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Particulate metal oxide
Cosmetic compositions containing a particular aminosilicone and a thickener, and uses thereof
Cationic direct triazo dyes, dye composition comprising them and process for dyeing keratin fibres u...
Compositions of sunflower trypsin inhibitors
Revitalising active complex for the skin
Dye composition comprising at least one direct dye of the azo-pyridinio-pyridone family and at least...
Methods and compositions for treating eye disorders
Method for promoting bone formation
Electrical cable
Sequential dispensing of laundry additives during automatic machine laundering of fabrics
Fastening member comprising shaped tab
Fabric care compositions for lipophilic fluid systems incorporating an antimicrobial agent
Cosmetic container
Surface indicia
Surface indicia
Surface indicia
Filled snack
Self aligned memory element and wordline
Fire retardant intumescent coating
Method for manufacturing semiconductor integrated circuit device
Nacreous pigment and method for the manufacture thereof
Preparation of (E)- and (Z)-2-methyl-2-butenoic acids
Polyimide based adhesive compositions useful in flexible circuit applications, and compositions and ...
Hitless errorless trimmable dynamic optical add/drop multiplexer devices
Automated software testing
System for automated boot from disk image
Simultaneous bidirectional port with synchronization circuit to synchronize the port with another po...
System and method for distributing information in a network environment
Regulating the mode of operation of an internal combustion engine
Lubrication system
Bearing apparatus for a wheel of vehicle
Roller bearing
Double-row angular-contact antifriction bearing
Bearing unit for the hub of a vehicle wheel equipped with a tire inflating system
Rotation-slide bearing
Sliding bearing and bearing mechanism having the same
Air bearing having unitary housing
Dynamic pressure bearing apparatus
Backing ring for railcar axle
Suspension for load hooks
Isolation assembly for a vehicle suspension component
Bolt assembly with locking system
Apparatus for flow detection, measurement and control and method for use of same
Method for structuring an obligation
Method of optically producing clock and apparatus thereof
Cantilever array and scanning probe microscope including a sliding, guiding, and rotating mechanism
Isoquinoline compound and pharmaceutical use thereof
Method and apparatus for optical pickup capable of performing an effective polarization split
Sub-wavelength structures for reduction of reflective properties
Method for measuring optically reflective vehicle wheel surfaces
Method and apparatus for sorting particles with a MEMS device
Display with a wire grid polarizing beamsplitter
Method and apparatus for laser surgery of the cornea
Polarized electroluminescent light-emitting panel and its fabrication method
Luminescence device, display apparatus and metal coordination compound
Coffee machine
Cartridge for the preparation of beverages
Transmembrane protein expressed in prostate and other cancers
Process for the reduction of the residual monomer content of water-absorbent foam
Expansion coefficient balancing in pressure compensation systems
Hybrid achromatic optical lens and method for manufacturing the same
Tunable matching circuit
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Vertical JFET limited silicon carbide power metal-oxide semiconductor field effect transistors
Substituted stilbenes and their reactions
Method for depositing porous films
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
Spot-size transformer, method of producing spot-size transformer and waveguide-embedded optical circ...
Method of making ferroelectric thin film having a randomly oriented layer and spherical crystal cond...
Light sensitive planographic printing plate material
Hybrid monolithic fuel cell
Production method of high strength polycrystalline ceramic spheres
Disposable sensor for use in measuring an analyte in a gaseous sample
Plating and production methods for producing a fine metal component using a conductive paste
Substrate for a display device, liquid crystal display device comprising overlapping connecting line...
3D stereo OLED display
Electroluminescent device and method of manufacturing the same
Pixel array
Electro-optical device, electronic instrument having the same, and manufacturing method of the same
Optical material containing fluorine-containing polymer having functional group
Electronic component, component mounting equipment, and component mounting method
Pattern and fabricating method therefor, device and fabricating method therefor, electro-optical app...
Countering laser shock peening induced airfoil twist using shot peening
Sustained-release preparation and process for producing the same
Light emitting element, method of manufacturing the same, and semiconductor device having light emit...
Electrostatic chucking stage and substrate processing apparatus
Small cantilever mount for a flat panel display
Collapsible backpack with a separable book-carrying case
Driver management method, driver management apparatus and program for driver management
Method for avoiding multiple color moires in color halftoning
Phase change inks containing bis(urea-urethane) compounds
Image-forming device and method
Job information communication system for a printing system
Multipurpose bumper system for a data processing apparatus
Digital camera and method for compositing images
Slender container
Use of phaeodactylum algae extract as cosmetic agent promoting the proteasome activity of skin cells...
Pyrrole derivative
Pharmaceutical composition comprising an analgesic peptide and method for treating pain
Compositions and methods for cleaning and conditioning
Protection of fragrance in a wax candle using an antioxidant
Pulverulent composition for bleaching human keratin fibers
Urine receiver and urine collection processing system implementing urine receiver
Box with insert that extends from a side and that divides the box into compartments and methods for ...
Telecommunications management interface system
System and method for classifying high speed data signals utilizing low frequency electrical spectra...
Method and apparatus for identifying delay causes in traffic traversing a network
Rate adaptation in a wireless communication system
Micro-channel chemical concentrator
Delivery device
Treatment of cellulite with mid-infrared radiation
Fluid dispenser and lens inspection device
Substrate for mounting semiconductor chip, mounting structure of semiconductor chip, and mounting me...
Hydrolytic kinetic resolution of cyclic substrates
Conductive plastic rack for pipette tips
Polypeptides having cellobiohydrolase activity and polynucleotides encoding same
Image forming apparatus and an image forming method
Resin composition for a non-woven fabric-like design and process for producing a molded article of a...
Material supply strip, system, and method of applying pieces of material to objects
Heterogeneous integrated high voltage DC/AC light emitter
Method and mechanism for implementing tessellation-based routing
System and method for manipulating an integrated circuit layout
Layout method of decoupling capacitors
Timing analysis method and apparatus
Diagnostic process for automated test equipment
Programmable hysteresis for boundary-scan testing
Plasma display panel with controlled discharge driving voltage
Liquid crystal display device with particular phase plates having specific axis angles
Method and system for controlling an electric motor in the event of flux reduction
Self-crosslinking alkyd dispersion
Water soluble contact lens blocking composition with absorbent disintegrant
Photosensitive composition and color filter
Inkjet recording method and inkjet recording apparatus
Silver halide emulsion silver halide photographic sensitive material and method of image formation
Method of treating fluoropolymer particles and the products thereof
Process for obtaining aqueous polymer dispersions
UV-cross-linked laminating adhesive
Alpha-fetoprotein peptides and uses for imaging
System and method for submitting an offer to purchase over a network-based commerce facility
System and method for maintaining customer privacy
Dried blood factor composition comprising trehalose
Bicyclic heterocycles, pharmaceutical compositions containing these compounds, their use and process...
Ethylene insensitive plants
Melanoma differentiation associated gene-5 and promoter and uses thereof
Network server card and method for handling requests received via a network interface
System for registering a user with a sensing device using a form
Printer for recording on a moving medium
Digital stamp
Method of downloading web content to a network kiosk in advance
Escherichia coli strains which over-produce L-threonine and processes for the production of L-threon...
Platform and method for monitoring and analyzing data
Segmented global area database
Engine with variable value timing device
Variable valve timing control system of internal combustion engine
Four-cycle engine and system for detecting phase difference of four-cycle engine
Motion picture playback apparatus and motion picture playback method
Rollover determination apparatus for vehicles
Method for determination of pre-authorization engine operation time for a vehicle theft deterrent sy...
Abnormal oil pressure reduction determination device for vehicle transmission
Dedicated short-range communication apparatus for motor vehicle
Image analysis device
Device and method for ascertaining the wheel position of wheels on a wheeled vehicle
Bandwidth and memory conserving methods for a vehicle navigation system
Method and system for entering and displaying ground taxi instructions
Method for selecting and representing objects in a plane and in N-dimensional space
Axle torque based powertrain braking with range selection for coordinated torque control (CTC)
Mobile satellite receiver system
Diagnosis method of inflammatory, fibrotic or cancerous disease using biochemical markers
Method and apparatus for reducing re-radiation using techniques of universal frequency translation t...
PR0994 antibodies
Secreted and transmembrane polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding the same
Pharmaceutical formulation comprising dinucleoside polyphosphates and salts thereof
Vectors for enhanced expression of VEGF for atrial disease treatment
Methods of treating allergy by administering a CD200 protein
Exendin agonist compounds
Use of vascular endothelial growth factor to treat photoreceptor cells
Photochemical internalization for delivery of molecules into the cytosol
Secreted and transmembrane polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding the same
Polynucleotides encoding three novel human cell surface proteins with leucine rich repeats and immun...
Inhibitors of proteasomal activity for stimulating hair growth
Compositions and methods for prostate and kidney health and disorders, an herbal preparation
Stretchable patch
Inactivated respiratory syncytial viral vaccines
Methods of treatment of fistulas in Crohn's disease with anti-TNF antibodies
Human antibodies that bind human TNF.alpha.
Antiviral formulations comprising propylene glycol and an isopropyl alkanoic acid ester
Local delivery of rapamycin for treatment of proliferative sequelae associated with PTCA procedures,...
Apparatus for determining association variables
Colloidal rod particles as nanobar codes
Polymer nanocomposite structures for integrated circuits
Nanoelectronic devices and circuits
Nanocomposite: products, process for obtaining them and uses thereof
Fabrication of nanowires
Heteroporphyrin nanotubes and composites
Particle deposition apparatus and methods for forming nanostructures
Method for producing a conducting doped diamond-like nanocomposite film and a conducting doped diamo...
Patterning magnetic nanostructures
Preparation of barium titanate or strontium titanate having a mean diameter of less than 10 nanomete...
Method of producing an exfoliated polymer-clay nanocomposite through solid-state shear pulverization
Lighting apparatus, electronic flash apparatus and camera
Anti-shake apparatus
Light-emitting device and apparatus having the same
Camera having a shutter to cut reverse-incident light from the eyepiece lens
Integrated automation system with publisher interface
Method for simultaneously preparing pharmacy vial label and drug-specific warning labels
Thermal wristband/cinch with inboard label assembly business form and method
Talking book employing photoelectronics for autonomous page recognition
Method and algorithm for searching and optimizing nuclear reactor core loading patterns
Program for controlling execution of a game, and a game machine for executing the program
CPR training device
Rhymes tables math expertise system
Resource browser sessions search
Method for authenticating and securing integrated bookstore entries
Read-only recording medium containing sample data and reproducing method thereof
Method and system for initializing a key management system
Digital works having usage rights and method for creating the same
Methods and apparatus for computer network security using intrusion detection and prevention
Method and system for dynamic utilization mechanisms for facilities whose reservation status can cha...
Versatile network operations center and network for transaction processing
Method and system for selective advertisement display of a subset of search results
On-line selection of service providers in distributed provision of services on demand
Air conditioning equipment operation system and air conditioning equipment designing support system
Postage metering system for use with business reply mail
Method and system for commerce with full anonymity
Method and system for providing a service on demand
Merchandise-integral transaction receipt and auditable product ownership trail
Remote authentication of two dimensional barcoded indicia
License-issuing system and method
Image commercial transactions system and method
Method and apparatus for implementing revocation in broadcast networks
Limited-use browser and security system
Recording/reproducing device and recording/reproducing method
Persistent dynamic payment service
Wireless communication for diagnostic instrument
Dual cochlear/vestibular stimulator with control signals derived from motion and speech signals
Remotely-interrogated high data rate free space laser communications link
Efficient decoding of trellis coded modulation waveforms
Wireless sensor data processing systems
Structural arrangements for ion generator to promote ionization efficiency
Differential current detection
Optical uses diamondoid-containing materials
Reflector and application thereof
Organic light emitting display device and method of fabricating the same
Interactive automotive rearvision system
System and method for visualization of attitude and attitude/position dependent data
Solar panel having visual indicator
Label with electronic components and method of making same
High efficiency lighting system
Encapsulation of active electronic devices
Subsea power supply
Photoelectric transducer and its manufacturing method
Logic components comprising organic field effect transistors
Method of measuring thickness of an opaque coating using near-infrared absorbance
Method and system for virtual touch entertainment
Wireless vehicle control system and method
Integrated remote control and massage device
Hide-behind bunker system and kit with impact dampening anchors
Gaming apparatus and method
Wind propelled rolling toy
Rigid ballon
Illuminated elastomeric flying disc and its method of manufacture
Bubble generating assembly
Light and sound mirror assembly with appearing characters
Archery target
Toy figure simulating a jump shot
Electronic video poker games
Electronic video poker games
Method for playing poker with additional card draws
Poker blackjack game
Modified blackjack game
Method and casino gaming table for playing three hand pinochle
Method, apparatus and article employing multiple machine-readable indicia on playing cards
Games and game playing implements that include magnets
Multifunctional device for supporting a container lid
Generating a knowledge base
System and method for case-based reasoning
System and method of facilitating and evaluating user thinking about an arbitrary problem using visu...
Investment analysis tool and service for making investment decisions
Apparatus and method for efficient adaptation of finite element meshes for numerical solutions of pa...
Method and apparatus for multivariable analysis of biological measurements
Patient monitoring and alarm processing system and user interface
Imidazopyrazines as protein kinase inhibitors
Seed-specific gene promoters and uses thereof
Polypeptides having cellobiase activity and polynucleotides encoding same
Plastid Transit Peptides
Novel bacillus thuringiensis isolate active against lepidopteran pests, and genes encoding novel lep...
Materials and Methods For the Purification of Polyelectrolytes, Particularly Nucleic Acids
Cellulose based optical film material and method for forming the same
VMP-like sequences of pathogenic Borrelia
PTH receptor and screening assay utilizing the same
Metal binding proteins and associated methods
Use of lipid conjugates in the treatment of disease
Telomerase-inhibiting ENA oligonucleotide
VGLUT-specific dsRNA compounds
Human ribosomal DNA (rDNA) and ribosomal RNA (rRNA) nucleic acids and uses thereof
Methods of modulating cell cycle and cell signaling pathways using biliverdin reductase
System and method for automated matched ion polynucleotide chromatography
Plant vitamin E biosynthetic enzymes
Plant gene sequences II
Protein kinase stress-related proteins and methods of use in plants
Soybean FGAM synthase promoters useful in nematode control
Truncated aggrecanase molecules
Chain-shortened polynucleotide and method for preparation thereof
Antisense compounds which prevent cell death and uses thereof
Hydroperoxide Lyase regulator region
Polynucleic acids isolated from a porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (PRRSV), prote...
Secreted frizzled related protein fragments
Nucleic acids encoding TRAIN-R: a cysteine rich member of the TNF-receptor family
Nucleic acid-binding polymers
Apoptosis proteins
Oligonucleotides from the untranslated regions of housekeeping genes and methods of using same to mo...
Histamine receptor H3 polynucleotides
Peptides for chlamydophila pneumoniae vaccine and diagnosis
Peptide nucleic acid conjugates
Enhanced solubility of recombinant proteins
Immunostimulatory nucleic acid molecules
Cruise control for vehicle
System for controlling the stability of a vehicle using several predictive algorithms and a selectio...
Arrangement for controlling retaining means
Vehicle occupant sensing system for a vehicle seat assembly and method of operating the same
Battery load power detecting system
Portable range extender operable in automatic and manual modes
Drivable trailer
Loader implement
Seating condition detecting system for vehicle
Automated control system for a vehicle lift axle
Control unit for electric power steering
Hydraulic control valve and power steering apparatus using the same
Auxiliary machine mounting structure of fuel cell vehicle
Work vehicle door interlock with override position
Awakening degree determining system
Snowmobile with intercooler
Cab sliding device of industrial machine
Hood for off road work vehicle
Drive train for series/parallel hybrid vehicle
Drive device with electronic circuit
System, apparatus, and method for providing control of a toy vehicle
Information supply apparatus, information utilization apparatus, information manipulation apparatus,...
Electronic television program guide schedule system and method
Parking guidance system for large vehicles
Aircraft control system
Radio communication terminal with simultaneous radio communication channels
Universal remote control unit with automatic appliance identification and programming
Object recognition apparatus and object recognition method
Compression packaged image transmission for telemicroscopy
Digital video broadcasting
Computer system for relieving fatigue
Gesture detection from digital video images
Adaptive clocking mechanism for digital video decoder
Interpolation filtering method for accurate sub-pixel motion assessment
Systems and methods for decoding redundant motion vectors in compressed video bitstreams
Image capturing device
Scanner calibration with dead pixel compensation
Ceiling suction type digital television device
Digital projection equipment and techniques
Remote control device for a television receiver with user programmable means
Pad computer
Program for implementing a game and gaming machine
Game system and game information storage medium used for same
Gaming device having a selectively accessible bonus scheme
Game in which clips are stored on a DVD and played during the course of the game
Gaming device with multiple spinning wheels and method
Process for producing aluminum oxide powder
Process for producing micro-mesoporous metal oxide having regulated pores formed by novel template r...
Apparatus and method for making carbon fibers
Emission control systems and methods thereof
Method and apparatus for determining forces to be applied to a user through a haptic interface
Originality guarantee system, embedded information/alteration detection apparatus and embedded infor...
RF transceiver having a directly radiating transistor
Method of progressively coding/decoding 3-D mesh information and apparatus thereof
Three-dimensional free space image projection employing Fresnel lenses
Virtual reality system
Hydrogen storage alloy, process for producing hydrogen storage alloy, hydrogen storage alloy electro...
System and method for audio creation and editing in a multimedia messaging environment
Method and apparatus for sensing and displaying tablature associated with a stringed musical instrum...
Apparatus and method for converting and delivering musical content over a communication network or o...
Portable telephone set with reproducing and composing capability of music
Snare drum
Software method for maintaining connectivity between applications during communications by mobile co...
Apparatus and method for radio signal parallel processing
Power control method with DTX frame detection for a communication channel
Common radio resource management method in a multi-RAT cellular telephone network
Mobile communication method and radio network controller
System and method of wirelessly triggering portable devices
Method and apparatus for distributed data transfer over multiple independent wireless networks
Audio broadcast receiving apparatus and method
Telematics application for implementation in conjunction with a satellite broadcast delivery system
Multichannel transceiver using redundant encoding and strategic channel spacing
System and method for real-time spectrum analysis in a communication device
Direct conversion RF transceiver with automatic frequency control
Communication methods and apparatus employing spread spectrum techniques and doppler-tolerant polyph...
Telemetry system with authentication
Method of detection of signals using an adaptive antenna in a peer-to-peer network
Alternative frequency strategy for DRM
Method and apparatus for wireless data transfer with reduced delay
Slickline data transmission system
RFID device and method of forming
Semiconductor integrated circuit for high frequency power amplifier, electronic component for high f...
Method and system for tracking errors
Teleconferencing server and teleconferencing system
System and method for processing speech files
Four pole stereo headset with push to talk capability in a duplex radio
Communication agent apparatus
Telecommunications service control point with digit collection logic
System method and computer program product for managing themes in a mobile phone
Data transmission-reception system and data transmission-reception method
Method and system for managing accounting information in an MSC
Enhanced 911 system for providing witness identification in a wireless communication system
Mobile station having overlapping translucent material layers and method of forming the same
Transmitting message playback concurrent with speakerphone operation
Communication set with detection of set function and line condition
Personalized telephone announcement
Mechanism for queuing calls
Method to identify and categorize customer's goals and behaviors within a customer service center en...
System and method for routing both toll-free and caller-paid telephone calls to call service centers
Method and device for generating voice/text/image commercial information ringback tone during commun...
Methods and systems for performing special service maintenance and installation operations in a tele...
System and method for detecting unauthorized access using a voice signature
Method and system for providing enhanced caller identification
Conduit retainer apparatus
Removable maintenance port with method for rehabilitating manhole
Contamination diffusion preventing structure in contaminated area
Safety improvements for airport runways and taxiways
Measuring device for a process technology
Positioning method for biochip
Analysis apparatus having improved temperature control unit
Chromogenic compounds, and use thereof as enzyme substrates
2-hydroxyethidium, methods of preparation and uses thereof
Urocortin proteins and uses thereof
Payload adapter
Linear actuation device for spacecraft and solar generator unfolding systems
Method and apparatus for treating fuel to temporarily reduce its combustibility
Aircraft lavatory
Aircraft ram air inlet with multi-member closure flap
Device for indicating the vibration level of a vehicle
Method and device for detecting pilot induced oscillations in an aircraft
Systems, methods and apparatus for a partially elongated field of view in a magnetic resonance imagi...
Composition for the prevention and treatment of cachexia
Processes for forming backplanes for electro-optic displays
Residual solvent extraction method and microparticles produced thereby
Teste masked pharmaceutical particles
Immunomodulatory compositions containing an immunostimulatory sequence linked to antigen and methods...
Method of producing recombinant Aspergillus niger .beta.-glucosidase and an aroma spreading plant
Amide-functional polymers, compositions, and methods
Benzamide 2-hydroxy-3-diaminoalkanes
Thiazolidinone, oxazolidinone, and imidazolone derivatives for treating lower urinary tract and rela...
System and method for modulating the pacing rate based on patient activity and position
Graphical user interface for a screen telephone
Using icons to show the validity of computer language structural elements applicable to a computer-g...
Information preservation on a portable electronic device
Information recording/playback apparatus and method
Control architecture for a high-throughput multi-processor channel decoding system
Supporting speculative modification in a data cache
Using existing web-based information to generate responses to user queries
Block level data snapshot system and method
Binary search tree system and method
E-commerce shopping cart
Virtual dial irrigation controller
Controller with programmable service event display mode
Management of implantable devices
Mobile station apparatus capable of changing access control classes due to low battery condition for...
Isomerization process
Process for the production of olefins
Fines co-feed for maintaining efficient reactor hydrodynamics
Production of propylene from steam cracking of hydrocarbons, particularly ethane
Process for total hydrogenation using a catalytic reactor with a hydrogen-selective membrane
Linear alpha-olefin dimers possessing substantial linearity
Method for settling suspended fine inorganic solid particles from hydrocarbon slurry and additive fo...
Polymer, processes for producing polymer and composition
Solvent-free, hot melt adhesive composition comprising a controlled distribution block copolymer
Plastic boxes and methods for making same
Footwear with improved insole
Convertible shoe and sandal
Sandal with interchangeable upper
Store window display fixture with stripe
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear sole
Strap assembly for footwear
Nucleic acid-engineered materials
Heat sink and chip sandwich system
Method of maintaining an IC-module near a set-point
Liquid-cooled heat sink assembly
Hydrogen generation system and fuel cell system having the same
Floor buried system for heat distribution
Controller customization management system
Vehicular air-conditioning apparatus
Vehicle air-conditioning apparatus that can surely defog window
Vehicle air conditioning system with air temperature sensor
Heat exchanger plate and this exchanger
Evaporator and vehicle provided with refrigeration cycle having the same
Heat exchanger for a refrigerator and method for the production of a heat exchanger
Cooling module
Cabinet with an environmentally-sealed air-to-air heat exchanger
Heat and cold storage multistage tower with application of PCM
Snap-in flapper valve assembly
Heat pump type air conditioner having an improved defrosting structure and defrosting method for the...
Method of manufacturing a finned heat sink
Systems and methods for message threat management
Method and apparatus for managing subscription-type messages
Branched diene-modified crystalline polypropylene terpolymers
Multiple catalyst and reactor system for olefin polymerization and polymers produced therefrom
Substituted sulfonamides and ureas useful for inhibiting kinase activity
Methods to deposit metal alloy barrier layers
Method of forming low resistance and reliable via in inter-level dielectric interconnect
External power source, charger and system for an implantable medical device having thermal character...
High capacitance electrode and methods of producing same
Method and apparatus for high voltage aluminum capacitor design
Suspension load beam with a composite damping core
Covered conductor and heater formed therewith
Thin sanitary napkin allowing for controlled deformation when in use
Wound dressing
Ligands for metals and improved metal-catalyzed processes based thereon
Synthetic glycosulfopeptides and methods of synthesis thereof
Thermal transfer image receiving sheet and method for manufacturing the same
Substrate processing method
Lost foam casting analysis method
Polynucleotide encoding a TRP channel family member, TRP-PLIK2
Toner for developing electrostatic image, method for producing the toner and image forming method
Fuel cell employing local power generation when starting at low temperature
Anti-depression pharmaceutical composition containing polygala extract
Blocking leukocyte emigration and inflammation by interfering with CD99/HEC2
Composite elements
Vehicle expansion retainer
Transition device for coupled metal frames
Enclosure incorporating adjustable releasable fastener
Control system for positioning of marine seismic streamers
Apparatus for removing attachments deposited on underwater structure
Method and apparatus for controlling a waterjet-driven marine vessel
Molded piezoelectric apparatus
Lipoxin A.sub.4 analogs
Meldonium salts, method of their preparation and pharmaceutical composition on their basis
Acyl-4-carboxyphenylurea derivatives, processes for preparing them and their use
Modified peptide derivatives and methods of use thereof
Arylheteroalkylamine derivatives and their use as inhibitors of nitric oxide synthase
Phenolic acid derivatives and composition for preventing or treating blood lipid level-related disea...
Cytotoxic annonaceous acetogenins from Annona muricata
Multivalent cationic lipids and methods of using same in the production of lipid particles
Function regulator for retinoid relative receptor
Method for producing cobalt-protein complex
Dimeric compounds and their use as anti-viral agents
Broadly cross-reactive neutralizing antibodies against human immunodeficiency virus selected by Env-...
Heterocyclic compounds useful for the treatment of inflammatory and allergic disorders: process for ...
Detection of proteins whose absence is associated with a neoplasm
Substituted N-aryl heterocycles, process for their preparation and their use as medicaments
Prenylation inhibitors reduce host cell permissiveness to viral replication
2-aminonaphthalene derivatives and related glycogen phosphorylase inhibitors
Viral polymerase inhibitors
Switching amplifier
Minimum on time, dual supply class D amplifiers with ground speaker returns and methods of class D a...
Switching power supply device and method of controlling the switching device
Pre-charge apparatus and method for controlling startup transients in a capacitively-coupled switchi...
Voltage regulator converter without switching losses
High-speed digital multiplexer
Porous inorganic/organic hybrid particles for chromatographic separations and process for their prep...
Methods for extinguishing petroleum-based fires, suppressing petroleum-released vapors and cleaning ...
Method and apparatus for separation of a mixture of non-miscible liquids
Apparatus and method for filtering fluids
Methods and apparatus for isolating platelets from blood
High-gradient magnetic filter and method for the separation of weakly magnetisable particles from fl...
Method for treating an exhausted glycol-based slurry
Growth media wastewater treatment reactor
Adsorption membranes, method of producing same and equipment, including the adsorption membranes
Positively charged membrane
Hollow fibre restraining system
Hollow-fiber membrane module
Support element for an integrated module for blood treatment, an integrated module for blood treatme...
Apparatus and method for cleaning cooling tower recirculating water
Integrated blood treatment module and extracorporeal blood treatment apparatus
Ion separation
Separating agent for enantiomeric isomers
Reactor and process for mercaptan oxidation and separation in the same vessel
Filter assembly for pipelines
Method and arrangement for optically stimulating the visual system
System and method for performing regular expression matching with high parallelism
Computer system that enables a plurality of computers to share a storage device
Charge pump having sampling point adjustment
Methods and apparatus for counting and positioning using resonant tags
Mass measurement system and method using measurement of frequency shift of vibrator
Hearing aid design
Electroactive polymers
Microwave burning furnace including heating element having two types of materials
Fuel cell system
Method of embossing chocolate products
Complex mixed conductor and its preparing method
Image forming apparatus including a conveyance unit for passing a recording medium
Promoted nickel-magnesium oxide catalysts and process for producing synthesis gas
Unitary reflector and lens combination for a light emitting device
Optical materials with selected index-of-refraction
Imprint lithography substrate processing tool for modulating shapes of substrates
Optical component, optical system including such an optical component, lithographic apparatus, metho...
Active area bonding compatible high current structures
System and method to increase die stand-off height
Stable metal structure with tungsten plug
Integrated circuit with protective moat
Integrated circuit package employing a heat-spreader member
Thermal enhance package with universal heat spreader
Flip chip ball grid array package
Apparatus and fabrication methods for incorporating sub-millimeter, high-resistivity mechanical comp...
Method for manufacturing semiconductor integrated circuit device
Semiconductor memory device with bit line of small resistance and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Junction diode comprising varying semiconductor compositions
Thin film capacitor and fabrication method thereof
Multi-channel transistor with tunable hot carrier effect
Semiconductor device
Heterojunction bipolar transistor structure
Liquid crystal display device having a thin film transistor substrate with a multi-cell gap structur...
Electric device, matrix device, electro-optical display device, and semiconductor memory having thin...
Method and system for measuring a molecular array background signal from a continuous background reg...
Method and arrangement for microscopy
Adaptive contrast enhancement method for video signals based on time-varying nonlinear transforms
Azimuthal scanning of a structure formed on a semiconductor wafer
Beam shifting surface plasmon resonance system and method
Method for determining modifications to semiconductor optical functions
Mapping-measurement apparatus
Phase-shifting test mask patterns for characterizing illumination polarization balance in image form...
Performing retardation measurements
Image display method, image processing method, image processing apparatus, scan capturing apparatus ...
Sensors having protective eluting coating and method therefor
System and method for confocal imaging within dermal tissue
Multiple use analyte sensing assembly
Optical determination of in vivo properties
Endoscope probe system having confocal optical systems
Method and system for nerve stimulation and cardiac sensing prior to and during a medical procedure
Tissue roll dispenser
Miniaturized fan module
Variable capacity rotary compressor
Double-acting, high pressure cryogenic pump
Quick loading peristaltic pump
Liquid dispensing apparatus
Downhole draw down pump and method
Compressor diagnostic system
Electrical enclosure system
Fault-tolerant computer system, re-synchronization method thereof and re-synchronization program the...
Method and device for catalytic cracking comprising in parallel at least an upflow reactor and at le...
Method of producing high softening point pitch
Continuous catalyst extraction valve with line cleaning feature
Method of transferring catalyst in a reaction system
Process for hydrodesulphurization of cuts containing sulphur containing compounds and olefins in the...
Portable telecommunication apparatus and method for requesting downloading of pages of information f...
Gateway screen for interactive television
Optical head
Context preservation
Method and apparatus for performing parallel data operations
Dynamic breakpoints for computer software
Display annotation and layout processing
Methods and systems for debugging a computer program code
Method for controlling turbo decoding time in a high-speed packet data communication system
Breakpoint groups based on control flow
Employing sense resistor as safety fuse in limited power source applications
Using relationships between contexts in model view controller design pattern
Secure system for the identification of persons using remote searching of facial, iris and voice bio...
Method and system to verify a circuit design by verifying consistency between two different language...
Secure method for communicating and providing services on digital networks and implementing architec...
Methods and apparatus for automatic test component generation and inclusion into simulation testbenc...
Enhanced CSU/DSU (channel service unit/data service unit)
Pharmaceutical formulations for dry powder inhalers in the form of hard-pellets
Hepatitis C virus codon optimized non-structural NS3/4A fusion gene
Adjuvanted genetic vaccines
Abuse resistant lysine amphetamine compounds
Antithrombosis enzyme from the snake venom of agkistrodon acutus
Malignant endothelial cell line and uses thereof in models for angiogenesis
Herpes virus strains for gene therapy
Strain of lactic acid bacterium and edible compositions, drugs and veterinary products containing it
Recombinant rabies vaccine and methods of preparation and use
Antithrombotic thrombin variants
IL-1 eta DNA and polypeptides
Variable gain logic for a GPS based automatic steering system
In-vehicle wiring harness with multiple adaptors for an on-board diagnostic connector
Method, system and computer program product for positioning and synchronizing wireless communication...
Traffic environment recognition method and system for carrying out the same
Locality information retrieval system
Vehicle security system
Method and system for automatic freewheeling of vehicle
Viral purification methods
Assigning interrupts in multi-master systems
Visual display methods for in computer-animated speech production models
Interfaces between semiconductor circuitry and transpinnor-based circuitry
High-speed centrifugal seal for a spindle motor
Method for fabricating fine features by jet-printing and surface treatment
Fan blade bracket
BIOS lock encode/decode driver
Active intrusion resistant environment of layered object and compartment keys (airelock)
Method and system for remote management of personal security devices
Method for verifying the identity of a user for session authentication purposes during Web navigatio...
Secure network architecture method and apparatus
Systems and methods for managing web user information
Method for updating security information, client, server and management computer therefor
Enterprise privacy manager
Method and system for dynamically adjusting video bit rates
Method and apparatus for ensuring reception of conditional access information in multi-tuner receive...
Optical disk recording and/or reproducing apparatus
System and method for hibernating application state data on removable module
Method of handling asynchronous events
Stack usage in computer-related operating systems
Magnetic resonance imaging device
4-ketocarotenoids in flower petals
Crystallographic structure of the androgen receptor ligand binding domain
Cotton event MON15985 and compositions and methods for detection thereof
Cardiac harness for treating congestive heart failure and for defibrillating and/or pacing/sensing
Apparatus for noninvasively measuring hematocrit and associated methods
Rapid application integration
Multilevel parallel CRC generation and checking circuit
Method and apparatus for storing and retrieving multiple point-in-time consistent data sets
SDIO card development system
Multi-purpose floating point and integer multiply-add functional unit with multiplication-comparison...
Reprogrammable microprogram based reconfigurable multi-cell logic concurrently processing configurat...
System and method for managing storage networks and for managing scalability of volumes in such a ne...
Method and system for autonomic performance improvements in an application via memory relocation
Apparatus, system, and method for synchronizing an asynchronous mirror volume using a synchronous mi...
System, method and storage medium for controlling asynchronous updates to a register
Extended host controller test mode support for use with full-speed USB devices
Method to measure transmission delay between 1394 bridges
Asynchronous arbiter with bounded resolution time and predictable output state
Configuring external network connections
Service tunnel over a connectionless network
Method and system for predictive enterprise resource management
Integrated systems for providing communications network management services and interactive generati...
Serial port redirection using a management controller
Remote diagnostics system
Contact/via force fill techniques and resulting structures
Back-face and edge interconnects for lidded package
Semiconductor component having plate and stacked dice
Method of fabricating lead frame and method of fabricating semiconductor device using the same, and ...
Multilayer wiring board incorporating carbon fibers and glass fibers
Radiation image conversion panel
Apparatus for inspection with electron beam, method for operating same, and method for manufacturing...
Method for improving selectivity of electroless metal deposition
Developing device, image forming apparatus, image forming system, and method of manufacturing develo...
Rewrite prevention in a variable resistance memory
Megasonic immersion lithography exposure apparatus and method
Portable electronic equipment having a photographic function and a concealable lens
Structural element having a coplanar line
Low cost spark plug manufactured from conductive loaded resin-based materials
Assays and peptide substrate for determining aggrecan degrading metallo protease activity
Topical composition
Multi-finger hand device
Reducing coupling of RF interrogated SAWs to external bodies
Air and heat exchange apparatus
Information storage system and information management system
Information providing method and system
Flight developer regulating member, developing apparatus and method of assembling developing apparat...
Developer feeding member, developing apparatus, process cartridge and developer feeding member mount...
Image fixing apparatus capable of changing surface condition of fixing rotary member and fixing rota...
Sheet processing apparatus and control method thereof
Image forming apparatus using toner containing wax with image density detecting means used for image...
Moving image recording apparatus and method, moving image reproducing apparatus, moving image record...
Entropy coding apparatus
Image processing to prevent forgery
Wireless communication device, and method for controlling the same, which authenticates partner devi...
Method for providing additional service by a communication company
Electrophoretic display device
Optical scanning apparatus and image forming apparatus using the same
Image reading apparatus
Image signal correction light source that can cope with dust and scratch on transparent document, an...
Image forming apparatus having plural image supporting bodies
Imaging apparatus, system having imaging apparatus and printing apparatus, and control method theref...
Exposure apparatus, method of controlling same, method of manufacturing devices, computer-readable m...
System and method for providing information using spoken dialogue interface
Method and apparatus for precisely fitting, reproducing, and creating 3-dimensional objects from dig...
Method and system for handwritten electronic messaging
Communicating forwarding information for a communications device based on detected physical location
System and method for error-control for multicast video distribution
System and method for transferring thematic information over the internet
Bi-directional communication system, display apparatus, base apparatus and bi-directional communicat...
Systems and methods for generating interactive electronic reference materials
System and method for delivering high-performance online multimedia services
Service provision method, relay device, and service provision apparatus
Reel mechanism with watertight electronics module
Alternating-source peak-shift power application system, method and program product
System and method for three dimensional model printing
Methods for supporting substrates during fabrication of one or more objects thereon by programmable ...
Multipolar medical electrical lead
Developing roller for use in image-forming apparatus and developing apparatus equipped with the same
CMOS image sensor and method for fabricating the same
Imidazo[1,5-a]pyridine derivatives and methods for treating aldosterone mediated diseases
Sharp-tuned filter-combiner for combining adjacent TV channels
Interactive multimedia advertising and electronic commerce on a hypertext network
Wire trimmed programmable logic array
Blood removal system
Liquid measurements using capacitive monitoring
Method of altering levels of plasmids
Laboratory measuring device housing
Polycarbonate-based oriented film and retardation film
Thin film transistor array panel and a liquid crystal display including the same
Tamperproof magnetic switch assembly
Alignment correction system and methods of use thereof
Sheet finishing apparatus and image forming apparatus
Problem-solution resource system for medical diagnostic equipment
Inexpensive reliable computer storage via hetero-geneous architecture and a staged storage policy
Application specific integrated circuitry for controlling analysis of a fluid
Method and system for predicting production of a well
Methods and systems for image-guided surgical interventions
Radiation-free optical cavity
Method for matching and registering medical image data
Method of high-frequency signal transmission
Disc drive apparatus
Oscillating-field assisted spin torque switching of a magnetic tunnel junction memory element
Image reading unit and image reading apparatus using the same
Device and method for identifying a container
High-frequency magnetic thin film, composite magnetic thin film, and magnetic device using same
Superconducting magnet apparatus
Ceramic loaded temperature compensating tunable cavity filter
Fitness for use of fiberglass insulation
Duct insulation having condensate wicking
System and method for signal integrity testing of electronic circuits
Method and system for mitigating nonlinear transmission impairments in fiber-optic communications sy...
Method and apparatus for abandoning an interrupted task
Method and apparatus for retrieving access control information
System and method for connecting dynamic networks with limited resources
Automatic determination of high significance alert thresholds for system performance metrics using a...
Implantable cardiac therapy device with dual chamber can to isolate high-frequency circuitry
Optical encoding method and encoder for optical code division multiplexing
Nonaqueous electrolyte and lithium secondary battery employing the same
Execution control apparatus with key pad that enables selection of jobs to be run
Printer using direct-coupled emissive array
Method and apparatus for payment processing using debit-based electronic funds transfer and disburse...
Network support for per user packet data throughput
Efficient transformation of information between a source schema and a target schema
Method for measuring capacitance and equivalent parallel resistance
Map search system
Multi-port optical switches
Optical transmission network with a receiver photonic integrated circuit (RxPIC) utilizing an optica...
Method and device for recording data and erasing servo data
Display device and drive control method therefor
Preceding-vehicle detecting apparatus, own-vehicle controlling apparatus, and preceding-vehicle dete...
Integrated circuit enclosed retroreflective product
Control apparatus, dual chip inverter and single chip inverter of AC motors
Mounting structure for ball grid array type IC
Electrophotographic toner
Process for the synthesis of perindopril and its pharmaceutically acceptable salts
Cell surface proteins and use thereof as indicators of activation of cellular signal transduction pa...
Methods for treating restenosis with a botulinum neurotoxin
Detection article having fluid control film
Method for the synthesis of perindopril and the pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof
Method for operating a motor vehicle
Method of providing device usage data
Optical-routing boards for opto-electrical systems and methods and apparatuses for manufacturing the...
System, method, and computer program product for structured waveguide including polarizer region
Digital x-ray camera
Recording medium, its controller and controlling method
Vertically-aligned (VA) liquid crystal display device
Optical alignment loops for the wafer-level testing of optical and optoelectronic chips
Magnet with electromagnetic coil/impedance/sensor element
Radiation detector that adjusts offset component
Inspection apparatus for circuit pattern
Method and apparatus for selecting inlets of a multiple inlet FAIMS
Method, system, and device for optimizing an FTMS variable
Plasma absorption wave limiter
Vacuum Switchgear
Pulsed electron jump generator
Data processing system and method for processing test orders
Optically transmitting sheet and screen
Medical pressure-sensitive adhesive sheets and method for producing the same
Very low temperature CVD process with independently variable conformality, stress and composition of...
Diffraction-based diagnostic devices
Ultra-wide band pulse dispersion spectrometry method and apparatus providing multi-component composi...
BaTiO.sub.3 thin film waveguides and related modulator devices
Supported catalyst for fuel cell, method of manufacturing the same, and fuel cell
Power generation system having an external process module
Fuel cells incorporating membranes
Ultraviolet radiation curable coating for MLS head gasket applications
Integrated fuel cell system
Fuel cell
Catalytic reactor
Sulfonated poly(arylene) films as polyelectrolyte membranes
EL display device and electronic device
Bi-cyclic pyrimidine inhibitors of TGF.beta.
Accommodative intraocular lens
Accommodating lens assembly
Teledioptic lens system and method for using the same
Pentas plant named `NAKPEN004`
Kiwi plant named `Hort51-1785`
Grapevine `DM 8313-1`
Abutilon plant named `ATN YB5`
Abutilon plant named `ATN RT5`
Mango tree named `B74`
Shrub rose plant named `KORuteli`
Interspecific hybrid Dogwood Tree designated `KF1-1`
.times.Taxodiomeria peizhongii tree named `Dongfangshan`
Catharanthus plant named `KITAJIMA ANGEL TUTU`
Verbena plant named `Rap Horose`
Shrub rose plant named `Poultc007`
Hybrid tea rose plant named `KORaburg`
Coleus plant named `Kakegawa CE11`
Campanula plant named `Royal Wave`
Peach tree named `CRIMSON PRINCESS`
Acrylic composition and a curable coating composition including the same
Amphipathic polymer particles and methods of manufacturing the same
Method of optimizing patient outcome from cardiac resynchronization therapy
Radio system
Security apparatus
System for a portable hands-free breast pump and method of using the same
Quad cycle and exercise machine
Electronically servo-assisted bicycle gearshift and related method
Spreading apparatus for flowable materials
Contoured metal eyeglass frames
Tow hook hitch assembly
Tricycle push handle
Bicycle suspension assembly
Structure of crown portion for bicycles
Pivoting support arrangement for maintaining a bicycle wheel in an upright position
Low cost food processing belts and other conveyances manufactured from conductive loaded resin-based...
Apparatus for controlling hydraulic brakes in bicycles, motorbicycles and the like
Combined stud finder and tape measure device
Head gear fitting system
Method for preparing a thin ceramic material with controlled surface porosity gradient, and resultin...
Compositions and method for treating potted seedlings, and method for planting same
Heatable windshield
Circuit and method for a folded bit line memory cell with vertical transistor and trench capacitor
Continuous on-line process control of residua distillation
Continuous tracer generation method
Non-aqueous electrolyte and a lithium secondary battery comprising the same
High strength high gas barrier cellular cushioning product
Method for depositing gallium oxide coatings on flat glass
Process for the preparation of novel dyes for use in imaging members
Application of photocurable pre-ceramic polymers
System and method for toothbrush sanitization and storage
Compounds for the management of aging-related and diabetic vascular complications, process for their...
Salts and polymorphs of a potent antidiabetic compound
Method of producing a printing plate on a cylindrical printing-plate carrier in a rotary printing pr...
Printing press having an apparatus for measuring a printed product
Transfer blanket, in particular rubber blanket, for a printing press
Apparatus for transporting flat work pieces
Sheet-processing machine with a pneumatic sheet-guiding device
Work transfer apparatus for transfer press
Creation and display of indices within a process plant
Method of operating an apparatus for an intermittent feeding of a strip shaped blank to a press
Magnetic resonance system with suppression of capacitive coupling between an RF source and the subje...
RF transmitter arrangement for an MR system, and method for determining a setting parameter therefor
Coil arrays for parallel imaging in magnetic resonance imaging
MR device provided with differently optimized RF coil arrays
Assembling structure of field coil
Adaptive magnetic levitation apparatus and method
Magnetic field generating apparatus and method for magnetic resonance imaging
MRI system having a gradient magnet system with a gyroscope
Method, dielectric element, and MR system for generating an MR exposure
Pyrazole-amides and -sulfonamides
Tetrahydroquinazolines and dihydrocyclopentapyrimidines as CRF antagonists
Substituted triazole compounds
Proteasome inhibitors and methods of using the same
Targeted proteolysis by recruitment to ubiquitin protein ligases
Gamma-1 and gamma-3 anti-human CD23 monoclonal antibodies and use thereof as therapeutics
Thermal coagulation of tissue during tissue resection
Compositions for identification and isolation of stem cells