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Vaccine composition
Oxidizer and oxidation process for a desulphurization process
Method and arrangement of rotating magnetically inducible particles
Method of preparing a pressurized container of pigmented paint
Application configuration change log
Method and system for specifying file-specific program settings
Cross channel delivery system and method
Access point high-speed connecting method using presence service
System and method for adjusting the traffic carried by a network
System and method for interpreting market forces and developing strategic business directions
Testing a station's response to a reduction in wireless signal strength
Power and data rate control in a multi-rate wireless system
System and method for controlling an operational mode of a MAC layer in broadband wireless access co...
Process for vertically patterning substrates in semiconductor process technology by means of inconfo...
Liquid crystal display device and method of manufacturing the same
Optimum stable composite clock network
System for merchandise ordering and order fulfillment
Document summarization based on topicality and specificity
Wellbore diagnostic system and method
Method and apparatus for detection of quadrupole nuclei in motion relative to the search region
Lens array for electron beam lithography tool
Method for producing cathodes and anodes for electrochemical systems, metallised material used there...
Mycobacterial sulfation pathway proteins and methods of use thereof
Sulfur-free propellant compositions
Method for controlling a drivetrain of a vehicle
Multi-speed planetary transmission
X-ray generating apparatus
Reactor structural member and method of suppressing corrosion of the same
Method and system for switching between multiple computer applications
Processing gain for wireless communication, such as in automatic data collection systems for public ...
Optically storing digital data in the form of spectrally coded particles
Coated luminescent material and light-emitting device having such a luminescent material
Coating composition for insulating film production, preparation method of insulation film by using t...
Silicone resin composition and molded product thereof
Reference electrode having a flowing liquid junction and filter members
Parabolic trough solar collector for fluid heating and photovoltaic cells
Functional timing analysis for characterization of virtual component blocks
Load balancing service
Memory management unit for a network switch
Microscope system and microscope focus maintaining device for the same
Multimode fiber optic amplifier and method of amplifying optical signals
Lithographic alignment system and device manufacturing method
Image sensing apparatus, control method for illumination device, flash photographing method, and com...
Integrated circuit devices with power supply detection circuitry
Wireless terminal
POS system, input/output control apparatus for use in a POS system, and method
Method for scanning probe contact printing
Stamping system for manufacturing high tolerance parts
Implant delivery system
Lamp for night vision system
Oval applicator
Substituted [1,2,3]triazolo[4,5-d]pyrimidines
Use of perfluoroalkyl-containing metal complexes as contrast media in MR-imaging for visualization o...
AAA low profile support structure
Medical devices and methods of making the same
Apparatus for delivering ablation fluid to treat lesions
Expandable medical device delivery system and method
Explosive effect mitigated containers and enclosing devices
Absorbent garment
Absorbent article with improved fastening system
Dual-layered disposable garment having tailored stretch characteristics
Self-cooling beverage container with permeable wall
Printable liquid crystal material
Adhesive articles with improved air egress and methods of making the same
Filter assembly
Tear resistant gels, composites, and liner articles
Protector and blood pump system
Cell collection device
Print head pressure control architectures
Azabicyclo-octane inhibitors of IAP
Treatment of disorder related to low cyclic GMP levels
1,2 diarylbenzimidazoles and their pharmaceutical use
Derivatives of [6,7-dihydro-5H-imidazol[1,2-a]imidazole-3-sulfonylamino]-propionamide
Method for treating cryptorchidism
Phenyltetrazole compounds
Process for the synthesis of Losartan potassium
Oxidative activation and episulfonium ion-mediated DNA alkylation-based anticancer
Aromatic amino acid derivatives and medicinal compositions
Use of thiazole derivatives for preparing a medicine for protecting mitochondria
Methods and compositions for alleviating pain
Alkylammonium salts of omeprazole and esomeprazole
Solid-liquid separator
Filter aid and method of using same for reclaiming water-based fluids used in metal working processe...
Heatsealable filter materials
Grease trap waste treatment and fat, oil, and grease (FOG) recovery system
Method for CMP with variable down-force adjustment
Nickel alloy silicide including indium and a method of manufacture therefor
Technique for enhancing stress transfer into channel regions of NMOS and PMOS transistors
Clustered surface preparation for silicide and metal contacts
Semiconductor substrate, semiconductor device, method for manufacturing semiconductor substrate and ...
Helium-based etch process in deposition-etch-deposition gap fill
Method for preparing a structure with high aspect ratio
Plated terminations
Multiple layer etch stop and etching method
High pressure treatment for improved grain growth and void reduction
Low-pressure removal of photoresist and etch residue
Fabrication method of semiconductor device
Method for forming via hole and trench for dual damascene interconnection
Method of electroplating a substance over a semiconductor substrate
CMP wafer contamination reduced by insitu clean
Method for fabricating nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
Device for testing video signals
Device for testing video signals
Audio video shelving unit
Audio video shelving unit
System and method for storing and accessing secure data
Method for sending messages over secure mobile communication links
Disk cartridge and device to which disk cartridge is inserted
Recombinant expression cassettes with a fungal 3' termination sequence that function in plants
Apparatus and method to coordinate calendar searches in a network scheduler given limited resources
Header range check hash circuit
Efficient high density voice processor
Method and apparatus for backhaul of telecommunications signaling protocols over packet-switching ne...
Method and apparatus for effecting handoff between different cellular communications systems
Method and apparatus for data driven network management
Systems and methods for limiting low priority traffic from blocking high priority traffic
Method and apparatus for throttling selected traffic flows
Dual-voltage wordline drive circuit with two stage discharge
Memory circuit with automatic refresh function
Method and device for pulse shaping QPSK signals
Write circuit of memory device
Processing of received data within a multiple processor device
Computer system having daisy chained self timed memory chips
Network controller and method to support format negotiation between interfaces of a network
Daisy chained memory system
Portable networking interface method and apparatus for distributed switching system
Interfacing a digital display card through PCI express connector
Method and apparatus for recognizing multiword expressions
Method and apparatus for providing clocking phase alignment in a transceiver system
Adjusting log size in a static logical volume
Two-dimensional graphics for incorporating on three-dimensional objects
Method and apparatus for CRZ-DQPSK optical signal generation
Hybrid RF/optical communication system with deployable optics and atmosphere compensation system and...
Compact polarizer and associated device for semiconductor devices
Demosaicing graphical content
Optical object detector
ASIC having dense mask-programmable portion and related system development method
Compact fuel cell stack structure
Ceramics honeycomb structural body and method of manufacturing the structural body
Multi-layer preliminary formed body and method of manufacturing the formed body
Substrate treatment apparatus
Pulse wave measuring apparatus of high measurement accuracy
Head member, method for ink-repellent treatment and apparatus for the same
Rotary atomizer, and air bearing protection system for rotary atomizer
Moisture cure non-isocyanate acrylic coatings
Clear polycarbonate polyester blend
Aqueous ink for ink jet printer recording
Water-based ink
Method for forming a trench MOSFET having self-aligned features
Shade curtain freely attachable to and detachable from a hat
Catalytic epoxidation of styrene with molecular oxygen using metal ion exchanged zeolites
Wired circuit board holding sheet and production method thereof
Virtual memory based noise textures
Device with dual dispensing system
Antenna structure with distributed strip
Water-based ink composition for ballpoint pen and water-based ballpoint pen
Method and apparatus for designing cipher logic, and a computer product
Method and apparatus for the monitoring and treatment of spontaneous cardiac arrhythmias
Electrophysiology catheter
Methods and apparatus for delivering laser energy for joining parts
Compounds having .beta..sub.2 adrenergic receptor agonist and muscarinic receptor antagonist activit...
Multilayer ceramic capacitor with terminal formed by electroless plating
Image intensifier and LWIR fusion/combination system
Arylindenopyridines and arylindenopyrimidines and related therapeutic and prophylactic methods
Isotactic propylene copolymer fibers, their preparation and use
Radiolabeled selective androgen receptor modulators and their use in prostate cancer imaging and the...
Homologous 28-kilodalton immunodominant protein genes of Ehrlichia canis and uses thereof
Yersinia species compositions
Rigid gas permeable lens material
Soil granulates with controlled active ingredient release (cr soil granulates)
Combustible pesticidal products
Insect repellent with sun protection factor
Preparation of articles having a contact biocidal property
UspA1 and UspA2 antigens of Moraxella catarrhalis
Cold-adapted influenza virus
Polypeptide for the treatment of cancer and a method for preparation thereof
Method for treating multiple myeloma
Production of motif-specific and context-independent antibodies using peptide libraries as antigens
Network based device for providing RFID middleware functionality
Portable device and method for use thereon and method for use thereof
Dual security label
Method and apparatus for resolving RFID-based object traffic transactions to a single container in t...
Radio frequency data communications device with adjustable receiver sensitivity and method
Method of increasing noise immunity with a simulated preamble
Internal chip antenna
Method of manufacturing substrate for circuit board and smart label having the substrate
Antenna system for radio frequency identification
Identification card printer having ribbon cartridge with cleaner roller
Strap clip
Human semaphorin L (H-SemaL) and corresponding semaphorins in other species
Preparation of acetic acid
Process for preparing prostaglandin derivatives and starting materials for the same
Crystal and solvate of 2-amino-6-benzyloxypurine and production methods thereof
Phenol-reacted non-ester alicyclic diepoxides
Conductive adhesive composition
Autoxidisable architectural coating compositions
Fine contact hole forming method employing thermal flow process
Method of making photomask blank substrates
Method of producing phase shift mask blank, method of producing phase shift mask, phase shift mask b...
Use of adenoviruses mutated in the VA genes for cancer treatment
Alkaline primary battery
Aromatic liquid-crystalline polyester composition and film of the same
Drag system for a spinning reel
Animal harness
Rising stimulation modification
Collapsible corner animal cage
Line recoil device
Ice fishing tip-up display
Method and apparatus for needle placement and entry point determination in percutaneous procedures
Computed tomography method for the reconstruction of object images from real and fictitious measured...
Bimodal polyethylene composition and articles made therefrom
Methods for mitigating the production of water from subterranean formations
Electromagnetic energy adaptation material
Methods of stabilizing surfaces of subterranean formations
Method and system for providing insurance to consumers against unfavorable outcomes resulting from s...
Method and apparatus for rate accuracy enhancement in ventricular tachycardia detection
System and method for classifying pixels in images
Object-of-interest image de-blurring
Image processing apparatus supporting both discrete cosine transform and discrete wavelet transform
Component feeder exchange diagnostic tool
Information processing apparatus, and information processing method
Image processing device including pixel interpolation
Transform table for ink sizing and compression
Transform table for ink sizing and compression
Method and apparatus for MPEG artifacts reduction
Method and apparatus for reducing the bandwidth required to transmit image data
Methods and devices for encoding and decoding images using nested meshes, programme, signal and corr...
Cable clip and cable riser integrating a cable clip
Optical connector assembly, coupling device and method for aligning such a coupling device and a wav...
Display device
Light emitting device
LED and a lighting apparatus using the LED
Lighting system for vehicle
Socket for led light source and lighting system using the socket
Lamp formed of a golf ball washer
Backlight assembly and display apparatus having the same
Electric lamp with heat resistant shade
Backlight module and liquid crystal display device using the same
Optical reflector and planar light source device
Planar light source device and liquid crystal display device
Optical sheet and backlight assembly of liquid crystal display with the same
Edge-type backlight unit
Display device having a protruding light transmission panel including a light diffusion portion
Illuminating device and backlight device employing the illuminating device
Lamp module
Position-based on/off switch scope
Firearm recoil absorbing system
Reticle for telescopic gunsight and method for using
Imaging members
Urinary tract tissue graft compositions and methods for producing same
Method of tray ejecting force control
Unclocked eFUSE circuit
Sense amplifiers having MOS transistors therein with different threshold voltages and/or that suppor...
Storage controller and method for recording diagnostic information
Semiconductor device
Wired, wireless, infrared, and powerline audio entertainment systems
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Receiver including linearity compensation in the receive band
Semiconductor device
Single frequency repeater
Read method and sensing device
Chemical compounds
Branched polycarbonates
Cartridge assembly for a retractable eyewear retainer strap
Glasses having frame for combined use with a cap
Nucleotide and amino acid sequences, and assays and methods of use thereof for diagnosis of cardiac ...
Paper product
Paper product
Substrate with printed pattern
Photo bleach lipophilic fluid cleaning compositions
Method of controlling the winding of a roll of web material
Network-like communication and stack synchronization for different virtual machines on the same phys...
System and method for detecting and isolating faults in a computer collaboration environment
Anomaly detection
Fail over method through disk take over and computer system having failover function
Method and system for automatically transitioning of configuration settings among computer systems
Rasp blade with cutting teeth laterally displaced from a planar body
Axle assembly with sensor mount
Spindle motor having a hydrodynamic bearing system
Taper lock bearing assembly
Bearing shell made of hybrid material and process for production thereof
Suspension joint bearing
Linear motion guide unit
Method and apparatus for filling the bearing gap of a hydrodynamic bearing with a lubricant
Identification information embedding apparatus and identification information analysis apparatus
Processor with improved accuracy for multiply-add operations
Methods and structures of multi-level comma detection and data alignment in data stream communicatio...
Methods and systems of providing information to computer users
Network address translation for voice over internet protocol router
Optical microresonator with microcylinder and circumferential coating forming resonant waveguides
Method for optically recognizing alpha-numerical characters
Carbamoyl-and thiocarbamoyl-phosphonates and pharmaceutical compositions comprising them
Overmolded lens over LED die
Method for producing a mask layout avoiding imaging errors for a mask
Optical connections and methods of forming optical connections
Apparatus for removing and inserting optically read disks
Method and apparatus for optimizing a logic network in a digital circuit
Lacrosse head with cushioned sidewalls
Noise attenuation apparatus for borehole telemetry
Method for performing in vivo dosimetry
Absorbent product with low friction zone
Convenient process of manufacture for difluoromethylornithine and related compounds
Process for preparing benzhydrylthioacetamide
Compact color feature vector representation
System and method for transferring a database from one location to another over a network
Kalanchoe plant named `Galera`
Ultrasensitive magnetoelectric thin film magnetometer and method of fabrication
Piezoelectric/electrostrictive device
Electronic device
Light-radiating semiconductor component with a luminescene conversion element
Solvent for treating polysilazane and method of treating polysilazane with the solvent
Methods of fabricating integrated circuit ferroelectric memory devices including plate lines directl...
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Impregnation of grinding wheels using supercritical fluids
Portable terminal device
Antagonists specific for denatured collagen and methods of using same
Image type classification using color discreteness features
Inkjet recording device
Segmentation-based halftoning
Color image processing apparatus and color image processing system using the apparatus
Method for color cast removal in scanned images
Cost effective method for synthesis of triarylamine compounds from an aniline and an arylchloride
Phase change ink formulations, colorant formulations, and methods of forming colorants
Method of synchronising three or more electronic devices and a computer system for implementing that...
Method and system for delivery alerts to a user
Synchronizing data shared between two devices independent of any other devices that may also share t...
System and method for entering flexible travel queries with layover description
Method and apparatus for effectuating a predetermined communications connection
Nemesia plant named `KLENH05138`
Calibrachoa plant named `KLECA05101`
Osteospermum plant named `Sunny Dark Florence`
Shrub rose plant named `Poultc012`
Phygelius plant named `CROCORPRI`
Joint-layer restoration in packet-over-optical networks
Shared wireline code division multiple access
Integrated broadband and narrowband SS7 signaling gateway with M3UA and point code mapping
Paging in cellular telecommunications systems
Portable wireless gateway
Methods and devices for the retransmission of data packets
Method and apparatus for anonymous call redirection in a wireless network
Communication network with a ring topology
Method of preventing detonation of a mobile-terminal-triggered explosive device
MEMS mirror with tip or piston motion for use in adaptive optics
Electrostatic atomisation device
Material and method and device for producing the same
Composition comprising EPDM and a paraffinic oil
Powder rubber subjected to treatment of making unevenness on surface thereof and rubber composition ...
Liquid-filled golf ball with preferential internal structures
Waterproof packing, waterproof connector using the same and process for producing waterproof connect...
Multi-state thermally assisted storage
High-brightness gallium-nitride based light emitting diode structure
Plasma display panel
Thermoplastic resin composition and method for preparing thereof
Multi-functional solder and articles made therewith, such as microelectronic components
Method to reduce charge buildup during high aspect ratio contact etch
Mucin synthesis inhibitors
Storing a composition in an alcoholic gel
Semiconductor substrate, method of manufacturing the semiconductor substrate, semiconductor device a...
Method and apparatus for preparing a dialkyl carbonate, and its use in the preparation of diaryl car...
Method of fabricating semiconductor device, and developing apparatus using the method
Long-range, handheld illumination system
Assembly of a fluorescent lamp and an extension means
Brownfields investing
Hybrid or chimeric polynucleotides, proteins, and compositions comprising hepatitis B virus sequence...
Combination bacteriolytic therapy for the treatment of tumors
BGL5 .beta.-glucosidase and nucleic acids encoding the same
Method for synthesizing ceramide-type compounds
Recombinant methods for expressing a functional sweet (T1R2/T1R3) taste receptor
Olfactory receptor for isovaleric acid and related malodorants and use thereof in assays for identif...
Heteroduplex tracking assay
Processing methods combining multiple frames of image data
Method and system for describing and identifying concepts in natural language text for information r...
Streaming XPath algorithm for XPath value index key generation
Methods and apparatus for performing structural joins for answering containment queries
Information searching method, information searching program, and computer-readable recording medium ...
Method and apparatus for optimizing queries in a logically partitioned computer system
Apparatus for abnormal diagnosis of variable valve timing mechanism
Method of segmenting an audio stream
Methods for recognizing unknown media samples using characteristics of known media samples
Alarm device for vehicle
Vehicle navigation apparatus for controlling map-matching areas
Method of servo-control in a braking system having electric brakes
Vehicle air conditioner having learning function and correcting function
Modular switch and control system for use in a motor vehicle
Method for loading software
Vehicle body slip angle detecting apparatus, vehicle body slip angle detecting method, and vehicle m...
Method and device for producing road and street data for a digital map
Automatic central buffer coupling with signal transmission device
Pedal operated cymbal stand for holding cymbals with adjustable elevation angle and position
Drum beating practice assembly
Foot prosthesis with resilient multi-axial ankle
Shoe with massaging and warming arrangements
Self-propelled toy duck
Hole plug
Lighted garments, footwear, backpacks, and other accessories with improved switch
Seating device
Manipulation device for wheelchair footrests
Stand for clamping a rod-shaped unit, particularly a Christmas tree
Ergonomic crutches
Device for a torque or shear force transmitter for the determination of fibre concentration or visco...
Shoe with lacing
Article of footwear having a textile upper
Shoe having a variety of lacing styles
Foot measuring method
Devices for maintaining the appearance and integrity of kilties that adorn men's and women's shoes
High speed swelling, pressure exerting hemostatic device
Materials containing negative ions and infrared materials for promoting health
Closure System For Braces, Protective Wear And Similar Articles
Method and Apparatus for Applying Flocking to the Outsole of Shoe Under Pressure
Nanoscale interconnection interface
Detecting the orientation of carbon nanotubes
Heavy-load nanopositioner with dual-parallel flexure design
Nanostructure, electronic device and method of manufacturing the same
Carbon nanotube apparatus and method of carbon nanotube modification
Nanofabricated polypeptide multilayer films, coatings, and microcapsules
Colloid solution of metal nanoparticles, metal-polymer nanocomposites and methods for preparation th...
Enhancing thermal conductivity of fluids with graphite nanoparticles and carbon nanotube
Method of aligning carbon nanotubes and method of manufacturing field emission device using the same
Electrode compositions containing carbon nanotubes for solid electrolyte capacitors
Method for preparing colloidal particles in the form of nanocapsules
Nanoparticles for targeting hepatoma cells
Surface-modified zinc oxide for the production of nanoparticulate dispersions
Nanoparticles for targeting hepatoma cells
Apparatus and method for threading a biopolymer through a nanopore
Synthesis of metal nanoparticle compositions from metallic and ethynyl compounds
Nano grinding mill (dried type)
Rubber composition containing resinous nanoparticle
Nanoscale displacement detector
Tracking an image-recording medium using a watermark and associated memory
Imaging apparatus
Intermediate adapter
Apparatus and method for calibrating zoom lens
Method and apparatus for handling stereoscopic images utilizing parallax images
Image shift correcting device, image capturing device, and digital camera using same
Device for mounting and demounting optical element
Systems and methods for generating stereo images
Online Learning Monitor
Mobile telephony
Rocking type exercising apparatus
Golf swing training device
Synthetic ice surface systems and methods thereof
Toy racing game
Toy vehicle for children
Turkey calls
Motorized amusement device
Interactive toy
Illuminated flying disc
Child walker
Game system
Chess set for the blind
Turning machine
Modular construction system utilizing versatile construction elements with multi-directional connect...
Computer implemented modeling and analysis of an application user interface
System, method, and computer program product for effort estimation
Hierarchical categorization method and system with automatic local selection of classifiers
System and method for dynamically applying content management rules
System and method for remotely diagnosing faults
System and method to customize the facilitation of development of user thinking about and documentin...
Management training simulation method and system
Method and System of Online Broadcasting
System and method for branding a document
Foldable transaction card systems for non-traditionally-sized transaction cards
Multimedia speaker set
Mobile device expansion system
Simulcast web page delivery
Semi-automatic annotation of multimedia objects
Method of counting the number of multimedia broadcasting multicast service subscribers
Multimedia presentation apparatus and method
Chair-side multimedia communication system
Landfills and methods of operating a landfill
Composite material for a permeable reactive barrier
Geotechnical barrier
Static soft rail launch and recovery system
Refrigerator piggy bank
Piggy bank
Aura sphere
Cemetery foot stone retainer pan
On line tire dressing application pad
Walkie stacker lift truck
Cart with a vacuum cleaner
Bottle return apparatus
Canister vacuum
Head for a cleaning appliance
Vacuum cleaner nozzle
Tool for a cleaning appliance
Tool for a cleaning appliance
Tool for a cleaning appliance
Combined fan heater and shoe dryer
Pet toy
Pet grooming tool handle
Canine comfort station
Equine boot
Hoof boot body
Method and apparatus for generating a coupon
Data transfer system, data transfer apparatus, data-recording apparatus, data management method and ...
Wireless security module
Method for securing digital content
System and method for application performance management
Method to reduce provisioning time in shared storage systems by preemptive copying of images
System, method and article of manufacture for a knowledge management tool proposal wizard
Secure execution of downloaded software
802.11 using a compressed reassociation exchange to facilitate fast handoff
Encrypted and non-encrypted communication of message data
Security constrained optimal dispatch for electricity markets
Phased learning approach to determining closest content serving sites
Securely relaying content using key chains
Systems and methods for reports based on transmission-failure claims
Wallet consolidator and related methods of processing a transaction using a wallet consolidator
System and method for managing, manipulating, and analyzing data and devices over a distributed netw...
Method and apparatus for electronic commerce services at a point of sale
Method and apparatus for dynamic information connection search engine
Optimized transmission and load security constrained unit commitment dispatch using linear programmi...
Process for formulating a customized skin care product
Molecular motor
System and method for tracking and controlling infections
Diffraction grating-based encoded micro-particles for multiplexed experiments
Inbred corn line G06-NP2907
Canola cultivar NQC02CNX25
Lettuce cultivar green thunder
Rice glutelin gene promoters
Transgenic plant expressing maltogenic alpha-amylase
Plant farnesyltransferases
Methods for production of p-hydroxybenzoate in bacteria
Lactobacillus acidophilus nucleic acid sequences encoding cell surface protein homologues and uses t...
Humanization of an anti-carcinoembryonic antigen anti-idiotype antibody as a tumor vaccine and for t...
Carcinoma-related genes and polypeptides and methods of use thereof
Cancerous disease modifying antibodies
Flea head, nerve cord, hindgut and malpighian tubule proteins
Stress-responsive activator of p300 (strap) protein
.alpha.-conotoxin peptides with analgesic properties
Protein interaction difference mapping
Directed microwave chemistry
Self-encoding sensor with microspheres
Kernel-mode audio processing modules
Discriminator for differently modulated signals, method used therein, demodulator equipped therewith...
Cursor movement controlling apparatus for electronic musical apparatus
Tambourine connection to support structure
Electronic keyboard musical instrument
Elastomer composites, elastomer blends and methods
Gas separation using molecular sieve SSZ-74
Product and method for the processing of precursors for lithium phosphate active materials
Mg2MM'o 6+x, (M=Y, rare earth metal and M'=SN, OR Zr) dielectric ceramics
Apparatus and method for recovering carbon black from pyrolysis byproducts
Directed flow method and system for bulk separation of single-walled tubular fullerenes based on hel...
Process for treating fluorine compound-containing gas
Gas processing method and gas processing apparatus utilizing oxidation catalyst and low-temperature ...
Method for making and conditioning super-oxygenated and structured water
Iron oxide pigments from mill scale
System for reducing powertrain reaction torque
Vehicle-behavior detecting apparatus and vehicle-behavior controlling apparatus
Electric power steering apparatus
Steering angular velocity computing device and method
Road shape recognition apparatus
Exterior electrochromic reflective mirror element for a vehicular rearview mirror assembly
Baby car seat alarm system
Rotary walker robotic platform
Collision detection system for vehicle
Tension sensing assembly
Four-wheel steering assembly
Stair-climbing wheelchair carrier
Rotating and/or swiveling seat
Gear secure
Apparatus for activating occupant restraint device
Front structure of all terrain vehicle
Tire wheel structure
Power system for electrically powered land vehicle
Work vehicle
Fuel pump control
Amphibious craft
Automatic call distributor with language based routing system and method
Method and process to generate real time input/output in a voice XML run-time simulation environment
Keypad and microphone arrangement
Network testing systems
Mobile communications terminal, application program execution state control method, and execution st...
Noise masking communications apparatus
System and method for identifying a headset type in an electrical device
Techniques for providing uninterrupted digital communications to customers coupled to local loop gen...
Method and system for automatic call distribution based on location information for call center agen...
Call routing from first to second dialog of interactive voice response system
Telephony transitioning system
Picture and video message center system
Exempting certain incoming callers from screening by a privacy system
Methods and systems for providing usage pattern service for telecommunications customers
Contact center conferencing of e-mail message
Unified messaging system
System and method for extracting demographic information
Methods for testing cable pairs in a telecommunications network
Echo canceller of ADSL system and training method thereof
Techniques to reduce echo
Method and system for alerting a person to a situation
Heat dissipating audio systems and methods thereof
Energy attenuation device
Exhaust water trap
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and magnetic resonance imaging method
Method and apparatus for high-gain magnetic resonance imaging
Method for transforming a distortion-corrected magnetic resonance image, method for carrying out mag...
Method of Operation for a Magnetic Resonance Imaging Suite
NMR probe component with a gradient chip with a slot for insertion of a sample chip
Detection unit for arrangement inside a cylindrical patient receptacle of a magnetic resonance appar...
Electro-optic displays, and materials for use therein
Electrophoretic display medium containing solvent resistant emulsion aggregation particles
Inhibitors of HCV replication
PRO1316 antibodies
Antibodies against the PRO1154 polypeptide
PRO10274 polypeptides
Pharmaceutical compositions as inhibitors of dipeptidyl peptidase-IV (DPP-IV)
Amides useful for treating pain
Compositions useful as inhibitors of JAK and other protein kinases
Compositions and methods for inhibiting viral replication
Glycorandomization and production of novel vancomycin analogs
Methionine aminopeptidase-2 inhibitors and methods of use thereof
Arene-ruthenium complexes immobilized on polymers, catalysts consisting of the complexes, and proces...
Expression of HIV polypeptides and production of virus-like particles
Taste masked veterinary formulation
Pull apart fragrance sampler
Tie1-binding ligands
Cyan ink, ink set, set of ink and reaction liquid, and image forming method
Pouch with cleaning composition
Pouch with cleaning composition
Electrical adapter with indicator light
Gear shift indicator
Pouch with cleaning compositions
Computer accessory including CD case opener, CD cleaning wiper and keyboard cleaning brush
Method for loading and unloading disk-shaped recording medium and disk drive device
Method and apparatus for layout synthesis of regular structures using relative placement
Filtering by broadcast or recording quality within an electronic program guide
Error correction encoding apparatus and method and error correction decoding apparatus and method
System for memory hot swap
Bios security management
Method and apparatus for sending thread-execution-state-sensitive supervisory commands to a simultan...
Data stream prefetching in a microprocessor
High speed DRAM cache architecture
Time-interval-based system and method to determine if a device error rate equals or exceeds a thresh...
Methods and systems for monitoring the efficacy of a marketing project
Footwear sole
Footwear sole
Footwear sole
Footwear sole
Therapeutic footwear
Aerogel/PTFE composite insulating material
System and a method for three-dimensional imaging systems
Prismatic retroreflective article with fluorine- or silicon-containing prisms
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Pilates sock with tactile posture feedback
Stretchable high friction socks
Unsupported, electron transparent films and related methods
Device for increased thermal conductivity between a printed wiring assembly and a chassis
Memory module assembly
Memory module assembly including a clip for mounting a heat sink thereon
Locking device for a heat sink
IC socket assembly
Heat dissipation structure of intelligent power module, display module having the same, and method f...
Coolant control unit, and cooled electronics system and method employing the same
Heat dissipation device
Grease cover for heat dissipating apparatus
Apparatus and method for facilitating cooling of an electronics rack by mixing cooler air flow with ...
Apparatus for thawing frozen food items
Heat exchanger for motor vehicles
Plate heat exchanger and flow guide plate
Centrifugal impeller
Heat sink for distributing a thermal load
Loop heat pipe
Fixing device for a radiator
Heat exchanger package with split radiator and split charge air cooler
Heat and moisture filter exchanger and method
Device for heat exchange
System and method for fabricating three-dimensional objects using solid free-form fabrication
Photonic crystal devices including gain material and methods for using the same
Method and apparatus for managing internetwork and intranetwork activity
Torque sensor with inverted sensing element and integral shaft housing
7-Substituted-9-substituted amino-6-demethyl-6-deoxytetracyclines
Substituted amides
Tubular barrel-shaped flashlight having rotatable switching assembly and focusing and defocusing cap...
Universal multi-variant detection system
Assigning free register to unmaterialized predicate in inverse predicate expression obtained for bra...
Phenylcarboxylate beta-secretase inhibitors for the treatment of alzheimer's disease
Evacuation route planning tool
System and method for emulating a surface EKG using internal cardiac signals sensed by an implantabl...
Fixing device and image forming apparatus
System and method for providing an integrated circuit with a unique identification
Process for the production of an olefin oxide
Corrosion protection using carbon coated electron collector for lithium-ion battery with molten salt...
Refractive surgery and presbyopia correction using infrared and ultraviolet lasers
Information recording apparatus, recording media and recording method
Process for producing fluorocopolymer, fluorocopolymer, and molded object
Label-independent detection of unpurified analytes
Reagent and method for providing coatings on surfaces
Electronic apparatus, electronic apparatus system, and operation mode switching method
Optical films incorporating cyclic olefin copolymers
Pest control techniques
Transparent conductive film
Photonic crystal fibers and medical systems including photonic crystal fibers
Composition for promoting lacrimal secretion
Iontophoretic drug delivery systems
Infrared radiator with carbon fiber heating element centered by spacers
Toothbrush sterilizer
Card reader and abnormality coping method for card reader
Nucleic acids encoding fusion peptides
Diindolylmethane for the treatment of HPV infection
Nonnucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors
Chemical compounds
Indole, azaindole and related heterocyclic 4-alkenyl piperidine amides
Cyclic amine compounds as CCR5 antagonists
Use of an anti-endotoxin drug in the prevention and treatment of disease
Methods of diagnosing Parkinson's disease by measuring expression level of RNA encoding human protei...
Nucleic acid derivatives
Clinical assays for the detection and typing of human herpesviruses
SOCS-1 gene methylation in cancer
Method of inducing cell death using West Nile virus capsid protein
Method and device for detecting feline immunodeficiency virus
HIV capsid assembly-associated compositions and method
Method for extracting antineoplastic components from Bupleurum scorzonerifolium
Poxvirus with targeted infection specificity
Polysaccharide containing phosphorylcholine group and process for producing the same
Myocardial stimulation
Wireless repeater
Drilling device
Methods for filtrating and producing polymer solution, and for preparing solvent
Icon for a portion of a display screen
Methods and systems for providing technology-assisted content development
Reader for decoding two-dimensional optically readable information
Top portion of a housing of a mobile device
Tire with low thermal expansion component
Communication system
Semi-passive radio frequency identification (RFID) tag with active beacon
Reproducing system and corresponding information recording medium having wobbled land portions
Cradle for panel controller
Image forming apparatus
Labile linkage for compound delivery to a cell
Upgrading electronic files of a mobile device upgrade client
Determination of testosterone by mass spectrometry
Metabolic gene polynucleotides and polypeptides and uses thereof
Pulse oximeter and sensor optimized for low saturation
Light-emitting module
In vivo joint implant cycle counter
Mobile ballistic missile detection and defense system
Method and system for creation and use of a photo album
Vinyl acetate-ethylene carpet backings having spill resistance
Supported, titanized chromium catalyst and its use for preparing homopolymers and copolymers of ethy...
Cochlear electrode array
Chamber with adjustable volume for cell culture and organ assist
Connective tissue substitutes, method of preparation and uses thereof
Pyrazolyl biphenyl carboxamides and the use thereof for controlling undesirable microorganisms
Enhanced compliant probe card systems having improved planarity
System and method for managing utility consumption
Organoaluminum precursor compounds
Honeycomb structural body, manufacturing method of the honeycomb structural body, and exhaust gas pu...
Data security system and method with parsing and dispersion techniques
Information processing apparatus, method, program, and storage medium for inputting a pronunciation ...
Motorcycle dynamic exhaust system
Resizing internet document for display on television screen
Polarizing, photochromic devices and methods of making the same
Electronic transaction verification system
Philadelphus plant named `STARBRIGHT`
System and method for processing a compressed data stream
Methods for purchasing of goods and services
Area coverage with an autonomous robot
Verbascum plant named `Jackie in Spots`
Computer game controller
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease simulator
Method and apparatus for screening aspects of vision development and visual processing related to co...
Apparatus and method for teaching and reinforcing positive behavior
Systems and methods for use in mobile medical training
Sectionalized surfboard
Iron-based sintered compact and method for production thereof
Creation of image file
System and methods for automatically creating lists
Toy weapon with a periscope suitable for allowing a user to view obstructed objects through the peri...
Detection of decryption to identify encrypted virus
Microwave oven having a door ventilation system
Adjusting manufacturing process control parameter using updated process threshold derived from uncon...
Thin film capacitor and method for manufacturing the same
Data move method and apparatus
Semiconductor light-emitting element
Solvent extraction
Computer system having an identification device
Method for providing a deep connection to substrate or buried layer in a semiconductor device
Process for the manufacture of a veneer
System and method for abnormal event detection in the operation of continuous industrial processes
Elastic absorbent pants having an elastic material secured in an unstretched state to an absorbant c...
Method for the resale of vehicles
Detecting configuration inconsistency in storage networks
Clasp assembly for jewelry
Intrusion tolerant communication networks and associated methods
Method and apparatus for data transfer across a network
Image control system and method incorporating a graininess correction
Bias circuit having transistors that selectively provide current that controls generation of bias vo...
Multiphased triangular wave oscillating circuit and switching regulator using it
Bidirectional power conversion with multiple control loops
Switching power supply device
DC-DC converter capable of performing for wide and dynamic voltage range
Coil switching of an electric generator
Method for utilizing temperature to determine a battery state
Battery pack and method for producing battery pack
Information terminal and battery remaining capacity calculating method
Power management topologies
Monopole field electric motor-generator with switchable coil configuration
Apparatus and method for flywheel based cooling
Multi-beam flashlight
Semiconductor integrated circuit and a semiconductor device
Power tool
Electrical connector for aluminum conductor composite core (ACCC) cable
Convertible electrical device cover and method for installing same
Invasive medical device, especially for guided tissue regeneration
Gaming machines with communication links configured to present bonus games
Controller for multiple circuits of display lighting
System and method for systematically irrigating subregions of an irrigation region
System, method, and resilient neurological stimulation lead for stimulation of a person's nerve tiss...
Home gateway system for automation and security
Three color digital gobo system
Mechanically robust lead frame assembly for an electrical connector
Electrical connector with strain relief features
Automated medication dispenser
Surgical drape with conductor and method of detecting fluid and leaks in thermal treatment system Ba...
Urinary tract catheter
System, Apparatus, and Method for Facilitating Interface with Laryngeal Structures
System, Apparatus, and Method for Facilitating Interface with Laryngeal Structures
System, Apparatus, and Method for Facilitating Interface with Laryngeal Structures
System, Apparatus, and Method for Facilitating Interface with Laryngeal Structures
Method for using acoustic shock waves for bone grafting
Modulators of ATP-Binding Cassette Transporters
Fibroblast Growth Factor-Like Polypeptides
Fibroblast Growth Factor-Like Polypeptides
Methods and Compositions Relating to Alzheimer's Disease
Water-soluble compositions of bioactive lipophilic compounds
Compounds having activity at the GlyT1 transporter
Compositions and methods for promoting neural regeneration
Acylurea Connected And Sulfonylurea Connected Hydroxamates
Novel methods using aminobenzoic acid compounds
Method of marketing diposable consumer products in conjunction with a motion picture
Therapeutic electrical stimulation that avoids undesirable activation
Methods and systems for semi-automatic adjustment of medical monitoring and treatment
Extragastric Balloon With Attachment Tabs
System and device to sculpt an individual's body
Visualizing Formation of Ablation Lesions
Method and Apparatus for Diagnosing Pre-eclampsia
Method and composition of a medicament to decrease the adverse events of Olistat, an oral lipase inh...
Flexible hydraulic compositions
Collapsible concrete forms
Cholesterol-reducing diet
Versatile Messaging System
On-board training mode for mobile equipment
System and method for tracking instructional material for change calculation
System for Supervised Remote Training
System and method for generation of worksbooks by software modules received from a central station
Performance-Based Testing System and Method Employing Emulation and Virtualization
System and method for administering learning session over a network
Activity based system and method for charging student accounts
Teacher assignment based on responsible authority or third-party attributes
System, method, and computer program product for delivering a training course
Software tool for creating an interactive graphic organizer
Book having audio information
Educational and entertainment apparatus for the playback of recorded audio and video media to a youn...
Three Dimensional Life-Size Model of a Child's Skull and Methods Using Said Model
Illuminated rosary with audio assistance
System and methods for promoting health
Interactive personalized robot for home use
Mobile robot platform
Abnormality detection system of mobile robot
Robot of SCARA type
Hydraulic actuation system for a marine propulsion device
Tire noise reducing system
Cover support
Safety system for scuba divers operating underwater propulsion devices
Lower bearing assembly for disconnectable turret
Sliding window arrangement
Supercavitating projectile with propulsion and ventilation jet
Fitting for a harness
Integrated internet/intranet camera
System and method for accessing and operating personal computers remotely
Information recording apparatus with selective control of recording medium and recording means drive...
Global motion estimation image coding and processing
System and method for detecting obstacle
System and method for detecting obstacle
Method of pre-processing an image to be printed in a hand-held camera
Graphic image to 3D image conversion device
Image processing method, image processing apparatus, storage medium and program
Digital communication system and method for operating the system which can improve equalization perf...
Motion vector detection method and apparatus
Method and system for selecting interpolation filter type in video coding
Method and apparatus for detecting format of closed caption data automatically and displaying the ca...
Display device for displaying three-dimensional image
Method and device for a display having transparent components integrated therein
Image scanner and peak detecting processing method of image scanner
Policies for secure software execution
Software distribution application supporting operating system installations
Converting XML code to binary format
Mechanism for lossless function entry and return tracing
Techniques for debugging computer programs involving multiple computing machines
Methods and apparatus for managing computing deployment in presence of variable workload
Method for improving optical proximity correction
Method for improved synthesis of binary decision diagrams with inverted edges and quantifiable as we...
System and method for memory element characterization
Method and system for enhanced verification through structural target decomposition
Method of displaying a guard ring within an integrated circuit
User interface for a portion of a display screen
Systems and methods for generating and managing filter strings in a filter graph utilizing a matrix ...
Printer driver initialization
Integrated diagnostic system
Methods and apparatus for accessing information from multiple remote sources
System and method for utilizing a drag and drop technique to complete electronic forms
Method, system, and program for managing data read operations on network controller with offloading ...
Communication network system, gateway, data communication method and program providing medium
Systems and methods for determining, collecting, and using geographic locations of internet users
Receiver driven media streaming in a network node
Receiver driven distribution of data using address data of a peer node
Network publish/subscribe system incorporating Web services network routing architecture
Fast dynamic measurement of bandwidth in a TCP network environment
Method and system for diagnosing, collecting information and servicing a remote system
Method of and system for transferring data over a wireless communications network
Site integration management system for operational support service in an internet data center
Computer borrow and loan securities auction system
Audio-on-demand communication system
Workload management of stateful program entities
Intent based processing
Atomic renaming and moving of data files while permitting lock-free look-ups
Weather profiles
Automated integration of data in utility monitoring systems
System and method for extracting optical properties from environmental parameters in water
Apparatus and method for detecting vehicle location in navigation system
Emission management for a hybrid locomotive
System and method for dynamic content processing with extendable provisioning
Method for re-programming a firmware state machine during execution
Help center and condition-based applications
Device for aiding the locating of failure of a complex system
Power failure detection in a flash memory device
Expandable fixation elements for subcutaneous electrodes
Systems and methods for thermal management
Dynamically coupled metrology and lithography
Optical arrangement with two optical inputs/outputs and production methods
Optical wavelength switch having planar lightwave circuit structure
Method and post structures for interferometric modulation
Triple alignment substrate method and structure for packaging devices
Electronic component and manufacturing method of the electronic component
Integrated circuit package to provide high-bandwidth communication among multiple dice
Low capacitance wiring layout
Vias having varying diameters and fills for use with a semiconductor device and methods of forming s...
Multilayer silicon over insulator device
Organic electro luminescence device and fabrication method thereof
Capacitor and inductor scheme with e-fuse application
Resistive memory cell, method for forming the same and resistive memory array using the same
Digital memory cell device
Micromechanical capacitive transducer and method for manufacturing the same
Intelligent textile technology based on flexible semiconductor skins