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Method of achieving high productivity fault tolerant photovoltaic factory with batch array transfer ...
Method of removing debris corresponding with the R-wave
Microcomposite powder based on flat graphite particles and on a fluoropolymer and objects made from ...
Retardation element, display element comprising the same, and process of producing retardation eleme...
Coating tool
Alkylation process using an alkyl halide promoted ionic liquid catalyst
Semiconductor yield estimation
Optimization to avoid sidelobe printing
Media drive with a luminescence detector and methods of detecting an authentic article
Sensors and methods for high-sensitivity optical particle counting and sizing
Methods and apparatus for predicting convergence of a transversal waveform relaxation algorithm
Methods, systems, and computer program products for trading financial instruments on an exchange
System and method for viewing relational data using a hierarchical schema
System and method for accessing web-based search services
Launching a web site using a portable scanner
Individually specifying message output attributes in a messaging system
Method and apparatus for managing a network component change
Method and apparatus for monitoring the availability of network resources
Handling restart attempts for high availability managed resources
Write once type recording medium, recording device and recording method for write once type recordin...
Systems and methods for relating events to a date or date range selection
Composite free layer for stabilizing magnetoresistive head
System and methods of nonuniform data sampling and data reconstruction in shift invariant and wavele...
Circuit board structure for high density processing of analog and digital signals
Power supply equipment with matching indicators on converter and connector adapters
External cavity resonator type tunable light source which can be easily manufactured and which is ca...
Portable orthovoltage radiotherapy
Method and image processing system for segmentation of section image data
System and method for image transformation
Image display method and image display apparatus
Radiation-transmissive films on glass articles
Fixing device, image forming apparatus having the same and image forming method
Method and apparatus for image forming capable of effectively correcting output from toner density s...
Method of cyclic magnetic resonance imaging
Intravascular antenna
Rechargeable spinal cord stimulator system
Method for imaging multiphase flow using electrical capacitance tomography
Classification of herbal medicines using wavelet transform
High mast inspection system, equipment and method
Temperature sensing system
Method and apparatus for one-stage and two-stage noise feedback coding of speech and audio signals
Optical air data system
Lubricant applying unit and image forming apparatus
Immunizing composition and method for inducing an immune response against the .beta.-secretase cleav...
Wide-angle optical system for solid-state image pickup device
Inhibitors of serine proteases, particularly hepatitis C virus NS3 protease
Lens module and method for manufacturing the same
Optimization of bioleaching process
System and method for producing copper powder by electrowinning using the ferrous/ferric anode react...
Neuregulin-1 transgenic mouse and methods of use
Nociceptin analogs
Differential refractometer and its adjusting method
Polypropylene-based heat-weldable thermoplastic fibers, a method of fabricating such fibers, and a n...
Decoding apparatus and decoding method
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
Image forming apparatus and control method therefor
Imaging system capable of setting sensitivity
Measuring method and apparatus, exposure method and apparatus using the same, and device manufacturi...
Exposure apparatus
Position measurement apparatus, imaging apparatus, exposure apparatus, and Device manufacturing meth...
Setting binding position and additional information position in a page of a document
Method and system for creating print data of superimposed document and pattern page read from spool ...
Display device
Moving apparatus
Data recording apparatus and data recording method
Image processing apparatus
Developer supplying cartridge, developer receiving cartridge, process cartridge, and image forming a...
Imaging apparatus
Communication apparatus and communication control method in the apparatus
Toner cartridge
Low ac loss filamentary coated superconductors
Substrate connector for integrated circuit devices
Semiconductor device, manufacturing method for semiconductor device, electronic component, circuit s...
Seal cover structure comprising a nickel-tin (Ni--Sn) alloy barrier layer formed between a nickel (N...
Method of reducing process steps in metal line protective structure formation
Metal capped copper interconnect
Connection structure and method for fabricating the same
Methods and apparatus for packaging integrated circuit devices
Semiconductor device-composing substrate and semiconductor device
Method for the hyperpolarisation of atomic nuclei and device for implementing the method
Probe card assembly with a dielectric strip structure coupled to a side of at least a portion of the...
Body for keeping a wafer, heater unit and wafer prober
Method of wafer-level packaging using low-aspect ratio through-wafer holes
Low-noise amplifier
Film temperature sensor and temperature sensing substrate
Chucking method and processing method using the same
Solid electrolytic capacitor
Semiconductor device and printed circuit board
Reference layer openings
Apparatus and methods for integrally packaging optoelectronic devices, IC chips and optical transmis...
Charging device and image forming apparatus
RF ID tag reader utilizing a scanning antenna system and method
Multi-threaded system for activating a process using a script engine and publishing data descriptive...
OPC server redirection manager
System, method, and base station using different security protocols on wired and wireless portions o...
System and method for extending virtual synchrony to wide area networks
Label switched data unit content evaluation
Data transfer and access control between disk array systems
Asynchronous jitter reduction technique
Method and apparatus for incremental commitment to architectural state in a microprocessor
Performing security functions on a message payload in a network element
Timing signal generating circuit with a master circuit and slave circuits
Apparatus and method for testing and debugging an integrated circuit
Apparatus and method for testing and debugging an integrated circuit
Method and apparatus for implementing a program language description of a circuit design for an inte...
Solution builder wizard
Method for boundary trace with reproduction facility
Dynamic computing environment using remotely allocable resources
Method and apparatus for skin absorption enhancement and transdermal drug delivery
Creating a multi-relational ontology having a predetermined structure
TWEAK receptor
Single-use external dosimeters for use in radiation therapies and related methods and systems
Ion sources, systems and methods
Method and system for detecting and classifying objects in images, such as insects and other arthrop...
Manual and automatic probe calibration
Fiber optic device for sensing analytes
Method of producing a patch tape showing stripes of anisotropic magnetic field
Medical devices having full or partial polymer coatings and their methods of manufacture
Secure remote management appliance
Network apparatus and control method therefor
Methods for authenticating a user's credentials against multiple sets of credentials
Single sign-on method for web-based applications
Single sign-on system and method
Forward application compatible firewall
System and method for preventing use of a wireless device
System for selectively enabling operating modes of a device
Remote collection of computer forensic evidence
Tracking and reporting of computer virus information
Methods and apparatus to provide network traffic support and physical security support
Intrusion detection strategies for hypertext transport protocol
Method of, and system for, heuristically detecting viruses in executable code
Data recording medium, data recording method, data processing device, data distribution method, data...
Method and apparatus for controlling operation of a secure execution mode-capable processor in syste...
Transitional video image display for portable phone
Video camera
Video arcade game console
Carnation plant named `Faganza`
Method for designing a fluid dynamic bearing system
Dynamic surface annealing using addressable laser array with pyrometry feedback
Formed parts for adhesive height setting
TCP/IP offload device
Inhibitor of hepatitis B and HIV activity
Polyphenolics as lubricant oil additives
Non-chlorinated concentrated all-in-one acid detergent and method for using the same
Action control device for small boat
Water submersible communications devices and methods for using the same
Method and apparatus for providing secure wireless communication
Continuous data optimization of new access points in positioning systems
Protecting catalytic sites of metalloaluminophosphate molecular sieves
Plasma-assisted doping
Network configuration file for automatically transmitting images from an electronic still camera
Data and instruction address compression
Method and apparatus for optimizing code execution using annotated trace information having performa...
Swimming pool vacuum relief safety valve
Pneumatic compressor
Micro ion pump
Portable air compressor having storage compartment
NVH and gas pulsation reduction in AC compressor
Dual drive pump with dual chain and roller clutch and method
Electrical fan
System and method for skill based games of chance
Manufacturing method for friction welded aluminum alloy parts
Fabric creped absorbent sheet with variable local basis weight
Absorbent paper product having improved embossing
Portable optical wound scanner
Signal processing apparatus
Laser doppler perfusion imaging with a plurality of beams
Method and device for examining the skin
Using a polaron interaction zone as an interface to integrate a plasmon layer and a semiconductor de...
Measuring apparatus
Coherent radar and ladar polarimeter
Fiber polarimeter, the use thereof, as well as polarimetric method
Analysis method and apparatus and analysis unit
Shrouded valve apparatus and related methods
Multiple kill vehicle (MKV) interceptor and method for intercepting exo and endo-atmospheric targets
Multiple kill vehicle (MKV) interceptor with autonomous kill vehicles
Aircraft cart transport and stowage system
Lightweight structural component in particular for aircraft and method for its production
System and method for improving nighttime visual awareness of a pilot flying an aircraft carrying at...
Wing having a negative dihedron for towing a load
Method and apparatus for minimizing the noise emitted by a rotorcraft during take-off and landing
Aircraft wing systems for providing differential motion to deployable lift devices
Memory circuitry
Non-volatile memory devices with charge storage insulators and methods of fabricating such devices
High-voltage semiconductor device structure
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor device
Gas-sensing semiconductor devices
Thin film accelerometer
Micromechanical component having a diaphragm
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor devices having a metal-insulator-metal capacitor and methods of forming the same
Method for producing vertical bipolar transistors and integrated circuit
Germanium substrate-type materials and approach therefor
Ohmic contact on p-type GaN
Method and apparatus of fabricating a semiconductor device by back grinding and dicing
Methods of forming conductive vias and methods of forming multichip modules including such conductiv...
Resin-encapsulated semiconductor device and lead frame, and method for manufacturing the same
Light-emitting device
Semiconductor package structure having multiple heat dissipation paths and method of manufacture
Ion implantation with multiple concentration levels
Process for producing copy protection for an electronic circuit
Method for cutting liquid crystal display panel and method for fabricating liquid crystal display pa...
Deformable soft molding compositions
Hearing aid with a magnetic field-controlled switch, and operating method therefor
Modulation device using frequency-shift keying
Frequency shifter in an optical path containing a continuous laser source
Dampening of electric field-induced resonance in parallel plate capacitors
Method and system for managing storage area networks
Fuel supply apparatus and fuel supply control apparatus for internal-combustion engine
Distribution/retention plate for minimizing off-gassing
Filter element with off-axis end cap
Filter device for vacuum cleaner
Method, device, and system for controlling dissolved amount of gas
Process for triggering, storing, and distributing an oxygen scavenger, and a stored oxygen scavenger
Water still and method of operation thereof
Method and apparatus for processing vegetable oil miscella, method for conditioning a polymeric micr...
Large area catch basin filter
Bio-composting domestic waste treatment apparatus
Treatment system for liquid concrete washout waste
Automated cell sample enrichment preparation method
Device having multi-pores magneto-rubber filter
Apparatus and method for obtaining rapid creamatocrit and caloric content values of milk
Wastewater purification system
Reduced oligomer concentration in high purity polyalkylene glycols
Industrial process for food liquids decontamination from chemical and/or biological contaminants
Method of controlling a dialysis apparatus
Shear-enhanced systems and methods for removing waste materials and liquid from the blood
.alpha.,.beta.-unsaturated hydroxamic acid derivatives and their use as histone deacetylase inhibito...
Thio semicarbazone and semicarbozone inhibitors of cysteine proteases and methods of their use
Phenylalkyl N-hydroxyureas for combating atherosclerotic plaque
Neo-tanshinlactone and analogs as potent and selective anti-breast cancer agents
3-aryl-4-hydroxyfuranone compounds and the human and animal health use thereof
Cysteine muteins in the C-D loop of human interleukin-11
R-bambuterol, its preparation and therapeutic uses
Phospholipid derivative
Prodrugs of (2R)-2-propyloctanoic acid for the treatment of stroke
(5-(2-hydroxy-4-chlorobenzoyl) aminovaleric acid and salts thereof and compositions containing the s...
Silicone methoxy ester compositions
Isolated proteins MAGE-4 and MAGE-41
Homogeneous preparations of IL-28 and IL-29
Homogeneous preparations of IL-28 and IL-29
Homogeneous preparations of IL-28 A
Packaging and applicator device
Transcutaneous analyte sensor
Fine particle dispersion, coating solution for accepting layer for coloring agent for ink-jet record...
Methods and apparatus for application of micro-mechanical forces to tissues
Radiopharmaceutical pig
Disposable absorbent articles having multiple absorbent core components including replaceable compon...
Flux orientation locating in a drilling system
Facial tissue strengthening and tightening device and methods
Compositions and methods for cleaning textile substrates
Abrasive agglomerate polishing method
Method for continuous manufacturing of cast articles utilizing one or more fluidized beds for heat t...
Spouted bed electrode cell for metal electrowinning
Process for combining solids thickening and dewatering in one vessel
Polymers with high internal free volume
Reusable air permeable packaging film
Material, article and method of preparing materials containing oriented anisotropic particles
Corrosion resistant plate for PEM fuel cell and methods of making same
Fuel cell
Bacillus licheniformis chromosome
Methods and interferon deficient substrates for the propagation of viruses
In vitro growth of tissues suitable to the formation of bone and bone forming tissue formed thereby
Bone cement compositions having fiber-reinforcement and/or increased flowability
Heat-sensitive recording material and process for producing the same
Carboxymethylated cross-linked tetrameric hemoglobin
Polypeptides homologous to VEGF and BMP1
Acyloxyalkyl carbamate prodrugs, methods of synthesis, and use
Rifamycin analogs and uses thereof
Polymeric compositions and their production and uses
Rhodium quinonoid catalysts
Compounds useful as serotonin inhibitors and 5-HT.sub.1A agonists and antagonists
Isoindoline compounds and methods of making and using the same
Wound dressing
Positioning information processing apparatus, information processing apparatus, method of processing...
Systems and methods that determine intent of data and respond to the data based on the intent
Personal inter-home media exchange network
Dual mode firewall
Exhaust gas recirculation estimation system
Heat sink mounting device
Collection system for the mechanical cleaning of heat exchanger tubes
Heat sink with heat pipes
Heat dissipation device having mounting brackets
Surface treatment method for plate material, and radiating fin for heat exchanger
Heat exchanger
Heat collector
Systems and methods for removing materials from flue gas via regenerative selective catalytic reduct...
Resin-impregnated flexible graphite articles
Heat dissipation device
Heat dissipating assembly having a fan duct
Narrow gap spray cooling in a globally cooled enclosure
Heat dissipation system
Low cost cold plate with film adhesive
Heat dissipation device
Plasma display device
Heat sink assembly having a locking device assembly
Heat dissipation device
Fan bracket and heat dissipation apparatus incorporating the same
Heat dissipation device having fixing bracket
Footwear sole
Footwear sole
Footwear sole
Footwear sole
Footwear sole
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Shoe upper
Shoe upper
Device for mechanical weight bearing indication with load range capability
Method for visualizing data backup activity from a plurality of backup devices
System and method for enhanced messaging including a displayable status indicator
System and method facilitating a shared content experience using enhanced messaging including a disp...
Apparatus for managing multiple computers by remote control
System and method for efficient implementation of a shared receive queue
Multi-level memory architecture with data prioritization
Programmable cache management system and method
High priority guard transfer for execution control of dependent guarded instructions
Error reporting method and system
Method of coding a document
Document generation from web pages
Method, system and computer readable medium for addressing handling from a computer program
Method and apparatus for assessing the quality of a process model
System and methods for deadlock detection
Processing block with integrated light weight multi-threading support
Cup with a beverage indicator
Humidity indicator card
Function indicator icons for a washing machine
Foam cleaning implement
Method and apparatus for investigating a borehole with a caliper
Method and apparatus for acne prevention
Thermochromic coloring color-memory composition and thermochromic coloring color-memory microcapsule...
Delivery of physiological agents with in-situ gels comprising anionic polysaccharides
Ultra low melt toners comprised of crystalline resins
Compositions, kits, and methods for identification, assessment, prevention and therapy of breast and...
21686, dehydrogenase
Polynucleotide encoding cytokine receptor zcytor17 multimer
Amidoacetonitrile derivatives
Laundry system having unitized dosing
Method for inhibiting accelerated atherosclerosis in a subject suffering from hypercholesterolemia o...
Purine derivatives as liver X receptor agonists
Curable compositions containing dithiane monomers
Antiangiogenic peptides, polypeptides encoding same and methods for inhibiting angiogenesis
Cytokine receptor zcytor17
Antibodies to PRO4349 polypeptides
PRO940 antibodies
Modulators of ATP-binding cassette transporters
Method of manufacturing image display panel, method of manufacturing image display device, and image...
Information display device
Method of Operation for a Magnetic Resonance Imaging Suite
Rf coil assembly for use in magnetic resonance imaging
Handling emergency service calls originating from internet telephony
Method for providing digital notification
System and method to determine and deliver quotes for distance-sensitive communication links from mu...
System and method of collecting, correlating and storing telecom data as call detail records
Outside-LAN connectable IP key telephone system, terminal unit thereof, main unit thereof, and outsi...
In-bound call directed telephone station and method of directing a telephone station based on an in-...
N-ways conference system using only participants' telephony devices without external conference serv...
Caller information display methods and systems
System with call forward profile
Integrated privacy rules engine and application
Method for the administration of a subscriber card for mobile telephony equipment of the type with a...
Sliding and swing apparatus for a portable apparatus
Waterproof flip phone case
Systems and methods for processing calls directed to telephones having a portable interface
Automated telephone assistant device and associated methods
Multi-function telephone
Method for viewing information underlying lists and other contexts
Slide assembly for mobile communication device
Open architecture for a voice user interface
Telephone call initiation through an on-line search
Multi-wheel vehicle
Variable configuration articulated tracked vehicle
Motorized chariot
Traveling hydraulic working machine
Power-assisted cart retriever with attenuated power output
Method and arrangement for the speed control of a motor vehicle and operator-controlled element
Control device for a four-wheel drive vehicle
System for detecting pedestrian colliding with vehicle
Steering control apparatus and method for diagnosing cable attachment
Electric motor power steering system
Electric power steering apparatus for automobile
Gearbox brake for mining machinery
Tilting four wheel drive vehicle
Powered maneuverable and retractable trailer jack device
Vehicle and a strengthening member for a vehicle
Controller for an electric four-wheel-drive vehicle
Protective device for a vehicle
Features of main control for a power machine
Solar powered engineless vehicle
Hydrogen production method and apparatus and engine employing hydrogen production apparatus
Production of hydrogen from non-cyclic organic substances having multiple alcohol functionality
Methods for fabricating zeolite micromembranes
Method of stripping metals from organic solvents
Titaniferous ore beneficiation
Mercury sorbent delivery system for flue gas
Gas abatement
Reduction of nitrogen oxides using multiple split streams
Boron nitride agglomerated powder
Highly dispersible fine hydrophobic silica powder and process for producing the same
Thermal conversion of biomass to valuable fuels, chemical feedstocks and chemicals
Form of carbon
Hydrogen peroxide modified sodium titanates with improved sorption capabilities
Extraction process for removal of impurities from an oxidizer purge stream in the synthesis of carbo...
Composite biomaterials
Cathode material for Li-ion battery applications
Aqueous colloidal dispersion based on at least a lanthanide compound and a complexing agent a proces...
Framework patched anti-CD20 antibody
Antibodies to T1 receptor-like ligand II
Antibodies against human or mouse IL-21 receptor
Modified nucleotide compounds
Therapeutic antiangiogenic endostatin compositions
Nucleic acids encoding chimeric CD154 polypeptides
Polynucleotides encoding novel proteins in enteroaggregative Escherichia coli (EAEC) useful for diag...
Compositions comprising promoter sequences and methods of use
Amplification and detection method
Detection reagent for thermostable direct hemolysin-related hemolysin gene of Vibrio parahaemolyticu...
O-aminophenol-containing AB-monomer for heterocyclic rigid-rod polymers
Double recoverable block of function
Limnanthes oil genes
Protein kinase stress-related proteins and methods of use in plants
Identification and characterization of a novel alpha-amylase from maize endosperm
Soybean Variety XB32J07
Plants and seeds of high oil corn variety HOI001
Plants and seeds of corn variety I059908
Plants and seeds of hybrid corn variety CH434931
Three-dimensional measuring system
Multiple hard disk drive assembly cooling
Franking method and apparatus
Systems, methods and computer products for providing tape library dynamic price performance enhancem...
System and method for securing digital content
System for anonymous purchase of goods by providing a plurality of active account numbers
Method for anonymous purchase of goods via an ecommerce website
Pricing engine for electronic commerce
Reducing duplication of files on a network
Intelligent network providing network access services (INP-NAS)
Digital asset monitoring system and method
Enterprise application platform
Wireless enabled speech recognition (SR) portable device including a programmable user trained SR pr...
System, method and program product for managing user account information
Method and system for batch task creation and execution
Security architecture for modified segregated environment for federal telecom services
Apparatus, method, and program product for secure data formatting and retriving, and computer readab...
Hierarchical trusted code for content protection in computers
Engineering standard work framework method and system
Method to support role based prioritization of processes
Network system for presenting advertising
Method and system for automated risk management of rule-based security
Systems and methods that utilize an active stub/parasitic whip antenna to facilitate mobile communic...
Antenna for electron spin radiation
Time division multiplexing radio system for controlling transmission power
Managing mobility of wireless devices in distributed communication networks
Resource allocating method, and base station, mobile station, and radio packet communication system ...
User equipment and method for controlling data rate thereof
Method for handling periodic status report timer after an RLC re-establishment in a wireless communi...
Radio reception system that can remove interference signal component
Method for transmitting information in a mimo radio communication system and radio communication sys...
Passive entry system
I/Q mismatch calibration of direct conversion receivers using radio frequency noise
Wireless communication network security method and system
Radio communication apparatus with the function of a teletypewriter
System and method for location update in mobile radio networks
Portable terminal and portable terminal communication method
System and method for providing SMS contact information to a wireless mobile device
Radio communication system
Radio communications system for controlling a vehicle
Navigation installation and method for extracting information transmitted in encrypted form
Method for the management of aeronautical industry implements to be checked
Cache device and method for generating a virtual radio or television broadcast
Opening/closing mechanism for a keyboard instrument cover
Reflecting plates for resonating chamber
Reinforcing structure for metal shell and manufacturing method for metal shell
Drumhead tensioning system, apparatus, and method
Process for producing and applying a laser heat transfer capable of printing on flat, cylindrical, c...
Wireless musical keyboard
Aid for composing words of song
Method and apparatus for editing performance data with modification of icons of musical symbols
Sound processing apparatus, sound processing method, sound processing program and recording medium w...
Alloy tool steel
High temperature alloys, and articles made and repaired therewith
Method for constructing a welded construction utilizing an Al-Mg-Mn weld filler alloy
Al-Cu alloy with high toughness
Method and system for robust embedding of watermarks and steganograms in digital video content
Video coding reconstruction apparatus and methods
Delivery of an electronic communication using a lifespan
Multi-domain unified debugger
Gaming device having tease reveal feature
Computer system communicable with one or more gaming devices having a matching game
Slot machine game having a plurality of ways for a user to obtain payouts for one or more additional...
Gaming machine
Method and apparatus for providing insurance policies for gambling losses
Gaming machine with hinged top box
Storage medium having game program stored thereon and game apparatus
Architecture for manufacturing authenticatable gaming systems
Architecture for manufacturing authenticatable gaming systems
In-vehicle equipment system
Virtual operating system device communication relying on memory access violations
Method of constructing a secondary containment area
Piling apparatus having rotary drive
Ice anchor
Erosion control blanket dispensing apparatus
Interface for printing multimedia information
Roundtrip delay time measurement apparatus and method for variable bit rate multimedia data
Inbound roamer multimedia messaging systems
Interworking of multimedia and telephony equipment
Method for booting computer multimedia system with high speed data storage
Interactive presentation viewing system employing multi-media components
Multimedia speaker
Moon phase menstrual tracking and educational system
Mobile GPS aiding data solution
Information kit objects for publish/subscribe integration architecture
Matching pursuit approach to sparse Gaussian process regression
Resolution Video File Retrieval
Method and Apparatus for managing dialog management in a computer conversation
Method and apparatus for assessing products
Method of adaptive learning through pattern matching
Interconnecting neural network system, interconnecting neural network structure construction method,...
Handwriting recognition using a comparative neural network
Neural network for electronic search applications
Techniques for reconstructing synthetic networks using pair-wise correlation analysis
Methods and apparatus associated with advisory generation
Method for rule compliance situation checking and related checking system
Method and apparatus for identifying unique client users from user behavioral data
Supplying enhanced computer user's context data
Moving platform
Multiplicity of dice boardless game
Sliding tile puzzle with tile rotating mechanism
System and method of playing a multi-game card tournament
Story telling game and apparatus
Paintball targeting system
Remotely controlled vehicle with detachably attachable wheels
Gaming device having a card management system for the management of circulating data cards
Indoor stair slide for transporting the handicapped between floors and/or for joyful rides
Method and system for allowing and preventing wireless devices to transmit wireless signals
Configurable cabin antenna system and placement process
Camera with tripod mounting mechanism
Portable camera support
Image sensor module structure comprising wire bonding package and method of manufacturing the image ...
Digital single-lens reflex camera
Environmentally sealed surveillance camera
Focus adjusting mechanism and portable electronic device using same
Devices, systems, and methods for controlling a shutter
Image processor and image processing program
Stage driving apparatus and anti-shake apparatus
Image pickup apparatus, image pickup method therefor, and computer-readable medium storing computer ...
Multipoint autofocus system and camera having multipoint autofocus system
Method and apparatus for interleaved image captures
Camera system
Versatile camera for various visibility conditions
Method for controlling development in automatic developing machine for photosensitive lithographic p...
Nanocrystalline hot runner nozzle and nozzle tip
Plant protection and growth stimulation by nanoscalar particle folial delivery
Process for plasma synthesis of rhenium nano and micro powders, and for coatings and near net shape ...
Stabilized silver nanoparticle composition
Purification of carbon nanotubes based on the chemistry of fenton's reagent
Hydride based nano-structured energy dense energetic materials
Nano-PCR: methods and devices for nucleic acid amplification and detection
Optical device with IrOx nanostructure electrode neural interface
Programmable nanotube interconnect
Memory utilizing oxide-nitride nanolaminates
Doped nanoparticle semiconductor charge transport layer
Nanoscale electronic devices and fabrication methods
Method for producing clay/AMO complex and nanosilicate plate
Melt processible fluoropolymer composition containing nano particles
Nanocomposite and method of making the same
Method for the production of polymerized nanoparticles and microparticles by ternary agent concentra...
Nanosized copper catalyst precursors for the direct synthesis of trialkoxysilanes
Hydrocarbon conversion using nanocrystalline zeolite Y
Probe for a scanning magnetic force microscope, method for producing the same, and method for formin...
Nanoscale content-addressable memory
Footwear and Related Methods of Manufacturing Same
Superabsorbent Foam, Method for the Production Thereof, and Use Thereof
Dressing and an epidermal positioning mechanism and method for using same
Bed mattress
Shoe with cushion and ventilation device
Low-cost disposable protective foot covering
Article of footwear with plate dividing a support column
Forced air ventilation system for footwear
Golf bag frame with a leg assembly
Method and transportable clamping apparatus for preparing mortar and cement mixtures on building or ...
Board binding
Vehicular signal mirror
Multiple programmed different sequential illumination light sources for footwear
Elliptical exercise apparatus with adjustable crank
Recumbent elliptical exercise apparatus
Foot massage apparatus
Belt for shoe press
Reconfigureable arrays of wireless access points
Reactive distillation with olefin recycle
Method for on-line prediction of future performance of a fermentation unit
Polymorphs of Pyrrole Substituted 2-Indolinone Protein Kinase Inhibitors
Process for the Conversion of Synthesis Gas to Oxygenates Containing C2+ Alcohols
Touch type panel switch for a swing arm of an exercise apparatus
Sports electronic training system with electronic gaming features, and applications thereof
Method of hand exercising and massaging
Stationary exerciser
Handlebar mechanism
Bicycling exercise apparatus
Stationary exerciser
Exercising apparatus
Dumbbell weight training device having detachable weight plates
Magnetically Adjustable Dumbbells
Abdominal exercise device
Image processing method
Restoration of Color Components in an Image Model
Image processing circuit, display device, and printing device
Image processing circuit, display device, and printing device
System and Method for Dense Image Registration Using Markov Random Fields and Efficient Linear Progr...
Image Processing Apparatus And Method
Immersion Heater and Method of Use
Wind Turbine and Method for Determining at Least One Rotation Parameter of a Wind Turbine Rotor
Miniaturized lateral flow device for rapid and sensitive detection of proteins or nucleic acids
Methods and apparatus for planetary navigation
Optimized Embedded Ultrasonics Structural Radar System With Piezoelectric Wafer Active Sensor Phased...
Method and apparatus for generating thermal test vectors
Method and sensor for sensing coins for valuation
Method and system for acquiring additional information of map information
Vehicle navigation method
Slider window assembly
Construction machine management apparatus and construction machines management system
Method and device for a vehicle-related telematics service
Method of controlling a roll control system for improved vehicle dynamic control
Brake control system for an electric drive vehicle
Antenna assemblies including standard electrical connections and captured retainers and fasteners
Multifunction reading light and book covers therefore
I-port controller
Full-type rolling bearing and roller cam follower for engine
Tracking premature termination of a database query
Searching documents using a dimensional database
Framework for dynamic analysis of varying structured data using multiple analysis techniques
Data visualization within an integrated asset data system for a process plant
Information server and pluggable data sources
System and method for providing access to computer files across computer operating systems
Sampling for queries
System for prefetching data necessary to execute program from database
Computer automated discovery of interestingness in faceted search
Method for matching user descriptions of technical problem manifestations with system-level problem ...
Schema-facilitated device capability discovery
Reproduction of security documents and color images with metallic inks
Compatibility testing
Nucleic acid constructs and cells, and methods utilizing same for modifying the electrophysiological...
Protein secretion in eukaryotic cells
Sequence specific DNA recombination in eukaryotic cells
Tetrapeptide regulating blood glucose level in diabetes mellitus
Neuropeptides and their use for pest control
Method and system for setting an optimal reserve price for an auction
Hardfacing electrode
Alkaline earth aluminate phosphor for a cold cathode fluorescent lamp and cold cathode fluorescent l...
Method of preventing defective germination or growth of plant
Electrically conductive feature fabrication process
Coaxial cable
Liquid crystal devices especially for use in liquid crystal point diffraction interferometer systems
Wide field-of-view binocular device, system and kit
Compositions comprising metal salts of hexahydrophthalic acid and methods of employing such composit...
High heat polycarbonate compositions, methods for the preparation thereof, and articles derived ther...
Retro-inversion peptides that target GIT receptors and related methods
Soldering method
Hair and scalp composition with a crosslinked silicone elastomer and method of using same
Optical information recording medium
Plasma display device
Reflective electrode and compound semiconductor light emitting device including the same
Labeling an optical medium having a prelabeled or unlabelable region
Method of forming a ZrO.sub.2 thin film using plasma enhanced atomic layer deposition and method of ...
Corrugated hanging dispenser
Golf ball covers and mantles comprising glass particles
Biochemical synthesis of 6-amino caproic acid
Method for processing polyester wastes
Hydrogenation with copper compositions catalyst
System and method for reducing switching overhead in a communication network
Space-time multipath searcher
Processing calls from wireless handsets to toll-free telephone numbers
Calibrachoa plant named `USCALI413-11`
Chrysanthemum Plant Named `Fasno Yellow`
Lantana plant named `Weslamo`
Nemesia plant named `Wesneche`
Daily organizer
Apparatus for controlling lamp source and electric equipment and power socket therof
Apparatus and method for handling calendar dates in a non-calendar system specific manner
Automated verification of copyrighted digital images
Method and apparatus to transfer data and detect weak signals
Positive charging photoreceptor
Compensation of MPA polygon once around with exposure modulation
System and method for detecting and ranking images in order of usefulness based on vignette score
Image formation device simulation apparatus
Fault isolation of visible defects with manual module shutdown options
Image-forming-apparatus simulation apparatus, image forming apparatus simulation method, and program
Cleaning system for removing dendrites from a charging device in a xerographic printer
Image processing device and method
Image-based compensation and control of photoreceptor ghosting defect
Systems and methods for adaptive dynamic range adjustment for images
Fuel cell assembly and electricity generation unit used in same
DC-AC converter and controller IC thereof
Wire bar, method of manufacturing wire bar, and image forming apparatus
Developing device
Tweeter faceplate
Apparatus and method for optical switching with liquid crystals and birefringent wedges
Patterning solution deposited thin films with self-assembled monolayers
Combinatorial synthesis
Shale shakers and screens with identification apparatuses
Scaevola plant named `Wesscaetopi`
Human relationships registering system, method and device for registering human relationships, progr...
Radio frequency shielding arrangement
Oligoamine compounds and derivatives thereof for cancer therapy
Alkali-neutralising superabsorbent products
Implantable medical lead
Fastener of a sports equipment bag
Method and device for dispensing from liquid concentrates beverages having multi-layer visual appear...
Photoluminescence quenching device and display using photoluminescence quenching devices
Inkjet recording apparatus and inkjet recording method
Optical computer pointer and optical cursor/frame control method
Optical method of determining a physical attribute of a moving object
Methods and devices for testing germicide activity
Quantum computer and quantum computing method
Electronic paper reading system
Portable multi-channel device for optically testing a liquid sample
Phenyl xanthene dyes
Electromagnetic wave shielding film and method for producing the same
Lithographic apparatus, system and device manufacturing method
Method and apparatus for detecting embedded material within an interaction region of a structure
Guide mechanism for cylinder apparatus
Integral bearing unit made from a slippery/polymer alloy
Variable displacement pump having a rotating cam ring
Annular sliding fluoroplastics member, and method of producing an annular sliding fluoroplastics mem...
Turbocharged exhaust gas recirculation system
Method and apparatus for disabling a processor core based on a number of executions of an applicatio...
Method and system for managing failure information
Embedded system and related method capable of automatically updating system software
Method and apparatus for controlling the allocation of bandwidth of a network access point to an app...
Apparatus, system and method for implementing a generalized queue pair in a system area network
Fibre channel controller shareable by a plurality of operating system domains within a load-store ar...
Child's sized disposable article
Container including a slider, a reclosable fastener and a track including a ramp
Delivery system for dispensing volatile materials using an electromechanical transducer in combinati...
Oxidizing hair coloring agents containing m-aminophenol derivatives
Keratin dyeing compounds, keratin dyeing compositions containing them, and use thereof
Set of containers
Identification of ligands by selective amplification of cells transfected with receptors
Methods of treatment using 3-desoxy vitamin D3 analogs
Hingeless eyeglasses; especially safety glasses
Amino substituted diaryl[a,d]cycloheptene analogs as muscarinic agonists and methods of treatment of...
Arylpiperazinyl compounds
Treatment with hyaluronic acid
Method for treating obstructive sleep disorder includes removing tissue from base of tongue
Dicing technique for flip-chip USP wafers
Combination freeze indicators
Lacrosse head having a skeletal member
Device with multiple sights for respective different munitions
Weapon having lethal and non-lethal directed-energy portions
Paintball marker featuring high effectiveness airflow
Emulsion explosive
Power controls with photosensor for tube mounted LEDs with ballast
Illuminated electrical transformer/power supply
Light emitting apparatus, backlight apparatus, and electronic apparatus
Add-on sensor module for lighting system
System of, and method for, indirect lighting
Light emitting module and surface light source device
Diffusion plate and backlight module using the same
Modular pole system for a light fixture
Bicycle lighting apparatus with mountable display
Illumination system
Light source apparatus and display apparatus
Solid state light source including cooling system
Operating state display system
Modulated lighting device
Light guide plate with high-density differently sized diffusing dots and backlight module using the ...
Planar lighting device
Surface light source apparatus
Lighting device, electro-optical device and electronic apparatus
Micro-processor controlled indicator device
Arrayed waveguide grating with reduced channel passband asymmetry
Stepped light guide
Waveguide-based detector module for x-radiation or gamma radiation
Coupler for cable trough
Method of reducing a blocking artifact when coding moving picture
Method of reducing a blocking artifact when coding moving picture
Method of reducing a blocking artifact when coding moving picture
System or method for enhancing an image
Method for adjusting image data
System and method for detecting obstacle
Multiple map image projecting and fusing
Image mapping method and image mapping program
Method for magnifying image by interpolation based on edge and corner
Selection of elements strongly related to a predetermined reference element
Method, apparatus, computer program, computer system, and computer-readable storage medium for repre...
Apparatus and method for determining whether machine readable information on an item matches the ite...
Gray scale image cleaning system and method
Method of care assessment and health management
Method of removing noise and interference from signal using peak picking
Trial neuro stimulator with lead diagnostics
Application of blood pressure profile parameter to assess circadian state of patients
Adaptive place-pitch ranking procedure for optimizing performance of a multi-channel neural stimulat...
Device and method for monitoring hydration status
Method of making a thin layer electrochemical cell with self-formed separator
Short cycle methods for sequencing polynucleotides
Poly(vinyl butyral) pellets
Fibers and nonwovens comprising polypropylene blends and mixtures
Systems and methods for patient specific pixel spacing calibration for mammography X-ray
Antenna unit and method for manufacturing antenna unit
Non-invasive medical treatment installation
Electrode positioning device for three-axes independent electrode positioning
Bait launching accessory for fishing poles and associated method
Spool for fishing reel
Hook-setting device for fishing
Time of flight teat location system
Portable water drinking trough for pets
Photoreceptor drums, methods and apparatus for assembling the same, and image-forming apparatus empl...
Electrolytic capacitor manufacturing method
Two-pack type adhesive
Desulfurization in turbulent fluid bed reactor
Oxidation system with internal secondary reactor
Process for the recovery of a phytolipid composition
Electroconductive fine particle and anisotropically electroconductive material comprising non-crysta...
Polymers, positive resist compositions and patterning process
Method of forming thick silica-based film
Fully cured thermoplastic elastomer, process for its manufacture and applications thereof
Polymer compositions containing an ultraviolet light absorbing compound
Aqueous emulsion and use thereof
Halogenated polymers with new sequence distributions
Disulfide-containing phenolic resin as curing agent for epoxy resin
Process for producing adipic acid
Control system for an RFID-based system for assembling and verifying outbound surgical equipment cor...
Systems and methods for location of objects
Systems and methods for locating hospital assets
Tracking methods and systems using RFID tags
Wireless remote control systems
Biodegradable radio frequency identification cards
Form birefringent grating structure, viewer, anticounterfeit security device, and method for making ...
Supplemental memory having media directory
Software method utilizing caller ID for maintaining connectivity during communications over distinct...
RFID transceiver device
Location aware directed audio
System, method and computer program for an integrated digital workflow for processing a paper form
Methods, apparatus and computer program instructions for enhancing service discovery at a mobile ter...
Mobility device assistant
Utilizing an RFID tag in manufacturing for enhanced lifecycle management
System and method for providing a service
Secure data cartridge
Reception system that inhibits transmission of acknowledgment or negative acknowledgment signal for ...
Container with applicator
Peptides that bind to HSP90 proteins
At least one polyamide polymer in a cosmetic composition comprising at least one solid substance hav...
Method for compiling and executing a parallel program
Silver nanoparticle/polymer nanocomposite membranes for olefin/paraffin separation and method of pre...
Method for preparing an electrode material for a polarized electrode
Energy storage and conversion devices using thermal sprayed electrodes
Electrical passivation of silicon-containing surfaces using organic layers
Diaminopropionic acid derivatives
Negative electrode for nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery and nonaqueous electrolyte secondary...
Electrolyte for lithium battery and lithium battery comprising same
Compounds, compositions and methods
Steerable guide catheter with pre-shaped rotatable shaft
Esophageal function display and playback system and method for displaying esophageal function
Rate-adaptive therapy with sensor cross-checking
Electrical stimulation to treat hair loss
Biphenyl compounds useful as muscarinic receptor antagonists
Polymer resin formulation having anti-microbial or anti-coagulability and preparation method thereof
Serial protocol controller that supports subroutine calls
Apparatus for removing odor from animal deposits
Method of reconstructing parallel magnetic resonance image using radial K-space trajectory, apparatu...
Dielectric element and method for generating a magnetic resonance image therewith
Apparatus of nuclear magnetic resonance measurement by using circulation flow for sample condition c...
Method for determining construction parameters of magnet structures designed to generate magnetic fi...
Nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer for liquid-solution
Transmission method for downlink control signal in MIMO system
Printed circuit board
Aqueous dispersion of biodegradable polyester and process for preparing the same
Fault-tolerant circuit device in fuel cell AC inverter
All-in-one type hybrid fuel cell system
Olefin polymerization process in the presence of an anti-fouling agent
Evolving new molecular function
Method for detecting ovarian cancer
Substituted cyclic hydroxamates as inhibitors of matrix metalloproteinases
Filamentous embolization device with expansible elements
Carboxylic acid derivative compounds and drugs comprising these compounds as the active ingredient
Therapeutic heating and cooling via temperature management of a colon-inserted balloon
Therapeutic cyclopentane derivatives
Mouse models of prostate cancer development and metastasis through expression of a hepsin transgene
Aglaonema plant named `UFSB2`
Dual spectral band network camera
Easy-to-open glass ampoule and device
Dental implant spacer and adapter assembly
Inhibitors of P2X.sub.3
Secure enclosure for sub-assembly of self service equipment
Method for catalytic growth of nanotubes or nanofibers comprising a NiSi alloy diffusion barrier
Method for immobilizing nucleic acid and method for manufacturing biosensor using the same method
Multi-tier wireless communications architecture, applications and methods
Optical lens system
Apparatus and method for collecting and analyzing communications data
Ranging and round trip delay timing adjustment in a multi-point to point bidirectional communication...
Apparatus and methods relating to web browser redirection
Loss of universal serial bus communication
Absorption space cooler with no forced pumping
Efficient heat exchanger for refrigeration process
Lock heating assembly for use in a padlock device
Oven for baking batter goods
System and method for creating a networked vehicle infrastructure distribution platform of small win...
Purified polymers for coatings of implantable medical devices
Plant for producing low deuterium water from sea water
Dense coating formation by reactive deposition
Interlayer film for laminate glass and laminate glass
Polymerizable composition and lithographic printing plate precursor
Fabricating zinc oxide semiconductor using hydrolysis
Polysilane compositions, methods for their synthesis and films formed therefrom
Luminescent compounds with carbene ligands
System and method for validating the graphical output of an updated software module
Model independent input reduction
Extending test sequences to accepting states
Conditional compilation of intermediate language code based on current environment
Electrical contact for a feedthrough/electrode assembly
Electrode line
Apparatus and method for selecting a mechanical seal
Storage plug-in based on hashmaps
Compact, self contained condition monitoring device for monitoring the operation of a pump, a fan, c...
Waveguide structure
Vehicle control apparatus and method
Stochastic processor, driving method thereof, and recognition process device using the same
Phase change materials for applications that require fast switching and high endurance
Ion implantation device and a method of semiconductor manufacturing by the implantation of boron hyd...
Radiographic inspection system for inspecting the contents of a container having dual injector and d...
Integrated capacitor and inductor
Dual mode personal locator beacon
Self diagonostic flame ignitor
Methods and apparatus for detecting threats using radar
Seismic data acquisition and source-side derivatives generation and application
Method for developing an x-ray diffraction imaging system
Head for golf club
Head for golf club
Pneumatic tire with tread having zigzag sipes
Head for golf club
Head for golf club
Pneumatic tire with noise damper
Pneumatic tire with tread having sipe in tie bar
Heavy duty tire with bead anchor rubber
Backflow preventing mouth plug and container
Manufacturing method of rubber member for tire
Method for molding bead portion of green tire and bead portion molding device
Extruding tread components directly into a tire mold
Liquid polymer
Tire tread
Functionalization of living rubbery polymers with nitrones
Tire tread with sipes having tie bars
Radial tire for aircraft with specified merged cords
Tire for automobile
Belt package for super single truck tires
Composite antenna for a tire
Organic light emitting diode display
Transistor array panel, liquid crystal display panel, and method of manufacturing liquid crystal dis...
Display device and method for manufacturing the same
Diffusion barrier layer and method for manufacturing a diffusion barrier layer
Self-emitting element, display panel, display apparatus, and method of manufacturing self-emitting e...
Flat panel display device capable of reducing or preventing a voltage drop and method of fabricating...
Method and apparatus for pre-charging electro-luminescence panel
Electro-optical device
Display device
Proteolysis resistant active VEGF