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Method and apparatus for selective application of imaging related options to arbitrary pages to data
Method and system for identifying and monitoring repeater traffic in a code division multiple access...
Geo-referencing of aerial imagery using embedded image identifiers and cross-referenced data sets
Digital watermark embedding and decoding using encryption keys
Book marking and note taking apparatus
Protecting images with multiple image watermarks
Method for making float glass, implementing device and resulting products
Customized form output apparatus and method
System and method for incentive programs and award fulfillment
Bed frame
Ketogulonigenium endogenous plasmids
Ketogulonigenium endogenous plasmids
Meat cutting system
Hierarchical data-driven search and navigation system and method for information retrieval
Techniques for phonetic searching
Enhanced multiway radix tree and related methods
Data synchronization mechanism for information browsing systems
Information categorizing method and apparatus, and a program for implementing the method
Method and apparatus for score normalization for information retrieval applications
Method and data structure for a low memory overhead database
Multi-stage email interception method
Method and system for facilitating execution of a user-inputted message in a client-server database ...
16 QAM and 16 APSK TTCM (Turbo Trellis Coded Modulation) with minimum bandwidth efficiency of 3 bit/...
Method and apparatus for recording data on recording medium and recording medium including recorded ...
Data copy protection using reproduction error determination and predetermined pattern recognition
Enabling tracing of a repeat instruction
Method and apparatus for ciphering playback mode information for recording on record medium
File conversion method, file converting device, and file generating device
Stop control apparatus for internal combustion engine
Method for auto-ignition operation and computer readable storage device
Valve timing control apparatus for internal combustion engine
Control structure for the adjusting motor of an electric camshaft adjuster
Control system for outboard motor
Variable lost motion valve actuator and method
System and method for actuating an engine valve
Control apparatus and control method for multi-cylinder engine
Intake air control apparatus and method for internal combustion engine
Intermediate lever for a variable valve train of an internal combustion engine
Internal combustion engine and control device for the internal combustion engine
Valve actuation apparatus for internal combustion engine
Desmodromic valve drive
Internal-combustion engine with a device for hydraulically adjusting the angle of rotation of the ca...
Failure diagnostic system for exhaust pressure increasing device
Camshaft phase shifting mechanism
Valve operation controller
Verbascum plant named `Lavender Lass`
Shrub rose plant named `BAIpome`
Docking station for a portable computer
Echinacea plant named `CBG Cone3`
Data storage cache system shutdown scheme
Sound correction system, recording medium on which a sound correction program is recorded, sound cor...
Audio signal processing device
Method and system for identifying a time specific event
Incoming-call signaling melody data transmitting apparatus, method therefor, and system therefor
Digital transactions for the delivery of media files
Method and system for providing a carpool service using a telematics system
On-vehicle equipment for dedicated short-range communication in intelligent transport system
Method and system for providing location specific fuel emissions compliance for a mobile vehicle
Method of controlling a compressor driven by the engine of a vehicle
Personal computer for automobiles
Outer mirror and interphone for a vehicle
Active noise control system
Video enhanced stability control in road vehicles
Engine spectrometer probe and method of use
Method and system for determining relative position of mobile vehicles
Emergency vehicle warning system
Receiving traffic update information and reroute information in a mobile vehicle
Antitheft protection system, method for operating an antitheft protection system and components of a...
Method and system for an automated departure strategy
Power connector
Modular electrical connector
LGA-BGA connector housing and contacts
Gaming system having a shared symbol display
Tubular member clamp
Screening of agents for activity against ischemic myocardial insults
Glutamate transport modulatory compounds and methods
Receptors and membrane-associated proteins
Isolated human ras-like proteins acid molecules encoding these human ras-like proteins, and uses the...
Methods for detection of genetic disorders
Amido compounds and their use as pharmaceuticals
Chemical compounds
Cyanomethyl derivatives as cysteine protease inhibitors
Azolidinone-vinyl fused-benzene derivatives
C6-and c9-substituted isoxazoline derivatives and their use as anti-depressants
Method for treating or preventing a neural disorder with a neurotrophic growth factor
Method of reducing the effects of Abeta and compositions therefore
Treatment for disorders of the peripheral nervous system
Mixtures of polypeptides, compositions containing and processes for preparing same, and uses thereof
Cellular uptake of bioactive agents
Prevention and/or treatment of inflammatory bowel disease using pyy or agonists thereof
Live genetically engineered protozoan vaccine
Facial and neck muscle exercising device
Methods for treating headache
Human receptor tyrosine kinase mertk
Muscarinic agonists
Use of medium chain triglycerides for the treatment and prevention of Alzheimer's disease and other ...
Phenyl substituted carboxylic acids
Biaryloxymethylarenecarboxylic acids as glycogen synthase activators
Asimadaline derivatives comprising covalently bonded acids
Substituted indole oxo-acetyl amino acetic acid derivatives as inhibitors of plasminogen activator i...
3,6-disubstituted azabicyclo [3.1.0]hexane derivatives useful as muscarinic receptor antagonists
Use of dioxindoindazoles and dioxoloindazoles for treating glaucoma
Use of compounds
2-Aryloxy-2-arylalkanoic acids for diabetes and lipid disorders
Benzotriazoles and methods of prophylaxis or treatment of metabolic-related disorders thereof
Arylsulfonamidobenzylic compounds
Hydroxybenzoate salts of metanicotine compounds
Hydroxybenzoate salts of metanicotine compounds
4-pyrrolidino-phenyl-benzyl ether derivatives
1,5-Diaryl-pyrrole-3-carboxamide derivatives and their use as cannabinoid receptor modulators
4,5-diarylthiazole derivatives as cb-1 ligands
Quinoline and quinoxaline compounds
Substituted amino carboxylic acids
Universal single chip set-top box
Method and apparatus using automated rule processing to configure a product or service
Information-processing apparatus, information-processing method and storage medium
Student neural network
Personalized multi-service computer environment
Six-input look-up table for use in a field programmable gate array
Automatic transmission control system for an automobile
Method and system for accessing a network using voice recognition
Anonymous positioning of a wireless unit for data network location-based services
Displaying control points over a timeline
System and method for controlling domestic roaming
Dirty data protection for cache memories
Method and apparatus for reducing overhead in a data processing system with a cache
Hardware semaphore intended for a multi-processor system
Method and system for tracking computer hardware and software assets by allocating and tagging the a...
Method and apparatus for automated enumeration, simulation, identification and/or irradiation of dev...
Method and apparatus for digital detection of electromagnetic signal strength and signal direction i...
Configurable voltage regulator
Portable navigation system and device with audible turn instructions
Interactive apparatus with interactive elements
Composite material photonic crystal fibres, method of production and its use
Apparatus for optical proximity correction, method for optical proximity correction, and computer pr...
Maintenance method and system for plasma processing apparatus
Field ramp down for pinned synthetic antiferromagnet
Semiconductor component with integrated capacitance structure having a plurality of metallization pl...
Method for fixing a lens of an optic group with respect to an optical sensor inside an electronic de...
Display device and manufacturing method thereof
Array substrate having double-layered metal patterns and method of fabricating the same
Semiconductor device, manufacturing method and mounting method of the semiconductor device, circuit ...
Semiconductor package with pattern leads and method for manufacturing the same
Wafer level ball grid array
Tape attachment chip-on-board assemblies
High-density modularity for ICS
Chip package structure and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor device having two-layered charge storage electrode
Semiconductor device
Forming a retrograde well in a transistor to enhance performance of the transistor
SCR-ESD structures with shallow trench isolation
Semiconductor device utilizing both fully and partially depleted devices
Semiconductor memory device and its production process
Magnetic random access memory including middle oxide layer and method of manufacturing the same
Removable golf bag sleeve
Framer's layout and cutting guide
Solid golf ball
Seedbed for growing vegetation
Airborne enhancement device
Apparatus for reducing foreign object debris ingestion into aircraft engines
Method and apparatus for coupling a driver's side airbag to a steering wheel
Planarization for integrated circuits
Method of processing colloidal size polytetrafluoroethylene resin particles to produce biaxially-ori...
Extrusion method and apparatus for producing a cable
Combination IGBT mounting method
Electronic device
Heat sink clip with rotating CAM
Cabinet cooling
System and method for cooling components in an electronic device
Memory cooler
Arrangement for the placement of frequency converters
Method and apparatus for controlling temperature gradients within a structure being cooled
Automobile servomotor controller
Engine pre-heater system
Dual-compartment ventilation and air-conditioning system having a shared heating coil
Heat exchanger with flat tubes
Soldered heat exchanger
Heat exchanger with brazed plates
System for configuring the geometric parameters for a micro channel heat exchanger and micro channel...
Performance heat exchanger, in particular an evaporator
Heat exchanger
Heat exchanger
Radiator attachment assemblies, apparatus components, and methods
Multiple evaporator heat pipe assisted heat sink
Methods and apparatus for providing a sufficiently stable power to a load in an energy transfer syst...
Filtering basic instruction segments in a processor front-end for power conservation
Method and apparatus for providing atrial autocapture in a dynamic atrial overdrive pacing system fo...
Method and apparatus for drawing collaboration on a network
Task based adaptative profiling and debugging
Method and computer-based system for non-probabilistic hypothesis generation and verification
Space identification system
PLC system construction support tool and PLC system program development support tool including the s...
Structure for locking a shutter member in a toner supplying container
Method for predicting adhesive interactions using molecular modeling
Process cartridge and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Rotational speed sensor comprising a vibrating gyroscope and method for equalizing the rotational sp...
Enterprise energy management system
Energy distribution network
Substation control system
Image forming device including AC loads driven by an AC power supply
Low circuit overhead built in self test for oversampled ADC's
Flash ADC with variable LSB
A/D converter and A/D converting system
Adaptive-type sigma-delta A/D converter
Method and apparatus to control head instability in a data storage system
Computer recovery supporting apparatus and method, and computer recovery supporting program
System and method for categorizing security profile rules within a computer system
Integrated circuit buffer device
Information caching system and method
Imputed variable generator
Resistivity analysis
Dynamic mask for producing uniform or graded-thickness thin films
Electrical muscle controller
Forced beam switching in wireless communication systems having smart antennas
Photodetector array and optical branching filter using the array
Cellular telephone system with free space millimeter wave trunk line
Out of band communications link for 4-lane optical modules using dark fibers and low-bandwidth LEDs
Devices and techniques for a posterior lateral disc space approach
Acousto-optic device
Switched antenna transmit diversity
Workflow services architecture
Benzoxazepinone derivatives
Circuit and method for measuring distances
Venturi ECG electrode system
Method for producing a captive wired test fixture and fixture therefor
Diode-pumped alkali amplifier
Device for conducting the on-site measurement of the density or thermal resistance of a material
Flame resistant cellulose fiber insulation and process of preparing it
Method and apparatus for soft skin encapsulation
Synthesis of macrocyclic tetraamido compounds and new metal insertion process
Hydroformylation process employing a cobalt-based catalyst in a non-aqueous liquid with improved cat...
Inhibition of intracellular signal transduction by 14-3-3-binding peptides
Perfusion guidewire in combination with a distal filter
Block splitting tool
Epoxy resin compositions
Rear projection screen and rear projection display apparatus
Resin sheets, processes for producing the same, and liquid crystal displays
Chain extension for thermal materials
Role of tyrosine phosphorylation of a cellular protein in adeno-associated virus 2-mediated transgen...
Reading method for data in card reader and card reader utilizing the same
Solid bowl screw centrifuge comprising a distributor
Light-emitting device comprising an EU(II)-activated phosphor
Growth of human Mesenchymal Stem Cells (hMSC) using umbilical cord blood serum and the method for th...
Use of an epoxy-and/or carboxy-functionalised polyorganosiloxane, as active material in a liquid sil...
Axial piston micropump
Portable, hand-held multiple bit drill
Method and system for water quality trading
Synchronous and resonant drives for producing multiple scan line pattern for electro-optically readi...
Portable multimedia projection system
Door hinge repair apparatus and method
Injection system having an agitation mechanism for circulating a fluid medium
Cradle for a communication device
Seamless pressure vessel
Buckle device
Piston-type hydropneumatic accumulator equipped with a gas shortage detection device
Method of producing a catalyst for ethylene homo-and co-polymerization
Bridged bi-aromatic catalysts, complexes, and methods of using the same
Fuel cell supply having fuel compatible materials
Tissue repair fabric
Modified protein adhesives and lignocellulosic composites made from the adhesives
Fabrication system and fabrication method
Heat expansion machine
Lighted wine and drinking glass base
System for extracting samples from a stream
Updating high speed parallel I/O interfaces based on counters
Geranium plant named `Fistafire`
Genes encoding hybrid bacillus thuringiensis toxins
Remote NMR/MRI detection of laser polarized gases
Method and kit for the determination of analyte concentration in blood
Multiple side-feeding aerosol valve assembly
Delivery of alprazolam, estazolam, midazolam or triazolam through an inhalation route
Device and method of calculating toner consumption, and image forming apparatus using the same
Transferring data between volatile and non-volatile memories based on system parameters using a cont...
Integrated spectroscopy system
System and method for forming a structural connection
Pixel structure of dual mode liquid crystal display
Method for polar diagram shaping in a radio communications system
Base station device, control station device, and transmission power control method
Wireless local loop with intelligent base station
Methods and systems for communicating data at radio base station nodes that provide efficient alloca...
Downlink transmission in a wireless data communication system having a base station with a smart ant...
Protective cover for motor vehicles
Method for user identification in a CTCSS based radio communication system
Adjustable steering mechanism for radio frequency toy controller
Apparatus for freqeuncy direct conversion reception in mobile communication terminal and method ther...
On-vehicle radio receiving device, method and program
Method of ciphering data transmission in a radio system
Radio communication apparatus, and mobile station
Wireless network based radio communication system
Non-instantaneous hard handover control device and method
Method and arrangement in a communication system
System, apparatus, and method for uplink resource allocation
Method and apparatus for performing radio link timer management in a wireless communications network
Method for improving wireless network performance in a multi-cell communication network
Fluid treatment system and radiation source module for use therein
Transmitting apparatus of OFDM system and method thereof
Seamless handoff of mobile terminal
Antenna structure
Radio signal direction finder
Device and method for selectively activating a target
Workstation RFID reader for surgical instruments and surgical instrument trays and methods of using ...
Location information detecting method and system
Targeted molecular bar codes and methods for using the same
Method for operating redox flow battery system
Method for evaluating capacity of secondary battery using mathematical calculation of specific resis...
Port replicator for portable electronic devices
High current inductive coupler and current transformer for power lines
Current mirror compensation circuit and method
Electric power generating system for a vehicle
Control circuit of DC--DC converter and control method thereof
Integrated power switching circuit
Static electric power converter for modulating electric power exchanged between at least a voltage s...
Cascadable current-mode regulator
Single inductor dual output buck converter with frequency and time varying offset control
DC-DC converter
Circuit for maintaining hold-up time while reducing bulk capacitor size and improving efficiency in ...
Gas turbine generating apparatus
Controllable current trip-point detection circuit
Battery chargers
Storage battery temperature regulator having thermoelectric transducer, and vehicle including the st...
Cell equalizing circuit
Method for restoring battery data in portable appliance
Information-processing apparatus and information-processing method
Speech synthesis method and apparatus, program, recording medium and robot apparatus
Optical communication system
Method and system for modifying a displayed symbolic image based on the accuracy of an input geometr...
Magnetic-tape recording apparatus, magnetic-tape recording method, magnetic-tape format, and recordi...
Information processing apparatus and method, and recording medium
CDMA receiver architecture for lower bypass switch point
Motion vector conversion method and conversion apparatus
Communication method and apparatus in which a total power of power control information is a fixed va...
Information recording/reproducing apparatus, with recorded sub-data
Defect detection apparatus and defect detection method
Method and apparatus for focus control of lens for reading multilayer optical medium
Signal processing apparatus and method, record medium, and program
Optical lens and method of producing the same, method of producing optical lens array, focus error s...
Holder device for attaching a circular saw to a T square
Methods, systems, kits, and fabrications of acoustic-panel-based build-in wall structures providing ...
Fire-resistant wood assemblies for building
Pre-wiring assembly system and method
Insulated concrete wall system and method of making same
Automated language acquisition system and method
System and method for adaptive learning
Recursive calibration
Methods of fabricating physiological sample collection devices
Morphogen treatments for limiting proliferation of epithelial cells
method for using an ultrasonic nozzle to coat a medical appliance
Systems, instrumentation and techniques for retaining fasteners relative to a bone plate
Biocompatible pharmaceutical articles
Multi-balloon catheter with hydrogel coating
Windshield for head-up display system
Rotating station for wound laps
Spinning device for production of spun thread from a fibre sliver
Process for producing a photocatalytic pulp composition and molded photocatalytic pulp
Multiple material golf club head
Winch line safety device and method therefor
Secondary power source
Roller cone bits with wear and fracture resistant surface
Vehicle obstacle detecting device
Battery monitoring system and method
Semiconductor device with heterojunction
Sound and vibration damper in a motor vehicle electrical distribution box
Method of forming a vehicle trim panel
Torque vectoring limited slip differential assembly
Torque vectoring drive axle assembly
Hydraulic port separator in an automatic transmission
Splice block for interconnecting electrical conductors
Vehicle brake system
Vehicle door barrier panel having removable attachment tabs
Actuator and control for power decklid pulldown
Cargo management system having vehicle load floor with cargo cage
Internal combustion engine, and integrated cam bracket of internal combustion engine
Variable compression ratio system for internal combustion engine and method for controlling the syst...
Method of testing a sensor array incorporated into a vehicle seat
Laser thin film poly-silicon annealing system
Diode-pumped alkali lasers (DPALs) and amplifiers (DPAAs) with reduced buffer gas pressures
Semiconductor laser device
Semiconductor laser with a weakly coupled grating
Very narrow band, two chamber, high rep-rate gas discharge laser system
High speed vertical cavity surface emitting laser device (VCSEL) with low parasitic capacitance
Calibration of laser systems
Systems and methods for automatic power control of laser diodes
Drive circuit and drive method of semiconductor laser module provided with electro-absorption type o...
Methods, apparatus, and systems with semiconductor laser packaging for high modulation bandwidth
Wavelength stabilizing apparatus and method of adjusting the same
Intra-cavity etalon with asymmetric power transfer function
VCSEL mode-transforming phase filter with enhanced performance
Controller calibration for small form factor sampled grating distributed Bragg reflector laser
Recording apparatus for a holographic recording medium including an alignment laser having a differe...
Apparatus for detecting abnormal states of laser power output power for an optical disc recording/re...
Fast optical amplifier control circuit
Ferromagnetic fractal combination structure
Proline derivatives and use thereof as drugs
Glutaminyl based DPIV inhibitors
Aryl and heteroaryl diazabicycloalkanes, their preparation and use
Methods of treating diabetes mellitus
Method of preparing GALR2 receptors composition
Growth hormone-regulatable brown adipose tissue genes and proteins and uses thereof
Formulations for the prevention and treatment of insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes mellitus
Closure system for surgical ring
Shoe comprising automatic closing system
Method, system and program product for enabling authorized access and request-initiated translation ...
Systems including differential pressure application apparatus
Reciprocating power tool
Sealing apparatus and manufacturing process of soft article having sealed portion
Fiber optic illuminating apparatus and method
Water bottom cable seismic survey cable and system
Motion/saturation detection system and method for synthesizing high dynamic range motion blur free i...
Acoustic condition sensor employing a plurality of mutually non-orthogonal waves
System and method of providing scalable sensor systems based on stand alone sensor modules
Optical wavelength interrogator
Method and device for fibre-optical measuring systems
Electrochemical cell for gas sensor
Adjustable force and position pre-load welding fixture
Monitoring a reservoir in casing drilling operations using a modified tubular
Disposable wireless pressure sensor
Disposable and trimmable wireless pressure sensor for medical applications
Detoxified mutants of bacterial ADP-ribosylating toxins as parenteral adjuvants
Method for monitoring a device used to guide an energy source such as a handling device
Image forming apparatus featuring first and second toner images with different charging amounts
Apparatus for redundant multiplexing and remultiplexing of program streams and best effort data
Glass composition for ultrafine fiber formation
Method of determining thermal conductivity of fiber insulation
Method of reinforcing and waterproofing a paved surface
Flame retardant molding thermoplastics
Metal complex-protein composite and hydrogenation catalyst
Non-aqueous electrolyte and a lithium secondary battery comprising the same
Polymer electrolyte with aromatic sulfone crosslinking
27411, a novel human PGP synthase
Method for hydrating poly-or monomethylol alkanals
Dicing/die-bonding film, method of fixing chipped work and semiconductor device
System and method for interfacing computer system information protocol interface modules
Hardening fixture
Container for oxidation dye
Blood lipid ameliorant composition
Protective coating
Optical fiber with quantum dots
Power unit
Method of transmitting electrical power
Protective film for base substrates of multi-layered board and method and apparatus for inspecting b...
Cradle for a communication device
Method of supercritical processing of a workpiece
Apparatus and method for setting a data rate in a wireless communication system
Use of scatter factor to enhance angiogenesis
Pump chamber having at least one spacer for inhibiting the pumping of a gas
Vending system for pet items and method
Computer resource allocating method
Air flow measuring device
Digital computer system and methods for managing a synthetic index fund
3-D reconstruction engine
Removal of biological contaminants
Geranium plant named `Fisnifire`
Silica-rich carrier, catalyzer for heterogeneous reactions and method for the production thereof
Computer aided design method and system for developing a microfluidic system
Phase change storage cells for memory devices, memory devices having phase change storage cells and ...
Nonvolatile ferroelectric memory and control device using the same
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device having improved redundancy relieving rate
Method of producing an abrasive product containing diamond
Plasma display panel and method of driving the same
Mobile telephone for internet-applications
Virus epidemic damage control system and method for network environment
System and method for enhancing financial institution revenues through acceleration of debit process...
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Polymerizable composition and planographic printing plate precursor using the same
Positive type resist composition and resist pattern formation method using same
Positive type resist composition and resist pattern formation method using same
Positive type resist composition and resist pattern formation method using same
Kit for making relief images
Photoacid generating polymer, its preparation method and top anti-reflective coating composition com...
Top anti-reflective coating polymer, its preparation method and top anti-reflective coating composit...
Positive working thermal plates
Resist polymer and resist composition
High sensitivity resist compositions for electron-based lithography
Method for forming resist pattern and resist pattern
Resist and method of forming resist pattern
Double-type kalanchoe interspecific hybrids
Novel high yielding multiple disease resistant/tolerant stable variety 'Madakini' of opium poppy
Plant transformation and selection
Phosphazene composition
Bitumen composition
Drilling fluid additive system containing talc and graphite
Non-woven inorganic fiber mat
Process for controlling gas migration during well cementing
Silica-calcium carbonate composite particles
Stable dental analog
Methods of cementing and cement compositions containing a polymeric cement cohesion additive
Methods of reducing the impact of a formate-based drilling fluid comprising an alkaline buffering ag...
Corner flashing for windows and the like
Method and material for manufacturing circuit-formed substrate
Multistage process for the manufacture of peroxide-cured HXNBR-polyamide thermoplastic vulcanizates
Acoustical panel coating and process of applying same
Process for the stabilization of dusting surfaces
Process for the stabilization of dusting surfaces
Capsule type hardener and composition
Process and installation for the production of foam in a continuous foaming process
Phosphoric esters of polyisobutene-substituted aromatic hydroxy compounds
Multilayer product and method for the production thereof
Tough and durable insulation boards produced in-part with scrap rubber materials and related methods
Fire retardant molded artificial stone
Cosmetic composition
Screwed insert
Electrophoretic display, method for making the electrophoretic display, and electronic apparatus
Method of producing a dental mold
Phase change material (PCM) compositions for thermal management
Difluoride composition, method of preparation, and use for frosting glass
Packaged roll of textile fabric and method of packaging same
Wall plate with one opening for one of more wiring devices
Shaped wall plate for wiring device
Installation of one-way valve after removal of retrievable drill bit to complete oil and gas wells
High speed planer head
Apple tree rootstock named 'G.202'
Inbred corn line PHADA
Inbred corn line PHCEG
Inbred corn line PHCND
Soybean variety XB11L06
Eryngium planum plant named 'Jade Frost'
Implantable cardiac system with a selectable active housing
System and method for providing improved specificity for automatic mode switching within an implanta...
Methods and apparatus for evaluating near-term suicidal risk using vocal parameters
Method and apparatuses for monitoring hemodynamic activities using an intracardiac impedance-derived...
Method and apparatus for treating irregular ventricular contractions such as during atrial arrhythmi...
Specific method for implantable cardiac control
Maximum atrial tracking rate for cardiac rhythm management system
Rhythm-based transition to discriminatory arrhythmia classification
Modification of plant lignin content
Transgenic non-human mammals as models for human pathologies of stem cell origin
Transgenic non-human mammals as models for human pathologies of stem cell origin
Transgenic non-human mammals as models for human pathologies of stem cell origin
Transgenic non-human mammals as models for human pathologies of stem cell origin
F066 transgenic mice that express pathogenic mutants of the sca2 gene
Toll/interleukin-1 receptor adapter protein (TIRAP)
Animal model systems for viral pathogenesis of neurodegeneration, autoimmune demyelination, and diab...
Full-length human cDNAs encoding potentially secreted proteins
Modified transferrin fusion proteins comprising duplicate transferrin amino or carboxy terminal doma...
Ungulates with genetically modified immune systems
System for operating electronic device using animated character display and such electronic device
Method and apparatus for automated generation of a patient treatment plan
Method for designing 3-dimensional porous tissue engineering scaffold
Electromagnetic surveying for hydrocarbon reservoirs
Management and navigation system for the blind
Intramedullary compliant fixation
Mobile bearing unicondylar knee prosthesis
Expandable intervertebral spacer method and apparatus
Interbody spinal device
Pseudo arthrosis device
Apparatus and method for buffering data in a communication system
Method, system, and program for initializing a storage device comprising multiple storage units thro...
Method and apparatus for unified exception handling with distributed exception identification
Method for controlling a central processing unit for addressing in relation to a memory and controll...
Method and system for enforcing consistent per-physical page cacheability attributes
Storing device for writing data onto a plurality of installed storing mediums, storing control metho...
Apparatus and method for partitioning and managing subsystem logics
Memory managing method used in adding memory and information processing apparatus
Information recording medium, information recording method, information recording apparatus, informa...
Input/output cells for a double data rate (DDR) memory controller
Method and device for providing hidden storage in non-volatile memory
Protection of content stored on portable memory from unauthorized usage
Dual power bus data storage system
Method and system for detecting and stopping illegitimate communication attempts on the internet
Stomach peristalsis device and method
Use of sphingomyelin and lyso-sphingomyelin as absorption enhancers
Charged phospholipid compositions and methods for their use
Human appetite control by glucagon-like peptide receptor binding compounds
Automated supply, load and take-away systems and related devices and methods for lengths of elongate...
Method for producing modified natural intestines
Method of extraction of isothiocyanates into oil from glucosinolate-containing plants and method of ...
Comprehensive virus disinfecting strategy and methods for making a preventive anti-virus medical pro...
System of pipes for use in oil wells
Separable packaging and layering machine therefore
Protein-containing preparation which can be biotechnologically produced, method for the production t...
Processed food of shrimp and its manufacturing method
Germinated beans with excellent flavor, processed food therewith, and foods containing the same
Process for producing glucomannan gel particles
Method of deflavoring soy-derived materials for use in dough-based and baked products
Frozen additive for use with a heated beverage
Method for treating foods under alternating atmospheres
Process for thermally treating a product with steam
Extruded edible material and its production
Method and apparatus for washing fruit and vegetables
System and method for use of an extention basin as a storm water control device
System and method for identifying errors in a video conference conducted on a packet-based network
Video conference system providing private and attorney-client privileged communications
Integral cathode
Thermal generator assembly, X-ray imaging system, and X-ray apparatus overheat preventing method
Method and apparatus for obtaining simultaneously absorption and refraction images by use of a monoc...
Cargo container tomography scanning system
Helical interpolation for an asymmetric multi-slice scanner
Detector assembly thermal management system and method
Tomography device
Computed tomography with increased field of view
Exposure apparatus and method of cleaning optical element of the same
User-interface and method for curved multi-planar reformatting of three-dimensional volume data sets
Shallow trench isolation using antireflection layer
Radiation image read-out apparatus
Stage base, substrate processing apparatus, and maintenance method for stage
Method and apparatus for radiation detection
System for automated detection of embedded objects
Imaging media and materials used therein
Lithium-drifted silicon detector with segmented contacts
Granular magnetic thin film and method for making the same, multilayered magnetic film, magnetic com...
System using position detector to determine location and orientation between computers to select inf...
Printer comprising an endless belt as an intermediate medium
Method and device for the registration of images
Cylindrical microphone having an electret assembly in the end cover
Preprocessing method for nonlinear acoustic system
Method for synchronizing a base station with a mobile station, a base station and a mobile station
Multilayer ceramic capacitor
Method of forming a colored layer on a microlens substrate, a microlens substrate, a transmission sc...
Image processing method and apparatus, recording medium, and imaging apparatus
Aspects of basic OCT engine technologies for high speed optical coherence tomography and light sourc...
Device and method for in vitro determination of analyte concentrations within body fluids
Series arc detection
Grouping electronic reply messages
Automatic data abstraction generation using database schema and related objects
Eliminating group-by operations in a join plan
Monitoring current in a motor during acceleration to verify motor frequency lock
System and program for afforestation and/or reforestation business
Cardiac rhythm management device with triggered diagnostic mode
Fiber optic article including fluorine
System and method for automatic testing of output device capabilities via electronic document
Tunable optical filter having large diameter optical waveguide with bragg grating and being configur...
Systems, methods, and software for classifying text from judicial opinions and other documents
Catheter tip electrode assembly and method for fabricating same
First and second derivative processing of wavelength multiplexed optical signals
Deposition of thick BPSG layers as upper and lower cladding for optoelectronics applications
Prismatic reflection optical waveguide device
Command decoder of semiconductor memory device
Task/domain segmentation in applying feedback to command control
Method and apparatus for communicating between a portable device and a server
Hand-wrist swim exercise device
Pharmaceutical coating composition and method of use
Phase-change random access memory device and method for manufacturing the same
Fluoropolymers from tetrafluoroethylene and perfluoro(alkoxyalkyl vinyl) ether
Polymer electrolytes crosslinked by ultraviolet radiation
Method of detackifying an edge face of a roll of tape using a radiation curable composition
Implantable particles for the treatment of gastroesophageal reflux disease
Carrageenan viscoelastics for ocular surgery
Phosphocholine linked prodrug derivatives
Unit for filtering a fluid
Implant consisting of bone material
System, method, and apparatus for accurately deploying particular medical appliances at a target sit...
Guidewire and catheter locking device and method
Electric bending endoscope apparatus
GPS receiver having dynamic correlator allocation between a memory-enhanced channel for acquisition ...
Three-dimensional spacer fabric resin interlaminar infusion media process and vacuum-induced reinfor...
Stabilizers for use in substantially light-insensitive thermographic recording materials
Drive bracket with locking devices
Magnetoresistive head and perpendicular magnetic recording-reproducing apparatus
High magnetic anisotropy hard magnetic bias element
Robust hard bias/conductor lead structures for future GMR heads
Protective cap in lead overlay magnetic sensors
High linear density read head with a contiguous junction and minimal shield shorts
Data recorder and data recording method avoiding data loss due to data transfer error
Data recording/reproducing apparatus and program recorded medium
Time shifting by concurrently recording and playing an audio stream
Thin film magnetic head
Magnetic read sensor with stripe width and stripe height control
Disc drive magnetic head fine positioning mechanism including a base connecting a suspension to an a...
Bilinear-nonlinear limit stop for hard disk drive actuator
Magnetic head gimbal assembly and magnetic disk unit
Slider having a stable flying posture and disk device including the slider
Turntable structure that controls function selection for a media player
Thin film magnetic head and method of manufacturing the same
Thin film magnetic head having thin film coil embedded in first insulating layer covered with second...
Yoke structure with constricted width
Developing a disk drive manufacturing program by executing the manufacturing program on an external ...
Method and apparatus for leak detection in low density gas-filled disk drives
Disk drive modifying estimated seek times for a rotational position optimization algorithm based on ...
Connection of trace circuitry in a computer disk drive system
Method of preparing retroviral protease inhibitor intermediates
Antibody for ligand capture assay
Nicotinamide derivatives useful as PDE4 inhibitors
CCR5 antagonists useful for treating AIDS
Methods and compositions for treating a cell-proliferative disorder using CRE decoy oligomers, BCL-2...
Antimicrobial activity of the first cationic cluster of human lactoferrin
Peptides containing N-substituted D-amino acids for preventing .beta.-strand association
Toner seal member, and process cartridge
Wavelength division multiplexing add-drop multiplexer using an optical tapped delay line
Multi-wavelength, bi-directional optical multiplexer
Optical fiber and optical transmission path
Optical transmission system, monitoring method therefor, optical communication apparatus, and optica...
Method for fabricating curved elements
Method and apparatus for a scalable parallel computer based on optical fiber broadcast
Modular mechanism for protecting fiber optic cables
Optical device
Core of an optical patch cord and an optical signal transmission system using the same and a method ...
Submount for a photonic integrated circuit (PIC) chip
Optical communication module with one or more photonic integrated circuit (PIC) chips and an externa...
Semiconductor optical waveguide structure
Confocal probe
Optical fiber amplifier having automatic power control function and automatic power control method
Optical amplifiers
Rapidly absorbed liquid compositions
System and method for reducing flicker of compact gas discharge lamps at low lamp light output level
Hepatitis C virus peptides and uses thereof
Semiconductor device and semiconductor device manufacturing method
Powder transport apparatus and image forming apparatus that can stabilize replenishment of powder
Ceramic fiber insulation module
Apparatus and method for fiber batt encapsulation
Highly dense thermoplastic molding compositions
Method of making and decoding of array sensors with microspheres
Devices and methods for preventing distal embolization using flow reversal and perfusion augmentatio...
System for providing assured power to a critical load
Method for the production of isophorondiamine (ipda,3-aminomethyl-3,5,5-trimethylcyclohexylamine)
Method and apparatus for removing unwanted substance from semiconductor wafer
Isoquinoline derivatives
Nucleic acid and amino acid sequences relating to Staphylococcus epidermidis for diagnostics and the...
Cleaning apparatus, image forming apparatus, and process cartridge
Track link production method and track link produced by the same
Sperm-specific monoclonal antibody, mAbC
Gonadotropin-releasing hormone receptor antagonists and methods relating thereto
Method for reducing angiogenesis by administration of a scatter factor inhibitor
MASP-2, a complement-fixing enzyme, and uses for it
Soap receptacle
Methods and systems for detecting the presence of a gas in a pump and preventing a gas from being pu...
Cationic electro-deposition coating compositions
Clothes hanger package
System and method for remotely monitoring and managing applications across multiple domains
Air turbine powered accessory
Portable thermoelectric cooling and heating device
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yotahoe`
Topical composition for heightened sensitivity
Tracheostoma valve
Ferroelectric memory with an intrinsic access transistor coupled to a capacitor
Hybrid memory cell for spin-polarized electron current induced switching and writing/reading process...
Ohmic contact to semiconductor devices and method of manufacturing the same
Fitting for connecting two components
Metal halide lamp
On-line higher education financing system
Internet teleconferencing
Updating remote locked cache
External storage device for selectively storing data between first and second recording media
Method and apparatus to solve compatibility between heterogeneous web server access logs formats
Method and system for providing a central repository for client-specific accessibility
Specifying monitored user participation in messaging sessions
Sealing device for filtration devices
Method of purifying recombinant MSP 1-42 derived from Plasmodium falciparum
Mobile emergency filtration system and method
Material for treating harmful substance and method for treating harmful substance using the same
Selected betaines and their uses
Glass substrate for magnetic disk and its production process
Electrophotographic photoreceptor, electrophotographic image forming method, electrophotographic ima...
Method and apparatus for carbon coated silicon fuel cell electrode
Apparatus for concentrating processed vegetable and fruit products by reverse osmosis
Targeted delivery
Bio-degradable colloid particles, in particular for pulmonary applications
Fully active alternansucrases partially deleted in its carboxy-terminal and amino-terminal domains a...
Photocatalyst sterilizer
Method of adjusting levels of dissolved compounds in beverages
Method and device for desalinating water while overcoming decreases in pressure
Process for producing 1,3-propanediol
Membrane separation assemblies
Compact personal water purification device
Methods and systems for membrane testing
Solid conjugated semiconductor device having an unmodified hole transport material
Clear ink composition, ink set, and ink jet recording method using the same
Tungsten-containing fuel cell catalyst and method of making same
Materials and methods for forming hybrid organic-inorganic dielectric materials for integrated circu...
Semiconductor device, method for manufacturing the same, and plating solution
Probes for myctophid fish and a method for developing the same
Reflective mirror for lithographic exposure and production method
Lipid structures and uses thereof
Method of monitoring membrane cleaning processes
Aquatic passive sampling device and methods for its use
Fluid density measurement using acoustic pressures for industrial sensing applications
Methods and structure for PCI bus broadcast using device ID messaging
Bus communication apparatus for programmable logic devices and associated methods
Unidirectional bus architecture for SoC applications
Method and apparatus for communication within a programmable logic device using serial transceivers
Mobile terminal having power saving function variable with microphone usage conditions
Wireless terminal capable of automatically setting its functions and method for the same
Computer system with wireless audio signal receiving module
Wireless multi-handset telephone system with integrated video monitoring accessories
Method for generating and transmitting optimal cell ID code
Apparatus for establishing substantially uniform distribution of light
Lens barrel and photographing apparatus incorporating the same
Zoom lens with a vibration-proof function
Zoom lens, and electronic apparatus using the same
Holographic spectral filter
Variable focal length lens system
Lens barrel and image pickup device including lens barrel
Zoom lens system
Lens system, in particular a projection lens system for semiconductor lithography
Single focus lens with particular optical distortion
Three element optical system
Image forming optical system and electronic instrument using the same
Ultra-lightweight electromagnetic wave concentrator and method for manufacture thereof
Carbon nanotube sensors
Method for producing an incandescent light source and light source obtained according to such method
Capsules, materials for use therein and electrophoretic media and displays containing such capsules
Electrophoretic display with thermal control
Polarizing beam splitter and dual detector calibration of metrology device having a spatial phase mo...
Driving scheme and electronic circuitry for the LCD electrooptical switching element
Monitor system
Data processing apparatus
Locating items with flickering lamps
Parametric outlier detection
Personal property alarm system
Wireless remote control system for extendable masts
High speed motor coils
Baby bottle timer
Bipolar organic devices
Organic semiconductor element
Fluorous tagging and scavenging reactants and methods of synthesis and use thereof
Crystal refining technologies by controlled crystallization
Process for the recovery of hemicelluloses from lignocellulosic material
Avian transgenesis using a chicken ovalbumin gene region
Process for preparing phosphorodiamidites
Glucuronide metabolites and epimers thereof of tigecycline
Biological low-molecular-weight derivatives
Sulfotransferase inhibitors
Purine derivatives and methods of use thereof
Allele-specific RNA interference
Aptamer-mediated regulation of gene expression
Novel oligonucleotides and treating cardiac disorders by using the same
Antisense design
9-Ketospinosyn derivatives
Regulators of the hedgehog pathway, compositions and uses related thereto
Texaphyrin coordination compounds and uses thereof
Pyrazole derivative, medicinal composition containing the same, medicinal use thereof and intermedia...
Compounds and methods for inhibiting selectin-mediated function
Single-stranded oligodeoxynucleotide mutational vectors
DNA containing variant FRT sequences
System and method for analyzing malicious code protocol and generating harmful traffic
Synchronous stream cipher
Partially encrypted bitstream method
Copy protection using multiple security levels on a programmable CD-ROM
Method and apparatus for uniquely and securely loading software to an individual computer
Protection of digital content using block cipher crytography
Method and apparatus for maintaining secure and nonsecure data in a shared memory system
Method and apparatus for robust embedded data
One time password entry to access multiple network sites
Light-emitting device and method of manufacturing the same
Light emitting element
Synthesis and application of photosensitive pentacene precursor in organic thin film transistors
Active matrix EL display device and method of driving the same
Spontaneous light-emitting display device
Electronically scanned beam display
Electroluminescent display device
Encapsulated organic luminescent display panel
TNF-inducible promoters and methods for using
Death domain containing receptor-4 agonist antibodies and methods
Water soluble paclitaxel derivatives
Method of producing gold nanoparticle
Optical pickup for optical disk drive and driving method thereof
Method for reading data in a write-once memory device using a write-many file system
Apparatus and method of controlling information process system of mobile terminal apparatus using fl...
Method for generating house code in home network
Digital base booster using arithmetic processor
Cell selection method of mobile terminal
Apparatus and method for branching signal for mobile terminal
Method for supporting a discontinuous transmission mode in a base station in a mobile communication ...
Methods for screening GABA-modulatory compounds for specified pharmacological activities
System for cell-based screening
Apparatus and method for providing a modular vehicle light device
Constant-weight bit-slice PWM method and system for scrolling color display systems
Lamp module for planar source device
Liquid crystal display device
Display device
Vehicle lamp
Lamp with plastic base having a radiation protective coating
Vehicular infrared light radiating lamp
Lamp assembly with multi-positional cover
Clipping apparatus for attaching cords to walls
LED bulb
Shutter mechanism for floodlight, with drive
Methods and systems for a dynamic networked commerce architecture
Method for facilitating the purchase of compatible products
Conversion of calls from an ad hoc communication network
Method of fabricating thin film transistor array
Method for forming ultra low k films using electron beam
Articles for polishing semiconductor substrates
Method of processing X-ray images
Wireless computer network including a mobile appliance containing a single chip transceiver
Chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear weapon detection system comprising array of spatiall...
Sheet-to-tube resistance spot welding using servo gun
Automatic air-assisted manifold mounted gun
Nuclear resonance based scanning system having an automatic object identification and attribute info...
Sling for a shoulder weapon
Method and apparatus for stimulation of multiple formation intervals
Seven- or eight-speed transmission
Model-based detection, diagnosis of turbine engine faults
Cross chamber interval correlation
Athermal AWG and AWG with low power consumption using groove of changeable width
X-ray reflectometry of thin film layers with enhanced accuracy
Semiconductor memory device, driving method thereof, and portable electronic apparatus
Queued mode transmission of event reports
Serverless distributed file system
Quantization loop with heuristic approach
Word-specific acoustic models in a speech recognition system
Systems and methods for mining model accuracy display for multiple state prediction
Efficient backward recursion for computing posterior probabilities
Increasing the level of automation when establishing and managing network connections
Red-eye detection based on red region detection with eye confirmation
Integrated telephone call and context notification mechanism
Precomputed radiance transfer for rendering objects
Using state information in a distributed environment
Push button switch
Methods and apparatus for bursting perforated paper stock
Methods and compositions for delivery and retention of active agents to lymph nodes
Methods of testing/stressing a charge trapping device
Template-dependent nucleic acid polymerization using oligonucleotide triphosphates building blocks
X-ray analyzer for analyzing plastics
Lithographic apparatus with contamination suppression, device manufacturing method, and device manuf...
Thermophotovoltaic generator apparatus
Colorant compounds containing copolymerizable vinyl groups
One-piece closed-shape structure and method of forming same
Radiographic image conversion panel and method for manufacturing the same
Method for forming heated glass panels
Method and system for controlling and recovering short duration bridge power to maximize backup powe...
Method of making heat treatable coated article with diamond-like carbon (DLC) coating
Therapeutic devices and methods for applying therapy
Positive piece engagement indicator for marking tool
Method and apparatus to track count of broadcast content recipients in a wireless telephone network
System and method for decreasing latency in locating routes between nodes in a wireless communicatio...
Multiple-mode CMOS I/O cell
Communication apparatus having wired communication function and wireless communication function, and...
Differential signal pairs generator
Method of detecting position of mark on substrate, position detection apparatus using this method, a...
Vacuum arc plasma thrusters with inductive energy storage driver
Apparatus and methods for processing mailpiece information by an identification code server
Thermal transient anemometer having sensing cell assembly
Systems and methods for monitoring and controlling tractor/trailer vehicle systems
Semiconductor laser drive circuit
EPL mask processing method and device thereof
Dental implant system
Oral irrigation and/or brushing devices and/or methods
Near infrared chemical imaging microscope
Powder-layered oral dosage forms
Product blender and dispenser
Liquid milk freeze/thaw apparatus and method
Argyranthemum plant named `OHMADSAOM`
Treating neurological disorders using selective antagonists of persistent sodium current
Mitotic kinesin inhibitors
Stimulating neutrophil function to treat inflammatory bowel disease
Imaging agents for early detection and monitoring of cardiovascular plaque
Increased drug-loading and reduced stress drug delivery device
Stent with increased longitudinal flexibility and scaffolding
Apparatus and method for positive closure of an internal tissue membrane opening
Hydroxamate-containing cysteine and serine protease inhibitors
Wordline-based source-biasing scheme for reducing memory cell leakage
Composition for forming low dielectric constant insulating film, method of forming insulating film u...
Methods of forming a supported activated catalyst composition
Low comonomer incorporating metallocene catalyst compounds
Particulate carbonates and their preparation and use in breathable film
Immunosuppressant compounds and compositions
Electromechanical display panel incorporating a porous movable film
Multi-function microphone boom with on-line indicator
Projection exposure apparatus and method
Flux orientation locating in a drilling system