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Image processing system, image capturing apparatus, image processing apparatus, and image processing...
Color filter substrate and manufacturing process therefor, liquid crystal device and manufacturing p...
Compressed wood product and method of manufacturing compressed wood product
Organic EL device and method of forming the same
Linear laser light beam for making OLEDS
Piezoelectric element and liquid jet head using the piezoelectric element
Semiconductor devices and methods of making
Semiconductor storage device and method of manufacturing the same
Synergistic composition for preparing high concentration fullerene (C.sub.60) glass and a method for...
SO.sub.x trap for diesel and lean-burn gasoline automotive applications
Process for producing alcohol and/or ketone
Piezoelectric device, piezoelectric actuator, piezoelectric pump, inkjet recording head, inkjet prin...
System for preserving logical object integrity within a remote mirror cache
Accounting for update notification in synchronizing data that may be represented by different data s...
Remote copy system
Collection-set selection using a small priority queue
Multilayered power supply line for semiconductor integrated circuit and layout method thereof
Cell search method in discontinuous reception mode in a mobile communication system
Method and apparatus for a centralized home agent function
Surgical articles and methods
Metatarsal phalangeal implant with locking screw
Aqueous ink, ink tank, ink jet recording apparatus, ink jet recording method, and ink jet recorded i...
Head member, method for ink-repellent treatment and apparatus for the same
Methods of treating OX40 medicated recall immune responses
Naphthalenetetracarboxylic acid diimide derivatives and electrophotographic photoconductive material...
Infrared source modulation and system using same
Vertical charge control semiconductor device with low output capacitance
Electron-emitting device, electron source using the electron-emitting devices, and image-forming app...
Arcing horn device
Synchronous amplitude modulation for improved performance of optical transmission systems
TQ distribution that increases parallism by distributing one slave to a particular data block
Method and apparatus for value-based access to network management information
Automatically discovering management information about services in a communication network
Hybrid multi-channel/cue coding/decoding of audio signals
Method for characterization, detection and prediction for target events
Whispering gallery oscillator
Multi-octave band tunable coupled-resonator oscillator
Low-noise high-stability crystal oscillator
Location tracking device
Electronic device, vibration generator, vibration-type reporting method, and report control method
Low inductance capacitor
DC-AC converter and controller IC therefor
Seismic sensors
Audible signal device and machines using same
Tunable plasma frequency devices
Optical sheet assembly with specific ranges of angles
Liquid crystal display apparatus
Method for the determination of HDL cholesterol by means of a rapid diagnostic agent with an integra...
Method and device for trichomonas detection
Method of reducing RMS load voltage in a lamp using pulse width modulation
Process for mutual separation of platinum group metals
Cooling apparatus, optical element having the same, and exposure apparatus
Exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
Stage apparatus including a correction unit to correct a wavelength variation of measurement light b...
Printing apparatus and method of controlling same
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
Print system, information processing apparatus, printing apparatus, printing method, and program
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
Image processing apparatus capable of reducing power consumption while connected to an external devi...
Optical connection device and optoelectronic hybrid apparatus including the same
Image forming apparatus with carbon based fixing material
Image forming apparatus using detection of toner image on image bearing member
Circuit board and method of manufacturing the same
Substrate with many via contact means disposed therein
Active matrix electroluminescent display devices, and their manufacture
Interposer for use with test apparatus
Reference layer openings
Fluid flow measuring and proportional fluid flow control device
Light emitting diode structure
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Memory card
Quad flat no-lead package structure and manufacturing method thereof
Reducing mutual channel interference in frequency-hopping spread spectrum wireless communication sys...
Resource management protocol for a configurable network router
Method and system for simulating performance on one or more data storage systems
Noise-tolerant signaling schemes supporting simplified timing and data recovery
Methods and apparatus for flexible forward-link and reverse-link handoffs
Bifocal cardiac stimulation device and methods
Method for precipitating finely divided solid particles
Apparatus, method and computer program product for detection of a security breach in a network
Method and system of limiting the application of sand to a railroad rail
Auxiliary power unit for a diesel powered transport vehicle
Method and apparatus for classifying vehicle operator activity state
Acceleration estimation device and vehicle
Method and apparatus for concatenated channel coding with variable code rate and coding gain in a da...
Method and arrangement for decoding using a trellis
DMA controller utilizing flexible DMA descriptors
Connector interface system facilitating communication between a media player and accessories
HDS process using selected naphtha streams
Process for desulfurizing hydrocarbon fuels and fuel components
Facsimile apparatus
Pulsation causing valve for a plural piston pump
Extruder/gear pump assembly
Circumferential flow pump
Compressor protection and diagnostic system
Short reverse rotation of compressor at startup
Dual oil supply pump
Suspension device for an electric pump
Piezoelectric devices and methods and circuits for driving same
Make-up case
Absorbent sheet made with papermaking fibers with durable curl
Insulin bolus recommendation system
Optical system operating with variable angle of incidence
Method and apparatus for estimating surface moisture content of wood chips
Multi-conic gradient generation
Image processing device
Digital image processing method and apparatus for brightness adjustment of digital images
Image scanner for use in image forming apparatus
Workstation for computerized analysis in mammography
Filter manipulator, filter, holder for a number of filter manipulators, and system comprising a filt...
Methods and apparatus for implementing a high availability fibre channel switch
Pool chemical dispenser
Road surface waste water treatment device and tubular water treatment unit
Polymeric fiber rods for separation applications
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Molecular separator
Hydrocyclone bundle
Apparatus and process for extracorporeal treatment of blood with selective extraction of solutes
Methods for removing metals from plating operation
Method of deionising and clarifying the aqueous medium used in an electrical discharge machine and t...
Passive treatment of wastewater and contaminated groundwater
Method for clarifying industrial wastewater while minimizing sludge
Controlled production and release of oxygen activated biocide into holding tanks for RV's, boats and...
Method and device for cleaning the fountain solution of a printing press
Supports for solid phase extraction
direct-current power supply and battery-powered electronic apparatus equipped with the power supply
System and method for improved time-interleaved analog-to-digital converter arrays
Acylaminothiazole derivatives, preparation and therapeutic use thereof
3-amido-1,2-benzoisoxazole derivatives, process for preparation, and use thereof
Derivatives of heterocycles with 5 members, their preparation and their use as medicaments
3,3-diphenylpropylamines useful in therapy
Forming germicidal aromatic dialdehydes with acetals
Methods and systems to enhance multiple wave mixing process
Polishing cloth and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Filter system; element configuration; and methods
Carbon dioxide foamed fluids
Discharge produced plasma EUV light source
Fluid handling surgical floormat and method
Pharmaceutical composition for thrombin peptide derivatives
Guanylhydrazone compounds, compositions, methods of making and using
Printing apparatus and print control method
System utilizing updated spam signatures for performing secondary signature-based analysis of a held...
Dihydroimidazo[5.1-a]-beta-carboline derivatives, method for their preparation, and their applicatio...
.alpha.-amino-N-hydroxy-acetamide derivatives
Cyanopyrrole-sulfonamide progesterone receptor modulators and uses thereof
PRO1508 polypeptides
PRO1758 polypeptides
PRO4352 polypeptides
PRO1785 polypeptides
Nasal-nasopharyngeal irrigating and cleansing system
Isomeric fused pyrrolocarbazoles and isoindolones
Apparatus and method for preparing samples for radiocarbon dating
Remote tapping method and system for internally tapping a conduit
Paste composition and uses thereof
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Printer, program and method for printing, image processor, program and method for image processing a...
System and method for producing a stereoscopic image of an eye fundus
Modular laser package system and associated methods
Chiral catalysts for asymmetric acylation and related transformations
Micro-cell for NMR gyroscope
Display unit
Writing device for color electronic paper
Data input devices and methods for detecting movement of a tracking surface by a laser speckle patte...
Display and device including same
Optical data storage and systems utilizing plasmon lenses
Method and system for a re-configurable optical multiplexer, de-multiplexer and optical add-drop mul...
Interactive viewpoint video system and process
Antenna device
Mounting bracket, rolling bearing and corresponding assembly method
Guide apparatus
Vacuum pre-loaded pneumatic bearing with onboard vacuum generator
Stave bearing assembly and stave for a bearing assembly
Hydrodynamic bearing, spindle motor and hard disk drive
Fluid dynamic-pressure bearing device and spindle motor
Bearing assembly with bearing sleeve having end bearing members
Slide member, manufacturing method and manufacturing apparatus of the same
Sensor-equipped rolling bearing, and rotation state detecting device
Vehicle-use bearing apparatus
Impeller hub for torque converter
Motorcycle exhaust system
Method and apparatus for storing data and replaying stored data in a temporally accurate manner
Methods and systems for remotely updating the firmware of multiple computers over a distributed netw...
Flavored sealants
Hydrometallurgical process for production of supported catalysts
Chemical-mechanical polishing of metals in an oxidized form
Toner kit, deep-color cyan toner, pale-color cyan toner, and image forming method
Golf ball
System to enhance the photocatalytic oxidation rate of contaminants through selective desorption of ...
Compounds that modulate PPAR activity and methods for their preparation
Succinate salt of O-desmethyl-venlafaxine
Photosensitive polymeric material for WORM optical data storage with two-photon fluorescent readout
Agent and method for dyeing keratin fibers
Method for treating phantom pain by peripheral administration of a neurotoxin
Memory device with multistage sense amplifier
Downstream power calibration method on cable modem
Feed forward equalizer and a method for analog equalization of a data signal
Binary transmitter and method of transmitting data in binary format
Microphone for a hearing aid
Optical transmission system constructing method and system
Integrated media input tray including electronics
System and method for providing a single-ended receive portion and a differential transmit portion i...
Method and apparatus for cancelling inter-symbol interference (ISI) within a communication channel
Polymeric stent patterns
Formable and settable polymer bone composite and method of production thereof
Compositions and methods for biodegradable microspheres as carriers of bioactive substances
Alkaline electrode tape
Mediator stabilized reagent compositions and methods for their use in electrochemical analyte detect...
Overland cargo restraint system and method
Electronic firearm sight, and method of operating same
Vehicle headlamp with daytime running light
Vehicular lamp
Vehicle headlamp
S8 after-market LED system
Vehicular lamp
Thermal insulation structure for vehicle room lamp
Light emitting module and lighting unit
Light guide plate with internal light guide elements and backlight module using the same
Light source device
Two-way backlight assembly and two-way liquid crystal display apparatus having the same
Light coupling assembly
Backlight module and brightness enhancement film thereof
Light guide plate and manufacturing method of the same
Light guide plate including sub-scattering-dots
Coupling for the mechanical and electrical connection of lighting devices
Lighting system, point source lights therefor and methods of making the same
Actuator including intermediate wall
Dispersion-compensating system
System for electromagnetic field conversion
Signal processing system
Optical coupled-resonator filters with asymmetric coupling
Tuneable grating assisted directional optical coupler
Compensating interferometer including delay lines with reduced noise
Recognition of electronic ink with late strokes
Electronic ink as a software object
Block quantization method for color halftoning
Device, system, and method for contiguous compressed data
Image encoder, image decoder, image encoding method, and image decoding method
Image compression/decompression apparatus and method
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
Virtual image artifact detection
Methods and systems for complexity-based process blending
Unified bayesian framework for shape registration
Method and system for dynamic angle interpolation in image processing
Spirometer and method to measure the ventilatory function by spirometry
Method for determining the risk of developing a skeletal condition
System for the analysis of 3D kinematic of the knee
Microsystem for determining clotting time of blood and low-cost, single-use device for use therein
Method for performing a non-invasive blood gas test
Method and system of enhanced phase suppression for phase-contrast MR imaging
Audible alarm enhancement for monitoring systems
Physiological assessment system
Impedance based reaction performance measuring device
Apparatus and method for spatially and temporally distributing cardiac electrical stimulation
Method of producing comb or star copolymers using epoxy-functionalized nitroxylethers
Multi-layer articles including a fluoroelastomer layer and a barrier layer and method of making the ...
Vent plug for milking liner
Self-cleaning pet litter box assembly
Bird perch holder
Closed face reel
Oscillation mechanism for a spinning reel
Zirconia sintered body and a method for producing the same
Coated conductive particle coated conductive particle manufacturing method anisotropic conductive ma...
Immunomodulatory compounds
Arylamidine derivative or salt thereof
Diantimony pentoxide sol and method for its preparation
Process for production of living radical polymers and polymers
Curable silicone resin composition
Polyarylene oxide and method of producing the same
Pyrimidine compounds and their use
Gathering data relating to electrical components picked from stacked trays
Method and apparatus for recording and utilizing unknown signals of remote control devices
Fiber tip detector apparatus and related methods
Optical disk and method of integrating a high gain RFID antenna
Method of variable position strap mounting for RFID transponder
Method and system for providing tracking services to locate an asset
System using radio frequency identification (RFID) for copy management of digital media
Integration framework
Information card system
System and method for low average power dermatologic light treatment device
Secondary battery power storage system
Chemical heat source for use in smoking articles
Positive electrode for lithium-sulfur battery and lithium-sulfur battery fabricated using same
Method for making a passive device structure
Method of forming a conduit using a wound sacrificial layer
Uses of human Zven proteins and polynucleotides
Methods of treating restenosis
Neurotrophin antagonist compositions
Substituted 2-carbonylamino-6-piperidinaminopyridines and substituted 1-carbonylamino-3-piperidinami...
Display of diagnostic data
System and method for relaxing laying hen
Predicting avatar movement in a distributed virtual environment
Data processor and method for using a data processor with debug circuit
Plurality of loader modules with a CO- ordinator module where selected loader module executes and ea...
MRI system having reduced acoustic noise
Double-balanced double-tuned CP birdcage with similar field profiles
Contrast enhancement in magnetic resonance imaging
Split type NMR superconductive magnet device and NMR apparatus for solution analysis with different ...
Impact device with a rotable control valve
Valve device
Apparatus and method for changing printing sleeves on a printing machine
Demultiplexer for channel interleaving
Baking oven
Grate structure for solid fuel burners
Reinforced casting cores for metal casting, manufacture and use
Fluidized-bed gasification and combustion furnace
Organic photoreceptor, an image forming method, an image forming apparatus and a process cartridge
Low tolerance polysilicon resistor for low temperature silicide processing
Flashlight attachment arrangement
Bicycle gear shifting control apparatus
Motorized front derailleur assembly with saver arrangement
Variable-ratio transmission device
Device for the metered administration of a fluid drug
Bradykinin-B1 antagonists, process for their preparation and their use as medicaments
Bicycle electrical wire cover apparatus
PC-based automobile owner's manual, diagnostics, and auto care
Electronically servo-assisted bicycle gearshift and related method
Bicycle derailleur with a motor disposed within a linkage mechanism
Bicycle twist-grip shift control device with parallel gearing
Personal transport vehicle system and method
Bike rack having quick folding/unfolding function
Bicycle shift control apparatus that cancels a tentative shift
Folding bicycle
Bicycle rim
Releasable securing apparatus and method of using same
Optimizing a graphics rendering pipeline using early Z-mode
Ocular pressure regulation
Coating liquid for forming porous silica
Method and apparatus for producing high-purity hydrogen
Fuel cell shutdown and startup purge using a stoichiometric staged combustor
Fuel cell end plate
Reactant feed for nested stamped plates for a compact fuel cell
Electrostatic/electrostrictive actuation of elastomer structures using compliant electrodes
Plasma immersion ion implantation process using a capacitively couple plasma source having low disso...
C10/C7 ester mixtures based on 2-propylheptanol
Solid oxide fuel cell with external manifolds
Data modem
Image forming apparatus
Ambulatory patient support mechanism
Infant hydration monitor
Method and device for performing cooling- or cryo-therapies for, e.g., angioplasty with reduced rest...
Methods and devices for heart valve treatments
Inflammatory mediator antagonists
Blockade of protein C activation reduces microvascular surgical blood loss
Method for detecting the von Willebrand factor-cleaving protease activity of ADAMTS-13
Substituted biaryl amides C5a receptor modulators
Milking device provided with cleansing means
Cutlery tray with roll-top closure
Anti-dermatophytic preparation and use thereof
Multicomponent composition for photodegradable and biodegradable plastic articles and the use thereo...
Dental implant with porous body
Organic shaped interface for dental implant devices
Modified oxide
Dynamic cooling of computing systems
Liquid crystal display and driving method thereof
Measuring system for determining the electromechanical coupling characteristics of a PZT vibrator
Solid state image sensing device and photographing apparatus
Method and apparatus for monitoring a network using statistical information stored in a memory entry
Scanning exposure technique
Distributed router forwarding architecture employing global translation indices
High speed modulation of optical subcarriers
Multiplexing control system and multiplexing method therefor
Multiplexing control system and multiplexing method therefor
Target volume based torque phase control during upshift
Method for controlling an operating condition of a vehicle engine
Magnetic bearing device and turbo molecular pump with the magnetic bearing device mounted thereto
Method of simulating deformation of rubber material
Solid electrolytic capacitor and manufacturing method therefor
Architecture for power modules such as power inverters
Methods of programming non-volatile memory devices including transition metal oxide layer as data st...
Automatic gearbox
Fully enclosed, folding, expandable multi-antechamber for emergencies
Blank cartridge devices for attachment over a muzzle flash suppressor
Control of deposition and other processes
Tactical gear receptacle with accessories mounting rail
Horizontal string supporting bow holders
Stapler safety device to limit motion of striker
System, method, and apparatus for passive, multi-spectral, optical identification of remote objects
Tailgate seatback and accessory holding system
Ultrasensitive biochemical sensor
QWIP with tunable spectral response
System and method for control of seismic data acquisition
Stent having radiopaque markers and method of fabricating the same
Thin film deposition method and thin film deposition apparatus
Rapid screening and analysis of present and potential nerve agents and their degradation products
Gas barrier substrate and method for manufacturing the same
Organic electroluminescent display device comprising ultraviolet light stabilizer
Dual panel type organic electroluminescent display device and method of fabricating the same
Circuit for driving flat panel display
Organic EL panel drive circuit and organic EL display device using the same drive circuit
Organic electroluminescent device
Bottom electrode chemically-bonded Langmuir-Blodgett films via photolabile groups
Organic electronic circuit and method for making the same
Light emitting element including a barrier layer and a manufacturing method thereof
Organic electroluminescent device
Systems and methods that provide external network access from a protected network
Microorganisms and processes for enhanced production of pantothenate
Nucleic acid fragment encoding an NRPS for the biosynthesis of anthramycin
Regulation of target protein activity through modifier proteins
11,12-lactone bicyclolides
Use of sublethal concentrations of anti-invasin compounds to therapeutically or prophylactically tre...
Nucleotide mimics and their prodrugs
Use of Low-Molecular-Weight Highly Sulfated Polysaccharide Derivatives for Modulating Angiogenesis
Protein Binding Compounds
Methods of Diagnosis
Allylic disulfide rearrangement and desulfurization method for the preparation of allylic sulfides
siRNA targeting EPH receptor A4 (EPHA4)
siRNA targeting centromere protein E, 312kDa (CENPE)
siRNA targeting MAD2 mitotic arrest deficient-like (MAD2L2)
siRNA targeting minichromosome maintenance deficient 7 (MCM7)
siRNA targeting pituitary tumor-transforming 1 (PTTG1)
siRNA targeting RAD1 homolog (RAD1)
Method for Generating Transcripts
Hydrophobic derivatives of natural biodegradable polysaccharides and uses thereof
Camptothecin analogs and methods of preparation thereof
Antiglare coating and articles
Organic light emitting devices
Surface graft material, conductive pattern material, and production method thereof
Photoelectric conversion element and method of manufacturing the same
Remote sensing and communication system
Monitor and method for sensing temperature differences
DC/DC converter having transistor switches with flywheel diodes and program for controlling the tran...
Inhibitors of hedgehog signaling pathways, compositions and uses related thereto
System and method for constructing and personalizing a universal information classifier
Patient monitor integration into nurse call system and method
Dielectric barrier discharge lamp having divided electrodes
Computer virus screening methods and systems
Method and a device for abstracting instruction sequences with tail merging
Semiconductor light emitting device and semiconductor light emitting unit
Semiconductor memory device having a voltage-controlled-oscillator-based readout circuit
Toner for electrostatically charged image development, manufacturing method thereof, image forming m...
Cache-conscious concurrency control scheme for database systems
Method and system for capturing a note-taking session using processing sensor
Photosensing throughout energy range and in subranges
Wastegate actuator mounting bracket, turbocharger incorporating the bracket, and method of using sam...
Location-based bookmarks
Bioerodible conducting materials
Method and device for reproducing additional data in synchronization with main data using time infor...
Circuit substrate
Method and apparatus for penetrating tissue
Method for preparing low viscosity tricondensate polyfunctional isocyanates
Phosphor and production method of the same and light source and LED using the phosphor
Pressure controlled fluid pressure extrusion method
Apparatus and method for transmitting/receiving preamble sequence in orthogonal frequency division m...
Optical compensation plate, polarizing plate using the same and image display apparatus using the sa...
Fuel cell system having inlet fuel to more than one and/or recycle to less than all of the fuel fiel...
Image sensing apparatus and power managing method
Clock control circuit and clock control method that switchingly supplies a high-speed clock and a lo...
Electronic high intensity discharge lamp driver
Laser enhanced plating for forming wiring patterns
Multiplexed systems for nucleic acid sequencing
Nucleic acid labeling compounds
Hybrid anion exchanger for selective removal of contaminating ligands from fluids and method of manu...
Calibration standard for transmission electron microscopy
Ultra low-cost solid-state memory
Ultrahigh density ferroelectric storage and lithography by high order ferroic switching
Encryption to BCC recipients with S/MIME
GPS reference system providing synthetic reference phases for controlling accuracy of high integrity...
Efficient space-time adaptive processing (STAP) filter for global positioning system (GPS) receivers
Chemical vapor deposition plasma process using plural ion shower grids
Work function control of metals
Fabricating a self-aligned bipolar transistor having increased manufacturability
Assessment of human papilloma virus-related disease
Express signaling in a wireless communication system
Download and display of system tags in wireless communication systems
Location-aware fitness training device, methods, and program products that support real-time interac...
Apparatus and method for use in paging mode in wireless communications systems
Instant messaging terminal adapted for Wi-Fi access points
Method and apparatus for regulating base station ACK/NAK message transmit power in a wireless commun...
Method, access point and WTRU for controlling transmission power levels of uplink/downlink communica...
Negotiated wireless peripheral security systems
Method and system for dynamic variation of orginal message length in a reply message
Exactly once cache framework
Performing server actions using template with field that can be completed without obtaining informat...
Self-installing peripheral device with memory wherein in response to user request for additional sto...
Dynamically customizing a user interface for the aggregation of content
Incremental plotting of network topologies and other graphs through use of markup language
Virtual telemicroscope
Method of electronic message delivery with penalties for unsolicited messages
Packaging machine and method for closing containers
Method and circuit for processing data in communication networks
Color space transformations for use in identifying objects of interest in biological specimens
Roaming service method and system in multi-zone private wireless network systems
Apparatus and method for managing device information through networks
Method for synchronizing mobile communication terminal with neighbor cell in call connection state
Method and apparatus of alerting a user of a mobile electronic device
Apparatus and method for efficient data storage using a FIFO memory
Black and white stretching system and method for improving contrast of a picture
System for storing working context in a non-volatile memory while in a power-off suspend mode and re...
High speed optical routing apparatus and method
Developing unit having foldable handle and image forming apparatus having the same
Method and apparatus for adaptively performing defect scan according to channel characteristics
Method for image forming capable of performing fast and stable sheet transfer operations
Method and apparatus for processing sauerkraut for packaging in single-serve packets
Wing holder
Shrub rose plant named `JACwipet`
Sutera plant named `DANCOP15`
Southern highbush blueberry plant named `Camellia`
Salvia plant named `Pink Friesland`
Petunia plant named `Blue Frill Pink`
Catharanthus plant named `SAKURAI 15`
Lavender plant named `D01-24`
Isoxazole derivatives and methods of treating nitric oxide mediated diseases
GLP-1 derivative and preparation thereof absorbable via mucous membrane
Assays for trichomonal and other hydrolases
Process for the preparation of 2'-halo-.beta.-L-arabinofuranosyl nucleosides
Transformed cell, method of screening anti-aging agent and anti-aging agent
Cyclic derivatives as modulators of chemokine receptor activity
CXCR4 chemokine receptor binding compounds
Peptide having an affinity for gp120
Method and device for detecting feline immunodeficiency virus
Authenticating A Registration Request With A Mobility Key Provided To An Authenticator
High Amylopectin Maize
Compositions and methods for regulating polysaccharides of a plant cell
Methods for producing fertile crosses between wild and domestic soybean species
Rose plant named 'SAVASLEEP'
Argyranthemum frutescens plant named 'Argyrayesi'
Variety of canna named 'LON01'
Systems and methods for secure transaction management and electronic rights protection
In ovo activation of an egg in the shell
Nucleic acid molecules and other molecules associated with plants
Protein Kinase Stress-Related Proteins and Methods of Use in Plants
Nucleic Acids Conferring Lipid and Sugar Alterations in Plants ll
Cotton Cultivar PM 2140 B2RF
Disease resistance factors
Composite panels
Multipurpose apparatus for mounting objects and repairing drywall
Multi-tiered, expandable panel structures and methods of manufacturing the same
Poly(ureaurethane)s, articles and coatings prepared therefrom and methods of making the same
Mortar Compositions with Base on Ultra-Fine Clinker, Refined Sand and Chemical Additives
Integrally Waterproofed Concrete
Nanoparticulate Chemical Sensors Using SERS
Insecticide Compositions
Metallic soaps of modified fatty acids and rosin acids and methods of making and using same
MGluR5 modulators V
MGluR5 modulators I
MGluR5 modulators VI
mGluR5 modulators II
MGluR5 modulators IV
mGluR5 modulators III
Resin composition and molded article, film and fiber each comprising the same
Dispersant Using Kraft Lignin and Novel Lignin Derivative
System for making dried singulated crosslinked cellulose pulp fibers
Ultraviolet light curing compositions for composite repair
Ultraviolet light curing compositions for composite repair
Corner flashing for windows and the like
Cement compositions comprising aromatic sulfonated polymers and methods of using the same
Sheetrock knife and holder apparatus
Pulp flaker
Artificial stone and formation therefor
Decorative sheet
Method for direct detection of fungal pathogens
Multistage process for the manufacture of peroxide-cured HXNBR-polyamide thermoplastic vulcanizates
Fire resistant and/or water resistant enclosure for operable computer digital data storage device
Drain line adapter air gap fitting
Method of reducing the organic carbon content of production waste water in the course of the prepara...
Composite filter and method and apparatus for producing high purity water using the composite filter
Functional device and method for producing the same
Silica-based film, method of forming the same, composition for forming insulating film for semicondu...
Method for Deashing Syrup by Electrodialysis
Process for Purification Treatment of Wastewater Containing Organic Substance
Reverse osmosis water filtering system
Hydrogen peroxide based water treatment system and method
Thickener for Alkaline Battery and Alkaline Battery
Solvent Composition
Capsulated toner
Hydrocratic generator
Resin Composition for Forming Fine Pattern and Method for Forming Fine Pattern
Azo Compound, Ink Composition, and Colored Object
Lyophilized pellets
Exposure Apparatus, Exposure Method, and Device Fabricating Method
Method for producing L-amino acids using the GAP promoter
Exposure apparatus, method for cleaning memeber thereof, maintenance method for exposure apparatus, ...
Method of Decomposing Polyhydroxyalkanoate Resin
Method for producing a biosensor
Cleaning compositions for hard to remove organic material
Non-immunogenic, hydrophilic/cationic block copolymers and uses thereof
Synthetase Enzymes
Porous adsorptive or chromatographic media
Process for preparing lansoprazole
Combined Cosmetic or Therapeutic Preparation
Method of treating a condition associated with phosphorylation of TASK-1
Assay for lanthanum hydroxycarbonate
Inhibition of nephrotoxicity induced by Trasylol.RTM. and like agents
Method of deactivating dust mite allergens
Anti-Tumour Terpene Compounds
Wrinkle Reduction Agent, Lipolysis Accelerator, Composition for External Use on Skin, and Food or Be...
Morinda herbal extracts and compositions thereof
Kiwi Extract
Formulations and Methods for Treating Breast Cancer with Morinda Citrifolia and Methylsulfonymethane
Seeds of the genus lecythis as nutritional selenium carrier
Composition containing an extract of rubi fructus for preventing and treaing anxiety, depression and...
Fungus Having Activity of Controlling Disease of Gramineous Plant, Controlling Agent Using the Same,...
Treatment and screening methods for promoting neurogenesis
Antiviral Compositions And Methods Of Using The Same
Vasoactive agent intraocular implant
Covalent Grafting of Hydrophobic Substances on Collagen
Methods and sequences to suppress primate huntington gene expression in vivo
Integrated filter assembly
External shock absorber
Data storage device with bit patterned media with staggered islands
Attitude determination exploiting geometry constraints
System and method for displaying information
Navigation system for a vehicle
Method and an arrangement for scrollable cross point navigation in a user interface
Process for the production of a plant growth stimulator from fly ash
Q-damping circuit including a diode acting as a resistor for damping a high temperature superconduct...
Ionomer resins as interlayers for use with imbedded or attached IR reflective or absorptive films in...
Mutations affecting plasmid copy number
Computing device with user interface for navigating a contacts list
System and method for controlling devices in home network environment
Device driver processing for automated system restores
On-demand digital asset management and distribution method and system
Methods and systems for maintaining an encrypted video memory subsystem
Data processing method and apparatus, recording medium, reproducing method and apparatus using the s...
Associating image files with media content
Enforcing uniform file-locking for diverse file-locking protocols
System and apparatus for storage and transfer of secure data on web
Graphic user interface for a storage system
Access to disk storage using file attribute information
Isolating the evaluation of actual test results against expected test results from the test module t...
Repeater device for communications with an implantable medical device
Site evaluation system and site evaluation program storage medium
Memory device capable of stable data writing
Method of fabricating semiconductor device having capacitor
Aerosol delivery apparatus and method for pressure-assisted breathing systems
System and method for providing effective file-sharing in a computer system to allow concurrent mult...
Hybrid laminated fiber sheets
Citrus-derived cosmetic and medicinal composition and associated methods
Method and system for capturing a note-taking session using sensor with identifier
Source code editor for editing multilanguage documents
System and method for operating an internal combustion engine with hydrogen blended with conventiona...
Body armor forearm protector
Golf glove perforation pattern
Golf glove
Aquarium ornament
Retractable tether
Animal toy
Pet toy
Buffing pad
Vacuum cleaner head
Cleansing article
Portion of a handle for a squeegee or the like
Large dishrack
Dish rack
Sink mat
Waste container
Combined garbage and recycling dual chamber container
Process for preparing 3-aryloxy-phenylacetic acid compounds
Geospatial modeling system for separating foliage data from building data based upon loose and stric...
Management of two-queue request structure for quality of service in disk storage systems
Coupling GP processor with reserved instruction interface via coprocessor port with operation data f...
Split data-flow scheduling mechanism
Methods and systems for protecting information in paging operating systems
System and method for failover
Method and apparatus for testing memories with different read/write protocols using the same program...
Interactive television program guide for recording enhanced video content
Video scene change detection
Progressive video refresh slice detection
Content scrambling with minimal impact on legacy devices
Deterministically generating block substitution tables which meet a given standard of nonlinearity
Method for blindly embedding and extracting a watermark by using wavelet transform and an HVS model
Full history time-temperature indicator system
Interleukin-8 homologous polypeptides and therapeutic uses thereof
Communication device
User interface module
Housing for a communication device
User interface
Housing for a communication device or similar articles
User interface
User interface module
Cleavable oligonucleotide arrays
User interface module
Apparatus and method for MALDI source control with external image capture
Focusing device based on bonded plate structures
Energy diversity antenna and system
Shield frame for a radio frequency shielding assembly
Dual port modulator
Component interconnect with self-clocking data
Apparatus and method for transmitting and receiving data using partial chase combining
Dataflow graph compression for power reduction in a vector processor
Headset for a radio communication device
User interface module
Synthetic substrate for high specificity enzymatic assays
Ink and ink set for ink jet printing and method of ink jet printing
Composition containing polymer having ionic functional group, ink composition, and image-forming met...
Production method of .beta.-amino acid
Inhibitors of p38 kinase
Stackable refuse cart
Container having a helical grip
Container having a helical grip
Hair treatment applicator device
Cleaning implement
Disposable absorbent articles having multiple absorbent core components including replaceable compon...
Toner binder for electrophotography and toner for electrophotography
Toner processes
Polymerizable composition and image-recording material using the same
Photothermographic material
Liquid laundry detergent with an alkoxylated ester surfactant
Superabsorbent polymer
Titanium dioxide pigment coated with hollow bodies and method for its manufacture
Photosensitive ceramic composite and method for manufacturing multilayer substrate including the com...
Emulsion polymerization methods involving lightly modified clay and compositions comprising same
Optical head with lasers and mirrors in a recess formed in a substrate
System for withdrawing body fluid
Detecting molecular binding by monitoring feedback controlled cantilever deflections
Hard surface cleaning compositions comprising suspended alginate inclusions
Nectarine tree named `NJN100`
Stylized writing instrument
Scented candles
Photoprotecting/cosmetic compositions comprising benzotriazole and bis-resorcinyltriazine
Installation method, activation method, execution apparatus and medium of application program
Ferment activator based on lactic acid bacteria and method for preparing a dairy product using same
MIMO TCM with constellation rotation and coordinate swapping
Slide bearing for cooling water circulation pump in fuel cell
Process cartridge preventing winding and image forming apparatus
Cutting balloon catheter having a segmented blade
Wired circuit board
Compositional and structural gradients for fuel cell electrode materials
Image data acquisition optimisation
Aggregating sensor data
Discharge lamp lighting circuit
Process for removal of impurities from an oxidizer purge stream
Extracts from black yeast for whitening skin
Inorganic contaminant removal from water
Stabilized polyolefin compositions
Recyclable polymer and process for production thereof
Method of producing polymer network
Single or multi-color high efficiency light emitting diode (LED) by growth over a patterned substrat...
Developing apparatus and assembly method of developing apparatus
Fluoroacrylate-mercaptofunctional copolymers
Composition and associated method
Compact shooter localization system and method
Multi piston electro-mechanical transduction apparatus
Method for increasing accuracy of measurement of mean polarization mode dispersion
Hole-assisted holey fiber and low bending loss multimode holey fiber
Optical fiber detection method and system
Apparatus and method for controlling transmission through a photonic band gap crystal
Fiber access terminal
Device and method for automatic connection and disconnection of the binding cables within a distribu...
Optical fiber holding apparatus and optical fiber fusion-splicing apparatus including the same
Method and system for compensating residual dispersion curvature
Fiber-coupled multiplexed confocal microscope
Method and device for providing a minimum congestion flow of ethernet traffic transported over a SDH...
Wireless broadband service
Half-wavelength micropost microcavity with electric field maximum in the high-refractive-index mater...
Optical interface assembly and method of formation
Apparatus and method for on-line binder laylength measurement and adjustment
Optical converter formed from flexible strips
Optical transmission device
Face mask with anti-fog folding
High loft low density nonwoven webs of crimped filaments and methods of making same
Low density flexible resilient absorbent open-cell thermoplastic foam
System and method for disguising personal care products
Strong high loft low density nonwoven webs and laminates thereof
Aromatic compositions as inhibitors of exoprotein production in non-absorbent articles
Synergistic fluorochemical treatment blend
Method and apparatus for making a wrapped absorbent core
Method and system relating to a multi-lateral trade engine for payment transactions
System and method for distributing information in a network environment
Strong mutual authentication of devices
Grooved active and passive adsorbent filters
Method of making a read sensor while protecting it from electrostatic discharge (ESD) damage
Optical disc drive and brake control method thereof
Write driver with continuous impedance match and improved common mode symmetry
Device for limiting current in a sensor
System and method for determining head-disk contact in a magnetic recording disk drive by magnetores...
Systems and methods for multipass servowriting with a null burst pattern
Low frequency disturbance compensation control device and disk drive using the same
Signal reproducing method and storage apparatus
Disk drive including a spindle motor and a pivot bearing cartridge attached to different layers of a...
Disk drive with support structure for disk-vibration capacitive sensors
Magnetic head with thin trailing pedestal layer
Tape drive head cleaner
Disk head suspension arm having comb receiving portion
Rotary head drum apparatus including a rotary drum having a head and a switch for selecting the head...
Microactuated suspension with shear transmission of force
External coil bias for giant magneto-resistive sensor
Ferromagnetic layered material having reliable uniaxial anisotropy
CPP magneto resistive head with decreased variation in asymmetry and output
Magnetic apparatus with perpendicular recording medium and head having multilayered reproducing elem...
Thermal transfer image-receiving sheet
Portable optical intrusion detection system
Data processing system, information processing apparatus, data processing method, and computer progr...
Event-based application for performing configuration changes in a networked environment
Heterogeneous network file access
Federated multiprotocol communication
Graphical program node for displaying acquired images
System and method for an enhanced snapshot pointer
Method for controlling storage policy according to volume activity
Memory leak detection system and method using contingency analysis
Autonomic method and apparatus for counting branch instructions to generate branch statistics meant ...
Information architecture for the interactive environment
Graphical user interface for an enterprise intrusion detection system
Transparent interface migration using a computer-readable mapping between a first interface and a se...
System and method for memory leak detection in a virtual machine environment
Pharmaceutical composition comprising factor VII polypeptides and TAFI polypeptides
Immunogenic detoxified mutant E. coli LT-A toxin
Alcohol-free transdermal insulin composition
Method for treating patients with massive blood loss
Methods of treating various cancers using melanoma differentiation associated protein-7
Compositions and methods for identifying agents which regulate chromosomal stability, gene activatio...
Cancer treatment composition and method using natural plant essential oils
Conjugate addition reactions for the controlled delivery of pharmaceutically active compounds
Detection of spectrin and spectrin proteolytic cleavage products in assessing nerve cell damage
Branched polyalkylene glycols
Preparation of a cell concentrate from a physiological solution
Erythrovirus and its applications
Transgenic animals and cell lines for screening drugs effective for the treatment or prevention of A...
Screening process for atopic dermatitis
Medical device for analyte monitoring and drug delivery
Variable resonator and variable phase shifter
Method and apparatus for determining extreme blood pressure values
Carrier interferometry coding and multicarrier processing
Reception method and receiver array for a duplex transmission system
Maltweb multi-axis viewing interface and higher level scoping
Pipelined architecture for global analysis and index building
Method and system for identifying image relatedness using link and page layout analysis
Friendly URLs
Method and system for detecting user intentions in retrieval of hint sentences
Index partitioning based on document relevance for document indexes
Presentation-level content filtering for a search result
Apparatus, method, and program for retrieving structured documents
Optical interrogation system and method for 2-D sensor arrays
Noise attenuating headset
Method and magnetic resonance tomography apparatus for graphic planning of angiographic exposures us...
System for and method of manufacturing optical/electronic integrated circuits
Method and instrument for detecting biomolecular interactions
Optical resonator formed in a planar optical waveguide with a distributed optical structure
Optical processor using detecting assembly and method using same
Use of glasses containing rare earth oxide, alumina, and zirconia and dopant in optical waveguides
Entangled photon fourier transform spectroscopy
Semiconductor memory device with ability to adjust impedance of data output driver
Noisy clock test method and apparatus
Methods and circuits for latency control in accessing memory devices
Medical simulation apparatus and method for controlling 3-dimensional image display in the medical s...
Measuring formation density through casing
Computer tomography method using redundant measured values
Finding unexercised logic for use in code coverage testing
Computer program for storing electronic files and associated attachments in a single searchable data...
System and method for provisioning a provisionable network device with a dynamically generated boot ...
Method for determining access time of repeatedly broadcast objects
Method to block unauthorized access to TFTP server configuration files
Method and system for roller pair adjustment
Methods and systems for mounting an imaging media cartridge to a printer
Assembly and method for reducing shaft deflection
Digital system bus for use in low power instruments such as hearing aids and listening devices
Apparatus and method for calibrating and compensating for distortion of an output signal in a smart ...
Method and device for generating a CT data set
Membrane with bumps, method of manufacturing the same, and method of testing electrical circuit
Vehicle tire with RFID tag
Enhanced data converters using compression and decompression
Rearview video output device
Transparent digitiser
Method of deactivating device lock state, and electronic device
Electro-optical device and electronic apparatus
Procedure for detecting and classifying impurities in longitudinally moving textile inspection mater...
Image forming apparatus
Electrophoretic apparatus and electronic equipment
Systems and methods for producing a sound pressure field
Wireless and wired cable modem applications of universal frequency translation technology
Identification system for monitoring the presence / absence of members of a defined set
Dual modality tomography apparatus with a patient support device
Storage stability of photoinitiators
Use of a supplemental promoter in conjunction with a carbon-supported, noble-metal-containing cataly...
Device and system for enhanced SPECT, PET, and Compton scatter imaging in nuclear medicine
Photoconductor imagers with sandwich structure
Solid-state X-ray detector
X-ray radiation detector, X-ray imaging apparatus, X-ray CT apparatus and method of manufacturing X-...
Metal shield alarm in a nuclear quadrupole resonance/X-ray contraband detection system
Illumination optical system and exposure apparatus having the same
Light control unit
Lens made of a crystalline material
Circular extinction contrast imaging microscope
Substrate holding system and exposure apparatus using the same
Methods and devices for quantitative analysis of x-ray images
Automatic protocol assistance methods and apparatus
System for phase-contrast x-ray radiography using X pinch radiation and a method thereof
Optoelectronic fiber photodetector
Phosphor, method of manufacturing same, and plasma display panel using same
Surface-treated steel sheets of good white rust resistance, and method for producing them
Methods for identifying small molecules that modulate premature translation termination and nonsense...
Speaker tracking on a multi-core in a packet based conferencing system
Cell phone having local wireless conference call capabilities
Method and system for multi-protocol label switching (MPLS) based data flow aggregation in a third g...
Error-rate management in wireless systems
Method and system for acquiring ultra-wide-bandwidth communications signals using sequential block s...
3G radio
Signal pulse detection scheme for use in real-time spectrum analysis
Selected-wavelength tuning filter and optical add/drop multiplexer
Communication control method and communication control system
Power amplifier efficiency
Receiver gain management
Radio communicate method and system
Method for ascertaining a billing tariff for a data transfer
Apparatus, and associated method, for retrieving mobile-node device management tree information
Method of activating an in-vehicle wireless communication device
Communication support system, information processing terminal, radiotelephone network, message serve...
Admission control method and device in mobile communication system
Radio mobile terminal communication system
Hands-free function
Storage system having a disposable vacuum bag
Foldable air insulating sleeve
Dispensing system for blended frozen food compositions
Stresscopins and their uses
Product and process of forming a food product
Process of making a homogeneous cheese
Microbially expressed xylanases and their use as feed additives and other uses
Toaster with removable imaging plates
Dispenser with sealed chamber, one-way valve and needle penetrable and laser resealable stopper
Cactaceae plant named `Harmony`
Interspecific tree named `Dapple Jack`
Miniature rose plant `JENeight`
Floribunda rose plant named `Poulcas026`
Petunia plant named `Blue Salmon Pink`
Calibrachoa plant named `Sunbelsafu`
Alstroemeria plant named `Mauve Majesty`
Coreopsis plant named `Autumn Blush` auriculata `Nana`)
Osteospermum plant named `GG DEL WC06`
Ageratum plant named `Agpatbicpuli`
Calibrachoa plant named `Sunbelriterra`
Impatiens plant named `Imtrabastar`
pKa Buffered Flavor Enhanced Reduced Moisture Fruits and Vegetables
Sparkling juice antioxidant beverage composition
Coffee-Derived Surfactants
Method for Making a Predetermined Quantity of Beverage
Device for treating fruit
Antimicrobial Peptides
Taste improving substances
Low-calorie foods and process of making the same
Flour and dough compositions and related methods
Brewing apparatus for preparing foam, froth, or crema under low pressure
Process for thickening food having reduced oil and fat content
N-acetylglucosamine as a food and beverage additive