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Gas chemistry cycling to achieve high aspect ratio gapfill with HDP-CVD
Photoelectrochemical device and electrode
Method for measuring etch rates during a release process
Fabrication of movable micromechanical components employing low-cost, high-resolution replication te...
Method of fabricating top gate type thin film transistor having low temperature polysilicon
Strained channel transistor and methods of manufacture
Method to form etch and/or CMP stop layers
Method of forming a silicon oxide layer in a semiconductor manufacturing process
Opto-electronic component
Nuclear reprogramming using IWSI and related chromatin remodeling ATPases
Method for characterizing disseminated and micrometastasized cancer cells
Hydrofluoroether as a heat-transfer fluid
Conveyor belt cleaning system
Quick change connector for grinding wheel
Intragastric balloon assembly
Liposuction apparatus with pressurized liquid spray and liposuction method using the apparatus
Sphincterotome and manometry catheter
Microstructures with assisting optical lenses
Non-corrosive sterilant composition
Liquid crystal display with neutral dark state
Transparent reinforced tape
Scanning laser microscope with wavefront sensor
Repellent fluorochemical compositions
Microstructured screen with light absorbing material and method of manufacturing
Optical film with co-continuous phases
Golf swing training apparatus
Exercise system
Support harness
Golf putting practice device
Planar-parallactic golf alignment aide
Adjustable putter
Load transfer arm for putter
Multi-piece solid golf ball
Golf range tee
Golf swing training device
Method of making a single flex matched set of golf clubs
Golf putter having varied striking surface
Multi-piece solid golf ball
Printing device for use with a printing cartridge having capacitive sensor identification
Sandal system for athletic activities
Length-adjustable shoe
Method of identifying printing cartridge characteristics with capacitive sensors
Process cartridge and image forming apparatus with toner fed cleaning mode
Mobility management state transition system and method for handling dark beam scenarios
Service management
System for navigation redundancy
Sub-visible cloud cover assessment: VNIR-SWIR
Media translator for transaction processing system
Reticle management system
Systems, methods, and computer program products to efficiently update multidimensional databases
Congestion control for internet protocol storage
Method and apparatus to perform network routing using multiple length trie blocks
File system for caching web proxies
Malicious mobile code runtime monitoring system and methods
System and method for rapid fault isolation in a storage area network
Enhanced on-object context menus
Operating method for miniature computing devices
Process for preparing monodisperse anion exchangers
Forming a chemically cross-linked particle of a desired shape and diameter
Aspirin-triggered lipid mediators
Electrochromic display device
Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae vaccine and methods for reducing Mycoplasma bovis pneumonia in cattle
Direct cellular energy delivery system
Triggered release from proteinoid microspheres
Interleukin-19 antibodies
Fibroblast growth factor and nucleic acids encoding same
Compounds that bind P2Y.sub.2 or P2Y.sub.1 receptors
4-dedimethylamino tetracycline compounds
Crosslinked albumin hydrogels
Fused bicyclic aromatic compounds that are useful in treating sexual dysfunction
Methods of electrotransport drug delivery
Precipitation hardened wear resistant coating
Optical fibres provided with a lens by photopolymerization and related novel optical components
Method, system and apparatus for constructing fully personalized and contextualized interaction envi...
Method of finding answers to questions
System and method for optimizing search results
Method for node ranking in a linked database
Parallel tree searches for matching multiple, hierarchical data structures
System and media for simplifying web contents, and method thereof
Method and apparatus for use in a decoder of a forward error correction (FEC) system for locating bi...
Method and system for enabling device functions based on distance information
Method and apparatus for reducing communication latency in a wireless group call
Wireless terminal operating under an aggregate transmit power limit using multiple modems having fix...
Method for overusing frequencies to permit simultaneous transmission of signals from two or more use...
Method and apparatus for interconnecting wireless and wireline networks
Page back system and method for remote paging in a control system
Reducing acoustic noise in wireless and landline based telephony
Instant messaging blind join
Methods and apparatus for providing a virtual host in electronic messaging servers
Carboxylic acid reductase polypeptide, nucleotide sequence encoding same and methods of use
Alpha v integrin receptor antagonists
Process for the production of biologically active protein
Polypeptide-phosphatidic acid phosphatase 29.81 and the polynucleotide encoding said polypeptide
Secreted and transmembrane polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding the same
Compositions and methods for modulation of plant cell division
Methods and apparatus for spinning spider silk protein
Deicing solution
Yeast screens for treatment of human disease
Physiologically active peptide and use thereof
Cytochrome P450 monooxygenase CYP52A2B from Candida tropicalis
Consensus phytases
Toxoplasma gondii proteins, nucleic acid molecules, and uses thereof
Canine and feline B7-2 proteins, compositions and uses thereof
Secreted protein HRGDF73
Dielectric materials
Transition metal dielectric alloy materials for MEMS
Magnetic memory device
MEMS device made of transition metal-dielectric oxide materials
Photodiode, optical receiver device including the same, and method of making the photodiode
Semiconductor wafer assemblies comprising photoresist over silicon nitride materials
Systems and methods for stacking chip components
Apparatus for connecting an IC terminal to a reference potential
Semiconductor structures having through-holes sealed with feed-through metalization
Aluminum interconnects with metal silicide diffusion barriers
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Etch stop in damascene interconnect structure and method of making
Mask, method of producing mask, and method of producing semiconductor device
Semiconductor wafer
Electro-optical device and manufacturing method thereof
Field emission phase change diode memory
Microchip, method of manufacturing microchip, and method of detecting compositions
Process monitoring device for sample processing apparatus and control method of sample processing ap...
Polarizable electrode for electric double-layer capacitor, process for producing the polarizable ele...
Semiconductor memory devices with delayed auto-precharge function and associated methods of auto-pre...
Semiconductor memory device for controlling write recovery time
Semiconductor memory device for reducing current consumption in operation
Broadened-specular reflection and linear subspaces for object recognition
Fast high-accuracy multi-dimensional pattern inspection
Optical fiber sensor having a sol-gel fiber core and a method of making
Integrated optical circuits
Optical measuring system for diagnosing ear conditions
Data sample and transmission modules for power distribution systems
Apparatus and method for measuring unsteady pressures within a large diameter pipe
Adaptive aero-thermodynamic engine model
Natural language parser
Method of calculating HMM output probability and speech recognition apparatus
Information delivery system for providing senders with a recipient's messaging preferences
Method, apparatus and system for screening database queries prior to submission to a database
Method and system for event phrase identification
Photometrically modulated delivery of reagents
Apparatus and method for cable management
Time interval measurement device
Q-switch laser device
Method for photon activation positron annihilation analysis
Electronics interface for an ultrasound console
Wave-guided optical indicator
Image forming apparatus, cartridge detachably mountable to the image forming apparatus, developer re...
Image forming apparatus having an image bearing member with varied glossiness
Rotation control and heating control for a fixing rotatable member in rotational induction-heating t...
Combined advertising and entertainment system network
Methods of determining concentration of glucose
Method and system for directing blood flow during a medical procedure
Real-time control process for a controller of an industrial technical process, and a real-time opera...
Integrated circuit having programmable voltage level line drivers and method of operation
Semiconductor wafer with ID mark, equipment for and method of manufacturing semiconductor device fro...
Cooling of voice coil motors
Nuclear magnetic resonance diagnosing device and diagnosing system
Exposure device
Methods and apparatus for detecting structural, perfusion, and functional abnormalities
X-ray apparatus capable of operating in a plurality of imaging modes
Methods and devices for quantitative analysis of x-ray images
Shield structure for x-ray device
X-ray tube and method of producing the same
Method and system for lung disease detection
2-substituted 1,2,3,4-tetrahydroquinolines and derivatives thereof, compositions and methods
Dynamic computed tomography imaging using positional state modeling
Particle detector and a counting device comprising a number of particle detectors
Data acquisition system
Scintillator optical system and method of manufacture
X-ray cassette for computed radiography and method for use thereof
Depth-of-field micron resolution velocimetry with pulsed images of injected solid particles
Storage phosphor erase
Method and apparatus for the detection of fluorescent light in confocal scanning microscopy
Land software tool
Apparatus and methods for broadcast monitoring
Television remote controller utilizing a program provider's acronym to select a channel number
Time-based browser toolbar configurations according to at least two predefined time-based browsing s...
Displaying content from multiple servers
Monitoring an object with identification data and tracking data
Liquid crystal display device having backlight with return substrate above or below a portion of lam...
Geographical web browser, methods, apparatus and systems
Battery cooling system
Identification of Actinobacillus actinomycetemcomitans antigens for use in the diagnosis, treatment,...
Bicyclic and tricyclic hetroaromatic compounds
Aminediols for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease
Human dopamine receptor and its uses
Bias-adjusted giant magnetoresistive (GMR) devices for magnetic random access memory (MRAM) applicat...
Radio navigation system
Methods for inducing HIV-neutralizing antibodies
Process for preparing cross-linked polyolefins
Method of transmitting data between compact control stations using ethernet
Radio frequency transmitting device of mobile radio communication base station system in code divisi...
Widely wavelength tunable integrated semiconductor device and method for widely wavelength tuning se...
Optical pickup actuator, optical disc drive using the same, and method to increase drive sensitivity
Disk player, and self-compensating-dynamic-balancer (SCDB) integrated turntable, SCDB integrated cla...
Method for inputting address of receiver in messaging service
Integrating keyword spotting with graph decoder to improve the robustness of speech recognition
Apparatus and method for file management of portable device
Apparatus for transmitting connecting status and method of displaying connecting status
System, architecture, and method for logical server and other network devices in a dynamically confi...
Idle power reduction for state machines
Method of correcting data on a high-density recording medium
Method for supporting a still picture of data stream recorded in a disk recording medium
Color image forming apparatus
Electro-photographic image forming apparatus having a function for preventing toner for scattering a...
Electrostatic transfer type liquid electrophotographic printer using a continuous photoreceptor web ...
Developing unit for image forming apparatus
Paper detecting device of paper feeding cassette and an image forming apparatus having the same
High temperature nanofilter, system and method
GLP-2 formulations
Semi-synthetic process for the preparation of N-debenzoylpaclitaxel
Antibodies which specifically bind to TNF-R
TNF receptor action modulation
Differentiation of non-insulin producing cells into insulin producing cells by GLP-1 or exendin-4 an...
Composition to detoxify formaldehyde in gaseous state, in aqueous solutions, and to protect human ce...
Establishing audio communication during initialization of video conference calls
Television conference system, terminal for the system, connection control method, and connection con...
Audio conferencing method using scalable architecture
Control unit for multipoint multimedia/audio conference
Conferencing system and method for the automatic determination of preset positions corresponding to ...
Light-emitting device with improved brightness control and narrow frame and electronic apparatus wit...
Organic electroluminescent display panel having an inorganic barrier film
System and method for controlling emission by a micro-fabricated charge-emission device
Display device
Light emitting device display circuit and drive method thereof
Display device
Layer configuration comprising an electron-blocking element
OLED device with asymmetric host
P-type OFET with fluorinated channels
Silicon particles as additives for improving charge carrier mobility in organic semiconductors
Display device and manufacturing method thereof
Light emitting device, method of manufacturing the same and manufacturing apparatus therefor
Organic electroluminescent display and method of manufacturing the same
OLED with color change media
Organic electroluminescence display device
Full color display panel and color-separating substrate thereof
Display system with display element storage
Display apparatus and portable device
Active-matrix display device and method of driving the same
Display and a driving method thereof
Magnetic field generating apparatus and method for magnetic resonance imaging
Magnet system and MRI system
Method for reducing the coupling between excitation and receive coils of a nuclear quadrupole resona...
Coil array for magnetic resonance imaging
Nuclear magnetic resonance probe coil
NMR spectrometer and NMR probe
Magnetic resonance imaging probes
Practical pulse synthesis via the discrete inverse scattering transform
Methods and apparatus for measuring capillary pressure in a sample
Method for managing location information, related relay device and location information management d...
System and device for monitoring of occupancy area
Selectively resampling particle filter
Method and apparatus for simulating a plurality of cable modems
Distributed network system which transmits information to users based on past transactions of the us...
System for estimating the temporal validity of location reports through pattern analysis
Non-zero null reference to speed up write barrier checking for garbage collection
Automatic configuration and provisioning of virtual circuits for initial installation of high bandwi...
EEPROM emulation in flash memory
Establishing a mode indication responsive to two or more indications
Apparatus and method to prevent a device driver from loading on a counterfeit hardware element
Distributed program relocation for a computer system
Boat lift
Composite iso-stress sail structure and method for making
Protection and finish structure for the hull contour of a boat
Floating docking system for personal watercraft
Foldable frame for a boat cover
Surface effect skimmer
Method of forming an artificial reef for shaping waves and a method for removing an artificial reef
Vessel hull
Color toner for developing electrostatic images, toner container containing the color toner, and ima...
Spray skirt with rigid deck
Flexible corrosion-inhibiting cover for a metallic object
Modular movement support system for an openable roof for a vehicle, in particular for a boat
High-Froude hull ship
Vehicle expansion retainer
Dynamic positioning and motion control during cargo transfer operations
Trolling motor assembly
Method for accommodating large movements in a mooring system
Combination inflator and manifold assembly
Agrobacterium-mediated transformation of turfgrass
Soybean cultivar 0491714
Soybean cultivar 0491724
Soybean cultivar 0491722
Soybean cultivar SO22213
Soybean cultivar 0487681
Cotton cultivar PM 2168 RR
Celery named ADS-4
Light-emitting apparatus, phosphor, and method of producing it
Single sign-on process
Wireless bridge for roaming in network environment
Methods and apparatus for hiding data in halftone images
Mobile communication system using an encryption/decryption device
Subscribers database proofing using a checksum in a telecommunications system
Transaction system
Method for issuing installation key and system thereof
Document transfer systems
Method for loaning digital works
Method and system for actively defending a wireless LAN against attacks
Method and system to uniquely associate multicast content with each of multiple recipients
System and method for controlling network elements using softkeys
Method and apparatus for transferring a thin plate
Robot and motion control method of robot
Device and method of controlling operation of robot apparatus
Orientation determination
System, method, and program for robot control
Sentry robot system
Motion editing apparatus and method for legged mobile robot and computer program
Two-arm transfer robot
Two-leg walking humanoid robot
Electrical charging system, electrical charging controlling method, robot apparatus, electrical char...
Human dickkopf-related protein and nucleic acid molecules and uses therefor
Cover structure for portable electronic device
Acoustic echo and noise cancellation
Microphone assembly for a vehicle hands-free telephone
Hinge unit for headset having current-carrying means
Handheld computing device with external notification system
Method and system for presentation of content from one cellular phone to another through a computer ...
System for providing unified cellular and wire-line service to a dual mode handset
Adaptive feedforward noise cancellation circuit
Optical submarine communication system and surge suppressing apparatus of the optical submarine comm...
Game chip lighter
Cigarette dispenser
Electric hair clipper
Cosmetic container
Square lip balm container
Work glove
Guard for a bird feeder
Swimming pool cleaner body
Tank for a floor care appliance
Hand grip portion for a mop
Waste basket
Garbage can
Garbage can
Golf club caddie
Mechanic's creeper
Lifting apparatus
Football bank
Process for production of ammonium thiosulphate
Agent and method for removing pollutants from gases
Gas cleaning system and method
Method for the automated manufacture of pure SO2 from sulfur and oxygen
Method for recovery of CO2 from gas streams
Controlled-pore catalyst structures and process for producing synthesis gas
Storage, generation, and use of hydrogen
Method for converting halogens and organic compounds to inorganic substances
Synthesis of zeolite ITQ-16 in an alkaline medium
Energy source mounting device for a portable electronic apparatus
Method for producing trichlorosilane
IM-11 crystalline solid with structure type LTA, and a process for its preparation
Spherical alumina particles and production process thereof
Optical polarizer and method for fabricating such optical polarizer
Sulfur deposition control method and related control algorithm
Emission treatment system
Fuel reforming system
Method for preparing lithium manganese spinel complex oxide having improved electrochemical performa...
Crib shield system and other breathable apparatus
Message delivery assembly and a method for conducting business using the message delivery assembly
Shooting mechanism of shot repeater target toy
Flexible track for a toy vehicle
Elongated flotation device with spray nozzle
Bubble generating device
Toy submersible projectile
Contents distribution method and system
Pay by time system for content delivery to media playback systems
System and method for communicating a message in a mailing system
Method and system for conducting secure electronic commerce transactions with authorization request ...
System and method for producing and verifying secure negotiable instruments
Device and method for user identification check based on user-specific formula
Method and devices for printing a franking mark on a document
Automated presentation layer content management system
Collecting, analyzing, consolidating, delivering and utilizing data relating to a current event
Data backup method and data backup system
Communication management system
Data storing system, issuing apparatus, data providing apparatus and computer readable medium storin...
Information processing system, medium, information processing apparatus, information processing meth...
Hydraulic tilting device for tilting a vehicle cab, and vehicle provided with tilting device of this...
Virtual airdam and method for a vehicle
Occupant detection system for vehicle
Fuel cut-off control system for a vehicle
Frame for the drive unit of an industrial truck, particularly a stacker lift truck
Hybrid vehicle
Practical and entertaining recreational vehicle
Vehicle mounted electrical generator system
Apparatus for controlling a power-assisted steering gear in response to vehicle speed
Drive control of hybrid electric vehicle
Power steering system with hydraulic power assistance
Alarm information providing apparatus for vehicle
Method and device for controlling maneuverability of vehicle
Emergency vehicle warning system
Electric power steering assembly
Wireless communication positioning method and system
Electrically-assisted steering mechanism for vehicles
Vacuum actuated wheel hub
Utility box for an agricultural vehicle
Exhaust system assemblies employing wire bushings for thermal compensation
Bass-reflex loudspeaker system and method of manufacturing the same
Suction muffler for compressors, compressor with the suction muffler, and apparatus having refrigera...
Closed compressor
Surrounding structure of a loudspeaker
Detonation damper for pulse detonation engines
Method and apparatus for noise attenuation for gas turbine engines using at least one synthetic jet ...
Multiple frequency Helmholtz resonator
Assembly and method for fan noise reduction from turbofan engines using dynamically adaptive Hersche...
Tat-derived oligourea and its method of production and use in high affinity and specific binding HIV...
Multiple epitope fusion protein
Antibodies to claudin-50 polypeptide
Methods of treating and detecting cancer using viruses
TNF-.alpha. variants
FabK variant
Lentiviral LTR-deleted vector
Detecting lipocalin
LLG polypeptides of the triacylglycerol lipase family, and compositions and methods for their use in...
Botulinum neurotoxin-substance P conjugate or fusion protein for treating pain
Treatment to prevent loss of and/or increase bone mass in metabolic bone diseases
Treatment of acute coronary syndrome with GLP-1
Topical treatment for prevention of ocular infections
Use of odor reducing and cross-adapting agents to reduce animal waste malodors
Stable solid dosage forms of amino acids and processes for producing same
Calcium phosphate-synthetic resin composite body containing calcium phosphate block and method for p...
Scratch card printer and method of printing information on a scratch card
Low Tg multilayer optical films
Security element
Data encoding using frail watermarks
Index cutter
Label and lever arch file or ring
Authentication with built-in encryption by using moire intensity profiles between random layers
Image processing apparatus, imaging processing method and storage medium
Ten-frame subtraction system
Surgical training apparatus and method
System and method of distribution of digitized materials and control of scoring for open-ended asses...
System for tracking operator certification of FAB equipment and processes
Color visualisation system
Template set for drawing three-dimensional shapes
Make-up color image classification system and make-up color image map
Periscopic optical training system for operators of vehicles
Learning activity platform and method for teaching a foreign language over a network
Method of countertop display and designation
Synchronizing text/visual information with audio playback
Kit for decorating a holographic image bearing panel
Word isolating educational tool
Sphingomyelinase compositions and use thereof
Ventilated mask for outdoor use
Electronic card game and method
Method of conducting a video poker game
Device and procedure for random draws based on the modality of prior realization of the draw
Slot machine game and system with improved jackpot feature
Messaging service for video game systems with buddy list that displays game being played
Alternative golf club and method of using the same
Accuracy backboard
Electronic timepiece able to be worn on the wrist for counting golf score
Sediment control drain and method of construction
Discharge control system for a reservoir
Corrugated stormwater chamber
Inlet collar for highway culverts
Buoyancy compensating device protective cover
Downspout energy dissipater splash pad with spillway
Method and system for shear flow profiling
Apparatuses and methods useful for centering watercraft
Fluid flows control apparatus and method of use
Transport corridor drainage systems
Boom with ramped or horizontal skirt structure for slowing the flow speed of buoyant fluids on movin...
Apparatus and method for remediation of low permeability formations
Remediation of contaminates including low bioavailability hydrocarbons
Subterranean waste disposal process and system
Block unit for repairing flow passage facilities and method of repairing flow passage facilities
Device and method for changing lines
Apparatus and method for inserting sheet piles into a soil formation
Trench shoring device
Trench shoring system
Method and apparatus for installing barrier material
Sub-rigid fast-form barrier system
Digitizing system and rotary table for determining 3-D geometry of an object
System, method and computer program product for utilizing market demand information for generating r...
Directional focus manager
Interface apparatus with cable-driven force feedback and grounded actuators
Method and system for creating, administering and automating scoring of dimensional modeling constru...
User interface apparatus, user interface method, game apparatus, and program storage medium
Patterning of electrodes in OLED devices
Three-dimensional display apparatus
Ruggedized instrumented firefighter's self contained breathing apparatus
Method and system for a four-dimensional temporal visualization data browser
Image and video processing with chrominance attenuation
Multiple camera control system
System, method and computer program product for intuitive interactive navigation control in virtual ...
System, method and computer program product for subsurface contamination detection and analysis
System and method for providing personalized weather reports and the like
Electrical power metering system
Combination on-line sweepstakes and sales system
Apparatus and method for adaptive fraud screening for electronic commerce transactions
Web price optimizer of multiple-item package orders for e-commerce on the internet and method of use
Integrated proxy interface for web based data management reports
Method and system for providing native language query service
System combining information with view templates generated by compiler in a server for generating vi...
System for programming a programmable logic controller using a web browser
Delta caching
Unique address space and method for a transport network
Storage control apparatus, storage system, and control method for storage system
Use of off-motherboard resources in a computer system
Network address translation gateway for local area networks using local IP addresses and non-transla...
Internet-based shared file service with native PC client access and semantics
Internet linking from image content
Method and apparatus for implementing a service-level agreement
Managing access control within system topologies using canonical access control representations
Method and systems for accessing information on a network using message aliasing functions having sh...
Content addressable memory (CAM) devices that support distributed CAM control and methods of operati...
Controller-based remote copy system with logical unit grouping
System and method of automatic parameter collection and problem solution generation for computer sto...
Method for automatically sizing and biasing circuits by means of a database
Impatiens plant named `Fify Rossa`
Phlox plant named `Junior Fountain`
Lily plant named `Bernini`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Festival Time Yellow Improved`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Golden Surfer`
Azalea plant name `Pink Angora`
Petunia plant named `Whip Reeda`
Climbing shrub rose plant named `Radsunsar`
Shrub rose plant named `BAIeye`
Hydrangea plant named `RIE 09`
Hybrid Tea Rose plant named `WEKhilpurnil`
Loropetalum plant named `GriffCRL`
Crapemyrtle plant named `WHIT VIII`
Hydrangea plant named `RIE 02`
Hydrangea plant named `RIE 01`
Gentiana plant named `Blue Rock`
Apple tree named `PV 1027`
Plum cultivar named `Lydecker Plum`
Apple tree named `CO-OP 39`
Shrub rose plant named `WEKfabpur`
Apple tree named `Banning Red Fuji`
Camera and printer combination using up-interpolation of Bayer image
Video distribution system and method
Problem area location in an image signal
Imaging systems, program used for controlling image data in same system, method for correcting disto...
Real-time wide-angle image correction system and method for computer image viewing
Image pick-up apparatus and image picking-up method
System and method for panoramic imaging
Information input apparatus
Telephone device with enhanced audio-visual features for interacting with nearby displays and displa...
Personal safety net
Multi-layer printed circuit board fabrication system and method
Image editing apparatus and method
Scene change detection
Method for increasing the power of a traffic sign recognition system
Arrangement and method for determining the two-dimensional distribution of fundus pigments, particul...
Scanning system and calibration method for capturing precise three-dimensional information of object...
Compositions and methods for use thereof in modifying the genomes of microorganisms
Expression of heterologous genes from an IRES translational cassette in retroviral vectors
Mimetics and inhibitors of the interaction between Vpr (HIV viral protein of regulation) and ANT (Mi...
Reduced FK228 and use thereof
Genes encoding caspase recruitment domain polypeptides
Tirazole nucleoside analogs and methods for using same
Systems for differential ion mobility analysis
Carbohydrate or 2'-modified oligonucleotides having alternating internucleoside linkages
Monochromatic fluid treatment systems
Inducible expression vectors and methods of use thereof
Dibenz[B,F]azepine compounds, pharmaceutical compositions comprising same and methods of use thereof
Benzimidazole anti-inflammatory compounds
Pyrrolo[1,2-B]pyridazine compounds and their uses
Heterocyclo-alkylsulfonyl pyrazoles
Nicotinamide derivatives useful as PDE4 inhibitors
Pyrazole compositions useful as inhibitors of erk
Aza-peptide epoxides
Soft magnetic film and thin film magnetic head using the same
Bulk amorphous steels based on Fe alloys
High-temperature protection layer
Copper/zinc alloys having low levels of lead and good machinability
Steel sheet for magnetic shields and manufacturing method thereof
Method and system for stabilizing the performance variation of a radio frequency device
Channel compensating apparatus and method thereof for mobile communication terminal
Data transmission method and radio system
3G radio
Constant gain digital predistortion controller for linearization of non-linear amplifiers
Signal interfacing techinques to simplify integrated circuit radio designs
Radio system with universal communication interface
System and method for providing cost of quality of service levels in a wireless communication device
Method and system for communication with the Internet
Wireless radio resource management system using a finite state machine
Search window delay tracking in code division multiple access communication systems
Adaptive array device, wireless base station and cellular telephone
Power automation system using trunked radio system network and control method thereof
Low noise switching voltage regulator
Radio receiving, recording and playback system
Rubbery gels made from vegetable oils
Methods for identifying and isolating unique nucleic acid sequences
Mutant bacterial strains of the genus sphingomonas deficient in production of polyhydroxybutyrate an...
Intercalated layered silicate
Food-release packaging
Identifying and locating eligible WIC items in a store
Green touch display advertising kiosk system
Sports drink composition for enhancing glucose uptake into the muscle and extending endurance during...
Pre-made, ready-to-drink, alcoholic margarita beverage mix
Compositions and methods to deliver consumable water dispersible phytosterols
Chocolate products and ingredients and methods for producing novel oil-in-water suspensions having r...
Soy protein-containing composition having improved functionality
Process for pure aquatic ham or chinese ham containing fish
Use of a phosphate mixture for the production of concentrated solutions and brine for the food indus...
Providing tokens to access federated resources
Method of distance learning
System for predictively managing communication attributes of unmanned vehicles
Threat fire simulation system
Pilot seat positioning device
IT equipment simulation
System and method of providing a virtual foreign language learning community
Vocational training apparatus that provides audio instructions
System and Method for Handwriting Instruction
Simulation unit
Online dating tools
Method and arrangement in a computer training system
Electronic token economy media access as reinforcement
Training device and method of using same
Medical training aid having inflatable airways
Task-oriented book with functional features for facilitating experiential learning
System and method for creating an individualized exam practice question set
System and method for supporting educational software
System and method for individual development plan management
Graphical workspace for idea management
Christian family entertainment center
Construction layout and angle measurement tool
Ceiling system with replacement panels
Holding strap for curved screwstrip
Sealing gasket for a clamp
Low voltage electricity distribution circuit
Electrical distribution wiring module
Electrical box extension
Controller for a security system
Laser level with adjustable laser projection line
Torque plate for sprinkler head
RFID reader for a security system
Device and method for detecting localization, monitoring, and identification of living organisms in ...
Continuous hydrogenation process
Hydrocarbon fluids
Bisphenylene-spirobifluorene compounds, method for synthesizing the same, and electroluminescence ma...
Process for the telomerization of a conjugated diene, catalyst and bidentate ligand useful therein
Catalyst pretreatment with C4-C7 olefins in an oxygenate to olefins reaction system
Process for the removal of higher hydrocarbons from natural gas
Tuning fuel composition for driving cycle conditions in spark ignition engines
Process for manufacture of molecular sieves
Process for producing cumene
Process for improving the lubricating properties of base oils using a Fischer-Tropsch derived bottom...
Substituted diphenylanthracene compounds for organic electroluminescence devices
Selective sorbents for purification of hydrocarbons
Process for preparing (branched-alkyl) arylsulfonates and a (branched-alkyl) arylsulfonate compositi...
Process for selectively producing aromatic compounds
Process of producing .alpha.-olefins
Reducing temperature differences within the regenerator of an oxygenate to olefin process
Process for paraffin hydrocarbon isomerization and composite catalyst therefore
Disaccharide derivatives for treating hyperglycaemia
Disaccharide derivatives for treating hyperglycaemia
Microgel particles for the delivery of bioactive materials
Combinations of hormone replacement therapy composition(s) and sterol absorption inhibitor(s) and tr...
Hormone receptor functional dimers and methods of their use
Binary probe and clamp composition
Labelled nucleotides
Enhanced triple-helix and double-helix formation with oligomers containing modified pyrimidines
14273 Receptor, a novel G-protein coupled receptor
Human ion-exchanger proteins
Rhodococcus gene encoding aldoxime dehydratase
Nucleotide compositions comprising photocleavable markers and methods of preparation thereof
Low moisture process for extracting hemicellulose
Fractionated polydisperse compositions
Therapeutic methods employing PAI-1 inhibitors and transgenic non-human animal for screening candida...
Application of aspen MADS-box genes to alter reproduction and development in trees
Gibberellin 2.beta.-hydroxylase genes of rice and uses thereof
Brassica pyruvate dehydrogenase kinase gene
Inbred corn line W23129
Preparation of 2'-fluoro-2'-alkyl-substituted or other optionally substituted ribofuranosyl pyrimidi...
Combination preparation of hyaluronic acid and at least oe local anesthetic and the use thereof
High affinity receptors for helicobacter pylori and use thereof
Plant stress tolerance genes, and uses therefor
Protein complexes having factor VIII:C activity and production thereof
Method of alpha-selective glycosylation
Method of manufacturing labelled oligonucleotide conjugates
Antiviral methods employing double esters of 2', 3'-dideoxy-3'-fluoroguanosine
Method of separating water-soluble cellulose ether
Gene elevating cereal yield and utilization thereof
Plant RNA transport and RNA-directed RNA polymerase proteins
In vacuo glycation of proteins
Polymorphisms in the human genes for oct1 and their use in diagnostic and therapeutic applications
Glycosylceramide analogues
Method and apparatus for calculating blood pressure of an artery
Method and apparatus for embedding motor error parameter data in a drive motor of a power driven whe...
Tether assembly having individual connector ports
Systems, methods and apparatus for managing an infection prevention program
Dynamically configurable unit conversion mechanism
Extending custom application development environment modules to a second application development env...
Frameworks for generation of Java macro instructions for instantiating Java objects
Dynamic prefetching of hot data streams
Minimum delta generator for program binaries
System and method to facilitate installation of components across one or more computers
Event driven system and method for retrieving and displaying information
Resource manager architecture utilizing a policy manager
Synchronization objects for multi-computer systems
Callback event listener mechanism for resource adapter work executions performed by an application s...
Managing a distributed computing system
System and method for facilitating dynamic loading of stub information to enable a program operating...
Method and system for passing messages between threads
Directory services interface extensions with aggregatable software objects
Specific binding agents of human angiopoietin-2
CDR-repaired antibodies
Novel human secreted proteins and polynucleotides encoding the same
Process for preparing quinoline compounds and products obtained therefrom
Tri-heterocyclic compounds and a pharmaceutical comprising them as an active ingredient
Aryl piperidine derivatives and use thereof to reduce elevated levels of ldl-cholesterol
Method for supporting vaginal cuff
Airway management
Remote tissue retraction device
Nutritional counseling method and server
Systems and methods for data visualization
Method, system and device for treating disorders of the pelvic floor by electrical stimulation of an...
Device and method for increasing functional residual capacity
Prediction model of cadaveric graft survival
Statistical methods for multivariate ordinal data which are used for data base driven decision suppo...
Process for preparing trisubstituted pyrimidine compounds
Inhibitors of 11-beta hydroxyl steroid dehydrogenase type I and methods of using the same
Substituted thienyl-hydroxamic acids as histone deacetylase inhibitors
Use of equol for treating androgen mediated diseases
Compounds with activity at estrogen receptors
Delta3, FTHMA-070, Tango85, Tango77, SPOIL,NEOKINE, Tango129 and integrin alpha subunit protein and ...
Pyrazolotriazines as kinase inhibitors
Boronic ester and acid compounds, synthesis and uses
Substituted biaryl piperazinyl-pyridine analogues
Chloride channel opener
Method and algorithm for spatially identifying sources of cardiac fibrillation
Applicator assembly for application of substances to a body orifice and cavity
Tissue treatment system
Diaphragmatic pacing with activity monitor adjustment
Neuromuscular stimulation to avoid pulmonary embolisms
Stimulator for auricular branch of vagus nerve
Method and apparatus for displaying gene information
Sex-specific automated sorting of non-human animals
Method for determining the beginning of a second in the signal of a time-signal transmitter
Method of determining an equivalent value for a failed sensor in a vehicle seat having an occupancy ...
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, control program and recording medium
Device and method for generating a virtual model of an installation
Temporally discrete dynamic fuzzy logic control elements
System and method for on-line training of a support vector machine
Goal based system utilizing a time based model
Functional planning system
Apparatus and method for detecting or recognizing pattern by employing a plurality of feature detect...
Information search apparatus and method, and computer readable memory
Dynamic display of data item evaluation
Thematic response to a computer user's context, such as by a wearable personal computer
Systems and methods of inventory management utilizing unattended facilities
Method and apparatus for maximizing power usage in a power plant
Method and apparatus for training a system model with gain constraints
Very short term load prediction
Method for establishing stress/strain curves by means of spline interpolation on the basis of charac...
Scheduling for data warehouse ETL processing and data mining execution
Managing interactions between computer users' context models
Entertainment system, recording medium and entertainment apparatus
Foldable child swing
Multipocket golf net assembly
Floor treatment system
Gaming machine
Method and system for enhancing virtual stage experience
Combination spa and entertainment system
Coin rolling game apparatus
Card game
Tricycle and steering assembly
Toy vehicles having interchangeable body styles
Bubble producing toy with flat, plate-like aperture covering film-producing mechanism
Work and play station
Inflatable humanoid forms
Single axle wireless remote controlled rover with omnidirectional wheels
No limit poker game
Sequential fast-ball BINGO secondary bonus game for use with an electronic gaming machine
Reducing radius slide feature
Method and apparatus for searching through an electronic programming guide
Systems and methods for avoiding base address collisions using alternate components
Asynchronous memory using source synchronous transfer and system employing the same
Memory controllers having pins with selectable functionality
Device resource allocation
Parallel card table scanning and updating
Method and mechanism for on-line data compression and in-place updates
Method for managing access operation on nonvolatile memory and block structure thereof
Addressing objects in a large persistent storage address space
Operating system data communication method and system
Method and circuit for generating memory addresses for a memory buffer
Dynamic allocation of computer memory
System and method for packet storage and retrieval
Systems and methods to perform defect management to block addressable storage media
Automode select
Interleaver address generator and method of generating an interleaver address
Client programming model with abstraction
Device and method for protecting memory data against illicit access
Method and system for a secure high bandwidth bus in a transceiver device
Optical waveguide module
Information signal processing apparatus, information signal processing method, and information signa...
Recording and reproducing apparatus, and variable speed reproducing method using same
Data recording/reproduction apparatus with built-in camera and data recording/reproduction method
Magnetic tape tracking control apparatus and method, magnetic tape format, recording medium and prog...
Recording medium editing apparatus based on content supply source
Recording apparatus and reproducing apparatus
Wireless terminal providing sound pressure level dissipation through channeled porting of sound
Multiband radio signal transmitter/receiver
Robot apparatus, control method for robot apparatus, and toy for robot apparatus
Random number data generator
Data processing system, data processing method, and program providing medium
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, service providing system, and compu...
Image database jog/shuttle search
Information recording medium, label for an information recording medium and method of adhering a lab...
Copyright control of encrypted data using uncorrected errors in an error correcting code
Solar cell module and portable electronic apparatus with it
Distributed UV sensor system and method
Ultra-high density storage device using phase change diode memory cells and methods of fabrication t...
Silicon-based visible and near-infrared optoelectric devices
Broad frequency band energy scavenger
Particle holding sheet, method of manufacturing particle holding sheet and organic electroluminescen...
Method, system, and apparatus for communicating with a RFID tag population
High-power solid-state laser
Pet-activated signaling assembly
Multi-variable model for identifying crop response zones in a field
Image pickup device and image pickup optical system
Identifying works for initiating a work-based action, such as an action on the internet
Solar control film containing carbon black and process for preparing the solar control film
Method for manufacturing of an optical fiber with a decoupling interface for scattered light, use of...
Asymmetrical laser communication transceiver configuration
Portable radio receiver with an identification module
Irrigation controller water management with temperature budgeting
Irrigation controller
Low power ultrasonic flow meter
Wireless diagnostic system in industrial processes
Seasoning system and method
Method for efficient milking
Methods for growing and imprinting fish using an odorant
Speed cooking oven with gas flow control
Double seal self-venting container
Use of an acetylated pre-gelled starch with a high content of amylose
Hinge down refrigerator water filter
Coated chewing gum, a method for preparation thereof and the use of one or more active substance(s) ...
Gum base
Method of brewing soy sauce
Methods for producing potato products
Stabilization of aroma-providing components
Packaged, tea-based beverages
Packaged, tea-based beverages
Bittering of beer
Disposable cutting sheet
Oil/fat composition
Isoflavone metabolites
Substituted aryl alkenoic acid heterocyclic amides
Substituted imidazoles as cannabinoid receptor modulators
Construction for an overhang in a pit of a milking parlour
Controller for monitoring and controlling pulsators in a milking system
Recombinase mediated transcription
Methods for single qubit gate teleportation
Suspended gate single-electron device
Method of forming an electrically conductive connection utilizing a polynucleotide/conductive polyme...
Electrically tunable quantum dots and methods for making and using same
Vertical tunneling transistor
Nanostructures and methods of making the same
Strongly textured atomic ridge and dot MOSFETs, sensors and filters
Photon source
High contrast tilting ribbon blazed grating
Projection optical system
Integrated artificial and natural lighting system
System for projecting an image using narrow band light sources
Wrap around lenticular lenses and fabrication method for clear walled containers
Multiple imaging arrangements for head mounted displays
Projection lens system and projector
Small and fast zoom system
Zoom lens and pickup system
Zoom lens system
High-aperture wide angle cinema projection lens
Optical system
Microlens for projection lithography and method of preparation thereof
Image capture device
Image amplification for laser systems
Polarization-independent optical networks in 3D photonic crystals
Wavelength selective optical switch
Optical switching apparatus
Apparatus and method for planned wavelength addition and removal in a wavelength division multiplexe...
Bi-directional cross-connect
Communication apparatus and communication method
Communication terminal apparatus
System and method of distributing and returning products
Method of sending and receiving personal information by using mobile terminal
Method for comparing two trinary logic representations in the process of customizing radio broadcast...
Client aware extensible markup language content retrieval and integration in a wireless portal syste...
Method to assess the quality of a voice communication over packet networks
System, computer program product and method for managing and controlling a local network of electron...
Method and apparatus for secure leveled access control
Portable phone equipped with composing function
Mobile communications terminal with a hands-free mode
End-to-end delay control method for both suppressing end-to-end delay time to a standard value or le...
Mechanism for ergonomic integration of a digital camera into a mobile phone
Mobile communication
Portable terminal device with connector section
Two piece mid-plane
Target-based wagering system and method
Method and apparatus for providing an advantage to a player in a bonus game
Gaming device having different sets of primary and secondary reel symbols
Method and system for integration of voice mail and call processing systems with computer-based elec...
Window grip
Gaming device having a multi-characteristic matching game including selection indicators
Gaming device having perceived skill
Gaming device having a probability enhancing trigger symbol
Gaming device having an accumulating award symbol
Apparatus and method of use for identifying and monitoring women at risk of developing ovarian surfa...
Remote customer profile adaptive operating system
System and method for real-time fraud detection within a telecommunications system
Customer feedback acquisition and processing system
Battery management system and method
Battery-powered electronic device with spaced contact extensions
Interlocking charging stands
Power factor correction
Power management system for vehicles
Z-state circuit for switching regulators
Power supply unit
System and method for providing digital pulse width modulation
Adaptive dead-time controller
Power supply controller and method
Voltage reference circuit
Temperature independent current source and active filter circuit using the same
Amplifier with accurate built-in threshold
Bias voltage generating circuit and differential amplifier
Current/charge-voltage converter
Semiconductor device and control method
Hybrid switched mode/linear power amplifier power supply for use in polar transmitter
Method and apparatus for determining depleted capacity of a battery
Power controller
Software for configuring and delivering power
Battery test module
Tissue Engineered Stents
Methods and apparatus for in vivo cell therapy
Treated medical implant
Posterior lumbar interbody fusion expandable cage with lordosis and method of deploying the same
Hemi-interbody spinal fusion implants manufactured from a major long bone ring
Intervertebral implant
Supplementation or replacement of a nucleus pulposus of an intervertebral disc
Hydroxyapatite backed glenoid prosthesis
Synthetic bone graft biomaterial
Osteoinductive artificial bone and manufacturing method thereof
Computer systems and methods for subdividing a complex disease into component diseases
Patient management network
Patient management network
Method of providing care to a patient
System and method for standardizing care in a hospital environment
Methods of screening agents for activity using teleosts
Pluripotent cells with improved efficiency of homologous recombination and use of the same
Knockout mice and their use
Method of lubricating multiple magnetic storage disks in close proximity
Disk drive head stack assemblies with improved grounding paths