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Box magazine for a firearm
Double action model 1911 pistol
Owner recognition by portable guns
Weapon grip assembly
Folding gunstock
Combined electrical mechanical firing systems
Realest Invention
Bioreactor, in particular for NMR spectroscopy
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
Magnetic resonance local coil arrangement and method for communicating an overload occurrence
Magnetic resonance coil composed of relatively movable constituent elements
Adjustable stroke mechanism
Folding drum and method of operation
Electromagnetic induction type inspection device and method
Priority Based Bus Arbiters Avoiding Deadlock And Starvation On Buses That Support Retrying Of Trans...
Apparatus and method of correcting higher-order aberrations of the human eye
Short-coherence interferometric measurement of length on the eye
Apparatus and method for determining that a surgical fluid container is near empty
White-emitting copolymers, representation and use thereof
Electrochemical test apparatus and method for its use
Solid oxide fuel cell tube with internal fuel processing
Fuel supply device for direct methanol fuel cells
Microfibrous fuel cell assemblies comprising fiber-supported electrocatalyst layers, and methods of ...
Moulding composition for producing bipolar plates
System stability improvements tolerating increased nitrogen cross-over
Fuel cell system and diagnosis system for the fuel cell system
Fuel cell
Membrane based electrochemical cell stacks
Optical fiber based fluorescence sensor for in-situ measurement and control of fuel cells
Method for imaging the ionomer spatial distribution in fuel cell electrodes
Pyrrolo- and Thiazolo-pyridine compounds, and methods of use thereof
Antibodies to human Toll homologues
High resistance magnet and motor using the same
Flexible wired circuit board
Method and device for adjusting a beam property in a gas cluster ion beam system
Apparatus for ion beam fabrication
Bistable resistance value acquisition device, manufacturing method thereof, metal oxide thin film, a...
Multi-level memory cell having phase change element and asymmetrical thermal boundary
Memory cell with memory material insulation and manufacturing method
Methods, systems and apparatuses for chemical compound generation, dispersion and delivery utilizing...
Light-emitting element and display device
Multi-level cell resistance random access memory with metal oxides
Switching method and apparatus for AC/DC powered corded/cordless appliance and related apparatus
System for the measure of thermal properties of fluids
Precision differential level shifter
Apparatus, system, and method for detecting fan rotation direction in electronic devices
Driver circuit of a display device
Liquid crystal display having display blocks that display normal and compensation images
Exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
Methods and compositions for detecting receptor-ligand interactions in single cells
Methods and compositions for detecting receptor-ligand interactions in single cells
Tricyclic anilide spirolactam CGRP receptor antagonists
CGRP-antagonists, process for preparing them and their use as pharmaceutical compositions
Systems and methods for providing defect-tolerant logic devices
Equalizing filter circuit
Personalized ink font
Camera unit and apparatus for monitoring vehicle periphery
Light deflecting method and apparatus efficiently using a floating mirror
Actuator, optical scanner and image forming apparatus
Metalized film capacitor and inverter smoothing capacitor for automobile
Recording medium for storing write protection information and write protection method thereof
Optical head device and optical disk apparatus
Condenser microphone
System for determining a disease category probability for a healthcare plan member
Open end mutual fund securitization process
Information management system by means of portable appliances via wire or wireless Internet and the ...
Device and method for inputting password using random keypad
Paper holder
Tattoo applicator
Self-powered running machine which can be folded in order to occupy less space
Electrode for use in oxygen reduction
Electrooptic device and electronic device
Electrically conductive polymer actuator, method for manufacturing the same, and method of driving t...
System for allowing object metadata to be shared between cursors for concurrent read write access
Performing a provisioning operation associated with a software application on a subset of the nodes ...
Performing recursive database operations
Secondary data storage and recovery system
Techniques for detecting duplicate web pages
User-directed search refinement
Early generation of acknowledgements for flow control
Load balancing network traffic using race methods
Method and system for improving manufacturability of integrated devices
Preparing a binary file for future instrumentation
Method and apparatus for designing web services using a sequence and multiplex architectural pattern
Method of fiberizing molten glass
Semiconductor electromechanical contact
Sound direction/stereo 3D adjustable earphone
In vitro methods for evaluating the in vivo effectiveness of dosage forms of microparticulate or nan...
Hepatitis C inhibitor peptide analogs
Method and apparatus for measuring fiber orientation of a moving web
Optical fiber coating system and monitoring method for improved thermal performance in fiber optic s...
Plasmon-polariton refractive-index fiber bio-sensor with fiber Bragg grating
Automatic strategic offset function
Data logging, collection, and analysis techniques
Three-dimensional structural damage localization system and method using layered two-dimensional arr...
Wireless communication system, wireless transmitting apparatus, and wireless receiving apparatus
Method of cooperative transmission technique in a orthogonal frequency division multiple access upli...
Electrowetting device and varifocal lens, optical pickup device, optical recording/reproduction devi...
N-oxides of venlafaxine and o-desmethylvenlafaxine as prodrugs
Developing cartridge including an improved developer regulating member and image forming apparatus h...
Process cartridge and image-forming device with brush holder member
Systems and methods for detecting alternans in intrinsic rhythms to monitor myocardial stability
Telescoping guide catheter with peel-away outer sheath
Microscope system and method
Apparatus and method for thermal stabilization of PCB-mounted electronic components within an enclos...
Method and apparatus for assessing polypeptide aggregation
Learning method and device for pattern recognition
Apparatus, method and computer program product for performing image compression of image data
Image processing method and apparatus
Image forming apparatus, image forming method and storage medium therefor capable of forming trial i...
Image forming apparatus for controlling the capability of cooling sheets
Image forming apparatus and control method for registration mark detection
Electrophotographic image forming apparatus and process cartridge
Image forming apparatus
Sheet processing apparatus and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Position and orientation measurement method and apparatus
Reconfigurable processor and reconfiguration method executed by the reconfigurable processor
Document administration apparatus, document administration method, storage medium storing computer-r...
Fluid filtration tool
Fluid filtration tool
Method and apparatus for producing autologous clotting components
Method of simultaneous blood collection and separation using a continuous flow centrifuge having a s...
Inline chlorinator with integral control package and heat dissipation
Device for dissolving solid substances in water
Surface acoustic wave device and electronic apparatus
Wiring board and manufacturing method of wiring board
Light emitting device having vertical structure and method for manufacturing the same
Sensor for measuring liquid contaminants in a semiconductor wafer fabrication process
Conductive material compositions, apparatus, systems, and methods
Multilayered wiring substrate including wiring layers and insulating layers and method of manufactur...
Package for semiconductor devices
Wire bonding personalization and discrete component attachment on wirebond pads
Strip socket for testing and burn-in having recessed portions with material that extends across a bo...
Varistor element
Optical element and exposure apparatus
Monolithic Offner spectrometer
Dual-sided substrate integrated circuit package including a leadframe having leads with increased th...
Light receiving device and optically interconnected LSI
Communicating by video without replicating data
Device configuration in a distributed environment
Application layer message-based server failover management by a network element
Apparatus, system, and method for grid based data storage
User aliases in communication system
Updating of availability of routes in a network
Interfacing with streams of differing speeds
Method and apparatus for queuing data flows
Integrated circuit, chip stack and data processing system
Asynchronous multiple-order issue system architecture
Method and apparatus for downloading program by using hand shaking in digital signal processing
System and method for isochronous task switching via hardware scheduling
Circuit and related method for synchronizing data signals to a core clock
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and method of testing same
Automatic translation of simulink models into the input language of a model checker
System and method for efficient analysis of point-to-point delay constraints in static timing
Compiler apparatus with flexible optimization
Inbred corn line IV2
Modular patient support system
System for spatially adjustable excitation of leadless miniature marker
High-order aberration correction for optimization of human visual function
Technique for high spatial resolution, focused electrical stimulation of electrically-excitable tiss...
Patient-controlled automated medical record, diagnosis, and treatment system and method
Spherical composite particles and cosmetics with the particles blended therein
Method of making catheters with porous structure for carrying additional agents
Sequential data examination method using Eigen co-occurrence matrix for masquerade detection
Method of and an apparatus for testing connections in a network
Method and apparatus for scanning exclusively locked files
Applet download in a communication system
Canister for dispensing dry foods
Plumbing fitting
Hand held video display for a fiberoptic scope
Post positioning for interdigital bonded composite
Method of batch integration of low dielectric substrates with MMICs
Methods for fabrication of three-dimensional structures
Screw-less latching system for securing load boards
Electric vehicle charging station
Light emitting device including arrayed emitters defined by a photonic crystal
Aligned embossed diaphragm based fiber optic sensor
Optical bypass method and architecture
Fiber optic cable with detectable ferromagnetic components
Polarization maintaining and single polarization optical fiber
Three-dimensional photonic crystal and manufacturing method thereof
Horizontal fiber optic patching assembly
Automated optical transport system
Dispersion compensator for frequency reshaped optical signals
Adaptive multiple-antenna systems with omni-directional and sector-directional antenna modes
Mobile communication system
Detergent for hard surfaces
Brake pad prognosis system
Distributed confidential contextual querying
Memory reduction in GNSS receiver
Corn event DAS-59122-7 and methods for detection thereof
Compositions comprising bowman-birk protease inhibitors and variants thereof
Reduction of NO.sub.x emissions in full burn FCC processes
Low Pt content direct methanol fuel cell anode catalyst: nanophase PtRuNiZr
System, method and article of manufacture for a programmable processing model with instruction set
Print system, information processing device and control method for the same, printer and control met...
Computer system with data recovering, method of managing data with data recovering and managing comp...
Unitary control for air conditioner and/or heat pump
Heat exchanging apparatus
Cluster tool architecture for processing a substrate
Dual pump assembly
Electronic control device for a synchronous pump
Pump system and pump unit
Magnetic displacement pump and compressor
Electric pump with coupled pressed members
Peristaltic pump
Miniature fan
Apparatus for preventing vacuum of scroll compressor
Leading and trailing arm suspensions having a fully integrated arm
Vehicle suspension with linked air bags
Pneumatic slider suspension locking pin system
Hammer drill
Suspension system having active compensation for vibration
Fabric treatment for reinforced elastomeric articles
Cosmetic pad
Paper dispenser
Medical device for predicting a user's future glycemic state
Method of measuring the differential group delay of an optical fiber connection
Method and apparatus for determination of source polarization matrix
Surface inspection apparatus
In situ optical computation fluid analysis system and method
Calibration method for compensating for non-uniformity errors in sensors measuring specular reflecti...
Method for carving volume data based on image
Method and apparatus of detecting eye using symmetry and moment characteristics of object
Workflows for color correcting images
Methods and apparatus for hiding data in halftone images
Method for meeting SMI duration limits by time slicing SMI handlers
Scheduling compatible threads in a simultaneous multi-threading processor using cycle per instructio...
Method and apparatus for notifying users of interactive functions using a remote device
Cycle indicator for fluid distribution systems
Method and system for reducing host variable impact on access path selection
Storage system architecture for striping data container content across volumes of a cluster
Accessing digital media
Index processing for legacy systems
Body-less email for asynchronous chat-like communications and email-chat integration
System and method of optimizing social networks and user levels based on prior network interactions
Fibre channel elastic FIFO delay controller and loop delay method having a FIFO threshold transmissi...
Protecting system management mode (SMM) spaces against cache attacks
Compressing address communications between processors
System and method for data manipulation
Shared space for communicating information
High fidelity digital hearing aid and methods of programming and operating same
Hearing aid with a current limiter
Arrangement in a mechanical shaft seal
Modular drinking water filtration system with adapter rings for replaceable cartridges to assure pro...
Tertiary filter septic system and method
Method of supporting denitrification
System and method for eliminating sludge via ozonation
System and method for enhancing an activated sludge process
Method and system for treating water and utilizing a membrane filtering system
Tangential flow filtration devices and methods for leukocyte enrichment
Polyarylether membranes
Microfluidic separator
Composition and method for reducing chemical oxygen demand in water
Method of inactivating microorganisms in a fluid using ultraviolet radiation
Miniature chemical analysis system
Devices for crude oil treatment and upgrading
Tufted nonwoven, bonded nonwoven, methods for their manufacture and uses
Determination of glycated protein
Device for the UV treatment of flowing fluids
Anti-terrorism water quality monitoring system
Photosensitive epoxy resin adhesive composition and use thereof
System and method to improve service in a group of servers
Selectively transmitting transaction data
Optical media, read inhibiting agents and methods of making and using same
Service detection
Bi mode ion implantation with non-parallel ion beams
Semiconductor device
System and method for management of mutating applications
Method and apparatus to manage multi-computer supply based on an economic model
Methods and apparatus for photonic power conversion downhole
High power and high brightness diode-laser array for material processing applications
Method for the preparation of non-blocking adhesive coated articles and cold seal bonded laminates
Microbial fuel cell with improved anode
Fuel cell stack
Cell-filled hollow fiber membranes having modified cross-section
Method for producing catalytically-active materials
Anthranilamide arthropodicide treatment
High-molecular-weight polyazoles
N-carbobenzyloxy (N-CBZ)-deprotecting enzyme and uses therefor
Electrocatalyst inks for fuel cell applications
Catalytic coating for the self-cleaning of ovens and stoves
Unsaturated fatty acids and mineral oils as internal breakers for VES-gelled fluids
Therapeutic agents useful for treating pain
Use of oil-soluble surfactants as breaker enhancers for VES-gelled fluids
Particulate textile treatment composition comprising silicone, clay and anionic surfactant
Wetting agent combinations for inkjet printing
Silated core polysulfides, their preparation and use in filled elastomer compositions
Polyolefin blends and pipe
Absorbent materials and absorbent articles incorporating such absorbent materials
Contact structure
Method and system for tactile confirmation of service bookmarks
Location based rules architecture systems and methods
System and method for providing remediation management
Framework for providing a subscription based notification system
Method for improving quality of search results by avoiding indexing sections of pages
Dedication of administrative servers to management of server functions in a multi-server environment
Systems and methods for adaptive communication control
Extensible framework for template-based user settings management
Method and system for tracking user performance
Transparency scanning module
Method and system for scaling network traffic managers
Method and a mobile terminal for performing a handover in a broadcast system
Method for improving a working model for the management of the man-machine interaction
Method and system to provide wanted ad listing within an e-commerce system
Masking private billing data by assigning other billing data to use in commerce with businesses
Virtual terminal for payment processing
Product feature and relation comparison system
Method and system for pluggability of federation protocol runtimes for federated user lifecycle mana...
Systems and methods for distributed network protection
System verifying if an email request passed a policy check before initiating an interactive telephon...
Program product for unified certificate requests from certificate authorities
Digital work protection system, record/playback device, recording medium device, and model change de...
Genetic polymorphisms associated with coronary events and drug response, methods of detection and us...
Polynucleotides encoding C-type lectin polypeptides and methods of use thereof
.DELTA.5 desaturase and its use in making polyunsaturated fatty acids
Polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding same
Antimicrobial locking solutions comprising taurinamide derivatives and biologically acceptable salts...
Visual function disorder improving agents
Therapeutic agents useful for treating pain
Indole derivatives as CRTH2 receptor antagonists
Host cell protein knock-out cells for production of therapeutic proteins
Factor Xa inhibitors
C-nitroso-derived nitroxyl donors
Method and apparatus for purification of slightly water-soluble organic solution from aqueous entrai...
Vacuum chuck useful for affixing cover seals to hard disk drives
Non-volatile memory cell endurance using data encoding
Systems for controlled boosting in non-volatile memory soft programming
Integrated circuit memory array configuration including decoding compatibility with partial implemen...
Portable storage device with updatable access permission
Memory card holder
Fabricating non-volatile memory with dual voltage select gate structure
Memory card holder
Method and system for providing a spin tunneling magnetic element having a crystalline barrier layer
Method for fabricating non-volatile memory with boost structures
Method of making an array of non-volatile memory cells with floating gates formed of spacers in subs...
Method for incorporating transistor snap-back protection in a level shifter circuit
Level shifter circuit incorporating transistor snap-back protection
Cooperative charge pump circuit and method
Portable electronic apparatus
Storage device and storage device controller including feature for causing thermal protrusion phenom...
Disk drive comprising a servo accelerator implementing state space equations for a plurality of task...
Storage apparatus, control method, and control device which enable or disable compensation control
Magnetic disk drive and base with guide
Method and apparatus for disk damper extending across all data tracks of a rotating disk surface upw...
Shielded copper-dielectric flexure for disk drive head suspensions
Magnetic disk drive with load/unload mechanism having first and second protrusions
Magnetic head, method of manufacturing the magnetic head, and magnetic disk device
Magnetic head actuator and magnetic disk device having damper material attached to actuator arm
Method for providing a self-pinned differential GMR sensor having a bias structure comprising layers...
Method for the detection of a magnetic field utilizing a magnetic vortex
Magnetic head with stabilized ferromagnetic shield
CPP-GMR magnetic head having GMR-screen layer
Magnetoresistive sensor having biasing AFM layer in contact with free layer and a track width define...
Fixing apparatus for hard disk drive
Auto-depress disk drive bracket mechanism
Read-and-write assembly for fixed-address digital data access system
DVD player with language learning function
Lethal threat protection system for a vehicle and method
Retrofit glass fragment catching system
Ammunition primer installation device
Low lethality firearm and relative method for shooting a low lethality bullet
Piezoelectric composite apparatus and related methods
Method and apparatus for ferrous object and/or magnetic field detection for MRI safety
Alternator and starter tester with alternator cable check
Method and system to mitigate emulator spoofer signals
Demolition projectile
Wound dressing
Electromagnetic wave shielding device
Proteins and DNA related to salt tolerance in plants
Nucleotide sequences and polypeptides encoded thereby useful for modifying nitrogen use efficiency c...
Transgenic plants containing ligninase and cellulase which degrade lignin and cellulose to fermentab...
Automatic syringe
Thermal transfer image receiving sheet and production method of the same
Compositions and methods for treating skin conditions in mammals
Method of blocking water-out zone in a gas well by dumping cement and injecting pressurizing gas
Most convenient point of interest finder apparatus and method
Sigma receptor inhibitors
Bicyclic sulfonamide derivatives which are L-CPT1 inhibitors
Modulators of muscarinic receptors
Pharmaceutical compounds
Xanthine derivatives, the preparation thereof and their use as pharmaceutical compositions
Thienoisoquinoline-phenylsulfonamides and their use as ER-NF.kappa.B inhibitors
Drugs for chronic pains
Oxindole hydrazide modulators of protein tyrosine phosphatases (PTPs)
Histamine H3 receptor agents, preparation and therapeutic uses
Bicyclic compounds as modulators of androgen receptor function and method
Glucagon receptor antagonists, preparation and therapeutic uses
Heterocyclic compounds useful as malonyl-CoA decarboxylase inhibitors
Acetylene derivatives
Tuneable optical amplifier or optical parametric oscillator
External container for an implant carrier
Gonadotropin releasing hormone receptor antagonists
Connection rod for screw or hook polyaxial system and method of use
Nanobiosensor and carbon nanotube thin film transistors
Systems, tools and methods for production of molecular memory
Method for producing pattern-forming body
Innovative biosensors for chemical and biological assays
System and method for digital light valve processing
Methods for site-selective growth of horizontal nanowires, nanowires grown by the methods and nanode...
Use of IL-22 for the treatment of conditions of metabolic disorders
Plug connector system and protective device for optical plug connectors
Ion channel assay methods
Coupling node
System and method for adaptively determining the transition rate of a quantized signal
Plasma diagnostic apparatus and method
Equal and weighted cost multipath load balancing in a network device
Synchronization techniques in multipoint-to-point communication using orthogonal frequency division ...
Multilink trunking for encapsulated traffic
Multi-protocol label switching in a network device
MAC address scalability in interconnected rings
Peer-to-peer method of quality of service (QoS) probing and analysis and infrastructure employing sa...
Method and system for generating schema to Java mapping descriptors and direct mapping of XML schema...
Solar collector panel for heating ventilation air
Device for receiving functional elements
Air:fluid distribution system and method
Matrix resin composition for fiber-reinforced plastics and process for production of fiber-reinforce...
Working fluid for heat cycle, rankine cycle system, heat pump cycle system and refrigeration cycle s...
Method for manufacturing articles in the form of slabs with a siliceous binder and slabs thus obtain...
Process for fabricating a thin film semiconductor device, thin film semiconductor device, and liquid...
Method for manufacturing SOI substrate
Quinoxaline derivative, and light-emitting element, light-emitting device, electronic device using t...
Photocatalytic electrode and fuel cell
Active matrix display device having a column-like spacer
Cleaning compound and method and system for using the cleaning compound
Gravity-flap, savonius-type wind turbine device
Low-polydispersity photoimageable acrylic polymers, photoresists and processes for microlithography
Portable timepiece and electronic apparatus
Systems and methods for monitoring and controlling remote devices
Vehicle and control method of vehicle
Methods and apparatus for event logging in an information network
Portal branding
Methods, apparatus and computer programs supporting shortcuts across a plurality of devices
Adaptive system for dynamic object-oriented schemas
Methods and systems for transforming an AND/OR command tree into a command data model
Transforming code to expose glacial constants to a compiler
System and method for implementing data-compatibility-based version scheme
Imparting digital uniqueness to the types of a programming language using a unique digital sequence
Method and system for managing CPU time consumption
Altered states of software component behavior
Automated playlist chaser
Stateless online web page editing system and method
System and method for real-time network-based recovery following an information warfare attack
System and method for displaying sticky notes on a phone
Secure system for allowing the execution of authorized computer program code
System and method for configuring a programmable hardware instrument to perform measurement function...
Refurbishing a wafer having a low-k dielectric layer
Multi-tipped optical component
Cluster organization of electronically-stored items
Stable hydrate of a muscarinic receptor antagonist
Electric-field-enhancement structures including dielectric particles, apparatus including same, and ...
Emitter for an ion source and method of producing same
Radiation system and lithographic apparatus
Radiation system and lithographic apparatus
MRAM with super-paramagnetic sensing layer
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Solid state transport-based thermoelectric converter
RF system having a one-dimensional nanostructure multi-port coupler
High-field synchrocyclotron
Electrode structure of electrochromic device
Conductive paste for solid electrolytic capacitor electrode and process for producing solid electrol...
Grouping assembly of coin validation and return/payment mechanisms
Guardrail safety system for dissipating energy to decelerate the impacting vehicle
Discovery, qualification, and activation of software add-in components
Method and apparatus for performance analysis on a software program
Server application state
Computing device with relatively limited storage space and operating/file system thereof
Data recording device comprising a diaphragm-type support
Interferometer system for and a method of determining a surface characteristic by modifying surface ...
Development apparatus, image forming apparatus and developing method that employ a magnetic brush
Developer supply roller and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus employing heating and fixer fluid applying sections
Collet spring for high voltage electrical contacts in ICD headers
Surgical lead paddle
Turbine component tracking system
Speed control in a torque-based system
Plant control system
Component of a technical installation
Method of diagnosing system, method of operating aggregating system for system diagnosis, and aggreg...
Simulator of fuel cell on gas phase reaction
Methodology for automated design of vertical parallel plate capacitors
Power output apparatus and hybrid vehicle equipped with power output apparatus
Shift control apparatus and method for automatic transmission of vehicle
Process for preparing 1,2,3,9-tetrahydro-9-methyl-3-methylene-4H-carbazol-4-one and ondansetron ther...
Distribution terminal pedestal spade for hardware free assembly
High spatial resolution radiation detector
High DQE photon counting detector using statistical recovery of pile-up events
Piezoelectric generators, motor and transformers
Magnetron having a transparent cathode and related methods of generating high power microwaves
Bullet approach warning system and method
Pipeline architecture for analyzing multiple video streams
Integrated chip for detecting eye movement
Automatic service activation
System and method of density and effective atomic number imaging
Systems and methods for determining an atomic number of a substance
Autonomous asset transportation method, apparatus and computer program product
Quantitative risk assessment applied to pore pressure prediction
Controlling start up in a network
Interface for writing to memories having different write times
Communicating apparatus and communicating method
Method and apparatus for controlling recording laser power
Optical integrated unit and optical pickup device including same
Laser converging apparatus, optical pickup device and optical disc recording/reproduction apparatus
Optical pickup device having an electromechanical conversion element for recording and/ or reproduci...
Power control system and related method
Optical pickup and optical disc device
Medium, system, and method for a common optical data storage medium depression depth
Wavelength conversion apparatus and two-dimensional image display apparatus
Wavelength variable laser
Optical frequency self stabilization in a coupled optoelectronic oscillator
Monitoring of a laser source with front and rear output photodetectors to determine frontal laser po...
Laser operation for survey instruments
Laser driving circuit
Semiconductor laser driving device and semiconductor laser driving method
Semiconductor laser diode
Surface-emitting laser
Systems and methods for utilizing pulsed radio frequencies in a ring laser gyroscope
Structure having photonic crystal and surface-emitting laser using the same
Micropulse lidar transmitter based on a low-SBS erbium-doped silica fiber
Radiation emitting apparatus with spatially controllable output energy distributions
Optical transmission equipment and optical add-drop multiplexer
Control stability system for moist air dehumidification units and method of operation
Two-speed transfer case with adaptive torque transfer clutch
Automatic transmission apparatus and automatic transmission method for vehicle
Motor vehicle equipped with an integrated brake and clutch control system
Under-cover support structure
Mounting structure of impact absorbing member and method of mounting same
Shift shock reducing apparatus for power train
Reinforced member
Deformation resistant battery, group-battery, multiple group-battery and automobile therewith
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Anti-reflection fine structure, anti-reflection mold body, method of producing the anti-reflection m...
Non-woven material with barrier skin
Absorbent cleaning pad and method of making same
Collar for measuring the lateral deformation of a test piece during compression tests, such as uniax...
Reinforced aluminum alloy and its process of manufacture
Optical sheet, backlight and liquid crystal display apparatus
Screened connector for electrical conductors
Absorbent articles with refastenable side seams
Pliant mechanisms for extracting power from moving fluid
Sensor and method for detecting analytes in fluids
Detachable electrostatic chuck
Lithium ion capacitor
Compositions and articles prepared from the thioether functional oligomeric polythiols
Rear view mirror GPS holder
Selection of cells expressing heteromeric polypeptides
Pyrazolopyridines and methods of making and using the same
Methods of treating neurological conditions with hematopoietic growth factors
Local vascular delivery of etoposide in combination with rapamycin to prevent restenosis following v...
Fluorinated lactide-based copolymers
Knobs and holes heteromeric polypeptides
Methods for increasing definitive endoderm production
Methods of producing pancreatic hormones
Hemojuvelin or dragon-like 2 (DL-2) polypeptides and variants and uses thereof
Human hemojuvelin (HJV) or dragon-like 1 (DL-1) polypeptides and variants and uses thereof
Expression system of NELL peptide
Compositions containing, methods involving, and uses of non-natural amino acids and polypeptides
Stressed MOS device
Anisotropic stress generation by stress-generating liners having a sublithographic width
Transflective-type liquid crystal display device and method of fabricating the same
Selective silicide formation using resist etchback
Deposition-selective etch-deposition process for dielectric film gapfill
Thin film transistor array panel and display device including the same
Thermal management substrate
Chemical vapor deposition plasma reactor having plural ion shower grids
Controlled vapor deposition of biocompatible coatings over surface-treated substrates
Pixel structure of a thin film transistor liquid crystal display
Method of fabricating semiconductor device and semiconductor fabricated by the same method
CMOS transistors with differential oxygen content high-k dielectrics
Methods for fabricating flash memory devices
Technique for providing stress sources in transistors in close proximity to a channel region by rece...
Method of forming a silicon layer and method of manufacturing a display substrate by using the same
Methods for forming copper interconnects for semiconductor devices
Method of treating an IL-1 related inflammatory disease or condition
Diphenyl urea derivatives
Dominant gene suppression transgenes and methods of using same
Low sound attenuating hearing protection device
Enclosure and organizer for telecommunication lines and splices
Bondable, oriented, nonwoven fibrous webs and methods for making them
Warming and nonirritating lubricant compositions and method of comparing irritation
Reconstitutable parenteral composition
Coating die and method for use
Heat-activatable adhesive
Silicone pressure sensitive adhesives prepared using processing aids, articles, and methods
Manifolds for delivering fluids having a desired mass flow profile and methods for designing the sam...
Respirator mask body
Filter housing
Pharmaceutical administration form for peptides, process for its preparation, and use
7,8 and 9-substituted tetracycline compounds
Substituted 1,3-dialkyl-2,4-dioxo-6-(arylamino)-1,2,3,4-tetrahydropyrimidine-5-hydrox- amic acid inh...
Method for controlling particular insect pests by applying anthranilamide compounds
Pyrrolidin-2-one derivatives for use as DP.sub.1 receptor agonists
PRO1772 antibodies
Humanized antibodies
Isothiazole carboxylic acid amides and the application thereof in order to protect plants
Five-membered heterocyclyl tetracycline compounds and methods of use thereof
Method and apparatus for providing analyte sensor insertion
Insulin related transcription factor and uses thereof
Compositions useful for and methods of modulating angiogenesis
G protein coupled receptor agonists and antagonists and methods of activating and inhibiting G prote...
7,9-substituted tetracycline compounds
Methods of preparing substituted tetracyclines with transition metal-based chemistries
Time-tracking for clustered demodulation elements in a spread spectrum system
CIR estimating decision feedback equalizer with phase tracker
Enhanced data rate receiver
Receiving device and analog-to-digital conversion device
Lightweight composite armor
Fluid ejection device
Method and apparatus for separating a stamper from a patterned substrate
Self-cleaning superhydrophobic surface
On/off reversible adhesive
Fibers made from copolymers of ethylene/.alpha.-olefins
Electrochemical cell having a deposited gas electrode
Fast crystallizing modified polyethylene naphthalate
Organic electroluminescent display device with nano-porous layer
Methods and apparatus for using a configuration array similar to an associated data array
Matching and ranking of sponsored search listings incorporating web search technology and web conten...
Projecting queries and images into a similarity space
Method for offering news article via on-line system based upon editorial index and system for execut...
Method and system for summarizing a document
Context-sensitive, self-adjusting targeting models
Parallel data link layer controllers in a network switching device
Method and apparatus for collaborative document versioning of networked documents
System and method of determining user demographic profiles of anonymous users
Server-based universal resource locator verification service
User interface to a data storage system and rule store
Enhanced document browsing with automatically generated links to relevant information
Search technique for design patterns in Java source code
Video viewing support system and method
Method for efficiently setting communication parameters via real time indexing and selection of algo...
Method of combining audio signals in a wireless communication device
Methods and apparatus for the immediate acceptance and queuing of voice data for PTT communications
Outer loop transmit power control using channel-adaptive processing
Method and apparatus for using an electromagnetic field in cellular transplantation
Device and method for programmable wideband network emulation
System and method for building component applications using metadata defined mapping between message...
IP connection processing device
Native wi-fi architecture for 802.11 networks
Method and apparatus for timing and event processing in wireless systems
System and method of predicting efficacy of tongue-base therapies
Preplanning of guided medical procedures
Positioning system for an MRI
Methods and apparatus for fluorescence imaging using multiple excitation-emission pairs and simultan...
Non-evasive method and apparatus of detection of organism tissues
Analysis method and real time medical or cognitive monitoring device based on the analysis of a subj...
Synchronization to a heartbeat
Methods of treating neurological conditions by neuromodulation of interhemispheric fibers
Dynamic metrology schemes and sampling schemes for advanced process control in semiconductor process...
Methods and devices relating to estimating classifier performance
Methods and systems for determining sample identity information are disclosed
Semiconductor integrated circuit and testing method of same
Efficient spectral matching, particularly for multicomponent spectra
Method and apparatus for improving performance of noninvasive analyte property estimation
Medical device for diagnostics or therapy
Computerized action tool for managing print parameters, queuing actions and archiving actions for a ...
Graphical user interface including zoom control box representing image and magnification of displaye...
Methods and apparatus for implementing an integrated user interface for managing multiple virtual ma...
Secure message system with remote decryption service
Stackable pill container
Open top carrier
Shampoo spa chair
Medication organizer
Device for supporting an object
Pinata supporting assembly
Stormwater chamber
Cartridge for a dry powder inhaler
Multifunction electrode pad
Systems and methods for user interface and identification in a medical device
Parameterization of non-linear/non-Gaussian data distributions for efficient information sharing in ...
Methods and apparatus for flexible speech recognition
Voice control of a generic input device for an ultrasound system
System for tracking data relating to radiopharmaceuticals and/or containers therefor
Advanced IPMI system with multi-message processing and configurable performance and method for the s...
Medical cart
Table structure of a medical cart
Interior tomography and instant tomography by reconstruction from truncated limited-angle projection...
Direct conversion energy discriminating CT detector with over-ranging correction
Apparatus and method for cone beam computed tomography breast imaging
Method for obtaining a tomosynthesis image
Orthovoltage radiotherapy
Calibration image alignment in a PET-CT system
Methods and apparatus for reducing spurious signals in implantable medical devices caused by x-ray r...
Method, apparatus and program for image processing, and abnormal shadow detection
Medical image viewing management and status system
Apparatus and method for X-ray computer tomography
Medical image processing system and medical image processing method
Method and apparatus for facilitating the transportation of medical images on a communication networ...
Extreme ultraviolet soft x-ray projection lithographic method system and lithographic elements
Compression and decompression of medical images
Methods and systems for prescribing parameters for tomosynthesis
X-ray diagnostic apparatus and image processor
Enclosure inspection method and apparatus thereof
Noninvasive targeting system method and apparatus
RFIC with on-chip acoustic transducer circuit
Systems and methods for performing data collection
Methods and system for facilitating bids for placement of offers in an alternative payment platform
System and method for generating Web Service architectures using a Web Services structured methodolo...
Associating an object with a sticker and a surface
Techniques for illustrating and analyzing college savings plans
Method, apparatus, and system for remote client search indexing
Program modification and loading times in computing devices
Universal search interface systems and methods
Portable dataport device and method for retrieving, inter-relating, annotating and managing electron...
Modular-bridge construction
Filter cartridge and mounting system therefor having foolproofing means
Vectors and recombinant host cells comprising nucleic acid molecules encoding Fibroblast Growth Fact...
Fibroblast growth factor-like polypeptides
Peptidomimetic inhibitors of PSMA, compounds comprising them, and methods of use
System and method for mapping a surface
Systems and methods for decreasing latency in a digital transmission system
Handle for injector
Mobile phone
Mobile phone
Mobile phone
Mobile phone
Mobile phone
Mobile phone
Mobile phone
Mobile phone
Mobile phone
Cell phone
Handset front cover
Electronic device
Electronic device
Mobile computing device
Set of nozzles for a portable sprayer
Wall-mounted ventilation hood
Preparation of stable, bright luminescent nanoparticles having compositionally engineered properties
Carbohydrate encapsulated nanoparticles
Seed layers, cap layers, and thin films and methods of making thereof
Tumor necrosis factor related ligand
Antibodies that bind TNF-.alpha. converting enzyme
Cluster of terminals and ad-hoc network for cluster-based multi-party conferencing
Organic light-emitting diode and method of fabricating the same
Organic iridium compositions and their use in electronic devices
Organometallic light-emitting material
Electroluminescent element
Production method of semiconductor device
Polymers their preparation and uses
Light-emitting device using oxide semiconductor thin-film transistor and image display apparatus usi...
Organic light emitting diode display device having first and second capacitors disposed on a substra...
Stacked organic electroluminescent units for white light emission provided with RGB color conversion...
Organic light emitting device using Mg--Ag thin film and manufacturing method thereof
Organic electroluminescence display and method for manufacturing the same
Organic EL display device having an organic EL layer formed on an exposed underlying layer
Display device
Spontaneous light emitting device and driving method thereof
Buffer circuit and organic light emitting display with data integrated circuit using the same
Method and apparatus for compensating aging of OLED display
Data driver and organic light emitting display device having the same
Electronic view finder utilizing an organic electroluminescence display
Playpen bumper
Advertising/promotional display
Variable and efficient space utilization type cultivation method
Structured polyhedroid arrays and ring-based polyhedroid elements
Drift tire and remote control car having tire attached thereto
Method and system for broadcast sediment capping
Mitred grate and drain cover
Arrangement for and method of installing building elements
Method to increase a capability of soil to sustain loads
Shoreline erosion control system
Nucleic acids and corresponding proteins entitled 251P5G2 useful in treatment and detection of cance...
Nonhuman model animal of Th2-mediated hyperimmune response
Embryonic or stem-like cell lines produced by cross species nuclear transplantation and methods for ...
Method to enhance Agrobacterium-mediated transformation of plants
Red leaf lettuce varieties
Soybean cultivar S07-04KL019461
Soybean cultivar S07-04KL904015
Non-pungent ornamental peppers
Electrospray-assisted laser desorption ionization device, mass spectrometer, and method for mass spe...
Method for robust analysis of biological activity in microscopy images
Similar pattern searching apparatus, method of similar pattern searching, program for similar patter...
Reduced wind resistant haulage vehicle apparatus
Power steering gear cooling
Hydraulic steering system with protection against uncontrolled steering movements
Electric power steering apparatus
Sub frame for vehicle
Motorized scooter wheelchair attachment device
Selectively deployable airbag apparatus for vehicle and control method thereof
Rear impact occupant protection apparatus and method
Breakaway steering system
Method and apparatus for a shared crumple zone
Vehicle having aerodynamic fan elements
Suspension device with Watt's linkage
Mechanical launch assist propshaft assembly
Power control apparatus, power control method
Automotive lane deviation prevention apparatus
Steering control apparatus
Seatbelt device for vehicle
Vehicle seat belt apparatus
Economy running system, economy running controller and navigation apparatus
Electric vehicle communication interface
Method for reducing noise in images
Apparatus and method for enhancing quality of reproduced image
Circulating memory apparatus and image storage distribution system
Image processing apparatus and method, and recorded medium
Medical apparatus, medical apparatus guide system, capsule type medical apparatus, and capsule type ...
System and method for selecting and presenting a route to a user
Repairing microdisplay frame buffers
Method and receiver for managing the consistency of service lists in digital television
Information processing apparatus, information processing method and its program
Method and apparatus for driving the display device, display system, and data processing device
Administration of products of the 5-lipoxygenase metabolic pathway to enhance antimicrobial defense
G-CSF conjugates
Erythropoietin: remodeling and glycoconjugation of erythropoietin
Use of cyclosporin alkyne analogues for preventing or treating viral-induced disorders
Use of cyclosporin alkyne/alkene analogues for preventing or treating viral-induced disorders
IL-12 modulatory compounds
Cyclic derivatives as modulators of chemokine receptor activity
17-acetamido-4-azasteroid derivatives as androgen receptor modulators
Phenylurea derivatives as inhibitors of tyrosine kinases for the treatment of tumour diseases
HIV protease inhibiting compounds
Function and regulation of ADAMTS-1
Binding molecules against SARS-coronavirus and uses thereof
Chromen-2-one derivatives and their use as monoamine neurotransmitter re-uptake inhibitors
Method and apparatus for trading digital items in a network data processing system
Method and system for controlling processing performed by a mailing machine
System and method for determining expected unserved energy to quantify generation reliability risks
Method and system for filtering false positives
Use of extensible markup language in a system and method for influencing a position on a search resu...
System and method for composite business interactions in electronic commerce
Method, system, and program for transferring data from an application engine
On-demand compute environment
Information storage system
System and method for tokenless biometric electronic scrip
Authentication server, method and system for detecting unauthorized terminal
Information processing apparatus and controlling method of the same
System and method for providing traceable acknowledgement of a digital data distribution license
Image display device, image display method, image display program, and computer-readable storage med...
Imaging system where a quick return mirror is returned to a down state and a stop is returned to a f...
Rotary shutter assemblies for imaging photometers and methods for using such shutter assemblies
Imaging-device cleaning apparatus
Optical element and imaging apparatus
User-friendlier interfaces for a camera
Integrated optical focusing/zooming system
Electronic damping for stage positioning
Digital camera that performs focus detection using phase difference and contrast value
Auto-focus with lens vibration
Imaging apparatus and lens movement control method
Two-step auto focus camera and method for driving the same
Hidden autofocus
Imaging apparatus
Control of artificial lighting of a scene to reduce effects of motion in the scene on an image being...
Image pickup apparatus
Illumination apparatus and image-taking apparatus
Parametric calibration for panoramic camera systems
Display screen device
Focus control apparatus, image sensor, program and storage medium
Hearing aid with a face plate that is automatically manufactured to fit the hearing aid shell
Air induction housing having a perforated wall and interfacing sound attenuation chamber
Fuel cell vehicle
Glutamic acid decarboxylase (GAD) based delivery systems
Composition comprising the polyprotein NS3/NS4 and the polypeptide NS5B of HCV, expression vectors i...
Method of growing stem cells on a membrane containing projections and grooves
Combination cancer immunotherapy with co-stimulatory molecules
Biologically active peptide consisting of tyrosyl-seryl-leucine (YSL)
Inhibition of gene expression using RNA interfering agents
Exendin agonist compounds
Method and composition for supplementation of nutritional deficiences in renal patients
Inhibitors of the interaction between HMGB polypeptides and toll-like receptor 2 as anti-inflammator...
Agents for combating plant pests
Peptides for detection of antibody to Anaplasma phagocytophilum
Mammalian genes; related reagents and methods
Ligands that have binding specificity for VEGF and/or EGFR and methods of use therefor
Molecules and methods for inhibiting shedding of KIM-1
Fusion antibodies
Bivalent IgY antibody constructs for diagnostic and therapeutic applications
High dose radionuclide complexes for bone marrow treatment
Alternative dimerisation reagents for synthesis of iodixanol
Game program, game device, and game method
Prize assignment method and program product for bingo-type games
Slot machine with persistent change in symbol function
Cashless computerized wager pool game system and method
Game program, game device, and game method
Massively scalable multi-player game system
User interactive exercise system
Information processing apparatus, storage medium, and methodology for calculating an output value ba...
Online game advertising system
Automatic tracking of usage of a software application having different versions
Shock resistant mounting for small display screen
System for and method of finger initiated actions
Optically variable personalized indicia for identification documents
Watermarking different areas of digital images with different intensities
Enhanced cursor control using interface devices
Method and apparatus to facilitate multi-setting virtual reality experiences
System and method for displaying the effects of light illumination on a surface
Integrated display having multiple capture devices
Generation of a desired three-dimensional electromagnetic field
Specially coherent optics
Driver safety program
Visual arithmetic teaching device
Exercise apparatus
Receiving method and receiving apparatus
Method and apparatus for adaptive activation or deactivation of the coordination of the radio activi...
Stepped automatic gain control for OFDM systems
Radio frequency remote control
Asymmetric error correction device and method thereof, and optical disc reproducing device therewith
Local oscillator feedthrough cancellation scheme to remove RF and baseband offsets
Determining effective carrier-to-interference plus noise ratio in OFDMA systems
Radio receiver and radio receiver front-end
Millimeter wave communication system
Registration of a mobile station in a mobile communications network
Base station apparatus, mobile station apparatus, and radio communication parameter updating method
Transmission rate control method and mobile station
Fuzzy logic scheduler for radio resource management
Reflective communication using radio-frequency devices
Sensor for the detection of the position of a mechanical force-transmitting device
System and method for remote controlling equipment with the aid of at commands, and corresponding de...
Speaker device for improving antenna property in a wireless portable terminal
Method for changing frequency and base station in radio optical fusion communication system
Techniques for ad-hoc mesh networking
Communication apparatus preventing communication interference
Adjustable mounting system for multimedia wall shelf units
System and method for educating using multimedia interface
Method for providing an extension code for a binary description for multimedia data
System and method of controlling sound in a multi-media communication application
Tethered digital butler consumer electronic remote control device and method
Tethered digital butler consumer electronic master device and method
Method and apparatus for mobility management in wireless networks
Apparatus and method for searching multimedia data based on metadata
System and method for presence enabled e-mail delivery
Service diversity for communication system
Method for transforming contents in the DLNA system
Low alloy high steel tool having constant toughness
Aluminum alloy excellent in wear resistance and sliding member using this alloy
Bronze alloy, and ingot and liquid-contacting part using the alloy
Platinum, tungsten and nickel containing electrocatalysts
Chromium-free welding consumable
End effector gripper arms having corner grippers which reorient reticle during transfer
Medical robotic system with different scaling factors
Electromagnetic field tactile display interface and biosensor
Method of estimating joint moment of two-legged walking mobile body
Food Grade Compressor/Vacuum Pump Cleaner
Food Grade Compressor/Vacuum Pump Oil
Food Grade Rotary Screw Compressor Lubricant
Pharmaceutical composition comprising shikonin derivatives from lithospermum erythrorhizon for treat...
Compositions and Methods For Enhancing Neurological Development
Dual Hook Laryngeal Cable Prosthesis (DHLCP) used to correct airflow in the larynx of horses affecte...
Realest invention
Portable attachment device and method for comfort and support
Method and apparatus for chest drainage
Ceiling rocker
Window framing system with decorative overlay and method for using the same
Hangerless precast cladding panel system
Recombinant protein containing a C-terminal fragment of Plasmodium MSP-1
Polynucleotides encoding useful polypeptides in Corynebacterium glutamicum ssp. lactofermentum
21910, 56634, 55053, 2504, 15977, 14760, 25501, 17903, 3700, 21529, 26176, 26343, 56638, 18610, 3321...
Multiple antigen glycopeptide carbohydrate, vaccine comprising the same and use thereof
Replication vector showing cell-specific expression
Promoter in the presence of organic acid and utilization thereof
Bioinformatically detectable human herpesvirus 5 regulatory gene
Kits for multiple non-cross reacting recombination reactions utilizing loxP sequences
Composition kits and methods for performing amplification reactions
Immunotoxin fusion proteins and means for expression thereof
Nucleic acid encoding monkey QRFP
Nucleotide and amino acid sequences from Xenorhabdus and uses thereof
Corn event DAS-59122-7 and methods for detection thereof
Bioinformatically detectable group of novel viral regulatory genes and uses thereof
Method for opening tight junctions
siRNA targeting complement factor B
Polycyclic sugar surrogate-containing oligomeric compounds and compositions for use in gene modulati...
Expression of a recombinant transgene
Rps-1-.kappa. nucleotide sequence and proteins
Genes encoding novel Bacillus thuringiensis proteins with pesticidal activity against Coleopterans