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Heating system for a vehicle
Cable connecting structure for electrical connector
Ecstasy-class derivatives, immunogens, and antibodies and their use in detecting ecstasy-class drugs
Gas sensor
Method and apparatus for chemical mechanical polishing of semiconductor substrates
Assay device
Isolation of spore-like cells from tissues exposed to extreme conditions
Current collector structure and methods to improve the performance of a lead-acid battery
Flame retardant, electrically conductive shielding materials and methods of making the same
Recording medium, method of manufacturing the same and image forming method
Use of amines
11,12-oxidoarachidonic acid derivatives and methods of their use in treating dry eye disorders
Prodrugs of fused GABA analogs, pharmaceutical compositions and uses thereof
Substituted sulfamate anticonvulsant derivatives
Imidazole compounds and medicinal use thereof
Combine having a system estimator to automatically estimate and dynamically change a target control ...
Apparatus and method for using adaptive algorithms to exploit sparsity in target weight vectors in a...
Spectroscopically measured overlay target
Heat resistant resin composition and adhesive film
Dual dispenser
Dual density filter cartridge
Separation system and process
Ozone generator retrofit apparatus for jetted tubs and spas
Post-modification of a porous support
Sanitation barrier for oil/grease separator in a kitchen
Method and apparatus for the treatment of wastewater
Universal single element filter test fixture
Sewage treatment apparatus using self-granulated activated sludge and sewage treatment method thereo...
Method and device for sensing the detachment of the venous needle from a patient during an extracorp...
Quick-drain valve member for use with filter apparatus
Centrifuge apparatus for processing blood
Centrifugal separators
Fluid mixing block
Filter element
Continuous blood filtration apparatus
Parallel correlator architecture
Rechargeable hearing aid
Directional hearing aid tester
Solder alloy material layer composition, electroconductive and adhesive composition, flux material l...
Double heating-type pots
Image noise reduction
Method and apparatus for an improved computer aided diagnosis system
Image sending apparatus and image transmission information display apparatus
LED Polarimeter
Optical transceiver and method for image density measurement
Measurement system with separate optimized beam paths
Oversampling pulse oximeter
Pedometer system and method of use
Test to measure curling tendency of paper in laser printers
Pattern for absorbent paper product
Pattern for absorbent paper product
Rotor device capable of dissipating heat and resisting foreign objects
Variable capacity rotary compressor
Structure of an oil-free compressor on a vehicle
Energy-saving, anti-free flow portable pump for use with standard PVC IV tubing
Horizontal compressor end cap with a terminal, a visually transparent member, and a heater well moun...
Control device for positive displacement pumps
Variable speed oil-injected screw compressors
Molecular pump equipped with flange having buffering portion
Apparatus for filling containers with viscous liquid food products
Assembly for inflating a tire
Air bleed mechanism for a submersible turbine pump
Pump bypass system
Discharge valve mechanism for variable displacement compressor
System for supply of compressed air and vehicle including a system for supply of compressed air
Buoyancy pump power system
Seal and bearing-free fluid pump incorporating a passively suspended self-positioning impeller
Port configuration for fuel pump unit for facilitating pressure feedback
Shape memory alloy wire driven positive displacement micropump with pulsatile output
Reciprocating compressor
Method for the production of a catalyst containing vanadium, phosphorus, and oxygen
Method and system for optimizing energy storage in hybrid off-highway vehicle systems and trolley co...
Ultrasonic diagnostic device, function extending method related to ultrasonic diagnosis, and method ...
Security system for cargo trailers
Housing for a computing apparatus
Controllable pressure cryogenic balloon treatment system and method
Carnation plant called `CFPC Tess`
Super absorption Coenzyme Q.sub.10
Intermediates useful for making 2,4-pyrimidinediamine compounds
Method and apparatus for interconnecting content addressable memory devices
Data transmission apparatus, system and method, and image processing apparatus
System and method for selectively detaching point-to-point protocol header information
Microprocessor with rounding multiply instructions
Performance characterization using effective processor frequency
Self-tuning baud rate generator for UART applications
Vertical adaptive antenna array for a discrete multitone spread spectrum communication system
Source synchronous link with clock recovery and bit skew alignment
Thin-film magnetic head and method of manufacturing same
Flat display apparatus with spacers between first panel substrate and second panel substrate, and me...
Semiconductor inspection device and method for manufacturing contact probe
Probe card assembly
Solder masks including dams for at least partially surrounding terminals of a carrier substrate and ...
Components, methods and assemblies for multi-chip packages
Semiconductor device, stacked semiconductor device, methods of manufacturing the same, circuit board...
Arrangement of vias in a substrate to support a ball grid array
Semiconductor device including an electrical contact connected to an interconnection
Layered board, and apparatus incorporated such layered board
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method of the same
Optical wiring device
Microelectronic package having chamber sealed by material including one or more intermetallic compou...
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method for the same
Semiconductor stacked multi-package module having inverted second package
Lead-bond type chip package and manufacturing method thereof
Method of diagnosing the chances of pregnancy and the diagnostic kit for the same
Polymer-based orthopedic screw and driver system with increased insertion torque tolerance and assoc...
Apparatus, method and computer readable memory medium for speech recognition using dynamic programmi...
Natural language machine interface
Image forming apparatus with paper thickness detection unit for detecting overlap of regular and ins...
Electrophotographic image forming apparatus, process cartridge and discharge preventing mechanism
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
Image forming apparatus, interface apparatus, control apparatus, image forming apparatus setting ope...
Image processing method and apparatus using self-adaptive binarization
Monitoring apparatus, processing method, program for implementing the processing method, and managem...
Entropic encoding method and device
Cover for air bag device
Image forming device capable of selectively mounting different sheet feed units
Architecture of connecting optical PCB, transceiver modules for optical PCB and optical connection b...
Image sensor device and method to form image sensor device
Enchanced sensitivity coupled fiber-optic biosensor configurations
Circuit arrangement and operating device for operating lamps
Legged mobile robot control system
Architecture of an embedded internet robot system controlled by brain waves
Autonomous mobile robot
Autonomous moving robot
Cooling arrangement for a humanoid robot
Fuel cell stacking method and fuel cell tracking device
Human-activated displacement control appliance for use with computerized device/mechanism
Apparatus for conveying liquid crystal display panel
Method and apparatus for creating an enhanced electrical field to improve paint transfer efficiencie...
Welding-type power supply with a state-based controller
Tig welding equipment and tig welding method
Automated customized cosmetic dispenser
Robotic turntable drive arrangement in a robotic roller hemming system
Robotic pallet drive arrangement in a robotic roller hemming system
Antigenic epitopes and mosaic polypeptides of hepatitis C virus proteins
Gamma-secretase inhibitors
Thermal variable resistance device with protective sheath
Toner supplying apparatus and image forming apparatus
Sensor device
Speaker device
Variable capacitor adjustable by linear motor
Mono pole piece for a two stage tape drive actuator
Method of making wall and floor coverings
Resilient construction member
Method and system for five-disk fault tolerance in a disk array
Method and system for portal web site generation
Wafer lot identity management system and method thereof
Weather-resistant thermoplastic resin composition
Nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery
Noble metal-base metal alloy catalyst, evaluation of such catalyst, and method of producing such cat...
Delivery catheter
USB/OTG-interface storage card
High linearity doherty communication amplifier with phase control
Fuel injection valve having internal pipe
Schottky diode using charge balance structure
Optical recording method and apparatus for an optical storage medium
Liquid crystal device, liquid crystal display panel and method for manufacturing the same
Natural-superlattice homologous single crystal thin film, method for preparation thereof, and device...
Temperature compensating device for APD optical receiver
Method for synthesis of (2S, 3aS, 7aS)-1-{(S)-alanyl}-octahydro-1H -indole-2-carboxylic acid derivat...
Conformationally constrained backbone cyclized somatostatin analogs
Compositions and methods for monitoring the modification of modification dependent binding partner p...
File transforming output engine having a decomposer and multiple writers
System and method for managing dial platform configuration
Navigation system, and program and storage medium for use in the same
Method for displaying tool locus in NC data and method for analyzing NC data
Interface to a programmable logic controller
Optical device and movable reflector
Apparatus and method for performing bitplane coding with reordering in a fine granularity scalabilit...
Multiple symbol rate burst equalizer training
Power converter having improved EMI shielding
Interferometric back focal plane scatterometry with Koehler illumination
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Reconfigurable antennas using microelectromechanical (MEMs) shutters and methods to utilize such
Surface mount type chip antenna and communication equipment mounted therewith
Stacked color liquid crystal display device
Polymer electrolyte membrane and method of production thereof
Porous adhesive sheet, semiconductor wafer with porous adhesive sheet and method of manufacture ther...
Aqueous ionomeric gels and products and methods related thereto
Polymer electrolyte fuel cell
Fuel cell
Fuel injector for an internal combustion engine
Refractory raw materials, method for production thereof and refractory using the material
Fuel cell separator, manufacturing method thereof and fuel cell
Composite solid polymer electrolyte membranes
Proton conducting polymer membrane for electrochemical cell
Apparatus for humidification and temperature control of incoming fuel cell process gas
Fuel cell system and operation method having a condensed water tank open to atmosphere
Regulator and method of regulating fuel flow to a fuel cell by adsorption
Biomedical devices
Supplementary endo-capsular lens and method of implantation
Accommodating zonular mini-bridge implants
CFRP plate material and method for preparation thereof
Radio transmission apparatus and radio reception apparatus
Arylsulfonanilide ureas
Printing unit
Method of controlling printing presses
Crystalline 1-methylcarbapenem derivatives
Time-varying magnetic fields generator for a magnetic resonance apparatus
Magnetic resonance imaging system
Method and apparatus for MR image acquisition
Inherent limitation of the reduction factor in parallel imaging as a function of field strength
Display device using bidirectional two-terminal element and manufacturing method of display device
Miniaturized flow controller with closed loop regulation
Ajuga turkestanica extract and its cosmetic uses
Treatment of follicular lymphomas using inhibitors of the LT pathway
Synthesis of metal compounds under carbothermal conditions
Dye mixtures of fiber-reactive azo dyes and the use thereof
Methods and compositions for analyzing nucleic acid molecules utilizing sizing techniques
Devices and methods for controlling fluid flow using elastic sheet deflection
Process for the production of diaryl iodonium compounds
Ink jet image recording method and apparatus using the method
Pentafluorosulfanyl-substituted thienothiophene monomers and conducting polymers
Crystallization of polypropylene using a semi-crystalline, branched or coupled nucleating agent
Fuel cell system with recycle of anode exhaust gas
Continuous method and apparatus for manufacture of uniform size flake or powder
Solid high polymer type fuel cell power generating device
High performance server farm with tagging and pipelining
RFID device detection system and method
Product labeling method and apparatus
Thermal printer, thermal printing method, and thermosensitive recording material
Apparatus for electronically verifying the authenticity of contents within a container
Monitoring and recording tag with RF interface and indicator for fault event
System of non-intrusive access control and method thereof
Finding location and ranging explorer
Logistics chain management system
Digital semiconductor based printing system and method
Wireless local area network (WLAN) technology and applications including techniques of universal fre...
Device for shielding a transponder, method for producing a corresponding shielding and transponder p...
System and methods for determining the location dynamics of a portable computing device
Interrogation, monitoring and data exchange using RFID tags
Polyimide precursor resin solution composition sheet
Thermoplastic elastomers having improved barrier properties
Antifoam agent and method for use in automatic transmission fluid applications involving high pressu...
Isoflavone-.beta.-D-glucan produced by Agaricus blazei in the submerged liquid culture and method of...
Stretchable conveyer belt and method of producing same
Method for producing liquid crystal display
Resin composition, heat-resistant resin paste and semiconductor device using them and method for man...
Preparation of yellow pigment
Extraction of impurities from grafted polyolefins
Hybrid inflator
Thin film magnetic memory device for programming required information with an element similar to a m...
Melt-spun elastomeric fibers and the preparation thereof
Shelf stable batter article and method of preparation
Surveillance system for animals
Neurodegeneration mutants, method for identifying same, and method for screening neuroprotective age...
Combinative pet cage
Absorbent composition and extended use pet litter
Collapsible/expandable pet litter box and method of constructing same
Livestock supplement delivery system
In-tank feeder fish dispenser
Fishing lure system
Light emitting buoyage with a magnetic switch
Percutaneous registration apparatus and method for use in computer-assisted surgical navigation
Amide derivatives useful as inhibitors of the production of cytokines
Process for partitioning of proteins
Printing plate precursor comprising solvent-resistant copolymer
Adhesive article with improved air egress
Image forming method, printed matter and image recording apparatus
Wellbore system with annular seal member
Production-enhancing completion methods
Composition and method for a hexadentate ligand and bimetallic complex for polymerization of olefins
Method and apparatus for rapid prototyping of monolithic microwave integrated circuits
Motion compensation in biomagnetic measurement
Automated template generation algorithm for implantable device
Evaluation of exercise stress level dependent parameter
Electrode-connector protecting cap and electrode-connector including the same
Managing critical care physiologic data using data synthesis technology (DST)
Capsule type medical device
Organism information measuring device and organism information measuring method
Bioelectrical impedance measuring device
Light fixture accessory connector and mounting bracket
Fork assembly for a surgical biopsy device
Surface light field decomposition using non-negative factorization
Method for estimating the appearance of noise in images
Distortion-adaptive visual frequency weighting
Method and apparatus for specifying quantization based upon the human visual system
Apparatus for re-coding an image signal
Method and apparatus for storing bitplanes of coefficients in a reduced size memory
Method and apparatus for the scaling down of data
System and method for lossless data transmission
System and method for object recognition
Coordinate calibration for scanning systems
Methods and apparatus for alignment and assembly of optoelectronic components
Illumination device and projector equipping the same
Lighting fixture with quick-disconnect light source mount
Flashlight having back light elements
Rechargeable LED lighting and flashing apparatus
Flashlight with power supply adapter
Pocket tool
T-cell receptor.gamma. alternate reading frame protein, (TARP) and uses thereof
Burst disk assembly
Life boot
Modular armor shield
Friendly fire avoidance/self-defense system
Gun trigger
Composite articles comprising resorcinol arylate polyester and method for making thereof
Electrophoresis gel and gel-forming apparatus
Cuing method and means for a gaming machine topper
Pre-cast electrophoresis slab gels with extended storage life
Receptacle cap for pills and other articles
Information recording medium and method of producing the same
Dimensionally stable laminate with removable web carrier and method of manufacture
Method of dicing a semiconductor wafer that substantially reduces the width of the saw street
Prevascularized constructs for implantation to provide blood perfusion
Methods and reagents for tissue engineering of cartilage in vitro
Apparatus for providing electromagnetic biostimulation of tissue using optics and echo imaging
Drug delivery system
Radio-opaque polymer biomaterials
Methods of preparing crosslinked materials and bioprosthetic devices
System apparatus and method for diagnosing a flow system
Direct conversion receiver having a low pass pole implemented with an active low pass filter
Speed-up mode implementation for direct conversion receiver
Power amplifier (PA) with improved power regulation
Transmitter circuits
Pre-distortion cross-cancellation for linearizing power amplifiers
Sheet feeder, image reading apparatus, and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus with rotatable control panel unit
Duplex image forming device having a reversible transportation unit inserted into an image forming d...
Hair coloring composition and method
Topical glycopyrrolate product
Methods of producing hyaluronic acid using a recombinant hyaluronan synthase gene
Broad specificity DNA damage endonuclease
Chiral compounds 1
Pagewidth printhead controller circuit
Method of determining the capacity of a cosmetic to diffuse and/or absorb light
Web server request classification system that classifies requests based on user's behaviors and expe...
Efficient technique for matching hierarchies of arbitrary size and structure without regard to order...
Method for efficiently computing a fast fourier transform
Consumer profiling and advertisement selection system
Fungal strain acremonium sp.MT70646(KCTC 0916BP), novel compounds produced by this strain and their ...
Derivatives of 4-(thio- or selenoxanthene-9-ylidene)-piperidine or acridine and its use as a selecti...
Methods for selecting and screening for plant cells transformed with a polynucleotide encoding an or...
Methods and devices for prevention of hypothermia in a mammal during prolonged exposure to extreme c...
Methods and apparatus for content server selection
Software-implemented method for identifying nodes on a network
Heat exchanger applicable to fuel-reforming system and turbo-generator system
Intelligent locator system
Telephone apparatus and start control method
Telecommunication services reporting system
Telephone terminal with alarm
Method and apparatus for fast V.90 modem startup
System and apparatus for IVR port sharing
Method of providing speech recognition for IVR and voice mail systems
Method and apparatus for managing local resources at service nodes in an intelligent network
Data network and PSTN telephony system
Diffractive light modulator-based dynamic equalizer with integrated spectral monitor
Optical compensatory sheet having optically anisotropic layer formed from liquid crystal molecules
Authenticating printed objects using digital watermarks associated with multidimensional quality met...
Pixel for CMOS image sensor having a select shape for low pixel crosstalk
Data storage medium including optical information carrier
Methods for forming/recording extremely high resolution and 3D images and devices for same
Acousto optic element
Optical scanning frequency doubling method and apparatus adopting the same
Position measuring device
Enzymatic process for the preparation of optically active alcohols from ketones using tuberous root ...
Transceiver assembly for use in fiber optics communications
Multimeter with non-contact temperature measurement
End-of-travel focus shift in an optical image scanner
Installation for processing a semiconductor wafer and method for operating the installation
MR-compatible methods and systems for cardiac monitoring and gating
Method and system for modular multiplexing and amplification in a multi-channel plan
System for monitoring CDMA-type mobile terminal and method of doing the same
Systems and methods for multicast communications
Method and apparatus for stopping data/packet transmission
Computer board with dual shield housing and heat sink expansion zone apparatuses
Radio wave lens antenna apparatus
Radio-control antenna support arm for lifting machinery
Antenna device
Compact and low profile satellite communication antenna system
Use of analog-valued floating-gate transistors for parallel and serial signal processing
Radio transceiver having a phase-locked loop circuit
System and method for providing voice communications for radio network
Portable information terminal, information viewing method, and program
Cosmetic applicator
Portion of cosmetic container
Pet chew toy
Animal control device
Bow collar
Food mat
Nail trimmer
Bug-out pet dish
Seed tray for a bird feeder
Liquid and lotion applicator with finger actuated pump
Protective housing for animal food and water bowls
Pet habitat
Cigarette mini-pack shell and slide
Pedestal sink
Barrel lighter
Comfort military helmet liner
Light fixture
System, method and computer readable medium for performing an aggregate database query
Remote web site authoring system and method
System and method for product data standardization
Shuttle-based mechanism for numbering concurrent chains of independent data transfers
Structure and method for linking scatter/gather list segments for host adapters
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yowinnipeg`
Broad-spectrum .delta.-endotoxins
Voltage regulation in an integrated circuit
I/O resonance cancellation circuit based on charge-pumped capacitors
System and method for managing access to multiple devices in a partitioned data library
Method of and computer network arrangement for restoring an impaired software image
Automatic telecommunications link identification system
Controlled switchover of unicast and multicast data flows in a packet based switching system
Method for identifying and using table structures
Method and apparatus for providing user specific downlink beamforming in a fixed beam network
Message broadcast to mobile station in wireless network
Channel-selective amplifier with tunable filter
Plasmon-enhanced tapered optical fibers
Method and apparatus for transmitting data without establishing a call path
Power amplifier sharing in a wireless communication system with transmit diversity
Digital transmission line tap circuit
Enhanced frequency hopping in a wireless system
Method of providing quality of service (QOS) to voice applications in routed IP networks
Method and apparatus for scheduling traffic to meet quality of service requirements in a communicati...
Multiband antenna arrangement
Staged publication and management of dynamic webpages
Low deadspace airway adapter
Process for producing mid-range vinylidene content polyisobutylene polymer products
System and method for pulverizing and extracting moisture
Surgical stapling device
Packaging method of plasma display panel modules
Fabric shoe outsole manufacturing methods by electrostatic flocking
Method of demanufacturing a product
Digital television receiver for receiving a digital television broadcast signal and simultaneously d...
Method and circuit for image-in-image overlay
Television receiving method and television receiver
Apparatus and method for compensating a color carrier of an image signal
Programmable display timing generator
Information signal processing device, information signal processing method, image signal processing ...
Image-information converting apparatus and method, image displaying apparatus and method, coefficien...
Adaptive deflicker method and adaptive deflicker filter
Input unit, information recording apparatus and digital camera using the same
Three-dimensional image capturing device
Image processing apparatus
Single sensor chip digital stereo camera
Solid state imaging device having timing signal generation circuit and clamping circuit
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Solid-state image sensing apparatus
Signal processing apparatus which suppresses a color signal according to luminance level
Image sensing apparatus employing photoelectric conversion elements
Image pickup device with multiple image sensors which combines image data from multiple image sensor...
Apparatus and method for controlling a camera based on a displayed image
Method of protecting a seed layer for electroplating
Font memory and font data reading method
Light emitting diode and method for producing the same
Metal-containing compositions, preparations and uses
Compressed tablet formulation
Modular targeted liposomal delivery system
Process for making polymorphic form A of 4-[6-acetyl-3-[3-(4-acetyl-3-hydroxy-2-propylphenylthio)pro...
Gas discharge panel and its production method
Anti-VEGF antibodies
Scanner for precise movement and low power consumption
Plasma reactor having regions of active and passive electric field
Synthesis gas production by steam reforming
System and method for back office processing of banking transactions using electronic files
5-aryl-1,3,3-trimethyl-2-methylene-indoline derivatives and salts thereof, methods for the productio...
Breast cancer transcription factor gene and uses
Bacteria-based and enzyme-based mechanisms and products for viscosity reduction breaking of viscoela...
Phosphodiesterase enzymes
Process for preparing heterocyclic (R)- and (S)-cyanohydrins
Bioanalytical measuring method using oxidases and lanthanoid-ligand complexes
Tumor suppressor protein involved in death signaling, and diagnostics, therapeutics, and screening b...
Antibodies specific for native PrP.sup.Sc
Article and process for cleaning fabrics
Compositions and methods for the therapy and diagnosis of prostate cancer
Argyranthemum plant named `Ohmadsant`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Danchryatpink`
Senecio plant named `Sunsenebare`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yoveracruz`
Rose plant named `Poulcot008`
Compact Floribunda Rose plant named `Poulpal019`
Trident maple tree named `ABMTF`
Poinsettia plant named `PER979`
Felicia plant named `Balpinperi`
Double Impatiens plant named `Balfiesaled`
Induction sealing device for heat sealing packaging material
Cutter blade of a fruit and vegetable juice extractor
Production line for food products
Data terminal equipment
System and method for protecting transport stream content
Image processing apparatus, method and memory medium therefor
Method of embedding watermark into digital image
Method for the prior monitoring of the detectability of a watermarking signal
Image processing apparatus and method
Apparatus and method for processing image and computer-readable storage medium
Image processing apparatus and method using image information and additional informational or an add...
Management of printer settings
Computer system interface surface with reference points and coded marks
Method and apparatus for planning and monitoring multiple tasks based on user defined criteria and p...
On-line auction method and system facilitating the sale of multiple product units at prices varying ...
User Interface for a financial advisory system that allows an end user to interactively explore trad...
Cross-platform subselect metadata extraction
Method and system for employee work scheduling
Method for interpreting and executing user preferences of audiovisual information
Method of matchmaking service
Method for accelerating delivery of content in a computer network
Recording method, recording apparatus, and record medium for recording data corresponding to a hiera...
Method and system for improving a text search
Dealing with composite data through data model entities
Methods and system for accessing logical relationship data in a database from a data-access system u...
Computer automated system for management of engineering drawings
Apparatus and method for responding to search requests for stored documents
Use of extensible markup language in a system and method for influencing a position on a search resu...
Hand controls for small loader
Riding lawn mower
Rear assembly tandem axle differential carrier
Power output apparatus and control method for same
Method for replacing a vehicle grille
Speech synthesis apparatus and method
Reliable decoding of quick paging channel in IS2000 handsets
Graphical user interface with improved control for areas with a large number of selectable bitmaps
Duty cycle characterization and adjustment
System and method for conducting and playing a supplemental lottery game
Device for hooking and dragging a game animal
Stacking game and method
Air freshener dispenser equipped with an indicator circuit for indicating an incoming call on a near...
System for warning a failure to wear a seat belt
Computer assisted danger alarm with emergency braking system
Auto monitor
Method for measuring distance between two objects and method for controlling access to an object or ...
Remote control system for on-vehicle equipment and remote control method for the same
Managing access to physical assets
Power window system
Vehicle data communications bus disrupter and associated methods
Contact for a vehicle horn circuit
Electric wire for automobile
Method and device for controlling the drive unit of a vehicle
Carbon nanotube array and field emission device using same
Large-area nanoenabled macroelectronic substrates and uses therefor
Coated nanotube surface signal probe
Methods of chemically assembled electronic nanotechnology circuit fabrication
Nanoscale solid-state polymeric battery system
Electronic device utilizing magnetic nanotubes
Printable compositions having anisometric nanostructures for use in printed electronics
Nanolithographic calibration methods
Method of forming a conductive line for a semiconductor device using a carbon nanotube and semicondu...
Calcium phosphate nanoclusters and their applications
Apparatus for driving lens in camera
Lens-fitted photo film unit and photofinishing method
Image processor allowing shooting at close range
Blur correction aparatus, control apparatus to be used in a blur correction apparatus, image taking ...
Method and graphic interface for storing, moving, sending or printing electronic data to two or more...
System and method for managing electronic transmission of color data
Image data communications device
System and method for remote proof printing and verification
Grid computing system with virtual printer
Land software tool
Resource reservation protocol based guaranteed quality of service internet protocol (IP) connections...
Wins of restricted credits in a gaming machine
Electronic gaming apparatus with authentication
Intervertebral disc annulus stent
Methods and devices for spinal disc annulus reconstruction and repair
Biphenylcarboxamides useful as lipid lowering agents
Biphenylcarboxamides useful as lipid lowering agents
Controlled release arginine alpha-ketoglutarate
Spiro derivatives as lipoxygenase inhibitors
Novel 1,2,4-thiadiazole derivatives as melanocortin receptor modulators
Non-steroidal farnesoid x receptor modulators and methods for the use thereof
Chemical compounds
8H-imidazo[4,5-D]thiazolo[4,5-B]pyridine based tricyclic compounds and pharmaceutical compositions c...
Pyrrolo [2,3-d] pyrimidine and their use as purinergic receptor antagonists
Process for preparing novel crystalline forms of (2S)-1-[[(7R)-7-(3,4-dichlorophenyl)-4,7-dihydro-5-...
Novel pyrazolopyrimidines as cyclin dependent kinase inhibitors
Indoles useful in the treatment of androgen-receptor related diseases
Inhibition of cell death responses induced by oxidative stress
Therapeutic agents useful for treating pain
Pyrrolotriazine inhibitors of kinases
Compounds, compositions and methods for preventing neurodegeneration in acute and chronic injuries i...
Device, system, and method for providing health management service
Device for the delivery of a cardioprotective agent to ischemic reperfused myocardium
Implantable medical electrical stimulation lead fixation method and apparatus
Stimulation of the stomach in response to sensed parameters to treat obesity
Gastro-occlusive device
Device for treating obesity
Treatment of CNS disorders with trans 4-(3,4-dichlorophenyl)-1,2,3,4-tetrahydro-1-napthalenamine and...
Piperidine derivatives as melanocortin-4 receptor agonists
Amino alcohol derivatives, pharmaceutical compositions containing the same, and use thereof
Bis-heteroaryl alkanes as therapeutic agents
Flavaxate derivatives as muscarinic receptor antagonists
Opioid receptor active compounds
Thiazole derivatives
CETP inhibitors in combination with antihypertensive agents and uses thereof
Multimode interactive television chat
Voice processing method based on the emotion and instinct states of a robot
Systems and methods for encoding a DMX data stream and decoding an AES digital audio stream
Bowling lane system
Edit device, edit method, and recorded medium
Doll having adjustable length hair
Remote control toy top
Wobbling toy
Building block
Connector block for modular construction and object fabricated therefrom
Arcade game and method of making, transporting and assembling same
Means and method for playing a card-catching game
Ball pitching game method
Political chess game
Puzzle game comprising a plurality of chambers and stacked, slidable tiles within a rigid holding ba...
Gel grip controller
Portable multimode shuffleboard game apparatus, exercise and strength measurement method
System and method for evaluating and executing hierarchies of rules
Simultaneous multiprocessor memory testing and initialization
System and method for evaluating information aggregates by visualizing associated categories
Identification and correction of confounders in a statistical analysis
Simulation enabled feedback system
Dynamic toolbar in a tutorial system
Non-linear dynamic predictive device
Combinatorial fitness function circuit
Media and method of updating commodity catalog information
Job flow Petri Net and controlling mechanism for parallel processing
Method of verifying the synthesis of organic molecules using nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy
Portable multimedia player
Presentation system with distributed object oriented multi-user domain and separate view and model o...
Method of performing quantization within a multimedia bitstream utilizing division-free instructions
System and method for detecting repetitions in a multimedia stream
Method for fuzzy logic rule based multimedia information retrival with text and perceptual features
Method and system for synchronization of network-based voicemail and multimedia mail
Content-based multimedia searching system using color distortion data
Context-sensitive remote controls
Automated banking machine currency dispenser modules
Top tensioned riser
Boat barrier attachment for log and debris booms
Submergible tire structure
Bottom tensioned offshore oil well production riser
Methods and systems for heating a hydrocarbon containing formation in situ with an opening contactin...
Monoclonal antibody specific for advanced glycosylation endproducts in biological samples
Fusion proteins of mycobacterium tuberculosis antigens and their uses
Process for purifying antibody
Antibodies that immunospecifically bind to trail receptors
Antibody for human Cyr61
A.sub.nB block copolymers containing poly (vinyl pyrrolidone) units, medical devices, and methods
Use of soluble costimulatory factor for tumor immuno-gene therapy
Stable astaxanthin-containing powdery compositions and process for producing the same
Pretreatment kit for saliva and pretreatment method for saliva
Baroduric bacterium from Indian Ocean
HDAC9 polypeptides and polynucleotides and uses thereof
Aminoalkyl glucosaminide phosphate compounds and their use as adjuvants and immunoeffectors
Composition and method for substantially reducing the deleterious effects of alcohol on the body
Morphine sulphate microgranules, method for preparing same and compositions containing same
Method of making a reversible matrix drug delivery system
Pharmaceutical composition and method for treating
Bioavailable composition of natural and synthetic HCA
Application of lipid vehicles and use for drug delivery
Barrier film lined backing layer composition and method for topical administration of active agents
Sweet with a rough texture intended for the treatment of halitosis
Use of macrolide compounds for the treatment of dry eye
Microphone for a hearing aid or listening device with improved internal damping and foreign material...
Sound reducing panel
Apparatus and methods of forming sound attenuating laminates having fiber and mass layers
Muffler baffle plate spacer formed from stock material
Fluid-borne noise suppression in an automotive power steering system
Combined muffler/heat exchanger
Construction for exhaust emission control
Publishing content in connection with digital rights management (DRM) architecture
Dynamically allocated cluster system
Graphical user interface for navigation, viewing and maintenance of recipes
Mutual authentication method, recording apparatus, reproducing apparatus, and recording medium
System and method for business systems transactions and infrastructure management
Information provision over a network based on a user's profile
Method, system and computer program product for protection of identity information in electronic tra...
System and method for operating a licensing server
Supervised license acquisition in a digital rights management system on a computing device
Method and apparatus to inhibit illicit copying from a record carrier to a computer-readable data st...
Method for metering and pricing of digital works
Fee imposition system for application software
Managing home inventory
Cookie data stored on transportable recording medium
Automatic advertiser notification for a system for providing place and price protection in a search ...
Intelligent order promising
Supply of digital audio and video products
Document delivery system for automatically printing a document on a printing device
System for managing equipment, services and service provider agreements
Method and apparatus for preventing oligopoly collusion
Apparatus and method for measuring micro area in specimen
Chemical substance detection apparatus and chemical substance detection method
Hybrid maize 33V62
Hybrid maize 36K67
Cotton cultivar 02X38R
Soybean cultivar 4145306
Soybean variety 93M01
Soybean variety 94B13
Soybean variety 94B74
Nucleic acid encoding maize endoplasmic reticulum oxidoreductin and method of use
Use of transposable elements for altering gene expression
Genes encoding carotenoid compounds
Vectors for animal cells and utilization thereof
High pressure refolding of protein aggregates and inclusion bodies
Monoclonal antibodies which identify the glycoprotein carrying the CA125 epitope
Cytokine zcytor17 ligand
Human serpin
Gene and use thereof
Binding protein as biosensors
Optical polarizing films with designed color shifts
Security device with patterned metallic reflection
Paperback rider instantly redeemable coupon
Conversion of alkanes to oxygenates
Complex oxides, oxide-ion conductors, oxide-ion conducting films and electrochemical cells
Molecular sieve SSZ-47B having high micropore volume and synthesis thereof
Process for producing hydrogen cyanide
High-purity quartz powder, process for producing the same, and glass molding
Synthetic platy magadiite and octasilicate
Beneficiation of zircon
Depleted UF.sub.6 processing plant and method for processing depleted UF.sub.6
Device for cleaning flue gas
Method for separating metals such as zirconium and hafnium
Door lock release device
Snowmobile planetary drive system
Mechanically linked active steering system
Hood lift mechanisms utilizing active materials and methods of use
Side airbag system
Method and device for ride height control of a motor vehicle
Steering transmission device and steering apparatus
Tricycle with a rocking mechanism
Frame assembly for snowmobile
Walk behind mower
Locking of a control device with a margin for adjustment
Vehicle powertrain with two-wheel and four-wheel drive ratios
Password generation and verification system and method therefor
System and method for scheduling and executing data transfers over a network
Electronic customer service and rating system and method
Locking device for a battery pack in a handheld radiotelephone
Method and system enabling prepaid service in an All-IP network
Apparatus, methods, and computer program products for dialing telephone numbers using alphabetic sel...
Wireless communication apparatus with built-in terminal hub
Concealed housing latch assembly for portable electronic device
Electronic apparatus with pivotable display
Controlling attenuation during echo suppression
Method and apparatus for adaptive echo and noise control
Line sharing multipoint pots splitter amplifier-based coupler
Method for transmitting charging signals via a data transmission path using resonance phenomena
Method and system for managing call requests in a limited bandwidth environment
Retrieval of data related to a call center
Telephone call processing in an interactive voice response call management system
Method of detecting circular routing in No. 7 signaling
Communication system including means for transmitting internet addresses via SMS
System and method for volume control management in a personal telephony recorder
Status messaging using associated phone tags
NMR magnet device for solution analysis and NMR apparatus
Sample inspection apparatus for combining nmr with esr or icr-mass spectroscopy
Eddy current compensation with N-average SSFP imaging
Radio frequency impedance mapping
Method and system for debugging an electronic system using instrumentation circuitry and a logic ana...
Optical monitoring and control of two layers of liquid immersion media
Optical metrology model optimization for process control
Benzocyclobutene polymer (BCB) as a passivation layer for optical passive elements
Defect inspection method and defect inspection equipment
Semiconductor laser element having end-facet protection layer which includes unoxidized or unnitride...
Bond pad structure comprising multiple bond pads with metal overlap
Customized microelectronic device and method for making customized electrical interconnections
Method and system for bonding a semiconductor chip onto a carrier using micro-pins
Optical surface mount technology package
Integrated circuit leadframe with ground plane
Method and structure of diode
Heater for annealing trapped charge in a semiconductor device
Schottky barrier diode and method of making the same
Solid state imaging device with inner lens and manufacture thereof
Magnetic random access memory
Integrated circuit with multiple spacer insulating region widths
Electrostatic discharge protection structures having high holding current for latch-up immunity
Bond and back side etchback transistor fabrication process
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Silicon-on-insulator (SOI) substrate and method for manufacturing the same
Monocular computer vision aided road vehicle driving for safety
Driver's aid using image processing
Device and method for interfacing video devices over a fiber optic link
Method and apparatus for detecting deviation of automobile from lane
Portion of a shoe midsole
Portion of a shoe midsole
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Side element of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Side element of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Portion of a shoe midsole
Footwear outsole
Strap for footwear
Light-emitting diode based products
Electroactive polymer devices for moving fluid
Redundant power for processor circuit board
Mainframe cooling structure
Multi-wall heat exchanger for a water heater
Electronic package with direct cooling of active electronic components
Multi-wall heat exchanger for a water heater
Optical testing of integrated circuits with temperature control
Perforated fin heat exchangers and catalytic support
Multiple climate air system
Circular heat sink assembly
System for heating and cooling the interior of a motor vehicle
Heat transport device and electronic apparatus
Automotive HVAC system and method of operating same utilizing trapped coolant
Drum type heat exchanger
Heat pump with secondary loop air-conditioning system
Method and apparatus for chip-cooling
Heat dissipation device having cap for protecting thermal interface material thereon
Heat exchange assembly
Heat exchanger
Fan penetration feature for in-vehicle testing
Fuel vaporizer for a reformer type fuel cell system
Plasticized bone grafts and methods of making and using same
Indazole benzimidazole compounds
Methods of preparing sulfinamides and sulfoxides
Method for preventing, treating or inhibiting development of simple retinopathy and preproliferative...
Method of controlling the transmitting power in a mobile radio system and corresponding mobile radio...
Transitional image for a portion of a display screen
Fluorescent light bulb test apparatus and method of use
Defect tracking by utilizing real-time counters in network computing environments
Filtering system for the protection against biological agents
Image processing method and apparatus
Heteroaryl substituted spriocyclic sulfamides for inhibition of gamma secretase
Molecular docking technique for screening of combinatorial libraries
Method and system for multi-sensor data fusion
Rate-adaptive cardiac pacemaker
Cleaning unit, process cartridge, image forming apparatus, and toner
Color and intensity measuring module for test of light emitting components by automated test equipme...
Method and system for data transformation in a heterogeneous computer system
Burn through and flame propagation resistant layer or covering
Method for determining cure in a polycarboxylic acid bindered material
Optimal simultaneous design and floorplanning of integrated circuit
Rapid readout sterilization indicator for liquid peracetic acid sterilization procedures
External cavity organic laser
Heterocyclic compounds
Method for producing polarizing plate, polarizing plate and image display device using the same
Hemiasterlin derivatives and uses thereof
Method of reducing staining of stannous in dentifrice compositions
Lavender plant named `Ninlip`
Reduced-gasket EMI-shielding solutions for hard disk drives and other computer components
Method of steering smart antennas
Permanent magnet embedded motor
Organopolysiloxanes containing phosphonic groups, method for the production and use thereof
Polymeric compositions comprising quantum dots, optical devices comprising these compositions and me...
Hydrophobic modified diquaternary monomers and polymers as thickening agents of acidic aqueous compo...
Hand tool and knife for deburring
Underdrain useful in the construction of a filtration device
Inverse-modified discrete cosine transform and overlap-add method and hardware structure for MPEG la...
Personal communicator
High-speed driving method of pressure cylinder
Service unit
Secure operation mechanism for electrical shutdown device and device equipped with such a mechanism
Condenser tube cleaner
Signal reproducing/recording/transmitting method and apparatus and signal recording medium
Apparatus and method for recording/reproducing optical information
Cradle for a communication device
Method and apparatus for synchronizing and recharging a connector-less portable computer system
Serializing event handling in a threaded system with no wait states
Method for analyzing impurities in carbon dioxide
Data transport streams processing
System and method for reconciling transactions between a replication system and a recovered database
Shelf stable batter article and method of preparation
Stent coating
Surface modified metal parts
Emulsifier free aqueous emulsion polymerization to produce copolymers of a fluorinated olefin and hy...
Transport holder for cylindrical tanks
Method and apparatus for automatically programming CRT devices
Method for determining and compensating for peening-induced distortion
Communication system for providing information on position of communication party
System and method for controlling temperature of a liquid residing within a tank
Consumer interactive shopping system
System for configuration of dynamic computing environments using a visual interface
Diesel engine with catalytic converter
System and method for effecting inside plant load balancing in a telecommunications system
System and methods for providing automatic classification of media entities according to melodic mov...
Encryption operating apparatus and method having side-channel attack resistance
Method of preparing fertile transgenic corn plants by microprojectile bombardment
Apparatus and method for TOL client boundary protection
Senecio plant named `Sunsenebulbai`
Mobile application access control list security system
Electrical medical leads employing conductive aerogel
Method of verifying an optical proximity correction (OPC) model
Vriesea plant named `VRSP100`
Chair mountable educational device
System for delivering an educational program to a remote site and for monitoring participation there...
System and method for facilitating early childhood brain development
Method of inhibiting corrosion of a component of a marine vessel
Document-classification system, method and software
System and method for generating a representation of a configuration schema
Aerosol paint composition for adherence to plastic
Composition and method for treatment of otitis external
Managed hosting server auditing and change tracking
Leasing scheme for data-modifying operations
Actuator film material, actuator film and actuator using the same
Method and system for providing media from remote locations to a viewer
Power management for a PDA system
System and method of patching missing digital video packets communicated in an IEEE 1394 compliant i...
Low temperature deposition of complex metal oxides (CMO) memory materials for non-volatile memory in...
Method of operating a stacked spin based memory
Semiconductor laser
Synthesis of ansa-metallocenes and their parent ligands in high yield
Guide catheter
Systems and methods that monitor re-qualification indicia associated with durable items to ensure ph...
Hydrophobically modified solution polymers and their use in surface protecting formulations
Dye combinations for multiple bandpass filters for video displays
Grain refinement of alloys using magnetic field processing
Ice bagging apparatus and method
Method and system for highly-parallel logging and recovery operation in main-memory transaction proc...
Flashlight radio
Secure execution box
Extensible intrusion detection system
Variance-based event clustering
Self-calibrating printer and printer calibration method
OLED display with aging compensation
Contact structure and manufacturing method thereof
Current drive circuit, light emitting element drive circuit and digital-analog converter
Dynamic gain compensation and calibration
Reference voltage generating circuit using active resistance device
Device for determining the energy state of an energy storing device of a mobile data carrier
Regulator circuitry and method
Efficiency improved voltage converter
Voltage regulator
PWM buck regulator with LDO standby mode
Voltage regulator current sensing
Dual stage voltage regulation circuit
Droop amplifier circuit
Transition mode operating device for the correction of the power factor in switching power supply un...
Fault tolerant architecture for permanent magnet starter generator subsystem
Method for improved battery state of charge
Method and apparatus for generator control
Battery charger capable of accurately detecting battery temperature for full charge determination
Secondary battery with display to indicate residual capacity
Charging circuit for parallel charging in multiple battery systems
Electrical connection arrangement for hand-held tools with auxiliary devices
Method and device for associating a user writing with a user-writable element
Method and apparatus for teaching
System and method for communicating student information among student, parents guardians and educato...
Advertising subsystem for the educational software market
Interventional simulator system
Child abuse prevention educational book and accompanying
Integrated watchstation training system
Interventional simulation device
Educational blocks
System and method for downloading or enabling download of a program from a program store location
Method for converting a music signal into a note-based description and for referencing a music signa...
Electronic musical score device
Stringed instrument finger training device
Electronic guitar training device
Shoulder pads for violins and the like
Victor grand piano pinblock extractor
Combination waist belt and musical instrument strap
Identifying references to objects during bytecode verification
Method for designing a system LSI
Computer system fault recovery using distributed fault-recovery information
Efficient data storage system
Efficient write-watch mechanism useful for garbage collection in a computer system
Method for controlling storage policy according to volume activity
Three data center remote copy system with journaling
Production server for automated control of production document management
Media bridge method and apparatus
System and method related to generating and tracking an email campaign
Database migration
Managing checkpoint queues in a multiple node system
Data transfer method
Receiving apparatus
Positioning apparatus, exposure apparatus, and semiconductor device manufacturing method
Conveyor system
Method of and apparatus for transferring articles from a first position to a second position
Apparatus and method for installation of subsea well completion systems
Trailer position indicator
Rowing seat
Multipurpose marine safety storage system
System for connecting buoyant marine bodies
Boat mounted blind
Spray skirt for watercraft
Stackable watercraft float system
Upper bearing support assembly for internal turret