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Lentivirus vector system
Hybrid adenoviral vector
Methods of monitoring glucose levels in a subject and uses thereof
Compositions and methods for the synthesis and subsequent modification of uridine-5'-diphosphosulfoq...
Formulation, solubilization, purification, and refolding of tissue factor pathway inhibitor
HSC70 directed diagnostics and therapeutics for multidrug resistant neoplastic disease
Multimerization of HIV-1 Vif protein as a therapeutic target
Semiconductor devices and methods
Directly compressible tricalcium phosphate
Methods and apparatus for managing the execution of a task among a plurality of autonomous processes
Electromagnetic actuator having inherently decelerating actuation between limits
Work piece with a hard film of AlCr-containing material, and process for its production
Ni catalysts and methods for alkane dehydrogenation
Converting oxygenates to olefins over a catalyst comprising acidic molecular sieve of controlled car...
Butadiene and isobutylene removal from olefinic streams
Process for the preparation of linear olefins and use thereof to prepare linear alcohols
Method for recovering crude 1,3-butadiene by extractive distillation from a C.sub.4 cut
Fluid treatment apparatus
Performing server side interactive television
Finding database match for file based on file characteristics
Piezoelectric motor drive circuit and method
Linear drive
Programming distribution and notification system
Apparatus to deter birds with ultrasound
System, method, and device for playing back recorded audio, video or other content from non-volatile...
Method and system for analysis of software requirements
Transport pallet
Stand-up counterbalance lift truck
Wheelbarrow with pivoting hopper
Pedal for use with trash cans
Garbage can
Garbage can
Combined garbage and recycling dual chamber container
Combined waste container and smoker's material receiver
Disposable spittoon
Trash tote bag
Electric steam iron
Equipment drying tree
Wall rotary dryer
Ice scraper
Roller mop
Combined snow/ice scraper squeegee and broom
Laundry basket
Vacuum cleaner base
Portion of a laundry appliance
Rolling support for a surface-treating appliance
Cat scratcher
Cardiac rhythm management systems and methods using acoustic contractility indicator
Cardiac tachyarrhythmia therapy selection based on patient response information
Signal analysis, heat flow management, and stimulation techniques to treat medical disorders
Apparatus and method for performing a tissue resection procedure
Catheter and method for mapping Purkinje fibers
System, apparatus and method for inferring glucose levels within the peritoneum with implantable sen...
Systems and methods for tomographic reconstruction of images in compressed format
Coleopteran-resistant transgenic plants and methods of their production
Polymorphs of sodium 4-[(4-chloro-2-hydroxybenzoyl) amino] butanoate
Prevention of neutrophil recruitment
Anti-TNF antibody fragments
Extendin derivatives
Use of VEGF and homologues to treat neuron disorders
Ozone disinfecting mouse
Nucleic acid vaccines for prevention of flavivirus infection
Electrode for a lithium secondary battery and a lithium secondary battery comprising the same
Electrolyte for rechargeable lithium battery and rechargeable lithium battery comprising same
Polymer electrolyte with effective leakage resistance and lithium battery using the same
Anode and battery using the same
Positive active material for rechargeable lithium battery, method of preparing same, and rechargeabl...
Electricity storage device
Fuel containment and recycling system
Electric double layer capacitor
Doped semiconductor nanocrystals
Taxanes having a C7 carbonate substituent
Photothermographic material
Resin composition
Image recording material
Method for producing composite material for electrode comprising quinoxaline based polymer, such mat...
Method of manufacturing electrochemical sensors
Biphenyl vasopressin agonists
Two terminal memory array having reference cells
Electrolyte for electrolytic capacitor, electrolytic capacitor and process for producing tetrafluoro...
Electroplated copper interconnection structure, process for making and electroplating bath
Path planner and method for planning a path plan having a spiral component
Multistage safety screening of equipment operators
Driving control device and method for electric vehicle and program therefor
Stop pin for track tension assembly
Power-assisted steering system and difference compensating method for current detector
Rear arm for motorcycle
Power steering apparatus
CVT frame member
Control system for a vehicle
Power transmission device and assembling method for a motorcycle
Transmission for a working vehicle
Sensor apparatus and self-propelled floor cleaning appliance having a sensor apparatus
Device for adaptive distance and speed control with having torque dampening
Dynamic management of computer workloads through service level optimization
Verbena plant named `Sunvivaho`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Dekmallorca`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Dekalgarve`
Limonium plant named `Esm Ara`
Anthurium plant named `TWYAN0015`
Peach tree named `Carolina Gold`
Geranium plant named `Elegance Lavender`
Lantana plant named `Robpatlol`
Lantana plant named `Robpatgol`
Climber rose plant named `JACamite`
Ananas lucidus Miller plant named `Xanda`
Dahlia plant named `Dapasuje`
Dahlia plant named `Dapasulo`
Miniature rose plant named `SAVaworry`
Chrysanthemum plant named `95-157-6`
Gel composition and its use in cosmetic compositions and the like
High softening temperature synthetic alkylsilicone wax
Cardboard tampon applicator with optical enhancing material coated on inner layers
Piston-type dispenser with one-way valve for storing and dispensing metered amounts of substances
Device for packaging and dispensing a substance, in particular a cosmetic
Color-developing composition and cosmetic, fragrance products and miscellaneous goods for display wi...
Human antibodies that bind human 17-A1/EpCAM tumor antigen
Secreted and transmembrane polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding the same
Protein C or activated protein C-like molecules
Self-emulsifying drug delivery system
Equine Fc epsilon receptor alpha protein
Preparation for the prevention and/or treatment of vascular disorders
Techniques to improve polyurethane membranes for implantable glucose sensors
Hair keratin-associated proteins
Method of removing endotoxin from vaccines
Grapeseed, cold-pressed grape oil, crushed grape and grape flour
Food products and dietary supplements containing phenolated proteins and process for preparing the s...
Identification of compositions, compositions, and methods of treatment of obesity and overweight con...
Synergistic compositions from yeast-modified aqueous extracts from almond hulls
In vitro and in vivo anti-inflammatory effects of a sesquiterpene lactone extract from chicory (Cich...
Chemoablation of tissue using biodegradable, solid salt dosage forms
Formulation and process for making formulation for preservation of animal and vegetable tissues
Superconducting wire, method of manufacture thereof and the articles derived therefrom
Bit rate agile onboard telemetry formatter
Stable transparent perfuming emulsion
Autonomous personal service robot
System and method for remotely initializing a RF transaction
Multi-directional cartridge memory antenna designs
Magazine-based data cartridge library
Method and apparatus for standardization of a measuring instrument
Interpreting a common script block to output various forms of data according to a common protocol
RFID label application system
Surgical instrument tray shipping tote identification system and methods of using same
Object information retrieval system
Dispenser assemblies and systems including a heat storage unit
Method for processing flat deliveries in delivery containers
Method of fabricating micro-chips
High performance field effect transistors comprising carbon nanotubes fabricated using solution base...
Clamshell packaging structure
Printed sheet products with integral, removable, radio frequency identification elements
RFID device tester and method
Three dimensional data storage
Adaptive network-centric online autonomic supply chain management system
Shopping cart with RFID capability
Methods and systems for object identification and interaction
Package system
Process for production of a carboxylic acid/diol mixture suitable for use in polyester production
Polyester-polycarbonate compositions
Binder for electrostatic image developing toner
Protective coat-forming coating composition, coated article, and multilayer laminate
Resin composition and molded article thereof
Halogenated isobutylene-based copolymers having enhanced viscosity and thermoplastic compositions th...
Water soluble energy curable stereo-crosslinkable ionomer compositions
Polymerization catalysts and process for producing bimodal polymers in a single reactor
Composite for catalytic distillation and its preparation
Method for producing a fluid device, fluid device and analysis apparatus
Detecting the presence of pyruvate kinase isoenzyme in feces
Underlayer coating forming composition for lithography containing compound having protected carboxyl...
Conductive fine particles, method for plating fine particles, and substrate structural body
Conjugate between a modified superantigen and a target-seeking compound and the use of the conjugate
Method to prepare compositions comprising yeast treated with electromagnetic energy
Modified Chimeric superantigens and their use
GFP expression vector localized in mitochondria
Thermoformable acoustic sheet
Edible moisture barrier for food and method of use products
Shaft structure with adjustable and self-regulated stiffness
Pet waste and refuse collection system and method
Fishing reel having improved pay out clicking mechanism
Tethering stakes
Head restraint for animal control chute
Hair grooming device
Method of cleaning soiled bedding material in barns
Pet beds
Hog production management by weight
Device for heating and frothing a liquid, in particular milk
Hand-held chum distributing device
Fish attractor
Modified fishhook for catch and release applications
Fishing rod repair kit
Fishing bobber having light device
System and method for making live animals appear to talk
Gantry mounted stereoscopic imaging system
Trackable medical tool for use in image guided surgery
Microwave hemorrhagic stroke detector
Heart modeling using a template
Biological light measuring instrument
Three-dimensional reprojection and backprojection methods and algorithms for implementation thereof
Methods for minimally-invasive, non-permanent occlusion of a uterine artery
Breathable, extensible films made with two-component single resins
Limited play data storage media and method for limiting access to data thereon
Limited play data storage media and coating formulations thereon
Solid polymer electrolyte and method of preparation
Electrophoretic dispersions
Photothermographic material
Photothermographic material and image forming method
Drawn gel-spun polyethylene yarns
Aerogel/PTFE composite insulating material
Diffraction-based diagnostic devices
Method for configuring a network intrusion detection system
Multinuclear transition metal compound and catalyst system including the same
System and method for associating container defect information to a specific path of manufacturing
Cooking apparatus
Food warming apparatus and method
Hypoglycemic agent
Apparatus for natural recycling of protein waste
Displacement assay for selective biological material detection
Fractionated soybean proteins and method for producing the same
Method for making rice congee
Method and apparatus for consumable powder reconstitution and frothing
Microwaveable grilled cheese and meat sandwiches and method of preparation
Combined coffee package and dispenser
Countertop rotisserie oven with warming unit
Brewing apparatus with pre-infusion and pulse brewing
Rotary food server
Method and apparatus for delivering content via information retrieval devices
Progressive watermark decoding on a distributed computing platform
Electronic apparatus equipped with image capturing device and microphone
Suction device
Ligands for TGF-beta binding proteins and uses thereof
Computer-automated implementation of user-definable decision rules for medical diagnostic or screeni...
Industrial robot
Device and method for monitoring and controlling physiologic parameters of a dialysis patient using ...
Method and apparatus for determining the cerebral state of a patient with fast response
Systems and methods for assessing and modifying an individual's physiological condition
Method and apparatus for detecting vagus nerve stimulation
Analyte sensor
Temperature indicating oximetry sensor
Method and apparatus for forming multiple beams
Calibration tool for an optical measuring device with an optical fiber probe
MR method and apparatus for determining coronal and sagittal image planes from an image data set of ...
Method and apparatus for embedding encrypted images of signatures and other data on checks
Three-dimensional volumetric geo-spatial querying
Architecture for general purpose programmable semiconductor processing system and methods therefor
Driving assistance method and system
System and method for issuing a security unit after determining eligibility by image recognition
Systems, methods and devices for determining and assigning descriptive filenames to digital images
Generating interpolated display data using remote pixel data
Method for scaling a digital image in an embedded system
Resolution correction apparatus, resolution correction program, and computer-readable recording medi...
Method and system for detecting a geometrically transformed copy of an image
Adaptive wiener image restoration kernel
Method for sharpening a digital image
Flat-field, panel flattening, and panel connecting methods
Inverse halftoning process
Image encoding method, image decoding method, image encoder, image decode, program, computer data si...
Image data generation with reduced amount of processing
Printing system application using J2K
Image processing apparatus, control method of the same, computer program, and computer-readable stor...
Image recognition apparatus, image recognition method, and image recognition program
Image processing method and apparatus for comparing edges between images
System and method for automated symbolic recognition including spatial reasoning
LED light pipe structure
Light pipe with alignment structures
Optical fixed attenuator and process and apparatus for producing the same
Liquid tube and electrical cable clamp with locking features
Breakout and connector assemblies for use with high count fiber optic cables
Environmentally stable electro-optic device and method for making same
Optical waveguide device and method of manufacturing same
Composite fiber with light interference coloring function
Optical waveguide circuit and manufacturing method thereof
Method and apparatus for resonant coupling in photonic crystal circuits
Photonic-bandgap fiber with a core ring
Hole-assisted single mode optical fiber
High SBS threshold optical fiber with fluorine dopant
Integrated polarization beam splitter with quarter-wave plate for polarimeter and PMD compensation a...
Adjustable tether assembly for fiber optic distribution cable
Optical fiber machining method and end processing device for optical fiber
Interference patterning
Optical waveguide lens and method of fabrication
Data transmitting/receiving method and its receiver
Mobile phone with camera
Camera mounted two-way wireless personal video/audio communication system
Method and device for speeding up and simplifying information transfer between electronic devices
Image projection apparatus, projection image pattern, laser drive apparatus, camera apparatus
Focusing method for digital camera using plural spatial frequencies
Apparatus and method of reproducing moving picture at variable speed
Method for improving the quality of a digital image
Receiver and AGC method
Application-specific object-based segmentation and recognition system
Wide-angle optical system
Method and apparatus for balancing color response of imagers
Image magnification changing apparatus
Liquid crystal television receiver
Display device using optical modulator equipped with lens system having improved numerical aperture
Apparatus for preventing auto-convergence error in projection television receiver
Self-correcting rear projection television
Apparatus and method for receiving television and radio broadcasting signals using a single tuner
Digital TV with operating system and method of driving same
Heat dissipating pin structure for mitigation of LED temperature rise
Wide-range, wide-angle compound zoom with simplified zooming structure
Method and apparatus for a touch-free examination of objects, particularly regarding the surface cha...
Adaptive and interactive scene illumination
Lighting device control apparatus for vehicles
Vehicle imaging system
Quick connection lamppost
Frame structure for backlight module
Light guiding device with two opposite light emitting surfaces and backlight module using the same
Lighting unit and liquid crystal display device using the unit
Surface light source device and light guide used therefor
Light emitting panel assemblies
Cold-cathode fluorescent lamp assembly for lighting applications
Exterior rearview mirror for motor vehicles
Illuminating device for a vehicle for realizing an asymmetrical light distribution
Expanding structure of a lamp
Lighted handgrip assembly
Portable lighting device with light-emitting diode
Light emitting diode illumination apparatus
Stage lighting methods and apparatus
Arrow-shaped bullet, ammunition cartridge using same, and method of manufacturing same
Reduced energy training cartridge for self-loading firearms
Process for removing the fuze from explosive projectiles using fluid jet technology
Aiming sight having fixed light emitting diode (LED) array and rotatable collimator
Method and device for providing an integral firearms safety lock mechanism
Forwardly movable assembly for a firearm
Aerodynamic air gun projectile
Skin and tissue simulant for munitions testing
Reticle for telescopic gunsight and method for using
Crimp and cut tool for sealing and unsealing guide wires and tubular instruments
Adaptive management method and system with automatic dependency resolution
Methods for selecting, developing and improving diagnostic tests for pregnancy-related conditions
Electronic cam device and method of preparing cam data in electronic cam device
System and method for interfacing multi-agent system
Method and apparatus for imbedded pattern recognition using dual alternating pointers
Automatic automobile transmission with variable shift pattern controlled in response to estimated ru...
Detection of congestion from monitoring patient response to a recumbent position
Compositions and methods for systemic administration of sequences encoding bone morphogenetic protei...
HPTPbeta as a target in treatment of angiogenesis mediated disorders
Thermosensitive and biodegradable microgel and a method for the preparation thereof
Expandable foam-like biomaterials and methods
Coating for medical devices
Powder mixture for resorbable calcium phosphate biocements
Glycosaminoglycan/collagen complexes and use thereof
Silica-calcium phosphate bioactive composite for improved synthetic graft resorbability and tissue r...
Wide dynamic range power detection scheme
Low cost high frequency device having compact mounting area, high frequency amplification method, wi...
Performing diagnostic operations upon a data processing apparatus with power down support
Multi-band data over voice communication system and method
Telematics device for vehicles with an interface for multiple peripheral devices
Field-mounted process device with programmable digital/analog interface
Method of data communication with implanted device and associated apparatus
Receiver with automatic gain control that operates with multiple protocols and method thereof
Media access layer ping protocol for diagnosing cable modem links
Master oscillator--power amplifier excimer laser system
Differential opto-electronics transmitter
Container for optical disks, tray and magazine type player therefor
Method of configuring memory cell array block, method of addressing the same, semiconductor memory d...
Sense amplifier for eliminating leakage current due to bit line shorts
Latch-type sense amplifier
NOR flash memory device with a serial sensing operation and method of sensing data bits in a NOR fla...
Memory devices with page buffer having dual registers and method of using the same
Ferroelectric-type nonvolatile semiconductor memory
License file serial number tracking
Method, system, and program for enabling access to a plurality of services
Method and system to securely distribute content via a network
Ticket tracking and refunding system and method
Protecting content from illicit reproduction by proof of existence of a complete data set via self-r...
Copy detection for digitally-formatted works
Card-based system and method for issuing negotiable instruments
Automated trust negotiation
Multinode activation and termination method and system
Method and system for simulating risk factors in parametric models using risk neutral historical boo...
Method of repeatedly securitizing intellectual property assets and facilitating investments therein
Method of providing online incentives
Market system and method for promotion of innovations to efficient public policy
Automated method and system for automated tracking, charging and analysis of multiple sponsor discou...
Method for routing and responding to sales leads between two organizations
Aesthetic profile collection
Method and apparatus for directing an existing product code to a remote location
Method and process for accumulating and summarizing data for defined time intervals within a custome...
Technique for reaching consistent state in a multi-threaded data processing system
Creation of application system installer
Frameworks for generation of Java macro instructions for performing programming loops
Method and apparatus to facilitate code verification and garbage collection in a platform-independen...
Methods and apparatus for optimizing a processor core on a programmable chip
Source program processing method
Building inter-block streams from a dynamic execution trace for a program
Generic rendering framework
Method and apparatus for a programmable interface of a soft platform on a programmable logic device
Apparatus and method enabling configurable graphical display of table-based data in a web-based appl...
Method and system for providing an index to linked sites on a web page for individuals with visual d...
Transparent consistent semi-active and passive replication of multithreaded application programs
Method and system for securing local database file of local content stored on end-user system
Automated computer system security compromise
System and method of servicing read requests from a common mirror
Lock caching for compound atomic operations on shared memory
Semiconductor integrated circuit device, IC card, and mobile terminal
Federated multiprotocol communication
Generating and launching remote method invocation servers for individual client applications
Pillow in the form of a stuffed toy or 3-D character toy having two headphone speakers mounted on th...
Method, apparatus and system for gaming using a rotatable payout indicator
Tower board game
Inflatable puzzle storage
Bell device
Method for manufacturing an item
Low NOx combustion
Agents and methods for promoting bone growth
Antibodies and peptide antigens for producing antibodies having a selective binding specificity to b...
Compositions and methods for the treatment of tumors
Nucleic acid and corresponding protein entitled 161P2F10B useful in treatment and detection of cance...
Bispecific anti-Erb-B antibodies and their use in tumor therapy
Representative color designating method using reliability
Solvent extraction of polyhydroxyalkanoates from biomass
Laminae separating dispenser and method of use
2-(amino or substituted amino)-5-(substituted oxymethyl)-phenol compounds, dyeing compositions conta...
Epidermal sampling apparatus and method
Multilayer scrub pad
Beverage container
Fibers and nonwovens comprising polyethylene blends and mixtures
Articles with elasticated topsheets
Merchandise display system for identifying disposable absorbent article configurations for wearers
Process for perforating printed or embossed substrates
Apparatus for producing elastomeric nonwoven laminates
Portion of a sanitary napkin
Portion of a sanitary napkin
Surface indicia
System and method of processing electric arc furnace dust
Aggregated binding updates and acknowledgments in Mobile IPv6
Method and apparatus for transferring a communication session
Method and apparatus for transferring a communication session
Managing instruction side-effects
Control of multiply mapped memory locations
Apparatus and method for an adaptive multiple line prefetcher
Cache storage system that enables exclusion of locking of an area to be accessed
Methods and apparatus for providing domain name service based on a client identifier
Job processing method, job processing unit, and storage managing system
Techniques for maintaining high availability of networked systems
Multi-server and multi-CPU power management system and method
Program executing method in service system and program executing apparatus for the same
Transaction forms and method for making
Check carrier
Fold-over tabbed notes and flags
Motion picture watermarking using two color planes
System and method for authenticating an article
Methods and apparatus for multimedia stream scheduling in resource-constrained environment
Multimedia network appliances for security and surveillance applications
Computer system capable of operating in multiple operation modes and the operating method thereof
Method and system for processing wireless digital multimedia
Methods and systems for managing multiple inputs and methods and systems for processing media conten...
Digital content reproduction, data acquisition, metadata management, and digital watermark embedding
Multimedia outlet box
Virtual reality bicycle-training simulation platform
Preparation for software on demand system
Method, system, and program for updating firmware to a storage system comprised of multiple controll...
System and method for configuring an application
Restructuring computer programs
Method and system for structuring a procedure
Application imaging infrastructure
Method for reducing the size and nanowire length used in nanowire crossbars without reducing the num...
Method, system and computer program product for automatically estimating pin locations and interconn...
System and method for providing an icon overlay to indicate that processing is occurring
Web garden application pools having a plurality of user-mode web applications
Method for selecting a font
System and method for dynamically creating a customized multi-product software installation plan as ...
Web page rendering priority mechanism
Systems, methods and apparatus for determining physical properties of fluids
Methods and systems for providing guidance using case-based reasoning
Control apparatus for internal combustion engine
Multilayer plain bearing
Shield and sealing method for a hydrodynamic bearing
Shaft for fluid dynamic bearing, fluid dynamic bearing device, and method of manufacturing the shaft
Snowmobile slide
Environment protector air compressor pressurized wheel hub
Sheet feeder
Solvent resistant bearings for self-generating electrostatic spray gun
Integrated system for attachment and connection of a sensor
Bearing assembly
Swivel slide bearing
Biaxial linear-revolving position control and table system using the same
Sealing in a hydraulic turbine unit
Driving device and measuring instrument
Dropped call continuation
Method and apparatus for providing service profile upgrades with minimal downtime
Automatic character code recognition/display system, method, and program using mobile telephone
Keypad structure
Connector device for detecting insertion or removal of plug from common jack
Modular communication assembly
Echo reduction for a headset or handset
Information storage output system and information storage output service
Tone detector
Systems and methods for application deployment
Method and apparatus for providing real time execution of specific communications services in an int...
Role-playing simulation apparatus and method, and computer product
Enhanced directory assistance system with voice over IP call handling
Adjudication means in method and system for managing service levels provided by service providers
Portable terminal capable of providing stereo sound
Security features for an integral PLC modem
System and method for dynamically establishing optimum audio quality in an audio conference
Monitoring natural interaction for presence detection
Method and system for providing directory assistance to erroneous telephone calls
Advanced body armor utilizing shear thickening fluids
High-powder tungsten-based sintered alloy
Method for manufacture of a metal shell, and a cup designed to serve as a blank
Mirror sight apparatus for guns
Device for storing projectile balls and feeding them into the projectile chamber of a hand gun
Method and apparatus for adjacent channel interference reduction in an orthogonal frequency division...
Semiconductor component having stacked, encapsulated dice and method of fabrication
Electrowetting battery having a nanostructured electrode surface
Method and apparatus for providing tuning of spectral output for countermeasure devices
Fragmentation of ions by resonant excitation in a high order multipole field, low pressure ion trap
Computer network security system employing portable storage device
Information recording medium, information processing apparatus and method, program recording medium,...
Bufferless secure sockets layer architecture
IDL event and request formatting for corba gateway
Method for transporting and testing ultra low sulfur diesel
Weather data quality control and ranking method
Method and apparatus for controlling a lighting system in response to an audio input
Systems, devices, and methods for tachyarrhythmia discrimination or therapy decisions
Golf club head including alignment device
Data input device for tracking and detecting lift-off from a tracking surface by a reflected laser s...
Methods and apparatuses for archiving data processed by a digital sender device
Image forming apparatus and developer replenishment portion
Optical fiber link
Holographic ROM system
Imaging of surgical biopsies
Optically active isomers of ketotifen and therapeutically active metabolites thereof
Method and apparatus for coupling a laser to a fiber in a two-lens laser system
Optoelectronic transmission and/or reception arrangement
Autostereoscopic display apparatus
Systems and methods for providing multiple object planes in an optical image scanning environment
Device for controlling a display screen
Opto-electronic integrated circuit device, opto-electronic integrated circuit system and transmissio...
Carbazole derivative and its use in electroluminescent devices
Stimulable cerium activated lutetium borate phosphor
Phosphor for a plasma display device coated with a continuous thin protective layer and method of ma...
Protective eyewear with metal lenses
Shell code blocking system and method
Method and apparatus for cooling heat-generating structure
Method for retrofitting wind turbine farms
13-transmembrane protein expressed in prostate cancer
Heterodimeric fusion proteins useful for targeted immune therapy and general immune stimulation
Compounds having selective cytochrome P450RAI-1 or selective cytochrome P450RAI-2 inhibitory activit...
Sodium channel modulators
Estrogen receptor-.beta. ligands
Compound for treating angiogenesis
4-(phenyl-(piperidin-4-yl)-amino)-benzamide derivatives and their use for the treatment of pain, anx...
Method and system for real-time facial image enhancement
Method and system for determining illumination of models using an ambient cube
Image data processing using depth image data for realistic scene representation
Video-based image control system
Method and apparatus for seamless integration of images using a transmissive/reflective mirror
Computer enabled training of a user to validate assumptions
Capacitance type dynamic quantity sensor
Method for cellular communications
Method for preventing an unauthorized device from operating in an 800 MHz trunked radio communicatio...
Apparatus and method for a radio frequency (RF) receiver front end pre-selector tuning for improving...
SIMO/MISO transceiver for providing packet data communication with SISO transceiver
Mobile radio device
DC offset reduction in radio-frequency apparatus and associated methods
Resonant frequency user proximity detection
Satellite broadcast reception converter
Program data display in duplicative digital audio broadcasting system
System and method for integrating a fiber optic fixed access network and a fiber optic radio access ...
On-fiber microwave modulator and high speed switch for telecommunication applications
Reducing effects of self-created interference on broadband reception
Utilizing session initiation protocol for identifying user equipment resource reservation setup prot...
Method and apparatus for direction-of-arrival tracking and their application to beamforming at base-...
Correction to HFN initialization for RB2 during SRNS relocation
Method for controlling transmission power
Method for handling timers after an RLC reset or re-establishment in a wireless communications syste...
Event reporting between a reporting computer and a receiving computer
Methods and apparatus for monitoring a power source
Method and system for using optical disk drive as a biometric card reader for secure online user aut...
Computer workstation automated analysis system and upgrade determination tool
Web address converter for dynamic web pages
System and method for interacting with users over a communications network
Wireless communication device with markup language based man-machine interface
Methods and apparatus for providing a network service to a virtual machine
Wireless internet gateway
Fuel pump monitoring system and associated method
IPv6/IPv4 tunneling method
Method and system for real-time change of slot duration
System and method for providing transparency in delivering private network features
Method for reducing congestion in packet-switched networks
Non-toxic mutants of pathogenic gram-negative bacteria
Distributed, interactive television program guide; system and method
Document editing method, document editing system, server apparatus, and document editing program
Multi-site remote-copy system
Data management apparatus of switching system
Method and system for backing up storage system data
Method and system for using a sync key
System and method for creating an object-level snapshot in a storage system
Method and apparatus for deterministic removal and reclamation of work items from an expansion bus s...
File comparison of locally synched files
High availability enhancement for servers using structured query language (SQL)
System and methods for invalidation to enable caching of dynamically generated content
Method and apparatus for accelerating and improving access to network files
Audio speaker with wobble free voice coil movement
Modular resonator
Noise suppressor for use with vacuum air cleaner
Assays for TERT promoter modulatory agents using a telomerase structural RNA component
Optical substrate for enhanced detectability of fluorescence
Nanocrystal/sol-gel nanocomposites
Method of forming a dual damascene structure utilizing a three layer hard mask structure
Laser addressable thermal transfer imaging element with an interlayer
Proton conductor and method of producing the same
Nano-size powder coatings for donor members
Optical interconnection circuit, manufacturing method thereof, electro-optical device and electronic...
Fiber optic sensing device and method of making and operating the same
Seamless filled capsules
Fe--Ni based permalloy and method of producing the same and cast slab
Method for grain refining of steel, grain refining alloy for steel and method for producing grain re...
Tri-mode clock generator to control memory array access
Process for preparing multilayer ceramic capacitor and the multilayer ceramic capacitor
Visual telephone system using mobile communication terminal
Digital camera
Variable matching circuit, variable resonance circuit, variable phase-shifting circuit and variable ...
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device and method of manufacturing electronics device
Laminated wiring board and its mounting structure
Ion-detecting sensors comprising plasticizer-free copolymers
Method and system for synchronizing phase of triangular signal
Method for manufacturing a semiconductor element
Medium cantilever mount with a tilt mechanism for a flat panel display
Small cantilever mount with a tilt mechanism for a flat panel display
Information processing device, information processing method, and robot apparatus
Robot and controlling method of the same
System and method for automatically returning self-moving robot to charger
Apparatus for transferring semiconductor device in handler
Substrate edge grip apparatus
Semiconductor integrated circuit device, program delivery method, and program delivery system
Security system for preventing a personal computer from being used by an unauthorized people
Simple encrypted transmission system suitable for intermittent signals
Packet transmission/reception device
Single-photon watch dog detector for folded quantum key distribution system
Technique for generating control messages with reason information between nodes in a data network
Secure data transmission system and method
Simple secure login with multiple-authentication providers
MPEG data recorder having IEEE 1394 interface
Copy guard method and digital broadcast receiving apparatus
Management method of rights of a content encrypted and stored in a personal digital recorder
Belt fuser having a multi-tap heating element
System for active toner concentration target adjustments and method to maintain development performa...
Printing control device and method and program for efficient utilization of consumable products moun...
Compact charging method and device with gas ions produced by electric field electron emission and io...
Methods and systems for navigating a workspace
Processor with separately configured display control file, CGI scripts, and processing program
System for determining communication parameters associated with an unknown digital printer
Fusing assembly having a temperature equalizing device
Prioritized PDL segmentation producing two bit selector
Data classifier for classifying pattern data into clusters
Method of selective edge softening and rendering for the suppression of halo
Method of selective edge softening and rendering for the suppression of halo
Image generating method, device and program, and illicit copying prevention system
Signal synchronizer system and method
Method for measuring ultraviolet radiation and ultraviolet measuring device
Process for arylamine production
Photoconductive imaging members having pyrolyzed polyacrylonitrile hole blocking layer
Refreshable tactile computer display
Portable aesthetic component comparison system, decorator design tool, retaining stud, and method
Convertible billboard display
Methods and apparatus for testing and diagnosis of weapon control systems
Real asset-to-simulated environment bridge and method
Synchronized streamed playback and recording for personal computers
Auditory sense training method and sound processing method for auditory sense training
Apparatus and method for sorting line break numbers for line break locations within series of figure...
Cuff volume constraining device
Wireless coordination and management system
Time-controlled messaging system
Edge side assembler
Gaming device having dual evaluation scheme
Mechanical wheel casino game of chance having a free-motion internal indicator and method therefor
Voice control method
Electrical system for a ship
Safety shut off for a portable cooker
Thermal conductivity mask for producing patterns
Cycloalkanone composition
Golf ball compositions with improved temperature performance, heat resistance, and resiliency
Substituted 2-aryl-4-arylaminopyrimidines and analogs as activators of caspases and inducers of apop...
Liquid laundry detergent composition containing boron-compatible cationic deposition aids
Plant centromere compositions
Development of mutations useful for attenuating dengue viruses and chimeric dengue viruses
Method for preparing a fluid absorber
Preparations with deodorizing action comprising the zinc salt of ricinoleic acid and at least one am...
Composition containing leukocyte extract for the whitening or lightening of skin
Sunscreen compositions and methods of use
Bodywashes containing additives
Topical compositions with an oily outer phase and process for their preparation
Extendable spar buoy sea-based communication system
Power boat with improved hull
Device for stabilizing re-entrant cavity flows past high-speed underwater vehicles
Connecting link assembly and socket arrangement for assembly of floating drive-on dry docks
Rescue ship for disabled vessels, vessels rescue method, and use of a rescue ship
Turret mooring system for concrete hull vessel
Stealthy powered catamaran
Error correction trellis coding with periodically inserted known symbols
Method and apparatus for updating inter-server communication software
Methods and devices for randomizing burst errors
Method and apparatus for structure-preserving reduced-order modeling
Method of minimizing reverse channel interference caused by an abnormally high number of access atte...
Open-loop diversity technique for systems employing multi-transmitter antennas
Transport channel multiplexing system and method
Digital background calibration for time-interlaced analog-to-digital converters
Security bar with fiber optic cable based security monitoring
Method and apparatus for voice over IP network address translation
Database access method and system capable of concealing the contents of query
Broadcast program information processing apparatus
Method of automatically populating contact information fields for a new contract added to an electro...
Aerosol composition
Inhalation device
Solid electrolytic capacitor
Purified plant expansin proteins and DNA encoding same
Concrete substrate containing glass
Spot ventilators and method for spot ventilating bathrooms, kitchens and closets
Image forming apparatus using a liquid developer including a carrier liquid with toner particles dis...
Color image forming apparatus and color image forming method
Recording tape cartridge with reel lock member
Low density polymeric foam using a three-polymer blend
Recombinant hosts suitable for simultaneous saccharification and fermentation
Seating with comfort surface
Method and system for storing carpet fines
Treatment of municipal solid waste
Cleaning container for photographic treatment composition
Waste container cleaning system with conveyor
Multi-time programmable semiconductor memory device and multi-time programming method therefor
Storage system using fast storage device for storing redundant data
Toner, method for manufacturing the toner, method and device for packing the toner, and image formin...
Ink-jet recording process
Overheat protection device for movable body surface, overheat protection apparatus using the same an...
Hot melt adhesives with improved performance window
Cleaning device for cleaning a surface of an image support body
Reactive phenolic resins in the preparation of highly viscous self-adhesive compositions
Photocurable/therosetting resin composition, photosensitive dry film formed therefrom and method of ...
Electro mechanical device having a sealed cavity
Stick-on self-indicating instant radiation dosimeter
Device to measure a radiation dose
Macrocellular acoustic foam containing particulate additive
Cardiac muscle function and manipulation
Thermal printing ribbon
Water control in a subsurface formation
Aqueous vinyl polymer coating compositions
High cation transport polymer electrolyte
Cosmetic compositions comprising at least one silicone copolymer and at least one additional silicon...
Topical use of microfine calcined alumina
Oxidizer and oxidation process for a desulphurization process
Molecular sieve SSZ-56 composition of matter and synthesis thereof
Boron-containing molecular sieve CHA
Fine-grain silver oxide powder
Compact sulfur recovery plant and process
High resistivity silicon wafer and method for fabricating the same
Fly ash conditioning systems
Reduction of oxides of nitrogen in a gas stream using molecular sieve SSZ-56
Apparatus for crimping a stent assembly
Cleaning compositions
Remote activation of an implantable device
Arrangement for supplying ozone to a fuel cell for a passenger car
Phototherapeutical apparatus and method for the treatment and prevention of diseases of body cavitie...
Beaded thin wall large aerosol container
In-situ defect monitor and control system for immersion medium in immersion lithography
Illumination unit
Method of treating mammalian joint maladies by biological fluid transplantation
Ink jet recording apparatus using a temperature detector to control the curing of ink
Transformation tool for mapping XML to relational database
Facilitating maintenance of indexes during a reorganization of data in a database
Rating system for streaming media playback system
Method for normalizing document metadata to improve search results using an alias relationship direc...
Caching the results of security policy functions
System and method for performing file lookups based on tags
Data recording apparatus, data recording method, and data transfer system
HIS data compression
String-mounted conditioner for stringed musical instruments
Tarpin, a string musical instrument
Piezoelectric transducer adapted to bridge of stringed instrument
Advanced magnetic circuit to improve both the solenoidal and magnetic functions of string instrument...
Lighting controller
Transport control for initiating play of dynamically rendered audio content
Playlist managing apparatus and method
System and method for determining the similarity of musical recordings
Music search system
Brass instrument cover
Insertable piano/keyboard strip for sensing key movement
Manganese superoxide dimutase exon 3-deleted isoforms and nucleic acid molecules encoding the isofor...
Methods for transforming plant plastids and making transplastomic plants
Isolated nucleotides encoding arabidopsis senescence-induced elF-5A
Gene coding for glucose-6-phosphate-dehydrogenase proteins
Manufacture of five-carbon sugars and sugar alcohols
Transgenic animals and cell lines for screening drugs effective for the treatment or prevention of A...
Protective clothing against biological agents
Sodium dodecyl sulfate compositions for inactivating prions
Cancer-associated antigens and methods of their identification and use
Treatment of diseases by site specific instillation of cells or site specific transformation of cell...
Handwritten text capture via interface surface and processing sensor
Information reproducing apparatus, method of correcting reproducing program, and information recordi...
Fraud deterrence in connection with identity documents
Method and device for temporal segmentation of a video sequence
Starch and fiber mixture for papermaking and methods of making paper with the mixture
Apparatus and method for controlling user interface
Security model using security domains in a security model applied to abstract database
Apparatus and method for perusing selected vehicles having a clean title history
Database system, database server, and method of controlling the operation of a database server
Fluid supply apparatus
Valve timing control apparatus for internal combustion engine
Variable stroke valve drive for an internal combustion engine
Method, control unit and program code for a control unit for controlling a camshaft control device
Method and device for pressure pulse generation
Valve timing controller
Internal combustion engine having a hydraulic device for adjusting the rotation angle of a camshaft ...
Control apparatus for an internal combustion engine
Adjusting device for a camshaft
Powered surfboard
Decorative faucet assembly formed of plastic figurine molded onto metal parts
Portable information device, method for recovering data in portable information device, and computer...
Audio system utilizing personal computer
Antitheft system
Camming coupler
Method and system for electronically distributing, displaying and controlling advertising and other ...
Information processing device and travel information voice guidance method
Information recording, information reproducing and copying apparatuses, and information recording me...
Bezier curve flightpath guidance using moving waypoints
Method for monitoring an exhaust gas system of a motor vehicle
Power collection switching for automated driverless vehicles
Roll over detector for a vehicle
Vehicle environment control device
Driving information system with haptic notification seat
Vehicle-drive control system and method and program therefor
Mobile body information system
Construction machine management apparatus and construction machines management system
Display device for working machine
Cellular phone unit, control system of vehicle-mounted device, control method of cellular phone unit...
Method and system for technician authentication of a vehicle
Method for determining the current position of the heads of vehicle occupants
System for autonomous vehicle navigation with carrier phase DGPS and laser-scanner augmentation
System and method for forming images for display in a vehicle
Variable Digital Publishing
Systems and methods for sending scan or print jobs to multiple network destinations
Computer aided design interface
Method and system for providing enhanced caller identification screening using audible caller name a...
Calibration system and method for calibration of various types of polarimeters
Electrical connector with segmented housing
Ball grid array contacts with spring action
Organic working fluids
Connector press
Portable assemblies, systems, and methods for providing functional or therapeutic neurostimulation
Method for treating ocular disorders
Novel 4-amino-2(5H)-furanones
Phosphodiesterase 4 inhibitors, including aminoindazole and aminobenzofuran analogs
Selective androgen receptor modulators and method of use thereof
Methods of modulating neurotrophin-mediated activity
Prodrugs of ERbeta-selective substances, processes for their preparation and pharmaceutical composit...
Combination of organic compounds
Use of aminoguanidine or aminoguanidine analogs for the treatment of diseases of the nervous system
Method and composition for treating obesity by targeting cathespin
Compositions comprising amphotericin B, methods, and systems
Rhamnose-inducible expression systems and methods
Internally Placed Gastric Restriction Device
Bladder measurement
Nitroso derivatives of diphenylamine
Hexahydro-cycloheptapyrazole cannabinoid modulators
Inhibitor of protein modification products formation
3-Amino-1-arylpropyl azaindoles and uses thereof
Pyrrolotriazine kinase inhibitors
New process for preparing an optically pure 2-morpholinol derivative
Azole methylidene cyanide derivatives and their use as protein kinase modulators
Substituted biphenyl compounds
Parallel television remote control
Method and system for enhanced concurrency in a computing environment
System for rewriting control program in vending machine
Error correction decoder using cells with partial syndrome generation
Apparatuses and methods for decrypting encrypted data and locating the decrypted data in a memory sp...
System and method of SCSI and SAS hardware validation
Pointbus architecture and automatic sequential addressing
Speech recognition system having multiple speech recognizers
Tag tracking
Method and system for analyzing commuting routes
Array substrate for in-plane switching mode liquid crystal display device and method of fabricating ...
Placement of sacrificial solder balls underneath the PBGA substrate
Interconnect structure to reduce stress induced voiding effect
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Integrated circuit package
IC package with signal land pads
Integrated fuse with regions of different doping within the fuse neck
Image sensor package and its manufacturing method
Embedded non-volatile memory cell with charge-trapping sidewall spacers
Silicon on insulator device and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device with buried-oxide film
Mono gate memory device and fabricating method thereof
Semiconductor device having a capacitor with a stepped cylindrical structure and method of manufactu...
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Process for manufacturing a through insulated interconnection in a body of semiconductor material
Led lamp including a plurality of led chips
Semiconductor light emitting device
Light-emitting device and manufacturing process of the light-emitting device
Biosensor for defecting chemical agents
Consensus phytases
Interleukin-22 polypeptides, nucleic acids encoding the same and methods for the treatment of pancre...
Golf ball core compositions
Golf ball position marker assembly
Compositions for use in golf balls
Apparatus for measuring green-speed
Golf swing training method
Molding and method of manufacturing the same
Knee-protecting airbag device
Mounting structure for console
Weather strip and manufacturing method therefor
Knee-protecting airbag device
Inkjet head and a method of manufacturing the same
Ink-jet printhead and method of manufacturing the same
Method for manufacturing an ink jet head
Flexible hose for a vacuum cleaner and fabricating method thereof
Apparatus and methods for sealing a high pressure connector
Reinforced brake lining and method of producing
Telecommunications cable jacket adapted for post-extrusion insertion of optical fiber and methods fo...
Heat dissipation device
Thermal bus load control management for electronic systems
Fuel cell insulating heat exchanger
High strength aluminium alloy brazing sheet, brazed assembly and method for producing same
Rare earth metal oxysulfide regenerative material and regenerator
Multi-channel temperature control system for semiconductor processing facilities
Plate-type heat exchanger with anodic corrosion protection
High-performance heat exchanger
Bubble cycling heat exchanger
Compact heat battery
Heat exchanger element and heat exchanger member for a stirling cycle refrigerator and method of man...
Mechanical data processing
Semiconductor testing circuit, semiconductor storage device, and semiconductor testing method
System and method for preserving state data of a personal computer in a standby state in the event o...
Increased precision position sensors
Variable flow spray system
Short pulse lasers using large mode area fibers and higher order modes
Polymer phase modulator
OFDM transmitter for generating FSK modulated signals
Electrode design
Apparatus and method for the spectroscopic determination of carbon
Method of generating capacitance value rule table for extraction of wiring capacitance and capacitan...
Method and apparatus for sensing blood sample contained in sample container
2-stage A/D converter and image sensor using the same
Feedback DAC chopper stabilization in a CT single-ended multi-bit sigma delta ADC
Surface acoustic wave device and method of fabricating the same
Adamantane derivatives, processes for their preparation and pharmaceutical composition containing th...
Method and apparatus for remote control
Method and apparatus for measuring polarization mode dispersion
Automatic blood pressure measuring instrument and method thereof
Apparatus for monitoring a system with time in space and method therefor
Multidensity liner/insulator formed from multidimensional pieces of polymer fiber blanket insulation
Fail-safe thermal sensor apparatus and method
Conductive polyphenylene ether-polyamide blend
Lithium ion rapid charging system and method
Liquid crystal display device and method of driving the same
Intravascular filter retrieval device having an actuatable dilator tip
Proton conductor film, manufacturing method therefor, fuel cell provided with proton conductor film ...
Impact test apparatus and impact test method
Antimicrobial composition
Transfer apparatus, image forming apparatus, and method of correcting moving speed of belt
System and method for reading out X-ray information stored in a phosphor layer
Isocynate composition comprising a masked isocyanate and a nonmasked and their use in a coating
Bionest reactor for the application of anaerobic wastewater treatment and bioenergy recovery
Enhanced ANSI X9.17 pseudorandom number generators with forward security