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Method of debugging "active" unit using "non-intrusive source-level debugger" on "standby" unit of h...
System and method to detect non-native storage components to manage configuration in a communication...
Method and device for matching the phases of microphone signals of a directional microphone of a hea...
Hearing aid and method for adjusting a hearing aid
Wafer-level testing of optical and optoelectronic chips
Solid-state imaging device
Low skew clock distribution tree
Test structure and method for measuring mismatch and well proximity effects
Semiconductor device having exposed heat dissipating metal plate
Heat dissipation structure accommodated in electronic control device
Multilevel semiconductor module and method for fabricating the same
Semiconductor wafer having embedded electroplating current paths to provide uniform plating over waf...
Image sensor and method for manufacturing the same
High-value integrated resistor and method of making
Edge structure with voltage breakdown in the linear region
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor integrated circuit and semiconductor integrated circuit
Method for fabricating a substrate with useful layer on high resistivity support
Memory device with high dielectric constant gate dielectrics and metal floating gates
Semiconductor device having metal-insulator-metal capacitor and method of fabricating the same
Photo-sensor and pixel array with backside illumination and method of forming the photo-sensor
Diagnostic method for root-cause analysis of FET performance variation
Semiconductor device with element isolation structure
Semiconductor laser diode formed with window at cleavage facet and fabricating method thereof
Solid state imaging apparatus and driving method of solid state imaging apparatus
Assessment of lesions in an image
Graphical user interface for 3-D in-vivo imaging
Optical metrology of single features
Surface plasmon resonance sensor
Measuring unit
System and method for self-referenced SPR measurements
Polarization imaging
Component measuring device
Near-field polarized-light measurement apparatus
Method for testing a polarization state, method for manufacturing a semiconductor device, and test s...
Calibration code strip with permutative grey scale calibration pattern
Methods of determination of responsiveness to erythropoietin treatment
Laser sensor apparatus and method for detecting transmission shaft torque
Optical spectroscopy for the detection of ischemic tissue injury
Analyte monitor
Method of producing absorbent sheet with increased wet/dry CD tensile ratio
Method of making fabric-creped sheet for dispensers
Fabric-creped sheet for dispensers
Medical suction apparatus and draining of same
Robotic multi-product case-packing system
Server based gaming system having multiple progressive awards
Stator of an electric motor
Backflow preventing apparatus for compressor
Hermetic compressor
Automotive engine-cooling fan assembly
Groundwater sampling device
Reciprocating pump drive apparatus
Apparatus for preventing liquid refrigerant accumulation of air conditioner and method thereof
Buoyancy pump power system
Transistor level verilog
Image repositioning, storage and retrieval
Intrusion detection system and network flow director method
Program guide information providing device, program device information providing system, information...
Methods and apparatus to monitor reception of programs and content by broadcast receivers
Kernel validation layer
Display method, portable terminal device, and display program
File content preview tool
Vehicle speed control apparatus
Mobile station having waiting process with main power off
Method for monitoring a communication media access schedule of a communication controller of a commu...
Satellite positioning system enabled media measurement system and method
Charged particle thrust engine
Scented solid substances comprising a non-ionic surfactant-impregnated carrier
Modified detergents and lubricating oil compositions containing same
Detergent composition for a low sulfur, low sulfated ash and low phosphorus lubricating oil for heav...
Tissue pathogen inactivation/removal process
Lithographic mask and manufacturing method thereof
Composition containing an esterified substituted benzene sulfonate
Washing machine with a titration indicator
Method and apparatus for packet transmit queue control
Speech recognition circuit using parallel processors
Cardiac harness having an optimal impedance range
Combined neural stimulation and cardiac resynchronization therapy
Inbred maize variety PHHNJ
Nucleic acid construct, metabolic disordered non-human animal and use thereof
Method for inhibiting the biological acidification of water in contact with materials containing sul...
Laser drive device and image forming apparatus incorporating the same
Communication apparatus, command transmission method, and program for networked devices using differ...
Magnetic recording medium and manufacturing method therefor
Data processing apparatus for generating reduced images of transmission images or reduced data of tr...
Information input apparatus, information input method, control program, and storage medium
Image processing device and method therefor and program codes, storing medium
Image forming apparatus which excutes check mode prior to ordinary image formation
Color processing method
Image forming apparatus and method for controlling the same
Image formation with priority selection of correction table based on match with print sheet setting ...
Halftone detection and removal
System for certifying whether printed material corresponds to original
Information processing apparatus, print processing method, and computer program
Measurement method, exposure method, exposure apparatus, and device fabrication method
Displacement-measuring optical scale and optical encoder using same
Exposure apparatus
Phosphodiesterase 4 inhibitors
Direct type backlight unit having liftable frame structure
Method for cleaning water-bearing domestic cleaning appliances
Drinking straw with multi-apertured end
Methods of operating a bistable resistance random access memory with multiple memory layers and mult...
Photometric analysis of biological samples using in-plane detection
Method and apparatus for positioning a pipetting device
Scroll control method using a touchpad
Resist pattern thickening material and process for forming resist pattern, and semiconductor device ...
Blood pressure monitoring apparatus
Toner repelling stripper finger assembly
Methods for rational pegylation of proteins
Method for identifying correlated variables
Velocity-selective arterial spin labeling without spatial selectivity
Water fat separated magnetic resonance imaging method and system using steady-state free-precession
Active learning system for object fingerprinting
Vibroacoustic emulator
Magneto-resistance effect element and magnetic memory device
Limit-cycle oscillation (LCO) based switch-mode power supply (SMPS) response evaluation
Audio MEMS mirror feedback
Method and apparatus for automatically re-validating multiple clients of an authentication system
Method and system for global coverage analysis
Method and system of reclaiming storage space in data storage systems
Systems and methods for memory module power management
Buffer management method and system with access grant based on queue score
Apparatus, method and computer program product for dynamic arbitration control
Automated system and method for setting device module loading sequence
System for joining a cluster by cloning configuration
Operation system and method of workflow integrated with a mail platform and web applications
Mixed media reality brokerage network and methods of use
Suspending a result set and continuing from a suspended result set for transparent session migration
Method for allocating principal payments utilizing capped non-accelerated/accelerated securities
Semiconductor CP (circuit probe) test management system and method
Composite oxide catalyst and method of producing the same
Gas-enhanced surgical instrument
Detection of noise within an operating frequency on a network
Method and apparatus for achieving optimal radiation dose in coronary CT angiography using standard ...
Finite-length equalization over multi-input multi-output (MIMO) channels
Optical imaging system for obtaining multi-field-of-view image
Method and device for compressing image data
Liquid crystal display of OCB or VA mode
Organic electronic device comprising conductive members and processes for forming and using the orga...
Electronic component
Electrical junction box and assembling method thereof
Method for producing trimer of indole derivative, and trimer of indole derivative and laminated stru...
Fluorine-containing compound having hydrolyzable metal alkoxide moiety, curable fluorine-containing ...
Photocatalytic material
Semiconductor device and a method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor package board using a metal base
Anti-cancer composition comprising DMXAA or related compound
Bi-lateral local renal delivery for treating congestive heart failure and for BNP therapy
Method for detecting kinase activity with thiol reactive fluorescent reagents
Radiation-crosslinked polyolefin compositions
Catalyst for purification of aromatic acids
Composite double refraction member
Switching micro-resonant structures using at least one director
Parasitic particle suppression in growth of III-V nitride films using MOCVD and HVPE
Method and apparatus for processing a wafer
Device and method for examining a body lumen
Ampoules for producing a reaction gas and systems for depositing materials onto microfeature workpie...
Method and system for improving coupling between a surface wave plasma source and a plasma space
System and method for storing hydrogen and electrical energy
Fuel retention monitoring system for a pressurized hydrogen storage tank on a vehicle and method of ...
Electrode catalyst for use in a fuel cells, and fuel cell and electrode utilizing same
Metal stack for fuel cells or electrolysers
Fuel cell module utilizing wave-shaped flow board
Micro fuel cell architecture
Direct reacting anolyte-catholyte fuel cell for hybrid energy sources
Fuel cell system
Methods of cracking a crude product to produce additional crude products
Microcombustors, microreformers, and methods involving combusting or reforming fluids
Fuel for fuel cell
Methods of making carbide and oxycarbide containing catalysts
Measuring thickness of a device layer using reflectance and transmission profiles of baseline device...
Liquid crystal display and method of manufacturing the same
Dendritic polymer and electronic device element employing the polymer
Item tag with liquid crystal display and image
Low-tack ophthalmic and otorhinolaryngological device materials
Corneal onlays and wavefront aberration correction to enhance vision
Quinacridone derivatives for pigment dispersions
Printing up to edge of printing paper without platen soiling
Bicycle trainer
System and method for incremental synthesis
Power sensing eddy current resistance unit for an exercise device
Bicycle simulation apparatus
Resistance band exercise machine
Personal training device using multi-dimensional spatial audio
Load variance system and method for exercise machine
Bicycle sprocket assembly
Bicycle component with axle fixing structure
Extendable mirrors for vehicle handlebars
Foldable bicycle and method of folding
Vehicle frame assembly with coupling device for coupling two frame members
Ergonomically improved rowing motion-propelled convertible wheelchair using retractible fifth wheel
One-way clutch
Portable wall-partition
Multi-frequency antenna assemblies with DC switching
Process and device for avoiding collision while opening vehicle doors
Process cartridge and image forming apparatus
Method of manufacturing a composite turbomachine blade, and a blade obtained by the method
Methods for preparing catalysts
Antireflection film composition, substrate, and patterning process
Developer carrying member and developing method by using thereof
Carbon fiber-reinforced resin composite materials
Method and apparatus to form thin layers of materials on a base
Controlled release ceramic particles, compositions thereof, processes of preparation and methods of ...
Method for the cleaning of filament and fiber spinning devices
Processing asphaltene-containing tailings
Process for hydroconverting of a heavy hydrocarbonaceous feedstock
Animal and vegetable oils combustor
Compacting device
Transmitter diversity technique for wireless communications
Fully human monoclonal antibodies to IL-13
Printing press simulator
Device for cycling blast or suction air in a sheet processing machine
Method of controlling register when overprinting a plurality of separated colors
Linear solenoid with abutted portion
Process for the production of an assembly comprising several silicone elements crosslinked by polyad...
Grid electrostatic precipitator/filter for diesel engine exhaust removal
Method, system, base station and data carrier for clash-free transmission between a base station and...
Multilayer optical recording medium having plurality of reflecting units formed on parts recording l...
Atrial capture verification
Polymer derived from monomers with long-chain aliphatic, poly(oxyalkylene) and substrate-reactive gr...
Benzofuran and benzothiophene derivatives useful in the treatment of hyper-proliferative disorders
Oxadiazolyl-phenoxyalkylisoxazoles, compositions thereof and methods for their use as anti-picornavi...
Biphenyl compounds useful as muscarinic receptor antagonists
Hedgehog interacting proteins and uses related thereto
Wireless remote controlled handset lifter system using magnetically coupled ring detection
Process for producing polyether polymer composition, polyether polymer composition, and solid electr...
Cathode material for Li-ion battery applications
Positive electrode and nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery
Battery including rolled electrodes and straight lead terminals
Rechargeable lithium-ion cell with triphenylamine redox shuttle
ID tag
Method of decomposing a polycarbonate
Conditioning shampoo compositions containing a mixture of select cationic conditioning polymers
Method of evaluating corrosion resistance of material under ammonium bisulfide environment
Method of preparing toner and toner prepared using the method
Separator for non-aqueous electrolyte cell
Electrolyte with indicator
Electrolyte with enhanced leakage detection for electrolytic capacitors and method for detecting lea...
Method and apparatus for treating animal waste and wastewater
Stable aqueous suspension liquid of finely divided diamond particles, metallic film containing diamo...
Pouch-type lithium secondary battery
Method for monitoring end of life for battery
Circuitry for portable lighting devices and portable rechargeable electronic devices
Secondary lithium battery module
Poly (3,4-alkylenedioxythiophene)-based capacitors using ionic liquids as supporting electrolytes
Battery adapter system
Battery adapter system and night-vision scope using same
Operational time extension
Method and apparatus for red-eye detection in an acquired digital image
Image processing device
Dispenser and process
High softening temperature synthetic alkylsilicone wax
Fluid reservoir wiper assembly
Lipstick case
Image sequence enhancement system and method
Quinolines and pharmaceutical compositions thereof
In-circuit security system and methods for controlling access to and use of sensitive data
Directed autoload of contactless stored value card within a transportation system
Computer system and base transceiver stations
Method and apparatus for generating keystream
Method and system for mesh network embedded devices
Method and system to determine and communicate the presence of a mobile device in a predefined zone
Method and apparatus for detecting and fixing faults in an inline-power capable ethernet system
Method for adjusting programming/erasing time in memory system
Tape drive for avoiding tape stiction
Method and related wireless mouse for decreasing delay time of data packet transmission system
RFID insert with disable feature and container that includes such an insert
Repeaters for RFID systems
Oncokinase fusion polypeptides associated with hyperproliferative and related disorders, nucleic aci...
Projection screen having a plural number of light control layers
Method for producing 1,2-propylene glycol using bio-based glycerol
Bis-(hydroxybenzaldehyde) compound and novel polynuclear polyphenol compound derived therefrom and m...
Optimized liquid-phase oxidation
Polymer compositions and processes for making and using same
Resin for toner binder and toner composition
Thermoplastic blend compositions
Thermoplastic elastomer compositions and methods for making the same
Low molecular weight cellulose mixed esters and their use as low viscosity binders and modifiers in ...
Curing accelerator, curable resin composition and electronic parts device
Internal 1,15-lactones of fluprostenol and related prostaglandin F.sub.2.alpha. analogs and their us...
Lubricating fluids with enhanced energy efficiency and durability
Titania-doped quartz glass and making method, EUV lithographic member and photomask substrate
Canine habitat
Apparatus and method for restraining a laboratory animal
Growing marine fish in fresh water
Portable toilet
Pan breeder feeder
Process and rotary milking parlor for the identification of a milking stall and an animal, in partic...
One piece polygonal carbon fiber rod with integral spine
Method of using magnetic fields to uniformly induce electric fields for therapeutic purposes
Simultaneous projection of multi-branched vessels and their context on a single image
Instrument for implanting a sensor
Wireless determination of endoscope orientation
Pelletized brominated anionic styrenic polymers and their preparation and use
Polymer films comprising stabilized infrared absorbing agents
Co-extruded medical balloon
Rotary processor
Cell growth surface on a polymeric substrate
Flame-retardant polystyrenes
Optically active high-molecular compounds
Nickel-based catalyst composition
Sacrificial benzocyclobutene copolymers for making air gap semiconductor devices
Bilayer film including an underlayer having vertical acid transport properties
SENP1 as a marker of cancer development and target for cancer therapy
Serpentine transmembrane antigens expressed in human cancers and uses thereof
Biological signal management
Cardiocirculatory aiding device
Single-handed biopsy system
Vacuum-actuated tissue perforation device for establishing pneumoperitoneum
System and method for measuring the pressure of a fluid system within a patient
Method for locating difficult access points on a map
Image acquisition system
Method and apparatus for performing a sensor fusion to provide a position of a target-of-interest
Facilitating computer-assisted tagging of object instances in digital images
Masking tool
Pixel data generating method
Correlating video images of lip movements with audio signals to improve speech recognition
Max entropy optimized retinal camera
Single-codebook vector quantization for multiple-rate applications
Method and apparatus for image processing
Word recognition using ontologies
Printing apparatus
Phase measurement system
Method and apparatus for implementing DCT/IDCT based video/image processing
Broadband 2.times.2 optical splitter
Volumetric three-dimensional (3D) display system using transparent flexible display panels
Luminaire device
Normal through optical panel
Integrated functionality in optical backplane
Optical device and light control method
Single-mode optical fiber
Multicore optical fiber with integral diffractive elements machined by ultrafast laser direct writin...
Hybrid fiber coupled artificial compound eye
Method for ultrafast optical deflection enabling optical recording via serrated or graded light illu...
Optical device with cantilevered fiber array and planar lightwave circuit
Photo-detection device and method
Optical crossover in thin silicon
Optical fiber probe, optical detection device, and optical detection method
Portable display device
Motorcycle awareness system
Light emitting diode lighting module with improved heat dissipation structure
Imaging system with high-spectrum resolution and imaging method for the same
Apparatus and method of assembling an artificial tree and table surface decoration assembly
LED socket
Lighting device for display
Backlight unit and liquid crystal display device using the same
Light source device and liquid crystal display device using the same
Light pipe providing wide illumination angle
Compound trough reflector for LED light sources
Data cable powered sensor fixture
Illuminated motorcycle safety and vanity light bar
Optical plate with light diffusion layer and backlight module using the same
Illumination obscurement device
Motion-activated lamps
Light shades and lighting systems
Light-emitting-diode lamp
Light engine
Fluorescent lamp fixture
Nitrous oxide based explosives and methods for making same
Self-powered impulse averaging recoil operated machine gun with a rotary lock bolt driven by bimodal...
Transparent ceramic composite armor
Reticle for telescopic gunsight and method for using cross reference to related application
Target illuminating assembly having integrated magazine tube and barrel clamp with laser sight
RF welding device with filtering and tuning
Reversible thermosensitive recording medium, label and member, and image processing apparatus and me...
Implantable, tissue conforming drug delivery device
Shaped packaging for a refill
Temperature/humidity exchanger
Hydrogen generating apparatus
Method for identifying shampoo-resistant hair-binding peptides and hair benefit agents therefrom
Specialized hollow fiber membranes for plasmapheresis and ultrafiltration
In vitro mechanical loading of musculoskeletal tissues
Fiber size, sized reinforcements, and articles reinforced with such reinforcements
Triazinylaminostilbene disulphonic acid mixtures
Panties with skin-whitening effect
Photoactivatable diazirine-active agent compounds, compositions comprising them and uses thereof
Side window roller blind
Retinoic acid mimetic anilides
Baby and toddler sunglasses
Multifunctional glasses
Compositions and methods for fusion protein separation
Pyrrolidine derivative or salt thereof
Compositions and methods for the therapy and diagnosis of lung cancer
Method for encapsulation of cellular material using a charged initiator polymer
Bottle cap
Fine particles of tin-modified rutile-type titanium dioxide and method of making thereof
Methods for the manufacture of mixed polyamide yarns
Hydrothermally-stable silica-based composite membranes for hydrogen separation
Powder molding die apparatus and method of molding for obtaining powder molding product
Interior rearview mirror system for a vehicle
Lithography mask substrate labeling system
Poly(arylene ether) composition, method, and article
High surface area, small crystallite size catalyst for Fischer-Tropsch synthesis
Catalyst powder, exhaust gas purifying catalyst, and method of producing the catalyst powder
Production of catalyst for removal of introgen oxides
Microspheres having a high index of refraction
Electron emitter device for data storage applications and method of manufacture
Electroblowing web formation process
Processes for printing layers for electronic devices and printing apparatuses for performing the pro...
Method for the direct detection of diagnostic RNA
Process for producing optimised printing forms
Innerlayer panels and printed wiring boards with embedded fiducials
High refractive index fluids for immersion lithography
Process for the synthesis of 2, 5-dihydroxyterephthalic acid
Plant Myb transcription factor homologs
Pressurized high temperature polymerization process and polymerization system used therein
Coated pipes for conveying oil
System and method for selective installation of one or more components for a data storage management...
System and method for controlling installation of one or more components for a data storage manageme...
Server-based browser system
Fault detection using redundant virtual machines
Fault tolerant routing in a network routing system based on a passive replication approach
Generating and communicating information on locations of program sections in memory
Method and apparatus for updating information stored in multiple information handling systems
Computer-implemented system and method for handling node-link representations
Electronic pipette
Pipette tip
Ultra-thin spindle motor having groove formed on the outer circumferential surface of thrust bearing
Compressor bearing and compressor component
Micro-electro mechanical systems switch and method of fabricating the same
Linear motion guide apparatus
Wheel hub with lubricant fill port
Expandable modular rack for storing at least one pistol of any width and/or at least one similarly c...
Storage device
Digital watermarking methods and apparatus for use with audio and video content
Data path security processing
Gene synthesis software
Genomic data mining using clustering logic and filtering criteria
Electrostatic discharge protection device
Transparent electrode for an electrochromic switchable cell
Eyepiece for head mounted display system and method of fabrication
Image transmission system from three rod lenses for rigid endoscopes
Fiber optically coupled, multiplexed, and chopped laser rangefinder
Optical device and method of manufacturing the same, optical device adaptor, and optical component s...
Optical connection structure between optical backplane and circuit substrate
Data processing system for managing and processing foreign exchange transactions
Light emitting device and electronic apparatus using the same
Game ball having optimally positioned grooves and/or ridges
ECC encoding for uncorrectable errors
Protein separation from a protein mixture
Muteins of human tear lipocalin
Substituted pyridines and their uses
Substituted benzopyrans as selective estrogen receptor-beta agonists
Quinazoline analogs as receptor tyrosine kinase inhibitors
Chambers, systems, and methods for electrochemically processing microfeature workpieces
Method and apparatus for load balancing based on XML content in a packet
System, method, and computer storage medium for establishing sharing of resources with reciprocal re...
Transfer device, distributed processing system, transfer device control method, program, and recordi...
Block polymer compound, polymer-containing composition that contains the same
Nemesia plant named `Pendrop`
Structure and assembly procedure for low stress thin die flip chip packages designed for low-K Si an...
Phosphor screen and imaging assembly
Piezoelectric material and piezoelectric device
Synthesis of gallium and indium alkoxides
Laser irradiation method, laser irradiation apparatus and method for manufacturing semiconductor dev...
Photoresist strip method for low-k dielectrics
Thin-film transistor, method of producing thin-film transistor, electronic circuit, display, and ele...
Thin film layer, heating electrode, phase change memory including thin film layer and methods for fo...
Micro-sculpting using phase masks for projection lithography
Hydrogen sulfide injection method for phosphor deposition
Folding cellular phone
Developing unit and image forming apparatus using the same
Display, method of manufacturing display and apparatus for manufacturing display
Semiconductor device
Display panel including an improved electrode structure
Display apparatus
Wire structure, method of forming wire, thin film transistor substrate, and method of manufacturing ...
Electroluminescence device having stacked capacitors
Semiconductor device having a semiconductor-on-insulator configuration and a superlattice
Method of monitoring a semiconductor manufacturing trend
Flexible elastomer articles and methods of manufacturing
Balanced mixer with calibration of load impedances
Image forming apparatus including plural developers and image forming method
Method for decoding data using windows of data
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device
Chromatin peptides blocking human HIF-1.alpha. gene and modulating the downstream related genes
Member for supporting magnetic disc substrates, process of producing the same, and magnetic disc dev...
Systems and methods for magnetic and color ink printing
System for processing and classifying image data using halftone noise energy distribution
Color processing device and method for an output device that adjusts the quantity of total ink based...
Method and apparatus for secure printing using facial recognition of a print job sent by the user ov...
Image forming apparatus and image density controlling method
Cleaning blade edge stiffener to improve blade tucking robustness
Multi-tap series ceramic heater cold spot compensation
Optical element for a document illuminator
Electrostatic latent image developer
Curable resin composition, electrophotographic photoreceptor, process cartridge, and image-forming a...
Imaging member having antistatic anticurl back coating containing polyhedral oligomeric silsequioxan...
Methods of tightly packing elements in an electric display media
System for managing paper supplies in a population of printers and copiers
Filter device and liquid drop ejecting device
Check printing auditing systems and methods
Integrated printhead with polymer structures
Swimming simulation exercise apparatus
System and method for determining a scent or taste profile for predicting a user adapted scent or ta...
Thickened fabric conditioners
Liquid detergent comprising a dye fixing agent
Network support for reconfiguration of subscriber mobile configuration data
User assignment strategies for hierarchical and other overlay networks
Dynamic data path component configuration apparatus and methods
Dedicated bandwidth data communication switch backplane
Nonlinear optical devices based on metamaterials
Method of assembling a radiocommunication antenna, radiocommunication antenna assembled by such a me...
Fuel combustion catalyst microburst aerosol delivery device and continuous and consistent aerosol de...
Dynamic column block selection
Physically small spiral antenna
Method of producing a polymer network
Drop discharge apparatus, method for forming pattern and method for manufacturing semiconductor devi...
Container monitoring system
(Pentafluorophenyl) group 11 and 12 metal compounds, processes for preparing (pentafluorophenyl) gro...
Air filtration media comprising metal-doped silicon-based gel and/or zeolite materials treated with ...
Method for reducing heavy metals in flue gases
Hydrophilic body and method of manufacture
Photochromic ocular devices
Stable pharmaceutical composition granulocyte-colony stimulating factor
Nonnatural galactomannans and methods of use
Humanized immunoglobulin loci
Apolipoprotein L-I and/or derivated polypeptide for the treatment of and/or the prevention of diseas...
Methods for reducing the viscosity of treatment fluids comprising diutan
Dynamic update adaptive idle timer
Full/selector output from one of plural flag generation count outputs
Device and method for embedding binary payload in a carrier signal
Asymmetric subspace watermarking
Information output/recording apparatus/method for outputting recording information together with cop...
Method and system for optimizing print-scan simulations
Sheet recognizing device and method
Method for data maintenance in a network of partially replicated database systems
Systems and methods for dynamic querying
Advanced desktop reporting
Method and system for storing and retrieving data using hash-accessed multiple data stores
Methods and apparatus for query rewrite with auxiliary attributes in query processing operations
Long running requests
Separating uploads into aggregate and raw data storage
User interface for facts query engine with snippets from information sources that include query term...
Autocompletion for unordered lists
Method for extracting a compact representation of the topical content of an electronic text
Method and apparatus for generating a preference ranking
System and method for receiving and loading fare and schedule data
Integrated investment management system with network datafeed
Camshaft adjuster for an internal combustion engine
Valve train device for engine
Variable valve timing controller for internal combustion engine
Method and apparatus for operating an oil flow control valve
Apparatus and methods for manipulating light using nanoscale cometal structures
Nanotip electrode electroluminescence device with contoured phosphor layer
Phase change memory device having carbon nano tube lower electrode material and method of manufactur...
Method of forming an oxygen- or nitrogen-terminated silicon nanocrystalline structure and an oxygen-...
Nanotube device structure and methods of fabrication
Method for promoting light emission efficiency of LED using nanorods structure
Dispersion of carbon nanotubes by nucleic acids
Preparation of nanoparticle materials
Surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS)-active composite nanoparticles, methods of fabrication th...
Nano-particle corrosion inhibiting films
Eutectic-based self-nanoemulsified drug delivery system
Compositions comprising human immunodeficiency virus Tat adsorbed to the surface of anionic nanopart...
Electromagnetic shielding material having carbon nanotube and metal as electrical conductor
Electrically conductive, optically transparent polymer/carbon nanotube composites and process for pr...
Method of producing gold nanoprisms
Manufacturable micropositioning system employing sensor target
Photographing apparatus
Photographic prints having magnetically recordable media
Digital camera
Optoelectronic protection device
Adaptive processing for images captured with flash
Autofocus system
Method and structure for suppressing response time of lens focusing structure
Camera module
Electronic camera having improved focus performance
Digital camera including manual and automatic drive of photographing system
Anti-shake apparatus
Image-taking device
Image stabilizer
Digital camera, composition correction device, and composition correction method
Lens device and imaging device
Solid state image sensing device
Flash unit, camera device, and mobile terminal
Image device and associated methodology of adjusting a flash exposure operation
Automatic focus for image sensors
Camera tripod head with weight compensation
Location based security modification system and method
Dynamic negotiation of encryption protocols
Assigning higher priority to transactions based on subscription level
Security for external system management
System, method and storage medium for bus calibration in a memory subsystem
Circuitry and method for detecting and protecting against over-clocking attacks
On-chip multi-core type tamper resistant microprocessor
Method and apparatus for managing encrypted data on a computer readable medium
Super-distribution of protected digital content
Method and apparatus for restriction use of storage medium using user key
Secure data processing apparatus
System for managing license for protecting content, server for issuing license for protecting conten...
Decryption system and method for network analyzers and security programs
Key exchange for a network architecture
Communication system for adding data transmission origin information to data
Electronic value exchange system and electronic value exchange method
Communications system, communications apparatus, and communication method
Method, apparatus, and program for image processing capable of preventing and detecting tampering, a...
System and method for reusable efficient key distribution
Authentication between a cellular phone and an access point of a short-range network
Anonymous communicating over interconnected networks
Method and system for optimization of anti-virus scan
System and method for managing, converting and displaying video content on a video-on-demand platfor...
Method and apparatus for gathering programs watched data
Dynamic service generation for legacy components
Apparatus and method for integrating variable subsidiary information with main office information in...
Mechanism for translation of data in an execution framework
Role-oriented development environment
Data path for high performance pattern generator
Integrating multiple electronic design applications
Information processing system and information processing method that searches for peripheral informa...
Interactive user interface for displaying correlation
Storage and utilization of slide presentation slides
Method for extracting information associated with a search term
Dynamic generation of WSDL documents based on database metadata
Meta-document and method of managing
Method and apparatus for form pooling
Emission-monitoring system and method for transferring data
Trusted patching of trusted code
System and method for record retention date in a write once read many storage system
Determining latency and persistency of storage devices and presenting a save/read user interface thr...
Distributed on-demand computing system
Knowledge filter
Distributional similarity-based models for query correction
Blog map for searching and/or navigating the blogosphere
Clustering method of wireless sensor network for minimized energy consumption
Expert system for medical diagnosis
Electronic mail data cleaning
Non-unitary probabilistic quantum computing circuit and method
Multi-user investigation organizer
Lattice matching
Custom electronic learning system and method
Method and system for classifying and identifying messages as question or not a question within a di...
Method and system for forecasting usage costs and computer capacity
Conversational numerical control apparatus
System and method for providing remote data access and trascoding for a mobile communication device
Sharing network information
System and method for email notification
Locking apparatus of swing hinge module for mobile communication terminals
Architecture and applications to support device-driven firmware upgrades and configurable menus
Frequency correction channel burst detector in a GSM/EDGE communication system
Method for transmitting notification messages on submitting multimedia messages to telecommunication...
System for sharing human perceptual signals between electronic devices
Method for operating a near field communication system
Keypad with flanged keys for high audio front porting communication products
User configurable headset for monaural and binaural modes
System and method for tracking individuals
Supporting enhanced media communications in communications conferences
Automated conference recording for missing conference participants
System for prompting the caller before and after voice-over-internet-protocol call connection
General charging method
Video-ready internet telephone
Telephone message system and method
Method for addressing billing in a message service, messaging service system, server and terminal
Automated task classification system
Telephone emergency response systems and methods
Process for cracking an olefin-rich hydrocarbon feedstock
Production of aromatics from methane
Process for preparing linear alpha olefins
Process for the production of propylene from a feed comprising olefins containing four and/or five c...
Jet fuel compositions
Use of highly purified hydrocarbons in vacuum ultraviolet applications
Fixed bed multitube reactor
Series catalyst beds
Process and apparatus for cracking hydrocarbon feedstock containing resid
Hydrocracking process with recycle, comprising adsorption of polyaromatic compounds from the recycle...
Dianthus plant named `Heart's Desire`
Dicentra plant named `Spring Magic`
Petunia plant named `Fort Improburgpic`
Eupatorium plant named `Baby Joe`
Penstemon plant named `Peni Mag09`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Petno Orange`
Grapevine `Sheegene-14`
Hydrangea plant named `Zulu`
Rose plant named `Felix Leclerc`
Nectarine tree named `UFRoyal`
Kniphofia plant named `PEACHY CHEEKS`
Dianthus plant named `Alva`
Pelargonium plant named `Gravio`
Pelargonium plant named `Clip Romegs`
Strawberry plant named `Premier`
Strawberry plant named `GLORY`
Strawberry plant named `MARVEL`
Osteospermum plant named `Balserdarp`
Sutera plant named `Balabpink`
Nemesia plant named `Balarwitim`
Miniature rose plant named `WEKglezneo`
Tiller arm
Device for moving heavy appliances
Hand car frame
Cleaning tool
Electric sweeper
Part of a vacuum cleaner
Part of a vacuum cleaner
Washing machine feature
Vacuum cleaner
Vacuum cleaner
Dog training dummy
Pet nail filer
Safety helmet with fan
Hand scrubbing pad
Nail file
Hair clipper
Safety razor with trimmer
Depilatory device
Hair dryer
Charging system and method for handling services within this system and entities thereof
Apparatus and method of a distributed capital system
Method, software program, and system for ranking relative risk of a plurality of transactions
Auction market with price improvement mechanism
Matching program and system for corporate meeting planners and hospitality providers
Content addressable information encapsulation, representation, and transfer
System, method and computer program product for documenting and managing execution of procedures in ...
Graphical user interface for procurement risk management system
Systems and methods using cryptography to protect secure computing environments
Public key cryptographic method of protecting an electronic chip against fraud
Method and system for conducting a plurality of cyber-based conventions
Electronic currency, electronic wallet therefor and electronic payment systems employing them
Licensing media consumption using digital currency
Self-contained rights management for non-volatile memory
System and method of automatically maintaining and recycling software components
Automated banking machine with record accessibility pre-check
Electronic business transaction system
Method and system for exchangeable bundled option and no-principal debt securities
Process for the disposal of sulfur in the form of compounds liquid at room temperature
Erosion control transition mat
Low profile mine roof support
Method for supporting top tension drilling and production risers on a floating vessel
Removable grate
Drainage element
Wave attenuator structure and system therefor
Method of locating liner within sewer pipe
Apparatus and method for lateral pipe identification
Drug design based on the structure of LTA.sub.4 hydrolase
Methods for determining hepatotoxins
Maize variety 36V52
Soybean variety XB41M08
Soybean variety XB05J08
Soybean variety XB33T08
Plant farnesyltransferases
Genes for enhancing nitrogen utilization efficiency in crop plants
Preparation of organisms with faster growth and/or higher yield
Transgenic expression cassettes for expressing nucleic acid sequences in sink tissues of plants that...
Fatty acid epoxygenase genes from plants and uses therefor in modifying fatty acid metabolism
Potent LNA oligonucleotides for the inhibition of HIF-1A expression
Actin regulatory elements for use in plants
Isolated hOAT polynucleotide
Minimally immunogenic variants of SDR-grafted humanized antibody CC49 and their use
Thrombin-cleavable chimeric proteins
Human OX2 receptors
Polyamides for treating human papilloma virus
Methods and compositions for treatment of inflammatory disease using cadherin-11 modulating agents
Aptamers to von Willebrand Factor and their use as thrombotic disease therapeutics
Large capacity viral amplicon using a minimal orilyt from human cytomegalovirus
Deployable support structure
In orbit space transportation and recovery system
Method and apparatus for noise abatement and ice protection of an aircraft engine nacelle inlet lip
Baggage compartment in passenger transport system
Oxygen conservation system for commercial aircraft
System and method for the measurement of the unambiguous roll angle of a projectile
Energy storage system
Method and device for slope and/or pitch recognition of a vehicle
Solid-oxide fuel cell system having tempering of fuel cell stacks by exhaust gas
Working machine
Seat securing apparatus
Active vehicle impact dampening system
Steering apparatus
Flexible polyurethane foam and process for its production
Electric power steering apparatus using coated pulley
Hydrostatic retarder pump and motor
Work machine with engine control device
Structure and method for mounting drive motor
Opening/closing controlling apparatus
System and method for moving a headrest for whiplash prevention
Seat belt retractor system
Wheel drive
Bi-directional clutch and vehicle with it
Rear shock absorber arrangement structure for motorcycle
Three-wheeled vehicle with centrally positioned motor and driver's seat
Drill energized power module
Method of controlling vehicle driving system
Self propelled trailer
Display strip and a display strip and product assembly
Product provided with a coding pattern and apparatus and method for reading the pattern
Governor and a power generating device and an apparatus using the governor
Method and apparatus for generating visual images based on musical compositions
Electronic hi-hat cymbal
Electronic musical instrument and tone generator apparatus connectable thereto
Musical instrument and automatic accompanying system for human player
Bandlimited digital synthesis of analog waveforms
Musical notation system
Musical content utilizing apparatus
Device and method for visualizing musical rhythmic structures
Conical piccolo
Pick assembly for playing a stringed musical instrument
Musical instrument string
Upright piano
Adjustable tripod stand
Image recognition apparatus and program for recognizing the substance of an image, particularly in a...
Random map generation in a strategy video game
Game apparatus and recording medium storing a game program
Method, an apparatus and a computer program product for generating an image
Method and handheld apparatus for facilitating remote play of a slot machine
Gaming device having a high-low game
Methods and apparatus for analyzing a game situation using positional information in a game space
Game skinning pliers
System and method for playing a poker game
Roulette game apparatus and method
Method for soybean aphid population suppression and monitoring using aphid- and host-plant-associate...
Amelioration of vitrectomy-induced cataracts
N- (3-amino-2-hydroxy-propyl) substituted alkylamide compounds
Treatment of hyperphosphatemia using crosslinked small molecule amine polymers
Crystalline and amorphous forms of beta-L-2'-deoxythymidine
Thiazoles, imidazoles, and pyrazoles useful as inhibitors of protein kinases
Antiviral nucleosides
PRO256 polypeptides
6, 11-bridged tricyclic macrolides
Oil-in-water method for making alpha-2 agonist polymeric drug delivery systems
Agent for the prevention and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases-I
Use of ID4 for diagnosis and treatment of cancer
Inkless printing paper and method
Embolic compositions
Molecules enhancing dermal delivery of influenza vaccines
Microorganisms for therapy
Microorganisms for therapy
Human antibodies that bind human TNF.alpha.
Microencapsulation system and method
Apparatus, method and system for delivering oxygen-ozone
Vapor grown carbon fiber, production method thereof and composite material containing the carbon fib...
Singlet oxygen quencher and composition using the same
Process and apparatus for hydrogen and carbon production via carbon aerosol-catalyzed dissociation o...
Silicon-containing products
Method of recovering phosphate for reuse as a fertilizer
Cesium-rubidium-borate nonlinear optical crystal and its growth method and applications
Purification of a mixture of H.sub.2/CO by catalysis of the NOx
Cyclical vacuum chlorination processes, including lithium extraction
Base-facilitated production of hydrogen from carbonaceous matter
Process for manufacturing ultra low consistency alpha- and beta- blend stucco
Carbon dioxide absorbent, carbon dioxide separating apparatus, and reformer
Process for the removal of H.sub.2S and mercaptans from a gas stream
Composite mixed oxide ionic and electronic conductors for hydrogen separation
Cellular coal products and processes
Mercury contamination extraction
Systems and methods for generating and storing ozone
Carrier air heating system for SCR
Linear compressor unit
Orientation apparatus for eccentric firearm noise suppressor and assembly method
Asymmetric firearm silencer with coaxial elements
Display apparatus and display methods for scrolling item lists
Soft output viterbi detector with error event output
Apparatus and method for testing and debugging an integrated circuit
Signal processing system for electronic systems having different types of input/output controllers
Audio status information for a portable electronic device
Method and system for transferring data in a communications network using redundant communication pa...
Systems and methods of maintaining availability of requested network resources
Accessing a server using a user authentication indicator
Reordering sequence based channels
Enhanced buddy list using mobile device identifiers
Managing multiple unit attentions
Tooth and gum cleaning device
Update package for offline synchronization of software updates
Predicting capacity consumption in a memory component
Methods of detecting unwanted logic in an operational circuit design
Performant and scalable merge strategy for text indexing
Footwear upper
Portion of a footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear sole
Footwear accessory
Footwear accessory
Footwear accessory
Fluid-filled chambers with foam tensile members and methods for manufacturing the chambers
Shoe and ankle support with artificial spider web silk
Electrical connector with clip mechanism
Reconfigurable heat sink assembly
Assembled structure of power semiconductor device and heat sink
Folding protective cover for heat-conductive medium
Heat-dissipating electromagnetic shield
Heat dissipation device
Thermal module and electronic assembly incorporating the same
Apparatus for cooling a heat dissipating device located within a portable computer
Compact rectifying unit for separation of mixed fluids and rectifying process for separation of such...
Thermoelectric temperature control for extracorporeal blood circuit
In the rate of energy transfer across boundaries
Aluminum alloy-based extruded multi-path flat tubes for the heat exchanger and method of manufacture...
Laminated heat exchanger
Photovoltaic fibers
Patient signaling method for treating cardiovascular disease
L-Threonine derivatives of high therapeutic index
2,5-bis-diamine-[1,4]benzoquinonic derivatives, useful for the treatment of alzheimer's disease, met...
High yield and rapid synthesis methods for producing metallo-organic salts
Image display apparatus, multidisplay apparatus, and brightness management apparatus
Hierarchical identity-based encryption and signature schemes
Toner cartridge
Memory configuration of a composite memory device
Organic electroluminescent display device having a photonic crystal layer provided over electrolumin...
Systems and methods of blood-based therapies having a microfluidic membraneless exchange device
Salt suitable for an acid generator and a chemically amplified positive resist composition containin...
Flame-retardant poly(arylene ether) composition and its use as a covering for coated wire
Retardation film and method of producing the same, and optical film, liquid crystal panel, and liqui...
In-band negotiation in single transcompression scenarios related applications
Methods, systems, and computer program products for computational analysis and design of amphiphilic...
Bonding of carbon fibers to metal inserts for use in composites
Method and system for providing a covert warning notification of a hazard to an aircraft
Product recommendations based on collaborative filtering of user data
Cyclohexyl compounds as CCR5 antagonists
Indane compounds as CCR5 antagonists
Pyrimidine compounds
Inhibition of the expression of huntingtin gene
ZA loops of bromodomains
Methylene urea derivatives
Compounds and compositions as protein kinase inhibitors
Prodrugs of heteroaryl compounds
Benzoimidazol-2-yl pyridines as modulators of the histamine H.sub.4receptor
Tetrahydropyran heterocyclic cyclopentyl heteroaryl modulators of chemokine receptor activity
.beta.-cyclodextrin compositions, and use to prevent transmission of sexually transmitted diseases
Anti-viral nucleoside analogs and methods for treating viral infections, especially HIV infections
Substituted aryl piperidinylalkynyladenosines as A2AR agonists
Use of an adenosine A3 receptor agonist for inhibition of viral replication
Cationic, oxidized polysaccharides in conditioning applications
Neural stem cell-collagen-bioreactor system to construct a functional embryonic brain-like tissue
Granules obtained by drying a multiple emulsion
Apparatus, and method for implementing remote client integrity verification
PTO selector mechanism for parallel axis transmission
Process for the enumeration and identification of microorganisms
Method and apparatus for ozone sterilization
Communication device
Communication and collaboration system using rich media environments
Data collection device that configures itself based on geographic position data
Electromagnetic valve
Methods and systems for management and control of an automation control module
Body fluid collection apparatus
Optical recording medium having BCA of write-once information
Method and system for separating rules of a security policy from detection criteria
Stable protein storage and stable nucleic acid storage in recoverable form
Inferring object invariant method and system
Non-aqueous foam composition for gas lift injection and methods for making and using same
Electronic healthcare management form creation
Method and device for transmitting data frames
Compounds for a controlled release of active molecules
Automotive vehicle seat insert
Coatings for drug delivery devices based on poly (orthoesters)
Process for preparing 1-butene polymers
Nucleotide sequences and protein(s) encoded by such nucleotides for modulation of apoptosis
Stabilizers for polymerizable biocompatible materials
DWF4 polynucleotides, polypeptides and uses thereof
Methods of applying separator members to an electrode of a capacitor
Interactive system for processing and retrieving data relating to a particular destination via a com...
Method for surface crust freezing of food product
Fine grained sintered cemented carbides containing a gradient zone
Color evaluating method of image display device
Programmable current-sensing circuit providing continuous temperature compensation for DC-DC convert...
System and method for client initiated authentication in a session initiation protocol environment
Pyrrolopyridine derivatives
Television system having internet web browsing capability
System and method for accomplishing two-factor user authentication using the internet
Peer-to-peer (P2P) connection despite network address translators (NATs) at both ends
System and method for targeting advertisements to tenants in a building
System, method and apparatus for use in monitoring or controlling internet access
Associating multi-lingual audio recordings with objects in Internet presentation
Method and system for managing and delivering web content to internet appliances
Method and network device for synchronization of database data routed through a router
Content display monitor
System and method for providing lifestyle specific information services, and products over a global ...
Techniques and apparatus for one way transmission delay measurement for IP phone connections
Voice recognition system for navigating on the internet
Method and device for supporting access of point to point protocol over ATM terminal
Efficient IP multicast bridging in ethernet switches
Method and apparatus for generating a reconnaissance index
TCP/IP transport interface for ISDN telephone
Adaptor serving for both mobile phone unit and private IP phone unit
Compositions for treatment with glucagon-like peptide, and methods of making and using the same
Game theoretic prioritization scheme for mobile ad hoc networks permitting hierarchal deference
System for facilitating searches for data stored on a network
Extensible robotic framework and robot modeling
Nucleic acid and amino acid sequences relating to Staphylococcus epidermidis for diagnostics and the...
Automatic disconnect for riverboard propulsion system
Method and apparatus for providing secure virtualization of a trusted platform module
Methods, systems and devices for improving ventilation in a lung area
High-temperature member for use in gas turbine
Vehicular exterior mirror
Ball and frame exercising apparatus
Method for remote electronic verification and authentication and screening of potential signatories ...
System and method for recording a signal using a central point of control
Storage system, file migration method and computer program product
System and method for power management in memory systems
Systems and methods for locating geographical regions of mobile computer users
Ion source with upstream inner magnetic pole piece
Hemodialysis access with on-off functionality
Secure kernel transactions
Point-to-point repair request mechanism for point-to-multipoint transmission systems