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Transformant producing secondary metabolite modified with functional group and novel biosynthesis ge...
Gene cluster for production of the enediyne antitumor antibiotic C-1027
Compositions and methods of using apoptosis signaling kinase related kinase (ASKRK)
Display of receptors and analysis of binding interactions and drug libraries
Fluorescent probe for magnesium ion determination
Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory substances, compositions and methods for their use
Methods and compositions for the manufacture of C-3' and C-4' anthracycline antibiotics
Methods and compositions comprising DNA damaging agents and p53
Synthetic oligomannosides, preparation and uses thereof
Space environmentally durable polyimides and copolyimides
Extraction of collagen from calcified tissues
Solar tracking system
Object inspection and/or modification system and method
Strained-semiconductor-on-insulator finFET device structures
Method of making an enhanced optical absorption and radiation tolerance in thin-film solar cells and...
Light receiving or emitting semiconductor apparatus
Operating a memory device
Dendrite growth control circuit
Electrical energy generating system
Brake by wire power source
Device and method of a back EMF permanent electromagnetic motor generator
Solar distillation loop
Dissolution inhibitors in photoresist compositions for microlithography
ATM kinase compositions and methods
Stress-regulated genes of plants, transgenic plants containing same, and methods of use
Measurement and antenna placement tool for establishing a cell site
Network element system method computer program and data carrier for network optimisation
Position calculation method and a mobile terminal and a server therefor
Methods and systems for automatically bypassing short message service center for short message servi...
Wireless communication system
System for providing location independent uniform service access for communication subscribers
Methods of using 18903 to treat pain and pain-related disorders
Leishmania antigens suitable for a diagnostic kit of Leishmania
Simplified eukaryotic nitrate reductase
Methods for reducing or eliminating alpha-mannosidase resistant glycans for the production of glycop...
Process for manufacture of nematode-extracted anticoagulant protein (NAP)
Compositions and methods for producing recombinant proteins
Method for generating variable domain sequences of heavy chain antibodies
Expression of defensins in filamentous fungi
Human cDNAs and proteins and uses thereof
MAGE-A3 peptides presented by HLA class II molecules
Glucose dehydrogenase beta subunit and DNA encoding the same
L-carnitin dehydrogenases, their derivatives and method for producing substituted (s) alkanols
Polynucleotides and polypeptides of the erythropoietin gene
Polypeptides having antimicrobial activity and polynucleotides encoding same
Isolated human nuclear hormone receptors, nucleic acid molecules encoding human nuclear hormone rece...
Inhibitors of aminoglycoside 6'-N-acetyltransferases, compositions and uses thereof
Macrolide Antibiotics
Exon 1 ss of pdgf alpha gene and utilization thereof
Antisense modulation of farnesoid X receptor expression
Modulation of immunostimulatory properties of oligonucleotide-based compounds by utilizing modified ...
Polycations capable of forming complexes with nucleic acids
System for measurement of metallic debris in fluid
System for storing geospecific data
Reactive metal hydrogel/inert polymer composite anode and primary metal-air battery
Twist free method of optical fiber stowage and payout
Bridge terminal output unit
Electrophoretic dispersion with a fluorinated solvent and a charge controlling agent
Power management for spatial power combiners
Raman pump power control for gain flattening
System and method for dynamic range extension and stable low power operation of optical amplifiers u...
Optical signal transmission apparatus including reflective gain-clamped semiconductor optical amplif...
Integrated optical device including a vertical lasing semiconductor optical amplifier
Semiconductor optical amplifier having photo detector and method of fabricating the same
Relay telescope including baffle, and high power laser amplifier utilizing the same
Microscope and sample observation method
Microscopy system and method
Relay telescope for high power laser alignment system
Display screens
Reflex-type screen
Polarizing film and image display
Polarizers coated with optically functional layers
Polarizers and isolators and methods of manufacture
Diffraction grating, method of fabricating diffraction optical element, optical pickup device, and o...
Method for generating electromagnetic field distributions
Glass sheet incorporating a plurality of optical elements and method for manufacturing the same
Visual indicator of network user status based on user indicator
Electronic content search and delivery based on cursor location
System and method for using a hand held device to display a readable representation of an audio trac...
System and method for multi-channel communication queuing using routing and escalation rules
PLM-supportive CAD-CAM tool for interoperative electrical and mechanical design for hardware electri...
Negotiated interconnection of visual modeling elements
E-mail software and method and system for distributing advertisements to client devices that have su...
Collaborative application with indicator of concurrent users
Computer-based method and apparatus for controlling, monitoring, recording and reporting telephone a...
Customer communication service system
Method, system, and program for an improved enterprise spatial system
Method of controlling an internet browser interface and a controllable browser interface
Interactive playlist generation using annotations
Method and system for making document objects available to users of a network
System and method for in-line editing of web-based documents
User interface accorded to tiered object-related trust decisions
Headlamp for vehicle
Method and apparatus for fastening steel framing with staggered teeth nails
High-repetition-rate passively mode-locked solid-state laser
System and method for insuring dynamic host configuration protocol operation by a host connected to ...
Method for producing a colorimetric resonant reflection biosensor on rigid surfaces
1-phenyl-4-benzylpiperazines dopamine receptor subtype specific ligands
Substituted indolealkanoic acids
Compounds for treatment of cardiac arrhythmia and methods of use
Method and system for analytically computing and using an ANSpcm signal
Method and system for integrating IP address reservations with policy provisioning
Methods and materials for the synthesis of organic products
Conjugates and compositions for cellular delivery
C-pyrazole A.sub.2A receptor agonists
System and method for providing user mobility handling in a network telephony system
Reducing micro-controller access time to data stored in a remote memory in a disk drive control syst...
Device and method for controlling menu display of microwave oven
Set top box access hub system
LCD television receiver
DVD player
Phone-combined personal digital assistant
Cellular phone
Portable telephone
Mobile phone
Mobile phone
Portable information terminal
Digital camcorder
Collapsible pencil cup
Washing machine
Washing machine
Washing machine
Nanoparticles having oligonucleotides attached thereto and uses therefor
Smudge resistant nanocomposite hardcoats and methods for making same
Metal slurry for electrode formation and production method of the same
Conductive (electrical, ionic, and photoelectric) polymer membrane articles, and method for producin...
Integrated circuit device
Synergistic effects of nuclear transcription factor NF-.kappa.B inhibitors and anti-neoplastic agent...
Methods of inhibiting tumor necrosis factor
TNF-.alpha. production inhibitors
Anti-idiotypic anti-TNF antibodies and related immunoassay methods
Modulators of regulatory proteins
Uracil derivatives as inhibitors of TNF-.alpha. converting enzyme (TACE) and matrix metalloproteinas...
5-pyridyl-1,3-azole compounds, process for producing the same and use thereof
TNF-.alpha. binding molecules
Hydantoin derivatives as inhibitors of matrix metalloproteinases and/or TNF-.alpha. converting enzym...
Tumor necrosis factor related ligand
Glucagon-like peptide-1 analogs
Methods and compositions for treating polycystic ovary syndrome
Methods and compositions for treating polycystic ovary syndrome
Call optimization in ad-hoc conference calls
Efficiently testable display driving circuit
Heat sinks
Method and apparatus for controlling an active matrix display
Organic electroluminescent color display unit
Method of driving EL display device
Active matrix organic electroluminescent display device and method of fabricating the same
Touch screen for use with an OLED display
Organic electroluminescence cell, planar light source and display device
Polymer compound and electroluminescent element
Top emission light emitting display having reflective layer
Magnetic field enhanced photovoltaic device
Sealing structure with barrier membrane for electronic element, display device, electronic apparatus...
Light emitting device and method for manufacturing the same
Electron emission device, electron source, and image display having dipole layer
Light emitting display, light emitting display panel, and driving method thereof
Drive circuit of active matrix type organic EL panel and organic EL display device using the same dr...
Integrated circuit driver chip for an electroluminescent device
Apparatus and method for driving multi-color light emitting display panel
Display element drive circuit and display device
Display panel and driving method thereof
Osteospermum plant named `Osjamwhit`
Angelonia plant named `Balangdarpi`
Impatiens plant named `Butly Cher`
Begonia plant named `Bbtosca`
Kalanchoe plant named `White Sands`
Nectarine tree `Mesembrine`
Solidago plant named `Dansolwind`
Lobelia plant named `Balobperiblu`
Geranium plant named `Candy Rose Splash`
Geranium plant named `Patriot Bright Violet`
Geranium plant named `Maestro Salmon`
Geranium plant named `Elegance LightLavender Splash`
Sutera plant named `Blisch`
Floribunda rose plant named `JACthain`
Berberis plant named `Tiny Gold`
Boxwood plant named `Polar`
Nectarine tree named `Red Bright`
Petunia plant named `Suncopapin`
Poinsettia plant named `Fiscor Electric`
Variety of Pelargonium plant named `Pacapri`
Jamesbrittenia plant named `YASAL`
In situ thermal processing of a relatively permeable formation while controlling pressure
Converting mist flow to annular flow in thermal cracking application
Hydroprocessing process
Process for the production of phenylalkanes using a catalyst that contains at least one heteropolyac...
Method of hydrodechlorinating nuclear-chlorinated ortho-xylenes
Selective decomposition of ethers
Shielding for mobile MR systems
Nuclear magnetic resonance apparatus probe
Nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer for liquid-solution
Mri system having a gradient magnet system with a gyroscope
Apparatus and probe head for determining a quantitative property of a sample substance by means of m...
Methods and devices for polarized NMR samples
Systems, methods and apparatus for inducing electromagnetic mutual inductance in magnetic coils to r...
Nuclear magnetic resonance device
Apparatus for magnetic resonance imaging
Magnetic resonance reception coil composite structure
Magnetic resonance apparatus and gradient coil/radio frequency unit therefor with fracture-resistant...
Multicoil NMR data acquisition and processing methods
Mr ductography
Magnetic resonance imaging method and system
Magnetic resonance imaging method
Magnetic resonance imaging with histogram-based phase correction
Parallel imaging based on expanded unfolding technique
Magnetic resonance imaging system, apparatus and associated methods
Method and system for performing image reconstruction in a magnetic resonance imaging system
K-t blast and k-t sense magnetic resonance imaging
Magnetic resonance parallel imaging method with K-space sensitivity encoding
Mobile activity status tracker
Dual mode uplink/downlink location measurement and multi-protocol location measurement
Transmission method for cellular telephony mobile equipment's location data
Apparatus and method for tracking the location and position of an individual using an accelerometer
Wireless communications system including a wireless device locator and related methods
Security checkpoint simulation
Method and apparatus for reconfigurable memory
Translation leveraging
FPGA configuration memory with built-in error correction mechanism
Order processing
System and method for providing a webpage
Method of operating a storage device
Parallel processing apparatus, system, and method utilizing correlated data value pairs
Triterpene compositions and methods for use thereof
Adeno-associated virus serotype 1 nucleic acid sequences, vectors and host cells containing same
HO-1 suppressor as a diagnostic and prognostic test for dementing diseases
Methods and compositions for treating flaviviruses and pestiviruses
Pyrazole compounds
Non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors
HIV inhibiting pyrazinone derivatives
N.sup.4-acylcytosine nucleosides for treatment of viral infections
Pyrazolo[3,4-c]pyridines as gsk-3 inhibitors
Thiazolyl amide derivatives
Stable emulsion compositions
Adjuvant compositions and methods for enhancing immune responses to polynucleotide-based vaccines
Secreted protein HHTLF25 antibodies
Gasci gene
Nucleic acids and vectors encoding human defensin polypeptide and applications thereof
IL-2 selective agonists and antagonists
Stabilization of envelope glycoprotein trimers by disulfide bonds introduced into a gp41 glycoprotei...
Processes for the preparation of antiviral 7-azaindole derivatives
Cannabinol derivatives
Compositions and methods for regulating metabolism in plants
Nucleic acid derivatives
Synthesis of combinatorial libraries of compounds reminiscent of natural products
Soybean cultivar 0491730
Soybean cultivar 0491735
Cotton cultivar DP 543 BGII/RR
Inbred corn line PHADP
Cell lineage extracting method
Portable extractor
Rechargeable vacuum cleaner with LED spotlight
Vacuum cleaner
Combination wet and dry vacuum appliance
Drum for a washing machine
Filter cover for a floor care appliance
Vacuum cleaner handle portion
Soap scum scraper
Sponge mop refill
Garbage can
Garbage can
Garbage can
Garbage can
Three wheeled dolly
Plastic shopping cart basket
Fill port for an enclosure
Wiggle flyer
Channel selector for selecting an operating frequency
Arm mountable child activity device
Wrist exerciser having display and transmission device
Blocks and building system for the construction of lifesize inflatable play structures
Jumping or skipping plaything
Pet chew toy with integrally-formed flavor pockets
Battery-operated vibrator for sex toy
Light reflecting polymeric articles containing benzoxazolyl-napthalene optical brighteners
Multiple component and interactive growth chart and method
Collapsible doghouse
Rolling pet toy
Automated banking machine system and method
Secure online purchasing
System and method for influencing a position on a search result list generated by a computer network...
Real-time aggregation of data within a transactional data area of an enterprise planning environment
Knowledge-based management diagnostic system
Method and apparatus for data item movement between disparate sources and hierarchical, object-orien...
Network data terminal and data printing method therefor
Schedule management apparatus, schedule management method, and computer-readable recording medium st...
Portable computer system with hierarchical and token-based security policies
Mark forming apparatus, method of forming laser mark on optical disk, reproducing apparatus, optical...
Secure payment method and system
System and method for facilitating electronic transfer of funds
Method and system for providing integrated brokerage and other financial services through customer a...
All wheel drive utility vehicle with bogey beam suspension
Power transmitting apparatus for hybrid vehicle
Hybrid vehicle and control method of hybrid vehicle
Walk-behind self-propelled working machine
Motorized cart with hub gear motor system
Small vehicle with fuel cell that has elements cooled by ventilation system
Front grill impact-absorbing structure for a vehicle
Rear mounted engine design with improved maintenance access for a military vehicle
Mobile water device
System and method for generating power
Vehicle control system with slow-in-turn capabilities and related method
Power assisted recumbent bicycle and power unit
Engine subframe mounting arrangement
Motorcycle footrest
Vehicle occupant protection system
Industrial truck with a rear weight and an internal combustion engine
Control for electric motor in vehicles
Brake light warning system for safety helmets and method of operation
Vibration suppression apparatus and method for hybrid vehicle
Hybrid transmission member speed determination, sensor diagnostics and fault recovery
Method for determining preferred input operating points for a vehicle transmission
Ear plugs and method of forming same
Polyurethane foam cabinets
Earpiece light
Serviceable muffler
Method of manufacturing piezoelectric wafers of saw identification tags
Muffler for noise reduction
Method for providing a backing member for an acoustic transducer array
Installation of seismic survey devices in shallow, low-angle boreholes
Device for generating focused elastic waves in a material medium such as underground, and method usi...
Bandpass woofer enclosure with multiple acoustic fibers
Silencer containing one or more porous bodies
Muffler having a baffle with angled plates
Intake silencer for gas turbines
Fogging device for gas turbines
Air intake apparatus
Use of MHC class II ligands as adjuvant for vaccination and of LAG-3 in cancer treatment
Vector constructs
Preserved pharmaceutical formulations
Sustained release formulation of a peptide
Methods and compositions for the rapid and enduring relief of inadequate myocardial function
Emulsion containing ascorbic acid and its uses in the cosmetics and dermatological fields
Non-hazardous pest control
Bioresorbable hydrogel compositions for implantable prostheses
Zinc finger-based drug-dependent gene regulation system
Peptides and compounds that bind to the IL-5 receptor
Tenascin-C isoform as marker for neoplasias
Antibodies to human oncogene induced secreted protein I
TNF receptor death domain ligand proteins and inhibitors of ligand binding
Process for the preparation of lipoic acid and dihydrolipoic acid
Method for imaging an artery using a magnetic resonance contrast agent
Hologram transfer foil
Locking apparatus
Diffractive security element having an integrated optical waveguide
Electronic apparatus having label with certification marks
Signature capture via interface surface
Method and apparatus for providing relative-evaluations of commodities to user by using commodity-co...
Antifalsification paper and other antifalsification items
Method and personalized label and note paper booklet for direct mail
Heat shrinkable insulated packaging material
Stretchable thermoplastic labels on cryogenic containers
Identity and access management system and method
Action figure game piece and method of playing action figure game
Casino style wagering game
Systems and methods wherein a reconfiguration rule is not indicated during at least a portion of gam...
Program, recording medium, game character rendering method, and game apparatus
Throw and catch game and method of playing same
Ball game racket
Slot machine game and system with improved jackpot feature
Lockable security cabinet for casino game controllers
Racket for ball games
Game dart having ballast
Method of providing sub-code data of optical disc drive to host computer
Minimized wave-zone buoyancy platform
Pile installation method with downhole hammer
Multi hull barge
Avalanche protection system
Shoring assembly and method
Hybrid flow pond
Piling decontamination and marine life enhancement system
Storm drain capture and containment device
Subsurface drainage system and drain structure therefor
Carbureted bioventing for enhanced control of in-situ bioremediation
Steam cure of cured in place liner
Interlocking slab leveling system
Drain inlet
Marine riser tower
Piping system with transition coupling
Method for deploying seafloor equipment
Buoyancy compensator jacket for scuba divers with improved weight pockets
Divisible pile sleeve
Method of performing surgery
Haptic feedback using a keyboard device
Force feedback interface device with force functionality button
Dynamically adjusting a sample-to-pixel filter to compensate for the effects of negative lobes
Image generating system and program
Sensor for determining the angular position of a radiating point source in two dimensions
Moving image generation apparatus, moving image playback apparatus, their control method, and storag...
Rapid development in a distributed application environment
Optimization methods for the insertion, protection, and detection of digital watermarks in digital d...
Method and system for creating and distributing collaborative multi-user three-dimensional websites ...
Headmount apparatus for attaching and supporting devices
Object position detector with edge motion feature and gesture recognition
Method and system for rendering concentric mosaics
Stationary semantic zooming
Measuring device and measuring method for determining distance and/or position
Method and apparatus for obtaining geometrical data relating to a canal
Image recording apparatus, image reproducing apparatus and methods therefor
Methods for matching, selecting, narrowcasting, and/or classifying based on rights management and/or...
Golf swing diagnosis system
Alphabetic character inputting device and method for recognizing inputted characters
Method and apparatus for administering an internet based examination to remote sites
Draw-trace-erase art training device
Method and apparatus for automated training of language learning skills
Dally practicing systems
Audio quality when streaming audio to non-streaming telephony devices
Educational device
Test system and control method
Remote medical device access
Language teaching method
Mathematics teaching tool
Article and method for selection of individualized personal care products
Product cycle project development
Exercise system and method for simulating a swimming motion
Exercise device for use in swimming pool
Networked collaborative system
Method of graphically indicating patient information
Learning data base building method and video apparatus with learning function by using the learning ...
Method and system for displaying furniture
Assisted reading method and apparatus
System and method for generating and maintaining software code
Method and system for data repository
Order matching system
Internet-based money order system
Using dynamic Web Components to automatically customize web pages
Enhancing touch and feel on the internet
Moniker method, apparatus, system and article of manufacture
Method and apparatus to facilitate automated software installation on remote computers over a networ...
Managing access to a network
Packet routing system and method
Method and apparatus for passing service requests and data from web based workstations directly to o...
System and method for anonymous observation and use of premium content by indirect access through po...
Architecture of a bridge between a non-IP network and the web
Wide area network using internet with quality of service
Distributed system for responding to watermarked documents
Mirror split brain avoidance
System and method for providing universal access to voice response systems
Isolation system with analog communication across an isolation barrier
Method of line matching in telecommunication networks
Telephone NID isolation module
Terminal blocks and methods for making and breaking connections in a telecommunication conductor
Headset communication unit
Acoustic seal system
Mobile vehicle housing for a portable communication device
Communication and proximity authorization systems
Telephone call manager
Inverter maintenance system and inverter
Access-point-dependent rate fixing of telecommunication links
System and method for providing internet based phone conferences using multiple codecs
Calibrachoa plant named `Kakegawa S81`
Gaillardia plant named `ORANGES AND LEMONS`
Hosta plant named `Atlantis`
Scabiosa columbaria plant named `Pink Lemonade`
St. Augustinegrass named `TR 6-10`
Geranium plant named `Maestro White Splash`
Hybrid tea rose plant named `JACwypin`
Ground cover rose plant named `NOA97400A`
Grandiflora rose plant named `JACzeyel`
Kalanchoe plant named `LIZA`
Weighted absolute difference based noise reduction method and apparatus
Device for processing images, in particular medical images
Rebinning methods and arrangements for use in compressing image-based rendering (IBR) data
Apparatus for processing digital image and method therefor
Method for providing image goods and/or services to a customer
Communication system work order performance method and system
System and method for personalized remote control of an interactive television system
Power supply protection arrangement
Method and apparatus for reducing effect of jitter
Integrated method for scene change detection
Noise reduction pre-processor for digital video using previously generated motion vectors and adapti...
Method and return vending machine device for handling empty beverage containers
Digital TV receiver
System and method for recognizing markers on printed circuit boards
Image reading apparatus and X-ray imaging apparatus
Image data retouching apparatus, image data retouching method, and medium on which image data retouc...
Video based detection of fall-down and other events
Processing of digital images
High-resolution virus removal methodology and filtration capsule useful therefor
Prevention and treatment of mycoplasma-associated diseases
Mycobacterial rpoB sequences
Specific binding agents for KSHV vIL-6 that neutralize a biological activity
Methods of identifying agents for inhibiting lentivirus replication
Apoptosis-modulating proteins, DNA encoding the proteins and methods of use thereof
Methods of therapy and diagnosis using insulin-like growth factor binding protein-like polypeptides ...
Occult blood detection in biological samples by laser desorption and matrix-assisted laser desorptio...
Inhibitors of serine proteases, particularly HCV NS3-NS4A protease
Phosphohalohydrins, process for the production thereof and use thereof
Pharmaceutical formulations comprising indolinone derivatives
HIV integrase inhibitors
Pyrazolopyridines and pyrazolopyridazines as antidiabetics
Pyrazolopyridines, process for their preparation and use as therapeutic compounds
Pyrazole derivatives
Resistance-repellent retroviral protease inhibitors
System for detecting protease
Antibodies to human vascular endothelial growth factor 2
5H-pyrrolo[3,2-d]pyrimidine nucleoside metabolism inhibitors
Metal catalysts and methods for making and using same
Catalyst for the reduction of NO to N.sub.2 with hydrogen under NOx oxidation conditions
Monophasic Tungsten Carbide
Process for the recovery of palladium from spent silica
Process for the catalytic partial oxidation of H.sub.2S using staged addition of oxygen
Molecular sieve SSZ-70 composition of matter and synthesis thereof
Thermally efficient hydrogen storage system
Composition for preparation of silicon carbide powder
Stabilization of the viscosity of formamidine sulfinic acid bleached calcium carbonate slurries
Desulfurization compositions
Process and apparatus for the manufacture of carbon microballoons
Direct synthesis of hydrogen peroxide in a multicomponent solvent system
Direct hydrogen peroxide production using staged hydrogen addition
Method for producing ferrite hollow particles
Method of producing ferroelectric metal oxide crystalline particles
Method and apparatus for hydration of calcium oxide
Method for partial oxidation of methane using dense, oxygen selective permeation ceramic membrane
Methods for producing hydrogen from a fuel
Silicon powder for preparing alkyl- or aryl-halogenosilanes
Solder ball
Aluminum alloy product having improved combinations of properties
Cold rolled steel sheet and galvanized steel sheet having strain age hardenability and method of pro...
Austenitic stainless steel
Aluminum diecasting alloy
Hydrogen storage alloys providing for the reversible storage of hydrogen at low temperatures
Robotic apparatuses, systems and methods
Motion editing apparatus and method for robot device, and computer program
Ultra-thin wafer handling system
Robot apparatus, and behavior controlling method for robot apparatus
Robot system
Position information recognition apparatus for cleaning robot
Programmable lawn mower
3-D selection and manipulation with a multiple dimension haptic interface
Detection and handling of semiconductor wafers and wafer-like objects
Torch cable accommodating structure of arc welding robot
Library apparatus
Devices and methods for presenting and regulating auxiliary information on an image display of a tel...
Food dishing robot system
Roll-pitch-roll wrist methods for minimally invasive robotic surgery
Method and apparatus for monitoring the position of a semiconductor processing robot
Programmable lawn mower
Transporting tool for object to be tested, and object-to-be-tested transporting system
Method and apparatus for aligning a substrate on a stage
Holding arrangement having an apparatus for balancing a load torque
Setting method and setting apparatus for operation path for articulated robot
Local area internet radio receiver/transmitter
Methods for determining the gains of different carriers, radio transmission units and modules for su...
Automatic gain control system
Analog peak detection circuitry for radio receivers
Low noise amplifier with constant input impedance
Radio communication method and a radio station with software reconfiguration features
Radio software acquisition system, radio software acquisition method and radio software acquisition ...
Information processing system, information processing method of information processing system, infor...
Automated real-time site survey in a shared frequency band environment
Local radio communication system
System and method for using corrected signals from a global positioning system to perform precision ...
Error-correcting communication method and communication apparatus with de-interleaving and rate de-m...
Method for implementing fast-dynamic channel allocation call admission control for radio link reconf...
Remote telemetry device
Mobile telecommunications systems
Power efficient channel scheduling in a wireless network
Party tray
Party tray
Adiabatic and aseptic food packaging method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for individual frozen beverage mold and dispenser
Enhanced crackers, chips, wafers and unleavened using highly refined cellulose fiber ingredients
Methods for manufacturing egg-based powder and food containing the same
Methods of increasing flaxseed hull recovery and resultant flax products
Method for the reduction of acrylamide formation during heating of amino group-containing compounds
Anti-caking agents and methods
Expanded products with high protein content
Slowly digestible carbohydrate
Granular sucralose
Resin film laminated metal sheet for can and method for fabricating the same
Use of von tetrahydrobiopterine derivatives in the treatment and nutrition of patients with amino ac...
Biomass extracts with protein and nutritional value
Method for the production of raw materials for candle production and a heat store material
High pigment golden beets
Method of integrating QKD with IPSec
System for modifying child behavior
Inoculation training kit
Recording/reproducing apparatus, recording/reproducing apparatus and program
Typing-game machine and database system
E-learning system
VOIP e-learning system
System and method for providing educational and/or advertising materials
Question answering system, data search method, and computer program
System to teach emotional competence
System and Method For Real-Time Observation Assessment
Method of training and rewarding employees
Methods and apparatus for providing on-demand assistance for a wireless device
Method for making grayscale photo masks and optical grayscale elements
Color identification system
Articles with spinning globe
Apparatus and methods for teaching young children basics of arithmetic
Method and arrangement in a computer training system
Electronic music apparatus with data loading assist
Process for automated assessment of problem solving skill
Gesture training
Data generating device and endoscope system
Reciprocating saw
Composite tangled filament mat with overlying liquid moisture barrier for cushioning and venting of ...
Through-wall electrical box
Laser alignment tool adapter
Directional flow flashing
Concrete building panel with a low density core and carbon fiber and steel reinforcement
Drywall panel carrier
Multispeed power tool transmission
Electrical wire and cable protection and retrieval system
Vehicle actuated road imbedded magneto generator
Method and apparatus for forming radius bends in metal frames
One-way pneumatic delivery system
Electrical wiring system
Dust containment apparatus for drywall sanding
System and method for managing observational information items
Fragile article transportation, display and storage system
Circuit selectable receptacle
Phosphorous removal and diene removal, when using diene sensitive catalyst, during conversion of ole...
Process for synthesizing diisopropylbenzene
Process for removal of oxygenates from a paraffin stream
Method for carrying out-CC-coupling reactions
Process for the arylation of olefins
High metathesis activity ruthenium and osmium metal carbene complexes
Methanol feed for producing olefin streams
Process for operating a quench device in an oxygenate-to-olefin production unit
Multiple riser reactor
Treatment of molecular sieves with silicon containing compounds
Nickel catalyzed cross-coupling reactions between organomagnesium compounds and anisole derivatives
Process for preparing alkynyl-substituted aromatic and heterocyclic compounds
Process for the selective hydrogenation of phenylacetylene
Process for the hydrogenation of aromatics
Preparation of alkyl-aromatic products
Solvent-free mechanochemical preparation of phosphonium salts, phosphorus ylides, and olefins
Olefin polymerization catalyst, process for polymerizing olefins, ethylene polymer obtained by said ...
Process for the production of catalyst packing, reactor containing catalyst packing, and the use the...
Process for the disproportionation and transalkylation of toluene and heavy aromatics
Bis(2-acenyl)acetylene semiconductors
Mitochondrially targeted antioxidants
Dark quenchers for donor-acceptor energy transfer
Fluorescent nucleotides
Renilla reniformis fluorescent proteins, nucleic acids encoding the fluorescent proteins and the use...
Oligonucleotide tagged nucleoside triphosphates (OTNTPs) for genetic analysis
FK506-based regulation of biological events
Nucleic acids encoding PRO830
FAIL molecules and uses thereof
Nucleic acid molecules encoding human tumor necrosis factor .alpha.-specific antibodies
DNA fragment directing gene expression predominant in flower organ
Process for the depletion or removal of endotoxins
Formulation of boronic acid compounds
Process for chemically bonding an odor-encapsulating agent to textiles and textiles formed by the pr...
Hypochlorite free method for preparation of stable carboxylated carbohydrate products
Alternative splicing factors polynucleotides polypeptides and uses therof
Plant farnesyltransferases
Methods for increasing oleic acid content in seeds from transgenic plants containing a mutant delta ...
Dehiscence gene and methods for regulating dehiscence
Method for obtaining plants enriched in cysteine and glutathione content
Pseudomonas syringae harpins, HopPtoP and HopPmaH.sub.Pto, and their uses
Inbred corn line M10138
Immunostimulatory oligonucleotides
Reducing carbohydrate derivatives of adamantane amines, and synthesis and methods of use thereof
Persulfated oligosaccharide acting on selectins and chemokine
Pharmaceutical compositions comprising Aloe pectins, and methods for their production and use
Zinc finger binding domains for nucleotide sequence ANN
Method for separating sugar from compound having glycoside bond, sugar separation system, sugar sepa...
Sequence-determined DNA fragments encoding RNA polymerase proteins
Sequence-determined DNA fragments encoding glutamine amidotransferase proteins
Sequence-determined DNA fragments encoding EF hand proteins
Sequence-determined DNA fragments encoding prothymosin/parathymosin proteins
Sequence-determined DNA fragments encoding UBIE/COQ5 methyltransferase family proteins
Method for the production of oh protected{4-(2.6-diamino-9h-purine-9-yl)-1.3-dioxolane-2-yl] methano...
Glycolipids and analogues thereof as antigens for NK T cells
Portable toilet
Functional polymers via surface modifying agents, and methods for polymeric surface modification
Fluorous-based microarrays
Particle detection method
Methods and architectures for resource management
Dynamic allocation of computing tasks by second distributed server set
Facilitating event notification through use of an inverse mapping structure for subset determination
Transitional image for a portion of a display screen
Transitional image for a portion of a display screen
Animated image for a portion of a display screen
User interface for a portion of a display screen
User interface for a portion of a display screen
Type font
Printing device
Ink container
Turntable barrier system
Use of phenylmethimazoles, methimazole derivatives, and tautomeric cyclic thiones for the treatment ...
Indolamide derivatives which possess glycogen phosphorylase inhibitory activity
Method for preparing enantiomerically pure 4-pyrrolidino phenylbenzyl ether derivatives
Method for preparing enantiomerically pure 4-pyrrolidinophenylbenzyl ether derivatives
Phosphate salts of 6-dimethylaminomethyl-1-(3-methoxyphenyl)-1,3-dihydroxy-cyclohexane compounds
External pressure-based gastric band adjustment system and method
Non-invasive pressure measurement in a fluid adjustable restrictive device
System and method for determining implanted device positioning and obtaining pressure data
Compact apparatus for noninvasive measurement of glucose through near-infrared spectroscopy
Noninvasive analyzer sample probe interface method and apparatus
Intracutaneous injection
Removal and repositioning device
Extragastric minimally invasive methods and devices to treat obesity
Gastrointestinal volume manipulation
Monitoring and feedback wireless medical system and method
Methods for issuing, distributing, managing and redeeming investment instruments providing normalize...
System and method for evaluating, monitoring, diagnosing, and treating hypertension and other medica...
Methods and compositions for the treatment of parkinson's disease and other alpha-synucleinopathies
Modulation of neurodegenerative diseases
Nonviral vectors for delivering polynucleotides
2-phenyl-1-[4-(2-aminoethoxy)-benzyl]-indole and estrogen formulations
Modulation of neurodegenerative diseases through the estrogen receptor
Preventives/remedies for urinary disturbance
Fused heterocyclic kinase inhibitors
Protein kinase modulators and methods of use
Benzene, pyridine, and pyridazine derivatives
3-Pyridinecarboxamide reduces nerve degeneration
3-Pyridinecarboxamide reduces nerve degeneration
Compositions comprising N-propanoyl derivatives of amino acids, aminocarbohydrates and derivatives t...
Novel genes encoding proteins having prognostic, diagnostic, preventive, therapeutic and other uses
Methods for the stereoselective synthesis of substituted piperidines
Phosphodiesterase 4 inhibitors
Optimized sensor geometry for an implantable glucose sensor
Vacuum-assisted prosthetic device
System and method for vehicle diagnostics
System and method for predicting component failures in large systems
Negotiation using intelligent agents
Adaptive mixture learning in a dynamic system
System and method for logical agent engine
System and method for analyzing usage patterns in information aggregates
Method, system, and product for indicating power status of field replaceable units
Predictive action decision device and action decision method
Controller and method of controlling an apparatus using predictive filters
Disambiguating like testable objects in a functional testing tool
Method and apparatus for aligning ambiguity in finite state transducers
Method of evaluating the quality of audio-visual sequences
Computer architecture and process of patient generation, evolution and simulation for computer based...
Probablistic models and methods for combining multiple content classifiers
Computer implemented example-based concept-oriented data extraction method
Systems and methods for performing quantum computations
Automated system and method for creating aligned goals
Computer-assisted education apparatus and method for adaptively determining presentation pattern of ...
Decision analysis system and method
Intelligent help system
Apparatus for cat's cradle game
Composite material for equestrian sports tracks and the like
Extreme sports ramp system
Diagnostic device for analyzing a golf swing
Riding device
Rear entertainment system and control method thereof
Method for distributing sports entertainment
Electric knife adapted for safely carving pumpkins and other fruits and vegetables
Interchangeable stadium seating and entertainment stage
Table game improvements
Three-dimensional logic puzzle game
Method of playing blackjack
Wagering card game with multiple stages
Foam projectile exhibiting an illuminating element
Wedge-lock building blocks
Multi-reel slot machine with selectable reel play
Inflatable bouncer
Method and apparatus for facilitating meetings, conferences and forums involving face-to-face discus...
Technique for delivering entertainment programming content including interactive features in a commu...
Distribution of a large number of live television programs to individual passengers in an aircraft
Data storage systems and processes, such as one-way data mirror using write mirroring
Increasing the memory performance of flash memory devices by writing sectors simultaneously to multi...
System for quickly transferring data
Burst mode implementation in a memory device
TLB miss fault handler and method for accessing multiple page tables
Method and system for providing hardware support for memory protection and virtual memory address tr...
Location-independent RAID group virtual block management
Method and apparatus for generating a device ID for stacked devices
Method for implementing dual link list structure to enable fast link-list pointer updates
Method for increased concurrency in a computer system
Thread-specific heaps
Method and system for monitoring and verifying software drivers using system resources including mem...
System and method for transmitting information over multiple channels
Laser beam generating apparatus
Transmission apparatus, transmission method, communication system, and method of same
Transmission method, transmitter and receiver
Noise reduction in a stereo receiver
Sound signal reproducing apparatus
Video processing apparatus and method for allocating addresses to data of macroblocks and storing th...
Audio equipment and control method of audio equipment
Image transmission device and method, transmitting device and method, receiving device and method, a...
Document processing apparatus, document processing method, document processing program and recording...
Network system, network server and terminal device
Information processing apparatus and method, and program storage medium
Recording method, and storage medium driving apparatus
Debugging system for semiconductor integrated circuit
Information providing apparatus and method, information receiving apparatus and method, information ...
Arithmetic and control unit
Electric-field meter having current compensation
Method and apparatus for monitoring parameters of an easily ignited gas
Method and apparatus for wide area surveillance of a terrorist or personal threat
External infusion device with remote programming, bolus estimator and/or vibration alarm capabilitie...
Traffic stop sign safety enhancement system
Electrically-operated device with variable optical and/or energetic properties
Photonic MEMS and structures
Electro-optic display and lamination adhesive for use therein
Electro-optic displays, and processes for the production thereof
Method and device for remotely monitoring watch information for maintenance of hinge
Method for automatically adding scale symbol to operation formula during operation and system execut...
Solar folding panel
Solar lamp
Solar lamp
Systems and methods for automatically adjusting the volume of an audio source
Optical network unit
Controllable appliance arrangement
Communication method and arrangement
Chronotherapeutic diltiazem formulations and the administration thereof
Gelatinous food elastomer compositions and articles
Process for treating fresh fish
Composition and method for preparing basic quark and further processing of the basic quark
Shaped cheese reconstruction with transglutaminase
Black tea manufacture
Process for making microwavable French fries
Process for improving the durability of, and/or stabilizing, microbially perishable products
Confectionery composition and methods of using the same for decorating
Surface treatment of animal tissue
Procedure to obtain a product consisting in a partially low-fat flour with a high content of stabili...
Process for producing cysteinylglycine-enriched food material and process for producing flavor-enhan...
Liquid maltitol composition, process for its manufacture and its uses
Sugar-free hard coatings prepared from liquid mixtures of erythritol and sorbitol
Juice processing incorporating resin treatment
Triglyceride fat
Plant derived antioxidants
Method for the production of fatty acid esters
Microwave cooking container with 2-position inverted dome locks
System and method to simulate hemodynamics
Smart card for accessing a target internet site
Network shell
Method and system for purging content from a content delivery network
Longest prefix match for IP routers
System and method for journal recovery for multinode environments
System and methodology for dynamic application environment employing runtime execution templates
Blinking annotation callouts highlighting cross language search results
Method and apparatus for automatically generating a device user interface
Customization of tab-order functionality in internet applications
System and method for implementing a project facility
Method and apparatus to facilitate a global timeout in a distributed computing environment
Method and apparatus for backup and recovery system using storage based journaling
Storage system and storage control device
Data synchronization of multiple remote storage
Systems and methods for storing and retrieving data in a web server environment
Crisis management system, computer, and computer memory product
Systems and methods for policy based printing
Protecting audio/video content during storage and playback on a processor-based system
Content management system, content management terminal, usage rule management server, content manage...
Optical disk, an optical disk barcode forming method, an optical disk reproduction apparatus, a mark...
Method and apparatus for symmetric-key encryption
Synchronization of session keys
Method and apparatus for the compression and decompression of image files using a chaotic system
Cryptographic communication method, encryption algorithm shared control method, encryption algorithm...
Modifying material
Secure access method and system
Updating usage conditions in lieu of download digital rights management protected content
Content revocation and license modification in a digital rights management (DRM) system on a computi...
Key and lock device
Extending the range of computational fields of integers
Digital watermarks with values derived from remote platforms
Digital watermarking systems
Method and apparatus for content protection across a source-to-destination interface
Parallel distribution and fingerprinting of digital content
System and methods for maintaining and distributing personal security devices
Encryption process including a biometric unit
Method and apparatus for verifying the integrity of a media key block
Methods for assessing emphysema
Charge trapping nanocrystal dielectric for non-volatile memory transistor
Method of fabricating semiconductor devices with replacement, coaxial gate structure
Nanotube-based vacuum devices
Nitride semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Single electron devices formed by laser thermal annealing
Single electron transistor having memory function
Method of manufacturing a microcomponent assembly
Semiconductor material, field effect transistor and manufacturing method thereof
Apparatus, materials, and methods for fabrication and catalysis
Carbon containing tips with cylindrically symmetrical carbon containing expanded bases
Preparation of field emission array comprising nanostructures
Horizontal memory gain cells
Iridium oxide nanotubes and method for forming same
Method of moving a carbon nanotube
Secure attention instruction central processing unit and system architecture
Propellor blade adjustment system for propulsion through fluid environments under changing condition...
Chromate-free method for surface etching of stainless steel
Vehicle underbody imaging system
Personal portable blankets as an infrared shielding device for field activities
Enhanced system for detection of randomness in sparse time series distributions
Automatic vehicle information retrieval for use at entry to a secure site
Method for fabricating a transducer
Method for the removal of heavy metals from acidic wastewater and chemical solutions
Robust predictive deconvolution system and method
Omni-azimuthal pattern generator for VLF and LF communication
Navigation system and method using directional sensor
Electrostatic charge dissipation system
Marine vessel onboard wastewater treatment system
Battery mechanism
Nonlinear beam forming and beam shaping aperture system
TM microstrip antenna
Degaussing vulnerability display program
Speech to visual aid translator assembly and method
Device for the optical beam transformation of a linear arrangement of several light sources
Small imaging lens and imaging apparatus
Method and apparatus for combining an induced image with a scene image
Photographing lens having three lens element
Imaging lens
Imaging optical system
System and method for a composite lens for a flow cytometer
Optical lens preform, optical lens, and method of making optical lens
Spherical retro-reflector mount negative
Monolithic hard pellicle
Apparatus for remote control of a microscope
Method of and apparatus for image processing, and computer product
Temporally coherent depolarizer and a polarization transformer
Electrical x-talk shield for MEMS micromirrors
Two-step electrode for MEMs micromirrors
Method and instrument for microscopy
Analog optical transmission system
Catadioptric projection systems
Zoom lens, and an imaging apparatus using such zoom lens
Zoom lens and electronic imaging apparatus using the same
Method for the communication of information and apparatus employing the method
Fixing apparatus used to hold a digital photography module on a mobile telephone
Method and apparatus for interfacing among mobile terminal, base station and core network in mobile ...
Wireless communications device docking system and method
Quick access list for previously accessed network addresses
Communication apparatus capable of communicating via different types of communication lines and cont...
Apparatus and method for increased security of wireless transactions
Wireless base station for reducing interference from a control signal emitted by another wireless ba...
Adaptive array apparatus and compensation method for compensating a phase difference used for genera...
Portable terminal device having a display unit utilizing a holographic screen
Multifunction cellular phone
Wireless headset
Mobile terminal for interoperating with a standard or push-button enabled headset
Communication system using short range radio communication headset
Voice activated wireless phone headset
Space based augmentation system with hierarchy for determining geographical corrections source
Wireless purchase and on-line inventory apparatus and method for vending machines