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Frozen foodstuff
Method of Manufacturing Strip Tape and Strip Tape for Container
Generation of Plants with Altered Oil Content
Method of coupling a switched circuit network to an internet protocol network
Cache management controller and method based on a minimum number of cache slots and priority
System and method for data transfer using a recoverable data pipe
Method and apparatus for restoring a corrupted data volume
Storage system controlling exclusion/priority for I/O access
Method for reliably verifying a memory area of a microcontroller in a control unit and control unit ...
Method and apparatus for determining a status of an asynchronous memory
Method and system for creating and restoring an image file
Memory system and method for transferring data therein
Consistent logical naming of initiator groups
Method and system for direct access to a non-memory mapped device memory
System and method for optimizing storage operations by operating only on mapped blocks
Management of access to data from memory
Systems and methods for implementing counters in a network processor with cost effective memory
System and method for virtual tape management with remote archival and retrieval via an encrypted va...
Method and device for switching database access part from for-standby to currently in use
Method, apparatus, and system for preserving cache data of redundant storage controllers
Graphical user interface for creating a customized storage layout for an application
Method and system for providing field scalability across a storage product family
Filler, Supply Device and Method for Forming a Support Structure in a Bone Cavity
Devices and methods for disc height restoration
Kit for an intervertebral implant and intervertebral implant
Transforaminal prosthetic spinal disc replacement
Modular disc for spinal arthroplasty through a small posterior exposure with intradiscalor intervert...
Spinal system and method including lateral approach
Conically-shaped glenoid implant with a prosthetic glenoid insert used in total shoulder arthroplast...
Transversal support tibial plateau (TTTP)
Fully or Partially Bioresorbable Orthopedic Implant
Bone cement compositions comprising an indicator agent and related methods thereof
Cancellous bone treated with collagenase and essentially free of blood cells
Methods and Systems for Tracking and Managing Livestock Through the Production Process
Ballistic Impact Detection System
Prosodic Speech Text Codes and Their Use in Computerized Speech Systems
Medical reference image data, and method for producing them
Apparatus and method for procedural operations development and distribution
Cardiac stimulation during a refractory period
Vagus nerve stimulation via unidirectional propagation of action potentials
Methods and systems for fitting a cochlear implant to a patient
Methods and apparatus for joining small diameter conductors within medical electrical leads
Ready-to-install electrode system for cardioversion and assembly of said system and an endoscope
Method and apparatus for examining semiconductor apparatus and method for designing semiconductor ap...
Federated sensing, analysis, summarization, and sharing of data for healthcare
Device and method for reducing stuttering
Principles and methods for personalizing newsfeeds via an analysis of information novelty and dynami...
Method and apparatus for providing mobile and other intermittent connectivity in a computing environ...
Estimation of speed and direction of travel in a WLAN positioning system
Transmitter and receiver for wireless high speed data transmission
Radio Transmitter and a Method of Operating a Radio Transmitter
Multi-standard module integration
Audio system, radio record module and methods for use therewith
Audio system, radio record module and methods for use therewith
Method and Arrangement for Allocating a Dedicated Channel in a Cellular Communication System
Network Communication System Wherein a Node Obtains Resources for Transmitting Data by Having to Tra...
Generation, Deployment and Use of Tailored Channel Quality Indicator Tables
Mobile communication terminal and method
Method and Apparatus for Routing Content for a Mobile Phone Over an Alternative Wireless Network
Radio resource management architectures for internet protocol based radio access networks with radio...
Radio-nuclear material delivery system
Radio frequency communication devices using chaotic signal and method thereof
Vehicle Drive Control System and Sensor Unit and Tire
Federated multiprotocol communication
Federated multiprotocol communication
HTML delivery from edge-of-network servers in a content delivery network (CDN)
Short arc lamp with improved manufacturability
Integrated spectroscopy system
Sense amplifier with multiple bits sharing a common reference
Low resistance contact in a semiconductor device
Microwave beverage brewing container
Light-emitting apparatus with improved bank structure
Wireless adhoc communication system, terminal, authentication method for use in terminal, encryption...
Waste container lift transition
Fluid product dispensing device
System and method for delivering and metering powder aerosol
Database aggregation query result estimator
Osteospermum plant named `Osjaseclipur`
Method and system for conferencing using processing sensor
Method for biomolecular sensing and system thereof
Preparation of hydrophobic organic aeorgels
Methods of generating chimeric adenoviruses and uses for such chimeric adenoviruses
Programmatic binding for power management events involving execution of instructions in a first prog...
Method of manufacturing vibration gyro sensor element, vibration gyro sensor element, and method of ...
Computing blending functions for the tiling of overlapped video projectors
Ergonomic hand-held computer input and control device
Virtual reality presentation device and information processing method
Layered and vectored graphical user interface to a knowledge and relationship rich data source
Game program and game apparatus
Method for controlling diffusive game
Bonus game displaying and awarding randomly selected values
Method and system for playing a multi-player game
Gaming machine with loyalty bonus
Methods and systems for electronic virtual races
Portable digital communication device usable as a gaming device and a personal digital assistant (PD...
Fuel cell cartridge filters and pressure relief
Valve train for internal combustion engine
Systems and methods for manufacturing customized prefabricated buildings including arbitrarily modul...
Process for high strength, high conductivity copper alloy of Cu-Ni-Si group
Glycoprotein VI and uses thereof
Product and methods for diagnosis and therapy for cardiac and skeletal muscle disorders
Radio packet data transmission control system and method
Methods and compositions for oral delivery of Areca and mate' or theobromine
Storage case and support cradle for video gaming device
Compositions and methods for inhibiting pathogenic growth
Manufacturing method for optical head device and optical head device
Apparatus and method for generating space-time trellis code for maximizing space-time diversity gain...
Thermally conductive formed article and method of manufacturing the same
PRO1758 antibodies
Direct-type backlight
Tear resistant gel articles for various uses
Methods and systems for elevating a temperature within a fuel cell
Data entry for personal computing devices
Calibration of tissue densities in computerized tomography
Method and apparatus for electrophotographic image forming capable of effectively removing residual ...
Optical system and optical apparatus including optical system
Pressure flow sensor systems and pressure flow sensors for use therein
Electric vehicle motion sensor
Method and system for treating a hard mask to improve etch characteristics
Sensor and methods for measuring select components in moving sheet products
Load failure protection circuit and discharge lamp driving apparatus
Nucleoside compounds and their use for treating cancer and diseases associated with somatic mutation...
Isomaltooligosaccharides from Leuconostoc as neutraceuticals
Therapeutic compounds
Melanocortin receptor agonists
5-substituted 1,1-dioxo-1,2,5,-thiadiazolidin-3-one derivatives
Fused heterocyclic compounds and analogs thereof, modulators of nuclear hormone receptor function
PRO4326 polypeptides
Aryloxy-acetic acid compounds useful as inhibitors of plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 (PAI-1)
Antibodies to the PRO4329 polypeptide
Substituted triazole derivatives as oxytocin antagonists
PRO4400 antibodies
Ethers of O-desmethyl venlafaxine
PRO3446 antibodies
PRO4985 polypeptide
Cocaine receptor binding ligands
Therapeutic compounds
5-[4-[2-(N-methyl-N-(2-pyridyl)amino)ethoxy]benzyl]thiazolidine-2,4-dione Mesylate salt
Gastric stimulator apparatus and method for use
Pixel structure
Method and apparatus for measuring the position of ferrule of a laser module
Laser dicing apparatus for a gallium arsenide wafer and method thereof
Variable illuminator and speckle buster apparatus
Spark plug having a specific structure of noble metal tip on ground electrode
Apparatus for recording information and apparatus for recording and reproducing information
Resistance circuit, and voltage detection and constant voltage generating circuits incorporating suc...
Optical information recording method and apparatus for multiple recording layer medium
Semiconductor laser drive apparatus, optical write apparatus, imaging apparatus, and semiconductor l...
Semiconductor laser device, method for fabricating the same, and optical disk apparatus
CO.sub.2 laser stabilization systems and methods
Multi-beam laser communications system and method
Multi-channel wide-field laser communications method and apparatus
Multibeam scanning optical apparatus and multibeam image forming apparatus
System and method for generating thrust at remote objects
Laser crystallization apparatus and laser crystallization method
Test head for optically inspecting workpieces comprising a lens for elongating a laser spot on the w...
Gas discharge MOPA laser spectral analysis module
Dual laser high precision interferometer
Laser index device on tool shaft of machine
Lower link for piston crank mechanism of engine
Hybrid transmission
Lower link for piston crank mechanism of internal combustion engine
Motor torque control system for vehicle
Leak diagnostic device for fuel vapor treatment device
Shift control apparatus and method for automatic transmission
Vehicle seat assembly with air bag guide retainer
Control apparatus and control method of fuel cell system
Vehicle seat assembly
Battery and related method
Vehicle seat assembly with inflatable air bag
Servo system
Vehicle seat component side air bag module having air bag guide including flexible inner and outer p...
Ground fault detector for vehicle
Selectable range remote entry system
Energy efficient passive entry system
Navigation system, data server, traveling route establishing method and information providing method
Hydraulic vehicle seat adjustment system
Vehicle brake system
Seismic isolation access floor assembly
Drill guide for cutting openings in stone countertops
Golf club head
Method of forming a prefabricated roofing or siding material
Composite material containing a core-covering particle
Non-hexavalent-chromium type corrosion resistant coating film structure having a resin layer and a m...
Orientation independent liquid fuel reservoir
Non-staining polymer composite product
Absorbent barrier structures having a high convective air flow rate and articles made therefrom
Method for producing a complex nonwoven fabric and resulting novel fabric
Sizing composition for glass fibers and sized fiber glass products
Method and device for producing crystallizable plastic material
Process for causticizing green liquor in chemical recovery from black liquor in alkaline pulping
Preparation of silver particles using thermomorphic polymers
Cesium and strontium extraction using a mixed extractant solvent including crown ether and calixaren...
Method for synthesizing extremely high-temperature melting materials
Process for the selective oxidation of hydrogen sulfhide
Preparation of catalyst and use for high yield conversion of methane to ethylene
Field emission light source and a related backlight device
Method of fabricating a mold for imprinting a structure
Imaging members
Method and system for tailoring output from a location-determination system
Location visit detail services for wireless devices
Remote access to chemical dispense system
Apparatus and method for guiding location of the other party in navigation system
Methods and systems for determining a telecommunications service location using global satellite pos...
Multiple error management mode memory module
Shortcut names for use in a speech recognition system
System for searching device on network
Network contents managing system
Tag location, client location, and coverage hole location in a wireless network
DMA module having plurality of first addressable locations and determining if first addressable loca...
Efficient non-blocking k-compare-single-swap operation
Logically partitioning different classes of TLB entries within a single caching structure
System and method for initially configuring and booting a device using a device identifier
System and method for coordinated bringup of a storage appliance in a cluster configuration
System and method for logging disk failure analysis in disk nonvolatile memory
Advertising system and advertising signs
Telephone terminal and storage medium storing terminal control program thereof
Wireless network computing
Method and apparatus for remotely monitoring and controlling a pool or spa
Power distribution expert system
Synchronization view
Apparatus and method for communication control
Method and system for remote diagnostic, control and information collection based on various communi...
Internet-aware agent for automatically updating applications without executing the application
System and method for active diagnosis and self healing of software systems
System and method for aligning objects using non-linear pointer movement
System and method for accommodating non-Gaussian and non-linear sources of variation in statistical ...
Initiating and debugging a process in a high assurance execution environment
Case modelling
Extensibility application programming interface and framework for meta-model objects
Apparatus and method for automated creation of resource types
Method and system for efficient testing of sequences of computer-related operations
Dynamically configuring selected methods for instrument-based profiling at application run-time
Configuring methods that are likely to be executed for instrument-based profiling at application run...
Language-neutral representation of software code elements
System and method for performing speculative initialization of application models for a cloned runti...
Method and system for identifying program module functionality needed by a computer when disconnecte...
Application sharing viewer presentation
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
Demosaicking method and apparatus for color filter array interpolation in digital image acquisition ...
Two-dimensional inverse discrete cosine transforming
Categorical user interface for navigation within a grid
Monitoring camera with a far infrared capability
Digital camera employing multiple light shielding walls
Apparatus and method for performing sub-pixel vector estimations using quadratic approximations
Method and apparatus displaying double screen
Multichannel quadrature modulation
Structure and method for fixing electrical apparatus such as television
Multipoint audiovisual conferencing system
Multiplexed data producing apparatus, encoded data reproducing apparatus, clock conversion apparatus...
Interframe wavelet video coding method
Flight parameter measurement system
Representation and coding of panoramic and omnidirectional images
System for image analysis in a network that is structured with multiple layers and differentially we...
Personal watercraft
Unmanned autonomous submarine
Mounting bracket
Gyro-stabilized platforms for force-feedback applications
Photomask flipper and single direction inspection device for dual side photomask inspection
Angular velocity measuring device and leg-moving robot
Method and device for machining a workpiece
Living assistance system
Door knocker control system for a remote controlled teleconferencing robot
Copper-nickel-silicon two phase quench substrate
Battery pack
System and method for establishing value and financing of intellectual property
System and method for providing compensation to loan professionals
Method and apparatus for performing a credit based transaction between a user of a wireless communic...
Apparatus and method of receiving order, storage medium, and method of point service
System and method for adding value to a stored-value account
Online card present transaction
System and method to enable searching across multiple databases and files using a single search
Method and system for verifying a client request
Eye test service system
Method for sizing production lot starts within a linear system programming environment
Integrated multilingual browser
Installation support information system collaborative tool
Method and system for managing carrier operations
System and method for software development
Disambiguating point-of-sale data through item indexing
Methods of conducting vehicle business transactions
System for remotely managing bulk product storage
Method for manufacturing speaker-use center cap
Electret capacitor microphone
Multifunctional musical instrument stand
Adjustable venturi for a drum
Captive washers of a drum
Neck sock cover for a stringed instrument
Performance information display apparatus and program
Transducer for converting between mechanical vibration and electrical signal
System and method for pushing conditional message data between a client device and a server device i...
Operation training simulation system for computer numerical control (CNC) machine
Method for teaching reading using systematic and adaptive word recognition training and system for r...
Marksmanship training device
Teaching Model for Enterprise Management
Mobile information input/output apparatus and versatile braille output apparatus
Method for Managing Dietary Habits and a System and Computer Program Therefor
Application of multi-media technology to computer administered personal assessment, self discovery a...
Method, apparatus and software for play list selection in digital music players
Dummy Medical Instrument for Use in a Simulator
Simulated heart valve root for training and testing
Training system assembly, and associated methodology, providing for personnel training remote from a...
Creating a Virtual University Experience
Device that attaches to a surface
Continuous feed system for producing structural insulated panels
Hi-resolution three-dimensional imaging apparatus for topographic and 3d models
Controlled DC power supply for a human powered vehicle
Vehicular electric generation control apparatus and related method of detecting electric generation ...
Electric generation control apparatus for vehicle alternator
Hybrid type working machine
Energy attenuating device with the dynamical and adaptive damping feature
Electrical protection of a generator controller
Control method of generator
Circuits, systems, methods, and software for power factor correction and/or control
Controller and loading system thereof
High efficiency, high slew rate switching regulator/amplifier
Buck/boost DC-DC converter control circuit with input voltage detection
Capacitor insulating power supply
Reverse current preventing circuit with an automatic correction of reference
Method for accurately setting parameters inside integrated circuits using inaccurate external compon...
Remote DC-DC converter for high current, low voltage applications
Current sensing analog to digital converter and method of use
Vehicle generator control device
Operating method for a wind turbine with a supersynchronous cascade
Starter/generator with permanent magnet generator position indicator
Capacitor charging circuitry and methodology implementing controlled on and off time switching
Optoelectronic device and fabrication method
Controlling access to protected data and assessment functions via browser redirection
Method and system for modeling, analysis and display of network security events
Vehicle front end structure
Steering control device
Wrapped-cone fingers for skirt systems
Method and device for lateral guidance of a vehicle
Motorcycle seat with integrated lock
Vehicle differential control
Work machine operator control station with moveably attached controller
Device and method for controlling distribution of drive force of four-wheel drive car
Hydraulic steering mechanism and driving-steering-wheel support mechanism
Electric power steering system
Wheel unit for ski-mounted vehicle
Radiator grill
Control panel assembly for a vehicle
Inter-axle differential assembly
Double alternator and electrical system for a vehicle
Machine with an electrical system
Vehicle occupant sensing system having sensor assemblies with variable biasing member
System and method for determining a vehicle driver's blood/alcohol level
Method for attenuating vibrations in a hybrid electric vehicle powertrain
Method and system for detecting and rewarding the returning of shopping carts
Disposable absorbent article
External resonator/cavity electrode-less plasma lamp and method of exciting with radio-frequency ene...
Distributed independent cache memory
Test data pattern for testing a CRC algorithm
Dual core corrugated Bragg grating
Remote control unit for intelligent digital audiovisual reproduction systems
Advanced food and or drink organization and or handling system
Method for activating restraining means
BioNet for bilateral cochlear implant systems
Web based interface for JAVA message service mark-up language
Methods and apparatus supporting access to stored data
Method and system for securely and selectively providing optional features or premium functionality ...
Dynamic detection of computer worms
Arrangement in connection with feedback control system
Aerosol splitter for ELSD
Electrophotographic toner, method for producing the same, electrophotographic developer, and image f...
Method and system for illustrating sound and text
Wireless data communication link embedded in simulated weapon systems
Articles with spinning globe
Ophthalmic surgery simulation device
Human movement measurement system
Translating of geometric models into block diagram models
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Ingmulsca`
Proactive maintenance application
User information management program and user information management device
Voice activated, voice responsive product locator system, including product location method utilizin...
Pro-active features for telephony
Exchange node
Capability negotiation in a telecommunications network
Geographical call routing for a non-emergency calling service
System and method for providing a message-based communications infrastructure for automated call cen...
Bluetooth headset in-car holder/car kit
Call routing apparatus
Method and apparatus for communicating with one of plural devices associated with a single telephone...
Telephone equipment including a line holding system, an extension communication detecting system, an...
Method for evaluating data in elements of a communications network
Shared routing in a measurement system
Enhanced channel access mechanisms for a HPNA network
Methods and apparatus for powering a data communications port
Automated passcode recovery in an interactive voice response system
Technique and an apparatus for producing postcards having an audio message for playback by recipient
Ad ringer
Anti-peptic ulcer activity of an extract of a flower of Woodfordia fruticosa
Articulated robot
Contrast based resolution enhancement for photolithographic processing
Organic El display having auxiliary electrodes formed adjacent light extraction layer
Federated management of content repositories
Indole derivatives
Codeword-enhanced peer-to-peer authentication
Facilitated source to target object editing functions
Electronic disc jockey service
Control system for compression-ignition engine
Language phonetic system and method thereof
Router and methods for distributed virtualization
Model predictive control having application to distillation
Mobile communications terminal, service area calculation apparatus and method of calculating service...
Zirconium based alloy and component in a nuclear energy plant
Fixed angle ESL label holder with flex grip and moisture seal
Method for provisioning a permanent virtual circuit in an ATM network
Method and apparatus for providing end-to-end quality of service in multiple transport protocol envi...
Mechanical apparatus and method for dilating and delivering a therapeutic agent to a site of treatme...
Thermoplastic pallet
Modulation of pericyte proliferation
Active, heterogeneous bi- or tri-dentate catalyst
Method of enabling consumer privacy using personal storage device
Bone graft substitute composition
Polyurethane urea polishing pad
.beta.-Secretase variant
Encoding/decoding apparatus and method in a CDMA mobile communication system
Cloning pigs using non-quiescent differentiated donor cells or nuclei
Method and system for treating a substrate with a high pressure fluid using fluorosilicic acid
Complex oxide having n-type thermoelectric characteristics
System and method for scheduling and coordinating tasks across application processes using shared me...
Multilayer conductive appliance having wound healing and analgesic properties
Dry swim trainer system
Cradle for steering assembly
Intermediate transfer belt, production method for the same, and image forming device provided with t...
Method to enhance fat content in the milk of a diary cow
Method and apparatus for displaying speech recognition progress
Linear drive
Slot for multimedia furniture
Multimedia furniture
Multimedia furniture
Physical multimedia documents, and methods and apparatus for publishing and reading them
IC card
IC card
Method and apparatus for handing off control of service access over a cable IP network
Method and a system for submitting messages deposited in an inbox of a messaging service
Implementation of mandatory segments in multimedia content
Enhanced video content information associated with video programs
Skimming continuous multimedia content
System and method for machine readable symbol backup for radio frequency identification tags
Systems and methods for evaluating speaker suitability for automatic speech recognition aided transc...
Ensuring proper rendering order of bidirectionally rendered text
Flexible electronic message security mechanism
Reversible resistivity-based sensors
Extension fixture for turning tool
Systems and methods for event semantic binding in networks
Control box for a compressor
Method for dehydrogenofluorination of an aromatic carbamoyl fluoride
Growth factor therapy mobilization of stem cells into the peripheral blood
Compositions for diabetes treatment and prophylaxis
Organometallic complexes as phosphorescent emitters in organic LEDS
Plant for manufacturing of tablets
Track bushing and method and apparatus for producing the same
Geographical web browser, methods, apparatus and systems
Holder, electrical supply, and RF transmitter unit for electronic devices
Methods and systems for management of information related to the appearance of an object
PRO4332 antibodies
Epitaxial organic layered structure and method for making
Durable membrane electrode assembly catalyst coated diffusion media with no lamination to membrane
Inflow control device with passive shut-off feature
Hermetic wafer-level packaging for MEMS devices with low-temperature metallurgy
Organic laser and liquid crystal display
Methods and apparatus to perform return-address prediction
High-pressure mercury vapor discharge lamp with a space
Method and device for utilizing heat in the production of 1,2-dichloroethane
Advanced set top terminal having a program pause feature with voice-to-text conversion
Debugger causality system and methods
Swing cylinder
Joint for fluid transport lines for medical use
Dynamic content based multicast routing in mobile networks
Establishment of biological cut-off values for predicting resistance to therapy
N-alkyl phenylcarboxamide beta-secretase inhibitors for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease
Phenylalanine derivatives as alpha 4 integrin inhibitors
Database report generation
Location measurement process for radio-frequency badges
Method for driving a fluorescent lamp and an inverter circuit for performing such a method
Miniaturized multichannel transmitter and wireless telemetry system
N-ureidoalkyl-amino compounds as modulators of chemokine receptor activity
Histone deacetylase 9
Liquid-continuous column distillation
Surface acoustic wave filter and wireless device that employs the same
Method and apparatus for using contents
Method of testing A/D converter circuit and A/D converter circuit
Method and system for efficient quantization in DAC and ADC for discrete multitone systems
Limit-cycle-free FIR/IIR halfband digital filter with shared registers for high-speed sigma-delta A/...
Laser system for measurements of the profile of objects
Apparatus for photoelectric measurement of an original
Acoustic/underwater signaling device
Electrochemical capacitor and method of use
Converter circuit for switching a large number of switching voltage levels
Timeslot interchange switch
Parallel interference cancellation receiver for multiuser detection CDMA signals
System and method for an adaptive receiver for the reception of signals subject to multipath interfe...
Process and device for synchronization and codegroup identification in communication systems of the ...
Bone conductive speaker
Data transmission device for hearing aids
In-wall speaker system method and apparatus
Contra-angle rotating handpiece having tactile-feedback tip ferrule
Light guide plate and back light system using same
Toner supplying container and image forming apparatus
Fuser member including an electrically conductive polymer layer, a resistive layer, an electrically ...
Image forming apparatus, process cartridge, and waste toner recovery device
System and method for reducing rake finger processing
Apparatus and method for the treatment of infectious disease in keratinized tissue
Digital random generator based on an arithmetic compressor
Cooling mold with gas grooves
Vehicle energy management system
Heat exchanger package with split charge air cooler
Inner fin with cutout window for heat exchanger
Thermal management of systems having localized regions of elevated heat flux
Heat exchanger
Heat exchange device
System for heating and cooling the interior of a motor vehicle
Air-to-air heat pump defrost bypass loop
Meso-frequency traveling wave electro-kinetic continuous adsorption system
Heat dissipating structure applicable to a computer host
Heat dissipation assembly for computing devices
Liquid-cooling heat dissipation module
Thermal management system and method for electronic assemblies
Heat dissipating sheet and plasma display device including the same
Thermal solution for portable electronic devices
Heat sink clip and assembly
Heat sink mounting assembly
Back plate assembly for a board
Method for producing flexo printing forms by means of laser direct engraving
Platelet-shaped pigments
Resinates from monomer
Shaft rod for weaving machines
Extrusion head for crushed ice making machine with combined breaker and cutter
Medical stent and related methods
Staged oil filter incorporating additive-releasing particles
Cap device
Folding method of airbag for rear-end collision and airbag device for rear-end collision
Light-emitting semiconductor device and a method of manufacturing it
Layout of the top part of an aircraft cabin
Aircraft door
Nonsurvivable momentum exchange system
Dual jet emerging lift augmentation system for airfoils and hydrofoils
Thermally insulated structure--full depth sandwich joint concept
Steering responsive wheel drive system
Portion of a grip
Compact golf facility and a method of playing a golf game
Thermally stable low dielectric norbornene polymers with improved solubility and adhesion property
Light-harvesting discotic liquid crystalline porphyrins and metal complexes
Light-emitting semiconductor device
High electron mobility epitaxial substrate
Bit line structure and method of fabrication
Programmable and erasable digital switch device and fabrication method and operating method thereof
Gate dielectric and method
Magnetic random access memory designs with controlled magnetic switching mechanism
Integrated circuitry
Selective and non-selective epitaxy for base integration in a BiCMOS process and related structure
Lead frame, semiconductor device produced by using the same and method of producing the semiconducto...
Semiconductor chip assemblies, methods of making same and components for same
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
System and method for high performance heat sink for multiple chip devices
Interlayer dielectric film, and method for forming the same and interconnection
Structure of a micro electro mechanical system and the manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing thereof
Semiconductor device, semiconductor substrate and fabrication process of a semiconductor device
Method of fabricating liquid crystal display device
Formula-based run-to-run control
Subsurface drainage system and drain structure therefor
Electrode heating with remediation agent
Sprayable mining liner
Lightweight trench shield
Method for reducing the liquefaction potential of foundation soils
PRO1777 polypeptides
PRO19645 polypeptides
PRO1337 polypeptides
LSR receptor, its activity, its cloning, and its applications to the diagnosis, prevention and/or tr...
Fluorescent proteins from aquatic species
Anti-IL-6 antibodies, compositions, methods and uses
Polypeptide from haemophilus influenza
GB virus C and methods of treating viral infections
Oligonucleotides for rapidly identifying microbial DNA or RNA
Sos1 inhibitors
PM29 and LEA3 promoters and use in expression of transgenic genes in plants
Methods for improving seeds
Nucleic acids compositions conferring dwarfing phenotype
Plant MYB proteins
Soybean cultivar 4348019
Soybean cultivar 1339013
Soybean cultivar 5723045
Soybean cultivar S06-WW167686
Inbred maize line PH3PG
Wheat variety XW03U
Waveguides for performing enzymatic reactions
Method and apparatus for providing multiple transaction cards in assembly
Stored-value card with sound and light
Stored-value card with light
Second surface micromotion display
Reflective article and method of manufacturing same
System and method for recording management data for management of solid-state electronic image sensi...
Systems and methods for client-side filtering of subscribed messages
Information integration method for decision regulation in hierarchic decision systems
Hybrid neural network and support vector machine method for optimization
Self-organizing data driven learning hardware with local interconnections
System and method for ranking objects by likelihood of possessing a property
Method for tuning state-based scheduling policies
Beverage container holder supported tray assembly
Three dimensional piece alignment game
Action figure game piece and method of playing action figure game
Raffle game using flamable matches and match carriers as printable medium for raffle game numbers
Toy figure play apparatus
Radio-controlled toy two-wheeled vehicle
Toy with programmable remote control
Apparatus and method for displaying stereoscopic two-dimensional image
Secure identification remote and dongle
Process for controlling a moving bed combustion zone and its use
Process for producing low polymer of .alpha.-olefin
Process for the production of highly reactive polyisobutenes
Oligomerization of alkenes in a plurality of successive heterogeneous catalyst zones
Process for the production of olefins
Partial dehydrogenation method using continuous heterogeneous catalysis
Soluble salts of thieno[2,3-d]pyrimidine derivatives
Aroyl-O-Piperidine Derivatives for the Treatment of Diabetes-Related Problems
Inhibitors of Akt Activity
Thiazole Derivatives Having Vap-1 Inhibitory Activity
Drugs for Treating Duplication of Hypertension With Hyperuricemia and/or Hypercholesterolemia
Benzoyl Amino Pyridyl Carboxylic Acid Derivatives Useful as Glucokinase (Glk) Activators
Benzodioxane and benzodioxolane derivatives and uses thereof
Device and Method for Non-Invasive, Localized Neural Stimulation Utilizing Hall Effect Phenomenon
Activity level feedback for managing obesity
Tetrahydro-Pyrazolo[3,4-c]Pyridine Cannabinoid Modulators
Dopamine-, Norepinephrine- and Serotonin- Transporter-Selective Heterocyclic Compounds and Their The...
Genetic polymorphisms associated with Alzheimer's Disease, methods of detection and uses thereof
Methods of treating autism and autism spectrum disorders
Mammalian Genes Involved in Viral Infection and Tumor Suppression
Substituted biaryl compounds for inflammation and immune-related uses
Methods and compositions for treating disorders involving excitotoxicity
Method of TX Plants
Methods for the treatment of macular degeneration and related eye conditions
Rational evolution of cytokines for higher stability, the cytokines and encoding nucleic acid molecu...
15 Beta-Substituted Steroids Having Selective Estrogenic Activity
Compounds for the Treatment of Inflammation of the Central Nervous System
Modulators of Preripheral 5-Ht Receptors
Androgen Receptor Modulator Compounds and Methods
Heteroaryl Piperidine Glycine Transporter Inhibitors
Compositions and methods for the treatment of cardiovascular disease
Wall device for fittings
Central determination gaming system with a game outcome generated by a gaming terminal and approved ...
Method and telecommunication system for transmitting a facsimile message
System and method for detecting computer port inactivity
Portable tripod and universal mounting assembly for an object
Light controller and image pickup device including the same
Substrate processing apparatus and substrate processing method
Virtual reality camera
Image blurring correction apparatus
Camera, aperture controlling method and apparatus, lens controlling method and apparatus, and edging...
Lens drive mechanism and image-taking apparatus
Microfluidic sieve using intertwined, free-standing carbon nanotube mesh as active medium
Method for making nano-scale lead-free solder
Fabrication of sub-50 nm solid-state nanostructures based on nanolithography
Nanotube, nano thermometer and method for producing the same
Coated nanofiber webs
Methods for manufacturing multi-wall carbon nanotubes
Carbon nanotube-based device and method for making the same
Inorganic/organic complex nano-beads and method for manufacturing the same
Nanoparticles for protein drug delivery
Interferometric analysis for the manufacture of nano-scale devices
Binary arrays of nanoparticles for nano-enhanced Raman scattering molecular sensors
Factored nanoscale multiplexer/demultiplexer circuit for interfacing nanowires with microscale and s...
Swim fin
Orthotic device for the ankle joint
Magnetic powder metal component stator
Voice control system for surgical microscopes
Surgical table having low pressure anti decubitus ulcer surface
Bedding assembly and comforter fastener
Bevel and depth of cut detent system
Shoe suspension system
Skate boot comprising a tongue
Footwear with multi-piece midsole
Article of footwear with an articulated sole structure
Furniture glide
Display case protection device
Glide sport article, especially ice skate
Angular adjustment mechanism for snowboard bindings
Dust extractor device for a router
Apparatus and method for utilizing a flexible plunger
Vehicle avoidance collision system
Method and apparatus for assisted vehicle identification and service
Communication system and method for communicating between a tire/wheel assembly and a vehicle body
Method and device for course prediction in motor vehicles
Method for automatically adjusting the filter parameters of a digital equalizer and reproduction dev...
Method and apparatus for communicating emergency information using wireless devices
Method for evaluating instantaneous frequency of mechanical excitation exerted on a motor vehicle wh...
Working unit control apparatus of excavating and loading machine
Brake device for vehicle
Vehicle-mounted power generator set
Method for monitoring tyre pressure monitoring systems in a motor vehicle
Baby seat cover diaper bag/activity center
Music jukebox
Medium for storing audio/image information and management system thereof
Method and apparatus improving efficiency of end-user certificate validation
Engine control system
Internal combustion engine with hydraulic device for adjusting the rotation angle of a camshaft in r...
Camshaft to phaser coupling
Shaft mechanism, in particular camshaft of automotive engines
System and method for engine fuel blend control
Engine valve actuation system and method
Camshaft assembly
System and method for an extensible metadata driven application framework
Health assessment kiosk
Information and paging system kiosk
Voice playout buffer for dual-PHY based integrated access device
Method, apparatus and programs for generating and utilizing content signatures
Data hiding via phase manipulation of audio signals
Digital recording system using variable recording rate
Faucet spout
Computer system control via surface and sensor with identifier
Systems and methods for assessing the risk of a financial transaction using authenticating marks
Method and system for encoding signatures to authenticate files
Computer system interface surface with reference points and processing sensor
Bulking materials containing starch reagent for use in test devices
3'-phosphoadenosine-5'-phosphosulfate synthetase 1 (PAPSS1) sequence variants
Method for prophylaxis or treatment of a nervous system, pathophysiological condition involving a gl...
Porous honeycomb structure
Regenerable high capacity sorbent for removal of mercury from flue gas
Lamp electrode and method for delivering mercury
Labial pad
High impact and wear resistant steel
Compatibilization of esters with latices
Water-redispersible polymer powder compositions with accelerated-setting action
Deaggregated electrically conductive polymers and precursors thereof
Toner, developer, image developer and image forming apparatus
Silica filled multi-viscoelastic response rubber
Electric lamp
System and method for providing an improved voltage monitor for an adjustable supply voltage in adap...
Stable PD-SOI devices and methods
Combined casing expansion/casing while drilling method and apparatus
Ink bag, ink cartridge and ink-jet recording apparatus, ink filling method, ink refilling method, ma...
Semi-conductive roll
Method for manufacturing magnetic paint, method for manufacturing non-magnetic paint and magnetic re...
Process and device for manufacturing an aromatic alkylene polymer
Diimines and secondary diamines
Apparatus and method for replenishing a developing device with toner while suppressing toner remaini...
Card reader
Small volume nebulizer
Optical network termination with automatic determination of geographic location
Parallel asymmetric binary search on lengths
Electronic mail priority alert service via telephone
Flood signaling architecture and process for provisioning communication paths
Hierarchical wireless network and an associated method for delivering IP packets to mobile stations
Classifying and distributing traffic at a network node
Efficient reverse path forwarding check mechanism
Facilitating subscriber services management
Process for plasma surface treatment and device for realizing the process
Malodor counteractant compounds
Dilutable cleaning compositions and their uses
Methods for making clear fragrances and formulations
Method for production of water-absorbent resin and plow-shaped mixing device
Multi-sided display for portable computer
Technique for selecting a profile to use to service a call
Swarf cutter
Plated structures or components
Method of applying spot varnish to xerographic image and emulsion aggregation toners for use therein
Magenta toner for developing electrostatic images, process for production thereof, developer and ima...
Toner compositions with surface additives
Electric power unit for driving a display and a display utilizing such power unit
Direct contact cooling liquid embedded package for a central processor unit
Image forming apparatus, a toner counter and a calculation method of toner consumption
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus and an image forming method using a plurality of monochromatic developer car...
Printing device with manual paper feeding function
Tanning device
UV-absorbing coatings and methods of making the same
Process for manufacturing a recordable optical disk, optical disk and rewritable layer obtained by t...
Conductive layer for biaxially oriented semiconductor film growth
Transparent conductor
Device for detecting infrared radiation with bolometric detectors
Semiconductor device and fabrication method thereof
Optical multilayer film, polarizing plate and optical product
Space allocation in a write anywhere file system
Apparatus for providing electrical and fluid communication to a rotating microelectronic workpiece d...
Method for providing electrical and fluid communication to a rotating microelectronic workpiece duri...
Process for thinning a semiconductor workpiece
Benzotropolone derivatives and modulation of inflammatory response
Forms of prostate specific antigens and methods for their detection
Recovery of CCI-779 from mother liquors
Animal pill magnet having single polarity
Apparatus and method for attaching an annular transponder unit to tire
Central side portions of a sports racquet
Throat portion of a sports racquet
Cartridge for the preparation of beverages
Display panel, electrode panel and electrode substrate thereof
Method and apparatus for assessing nozzle health
High-efficiency, side-pumped diode laser system
Connection between two components
Integrated optical device
Hologram apparatus, positioning method for spatial light modulator and image pickup device, and holo...
Optical system including an anamorphic lens
Fluorescent detector with automatic changing filters
Systems and methods for regularly approximating context-free grammars through transformation
Safety panel for handguns
Vehicle clutch basket
Hydrostatic bearing for linear motion guidance
Surface densification of powder metal bearing caps
Arrangement of a sensor on a wheel bearing unit
Wheel supporting rolling bearing unit
Bearing device for supporting pinion shaft
Cache memory to support a processor's power mode of operation
Computer system for managing data transfer between storage sub-systems
Data processing system
System and method for initializing a simple network management protocol (SNMP) agent
System for providing services and virtual programming interface
Rollback of data
Container and purple cap with a product having purple stripes
Keratin dyeing compounds, keratin dyeing compositions containing them, and use thereof
Method and device for heating a strip-shaped carrier
LED sign cover and method of manufacture
Manufacturing process for producing high strength steel product with improved formability
TMR/GMR amplifier with input current compensation
Visual serving tray and method
Memory array with a delayed wordline boost
Memory devices and methods of operation thereof using interdependent sense amplifier control
Weighted open loop power control system
Signal processing means
Receiving apparatus
Method for transmit power control
Method and device for analyzing a technical system, in addition to a computer program product
Communication apparatus
Forcing a memory dump for computer system diagnosis
Disc drive apparatus with tray formed of optically transparent material
Optical disk apparatus
Selective deposition of materials on countoured surfaces
Espresso scoop
Mail receptacle for isolating received items in public drop boxes
Body armor with improved knife-stab resistance formed from flexible composites
Bulb cooling
Light deflector and rear-projection screen
Shining lock structure
Yielding hanger for stem mounting fluorescent highbays
Vehicle operation supporting device and vehicle operation supporting system
Automotive storage compartment having an electroluminescent lamp and method of making the same
Interior illuminator for automobile
Vehicle headlamp
Adjusting device for automobile headlamp projection angle
Lamp apparatus for vehicle
Lamp unit mounting structure
Backlight assembly and display device having the same
Light source for back-lit displays
Liquid crystal display, backlight of such display, and a method of lighting a liquid crystal display
Heat-dissipating structure of backlight module
Assembly for an illumination device
Configuration of figural ornament
Light emitting diode light source
Light source, projector, and method of driving arc tube
Optical switch device
Optical modulator, optical waveguide device and acousto-optic tunable filter apparatus
Cable having signal conductors surrounding optically transmissive core remote imaging system
Method and system for the controlled production of polarization mode dispersion
Waveguide type optical element
Use of variable ratio couplers for network protection and recovery
Image coding and decoding methods, image coding and decoding apparatuses, and recording media for im...
Data processing apparatus and method and recording medium
Methods and systems for image intra-prediction mode estimation
Decoding macroblock type and coded block pattern information
Spatial prediction based intra coding
Scalable predictive coding method and apparatus
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, image processing program, and recording medium
Reversible embedded wavelet system implementation
Image transformation method and apparatus, and storage medium
System and method for measuring image quality using compressed image data
Methods and apparatus for minimizing requantization error
Biometric identification method, portable electronic device and electronic device acquiring biometri...
Server apparatus and system
Method and system for capturing a note-taking session using coded marks
System and method for scintillation suppression in intensified digital video
Moving picture processing apparatus
Ultrasonic transmitting/receiving apparatus and scanning sonar employing same
Medical implant
Reworkable adhesives containing thermally labile groups
Hermetic low dielectric constant layer for barrier applications
Parallel reactor with sensing of internal properties
Metallized patch labels
Method of rendering a graphics image
Method and apparatus for operating a water cooler
Receptacle for use in the care and maintenance of living things with swivel mount and method therefo...
Raceway for cultivating aquatic organisms
Pet deterrent device
Automatic system-based animal training device
Assembly of an activity meter and a fastening strap for fastening the activity meter to the neck or ...
Device for animal waste retrieval
Distillation apparatus for readily polymerizable compound
Adhesives with improved die-cutting performance
Method of polymerization and nozzle employed in same
Catalyst comprising cyclic acylurea compound and process for producing organic compounds using the c...
Preparation of sulfide chain-bearing organosilicon compounds
Optically active bisoxazoline compounds, process for production of the same and use thereof
Chemically amplified positive resist composition and patterning process
Nicotianamine aminotransferase and gene therefor
Laser markable secure documents
Winding tube
Integrated battery
Electronic devices with small functional elements supported on a carrier
Method for efficiently querying and identifying multiple items on a communication channel
Method and system for gathering data from RFID tags on library items and transmitting that data to t...
Network management using suppressible RFID tags
MTP NVM elements by-passed for programming
Method for transmitting data between a read/write device and a data memory, use of the method in an ...
Predictive multi-channel decoder
Method and circuit for deciding data transfer rate
Multifunctional cosmetic container
Valve assembly
Composition comprising a cyclohexane-based compound, compound and use of said compound to structure ...
Material for packaging cell, bag for packaging cell, and its production method
Image recording material
Lithographic printing process
Coagulation of particles from emulsions by the insitu formation of a coagulating agent
Non-aqueous electrochemical cells
Lithium secondary battery with suppressed decomposition of electrolytic solution and preparation met...
Negative active material for lithium rechargeable batteries and method of fabricating same
Loudspeaker and cradle for electronic device
Obesity treatment tools and methods
Tissue opening occluder
Flexible stent and method of making the same
Intravascular flow modifier and reinforcement device
Managed credential issuance
Virtual computer system with dynamic resource reallocation
Tire tread
Flooring tile and manufacturing process
Compact image projection module
Sound-reproducing apparatus and high frequency interpolation-processing method
Apparatus for amplifying the pull back force on a lock rod used to secure a toolholder
Mechanism for on-line prediction of future performance measurements in a computer system
Power profiling system and method for correlating runtime information
System and method for determining when an EJB compiler needs to be executed
Combining compilation and instruction set translation
Control box for a compressor
Process for preparing an emulsion whose organic phase is of high viscosity
Optical semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Method and apparatus to generate a circular polarized RF field independent of subject asymmetry
Ferro-magnetic force field generator
Connection system for split-top RF coils
Cryogenic NMR probe
Mn-Zn based ferrite member
Wear-resistant sintered contact material, wear-resistant sintered composite contact component and me...
Alignment elements for an apparatus for handling printing plates
Method for selecting printing material in a printing press and printing press
Transport system in a machine that processes printing material
Machine for processing printing material sheets, in particular sheet-fed printing press, and method ...
Self-contained independent inking unit for printing press