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Article handling system and method and article management system and method
Data carrier
Pivoting aircraft wing and associated method
Aircraft flap or slat drive system with redundant drives and shaft drive lines
Process for improving the maneuverability of an aircraft during a resource
Aircraft wheel support mechanism
Adaptable payload processes
Auxiliary fuel tank systems for aircraft and methods for their manufacture and use
Efficient orbit sparing system for space vehicle constellations
Method for aligning a spacecraft
Fairing arrangements for aircraft
Method to eliminate undulations in a composite panel
Laser pointing sighting system with designator range finder
GPS navigation device
De-icing device for turbojet inlet guide wheel vane, vane provided with such a de-icing device, and ...
Transportation vehicle and method operable with improved drag and lift
Airship and method of operation
Apparatus and method for lighter-than-air aircraft
Detachable skis for aircraft
Life support systems for aircraft
Cooled insulation surface temperature control system
Cellular actuator device and methods of making and using same
Integrated reaction wheel assembly and fiber optic gyro
Multiple-in-one retaining seat
Controlling and electronic device
Compact removable voice handset for an integrated portable computer system/mobile phone
Component for use as a portable computing device and pointing device
PDA configuration of thermostats
Personal digital assistant with internal printer
Electrical wiring inspection system
Method and apparatus of managing information about a person
Speech input system, speech portal server, and speech input terminal
Optical disc drive compatible with memory card slot
Cosmetic and dermatological preparations comprising an effective content of bile acids, their salts ...
Polynucleotides encoding a novel glycine receptor alpha subunit expressed in the gastrointestinal tr...
Apparatus and method for remote therapy and diagnosis in medical devices via interface systems
Stimulation/sensing electrodes for use with implantable cardiac leads in coronary vein locations
Methods and devices for changing the shape of a medical device
Automatic clutch control device
Methods for making character strings, polynucleotides and polypeptides having desired characteristic...
Computer implemented searching using search criteria comprised of ratings prepared by leading practi...
Methods for obtaining and using haplotype data
Employing speech recognition and key words to improve customer service
System and method for computer analysis of computer generated communications to produce indications ...
Apparatus and method for processing prescription requests using a remotely located prescription proc...
Cardless method for reducing fraud in healthcare programs
Method and system for predicting resistance of a disease to a therapeutic agent using a neural netwo...
Method for statistical disclosure limitation
System, tools and methods to facilitate identification and organization of new information based on ...
Methods for establishing a pathways database and performing pathway searches
Architecture for developing and reusing analytic and visualization components and methods of use the...
Molecular database for antibody characterization
System and method for network-based project management
Automatic data update
System and method for single sign on process for websites with multiple applications and services
Methods and apparatus for controlling the display of medical images
Fabrication of molecular scale devices using fluidic assembly
Method for manufacturing antibacterial polyester master batches and fibers both containing nano-silv...
Targeted controlled delivery compositions activated by changes in pH or salt concentration
Method and apparatus for rapid sample preparation in a focused ion beam microscope
Notebook computer with hidden multimedia controller
Method for providing variable bit rate in streaming service
Modular multi-media communication management system
Method of determining the validity of service announcements
Multimedia broadcasting, broadcast services for cell phone and other users and modified SIM card and...
System and method for combining interactive game with interactive advertising
Marking and searching capabilities in multimedia documents within multimedia collaboration networks
Multimedia information transfer via a wide area network
High performance gray-level watermarking system
Carriageable multimedia player
Multimedia computer host
Screen display apparatus and a method for utilizing the screen display apparatus in a mobile termina...
Per-call quality of service monitor for multimedia communications system
Distributed interactive multimedia system architecture
Universal multimedia optic disc player and its application for revocable copy protection
Method for communicating multimedia data between electronic devices by means of IR ray
Multicast management mechanism for mobile networks
Optimizing the consumption of a multimedia companion chip in a mobile radio communications terminal
Copyright information management system
User interface and search system for internet and other applications
Special gateway for multimedia networks
Sperm-specific cation channel, catsper-4, and uses therefor
Paks as modifiers of the chk pathway and methods of use
Civet animal model system for Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) coronavirus infection and use...
Methods of prescreening cells for nuclear transfer procedures
Method for treating inflammatory disorders
Assay methods for identifying RE2-like antagonists, methods of use, and non-human transgenic animals
V1a arginine vasopressin receptor disruptions, compositions and methods relating thereto
Methods of producing polyclonal antibodies
Full-length plant cDNA and uses thereof
Regulation of gene expression using chromatin remodelling factors
Genetic manipulation of condensed tannins
Protein isolation and purification
Plant regulatory sequences for selective control of gene expression
Polypeptide compositions toxic to diabrotica insects, and methods of use
Potatoes with increased protein content
Expression of human interferon in transgenic chloroplasts
Methods of increasing abiotic stress tolerance and/or biomass in plants and plants generated thereby
Inbred pumpkin line ZYPMB24
Apple tree named 8S2743
Handover method and base station control apparatus
Presence detection for cellular and internet protocol telephony
Transmitter apparatus, receiver apparatus and radio communication apparatus
Radio communication device, radio communication system and measurement method capable of conducting ...
Mobile platform apparatus for multiple antenna system and apparatus for verifying mobile platform ap...
System, devices and methods using an indication of complementary access availability in measurement ...
Wireless transmission/reception apparatus for transmitting/receiving frequency band signals accordin...
Radio base station receiver having digital filtering and reduced sampling frequency
Diversity branch delay alignment in radio base station
Method and apparatus for managing ring tones in a mobile device
Headset, portable communication system, and headset calling method
Noncontact cargo detector
Compact conformal antenna for an implanted medical device telemetry system
Compact conformal antenna for a medical telemetry system
Systems and methods for securing cardiovascular tissue
PC-programmed irrigation control system
Method and system for providing voice-based supplementary information service using road map data
Online trading for the placement of advertising in media
System and method for remote asset management
Device and method for selectively controlling the utility of a target
Self-diagnostic test for apparatus having an emergency alert function
Permutation nuances of the integration of processes and queries as processes at queues
Security component for a computing device
Key palette improvements
Reconfigurable lighted keypad
Market-based labeling system and method
Methods and apparatus for accounting information processing for networked printing systems
Apparatus and methods for printing a print job over a network
Electronic whiteboard and its operation method
Local photo printing
Information processing apparatus, printing system, and control method therefor
Printing control method, apparatus and storage medium therefor, and printing system
Method and system of forms management in a call center
Systems and methods for providing a presentation framework
Articulating camera for digital image acquisition
Light-emitting panel substrate testing structure
OLED displays with varying sized pixels
System and method of controlling a graphics controller
Method for determining dental alignment using radiographs
Method of performing measurements on digital images
Light-blocking agent and film-forming composition
Ettringite binder for dense mortar, comprising calcium sulphates and a mineral compound of calcium a...
Admixture, extrudable hydraulic composition and method for the selection of admixture
Method of applying a radiation cured resin with a transparent, removable overlay
Material to enable magnetic resonance imaging of implantable medical devices
Method of patterning molded article surface
Process for the production of a rapid prototyping model, a green compact, a ceramic body, a model wi...
Method and apparatus of curing concrete structures
Cold-curing binder and process ror producing molding with the same
Dental impression material kneading device
Method to produce landfill daily cover from sewer sludge and MSW
Self-drilling hollow wall anchor
Self-drilling hollow wall anchor
Manufacture of strong, lightweight carrier granules
Creating conduit end caps in the field
Optical materials and optical elements using the same
Method and system for increasing efficiency of FGD operation in fossil fuel boilers
Oilwell sealant compositions comprising alkali swellable latex
Liquid alpha-olefin vinyl acetate compounds
Peroxide curable butyl formulations for rubber articles
Metal stud frame element construction panel
Super bright LED utility and emergency light
Permeable cement composition and method for preparing the same
Low dust wall repair compound
Resin additive composition and process for producing the same
Wet-processing method for combustion ashes of petroleum fuels
X-ray absorbing material and variants
Controlled dispersion of colloidal suspension by comb polymers
Coating compositions having improved scratch resistance, coated substrates and methods related there...
Cement compositions comprising strength-enhancing lost circulation materials and methods of cementin...
Apparatus for indication of at least one subsurface barrier characteristic
Application of methylenediphenyldiisocyanate for producing gypsum/wood fiber board
Water-metachromatic laminate, and process for its production
Mold resistant acoustical panel
Drilling fluid additive system containing graphite and carrier
High strength flooring compositions
Acrylic syrup and method of producing same
Polymers with urea groups and silyl groups and production and use thereof
Wireless peripheral interface with universal serial bus port
Effective bus utilization using multiple buses and multiple bus controllers
Method and apparatus for arbitrating common bus by using urgent channel
Method and device for dynamic interrupt target selection
Data terminal equipment
Electronic device having data processing subunit with functional block termination device
ATA device control via a packet-based interface
Clustering disk controller, its disk control unit and load balancing method of the unit
Microcontroller device for extending memory address by inserting a waiting state and the operation m...
Computer system initialization via boot code stored in a non-volatile memory having an interface com...
Apparatus and method for clock domain crossing with integrated decode
Method and apparatus facilitating direct access to a parallel ATA device by an autonomous subsystem
Method and a system for allocation of a budget to a task
Stringed instrument pick
Compensator for a tremolo and a musical instrument
Moving apparatus and moving apparatus system
Moving apparatus and moving apparatus system
Music reproducing apparatus and music reproducing method
Computerized system and method for building musical licks and melodies
Device comprising a sound signal generator and method for forming a call signal
Acoustic signal enhancement system
Entertainment system, entertainment apparatus, recording medium, and program
Silver halide photographic material
Detection of antibacterial activity in excretory secretory product of adult Trichuris suis
Modified silane compounds
Lewis acid ionic liquids
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and process for producing the same
Robotic wash cell using recycled pure water
In situ thermal recovery from a relatively permeable formation with controlled production rate
Liquid cleaning device
Aqueous ink composition, water-soluble dye composition and ink-jet recording method
Process for producing 1, 3-propanediol
Stabilizer-free stabilized coffee aroma
Detection of dysplastic or neoplastic cells using anti-MCM2 antibodies
Use of ClyA hemolysin for excretion of proteins
membrane for encapsulation chamber of cells producing at least a biologically active substance and b...
Alkaline, hydrous paste
Hypersulfated disaccharides and methods of using the same for the treatment of inflammations
Method for scavenging radicals with urocanic acid, derivatives and analogues
Modified pigments having improved dispersing properties
Black-dyeing inks and their use
Modified silane compounds
Fluid conductivity measuring cell
Method of and apparatus for converting biological materials into energy resources
Substrate-supported process for manufacturing microfibrous fuel cells
Optical system for ultraviolet light
Method of manufacture and bottling for encoded microclustered liquids
Stirring and mixing device
Cancer therapeutic compositions
Method for oxygen treatment of intact skin
Pharmaceutical compositions comprising cereal beta (1-3) beta (1-4) glucan
Novel canola protein isolate
Composite material comprising layered hydrophilic coatings
Solid support and method of mass spectrometry of multiple substances or composites immobilized on th...
High throughput prion assays
Maltose-1-phosphate-producing enzyme
Binding molecules against SARS-coronavirus and uses thereof
Method of producing nitride-based compound semiconductor light-emitting device
Remover composition
DNA vaccines for farm animals, in particular bovines and porcines
Extraction and purification method for cereal beta-glucan
Foamed isocyanate-based polymer, a mix and process for production thereof
Derivatized highly branched polysaccharide and a mix for production of polyurethane thereof
Process for manufacturing an oxirane
Chromatography columns
Diluent, methods of manufacture and use
Fundus camera
Projection device having blower and/or lamp with feedback control
Image apparatus and drive motor
Transfer apparatus
Speech-to-text captioning for digital cameras and associated methods
Process for regulating the exposure time of a light sensor
Correction data generation method and imaging apparatus
Variable background for photographic pictures
Rangefinder apparatus
Multi-function button with mode selection
Vertical and horizontal pictures taken without camera rotation
Camera system, camera, and lens apparatus with variable length vibration correction data
Camera system that compensates low luminance by composing multiple object images
Illumination system for reflective displays
Lens barrel and imaging apparatus
Optical element retracting mechanism for a retractable lens
Passive autofocus system for a camera
Electronic equipment
Graphitic nanotubes in luminescence assays
Nanolaminate film atomic layer deposition method
Core-shell synthesis of carbon-supported alloy nanoparticle catalysts
Near-field scanning optical microscope for laser machining of micro- and nano- structures
Iridium oxide nanostructure
Rotational actuator or motor based on carbon nanotubes
Sectioned resistor layer for a carbon nanotube electron-emitting device
System for wide frequency dynamic nanomechanical analysis
Method of manufacturing nano-gap electrode
Process for the preparation of nanostructured materials
Ternary and quarternary nanocrystals, processes for their production and uses thereof
Process for preparing carbon nanotubes
Electromechanical memory array using nanotube ribbons and method for making same
Direct photo-patterning of nanoporous organosilicates, and method of use
Nanoscale ordered composites of covalent ceramics for high-temperature structural applications via b...
Method of precise laser nanomachining with UV ultrafast laser pulses
Scalable nano-transistor and memory using back-side trapping
Carbon nanotube sensor
In-plane switching liquid crystal display having nanometer scale roughness
Imaging platform for nanoparticle detection applied to SPR biomolecular interaction analysis
Nanofiber surface based capacitors
Phospholipid:diacylglycerol acyltransferases
Soybean variety XB10L04
Cotton cultivar 4646B2R
Expression of sucrose phosphorylase in plants
Polypeptides having oxaloacetate hydrolase activity and nucleic acids encoding same
Cotton cultivar 1553R
Multi-density sound attenuating laminates and methods of making same
Photosensitive resin composition, ink jet recording head using such composition and method for manuf...
Alkali-soluble resin with polyaromatic group and photosensitive composition comprising the resin
High resolution resists for next generation lithographies
Method and system of adaptive replacement cache with temporal filtering
Method and apparatus for coordinating dynamic memory deallocation with a redundant bit line steering...
System and method for providing time-limited access to people, objects and services
Method and system for providing a message-time-ordering facility
Method and system for an on-chip AC self-test controller
Facilitating hosting of applications
Tool for implementing Floating-Point related applications using customized language
Program compilation and optimization
Automatic link maintenance to ensure referential integrity constraints
Object oriented apparatus and method for allocating objects on an invocation stack in a partial comp...
Technique for determining an optimal number of tasks in a parallel database loading system with memo...
Methods and apparatus for special status indication in telephone systems
Method and apparatus for screening telephone calls
Single line telephone call forwarding device
Microprocessor controlled telephone unit
Single telephone line call forwarding device
Apparatus for converting distinctive ring to selective ring in telephone lines
Remotely programmable call forwarding control device
Enhanced calling number delivery service system
Telephone message waiting system and apparatus
Incoming telephone call director
Apparatus for selectively enabling subscriber device to respond to ringing signal in dependence upon...
Network interface unit
Method for system and message activation based on distinctive ringing
Help desk improvement
Method and apparatus for enhanced distinctive call redirection
Proactive voice mail service
Enhanced telephony system for premises monitoring
Method and system for processing an incoming call
Method and system for call notification
Screeding apparatus
Retrieval mechanism for an underwater vehicle
Application of heat to a screen or mesh covering a gutter, specifically to melt snow or ice
Photolithography system including control system to control photolithography apparatus and method of...
Lightweight, energy-efficient, detachable computer light
Methods and apparatus for efficiently managing the storage of e-mail message information for a mobil...
Bar-coded business card information capture and retrieval
Data usage management electronic apparatus, method, program, and storage medium
Information processing system, control method of same, supervisory apparatus, signal carrying superv...
Cell or mobile phone voice mail or message method of transfer
Methods for providing a subscriber service
High Density Visualizations For Threaded Information
Communication terminal with imaging function and program for the communication terminal
Method and apparatus for enabling authorized and billable message transmission between multiple comm...
Method for processing conversation information in wireless terminal
Method and system for communicating delivery information in a mail distribution system
Web-based, industry specific, staffing interactive database
Method and system for generating and distributing electronic communications for maximum revenue
Sharing messages and requests
Information processing apparatus and information processing program
System and method of initiating an on-line meeting or teleconference via a web page link or a third ...
Method for receiving and classifying normal e-mail and advertising e-mail
Method for providing address change notification in an electronic message forwarding system
Portable electronic device having user interactive visual interface
Directional input device and display orientation control
Method and program for designing semiconductor device
Semiconductor integrated device, method of designing semiconductor integrated device, device for des...
Semiconductor integrated circuit device having clock signal transmission line and wiring method ther...
Method of and instruction set for executing operations on a device
Device and method for processing a program code
Rendering device installation methods and systems
Method and apparatus for high-speed processing of structured application messages in a network devic...
Disc changer and disc discriminating device thereof
Disk array device and disk array device housing
Height adjustment device suitable for use in an optical disk apparatus
Disk cartridge and recording and/or reproducing device
Programming guide content collection and recommendation system for viewing on a portable device
Handheld device that integrates personal information management with audio/video control
Video data distribution control method, device, system and program
Security access device and method
Apparatus and method for traversing gateway device using a plurality of batons
Method and apparatus for generating a network topology representation based on inspection of applica...
Adaptive digital rights management system for plural device domains
Audio data recording/reproducing apparatus and method
Telephone call information delivery system
System and method for providing ring in private branch exchange
Method of calling up target call receiver and communications terminal equipment used for implementin...
Communication terminal device, holds melody sensing method, incoming melody playing and information ...
Photosensitive composition and color paste
Positive type photo-sensitive siloxane composition, cured film formed from the composition and devic...
Photo-sensitive composition, photo-sensitive paste composition for barrier ribs comprising the same,...
Lithographic printing plate precursor, plate-making method, and lithographic printing method
Method and a measuring system for determining and monitoring exhaust gas emission from a vehicle
Auxiliary power unit for a diesel powered transport vehicle
Method and apparatus for disabling the drive train of a targeted motor vehicle from a remote locatio...
Device for detecting the presence of objects in a blind angle of a motor vehicle
Tire pressure monitoring system
Method for advocating particular tires for use and for calculating on site inflation pressures of sa...
Intra-vehicle LAN system combining electric power supply
Door opening/closing device for a vehicle and a method of recognizing an opening/closing operation o...
Method and system for alerting a user of a mobile communication device
Method and system for preventing vehicle thefts
Vehicle trunk safety device
Determination of similarity using weighting value depending on the type of characteristic
Parallelizing applications of script-driven tools
System and method for managing database access
Method for automatic deduction of rules for matching content to categories
Personal table game kiosk
Integrated circuit that processes communication packets with a buffer management engine having a poi...
Method of video coding the movement of a human face from a sequence of images
Methods for digital watermarking of images and images produced thereby
Storage system
Imaging method and device using biometric information for operator authentication
Screening methods for compounds useful in the treatment of polycystic kidney disease
Recombinant fusion proteins to growth hormone and serum albumin
Mono- and diacylglycerol acyltransferases and methods of use thereof
EGVII endoglucanase and nucleic acids encoding the same
BGL4 β-glucosidase and nucleic acids encoding the same
Separation of encapsulated particles from empty shells
Putter-type golf club head with an insert
Lightweight nonwoven fabric having improved performance
IC design process including automated removal of body contacts from MOSFET devices
Method and apparatus for parallel carry chains
Method and system for architectural power estimation
Method and apparatus for integrated circuit design with library cells
Two-stage clock tree synthesis with buffer distribution balancing
High-brightness gallium-nitride based light emitting diode structure
Transporter genes OATP-B,C,D, and E
Genetic analysis method
Nucleic acid molecule encoding an armadillo repeat protein, aria and a method utilizing aria to gene...
Method and apparatus for the display of still images from image files
Signal processing apparatus and method, and image sensing apparatus having a plurality of image sens...
Solid-state image pickup apparatus
Solid-state imaging apparatus capable of reducing leakage charge under the read gate
Image pickup device and cover plate with conductive film layer
Electronic camera and battery voltage controlling method employed therein for successively, rather t...
Image input device with rotatable image pickup unit
Interface device for extending camcorder use over the electromagnetic spectrum
Motion vector correction circuit and method
Methods and apparatus for the provision of user selected advanced close captions
Method and system for generating annotations video
Wipe and special effect detection method for MPEG-compressed video using spatio-temporal distributio...
Process and device for synchronizing a reference signal with respect to a video signal
Calibration device for a video input stage
Method and device for displaying at least two images within one combined picture
Channel selection device used in digital/analog broadcasting receiver
Digital video data scaler and method
Highly concentrated bromine compositions and methods of preparation
Regenerated resin composition
Method for carrying out polymerization reactions
Cooling systems
Gravity flow drain extension for a condensation drain line
Comminuting apparatus having screen and access tray
Printhead maintenance system
Projection display systems utilizing color scrolling and light emitting diodes
Molding processes and apparatuses for forming golf balls
Semiconductor substrate processing apparatus
Process and apparatus for the superficial electrolytic treatment of metal strips
Method and system for regenerating a private key for a predetermined asymmetric cryptographic key pa...
Systems and methods for retrofitting electronic appliances to accept different content formats
Optical state modulation apparatus, display system and optical state modulation method
Cryptographic methods and apparatus using word-wise montgomery multiplication
Randomization-encryption system
Method for making secure one or several computer installations using a common secret key algorithm, ...
Method and apparatus for configuring a clock timing feedback path
Clock distribution architecture having clock and power failure protection
Method and system for using machine-architecture support to distinguish function and routine return ...
Method and apparatus for efficiently implementing trace and/or logic analysis mechanisms on a proces...
Method and apparatus for managing incident reports
Ibist identification loopback scheme
Systems and methods of routing data to facilitate error correction
Correcting potential defects in an OLED device
Capacitive load driving circuit, capacitive load driving method, and apparatus using the same
3D image/2D image switching display apparatus and portable terminal device
Display apparatus
Shift register with a built in level shifter
Bis (aminostyryl) anthracene compound, synthesis is intermediate thereof, and process for production...
Thickness measurement in an exposure device for exposure of a film with a hologram mask, exposure me...
Method and system for forming, storing and using sets of data values
Method and system for automatic proxy server workload shifting for load balancing
Apparatus and method for applying optical stripes for torsional detection
Electronic ticketing system and method
One-piece fiber optic receptacle having chamfer and alignment ribs
Optical transmission module
Multicore optical fiber connector for enhancing uniformity of amount of incident light and optical s...
Optical illusion speed bump and method of using the same
Smart recognition apparatus and method
Chemoenzymatic process for stereoselective preparation of R and S enatiomers of 2-hydr...
Device and method for detecting organic molecules in a test substance
Actuatable diffractive optical processor
Optical fiber coupling arrangement
Optical waveguide transmitter-receiver module
Optoelectronic transmission module and fabrication method thereof
Channel add/drop filter and channel monitor employing two-dimensional photonic crystal
Method for the training or adaptation of a speech recognition device
System and method for capture and storage of forward and reverse link audio
System and method to mitigate pots ringing interference in DSL
Methods, systems, and computer program products for flexible global title translation (GTT) load sha...
Call path reduction via correlation of call legs in a hairpin loop scenario
Call progress tone generation in a communication system
Call processing system
Call management system using dynamic queue position
Hold queue management
Selecting an interactive application to run while a caller is on hold depending on the caller's expe...
System and method for managing interconnect carrier routing
Key telephone unit and key telephone system
Directory assistance dialog with configuration switches to switch from automated speech recognition ...
Control apparatus and control method for internal combustion engine
Systems and methods for providing off-line backup of a programmable device's configuration data to u...
ISDN disconnect alarm generation tool for use in voice over IP (VoIP) networks
Methods and apparatus for using SCTP to provide mobility of a network device
Interactive ink set for inkjet printing
Multiple component meltblown webs
Fluoropolymer sealant
Catalyst composition and process therewith
Polymerization of olefin
Separation of amine from a phenolic compound
Temperature sensitive mutant derivatives of the broad host range plasmid pBHR1
Moisture and gas permeable non-porous ionomeric films
Coated metal oxide particles for CMP
Process for pre-treating cellulosic fibers and cellulosic fiber blends
Process byproduct trap, methods of use, and system including same
Removal of adherent molten metal from surfaces
Method of reducing a band mark of an electroplating steel sheet
Lids for wafer-scale optoelectronic packages
Colored glass for lighting, colored glass bulb and method for producing thereof
Cryogenic method for forming a supported catalyst
Methods and apparatus for controlling devices within storage network
System and method for distributing management events to external processes
Facilitating value prediction to support speculative program execution
System for managing logical process flow in an online environment
Methods and apparatus for regenerating and transmitting a partial page
Request scheduler for automated software configuration
Reshapable hair styling composition comprising heterogeneous (meth)acrylic copolymer particles
Bruxism appliance and method of forming
Indoor/outdoor rechargeable lamp
Table lamp
Desk lighting fixture
LED reading lamp
Pendant lamp
Lighting fixture
Portion of a lighting fixture
Light fixture
Power saw lighter
Ball lighter
T-shirt lighter
Beard trimmer
Hair trimmer
Double headed tweezers
Handle for disposable flossers
Protective helmet
Hummingbird feeder
Electric toaster with expanding tray walls
Optical interlock for appliance
Marinade tumbler
White, UV-stabilized film made from a crystallizable thermoplastic
Soldering system with indicator lights displaying system status
Passenger monitoring system and method
Radio frequency identification systems applications
Mobile data reading system
Bar code symbol reading device having intelligent data communication interface to a host system
RFID tag and communication protocol for long range tag communications and power efficiency
Position determination based on phase difference
Object carriers for an object control and tracking system
Electronic article surveillance label with field modulated dielectric
Formulation for inhibiting fungal and microbial growth comprising morinda citrifolia puree juice
Method for preparing an extract of ginkgo biloba leaves highly enriched in active principles
Methods for identifying modulators of N-type ion channel inactivation
Packaging for a plaster containing active ingredients
Stable granulates containing S-adenosylmethionine and process for the preparation thereof
Method for preparing closed vesicles
Timed pulsatile drug delivery systems
Lightning strike hazard detector
Method of manufacturing a lithium battery, a lithium battery and an electrical appliance
Electronic transfer moieties attached to peptide nucleic acids
Method of manufacturing a spectral filter for green and longer wavelengths
Stimulation of hematopoiesis by ex vivo activated immune cells
Combination antiviral and interleukin-2 therapy for HIV infection
Stabilized primate lentivirus envelope glycoproteins
Preparation and standardization of immunomodulatory peptide-linked glucans with verifiable oral abso...
Diagnostic methods based on human BTG-2 and BTG-3 polypeptides
Methods for suppressing the induction of nitric oxide synthase in a cell
Oligonucleotide for detection of HIV-1 and detection method
TPA connector for rotatable terminals
Wireless bar code symbol reading system employing a base station with a cradle having a hinged suppo...
Device for withdrawing body fluids
Catheter and method of fluid removal from a body cavity
Surgical perforation device with curve
Systems and methods for electronically altering the energy emitting characteristics of an electrode ...
Suture fasteners and methods of use
Method and devices for decreasing elevated pulmonary venous pressure
Vessel occlusion device for embolic protection system
Hook and loop fastening
Hot air lamination chamber for medical catheters
Web based OLA memory generator
Method, system, and product for upgrading software objects using inherency
Curable thixotropic organosiloxane compositions
Magnetic field forming device and displacement sensor using same
Vertical gain cell and array for a dynamic random access memory and method for forming the same
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device and process for fabricating the same
Investment casting mold and method of manufacture
Method of producing optical recording medium by transfer process using a stamper, and optical record...
Apparent wind indicator
Load measurement apparatus and methods utilizing torque sensitive link for pedal powered devices
Tire sealant injector
Sourcing of bills of materials
Flexographic printing on containers
Human-powered vehicle
Recumbent cycle with a single stroke linear pedaling system
Bicycle suspension systems
Mould for curved panels
Bicycle hub dynamo assembly
Manually propelled watercraft and propulsion mechanism
Bicycle derailleur with a flexible base member
Methods for delivering tissue implant material with a high pressure applicator
Dispersion composition containing perfluorocarbon-based copolymer
Chemical hydride hydrogen generation system and fuel cell stack incorporating a common heat transfer...
Fuel cell system and method for producing electric energy using a fuel cell system
Method and apparatus for electrochemical compression and expansion of hydrogen in a fuel cell system
Fuel-cell integral multifunction heater and methods
Fuel cell system including air flow control
SORFC power and oxygen generation method and system
Female coupler of pipe coupling
Method to improve fuel economy in lean burn engines with variable-displacement-like characteristics
LPG vehicular liquid transfer system
Evaporative emission system integrity module
Nasal gas delivery system and method for use thereof
Method for registering pattern location on cigarette wrapping material
Pilot switching valve apparatus and a method of switching pilot switching valve
External counterpulsation and method for minimizing end diastolic pressure
Temperature activated systems
Method and apparatus for removing waxy materials from a gas stream
Process for forming and acoustically connecting structures on a substrate
Methods and compositions for the manipulation and characterization of individual nucleic acid molecu...
Engineered protein kinases which can utilize modified nucleotide triphosphate substrates
Surface finishing machine and mounting plate therefor
Wet shaving cartridge with four blade edges
Variable compression ratio mechanism
Throttle body having internally connected double pipe structure
Down-hole well cleaning tool
Computer copy holder
Laminated polyester film and magnetic recording medium
Ink jet recording apparatus
Antibiotics-independent vector for constant high-expression and method for gene expression using the...
Liquid discharge head and method for manufacturing such head
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device to provide improved adhesion between bonding pads and...
Rimless eyeglasses and parts thereof
Method of forming multi-piled bump
Surgical articles and methods
Induction heating device
Nasal cannula
Supported catalyst for olefin polymerization
Optically modulable photonic bandgap medium
Information recording method and information reproducing method
Barcode detection system
Restoration scheme for mesh-based switching networks
Installing fiber insulation
Pre-cut fibrous insulation blanket
Device for fixing toner images on a recording medium in an electrographic printer or copier
Small volume biosensor for continuous analyte monitoring
Redox reversible bipyridyl-osmium complex conjugates
Diagnostic sanitary test strip
Optical information recording method and apparatus, and recorded medium where optical information re...
HCV anti-core monoclonal antibodies
Managing structure for umbilical member of industrial robot
Cable connection and method of connecting a cable between two relative to each other moving parts of...
System and method for determining genre of audio
Active beam delivery system with variable optical path segment through air
Active beam delivery system with image relay
Active beam delivery system for laser peening and laser peening method
Managing structure for umbilical member of industrial robot
Umbilical member managing system for industrial robot
Manipulator with a line arrangement leading to the processing tool
Industrial robot
Atomic absorption spectrophotometer
Isolation and method of using tissue growth-inducing Frzb protein
System for connecting the front and back wheel of two-wheeled vehicles and vehicle obtained with sai...
Exhaust pipe structure of vehicle with low floor
Telecommunications system and method for producing a master clock in the same
Systems and methods for interference mitigation among multiple WLAN protocols
Adaptive throughput pulse width modulation communication scheme
System and method for performing power management without losing data, connectivity or reachability
System and method for providing post HOC access to legacy applications and data
Heregulin-like factor antibodies
Method and apparatus for managing resources in a multithreaded processor
Use of inheritance to allow concurrent programming
Coding system and decoding system
Coding apparatus and decoding apparatus for transmission/storage of information
Retransmission procedure and apparatus for handshaking protocol
Methods and apparatus for communicating time and latency sensitive information
Method and apparatus for reducing power consumption of a decoder in a communication system
Method for channel coding
Information processing system having fortified password function and method thereof
Turbocharger mounting system
Apparatus and method for driving submerged pumps
System and method for controlling pumping of non-homogenous fluids
Controller for oil wells using a heated probe sensor
High-pressure multi-stage centrifugal compressor
Lubrication of a hermetic carbon dioxide compressor
Radial-radial single rotor turbine
Enclosed compressor with vibration reduction
Method for fabricating semiconductor device having recess
STI structure and fabricating methods thereof
Formation method of SiGe HBT
Method for forming a trench in a layer or a layer stack on a semiconductor wafer
Post high voltage gate dielectric pattern plasma surface treatment
Surface processing method of a specimen and surface processing apparatus of the specimen
Method for enhancing silicon dioxide to silicon nitride selectivity
Two-step GC etch for GC profile and process window improvement
Method for selective fabrication of high capacitance density areas in a low dielectric constant mate...
Method for fabricating an ultralow dielectric constant material as an intralevel or interlevel diele...
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Method of improving stability in low k barrier layers
Heat treatment for edges of multilayer semiconductor wafers
Electron beam treatment apparatus
Device including OLED controlled by n-type transistor
Semiconductor memory cell with trench capacitor and selection transistor and method for fabricating ...
Method of operating a wormgear drive at high energy efficiency
Gas-supplying apparatus, gas-supplying mechanism and gas-supplying process in fuel cell
Dialysis device
Method of removing radioactive antimony from waste streams
Method and apparatus for increasing filter contaminant loading capacity
Apparatus and methods for separating slurried material
Apparatus and method for removing interfering substances from a urine sample using a chemical oxidan...
Fluid treatment system
Electronic fuel selection switch system
System and method for processing liquid
Bag provided with means for the temporary association of a filter
Hybrid spin-on filter
Driver circuit for controlling a resonant converter
Method and circuit for producing trimmed voltage using D/A converter circuit
Core structure and interleaved DC—DC converter topology
Power converter with ripple current cancellation using skewed switching techniques
Primary side ZVS push-pull converter having relatively less losses
Drive voltage generating apparatus and method for controlling the same
High precision digital-to-analog converter with optimized power consumption
Substituted dimethyl-[1-(1-phenyl-cyclohexyl)-piperidin-3-ylmethyl]-amines and the use of the same a...
Enhancement of learning and memory and treatment of amnesia
Method for diagnosing neuronal diseases and for treating primary hemostasis deficiency
Derivatives of 2-aminotetralins and pharmaceutical analogs thereof exhibiting differential CNS recep...
Neuroprotective and retinoprotective ophthalmologic drugs
Highly selective inhibitors of the urokinase plasminogen activator
Methods of high-throughput screening for internalizing antibodies
Catalyst element
Catalyst structure and method of fischer-tropsch synthesis
Two-part protective suit with connecting section
Expandable sand control screen and method for use of same
Zeolite compositions having enhanced compressive strength
Pressure control system and polishing apparatus
Breast augmentation apparatus and method of use
Method, instruments, and kits for autologous transplantation
Process for the constrained sintering of asymmetrically configured dielectric layers
Composition and method for repairing metal reinforced concrete structures
System and method for restoring a single file from a snapshot
Method for reading audit data from a remote mirrored disk for application to remote database backup ...
Method and device for switching on and off power semiconductors, especially for the torque-variable ...
Densifier for simultaneous conditioning of two cryogenic liquids
Device for collecting water from air
Layer forming method, product comprising the layer, optical film, dielectric-coated electrode and pl...
Element of a shoe upper
Shoelace knot assisting device
Footwear sole
Portion of a shoe midsole
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Hang tab for footwear
Removable insulated head gear lining
Heated anti-slip step for a motor vehicle
Hitch assembly
Method for performing discontinuous transmission in an asynchronous transfer mode
Method for improved extraction in CDMA systems
Digital loop carrier module for proactive maintenance application
Payment to charities with prepaid card
Monitoring a call forwarded to a network-based voice mail system
Channel quality feedback mechanism and method
Illuminated interchangeable bezel assembly for a cellular telephone
Signal field controller, method of controlling and MIMO transmitter employing the same
User-installable power consumption monitoring system
Exposure apparatus and exposure method
Surge protector assembly with ground-connector status indicator circuitry
Method and system for a data transmission in a communication system
Liquid crystal display apparatus
High efficiency retroviral vector which contains genetically engineered cellular non-coding sequence...
Process of making a compound by forming a polymer from a template drug
Binding assay device with non-absorbent carrier material
Modified fluorescent proteins for detecting protease activity
Print control apparatus and print control method capable of canceling print job
Method, system, and computer program product for outlier detection
Sales activity management system, sales activity management apparatus, and sales activity management...
System for corporate traveler planning and travel management
Advanced service redirector for personal computer
System for managing orders and method of implementation
Method and apparatus for disabled access to polling places
System for selective notification of severe weather events
Multi-band antenna system
Apparatus, and associated method, for facilitating retransmission of data packets in a packet radio ...
Apparatus, and associated method, for generating assignment information used pursuant to channel all...
Dynamic DCCH/FCH switching
Demodulation arrangement for a radio signal
System and method for determining measurement value for radio resource management in wireless commun...
Seesaw-type MEMS switch and method for manufacturing the same
Information transmission method, mobile communications system, base station and mobile station in wh...
Wireless network with a selection of transport format combinations
Technique for IP communication among wireless devices
Code assignment algorithm for synchronous DS-CDMA links with SDMA using estimated spatial signature ...
Hyaluronidase from the Hirudinaria manillensis isolation, purification and recombinant method...
Electro-optical devices and methods for hybridization and detection
Epitope-tagged beta-amyloid precursor protein and DNA encoding the same
Quercetin derivatives and their medical usages
Polypeptide human polyadenylation binding protein 20.13 and polynucleotide encoding it
Sustained release drug carrier
Modified nucleic acid probes
Method of dna testing for mycobacterium paratuberculosis strains
Methods and compositions for regulation and manipulation of steroidogenesis
Human tumor-associated gene ct120 on chromosome 17p 13.3 region and the protein encoded by it
Carrier tests for polycystic kidney disease in the cat
Identification of a gene causing the most common form of Bardet-Biedl syndrome and uses thereof
Deoxyribonuclease, gene encoding same and use thereof
Human and murine cytokine polypeptides
Compositions and methods for modification of biomolecules
Methods to mediate polyketide synthase module effectiveness
Expression system for large functional proteins
Heterologus expression of trypanothione reductase from Leishmania donovani in a prokaryotic system
Potassium channels, nucleotide sequences encoding them, and methods of using same
Methods and compositions for increasing longevity and protein yield from a cell culture
In vivo site-specific incorporation of N-acetyl-galactosamine amino acids in eubacteria
Polypeptides having xyloglucanase activity and nucleic acids encoding same
Mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase MEK6 and methods of use thereof
Testis-specific receptor
Method of manufacturing windshield using ion beam milling of glass substrate(s)
Biological marker for stress states
Heat radiation blocking fluororesin film
Regulated flexible heater
Capping layer to impede atom ejection
Member and member manufacturing method
Semiconductor heterostructures and related methods
Lossless beam combination in a dual fiber collimator using a polarizing beamsplitter
Diffractive optical spectral filter having arbitrary amplitude and phase response
Diffractive optical element and optical pickup apparatus
Power combination optical system and light source module
Real image mode variable magnification finder
Image-taking lens apparatus
Zoom lens and an imaging apparatus
Lens assembly and optical imaging using same
Multi-dimensional pattern recognition by use of digital holography
Method and apparatus for reducing system deterioration caused by polarization effects
Method and system for providing priority to a station in a congested half duplex Ethernet network
Method and system for providing multiple input connecting user interface
Mobile device interactions through objects on a computer
Virtualized protective communications system
System and method for directional focus navigation
Facilitating target acquisition by expanding targets
Multiple-mode window presentation system and process
Systems and methods for processing input data before, during, and/or after an input focus change eve...
Techniqes for super fast buffer insertion
System and method for managing position independent code using a software framework
Runtime Services for Network Software Platform
Methods and apparatus for estimation of project schedules
Method, system and program product for implementing java server page (JSP) containers as java server...
System and method for visualizing exception generation
Method and system for on demand java resources
System and method for programming an isolated computing environment
Updating elements in a data storage facility using a predefined state machine, with parallel activat...
Concurrent evaluation of policies with synchronization
Method and system for ranking messages of discussion threads
Protection of information in computing devices
Secure single sign-on to operating system via power-on password
Data transfer using hyper-text transfer protocol (HTTP) query strings
Polymer nanocomposites and methods of preparation
Method and apparatus for reducing power dissipation in latches during scan operation
Method and apparatus for recording and reproducing audio highlight portion and recording medium for ...
Optical disc player and method for reproducing thereof
Slide show system and method using a browser
Integrated power transmission drive and method
Engine shut-down for engine having adjustable valve timing
Engine valve actuation system and method for controlling white smoke
Valve-driving system of internal combustion engine and valve-driving apparatus
System and method for checking data stored in database system used for part management
Method and system for managing a directory with a template
Method for the administration of a data base
Concurrency control in high performance database systems
Processes for producing lactic acid using yeast transformed with a gene encoding lactate dehydrogena...
Computer system control via interface surface and sensor with identifier
Coded pattern for an optical device and a prepared surface
Phone enabled direct response
Printed medium data storage
Method and apparatus for hybrid communication network
High oleic acid oil compositions and methods of making and electrical insulation fluids and devices ...
Neural transplantation using pluripotent neuroepithelial cells
PRMTs as modifiers of the p53 pathway and methods of use
EGVIII endoglucanase and nucleic acids encoding the same
Method of lazily replicating files and monitoring log in backup file system
Integrating service managers into a routing infrastructure using forwarding agents
Method and apparatus for specifying a distance between an external state and a set of states in spac...
Zinc shapes for anodes of electrochemical cells
Spiral cold electrode fluorescent lamp
High-pressure discharge lamp for motor vehicle headlamps