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System and method for manufacturing and updating insertable portable operating system module
Combining write-barriers within an inner loop with fixed step
Lazy compilation of template-generated classes in dynamic compilation execution environments
Dynamic distributed make
Java hardware accelerator using microcode engine
Method and system for eliminating redundant execution sequences that appear in workloads during work...
Method to collect address trace of instructions executed
Method and apparatus for setting breakpoints when debugging integrated executables in a heterogeneou...
Software code management method and apparatus
Robust software library wrapper method and apparatus
Method and device for providing computer system component data
Dynamic objects with property slot definition and runtime mechanisms
Method and circuit for correcting power amplifier distortion
Apparatus and method for identification of a new secondary code start point following a return from ...
Structure for supporting the spindle in a machine tool and method for the manufacture thereof
Ontology-based information management system and method
Methods, systems, and programming for performing speech recognition
Control device, a control module, a module battery and a control system
Multi-adaptive processing systems and techniques for enhancing parallelism and performance of comput...
Method of switching connection of a gateway card from a processor, which has entered a low power mod...
Continuous battery charger system
Methods and apparatus for providing a partial dual-encrypted stream in a conditional access overlay ...
Method and system for reducing lead-time in the packaging industry
Method and system for assisted culling and reformatting of encoded microtubes
GSSP4 polynucleotides and polypeptides and uses thereof
Monitor for auditory prosthesis
Collapsible vehicle ramp
Stabilized ascorbic acid derivatives
Method for manufacturing non-oriented electrical steel sheet having high magnetic flux density
Closed-loop feedback for maximizing Cpk in progressive forming operations
Antenna segment system
Dual sensor oxygen therapy device
Method for measuring gaseous species by derivation
Method and single or multiple platen press for the manufacture of wood material boards
Digital options having demand-based, adjustable returns, and trading exchange therefor
Method and apparatus for detecting array degradation and logic degradation
Pyrazolopyridine derivatives as selective cox-2 inhibitors
Dual-damascene metallization interconnection
Method and system for capturing a note-taking session
Methods for emitting volatile compositions
Pressure relief device for aerosol can
Pressurised metered dose inhalers (MDI)
Cooking control method of microwave oven and apparatus for performing the same
Method, system and medium for controlling semiconductor wafer processes using critical dimension mea...
Hardware security device for magnetic memory cells
Semiconductor light source
Apparatus and method for correction of error caused by reverse saturation current mismatch
Apparatus and methods for making capacitive measurements of cathode fall in fluorescent lamps
Method and apparatus for making loaves crustless, sliced bread
Combined bracelet or ring jewelry linkage
Information processing apparatus, method, and computer program
Electrical conductor wedge connector splice
Stable high temperature heater with serpentine heating strands on insulative substrate
Novel formulations of pharmacological agents, methods for the preparation thereof and methods for th...
Novel formulations of pharmacological agents, methods for the preparation thereof and methods for th...
Treatment or prevention of cardiovascular and respiratory disorders with novel substituted cyclic-am...
Spirocyclic compounds
4-Aminopyrimidine-5-thione derivatives
Met kinase inhibitors
Methods and compositions of novel triazine compounds
Nicotinoyl riboside compositions and methods of use
Novel ligand activators of the RAR receptors and pharmaceutical/cosmetic applications thereof
Glucagon-like-peptide-2 (GLP-2) analogues
Reducing Facial Aging and Appliance Therefor
Use of ULIP proteins in the diagnosis and therapy of cancers and paraneoplastic neurological syndrom...
Oligonucleotides useful for detecting and analyzing nucleic acids of interest
Regulation of novel human asparagine-hydroxylases
Novel activin receptor and uses thereof
Disease simulation system and method
Probe for Identifying Injection Site for Deep Brain Neural Prostheses
Neural stimulation therapy system for atherosclerotic plaques
Multiple-pouch intragastric balloons, surgical device for expanding said balloon and method for maki...
Methods and devices for maintaining a space occupying device in a relatively fixed location within a...
Obesity treatment tools and methods
Obesity treatment tools and methods
Iontophoresis challenge for monitoring cardiovascular status
Catalyzed process of making C-5-substituted heterocyclic inhibitors of 11beta-hydroxy steroid dehydr...
Calcium bis [ (2S) - 3- [3-[ (2S) -3- (4-chloro-2-cyanophenoxy) -2- fluoropropoxy]phenyl ]-2-isoprop...
Bicyclic indolinesulphonamide derivatives
Substituted 3-amido-tetrahydro-indazolyl cannabinoid modulators
5-HTP combination therapy
Receptor antagonist
Compositions for affecting weight loss
N-sulfamoyl-N'-benzopyranpiperidine compounds and uses thereof
Method and system of decrypting disc
Optical recording method
Digital copying method and storage device for digital content
Cryptographic security method and electronic devices suitable therefor
System and a method for giving run authorization to a program installed on a computer
System and method for securing data on private networks
Threshold cryptography scheme for conditional access systems
Consumption of content
Information processing device, information processing method, and program storage medium
Method and device for encryption and decryption
Wireless secure device
System and method for authentication of a roaming subscriber
Digital watermarking device, digital watermark insertion method and digital watermark detection meth...
Cart handle
Trash can assembly
Ironing board
Ironing board
Scraper blade for a conveyor belt cleaner
Nozzle of electric vacuum cleaner
Vacuum cleaner
Hand held vacuum device
Game feeder
Animal bowl
Dog bowl
Hair roller
Crown head hair roller
Combined liquid and lotion container, applicator and cover
Floor lamp support
Light fixture
ABIST-assisted detection of scan chain defects
Secure processor architecture for use with a digital rights management (DRM) system on a computing d...
Automatic conversion of all-zero data storage blocks into file holes
Secure system unit mobility
Method and system for providing services for wireless data calls
Conference support apparatus, information processor, teleconference system and computer product
Selective synchronization of web browsers
Method and system for retrieving information, and computer product
Systems and methods for backing up data files
Querying database system to execute stored procedures using abstract data type attributes, retrievin...
Hardware/software management, purchasing and optimization system
System and method for accessing and annotating electronic medical records using multi-modal interfac...
Clock tree distribution generation by determining allowed placement regions for clocked elements
System and user interface for communicating and processing patient record information
Semiconductor memory device provided with error correcting code circuitry
Generating test patterns used in testing semiconductor integrated circuit
Golf ball putter including golf ball alignment indicia
Ink cartridges
Flexible laminated plastic pipe having a chlorinated poly(vinyl chloride) hollow core
Coupling for an elongate member having internal passageways
Sample extraction system for boreholes
Systems and methods for manufacturing a drop bar
Doorjamb end cap and method of installation therefor
Gloss pigments having high colour saturation
ADC background calibration timing
System and method for selecting an external user interface using spatial information
Apparatus and method for image coding and decoding
Integrating digital watermarks in multimedia content
Noise reduction system
System and method for interactive, multimedia entertainment, education or other experience, and reve...
System and method of tracking time and activating an alarm using a distributed network
Multimedia gift card
Detecting objects of interest in digital images
Wireless interactive communication system
Mobile radio communications device and related method of operation and communications system
Synthesized interoperable communications
Vehicle impact avoidance system
An Inventory Stocking and Locating System Utilizing Tags and GPS providing Summarization by Hierarch...
Record and Playback System for Aircraft
Vehicle diagnostic system
Handwriting input device for fax application
Method and system for multiparty calling using a dual mode phone with private call
Method of reducing delay
Handover in a cellular communication system
Method for signalling and time reduction during connection release
Method, system and computer program for planning a telecommunications network
Method for improving channel scanning in portable internet system and apparatus using the same
Remote internet telephony device
Method and system for improving client server transmission over fading channel with wireless locatio...
Mobile device system and strategies for determining malicious code activity
Mobile station, communication system and telephone communication switching method
Radio reception system with automatic tuning
Ergonomic control panel for a portable electric generator
Short-circuit protective circuit
Speed-up circuit for initiation of proportional to absolute temperature biasing circuits
Voltage regulator which outputs a predetermined direct-current voltage with its extreme variation re...
Voltage regulator for use in portable applications
Method and apparatus for current limitation in voltage regulators
System and method for adjusting the current limit of a power supply
Apparatus and method to compensate for effects of load capacitance on power regulator
DC-DC converter and control circuit for DC-DC converter
Fixed phase power controller with analog trigger
Redundancy circuit for series-connected diodes
Current resonance type DC/DC converter capable of decreasing losses on no-load and a light load
Vehicle power-generation control unit
Buck/boost method of voltage regulation for a permanent magnet generator (PMG)
Dual voltage electrical system
Control and power module for integrated alternator-starter
Control of vehicle generator using PWM signal with specially determined duty and frequency
Adhesive-backed extender trim material
Drywall mud hopper for inside and outside corners
Multispeed power tool transmission
Drywall sander
Wiring clip securing electrical wiring to a framing member
Curable resin composition
Multispeed power tool transmission
Building board
Fire extinguisher unit
Cornice system
Connectors, tracks and system for smooth-faced metal framing
System and Method for Distributed Network Authentication and Access Control
Foldable support structure with hinged sawtooth wall members
Methods for modeling latch transparency
Techniques for invoking system commands from within a mark-up language document
Voting circuit
System and method for enhancing communication between devices in a computer system
Method and system for coding test pattern for scan design
Annulus repair systems and techniques
Spinal fixation system and related methods
Demonstration kit and method for enhancing and/or demonstrating photoactive properties
Composite flakes and methods for making and using the same
Devices and methods for performing array based assays
Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery
Composite material and production method for composite material
Vehicle external recognition system and related method
Frame for a motor vehicle
Close out retainer for side air bag chute
Ignition timing control for internal combustion engine
Optical semiconductor device
Laser scanning microscope
Method and apparatus for controlling temperature of a laser printer fuser with faster response time
Digital control of optical transceiver transmitting and receiving elements
Method for connecting an optical fiber to a grin lens, and a method for producing optical filter mod...
Optically pumped semiconductor laser apparatus
Focused ion beam heater thermally tunable laser
Suppression of mode-beating noise in a Q-switched pulsed laser using novel Q-switch device and appli...
Optical recording medium its manufacturing method and injection molding apparatus
Method of forming image on optical disc by radialy vibrating laser beam under focus control
Head arrangement for domain expansion magnetic amplifying magneto-optical system
Optically variable security devices
Scanning optical microscope
Low noise multi-wavelength light source and wavelength division multiplexing system using same
Fiber-optic amplification of light pulses
Strobe light and laser beam detection for laser receiver
Optical sensing head and method for fabricating the sensing head
Methods for preparing N-arylated oxazolidinones via a copper catalyzed cross coupling reaction
Preparation of benzosuberonylpiperidine compounds
Diazabicyclic biaryl derivatives
Synergistic use of thiazolidinediones with glucagon-like peptide-1 and agonists thereof to treat met...
Conjugated linoleic acid isomerase and a process for the production of conjugated linoleic acid
Method to prepare compositions comprising yeast treated with electromagnetic energy
Connector, container with such a connector and fluid preparation device with a mating connector for ...
Intravascular catheter with replaceable shaft section
High-speed wide bandwidth data detection circuit
Self-pinned CPP magnetoresistive sensor
Disc drive suspension
Thin-film magnetic head, head gimbal assembly, and hard disk drive incorporating a heater
Disk drive having apertures aligned near the inner diameter of a disk stack for allowing airflow to ...
Hard disk drive device and method of assembling the hard disk drive device
Apparatus for positioning a data storage device
Determining contact write current in disk drive using position error signal variance
Increasing head-disk interface reliability using controlled heating
Disk drive employing a calibrated brake pulse to reduce acoustic noise when latching an actuator arm
Methods and systems for overwrite protected storage media
Method and apparatus for reducing off-track writes in data storage devices
Imposed current motor drive
ESD dissipative coating on cables
Magnetoresistive device, magnetoresistive head and magnetic recording-reproducing apparatus
Metal laminate and etching method therefor
Method of interconnecting a load/unload ramp assembly with a base plate of a disk drive
Method of assembly of a disk drive including engaging first and second VCM plates while maintaining ...
Method and kits for preparing multicomponent nucleic acid constructs
Scalable transaction system for a network environment
Speech input communication system, user terminal and center system
Speech recognition system trained with regional speech characteristics
System and method for controlling access to location information
Multiple-band antenna with patch and slot structures
Compressing log files
Electrostatically actuated gas valve
Droplet jetting apparatus, an electro-optical apparatus, a method of manufacturing an electro-optica...
Pneumatic suspension and damping arrangement
Adaptive distortion compensation in optical fiber communication networks
Optical transmission system
Method of preconfiguring optical protection trails in a mesh-connected agile photonic network
Optical fibres
Rugged fiber optic array
Apparatus and method for forming an optical microresonator
Optical multiplexing/multiplexing devices and method for making the same
All optical regeneration
Two-dimensional photonic crystal optical multiplexer/demultiplexer using boundary reflection
CT detector array having non-pixelated scintillator array
Multi-wavelength light amplifier
Multimode fiber optic amplifier and method of amplifying optical signals
MEMS-based optical communications beam steering apparatus
Operation lamp with camera system for 3D referencing
Turn signal assemblies and methods for operating the same
Digital optical signal transmission in a seismic sensor array
MEMS membrane based sensor
Optical accelerometer, optical inclinometer and seismic sensor system using such accelerometer and i...
Tire pressure sensor system with improved sensitivity and power saving
Component transfer systems
Fiber tip based sensor system for measurements of pressure gradient, air particle velocity and acous...
Beta-amino acid derivatives-inhibitors of leukocyte adhesion mediated by VLA-4
Polymer electrolyte and lithium battery employing the same
Arrays for multiplexed surface plasmon resonance detection of biological molecules
Isocyanate reactive mixture and process for preparing same
Optical film, method for producing the same, and image display device using the same
Multiple transmit antenna weighting techniques
Crawler belt link grinding system and crawler structure
Breaker composition and process
Mechanism for providing power management through virtualization
Removable lighted rotatable dog tether
System and method for hybrid conditional access for receivers of encrypted transmissions
Ethylenedicysteine (EC)-drug conjugates, compositions and methods for tissue specific disease imagin...
Catalyst system and process
Thermal synthesis production of steel
Expression of the human igf-1 in transgenic plastids
Promoter, promoter control elements, and combinations, and uses thereof
Method of differentiation from embryo-stem cell of primate to hematogenous cell
Cell adhesion and extracellular matrix proteins
Computational and/or control systems and methods related to nutraceutical agent selection and dosing
Computational and/or control systems and methods related to nutraceutical agent selection and dosing
Pharmaceutical marketing device and method
Molecular nephrotoxicology modeling
Stem cell comprising tissue substitutes
Trapezal or trapezo-metacarpal implant
Provisional orthopedic implant and recutting instrument guide
Foldable prosthetic implant element
Dynamic interbody device
Method and instruments to treat spondylolisthesis by an anterior minimally invasive approach of the ...
Tapered anchor for tendon graft
Methods of Distracting Tissue Layers of the Human Spine
Intervertebral disc and insertion methods therefor
Ligament attachment and repair device
Data entry, cross reference database and search systems and methods thereof
System and method for computer analysis of computer generated communications to produce indications ...
Monitoring apparatus
Method and device for monitoring a system
Information input device for tablet automatic packing machine
'Sweetcrisp' southern highbush blueberry
Agronomically adapted alfalfa plants with high levels of somatic embryogenesis
Active substances for increasing the stress defense in plants to abiotic stress, and methods of find...
Methods for genetic control of insect infestations in plants and compositions thereof
Method for producing a transgenic plant with the aid of agrobacterium thumefaciens
Genes and uses for plant improvement
Plastid genetic engineering via somatic embryogenesis
Allelic form of the HMGA2 gene predisposing women to the formation of Leiomyomas
Type 2 diabetic non-human mammals and methods of use
Use of hepcidin as a regulator of iron homeostasis
BCAST service system and contents transmission method using the same
Self-optimizing caching system and method for data records
Delivering Dicom Data
Techniques for measuring above-the-fold page rendering
System and method for transaction automation
Automated cross-cultural conflict management
Backward compatibility in database schemas
Method and system for providing order status information using an update status flag
Network-based sales system with customizable and categorization user interface
Method to provide a gift registry in an online mall
Method and apparatus for facilitating sales of goods by independent parties
Magnetic recording media with manganese-containing underlayer
Capacitor detection by phase shift
One button external storage
One button external storage
System and method for universal medication identification
Pharmaceutical compositions comprising bispecific anti-cd3, anti-cd19 antibody constructs for the tr...
Derivative of glucose and of vitamin F, compositions comprising it, uses and preparation process
Method for the control of harmful micro-organisms and insects in crop protection with means of dipol...
Methods and compositions for detecting larval Taenia solium with a cloned diagnostic antigen
Use of cripto-1 as a biomarker for neurodegenerative disease and method of inhibiting progression th...
Methods of diagnosing and treating diabetes and insulin resistance
Coatings on ophthalmic lenses
Composition comprising the extract of actinidia arguta and related species for the prevention and tr...
Histone deacetylase and tumor necrosis factor converting enzyme inhibition
Process for the isolation of oleane compounds isolated from the bark of arjun tree Terminalia arjuna...
Natural antioxidant additive for feed and drinking water
Grape seed extract having neuronal cell-protection activity and the composition comprising the same ...
Therapeutic juice composition for women
Formulations containing astragalus extracts and uses thereof
Cosmetic compositions in particular with anti-ageing activity comprising an extract of aframomum ang...
Compositions for safe and effective regression of dermal vessel tortuosity
Herbal composition for treatment and maintenance of hormone dependent conditions, osteoporosis, circ...
Intraocular radiotherapy treatment for macular degeneration
Microwave filter assembly
Method and communication device for providing a personalized ring-back
Polycyclic dihydroxy compound and methods for preparation
Industrial method for seperation and purification of fentanyl by reverse phase preparative chromatog...
Polymers, polymer compositions, and method of preparation
Methods for the preparation of benzoxazole sulfonamide compounds and intermediates thereof
Cinnamoyl derivatives and use thereof
Method for the production of methionine
Coater/developer and coating/developing method
Beer additive and method
Plant extracts and dermatological uses thereof
Methods for producing nanoparticles
Process for recombinant expression and purification of antimicrobial peptides using periplasmic targ...
Ink for inkjet, ink set for inkjet, and inkjet recording method
Anemone Killing Mixture And Method For Aquariums
Method and system for controlling corrosivity of purified water
Method for treating raw water containing hardly decomposable substance
Ethoxylated surfactants for water in oil emulsions
Humidity conditioner and humidity conditioning method using the same
Branched cyclic tetrasaccharide, process for producing the same, and use
Imageable members with improved chemical resistance
Silicon cleaning method for semiconductor materials and polycrystalline silicon chunk
Methods of preparing aqueous colored pigment dispersions, and inkjet ink compositions
Anthrapyridone compound, water-based magenta ink composition and inkjet recording method
Fluid delivery adapter
Tunnel magnetoresistance element
Vortex-enhanced filtration devices
Radiography by selective detection of scatter field velocity components
Biodegradable resin composition
Amine hardener for epoxy resins
Fire extinguishing mixtures, methods and systems
Method and apparatus for fabricating gypsum board
Temporary vascular filter guide wire
Process for preparing fluorinated alkyl carboxylate esters
Method to produce reinforced halobutyl elastomer compounds
Foamed cement compositions and associated methods of use
Solid biocidal compositions and methods of using the same
Alginate band fastener
Injection of waste-derived materials into pre-calcining stage of a clinker production system
Heat resistant sheet
Gypsum board and process of manufacture
Nonaqueous gel composition for tooth whitening and tooth whitening set
Method for processing iron-laden spent sulfuric acid
Purification of carbon dioxide
Preset depth adapter and finger guard for screws and nails when installing sheetrock
Foamed cement compositions and associated methods of use
Packaging methods using a support plate
High strength low density multi-purpose panel
System and method for making wallboard
Apparatus And Method For Fabricating Foam Wall Panels
Wire corner bead for stucco
Adjustable Workpiece Positioning Apparatus
Methods and compositions for preventing and treating male erectile dysfunction and female sexual aro...
Multi-directional oral phototherapy applicator
Light emitting toothbrush for oral phototherapy
Beverage maker interface
System and method for dispensing a liquid beverage concentrate
Nutrient formulations
Light for cooking apparatus
Directional broadcast feeder for fish and game
Apparatus for cooking food on skewers
Steam generating assembly
Compositions and methods for suppressing cracking and water loss from cherries
Pressure molded proteinaceous wafers, ingredient inclusions, cookies, and waffle food products; pres...
Animal feed, method for preparing animal feed, and method for feeding an animal
Triglyceride fat
Blended baby foods
Flour/starch blend for preparing stuffed rolls wrappers
Polymeric antioxidants
Method for shredding blocks of material
Apparatus and method for making confectionery on a stick
Feeding apparatus and recording apparatus having the same
2,1,3-benzothiadiazoles for use as electronic active components
Heat treatable coated article with dual layer undercoat
Illuminated article
Illuminated dial
Efficient address generation for Forney's modular periodic interleavers
Demotion of memory pages to largest possible sizes
Multi-bank memory accesses using posted writes
Method and apparatus for coordinating memory operations among diversely-located memory components
Method for successively recording data in hybrid digital recorder
Maintenance terminal of disk array device
Dynamic prefetch in continuous burst read operation
Memory mapping apparatus, systems, and methods
High read performance file system and program
Controller and method for writing data
Method and apparatus for accessing a dynamic memory device by providing at least one of burst and la...
Method and software application for avoiding data loss
External memory controller node
Process for fluoro derivative-substituted aryl pnictogens and their oxides
Process for the Synthesis of Derivatives of 2,3-Dihydro-1,4-Dioxino-[2,3-f] Quinolines
Avians containing a lysozyme promoter transgene
Oligonucleotdies having A-DNA form and B-DNA form conformational geometry
Method and medicament for sulfated polysaccharide treatment of heparin-induced thrombocytopenia (HIT...
Composition for coordinated VEGF and PDGF expression, and methods of use
Universal target sequences for siRNA gene silencing
Antisense IAP oligonucleotides and uses thereof
Novel loganin analogues and a process for the preparation thereof
Glycosylated steroid derivatives with anti-migratory activity
Amniotic-derived peptide and uses thereof
Carrier chimeric proteins, targeted carrier chimeric proteins and preparation thereof
Novel regulator of endothelial cell function and vessel remodeling
Compositions and methods for producing guar gum and for using the guar gum in treating a subterranea...
Process for producing succinic acid from sucrose
Gene variants coding for proteins from the metabolic pathway of fine chemicals
Factor VII glycoforms
F.sub.0F.sub.1-ATPase and DNA encoding the same
N-acetylglucosamine transferase, nucleic acid encoding the same and use thereof in diagnosing cancer...
Identification of 3-ketosteroid 9-alfa-hydroxylase genes and microorganisms blocked in 3-ketosteroid...
Canine COX-1 nucleic acid molecules and fragments thereof
Methylophilus methylotrophus having enhanced dihydrodipicolinate synthase and/or aspartokinase activ...
Promoter and construct for plant transformation
Methods for determining nucleotide sequences of single nucleic acid molecules
Inhibitors of Akt activity
Four-helical bundle protein zsig81
Anti-apoptosis genes and methods of use thereof
Fibroblast growth factor (FGF23) nucleic acids
Bacterium for the production of 2'-deoxyribonucleoside
Compositions for controlling hair growth
Esterase, its DNA, its overexpression and production of optically active aryl propionic acids using ...
Method of screening a chemical for binding to a proline-rich nuclear receptor co-regulatory protein/...
Method and System for Tracking Machines on a Network Using Fuzzy Guid Technology
Computer equipment for an actor of a logistic chain
Method for determining the operating parameters of a system comprising a cooling chamber
Environmental-friendly inkjet ink composition
Guanidine derivatives
Assay panel comprising food allergens
Food storage wrap
Beverage with high levels of alkaloid
Compound Butter Sauce
Hard Wheat Pasta with High Alimentary Bran Content and Process for the Production Thereof
Method for the production of food products having reduced fat content
Process for preparing solidified maltitol and its use in food and pharma products
Method of preserving fish
Methods for Selecting a Pet-Appropriate Product
Method for the industrialized baking in two steps of dual-component bakery products, dual-component ...
Case-based system and method for generating a custom document
System and methods for adaptive model generation for detecting intrusions in computer systems
Method and apparatus for providing name services
Impersonation in an access system
Knob assembly for operating the switch of a radio
Ambient gas treatment of porous dielectric
Film deposition method
Contactless identification device
Commodity information registering apparatus and commodity information registering method
Portable drag compressor powered mechanical ventilator
Methods and systems for coordinating pooled financial transactions
Method, system and article of manufacturing for dynamic database redirection using semantic taxonomy...
Method, apparatus, and system for varying an award volume in an auction
Method and system for providing multi-organization resource management
Online auction bid management system and method
Server device and recording medium for same
Electronic trading system including an auto-arbitrage feature or name switching feature
System and method for inverted promotions
Method for selling jewelry with stones from a single source
System and method for automated resource reduction analysis
Method of and system for forecasting future orders in parts inventory system
Trouble tracking system and method
Business information system and method of managing business information
System, method and program for tracing manufacturing processes
Methods for isolating novel antimicrobial agents from hypermutable mammalian cells
Antimicrobial peptide
Direct phosphorylation state monitoring on biomolecules
Methods of detecting nitrotyrosine and aminotyrosine residues of peptides and proteins
Method for the integration of foreign DNA into eukaryotic genomes
Use of purified Streptomyces griseus trypsin for production of a biomass of cells and viral propagat...
Immortalization of human post-mitotic cells
Circovirus sequences associated with piglet weight loss disease (PWD)
Data processing system, data processing method, diagnostic imaging apparatus, and magnetic resonance...
Method and device for noise reduction in a pulse-width controlled image display device
Display device and driving method thereof
Method of aging compensation in an OLED display
Driving method of display device
Display apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
Display device and display unit using the same
Light-emitting material and organic light-emitting device
Photoelectric current multiplier using molecular crystal and production method therefor
Chemical sensor arrangement
Food preparation table
Memory module with termination component
Door apparatus for a disc drive
Semiconductor integrated circuit device having operation test function
Method for compressing audio signal using wavelet packet transform and apparatus thereof
Control system for semiconductor processing apparatus
Hard disk drive medical monitor with security encryption
Inclined-type mobile communication terminal
Apparatus and method for sending emergency rescue signal using mobile communication terminal
Duobinary optical transmission apparatus
Design method for a video signal processing integrated circuit and integrated circuit and video sign...
Load balancing between LNSs using virtual LNS with minimal LAC configuration
Method and apparatus for detecting unintentional islanding of utility grid
Method and apparatus for immersion lithography
Phase shifter device having a microstrip waveguide and shorting patch movable along a slot line wave...
Apparatus for steering an antenna system
Polytrimethylene terephthalate resins with improved properties
Nozzle tip and seal
Method of scanning for beacon transmissions in a WLAN
Shaped anode x-ray tube
X-ray apparatus with adapted waiting time between successive exposures
X-ray apparatus with anode rotation number detecting means
Computed tomography system
Method of and system for X-ray spectral correction in multi-energy computed tomography
Stage device, exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method
Method to adjust the signal level of an active pixel and corresponding active pixel
Radiation image storage panel
Gap adjustment apparatus and gap adjustment method for adjusting gap between two objects
Segmented radiation detector with side shielding cathode
Gamma ray detector modules
Charged particle beam apparatus
Methods for maskless lithography
Document searching apparatus, method thereof, and record medium thereof
Precision gas flow meter
System and method for web-based presence perimeter rule monitoring
System for capturing an image of the retina for identification
Dynamic carrier system for parametric arrays
Microreplicated article
Method and apparatus for transferring data across a protocol bridge
Common command interface
Decoupling processes from hardware with logical identifiers
Method and apparatus to diagnose mechanical problems in machinery
AC biased conductive brush for eliminating VOC induced LCM
Methods and apparatus for data analysis
Stand-up CT scanner
Device, method and system for determining the road surface condition
Radio terminal that decides a best route based on weight values of communication paths
Chat messaging channel redirection
System and method for implementing logic control in programmable controllers in distributed control ...
Method and system for modem protocol discrimination
Data entry method and system
Method and apparatus for geolocation estimates in wireless networks
Location-aware service proxies in a short-range wireless environment
System and method for updating wireless applications
Method and device for communicating via an ad-hoc wireless network
Filtering search results
Fast acquisition of a pilot signal in a wireless communication device
Normalizing and classifying locale-specific information
Systems and methods for performing background queries from content and activity
Disambiguation of search phrases using interpretation clusters
Recommending search terms using collaborative filtering and web spidering
System and method for canceling interference in a communication system
Data slicer
Receiver with baseline wander correction and correction method thereof
Decision threshold voltage control circuit and decision threshold voltage controlling method of cloc...
Photo-thermographic recording apparatus
Tire pressure monitoring system
Method for producing regenerated fluororesin and regenerated fluororesin article
Image forming apparatus
Attenuation and calibration systems and methods for use with a laser detector in an optical communic...
Handshaking communication system and method for multiple xDSL
Dynamic update of quality of service (Qos) parameter set
Detecting "almost match" in a CAM
Plants and seeds of corn variety LH324
Anti-twist casing for endoscopic manipulating head assembly
External endoscopic accessory control system
Brachytherapy needle and methods for assembling same
Circuit marker apparatus
Illumination system with separate optical paths for different color channels
Abrasive article with holes
Bandages pouch
Process of high purity albumin production
Thermal mass transfer substrate films, donor elements, and methods of making and using same
Method of preparing free polyelectrolyte membranes
Disc coater
Endoscopic clip applier with hermaphroditic jaws mounted on non-collinear axes
Human papillomavirus polypeptides and immunogenic compositions
Estimating GPS reference frequency drift from PDC-handset VCO-bursts
Low impact spot welding cylinder with single piston
Immersive imaging system
Time limit function utilization apparatus
Front end loader tactical boom apparatus
Modified reoviral therapy
Reconfigurable truck bed or vehicle body
Method of assembling a storage unit
Spring energized desktop stapler
Vehicle transmission control system
Semiconductor optical device integrated with a photo detector
Low loss electrodes for electro-optic modulators
Ensuring the health and availability of web applications
System and method for managing and authenticating services via service principal names
Security mechanism for computer processing modules
Multiple-level persisted template caching
Scalable DMA remapping on a computer bus
Reactive bandwidth control for streaming data
System and method for exchanging data
Automatic data perspective generation for a target variable
Data source write back and offline data editing and storage in a spreadsheet
System and method for the logical substitution of processor control in an emulated computing environ...
Method and apparatus for resampling data
Modification of red-eye-effect in digital image
System and method for real-time whiteboard streaming
Document validator with locking cassette
Raman spectroscopy method, raman spectroscopy system and raman spectroscopy device
Semiconductor element with improved adhesion characteristics of the non-metallic surfaces
Tocopherol-modified therapeutic drug compounds
Semiconductor device, method for manufacturing the same, liquid crystal television and EL television
Targeted glycosaminoglycan polymers by polymer grafting and methods of making and using same
Detecting a stalled routine
Methods of microprocessor instruction result obfuscation
Portable device for one-on-one transfer between another such device wherein device is restricted to ...
Systems and methods for delivering content over a computer network
Fluorescent intensity measuring method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for implementing frame header alterations using byte-wise arithmetic logic unit...
Control plane security and traffic flow management
Extended computer systems
System and method for recognizing application-specific flows and assigning them to queues
Computer system console access
AF control apparatus and AF control method
Remotely programmable integrated sensor transmitter
Laminate material testing methods and systems
Method for forming a low leakage contact in a CMOS imager
Headlight for vehicles
Frictional variable resistance exercise device
Muscle strengthening device
Exercise device with true pivot point
Dual-direction pulley system
Elliptical exercise apparatus
Portable and fully adjustable punching bag exercise system
Magnetorheological composition
Low impact exercise system
Portable device for assisting chin-up and dip exercises
Measuring particulate matter in a fluid
Method for manufacturing electronic component
Uses of hydroquinone substituted polyunsaturated fatty acids as antioxidants
Methods and kits for the detection of erythrocytes
Evolving new molecular function
VEGF peptides and their use for inhibiting angiogenesis
Triazole-derivatives as blood clotting enzyme factor Xa inhibitors
Omega cycloalkyl 17-heteroaryl prostaglandin E2 analogs as EP2-receptor agonists
Plasma protein-binding ligands
Thrombospondin-1 type 1 repeat polypeptides
Low stress semiconductor device coating and method of forming thereof
36P6D5: secreted tumor antigen
Printing plate material and printing plate
Limited play optical media device with barrier layers
Coated conductive carriers
Ink jet recording element with core shell particles
Process for the deposition of uniform layer of particulate material
Circovirus sequences associated with piglet weight loss disease (PWD)
Device and method for detecting the coagulation functions of global, especially primary hemostasis
Method and system for microfluidic interfacing to arrays
Insulation material and method for manufacturing the insulation
Method of coloring porous material
Medical line securement device
Metered dose squeeze dispenser with flexible-T dip tube
Dispensing system with mixing module mount and method of using same
System and method for multiple wells from a common surface location
Fabric treatment device
Airflow system for bagless vacuum cleaner
Tear resistant gels, composites, and cushion articles
Compounds with anti-bacterial activity
Pyrimidine compounds and their use as pesticides
4-oxoquinolizine antibacterial agent having 2-pyridone skeleton as partial structure
Fused ring heterocycles as potassium channel modulators
Tricyclic imidazopyridines
Compounds for the modulation of the glycolysis enzyme and/or transaminase complex
Indolinone derivatives
2-mercapto-4,5-diarylimidazole derivatives and the use thereof as cyclooxygenase inhibitors
4-phenyl-1-piperazinyl, -piperidinyl and -tetrahydropyridyl derivatives
Azasugar derivative and drug containing the same as the active ingredient
2,4-bis (trifluoroethoxy)pyridine compound and drug containing the compound
Skimmer with rotatable filter cartridge for spas and pools
Filter housing assembly
Breathing system in combustion engine
Process for producing polyarylene sulfide
Buffy coat separator float system and method
Process for the selective deposition of particulate material
Torque-limited drive system, method, and apparatus for a fluid screening system
Method of purifying macrolides
Method of purifying polypeptides by simulated moving bed chromatography
Evaporative cooler pump strainer
Method for manufacturing a display device including irradiating overlapping regions
Methods for fabricating memory devices using sacrificial layers and memory devices fabricated by sam...
High order silane composition, and method of forming silicon film using the composition
Multi-level semiconductor device with capping layer for improved adhesion
Dynamic rapid vapor deposition process for conformal silica laminates
Method for forming plasma enhanced deposited, fully oxidized PSG film
Repair of carbon depletion in low-k dielectric films
Method of forming patterns
Method of and apparatus for performing sequential processes requiring different amounts of time in t...
In-situ sequential high density plasma deposition and etch processing for gap fill
Plasma etch reactor and method
Method of forming a semiconductor arrangement with reduced field-to active step height
Chemical mechanical polishing method
Method for automated design of integrated circuits with targeted quality objectives using dynamicall...
Recombinational cloning using engineered recombination sites
T1R3 receptor binding assays for identification of taste modulatory compounds
All-optical packet routing gates and demultiplexing systems
Method and apparatus for recovery of encoded data using central value
Interpolation filter and method for digitally interpolating a digital signal
System and method for asynchronous mirroring of snapshots at a destination using a purgatory directo...
Differentiation of central sleep apnea and obstructive sleep apnea using an implantable cardiac devi...
System and method for providing preventive overdrive pacing and antitachycardia pacing using an impl...
Parasympathetic nerve stimulation for ICD and/or ATP patients
Implantable medical device with nerve signal sensing
System and method for detecting cardiac ischemia based on T-waves using an implantable medical devic...
Anti-arrhythmia therapy based on spatial and/or temporal information
Image forming apparatus
Fiber optics head utilizing randomized fibers per sensor
Method and apparatus for selecting and managing wireless network services using a directory
System and method for managing system margin
Method and system for processing downstream packets of an optical network
System and method for trading and displaying market information in an electronic trading environment
Noise-suppressing receiver
System and method for implementing and accessing call forwarding services
Capacitor device and method of manufacturing the same
Zoom lens and optical apparatus having the same
Optical film and liquid-crystal display device
Optical wavelength conversion method, optical wavelength conversion system, program and medium, and ...
Method and apparatus for measuring a pitch of stranded cable
Electrophotograhic apparatus
Optical projection system for computer input devices
Display device having luminance correcting function
Active-driving type organic el display device, and a method of producing the same
Olefinic rubber composition
Polymeric-type electric resistance control agent and polymer composition containing the same
Methods of inhibiting transmission of a costimulatory signal of lymphocytes
Method of dry etching semiconductor substrate to reduce crystal defects in a trench
Semiconductor-ferroelectric storage devices and processes for producing the same
Phospholipases, nucleic acids encoding them and methods for making and using them
Article with composite hardcoat layer and method for forming composite hardcoat layer
Magnetite particles
Pull-on disposable diaper
Wrapped highly viscous chemical anchoring adhesive
Method and apparatus for creating soil or rock subsurface support
Apparatus and method for building support piers from one or successive lifts formed in a soil matrix
Modular marine structures
System for overload protection for pipe or cable laying structures
Load-bearing, lightweight, and compact super-insulation system
Catch basin for salt water sand
Storm water chamber for ganging together multiple chambers
Devices, systems, and methods for controlling erosion
Winch assembly for a lift structure supportive of a recreational boat and related watercraft
Subsea intervention fluid transfer system
Treatment of female sexual dysfunction with vasoactive intestinal polypeptide agonists
Positively charged amphiphilic block copolymer as drug carrier and complex thereof with negatively c...
Protective glove having leather face, leather back, and heat-resistant cover covering leather back, ...
Prescription filling apparatus implementing a pick and place method
Power supply system, power supply method and lot processing method
Transporting matter that is enclosed within a container through a hollow optical fiber
Plastic optical fibers and processes for producing them
Expandsible Receiver Module
Computed tomography scanning system and method using a field emission x-ray source
Vertically-alligned (VA) liquid crystal display device
Liquid-crystal electro-optical apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
Assembly of independent mouse or track ball device using keyboard as an operational relay with keybo...
Electronic device driving method, electronic device, semiconductor integrated circuit, and electroni...
Method and apparatus for diagnosing the condition of a rechargeable battery
High frequency bus method
White light emitting device
Photoelectric conversion device, radiation detection apparatus, image processing system and driving ...
Sugar beet genes involved in stress tolerance
Synthesis of acyloxyalkyl carbamate prodrugs and intermediates thereof
Thermoset composition, method for the preparation thereof, and articles prepared therefrom
Substituted heterocycles for the treatment of diabetes and other diseases
Compositions useful as inhibitors of protein kinases
Multiple bi-directional input/output power control system
Tear resistant gels and articles for every uses
Process for monitoring and controlling nitrating processes with the aid of an online spectrometer
Optical sensor containing particles for in situ measurement of analytes
Method and system for providing beam polarization
Secondary emission electron gun using external primaries
Plasma generation and processing with multiple radiation sources
Polycrystalline optoelectronic devices based on templating technique
Wrap film
Thermal pyrolysising chemical vapor deposition method for synthesizing nano-carbon material
Cross point memory array with fast access time
Method for creating energy sources for a vehicle drive system
Aromatic polymer phosphonic acid derivative and process for production the same
Unit cell solid oxide fuel cell and related method
Catalyst material and method of manufacturing the same and fuel cell using the same
Method of making a membrane electrode assembly for electrochemical fuel cells
Fuel cell
Fuel cell and method of manufacturing the fuel cell
Constituent part for fuel cell
Sealing arrangement for fuel cells
Integrated air cooler, filter, and humidification unit for a fuel cell stack
Fuel cell system with degradation protected anode
Fuel cell stack
Very low emission hybrid electric vehicle incorporating an integrated propulsion system including a ...
Membranes and electrochemical cells incorporating such membranes
Oxidation process using microchannel technology and novel catalyst useful in same
Fuel processor for producing a hydrogen rich gas
In situ thermal processing of an oil shale formation using a pattern of heat sources
Reforming apparatus for making a co-reduced reformed gas
Group II-VI semiconductor devices
Colored solar cell unit
Structures incorporating polymer-inorganic particle blends
High-speed optical delay generating method by rotation reflector in optical coherence tomography and...
Intraocular lens
Optic configuration for intraocular lens system
Methods for the treatment of periodontal disease
Compositions comprising a dispersant and microcapsules containing an active material and a stabilize...
Copolymers comprising olefin and protected or unprotected hydroxystyrene units
MT-SP1 polynucleotides and polypeptides
Algorithmic design of peptides for binding and/or modulation of the functions of receptors and/or ot...
Electron-emitting device, electron-emitting apparatus, image display apparatus, and light-emitting a...
RF-actuated MEMS switching element
Nucleic acids encoding glial cell line-derived neurotrophic factor (GDNF)
Method for roller adjustment in a printing press
Sheet punching and embossing machine
Navigating a UAV with obstacle avoidance algorithms
Multiple stayout zones for ground-based bright object exclusion
Prevention of ice formation by applying electric power to a liquid water layer
Apparatus for driving and adjusting flaps hinged to an aircraft
Efficient cargo liner installation
Landing gear method and apparatus for braking and maneuvering
Aerodynamically stable, high-lift, vertical takeoff aircraft
Method and arrangement for low or non-rotating artillery shells
Aircraft and missile forebody flow control device and method of controlling flow
Spray array apparatus
Motor with a magnet fixed on the inner peripheral face of a circumferential wall
Colour defects in a display panel due to different time response of phosphors
High field open MRI magnet isolation system and method
RF coil and magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
Phased array MRI coil with controllable coupled ring resonator
Automatic threshold setting and baseline determination for real-time PCR
Assembly for the optical illumination of a plurality of samples
Hybrid maize plant and seed X4M830
Inbred corn line PH8JV
Inbred corn line PHDWA
Plants and seeds of hybrid corn variety CH431778
Plants and seeds of hybrid corn variety CH715383
Soybean variety XB16S06
Soybean variety 91M61
Soybean variety XB33N06
Plant centromere compositions
Manipulation of plant senescence
Aspartate kinase
Antisense modulation of apolipoprotein (a) expression
Growth differentiation factor-9 regulatory sequences and uses therefor
Recombinant light chains of botulinum neurotoxins and light chain fusion proteins for use in researc...
NF-.kappa.B activating gene
PIM-3 kinase as a target for type 2 diabetes mellitus
Antibodies to vascular endothelial cell growth factor
Vascular endothelial growth factor 2
Heterocyclic compounds
Aminotriazole compounds useful as inhibitors of protein kinases
Cellulose sulfate and other sulfated polysaccharides to prevent and treat papilloma virus infection ...
Pharmaceutical compositions having A.sub.2A adenosine receptor agonist activity
Hepatitis C virus non-structural NS3/4A fusion gene
Process for the preparation of cyclosporin derivatives
Interferon beta: remodeling and glycoconjugation of interferon beta
Polynucleotides encoding novel guanylate binding proteins (GBP's)
Automated slide staining apparatus
Targeted chromosomal genomic alterations with modified single stranded oligonucleotides
Chaperone expression genomes