methods and tangible objects employing machine readable data in photo-reactive materials
Method and system for managing and controlling electronic media
Method and system for frequency domain watermarking using a phase based filter signature
Background data recording and use with document processing
Paper sheets thread part or paper sheets thread part detection method
Method and system for embedding and extracting data from encoded voice code
Method of checking authenticity of sheet with built-in electronic circuit chip
Method of detecting digital watermark information
Method for embossed and colourless decoration and bonding of a fabric web and device therefor
Alanine 2,3-Aminomutase
Deicer composition
Data overlay, self-organized metadata overlay, and associated methods
System and method for analytically modeling data organized according to a referenced attribute
System and method for indexing queries, rules and subscriptions
Manipulating schematized data in a database
Shortcut enabled, context aware information management
Engine control system using valve opening parameter
Control unit for a valve, especially a gas exchange valve of an internal combustion engine
Variable valve timing control apparatus of internal combustion engine
Variable valve system of internal combustion engine and method of assembling same
Variable valve timing control device
Valve timing control apparatus
Variable valve timing controller for internal combustion engine
Electrically driven camshaft adjuster
Control apparatus for variable valve apparatus and method thereof
Lawn sprinkler flow control device and tool therefor
Broadcasting apparatus and method, receiving apparatus and method, and medium
Vehicle dash-mounted navigation device
Tractor power hop control system and method
Electrical heating facility for the heating of liquid in a motor vehicle
Automotive interior trim panel with integral acoustic chamber
Antenna device mounted on vehicle
Automobile infrared night vision device
Multifunction control system
Magnetic transmitter and receiver for a tire pressure monitoring system
Method of using telematics units to place courtesy notifications
GMR sensor element and its use
Yoke and slide bearing assembly
Mining core chock
Device and method to record, store and broadcast specific brain waveforms to modulate body organ fun...
Modular computer system and components therefor
One-piece cable armor ferrule
System and method for scaling overlay images
Printing device, carriage and color measurement method
Image control system and method
Time stamp apparatus, time correcting method, and time correcting program
Radio LAN system using communication apparatus, and method for setting operation mode
Interactive Electronic Commerce and Message Interchange System
Remotely reconfigurable system for mapping subsurface geological anomalies
Universal automobile operating system
Guidewire loaded stent for delivery through a catheter
Guidewire loaded stent for delivery through a catheter
Guidewire loaded stent for delivery through a catheter
Bipolar cutting and coagulating forceps
Remote Control of Implantable Device Through Medical Implant Communication Service Band
Two-part bio-based furfuryl adhesive composition for engineered wood
System and Method for Coexistence in Wireless Networks
Method and System for Bluetooth and FM Radio Communication
Method and System for Frequency Conversion for Bluetooth and FM
Radio Apparatus, Transmission Control Method And Transmission Control Program
Allocating power when simultaneously sending multiple messages
Automatic Text Correction
Autonomous Molecular Computer Diagnoses Molecular Disease Markers and Administers Requisite Drug in ...
Direct Volume Rendering with Shading
Wound Irrigation Device
Predicting movement of soft tissue of the face in response to movement of underlying bone
Collagen Mimics
Modular orthopaedic implant apparatus
Systems and methods for installing ankle replacement prostheses
Patello-femoral prosthesis
Modular trial mechanism
Bone Spacer
Sac for use in spinal surgery
Actuation circuit for a switch in a switch-mode converter for improving the response to sudden chang...
Device and method for equalising the charge of serially connected capacitors belonging to a double l...
Engine driven converter with feedback control
Shoot-through prevention circuit for passive level-shifter
PWM circuit control method
Actuator driving apparatus
Voltage regulation system
Start-up circuit for a current generator
AC power regulator circuit
Restore of backup to computer system with filesystem/volume attribute modification
Computer system and method which boots from a bootup-memory-image stored in nonvolatile memory and c...
Data processing system and slave device
Virtual translation lookaside buffer
Immediate virtual memory
Methods and apparatus for mapping fields of entries into new values and combining these mapped value...
Methods and apparatus for longest common prefix based caching
Multi-Processor data verification components for security modules
Apparatus and system for controlling access to a data storage device
Storage system and data processing system
Computer system
Data stream frequency reduction and/or phase shift
System and method for managing storage and program for the same for executing an operation procedure...
Microprocessor and method for utilizing disparity between bus clock and core clock frequencies to pr...
Pre-fetch prediction method for disk drives
Method of prefetching using a incrementing/decrementing counter
Method for differential discarding of cached data in distributed storage systems
Remote Network Access Via Virtual Machine
Intervertebral spacers
Apparatus for mixing and dispensing components
Methods and apparatus for performing therapeutic procedures in the spine
Reducing myelin-mediated inhibition of axon regeneration
Vertebral body and disc space replacement devices
Seat cushion presenter device for folding seat
Vehicle seat assembly with air bag seam opener
One piece running board bracket
Advanced applications for 3-D autoscanning LIDAR system
Scanning apparatus and method
Apparatus and method for providing a single-mode grating-outcoupled surface emitting laser with detu...
Integrated high speed modulator for grating-outcoupled surface emitting lasers
Optical pickup and optical disk system
Apparatus and method for automatic power control
Optical disk recording and reproducing apparatus and method for determining optimal power thereof
Measurement system for determining six degrees of freedom of an object
Combined coherent and incoherent imaging LADAR
Optical element, and its manufacturing method
Mobile remote detection device and remote detection method for methane gas accumulations
Laser beam seam welding with prior laser spot welding
Tetralin and indane derivatives and uses thereof
3-phenylpropionic acid derivatives
Method of modifying glucose activity using polypeptides selectively expressed in fat tissue
Thermosensitive recording materials
Urea stabilizers for thermal dye transfer materials
Magnetic sensing element comprising a pinned magnetic layer, a free magnetic layer, and a nonmagneti...
Method for manufacturing magnetic disk apparatus
Current-perpendicular-to-the-plane structure magnetoresistive element having sufficient sensitivity
Suspension bearings for data storage drive
Thin-film magnetic head for perpendicular magnetic recording
Air stream filtration system adjacent a rotational element of a data storage device
Base deck with overmolded elastomeric and rigid structural components
Cassette tape ejecting apparatus, and magnetic recording/reproducing apparatus having the same
Method and apparatus for servo control in a disk drive
Techniques for adjusting for actuator non-linearities in a data storage system
Heater control method and storage apparatus
Read write (RW) head position control for self servo writing process
Disk drive with head-disk interaction sensor integrated with suspension
Magnetic transfer apparatus
Integration of laser sources and detectors for a passive optical network
Node, an optical/electrical path integrated network using the node, and a program which controls the...
High efficiency shield array
Nucleic acid molecules encoding NRC interacting factor-1 (NIF-1)
Node used in photonic network, and photonic network
Method for scanner lamp warm-up optimization
Endodontic instruments and method of manufacturing same
Image forming apparatus
Method for activating double metallocyanide-compounds
Fluid-assisted medical devices, systems and methods
Safety arrester cable
Transceiver for a base station with smart antenna and a switched beamforming method in downlink
Device for mounting of a turnable implement
Silicone composition used in the production of antifriction varnishes, method for the application of...
Cellular phone
Speech recognition using selectable recognition modes
Pneumatic transport tube system
Polarization conversion element, polarization illuminator, display using the same illuminator, and p...
Process for producing polar olefin copolymer and polar olefin copolymer obtained thereby
Reciprocity and stabilization in dynamic resource reallocation among logically partitioned systems
Method and device for the detection of at least one luminescent substance
Plasma lighting bulb with metal provided in grooves formed on surface thereof
Bio-information sensor monitoring system and method
System and method for providing product recommendations
Strategy for Leukemia Therapy
Cholesterol regulating agent
Composition and Method for Scalp and Hair Treatment
Compositions and kits comprising a melatonin component and a flavanol component
Berberine as a selective lung cancer agent
Convolvulus Soldanella Compositions and Methods of Use
Compounds and compositions for treating neuronal death or neurological dysfunction
Antibacterial zeolite particles and antibacterial resin composition
Diazene-bridged crown ether lithium compounds and methods for their use
Method for the eradication of pathogens including S. aureus and antibiotic resistant microbes from t...
Medical Solution, A Method For Producing Said Medical Solution And Use Thereof
Use of Tellurium Compounds for Inhibiton of Interleukin-Converting Enzyme
Copper lowering treatment of inflammatory and fibrotic diseases
Treatment of Wounds and Compositions Employed
Photoreactive Compound Specifically Binding to Calcium Binding Proteins
Exosome transfer of nucleic acids to cells
Polymer Particles
Concentrated omega-3 fatty acids and mixtures containing them
Coupling Agents Comprising A Photolabile Protecting Group And Uses Thereof, Such As For The Function...
Silver Halide Color Photographic Light-Sensitive Material and Image Forming Method
Method of preparing toner and toner prepared using the method
Concentrated omega-3 fatty acids and mixtures containing them
Morinda Citrifolia Enhanced Products For Administration To Animals
Concentrated omega-3 fatty acids and mixtures containing them
Water hardness sensor system
Method for remediating a contaminated site
Polymer Particles and Conductive Particles Having Enhanced Conducting Properties, and Anisotropic Co...
Desalination method and system using compressed air energy systems
Appliance using a water hardness sensor system and method of operating the same
Membrane filtration system
Electrically-driven separation apparatus
Conducting Polymers With Porphyrin Cross-Linkers
Haemophilus influenzae sialyltransferase and methods of use thereof
Method for the production of resveratrol in cell cultures
Substrate processing method
Filtering apparatus, back wash method therefor, filtering device and power plant
Thermal dispersion flow meter with chronometric monitor for fluid leak detection
Water-based pigment ink composition
Porous solid ion exchange wafer for immobilizing biomolecules
Method of forming color image
Breathable multilayer films for use in absorbent articles
Inorganic matrix-fabric system and method
Granulated hydrophobic additive for gypsum compositions
Additive Package for Thermoplastic Condensation Polymers
Weakly ionic aqueous suspensions of ground mineral matter and their uses
Polymer composition, process for producing the polymer composition, and molded articles for automobi...
Dental Post Analogs
Settable Mixture Containing Lime, a Cementitious Composition and a Polymer
Non-Woven Fabric for Gypsum Board and Process for Producing the Same
Nail Pin Assemblies In Light Gauge Steel
Surfactant-based water treatment for irrigated soils
Recovery Of Metals From Oxidised Metalliferous Materials
Pigment composition for paint
Fluid Permeability Measurement System and Method
Method for Treating Extinguisher Powder Wastes, and Fertilizer Obtained from Such a Method
Spray applied building wrap coating material, spray applied building wrap, and building construction...
Anti-Vibration Sound Insulator for Suspended Ceiling
Prefabricated bathroom assembly and methods of its manufacture and installation
Enhanced fungal substrate and carrier
Display stand and method
Line anchor
Pharmaceutical Uses of Staurosporine Derivatives
Cell wall derivatives, their preparation process, and use thereof
Immunoglobulin Peptides Against Heated Bovine Blood
Authentication of Ingestible Products Using Saccharides as Markers
Method for diagnosing immunologic food sensitivity
Heat-Shrinkable Multilayer Films
Packaging Laminate for a Retortable Packaging Container
Heat-stable high-amylopectin starch
Flavored solid-form food product and method of preparation
Method For The Production Of Snacks And Product Thus Obtained
Functional Sugar Replacement
Flavour Modulating Substances
Animal Feedstuff Dyeing and Animal Drugs
Treatment Device and Method for Treating Food Products With Conditioned Air
Method and apparatus for controlling a conference call
Method, system and computer program product for multi-modality registration using virtual cursors
Method and apparatus for generating of a digital x-ray image
Wireless integrated automatic exposure control module
Step-and-shoot cardiac CT imaging
Step-and-shoot cardiac CT imaging
Methods and apparatus for displaying images on mixed monitor displays
Method and apparatus for reducing polarization within an imaging device
Methods and systems for process monitoring using x-ray emission
Methods for the detection, analysis and isolation of nascent proteins
Air pump
Image formation device enabling switching between color printing mode and monochrome printing mode
Stacked solid electrolytic capacitor
Tube and valve assembly
Carton for dispensing personal care articles
Adhesive insert stud
Base for food processor and steamer
Tabletop drink service display
Curved, slatted hammock
Trimmer comb
Toilet seat
Water gun
Counting device
Desktop paper shredder
Arithmetic functions in torus and tree networks
Method and system for bookmarking navigation points in a voice command title platform
Mapping data sets to a target structure
Method of retrieving phase and magnitude of weak ultra-short optical pulses using a stronger unknown...
Method and apparatus for classifying manufacturing outputs
System for distributing and controlling color reproduction at multiple sites
Method for in situ monitoring of chamber peeling
Method and system for monitoring plasma using optical emission spectrometry
Methods and apparatus for updating address resolution data
Phonetic searching
Packet processing device
Robust camera motion analysis for home video
Joint channel estimator for synchronous and asynchronous interference suppression in SAIC receiver
Well-less filtration device
Laminate from which decorative films can be applied to a substrate
Coating device and method using pick-and-place devices having equal or substantially equal periods
Glass beads and uses thereof
Splash shield system
End effector assembly cap and tissue removal device and related methods
Biopsy device
Method and apparatus for heating and applying warm antifog solution to endoscopes as well as a dista...
Endoscope shaft
Abrasive materials
Method of making a filtering face mask that has an exhalation valve
Laminate and method used for applying a design to a substrate
Reducing memory usage in noncoherent signal processing
GPS enabled cell phone with common interest alerts
Protocol to determine optimal target access routers for seamless IP-level handover
Providing services to groups of subscribers
Trunk line take-off
Lamp for projector
User interface for a computer display screen
Image data processing system, image data generating apparatus, terminal equipment and program produc...
Method and apparatus for programming an automation device
Automated systems and methods employing attribute-based binding and configurable rules for selection...
Process for the production of di- and polyamines of the diphenylmethane series
Multi-layered flexible tube
Cellular phone
Establishing a secure context at an electronic communications end-point
Pneumatic transport tube system
Iron cover
System and method for evaluating accuracy of an automatic location identification system
Intake control apparatus of internal combustion engine
Method and system for managing resource allocation in non-uniform resource access computer systems
Methods and compositions for blocking microbial adherence to eukaryotic cells
Nucleic acids encoding interphotoreceptor matrix proteins
Codeposition of hafnium-germanium oxides on substrates used in or for semiconductor devices
Methods for forming a ferroelectric layer and capacitor and FRAM using the same
Magnetic Memory Array
Group III nitride based superlattice structures
Design for plasma display panel resulting in improved light emission efficiency
Ice machine with remote monitoring
System and method of scheduling assisted-service travel terminal representatives
Method and system for authenticating a user in a web-based environment
Multiple-GNSS and FDMA high precision carrier-phase based positioning
Computer system authentication using security indicator
Slider suspension assembly
Embedded runout correction based on written-in runout measurement
Controller selection to reduce written-in run-out
Near-field optical transducers having a tilted metallic pin
Magnetic device for current assisted magnetic recording
Channel state aided automatic gain control
Multiple tip soldering with individually compliant tip
Two-Component Rna Virus-Derived Plant Expression System
Temporal Regulation of Gene Expression by MicroRNAs
Promoter for the Epidermis-Specific Transgenic Expression in Plants
Genes for Enhancing Nitrogen Utilization Efficiency in Crop Plants
Stress Resistant Plants
Herbicide-Resistant Sunflower Plants, Polynucleotides Encoding Herbicide-Resistant Acetohydroxyacid ...
Rice and Products Thereof Having Starch With an Increased Proportion of Amylose
Compositions and Methods for Amplification and Cloning of Near Full-Length Viral Genome Samples
Kits for Performing Amplification Reactions
siRNA targeting vacuolar ATPase
Erythromycins and Process for Their Preparation
Liposome allowing liposome-entrapped substance to escape from endosome
Pharmaceutical Co-Crystal Compositions and Related Methods of Use
MicroRNA biomarkers for human breast and lung cancer
Identification of the gene and mutation responsible for progressive rod-cone degeneration in dog and...
Universal e-tag primer and probe compositions and methods
CFTR allele detection assays
Methods for screening ligands that activate the translocation of a steroid receptor to the nucleus i...
MRP-related ABC transporter encoding nucleic acids and methods of use thereof
Overexpression of phytase genes in yeast systems
Mutant serine acetyltransferase
Method for reducing binding of organic material to hydrophobic surfaces
Polymerase compositions and uses thereof
Moraxella catarrhalis protein, gene sequence and uses thereof
Electronic Mail Communications System with Client Email Internet Service Provider (ISP) Polling Appl...
Lentiviral packaging cells